Side Dish


The bell rang and Mrs. Moreno gave her closing. The students arose and gathered their belongings. She sat and watched them shuffle into the hall. “Miss Brooks, may I have a word with you?” The fair-skinned blonde girl paused. They waited for the last couple of students to leave before she continued. “I have noticed a steady decline in your grades and also I see it happening in other classes. I can’t begin to understand what you’ve gone through, but I want to help you.” I should have done more after catching her having sex in a school bathroom. Maybe then, she wouldn’t have gotten involved with that creepy counselor.

“I am just under a lot of pressure and Jack’s troubles have been bothering me too.”
“Oh, you’re involved with him.” She shifted in her seat. “I am here to help if you’ll let me. There are only a few weeks of school left and your grades went from the best to nearly failing. It seems like a lot to ask, but you can get by if you just focus on schooling until finals.” She could see it wasn’t getting to her. “Listen, I know you’ve been having sex outside of school. I just don’t want to see you go down that path and end up a high-school dropout that dances for her wage… Or worse.”

That struck a chord. Ashley’s shocked expression made her nervous. Either it will help her or she will pull away. “I would… I just can’t seem to concentrate after… Mr. Hale…” Tears formed and her chin quivered.
Maybe I went too far. “It’s okay,” she took the girl’s hand. “Let me refer you to a professional psychiatrist, I can get the school to pay for it and he can help you.”
“I can’t handle another counselor! Just let me get past this on my own!” Ashley rushed out of the room, ignoring her teacher’s pleas.

Why do I try? Marcy rubbed her forehead. I can’t just leave her alone, she needs help. She picked up the phone and dialed her friend. She explained the situation and asked for his opinion.
“Oooh, that’s a tough one. I’d say she’s feeling despondent and seeking negative attention to feel validated.” I can’t say I enjoy his technical terms, but he is right. “I think that it would be detrimental for a male to try to help, so I will give you the number to another psychiatrist that I trust.”
“It’s worth a try.”

Home from work, Stephanie decided to unwind. She had finally convinced herself that the chances of her getting pregnant were nominal. Betty probably fucked him for weeks on end. I’m older, and my period is just about a week away… I will be fine! I don’t know what Jack did to us, but he’s gone now. She went into the bathroom and shed her clothes. I’ve been waiting all day for this. She unscrewed the showerhead and used some nearby lotion on the hose before pressing it up her butt. The larger end was uncomfortable, but the rest slid in easily.

She drew a calming breath as she gently pushed the handle upward. The hose shook as air was forced from the line, followed by a blast of cold water, which sent a shiver through her body. Determined, she pressed the handle farther and soon the temperature evened out. Gripping her cramped belly, she grit her teeth and leaned forward. She watched herself in the mirror; her high cheekbones raised in a smile as she bit her velvety lip and tweaked her nipple. Her belly was growing with water and air as she stood with her legs wide, accepting the discomforting enema as she leaned on the nearby counter.

Steph glanced at the handle, deciding how much she could retain. I can take more. I need to take more. Blinded by passion, she pushed the handle on full blast. She pressed a hand in her crotch, trying desperately to hold out as the painful blast of water inflated her like a balloon. Her stomach shook, becoming tight with the heavy fluid. She moved her finger and knew there was no way to hold back. She grunted as she hurriedly rubbed her clit, inducing one of the most breathtaking orgasms of her life. She slammed the handle off and stabilized herself, attempting to relax and hold the large amount of water in her full midsection. She whimpered as she carefully removed the hose from her rump. Still fighting to hold it in, she rushed to clean the shower hose and reattaching the head.

A noise caused her heart to flutter as she was finishing. Fuck, it must be Henry – he is home early! In a panic, she got into the shower and turned it on. Ugh, I have to go to the bathroom and the sound of the water isn’t helping! The door clicked open. “Hey, sexy, mind if I join you?”
“Uh, no, I’m…” She raced to think of an excuse. “I’m on my period, it’s gross in here.” She spoke, knowing only a shower curtain separated the two of them and her belly was visibly larger than normal.
“Oh, okay.” She could hear the disappointment in his voice. She heard his belt buckle hit the floor before he sat on the toilet. Fuck, hurry up! She gripped her pained belly as warm water trickled along her body.
“Have you talked to your sister since their kids got home?”
Quit talking and finish up! “No.”
“Well, maybe you should give her a call later.”
“Okay.” She couldn’t muster the energy to give any longer responses. The airy mixture felt like it was about to come out, but she fought the anguish and felt it move back up into her guts.

She could hear Hank shifting behind the curtain. Please be finishing! “I still don’t know what he did, but you can’t tell his parents. We have to make sure it wasn’t… Make sure that we did what we think we did.”
“We both know something happened.”
“Just don’t say anything yet.”
“I know! You just said that!” Stephanie snapped.

“Sorry.” There was a long pause before a flush. Henry washed his hands and she waited for the sound of the door, holding the curtain in preparation to leap onto the toilet. The curtain opened from the other end and her husband’s head snuck a peek. His mouth hung open as he looked at her prominent tummy. Steph held her distended belly tighter without giving it thought. The motion caused a twinge of pain to shoot through her insides.

Henry was speechless as she recovered from the sudden ache. Irritated, she shooed him as she yelled. “I said not to come in here!”
“I didn’t… What is…?”
“Get out!”
“What is going on?” He asked sternly.
“I-I gave myself an enema.” She couldn’t think of a convincing lie at this point.
“Oh, you got so big.” He seemed more understanding than she expected. She threw the curtain aside as she turned the water off. She anxiously grabbed a towel and patted herself dry. Henry stood with no pants on. She stared daggers into him.
“I was going to say we could do it anyway. You were showering after all.”
“Baby, can I go in there for a quickie?”
She gave him a look of pure rage, but as usual his hard dick didn’t care. “Hurry up, finish as fast as you can.” She sat on the open toilet, just in case. She spread her legs and Henry went to his knees. He got into place and parted her cautiously. “I feel sick.” She covered her mouth, seeing his irritation. “Not with you, I just took too much.”
“Yeah, you look pregnant.” His cock slid in to her warm, wet mound. Her mind moved back into the realm of pleasure as he drew back and forth slowly.
“Closest you’ll ever get to fucking a preggo.” Steph tensed, but allowed a playful grin for his benefit. He closed his eyes for a moment as he pressed in. She held her stomach, feeling queasy and achy. “You wish your jizz could fatten me up like this, don’t you?” Henry nodded as he grabbed her ass. It feels nice, but I have to keep it in. I can’t let it out with him in here. “Want to unload in me and try to get me knocked up?”

They both knew it could not happen now. Since Henry got snipped, there were no kids in their future, but they still liked to fantasize. She knew Henry liked the thought of getting her pregnant. And right now, anything to hurry him along would be worth it. She could feel another orgasm building for herself too.
“Fill me up, baby!”
He shifted and increased his pace. “Want me to knock you up, get you nice and fat, baby?”
“Oh fuck! Do it, shoot it in me!” He’s mashing my belly, but he’s hitting the right spot down there. “Right there! Fill me full!”

On cue, she felt his cock shaking inside of her as it let out streams of into her pussy. She grinded upon him for a moment longer before another wave washed over her.She let out a scream of delight as she pushed him away, immediately after her orgasm passed.
“Thank you, hon-“
“Go! I’ll talk with you after!”
He put his pants back on, buckling his belt. She growled for him to hurry once again and he finally left her alone to release the huge amount of water she retained. “Why the hell am I doing this to myself?”

Candice laughed as Ashley emerged from Mrs. Moreno’s classroom. The girl turned with fire in her eyes. “What’s so funny?”
“You. How’s life treating you, princess?”
“Just leave me alone, you bitch.” Ashley continued, stewing about the girl’s smug grin. It took a long time before she let it go. Her last classes dragged on and she focused on her schoolwork once she got home, waiting for the inevitable talk that was to come with her father. Nervous about how it might go, she thought of a way to lighten the mood. She stripped away her clothes and waited.

Ashley heard the door and bounded downstairs to find her father offloading his coat and keys. He stopped and marveled at his naked daughter. She was about to speak when Mrs. Moreno came into view from around the corner. Her heart skipped a beat as her dad’s face reddened with embarrassment. “Ashley? What are you doing?!”
She stumbled to find something coherent to say as she sheepishly covered her privates.
“Put some clothes on!”

Ashley turned, giving up on covering her behind as she jumped up the steps. She slipped on a t-shirt and some shorts, building up courage to head back downstairs. Still nervous, she closed the door carefully. She overheard her name in their conversation. She edged closer to the landing as she listened.
“I’m just afraid that she will think it is okay to do what her boyfriend did.” Mrs. Moreno appealed.
“She has a boyfriend?”
“Um, yes, it is another boy in school – Jack Olsen.”
“I haven’t heard of him. What did he do?”
“Well, officially nothing, but his parents were being investigated.”
“Well, the parents were allegedly having sex with their son and daughter. They deemed it inconclusive, but I believe there is more going on. I’m just afraid Ashley is suffering due to her association with his family.”
“My daughter has a boyfriend… that had sex with his mom?” Her father sounded as if he was trying to comprehend. “My daughter is failing school because of this kid?”
“I’m afraid that may be the case.”

I can’t listen to this anymore. I need to get the command rod from Jack and fix this. She sighed deeply as she marched down to see the adults sitting in the living room. No matter how weird this is, I can undo it with the command rod. Her father beckoned her closer. “Honey, we have to talk.” She sat down next to him as her teacher gave a fake smile. “Mrs. Moreno believes that your trouble in school might be helped by a psychiatrist. I think she’s right.”
“Dad, I’m fine, I don’t need anyone.”
“Ashley, we also think it would be the best for you to stop talking to Jack.” Her teacher offered with a concerned nod.
“You didn’t even tell me you had a boyfriend! I know you’re going through a rough period and a boy is the last thing you need on your mind!” Her father chided.
“He’s just my friend, and I am doing poorly in school because I can’t focus after having my teacher spank me in front of the class!” She lied about the true causes of her anxiety, but she knew telling them any more would cause more problems. Just get the command rod…

“I don’t know what you’re going through, but for now you have to be home right after school and you have to talk to the psychiatrist.” He wagged his finger. She started to protest, but he stopped her. “If I hear that you are with this boy then I’m going to be very upset, understand?”
“Fine.” She spoke sullenly, thinking how easy it would be to see Jack and still make it home before her father.
“It’s what is best for now, Ashley. Once you get to a better place then I think he might be a little more lenient.” Her father’s stern glare stopped any further argument. He wrote down the doctor’s phone number and saw the teacher to the door. Ashley stormed up to her room; her father came up shortly after.

“How come you didn’t tell me about your boyfriend?” Her dad asked as he sat beside her on the bed.
“He’s just my friend, Dad!”
“Well, you need to improve your grades or you’re going to fail and then you won’t see him at all! Do you really want to be held back next year?”
“Obviously I don’t. I will work on it, just let me see Jack.”
“Not until you show me some improvement.” He pulled her against his side, hugging her. “I’m sorry, but it is for the best, I promise.”
“If I let you in my ass will that make you change your mind?”
He leaned back to look her in the eyes. “No, we can’t do that anymore.” He stood, turning to hide his bulging pants. “You need to behave and focus, young lady!” He left her room quickly.
“Young lady?” She said to the empty air. “I can’t believe he just said that.”

They walked through the door and Betty rushed into the room, lunging at her son. “I missed you both so much!”
Hank stepped in behind her, giving Karen a more reserved hug. “Welcome home!”
“I’m glad that’s behind us.” Karen slipped her tight-fitting tank top over her head and tossed it onto the counter. She unclasped her slightly damp bra, allowing her filled breasts to hang free. “God it feels nice to take that off.”
Hank looked away shyly before gazing directly into her eyes, forcing himself not to look at her engorged breasts. Betty huffed. “Well, just make sure you keep your clothes on when people come over. They’re going to check in on us a couple more times before they leave us alone.”
“Deal.” Karen slipped off her leggings and underwear. Now completely naked, she jumped up and gave her father a kiss. He pulled back, after giving her a quick peck on the lips. “Want to go upstairs, Daddy?”
“We can’t do that anymore, honey.”
“Come on, it will be fun! I’ve missed you and I want to show you how much!”
“No, honey, we can’t do that anymore, period.” Hank pushed her back carefully, stepping away. “I’m really glad you both are home, but we can’t do that again, it’s too risky.” He turned and went back to the living room.
“He’s right, we came so close to losing you both.” She gave a warm, yet sad smile. “No more of that.” She followed her husband into the living room, talking as she walked. “Come sit with us for a while.”
Jack and Karen gave each other a frustrated glance as they followed their parents.

They talked off and on as they watched the cheesy action movie. Karen rubbed her eyes in frustration before looking to Jack. “I’m going to go make something to eat and when I come back I want you to have Dad to fuck me.” Her pregnant belly wobbled as she got off of the couch. Hank and Betty both gave a shocked expression at her statement. He commanded them to forget it as he chased her into the kitchen.

“How about we go out to dinner to celebrate?”
“Jack, I just got undressed. I don’t want to go out, I just want him tonight. No offense.”
“No, Karen, you don’t understand. Let’s go get some food and then we’ll have some fun with them after, maybe even during.”
She sighed. “Fine. Have them bring us some place nice.” She picked up her clothes and redressed, leaving her bra and panties on the floor. Her nipples were visible through her white top and her leggings hugged her shapely ass. Karen had grown from a fit, unimpressive girl into beautiful, perfectly curved woman. She smiled girlishly as she noticed Jack inspecting her. “Go get them, creep.” She giggled.

Jack went back to the living room and commanded his parents to bring them to a restaurant. They agreed, and drove a short distance to a mid-ranged steakhouse that they all knew well. Once seated, the waitress came over to take their order. Jack did a double take as he realized that Irene was the woman taking their order. She nodded at Jack as the rest of his family inspected the menu. That is quite a coincidence, but I am glad she is doing what she doesn’t mind. It feels good to know that I helped her out after her creepy ex ruined her life.

Smiling, she waited until the rest of his family looked away before she subtly beckoned him to follow her. Jack nodded as she finished the taking their order. Shortly after she walked away, Jack excused himself to go to the bathroom. She emerged from the kitchen and pointed him around the front counter “Right this way.”

He followed her around a corner, down a hall, and into a cramped closet. She ushered him in and locked the door behind her. The older woman had a hungry smile. “I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while.” She hiked her black, below-the-knee skirt up and ripped her black pantyhose around her crotch.  She unzipped Jack’s jeans in a rush and slipped his hard cock free. Jack tried to stop her, but it was hard to say no to a feisty woman who threw herself at you. I need to stop her! He felt the side of his pocket. I forgot my command rod at the table! I took it out and put it on the bench so it didn’t jab me in the side! Irene moved her panties aside and lifted a leg. She shoved Jack against the wall and pressed her hips onto his. She reached down and guided his shaft inside her wet opening.

“We shouldn’t be doing this!” Jack finally spoke.
“I’ve wanted you so badly!” She moved her hips in short, quick motions.
“You’re supposed to find a boyfriend who wants kids!”
“I will, but I want to get pregnant now! Fuck me!”
“What? No!”
“Don’t stop, just let it go in me.”
He tried to think, but the feeling wiped his mind. “I- I can’t.”
“It’s okay, I want it and no one will know!”

Jack felt it building. I shouldn’t, but what will it hurt? He had no idea why she wanted him so badly, but if a child was her dream… He was past thinking now. He gripped her surprisingly firm ass and fucked her hard for a few seconds before he blasted inside. Irene squeezed him tightly as she moaned.
“Thank you.” She smiled as they slowed to a stop. “I hope it works, but if it doesn’t then we will have to try again until it does.”

Karen smiled at her brother as he excused himself from the table. I’m so horny and he’s not doing anything fun at all! She reached over, coyly rubbing her father’s thigh. He ignored it until she moved closer to his crotch. Hank shook his leg, giving her a stern look. “No, Karen.”
She glanced to Betty before returning her attention to him. “Come on, Dad. Have a little fun with me.”
“Knock it off, Karen. We’re not doing that anymore.”
She huffed, feeling her parent’s glare. This is stupid. Why are they so worried?

There was a minute of awkward silence before Betty noticed something in the seat. She held it as she gave a confused look at the wall and under the table. “What do you think this went to?”
Hank shrugged, “maybe someone left it.”
“Should I go turn it in or just leave it?” She held the command rod in one hand, attempting to figure out it’s use.
Karen, stunned with panic, watched the exchange. “Uh, I think it’s Jack’s.”
Betty turned it in her hands, still puzzled. “What is it?”
“I don’t know.”
Her mother was unconvinced. “Seriously, do you know what this is?”
“It’s a mind control rod,” Karen blurted.
Betty glowered, “Fine, I’ll just ask him when he gets back.” She thought for a moment as she put the rod in her purse. “He’s been gone a long time.”
He has. Maybe I can catch him when he comes out. “I’m going to run to the bathroom quick.” Karen slid out carefully, mindful of her swollen tummy. Mom has no idea what the rod does; we will just get it when we get back. But, right now, I need him.

She walked around the corner and knocked on the men’s bathroom door. She peeked inside to see it was empty. Where did he go? She walked to the end of the hallway and peered into the back storeroom. A couple of employees glanced at her before continuing their task. Karen turned to head back when a side door opened and a woman stepped out. She was buttoning her blouse as she walked in the opposite direction. Shortly after, Jack came out, checking both directions as he closed the door quietly.

“Karen? What are you doing back here?”
“Who the heck was that?”
“She’s someone who I was trying to help.” Her cold stare ushered him to continue. “That was Mr. Hale’s ex and I promised Ashley I would help her. She wants a kid so I commanded her to find a boyfriend and I think I might have commanded her to fuck me.”
Karen put her hands on her hips, making her growing belly more pronounced. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” She scolded him, whispering angrily. “Do you put that thing in every girl you meet? She’s not even good looking!”
“She knows some good moves, though!” Jack grinned. “I couldn’t stop her anyway, I forgot the command rod at the table, I think.”
“Yeah, you idiot – Mom has it now.”
They heard footsteps approaching and Karen could see Jack’s eyes wide with urgency. He turned the handle and they both piled back into the small storage closet. It smells in here! They were very close, watching the door as the steps passed. Karen sighed with relief. “Don’t worry, Mom doesn’t know what it is. She’s going to ask about it, though.”
“Good! We need to get back.” He reached for the door handle, but she stopped him.
“Jack, you promised me you’d make this trip worthwhile and Dad wants nothing to do with me now.”
“Karen, I can’t help without the command rod!”
“Jack, yes you can. I don’t care about anything else, I just someone in me right now or I will scream!”
“But I just…”
“I don’t care!” She yanked on his zipper, slipping out his growing cock. She slid her leggings down and turned, giving her brother a great view of her wide ass. She felt his sticky cock poke her sensitive area, making her gasp as he slipped into her excited pussy. They heard more footsteps pass as he fucked her. Karen’s milk filled breasts bouncing as he worked in and out. They bumped cleaning supplies, causing them to topple loudly as they fucked. Still undisturbed, they continued, her butt bouncing off of his hips. It was only a short time before she climaxed, gasping as she slowly crumpled onto the cleaners strewn upon the desk.

It felt amazing, as Jack continued to fuck her, each stroke sending aftershocks through her burdened body. He pinched her nipple, allowing drops of milk to land on the desk. She felt a warm blast deep in her pussy and she shuddered with another smaller orgasm. They both stopped, recovering from the amazing quickie. Jack rubbed his hand along her belly and she felt the baby moving. He pulled away. She turned as she stood, giving him a sensual kiss. Jack embraced her for a moment before they redressed.

“Doesn’t it feel weird having something growing inside of you?” He wondered.
“It did at first, but now I’m used to it.” She pulled her leggings up and moved her tank top back down over her belly. “It won’t be in there much longer.”
“Are you ready for it?” Jack asked in a moment of genuine concern.
“Nope, but we’ll be okay.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “We’ll figure all of this out, Jack.”

They left the cramped closet and rejoined their parents where their food sat waiting. They ate, sharing small talk and all of them were happy. Mom’s not asking about the rod, I bet she forgot. Karen smiled at Jack. We’ll get it later. There’s nothing we can’t fix.

MOBA 1 – Katarina


“Today our match will certainly be epic! This will be a match between the sexy ladies from DOTA 2, League of Legends, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm! Six ladies from each game will push their three lanes in a game of elimination. Why six? Because once you’re out there is no coming back! There will be only one winner out of 24 female fighters! There will also be hubs to destroy for each group, but those only control the release of creeps. To eliminate heroes they must be immobilized or defeated in some way.”

“The arena is set up a little differently this time, however. We will be replacing most of their skills and purchased items for something more unique – expanding their horizons, if you will. All weapons are non-lethal and will magically inflate or immobilize their opponents whenever they touch skin. Each attack is cumulative, adding until they cannot continue. Removing clothing is also encouraged, because our viewers love it!” The announcer sniggered. “The last one moving will be the victor and the others just have to deal with it!” The announcer continued to hype the unseen audience.

The curvaceous redhead in tight leather prepared herself for the start of the match. She laughed at the ridiculous items the shopkeeper offered. She settled on a potion as the countdown started. Katarina decided to take the top lane from their base. She followed the team’s minions into the melee, assisting them in their slaughter of the enemy’s troops.

She could see an enemy hero waiting for the next push. Sonya, the barbarian and renowned enemy of Diablo’s army, was outfitted in limited armor, protecting her arms and legs, but leaving her midsection relatively free to move. Her muscular body flexed as she charged into the fray, cutting down soldiers with her dual blades. Her striking blue war paint and bright red hair added to the duality of her feminine curves and her masculine power.

The heroes kept their distance, soaking up experience from the attacking minions. Both girls would move in to kill the weaklings, but left one another alone. After some time, however, Katarina decided to advance. She teleported behind the fighting woman and landed a long slice upon her back. The leather strap of the bra split, allowing the heavy metal cups to fall to the ground. Katarina landed another strike as the angry woman turned. It was odd to see all of her blade’s momentum vanish, leaving no marks upon the woman’s surprisingly smooth back.

Katarina hit two more times before Sonya swiped at her. The barbarian’s muscles seemed less defined after the attack. Her face twisted with rage as she moved with amazing speed, landing blow after blow upon the surprised rogue as she tried to cartwheel away. Katarina launched a few daggers as she fell in shock. Her leggings in tatters, she looked down to notice her breasts were now spilling over her upper armor and a prominent belly hung below. She awkwardly jumped to her feet as the chubby barbarian approached again.

Rolling aside, the barbarian leapt to follow, hitting the foolish rogue with a few more strikes. Katarina was bigger than Sonya by this point, but her expanding body didn’t seem heavy as expected. Instead, she seemed unnaturally light. She bounded away as one more strike released her breastplate, allowing her tits to expand freely. They sat proudly, lifted more than normal. Katarina got some distance as she learned to control her light yet bulky frame. Their team’s minions continued fighting behind them, just out of their range, ignoring the two battling heroes.

She used Shunpo again to reappear behind the brawler, hitting her with many quick strikes. Katarina was shocked to see the woman’s ass growing visibly with each strike. She danced away, narrowly evading Sonya’s whirlwind attack. Now stopped, both of them noticed Sonya’s added weight. Unlike Katarina, she seemed to be heavier. Her fleshy rump caused her belt to rise on the sides, but her weighted belly pushed it lower in the middle. Her breasts looked more natural and far larger than Katarina’s, hanging beside her swollen tummy, swaying as she moved.

“I will break you, little girl!” Sonya went into an amazing rage, assaulting the rogue with countless strikes before a loud crash interrupted the pummeling. A smoothed standing stone arose from the ground between Sonya’s legs, lifting her into the air. Small at the top and wide at the base, the monolith disappeared beneath the woman’s loincloth. The barbarian’s rage changed to panic as she slid lower upon the rock formation. With sudden clarity, she pushed her feet inward and launched herself off of the obelisk.

She locked eyes with the rock’s shaper. Terra, who had found her way from the Smite base on the other side of the map, stood with a strong defiance. “That stone nearly found your temple.” She smiled, still remaining stern. The woman’s wild purple and white hair had a streak of bluish green. Her stone chest piece had mild cracks in the surface, held in place by underlying fabric. The purple stone glowed with green lines, matching the armor on her shoulders, arms, shins and the even the headpiece. The aqua and gold sash around her waist completed the ensemble. The wide framed woman’s perfect skin, toned body, and amazing breasts showed that she was a creation of the heavens.

Katarina ran to the trees, hiding as she regained her senses. Her belly had grown outward about a foot and her breasts pointed about half that distance. Her ass had puffed up behind her also, giving her ridiculous curves. Her arms and legs grew a little to maintain proportion, but overall it changed her movement a lot. She was still airy and light, but also bigger and ungainly. She sat as she watched her former opponent charge at the new contender.

Terra met her charge with a strong punch at Sonya’s main sword, knocking it from her grasp. Sonya followed with a strike from her off hand weapon, hitting the goddesses shoulder. The fabric holding her stone chest piece snapped and caused it to hang forward. Sonya grabbed ahold and tore it away, flinging it into the grass with a thud. Terra staggered backwards, her amazing tits bouncing freely. She glanced down and smiled. “You think such a thing bothers a god?”

Terra put her hands up as two massive stone walls appeared. She clapped her gauntlets together, unintentionally squishing her breasts between her arms as she watched the walls close upon the unsuspecting woman. Sonya screamed as she held out her arms, trying to hold them apart. Instead of crushing her, however, the girl started growing larger at a phenomenal speed.

Her whole body widened with sudden weight gain. Her belly flowed out and sagged to her knees as her ass, squishing against the rocks, grew out the opposite direction. Her boobs grew to epic proportions, elongating upon her full belly. The walls suddenly collapsed and disappeared, causing the large woman to shift into a more natural standing. She was incredibly fat, but there were few rolls, as her wide frame seemed to match her new heavy figure.

Sonya roared, waddling awkwardly as she tried to charge. Terra gave a giddy smile as she avoided the obese woman’s slow advance. “Give up! You’re finished.”
“I will never surrender!” The blue war paint smeared as sweat rolled down her skin.

Terra sighed and brought a hand into the air. Another standing stone erupted from the earth and hit the plump woman directly between her legs. Sonya’s mouth widened with alarm as she was lifted by the peak of the monolith. She dropped her sword and frantically tried to slide off, but her immense weight forced her downward onto the rock.

“I see someone is getting lucky tonight.” Terra gave a disappointed smile as she watched the woman slowly and painfully sliding down upon the object. Sonya was on her tiptoes when she finally stopped, a little less than a third of the way down the widening shaft. Terra turned to leave, but the barbarian only laughed.

“Just like a god to run.”
Terra turned back with a dumfounded shake of her head. “I won, you fool.”
“You surprised me, but come closer and I will still fight!”
Terra walked to her with agitation. “Just learn to give up!” She shook her head again as the impaled, overweight barbarian pitifully punched the air, not even close to landing a strike. “Fine, I’ll finish you.”

Terra went to her knees and moved the woman’s loincloth aside. She removed a gauntlet and licked her finger before pressing it into the hood of the stretched pussy. Sonya made a few failed attempts to hit her, but It took only a few seconds before Sonya cried out, begging her to stop. Moments later her feet shifted and Terra jumped backward in anticipation.

Sonya gave a pained look as she struggled to fight the orgasm. She shifted again and climax overtook her. She gasped as her wet pussy opened wider and wider. She lost her footing and continued moving lower upon the large hunk of smooth stone. She whimpered as she continually slid down.

She finally came to a stop a few inches from the ground. Her loins were stretched to ridiculous proportions as she sat, immobilized upon the large stone, and nearly in tears. The announcement came after a moment, “Sonya has been eliminated.”

Katarina took the Potion of Random Reduction she had purchased at the beginning. It tasted kind of sweet as she downed the vial. She felt a tightness in her belly as she watched it recede before her eyes. Her butt and boobs were still aired up, but she gained some maneuverability back. Katarina slinked through the trees until she found a good spot to attack. She came up behind the Earth Mother and hit her a few times before she turned. Katarina responded by teleporting behind her, landing even more hits. The strikes inflated the Goddesses’ breasts visibly.

Terra swept her arms around, launching the rogue through the air and into a nearby tree. Stunned, Katarina could not defend as the powerful woman charged, landing blow after blow upon her springy chest. Her ballooned breasts bounced the woman’s fists back, expediting her following strikes. Katarina’s stomach grew quickly as she was pummeled, getting just as big as it had been before, although this time it seemed heavier. In a fog, Katarina watched Terra’s perfect breasts bouncing, mesmerized as the woman pounded her relentlessly.

A brilliant flash of blue light gave the armored woman pause. She sneered and turned to find an heavily-clad Night Elf woman drawing her bow. Terra’s butt had grown from Tyrande’s starfall spell and the incoming arrows caused even more growth in the woman’s posterior. Katarina crawled into the nearby underbrush, trying to gather the strength to stand. She could see Terra was nearly in range when Tyrande hit her with a stunning blast of magic, allowing her to run backwards and begin the flurry of arrows once more.

Terra’s ass bounced with each step, slowing the woman. Her marvelous backside continually grew, sagging as it expanded. Terra drew back to charge, but in response, Tyrande sent out a spiritual owl to strike the Earth Mother. Terra fell backwards, landing upon the large mounds of flesh. Her butt pressed outward upon the ground as she shifted, attempting to find a good way to stand.

The night elf with pinkish-purple skin laughed. “Have a seat.”
“You find yourself quite amusing, don’t you?”
Terra raised two stone walls around her aggressor, but Tyrande easily leapt clear. “Your parlor tricks do not befit a god. May Elune show you mercy.”

A symbol appeared over the seated woman and Tyrande unleashed a flurry of arrows. Terra’s expanding rump lifted her into the air a noticeable amount. She waved her arms as her upper section fell back upon the ground. Unable to sit up with her inflated ass in the way, Terra huffed as the announcer called out her elimination.

Katarina evaded the armored archer, using natural cover to hide, making her way back to the League of Legend’s base. Hopefully, she thought, she could remove some of the inflation from her body. Without paying attention, she wandered too close to a trio of massive spiders. The slender creatures noticed her and reared up menacingly. She used all of her skills to dispatch the smaller creatures, but the larger one was still fighting by the time she had drained her energy.

Injured, but still active, the main spider launched her backwards with a spindly leg, shooting a web upon her arms and face. Luckily, she had enough of a gap to breathe as she struggled to remove the sticky webbing. She could see the shadow looming above as the spider crawled over her. A cold, wet shaft prodded between her legs, pushing them open with ease. It slipped the tip into her and she could feel a bulge against her inner thighs. The ovipositor moved deeper, causing her to shriek as it explored her insides. It spread her lips wide as it pushed an egg into her body, forcing the object into her womb. Katarina thrashed as she tried to break free from her bonds, but it was in vain. More and more eggs moved into her, one after the other. She counted six of the large ovals as they slipped inside.

The monster shifted her, attempting to find room for her eggs. This gave Katarina a small space to maneuver. She wiggled back and forth, using all of her might to rip apart the web. The creature growled, but was unable to recapture her and made no attempt to harm her. On the ninth egg Katarina grabbed it inside the ovipositor and tried to hold it in place. It proved to be too slippery and it popped free from her hands, breaching her loins in an instant with gathered momentum. She yelled as she grabbed in front of the following egg. She drew a dagger and cut the appendage, thankful that the tenth egg and the remainder of the spider’s ovipositor plopped onto the ground.

Before she could attack, the spider skittered away into the woods. Huffing, the shapely woman squatted, trying to push the eggs out. After a few tries, she realized that they weren’t going to come out until the monsters were hatched. Aching, inflated, and filled with eggs, Katarina stumbled along the main path, heading back to her base. “I’m not dead yet.” She laughed.

Packing Miss Pauling


There were four others contestants who were double fisting hotdogs, chowing down as if their lives depended on it. Miss Pauling took her first bite, feeling it slide down into her belly. Then, as expected, she felt the odd sensation of the Engineer’s portal device in her midsection. The pill he had her swallow was designed to remove the hot dogs as fast as she could eat them. She continued munching them, feeling warmth inside of her with each one teleported away. It took only a few moments before she realized something was wrong. Concern struck her as she realized that her stomach’s contents weren’t vanishing. “That dummy must have it backwards.” She said quietly.

Frozen, she could feel more weight being added to her belly. She dropped her hot dog and searched the crowd frantically. Engie grinned like a fool, giving her thumbs up. She couldn’t stop the contest, as it was cover for their current assignment. She looked at the stack of hotdogs in front of her, feeling more objects forming in her stomach. Seeing the mountain of prepared hotdogs beside them, Pauling guessed that he had reversed the polarity. Instead of removing the food it moved the stockpile into her, one hotdog at a time. Her belly grumbled as she tried to keep calm, taking a small bite out of the wiener upon the plate.

“Ohh no, this is not good.” She mumbled, trying to ignore the food appearing in various locations inside her. The portal that had opened in her gut was blocking their exit as well. With no relief in sight, she sat the hotdog down and raised a hand. “I’m out, I’m done! Too much for me, thanks.” She slid the chair back and stood, her belly swelled beneath her sweater, pressing above her belt. She breathed heavily as she stumbled off of the stage.

She saw the reserve pile of food slowly dwindling, but she had to take her time searching for the portal device. She subtly moved to the platter and saw the small portal device beaming up every few seconds. Within moments, the food vanished and another hovered into place. She attempted to slide it free, but it was too heavy with all of the hotdogs stacked on and around it. Her belly detested as she gathered her thoughts.

She paused to take an urgent call about a contract; she kept her calm demeanor and explained the situation. Once finished, she gave up on removing the device and shuffled toward the Engineer. The man in overalls wore a hardhat, grinning as she pushed through the crowd. His smile faded once he saw her growing belly peeking from beneath her blouse. Without a word, Miss Pauling grabbed his arm, shuffling heavily through the crowd with the man in tow. They stepped into a storage room where no one appeared to be around.

“Stop this now!”
“But you said you wanted to teleport them into your belly.”
“Out! I said out of my belly!”
“No, I certainly remember that you said into.”
“No! I mean, I meant out! Why would I want more in me?”
“You told me not to ask about it, so I did exactly as you said.”
“Ugh! Can you stop this contraption or not?” She retched as another wiener entered her belly.
“I have to remove the other portal manually.” He pulled out his wrench. “Give me a minute and I’ll have it sending them back to the plate where they were prepared!” Engie charged out of the door, leaving her to deal with the discomfort of having hotdogs and their buns teleported into her stomach.

She unbuckled her belt and slid it off, seeing her distended gut hanging obviously past her blouse and skirt. Knowing there was no chance in hiding her ungainly appearance, she decided to remove her clothes and wait for the man in her underwear. Her off white bra and panties didn’t cover as much as she would like, but they allowed her to expand far more freely. “Why do I do this to myself? I knew I should’ve gone with clown costume!” Her belly gurgled in time with the thought.

Time passed and her belly continued expanding. She looked heavily pregnant as she sat in an old wooden chair, waiting for the man’s return. It seemed like an eternity when the door opened again. She leveled her pistol at the man, relieved it was Engie, back again. He stopped, mouth-hanging open at the sight of the pregnant woman sitting in her undergarments.

“Never seen tits before? Why didn’t it stop?”
“I-I couldn’t fix whatever was wrong.” He started intently at her covered breasts.
“Engie, focus! What was wrong with the teleporter? I don’t want any more food in me or I’m going to pop!” The engineer stammered, still unable to clear his mind of the nearly naked woman before him. Pauling leaned forward and slapped his arm. “Listen!”

Suddenly, the man’s disguise faded. An enemy spy stood before her, stunned by the abrupt discovery. Pauling trained a pistol she had hidden in her bra at the spy’s head. “What did you do with my engineer?” A pain and grumbling in her belly caused her to falter, allowing an opportunity for the man to swipe her pistol and point his own at her chest.

“Your man is gone. Now tell me why you are here.”
“Ugh! I won’t say a word, you jerk!”
The spy drew his knife and traced the point down her chest, stopping at the bra’s fabric. “I have ways of making you talk.” He cut the bra open, causing her formed breasts to pop out like a children’s book. The man, still holding the gun in his off hand, used the knife to cut the two sides of Pauling’s panties.

“You won’t get me to say a word you pompous, ski-masked wearing, dope!”

“Oh, but I think you shall.” He unzipped his slacks and fished his organ from his boxers. He stepped closer, sheathing the knife and pressing the gun against her head. “Don’t bite or I will be forced to ruin your pretty hair.”

Her green eyes showed defiance, but she nodded with understanding. “Just hurry up, you creep.” She leaned forward with her mouth open as the chair creaked. There was a cracking sound as the chair tilted. The chair buckled beneath her, dropping her onto the floor as the splintered wood launched outward. Unharmed, Pauling took a moment before she slowly moved onto her knees. “Well that wasn’t very flattering.”

The spy shook his organ with his free hand, offering it into her mouth. Pauling put out her tongue and he sat his cock upon it before pressing it forward. Breathing heavily as he enjoyed the warmth, he stepped forward, going deeper. Miss Pauling took it entirely, making no complaint as it slid into her throat. She put a hand up to feel the bulge on her neck as he pressed down.

“You do have many skills, but I will not stop until you tell me why you are here!” He drew back and slammed his organ into her open mouth. Her resentful eyes pinched closed as he did, drool running down her chin as she sputtered. He increased the pace, leaning her upper body backwards slightly with each thrust. Her belly still swelled, growing as hotdogs continued teleporting into her. He straddled her big belly by this point, pounding her throat as she gagged.

He stepped back, finally allowing her to catch her breath, his cock glistening with her saliva. “Ready to talk now?”
“Not even close.”
“Suit yourself.” He pinched her tit roughly before grabbing her shoulder and flipping her over, pushing her onto her hands and knees. Her belly rested upon the floor as he circled behind her. She felt the wet tip of his cock prodding between her legs. Suddenly the objects stopped teleporting into her. With the portal closed, the contents of her belly settled, nestling wherever they could in the cramped stomach and large intestine. It was a short victory, as she felt the spy’s shaft pressing into her unexpecting butthole. “That’s my ass! My ass!”

“I know. I don’t want to make this pleasant for you, do I?” He spoke calmly, now assured that this would break her.
“Don’t you have any manners? You don’t just go straight to the ass, no matter what!”
The spy scoffed as he pressed in. “I feel something soft in here.”
“Ugh, you don’t have to pack it in there!”
“Then talk!”

She grumbled, painfully accepting his cock in her over-filled ass. Putting his gun upon the table behind them, he held her hips and pounded her. Her belly wobbled, audibly detesting as he forced the food deeper into her system. She felt sick, but they were packed so tightly she couldn’t throw-up. He shifted side to side, working his organ slightly deeper. Her springy butt was flattened against him as he held her in place.

He pulled back, leaving just the tip inside. “Tell me why you are here!”
Building up enough willpower, Pauling pressed backwards, forcing his long member into her rump. She tensed as she pulled away, gasping in agony. This had the desired effect, as the spy grunted angrily and started pounding her ass. She waited in place as the man hurriedly pumped her.

“Oh no, oh no, oh god, don’t, just stop.” She said quickly, in time with his thrusts.

He moaned as he bottomed out and released his juice into her ass. He lay upon her, his dick pushed into her ass, still shooting as he lay motionless against her.

It was painful, but she was a professional. She pushed back, knocking the weak man to the floor. She spun around more easily than expected with her size and grabbed the gun from the table.

The man was shocked, his pants around his ankles. Miss Pauling crawled closer and put her lips upon his still erect cock, not caring where it had just been. She pressed her head all the way to the base before sliding back up. She watched him intently as she did, making sure he didn’t try to gain the upper hand again. He was in no state to fight, whimpering at the overwhelming pleasure on his extremely sensitive cock.

Miss Pauling knew she should stop, but a girl has to enjoy herself a little. She crawled upon him, her large belly pinning him against the floor. She moved her hips until she felt the warmth of his shaft between her legs. Unable to guide it with her hands, it took a few attempts to line herself up. After the tip, however, her pussy ate his entire shaft hungrily. She tossed the gun to the corner of the room and put her hands upon his wrists. The smooth man’s face twisted in agony.

“No, it’s too much!”
“What, can’t handle a woman? You can’t just leave me hanging!” Grinding her hips, the man beneath her made sad sounds as he tried to tolerate the overpowering excitement, she laughed. “I’ll get you to cum again whether you want to or not!”

Her belly grumbled, smashed between them as she continued humping him. Pauling could feel orgasm approaching, she bit her lip and moved her arms to the man’s shoulders. He put his hands on her hips and started to thrust on his own again. She looked into his eyes, and felt her face flush. The man’s face went from discomfort to uncontrollable pleasure. She felt his throbbing cock release another stream of cum into her shaking pussy. This caused her to convulse atop him, her entire body shaking with satisfaction.

Panting, she rolled heavily onto her back. They laid motionless for a time until the spy stood shakily and pulled his pants up. He moved in the direction of the gun she threw.
“Nope.” He turned to see the heavily inflated woman resting on her side, holding a small gun with two stacked barrels. “You’re going to sit down. If you try to vanish then I’ll have them charge the place.”
“This place has been surrounded the whole time.”
“And where were you hiding that pistol?”
“Beneath the table. I was expecting you to be civilized, but that was there juuust in case.” Miss Pauling smiled deviously. “I’m kind of glad you didn’t though, that was one of the best orgasms of my life!”

The spy sat, watching the woman heavily rise and start dressing with one hand. “So, you were planning this the whole time?”
“Well, I wasn’t planning on the portal to mess up, but I just had to deal with it. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get you, but I knew I could do it.”
“And what about… you know?” He gestured to her lower region, closing and opening his hand quickly, in the gesture of an explosion.
“What? Oh. How you popped inside me?” She rubbed her distended belly as she spoke. “Well, I do have ways to stop it, but I think I might just see what happens. I mean, maybe I’d get some time off if that happened. Plus the scout would finally leave me alone.”

“What about me?”
She came back to reality. “You? Oh, you’re going to get killed, tortured, set on fire, and maybe even thrown in a shallow grave. Not in that order, of course!” She smiled, “I’m sure they’ll find another spy to take your place, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” She awkwardly slipped her top on, leaving her undergarments on the floor. “Honestly, it’s up to the Administrator, but if you tell her what you did to me then it will be bad for you, I guarantee it. She has a soft spot for me in that cold, black heart.”

She called over a nearby radio and the opposite team came in to collect the captured man. Scout came over and put a hand on her shoulder as he stared at her belly. “What happened to you?”

Pauling shrugged his arm aside. “I lost the eating contest.”



​It seemed like it had been months since she first arrived. In the beginning, she was chained to the wall; two red-robed men would enter the room every few hours and force her to drink a disgusting liquid. At first, she fought; sometimes she had caused them to spill it, but they would come back later with twice as much. They usually beat her after such an encounter, forcing her into submission.

As time passed, she learned to accept their liquid diet. The substance had a foul aroma, but that no longer bothered her now. Once she stopped fighting, they removed the chains, allowing her to move within the confines of her cell. She had gained weight since she had become captive, swelling from a small, dainty girl into an obese monstrosity.

She guessed she currently weighed about 300 pounds. I can’t even see my cooter anymore. Seeing her reflection in a small puddle depressed her. Her once pointed face now rounded with an extra chin; tangled jet-black hair hanged to her hips. Her shoulders and arms were lumpy with excess fat and her legs grew outward, leading to her expansive backside. Alisha’s mid-section now had three separate rolls on the sides of a hulking stomach; her sagging, arm-full breasts swayed with each step. They had recently washed her, so her ebony skin still looked fresh and youthful.

“I really let myself go.” She spoke to her reflection in the torchlight. “I guess this is what happens when you don’t have any hope.” She sighed and walked back to the wall. She sat down with a loud thud, causing her body to quake from the impact. She tried to sleep again. That’s all I seem to do now.

She awoke to footsteps. A shimmer of light illuminated from beneath the door. She rose unsteadily as the door opened with a groan. Her meal had arrived. She could barely hold back her excitement. She shuffled closer to accept their bowl, but this time it was different. This time the robed man led a group who carried a large wooden barrel. They struggled to heft it through the doorway. Once inside they set it down with moderate care. The leading man pried the lid off, “drink!” He dipped a silver goblet into the white muck before offering it to her. She drank hastily. It’s thicker, but it doesn’t taste as bad as it used to. Maybe I’m just used to it now. She gulped it down as the man watched.

The man took the cup from her and motioned for her to lie down. She plopped onto the damp stone floor before laying back. He filled the cup again before he knelt, parting her legs with his free hand. “Drink!” He used a finger to partially open her loins. Alisha reached one hand down, between her unsightly belly and plump leg, to part the opposite side. He proceeded to pour some of the creamy fluid between her spread lower lips. She felt it flowing inside of her. She moaned uncontrollably. Nothing has gone in there for such a long time; it feels spectacular!

He refilled the cup and continued pouring until she was brimming with the sticky substance. Now overflowing, the man stood and filled it yet again. This time he meant for her to drink normally. As she gulped down another helping, the man pressed her legs together. “Keep that inside until we return.” He took the cup and refilled it. “One more.” She complied, feeling queasy as she drank another cup full. She watched the door close and listened as their steps grew fainter. I feel so fulfilled. I want more! She rolled and used the barrel to raise herself. She dipped the goblet into the half-filled barrel and took another drink, and another. She was barely able to stomach the third.

Finally unable to ingest any more, she filled the cup and sat it on the floor. She got back onto the ground, and once in the correct position, she refilled her lower opening to the limit. Now, she waited, feeling nauseous for a long while. Once her stomach settled she fell asleep.
She awoke some time later and they hadn’t returned. This upset her. She decided to drink more in an attempt to relax. She arose and drank many a cup full. The barrel was approaching the bottom when she heard the door slam open. She was shocked to see the cultists rushing towards her.

“You defy my orders?”
“I’m sorry, I needed more!”
“Greed leads to punishment.”

They hit her, causing her retreat before tumbling backwards. Her skin slapped on the stone as she rolled to the wall. Pain wracked her body as they encircled her, grabbing her wrists and restraining her in chains. They left and returned shortly after with another barrel. Placing it in front of her, he pried the lid off. They departed again, leaving the sustenance just beyond her reach.

Alisha whined and struggled, attempting to free herself. It was in vain, as the delicious substance still sat temptingly close by. The need for more was agonizing. Why won’t they let me have more? What the fuck is going on? “Why the fuck are you taunting me?” She snapped, yelling into the empty, torch-lit room.

Days past, she thought, and still no one came. She figured she’d lose weight in that time, but instead she seemed to be growing. Now immobile, she figured she weighed about 500 pounds. Her arms and legs now had many folds. Alisha’s breasts flowed to either side, her nipples resting upon the stone. Her massive belly ballooned past her knees, covering the bulk of her outstretched legs. She cried herself to sleep.

Suddenly she felt hope. The robed figures entered and unclasped her chains. She tried to stand, but her arms buckled beneath her immense weight. They pulled her legs, causing her to sprawl flat on the ground. She heard a splash as the leader filled the goblet. He brought it to her lower lips and began filling her from below. Once that orifice overflowed, he refilled and came around, holding her head higher, allowing her to drink eagerly. Then they set to cleaning her. They brought in buckets of warm scented water and scoured her soft skin from head to toe.

“She is ready.” They left her without any explanation. She struggled to move, and after many attempts, she was able to roll onto her side. Sweating and breathless, she pulled on the barrel; it tipped and cracked as it hit the floor. “No, no, no!” She used all of her energy to scoot the broken barrel closer. She opened her mouth as the white fluid splashed upon her face. She swallowed as much as she was able and once empty she licked the remnants from her face. Alisha licked the inside of the barrel as well. I wonder why the torches in here never go out. The errant thought passed as she slid her tongue along the sodden wood.

A distant thud caught her attention. Then another, they grew in volume. Something is coming… something big! The small earthquakes stopped just beyond the wooden door. There was a loud crack as the entire wall fell forward, crumbling to the ground. She covered her face and screamed in a feeble attempt to protect herself.

A large silhouette appeared amidst the settling dust. An enormous, muscular man watched her without making a sound. He stood around 12 feet tall, having to lower his head so it didn’t hit the stone ceiling. His lone eye transfixed upon her, her own eyes drawn to the growing pole between his legs. Oh my god! It’s as big as my arm! She gasped. This caused the monster to salivate; he took only one, large step to stand above her.

A low groan escaped as he dropped to his knees. He wrapped his enormous hands around her and lifted her easily. He raised her to his mouth and licked sloppily between her legs. She was terrified as she saw his large, single eye watching her. He could tear me apart if he wanted to. She was awash with feelings of fear and euphoria as the beast slowly licked her privates.

It grunted as it moved her lower. She knew what was about to happen. She felt the engorged shaft pressing between her legs; the tip being forced into her small, damp opening. She shrieked as it passed the threshold. His hands moved her body down as his hips pressed up, impaling her on his swollen member. The warm spear pulsed inside of her. She could not believe it was still going in, but this amount pain could mean that she wouldn’t last to see the end of the experience. He disregarded her screams as he moved her fleshy body downward. Then he stopped, fully inside. It felt as if he was parting her womb. Her insides ached as he held her in place.

The Cyclops groaned as he started lifting her. He moved her up and down, sliding Alisha upon him like a sex doll. Her legs hanged limply and her breasts and belly flopped with each motion. Skin slapped against the toned monster as he fucked her. Abruptly, he stopped. His face was twisted as he held her in place, his organ buried to the hilt. He howled. Alisha watched his cum force her stomach outward. Each blast sent her skin upward before it settled in her inflating belly. I think he’s forcing cum into my womb. It fucking hurts!

The monster laid her upon the floor as he slid his slimy cock out of her. He retreated through the massive hole in the wall he had created. Alisha ran her hand upon her glistening thigh. She noticed it was the same white, creamy fluid she had been drinking for the past few months. The thought sickened her. Yuck! I’ve been addicted to his spunk all this time! At least I’m still alive, I guess. Her insides throbbed. She looked around the destroyed room before looking at her flabby arm. She sighed sadly.

Pulling the Strings


​The weekend came and Jack decided that his hunt for Claire would continue on Monday. I could just go to her house and command her parents to present her like an unwrapped present, but where is the fun in that? They’d just be puppets… and I already have one. He knowingly smiled at his mother. Betty was lounging on the couch with him while his father sat in the recliner. They were all watching a crime drama that Hank chose.

“Mom, could you bring me to the game store today? There’s a new one out and I really want it.”
Hank scoffed, irritated at any expenditure of money. “We can’t afford it, Jack.”
“Sorry, honey. Besides, I got a new job.” She beamed, “I get paid next week so we can get you that game then.”
Hank scoffed again, but said nothing.
“A new job?” Jack feigned surprise. He had commanded her to apply for a specific job…
“Yeah, I’m a cashier at the Shop and Go. It’s the grocery store a few blocks away.”
Jack congratulated her. I’m sure it helped that I commanded the manager to hire you, Jack thought, and that I commanded you to say that you had a year of experience from high school.

Betty grabbed her stomach and stood. Without a word, she quickly walked to the bathroom. Hank paid no attention, but Jack had noticed it a lot for the past week. Having read about it online, Jack had a strong suspicion that she was pregnant. He directed her to bring home two pregnancy tests today: one for her and one for Karen. I hope that I’m wrong.

She waited on another customer when she noticed the time. She finished that order and flicked the light off over her register. She found her manager talking with another employee. Betty waited for him to turn to her. “May I leave now?”

“Dammit, Betty, don’t leave your till until I come to cash you out.” Without complaint, she scampered back and flicked her light back on. Six more customers came through before Mr. Hendricks wandered over. “Okay, you can clock out. Remember to check your schedule to see when you work next. Nice job today.” She thanked him and did as he said. Then she found her way to the stockroom office.

Jason waited impatiently; the tall, awkward boy removed his apron and grinned foolishly. “So, how have you been?” She remembered their public encounter – how he fucked her with fruit in her ass. It was exciting… I’m such a freak.

Betty snickered in response as she slid her work pants to her knees and leaned forward. She slid her fingers down her throat before bringing them behind her and inserting them one by one into her ass. She wiggled them while Jason unzipped and presented his erection. She removed her hand and spread her cheeks, allowing him to find the mark. He edged forward and exhaled; she felt him slither into her. “No, wait, you’re in my pussy.” She whispered with urgency as she stood, but he ignored her, pressing all the way in and holding her hips.

The door opened without warning. Another stock-boy came in and eyed them suspiciously. Both of them froze, thankful that Betty’s apron hid their lewd behavior. Then she felt an unexpected sensation in her loins. She subtly tried to push him back, but he held her in place as he ejaculated, breathing heavily. Betty mumbled a curse word as she waited for the boy to finish.

The other boy eyed them suspiciously. “What are you two doing back here?”
Betty forced a smile. “He missed me, is all!” He wrapped his arms around her, pretending to hug her from behind. “I haven’t seen him in months.”
The spectator raised an eyebrow as he grabbed a box and left them without another word.

Once the door closed, Betty spun around and slapped Jason’s arm. “Why the hell would you come in me?”

“I couldn’t stop! It felt so good!” She grabbed a paper towel and wiped away the excess cum. She slid her pants back up and she left him to clean himself.

On the drive home she recalled that she needed to stop at the drug store to get something; she couldn’t remember what, but she figured she would think of it once she arrived. She walked around for a bit before she came to the family planning section. She grabbed two pregnancy tests and checked out. The cashier gave her a few odd glances, but was otherwise pleasant. I’ll keep these on hand to check in a few weeks… That damned kid! Why didn’t he just pull out? I guess it is kind of cute that he came so fast. She smiled to herself.

“Dad, I have something I need to talk to you about.”
“That doesn’t sound good.” He muted the television and turned to Jack, who sat on the couch.
“I… I met someone.” Jack paused, gathering courage. “I met someone and now they’re pregnant.”

His father’s expression was blank. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, they ju-, they took the test and it’s been long enough for it to be accurate.”
His eye twitched and his lip curled. “What the fuck is wrong with you? At your age?! What were you thinking?”

Jack bowed his head in shame as his father berated him. I had them check and then forget the results; Both Mom and Karen are pregnant. I’m not going to mention that part, now that I see how he’s reacting to this. “Dad I think you should just relax…”
“Relax? Don’t you understand what a huge fucking deal it is to raise a child?”

Hank spat continuously. Jack decided to use the command rod to end this oh so helpful advice session. “You will forget everything we spoke about in the last five minutes. Also, you had sex with mom on the night you returned.”

Jack went to the kitchen to find Betty reading a magazine. “Mom, you’re pregnant with Hank’s child. You had sex with him when he came back. We haven’t had sex before.” Before she could respond he headed upstairs. Now, what about Karen’s baby? He stopped outside her door. I could just say it was me and command them to accept it… But, that would be so much work. I could find her a boyfriend, but she only hangs around those dumb football players. Then an idea struck him. He opened the door to find Karen eating chips, mesmerized by her computer screen. Wearing no clothes, she was noticeably chubby, but still retained her sexy figure.

She turned as he entered the room. “Dad is in love with you and you two had sex a few times so far. You didn’t mind it, but now you know that you’re pregnant with his child. You have to tell him later.” Again, Jack bounded downstairs and blocked his dad’s view of TV. He planted the idea that he had been having sex with Karen since his return. Hank smiled widely.

Good, I think this will work out. He went to his room. I think I’m getting pretty good at balancing all of this! He flipped on his gaming console and got comfortable.

Jason waited in the stockroom again the following day. Betty came in, careful to be subtle until she was certain they were alone. She removed her apron and stepped around some boxes. She found a secluded spot in the corner of the room and laid on the floor. She removed her pants and spread her legs invitingly. “Come on.”

Jason quickly removed his pants and moved upon her. “I was worried you might not come back.”
“You can use either one now, I’m pregnant.” She heard an audible whimper. “It’s okay, it’s not yours. It would’ve been too soon anyway.”

He was obviously relieved. “Okay, I want to use the front again, then”
She reached down to spread her lower lips and gently guided him in. She watched him writhe atop her gracelessly. He lasted much longer this time. Betty was beginning to enjoy it just as he climaxed inside of her. She gripped his firm posterior and pulled him closer. She smiled at the adorably awkward young man.

They stood and wiped themselves off before putting their clothes back on. “Again tomorrow?”
“I don’t work the next two days.” Betty could see his disappointment. “Hold out for Wednesday?”
He nodded. He’s an energetic young man; I really enjoy pleasing him… I don’t really love him, but I like making him happy. I’m just glad I’m pregnant now so I don’t have to worry about him putting it in the wrong hole again. I don’t really mind it in the butt, but I enjoy this so much more. I’m such a bad girl! She smiled playfully as she rubbed her hand against his crotch. “You can do my ass next time if you want!” She giggled as she walked out of the room.

Monday arrived; Jack noticed Jason at his locker, who looked very pleased. “How was it?”
“It was fucking amazing. I don’t know how you got your mom to do that, but I loved it.”
“I just asked her to please you when you two are alone and that she should enjoy it too.”
“That’s awesome!” He paused, trying to build courage before his next question. “Are you the one that… uh… got her… pregnant?”
“Sick! No, no, that was my dad.” Jack hoped he was convincing.
“Oh, right, sorry. Well, here you go – totally worth it.” Jason handed him two newer video games. It pays to know someone who works at a game store.

Jack continued, finding Claire mingling with some of her friends. He had a class soon, but he couldn’t wait. He observed and approached once her friends scattered. “Hi, Claire.”
She looked surprised. Her beautiful eyes transfixed upon him. “Hi, Jack.”
“You know who I am?”
“Of course, you’re the one Ashley banged in the bathroom – well, the first one, at least.”
That took Jack off guard. “H- how did you know?”
“We saw you come out of the bathroom, you didn’t exactly hide it well.” She smirked.
Jack could kick himself. “Well, what do you think about what we did?”
“I’m glad you fucked her, but you’re not going to fuck me. I’m not a slut like she is.” Suddenly she raised an arm and waved, calling out to one of her friends passing by.
“Claire, wait.” He whispered.
Her friend came closer and Claire raised her voice. “Get away from me, creep!” She walked away with her friend. They stole a glance of him as they giggled. Jack trembled with anger. No one fucks with me like that! The bell rang and Jack stormed down the hall. I’ll get that bitch in class.

Jack’s rage cooled and turned into resentment. He couldn’t focus on the teacher as he watched Claire, who continued to ignore him. That big-nosed bitch. He debated what to do next.

Finally, a thought struck him. The final fifteen minutes of class seemed to drag on forever. Once finished, he commanded Claire to stay as the other kids headed out. Mr. Keenan adjusted his glasses as he cleared his throat. “May I inquire as to why you two are still here?”
Jack gave a conceited smirk in Claire’s direction. “Claire wants you to pound her like a drum.”
Mr. Keenan tilted his head forward with a disapproving glare. “Mr. Olsen, what in the world possessed you to say such a thing?”
“Oh, right… I command you to fuck her where she sits.” He turned to Claire again. “And I command you to slip those panties aside and let him have his way with you.”

The dusky-brown skinned man with broad shoulders came over to the girl’s desk. He unbuckled his pants and knelt beside her. She leaned back and spread her legs, moving her simple white underwear aside. He licked his finger and rubbed her as she breathed deeply. Claire bit her lip as he gently touched her. Mr. Keenan unzipped and moved his boxers aside; he maneuvered his impressive, raised organ free, shifting forward and pressing it between her legs. Jack relished the scene of such a well-endowed man with such a tiny girl. “Don’t be gentle with her.” Jack fidgeted with the command rod as he watched.

Claire grimaced, squealing as he forced his way inside. She blushed, letting out a whimper as she dug her nails into his back. He grabbed her slender hips and pressed forward until he was all the way inside. She shrieked as he pushed the last few inches in. He waited for her to calm down before he started moving again – a small amount at first, before building into full-fledged pounding. Claire whined, begging him to stop. I almost feel bad for her… almost.

The chair tapped against the floor and scooted backwards as Mr. Keenan railed her. His pace increased and he groaned as he climaxed. She cried as he slowed, looking to Jack with tears rolling down her cheeks. They stayed motionless as he emptied into her. Once finished, Mr. Keenan stood and fastened his pants. He headed back to his desk, leaving the used girl behind.

Jack smiled and leaned back. Something in his peripheral vision caught his eye. He turned to see a larger group of students peering into the classroom. Some of the kids looked disgusted, some gave him thumbs-up, and a couple were recording. Crap! Can’t we have any privacy? While he was distracted, Claire regained her senses and ran out of the classroom. The voyeurs scattered shortly after and Jack knew he couldn’t get to them all before they spread their experience. He hurried out of the classroom, thinking of what to do next.

He went to his next class, acting as if nothing had happened when principal Hyun announced that all of Mr. Keenan’s classes were cancelled; she also called for Claire and Jack to report to the principal’s office. Once there he explained his side and she excused him for the remainder of the day.

Later that night his mother got a call that gave more details. “Mr. Keenan is now under criminal investigation and your friend Claire will be transferred to a different school once she recovers.” Betty nodded somberly. “I can’t believe he would do that to such a student!”
“What about me?” Jack was nervous even though he had commanded her to believe him.
“You get a week without school or homework to recover from the emotional stress.”

Jack repeated the story that he told the principal: Mr. Keenan had ‘flipped out’ and forced himself onto Claire as punishment – and he forced Jack watch the torture. The recordings and witness accounts supported it. I don’t feel bad. He was always an asshole. As for her: I told her to keep the child if she gets pregnant.

Betty hugged him. “My poor baby.”
He couldn’t control his hands as they slid down to grasp her cushy posterior. She looked down to him, uncertainly. Jack knew he should control himself, but there wasn’t any harm in it as long as he had the command rod. “Mom, let me fuck you.”
She beamed, also knowing that she shouldn’t, but her temptation won out. She is still in love with me, even though she thinks we haven’t had sex before.
“Okay.” She said with a sultry tone as she rubbed the crotch of his jeans. She turned to go upstairs, but Jack gently tugged her wrist.
“Right here.”
Scared at first, a mischievous grin slowly spread across her face. She unzipped him and got down on her knees to suck him for a minute. It took a lot of restraint not to unload in her mouth, but he endured.

She let him slide out of her mouth as she stood.  Betty lifted her smooth cream-colored nightgown to expose her curvaceous ass. She leaned over the kitchen counter and enticed him closer. Jack pressed her hips lower and nudged himself into her expectant opening. She moaned as he humped her; the sound of skin on skin caused him to slow down. He reached to cup her silk-covered, bountiful breasts. She tightened upon him and felt his pace increase. “Fill me up, it’s okay.”

Jack knew why, but he liked hearing her talk like that. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, shoot it into me baby!”
Jack grumbled as he tried to prolong the sensation, but it only took a few more seconds before he exploded inside his mother. She squealed with delight, grinding her hips against him. She climaxed shortly after he did. Jack held her hips to stop the suddenly overwhelming movements.

Hank entered the room questioningly, “what happened?”
“Oh, uh… This jerk was tickling me!”
Betty spun around; Jack’s limp noodle hit his leg, leaving a wet spot on his pants. She playfully poked his sides, causing him to buckle, and in turn, hide himself as Hank walked closer. She laughed as he walked by, getting some water from the sink. “You two are strange.”

He left the room and Betty stuck her finger between her legs, giggling girlishly. “You put a lot in me. It doesn’t matter, though; I’m already pregnant.” She paused to gauge Jack’s reaction. “You’re going to have another little brother or sister!” She grinned. “But you can’t tell your dad about what we just did? And this was a one-time thing, okay?”

“Mom, can’t we do it a few more times before you have the baby?” He wasn’t commanding her. “Dad doesn’t have to know.”

“Fine, but we can’t let him know, promise me.”
Jack nodded. She’s scared that he’ll disown her. But, she doesn’t understand – with the command rod I have total control. He spanked his mother as they went to the living room.

A Heavy Mistake


“How frustrating!” Vivian was agitated to say the least. “Those Alliance curs, I’ll show them!” A group had chased her from Utgarde Keep all the way to New Agamand on horseback. She regretted leaving the safety of her party, but she could best them all, she knew it. Her armor was much higher quality and her pursuers didn’t seem very skilled. She knew how to wield the light better than most at her level. Still, it couldn’t hurt to tip the scales further. She rode into town to mix some potions, just in case.

Vivian picked up some herbs that she had in the mailbox and noticed another letter. It didn’t have the sender’s name, a small stone tablet was inside the package. It read simply “Hold this and make a wish.” She scoffed, “I wish I could kill those Alliance dogs outside of town.” Just as she finished the trinket vanished from her hand without a sound. She shrugged and finished making her potions. After some preparation, she galloped past the guards on her charger. She wanted to them to chase her recklessly, so she went farther than she should have. Off the road, in the woods, she halted and dismounted, scanning the landscape with her weapon ready.

She spun around as she heard a sound. A distraction, she realized, but it was too late. Something hit her in the back of the neck; Vivian stumbled back and forth, swiping at the air. Regaining her senses, she was able to hit her aggressor hard enough in the ribs to stun him. A human rogue, a wiry girl who looked overly confident. She cast a judgment, followed by a holy shock, and then a good strike from her mace. The bandit attempted to flee with a pained expression on her face. Before Vivian could pursue, she heard noise behind her. She turned to see more assailants.

A Gnome warrior, Draenei shaman, and human warlock rode in and dismounted. All male and all young. The warrior charged brashly, but Vivian eluded him and made a dash towards the shaman. She used her opening spells on the Draenei. He didn’t fight back; he just stood there, trying to heal through the assault. This would be easy, she thought. At that point his companions came to his defense. The warrior’s axe slammed into her armor and curses were draining her. Vivan raised her hands and fire burned the ground around her. She judged the shaman, he cried out as he fell to the ground. She hurt badly by now; she cast divine protection and took a moment to use a few healing spells.

Her mind wandered and she noticed her skin felt flushed after each spell finished. She spied the rogue walking beside her. The shield faded and weapons hit her from all directions, she stunned the warrior and did her usual three spell heal. The rogue didn’t even know how to interrupt… amateurs! After deft footwork, she finally bested the warrior. As the gnome fell she turned her sights to the rogue again. They hit pretty hard, she noticed, so she used a holy shock, and two holy light spells upon herself this time. Her stomach graoned and her skin felt strange, what a time to fall ill!

Vivan paid no mind to her symptoms. She battled the rogue while the warlock proceeded to cast something unknown to her. She was just about to land the killing blow when something hit her from behind and knocked her down. The rogue vanished. A felguard’s axe hit her as she stood up. “Fool!” She chided as she cast flash of light two times. It seemed to take less to heal her each time now, how odd. Her stomach growled and now her armor seemed unusually tight, but she fought on.

She held out her hand and used an exorcism spell on the felguard. It fell to the ground as she rushed over to the warlock. He had a worried expression on his face and she enjoyed that. Using all her might, she pounded the human with spell and mace alike. Of course, the rogue emerged from the shadows right before she could finish off the caster. So frustrating! This is taking way too much time! A sharp pain in her side disoriented her. The warlock cast new curses and spells on Vivian and then ran to the east. Her skin burned and ached as the rogue continued his attack. Holding up her hands and ignoring the pain, she cast holy light, followed by two flash of light spells. “Ow!” She yelped as she felt her armor digging into her skin.

The paladin focused herself. After two strikes the rogue sprinted away, badly wounded. A magical hammer to his back put him on the ground, dead. Vivian started healing. “Now I take one flash of light spell to get back to normal, how is that even possible?” Shortly after she finished she felt her armor suit tighten. It was causing immense pain, especially around her midsection. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead as she struggled to remove her chest piece. The straps were stretched to the limit, she undid them and the breastplate fell to the ground.

“By the light, what happened?!” She screamed as she looked at her plump belly. Her once muscular and trim stomach was now overflowing past her belt. How did I get fat so suddenly? This isn’t possible! Even her breasts had grown; now they were taxing her under-shirt! She jiggled her tummy slightly as she stood there, shocked and perplexed. A sound caught her attention. She whirled around to see the warlock under a tree. “He is laughing at me,” Vivian thought aloud, “I’ll show him!” She unsheathed her weapon and started to run in his direction. Her leggings were entirely too tight now, every step hurt, what started as a run turned into a quick walk. She was sweating heavily as she approached the human.

Two rogues attacked Vivian a few paces from the tree, one was as highly skilled as she was. She should have known they would call in guild-mates to help them. After stunning the more powerful rogue she directed holy shocks and flashes of light on herself as fast as she could. She was able to avoid a kick and the swipe of daggers as she continued casting. The warlock was still standing a small distance away, continually casting curses upon her.

“I’ll take you down with me then!” She grunted as she used a holy shock against the weaker rogue. Much to her surprise, he shrieked and fell backwards. It only took one holy shock, what a weakling! She used divine protection, she cast two holy light spells, which grossly over-healed her, but she wanted to be sure she was at full health. The shield faded; she strained to hold her weapon and shield at the ready. Vivian couldn’t seem to dodge anymore either, she was just too slow for some reason.

She deflected a few of his attacks, but then he punched her in the side and she stumbled forward onto the ground. The straps on her legplates popped off as her knees hit the ground. Her legs felt so much better unrestrained. She tried to avoid looking at her body until she was out of danger. Vivian tried to stand without thinking about her condition. It took a few moments to lift herself off of the ground. She bent over to pick up her mace and shield. As she leaned it put a great strain on her belt. She disregarded it for now and grabbed her shield. The mace would have to stay, she couldn’t exert herself anymore trying to stay at this angle.

She stood, her head snapped back to the place where the rogue had been before. He’s gone, the warlock is too! Cowards. Vivan listened, but heard nothing. She sighed and slowly looked down at her body. She was horrorstruck. I’m chubby! After throwing her shield down in anger, she leaned forward slightly to see her legs, they were fatter too! “I look like a Tauren!” She grabbed a portion of her forearm and pinched the fat. She hurriedly reached around to her rear. It had grown as well. She was nearly crying now, “my beautiful butt… it’s huge!”

Vivan waddled over to a tree and leaned against it, quietly crying. She didn’t notice the undead priest approach. “What’s the problem?” Vivan looked up and quickly wiped away the tears with the backs of her hands. The undead woman was dressed in a beautiful satin robe, but that was the only beauty she had. Her face was pasty green and missing pieces on both sides of her cheeks. Her hair was matted and she smelled foul. “Nothing, leave me alone!”

“Let me help you, deary,” her mouth was stuck half open and she had many missing teeth, it was unsettling. “I’m Grenda.” Vivian offered her name, but she couldn’t keep her face from scrunching up whenever she caught a waft of the woman’s foul odor. A sound from the east made them both look in unison. A very well equipped Alliance mage and druid, as well as the same warlock from the previous encounter were riding towards them.

Before they were close the same rogue from before attacked Grenda. Vivian used a judgement against him followed by a holy shock. He died instantly. Vivan had more power than she knew! The rest of the aggressors focused on her. Grenda chanted a prayer of mending, then she used a renew on Vivan as she was being attacked.

Vivian felt her body jerk and then it seemed like her skin was pulsing for a moment. She recovered and used a holy shock on the mage, killing him. At that point she noticed the warlock flee, abandoning his friend. The remaining druid shifted into moonkin form. He sent treants to attack her as he cast wrath bolts as fast as he could – but it was futile. She smited him with ease and destroyed his ancient guardians. Why do I have so much power now? She didn’t understand it at all. Grenda used two greater healing spells on Vivian after the fighting stopped.

Vivan’s body burst outwards in all directions. Her belt strained underneath her ever-growing stomach. After a short delay it snapped, allowing her bulging belly to fall forward unrestrained. Her shirt and pants were still digging into her skin uncomfortably. Vivian could now be considered obese. “This is terrible! What is causing this, what have I done?” She tried to understand what was happening as she started at her flabby extremities, awestruck.

“Now I see why you’re upset,” Grenda said.
“What is happening to me?!”
“Watch.” Grenda cast renew on the large blood elf. “It’s the healing spells.”
Vivian watched in complete shock as he body slowly pulsated outward each time the renew spell healed her. Grenda had a short smile spread across her face as she casted two greater heals. Vivan grew again abruptly, she fell backwards against the tree and slid to the ground. Her shirt and pants were stretched as far as they could go, and as she moved down the tree. It started tearing them every time they caught on the rough bark. As she reached the base her clothes were completely ripped along the back. The new fat on her body rippled since it was no longer retrained. Her brassiere and panties still held… Barely.

“You’re hurting me, stop it!”
“Oh deary, I can’t just stop now, I need to see more.”
“P-please, don’t!” Her outstretched arm was thickening in front of her.
“Another? Well sure!” Grenda cast again and again.

Vivian grabbed her breasts as she expanded further. Her brassiere made a ripping sound and left her holding tattered cloth against her chest. Her panties gave her an unbelievable wedgie. She squirmed trying to find comfort. Grenda cast again, which pushed the straps on Vivian’s underwear to break. She let out a sigh of relief and her body rocked slightly as the fabric was torn.

“Looks like you enjoyed that.” Grenda let out a raspy laugh as she walked over and pulled her tattered clothes off one by one, making sure to get the harder to reach pieces too. She put them in her satchel. Glancing back at Vivian with a wicked grin, she cast healing spells fast as she could. Each spell caused her to plump up a little more. Her butt was big enough now that it pushed her hips away from the base of the tree in rythm with each spell cast. She was laying back now, rather than sitting. Her neck was craned at an uncomfortable angle, which forced her to look at the rest of her body.. Her breasts had rolled off to either side and rested lightly on the ground. Her massive belly dominated her view, though. Vivian reached over her boobs to feel her girth, holding two folds on her stomach. Her skin was soft and warm to the touch.

Grenda stopped after a minute, eyeing her up and down. “That is the most unusual thing I’ve ever seen, deary!” She shrugged and called for her horse. “See you around.”

“You can’t just leave me like this!”
“I am going to town so I can go to bed, I’m sure someone else will come by soon to help.”
“What if it’s someone else from the Alliance?”
“I doubt they will attack a nude, unarmed, immobile fat lady.”
“I’m not worried about attacks.”
Grenda smirked, “well, you seem powerful enough to kill them with a spell or two. I would just make things worse. Looks like you’re the disgusting one now.” She gave a deep laugh and nodded to herself. Turning her warhorse, she galloped away.

Vivian yelled out and flailed her arms, but Grenda never slowed. She was alone now. It helped that it was early in the morning and not many people were roaming now, though she couldn’t reach the town anytime soon. Her neck was hurting, so she tried scooting back towards the tree. She managed to find a comfortable spot as she pushed herself up a few inches. The slightest exertion caused her to breathe heavily and sweat profusely now. Vivan contemplated her situation and how it would look to someone who passed by. There was nothing to be done about it, though. She sighed in despair and rested her head against the tree, closing her eyes.

She didn’t care what happened now, her body was grotesque. She had trained for so long and now she couldn’t even move anymore. She might be able to work it off after a long time, but whenever she was healed she would gain back the weight at outlandish speed. Her spells could kill in one strike now – but what good is that if you can’t move! At least that strange magic had allowed her to kill a huge number of those dogs. Then she remembered the trinket from earlier; she hadn’t even thought about it until now. Vivian was happy about her victory. For now she could do nothing but wait.