Foreign Affairs


She stepped through the door, waiting for movement. She could see a guard walking down the tunnel. She trotted to the service door and held up the keycard she took from a previous technician. Once the door beeped, she eased it open and moved ahead. A guard rounded the corner and she quickly struck him in the throat. The man gasped and clumsily launched his rifle onto the floor. She struck him in the forehead with the butt of her silenced pistol and watched him tumble. She shot him without remorse. I know what you’re part of. There were numerous rumors about the human experimentation happening in this hidden facility and she knew the guards were privy to the details.

Katherine readied her pistol and waited for anyone to investigate the noise. After deeming the area safe, she took out her phone and inspected the photo Abbey had sent before she was captured. She’s in one of the experiment cells by now. I hope I’m not too late. My mission is to extract the intel she was after, but I can’t just leave her to be tortured. Katherine passed through another door, finding herself in a large garage with many all-terrain vehicles and crates. Numerous cameras sat above a door on the far side of the area. That’s where I need to go.

She avoided confrontation from the patrolling guards and climbed upon some crates, using them to traverse the room undetected. She tossed some mid-range acid to melt the metal grating and snaked her way into the ventilation duct just below the ceiling. It was a very tight fit, but she managed to make it through and eventually the duct widened. She moved carefully to limit noise and found herself above one of the experiment chambers. She watched the scene unfolding below.

She recognized the head scientist from the files Abbey sent. The woman named Oxanna was tall, showing signs of age, but still retaining her natural beauty. Her features were broad, but her face was gaunt, matching her slender body. She wore a white coat over her suit jacket, and her short skirt revealed excellently formed legs. Crimson hair draped upon her shoulders as she inspected the woman behind the Plexiglas enclosure.

She is a skilled scientist, but most call her a deviant. The Russian government disavows all knowledge of her experiments, but they keep her going in case of an unexpected breakthrough. She is given the problematic citizens and left to torture them in the name of science. I know this happens all the time, but from what I heard this is just cruel.

Oxanna pressed a button on a nearby console and watched as a clear liquid sprayed from the ceiling, coating the captured woman in a thick substance. The woman lifted her arms in disgust, trying to wipe the goo from her body.
“I just took 40 years from you.” Oxanna spoke to her through a speaker in the cell.
“What?” The subject couldn’t have been older than twenty.
“That substance ages your cells and I want to study the effects. You have this to look forward to.”

She pressed another button and a guard led a submissive middle-aged woman in. She looked good for her age, but small wrinkles and loose skin showed her battle with time. Her face was round with a distinct jawline and slightly upturned nose. Her breasts sagged and there was a slight paunch above her waist. The girl wasn’t restrained in any way.

“This is Missy and she was 14.” The woman cast her eyes to the floor. Her deep black hair was white at the roots. “As you can see, her body aged around 40 years and that’s what is going to happen to you as well in a few weeks.” Oxanna put a hand on her shoulder, causing the woman to pull away timidly. “Her body is aging, but her organs are still young and healthy.” Oxanna gave a telling smile to the woman. “Her reproductive organs still work marvelously.”

The guard stepped around her and shoved Missy backwards. She stumbled as he yanked her arm, leading her out the door. Oxanna followed them out, ignoring the crying girl in the transparent enclosure.

Katherine pushed on, crawling to the next main opening in the ventilation. In this room she could see ten men lined up behind a woman that leaned upon something huge. The woman was resting on two large mounds of flesh. Those are her tits! They’re massive! Her breasts were pressed against the ground, forcing the woman to bend forward upon them. The mammaries had somehow grown to roughly the same size as their bearer.

The men were taking turns, using whatever orifice they preferred. As soon as one man finished another would mount her. The immobile woman yelped as the man behind her surely went into her ass. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled himself up from the ground, burying his cock as far as it would go. Another man came around in front and used her mouth, muffling her screams. I have to stop this. Katherine knew she couldn’t take them all out, so she averted her eyes and continued on.

In the next room she could see the guard fucking the older woman from the first room upon a cot. There were a few women hunkered in the corners of the room, all of which were pregnant. The man had her legs upon his shoulders, pressing downward with his thrusts, eliciting a groan from the older woman each time.

Katherine couldn’t watch any more. She knocked the vent open and dropped herself gracefully, springing up from the 8-foot drop with her pistol in hand. She put a bullet in the guard’s head before he could turn. The girl beneath him pulled her arms against her chest and bawled as blood sprayed upon the wall. It was odd to see such a mature woman crying so freely. The man stayed in place for a moment until she moved her legs to the side, causing him to topple onto the floor.

White substance oozed from the woman’s pussy. God, I got him right as he was finishing. Why did she just let him sit there filling her? Katherine tried to calm the woman. I hope she doesn’t get pregnant like the others. Katherine looked to the other women, most of them still afraid as they watched her.

One older woman stood, walking closer, gripping her belly as she shuffled heavily. The haggard female had a full head of white and brown hair with tired, sunken eyes. Her frame was skinny except for the large belly and milk-filled breasts, showing all of her sustenance went to her unborn child. Her skin was wrinkled and spotted with freckles. Her bony face turned to unexpectedly warm smile. “Thank the lord you’ve come.”

“I’m not here to get you out.” She spoke in their native tongue.
The woman’s smile faded. “You can’t just leave us! Please, at least save my daughter.”
Katherine shook her head. I’m sorry, I can’t help you or your baby.”
“Not this freak inside me! Her!” The frail woman pointed to the shaken girl upon the cot. “Help Missy, please!”

“I will take out Oxanna, but I can’t take on that many guards by myself.”
“Then you have to release us! There is a control room at the end of the corridor. There is an emergency release button behind a false panel next to the main monitor.”
Katherine pulled up her map, noting the room. “How do you know this?”

The woman looked aside as she thought. “I was a scientist here.” She sighed. “At first it was like any other research facility. Then there were rumors of some inhumane experiments happening away from the public eye. Over time, Oxanna and her husband were given more and more freedom and slowly weeded out anyone who she thought didn’t have the stomach for it. Her husband kept her in check, but when he died she went insane. She had all the female guards and scientists used for her twisted experimentation. She allowed the men to fuck the women who survived as payment for their silence.”
“I saw that in the last room.”

“The only thing holding her back from weaponizing these sick experiments is her love for power. Once her research is released, she knows they will stop her and probably throw her in the gulag before using it as their own. She wants to ride this as long as she can.”
Katherine looked at the small camera above them. “They know I’m coming, why haven’t they sounded an alarm?”
“The guards are either at the entrance, with her, or having sex with some poor women. You won’t see many past this point.”
“All right, I will get to the control room and release you, but after that it’s up to you.”

The nameless woman nodded, moving beside her crying daughter, holding her against her bosom. The mature, pregnant women made an odd couple as Katherine opened the door and watched for patrols. She’s right, no one in sight. Katherine charged down the hall and used her keycard once again. I’m glad I did my research – I was able to follow that creep home and get his card.

In the room there were numerous monitors with direct feeds into the experiment chambers. Katherine scanned across, trying to ignore the atrocities happening on each screen. Most of the guards are with the woman with huge tits. Finally, she found the girl who had given her the location. Abbey was a daughter of a murdered scientist and she meant to expose the culprit. She was foolish enough to try to get more of the incriminating documents by herself. That went about as well as you’d expect. She didn’t even get past the parking garage. They certainly had a secure building at one point, at least.
On the camera, Oxanna and two armed men observed the restrained girl as she spoke. Katherine formed a plan to take out the two guards flanking the head of research. She found the emergency release panel and pressed the hidden button. As expected, Oxanna sent them to deal with the unlocking doors. Katherine hid beside the desk; her small body tucked nicely beside the thick frame as the two guards burst in with shotguns ready.

Katherine shot a monitor on the far side of the room. It popped and toppled to the floor, distracting them as she spun around the corner and shot them one after the other. Reloading, she made her way to the room with Abbey. It was surprisingly quiet after the doors unlatched. No one seemed to be running for the exit. The guards are probably too distracted to care and the women are too scared.

She came to the room and nudged the door wider. The creak was masked by the low hum of the furnace. The head scientist watched her subject intently. Abbey was a pretty Russian teenager. Her face had strong features with straight eyebrows and willful blue eyes. Her tawny hair rested upon her surprisingly large, upturned breasts. Like her arms, her long legs were strapped in place upon the upright table, spread apart to reveal her shaven, pink slit.

Her belly had grown since she saw it on the camera. There is a hose in her ass! Katherine traced its origin back to a pump on the side of a clear water tank. The water, however, had a light greenish hue. Oxanna was still oblivious as she walked closer to pat the girl’s stomach. “This is only the beginning my dear. This substance is being absorbed, making your beautiful body fat and repulsive!”

I can’t just shoot her, she has to suffer. Holstering her gun, Katherine prowled behind the woman and stood carefully. Abbey’s fiery eyes snapped to the approaching woman. Oxanna turned, just in time to dodge her strike. The Russian scientist kicked Katherine in the shin as she grabbed her arms, trying to topple her. Katherine used the momentum to cause the woman to stumble to the side. I shouldn’t have gotten cocky. Katherine drew her pistol again, but the woman slapped it away before striking her in the chest.

The punch mashed Katherine’s breast painfully, causing her to stagger backwards. Oxanna took the opportunity to lunge upon her, trying to wrestle her to the ground. Katherine kneed her in the hip as she stomped upon her foot. Katherine pushed her backwards and dropped low. She was able to connect a strike in her side and then in her stomach. Oxanna crumpled to the floor, breathless.

Katherine snatched her firearm from the floor and pulled the hose from the restrained girl’s backside. She cried out as the colored fluid poured onto the ground. Katherine undid the girl’s straps and disconnected them from the table, all the while keeping an eye on the scientist on her hands and knees. Abbey’s belly had inflated to make her look 7-8 months pregnant. Katherine handed her the restraints and watched as the small framed girl carried her added weight, stumbling to her subdued captor. Is she bigger already? She lowered herself and attached one restraint on her wrists and another on her ankles. Abbey arose, “Hurt her for me.” The woman stumbled to the door, leaking some of the water with each step. “I have to do something.”

Now alone with Oxanna, Katherine pulled the woman’s black panties aside and picked up the running hose from the floor. “There’s still a lot left, shouldn’t let it go to waste.” She held the woman’s hips as she worked the damp tip in and forced the hose into her ass.
“Ugh!” She struggled, fruitlessly as the running hose fed deeper into her backside. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll be dead soon anyway!”
Katherine agreed as she walked to the panel on the pump. She noticed it was on the lower setting. She turned the lever up to high flow and laughed. “I can’t make you suffer enough, but I can try.”

“Stupid Brit. You know that all the people here are going to die one way or another. Once the guards outside figure out what is going on they’ll overrun you!”
As if on cue, a loudspeaker crackled and Abbey spoke, “To all of the personnel of this facility: I have taken the control room and I am locking down the inner complex. Everyone outside is free to go, but anyone inside will be pleased to know I have released Oxanna’s failsafe.” The woman laughed maniacally. “She didn’t tell you guys about that, did she?”

Oxanna shifted, showing pain as she cussed her former captive. “I surrender! Take me in and I will work with your bosses as a foreign prisoner!” Her big eyes pleaded. Her exposed behind wiggled the hose as she tried to find a more comfortable position.
Katherine stepped forward and spanked her thickening rump. “No chance in hell.” Her clothes were stretched, as the concoction inside caused her to grow subtly.

Papers shuffled as the voice started again upon the announcement system. “I have the plans here: it shows how this mist, when inhaled by men, and only men, will cause them to suffer a violent heart attack within minutes. Looks like your boss didn’t trust you!” She scoffed, “I already sent that out so you better make your last few seconds count!”

Moments later, a few naked men charged past the door with their assault rifles. They shot at the secured door for a moment before one stepped back, peering into their room. Katherine stood, gun ready. The man watched for a moment before nodding and dropping his gun. “Good ridd-“ He grunted and stumbled backward, falling dead against the wall. The other gunfire halted shortly after.

The skinny redhead’s body grew since she had last looked. Her clothes started tearing at the seams, making way for her fattening body. Her arms and legs puffed out as her breasts and backside easily doubled in size from their previously modest proportions. Her skirt split up the sides as her chunky ass popped free. Buttons shot upon the cement floor as her hefty breasts escaped from their outer restraint. Her belly pressed against the floor and her face had rounded as she jerked in pain before becoming despondent.

“My husband was the one who came up with the concept of the aging cream. We were testing it on volunteers for a few months when he decided to splash some on me accidentally one night. Luckily it wasn’t refined at that point, but I look about 20 years older because of that selfish son of a bitch.” She scoffed, tensing for only a moment before continuing her tale as the water blasted into her. “I mixed some of the cream into that fools dinner for a few weeks and watched him suffer as all of his organs shut down. I was so blinded by rage that I didn’t think about where to go from there. The Government wanted results so I had to turn to prisoners and then to the employees. I had good results, but I figured out that there wasn’t a good end for me.”

The pump ran dry, sucking loudly as it forced air into the fattening woman. “You are a monster and there is nothing that’s going to save you now.” Katherine stepped in front of the bulky inflated woman. Her undergarments were stretched to the limit. The woman thrashed her head, causing her crimson hair to dance wildly as she bellowed in pain. Wanting to prolong the pain, Katherine decided to cut her bra and panties away, exposing her now gargantuan breasts. The ruined underwear launched onto the ground as her body quivered. She balanced awkwardly upon her restrained hands and knees.

Her belly spread outward upon the floor as she writhed in anger. “You can’t just let me die! Imagine all the knowledge that you’ll be giving up! I can help!” The woman’s naked body pressed onto the cold floor.

“You’re not going to leave this place.” Abbey returned, standing in the doorway. She too had grown incredibly large. Her face had gained only a bit of fat around her cheeks. From there down, her shoulders had widened, her arms had gained bulk, and her breasts hanged on either side of her meaty belly. She still retained a water-swollen midsection, but it was flattening as the fluid was being absorbed. There was a roll upon her wide hips, which still showed an impressive hourglass figure. Her shaven are was now hidden between her plump thighs. The long, sexy legs were broader, but still smooth.

“Ugh!” The inflated woman on the floor tried to turn, but was unable to see behind her. “I’m going to burst! You’re better than this!” Her insides made a loud gurgling sound.
Katherine walked behind her as she yelled, grabbing the switch to the machine and snapping it off. “Nah, I think I’ll leave you.”
Abbey gave a sad, thankful smile as she walked closer. “There is a hidden escape tunnel in the control room.”

“Good, let’s go get the others.” I changed my mind, I can’t just abandon them after all their suffering. Katherine took Abbey’s arm and helped her awkwardly large friend through the door as the woman let out a shrill cry behind them. The pump whined as it tried to force more air into the reluctant scientist. There was a sudden popping sound and a wet noise as the pump’s sound normalized. Abbey started to turn, but Katherine stopped her. “Don’t look.” Without thinking, Katherine’s hand was pressing upon the woman’s massive breast. She pulled away apologizing.

“It’s okay, I’m probably never going to get small again. That’s probably the most action I’ll see for the next 20 years.”
“I think you’ll be fine.” Katherine assisted her through the doorway and pulled her slightly, causing her to stumble. She pressed Abbey against the wall, mashing her inflated belly and breasts between them. There was a slight pause before Katherine grabbed her ass and planted a sensual kiss upon her lips. Abbey got a childish grin on her face as she pulled back. “When we get out of here I will help you get back on your feet.” Katherine gave a sly smile. “After some fun first.” They continued on to the control room to begin evacuation.

Call Center


“Hello, you must be the new girl. Head right through that door and look for Wesley.”

Christa bowed her head in thanks as she passed through the door labeled Employees Only. The door latched behind her, and she could see that there was no handle. Her heart raced as she walked down the hall and into another room. There were about twenty women in tiny cubicles, all naked and sitting upon newer wooden stools. She also noticed long clear tubes leading from above the drop-down ceiling and into their posteriors. There was a metal device with a light that hung just above their heads and about halfway down the tubes. Some of the women eyed her as they spoke to their customers.

As she passed, she noticed the women all had visibly swollen bellies. One petite girl looked like a swollen grape, leaning forward and allowing her distended belly to hang between the stool and the raised desk. Another heavy-set woman leaned upon her elbows confidently, her midsection barely showing any growth.

One girl she passed by was pressing her balled fist upon her forehead, looking as if she might cry at any moment. Christa could see her light was red and her belly gurgled loud enough to hear from a distance. She spread her legs, allowing her belly to inflate slowly outward. Christa ignored her gasping breaths as she passed, noticing the lone man in the room who wandered from cubicle to cubicle, scrutinizing each employee.

He looked up and smirked devilishly. “You must be the new girl.” His voice was low and gravelly. “I’m Wesley, your supervisor.” He eyed her up and down.
“Look, I don’t think this will work. Isn’t there some other way to repay my father’s debt?”
“I don’t know who you think you’re dealing with, but this is the way we agreed upon to repay the millions of dollars your father squandered. You said you’d work in a call center and here we are.”
“But, I’m not into the whole anal thing.”
“Well, it works then.” He directed her to an empty desk. “See, you take off your clothes and stick this tube up your ass. If you do a nice job then that’s the worst thing that happens to you today. If you don’t… Well, just consider this incentive.” He offered her a hose, a nozzle, and a few plastic fittings in separate sealed bag. “See, it’s safe and new.”
She accepted them nervously. “I’m not going to do this.”

“You are going to do this or I will call a couple of my business associates.” He spoke sternly. “My friends will proceed to your parent’s house and take care of your father and then take care of your mother.” The different inflection showed his intent.
“Please, just leave my parents alone and let me do this without that thing. I promise to meet whatever quota you have set.”
He pursed his lips and shook his head. “No way. You strip down and stick this up your ass or bad things will happen. No exceptions.”

Christa gave a deep sigh as she accepted the plastic wrapped apparatus. The man watched as she removed her clothes and lubricated the nozzle before inserting it. She put it in and offered the man the other end of the hose. He raised it and screwed it into the device above her head.

“You’re pretty damned sexy, I just love those tits and that face looks like it’s seen more than a few cocks in that mouth.” He grinned as she gave him a death glare. “Anyway, the light will turn yellow and this will click on when a customer does not buy something. It will give you a small dose of water as motivation for the next call. It will turn red if a customer hangs up before the one-minute mark, and then you will get a more substantial incentive. Try not to let that happen.” He flicked a switch and it gave her a green light. “You’re selling adult toys, so try to sound seductive.”

She listened to his final instructions, and once ready, she put on a headset and hit the call button. It connected her with a creepy sounding man. He asked her to describe herself, but Christa was luckily able to ignore it. The conversation seemed to be back on track until the man suddenly began insulting her. He called her numerous names before he disconnected the call.

Almost immediately, she heard a click as she turned to see the red light above her. The sudden surge of water caused her to jump forward upon her chair. “It feels weird!” She tolerated the surge of water until the switch finally clicked off around twenty seconds later. Christa put a hand upon her aching belly, which had already puffed out from the added water. She groaned as the man behind her motioned her to continue. She pressed the call button and barely got through the greeting before she heard the click of the phone.

The light changed and her ass accepted another long drink. Sweat formed on her brow as she leaned heavily upon her desk. Her belly looked a few months pregnant now. The man put his sweaty palm on her shoulder. “Looks like you have some shit luck. Keep going.” He stifled a laugh.

She clenched her eyes until the pain passed and she tried again. This call went slightly smoother: a man kindly asked her a few questions about the products before he declined. He hung up two seconds before the minute mark. Christa turned to see the red light once again. “It was barely under a minute! Please stop it!” The liquid erupted into her, causing her to whimper and put her head upon the desk in anguish. “Please, just give me a pass!” She said, with a voice muffled by her arms.

“Rules are rules.” The pain was immense as her heavily swollen belly sloshed, hanging between her wide legs. She turned to see the man’s pants around his ankles. He wagged a finger, “Don’t get distracted, keep earning.”
“No, please, I don’t want this!”
“This is repaying your debt! If you don’t like it then bad things will happen.”

Her lip trembled as she turned back to the computer and hit the button for the next person on the call list. It went through as she felt the hose snake its way through her intestine and pop out of her ass. She struggled to retain the fluid as she recounted the opening introduction spiel. The man pulled her back upon the stool, allowing her spread ass to hang off the edge as she leaned her elbows upon the desk. She winced and stuttered as she felt a warm cock pushing between her cheeks. The sudden pain caused her to fumble for words. She went silent for a moment before the man behind her snapped his fingers angrily.

“S-sorry, we just wanted to follow up on your purchase from Autumn’s Accessiories.”
“Don’t you call my home. That damned toy didn’t last for more than a week!” The woman snapped.
“I’m very sorry…” His cock pushed in, causing her to tense and sit upright upon the stool. “Ugh! I…”
The customer scoffed. “You don’t even know what to say? I guess this isn’t on your script, right?”
Her boss pushed her forward and began going at her without regard for the conversation. “No, I mean, ugh. I just… I am sorry, but I can help you fix it.”
“Am I getting you a little rattled, bitch? Maybe you should find another job where you don’t pester people about your shitty products.”

It was hard to focus as the man kept bonking her ass. Water sloshed in her guts as she tried to maintain a professional demeanor. “I just want to help you.” She gasped and flinched as her boss bottomed out in her backside. She sat up as he held her hips in place. “Ah! My… My boss is really riding me. Just let me send you another product and a coupon…”

“I don’t care if your boss is all the way up your ass! I’m not dealing with you!”
“Wait! I will give you two more toys free of charge!”
“You can shove those toys up your ass for all I care!”

She heard a click and then the sound of water rocketing onto the floor. She was grateful the immense flow wasn’t going into her. The man suddenly pulled out and walked around the corner. Confused, Christa gripped her belly and kept her ass puckered. A short time later then man returned with something hidden behind his back.

She was too tired to question him as she leaned forward and rested her head in her crossed arms, squishing her breasts against the cold desk. Her moment of respite was interrupted by an abrupt pain in her rump. Something hard was forced in, causing her to tense and jerk forward. Wesley pushed her back and waited until she went lower to insert another object. The short plastic toys sat uncomfortably side by side in her ass.

“The customer is always right.” Wesley sniggered. The was a slight pause before she felt his warm tip pressing against her backdoor once again.
“I’m too full, I can’t do this!”
“You don’t have a choice.” He pushed his cock in carefully, finding a path around the two toys. She screamed as her full ass was packed even more. She hit the desk in frustration as the man reached forward to connect another call.

“I… uh… I… with Autumn’s…”
“Hello? Who is this?”
Christa yelped, barely able to form words as the man behind her slowly moved in and out. “Autumn’s Accessories.”
“What the hell is this? Are you with that damned company that keeps trying sell me their low quality shit?”
“S… Sorry, sir. Do… Do you have a problem with…”
“Yes, I want to be taken off of your call list and that’s exactly what I told the girl a few hours ago!”
“It can… take up to two weeks to be rem… removed…”

Wesley pushed his cock in to the limit and grunted behind her. The warm substance mixed with the lukewarm water in her overstretched ass. Christa leaned forward and whimpered as the man on the other end of the call continued to complain. She was in tears as she begged the man behind her to stop.

The voice boomed from the headset as it slid onto the desk. “I don’t give a shit! Fuck you and fuck that company you work for! Go get a fucking life!”

Suddenly the pain in her backside lessened as the man slipped his cock free. Her relief was short lived, as she felt the nozzle being packed back into her butt. The call disconnected. She wailed as the device above her clicked and sent a spray of water inside her. Her boss held it in place, laughing as she filled even further.

A few girls peeked over the flimsy walls to see what was happening. Christa reached back to slap the man, but he didn’t care. He held the hose in place, buried in her backside. It seemed like an eternity until the machine clicked back to green and the flow stopped. He carefully removed the plastic nozzle and giggled as she reached back with one hand, using a finger to keep her contents in place.

“Okay, go empty out, you’re done for the day.” The man put his pants back on and left her to find her own way to the bathroom.

Christa looked up to see a girl watching her sadly. She pointed to a door on the far wall. “It’s going to suck for the first few weeks, but after that he loses interest.”
She struggled to balance as she stood. “Why do you let him do this?”
“Like he said, he could ruin our lives.”
Christa took an awkward step, pausing to ask one more question. “How much debt does he reduce for a work day?”
The girl scoffed, “I’ve been working here for eight years.” She gave a forlorn smile disappeared behind the cubicle’s wall.

Christa was in tears as she stumbled to the door. She shambled in and found an empty stall. Another woman talked as she forced a small stream of water between the toys. “First day?”
“Well, get used to it. He’s going to keep working on you until he breaks you. That better happen sooner than later.”
“Wh- why doesn’t anyone go to the cops?”
“We could, and then they could shut this place down, but that’s just one guy going to jail. He has enough connections that he could take out everyone we love on his way down. Is it really worth it? I mean… give it a little time and you’ll start to enjoy being filled.”
Christa grunted as she finally passed the toys one by one. “Maybe I can make enough sales…”
“Honey, we’re telemarketers. You’re going to get filled every day you work, just get used to it.”
“Well, when do we get to go home?”
The woman laughed weakly. “We don’t get to leave until the debt is paid.”

Finding Comfort


A tall poll stood in the center of the otherwise barren room, surrounded by an elevated wooden platform. Upon inspection, Lilly could see that the top half of the pole was latex and plastic farther down. Everyone in the room knew what was coming next. The current star, Kiera, stepped onto the platform as he instructed. She watched Lilly as he told her what to do next. Her eyes were an entrancing shade of green, and her cheeks were rosy and pinchable. She looked young and hopeful, but it seemed out of place when thinking what was to come next.

She dipped her hand into a tub of white paste upon the floor and used it to lubricate the rubbery shaft. She also used a generous amount upon her nearly bald mound. Once prepared, she stood above the shaft and lowered herself on top of it. She barely took three inches before she paused.

“Go as deep as you can.”
Keira pressed down, accepting more. She got about two more inches in before it felt uncomfortable. He whispered to Traci, who stood by with a remote. She pressed a button and they watched as the platform where Keira stood slowly lowered. “No, wait!” Nearly falling, Keira placed her hands on her hips as she slid down upon the shaft. She pressed her feet together and for the moment, she stopped. “Let me hold onto something! This is going to break!”

“There is steel beneath that. The only thing that might break is you, so keep your balance!” The man laughed and so did Traci. “But, I don’t think you’re having fun with this, so I’ll give you something to help.”

A butler entered the room carrying a bucket and a large plastic enema syringe. Traci took them and moved behind the balancing girl upon the pole. Keira’s weight worked against her, as she had moved down a few inches already. “Please, this might really hurt me!” She pleaded to the unimpressed man.

“We have a medical staff, and I assure you: if you balance and hold yourself up then you have nothing to worry about! Or, if you go a little deeper then balancing won’t be an issue.”

Her broad shoulders remained straight as the woman behind her filled the syringe again before emptying it into Kiera’s rump. Her soft thighs became rigid as her muscles struggled to keep her in place.

The Master came to Lilly and draped his arm over her shoulder. She stifled the urge to tense, instead feigning complacency. “You said you enjoyed enemas, right? Well, this should be right up your alley.”

The man smiled as Keira slowly struggled to hold herself in place. “See, this is a metaphor for sex. You can take a little bit and maintain your balance. You can have more and still be fine, but there is a point where it becomes too much, and that is when you are truly free. That is when you can no longer hold back. That is when you give into your base desires!”

Traci pressed the plunger, forcing another large dose into the fledgling girl. Keira looked as if she was at her breaking point. Traci saw this as well, offering her a hastily gathered air enema. Keira gasped, as she was not expecting another so fast. “No, no, oh no!” She could not control the unexpected wave of pleasure. Many quick moans escaped as she relaxed uncontrollably. Her body visibly slid down upon the pole as she tried to regain her footing. She now held the pole just below her entrance, finally halting her. She also was able to reach the platform with her tiptoes. She held herself precariously, trying to remain still.

“Her body tells her that she has finished, but here we teach everyone that the mind can push on.” Traci filled another syringe with water and tucked it in between the girl’s glorious ass. She slowly depressed the plunger, filling the skewered girl with more fluid.

“Uh, no, I… can’t. I cannnn’t.” Keira whimpered as she moved lower upon the pole, her feet quivering as she balanced.

“She is being stubborn, but we have plenty of time.” Keira received another full air enema from the merciless woman behind her. The man gave a loud guffaw as the woman weakly struggled, sliding even lower, until her feet were nearly flat upon the platform. “There, now she is all in. She has a choice to either fight the pain or embrace it.”

The Master whistled and another butler came into the room. He offered a strap-on dildo, that Traci took readily. She took a moment to put it in place and adjust, but once ready, she clicked a switch and it emitted a low hum. “Oooh, this vibrator is nice.” Traci’s eyebrows moved up and her mouth opened as she moved it into place upon her clit. She lubricated the toy and stepped onto the platform.

Keira’s lower lip shook as she felt the tip of the vibrating toy parting her backdoor, her full figure showing contrast to the slender, curvy girl entering her. She leaned forward as the dominant woman held her hips, moving in and out of her full ass. Keira grunted as she accepted the object, showing discomfort with each slow thrust.

Traci wanted her to feel every inch, as she nearly pulled out before pushing all the way back in with each stroke. “You have to cum first, bitch!”
“I can’t! It hurts!”
Traci stopped once the shaft was hidden completely in the chubby girl. She reached forward and rubbed the girl’s full tummy, before moving her hand lower. She touched the girl’s clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. Her large breast spilling past Traci’s grasp. A few moments later, Keira gritted her teeth and grunted forcefully, her whole body jerking with surges of orgasm.

Leaning back, Traci grinned to the The Master before she started pounding the poor girl. Keira whined, begging her to stop, but this only seemed to excite her. The audience marveled as the dark haired woman rammed the girl impaled upon the pole. Traci’s ample breasts bounced as she closed her eyes and continued to assail the helpless woman.

Meanwhile Keira had tears in her gorgeous green eyes as she squirmed and squealed, hoping the woman would finish soon. Her powerful legs looked as if they may buckle, and her hands clenched upon her thighs. The hopefulness had passed, leaving her expression sober and pained. Her ass wobbled as Traci’s hips pressed into her cheeks. Traci’s hands squeezed the girl’s soft, enormous breasts and pulled her closer. She found her release and Keira sighed with exasperation.

Quickly, Keira somewhat composed herself as the platform lifted her. Traci stepped down and flipped the toy’s switch off, slapping the plump girl’s ass. Keira jerked, continuing to slide the shaft free from her lower lips. She had taken roughly twelve inches once she was fully free from the pole. She stepped down cautiously, appearing very tired as she hefted her swollen belly. Katja helped guide her to the nearest bathroom.

The Master applauded her as she stumbled away. “Wonderful! But you can’t go to the bathroom, Keira.” The girl’s sweet eyes looked distressed, as if she may cry at any moment. He turned his gaze to Lilly as another butler brought him a short tube. “Now you have to help her.”
“Uh-“ Lilly’s eyes darted from person to person.

Katja redirected the filled girl back onto the platform. She moved carefully as she gripped her inflated belly. Lilly balked. “I said when I started that I wanted nothing to do with this sort of thing!”
The man’s chiseled face tightened. “I was being courteous. Your contract clearly says you will do anything that does not cause long-term physical harm. You had better stick that tube up your ass or I will cause you more grief than you ever thought possible.” He trembled subtly, giving her an icy glare. The other girls watched anxiously.

Lilly begrudgingly stepped forward. She bent down and allowed Katja to lubricate the hose before inserting it into her ass. The clear tube had a bulbous plastic tip on each end. It popped in easily and Lilly shuffled backwards to get closer to the pained girl upon the platform.
Katja stepped up again and pressed the hose between Keira’s larger backside. “Ready?” She nodded.

The hose went in with an audible pop and a stream of mostly clear liquid flowed through the tube. Katja stepped away as the flow began. Lilly could feel the warmth as the enemas emptied into her. Everyone watched her; quietly delighting as she had another girl’s shit flowing into her ass. Abruptly, she felt the flow increase. She turned to see Keira’s face contorted with discomfort as she pressed the fluid out of her. She held her belly and leaned in the opposite direction, allowing her heavy breasts to hang.

Lilly gripped her own stomach, as it puffed out more notably than Keira’s had. She shuddered as she felt something solid move into her. “This is too fucking gross, I can’t take it! Please make it stop!” She waved her hands frantically. Some of the girls laughed, but she was too distracted to see who. “Please, just let me go to the bathroom.” She waited in agony as the girl above her continued to empty into her. Lilly felt bloated and humiliated, but she had endured. Keira grunted a couple more times before she said she was finished.

“Now, for your punishment.” The Master spoke with venom. He waved to Traci, who now held a full enema syringe of something white. She stepped onto the platform and waited as Keira removed the tube and handed it to Traci. She put the tip of the syringe into the end of the tube and emptied it awkwardly. Lilly could see that it wasn’t liquid, but something thicker.

“What are you putting in me now?”
“Yogurt. It will help you hold all of that shit in.”

Lilly felt the thick, creamy substance flowing into her. It’s cold! Only about half moved in with gravity, so Traci filled the syringe with air to force the rest of it inside. Lilly clenched her fists and rolled her eyes, gasping with irritation. “Is it over now?”

Traci yanked the tube away, pulling it free from between her cheeks. Lilly yelped and danced forward, managing to only allow a little of the yogurt out. Her ass hurt and her belly trembled and cramped. She pressed one hand on her tummy and the other on her crotch, struggling to hold it in.

“You know, I don’t feel you’ve learned your lesson yet. I think you need some time on the shaft.” Traci jerked her arm, causing her to stumble as she led her onto the platform.
“Please, I’m sorry, I am so sorry I said anything.”
“No, I can tell when someone needs more discipline. Don’t let it out or we will just put it back in.”

Unable to resist in her current state, Lilly lowered herself onto the rubber tipped pole. Traci stepped down and pressed the button. The platform lowered and slowly impaled the inflated, helpless woman. Lilly breathed quickly as she fought to hold the mixture in her ass. The girls watched as she slipped lower and lower upon the pole. She was thankful for being taller and lighter than Keira. The weight of the enema, however, continually pressed her lower.

She finally halted using the balls of her feet. She only now realized that she was very wet. She had to hold back, however, because if she were to cum then it would be impossible to retain the liquid. She imagined what the group could see: her powerful legs holding her upon the large pole, her distended belly giving her a pregnant appearance, and her modest breasts hanging low, but still retaining a desirable appearance. She couldn’t match Keira’s beauty, but she surely could match her resolve. I fucking did it.

Traci stepped in front of her. “Aww, look, someone is all filled up.” She held out her hand dramatically. “Would you like a little help to cum?”
“Don’t.” Lilly grumbled, attempting to stay still.
“Okay, fine. I won’t use my hands… I’ll give it a kiss instead.” Traci reached behind to hold her ass open as she buried her face into the skewered woman’s mound. Lilly had no chance to resist, feeling the woman’s tongue tracing her clit. Lilly almost cried as she reached orgasm. She shook violently, unable to retain the liquid… And then she felt something slip into her water-filled ass. Pain broke her from her revelry. She wailed as the object forced its way inside, growing larger until it passed a rounded spot. The butt plug now stayed in place, giving her no choice but to retain the fluid. With her orgasm ruined, she fought to stay in place upon the shaft.

“She’s a pro, look at her take it!”
“I bet she would’ve sprayed everywhere if Traci hadn’t stopped it!”
“Doesn’t matter, she’s still doing better than I could.”

Lilly couldn’t focus on who was talking. She could only try to cope with the discomfort as the platform slowly rose, causing the pole to come out with a wet sound. Once able, she stepped off of the object carefully maneuvered off the platform. “Do you enjoy seeing me like this? Do you enjoy causing pain?”

The Master gave the slightest smile. “You can go now, Lilly.”

She waddled to the nearby bathroom with Taryn’s help. With each step the mixture sloshed, causing her insides to roil. Taryn led her to the toilet, and with a fair struggle, removed the plug. The deluge began. Lilly endured as the water rocketed out of her. She could see the plug in her friend’s hand. “That thing is huge.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised you could handle it.” Taryn looked into her eyes with understanding. “You’ll do fine here. He wants to break you, but I know you’ll last.” She nodded in reflection. “I’ll leave you alone now.” Before exiting, Taryn turned back, “Sorry you had to do something you don’t like, but he will only go so far with it, I promise.” She shut the door and left Lilly to deflate. She could feel thicker substance pass occasionally. This is fucking gross.

Lilly’s alarm sounded, causing her to grumble as she hit the snooze. It seems like I just fell asleep! Pained, she didn’t care what time it was. She rolled over and committed to sleep a while longer.

“We are always allowed to say no, but it is usually better for everyone if you do as he says.” The only girl she didn’t know by name sat watching her casually. Eye shadow accentuated the girl’s seductive green eyes. Her eyebrows were straight and trimmed, and her high cheekbones had a subtle amount of blush. Her soft, luscious lips parted, showing her teeth as she smiled. “I’m Gina. I figured I would offer an olive branch.”

The girl stood. Her intricate tattoos were dazzling: a partial sleeve of colorful flowers adorned her upper left arm and a Chinese dragon posed on her outer right thigh. She had numerous smaller tattoos as well. Her average-sized breasts, toned tummy, and hourglass figure gave her a healthy appearance. Her firm posterior drew Lilly’s eyes as strolled around the bed. A large, flaming phoenix perched on the upper left corner of her back. Those must have taken months.

She traced Lilly’s leg softly, moving up her inner thigh. She brought it to her mouth and licked her finger gently before placing it between her legs, finding her button with minimal effort. “Do you want me to relax you?”

Lilly trembled as the experienced girl pressed her other hand firmly on top of Lilly’s trimmed loins. It felt wonderful to have a woman’s touch after her last encounter, but she stopped the woman. “What is the catch?”

Gina’s big brown eyes locked with hers as she gave a friendly smile. “This isn’t a favor. This is a ‘I know what you’re going through and I want to help’ kind of thing.” Gina came down to give her a feather-light kiss on the nipple.
Lilly shook her head skeptically. “You aren’t banking this for later?”
“Well, I’m hoping you remember that I was kind to you, but no, I promise.” Her freckled face seemed genuine, but Lilly knew better. Still, what harm would it do to allow this? If I turn her away then it does me no good either. Lilly held the girl’s cheeks as they locked lips in a passionate kiss. Gina knelt upon the bed as they continued, their tongues dancing in their mouths.

Their hands traced one another as they gave short, passionate kisses. Lilly moved her head lower to suckle upon the girl’s breast. Gina breathed heavily, rubbing Lilly’s shoulders before carefully tugging her hair, guiding her head back. Gina lovingly traced her neck with the tip of her tongue. Lilly gasped as she did, kneading her lover’s supple posterior.

Leaning onto the open space on the bed, Gina lifted a leg and scooted closer. She pressed her privates onto Lilly’s and started moving her hips slowly. I haven’t done this before, Lilly thought, but it is really nice. They scissored in this position for a few moments before Gina moved up, pushing Lilly’s leg back and straddling the other. This feels even better! Lilly watched the inviting girl above her as she pressed her warm pussy into hers. Both shaven, they were wet and slippery, their clits rubbed one another occasionally, causing both girls to moan.

Gina pressed Lilly’s leg back, kissing her again as she continued to hump her. Lilly didn’t mind being folded so awkwardly. She squeezed the girl’s ass and held her back as she felt a warmth building. Gina broke the kiss for a moment. “I’m gonna cum.”
“Me too! Don’t stop!” Lilly gasped.

Gina squinted, breathless as she reached the pinnacle. Lilly followed moments after, her body quivering violently from the intense orgasm. Both girls collapsed, lying side by side as they cooled. They lay arm in arm relaxing, gently touching each other as they thought.

Lilly touched the colorful flowers upon Gina’s arm. “This is gorgeous.”
Gina stared at the ceiling as she lay in Lilly’s embrace. “I got that a few months ago.”
“I love it.”
“Thanks. I figured the flowers would symbolize my rebirth. I’m a lot different than I was out there.”
“Wait, how long have you been here?”
“I’ve been here for about a year.” She continued, anticipating Lilly’s next question. “The man in charge brought me to get it done.”
“He took you outside?”
“Yeah, he brings us into public once in a while. You’ll get to go outside soon, once he trusts you. This is a test for you three right now. He’s going to keep toying with you, but right now he’s breaking your spirit or bringing you into the fold.”
“What happens if you don’t let him?”
“Well, then he does things to you until you break the contract. It’s a lot of money, but he knows how to show people to their breaking point.”

Lilly wondered if that’s what he was doing with her now. Is he just testing me or is he already trying to push me out the door? “This sounds like torture.”

“He’s a good man. I’m here because I want to be.”
Lilly was dumfounded.
“He supports us. He treats me well when we’re not playing out one of his fantasies or participating with the other girls. He saved me from a life on the street.” She pointed to the dragon on her leg. “This tattoo was given to me by my pimp when he claimed me. I was 16 and he would use me on the side when I wasn’t out making money for him. One time I argued with him and told him I was going to leave. Well, that was a bad idea, because he called one of his friends and he held me down while they started this tattoo. The guy warned me that if I moved then I’d have a giant scar on my leg and no one would want me. They gave me this entire tattoo in one night. The only break I got was when they would fuck me for a little while. I can’t begin to describe the pain.”

Lilly rose onto her elbows, looking into her eyes. “I’m sorry, that’s terrible.”

Gina scoffed. “It’s okay, it wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me.”

“How come you’ve been here so long?” Lilly tried to change the topic.
She shrugged, “What else is there? I have no family and I was living on the streets before coming here. He saved me. I’m just living in luxury, and when my looks go then I will have enough money to live in Paris without a care in the world. That’s my dream, at least.”

“It’s a nice dream.” Lilly kissed her again. “Thank you, I needed this.”
Gina smirked. “See, it’s not bad here once you know your place.”

Lilly didn’t like the sound of that one bit, but she knew that Gina had found a niche somehow, and it was only a matter of time until she did too.

The Science of Unbirth


“Well hello, Caroline!” She felt groggy, trying to remember where she was. The room was clean and illuminated by fluorescent lights. A tall man stood beside her in a white coat. “About time you wake up, missy!” Her mind was hazy as he rubbed her shoulder. She tried to move away, but her body and head were strapped in place. Fixed in a standing position, naked and cold, she could do nothing to cover herself.

“Where am I?”
“An obvious question that I won’t answer!” He showed his teeth, grinning like a fool. “I will, however, say that I do plan to have fun with you.” Carol protested, but he shushed her. “Just stop complaining and let me do my work. First off, I am Dr. Melvin and I have been working on these theories for years. They all thought I was insane, but I will prove them wrong! You are one of my test subjects.”

“Please, I don’t want to-“
“Stop!” He yelled suddenly, “I will not hear of what you want or do not want. This will be worth it and your complaints will not stop me! Do I make myself clear?”
She nodded sheepishly.
“Very good,” he resumed his overly friendly demeanor. “I must warn you that I was forced to modify you for this scenario.” He undid the strap around her head. “There is no easy way to say this, but I had to take your arms and legs.”

Her mind suddenly cleared as she looked down to see her torso strapped in place. Stumps were the only remainder of her former limbs. “Wh- wh- why?” She moved the stumps numbly, feeling as if the amputated limbs were still in place.

“It’s okay, you’ll get used to it. I chose you because you are smaller than most and you have narrow shoulders. You will see.” He walked to a table behind him and removed a cloth, revealing a macabre display of severed limbs. Horrified, she could not find any words. Tears fell to the ground as the man rubbed her head carefully. “Shhh, don’t be upset, I will take care of you, I promise. You’ve been in an induced coma for a few weeks…” He trailed off before rising back to his exuberant norm. “But I assure you that you will enjoy your modifications! But, I am getting ahead of myself.”

The willowy man held up a finger before he bounded into the adjacent room. He pushed a large, cloth-covered contraption through the doorway. Carol could see the definite outline of a person beneath the sheet. He unveiled another woman strapped to a table. She, however, remained intact. Her enormous belly looked out of place on the younger, slender woman. Her small breasts and tiny frame gave contrast to her swollen midsection. Her smooth caramel hair and hazel eyes gave accent to her sun-kissed skin. She smiled as she saw Carol upon the vertical table.

“This is Nadia. She’s going to be your new mother, Caroline.” He noted her confusion. “I know that you’re eleven years her senior, but I don’t think it will matter!” He looked to the oddly calm girl he had just brought in. “First I will have to get your other daughter out of you, won’t I, Nadia?”

She nodded timidly. “Is it going to hurt again?”
He rubbed her taught belly. “I’m afraid so, but she should come out rather quickly this time.” He stepped beside her and injected her with an unknown substance. It didn’t take long before her breathing intensified and she began grunting. “I think you are ready. Give a push!”

The woman’s wide features contorted. Straining, she made no progress for the first few tries. She relaxed to build up for another attempt as sweat rolled from her brow, causing hair to stick to her forehead. She yelled as she pressed again. Again, it produced nothing. She drew in breath and set her teeth as she struggled to force the object out. Finally, her lower lips parted, as something appeared from inside of her. Carol stared, confused as the object started to come out before disappearing back into the restrained girl. “You almost had it – again!” The man called out.

Nadia mustered all of her remaining strength, causing her loins to part once again. This time, however, something passed the threshold. The doctor reached in and wrapped his hands around the slippery item. “Keep going!” He used one hand to open her farther somehow. Nadia screamed and shook as she pushed with all of her might. Another section of the object slid out, which in turn allowed the rest to slide free. More and more pushed out until it reached her breasts and shoulders. The woman was amputated at the shoulders and thighs, just as Carol had been. The Doctor pulled, causing her large breasts to pop past the entrance. He easily pulled her shoulders free and placed her upon a nearby table.

The limbless woman was wet, breathing using a small respirator. Its small tank fixed in place below one of her ruined arms. Nadia smiled with tired satisfaction as Dr. Melvin removed the girl’s breathing apparatus. The Doctor gazed proudly upon her, “did you enjoy being in your mother again, Courtney?” He dabbed the excess fluid away with a towel.

She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. “N-no, of course I didn’t, you know I fucking hate-“
The Doctor slapped her crotch. “Do not use that tone with me! How will you ever be a mother like that?” Much like Carol, Courtney also appeared to be older than the teenaged girl who had birthed her. She had a worried expression, as her soft blue eyes grew teary. Her wet blonde hair stuck to her broad shoulders. It was obvious she took care of herself and had breast implants. Her well-proportioned chest sat above a firm midsection and a shaven vagina. If she still had her arms and legs then she would be gorgeous, Carol thought.

“Just kill me already you sick, twisted motherfucker!” She shook her head, completely at his mercy.
The comment caught The Doctor off guard. “I don’t want to kill you. I love you!” He pinched her breast and touched between her legs. She tensed and frowned. He stopped suddenly. “I see I am going to have to put you back in to learn some humility!”
“Please,” Courtney begged, “please don’t put me in her. Let me at least stay out for a little longer.”
“No, I must, my dear. However I think Caroline would love the opportunity to be a mother this time, wouldn’t you?”

Carol’s eyes went wide. “No, I can’t, please don’t do this to us!” Carol let out a shrill yell. “Someone help us!”

The Doctor laughed as he shushed her yelling. “No one is going to interrupt us if that is what you are trying. Keep quiet or I will have to resort to drastic measures.” His tone was serious. “I used the same modification on you so your skin and vagina will stretch to accept her. Don’t worry.” He rubbed Caroline’s hair, grinning. “Now, I think Courtney is wet enough so we shall-“

Courtney screamed this time, howling at the top of her lungs. The Doctor pursed his lips as he struck her crotch again. “You. You, you, you!” He stepped around the corner before returning with a tube. “I have the perfect method to keep you quiet.” He held up a long, clear tube. Courtney held her lips tight. “No, this isn’t for your mouth, this is for your ass.” Dr. Melvin used a glob of white substance to lubricate the rounded plug on the end of the tube. He pressed it into the defiant woman’s backside. She yelled once more and he drew his hand high, ready to swat. She quieted before he struck. The man brought the other end of the tube to Nadia. He snaked the end between her legs and clicked it into place.

“See, she already had the plug in her. I was intending to allow her to empty after the birth anyway, so this just works out, doesn’t it? Once I open the valves she can release into you instead.” The Doctor flicked the valve open on Nadia’s end. They all could see the excrement slowly creep down the tube. Courtney wailed, begging him to close the valve. He huffed, “you just don’t learn.” He filled a jar with water and removed the end of the tube connected to Courtney. Pouring slowly, he gave Nadia a gravity assisted enema. She took it begrudgingly until the large glass was empty. Dr. Melvin put the hose back in place behind Courtney and opened the valve.

Dark liquid flowed into the amputated woman. “No, stop! Please dear god! Don’t do this to me!”

He waited until most of the mixture had flowed into her before he closed Nadia’s valve and held the tube high. The final portion of the fluid pushed its way into the unwilling receptacle. He clicked her valve closed as he carefully removed the soiled tube. He set it in the sink before returning. “You finally got quiet, Courtney.” She sniffled. “It’s okay, I don’t like to do this, but I need to focus.” He carefully placed a hand on her bulging belly. “Do you want me to make it better?”

He put a finger onto her clit. “Does that feel nice?” She shook her head submissively. “Is it okay if I go in there?” She nodded again quickly. He unzipped his pants and moved her to the edge of the table. “It has been a while for you, hasn’t it?” He snaked his shaft free, prodding her with his generously sized cock before moving it inside her. “I bet you miss sex, don’t you?” Courtney’s mouth opened and her eyes closed as she nodded. “You were quite sex-crazed, weren’t you?” She nodded stiffly, reaching the edge of orgasm. She came within moments, moaning as she rocked slightly without his help.

The Doctor pulled out hurriedly and held his cock, trying not to cum in his hand. He shuffled around the table and rammed the beast into her mouth, causing her to gag as his hot load shot down her throat. She suffered through it, blinking her eyes rapidly. “I can’t get you pregnant, my dear. I can’t ruin my subject!” He zipped and caressed her shapely breast as she tried in vain to pull away.

“Now, back to the plan, first Courtney will go into Caroline.” He rolled the blonde girl closer.
“What is the point to this?” Carol whimpered, hoping somehow that something would save her.
Dr. Melvin picked up a syringe. “There are numerous reasons – you could protect your injured friends, helping them to heal, you could keep your young child in there if you’re worried of them running off during travel, or you could just enjoy the feeling of another person inside of you. This could be the ultimate form of intimacy! But, I must make sure I can replicate this!”

Caroline and Courtney pleaded for him not to do it, but he ignored their complaints. Nadia watched with melancholy as he injected Carol with something. Suddenly she felt her loins dampen. It felt strangely warm in that region as her juices trickled down her thighs. He tilted Caroline backward and attached a new tank to the breathing apparatus on Courtney. Once he deemed her ready, Dr. Melvin lifted the buxom amputee. He directed her to look up, pressing her in nose first.

Carol felt a tingling as she watched the man firmly pressing a full-grown, limbless woman into her pussy. It didn’t seem possible, but Carol watched her as she slowly disappeared. She could feel her lower lips pushing outward to accept the broken woman. Her shoulders passed with a popping noise, but she barely felt any pain. Soon her belly pressed upward more and more as she accepted the unwanted tenant. She could feel tightness as the woman’s breasts squished through her stretching pussy.

The Doctor paused, raising his head. “Oops, I forgot to empty her. Oh well, I don’t want to make a mess now. Serves her right!” He continued feeding her into the maimed woman. Carol could do nothing as he somehow fit the girl’s hips in her loins. “You just sucked that last part right in!” He smiled. “You took that more easily than Nadia did.” He lifted her table, allowing her to rest upright. Her belly pulled downward with the weight of the woman inside of her.

He rolled her to a mirror upon the wall. Carol was sullen. Her dainty mouth agape, horrified as she saw her small frame was now dominated by a massive belly. Fresh tears ran down her cheeks as she thought about the gravity of the situation, of how a woman larger than she was, somehow fit into her. She felt numb as he stroked her hair.

“See, you’re a mother now, Caroline.” He stroked her inflated tummy. “You accepted her so easily.”
“Get her out of me, please! I’ll do anything you want.” She could see her eyebrows upturned and her sad, weepy eyes.
“No, there is one more step that I must test. We have to allow Nadia to be a grandmother.”

Caroline cried softly as the Doctor fixed the breathing mask to her mouth and sat her upright upon the horizontal table. Her belly gave her stability as he lowered the table to knee height. She sobbed as he gave Nadia the injection and waited for her juices to flow. He moved her table and undid her restraints.

“If you can take her in then I will be pleased and free you all. I know it will be difficult, but I think you can do it, Nadia.” Carol looked up as the despondent girl shuffled over her, lowering her privates onto her head. Carol’s muffled yells grew quiet as she was enveloped. The woman carefully lowered herself as the man spread her strategically, helping her to accept the girl’s head. Soon, Nadia gasped as the shoulders breached her. She moved her legs forward, sitting upon the immobile girl. Her weight forced her down upon Caroline, halting only when she was to the woman’s distended belly.

The Doctor came around in front of her. He assured her as he pressed her shoulders downward. Nadia grit her teeth as she felt a pull down below. There was an immense pressure building as she was being forced open to accept the girl inside the girl. “I can’t, it’s too much!”

“You can do this! My experiments will work!” He applied more pressure, thrusting her lower upon the woman’s massive belly. Nadia let out a loud groan as she felt the girl’s belly slipping past her threshold and reforming inside of her. She could feel her lips stretching still, opening over Courtney’s head inside the other girl’s belly.

“It’s not possible!” Nadia slapped his shoulders weakly. The man didn’t listen as he continued forcing her downward. Suddenly Nadia slipped lower. She could feel the softness of the girl’s large breasts pressing out from Caroline’s tummy. Nadia felt the skin compress, as she slowly took more and more. Nadia’s legs pressed outward, causing her to lose her footing and completely fall onto the pregnant woman beneath her. She wailed as she continually moved until the two women were fully inside of her. Nadia sat there for a moment, trying to understand how such a thing could happen.

“I did it! It worked!” He kissed her as she sat, stunned. He sat beside her and she shifted a bit too much, causing her weighted frame to tilt backward. The Doctor was pleased to see her wet pussy nearly visible beneath the mound of flesh. He shifted her back a little more and decided to have a little celebration. He freed his organ and pressed it into the anticipating mound. He felt an obstruction, so he moved slightly and felt it slip deeper. It was amazingly tight, and he knew that he must be inside of Caroline. Another obstruction stopped him.

“Can it be?” He used his hand to wiggle his shaft, moving the tip inside them. It abruptly went deeper, and it became immensely tighter. “Nadia! I’m in Courtney! I’m… I’m inside of the girl, inside of the girl, inside of you! I’m fucking your granddaughter!”

Nadia stared blankly as the man was barely able to see over her massive belly. He gripped her tightly as he pounded them with quick strokes. It did not take long. “I can’t help it, I’m cumming!” Nadia could feel a portion of his cock throbbing inside of her.

The Doctor composed himself and stood back. “That was wonderful.” He patted her mountainous belly. “But, I can’t let you go. Now, prepare to welcome your daughter into the world! Maybe next time you can have twins!”



It felt good to see Natalie back again. Melanie watched her as she ate; her voluminous brown hair framing her warm, loving face. With each bite she took, her soft pink lips moved so gently. I’m so lucky to be with her: someone so gorgeous and so understanding. Last night, upon her return, they had both come clean about what they had done. In spite of their initial reservations, both forgave one another readily.

Melanie disclosed everything to her lover, including what Becky had done. I still can’t believe she had sex with a married man, while filled, just so I wouldn’t be blackmailed again. As twisted as the whole thing was, I am glad that he had been true to his word. Becky had revealed the truth to her after that night. Now she could blackmail him if the need arises, since some of his “stuff” got on her panties. She’s clever, but I know she only has that in case of emergency – she’s not spiteful. Her thoughts found their way back to Natalie. I’m glad she’s back.

Natalie turned to see her staring smiling coyly. “Quit it, creep.” Natalie giggled.
Melanie tilted her head with stars in her eyes. “I’m just lucky, that’s all.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “Are you two going to do this all day?”
Natalie smiled again before turning back to her breakfast. “Yep, just to bother you.”

Rebecca came into the room and sat beside Natalie. “So what did your father do when he caught you on the fountain?” She asked playfully.
Natalie regretted telling her mother about the ordeal. “This whole honesty thing sucks!” Becky rested her head upon her hand, waiting for her to continue. “He was pissed, but he kept cool. He said not to tell anyone, not even you.”
“Well, I’m glad you did. I won’t say a thing to him.
Sarah shook her head, “So, you three going to have a fill date on the fountain Mom found?”
Melanie looked to Natalie as she spoke. “I don’t know, maybe. Want to join?” Sarah shook her head disapprovingly.

“I think we all learned that we can’t just stop this. We have an addiction that we need to stop slowly. At least with this fountain we can mostly avoid passersby, and the only person watching the tapes has us covered. This is the safest way to do this.” Becky made her case. “Again, I know this whole thing is weird, but we can support each other.”

“Yeah, until Sarah gets us caught!” Natalie folded her arms.
“Hey, I’ve never gotten you into too much trouble. I was just having fun.”
“You made Dad look at me like I was some kind of freak!”
“Well, you are! Better to be open about it with him, right? And he’s not going to disown you.”

Natalie pushed her plate away and sat sullenly. “Yeah, I guess.” She took Melanie’s hand. “Want to go to the park again tonight?” Melanie gave a sharp nod. “You guys coming too?”
“Sure, why not. I always like a good show.” Sarah relaxed in her chair. Becky agreed wholeheartedly.

They waited until late evening before adventuring to the desolate park. The sisters marveled at the gorgeous lighted fountain. Soft blue illuminated the area as they sat their valuables on the nearby bench. Melanie wore a simple violet dress that came to her knees. Natalie had a similar dress, except it was black. Both had chosen them for their expandability and thin, comfortable fabric.

Becky had opted to wear a simple oversized t-shirt and leggings with a hole she had cut in the crotch for easy access. Sarah was the most traditional, wearing a thin, loose sweater and jean shorts that hugged her hips.

“Okay, youngest goes first.” Natalie grinned.
“It’s okay, I’ll go first.” Melanie stepped into the fountain, climbing atop the pedestal and moving her dress aside as she lowered herself onto the stone, spreading her cheeks above the recessed nozzle. Melanie was suddenly uncertain as the water blasted inside of her. “It seems stronger than before!”

“I had Glenn turn up the water pressure between midnight and one. I told him not to go much; I think you’ll enjoy this.” Becky called.

It was too late to turn back now. She soon enjoyed the water rocketing into her bowels as she leaned forward, allowing the liquid to fill her.

“What do you think, Mel?”

Melanie gave a shaky thumbs-up as the water continued to discharge into her. Shaking and breathing heavily, she was nearing her limit. Her belly had expanded quickly, and now gave her the appearance of being fully pregnant. Without interaction, orgasm caught her. She moaned loudly as she twitched, unable to hold back. Her belly sloshed as she hopped off. She gasped as stood, soaking and weak, but she knew her thin dress would dry quickly. “Ugh, wait before anyone else goes. I need to go to the bathroom.” She stepped out of the small pool at the fountain’s base.

“Hold on, stretch.” Sarah held up a hand. “I saw someone walking out there. Give them a few minutes to leave before you lumber down the lighted trail.” Melanie sighed deeply as she hefted her full belly, shuffling to the bench. Sarah followed her and offered her a butt plug she had in her purse. “Use this for now. I brought them just in case.” She might just be messing with me, but I can’t take the risk. Melanie slipped the large plug in between her cheeks as she settled onto the bench.

Natalie decided to go next.

She stepped to the edge of the water, moving her dress to the side. Her delightful posterior was in full view as she built up courage. Finally, she climbed upon the pedestal, yelping as the water blasted her in the face. Everyone laughed as she recovered and tried again, giggling as the water sprayed against her skin. Her expression was part frisky, part annoyance as she perched above the spout. She shifted for a moment before the water found her open hole. They watched as she became lost in the moment; reveling in the feeling of lukewarm water quickly flowing inside of her. Her belly vibrating as it filled, Natalie’s eyes clenched as the limit edged closer. She did not touch herself, but it was plain to see that she reached climax, gasping and moving quickly off of the pedestal.

“That didn’t take long!” Becky whispered loudly, chuckling.
“I just couldn’t go any bigger.” She sat next to Melanie, comparing their bellies. “Not quite as big, but almost.”
Melanie placed a hand gently upon her tummy, smiling. She wants to impress me. Melanie leaned in for a quick smooch. Their stomachs gurgled as they shifted. “Are those people still out there, Sarah?”
Sarah walked to the entrance of their secluded area. “Yeah, they’re sitting by the bathrooms talking.”

Melanie breathed to relax. She had a lot of practice with retaining water, but she certainly wanted release. I can only imagine how hard it is for Natalie to hold it. Regardless, she had to wait. “Sarah, do you have another plug for her?”

“Sure do.” Sarah doled out another butt plug to Natalie. “Pop this in, Sis.”

Betty stepped closer and quickly moved atop the pedestal, trying to keep her clothes mostly dry. The plan didn’t work, as water shot up her crotchless leggings, causing her to gasp. She parted herself and gasped again as she took on water. She breathed laboriously as it inflated her with great force. Her legs spread wide as she sat with her hands upon her knees. She closed an eye as she tensed and released, trying to find comfort in the high flow. She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at her belly; it grew slowly and steadily. She cocked her head and gazed into the starry sky, making an O with her mouth, trying to endure. She clenched one eye shut again as she tensed. She quickly put a hand between her thighs and rubbed through her leggings. Seconds later, she lifted and stepped awkwardly into the surrounding pool.

She used the pedestal to balance as she came away, moving to the bench. Clenching her teeth, she sat and leaned back, showing off her inflated midsection. “I… I beat you, Nat.” She got a plug from Sarah and slipped it between her legs after a small struggle.
Natalie came to her feet with great effort. “I can take more.”
“No need, Nat, you look sexy as you are!” Melanie tried to reassure her.
Natalie gripped her stomach. “Fine, Sarah’s turn then.”

Sarah gave a questioning glare. “I never said I’d do this.”
Natalie stepped heavily to the edge of the pool. “Come on, just take a little and then we will go.”
Sarah peeked to the center of the park. “The people are gone now, let’s just go.”
Melanie grunted. “I can hold out for a little longer. We’re not forcing you; we just want you to enjoy it with us.”
“Yeah, you balloons look like you’re having a magical time.” She held out her hands, encompassing the three women with water-filled bellies.
“Sarah, you seemed like you wanted to earlier.” Becky attempted to hide her distress, “we will wait for you, there’s no shame here.”

“Please, Sarah.” Natalie pouted.

Sarah sighed dramatically as she slid her shorts down just enough to reveal her butt. She stepped carefully into the water before climbing up and sitting in the blasting water. She shrieked as she immediately jumped back down. “It shot in my pussy!”
“It’s okay, try again!” Becky encouraged her.
The small blonde girl hopped up, shifting as the water blasted her ass. The water stopped spraying outward and the sound became muted as Sarah began retaining the spray. “Fuck, it’s so much!” She clenched her teeth in an overdone manner, leaning back. Only a short time passed before her belly started inflating. “I can’t, I have to stop.” She called out as she sat upright.

Natalie, however, had moved close enough to climb upon her. She hoisted herself in an impressive style, landing upon her sister.
Sarah screamed. “Get the fuck off of me!”
“You’re not getting off so easily this time, Sis!” Natalie giggled.
“No, stop, I can’t take this!” Sarah slapped her sister’s back as she struggled. However, the water weight allowed Natalie to keep her in place and her dress kept Sarah’s legs pinned.

Melanie hefted herself and moved closer as the girls struggled. She came around the side, seeing Natalie grinning at her frantic sister in the blue light. “Natalie, let her go!”
“Come on, just a little longer. She always gets by without much fill!”
“Natalie, she doesn’t want this!” I think Sarah’s stomach is lifting Natalie higher.
She turned to Melanie. “She always does this shit to us, this is payback!”
“No, we can’t be like that! Get off of her, please!”

Natalie suddenly realized her folly. She slipped down, wobbling as she stepped out of the water. A very large Sarah snaked her way heavily down into the water on the opposite side. On her knees, she gripped her immensely inflated belly. Melanie was amazed that it had grown so large on her smaller frame. She had never seen the girl take anywhere near that much before. She’s nearly as big as me! “It’s okay, Sarah, just hold on and we’ll get you to the bathroom.” Melanie rubbed her back.

“I can’t fucking hold it! I can’t fucking do it!” Sarah gasped and cried, removing her water-logged sweater before holding her belly. She rocked back and forth, “I have to let it out!”
Becky moved closer as this transpired and slipped a plug between her daughter’s cheeks. Sarah howled at the unexpected insertion. “Don’t let it out in the water. Let’s get you to the bathroom, honey.”

The four inflated women marched slowly to the bathrooms. Melanie noticed that Becky’s plug was absent. She must have used hers on her daughter. Each woman claimed a stall, and ignored the sounds and the repeated flushing of one another. They spent a great deal of time and effort draining all the water that they retained. Once finished, they made their way back, one by one, to the bench by the fountain. They gathered their belongings and headed home.

In the car, Natalie broke the silence. “Sorry, Sarah.”
“Don’t fucking talk to me.”
“I shouldn’t have done that and I-“
“I said shut up!”
Becky broke in, “Just leave it alone for now, both of you.”
The ride was tense until Melanie sparked a conversation. “I remember when I was around ten or eleven my mom gave me my first enema. She was clinical about it, thinking it would make me feel so much better, and it did, I guess; I remember standing in front of my mother as she watched me take it in. I felt full, but she had me keep going. Once the bottle was empty, she took the hose out and made me retain it. I whined and complained, but she assured me that I had to keep it in for it to work its magic. I stomped around and pleaded with her to let me go to the bathroom, but she kept me waiting. I sat down and put my hands across my lap, brushing against my privates. Then, I touched myself, pressing down before going into full-fledged masturbation. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but the more I touched, the less I cared about holding the water.”

“She scolded me and told me that I was being gross, but I didn’t care. I rubbed myself without concern as I achieved my first orgasm. Disgusted by the display, she sent me to the bathroom immediately after. Once I came out, she chided me once more. After that day, she didn’t mention it again and never tried giving me one again. I knew where she kept it, though; I went back on quite a few occasions. I discovered normal orgasms too, but the greatest feeling requires me being full.”

There was an awkward silence before Becky added her experience. “I honestly never knew about them until I went into the porn industry. Then, I did them a lot. I never really liked or disliked them, I just accepted the practice.”

“Dad gave us a few.” Natalie was leaning her head back as she spoke. “Right after you guys split up and he met Barbara; she convinced him that it would make us feel healthier. He listened and it was super awkward.”

“Yeah, the first one sucked.” Sarah said, sullenly with a hint of angst. “As usual you held it with no trouble and I was berated for not being able to ‘retain the proper amount.’” She said the last few words in a voice that mocked her father’s.
“You complained the whole time, but I was in just as much pain!”
“Well why the hell didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I didn’t want to get in trouble!”
“If you would have stood up for yourself then we might have gotten him to stop!”
“Be quiet!” Becky snapped. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”
“Because I was embarrassed.” Natalie said quietly as she stared out of the window.
“Has he done it recently?”
“No, no, he stopped after the third time. Once he realized that he could actually disagree with her on occasion.”
“Well, we can be open about things, now.” Becky said as they pulled into the driveway.

They were tired and drained, figuratively more than literally. Once home they parted ways after Becky said goodnight.

Later, Melanie was waiting against the opposite wall when Sarah emerged from the bathroom. Melanie nodded as she made her way past. She was about to close the door when Sarah stopped it forcefully. “There wasn’t anyone there.”
“What do you mean?”
“When I said there were people in the park and that you had to wait to go to the bathroom. No one was there.”
Melanie wasn’t able to mask her irritation. “Why do you do that? Why do you always find ways to ruin our fun and make us suffer?”
Sarah rolled her eyes as she turned away. Melanie held her arm. Sarah looked down, disgusted as she wrenched her arm free. “Don’t you lay a hand on me, bitch.”
“Tell me why, then! Natalie only did it as revenge for your previous transgressions. Why do you always try to sabotage us?”

Sarah poked her finger against Melanie’s chest. “I didn’t ask for you in our life. Nat and I were just fine before she found you. She just took pity on you, you sick whore! We were completely normal before all of this and so was my mom! No matter how much they are humiliated they still think the world of you. You know you will get caught eventually, and it won’t just be a slap on the wrist; you will all be labeled as sex offenders!” Sarah was red faced, shaking. “I do these things because I am trying to look out for my sister. She can do better than you, slut, and one day you will see it! Get the fuck out of our lives.”

Tears flowed down Melanie’s cheeks as she retreated into the bathroom and locked the door. She listened to Sarah stomping away as she sat, weeping. She’s right; we will get caught eventually and it’s all because of me. I have to leave. She got ready for bed and wept herself to sleep.

The next morning everyone was quiet at breakfast. Once Becky and Sarah moved into the living room Melanie decided to plod through the topic; “Nat, I think I have to go. I’m afraid that we’re going to get caught, and I can’t live with that. I don’t want you to be a freak like me.”

“What?” Natalie gave her a look as if she was speaking a different language. “I-I won’t let you!”
“I know it’s not what you want to-“
Becky came in, interrupting them. “What’s the matter?”
“Melanie thinks that she’s going to cause us to get caught. She is trying to leave.” Natalie sniffled.

Becky sighed, sitting opposite of Melanie. “Give me your hands, please.” Becky held them as she continued. “Do you love my daughter?”
“Yes, but-“
Becky stopped her. “She is happy with you. You’re not forcing her to do this. In fact, you’re not forcing me to do this. She loves you, that is all that is important. We don’t want you to go, in spite of what Sarah thinks. Yes, I overheard some of your discussion last night. She does not speak for Natalie.”
Melanie was teary-eyed. “But, I couldn’t handle it if she got caught and put into jail or labeled as a deviant.”
“It is a risk we take, but we are being cautious. We aren’t flaunting it like we did before, either. That said, it doesn’t matter, Natalie wants you here, regardless of what gets you off or how you go about it.”

“Please don’t go, Mel.” Natalie gave her saddest eyes.
Melanie wiped away tears of her own. “Okay.”

Four days had passed since their fallout. Melanie knew to keep her distance from Sarah. I have to get her to come to me. I can convince her with enough time, I hope. Melanie was nearly home from work when she received a phone call. It was, as a strange coincidence, from Sarah. “Hey, Melanie, I… I need you to come to pick me up.” She sniffed.

It sounds like she’s in some sort of trouble! Melanie agreed and took a detour to the address Sarah provided. A short distance out of town, she came to an impressive farmhouse. She pulled into the vacant driveway and approached the front door. This might be one of her tricks, but I have to take the risk. She knocked and a teenaged girl came to greet her. She had straight, dirty blonde hair and a long, slender face. With broad shoulders, she was modestly chubby, but most of her weight appeared to be in her breasts. She wore a thin flannel shirt, which was open in the front, and pink cotton panties. Her hefty breasts were perky and distracting. “I’m Charlotte. You must be Melanie. She’s this way!”

Melanie didn’t understand the situation as she followed the semi-naked girl through the main rooms and out a sliding side door. “What’s going on?” Melanie got a bad feeling as she followed the unresponsive girl. Moving off of the raised deck, they walked around an above ground swimming pool and stopped by a small gas powered pump sitting in the grass with the hoses coiled beside it.

“Hello, Melanie.” Sarah said slowly, stepping into view ahead.
Melanie realized what was happening as she saw Sarah’s smile. I knew it! She felt cold metal as a handcuff clicked shut upon her wrist. Charlotte yanked her arm, and in spite of her resistance, cuffed her other wrist as well. “I really need to work on my strength.”
“Don’t feel so bad, Charlotte is pretty dang strong.” Sarah came over and gave her a sensual kiss as Charlotte firmly grabbed her ass. Once the display was over, Sarah returned her attention to Melanie. “Now, are you going to leave?”
“Nope, and you can’t make me.”
“Well, we’ll see about that.”

Charlotte stepped closer and tilted Melanie backwards as she gave her a passionate kiss. Melanie eventually let her guard down, conquered by the woman’s powerful embrace. After what seemed to be minutes, Charlotte brought her upright again.

“Got it.” Sarah turned her phone to show the picture she had snapped.
With her restrained arms out of view, it appeared that Melanie had welcomed the woman’s kiss. Melanie turned bright red. “Let me guess, you’re going to send them to Natalie if I don’t play along.”
An egotistical smirk crossed Sarah’s face. “It’s like you remember the drill. You can get me to stop whenever you agree to leave…”
“No way in hell am I going to leave.”
“I figured it would take some convincing. That photo is just to keep you quiet about what happens next.”

Sarah nodded. Charlotte uncoiled the hoses and placed one into the pool and the smaller hose beside Melanie. “This is kinda weird, you sure we should?”
“She likes this sort of shit. Plus, she’ll be too embarrassed to go to the cops.”
“That true? Do you like this screwball crap?”

Melanie knew that it was going to happen regardless of her consent. If I say no then both of these girls might get into trouble with the police, and I don’t want that. I just have to let her do it and go from there. I can take it. Maybe after this I can reason with her. ”I don’t care, just do it.”

“All right then, let’s get you plugged up!” Charlotte removed her victim’s pants and licked the end of the hose. Once it was nice and wet, she slipped it between Melanie’s cheeks. “I made sure it was clean and sterile for you.” She stepped back and pulled the ripcord on the small pump. The engine roared to life. The hose vibrated, and after a few seconds water flooded inside of her.

Oh, shit, it’s so much more than the fountains! Air and water erupted into her as she stood. She dropped to her knees and then onto her stomach. Her thoughts turned cloudy as she writhed in the grass. Struggling for coherent thought, she watched her belly growing steadily beneath her. It lifted her after a minute, rolling her onto her side. She spoke gibberish, hoping it was enough to get them to stop.

The loud noise stopped and Charlotte stepped in front of her. “I think we might’ve overdone it, she’s fuckin huge!”
Sarah laughed, “this is the biggest I’ve ever seen her, but it’s not by much. She’ll be fine. Isn’t that right, you big fucking balloon.” Sarah patted her taught belly.

In a partial fog, she looked down to see her stomach distended by about three feet. It looked as if she was about to birth a horse. Charlotte moved behind her and unlocked the cuffs. Without hesitation, Melanie moved her hand lower, feeling clumsily for her privates. Charlotte brushed her hand away as she leaned around the expansive belly to look Melanie in the eyes. “Want me to finish you off?”

“Yes!” Melanie praised god that she was able to peace that word together. She felt something warm slip into her vagina, and with two or three minor movements, it was all over. Melanie quivered and her belly quaked in kind. She climaxed weakly, gasping as she clenched grass. Afterward, she grunted and complained. Immense pain overwhelmed her.

“That was pretty damned awesome.” Charlotte said, moving the hose out of the pool and onto the ground. She flipped a switch and restarted the motor.

Melanie felt the odd sucking sensation as water forcefully exited her. She felt amazing relief, as she was emptying much faster with assistance. Her belly deflated before her eyes.

Charlotte turned the pump off. “You’ll have to empty the last little bit on your own. Don’t want to get too crazy!” She hoisted the limp girl with minor effort and brought her inside, placing her in the bathroom.
Melanie emptied as much as she was able and cleaned up. She stumbled down the hall, finding the girls sitting in the living room. “I can’t drive, I need to rest.” She slurred her words.

“That’s fine. My parents went to my Uncle’s. They won’t be back till tomorrow morning. Go sleep on the be-“
Before she could finish, Melanie had collapsed on the couch. Charlotte laughed. “She’s a trooper. Guess she’s not leaving anytime soon.”
“She’ll recover fast enough.”
“I didn’t mean that.”
“Oh. Yeah, I think you’re right. We’ll have some more fun with her while we try, at least. It seems like you enjoyed her!”
“Yep, we can have fun with her.” Charlotte gave Sarah a peck on the lips. “But you’re the one for me.” She smiled before picking up the unconscious girl and carrying her into the bedroom.



​The truck’s breaks squeaked as it backed into position. The bald, plump man waited, grinning like a hungry hyena. “What’s your number, dear?”
She took off her shirt, revealing her number tattooed on her breast. “42.” She could barely notice the alteration Gene had made. She removed her shorts and accepted the roomy undergarments that would soon fit her larger assets. Gene went to get his transfer slip signed at the office. She walked to the rail and waited expectantly for her fill. The man waddled back and readied the transfer hose.

He doesn’t recognize me! It had been a couple of months since she’d seen this man. They just see us by numbers, Gene was right – or maybe it’s my new hair color. Her hair was now a coppery color and it had grown out more, which distracted from her forgettable face. She had also been learning to carry herself in a more confident manner. She knew to stay in line, though; she wasn’t looking to cause a scene.

He brought the hose behind her and inserted it; he was not gentle as he searched for the valve opening in her ass. She breathed heavily and tried to relax as he botched the insertion multiple times. Eventually he found the mark and pulled the lever. The hose quaked as it filled her; her breasts swelled and her belly distended as the man watched with a bulge in his pants. She rolled her eyes as he licked his lips. She tried to ignore the creepy man as she became taught with water. He stopped the pump once she had accepted the normal shipment volume. Her breasts were armfuls and her belly drooped just below her knees.

She waited as he removed the hose and moved behind her. “Shhh. Don’t say a fucking thing.”
“Wait, I…”
“Don’t!” He slapped her ass. She could hear his belt come undone. He licked his hand and used it to moisten her lower lips. He slipped himself in and moaned awkwardly. He lasted for about twenty seconds of pumping before he slid out and unloaded onto her posterior. “Ugh.” He wiped her off and slid her large elastic garments up to cover her. “See I didn’t cum in you.” He rubbed her thigh as he called for Gene. She was so tense; that the leg rub almost let her forget about what had led up to it.

Gene returned to help her off of the platform; without acknowledging her, he helped her into the truck bed. She put her head back and watched the clouds as they drove away. After an hour or so they came to a stop at an old, dusty barn. He jumped out to open the doors before pulling the truck in. He backed up to a small plastic water tank that sat on a trailer.

Gene turned the truck off and came around to greet her. “Sorry, was I rough?”
“No, you were fine. Just get this over with.”
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He couldn’t figure out what was bothering her.
“Yeah, it’s just… That guy… He did me.”
Gene’s confusion quickly turned to disgust. “I’ll kill him.”
“No, no, I’ll be fine. Once this is over he will get what’s coming to him eventually.”
“God. Are you sure?”
“Yes!” She snapped.
“Okay, sorry. Let’s do this then.”

Gene brought a small hose over and connected it to the tank and then he came to her. She was lying on her side, facing him. He lubricated the hose and slid her stretched panties down; he pressed the nozzle into her and pushed past the valve, deep into her ass. “Before I do this, do you know what this stuff is?”
“No, I don’t care; I’m just here to do my part.”
“Corina, you need to understand what this does!” He wiped a droplet of water from her elastic bottoms. “The water you transport is synthetic, it needs to be body temperature at all times or it goes bad.” He waited for her nod to continue. “And the stuff I’m about to put into you will react with this liquid.”
“It doesn’t matter, just fill me and we can finish this!”
He sighed deeply as he opened the plastic tank behind him; he used a finger to dab the slimy stuff she was about to be filled with. He touched it to his other finger, which held the synthetic water. It quickly doubled in size and turned into a thicker gel. “My point is: you need to be very careful that these two don’t interact inside of you!”

She was much more nervous now. “Won’t it start doing that as soon as it goes in?”
“It only reacts with the synthetic water. The rest of your body is safe.”
She nodded, “I… I will do it. I trust you.”
He smiled weakly. “Okay, this will work, I promise.”
He began pumping the ooze into her. It moved through the tube slowly, pressing farther each time he depressed the plunger on the hand-pump. She didn’t like the sensation one bit. I feel disgusting. I can feel it moving up my intestines. It was a long, slow process that caused increasing pain and pressure. Her insides strained against the water filled bags in her belly and breasts. She struggled to accept more, but finally asked him to stop.

“It’s okay; I think we have enough.”

She was enormous and she felt much heavier than she had before. She strained to keep the gel from leaking out as he removed the hose. After a moment it became easier; he helped her toward the truck. She struggled to walk in this state. Her belly and breasts hung low, swaying heavily with each step. It required immense effort to get her into the truck bed. Sweating heavily and feeling drained, she rested as they drove.

They passed through the checkpoint before pulling in front of her tank. Gene came around and opened the tailgate. “Where’s Lenny today?”
“He is sick. I’m subbing for him. The boss wants to see you in the office while I empty this one.”

Gene agreed, giving Corina a glance before heading to the main office. The man instructed her to lean forward onto the railing as he spread her cheeks and inserted the cold nozzle. He prodded and poked before he found the valve inside of her. She tried to relax and ignore all the things that could go wrong with this plan.
She was roused from her thoughts when she felt him yank the nozzle free. She felt a snap; something broke in her bowels, followed by the strange sensation of flowing water. Oh my god! It’s mixing! It is thickening! “What did you do?!”

“We know what you’re trying to do, you goddamn slave. Lenny and Gene are getting their punishment as we speak.”

Corina was floored. She leaned upon the metal handrail, unable to turn. She felt the water slowly mixing with the goop. She could feel the gel expanding inside of her. She watched as her belly sagged heavily, resting upon the ground. It grew more and more, spreading outward upon the elevated stone slab.

“Hah, you’re not going anywhere. You’re fucked.” The man turned, leaving her to her fate. She heard his footsteps fade as her belly continued to expand around the hot handrail, dangling over the cracked dirt below. Her oversized stomach pressed farther through the metal railing and rested fully upon the ground. Her belly finally ceased its expansion, however now her breasts swelled and sagged around her ungainly stomach. She was stretched larger than she had ever seen a person grow before. She felt pressure building before the hose jerked free, spraying her legs with a stream of cool water.

Feeling ill and achy as the sun beat down, she wondered how her body was able to retain such a large volume of liquid. Her expansion had stopped completely and she could do nothing but lean unsteadily and hope that a miracle would happen. It seemed like an hour had passed when she heard footsteps approaching quickly behind her. God I hope they are here to finally end my suffering.

“My god, you’re huge! What happened?” Corina’s body was inflated to immense proportions. She was engorged – her skin tight and firm. Her belly looked like a massive water balloon with two somewhat smaller water-laden breasts sagging over the top. Her water-weight pressed through the metal railing and flowed to the ground below. He walked beside her, shocked by the scene.
“Gene, is that you?”
“Yeah, are you… okay?”
“No! He broke the valve! I’m ruined! It all mixed, just like you warned me!” She hesitated, “Can you get my clothes off?”
He noticed the elastic bra had slid up, pressing against her chest uncomfortably. He slid it off before searching for her bottoms. They were difficult to remove from beneath gigantic belly. She lifted her legs, one at a time, for him to slide them free. She sighed with some slight relief.

He rubbed her shoulder comfortingly. “It’s okay, you’ll be fine.”
“What happened to you? He told me they knew and you were getting punished!”
He held up a rifle. “They figured out that I was planning to sabotage their tanks. But, I was able to shoot the guy who was going to execute me.”
Corina felt dizzy. “You killed someone?”
Gene was somber. “It’s not the first time. But, once we get out of here we can just disappear.”
“They’ll find us no matter where we go! I can’t move, anyway!”
He thought about their predicament. “I have a plan, wait here.”
She nodded nervously, holding back tears. “It’s not like I can move.” She forced a laugh.

Corina hated waiting, but she had to learned to accept it. She heard a few distant pops, and after some more time dragged by, she heard people approaching.
“I can’t believe this is possible! How are you, miss?”
“Uh, fine, I guess.”
“Can you help her?”
“I can, yes. She has the coagulant in her, yes?” He had a thick accent she couldn’t place.
“Yes, she had been retaining some as well as a full load of synthetic water.”
“Amazing. I shall work with her, you must go and get the others.”
“Corina, you’re in good hands. This is Imamu, he’s with us. We had to resort to plan-B, so I’ll be back soon.”
“Be careful, Gene!”
“I will.” He paused, about to say something, but he shook his head and left.

“I’m Corina.” She spoke nervously, unable to turn and greet the man directly.
“I can empty you, Corina.” She could feel his hands upon her cheeks, spreading her for inspection. She felt something cold press into her before releasing more liquid. She cried out, but knew that it needed to be done. “I administered a thinning agent which will break down the gel in your body. For this to have its full effect you must retain the liquid for at least five minutes. You understand, yes?”
“Yes.” She could already feel it turning inside of her, becoming harder to hold.
“I only have three doses on hand, so we must allow it to break down as much as possible with each dose.”

Five minutes seemed like an eternity; each moment it was harder and harder to hold. Her belly gurgled as she gritted her teeth, hoping time would move faster. “Okay, five minutes is over. You-“ She could wait no longer; relaxing, she allowed the eruption of water and goo from her bowels. Imamu stepped back, into her view. Very tall and skinny, the mocha-skinned man frowned; a sheen of sweat covered his nose.  It took time and effort to press the immense amount of liquid from her and she still had a great deal to go.

She stood, finally able to move again. Her belly was barely above the ground now, but she could support the weight… barely. Imamu  walked behind her again, pressing another dose into her. “You must wait twice as long for this. Give it time to work. The last one will get the smaller bits out.” He stood to her side again, waiting.

“Tell me about Gene.” She attempted to distract herself from the discomfort.
“He is a very wise man. Very caring for the girl’s plight. I told him that it was bad for the girls, but we have no way to help you or anyone else. He would not accept that.” He spoke slower than she was used to, pronouncing each syllable. “He had planned to be subtle, tainting their water supply so they would not realize until it was too late. However, that plan failed somehow. He is now trying a more direct approach.”
“Were those gunshots I heard earlier?”
“Yes. We had been planning an uprising for a long while. Gunshots are not so strange here. Sometimes we have to end our courier’s careers if they cause trouble. As you see, however, we don’t care for this policy.” More gunshots were heard in a nearby building. “That may draw their attention. I must prepare so they don’t surprise us.” He pulled out a black pistol from his belt as he scanned the area. “Cover your ears.” He brought the gun up and fired four shots. Two shots came at them. He fired twice more before lowering his pistol. “Got him!”

He gasped. “This is bad.” He worriedly looked to her. “They hit the anticoagulant.” She turned to see a now empty bucket with a enema syringe sitting in it. There was a small hole near the bottom. He pointed, “It is okay. There is more in the main facility, but it will be dangerous.”

Corina regained her senses. “How many people are here?”
“Thirty seven, not including couriers. Well, thirty six now, yes.”
“Okay, how many of those are on our side?”
“Eight including me.”
It seemed like suicide, but she had no choice at this point.
“I know the layout better than the guards; we will need to be quiet… Oh, you may empty now. I will keep watch.”
She relaxed again, allowing herself to empty. “We have to stop this. No one should be forced to endure this sort of torture.” She felt weak and sore as she pressed the thick liquid out. Once she finished she turned to look at the main facility. It was a large warehouse surrounded by many water silos. She looked down and noticed she still looked large and pregnant, but she could move freely now. “Come on. Tell them you stopped me from escaping.” He nodded as he followed her through the sun-baked dirt.

Games We Play


Melanie must’ve fallen asleep while watching television. She opened her eyes lazily; Natalie and Sarah were standing beside her couch, along with two other girls. She had feared this moment would come since last weekend. It was late Friday night and Mike was at work.

“How did you get in here?” Melanie demanded. Natalie held up a key. “We made a copy from yours, silly. You were pretty out of it after dinner that night, you didn’t even notice yours was gone for a while. Anyway, these are my friends from school. This is Emily and that is Kacey. I’ve told them so much about you!” Sarah was also standing behind them, grinning.

“I thought it was just a joke at first, but then she showed us the pictures!” Emily spoke with a lively demeanor, “how do you hold so much, doesn’t it hurt?”

“S-Sometimes,” Melanie answered warily, “but I am kind of used to it so I could hold more than average.”

“Oh gosh, you must have done it a lot! She said you didn’t even have to use a… You know… to keep it in.”

Natalie laughed, “She was sitting on a fountain nozzle when we first found her. She even screwed the guy that brought her home with an ass full of water!”

Melanie shook her head as she sat up, “No, I haven’t slept with him!”

“Oh, right, like we’re going to believe that.” She laughed again. “Anyway, Kacey here enjoys that sort of thing too. Not as much at a time, but she said they felt great when she had them. So, after talking we decided that we are going to play a sort of game.”

Kacey took her backpack off and set it on the floor and pulled out four new enema bags with nozzles. She handed them out. Sarah took hers downstairs. Kacey followed along with Emily in tow. Natalie pulled Melanie to her feet. “We’ll use the upstairs bathroom. I still have the photos, so play along and you’ll keep your dignity.” Natalie grabbed her backpack and led her up the stairs.

They entered the bathroom and Natalie dropped her bag. She hooked the enema bag onto the shower rod and started filling it. “You’ll have to hook up with your hose, but I will control it.” She motioned to the hose connecting to the shower spigot.

“What are you going to do?”

“We’re going to fill up and then go for a walk. See who can hold it for the longest!” Melanie started to protest, but Natalie held up a finger. “You better not say no or I will post this photo on the internet! I have backups too. Just shut up and take it!”

Natalie pulled down her pants just enough to put the nozzle into her rear. She opened the clamp and closed her eyes. Melanie watched her grimace as the water started filling her. Her eyes opened to see Melanie staring. “Quit watching me and take off your clothes.” Melanie started to strip. Natalie searched through her backpack and pulled out an odd looking hose, a harness of some sort, and a green dress.

Natalie wrapped the harness around Melanie’s waist; two of the straps went under her legs. Natalie set the hose aside, it was about four inches wide had a black plastic piece in it, she noticed. Natalie grabbed the large ball nozzle. She lowered it behind her; after a moment she felt the lubricated ball pressing against her butt. “Say ahhh.” Natalie giggled and forced it in. Melanie squeaked and staggered forward. “I bet that stings. It will keep you plugged, though.”

There were a few clicks and then Natalie stood straight. “There, now it won’t pop out. Walk a little.” The harness felt like a garter belt; it held the nozzle snugly in place as she walked a couple of steps.

“Where’d you even get something like this?”

“My dad let me borrow his credit card to buy some school books online.” She smirked. “I had so much fun planning this all out!”

“You’re sick.”

“Yeah, says the slut with a butt plug in. Put the dress on.”

She held the simple forest-green dress and noticed that it had been cut up the backside. She slid it over her shoulders and made sure to fit the cut portion where the plug was. It had one strap and hanged just below her knees. It was low cut; it displayed her cleavage more than she thought appropriate. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples showed through. Natalie helped her hook the hose from the shower to the plug she was wearing.

She heard the knob on the shower squeak. The hose shook and she felt air rush in. Her stomach rumbled and gurgled. After a second she felt water blast into her. She instinctively leaned forward onto the sink. She didn’t fight, she just leaned there, stunned. Her face was blank as she was filling, unable to protest. After a minute she couldn’t control herself. She reached down, pulled her dress up, and began fondling herself. She saw Natalie in the mirror watching her. She had long brown hair, green, mischievous eyes, and a devilish grin. She had a tight red t-shirt on her jeans were pulled down just enough to expose her rump. The hose trailed from her to an empty enema bag hanging above.

It didn’t take long before she quivered with excitement. By now her belly was generously swollen. The dress was just above her knees now. She looked pregnant, just as she did last week. The pressure stopped and she felt a tug as Natalie tried to jerk the hose out of the plug; instead, it started to pull the whole plug out.. She felt as if she couldn’t hold the water in, but the harness kept it from popping out fully and it popped back into her butt. She grabbed the countertop with both hands, breathing heavily. She watched herself in the mirror, knuckles white and one eye closed. Natalie pulled again and this time the hose popped out.

She grabbed the larger hose from the counter and attached it to Melanie’s plug and harness. She felt the plug push forward. Small hooks were attached that held it to the plug. It was attached firmly when Natalie pulled on it. “There, now you have a tail.” She stood up, holding it; it was about two feet long. She turned a little plastic knob on the side of the hose. Melanie felt her butt open wider. She couldn’t hold the water in for certain now, but again it went nowhere. She looked back to see the water stopped in the tube.

Natalie pulled Melanie’s arm, faster than she could blink there was a handcuff on her wrist. She struggled a little, but her other hand was cuffed in a matter of moments. Natalie put the last item in her bag, the dress’ jacket, over the handcuffs. “That should hide them well enough.” She smirked. “Oh, and almost forgot about that floppy thing behind you. I’ll also put another nozzle on it.” She knelt down and put a Velcro strap around Melanie’s leg which held it against her, tightly. She also put a smaller plastic nozzle on the open end. It had a smaller opening, but it was still about three inches wide. Natalie removed the tube from her butt and pulled her pants up. She cleaned up and led Melanie downstairs carefully.

“About time, this hurts. I took three and a half.” Kacey said with pride. Her stomach bulged under her t-shirt. She looked a few months pregnant. Emily and Sarah both had swollen tummies too, but theirs weren’t as noticeable. Natalie’s belly was the largest, though. She must have filled the bag a few times when she wasn’t looking. She looked plump. Her shirt barely fit her now. “I did four! It doesn’t feel that great, though.” Emily agreed with her, she seemed very uncomfortable.

“Okay, so here’s the plan: we’re going to walk to the park. Anyone who can’t make it can empty out, but whoever doesn’t will win. This bitch doesn’t get to empty out, though.” She gave a wicked smile and patted Melanie’s belly. “Simple enough, let’s go.” They left the backpacks and went outside. It was late, but Melanie wasn’t sure of the exact time; she hoped it would be late enough where nobody she knew was out. Her arms pressed on her belly, as they were handcuffed in front of her. The jacket made them heavier too. They all walked quietly at first. Emily was the first to complain.

“I don’t think I can hold it in.”

“Don’t be a pussy.” Sarah smacked her stomach.

“Oh, no, no, we need to stop!”

“Fine, we can go back there.” Natalie motioned to an unlit stone wall next to a house.

“Okay, this is your toilet!” She smiled at Melanie. Melanie started to speak, but Natalie raised a finger and gave her a reproachful look. She smiled again and hugged her. “This is part of the game! I have to give you a handicap.” They all sat down on the wall and watched as Natalie undid the hose from Melanie’s leg. She brought it behind them. She had Emily undo her pants and slide them down just enough to show her rear. She scooted back until her butt was hanging off the edge. She had Melanie sit down in the same fashion, opening the back of her dress.

“Spread em’ Emily.” She did as she was instructed. She looked as if she was about to cry as Natalie put the nozzle in. Her stomach was gurgling.

The porch light came on in the adjacent house. “Hello?” The door opened and a man came outside wearing pajamas. “What are you folks doing here at this hour?” He walked toward them with his wife following close behind. At least they were facing them and they shouldn’t be able to see the hose behind the wall.

There was a moment of silence before Natalie jabbed Melanie’s shoulder. “N-nothing, sir, we just stopped for a rest.”

“Its 2 a.m, why are you all out at this hour?” He repeated. “Shouldn’t you be home in bed?” He walked closer, eyeing her belly. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Just then she felt water push into her.

Emily was teary eyed and sniffling. She leaned forward and Melanie saw her stomach muscles tighten. Melanie felt the surge of water fill her as she tried to speak. “Um. Ye-yeah. Yeah, we’re fine. We’re going soon. Just give me a m-minute.” Melanie squirmed uncomfortably on the rocky ledge, unable to stop the flow of water. Emily stopped pushing after a few moments and breathed heavily. “Please, we’ll be fine!”

The man looked at them and turned to his wife, they were unconvinced. “We can call someone for you if you’d like. I don’t think you ladies should be walking this late.” He walked closer and Melanie stood up. He stopped as well. The hose was still obscured behind her.

“Really, we’re okay, I’m just walking my friend’s home from a party and I got a little woozy. I live just down the road, so we’re almost there.”

He started to say something, but his wife tugged his arm and gave him a stern look. “Okay, just be careful and go straight home.” They went back inside.

Emily stood up and took a step, but the hose caught on the stone wall. She yelped and fell to the ground. Her butt was exposed with the hose leading out. Suddenly Melanie felt the pressure release in her and the water started coming out. A mix of pleasure and pain, she pressed it out as fast as she could. She held her stomach and felt it shrinking as she emptied.

“Eh, no, no, stop… Please… S-stop it.” Emily pleaded softly. Melanie looked at the tube and concluded that the valve must’ve been broken somehow. Now she was filling Emily. Emily rolled to her side and curled into a ball. She watched her stomach bulge as she pushed. Emily didn’t think to remove the plug, she just lied there, whimpering. Her stomach swelled. Melanie couldn’t bring herself to stop and no one else made a move to stop her. They just stood awestruck as the massive enema was transferred to its new owner. Emily was crying, and before long, Melanie relaxed with only a small amount of water still in her nearly flat tummy.

She looked around and noticed they all were transfixed on the now swollen girl, who was curled at their feet. Sarah smiled and popped the plug from Emily. Emily leapt forward and rolled onto her knees. She reached back and held a few fingers over her butt. “Ow, ow, ow, it hurts so much; I don’t think I can hold it in!” She clenched her teeth, trying not to lose control and spray water everywhere.

“Come on, you can hold it, we’ve all been practicing the past few days.” Kacey reassured her.

“No, I can’t, I have to get to a bathroom!”

Sarah laughed. “Fine,” she shrugged, “I left the back door unlocked, go to her place.”

“Aren’t you going to help me? Please?”

“Nope, that’s the price of losing.”

Emily sighed and picked herself up. She was shaky, leaning on the stone wall. She pulled up her jeans. She left them unbuttoned, since her belly now hung out so far. Her shirt didn’t fit anymore either; it looked as if she had swallowed a basketball. She looked around and then started to walk back to the house. They all watched as she took each awkward step with her hand pressed into her butt, trying to keep a seal. She became more balanced as she moved on, but every few steps she stumbled and groaned. She paused about halfway up the block and leaned against a building. She eventually composed herself and started again – an agonizing walk of shame.

Melanie heard a rustling behind her and turned to see Natalie standing at the corner of the next house, waving them over. Everyone came around the corner to see Natalie with her pants pulled down to her knees and a garden hose running into her. She leaned forward with her hands pressed against her knees. “We need more if we’re going to handle the last part. Everyone needs… a… a little more.” She reached back and turned the spigot; it had been running already. She removed the hose, jumping as it popped free. She handed it to Kacey, who quickly slid her pants down and inserted it.

Natalie pulled her pants up and turned the spigot. Kacey squeaked and leaned forward to accept the water. She grinned and closed her eyes. Natalie rubbed her tummy as she watched. After a minute, Kacey opened her eyes, shut off the flow, and took it out. She held it out to Sarah. She shook her head, so she instead gave it to Melanie. Kacey buttoned her pants, but she had to slide them down in the front to allow for her water belly. Kacey took the hose back from Melanie and inserted it for her, since she was still handcuffed. Kacey unhooked the broken tube before inserting the hose; it barely fit into the opening on the plug. She waited for Natalie to start the flow.

“Aren’t you going to do it, sis?” Natalie looked to Sarah.

“No, I’ve had enough, I’ll just watch.”

“Come on, you said you’d do it too!”

“I don’t want to. Quit bitching.”

“It’s not that bad once you’re used to it, don’t be a quitter!”

“Fuck you and your pet, I’m not doing this sick shit anymore.” She reached over and gave the spigot a full spin. Melanie had never felt water surge forth as she did now. She stumbled forward and gasped. She took a few steps and screamed, the hose trailed behind her. Kacey had wedged it into the plug, so it stayed in place. She felt like a water balloon, her belly slowly bulging outward. It was too much pressure, but she was helpless. She took a few more steps, trying fruitlessly to wiggle it out. It continued blasting water inside of her. She squirmed and made all types of noises. After what felt like minutes, Natalie turned the flow off. Kacey pulled the hose out and pressed something against the plug. Melanie tried to empty some of the water, but something was in blocking the opening. Nothing came out and Melanie started cramping. She twisted in agony; after a minute it subsided for the most part.

Sarah gave Melanie an amused, yet angry glare. “Fine, have fun with your slut. I’m going home!” Sarah stomped away and Natalie came over to rub Melanie’s stomach. “I’m sorry again, she’s got a temper. Those two couldn’t handle this.” She leaned back and lifted Melanie’s dress to look at the plug in her rear. “Nice job, Kacey.”

“Thanks, I didn’t want her spraying it everywhere.”

“Okay, let’s go, we’re almost there.” She picked up the hose and put it into her backpack.

They helped Melanie to her feet and walked another block. She was shaking, but she still had better balance than Emily had, and her stomach was notably larger now.

They came around the hedge wall, entering the park. They walked a little farther until they came to the fountains. “This is where we found her, sitting right there.” Natalie pointed to the third fountain nozzle in the line. “Okay, this is the finale! We’re going to see who can last the longest.”

Melanie’s eyes widened. “I can’t take any more inside me! I hurt so much; I’ll burst if I sit on that again!”

“You aren’t that full, you’ll be fine. Just play along.” They walked Melanie over to stand next to her nozzle. Kacey let go and came around behind her to remove the plug. Melanie stumbled as Kacey let go, and before she knew it she was falling backwards. She fell flat on her butt, which happened to land squarely on the small nozzle. It was complete luck, as it stuck right in the middle of the plug, pushing it deeper and forcing two small items into her. She felt them bouncing around inside her. She screamed louder than before. Kacey and Natalie looked completely shocked.

“Holy shit!” Kacey looked to Natalie for direction.

“Uh, let’s get on them before they start again; she’s okay for now.”

“I think the rocks went in her, though.”

“It’s fine, let’s finish this.”

Melanie couldn’t lift herself enough to remove the plug, which had stretched around the nozzle. She tried, but it only pressed in farther. She couldn’t lean back due to her restraints, so she leaned forward and watched as Kacey and Melanie both slid their pants down just enough to insert the nozzles into their butts. They put them in with relative ease; they sat there with their arms resting on their knees.

“Okay, I’m ready, we can do this!” Kacey’s eyes danced with excitement.

They heard a car pull up on the street just as the cycle started. Melanie remembered the feeling well. It felt so much worse now as the air mingled with the water in her. The first three pulses came; Kacey squirmed with delight. Natalie tried not to move much, but she closed her eyes and smirked. They all moaned as the final surge came, their bellies growing slightly.

A light shined on them. A man approached – a police officer. “Hello there, what are you three doing out here?” He looked confused, his eyes darting between the visible fountain nozzles.

“We just had to sit down and cool off.” Natalie was hesitant, “We were just out jogging and in our state we can’t make it very far before we have to rest.”

“It’s just after three o’clock.” He said in an accusing manner.

“We have so much to do today we decided to start early!”

“Well, why are you wearing a dress?”

Melanie stumbled for a response. “I just don’t like feeling restricted when I jog.” She hoped he didn’t notice that her dress was pulled up a little and their pants were undone. She felt the first pulse. She tried to maintain a calm expression.

“Well, I got a call that a girl was screaming in the park. Do you know anything about that?” His eyes switched between them, watching them try to mask the feeling of the second pulse.

“I… I, uh, am so sorry. That was me, sir. I slipped and twisted my ankle.” Kacey spoke slowly and rubbed just above her ankle, unable to reach farther. “I didn’t mean to make th-AT, at, that much noise.” The third pulse came, she tensed up.

The policeman looked uncertain. “Well, you guys should go home. You shouldn’t be jogging this late and you certainly shouldn’t be jogging when you’re that pregnant. Go rest.” He waited. When they made no motion to move he intervened. “Here, let me help you up. “ He walked to Melanie. Not this again, she thought. He put his flashlight away and tried to lift her, but he didn’t get her off the ground. He let go; the final surge came as she sank lower on the nozzle. The blast of water made the others lean forward and their faces silently contorted. Melanie sat straight and accepted the flow, teeth clenched. She was able to suppress a moan as she started shivering, but the look of orgasm wasn’t hidden at all. Luckily, he thought it was discomfort.

“I’m sorry. Let me try again. Could you two give me a hand?”

Natalie and Kacey went white under the streetlight’s glow. “Uh, we’re fine sir, you can go, we’re just not ready to get up yet.”

He looked to Natalie with slight irritation. “I think you guys should get up now.” He started toward Natalie.

“No, please, we’re-“ The first pulse came and cut her short. He pulled her arms and stood her up. The nozzle popped out and she yelped. He noticed her pants were slid down. He also noticed what she had been sitting on. Confusion was plain on his face. “What the hell were you doing?” The second pulse came and he realized it was a fountain nozzle. He understood now. “Have you three been drinking? Let me see your I.D.s. I’m going to have to write you up for public indecency.”

“Please, no!” Natalie pulled her pants up, she was unable to button them, so she just zipped them halfway. “This is all just something stupid that we thought up, please let us go and we’ll never do it again!”

Before he responded the third pulse came, Melanie tensed up and groaned. “I can’t take it, please get me off of this!” He walked around behind Melanie and Natalie stood in front. He put his arms under hers and held tightly as he lifted, Natalie pulled too. They struggled, but they couldn’t pull her off. “Ow, ow, it hurts so much!” The last surge came and Natalie muffled her scream with her hand. Kacey leaned forward and accepted the water with a moan; her mouth was slightly open as she smiled – a blissful expression.

“I’m going to have to call this in; I can’t quite get you off of it.”

“Wait, let’s have Kacey help.” Kacey opened her eyes and nodded, her smile faded. She leaned back and lifted herself off of the nozzle gently. Her stomach had swollen as well, she wasn’t able to zip up when she pulled her pants up. She rubbed her belly and drew a deep breath before continuing.

“Sorry, let me get down there and maybe I can help it out.” She was very cautious, moving slowly, trying not to disturb the water in her system. She laid down on her side, her heavy belly rested on the cement. She scooted closer and readied herself next to Melanie’s backside.

“Okay, one more try.” The policeman lifted with all of his might, as did Natalie. Kacey pushed up on Melanie’s butt and used her other hand to push the plug, trying to pull it from the nozzle. When that didn’t budge she held it instead, just focusing on getting Melanie off. She watched as Melanie started to move upward slowly. Suddenly, she shot upward and the plug popped out, staying on the nozzle. Melanie fell forward onto Natalie and the policeman stumbled to the side. Melanie screamed in pain. Natalie couldn’t free her hands from the tangle and decided to muffle her with a kiss. This surprised Melanie more than anything; she squirmed, but didn’t pull her head back. The officer pulled them apart, he lifted Melanie and helped her to stand and she leaned against Kacey. He helped Natalie up as well. They all turned to look at the plug, fixed upon the fountain nozzle.

“I’ll tell you what. I will bring you home and I won’t write this up. In exchange, you have to promise me you won’t do this sort of thing again. Plus, you have to come back and disinfect each one of those nozzles, deal?” Everyone nodded. “Can you guys hold it until we get you home?”

“Yes, thank you so much, sir!” Natalie helped Melanie to the police car, the three of them got in, their stomachs gurgling and making all sorts of odd noises. They told him the address; he missed the turn and then went too far, possibly on purpose. The pleasant feeling had been replaced by horrible cramps. They made their way up the sidewalk and the policeman left them at the door. “For the love of god, don’t do anything like that again; use some sense and keep that sort of thing at home.”

He waited for them to get inside before he drove away. Sarah and Emily were sitting on the couch, watching television. “Have fun shooting water in your asses?” Sarah grinned while still watching the T.V.

Kacey ignored the comment and carefully made her way to the bathroom in the basement.

“The police came, it was a mess.” Natalie explained as she helped Melanie to the stairs.

“I know, I called them.” Sarah’s grin widened.

Natalie stopped. “You did what?”

“It made it interesting!”

“You bitch, we were just having fun.”

“You are so fucked up that you enjoy pumping yourself full of water as well as your slut. You like to watch her belly puff out, don’t you? You’re sicker than I thought.”

Natalie scoffed and led Melanie up the stairs to the bathroom. She undid the handcuffs. Luckily the officer hadn’t noticed them under the dress jacket, or at least he didn’t mention it. She slid the dress off of Melanie, it now barely fit past her butt. Her stomach was huge, she looked like she was about to give birth. She sat Melanie down and she didn’t hesitate. As she was emptying out, Natalie started to undress. She slid out of her tight t-shirt, jeans, and panties. Naked and encumbered, she waited. Cramps and pains came and went, but she deserved it, she thought. She didn’t have half as much as Melanie carried inside of her; she wondered how she was able to hold it in for the ride back. Natalie felt she had done well; her practice had paid off, she might eventually be able to hold as much as Melanie one day.

She enjoyed the feeling now; that full, ripened feeling, the feeling of water rushing into you. A normal enema was too tame now, she wanted to have more forced in at a time. Now she knew that Melanie was not the sick person that she first thought; Melanie merely had a desire and acted upon it.

She watched Melanie, sitting on the toilet in a mild stupor, letting the water flow out of her, automatically flushing when needed. Her belly had gone down a great deal; she was about the same size as Natalie now, looking like they carried a basketball under their skin. Natalie stared. Melanie’s hair was light blonde, her eyes were a bluish green, and she had smaller breasts. Her stomach had some stretch marks, but they weren’t very noticeable on her fair skin.

Natalie had been mean to her at first, but now she knew the truth – she loved her. She leaned over and kissed Melanie. Melanie’s eyes widened and at first and she tensed up, but after a moment she reached a hand up and pressed into the kiss. Natalie rubbed Melanie’s breast and reached down to touch her. It only took a moment before Melanie shook with ecstasy. She continued to empty after that, her stomach was now only marginally puffed out.

She spun Natalie around and had her sit on her knees, spreading her legs wide. She reached down and used one hand to rub her thigh, the other hand explored deeper. She lasted a little longer, but after about a minute she moaned loudly and pushed onto Melanie’s fingers. She rocked her hips back and forth, her belly sloshing with each thrust. She slumped down, panting. After a moment to collect herself, she stood up shakily. Pleasure had turned to discomfort now.

Melanie finished, wiped, flushed again, and stepped aside. Natalie took her place without hesitation. “Grab me my backpack.” Melanie handed it to her. She searched through and found her phone. She pressed a few buttons and turned it toward Melanie. It was one of the photos, this one showed her tied to to the chair: naked, plugged, and with a bulging belly. “Take it, you can delete them.”

Melanie took the phone and looked through the photos. She shut it off and handed it back. She smiled slightly. She hurt all over, now and felt very weak. “You keep them; just don’t show them to anyone else.”

Natalie smiled weakly as well. “I’m sorry about tonight, I didn’t think Sarah would do that to us. The whole thing was a bad idea.”

“I actually liked it. I’ve never had so much in me. It hurt some times, but I enjoyed most of it, actually. I think I like the possibility of being caught. Well, I’d rather not actually be caught, though.”

“True. But, are you really sure you don’t hate me?”

“Of course not! In fact, I think we’ll have fun… if there’s a next time.”

“Oh, yes. Definitely.” They both smiled at each other warmly and kissed.