MOBA 4 – Crystal Maiden


She raised her staff, preparing to launch an ice bolt into the fray. Having picked off many minions by this point, she knew that the enemy heroes were nearby, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Her sister had gone back to replenish her mana after the last skirmish, and would hopefully be back before the other fighters made a push. With her help, they destroyed a tower as they continued their advance. They were almost through the final hurdle before the Heroes of the Storm base.

Suddenly, arrows struck Rylai, falling to the ground without piercing her skin. She felt their effect, though, as her body warmed and tighten. Two more missiles stuck her as she spun. Her breasts bulging and her thighs rubbing together, the Crystal Maiden countered the attack with an ice bolt. The dark skinned, red-eyed archer knocked another arrow and released. Rylai avoided it as she moved closer. The archer launched a dagger before turning to run into the forest. It hit the Crystal Maiden in the arm, and after the initial damage, she noticed her cleavage pulsing, growing increasingly larger as the effect continued.

Unable to tolerate the pressure, Rylai ripped a top section of her garment away, exposing both of her pale, inflating breasts. Unconcerned about vanity, she also ripped away her lower undergarment, allowing her hips to expand unhindered. Her purple, skin-tight leggings stretched upon her growing legs and the remaining portion of her bodice now wrapped around her midsection tightly. Her sleek frame now had generous feminine curves.

A chilling laugh came from the trees. Sylvanas stepped forward with a smile. “You lose.”

Another sound caught her attention. Crystal Maiden turned to see a wild, winged monster of a woman lunging through the air. Kerrigan fell upon her, slashing wildly. Rylai blasted her with cold before rushing away. The Crystal Maiden ran as fast as she could, jumping over a fallen tree. Her body shook pleasingly, and her added girth threw her off balance. The archer hit her with a few more arrows before a wave of swirling, ghostly figures passed through her. She felt their cold, otherworldly touch as her body puffed out even more. Sylvanas appeared in their wake and prepared to unleash another arrow upon the growing mage.

A pillar of flame blasted the night elf, causing the now burning arrow to strike her approaching teammate, Kerrigan. Both gave pause as Lina Inverse’s hair ignited and her eyes glowed with flaming fury. She blasted Sylvanas with repeated fireballs as she moved closer. Once in range, she unleashed a blast of flames in the shape of a dragon. It struck both of her opponents and allowed her sister, Rylai, to move away. Lina continued blasting her opponents in turn, pressing the attack.

Both girls had grown, but Sylvanas’ was roughly double the size. Her upper arms and legs were thickened with added weight and her belly sagged over her armored leggings. Her cleavage had improved, causing the small chest piece to flex as she staggered backwards. She pulled away, attempting to flee as Lina gave chase.

Kerrigan, only slightly larger than normal, charged forward. Swiping at Lina, she shredded the back of her robe as the Slayer attempted to dodge. Kerrigan laughed as she gripped the remaining cloth and cut it free. Lina now stood naked, wearing only elbow-length gloves, thigh-high boots, and her trademark red neckpiece. Her fiery hair returned to its normal shade of orange as she nodded to her sister.

Turning too late, Kerrigan caught a glimpse of the Crystal Maiden before she blasted icy shards into her face. The Queen of Blades fell onto her back, clutching her eyes with a howl. The sisters took their opportunity to work together, channeling their elements; Rylai blasted a line of ice in between Kerrigan’s spread legs while Lina focused another beam in the opposite direction, melting the ice before it hit her. The sheer force of the liquefied ice pushed it into the zerg woman’s loins. Kerrigan’s belly grew as they watched. She tried to move, but the blasting water kept her in check, slowly sliding her backwards upon the grass. She struggled to close her legs, and then she tried blocking it with her hands, but both attempts failed.

Still scooting through the through the taller grass, Kerrigan flared her wings, but the heavy water kept her grounded. Her stomach swelled, as did the rest of her body. Her thickened shoulders and legs flailed helplessly as they grew. Kerrigan had one final trick to stop the assault – she summoned her pet.

Lina’s blaze faltered and her sister paused with question, watching as she held her belly with a sudden concern. The Slayer’s stomach popped outward in a spectacular display, continuing to expand as something inside moved, fighting to escape. Her resilient skin stretched and expanded, and she wailed as her stomach ballooned, growing even larger than she was in just a short time. Two arms pushed outward from under her skin, causing the Slayer to cry in pain. “What did you put in me?!”

“You have an ultralisk in there!”
“Relax, it’s not even full size! And we can’t die here, remember?” Kerrigan laughed as she sat up on her elbows, finding it difficult to stand. Her body now flowed in all directions, her carapace parting around her rolling stomach and heavy breasts. She looked to Crystal Maiden. “Just be glad I didn’t do that to you, you frigid bitch!”

Lina’s epic belly continued to expand. The beast inside shifted with immense strength, but it was clearly compacted, as it only grew to triple her size. She could barely see over the mountain of flesh before her. After much struggling, the monster finally calmed and Lina knew it had suffocated inside her. There was no hope of moving with the ridiculous burden inside her and she unleashed a wild scream of despair as the announcer called her defeat.

A beam of light appeared above them and Crystal Maiden was able to move away before the blast hit. Kerrigan clenched her eyes as her body doubled in size due to the damage. Her purple skin breaking the remaining organic armor away as every aspect of her body expanded. Similarly, Lina’s stomach didn’t change, but the rest of her body puffed out as she stood. Now both fighters were out and unable to use their abilities as they waited for the end of the match.

Nova revealed herself and planted a round into the remaining mage. She blasted as she moved ahead, stopping to plant a boot onto Kerrigan’s bloated body. “I always knew I’d come out on top.” She whipped her ponytail as she resumed her advance.

Some shots hit the Crystal Maiden as she ran, causing her rump to grow. She moved with much less grace now, but she was able to avoid some of the sloppier shots from the gloating operative. Recharged, the mage stopped to confront her, freezing her in place. She prepared her next attack when she caught a glimpse of the approaching, overweight night-elf.

Sylvanas held up a wand she purchased and flicked it forward, sending a ball of light into the frozen ghost’s back. There was a brilliant flash and all that remained was a frog, hopping through the clearing. Nova, now as a frog, had no limited control as she tried to evade any further attacks.

Rylai heard a whispering in her mind. “Come closer, cold one.” Sylvanas spoke to her from afar and she was powerless to resist. “Take the frog and put it inside your body.” The Crystal Maiden caught the amphibian easily and brought it up to put into her mouth when the voice halted her. “No. Lower. Accept the creature through your loins.” The mage lowered the frog and spread her lips, pushing the damp creature inside with limited force. The frog went into a frenzy, trying to wriggle free as she ushered it into her warmth. She felt it struggle, but now that only caused it to move deeper.

The creature wormed up her vagina and she felt it pressing against a painful spot. She dropped to her knees, gasping as the animal inside pushed past the opening to her cervix. “It- It’s too much!” The pain paused before it began again, growing increasingly more painful with each passing moment. She was powerless to stop the polymorphic terran in her vagina.

Sylvanas’ mental control faded and now she truly spoke, filled with spite as she approached casually. “Oh, it will get much worse when the effect wears off.”
The Crystal Maiden cursed as the frog passed fully through the opening. She still ached, but the pain had lessened dramatically. “What?”
“You’re pregnant with a frog.” Sylvanas cocked her head and leaned to the side in expectation. The mage felt something pop and then an agonizing pain from within her belly. Within seconds, her stomach distended into full pregnancy, causing the final section of her bodice to snap off and drift to the ground. “Oh, that was no frog!” Sylvanas spoke with mock humor. “It was Nova all along.” She seemed very pleased by the joke and the situation.

The Crystal Maiden’s stomach hung to her knees as she shakily maintained her balance. Her stomach puffed out abruptly, followed by another shot from inside. “She’s shooting in there!” Two more expansions came.
“They grow up so fast.” Sylvanas scoffed. “I’ll leave you two alone then.” The night-elf shuffled into the woods, her body still swollen from the encounter.

The next shot was lower and then there was a pause. Her belly was heavy enough now that she was forced to squat, resting her passenger upon the ground between her legs. There was a long beep and then an explosion came from inside. Crystal Maiden’s stomach pushed out, and after a second delay, the girl inside expanded, pressing Rylai’s midsection out even more. Many more long beeps came. “Oh shit,” the human girl in her belly cried out. She could only sigh, as she knew what was coming. Her stomach rolled across the ground like a wave, and again, she felt her occupant inflate from within.

Crystal Maiden’s fleshy mass pushed against her sister’s belly. Now immobile, both girls were ridiculously oversized and they were amazed they had been able to expand this much.

“Nova and Crystal Maiden are out and now we’re down to ten combatants remaining! Looks like the goddesses of Smite are pushing hard on the top lane now. The League of Legends girls are forming a final defense!” The announcer called, keeping a tab on the next battle.

MOBA 3 – Janna


Janna, the delicate, wispy embodiment of the wind hovered at the edge of the battle. Wearing sparse, brilliant-white clothing, the woman raised her staff to direct her air elemental to attack. The spectral bird darted toward her opponent, but missed as the enemy vanished, reappearing a few steps ahead.

The girl wearing a bright orange jumpsuit had been masterfully dodging most of her attacks. But, she also had difficulty striking Janna at this distance with her close-ranged pulse pistols. Janna moved with slow confidence as the lengthy white fabric danced around her beautiful cream-colored legs. Tracer decided to advance, darting around the mage as she emptied both of her weapons. Janna released a blast of wind all around her, knocking Tracer aside with ease before finally landing a few hits on the stunned girl.

Tracer recalled before the third blast hit her and they resumed their exchange at a distance once again. Tracer’s suit was tighter after the strikes, but she was still very mobile and both could turn the battle with a few well-placed strikes.

Nearby, Zyra and The Death Prophet fought for superiority as the tide of minions pushed either direction. Zyra was a tall, slender woman with pointed features and a hard green carapace covering a good portion of her body. Her red eyes tracked the ghostly woman as she continued picking off the nameless rabble ahead.

Krobelus watched her as well, summoning a wave of bats to attack the opposing minions. The woman’s empty eyes showed mild delight as her opponent slew the remaining men and headed straight for her. The Death Prophet’s phantasmal hair and tattered dress fluttered in an otherworldly wind as she hovered ahead, using her large green claws to direct a silencing spell at the foolish plant. Zyra was clearly unprepared as The Death Prophet magically pulled at the woman’s spirit.

“I was uncertain if you would have a spirit.” Krobelus laughed. “Maybe you don’t! It doesn’t seem to be draining you, I see.”

Zyra’s hips and legs grew thicker, parting the thick covering and revealing more of her soft green human-like skin. Before she could counterattack, the ghostly woman quickly moved in to join the other two women fighting, knowing that the scorned plant woman would follow. Tracer dodged the newcomer’s blast, but this allowed Janna to send a spike of air through the girl’s clothing. Her belly puffed out as she recovered and reappeared elsewhere.

“Two on one?” Tracer smirked. “Piece of cake!” Tracer did two quick teleports to plant a pulse bomb onto the unprepared spectral woman. Death’s Prophet let out a shrill scream as it went off. It made her tight, already torn dress blast away, exposing her ghostly green body beneath. Her breasts and belly grew, making her look like a normal, albeit translucent, pregnant woman.

The edge of the blast also hit the air elemental. Janna’s smooth belly puffed out making her look a few month’s expectant. Zyra caught up as they recovered, unleashing her ultimate ability. A swarm of vines erupted from the ground and snaked their way around the three fighter’s legs, ripping away Janna’s bottoms and a section of Tracer’s suit. The slimy vines slipped between their legs and pushed into their lower openings.

For the spectral woman, the vines grasped her arms and moved up her chest, sliding between her larger breasts and coming back down into her mouth. The woman’s eerie, mostly see-through skin allowed a view of the vines as they moved into her belly and began blasting a white goo inside her. The other girls gasped and fought as they too felt the eruption between their legs. All three of their bellies grew as the seed filled them.

Janna gave a pleading look to her teammate. Zyra shrugged. “Just some friendly fire!” Jenna used a free hand to squeeze one of the vines, causing a bulge to form as she held the flow in place. The slippery vine shook as it grew larger and after a few moments, it pushed her hand apart and forced the blocked fluid inside her. Janna let out a sad whimper as the foreign fluid moved into her womb.

They continued growing as the announcer’s voice called. “Summoning beacon activated!” Zyra searched the area, but saw no disturbance. She turned back, enjoying her dominance of the three women in front of her.

Elsewhere, the blonde assassin, Nova, waited for her summoned companion. After an agreement was reached, Chromie used her ability to freeze time. The bronze dragon, in the guise of a gnome, nodded in approval before disappearing back into the endless stream of time. The ghost operative holstered her rifle and ran out to the frozen battle nearby. She yanked the vines free from Tracer, Janna, and even from Death’s Prophet.

She lugged them over to the frozen plant girl with the ample backside and set to plugging them into her: one in her mouth, two in her pussy, and two in her ass. It took a fair amount of effort and some force, but they all fit eventually.

Checking her timer, she decided to use her last minute to turn the tide of the battle. “Got to even the odds.” She pushed a pulse grenade with a long fuse down Krobelus’ still gaping throat and another into Tracer’s open ass. “I don’t care how helpful you are, you’re too unpredictable for me.” Nova ran a short distance and cloaked just before her timer read zero.

Time resumed and within an instant the plant woman who had been causing them all grief now was overwhelmed by her own weapon. The vines still held them, forcing them to watch as it filled it’s maker with a massive amount of seed. Janna grabbed her sore privates as she watched.

Tracer and The Deaths Prophet exchanged horrified looks as they realized there were foreign objects inside them. The Death Prophet shook her stretched midsection, seeing the flashing grenade sitting in her ghostly, cum-filled stomach. Both grenades exploded, causing her, and Tracer, to curl forward as their bellies blasted outward.

Zyra let out muffled screams as her vines poured a ridiculous amount of their seed into her. With her own attack turned against her, her stomach swelled and sagged, moving down and past her knees and soon rested upon the ground. The vines withdrew and snaked back into the ground as she was forced to fall forward upon the fleshy, cum-filled abdomen.

The three pained women joined together in attacking the nearly immobile Zyra, making sure she would not cause any further trouble. The plant woman’s carapace cracked and fell, revealing her swelling female form. Her wide hips and thick legs were lifted as she tilted forward upon her massive belly. The women finally stopped once the announcer called the defeat. Zyra was leaning forward cursing, as she was unable to reach the ground, mostly filled with her own plant’s pollen.

The remaining trio drew back and prepared for another exchange. Janna sent a few blasts at Tracer, watching the slender girl with a potbelly jump place to place as she returned fire. Janna put up a magical barrier as she directed her wind elemental companion to strike the woman in the skintight flight suit. Tracer tumbled backward into some bramble.

In haste, she used her recall ability, jumping back to the exact spot she had stood three seconds prior. She was visibly confused, as her belly still remained, dominating her otherwise slight frame. “Guess I got a full figure now!” Her bright yellow flight suit had large, gaping holes torn throughout. She looked over her shoulder to see her exposed, tight butt. “I thought it seemed a bit breezy!”

The Death Prophet lifted her arms and sent a wave of ghostly green specters charging toward the distracted British girl. They wailed as they swirled around her, pushing her from side to side as they encircled her. Then, one slipped lower and moved her legs apart. Then another went low and shot up, disappearing into her crotch. Another and another – countless forms moved into the poor girl. Her frame grew wider, arms and legs thickened, and her breasts and butt swelled. Her stomach rounded more naturally before it also pushed outward, ripping her suit up the middle.

Krobelus let out a horrifying cackle as she watched the girl expanding at an amazing speed. “You will hold these souls eternally. They will be part of your suffering.”

Janna knew she should strike now. She created a small tornado as she floated away. It grew for a few seconds before it wound a path toward the ghostly woman. Krobelus flew aside, getting hit with only the edge of the gale. Her oddly entrancing breasts grew larger upon the ballooned belly. Her slim hips led to a tight butt that shifted as she floated. Below that, eerie green legs were raised just above the dirt.

Tracer was on her back now, flailing like a flipped turtle, swiping at the air helplessly as the last few souls invaded her body. “I could use some help over here!” The glowing device upon her chest was all that remained of her clothes and it was digging into her soft flesh as the straps stretched. She had grown to nearly five times her original size, looking nearly unidentifiable as she puffed up. Her pliable, youthful skin wobbled enjoyably as she struggled against the ethereal invaders.

A blast of fire came down from above and struck everyone in the area. This was enough to pop the machine on Tracer’s chest off, launching it onto the ground. The young, fleshy blob that once was Lena Oxton, cried out as she disappeared. The remaining couple of souls that hadn’t found a home in the woman vanished as well.

The announcement came. “Tracer will be jumping through time for a while before we can find her, but we can safely say she’s out!”

The standoff resumed after a few moments. Janna raised her arms and closed her eyes as storm clouds gathered in the sky above. The massive thunderheads rolled in with unnatural speed, flashing with lightning. “You shall be exposed to the full force of the winds.” The blast of air launched The Death Prophet backward.

In quick retort, the specter silenced Janna and started to cast another spell, but a surprise attack by a rotund redhead stopped her. Katarina slashed frantically, slowed by her added girth. The Death Prophet turned and sent a swarm of bats upon the girl, who in turn launched a flurry of daggers. Both swelled as Janna observed. The nude women were very curvy and Janna decided to intervene. She charged another howling gale and sent it for the grouped fighters.

The air pushed them apart and they both turned in time to see Janna moving her arms to manipulate the wind further. The clouds above snaked down with two separate prongs, moving between the stunned ladies legs and pushing inside. Katarina and The Death Prophet had used all of their mana and could do nothing as the forced wind began puffing them up like beach balls.

Krobelus’ green skin grew lighter as it stretched. Her cold eyes watching calmly as her body accepted the gusts of wind. Every few seconds she puffed out more and more, her stomach expanded outward a few feet and then her extremities swelled. Her midsection moved outward, enveloping her arms in legs and making her look round. Eventually she was nearly spherical; her breasts and backside, however, were still distinguishable, slightly raised from her round body. Her puffed face, clawed hands, and small feet were all that remained as she rolled backwards.

Katarina’s expansion went differently. Her already expanded frame took the blasts of wind in her arms and legs first, making them thicken and pull outward, locking her into a spread eagle stance. Her butt and breasts swelled into two squished spheres, and her belly rounded and went out even more. Her light frame shifted as the tempest lulled. She was precariously balanced, and Janna relished in her next act. She directed her magical bird to hit the redhead, launching her onto her back, causing her to bounce a few times before she settled.

Janna launched another couple of quick blasts into the taut rogue’s exposed privates, causing Katarina to grunt angrily. “Be tranquil my friend.”
“I saved you!” Katarina said with uncharacteristic bewilderment.
“Eventually it would come down to a battle between us. I simply expedited the process.”
“I should have ended you when I had the chance!”
“I will leave you… breathless.” Janna smiled as she launched a few more blasts, hitting the mark yet again.
The tightly inflated woman laughed deeply after her groans of pain. “You idiot, you got us all taken out!”

Janna turned to see what she meant. “What can I say? I do have the best equipment.” The Terran ghost held her rifle steadily as Janna froze with shock, knowing most of her abilities needed some time before she could use them again. “What’s wrong, did I catch you at a bad time?” The blonde’s ponytail whipped as she cocked her head with a mocking smirk.

Nova pulled the trigger, hitting Janna in the chest with a pinning shot, slowing her long enough use a sniper shot. Janna’s chest swelled, expanding quickly and throwing the slim girl with the large belly forward. Janna hit the ground, rolling onto her side. Her now heft breasts and belly kept her grounded. Nova called down a precision strike and watched as a beam of light parted the remaining clouds to strike the struggling fighter.

The blast caused Janna’s breasts and belly to roll outward upon the ground with unnatural weight, making certain that she would be unable to stand again. Nova walked closer, planting a foot upon the girl’s belly, which was nearly the same size as the owner. “Light’s out.” She shot her rifle from her hip to hit Janna, then she turned to shoot Katarina, and then a final shot in The Death Prophet.

“Janna, Katarina, and Krobelus are all out of the match!” The announcer said with glee as he called their names. Nova giggled as she cloaked and relocated. “Piece of cake.”

The Brood


“They’re breaking through! Get out while you-“ The transmission was cut short and followed shortly by a pounding on the blast doors at the end of the corridor. She was terrified as she watched the camera, seeing the steel bulge with each strike. After a moment she saw a thick blade penetrate the doorway. When it withdrew she could see an Ultralisk rearing back for another swipe. She ducked under a desk in the control room. There were two more blast doors leading to her, but she knew they would break through in mere moments. The Swarm had come.

Dr. Kate Harper had joined the Moebius Foundation three years ago and she had always heard of the Zerg laying waste to planets, but she had never been close to the front lines. This was no exception, the Zerg just moved so ferociously, laying waste to three planets in the past month. This planet was next in line. But, they probably had come for this research facility. This was the second most fortified base in all of Dominion Space, or so they said. There had been a long battle on the space platform, but inevitably, the Terrans lost.

She heard the second door screech and break. She peeked above the desk once more, looking at the camera again. The once empty corridor swarmed with infested terran and zerglings. At the front of the swarm she saw The Queen of Blades. She hunkered under the desk, screaming uncontrollably. Her colleagues ran farther into the base, but she was frozen, shaking with panic.

The door started to melt slowly from the center. Kerrigan was using some sort of electric attack. She stepped through casually, once the gap was large enough. Zerglings rushed through and started destroying everything. She felt their power, their feral need to attack. One leapt toward her, raring up on its hind legs, ready to attack; she screamed and held out her hands, it flew backwards a few feet as if she had thrown it. She saw the Queen of Blades’ head turn to watch, the sneer of anger turned to a wicked grin. The zergling ran away to attack someone else.

Kerrigan came closer. “A psychic? I think I have a use for you.” An infested terran walked up and grabbed her. She tried to push him away with her mind, but Kerrigan must have been blocking her. She decided that this might give her a chance to escape at some point, so she let him carry her outside. He was slimy and stank, but her attention focused on the waves of zerg pouring past them into the base. As they came to the entrance she looked out to see the darkened skies, zerg flyers blotting out the sunlight. The ground was coated with a purple slime where she could see. The Zerg covered the landscape. She was carried to an overlord, which tucked her into one of its internal sacs. She slid in and felt immensely claustrophobic. She couldn’t move much, but she could breathe. She felt extremely tired, suddenly, and drifted to sleep.

She awoke to Kerrigan kneeling above her. “What do you think of your new body, Dr. Harper?” Kate looked down to see that her hands had grown into claws and a good portion of her skin had hardened into a carapace. Her arms and legs now had a tough coating on the outer areas. Her torso still had soft, human skin, which had turned a light shade of purple; her breasts had grown a noticeable amount. She gasped as she tried to understand what had happened. “I am going to test you first to see how well you have adapted.”

She motioned to a zergling, which walked closer. She drew her bladed wing back and sliced the beast in one easy motion. She made a motion with her hand Kate watched as the bloody mess collected in the air before them. Kerrigan raised her other hand and watched intently as the blood moved through the air in a line and it seemed to disappear into skin. She could feel the essence flowing into her. She sat patiently until it had been fully absorbed into her midsection. “There, now we wait. Your pets will keep you company.” Kerrigan looked at the group of zerglings surrounding them. She stood up and left the chamber with certainty.

Kate felt calmer now. She didn’t mind the creatures gathered around her, in fact, she felt at ease with them. She even felt that she had some power over them. She spoke to one with her mind. It came closer; she reached out, lying on the floor, and touched it as it lowered its head in submission. She no longer feared these creatures as she once had – now, they were hers.

Days passed, secluded in her chamber, and she felt something inside her – something growing. She grew hungry, but not for food. Instead she needed to consume something more. She brought a zergling closer and she raked its side with her claw. It made a noise, but made no move to fight or flee. It stood complacently as she drew back and made another swipe. The second attempt finished the poor creature. It fell lifeless in a pool of blood. It took her a moment before she understood what to do, but somehow she figured out how to draw it’s essence into her. She felt sated for now, feeling something in her grow.

After a week she had consumed all of her pets and her stomach had swollen immensely. Her breasts had expanded as well, with areolas the size of quarters. She held one, but it slid out of her grasp; overflowing around her hand it came to rest again upon her belly. She couldn’t stand anymore. As big as she was, she was hungry for more. She called out for any other creatures in the area. A hydralisk came through the doorway. It slithered closer and opened its mandables. She struck it many times before she cut through its hard exterior and absorbed its essence. The next day her stomach had reached an enormous size. It rested between her legs as she sat, immobile. She still wanted more. She called out again, but nothing came. She started growing very impatient as the day passed with no visitors.

The following day she felt a strong presence; Kerrigan entered the chamber. She was visibly shocked. “I can’t believe it.” She looked at the hydralisk husk on the ground. “You consumed that too? Impressive, I must say. Now, let’s see what you’ve grown.” Kerrigan focused her energy on her immobile victim. Kate felt sudden pressure on her loins and then something large started to slide out. She instinctively tried to keep it in, but she couldn’t hold out. She relazed her muscles and felt the immense object slip out of her. The sensation was pleasant at first, but the object felt larger as it came out. She felt a pop and a sudden shooting pain. She tried to close her legs, but they were held open by two pincers. She looked down to notice that the hands holding her legs open came from inside her. She moaned as the creature pulled itself further out of her womb.

It let go of one leg and latched onto the ground. Its body was thick and hard, feeling the ripple of its carapace upon her vagina. She gasped as it withdrew the final part of its body; she felt momentary emptiness replaced with immense satisfaction. The beast looked back at her and opened its maw before walking to the Queen of Blades. “My, my, what an interesting mutation. I think it came out too soon. We should see what else we can create with this.” The beast turned back toward her and put its head down. Kate felt her vagina spread open and it started to slide back into her. The creature pushed into her slowly, there was immense pain as it forced its way back into her womb. She didn’t think that was possible, but the beast sat snugly in her belly.

“Your body has adapted well, my pet. I want to see how big you can grow. Let me bring you something with more gerth.” She left the room for about 20 minutes before returning with an infestor. “Absorb this. I’ll be back in a day to check on you.”

She did as the Queen asked, killing the creature. She grew larger still and now she could barely see around her belly, which rested on the ground. The next day Kerrigan returned and somehow started the birthing process again. Her vagina must have developed the ability to stretch to immense lengths. It hurt, just as it had the first time, yet it seemed to shrink back to the regular size each time. The beast was larger now with random tendrils over its front and a thick shell on its back. Kerrigan ordered it to head to the staging area. “We shall see how you perform.” It crawled away with new purpose. “And you, Dr. Harper, will serve me another way now. I made you with the ability to combine essences, but I think you need to be bigger. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, my Queen.” Kate needed to please her master. She would endure any amount of pain for her, she knew. Now able to stand, she followed Kerrigan to an evolution chamber. She walked into the pool and laid down, allowing a chrysalis to form around her – she slept. When she awoke she looked similar, with armor along her back and limbs, leaving an exposed torso. She noticed she was much taller now. About 15 feet tall, she guessed. Kerrigan entered and smirked. “You’re a big girl now. It’s time to see how well you perform on the battlefield. You are able to absorb essences in your belly now. Go and show me ” Kate nodded and walked to the staging area; she boarded an overlord and waited as it brought her to the surface. It unloaded her on a cliff behind a small Terran base.

She leapt down and sliced an SCV in two. She no longer wanted to absorb essences, though. Instead she moved to the next SCV and ripped the armor off of it, exposing its driver. He screamed as she took him and slid him into her dripping pussy. He went in with ease and the feeling was wonderful. She did this with two more SCVs before a Marauder came over and started blasting grenades at her. She didn’t have time to remove its armor, so she just leapt over it and lowered herself on top of it. It required some effort, but once the shoulders passed her vagina pulled it in the rest of the way. The armor didn’t seem to bother her, other than filling her up more than the single person had. Her stomach ballooned outward and sagged slightly due to the weight.

She looked for another victim. She came to the front of the base and saw a lone siege tank. She leapt close before it could fire upon her. Without thinking she positioned herself above it and slid its cannon into her vagina. It fired – she felt a surge of something warm inside her and her stomach bulged outward to twice its size. Surprisingly, it felt euphoric, she slid it in deeper until she had the whole cannon inside her. She straddled the tank, her knees on each side of it. It shot another blast, her stomach swelling even more. Now her belly rested partially on the tank and partially on the ground. It shot once again, causing her to orgasm. She contracted her vagina with so much force that it tore the cannon off, sucking it into her and leaving a gaping hole in the top of the tank.

She needed more. She watched people running in all directions panic washing over the camp. Then she saw a Thor walking toward her. She ran as quickly as she could, her belly sagging and bouncing. She saw it lower and prepare to send a volley, she reached it just in time. She leapt and her pussy opened on command, allowing one of the Thor’s arms to slip into her.

She felt a burst inside of her, immense heat and a popping sound followed, but her stomach only ballooned. It swelled outward with each burst. She stood, leaning back, allowing the gunfire to continue inside of her. She relished in the explosions in her stomach. She didn’t understand how she could survive this, but she didn’t care. She edged closer between each shot, allowing the arm further into her. It shot about six times before it finished. She was very angry that they stopped. She bent two of the cannons down. She held the machine tightly and drew it in up to the shoulder, allowing the larger cannons inside of her too. “Shoot me! Shoot inside of me!” She ripped off the other arm to motivate them. “NOW!” They finally fired the 250mm cannons, causing a wave of pleasure to wash over her. She shook violently and crumpled to the ground, breaking the other arm of the Thor. It slid inside of her and she noticed a wave of zerglings entering the front of the base. They won. She passed out on the ground.

She awoke to Kerrigan standing beside her. Kate’s belly was massive. It easily matched her in size. She was immobile at this point. “That was quite a show, you are insatiable! Now to see what you’ve created.” Kate threw her head back as she felt her lower region burn. The pain was more than she’d ever felt before. Once it subsided she felt normal down there once again and her belly, surprisingly, was only bulging slightly. She looked at the creature she had created. It was a giant ball of yellow energy. She could see some twisted face in the center, but she couldn’t place what it was. It seemed to be a hybrid zerg and human. It was some sort of archon!

Kerrigan smirked. “Wonderful, you’ve impressed me. We’ll have to get you back out there. We’ll even make you some sisters.” Kate was wet with excitement. She moaned. “Oh, please! We must!”