Beating Around the Bush


After unlocking the door, Betty set her purse upon the counter. Karen stripped right as she inside, as usual, and headed upstairs. Hank went into the living room and Jack got something to drink from the fridge. Betty went up and changed into her pajamas. They were getting smaller by the week. Only about a month left to go. She came back downstairs to find Jack rifling through her handbag. “What are you doing?” Most of the contents were strewn upon the countertop.
“Uh, Karen said you had something of mine.”
“Do not go through my purse without asking, Jack!” She revealed the command rod from her pocket. “You must be looking for this. What is this thing for anyway?”
“It’s a mind controlling rod.”
“Seriously, Jack, why is this damned thing so important to you?”
“It lets me fuck you.”
“Jack! Go upstairs right now! We will talk about this tomorrow!” She was livid as Jack ascended the stairs. I cannot believe he talks to me like that! We made a huge mistake sleeping with them, but we can fix this. Betty tried to relax while looking at her phone, but she was wound tight. I should talk to him.

She sat the rod in her purse and lugged her belly up the stairs once again, knocking on Jack’s door. He stopped playing his game and waited sullenly for her to sit on the edge of the bed. “Look, I know this is a lot to take in, but you can’t talk to me like that. I am under a lot of stress recently and I don’t want to have you against me. We can’t have sex anymore and that is final.” She paused, watching him nod as he looked to the floor. “Now, please be honest and tell me why you were carrying a metal rod with you.”

“I… it… it was for self-defense.”
“Because I’m scared I’m going to get attacked by kids at school.”
Jake! It has to be Jake! He hasn’t sent anything or contacted us in any way since… what we did. He must be toying with us! “What are their names, Jack?”
“I… I can’t say.”
“Is it Jake?” He looked at her surprised. “I knew it. What is he doing to you?”
“Mom, it’s nothing, I keep that with me just in case. Nothing has happened yet.”
She asked again, but he wouldn’t give any more details. “Jack, that is a dangerous weapon. That isn’t what you need to stop him. Just avoid him for now and I’ll take care of it.” Somehow…
“Please, Mom, just let me hold onto it.”
“No, Jack.” Betty locked eyes until she was confident that he wouldn’t press the issue. She drew a deep breath as she looked at the floor, building up courage for what she had to say next. “Jack, your father got fired a few weeks ago. I’m the only one making money now and we have to cut back on a few things around here.”
“Your dad thought it might be coming for a long time, but they made official the day before the police came and found us all… Doing it. We didn’t want to bother you until you got home again.”

Jack shook his head, confused and irritated. “Why would you wait?” He held up his hand. “Just, let me help. I can fix this, but I need that metal rod.”
“Jack, no.” She emphasized the denial. “I will not give you a weapon and there isn’t anything to fix! It’s done, your dad just needs to recover and find something else!”
“Mom, trust me, I can fix this, but that rod… it helps me control the situation, it helps me relax. I won’t use it to hurt people, I promise!”
He is so stubborn. “Just go to sleep and we’ll talk more tomorrow, deal?” He nodded begrudgingly and she left him. Back in the kitchen she held the rod once again as she pondered her situation. I can’t risk giving my son a weapon. He’s just trying to help me, but I need to fix these problems. Hank will get another job; I just need to find a way to stop Jake and Adam. And I have to make sure I keep my job to support my children. She rubbed her swollen belly. And Karen’s child. She put her head in her hands, crying softly.

At school Jack, Karen, and Ashley met for a short span in between classes. “Jack, I need the command rod tonight.” Ashley sounded mildly flustered.
“Uh, I’m sorry, but I don’t have it.”
“What? Did you lose it?!”
“No, no, I just… My mom took it from me.”
“She found it and this dummy pissed her off.”
“Jack, I need it! My dad is going to send me to therapy because I’m failing my classes.”
Karen cracked a smile and nodded. “I was getting there too. We can fix it once we get the rod back. Jack just has to get it back somehow.”
“I tried, but she won’t give it up. Now she thinks I’m scared of Jake and I kept it with me to protect myself.”
“She probably thinks he’s bothering you since we split up.” Karen interjected.
Ashley grumbled. “It doesn’t matter, we need to get it back before she uses it by accident. Just take it when she’s not looking.”
Karen was about to say more on the subject, but she turned to see Jake and Candice approaching. “Ugh, not now.” She muttered with agitation.

With a self-assured grin, Jake handed Karen a disc. “This is for you. You need to meet me at my locker tomorrow if you want that to stay between us.”
“What is this?” Ashely asked, as Karen was at a loss for words.
Candice grinned. “That, my friends, is five star material. He let me see a little bit and I can guarantee it won’t disappoint!” She showed her teeth in an embellished smile. “Just don’t lose it!”
Jake gave Karen a confident nod before they continued down the hall.

The rest of the day took forever. Ignoring her father’s rule, Ashley joined Karen and Jack at their house. The trio booked it to Karen’s room where she loaded the disc and clicked the video file. They watched with revulsion as Jake’s crew took turns with Jack and Karen’s pregnant mother. Betty took it with experience, showing minimal discomfort as they jammed two cocks in her ass at once.

She whined and complained when the third boy went in, causing Jack to shift uncomfortably. Karen covered her mouth with shock as Ashley watched with disappointment. They’re peeing in her ass. Once the trio finished with her, Jake took the camera and showed Betty. He laughed as pointed it at the tired looking, swollen pregnant woman, who was somehow retaining their deposits. She pleaded as he explained how he would blackmail her and Karen with the recording.

“That is fucking sick.” Jack muttered.
“Why is he doing this to us?” Karen asked despondently. “Why can’t he just get out of our lives?”
“He is a complete asshole. He enjoys making people miserable.” Ashley gave her thoughts. “But, I think he will go through with it. How are we going to stop him from showing this?”
“Jack, get that damned command rod back!” Karen snapped. “We need it!”
“Well, I can’t now, she’s at work.”

Jack and Karen bickered for a minute as Ashely pondered the video. “Where does your mom work?”
“The grocery store, why?”
“That video looked like it was in a back room or something, didn’t it? Didn’t the shelf have a few bags of flour?”
“Adam!” Jack exclaimed. “That shithead let Jake back there.” He saw Ashley’s confusion, “It’s a long story, but we have to help her. We have to get the rod back from her somehow!”
“Tonight one of you distract her and the other take it, then we can undo all of this mess.” Ashley was confident as she thought of screwing over the conceited jerk that had used her before.
“We can’t wait until tonight. He might be there right now!” Karen argued.
“We might get into more trouble if we go there. Just play it safe and wait… I mean, we’ve seen that she can handle it.”

Ashley knew she should not have added the last sentiment. They squabbled for a few minutes before she finally conceded. Betty looked like she was enjoying parts of it. Ashley thought back to her past transgressions. They went too far, but there is no need to be stupid about this. Against her warnings, Jack and Karen were set on heading to the store in a futile attempt to help their mother. I better go with them so they don’t do something they’ll regret. They headed downstairs and outside, only to see Ashley’s father stepping out of his car. “Shit, I’m busted.” She looked to Jack. “Go on without me.”

“You lied to me! I was worried sick when you weren’t at school, Ashley!” He scolded loudly as Jack and Karen continued with a few backwards glances. She marched to the car and they drove home in tense silence.

She skimmed through this year’s final exam prep work. Her six-year-old son ran by and tossed the mail up onto the table. A letter from Ken Hale, care of the state correctional facility, caught her eye. She stared for a long time before opening the envelope.

Jeanette, listen, I’ve mailed everyone else, but you’re my last shot. I know you’re pregnant. Jeanette looked at the potbelly on her otherwise slender frame before continuing. I know that it wasn’t your husband that put that kid in you. I saw what really happened. You were being controlled!
She paused before holding the paper up to read more. That boy, Jack… Don’t you think it is funny that the teachers in his classes snapped ? Or that his mom and sister both got pregnant. That his whole damned family got caught fucking and then the case just stopped there?

“Mr. Hale, I think you have entirely too much time…” She said to the air as she continued.
All of those things happening at once is odd enough, but you got pregnant when you told me yourself that you were finished having kids. Think about it, what changed? I have proof, but it is on my ex-wife’s computer. I had her stash it there as an insurance policy. Find Irene and have her open this file. He listed the directory. I know I’m fucked, but at least I can take that little shit down with me.
She crumpled the letter and cast it into the wastebasket. She tried to continue reading about her schoolwork, but it took her three tries to make it through the paragraph. He is just a rapist grasping at straws! She aligned the pages and sat thoughtfully. I don’t remember why I changed my mind to have another child, though. Deok-su was the traditional husband who wanted her to have many children, but she was steadfast, wishing for only one child to lavish with all of their attention.

I’m glad I’m having this child, but I don’t really remember what changed. She watched her son assembling some building blocks on the far side of the room. I should just let it go, but he does have a point. Jack did seem to get out of trouble easily and his grades are surprisingly high for someone going through multiple stressful encounters. Jeanette crossed her hands upon the table as she thought. She flipped open her laptop and searched for Irene Hale.

“I was going to apologize to you, Ashley. That’s why I was at your school today, but now I see what an idiot I was. Come over here.” He seemed curiously calm as he motioned for her to come closer. She sat upon his knee in the wooden dining chair. He stroked her long blonde hair and it tickled her neck. “I love you so much, but I can’t have you lying to me, Ashley. We have to fix this.”

She could feel something poking her leg. She grinned, knowing his meaning. “I know how we can fix this, Daddy.” She leaned in and planted a slow, passionate kiss upon his lips. He seemed lost in the feeling for a moment before he pushed her back, his eye twitching with anger.

“You just think that is an easy fix, don’t you? You think I’m an idiot that you can screw to get your way?”
“N-no, it’s not like that!”
He pushed her up and forcefully unbuttoned her shorts, pulling them down and letting them fall to her ankles along with her panties. He tugged her hips until she stumbled forward and fell upon his knees. He shifted her into place and drew back his hand for a hard, swift slap across her firm rump. She tensed and screamed, putting her hands upon her stinging ass in an attempt to cover it. He pulled them aside, holding her wrists with one hand as he landed another heavy-handed strike.

Ashley whimpered as he continued. “Do you realize how much I hold back?” She lost count, no longer trying to prepare for the hits. “Don’t you see how hard it is not to rip your clothes off when I see you?” He hit one last time and brought her back to her feet. Her ass was cherry red, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her father was normally a calm, collected man, but today she saw far more emotion than usual. He was breathing heavily, appearing concerned for her, but something else was hiding below his stern facade. “I was just going to offer my butt, Daddy.”
His expression went calm again. “You want that?” He unzipped his pants and fished out his engorged cock. “Fine, but I’m going in the front first.” He grabbed her hips and walked her forward until she was straddling the chair. She lowered herself and he guided himself into her blonde warmth. She felt the tip slip in with ease, as she was surprisingly excited. He squeezed her tender ass and she groaned, enjoying it.

“I love it when you’re rough with me, Daddy.” She moved her hips as she watched his face. “I’m your little slut.” He looked into her eyes as she ground her hips upon him. “Make me cum, Dad.”
He squeezed her hips and his eyes went wide. “Wait, wait.” He held her in place. “Stop!” She bit her lip as she waited for him to let her continue. She tensed down below and he hurriedly lifted her off. She watched his cock twitch, nearly to orgasm.
She reached forward and tweaked his nipple. He pulled back, putting a hand over his reasonably defined chest. “I don’t want you to finish too quickly.” She smiled and turned around, lowering her ass onto his shaft.

Again, the tip went in smoothly, but in that hole it caused her a lot more discomfort. She stopped just past the head and waited for the pain to subside. She cried out as he pushed upward, snaking his full cock into her unprepared backside. She tried to handle it, but gave up and jumped away, dancing in pain as he cracked a smile. He stood and pushed her over the table. “You said I could have your butt, so I’m going to take it.”

She felt his pulsing cock searching for her opening. The tip finally found a space and he fed it into her rump. He didn’t realize, however, that he aimed too low, slipping into her pussy. Her ass cheeks still ached as he started moving, pounding her with all his might. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her upright. He’s getting close. I should tell him he’s not in my ass. Her mind was nearly lost in pleasure as he fucked her silly. This feels wonderful, though. I can’t make him stop now. She fought to think straight. Fuck it, what are the chances? “Fill me up, Dad.”
Her words sent him into a frenzy. He lifted her up, causing her feet to dangle as he slammed her. He pounded her for a few seconds more before he blew his load, filling her pussy with cum. An orgasmic wave washed over her, causing her to tremble with gratification.

Once it passed, she got up and pulled her shorts and underwear back into place and buttoned them as her father tucked away his manhood. “Ashley, I… I love you. You still have to talk to the therapist, but you can’t tell her about this, promise?”
“I won’t Dad.”
There was a long pause. “Did I… did I go too far?”
She smiled, feeling his sperm dripping into her underwear. “Of course not, it was fun.” Her ass was sore, but she didn’t want to make him feel bad.
He nodded. “Okay, just… please don’t lie to me honey.”

She agreed and headed to her room. She took off her clothes and removed her soiled underwear, jumping into the shower to clean up. She sprayed herself down there and felt assured that there was no chance anything remained. I love when he takes my ass, but letting him stay in the front is nice too. I wish we could do that more often. She touched herself as she recalled the recent sensations, moaning as she thought of her father getting her pregnant. God I’m dirty.

Betty stepped into the back office, glad that Adam was alone today. Her relief was quickly lost when she noticed he was holding an apple, grinning with confidence. “Ever had one of these up your pooper?”
“I’m done.”
“You can do it. I will prepare you a little bit, I promise.”
“No. I am done. I’m not letting you do any more to me.”
“I don’t think you understand how blackmail works.” His mood darkened.
“I can’t take any more and I don’t care. Tell the world and be branded as the pervy kid who was used by the cougar in the back of a grocery store. I am not doing any more with you. If you have a shred of decency then you will just let me go and no one will talk about this again.” She turned to leave and the boy launched the apple at the wall next to her.

“You are mine, you fat fucking bitch!”
He ran to her and grabbed her hair in a fit of rage. She yelped and slowly knelt on the ground as he tugged her down. She fished in her purse and found the black metal rod. She took it out and tapped the boys arm. It was enough to hurt him, but not enough to break anything.

Adam stopped suddenly, holding his arm, nearly crying. “What the hell?”
“I said leave me alone! Just let me go and live my life and you go and live yours! That’s all I want! I can’t take this sick game anymore!”

The door burst open. Betty was shocked to see her children sizing up the situation. “What are you two doing here?” Jack said nothing as he started to reach for the metal cylinder in her hand. “Jack, stop!” She was dumfounded when her son dropped his arm and stood motionless.
She looked to Karen, who appeared nervous. “Mom, be careful what you say when you hold that.”

“What do you mean?” Betty was obviously perplexed.
Her thoughts shifted to Adam as he held up his hands disarmingly. “Fine, you can live your shitty life and I’ll leave you alone.” He was uncharacteristically relaxed as he nudged past the family.

“Mom, just… hand me the rod.” Karen held out her hand expectantly.
Betty hesitated, finally offering her daughter the weapon. “Why are you even here?”
“We came to visit you and we heard a scream. Did he do anything to you?”
“No, I’m fine, but I hope he doesn’t bother me again.”
“I think you’ll be fine now, Mom. He said he’d leave you alone.”
“He’s lied before. I don’t trust him.”
“Mom, I have a very good feeling that he wasn’t lying.” Karen looked at the cylinder in her hand and her still stationary brother. “You can move again, Jack.”
He looked at them both, regaining awareness. “Let me see it.”

Karen squeezed the rod as she spoke. “Jack, let me keep this for now.” Jack put his arm down once again. “Mom, was that kid… doing you?”
“Not this time.”
Karen cocked her head. “So he was before today?” Betty didn’t answer. “How long?”
“A few months.”
“He joined in once when Jason and I came back here. Over time he took over and things got weird. He threatened to make my life miserable.”
“Jesus, Mom, I can’t believe… Wait, how did Jake get involved?”
Betty was stunned for a moment before she shook her head angrily. “You saw, didn’t you? Adam brought them here.”
“Yeah, we saw the recording. We’ll take care of it.” She paused, giving a long look to her brother before turning back. “What do you mean ‘things got weird?’
“Adam put things in me.”
“Why would you let him do that?!”
“It was kind of nice at first, but he went too far.” She cast her eyes to her pregnant belly. “I miss it a little bit, but I knew it had to stop. He was getting too rough.”
“What kind of things?” Jack asked.
“Stuff from back here, fruits and vegetables. I made sure he cleaned them first.”

Karen saw the lopsided apple on the floor. She looked at the rod as she issued the command. “Mom, strip down and prepare your ass. Jack, wash a few of those smaller apples over there and take off your clothes too.” We’re going to have one more fling before we go. Nobody is back here now anyway. Karen locked the door before undressing. Once finished, Jack brought four cleaned fist-sized red apples to the prep table. You know what; I am going to try it too. Karen used some lotion and her fingers to stretch her backdoor.

Karen touched the command rod with her free hand. “Jack, put some lube on one of those apples and stick it in her ass.” Karen fit another finger into her rear as she spoke. “Mom, bend forward and take it.”

Betty bent down and grabbed her ankles. Her swollen belly hung low as her ass waited for the object. Jack pumped some lotion onto the fruit and slipped it between her cheeks. He held her hip as he pushed it deeper with his thumb. He wiggled his hand as it slowly disappeared into her ass. Betty clenched her eyes as the pain started. She struggled, begging him to go slower. Jack didn’t seem to care, as he paused to build up strength and popped the object into his mom’s ass.

Betty howled, jumping forward, trotting around the room with her hand over her ass, her stomach bouncing heavily with each step. “Fuck! It was too fast! Ow, ow, ow!”

She can take more. “Put another in her, Jack.”
Her brother grabbed another apple and slathered some lubricant over the top before walking up to his still recovering mother. She must not have been listening, as he acted as if he may hug her, but instead he forced a second apple into her filled ass. She tried to escape once she realized what was about to happen, but he held her firmly. She did not seem to be as pained by this one, but Karen could see it was still put in too quickly. She groaned, holding him close as she recovered.

Jack was excited from the beginning, but now his cock rubbed against her legs, obscured by her tummy. She pushed his chest, pulling free from his hold. “No, we are not doing that anymore, Jack!”

“Fine,” Karen interrupted, “you just sit over there then and wait for us to finish. Keep those in, though.” In agony, Betty shuffled to the office chair and carefully sat down. She put her hands upon her belly as she waited, watching with a strained expression.

Karen was able to fit all five fingers in her ass at this point. “Jack… put them in me now.” Karen commanded, turning to rest her belly upon the large wooden table as she leaned forward. Jack generously lubricated an apple and pushed it between her slippery ass cheeks. Her butt spread wide and a sudden pain came, mixing with her excitement. I can do this! Mom liked it, so the pain must be part of the fun! The apple pushed her apart even more before hitting the widest section. She reached down and pressed hard upon her clit, lessening the torment as the fruit slid into her hungry asshole.

She bucked, shaking the table as it moved into her bowels. Gasping and whimpering, she realized that she may had gone too far. Those hurt so much more than I thought! Jack pressed her forward, keeping her against the table as he used one hand to prepare the second apple. Oh, no, I have to stop him! I can’t… To her horror, she heard the clank of metal. The rod rolled off the table! She fought, trying to fight her brother away, but he had already hit the mark. He forced the apple in, pressing the other one farther into her guts. She whined as he held it in place, forcing her ass to retain the large objects.

She felt a warm appendage against her inner thigh. Jack popped his finger free only to replace it with his cock. “No, Jack, please!”
“I’ll be quick.” He pushed inside, finding a small nook beside the apples. He pressed in to the hilt, moving with slow strokes. I feel sick! Why the hell would I do this? She looked to Betty. Her nude, pregnant mother sat in the chair, upright with her jaw clenched. How is she able to take this?! Karen lamented.

Jack went faster. “Uhh, no, please stop, Jack. It’s too much!” Her brother ignored her pleas. He pumped her for a few seconds before she felt added warmth in her ass. His cock tensed as he filled her, each time pushing the apples upward painfully. He pulled out and she lazily stood upright. It hurts so much! She put a hand under her belly, unintentionally grazing her dripping pussy. The pain lessened for a moment and she knew what she had to do. I’m going to make this work. No going back now! She pushed a finger in her pussy and rubbed vigorously. Her whole body quaked, shaking the table as she hit climax.

It came and went faster than she liked, and the pain was back two-fold. She trotted to the garbage can and popped both apples out in quick succession. Jack, meanwhile, grabbed the command rod and brought it to her. She took it, shaking as she started cleaning herself up. “Mom, you can empty now. Jack, help clean us up.” I wish I could be in Ashley’s place right now. Karen groaned as she rubbed her belly. I don’t know why I thought that would be a good idea.



Lilly was behind the curtain, preparing for their next challenge. She would compete against Willa and Traci was in charge of this game. “Bend forward and don’t move.” The stern woman demanded. Both participants leaned against opposing tables and waited as Traci lubricated a pink, 6-inch latex dildo behind them. She spread Lilly’s ass and pushed it in gently. It took only a moment before her ass accepted the entire toy. “There is your handicap.”

“What do you mean?” Lilly asked hesitantly.

Traci grabbed another dildo from a nearby case. It was double-ended, thicker, and much longer. “You two are going to play a game with this 18 inch beast. Lilly, if you say a thing about the first dildo I put in then I will make your life hell. Same goes for you, bitch, be thankful I’m helping you.” Traci spanked Willa before stepping ahead to pull the stage curtains aside. The other girls perked up as the competition began. The Master seemed dismissive as usual, watching from his chair.

Without a word, Traci pulled Willa’s hair and roughly forced the double dildo down her throat, paying no mind to her coughing and sputtering. The poor girl gagged as she tried to pull away, but Traci held firmly. Traci flipped the toy around and repeated the process with Lilly. Once wet, she came behind the timid girl commanded her to spread her behind. Willa sniffled as she pulled her cheeks open. Traci did not hesitate, pressing the larger toy into her tiny asshole. Willa let go of her ass and grabbed the edge of the table as Traci fed more into her. Distressed, Willa’s body tensed as she took more of the shaft.

“Okay, stand up.” Traci carefully walked her backwards to Lilly. Once in place, the austere woman spoke to the crowd.  “The girl to take the most by the end will win.” Lilly knew to spread her cheeks for Traci to guide the tip into her open ass. She certainly felt the width, but it still went in easily. She had no idea how much had moved into her, but with the other dildo taking up space it seemed like an impossible task. I have to try. I can’t let Willa win if Tracy wants that. Fuck her!

Breathing to calm herself, Lilly pressed backwards onto the thick toy. Willa whimpered and stepped away from her. Lilly bent down and reached back to hold the girl’s hips, halting any further retreat. Lilly grunted as she forced more of the toy inside of them both. The pain overwhelmed her for a time, but eventually she found an angle to allow it deeper. Lilly’s grip slipped and the girl stumbled away again. She followed the complaining girl as she walked slowly.

Willa stopped at the opposite table, bending forward in an attempt to find a less painful angle. Lilly seized the opportunity and stood nearly upright, pressing down upon the flexible toy. She moved her hips, working it downward into Willa’s soft, dainty ass. The pale girl grasped the shaking table as she fought to accept the dildo. Lilly also felt more of the toy sneaking into her bowels, but she didn’t mind. I can win this. I don’t care about her any more, I just have to beat Tracy at her own game! I can bear it as long as I don’t cum.

Pushing even harder, Lilly moved lower and felt her pussy dripping with excitement in spite of the pain. She moved her legs out a little more and felt the girl’s butt rubbing against hers. She pushed again, but this time it forced the object into her opponent. Willa shrieked as Lilly sat against her, flattening their cheeks against one another.

Unable to resist, Lilly put a finger against her clit and grinded against the toy, gasping with orgasm. She could feel the object slip just a little deeper as she finished. Traci approached, scowling. “Okay, let’s see who took more!” She announced to the crowd. Traci pinched the toy and gave it a sharp tug, trying to force more into Willa’s ass, but it didn’t seem to budge. “You better hold the little one in, bitch.” She whispered by Lilly’s ear. Holding the double dildo firmly, she pulled upward, watching it snake quickly out of their tensing backsides. The girls moaned as she removed the slippery toy.

Once free, they both shakily turned to see how far it had gone. Traci scoffed as she realized the results. Lilly took a few inches more than the red eyed Willa. Traci begrudgingly grabbed Lilly’s arm and raised it victoriously. The spectators grinned and gave light applause as the commanding woman led them off stage. “Good luck shitting that dildo out, I’m sure it’s buried in there deep.” Traci slapped Lilly’s ass and left them in the hall. Both contenders gave a quick goodbye and went to their rooms to clean up.

As expected, it took a lot of effort to push the object out. Drained as usual after their competitions, Lilly went to bed, pleased that she had defied the bitch in red. I shouldn’t let her get to me, but she knows just what buttons to push. She knew that Traci would come after her in another manner, but for now she could rest.

The next day came and went without any unusual happenings. Lilly stayed in her room for the most part, relaxing and reading. Once she figured out that no one was coming to get her for any of the man’s games, she decided to go to sleep. A knock startled her awake. A butler stepped in and asked her to follow. The clock showed 4:59 AM. She made a quick trip to the bathroom, and still naked, accompanied the servant down the corridor and into a room behind the stage area.

The Master waited with his arms behind his back. He was devilishly handsome and could be immensely charming, but it was only a mask. Lilly knew, just as the other girls, that this man was a true Jekyll and Hyde. His chiseled jaw and enchanting eyes only helped to manipulate people. “Good afternoon, ladies.” His voice deep and commanding, “I hope you have recovered enough for another game.” A few of the girls stood beside him, watching silently.

The cold cement room was mostly barren, save for four hoses leading from the wall. There were clips on the wall where they could be placed to act as a shower. Now, however, they laid upon the floor in the middle of the room. Lilly joined the others and waited for instruction. Traci, Willa, and Julie glanced at her before they turned back to him.

“I want you all to stick a hose up your ass.” He summoned a butler to use a small amount of lubricant on each nozzle. The girls gave varying expressions as they put them in place, sliding them into their behinds. “Now, hold your hose by the valve. The girls on the end will swap with the center.”

Lilly’s heart skipped a beat as she handed the control of her hose to Traci. She was thankful, however, that she had some power in this situation, as she held Traci’s.

“Now turn them on and it is up to you when you stop.” The man grinned as he watched their reactions.

Traci twisted the clean plastic valve and sent a torrent of water into Lilly. Lilly responded with the full flow as well. Willa whimpered as Julie started her to fill. Willa, however, didn’t turn her valve.

“You have to play, Willa! She has no trouble pumping you full, why can’t you do the same?” Lilly cried out.
“I- can’t.” The gentle girl knelt, still holding the closed valve for Julie. Her other hand held her tummy.
“You have to; you’re strong enough to handle this!”
“She’s not cut out for this and neither are you, bitch.” Traci snapped. Her belly quaked beneath her hand.

Lilly ignored her foe. “If you give up then I will never forgive you. Don’t you want a friend in here?” Willa looked to her questioningly. “I will help you, I promise. Just turn that valve!”
Julie was bewildered. “Nothing personal, hon, but if you turn that valve on then I will remember it forever.” Her normally kind demeanor changed into a menacing glare. I see why she gets along with Traci.
“You have to trust me! Turn the valve. You have to turn it on or you will fail.”

Willa sighed, her eyebrows craning upwards as the hose continued inflating her. She shook her head, looking as if she may cry. She wrenched the valve and they watched as Julie tensed and took a few steps. “You bitch!”
“I’m sorry!” Willa dropped the valve and gripped her belly with both hands, crying openly.

Meanwhile, Traci and Lilly’s bellies had ballooned outward while distracted. “We can stop whenever we want, Traci.”
“Fuck you. I can take a lot more!”
Lilly gave labored breaths as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. Moments passed and they all were becoming antsy, as well as inflated. They looked to one another, waiting for some sign of stopping. Finally Lilly decided to turn Traci’s valve off.

Traci smiled. Her trim body had a visible belly and her brow glistened with sweat. “Looks like I win, bitch.” Traci dropped her hose. Lilly scrambled to grab it from the floor and shut-off the flow. Julie flipped the valve off and lastly Willa reached down and stopped the flow as well. All of them looked as if they were a month or two pregnant. Willa had the largest belly of the group and she appeared to be in the most pain.

The Master adored the show. “That was at half flow, now it is on normal volume. A butler twisted the master valve upon the wall. Traci snatched the control from Lilly and switched it to full blast. Stumbling backwards in agony, Lilly slowly fell to the floor and watched as her belly slowly grew outward. She knew she was in shock, and it took some time before she was able to fumble for Traci’s control. Traci tried to pull it away, but Lilly flicked it on before dropping it. Before she could pick it up, Lilly grabbed the woman’s toned legs and brought her down. Falling onto her, both girls filled at an unreal speed.

Both grimaced and pushed at each other, but the water weight kept them sandwiched. Hearing a sound, they dizzily turned to see Julie grinning with Willa inflating helplessly upon the ground. “Turn it off, or I’ll make your bitch pop.” Traci finally built enough momentum to roll off, coming to rest upon her back. Lilly fumbled, grabbing both valves as Traci lay, gripping her belly. Unsure of which to turn off, Lilly decided to turn them both off. Julie shook her head and after a long hesitation, she dropped Willa’s hose. Lilly scrambled painfully to flip the flow off.

All of the filled girls groaned in discomfort. The Master nodded, pleased by their forms. “Now the final portion. The girl that holds the water the longest wins.”

They looked to each other, hastily planning what to do next. Lilly, having a tangle of hoses in her hands, started turning them on one at a time. The first was Traci’s, which stopped her advance in an instant. The second was her own, which surprised her enough to drop them onto the ground. Julie stepped closer and grabbed them from the cement. The large, swollen belly causing a pained huff to escape her lips as she did. She turned Willa’s on before finding the hose leading to Lilly. She held it firmly and gave a hard tug. The hose popped out audibly.

Lilly shrieked, falling to her hands and knees as she pinched her asshole, trying desperately to hold the liquid inside. Water splashed over her ass as the hose slapped upon the floor. Lilly closed an eye and grit her teeth, fighting through the ensuing cramps.

“Sorry, hon.” Lilly expected Willa to be the first one out, but she opened her eyes just in time to see Traci holding her hands up, wordlessly pleading to the woman behind her. “Gotta go for the win.” The hose became taught as Julie yanked, spinning Traci place – her distended belly shaking like a water balloon as she moved. The hose popped free and mostly clear water erupted onto the hard floor. Traci whined pitifully as she emptied off and on, attempting to hold her burden fruitlessly. The once proud woman let out a string of curses as she rested upon her hands and knees.

“Traci is done.” Taryn called from the group of spectators.

Still fighting to retain her full belly of water, Lilly got to her feet and turned to a confident, modestly filled Julie. The older woman smiled as she turned and jerked on Willa’s hose with an astonishing amount of strength. There was a moment of extreme despair as the young girl knew what was coming. Willa promptly spun around upon her knees as the tube popped out of her, weeping as she blasted the water onto the floor. Her shoulders trembled as she cried, crumpled and draining. Taryn announced her defeat.

The proud, shapely woman looked to her last opponent. She was suddenly panicked by the sight of Lilly stomping closer, her inflated belly swaying with the immense water weight. Agitated and barely holding it in, Lilly decided to grapple her. Julie stumbled, as the shorter girl’s head pressed against her breasts and their bellies squished together. They clumsily fought for the upper hand, but eventually Julie was forced slowly to the ground by Lilly’s weight.

Julie sat back, landing on her supple posterior. It wasn’t hard enough to injure her, but it did cause her to yelp as the hose pressed against the side of her asshole. Lilly fell atop her, finding balance and trapping the woman beneath her. Using her toes, Lilly flicked the valve on the trapped girl’s hose.

“You bitch!”
“Just take it! Let me know when you give up!”

Julie could only groan and grumble as her belly filled with a large volume of water. Lilly could feel it blasting into the woman’s belly, lifting her slightly before it pressed out from between them. Lilly tried to find the valve with her toes again, but it had moved due to Julie’s flailing legs. Lilly could only wait, watching the blonde woman’s freckled face contorting in agony. Her gorgeous brown eyes pleading for the torment to stop. I know she’s stubborn, but she knows when she’s beaten.

“Stop! You win!”

Lilly gripped the hose with her toes and gave it a tug. Her foot slipped off as the girl begged for the flow to stop. It took a few more tries, but she was finally able to pull it out. Water sprayed beneath them as the hose shot across the floor wildly. Lilly’s weight forced the full, pained woman to empty beneath her. Once they declared her the victor, Lilly too released her burden. She watched her enormous belly slowly deflating. She appeared to be fully pregnant by the end, and she could only imagine how much water she had taken. I’m more shocked I was able to hold it. Hot water passed as fast as she could push.

Lying upon the beautiful woman with large breasts and warm, pliable skin, Lilly couldn’t help herself. She planted a kiss upon her lips. The other woman didn’t seem to mind, clearly groggy from the ordeal.
“It was a good game.” Lilly rolled aside and continued to empty, staring up to the cold unadorned ceiling. The sound and sight of the women emptying their filled bellies caused laughter amongst the girls that watched.

Mostly empty, Lilly got to her feet and wearily walked to The Master. “What is the point of these games?”

The man gave an uncaring smile. “For my enjoyment.” He reached forward without prompt and grabbed her nipples, twisting them, causing her to screech and release a little more water onto the floor. Lilly grabbed her chest, her mouth open with confusion. “You’re a good sport, Lilly. So I’ll tell you what, I’ll bring you into public tomorrow. I reward winners.”

The man nodded and nonchalantly left the room. The other girls smiled, congratulating her. “I’ve never been in public with him.” Keira said. “You’re lucky.”

Know your Place


Hours had passed as she wandered past the houses. She was no longer near her neighborhood, but she was looking for the perfect animal. Her eyes locked onto a beautiful tan Labrador that wandered freely in someone’s backyard. The dog was guarded, moving closer only as she held out an offering of lunch meat from her uneaten sandwich earlier. He gobbled it up and sniffed her hand. He licked her palm after a short hesitation and shortly after she was able to pet him.

After confirming the dog’s gender, Candice opened the gate and grabbed the leash from the patio table. He’s not neutered yet, he must be a breeder. She secured it to his collar and led him out of his boundary, down the alley. I am going to be his bitch. Her heart danced with excitement as she found a secluded area where two garages obscured the view from the end of the alleyway. It was overgrown, so the only way she would be caught is if someone walked close by.

Finally, this was her chance. His light fur felt incredibly soft as she moved her hand along the back of his neck. She pet the dog for a long while before she looked at his nametag. “Buster? I bet some snot nosed little brat named you… But you love them don’t you? Don’t you?” She baby talked to the gentle giant as she wrapped his leash upon a nearby post. Candice breathed deeply and unfastened her shorts. She slid them to her ankles and knelt upon the grassy patch that extended between the garages.

Buster watched as she got into position. On all fours, she patted her butt, enticing him to come forward. The dog’s wet nose tickled as it searched between her legs, sniffing her womanhood before licking it a few times. It feels amazing! Candice loved his rough tongue sliding across her lips. The dog pulled back, and she was afraid he might be giving up. Candice turned to see him shuffling forward, his pulsing pink cock ready to penetrate her. “Fuck me like a dog.” She spoke softly.

The Labrador jumped upon her. He clawed her a few times as he tried to pull himself forward. Candice yelped as he shifted, pushing her down, causing her legs to fold under his weight. The beast straddled her, humping her wildly as she waited, crumpled beneath him. His hard shaft finally found her excited pussy, slipping in and out with no regard for her. It doesn’t really feel good, but I am glad to have accomplished this in my life. Candice endured as the large dog fucked her relentlessly. He panted as he pumped his bulbous shaft in and out of her open pussy. She could sense that he neared completion.

He shifted and she felt him press in at an odd angle and then he fell out completely. Frustrated, Candice leaned lower resting her head on her hands with her ass high. Buster pumped wildly, trying to find the spot again. Sudden pressure caused her to groan, as she knew what was coming. The dog slipped his rod into her backdoor, causing Candice to squeal and jerk forward.

She buckled, grunting as she balled her fists. “That was my ass, you shithead!” She felt the heat of his cock slapping against her back as he continued humping. She drew a sharp breath and lifted herself, holding her butt as high as he allowed. “Just give me a second.” She could feel him prodding against her thighs and with her helping hand he was able to find the right hole again. The first thrust caused her to tense, but the following were smooth, quick strokes. It didn’t last very much longer, and she smiled as she felt the warmth flowing into her.

The happiness was short lived, as something swelled inside her. She gathered all her might and pushed him up, but the angle and his weight were too much for her. The dog dropped back in place. Growling and nipping next to her ear, making sure she knew her place. Oh no, I’m trapped and he’s still shooting stuff in me! Why did it grow? She struggled again and yelped as he unintentionally clawed her arm, biting next to her head once again. Candice waited as she felt more of his warm seed pulsing into her. The dominant beast finally crawled off and walked behind her. She felt a strong tug as the swollen ball upon his shaft kept him connected. “Fuck this hurts!” He seemed irritated, as he was forced to find a comfortable stance to wait until he was fully empty.

Candice was equally distressed, waiting and hoping no one would waltz by. About ten minutes passed until he shrank enough to come uncoupled. Candice pulled her shorts up and felt her back. Her hand came back with dried blood and she knew her appearance would raise many questions. But, she still decided to be responsible. She unwound the leash and walked the dog back to the owner’s yard, attempting to avoid people as she walked. Luckily no one had noticed that she had borrowed Buster. She let him back into the fenced yard and tossed his leash near the table. She used the hose on the side of the home to clean up a bit before making the long trek back to her place.

She inspected her scratched arm. Buster’s seed was still collecting in her panties. I don’t know why I did that, but it was worth it.

Ashley knew the conference would go poorly. Even though I’m pissed at him I can’t ruin his life. I have to be the one to fix his mistakes. She waited across the road, sitting under a tree with her homework. Sure enough, Jack’s dad came out with handcuffs on and the officer placed him in the back. The man got in on the passenger side, so she chose to wait. It didn’t take long before his mother came out in the same state.

Ashley closed her book and slipped it into her bag. The man had just finished helping the Jack’s mother inside when she arrived. The other officer watched her approach as he held the door open. “Something we can help you with?”

“I command you both to drive down the block and wait until the Social Service worker leaves. Once she is no longer visible, I want you to bring those two back here, uncuff them and leave them. Imagine that they were found completely innocent. It was all just a big misunderstanding.”

They agreed and she leaned down, looking into the backseat. “I want you two to stop having sex with your kids. You got a second chance tonight, and remember that they determined that it was all a big misunderstanding.” She closed the door and said nothing as she headed back to her lookout point.

The car moved down the road a few blocks before circling back around and pulling to the side. Easy as pie. Ashley resumed her homework and waited.

“Alma, may I have a word with you?” Principal Hyun spoke softly.
“Of course.” They moved into the kitchen. Jack pressed his hands against his face in frustration. Steph and Hank were consoling his crying sister and his parents had just been escorted to jail. He turned to the kitchen. Those two did this to me.Fuming, he got up and approached the room where the women talked privately. He stopped as he could hear them speaking around the corner.

“You didn’t need to make such a show of it, though.”
“Mrs. Hyun, I know what I am doing. I had to show him that they are gone and that what they did is wrong.” Jack could barely hear the woman. “I know it isn’t the most honorable way to do this, but it is necessary.”
“I hope you are right.”

Alma turned the corner, surprised by the boy. “I don’t know what you heard, but-“
“I know my parents are good people. Nothing you can do will change that and I will find some way to make you suffer.”

Karen came closer, holding Jack’s shoulder as she sniffled. “It’s over for now, we have to go.” Jack couldn’t think straight. That bitch ruined any hope of a normal life. His body seemed disconnected as he hit the social worker, with moderate force, in the boob. He had instant remorse as he watched her stumble back against the wall, clutching her hefty breast.

The silence hung for a moment before she finally spoke. “I should bring you up on charges, but I know you’re already destined for a life of trouble. I know it will come without my help.”

Hank held him from hitting the woman again. “Come on, we need to go.”

Alma watched the new family leave. I shouldn’t have said that, but it’s the truth. She bid farewell to Mrs. Hyun and gathered her paperwork after some time, she was able to calm down from the encounter. She rubbed her bruised breast. I shouldn’t be rattled by this sort of child abuse any more, but I just can’t fathom why both parents would be so heartless. She took the house key as she grabbed the handle on the front door. A man blocked her exit, causing Alma to yelp in fright.

“Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am. I was just coming to visit after the fuss died down.” Alma’s eyes were wide and her knuckles white as she held the binder. She noticed everyone else had left, but at least the sun was up and people were nearby. The man continued, “Sorry, I’m from down the street. I’m just a concerned parent wondering what is going on.” His smile seemed warm and friendly.

“Oh, it’s fine, you just startled me is all.” She couldn’t divulge case details, but a little info might set his mind to ease. “The parents were taken in for questioning and the children are with family. I cannot say anymore.”

The man looked concerned. “Oh, I understand, I just hope it all turns out okay.” His buzz cut black hair and week grown beard framed close-set eyes and high-set cheekbones. His prominent ears somehow added to his handsome appearance. A father. Not for you, Alma. “I never would have guessed they could be capable of such a thing.”

“I can’t believe both parents were doing it, usually it is only one and the other just accepts it.” You said too much, don’t say another word!
“Yeah, you never know what kind of people you’re dealing with, I guess.”

She agreed and said goodbye, stepping back inside, locking the door. Paranoia got the best of her as she watched the man walking away through the peep hole. Once she deemed it safe, she stepped outside, locked the door, and got into her car.

Ashley watched the man walk away and she prepared to stop the social worker.  She was starting across the street as the short woman hurried to her car and quickly drove away.

Crap! Ashley knew she had messed up: over half of the people had gotten away from the meeting without her intervention.  She set out to find Jack first. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I will find the social worker and the principal then. She walked quickly to Jack’s aunt and uncle’s. His aunt Stephanie greeted her.

“Jack isn’t doing well, come back tomorrow.”
Ashley commanded her to step aside and follow her to the living room. She found his uncle and commanded them in the same way she had directed the cops. Just a misunderstanding. The kids can go back home once they got a phone call from the social worker. Upstairs she noticed Karen wasn’t in her room, so she knocked on Jack’s door.

Jack opened the door, his eyes red and melancholy. It broke Ashley’s heart to see him like this, but she knew it was for the best. She stepped in and sat beside him upon the bed. She gave him commands and watched the sadness slowly turn into happiness. Soon he will be back with his parents again. She asked where Karen might be, but he had no clue. I guess I’ll find her tomorrow too.

They talked for a while, both happy that Jack would see his parents again. She watched his hopeful eyes and cute grin. He shoved her playfully after he told a stupid joke. I could command him to have sex with me right now. Ashley realized the irony. I’m thinking like he was! What is wrong with me!? Tears welled up in her eyes. “I have to go.”
Jack was clearly perplexed. “Why? Is it something I said?”
“No, I just forgot about something. It’s nothing you did, I swear!” Ashley tripped as she started out of the room. She hopped up and ignored Jack’s questions, bounding through the door, down the stairs, and out of the house. Tears ran down her face as she thought of how she nearly forced her friend into sex. I’m not that kind of person!

It was dark by the time she got to her place. She had stopped crying and took some solace in knowing that she didn’t do what she had wanted with Jack. I need to keep myself in line, I have to control myself and I will use the command rod responsibly. She passed her father and went upstairs. It was a little early, but she decided to get ready for bed. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

She brushed her teeth and put on her nightgown. As she took off her clothes, she noticed the lack of weight in her pocket. It’s not here! She double checked but it was obvious that she had lost the command rod. Shit, shit, shit! Where could it… I dropped it at Jack’s when I tripped! She knew it was too late to head back over there. Stupid shallow pockets! She decided that she had no choice but to try tomorrow, hoping Jack didn’t find it first. Wait, what am I worried about? I can get it back whenever I want.

Relieved by the thought, she moved to her bedroom and started putting her clothes away. A hand came around her mouth, muffling her scream. “I’m going to take my hand away, don’t scream.” He slowly peeled his fingers back and turned her around. The man she saw earlier at Jack’s parent’s home watched her. “We’re going to talk and if you make too much noise then it will end badly, understand?”

He directed her to sit on the bed and he sat in her computer chair. “Where is it?”
“What are you talking about?”
He pursed his lips, nodding as he looked to the wall. “You have a black metal rod that forces people to do your bidding. Where is it?”
“How do you know?”
The man sighed deeply. “I will ask one final time. After I ask, you will tell me. If you don’t, I will get angry and I will do something bad. I sincerely don’t want to harm you, your father, or anyone else you know, but I will if I must. Now, where is it?”

Ashley was shaking, finally understanding the danger she was in. “I-I don’t know, I dropped it on my way here.”

The man nearly became upset, but instead he suddenly calmed. “I believe you. Care to ask why?” She nodded sheepishly. “If you did have the scepter then you would have tried to use it on me. I know you’re a good person, Ashley. I am here to get that rod and honestly that’s all I want. If you help me find it then I will go away without another word.” A knock interrupted their talk. The man gestured to the door as he stood. “Don’t tell him about me.”

“Just a minute!” Ashley yelled. The man quietly stepped into her closet and pulled the slatted doors closed. She stood by the clothes she had been putting away. “Come in.”

Her dad stepped in and closed the door. “How are you, honey?”
“Good.” She put her underwear into a drawer.
“You kind of stormed past me, is something wrong?”
She stopped, looking at the last shirt to be put away. Of course it goes in the closet… Along with the man who might kill us at any moment. She set it aside, “I’ll wear this tomorrow.”
“What is the matter?” She sat on the bed next to her concerned father. “Is it school?” She shook her head. “Is it a boy?”
She could feel the man’s stare from the closet. “I don’t want to talk about it now, okay?”

“Sweetie, I don’t know what’s bothering you, but I’m just trying to help.” He put his arm around her shoulder. “I think any boy would be lucky to have you.” He beamed as he looked into her eyes.

Ashley could see the bulge in his boxers. He smells amazing and his voice is so damned sexy, but it is so incredibly wrong to think of him that way. “Dad, I need to go to bed.” He moved in and planted a kiss on her lips. “Dad, we shouldn’t.”Especially with that creep in there.

Her father pulled back and stood. “Ashley, did you do the dishes tonight?”
“Uh, no, I forgot.”
“Well, I’m sorry, but I have to punish you.”

He lifted her up and turned her around. She put her elbows upon the bed as she bent down. Is he seriously going to…? He slapped her ass lightly. He hasn’t spanked me since I was kid! She braced for the next one, which was a little stronger. He continued striking her posterior repeatedly and then stopped without a word. She breathed heavily, expecting more to follow.

She felt her panties move aside and she didn’t even look back, knowing what was coming. Her father’s hot throbbing cock slipped smoothly into her damp pussy. Ashley hated herself, but it felt wonderful. As terrible as this is, I like when he takes charge.

She knew the man in the closet was getting a show, but at this point there was no way to avoid it. Her father removed her nightgown and grabbed her chest, pulling her upright. He kissed her neck and caressed her modest, perky tits. His cock slid down and popped out as he tried to thrust. She leaned forward and he guided his slippery organ back inside.

Holy shit, that’s my ass! Ashley whimpered as he pushed inside, unaware of which hole he went in. Maybe he does know, maybe he wants me to feel it in my butt. He’s so fucking sexy. Ashley gritted her teeth and fought through the pain, grunting with each slow stroke as he pinched her nipples and bit her neck.

Holding her hips in place, he brought them both down onto the bed. Springs creaked and Ashley bit her lip, enduring the cock buried deep in her ass. “Dad, be gentle!”
He thought she was being playful. “Nope, this is your punishment.” He moved his legs apart for stability and started pounding her without pity. It still hurt, but she knew he wouldn’t last long.

Breathing increased and the depth of the thrusts did as well. Soon, she could tell he was about to finish. “Stay in there.”
“I shouldn’t.”
She reached down to touch herself. “Don’t pull out, please!”

That seemed to excite him. He grumbled and moved much faster. Within seconds she felt him releasing into her ass. Her skin flushed at the thought of her father ass fucking her. Ashley had no trouble once she touched herself. She moved her hips as much as she could between the bed and her climaxing father.

“Don’t move.” Ashley pressed a finger onto her clit and pushed her hips upward. “Oh, oh, oh.” She had the most intense orgasm of her life. The aftershocks causing frequent gasps. He feels so nice buried in my butt. I love having him draped over me like a blanket. I love this.

Lying on her belly, with her dad on top of her, Ashley looked to the closet, knowing that the man still watched them. With an ass full of cum, she waited motionless until her dad lifted himself. She turned to see the embarrassment on his face. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” He thinks he came in my pussy. He handed her the nightgown and left.

She put her gown back on and fixed her underwear as the man reappeared. “I really believe you now. Good luck with that.” The man opened her window and closed it again as he climbed along their rooftop. I hope he doesn’t hurt Jack. What are the chances that he’ll find him before I do? She tried to put the possibilities to the back of her mind as she went to clean up.

Damaged Goods


Two weeks had passed since her encounter in the boy’s locker room. She had been terrified that she was pregnant, but her period came a few days after the encounter, so she was safe. She wanted nothing to do with those boys, but the three-way was quite an experience. She knew she had to be careful, though. I don’t want to catch something or get pregnant. She had decided to distance herself from Jake and his crew. I miss being fucked, though. I want someone to respect me in public and use me in private.

Ashley tried to recall how she had turned from a straight-A teacher’s pet into a straight-D pariah. She tried not to dwell anymore once she saw Jack walking by. She smiled and gave a nod as he answered in kind. She had spoken to him on and off for the past few days. I like him, he seems like a nice guy in spite of what happened to him. That reminded her of Jake, how he was everything but nice once she got past the facade. He was just using me and making fun of me in front of his crew. She sneered at the thought.

Jack raised an eyebrow. “What’s that look for?”
“Oh, nothing, just thinking of someone from before.”
“A boyfriend?”
“Uh, sort of. He was always a jerk to me and I finally came to my senses.”
“Well, I’m glad you got away from that asshole.” He laughed gently.
She beamed at the scrawny boy before her. Funny, I hadn’t really noticed him before; one of many that I ignored when I was in Claire’s group. I’m glad she’s gone. “Thanks, what are you up to?”
“I’ve got class, but I’m glad you’re doing better. Want to do something after school?”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, why don’t you meet me in the computer room after the bell and we’ll figure something out then?” He’s nothing like Jake, he’s good at heart, I know it!

She agreed and they parted ways. She knew about the scandal surrounding him, too. How his parents had been using their kids in debauched ways. How he was having sex with his pregnant mother. It was gross to her, but she couldn’t judge after what she had been through. Maybe that was the reason she was drawn to him. He’s broken, just like me. I can’t do something to fuck this up. He’s the only friend I’ve got now.

She watched the clock as the day crawled by. She found him as planned and they shared small talk, chatting for a long time. The bald guy from the school district passed by in the hall. He paused as he saw them. Jack suddenly turned white. Stumbled out of his chair, he ran through the back door into the opposite hallway, leaving his backpack behind. The counselor smiled at Ashley before continuing down the hall.

Ashley gathered Jack’s knapsack and set out to find him. She looked for a solid 20 minutes before she found him by a secluded tree outside of the school.
“What was that about?” She handed him the backpack.
“Mr. Hale… I can’t be near him. He took something from me and I’m afraid he’ll do more if I go near him.”
“He’s a teacher. He won’t hurt you.”
Jack shook his head fervently. “He’s not a good man.”
“What did he take from you?”
“Uh, it was… It was a black metal stick.”
Ashley didn’t hide her confusion. “Why is that important?”
“It… It’s not, I just… It was…” He took a deep breath. “It is special to me. And remember that bruise on my cheek? He hit me with it when I tried to get it back.”

The yellowing bruise still showed as he turned his head. The bruise looked nasty a few weeks back, but was small enough to pass as an accident. Ashley had to stop herself from touching it. “Why would he do that?”

“Ashley, I’m going to tell you something and I want you to hear me out, okay?” She agreed and urged him on. “He took a metal rod, which looks basic enough, but it has the power to control people and make them to forget things.”
“Some high school kid gave it to me before the cops picked him up.”
“Jack, I don’t believe you.” She stopped his rebuttal. “No, I believe that something happened between you two, but until you’re ready to tell me the truth then I can’t help.”

“I was skeptical at first too, but I swear it works. Please believe me!” Jack searched for what else to say, but Ashley shook her head and held up her hand.
“I’m sorry, but I have to go.” She ignored the boy’s pleas as she walked away.

At home she pondered what he had said. It is ridiculous! Why would he make up such a story? Then she tried to recall. It seemed so unbelievable, but that sneaking suspicion kept her going. Why would he lie about that? I do remember a high-school boy going to jail a few months ago. She tried to recall his name as she searched online for the story.

“A high-school senior, 18 year old Joel Thomas was arrested today, charged with statutory rape of a minor.” The article said that he was caught on camera having sex with a girl in the cafeteria. Upon questioning, the girl could not recall the ordeal. They closed the case with DNA evidence and he was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

She decided to search for the video, and sure enough, after a few minutes she found a link to a shaky 40-second phone-recorded clip. It showed the couple amidst the noisy crowd. Most of the people passed by unaware, but the phone’s camera was at just the right angle and distance to see his pants pulled down and her dress hiked up. The kids around them paid no attention and the girl spoke across the table freely. The whole situation looked normal except she was sitting on his lap with his dick in her pussy. He carefully slid her back and forth upon his lap as she chatted with a smile. She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table, allowing him slightly more access. For the remaining few seconds of the video the camera caught a perfect view of penetration before it stopped.

Ashley sat contemplating the situation. She did another search, this time on the topic of mind control. She found numerous references to works of fiction and to true events relating to government experiments. She had trouble understanding most of it, but the fact that there was a real possibility… I actually might believe Jack. She debated the situation until she fell asleep.

The following day Ashley went out of her way to track down Jack. He tried to hurry down the hall, but she cut him off. “I believe you!”
Unable to avoid her, he finally stopped. “Why the change of heart?”
“Well, I believe you to a point.” Ashley paused. “Did you use it on me? Tell me the truth or I walk away.”
Jack set his jaw as he looked directly into her eyes. “Yes.”

Ashley nodded as she looked around. “Okay, I don’t want to know details.” She turned back to Jack. “I have some rules if I help you, got it?” Jack glanced down as he nodded. “You can’t use it on me, and you can’t use it indirectly on me either. Unless I say so, that is.”
“Okay.” He agreed. “I just want to get my parents back.”
“With all that in mind, I want you to put me back like I was before. I have to figure it out exactly, but I don’t want to be the outcast anymore.”
“Fine. Being the outcast isn’t so bad, though.”
She ignored the comment. “You said he’d kill you if you got close to him, right? What about me?”
“He’ll just control you with it.”
“Okay, I’ll figure something out.”

Later, after her classes, Ashley sat in a secluded corner of the library. She watched Ken’s office, thinking of someway to catch him off guard. Two teachers and one student went in and came out after 20-30 minutes. An older, unknown woman went in. Screaming came from the office, and after a long time she emerged. Ashley built up courage and chased the woman.

“Excuse me, how do you know Mr. Hale?”
“That asshole… Sorry, that man is my ex-husband.”
“Are you okay, I heard screaming?”
“I-I don’t want to talk about it.” The older woman turned away.
“Please! He hurt me too!”
She stopped, giving Ashley a concerned look as she sized up the situation. “All right, let’s talk.”

They stepped into an empty doorway. “Look, I just want help to get something back that he took from me. I’m afraid to confront him.”
“What is it?”
Ashley struggled for words. “Please, it’s okay, I was stupid to ask…”
“No, no, it’s okay, I’ll talk to him.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah… Oh, he’s coming!”
Ashley looked over her shoulder to see him fumbling with some papers. “Lead him in here and I’ll hide, okay?”

The woman agreed, leaning into the hall to get his attention. Ashley ducked behind a bookcase and waited. “Did you take something from a young girl, Ken?”
“What the hell are you talking about, Irene?” She shook her head, unwilling to reveal more.  He set his papers upon the empty desk. “You know, maybe I should just pound your ass again.”
“P-please, no, it still hurts.”

Ashley was disgusted as the creepy old man rubbed the frightened woman’s posterior. She could see a small outline in his right pocket. She crept forward while he was distracted, carefully moving her hand higher. Just be careful… He turned abruptly, stepping away as she missed. “What the- who the hell are you?” He stared for a moment. “You’re that girl who had her ass paddled! That boy really messed you up!” The man held up the black metal rod. “Looking for this, sweetheart?”

Ashley’s heart skipped a beat. I hope to god that I was wrong.

“Irene, I want you to do only what I tell you to until we leave this room. Pull the Girl’s pants down and paddle her ass.” He chuckled as his ex-wife followed his order. Ashley quivered as the woman bent her forward and proceeded to slap her backside relentlessly. “Maybe you’ll learn to stay out of other people’s business! Did that little shit put you up to this?”

Ashley whimpered and cried, unable to answer as the woman continued, each slap causing her to tense and attempt to evade. The woman chased her to the desk, where she carried on the strikes. Mr. Hale laughed as he undid his pants. “I guess this time I’ll take your ass instead. Irene, stop and clean me off.”

Oh, god, what have I gotten myself into? He has to be controlling her mind . I guess I should be glad he’s not controlling me. Ashley glanced back to see the man’s former wife deep throating him. She heard a popping sound as he pushed her back. She stood aside and held Ashley’s wrists as he lined up behind her. He moved her aqua-colored panties aside and nudged the tip into her tight entrance. God, this is horrible. I don’t know if it is good or bad that I’m in my own mind now!He pushed in a little more, moaning loudly. “Is that your pussy, sweetheart? It’s so fucking tight!”

“Please, I don’t want a kid.”

Ken huffed, pulling back and putting the tip into her other hole. “Fine, I won’t be a complete asshole.” He pushed forward slowly. “Mostly because your asshole is really tight, too.” He increased his pace, still giving shallow pumps. “You’re taking this pretty well.” He went deeper, causing her to squeak. “I’m about to come already.” He pulled back and slipped out, unaware that he slid back into the front hole.

Ashley panicked, muffling her scream with one hand and hitting him with the other. “Stop, it’s my pussy!”
The man grunted, as he was halfway in before he realized the difference. He pulled out and thrust into her ass, finishing as he slid deeper. Ashley cursed herself for enjoying the feeling. “You’re lucky I got out when I did! See, unlike Jack, I don’t want to get people pregnant.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”
Ken finished shooting and pulled out. “Let’s just say if the Principal has a kid, it’s not a coincidence.” He buttoned his pants. “Now-“
“Wait! Don’t make me forget! I liked it!”
He hesitated, nodding with understanding. “Okay, I won’t.” He fished out the command rod. “I want you to tell Jack what happened here.” He grinned, putting the rod back into his pocket. “And if you come around me again I will fuck your ass, but I won’t be gentle.”

Ashley pulled up her jeans and hurried out of the room. She quickly found a bathroom to clean up. That was terrible, but thankfully he didn’t command me to do anything. And he thinks putting it in my ass is a punishment… I really only halfway hated it. Crap, I have to find Jack!

Once in the hall, Ashley grabbed her supplies from her locker. She could see Jake and his cronies approaching. Not now! “Leave me alone, Jake.”
“Oh, I don’t think toilets should talk.”
“Look, if you call me one more name then I will make you regret it!” She did not care about him now.
She drew back and planted her knee squarely in his crotch. He let out a sad whimper as he collapsed onto the floor. His friends backed away, eyes wide. “I’m not taking your shit anymore! Leave me alone or I will fight back!” She ran, knowing that she had probably made a mistake. I don’t care! I need to find Jack!

Ashley searched, but he had left for the day. However, she did see his sister, Karen, sitting at a bench. “Hey, sorry to bother you, but do you know where Jack is?”
The girl with the visible baby bump beamed. “Yeah, he’s at his Aunt and Uncle’s place. We’re staying there for now… I can walk you there if you’d like.”
Ashley didn’t know why she was in such a rush, but she tried to relax. “Thanks, that would be nice.”

Karen gathered her satchel and they set out. “It’s only about five minutes away. So, are you two together?”
“Oh, no, we-we’re not a couple…”

Karen nodded. They continued quietly for a minute before Ashley built up the courage to say something. “Sorry about your parents. I don’t know what happened, but it still isn’t right that you can’t be with them.”

Karen turned to her, watching her as they walked. “Thank you.” She took another pause before nodding and continuing. “It’s true, but they never forced us. I was the one that actually started it with Dad, and Jack… I don’t know for sure. I just wish I could undo it.”

“I wish I could change a few things, but we just have to go from here.”
“Yeah, you’re right I guess.” They came to the door and went inside.

Jack looked up from his homework with a small smile as he noticed Ashley. Ashley had an overwhelming urge to blurt out how Mr. Hale had put it in her ass, but she stifled it for the moment. “Jack, I’m here to help with your homework.”

Understanding, he gathered his papers and they went upstairs. Ashley closed the door behind her. “I tried to take it while he was spanking his Ex-Wife, but he caught me. He made her spank me. And then he stuck it in my ass, Jack! He slipped into my pussy too, and nearly got me pregnant, but he pulled it out and put it back in my butt as he finished.”

Jack looked pale. “I’m sorry, Ashley.” They sat on the edge of his bed.
“He also told me about how you had sex with the Principal. I’m not going to say anything, but I think I need to know… Did you ever… You know… Do it with me?”
Jack’s expression suddenly tensed as he nodded. “I… only put it in your butt, though.”
Ashley couldn’t hide the distress. “When and where?”
“The School’s bathroom, a few months ago.”

Ashley tried to recall. The only notable memory she had from a few months ago was the last argument she had with her so-called friends… “Oh my god, did we do it in front of Claire?”
“Sort of.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“Well, we were in the stall when they came in and I commanded you to speak your mind.”

Feeling her face flush, Ashley was at a loss for words. He’s the whole reason that I’m an outcast! “You asshole! You turned me into this!”

“I’m sorry, I know it was wrong, but I helped you to tell them the truth!”
“You helped me by taking away all of my friends? What else did you do to me? Wait, stop, I don’t want to know!” Ashley stormed through the door and down the stairs. She had her hand on the doorknob when she saw the detestable jock sitting with his arm around Karen as they watched television. “Jake?”

He looked alarmed. “Ashley?”
Karen looked without concern. “You two know each other?”



She tried to relax as the limousine slowed in front of the mansion. Cream painted brick with a mansard roof, the spire and pointed rooftops created an imposing silhouette on the dusk skyline. Of course, she stole some of that knowledge from the letter. Lilly shivered as the door opened. The driver grabbed her luggage and led her to the mighty wooden doors. He knocked. Once open, he handed her bags to the man inside and left.
She shed her coat and boots before the butler led her through the vestibule. They passed through the entrance hall, she marveled at the outlandishly tall ceilings as they moved to the study. The butler opened the door and ushered her inside. He closed the door behind her.

The middle-aged man was ruggedly handsome. His raven hair showcased his provocative smile and his mesmerizing green eyes. “Thank you for coming, Lilly. I’m glad you agreed to all of my conditions.”

“Thank you for giving me this chance.” She had signed countless papers detailing her ‘employment’ here. She was to live here for one year and make no contact with the outside world. She would basically be a sexual slave for this time frame, but it was a step up from working on the street. She had been a prostitute since she was 17. Now, with the money he would give her, she had a real chance to change her life. He would feed her and shelter her and after a year, she would be one million dollars richer. She made sure to have witnesses in case something happened to her.

“Of course. Is there any request that you don’t want to be done?”

“Uh, just try not to be too violent. And no watersports or anything to do with shit.”

He nodded. “Your room will be downstairs. Once you are unpacked then I would ask that you join me for dinner.”

“You didn’t really tell me wh-“

He dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “I will explain at dinner.” She bowed her head and walked away.

She was still nervous, but she felt better after seeing that he seemed to be a gentle man. The butler showed her to her room in the lower floor. Her door had a purple square painted where a number would normally be; she could see ten more color-coded doors on opposing sides of the corridor. The inside of her room was cozy; a small couch sat across from a king-sized square bed, both adorned with matching pillows. The room had a modern black and violet color theme. Small directional lights gave it a subdued atmosphere. The adjoining bathroom had matching violet and black tile along with dark wood trim.

Lilly felt out of place among this elegance, but she didn’t question he good fortune. She explored the details of her room when she realized her luggage had never made it into her new home. Slipping out of her traveling clothes, she decided to peruse the closet instead. She found a modest violet dress with amethyst accents. She opted not to wear her bra with this dress. Applying eyeliner, she checked herself in the mirror. I look classy! She turned to inspect her backside. She completed her ensemble with a pair of black platform pumps before she made her way upstairs.

“Please, have a seat.” The entrancing man gestured to the far end of the table. Lily sat, keeping good posture to impress her host. “As you may have noticed: there are other women here to serve my needs. I prefer colors instead of numbers, and for you, Lilly, I chose purple.”

“I enjoy the shade.” I’m more of a fan of blue, but I don’t mind it.

“Let me introduce you to another servant.” His butler opened the door. A woman wearing a backless, red lace dress flowed into the room. Her darker features matched her stern expression. Her caramel eyes pained; soft pink lips tight as she moved to the side of the table.

“This is Traci.” The man’s eyes shifted back to Lilly. “She has a secret. Do you wish to see?”

Uncertain, Lilly agreed.

The man beamed. “No, you must have patience! After we eat, my dear.” Traci’s lips tightened as she sat carefully. The butler directed other servants to bring platters to each of the diners. They ate their succulent pan-seared salmon in relative silence. I want to ask so many questions, but I don’t want to seem rude. ”May I ask your name, sir?” She couldn’t stop herself.

He grinned. “Of course, but first, show her what you’re hiding, Traci.”

The woman used her hands to lift herself with delicate motions. She slid the shoulders of the dress off before moving the entire dress down, along her shapely body. Her nipples were pink and firm. She slid her panties to her ankles, exposing her manicured brunette bush. She stood naked before them.

Traci proceeded to lean forward and reach a hand behind her. She gasped, closing one eye as her face twisted in discomfort. She began sliding a long, pink, double-ended dildo out of her. My god, it’s huge! Lily was mesmerized as she watched it snake free from Traci’s cheeks.

“How long was that?”

“18 inches, sir.”
“And where were you hiding it?”
“In my ass, master.”
He nodded in approval. “Well, you can put it back in now, we don’t want sort of thing at the dinner table, do we?”

Traci forced a smile as she forced the slippery jelly dildo back into her ass. She had to stop occasionally to twist it before it continued. She slid her underwear up and put her dress back on. She slid the chair forward and was about to sit.

“Wash your hands!” He snapped. Traci appeared mildly shocked, but clearly irritated. She stepped into the kitchen and returned a minute later. She sat uncomfortably and placed her palms upon the table.

“Now, Lilly, the rules are as follows. You will do as I say and you will do as my servants say. Right now you are simply garbage to me. We will not physically abuse you, but your mind is mine and I will cause you great distress if you cross me.” He paused for effect. ”Do not injure anyone. You will address me as master or sir. If you serve me well then I might hold you in higher regard as I do with Traci. You may roam freely around the manor, but do not leave or go up to the third floor without my permission under any circumstance.“

Lilly tried to hide her shaking. What the fuck did I get myself into? “Y-yes sir.”

“Traci, I think you’ve hidden that long enough. Give it to Lilly.”

Traci looked relieved. She stood and removed her clothes again. She stepped away from the table and motioned Lilly closer.

Lilly was white with fright. She stood slowly. “I can’t take tha-“ The man slapped the table, which silenced her complaint and hurried her. Traci slid Lilly’s violet dress to the floor as well as her white panties. The woman was stronger than she looked as she spun Lilly around and bent her forward. Squatting behind her, Traci spread Lilly’s cheeks and slowly licked her backdoor. That’s new. I don’t mind that, but I know what’s coming. I’m afraid of what’s coming. Lilly’s heart fluttered as the woman behind her stood.

“On the table… No hands.” He said calmly.

Traci led her to the table and pressed her shoulders down. She turned and spread her cheeks, pressing her butt against Lilly’s. “Spread your cheeks and get it started.” Lilly glanced over her shoulder to see the tip poking free from the woman’s ass. Lilly breathed deeply as she guided the slimy toy into her own asshole. She bent forward and felt it move in slightly. She felt clammy as she waited for the slight pain to subside. It’s in. At least it’s not too thick.

“Okay.” As soon as she said that, she could feel the toy pushing its way deeper inside of her. “Oh, fuck, it hurts, it’s too much!” Traci moaned as she continued the pressure. Lilly tried to push back, but it only seemed to hasten its access. There was immense pain for a moment before she felt a pop; the toy continued deeper as the other woman somehow forced it farther. She’s so strong down there! Traci grunted, pressing as hard as possible.

Lilly grabbed the edge of the table, bellowing as the double-dildo explored her bowels. Finally, she felt the end. Traci stood, allowing her to stand as well. It’s all in me! I can’t believe it’s possible! Lilly couldn’t keep it in. She reached back and realized some was still hanging out. She grabbed the exposed end, but she halted before she could remove it. “Do you really think you should disappoint me on the first day?” The man asked calmly.

Knowing his meaning, she moved it, searching for a clear path as she tried to force it deeper. She began sniveling and sniffling, as she was unsuccessful to fit it entirely. I can’t do it, I just can’t. “It’s too much for me, I’m sorry.”

“How disappointing.” He nodded to Traci. “Get her out of my sight.”

Traci pulled her arm, leading her back to the basement. Lilly used a hand to hold the object in place as they walked. Once in her bathroom, Traci moved Lilly’s hand and yanked the dildo. She slid it free in one fluid motion. Lilly made humiliating sounds as well as a mess. She was shaky from the ordeal.

Traci dropped the soiled dildo to the tiled floor. “Clean yourself you spoiled bitch.”

Lilly heard the door close and she stood alone, weeping, cold, and scared. She stepped into the shower and started cleaning her achy body.

She awoke to the sound of a knock. The clock showed that she had a full night’s sleep. She barely recalled the walk to the bed. She was naked, wrapped in black sheets. The door opened and a woman she hadn’t met yet came into the room hesitantly. “Good morning, I’m Taryn.” The somewhat chubby woman with wavy, sandy-blonde hair came closer, sitting upon the edge of the bed. Lilly couldn’t stop staring at the woman’s large and perky breasts. “I know it’s odd, but he doesn’t want us wearing clothes down here. We only dress if we are leaving the basement.”

Lilly forced herself to look the woman in her warm, caring brown eyes. She had a wide nose and straight eyebrows. Her rosy cheeks and luscious lips gave her a gentle appearance. “Sorry, this is a lot to take in. I didn’t mean to stare.”

“It’s okay, I just don’t want you to think we’re all as mean as Traci. You’re Lilly?”

“Oh, sorry, yes.”

“Good to meet you.” She was beaming with kindness. “They will usually bring breakfast to us in an hour or so. You’ll see most of the routine today, and some days nothing special will happen, but on some you might be called on a few times. It just depends on his mood. The girls are free to do what they want in the meantime. Just remember, do not hurt anyone.” Lilly agreed. “Well, I’m going to head back to my room for a while. My room is green if you ever want to come by. You don’t need to knock; it’s hard to tell which door someone is knocking on anyway. He wants us to roam freely… Not even the bathrooms have locks, but we all usually respect that closed door.”

They said their goodbyes as Tayrn left. Lilly laid back and stared at the ceiling. Still sore, she closed her eyes. She awoke later to see the man looming above her. He bit his lip as her eyes widened in shock. She lifted herself to rest on her elbows in bed. The covers sliding lower exposing her chest. The man inspected her breasts, cupping them in his hands. He flicked her nipples, causing them to harden.

Lilly felt awkward as he watched her silently. He spoke as he groped her. “Tomorrow we are going to have a competition. Tonight, however, I just want you to observe. Come to the cyan room at five o’clock. All you have to bring is that sexy smile. He removed his hands and left her. Lilly calmed herself and noticed there was a tray of breakfast on the small table in the corner.

After she ate, she decided to visit Taryn for a while. In the hallway, she walked-by by an open door; the two girls had halted their conversation, staring at her as she passed. She waited outside of the green door to build courage. Leaning closer, she could hear a thumping sound. Confused, she opened the door quietly; Taryn’s face was buried between Traci’s legs. Her brown hair was in tangles as Traci ran her hand through it. Her other hand held Tayrn’s head in place. The headboard of the bed tapped the wall as Traci moved her hips in rhythm.

Traci’s lips curled into a snarl as she moaned. Her eyes opened to see the stunned observer. Traci only smiled and closed her eyes again in the throes of passion. Lilly pulled the door closed and turned. She stopped when she noticed the two girls had come up behind her. They spoke a foreign language as they eyed her up and down.

Both were blondes. The older one had a rounded face and broad features. Her eyes seemed cold and uncaring. Curly hair spilled over her shoulders, resting atop her perky, slightly upturned breasts. Her firm stomach and trimmed lower area presented an inviting image.

The younger one was just as striking; her skin was warm and unblemished. Her hair was straighter and her face trimmer. Her soft lips parted in a smile as Lilly’s eyes moved lower, unable to resist a long glance at her creamy pink nipples and her shaven pussy. The slender girl cocked her hip as she said something unknown, causing her friend to snigger. “I am Nika, this is my sister Katja.” The girl spoke in a thick eastern European accent. “She is my older sister and we are from Russia.”

“Uh, hi, I’m Lilly and I’m from Montana. Nice to meet you.” One of them said a short phrase and they both grinned.

“Good to meet you Lil-lee.” Nika bowed her head slightly. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I was told to come observe something at the cyan room later.”

Nika went white as she turned to her shocked sister. They spoke frantically in their native language. Lilly could tell that had upset them. Nika turned back, “I am in the cyan room. Did he say any more detail? Did he give a time?”

“He said I was just going to observe… at five.”

Katja threw her hands up, spouting a string of unintelligible words. She spun her sister and they marched to her room. Lilly decided to return to her room and wait until the time came. She found a nice romance novel to pass the time.

It was almost five. She folded the corner of the book and put on some make-up before going to the adjacent room. Inside, her employer stood beside the bed where Nika lay. Blindfolded, she was also bound to the four corners of the bed with leather straps. He turned to greet her, “good evening, Lilly. “ He directed her to have a seat on the flower-patterned cyan couch.

“Nika did not listen to my command earlier.” The man spoke as he watched her from the side of his view. “I asked her to spank her sister harder and she failed. Therefore, as punishment, I decided to reverse the tables.” He opened the bathroom door to reveal Katja, naked and wearing a stubby black strap-on. Her face showed subtle distress as he walked her to the bed and pointed to the displayed girl’s privates. “Get her ready.”

Katja crawled over the bottom of the bed and spread her sister with opposite fingers. Extending her tongue awkwardly, she began licking. She moved her tongue with more coordination as Nika squirmed. The man slapped Katja’s raised posterior, causing a muffled screech from her and an unexpected moan from Nika.

“Okay, give it to her.”

Katja wiped her mouth as she moved onto her sprawling sister. She used one hand for support and the other to guide the wide strap-on into place. It appeared to be a six inches long and nearly as thick as her wrist. Katja pressed her hips inward. Her sister whimpered as she worked it deeper and deeper. At the halfway point Nika began crying, muttering something unintelligible in Russian.

Nearly to cry herself, Katja turned to the man. He watched with pinched lips and a stern glare. “Go deeper.”

“But we can’t handle it!” The girl pleaded.

The man’s hand quickly rose and fell upon Katja’s formed ass. “Deeper!” The motion pressed it farther in as Nika continued to murmur as she bawled. The man watched with satisfaction. “You see, Lilly, this is to see how much Katja can take for her sister.” He rubbed her back, moving lower to squeeze her rosy butt. “The dildo is in her too; the more she can take the less her sister has to.”

“It hurts!” Nika finally spoke in English. Katja ignored her plea as she gritted her teeth and pressed in. There was about an inch left when they halted again. The man instructed Katja to remove her blindfold. She cast it aside and both sisters had a moment of understanding, able to see one another’s eyes. Nika sniffled and pressed her hips upward, grimacing as she took the final portion of the object.

Katja clenched her teeth as her sister pressed upon her. She lowered herself, lying upon her restrained sibling. She hugged her as they waited for their next command.

“Very good, and now for the cherry on top.” The man walked to the door and knocked once. Traci stepped inside holding the same double dildo she had earlier. “Traci, give Katja a little motivation.”

The woman’s eyes danced as she walked closer. She used her mouth to moisten both ends of the dildo before placing it between her legs. She let out a moan as it slid into her. Once it was partially in, she guided the other end onto Katja’s ass. She spit on the tip before sliding it between the girl’s cheeks. Katja groaned in increasing volume as the object pushed its way inside of her. She moved upward, trying to evade the foreign objects, but Traci held her down as she eased it deeper. The dildo eventually vanished, hidden in their orifices.

Traci’s lips turned up on one side as she closed her eyes and began moving with rhythm. Katja and Nika were clearly not enjoying this. They groaned and strained as the woman on top pounded them. Skin slapped together as Traci fucked the sisters from behind. Katja hugged her younger sister and both grew silent. No longer crying, Nika opened her eyes to see Lilly watching anxiously from the couch. Her pleading stare seemed even more heart wrenching as Traci grunted, thrusting harder as she achieved climax.

She relaxed and stepped off of the bed. She carefully slid the dildo from between her legs; it made a wet sound as she staggered backwards, leaving it to flop upon the bed. Traci had taken about two thirds of it. Still, that must have been rough for the sisters. Traci glared at Lilly as she reached down and pulled her dildo free, just as she had done with Lilly. She smiled as Katja made demeaning noises. Traci walked proudly to the door and left.

The man look outlandishly pleased. “I hope this gives you an idea of what we do here. Be good and you get to be on top, be bad and you’ll be on the bottom.” He opened the door to leave, but paused for a final thought. “Or maybe it’s the other way around…” He laughed as he close the door.

Katja slowly lifted herself, sliding the thick dildo out from between them. She undid the unnecessary harness and the straps on her sister’s arms. The two frazzled blonde sisters hugged genuinely. Their young, pretty faces looked ragged. Katja turned her pale blue eyes to Lilly, with mild undertones of agitation on her face. She sneered as she spoke in her thick accent. “And if you don’t do whatever that fucker tells you, then you get it from both sides.” A chill ran down Lilly’s spine.

Pain in the Ass


Jack opened his eyes to his mother, nudging him awake. She smiled warmly as she stood beside the bed in her black nylon nightgown. He stroked her leg, lifting her gown. He reached across his bed and held the command rod. “Fuck me quick, Mom.” He was too tired for tact. Betty raised her leg and perched on top of him. She wasn’t wearing underwear. He didn’t question as she guided him in. She grinned as she watched him. She moved her hips in quick, short strokes, causing him to finish within seconds. She stepped off of the bed and told him that breakfast was ready.

She wiggled her butt at him before she closed the door. Oh crap, I told her to ‘be in love with me’ last time. I didn’t tell her to forget – but I can’t see the harm in her loving me. Jack got dressed and went to the bathroom to get ready.

Karen limped downstairs slowly. She shuffled to the living room and plopped down on the couch. Hank sat in the opposite chair. His expression was a mixture of anger, disgust, and shock. “Put some clothes on! What’s wrong with you?”

“Dad, I’m not wearing clothes around the house any more. Mom is fine with it so you should be too.”
That comment seemed to agitate Hank even further. “Put some clothes on, I won’t tell you again.”
Hank stood, trying to intimidate Karen. “You do as I say right now or I will ground you for a week!” Betty came downstairs, hearing the raised voices. Hank’s ire turned to her. “Did you tell our daughter that she didn’t have to wear clothes?”

“It’s just around the house. I don’t see any problem letting her be independent.”
“She is naked, Betty. What will people think if they look in a window?”
“Who cares what people think?” Karen interjected.
He turned back to his daughter, making certain not to look below her neck. “This is because your mother stopped wearing bras, isn’t it?”
“That has nothing to do with it, Dad!”

Jack descended cautiously. He watched the argument for a moment before he stepped closer. “Dad, you love your daughter, let her be naked around the house.” Jack hesitated as everyone looked to him. “It’s okay, you like seeing her doing what she wants.”

His anger subsided and his voice lowered. “I guess you’re right, there’s no harm in it.”

Both Betty and Karen looked to each other, confused. “Okay, it’s settled then.” Betty turned and headed to the kitchen. “You two need to eat something and get ready for school.”
“I can’t go in today, Mom. My stomach hurts and I feel achy.”
Betty came back and looked at her, gauging her sincerity. “Okay,” She came closer and kissed Karen. “Take care of yourself, honey. Rest up so you’re better for tomorrow.”
Jack ate a waffle and finished preparing for school. They departed soon after.

Jack hurried into class, sitting next to her. He had been avoiding Ashley for the past few days. Her ass was wonderful, but I really don’t like her. I know it was mean, but I just did it to put her in her place. She looked at him with a sideways glance. He scoffed and looked away, avoiding her subtle attention. She huffed and looked elsewhere. I have bigger fish to fry… He looked to Ashley’s former friend, Claire.

Ashley was ostracized from her former clique and Claire had taken her place. Now shunned, Ashley was mostly quiet about the whole ordeal. Whenever she spoke to them it was always venomous and she showed how conceited she really was. You’ve got some mud on you, princess. Jack smiled at his thought. And now I go for the next in line.

Claire sat behind him, talking with her friend. He stole a glance. She tucked her golden brown hair behind her ear as she smiled. Her soft features and deep coffee colored eyes aroused him. Her nose was dominant, but her thin lips offset it. Her makeup was subtle and greatly enhanced her beauty. She was relaxed with a newfound confidence since her alpha-status was established. Jack blushed and turned forward to see Ashley staring fiercely. She turned away to write something and then handed it to Jack discreetly.

‘Want to go out tonight?’
Jack shook his head and crumpled the paper. I want nothing to do with you. He thought.
She passed him another scrawled note. ‘I’ll let you have my ass again if you want.’
Ashley wore a simple white tank top and aqua shorts; it showed a decent amount of her fit and tone body, but she didn’t seem perfect as she had before. The offer crossed his mind, but again he shook his head.

Ashley huffed as Mrs. Howell got their attention. So, who can show us, on the chalkboard, the chemical equation for cellular respiration? She scanned the room her eyes stopping on Jack. He made his way to the front and wrote out the answer. “This is good, except for one small detail. Anyone care to help?”

She pointed to Claire amongst the raised hands. “He messed up the molecular formula for glucose.”
“Yes, who can tell me what he has written?”
Ashley was chosen next, “Solketal.”
“Ah, close, it is actually Gluconic acid.”

Ashley turned to scowl at Jack, acting as if he had caused her incorrect answer. They continued the lesson and Jack was able to understand a great deal more now that he’d studied at home. The teacher seemed to appreciate that he had given the effort, or maybe it was just the spanking he’d given her. He noticed her glancing at him once or twice, biting her lip.

Ashley attempted to pass another note, unaware Mrs. Howell was watching.

“Excuse me, Miss Brooks; do we have something that is so important that I should interrupt my class so everyone can hear it?”
“Sorry, it’s nothing.”
“Oh, I think you should let us all decide. Bring the note to me, Ms. Brooks.”

Ashley walked sullenly to the front of the room and handed the note to the teacher. Mrs. Howell turned bright red before glaring at her student. “This is ridiculous!”
“I’m sorry.” Ashley said without sincerity.
“You write this trash in my class and you think I will just accept that you’re sorry?”
“Look, what else can I say? I was just trying to be funny.”
“Funny?” The teacher grabbed her arm, leading Ashley to her desk. “Bend over.”
“What?” Ashley was offended.
“You have to be punished young lady!” Mrs. Howell grabbed her yardstick. “Bend over!”
“Are you serious?”
Mrs. Howell pushed her down and held her in place. She lifted the wooden stick and landed a hard blow on the small girl’s backside. Ashley squealed as another swat landed. Mrs. Howell looked to Jack with a small smile as she hit her again. “Maybe now you will learn respect, Miss Brooks.” Ashley did not fight. Lines of tears rolled down her face as she wept in front of the class. With each swat she squeaked and sniffled. Her lower lip trembled as she looked to Jack, who watched impassively.

I could try to make the class forget this experience… Jack saw multiple students filming the encounter with their phones. But, it might not even work. Nah, I want to see what happens next! He smiled and slid lower in his seat.

The teacher spanked her once more and finally stepped back. “You little deviant – sit down and think about what you’ve done.” The entire class was silent as Ashley rushed awkwardly to her seat, holding the seat of her shorts. She carefully lowered herself, gasping as her tender butt pressed into the chair. She hid her face between her hands as she sniffled.

Mrs. Howell licked her lips slyly and smirked at Jack. “So, where were we?” She acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary for the remainder of the class. All of the kids were just biding time until the end so they could share the tale to their friends. Ashley stopped crying eventually and just sat, red eyed and slouching. She looked over her shoulder and Jack couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She smiled sadly before turning away.

The bell rang and the students hurried away. Holding the command rod, he tapped Ashley’s shoulder and asked, “Tell me, what did the note say?”
She turned and seemed to lack emotion as she repeated it. “I’ll let you fuck me any way you’d like. You can imagine you’re sticking it in the teacher’s ass for all I care!”

Jack commanded her to leave as he turned away and walked up to the abusive teacher. He grabbed Mrs. Howell’s shapely ass. She pulled away and slapped him. “You know you want it. I saw the way you were looking at me.” Jack smiled and grabbed her again. This time she allowed it for a short time before pulling away.

“It is wrong, I am your teacher, and you’re under-age.”
“No one needs to know. Bend over the table, you need to be punished!”
She was uncertain until he physically bent her over the desk. She watched as he brought the yardstick behind her. He spanked her and she moaned loudly. His pants were tight as he lifted her black dress and rubbed her pink cheeks. “Stand up.”

She did as he told her without the need of the command rod. Jack unbuttoned his jeans and sat against the desk. He tugged her arm, maneuvering her closer. With her help, he lifted her leg and placed it upon the table. Papers fell as she stabilized herself in front of him. He slid her panties aside and guided the tip into her unshaven lower region. She paused, “we shouldn’t be doing this, what if someone comes in?” He swatted her rear with the yardstick. She moaned and moved closer, allowing him deeper.

She was breathing quickly as she moved her hips. Her broad smile and sexy eyes excited him even more. She stopped, “go in my ass so I don’t get pregnant.”

He whacked her ass with the wooden stick again; “you’re going to take it however I want to give it to you.” Her breasts were pressing her soft white sweater against his face. She leaned back, looking into his eyes as he spanked her again; she shook and moaned. Her pace increased and he felt her tighten. Just then, he heard the door open. He saw Principal Hyun standing in the doorway. Her horrified expression sent him over the edge. Jack closed his eyes and emptied into his teacher while the principal watched.

“Mary! What are you doing?!” Mrs. Howell looked exhausted as she turned to the angry Asian woman observing their fornication. Mrs. Hyun said something in Korean before she closed the door behind her. “I can’t believe you’d sink to this, Mary!” Her heels clacked as she walked closer, wagging her finger. “You strike a student and molest another one? Put your clothes back on, think of your husband!” There was a noise outside of the room. Jack saw a couple of kids pressed against the door’s window. They dressed and followed the principal back to her office as the three kids watched them without word.

Mrs. Howell looked uncharacteristically nervous as she sat next to Jack. Principal Hyun sat on the opposite side of the desk; she sighed deeply. “I am shocked that you would do such a thing. How am I supposed to proceed from here?”

“I don’t know what came over me, Jeanette. I’m sorry.”
“Sorry?” She was livid. “This is statutory rape! There were witnesses. Besides that, people recorded you blatantly assaulting a female student!” She paused before turning to Jack. “I called your mother, Mr. Olsen. Please know that we will deal with Mrs. Howell in the harshest way possible.”
Jack felt bad as his teacher started bawling.

Holding the rod, he commanded: “No, Jeanette, you will suspend her for the spanking only. Don’t worry about the witnesses that saw us doing it. You can tell my mom what we did, but tell everybody else that it was a hoax. Deny anyone who talks about it.” Mrs. Hyun nodded blankly while his teacher still cried into her hands.

They waited for Betty to arrive and the principal explained the ordeal to her. Once they finished they exited. Ashley and her father entered behind them. Outside, Jack commanded his mother to wait for him in the car as he found the three boys who had witnessed his fling. He commanded them to remember that they had made up the encounter because they didn’t like Mrs. Howell. He also pulled one of them aside and commanded him to feel very guilty about the lie. Jack knew that particular boy couldn’t keep a secret. No one will take them seriously after he confesses.

He walked to the car and joined his Mother. “I can’t believe she’d force you to do that with her!”
“I made her do it, Mom.”
Betty clenched her jaw. “What?” She is offended.
“Mom, I love you, but I need more.”
“I-I can’t believe you would say that!” Her lip quivered as she thought of what to say next.

I can’t let her be upset like this. He held the rod; “You need to understand that I need to have sex often. Don’t get upset when you know I’m doing it with someone.”
Betty nodded, suddenly accepting the thought, “was she good?”
“Not really.”

She didn’t feel a shred of guilt for her teacher’s suspension. Mrs. Howell showed remorse now, but at the time Ashley knew she had enjoyed what she had done. Her father agreed with the Principal that they would keep quiet and in return, they would get a sizable amount of money.

The next day the kids whispered when she walked by. They look at me like I’m damaged goods. She tried to ignore them as she walked down the hall. She caught a glimpse of Jack in the distance; wearing a black shirt and jeans; he walked with purpose. She hurried towards him. Coming up behind him, she tapped his shoulder. He turned, eyeing her suspiciously. “Hey, Jack.” She waved. I hope I didn’t look as foolish as I think I did. He pursed his lips before looking behind him.

There was an awkward silence. Finally, she decided to speak: “Hey, Ashley, how are you after that whole ordeal yesterday?” She said in a low voice, mocking him. “Your hair looks pretty today – just saying.” She grinned, pleased with her humor.
“Sorry,” he turned back to her finally, giving her his full attention, “how are you?”
“Fine. You know, I got in trouble trying to get your attention yesterday!” She whispered the last part. “Want to… go to the bathroom quick?”
“Ashley, I didn’t get you in trouble.”
“I was trying to help you out…”
“No, I’m not interested. Sorry.”
Her eye twitched subtly. “You’re sorry? I’m offering to let you fuck my ass again and you’re turning me down?”
“I’m sorry, Ashley, I don’t want to. I’m going to be late for class.” He turned and walked away.

Ashley couldn’t believe him. She took a few steps after him, but he dodged into the class room. Damn, now there is no way for me to entice him out here. She reached down, touching herself subtly. I want it so much! Ugh! She saw a younger, heavy-set boy walking quickly in her direction. He was averted his eyes and moved closer to the wall, trying to keep his distance as he passed. I’m so fucking horny… He’ll do.

He stopped, uncertain if she was talking to him.
“What’s your name?”
“Uhh, I’m Darren.”
“I’m Ashley. Want to go into the bathroom with me?” He couldn’t speak. “Come with me, I’ll show you.” She led him into the women’s bathroom, checking beneath the stalls. “All clear.” She directed him into a stall and unfastened his pants. She sat him down and knelt in front of the pudgy boy with blonde hair. He could only whimper as she traced her tongue along his rigid, smooth cock. He squirmed as she took his modest organ all the way in her mouth. After a few times up and down, she opened, letting it smack against his belly.

Ashley turned as she rose, licking a finger and pressing it into her exposed backdoor. At least ‘someone’ seems excited that I didn’t wear underwear with this skirt. She fingered herself briefly before sitting upon the anxious boy. She used her hand to guide him, “it’s okay, Darren, let me just get you in here and it’ll feel sooo good.” She sighed and bit her lower lip as she felt him hit the mark. She moved her hand and pressed down until it was entirely in her ass.

He moaned and grunted, but she ignored him. Before she could reach down to play with herself, she was halted, feeling premature ejaculation. “Aww, you didn’t!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know happened. It felt weird!” He gasped.
“You just came! This is your first time, isn’t it?” She looked over her shoulder to see him nod. “It’s okay, just keep going.”
“No, wait, I have to pee!”
Ashley looked to him with agitation. “Fine, just hurry up.” She turned forward and waited for him to push her off. I love how he feels in my ass – I don’t want to move!

Unexpectedly, she felt a warm sensation growing inside of her. Her head snapped around to see Darren’s eyes closed and his mouth open slightly. “You’re peeing in me! Stop! Stop it now!” She slapped his leg.

His relief changed to uncertainty. “You told me too! I can’t stop in the middle!“
“No, no, I meant in the – ew, ew, EW!” She waved her hands in the air frantically, feeling the warm liquid flowing deeper into her bowels. She held her full belly as he kept filling her. Discomfort changed to irritation, “are you almost done? I can’t take any more!”
“I can’t help it; I was coming to pee before you stopped me!”
“Yuck, just hurry!”

Footsteps silenced her complaints. Heels tapped against the floor and the adjacent stall opened. Ashley lifted her feet out of the woman’s view. She mouthed the words ‘hurry up’ to Darren. He finally stopped; she turned and he slipped out limply. She gasped as she tried to hold it in. She waved her hand wildly, directing him to move. Darren reached down, slid his pants up, and buttoned them leisurely. He’s so fucking slooow! The toilet next to them flushed and the woman opened the door. They froze as they waited for her to leave.

The clicking footsteps ceased. “Who is in there?” Ashley recognized the voice as her Spanish teacher, Mrs. Moreno. Shit! She saw our feet. “I know two of you are in there!” Ashley opened the door and nudged Darren out. She stumbled behind him. I can’t hold this much longer.

“Darren, I’m surprised to find you misbehaving like this! What were you doing in there?”
“Sh-she made me!” He trembled as he pointed.
Ashley raised an eyebrow and sighed. “Yes, I did.”

“You both march directly to the principal’s office!” The raven-haired Latina woman’s nose flared.
“Wait, can I please go to the bathroom?” Ashley whined.
“No, you should’ve done that instead of fornicating! March!” She snapped her finger.

Ashley whimpered as she followed the chubby boy down the hallways. Mrs. Moreno followed them and entered the principal’s office first, making them wait. Minutes later Mrs. Moreno ushered them in before she returned to her class. The Asian woman clenched her jaw as sat across the desk. Ashley stumbled, falling into the chair and making a pained expression. Mrs. Hyun looked mildly concerned. She thinks my ass still hurts from yesterday!

Ashley spoke first. “I know what we did was wrong, but I just wanted to try it after being abused yesterday! My dad said that I have to keep quiet… and it just feels like everyone ignores me!” Her plan worked, the Principal looked nervous.

“I’m so sorry, Ashley.” She looked to Darren, “what about you?”
“I… I accidentally… I don’t know.”
“Well, I can call your parents and bring them in… or we can just agree that this will never happen again.”
Darren nodded eagerly. “Please don’t tell my parents.”
“Okay, but you can’t tell them either, okay?” He agreed and Ashley abided. “However next time your parents will be involved! You two may go now.” Good, a win-win for all of us. I bet Darren will crack, but I bet his parents will just stop me from seeing him. Oh no, whatever will I do? A smug smile spread across Ashley’s lips.

They both exited and Ashley’s grumbling tummy reminded her what she carried; she walked hastily to the restroom, ignoring everyone along her way. It felt euphoric, when she was finally able to empty herself. She didn’t care if anyone heard.

She missed most of her current class so she decided to head to the next one. She stopped by Mrs. Howell’s class and waited. They had found a substitute teacher for now, she noticed. She stood back and scanned the exiting group for Jack. Once she spotted him, she dashed closer.

He edged past the door, waiting for the line to move. Jack had one more class before the day was over, but this was the last one he shared with Claire. He moved to cut her off when Ashley pushed in front of him instead. “Hey, Jack.”

“Ashley, stop bothering me!”
“I just went through a horrible experience! Don’t ignore me!”
Jack held his command rod. “Don’t bother me!” He hesitated, thinking what to say. “Whatever bad experience you had – you loved it and you want more! Now get away from me!” He spoke with anger now.

Ashley left him alone finally. He tried to spot Claire, but his opportunity had passed. He grumbled. Ugh! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for Mom tonight.

The Learning Experience


​The kids hushed as their teacher entered the room. Mrs. Howell wore a violet dress shirt and a knee length black skirt. She looked motherly with her wide smile and gentle eyes; her coppery hair fell just below her shoulders. Her bust line was slightly larger than average, but her apple-shaped posterior was noticeably her best feature as she walked to her desk, preparing for the class to begin.

Gathering her papers, she strolled to the front of the class, looking to Jack as she began speaking. “Who can tell me what Glycolysis produces?” Hands shot up around the room. She scanned for a moment before her gaze fell upon Jack once more. “Mr. Olsen, care to try?” The hands around him lowered and their eyes turned to him.

“Uh, is it… I don’t know.” He was flushed with embarrassment.
“You did study your papers I sent to you, right?” He nodded. “Well, then can you tell me what we have been studying since you’ve been gone?” He sat in sullen silence. She turned her gaze to the rest of the class. “Anyone care to help, Mr. Olsen?”

“We’ve been studying cells and the answer to the first question is pyruvate.” The girl sitting next to him spoke; Ashley sat perfectly straight as she smiled smugly. Mrs. Howell praised her and continued the topic. Ashley turned to give Jack a conceited grin. Her sandy-colored hair was smooth and straight, held back by a pink headband; it matched her pink blouse, which fit snugly, showing her slender physique. Her tight white shorts showcased her lightly tanned legs.

Jack despised her; she was an obvious teacher’s pet and she had just humiliated him. The teacher droned on as he thought; she instructed the class to open their textbooks to a certain page before she continued. Jack whispered loudly to get Ashley’s attention. She turned, annoyed as she shushed him.

“Mr. Olsen, is there something you’d like to share?” The teacher said, irritated.
“No, sorry Mrs. Howell.”
She carried on and Jack wanted nothing more than to cause them both to do nasty things to one another in front of everyone, but he cooled off. He knew that he shouldn’t use the command rod on everybody in the class – that might be a disaster if he messed up something; instead, he listened patiently for the rest of the class. I’ll have my fun with Ashley later. The bell rang and the other students left while Jack waited.

Once they were alone, Jack cleared his throat. Mrs. Howell took notice. “Don’t you have another class to get to Mr. Olsen?”
Jack arose and walked leisurely to her desk. “I do, but instead I want to give you some special attention.”
She was becoming agitated, “Mr. Olsen, I don’t like kids who think the rules don’t apply to them…”
He stopped her. “Imagine this time with me is a fantasy of yours. You won’t like it now, but later you will.” He stepped closer, holding the command rod. “Stand up and remove your panties.”

She stood and did as he asked. He told her to lift her skirt as he reached for the sturdy wooden yardstick she had resting at the side of her desk. He bent her over her and raised the straightedge, bringing it down upon her exposed bottom with modest force. She yelped in pain, standing upright. He pressed her back down upon the table before swatting her again.

“Stop, it hurts!” She attempted to cover her red cheeks.
He pushed her hands away. “No.” He swatted her harder as she stood, complaining and holding her butt in a way that aroused him beyond imagine. “Bend over!” He enjoyed giving her what she deserved. “If you fight it then it will just hurt more. He struck her bottom again, watching her apple ass ripple with the force of his strikes. He spanked her two more times before he sat the stick down on the side of her desk.

She sobbed quietly as she gripped the edge of the desk with white knuckles. Jack undid his pants and pressed himself against her sore backside. He fumbled for a moment before he felt warmth and wetness; he pressed in and she sobbed louder. He slid in and out with full motion, spanking her occasionally. He was rough as he pounded her. Feeling it building, he leaned forward and whispered, “I’m about to fill you up.”

“No, please!” She begged, looking back teary-eyed.
“This is putting you in your place.” He let go and shot into her. He didn’t linger; breathing heavily, he stepped back and put his pants back on. “Good girl,” he held the rod, “You can stand and put your panties on. Remember, this didn’t happen, this was only a fantasy.”

He heard her sniffling as he walked out of the classroom, whistling.

He made it to his next class late, but he knew that teacher didn’t really care. He tried to understand the topic, but he was obviously behind everyone else. He picked up what little he could before the bell rang. He went to another class and the sense of confusion remained. He was very frustrated by the end, realizing he would have to find a way to catch up in those classes.

Feeling upset, he went to the cafeteria. He got lunch and sat down amongst some kids he knew. They welcomed him back, glad that he had survived his struggle against whatever virus he had. When he finished, he brought his tray to the trash. He turned to see the older boy who had been working at the grocery store. There was an awkward silence.
“Uh, tell your mom that… Tell her Jason works tonight, okay?”

Jack scoffed and walked away. Knowing he had some time to spare, he found his locker and put away his books. His next class was a computer science class, so he knew he would have no trouble there. He stopped to observe the girls in the gym as he passed. Ashley was practicing volleyball with her class. Nefarious thoughts ran through his mind as he watched her crouch in the tight shorts. She looked in his direction and caught him staring. She made a disgusted gesture as he continued to watch. A short time later, the bell rang. She trotted over to him as the rest of her group went to change.

“What’s your problem, pervert.”
“Come with me.”
Her sour expression relaxed as she followed. He led her to one of the girl’s bathrooms, and once he knew it was clear, into a stall.
He grabbed her small breast before she slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me sicko!”
“You’re going to stand there and let me do whatever I want!”

Her anger subsided, but he could tell she didn’t like her command. He groped her for a moment before he pulled her shirt up and slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles. He worked his hands all over her, feeling her soft, youthful skin. He unclasped her cotton sports bra and hung it upon the door’s hook.

He moved his pants down and sat upon the closed toilet, his excitement easily visible. “Sit on it.”
She spun around and lowered her hips slowly. He felt it slip past her opening and go between her closed legs. Her skin is so warm and soft! “On second thought, suck it for a minute.”

She arose, turned, and opened her mouth to accommodate him. She sucked vigorously for a few moments before the sensation overwhelmed him. He unexpectedly began shooting into her mouth as she continued sucking. She swallowed it all and continued. He jerked back and forth before he could manage to tell her to stop. She knelt, frozen in place, while looking up to him with mild disgust. She has spirit, I’ll give her that.

He moved her head back, gazing upon her big, blue eyes as his organ slid from between her soft, pouty lips. He removed her headband, allowing her blonde hair to hang forward, framing her prefect face. She still had an edge to her expression, but Jack knew he was in full control.

“Man, you’re good. I need you to sit on it.” He was still erect.
She lifted herself and turned, descending slowly as he guided it inside of her. He moved it forward and felt sudden warmth as she lowered her hips. He had never experienced such a sensation. “Holy shit, why is it so tight?”
“It’s my ass.” She whispered with irritation.
“I’m… It’s in your butt?”
“Wow. Move up and down for me…” He moaned, “This is for making me look like an idiot earlier.”

She brought her hips up and down as she leaned forward. The feeling was amazing. He knew it would be a few minutes before he could cum again, but it still felt wonderful. His concentration was broken when he heard footsteps.

“Where did that bitch go?”
“I think she ditched us again.”
“God, we’re just her toys, I guess. She’s so uptight.”
“Yeah, I think she has something up her butt.”
The girls giggled as they went into separate stalls, one chose the stall next to theirs. Ashley continued to grind as her friends passed. Jack could feel it building again, but he had to keep quiet.
“Hey, who’s in there?” The girl knocked lightly on the side of their stall.

Jack panicked and whispered in her ear. Ashley responded. “Hi.”
There was a silence.
“We didn’t mean it.” Another silence before a toilet flushed.
Jack whispered again, discomforted by pleasure. “Tell them what you think about them.”
“I think you should quit being cowards and quit talking behind my back! I think you both should just get out.”
Another flush before they washed their hands in silence. She heard them walk to her stall. “Ashley, come on. Can’t we work this-”
“No! I’m done with you both; I have plenty of friends who are better than you two sluts!” Jack appreciated the humor as he watched her petite frame bent forward, moving her small butt up and down on his dick.
“You’re the slut!” They spoke angrily from the other side of the thin divider.” You constantly belittle us and we just take it. You’re right; we should tell you this to your face. We’ll make sure you regret this!”
“You’re nothing without me. I’m the one that you all come to every day because you need direction like lost little puppies!” She sat up; he felt her tighten even more upon him. He gasped as he instantly orgasmed, trying to hold her in place as she moved her hips.
“Fine! Come on Claire!” They both stormed out.

The feeling was wonderful, but it quickly overwhelmed him as she continued grinding her hips against him.
“Stop!” He whispered a little too loudly. The girls had left, but he worried they might hear him from the hall. “Just finish already!” Still sitting in his lap, she reached forward and rubbed between her spread legs intensely. She moaned loudly and began to shake, tensing again upon his cock, which was still buried in her ass. He let out a sad whimper. She stood, allowing his limp penis to gently slide out.

“Get dressed and get back to class, slut.” She reached for her bra on the door handle. “Leave that, You shouldn’t wear those anymore.” They both dressed in tight space and they both went their separate ways. For the rest of the day he couldn’t help but think back to how tight she had been. He hated her, and after hearing her argue with her so-called friends, he knew she was a bad person. However, he kept coming back to how wonderful that had felt.

Then a thought crossed his mind – he had forgotten to tell her to forget their encounter.
“Uh-oh. Oh well, maybe it taught her a lesson.”

He’s so gross! Ashley thought, as she attempted to listen to the teacher. My butt is so sore! I can’t believe I let him do that to me! She had never had sex before, but she was no stranger to masturbation. I guess I did enjoy it even though it hurt. She giggled to herself, unable to focus on the man speaking at the head of the room. He told me what to do and I just couldn’t say no. I liked that! Hearing Claire and Jen right next to me while he put it in my butt… And then I could feel him shooting in me, I just couldn’t stop! When he finally told me to finish the feeling was fucking amazing! She felt her face redden as she said a curse-word in her mind. She was glad no one was watching her at the moment.

Once the bell rang, she searched the halls for Jack. She lingered by his locker, hoping he’d come by. Where is he? I hope I didn’t scare him away. She waited for a half an hour before she finally gave up and left. Maybe he’s just playing with me, but I want him to control me again. I need him to control me. She walked despairingly down the sidewalk, searching through the faces, hoping to see him again.

Jack hurried out of class once the final bell sounded. He weaved through children, heading to his locker, but he stopped to talk to two of his best friends: Chris and Jessie.

“Hey, Jack, glad to see you back!” Chris smiled.
“Yeah, I had it bad. How have you been?”
“Dude, you missed the sex-ed class!” Jessie broke in, “it was funny watching a sub trying to keep us focused.”
“I know all about it, I didn’t miss much.” Jack lied. “I’ve seen so many things on the internet.”
“Well, I learned a couple of things to try with the ladies!”
“You did not!” Chris said with disbelief. “It was all ‘penis’ this and ‘vagina’ that. I learned more about fallopian tubes than I ever wanted to.” They laughed.
“Yeah, it was a stiff topic.” They laughed again.
“I always thought you had to pee into the girl to get her pregnant, turns out that white stuff that comes out is what does it.”
“Yeah, I always thought I had to stop when that came out. I thought it meant I was doing too much!” Jessie grinned.

The topic changed and they bantered some time longer before Jack headed home. He walked and thought about what they had said; I shot that stuff into mom, Karen, the teacher, and even Ashley! I guess it probably was okay because it went in her butt. I hope I didn’t get the rest pregnant! He went inside to see Karen sitting lazily on the couch. He had noticed she hadn’t been as active the past week or so. He headed upstairs and read up on the symptoms of pregnancy. It would be too soon to tell for certain, but he couldn’t do anything about it now. Oh well, if it is true then I have the command rod to fix this. Somehow.  He was horny again and mom would still be at work. He walked downstairs and commanded his sister to go to her room.

Karen stood mindlessly and walked ahead of him. He followed her and closed the door behind them. He lowered his pants and brought out his cock. “Lick it like a lollipop.” She curved her tongue around it, undisturbed by the slight odor. Once she had moistened it an acceptable amount he made another command.

“Drop your shorts and underwear, bend over, and then grab your ankles.” She slid her bottoms to the ground and leaned forward, displaying her springy backside to him. He spread her cheeks and spit on her exposed hole. He poked his way in, easily moving his whole penis inside of her.

“You’re not nearly as tight as she was!”
Karen made no response as she stayed in place.
“I know. Go to the bathroom and fill your ass with some water!”
She immediately stood upright. He slid out as she stepped away, leaving her shorts behind. He followed her into the bathroom and watched as she removed the showerhead and inserted the hose in between her cheeks. He watched as she turned on a low flow of water. The pained look on her face amused him. He stepped closer and pressed the lever higher. The hose shook as it blasted water inside of her. Karen stood, staring at the floor, without trying to resist. She waited patiently as her belly grew outward.

Well, since the damage is probably done… Jack couldn’t wait. He commanded her to place her leg on the edge of the bathtub. He moved closer and adjusted her to his height. He slid into her wet opening and pounded her as she filled. He could feel the water jetting into her belly as he pressed in and out. It wasn’t as tight as Ashley, but it was far more slippery. Jack couldn’t last and shot his sperm into his sister. By then her belly ballooned outward and she looked pregnant. Jack flipped the lever and watched her for a moment. She looks cute with that belly. “Well, get used to it, Karen; you’re going to have a baby in there soon enough!” He rubbed her stomach and kissed her on the lips. “Now clean up and empty yourself. Forget everything that happened since I got home.”

He slapped her ass before he left.