Fighters V


“And now for the final match-up! This match is between the four finalists and whoever is left standing after each round will get a point and be spared an enema. The first person to three points wins!” The spotlight illuminated the first contender. “First we have Tina Armstrong!”

She wore a stars and stripes bikini top and jeans with accenting cowboy hat, gloves, and boots. The silver horseshoe pendant nestled between her large breasts. She threw her hands high as she stepped forward, “it’s showtime!”

“Next will be Mai Shiranui!”

The spotlight moved to the fighter wearing her trademark red and whitecostume. Her breasts bounded freely as she jumped with excitement. She moved in a manner which clearly displayed her assets. “I’ll teach you all a lesson for underestimating me!”

“Princess Kitana is returning as well…”

The seductive woman in her tight blue suit moved proudly into the light, displaying a mesmerizing move-set with her steel fans. After the display she gracefully bowed and stepped back into the shadow.

“And finally we come to Taki.”

She flipped forward, kneeling as the light found her again. Her body was exposed though the skin-tight suit. She was voluptuous, yet she also radiated power. She unsheathed her swords, slicing forward into the empty air, before quickly sheathing them and rolling into the darkness.

“So, this should be a wonderful display.” There was a quick chuckle over the speaker. “To make things a little more interesting we decided to give you all a handicap enema!” Four men came out as the arena’s lights switched on. They moved quickly, cutting a small hole into each of their garments, allowing entry. They followed it by administering a syringe of liquid into each combatant. Once they were gone the women stood at the ready, waiting for the battle to begin.

“Before we start I must let you all know what was in those enemas. See, these are something special, suited to each of you… Tina and Mai have a very fattening concoction in them right now, and it is being slowly absorbed, making them just a little more curvaceous with each passing minute!” Both Mai and Tina were notably distressed. “Make sure you keep it in, though. If any comes out then we’ll just give you a double dose as punishment!”

“The other two girls had something different – Taki has demon’s blood and Kitana got a dose of Shao-Khan’s sperm! Isn’t that gross! I bet they aren’t enjoying having that in them now.” Kitana gripped her stomach, eyes wide with revulsion. Taki stood rigidly, breathing heavily.

“Okay, let’s begin!”

The combatants moved hesitantly, watching one another, waiting for the best opportunity to strike. Tina moved first, kicking at Taki, who easily dodged and countered with a quick blow to the back of her shoulders. Mai used their distraction kicking Taki, following with another kick that trailed fire. Mai jumped and darted downward, knocking Taki down. Tina flew at Mai, pushing squarely against her breasts, knocking her onto the ground, gasping for air. Kitana, who had been watching patiently, threw two fans which struck Tina’s legs; her jeans now had bloody slices in each leg. Kitana dropped upon her, striking her head, knocking the wrestler to the ground in a daze.

“One point for Kitana!”

The men scampered onto the field, filling each defeated girl. Tina was filled as she lied there, still in a delirium. She eventually rose as the men left the field. “You’re givin’ me quite a headache, darlin’.”

“I will not allow any of you to defeat me! Nothing more from that monster will touch me!” Kitana spoke with resolution.

“We won’t give you a choice, you knock-off ninja! I’m a true Japanese ninja!” Mai looked to Tina. “I think that weight-gain is already taking effect!” Tina looked down, noticing her breasts were now spilling over her bikini top; her hips now had pronounced love-handles and the rest of her body looked slightly thicker. She gasped, “it’s happenin’ to you too, stupid!”

Tina was right, Mai’s breasts hung lower and her hips were wider; her thong had disappeared between her cheeks and she now had larger thighs. “This is nothing, I still look mesmerizing and I can still move with grace and speed!” The fighters readied themselves. The announcement came and none of them hesitated. Taki and Mai both struck Kitana just as she threw a fan at Tina. It cut into her shoulder, sending her stumbling backwards, nursing her wound. Meanwhile both girls pummeled Kitana using various kicks; she countered a few before they finally dropped her with two nearly synchronized kicks to her loins. Taki flipped backwards and knocked Tina down, leaving only Mai to fight her.

Mai grinned, “You’re skillful, but you are not going to win!”

“I think otherwise. I am a true ninja and you are nothing more than a girl who flaunts her body. You’re nearly spilling out of those clothes!” Suddenly a strange voice called to her. You will not win either, girl. Taki whirled around, but could not find the source. She turned to see Mai flying toward her. They tumbled and Taki managed to unsheathe and strike with Rekki-Maru. She missed Mai’s neck, instead catching upon her outfit, cutting the top free. Both girls leapt up. Mai’s boobs bounced, now fully exposed. She undid her belt and removed her tattered clothes, now only wearing a thong.

Taki stepped forward to strike when the voice came again. I am inside of you and I will make you mine! Taki stopped short, allowing Mai to counter with a cartwheeling kick. Fire burned Taki, leaving small holes in the front of her body-suit as she lay upon the ground.

“This point goes to Mai!”

“The Shiranui name will triumph!”

The losers stood and waited as they received another dose. Kitana shrieked as the man behind her stepped back, smiling. “Looks like someone got it in the wrong hole! Ooops!” The announcer laughed. Tears ran down Kitana’s cheeks as she threw a fan haphazardly, missing the man as he ran away.

Mai had a noticeable belly now, but Tina was growing much faster. Tina had to unbutton her jeans to allow her belly to expand; she could be considered chubby now, and her breasts were now peeking from the bottom of her bikini top too. The women began again, all of them jumping between combatants, landing light strikes. Tina found an opportunity to grapple the topless Mai, and lifting over her head, she slammed her to the ground. Her tits flopped as she hit and sprawled motionless. Tina arose, her own breasts barely concealed by the bikini top. She unlaced it, exposing her hefty breasts. She didn’t mind exposing her body, but she guessed that nudity might bother the princess.

She circled behind Kitana as she fought with Taki. Kitana held a fan, ready to throw, but it was snatched from behind. Tina used it to cut her clothes away before literally kicking her ass. Taki screamed for an unknown reason, unprepared as the now naked Kitana stumbled into her. Tina followed with another strong kick, sending them both to the dirt.

“One point to Tina!” She gloated as the rest of them received another injection. She noted that her jeans were cutting into her skin, so she decided to shed the remainder of her clothes. Kitana sniffled and punched the man who had just given her another injection into the wrong hole. Tina chimed, “Hope ya don’t get preggers!”

Taki seemed aloof as they gathered themselves and began again. Tina used the opportunity to throw her onto the ground with ease. Kitana flew through the air above her, landing behind her and pummeling her with a flurry of kicks. Once Tina was down, Kitana backed away and tossed three fans. Mai dodged them. “I can play that game too, bitch.” She tossed a fan, and while Kitana easily maneuvered away she failed to notice Mai leap high before dropping down with a strong punch. Kitana crumpled to the ground.

“Mai’s second point!”

Mai’s breasts were awkward now, even though she was used to them being unrestrained. She could tell she had gained a great deal of weight – mostly in her chest and ass, as she had been rather petite before. She noticed Tina’s breasts had grown as well, but the rest of her body was flabbier. Her legs were twice the size of Mai’s now.

Kitana wailed pitifully, unable to keep composure. She made no attempt to strike the man, so he must have gotten it in her ass this time. Taki was coming unglued as well; the man filled her again as she mumbled, looking around at nothing in particular.

Mai hunched over, her nearly basketball sized breasts hanging low. “You will all fail against a member of the Shiranui Clan!”

Anger flashed in Kitana’s eyes as she came at Mai recklessly. She whipped out a fan and slashed, cutting her torso and hip. Her ruined thong fell to the ground around her ankle. Mai kicked high, but Kitana knelt and poked a finger into Mai’s exposed vagina. Mai’s shock sent her backward, causing some of the liquid to spill out as she landed on her stomach. Tina moved heavily as she struck at Kitana, who easily countered and kicked her breast. Tina knelt in agony, gripping her right tit.

Taki stood, still mumbling and gawking. Kitana walked closer, raising a fist to drop her. Unexpectedly Taki focused, drawing both blades and slicing her opponent’s arms before kicking her to the ground. “You will not win!”

“Taki’s first point!”

The other naked girls received yet another dose, their bellies swollen from the sheer volume of fluid. Tina was now sweating, having trouble standing from her newfound weight. Mai had been given two more enemas this time, since some had spilled. She strained to lift her enormous breasts.

The next round began and Taki flipped into the middle, striking gingerly at her enemies before bounding away. She stopped, watching them attack one another. You see, they are better fighters. I can help you win, but you must surrender yourself! Give in and I will give you the power you deserve! Taki screamed, “No, I will not give in!” She lunged back into the fray, slashing wildly. After a minute of blind rage she stood victorious. Hah, you think you have power, but I won’t let you win again, human.

“Taki gets a second point!”

The others accepted another enema. All of them, moving slowly from their burdens, stood ready again. Tina shuffled forward; Mai tried to strike first, but instead played into Tina’s trap. Tina crouched and came up beneath her; she grabbed her and squeezed, pressing their breasts together. She used all of her strength and lifted the buxom ninja. Mai struggled, only working her way higher in her grasp – her boobs flowed over Tina’s shoulders. The two naked, sweating women were entwined in a bear-hug which caused both of them to lose some of their liquid. Tina groaned as she released Mai, allowing her to slide out of her grasp; her large breasts rested on Tina’s shoulders for a moment before she slid them off and stepped aside lazily.

Meanwhile, Kitana lobbed fans repeatedly, each barely missing Taki. Both of them were exhausted by this point. Kitana spoke and waved her fans; Taki was lifted by a magical force, immobilized in the air. She floated as Kitana opened her fans and slashed upward, cutting Taki’s clothes, leaving only tatters and bloody lines.

“Kitana wins another point!”

At this point they were all naked. Tina was fat, but still attractive. Her face was slightly larger, but it retained her country-girl good looks. Mai had massive breasts which hung low, resting on her pronounced stomach. Her posterior had grown as well, keeping her hourglass figure intact. Both of them received two enemas as punishment for leaking.

Taki’s breasts were supple and still pronounced without support; her potbelly was cute and contained. As for Kitana, she had seen countless women over her lifetime and she knew that her body was still an adequate distraction to both genders. Her belly was slightly larger and more awkward than Taki’s, but Kitana had more experience than she ever would.

Kitana started the match aggressively. She squeezed Tina, being enveloped in her soft flesh. The pressure caused Tina to flail and scream, losing control and letting some of her enema spray out. Next she moved to Mai, pressing her fingers squarely into the center of her large nipples. Mai did not expect that; she yelped and released some of her fluid too.

Taki stood, staring into the distance. Kitana stepped closer to deliver the final strike when Taki countered. They fought, moving slower than normal, but still hitting heavily. Taki landed a kick on Kitana’s belly, but she was able to retain the enema. Taki flipped over her and, with Kitana’s head between her legs, she dropped down, clamping. Kitana wailed for a moment, but realized how to best use this situation. She turned slightly and used her tongue to explore Taki’s uncovered vagina.

Taki rolled off, holding her womanhood due to the unexpected sensation. She unintentionally raised her butt into the air. Kitana licked the end of one of her closed fans and inserted it with minimal effort into Taki’s exposed ass. She flicked it open and stepped back to watch the fountain of liquid flow out of her opponent. She casually walked over to Tina, rolled her over, and opened a fan in her ass. Finally she came to Mai; she lifted her legs and moved her into an uncomfortable pile driver position. She inserted the fan and stood back to watch all of them violently emptying.

“Kitana wins!”

“I have bested you all.” She reached down and began removing globs of semen from herself. She grunted as she reached deeper. She was suddenly quiet, “I only hope it was not too late.”

Fighters IV


“This battle will be between two of the fastest fighters known. The first is a very recognizable cat-girl from Darkstalkers, the always adorable and musically inclined: Felicia!” The girl had a large mane of bright blue hair and patches of white fur covering her body strategically. She had pointed ears and a long tail that whipped back and forth excitedly. She padded out on all fours; licking her paw, she used it to rub her ear before standing.

“Next we have an honor-bound, yet deadly ninja. She has dedicated her life to destroying demons and righting evil. From the Fu-Ma clan: Taki!” Wearing a skin-tight maroon bodysuit, Taki stepped forward and bowed. She wore ornate armored pauldrons and shin guards. A black belt was just under her voluptuous breasts, holding them high and firmly in place. The buxom woman looked very muscular beneath her suit.

“Begin!” The ladies moved cautiously closer. Felicia struck first, kicking at Taki’s ankle. Taki flipped above her and struck back. Felicia rolled forward, spun around, and swiped quickly. She put two large holes in Taki’s suit, leaving claw-marks on her now exposed skin. Taki lashed out, but Felicia rolled away and bounded back, raking Taki once more as she had turned away, exposing her firm buttocks. Taki’s suit was in tatters around her hips, but there were only superficial scratches underneath.

Taki slid her sword out of its holder and made a quick stab; its point hit Felicia, causing her to stumble. Taki used this opportunity to dart in and grab the girl, maneuvering her head between her legs. Felicia’s head was now touching her bare skin, where her suit had been torn. Taki struck down with her blade again, cutting the cat-girl’s shoulder. She released her and stepped away as she fell to the ground in pain.

“Round one goes to Taki!”

“Just stay down, demon.” Taki cut through the air with Rekki-Maru before sheathing it and bending forward. A man ran to her and filled her. The water was ice cold – she began cramping immediately. She attempted to hide the discomfort as the man gave her a second dose before leaving the arena.

Felicia hopped up, smiling. “Nope, I’ve got nine lives, remember!” She hopped into the air, balancing on her tail as she kicked Taki in the chest, tearing her suit just enough to expose her left nipple. Taki countered with a quick swipe from her blade, barely missing the cat-girl. Taki kicked high and then low, both landing heavily upon Felicia. Taki struck her relentlessly until she stayed down.

“Taki wins again.” The man came forth with a hose that had a bulb in the center. He pumped it quickly for what seemed to be minutes. Her flat belly now puffed out beneath her tight suit. She felt immense pain as she prepared herself. Felicia was already standing.

They both jumped closer, Taki landed a bit too heavily and Felicia struck quickly, landing another strike upon her chest. The suit tore through completely around Taki’s large, scratched breasts. They spilled out, bouncing unrestrained when she moved even slightly.

“Those are huge! Hope you can still balance with those out.” Felicia smiled playfully.

“I’ll manage; I can still stop you, demon.”

“I’m not a demon!”

Taki lunged, slashing with Rekki-Maru. She sliced Felicia’s arm, but stepped too far. Felicia easily countered her front-heavy opponent, kicking her forward and sending her to the ground. Taki arose sluggishly. She dodged two more attacks before landing a hit in the furry area between her opponent’s legs. Felicia dropped instantly, wailing.

“Taki wins three!” Taki bent down as the man rushed out. Her face was pained as he filled her with three doses of ice cold water. She was barely able to stand, her belly stretching her torn bodysuit noticeably. She edged forward until Felicia struck out with a low kick. Taki stumbled and fell onto her protuberant belly. She whimpered as a small stream of water squirted out of her. She rolled to her side and covered her exposed rear with her hand.

“This round goes to Felicia!” The catgirl flipped happily before sitting on all fours, thrusting her rear into the air. The man administered the cold enemas. Her tummy rumbled and she tried to ignore the pain. She motioned for Taki to begin. “Come on, you’re looking a little burdened. It’s okay if you want to give up.”

“Never. I only have to beat you once more.”

Taki walked forward and Felicia easily maneuvered away from her attacks. Felicia curled into a ball and rolled into her unwieldy aggressor, performing an uppercut as she hit. Taki fell backwards, her breasts and belly jiggling as she hit the ground.

“Felicia’s second win!” She sat on all fours again; her butt arose for the repeated pumps of air. Her belly seemed more noticeable than Taki’s had been. She was in visible discomfort as they started the next round. “Once I’m a pop star you will feel so silly for trying to stop me.”

“There is no place in this world for you, demon!”

“Quit calling me that!” Felicia leapt, claws outstretched. Taki stepped aside and slashed. Both girls moved slowly, unable to land a blow upon one another. Finally to break the stalemate Felicia kicked sand, momentarily blinding Taki. She used this opportunity to pounce, pushing the half-naked ninja onto the ground, their bellies pressed against one another. Felicia straddled her until she heard the announcement.

Felicia stood and stepped away uneasily, allowing the man to give her four doses of icy water. Her belly grew slightly with each fill. She held it as she arose, grimacing.

“This is the true test; think you can handle it all?” Taki’s abdomen churned.

“I know I’ll beat you. It’s my destiny.”

Taki grinned, “I don’t think you were trained well enough.”

They moved closer, trying to anticipate the first strike. Felicia rolled toward her, but Taki stepped clear at the last moment. Both of them were sweating, barely able to hold the air and water in their bowels. Felicia struck quickly, but Taki avoided them all. “I have to let you in on a secret.” Taki avoided two more strikes. “I have better discipline than you think. I only wanted you to feel what it’s like to be this full.”

“What?” Felicia tilted her head. “That’s not true at all.”

Taki flipped over her, using both her swords to slash at her back before sheathing them quickly. “I could have won after you had your first enema. You slowed down a lot once you had it.” She hopped upon Felicia’s shoulders, wrapping her legs around her head, striking her shoulder before jumping away. “You don’t understand anything about discipline!” She shouted. “Ougi!”

Taki seemed to vanish before three copies of her appeared. They all rushed at the shaky catgirl, all of their breasts bouncing and bellies shaking, striking her at once. Felicia dropped to the ground, unable to hold it in. Taki became one again. She walked closer, standing victorious over her beaten, deflating opponent. “Stay down!”