Young Love


Thick snowflakes floated from above, adding to the first true snowfall of the season. The white blanket crunched with each step, sounding uncomfortably loud in the eerie silence of the streets. Elliot put in his earbuds and started a song with a deep beat. After working a cash register all day he needed time to unwind. He enjoyed seeing the beautifully clean snow coating the lawns. A loud grinding noise overtook his music and he turned to see a plow truck barreling down the street. He moved aside as it launched gray snow and sand onto the sidewalk. The noise faded and eventually, he fell back into his rhythm.

Elliot stepped inside, tugging his earbuds free, hearing movement upstairs. He ate an apple and shed his coat before continuing upstairs. His sister’s door was open and she was tossing clothing into a pile upon her bed. He wanted to go play a video-game to unwind, but the look of annoyance on her face made him sympathetic. He stepped in and watched for a moment.

“Going through your old clothes?”

“No! I’m getting rid of all the shitty clothes that he bought me.” She was referring to her most recent boyfriend, Andrew.

“Done with him for real this time?”

“Uh… yeah.” She cocked her head to the side with a tone implying he should’ve known that.

“Good, he was a dick.” He didn’t mention that she had broken up with him once already.

His oldest sister was known to be the more adventurous sibling and she wasn’t subtle about it. Kendra had gone through a few lovers, but her wild side kept them from sticking around. The chubby pale girl had fluorescent green hair, a pierced nose, and a pierced lip. Her clear greenish eyes popped thanks to her accenting makeup and her smile was the bane of many, men and women alike. Kendra was temperamental, though, and sometimes got upset over something inconsequential.

Of everyone in his family, he felt the closest to her. They were complete opposites and that gave both of them deep insight into one another. Right now he could see that she was about to cause a scene and he needed to diffuse the situation before she got into trouble.

“Planning on trashing those?”

“I’m going to throw them onto the street! Fuck him and fuck his half-hearted gifts!”

“How does that affect him?”

She paused, giving him a look of bewilderment. “I’m not wearing them ever again!”

“Why not pack them up and give them to someone else? That way you won’t have to wear them, you’ll make someone else happy, and it will probably upset him even more.”

“That’s a good idea!” She collected the armful of clothes. “Think Cybil would wear these? Wanna give me a hand?” 

Elliot had a crush on the neighbor girl, so any chance to interact with her was welcome. “Sure.”

They gathered the clothing and brought them next door. Cybil greeted them, wearing a formed, low-cut t-shirt. Her cleavage was distracting, even drawing Kendra’s eyes for a moment. Elliot barely whispered a hello before they started talking. He had this problem often, fumbling for words around people he liked. He knew she’d like him once they talked and the opportunity would happen eventually, he only needed to be patient. He wasn’t ashamed of being a virgin, but it was playing hell with his nerves.

He adored the way she smiled and how she fidgeted when she was nervous. She didn’t have much of an ass, but he wanted nothing more than to grab onto it as he kissed her. He dreamt of kissing those luscious lips, caressing those amazing tits. He was shocked to notice her nipples showing through.

The conversation stalled as Kendra laughed. “I can see you’re feeling the breeze!”

Cybil noticed what she meant, covering her chest with the donated clothing. She was supremely embarrassed, looking to him with horror. “Uh, thank you both. I better get back to my homework.” She closed the door before they could respond.

“What the hell was that?” Elliot snapped as they walked down the sidewalk.

“It was just a joke, chill out.” She smirked. “You don’t like me checking out your girl?”

“It was just awkward, that’s all.”

“You should talk to her. She’s nearly as awkward as you!”

She gave him a sisterly shove as they walked back to the house. Elliot stumbled, narrowly avoiding face-planting in the snow. Kendra laughed as he looked for the culprit, finding a strange black rod on the ground. It was small enough to fit in his hand and one tip had a rounded point. Looking closely, he found numerous strange markings and symbols that appeared unlike any language he knew.

“Weird.” Kendra shrugged and continued. He followed along, putting the strange object in his pocket to throw away when he got home.

Kendra was chilled as they removed their coats, warming her hands up under his shirt. He yelped and pulled away as she giggled. “I’m going to go take a hot shower. Want to help me fold clothes later?”

“No, not unless you want to help me do dishes.”

“I’m down with that, sure.” She headed upstairs and he followed, both of them veering into their rooms.

He didn’t really want to do chores later, but it seemed like a good arrangement. He sat down, feeling the pointed rod pressing into his side. He took it out and rolled it in his fingers, seeing very intricate carvings. His mind wandered to Cybil’s erect nipples, how glorious her chest looked in that tight shirt. She hadn’t been wearing a bra and the thought aroused him immediately. He went to set the metal object down when he noticed something strange in the air. He waved it again, seeing a similar strange shimmer in the air.

He used it like a pen, noticing it left a small, barely noticeable trail as he drew. He unwittingly drew a circle and noticed a quick flash of a perfectly form breast before it vanished. He sat for a moment, wondering what he had witnessed. He repeated the process, seeing another glimpse of the large, creamy bosom. He didn’t know how he was making pictures of boobs in the air, but he continued experimenting.

He wondered who the breast was attached to and he thought back to what his sister’s looked like. He caught a glimpse of Kendra’s chest a few years back and it was definitely memorable. He traced again and this time the breast was different. He instantly recognized Kendra’s smaller pierced nipple. Then he realized who the other breasts belonged to. Cybil – I got to see Cybil’s boob! His mind raced as he stared at the metal pen in his hand.

He traced a circle again and as expected it changed back to the first one. An erect nipple sitting inside a sizable areola. The breast was big and weighty, but it vanished in an instant. He traced at different angles, but nothing lasted more than a moment. He thought of her face for a moment and this time the portal showed her pretty features twisted in pain.

Elliot gasped as the image disappeared. Am I hurting her with this? He tossed the object to the floor and bolted outside. He trudged through the snowy lawn and rang the doorbell. He knocked and was debating on calling 911 when he heard footsteps. Cybil opened the door wearing a sweatshirt they had just brought to her. He was confused, but no longer concerned.

“Uh, hi again.” She spoke with rosy cheeks.

“Oh, hi. I just wanted to see if… those clothes were too big.” Mumbling idiot!

“Uh, yeah, they’re fine. Thanks again.”

Elliot gave an awkward wave as he backed away. She closed the door, confused by the situation. He walked back home without the faintest idea of why he had seen her in pain. He went back upstairs, chilled from the venture, and grabbed the pen again. He traced a circle upon his desk, seeing Cybil staring at him with agitation. This time it stayed and he panicked. He quickly covered the portal with his hand, but when he pulled back she was leaning ahead staring at him. He drew another circle, but it also showed the same image of her face. He frantically scribbled through them and thankfully the portals vanished.

He slumped into his chair, knowing she had caught him. She’s going to think I’m a complete pervert! He contemplated the situation for a time before he had a thought. Maybe I can look at her from a distance. He made a circle again and sure enough, he had a birds-eye view of Cybil’s room, looking down on her bed. She was sprawled out with her pants pulled down and her sweatshirt pulled high. She wasn’t in pain – she was masturbating!

He watched the busty woman touching herself, working her clit as she bit her lip. Her expansive chest swaying as she moved. Her body was amazing. Elliot couldn’t stop himself, opening his pants and pulling out his cock. He stroked himself as he watched her small hips pressing into her fingers. Her mouth opened as she raised her head, grimacing from pleasure. I interrupted her when I went over there. I wonder if she actually saw me through the portal.

To test it, Elliot made a separate portal on the desk, knowing that they would last continuously when attached to something. He was able to see her face close up with this one, watching her nose crinkle as she built to completion, seeing her sparkling earring peeking from beneath her sandy-blonde hair. She distracted him by grabbing her breast, making him focus on the other portal. Her eyes opened, but she didn’t seem to notice the portal just above her face.

He reached a finger forward, easing the tip through the portal when Kendra opened the door. Cybil screamed silently through the portal and jumped out of bed. Elliot dropped the pen as he tried to hide his voyeurism and Kendra was able to see the whole thing.

He tucked himself away and grabbed the pen from the floor, striking through the portals to collapse them. Just before they disappeared he could see Cybil searching the room as she pulled her clothes back on. Kendra walked closer, turning her head as she thought.

“What was that? How did you do that?”

“Don’t you ever knock?”

“Were you spying on Cybil? That’s creepy!” She sighed, as she came closer. “You could just go over there and talk to her instead of being weird and shit.” She moved the notebook and keyboard he had on his desk. “How’d you even do that?”

“Kendra, just go.”

“No way, you tell me! It’s a Scooby-Doo mystery now!” She glanced at the bulge in his pants. “If you want to finish the just tell me! I need to know your secrets.”

He peeked down her loose-fitting tank top. She was wearing pajamas now and they were quite revealing. “Okay, fine, but you can’t tell anyone else, promise?” 

She held her right hand up excitedly. “I promise!”

He trusted Kendra, knowing that she had kept a few secrets for him from their younger years. He drew a circle on the notebook. Through the portal they could see Cybil standing in the shower, lathering up her arms as she stared introspectively. She rinsed and moved down to her legs, opening them to clean her privates.

“Holy fuck!” Kendra clasped a hand over her mouth. “Can she hear me?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t think she can see it unless something comes through.” He held up the pointed metal rod. “I don’t know where this pen came from, but it’s pretty sweet.”

“How does it work? Can it go to other places?”

Elliot made another portal above them. They both looked to the ceiling, but saw nothing. “It seems to be directed by what I’m thinking about.” He poked a finger through, confirming that you could see anything once it passed through. He brought the pen up and removed the portals before turning to his sister. “Now I showed you, so please let me finish!”

“Hell no! I want to try!” She grabbed the pen, pulling him along with it.

Elliot stumbled from the chair and landed on top of her. Kendra’s plush, chubby body cushioned him as she continued fighting for the object. She was stronger than expected and she managed to slip it from his grasp. She was playing keep away when he stopped abruptly. She looked up to see a cock protruding upward from the carpet. They disconnected and sat on either side of the erect member.

“Is that…” Kendra reached ahead and touched it gently, smiling as it twitched. Elliot’s response confirmed her thoughts. “It’s so big! You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you naked!”

“Yeah, that was like 10 years ago.”

“I guess it has been a while.” She grinned. “But wait, I have to test something.”

Kendra got up, taking the notebook from the desk. She thought for a second and made a sloppy circle. She giggled as the portal appeared. She turned the book to reveal an asshole. She held it up with a big grin before she came back to sit across from him. She hesitantly gave it a lick.

That bitch – that’s my butt! He quickly snatched the pen that she sat down and crossed out the portal. He moved with uncharacteristic speed, taking the notebook and creating another link. He let a line of spit drop into the new asshole before he turned it over and pressed it down. Kendra squealed as she shot upwards and fell back.

It felt better than he imagined. He brought the notebook down and back up a few times. Ignoring his struggling sister. Kendra whined and complained, going rigid as he continued fucking her through the portal. He let the book drop, causing his cock to go in entirely. She was turned over now, crawling closer as he hesitated. She grabbed the corner of the notebook. His cock sprang free as she yanked the portal away. It stood upright in the middle of the floor and a fountain of cum launched onto her face. She closed her eye, taking blast after blast as she recovered from the sudden pain in her ass.

Elliot let out a final spurt, shaking with pleasure after his first true sexual encounter. He thought back to the times Kendra had touched him or put her mouth on it, but this was much, much better. She turned onto her side, showing pain as she rested on her elbow. She wiped a line of cum from her glistening cheek, smearing it on her shirt with a disgusted expression. Her big, pierced breasts showed through the top as she looked to him. 

“You have fun with that, you little creep?”

“It was your fault for trying to trick me.”

She grinned, knowing she was caught. “Well, at least you didn’t shoot it in me.”

“Why, that would’ve been nice.”

“Gross! You’re my brother!”

“I know, but it wouldn’t be any worse than what we did.” She didn’t have a response to that.

She held out a hand. “Well, I want to use that now.” 

“No! I found it.”

“Yeah, but I gave you a reason to find it. Plus you got to go in my ass, so I think I deserve a little fun with it.”

“All right, but let’s set some rules first, okay?”

“That sounds like a good idea.” They discussed for a while before finally settling. “We will keep this as a secret between the two of us for now, we can’t use it on each other unless we both agree, and we can’t use it for anything too wild without consulting the other. Sound good?”

Elliot agreed, but first, he made another portal on a hardcover book from his shelf. This one showed Cybil lying in her bed, listening to music. Kendra took the rod and left his room, calling him a creep as she went to have some fun with her new toy. He locked the door behind her.

He sat down, watching Cybil staring into the distance. He took his cock out, assured that he wouldn’t be interrupted again. She looked up to the portal, no doubt wondering what it was that she saw her earlier. She snuck a hand into her pants and another under her shirt. The movements slowly increased as she licked her lips. Her glances at the ceiling became less frequent as she became more and more involved.

Showing her white teeth, Cybil closed her eyes and crinkled her nose. She was stroking even faster as she moved gently. He imagined soft moans escaping from her lips as her mouth relaxed. Her long, damp blonde hair spread out upon her pillow. Her impressive, natural breasts poking from beneath the rolled sweatshirt as she moved her hand lower. She slid it along her defined hip and pressed upon her trimmed golden bush. The outstretched arms pushed her boobs together, making them quiver with every small movement.

It was so much better than watching porn – seeing someone you knew and having it happen at this very moment. Elliot slowed his pace, not wanting to finish before she did. She raised up, sliding two fingers in as she worked her clit with the opposite hand. She was in the final throes, so he decided to go for it too. 

She opened her eyes for a moment, looking up in the last second before an orgasm washed over her. Her jaw trembled as she shook with ecstasy. Her head raising up as she removed her fingers, keeping the pressure on her crotch. She fell back into the sheets, breathing quickly as she relaxed. She looked so perfect lying there, staring up with tired, satisfied eyes.

He worked his cock, feeling the pressure building. He slid down in his chair, watching the climax happen as he busted, shooting cum into the air. He immediately regretted making such a mess, but it felt fantastic to cum a second time in such a short span. He grabbed a nearby paper towel to clean up. To his horror, he noticed Cybil wiping her stomach as she looked to the ceiling with bewilderment. Some of his cum had gone through the portal. She seemed to shrug it off, thinking it was from her body. She moved her clothes back into place and took out her earbuds, fixing her hair before heading out of her room.

Now satisfied, he realized where his dick had been before. He headed to the bathroom to clean up, passing by his sister’s room. They were the only ones home and they usually kept to themselves, but today he couldn’t resist. Elliot carefully opened the door, peeking in to see his sister on her knees, holding a small box up to her face. She made a portal that connected to her own pussy. She was pleasuring herself, using her tongue inside and her finger on the button. He knew it was wrong to watch, but he couldn’t turn away.

She raised her thick hips, rocking in the air as she grew closer to climax. Her heavy breasts bouncing as the small rings through her nipples reflected an occasional glint of light. Kendra’s full, bright green hair slid along her soft shoulders as she licked upward. Her plump, formed ass jiggling a few inches from the ground. She was beautiful, pleasuring herself so gently. Her speed increased and she reached down to pull her nipple. She let out a muffled moan as she buried her nose into her excited mound.

Elliot was hard again, but he decided to close the door. He knew it was shameful to watch his sister like that. What would the rest of the family think if they found me like this? He made his way to the bathroom, trying to let his excitement fade. He paused to think about his sister’s naked body, remembering the feel of her tight asshole. I fucked my sister. He looked at her door, hearing an audible moan coming from inside. I mean, technically it was her ass, so it’s okay, right? She didn’t seem to mind too much. Nobody else ever has to know. The door opened and he turned to see her standing naked in the hallway, her eyes wide as she froze in place.

“Quit staring, creep. I’m your sister.” She cocked her head and narrowed her eyes.

He couldn’t tell if she was kidding. There was a moment of uncertainty until she shrugged, showing an expression of embellished disgust. Elliot quickly stepped into the bathroom, his face flushed with guilt. He wondered if she noticed his erection. I certainly noticed a few tattoos I didn’t know about… and her wet bush. His heart fluttered as he went to the bathroom, having immense difficulty in his aroused state.

“Hey!” Kendra tried the door before knocking. “I need to pee!”

“Just a minute.”

“That thing is fucking awesome!” She spoke through the door. “I think we should talk about how to use it more creatively.”

Eventually, Elliot unlocked the door to find Kendra waiting patiently, leaning in the doorway, still nude. He couldn’t speak as she pushed past him, rubbing her cushy body against him to fit through the door. She turned to see him still staring. “What? It’s not like you haven’t seen this before! Don’t be weird.” She shoved him into the hallway and closed the door.

Elliot decided to ignore his awkward boner and go find something to snack on until his parents got home.

Her Majesty’s Most Peculiar Ministry


Links were established and paper trails appeared, all connecting Oxanna’s research to other facilities around the world. Her husband’s first discovery of an aging cream set everything in motion. Thanks to countless human experiments and funding from unknown sources, the Russians had expanded upon the idea and used it to manipulate human bodies in numerous ways. Most recently, they inadvertently created a living replica of Abbey.

The clone didn’t speak and always showed glee when they would stimulate her with electricity or fire. She wasn’t immune, just highly tolerant. Katherine watched as the men in hazard suits approached the examination platform. Abbey’s clone was displayed upright, with restraints upon her ankles and wrists. One man worked a tube into her rump; giving the all clear as his assistant pulled a lever. The tube connected to a 40 litre transparent tank suspended from the ceiling. They filled it with normal water for now to check how much she could expand. They saw the video and they were shocked by the slime girl’s size. I wonder if this thing can match its mother.
Katherine felt the bottle in her pocket. We haven’t figured out why these pills worked, but we were able to replicate them. She was prepared to stop the creation if things went awry. The clone passed the 10 litre amount without complaint, taking far more than an average person could handle. Showing a very prominent belly, she passed the 20 litre mark. Even when she took it all, the woman was relaxed and watching without complaint. Her stomach was grossly oversized, much larger than the real Abbey’s stomach had ever grown. It hung past her knees, nearly touching the floor.

The lead researcher called to empty the woman, but something caught their eyes. The inflated girl’s stomach bulged outward, expanding and contracting in slow pulses. The girl howled loudly, thrashing against her bonds. Katherine hastily opened the container as she ran closer, deftly slipping a few pills up the struggling girl’s ass. This only seemed to agitate the clone, and soon she developed a greenish hue. The creature’s hands and feet slipped free from the closed bonds as she stepped to the ground. She delivered a hard strike to one of the guards as the other shot her in the back. Bullets slowed as they passed through her now translucent skin, tumbling gently to the ground on the opposite side.

Confused, Katherine lobbed a handful of the pills at the monster. It trembled, splashing as it roared ahead. Abbey’s slimy doppelganger filled out, its entire frame growing as the pills dissolved beneath its skin. The creature’s clear body clouded and its curves expanded. The female creature had a wide, laden body within seconds, appearing as an overweight pregnant woman. It hoisted her by the neck, and ripped away her clothing, piece by piece. Kicking wildly, she was unable to escape its grasp as it peeled away her garments. Her vision started to fade when she heard something.

A quiet thump came from behind and the creature’s grasp faltered. She fell hard upon her ass, losing the last remnants of her formal attire to the ground. Her attacker dissolved into a pool of goop beneath her legs as she recovered. Looking back, an older, beautiful woman smirked with accomplishment. “I’m glad it worked. I took a chance.” She lowered the odd weapon, noting Katherine’s confusion. “This is a sonic cannon.” She presented the gray tube with handles for a moment before offering her hand. “My name is Priscilla, but you can call me P.”

“I’ve heard of you.” Katherine stood and stepped away from the creature’s remnants.
“It’s good to finally meet you.” The woman glanced down for a moment. “I’ve heard so much about you, Agent Evans.” Katherine made no attempt to hide her nudity as the woman stole another glance. Priscilla shook her head and pulled her mind back to the matter at hand. “We were working on an alternative method to dispatch this thing and luckily for you I was preparing it to test it shortly.”
“Thank you, can we find me some clothes n-“ She noticed the floor was dry, and the bulk of the substance behind her was also missing.

“Oh.” The woman’s aged, alluring eyes showed worry. “It’s gotten away.” She thought for a time, inspecting her weapon. “But why didn’t this work?”
“The pills only made it angry and change color. How do we stop it?”
“I was watching the recording… Maybe it’s weakening the structure with each application. I think it might be building some sort of resistance or even immunity to the capsules.”

She rambled on and Katherine finally understood why she wasn’t popular around the office. The woman had prominent, rosy cheeks with a dimpled smile as she discussed the scientific structure of the creature. Her glistening light brown hair rested upon her shoulders and her blouse was parted to show a small amount of cleavage. Like most women here, she knew how to look attractive. Unlike the agents, however, her good looks were wasted in the research office. She was incredibly intelligent, but she could be quite dull, as she heard.

She was still going when Katherine decided to halt her explanation. “We have to stop it before it gets topside.”
“The subfloors are in lockdown already. Perhaps if we use this cannon one or two more times it will completely destroy the thing.” She offered the weapon.
Katherine got a feel for the gun as she moved to the door. “Stay close.”
“You’re not going to cover yourself?”
“No time. Hope you don’t mind.”
P smirked. “Not one bit. You have a nice behind.”

Katherine responded with a smile before moving into the hallway. She cleared each corner with Priscilla in tow. Hearing a faint noise, she came around the corner to see Lyla. With a sly grin and a raised eyebrow, the woman put a hand on her hip. She was entirely nude; her very ample breasts drawing their attention as the girl came closer. They were perfectly shaped, natural, and gigantic. Her nipples sat low, pointing slightly upward upon the silky smooth melons.

“Want to have some fun?” Lyla spoke seductively as she reached out to cup Katherine’s more modest breast.
She pulled back. “Where are your clothes?”
“I lost them.” She continued approaching, and Katherine continued edging backward.
“Stop.” She aimed the gun at her supposed co-worker. “You’re not Lyla.”

The buxom woman pursed her kissable lips as she scowled. She knocked the gun away before hitting Katherine in her exposed crotch. Katherine hit the woman in the arm as she fell to the ground, gasping in pain. P stepped back, unable to reach the cannon as Lyla descended upon her. The replica woman held up her hand, showing off her light skin shifting to a greenish hue. It pulled away the woman’s suit pants, leaving only a few remnants around her legs and waist.

Priscilla was stunned as the creature pushed her malleable hand up her snatch. They locked eyes as the wrist passed through and P showed her discomfort. Her stomach bulged as the copied woman thrust up to her elbow. Within moments the aggressor was on her knees, shoulder deep into the researcher. Katherine was recovering, quietly reaching for the weapon as the woman put her other arm in. She had both arms almost in entirely when Kathrine touched the gun. It shifted, making a small noise that caused the creature to pull away, leaving its arms behind. P whimpered as she fell back against the wall and slid to the floor, her gaping pussy slowly closing as the goo moved deeper inside of her.

The clone’s skin returned to a human shade as it kicked the sonic cannon from her hand. Katherine sent a heel into her sizable chest, causing one of her tits to mash in and bounce with an oddly satisfying motion. Katherine reached up to strike the other one, making them bounce out of rhythm. The armless woman stumbled as her heavy breasts stopped moving. She avoided a strike before diving downward head-butting Katherine’s unintentionally exposed vagina.

She gasped, expecting pain, but instead the copy’s head changed shape in an instant, reforming as it pushed into her loins. The pain came soon after, as the slime woman maneuvered into her womb. Gritting her teeth, Katherine tried to close her legs, but it was a vain attempt. Slime rushed into her as P nudged the gun closer. She took hold and moved her legs wide as she aimed at the clone’s marvelous ass. She blasted the partially inserted slime woman. Green goo splattered outward, covering her legs. The substance inside settled, but it would not come out, no matter how hard she pushed. Gazing upon her swollen belly, Katherine tipped to the side and lifted herself up using the wall.

P had a similarly large stomach as she sat with her legs wide and a worried expression. “What do we do?”
Katherine shot another blast at the inert substance upon the floor, just to be certain. “We find a way to get this tosh out of us.” She pulled P to her feet, checking the green pool upon the floor. They continued down the hall at a labored pace.

“Ugh, I can’t, I just can’t.” Priscilla leaned upon the wall, slumping down.
“We just have to carry on, P.”
“What’s the point? We can’t get this thing out of us.”
“That seems a little pessimistic. There has to be some way to remove it!”
She perked up at that, shuffling along once more. “You’re right. We just need to get to my lab.”

They took a few minutes of strained walking, eventually reaching P’s office. They found the real Lyla and Abbey in a similar predicament. Abbey’s thick frame was spread upon the floor, her tall stomach shifting as she groaned. Lyla was balanced upon two office chairs to distribute her increased weight, flipping through the research notes for the Russian facilities. Both women were inflated heavily, giving the visitors an agitated glance.

“How do we get this out?!” Abbey pleaded as she lay.
P pushed into the room, leaning against the table where Lyla read. The wood creaked as she maneuvered around. “We know it is highly resistant to most stimulants, but water seemed to help it to expand. Clearly we need to figure some way to dry it out without harming our bodies.”

Lyla pushed away from the desk. Her massive breasts and belly wobbling as she rolled. Her short-cut chestnut brown hair partially obscured her accented blue eyes. Her full, light pink lips parted as she held her stomach. She looked to Katherine with frustration. “My comms got busted during our scuffle and I can’t find anything about this shite inside us. This whole thing is balls-up.”

“No need to get your knickers in a twist, dear.” Katherine always enjoyed the chance to patronize the number one agent. “We both know what they’re going to say.” She touched her ear, turning on the emergency communicator. “Operator, have any advice? This is Evans.”

“I was wondering when you’d call.” The man’s voice crackled in her ear. “We have the subfloors on lockdown, so it’s really up to you. I see the… substance isn’t doing any lasting harm, so perhaps you can wait it out?”
“How much air do we have?”
“Enough to last into tomorrow.”
“Any hope of a rescue mission?” Katherine already knew they answer.
“Sorry, but I saw how easily that stuff spread. I can’t risk that getting topside.”
She looked to the others. “No help coming, we have to deal with this first.”
“Of course.” Lyla put a hand on her knee. “Even if we get these out there’s no way to know if we got them all.”

Priscilla held up a finger. “We can probably use a specialized camera to locate them. As for dealing with them I think I have an idea.” She lumbered to the opposite side of the room, rifling through a cabinet. “Silica Gel. This stuff should draw some of the moisture from its body and ideally it will come out to find another hiding spot.”

“How are we going to get to them if they’re inside us?”
P held up an extending rod. “Simply place some of the desiccant on here and be very careful when inserting it.” She took a speculum from a drawer. “Who wants to go first?”
“I should since I’m still standing.” Katherine hauled her immense frame closer. She spread her legs and held her pussy wide as P sat down clumsily. She used the speculum to open her patient wide, working the clear orb onto the end of the telescoping rod.

“I see it.” She moved ever so carefully. “Here it comes.”
Katherine felt the slime inside shift violently, thrashing as it tried to fit its mass into her womb. The pain made her stumble and fall, thankfully P removed the rod in time. Her stomach writhed as she lay on her back and suddenly she felt it pushing out of her. The slime creature yanked itself out and slid across the floor, moving up a chair and into Lyla’s unprepared asshole.

The woman shrieked and lifted, causing the chairs to move apart. She fell between the supports, howling as she planted on her narrow ass. Her stomach grew quickly, making the other two girls seem tiny in comparison. Her epic tits expanded just enough to match her full frame and she still looked amazing in spite of her extended size. Both P and Abbey groaned as their occupants burst from their openings, crawling toward the immobile Lyla.

Both blobs moved beneath the inflated woman and carried her through the doorway. With the others still in shock, Katherine followed her with the sonic weapon in hand, quickly changing the battery as instructed. She came around a corner to find the Russian man from the previous facility with slime covering most of his skin. Now twice his normal size with green strips of goo wrapping around his body, the man looked wild and dangerous.

“You cannot stop us!” He ran forward, shrugging away a blast from the sonic cannon. He pulled the weapon from her grasp and took her arm. He took some slime and placed it on her wrists and ankles, binding her against the wall. Abbey and P came in to help, but he only repeated the process, subduing them all. He strained, directing all of the slime to move to his crotch. It molded together to form an immensely long and thick cock.

“You will regret killing our creator!” He got down, moving into the missionary position with an overfilled Lyla. She tried to pull away, but the bed of slime now held her tightly upon the floor. The man fucked her hard, causing her heavy body to bounce against his thrusts. He put his legs together to drive in with his entire body, making her belly squish as he continually dropped upon her. Lyla was truly defeated in the moment, trying desperately to find some means of escape.

This seemed to excite the augmented man, causing his speed to increase. He paused to lean back, sitting down with her legs over his shoulders as he leaned back. He rammed into her with even more force, raising her weighted frame high into the air as he pumped her. Lyla was resisting, but the wet noise betrayed her true enjoyment. It was hard to distinguish if she was excited or if she was just too full.

Suddenly the question was answered. The man stopped for a moment before he launched cum into her already huge belly. Somehow he filled her even more, causing her once taut belly to roll outwards. Her breasts were immaculate, with her nipples growing proportionately; the orbs pulled to touch the ground beside her, retaining the smooth, kissable skin.

“Don’t do this, please!” P cried out. “Just let us go and you can have her!”

The man withdrew his monstrous cock. Approaching the pleading woman suspended upon the wall. He took one of her well-portioned breasts as he tilted his head. With a smile he stepped aside, reaching up to free Katherine’s arm. The blob of slime moved down and added to his enhanced member. He also freed one leg, lifting it up to rest upon his shoulder. The monster poked the massive shaft into the ginger’s trimmed pussy, working it in smoothly.

Bucking and grunting, Katherine fought, showing pain as he parted her legs in a suspended split. He was unforgiving, ramming his gigantic rod in and out of her lower opening, making her drip as he drilled her. She hated to admit that she was loving the smooth feeling as the slime cock glided in and out. She reached down and rubbed her clit, ignoring the man’s laughter. Her body tingled as she enjoyed the shaft plunging into her. She approached orgasm and she knew he was too.

The man took hold of her free arm, stopping her enjoyment. She growled angrily as a minor, disappointing orgasm came. She was about to curse when she felt her pussy open wide. His colossal cock bulged as it sent blast after blast into her. She was stunned to see her stomach pulse upward, with the seed settling low. He gave her more doses than Lyla and she had the belly to show for it. He slid out, still erect and stepped back. Katherine felt another orgasm was near, and decided to take the opportunity. Reaching down, she rubbed her clit wildly, taking mere seconds before a full climax took hold of her body. She convulsed with pleasure, and as he slid out the fluid stayed in place. In spite of her push, nothing came out.

“Let me go!” P cried out. “You don’t need me with all these other tight holes!”

He moved to Abbey, again ignoring the antagonizing remarks. The man absorbed the slime on her legs, lifting her outward and pushing his enlarged member against her cushy backside. He used a hand to guide himself as he held her leg, and soon he was slipping between into her rump. Abbey pulled and bucked, but he was already edging deeper. He didn’t even make it in entirely when his cock shook violently, pumping more cum up her ass. Abbey watched with horror as her stomach puffed upward growing in pulses as the man filled her. She moaned as he pulled out, retaining the thick seed.

He finally came to P, smiling broadly with his enlarged cock standing proudly. She was clearly nervous about where he would insert his shaft next.  He removed all of the slime bonds, bringing her up as he opened her legs and wrapped them around him. He lined her up, pleased to see her spreading her pussy. Without warning he dropped her, making her weight force his cock deep into her loins.

The man’s eyes showed concern as he tossed his current mate aside, growling with anger as he stomped backwards. On the floor Katherine could see an open plastic bag with more of the silica gel inside.

“Careful where you stick that thing.” P scoffed, removing it from the bag and launching it at the slime enveloped cock.

He pulled back with even more anger, recoiling from the attack. She took the chance to grab the sonic weapon and blast him. The man wavered, kneeling as he took another hit. The third blast really caused the most damage, making sections of his body melt to the floor in a disturbing fashion. The man held up a hand in surrender.

“We did not mean to harm you. We only seek to replicate.”
“We can’t let you go.” P was ready to finish the monster.

There was an uneasy pause before the slime pulled away from the man, flying to the ceiling. P blasted the Russian before turning her aim to the ceiling. She took two shots to hit the suspended blob, causing it to splash onto the ground harmlessly. P used some of the silica to unbind the other operatives.

“Do we all have more of those in us?” Abbey asked.
“It feels different. I don’t think the stuff we have is fully… matured yet.” Katherine  touched her swollen stomach.
“If we just break the seal it should come out.” P spread herself, trying to find the blockage. “I think I…” She walked heavily to a table, directing Katherine to climb up. “Mind if I take a look in you?” Katherine did as instructed, lying back on the desk and opening her legs. P parted her with nimble fingers, inspecting the hard stopper in her vagina. “It’s wedged in there and I don’t think a desiccant will help here.” She searched for another option.

Lyla took the initiative, moving the researcher aside and stepping between Katherine’s open legs. Katherine gave a questioning look over her inflated midsection. The woman dismissed the concern and worked her fingers into the wide opening. Katherine moaned, biting her lip as the other woman worked to spread her. Lyla was not gentle, being able to fit her entire fist in after a few minutes. She used both hands, pulling Katherine’s hole apart forcefully.

“It’s too much!”
Lyla worked with determination. “Don’t be a twat!” Her large breasts shaking as she worked her hands inside her companion.

Grimacing, Katherine was in distress, but her occasional gasps of pleasure showed that she didn’t mind it too much. She endured the rough handling, shifting uncomfortably beneath her distended belly. She gripped the table as wet noises came from her privates.

Suddenly she felt something shift. The blockage moved lower, sliding along her lubricated entrance. It gained speed, now pushed by the contents it restricted. Lyla removed her hands and leaned back to avoid the eruption. The stopper fell to the floor with a thud as off white slime slid out of Katherine’s pussy. She moaned as it flowed onto the floor without restriction, covering her companion.

Lyla got up and flicked her hands, clearly disgusted by the substance all over her front. Katherine pushed out more and more, pausing to catch her breath before making another attempt. Soon her stomach was flat and there was a large pool upon the floor.

Lyla cocked her head with a stern look to the researcher. “Next.”

P sighed as she came closer, her belly shifting heavily as she moved. She built up before gracelessly lifting her leg onto the table, scooting into a comfortable position. She looked to Katherine as Lyla tried to remove the obstruction with far more care than before. “Head back to my lab and try my infrared camera. They should show up on that. See if my colleagues are still alive too”
“How many others were down here?”
“Three others.” She paused. “Besides those guards that didn’t make it and this one.” She looked to the remnants of the Russian captive. She scoffed at their former attacker.

Katherine took the weapon and left them to empty, giving Abbey a quick kiss as she passed. She found the camera and sure enough it showed a slight temperature difference in the remaining sentient oozes. She used the sonic cannon to dispatch them one by one. It took a while, but she finally stepped into the last room. She stopped in her tracks, shocked by the woman who turned to glare at her.

The fair-skinned woman’s luscious lips opened to show a broad smile. Her thin nose sat in contrast to her big blue eyes and her low, natural breasts shifted as she came closer. Katherine was looking at a copy of herself. “We will settle this.”
“I liked you better when you didn’t talk!” She raised the weapon, blasting the woman’s arm. Chords of slime hung as it fell to the floor. The clone ignored the injury as it vaulted forward. She sent another shot at the floor as the clone pushed her shoulder, knocking her back before sending the weapon careening into the air. Katherine bumped into a suspended researcher and she noticed they were stuck to the wall with slime, awaiting an unknown fate.

“We know how you work, Katherine. We’ve been inside you.” The injured woman grinned with cold eyes. “We will be free or you will not.” She slinked ahead, circling around Katherine.
“Evans, you have to get us all out of here, it’s our only hope!” The only male researcher pleaded.
Katherine sensed his urgency wasn’t just from fear. “Let them go and you can do whatever you want with me.”

The copied woman’s smile faded as she thought about the proposition. She walked to the wall and absorbed the slime bonds one at a time. Once freed, each captive ran for the door. With only Katherine remaining, the woman came within arm’s reach. “You think that without them you can beat me.”
“I do.”
She scoffed, “Funny.” The clone sent a fist at Katherine with lightning speed. Instead of hitting her in the jaw, however, it opened her mouth wide and pushed down her throat. She felt the slimy appendage slip down her throat and hit the bottom of her stomach. The sensation was unsettling, as she felt her stomach bulge for a moment before the woman withdrew her hand.

The woman took a few hits before sending another strike between Katherine’s legs. Again her arm changed, snaking it’s path up her behind and through her intestines. Katherine watched the woman in shock as she felt the slimy arm worming its way through her body. The woman knelt, going elbow deep into her while maintaining eye contact. Katherine grew wet as her belly started expanding.

She watched her stomach puff out, growing expediently as the other woman shrank. She felt pressure on her loins as the woman put her lips into place. Katherine gasped as her copy worked her tongue against her clitoris, making the insertion feel oddly enjoyable. She felt the tongue move deeper and soon a second tendril was moving up and into her womb. She was mesmerized, her belly growing to the previous size and then larger as the clone slipped out of view. She felt the last remnants of the aggressor pull inside, moving up her ass and her pussy.

Once she was fully inside, Katherine stepped heavily, finding balance and moaning with the odd sensations. Her occupant writhed, causing her to walk clumsily to the wall for support. She grew flush as her belly gurgled and bulged and she felt an unexpected orgasm rising. Sudden and intense, she couldn’t prepare herself, squirting onto the floor as she screamed with delight. She loudly endured the pleasure, feeling aftershocks rolling along her body. Sinking to the floor, she grew lightheaded and everything faded to darkness.

She awoke to see Abbey above her, cradling her in arm. Her chubby frame felt warm and soft, with her breasts squishing against her shoulder. Katherine gained her bearings as she looked down to see her stomach was mostly smooth yet again. “They figured out a special frequency to kill the slime without hurting us.” Katherine saw a massive pool of light green goo on the floor beneath her.

“How are you feeling?” Katherine asked as she looked up to her lover.
“I’m okay. My stomach is sore, but we all took a lot.”
“Yeah, I’m glad that thing is dead.”
“The operator gave us the all clear now.” Lyla spoke from behind Abbey, naked and glistening. “You missed the inspection.” She looked to the group of men in hazmat suits combing the other side of the room. “Oh, and also he thanked us for the show. He said we could watch again if we’d like.” Lyla chuckled.

Part X


The army was gone and they were finally safe. She directed Armon, with the help of the scepter, to lead the army away and trust that the villagers would live out their lives peacefully. It’s not like we’re going to last long anyway, only daughters are being born and not many outside males are willing to mate with women blessed by Kinok. Many people flocked to their town after the army turned back, most of them outcasts from other ruined villages that had been touched by Kinok’s influence. Vanita knew it wasn’t over yet.

“I hear your village has relics, could you direct me to the artisan that crafted them?” The shorter woman with broad features and a commanding presence asked.
Vanita was pleased that others had heard of her accomplishments. “I am the creator, Vanita.”
“A woman?” The dusky eyed woman dismissed the idea. “Drop the ruse and show me to the man who created them.”
“A man started, but a woman finished.” Vanita’s head tilted, dimples showing with a non-genuine smile.
The woman crossed her arms, finally seeming to understand. “Tell me about your relics, Vanita.”
Vanita raised her hand to show the ring. “This is the Band of Possession.” She explained how it would transfer consciousness between bodies. Agreeing, the unnamed woman launched her hand out and grabbed her arm, her own band pressing against the skin. The same odd sensation passed and Vanita found herself in the foreign body, looking at her wispy features from a distance. The other woman had swapped their bodies and Vanita now realized how foolish she had been.

“What do you want? Who are you?”
“I am a crafter like you,” Vanita’s former body said. “You weren’t the only one given knowledge.”
Vanita could see a similar ring on her new hand. Without much thought, she reached up and grabbed her old body’s pierced breast. Nothing happened. It feels nice, though. “I learned how to control when it happens.” The woman in Vanita’s body gave a big grin, her cheeks flush with delight over her victory. “Your thoughts play a big portion in how it responds. Now, what I really want is for you to show me to whatever you made to command Armon and his army to march away.”

Many refugees had found their way into town and most were welcome additions. However, there were exceptions. A large, naked man waddled into their home. Nora remembered the rotund man from long ago. He has to release his seed into someone to deflate. He nearly popped Krina when she helped him in town. “How are you still alive?”
The heavy man leaned upon the table, causing it to tilt slightly. “I remember you…” He huffed. “I found a delightful woman who emptied me every few hours.” His jowls shook as he spoke, sweat rolled along his brow. “She let me go a little too long one night and it was too much for her, the poor girl.”
“You are not welcome here.”
“You cannot leave me to die. If you are careful then you can empty me safely.”
“You are not our problem! Leave and do not trouble us!” Nora snapped uncharacteristically. She felt bad for the man, but he was selfish and he would always be a burden if she let him stay. The bulky man passed through the door with a loud grumble, slamming it shut behind him.

A scream came a few minutes later as she rushed to the door. Outside she saw her daughter Samara pinned beneath the writhing fat man. He awkwardly reached down, trying desperately to guide his cock in between her spread legs. “Just put it in and I’ll stop, I swear.” The fat, glistening man pleaded to her.”
“Don’t, he’s going to-“ Nora called out, but she could see Samara’s hand reach down and she knew it was too late.

Both of them grunted, as his quivering belly began shrinking and hers blasted upward. The massive amount of seed transferred into her at an unreal speed. The man leaned forward upon her, pinning her arms and legs with his. The girl showed her teeth in pain as her belly grew, his weight forcing it to expand outward between them. Her belly slowly gained dominance, pushing his up as he pumped his stored seed into her womb. She screeched in agony as his body was lifted upright, their hips still connected.

Pulling herself away from the scene, Nora recalled the item Vanita had left behind. She bolted inside and returned with the scepter. “Stop!”

The man fell upon her, motionless with now distant eyes, but his belly still shrank. The fluid continued forcing its way into the swollen woman. Samara flailed, trying desperately to lift him off of her squished, inflated belly. “Get him off! Get it out of me!”

Nora raised the rod to command him to step back. Instead, it slipped from her grasp. Panicked, she fumbled to grab it from the taller grass. A blood-curdling howl came from her daughter and Nora looked up to see lighter stretch marks on her darker skin. Looking as if she might pop at any moment, Samara’s eyes closed and she knew it was too late. The girl’s belly pulsed up with another blast and then… Her midsection burst open as white goo blasted everyone in the area. The thin, now lanky man was blown onto his back, still holding the girl’s hips as her ruined body flopped upon him.

Nora wailed as she dropped to her knees. She found the rod and commanded the man to dunk his face in a stream and breathe deeply.

Denah stepped through to the small clearing in the trees. A little girl stood beside the robed women, encircling Krina, Cilia, and two other bound women he hadn’t seen before. Those must be Krina’s newest daughters. The robed women chanted, pressing their hands together in prayer. And that girl is the one I rescued from the town! Denah moved like a big cat stalking its prey. Her smaller, fit body moved gently through the brush. With good timing I can probably get them before they can counterattack. Denah hoisted a spear and began the charge, launching it as she readied her sword. She stopped, dumbfounded as she hit an invisible wall and the spear bounced aside in midair.

The little girl scoffed. “Not that easy, you freak!”
“What is this? Why are you helping them?!”
The girl was disgusted by the question. “We’re going to restore balance by purging all of Kinok’s followers. You’re just a plague upon the land.” The girl turned to the robed women, who were lost in their incantations. “This will end all tainted mortals, and now that we are protected, it’s just a matter of time.”
Denah struck the transparent shield, frustrated that she could not find a weak point.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.” Cilia pleaded as she knelt.
“I told you that you may not speak!” The little girl reached down and squeezed the bound woman’s shaft.
Cilia whimpered, her cock growing hard from the pain. Her mother gave protest, but that only increased Cilia’s pain. “I can fix both of our problems, just please listen!” She cried out.
The girl pulled her cock, guiding her to stand awkwardly. “Fine. I’m listening.”
The petite girl stood well above her pre-pubescent captor. “What if we left and promised not to breed?”
“You cannot make such a promise. Your entire village is twisted by Kinok’s curse and the only way to stop you is for you to be removed!” The girl tightened her grasp, causing Cilia to buckle in pain. “You waste your words-“
“No, no, they can leave! Without the two of us they are just women, normal women! Without a man’s seed they are nothing unique.” The little girl relaxed her grip once again. “We were tricked by Kinok as well. We do not wish to defy you, we only want to live! If you have to kill the two of us then so be it, we only want to protect our loved ones.”

“You would sacrifice yourself and your mother to save them?” The girl scoffed, glancing at Krina, who sat silently. “How altruistic.” She let go of her cock and slapped it hard. Cilia stumbled in her bindings, groaning. “I know better. You would just leave and direct them to us. We will not let you walk free.”

“Ugh… If you let me talk to them then I get the items you fear and we will find someplace else to spend the rest of our days as normal people!” Cilia grit her teeth, still fighting the sting. “I heard your fear about what our village created. I know how much you want those items.”
The girl’s expression went blank. “What assurance would we have?”
Cilia drew in a calming breath. “Keep Krina and use her for your ritual if you suspect we are lying. If I am truthful then you’ll get magical artifacts that will make you as powerful as the gods you worship! If I am lying then you can destroy anything magical in the area. The risk is minimal; I just want to protect my people.”

The young girl nodded. “You make a strong point.”

It took convincing, but Vanita got her body back as did the woman, named Mileena. She had moved through many bodies using a similar relic that she had crafted. Unlike her, she had found a way to craft relics based on the other two gods, Tulla and Kinok himself.

She lifted an unimpressive black metal necklace as she spoke. “This is The Pendant of Lapsing Time.” It can pause time around you, allowing you to move and interact with your surroundings unimpeded.” She slid a tiny black rod with a pointed tip from her belt. “And this is the Barb of Entrance. This allows a person to create a portal.”

Perplexed, Vanita reached out, only to have Mileena pull it away. Vanita apologized, “A portal? You can make a doorway somewhere?”
“A doorway anywhere.” Mileena smirked. “Remember, your mind plays an important role when using any of these. You must visualize the location and then trace in the air or an object to create the link. The size does not matter.” She drew a calming breath as she drew a square in the air using the black pen. Once she joined the corners, Vanita could see a tall, slender blonde woman with a full posterior standing in a field. It took her a moment to realize she was staring at herself through the gateway. She searched, but could see no exit for the portal.

“Where is it?” She turned back to watch herself through the window. “I know it’s there, but I see nothing.”
“It is a one way portal. Anything that goes through will come out on the opposite side unless it is tethered somehow.”
Vanita marveled as she put her arm through the window and watched as it appeared in midair a short distance behind her. She pulled back and looked at her palm. “Amazing.”
She traced the barb over the portal causing it pop out of existence. “The portals last for a long while until you collapse them.” She created another portal upon the side of her furs.  She sneered as she inserted her hand through the dark opening upon her side. Immediately, Vanita felt something large force its way into her pussy. Her hand is inside me! “Sorry, but I don’t trust you. My ring is in there, so I can move into you if you try to fuck me.” She spread her fingers causing Vanita to grip her crotch painfully. “Now, show me your relic.”

“I… I do not carry it. Follow me back to our home.”

The two women trekked to the center of the village. Hundreds of women went about their lives, barely regarding them as they passed. Mileena noticed a gooey circle upon the grass as they moved into the house. Inside three women stared at them questioningly. “This is Mileena, she is a craftsman like me.” Mileena moved her hand slightly deeper into the portal upon her bundle of furs. Vanita gave a pained expression. “She wants to see the Scepter of Dominance.”

They tensed, looking at one another. Eventually, the pretty girl with a small waist and an unnatural endowment glanced to a nearby box. Mileena took the opportunity to stop time. Only Vanita still moved. The woman noticed her questioning expression. “Since we are touching, it frees you from the restriction of time as well.” Mileena curled her hidden hand into a fist and pushed it deeper, causing Vanita to drop to her knees in agony. Without care, Mileena rifled through the chest and finally found the basic black rod wrapped in linens. She unwrapped it with one hand, holding the rod into the air victoriously.

“We… we could have… worked together.” Vanita stammered as the woman magically fisted her.
“We both know one of us would have taken control of everything eventually. I’m just expediting the process. Tell me how this works.” She commanded as she withdrew her hand from the portal upon her side.
Vanita stared at the ground as she spoke. “You issue a command and it reads what you are thinking to force that person to comply.”
Mileena laughed. “Wonderful!” She tapped the necklace, causing time to resume for the others. “I command you all to let me leave with the Scepter and be happy that I took it.” She closed the gateway upon her clothing and removed the necklace before placing the barb and pendant upon the table. She happily left with the Scepter of Dominance, glad that it had gone so smoothly.

They rejoiced after they were certain that she had gone. “Thank the gods!” Nora gave the real command rod to Vanita.
Cilia had set up the plan just in case someone were to come looking for the scepter. They talked about how to continue. They’re going to kill us all if we don’t surrender. Even Zuli agreed, there was little chance to reason with the outsiders save for godly intervention.

A thought stuck Cilia and she decided now was a good time to prepare. She touched the pendant upon the table and was awestruck as everyone else in the room stood frozen. I must find another place for us, for these artifacts. These will only cause us trouble if we keep them. She held the Barb of Entrance as she thought. She made a doorway upon the wall and moved Nora just enough to put her raised hand through the opening. As expected, Cilia was able to pass back and forth by using Nora’s finger as a placeholder to keep the portal open both directions.

Nora’s inanimate hand brushed against her breast and sent Cilia’s mind to a more nagging concern. Her unnatural endowment rose from between her legs. I could have sex with any of them like this… That wouldn’t be right, though. But, the nagging lust remained and she needed to sate it before her mind would focus. She took a fist-sized rock and traced a portal onto the surface. She spread open the linked cheeks and spit upon the perfect ass. She moved the object onto her shaft and slowly pushed it down, making it disappear into the orifice.

She felt the pain in her backside, but she chose to ignore it. She continued moving it lower until the rock was pressing flat against her, her cock vanishing into the portal. She stood on her tiptoes as she fought to endure the self-inflicted pain. Once it lessened, she started fucking herself. She increased the pace and slowly built into a frenzy. She held the rock with both hands as she pounded her ass relentlessly. Climax came suddenly and she shot her thick cream through the magical hole and into her sore rump. She jerked in pain with each pulse of her cock, unwilling to pull out and loose the wonderful feeling.

We have to give up the relics, but I’m keeping this. No one has to know. Now focused, she walked a short distance and peered into the valley below. Countless people all moved like ants in their grand city. She knew this place would work. Time did not stop here. She made her way down the hillside to investigate.

Did she just disappear for a moment? Her mentally and physically blessed daughter explained her plan. Cilia created a standing portal upon the wall using their new artifact, ushering everyone through. They stepped into the doorway and found themselves in the grass beneath the magical barrier Denah had spoken about. Krina still knelt in the center, confused by their sudden appearance. Vanita, wearing Acharon’s Crown, stepped out last.

The small girl bowed her head in reverence to the visitors. Appearing in the image of Tulla, God of Time, Cilia motioned for the girls to cease their incantations. They complied after another, more forceful gesture. “I have brought these few to discuss terms of surrender.” Vanita watched, mostly hiding her reservations about their surrender. She hates the thought of relinquishing power. She only ceded knowing that someone else would intervene if they abused their power. Who knew how many others were out there with the same power over the mysterious metal.

“Why do you assist them, wise Tulla?” The young girl bowed once more.
“I do not wish to see mortals die due to a god’s mettle. You will kill hundreds with this spell, but there are thousands more that will propagate and continue. This will cause a conflict that spans an age. Instead, I offer a solution.” She paused for effect. “You fear their relics and they fear your magic. I propose that the leaders of these people use their artifacts to travel far away, never to return. In repayment, you must help the blessed people. You must take the time and remove their blessings with your magics.”

“That will take decades, perhaps longer!” The girl pleaded.
“Indeed it shall. But, the blessed individuals will come to you in time. They were all people who wanted a wish, but were given a curse instead. This one only wanted a son. Instead, she got a fully grown man and a dead husband. Pease understand that they only fight because they feel threatened by the outsiders. They feel it is the only path.”

“This… this is a lot to process.”
“I have seen many paths and this is the point where you must decide which way to go.” Cilia put a hand on Nora’s shoulder as a signal. The rest quickly, subtly, linked hands.
Vanita stopped time once again. “Do you think they will listen?”
“I do. Seeing a god can have a moving effect on a person.”

Cilia traced a doorway in the air. The land beyond looked lush and vibrant. A strange furry animal darted up the thick base of a tree. “You must go, Nora. You and Denah must take these heirlooms and keep them away from people who will misuse them.“

Nora was distraught by the thought. “The plan was for all of us to leave!”
Cilia frowned. “You know we all can’t go. I will keep your family safe and ensure that these zealots keep the peace.”
“I will stay as well.” Vanita interjected. “If our plans fall apart after they remove Malia, Tesha, and Numa’s blessings, then we believe that Erin holds more of the metal we need. With any of them, I will be able make something from the ore they create. It is merely a fallback.”

Tears clouded Nora’s view. “Please, there has to be another way! We can stay…”
Cilia shook her head. “You know I was given a greater understanding.” She held Nora’s hands. “This is the best way.”

Nora continued fighting the plan, but eventually Cilia convinced her. With the robed figures and the young girl still frozen, Nora said her goodbyes.
Krina stepped in for the final hug. “Be safe on the other side.”
“You as well, take care of what we have created.” Nora gave a melancholy smile. “Thank you for helping me.” They shared a long embrace. Nora stepped back and took her daughter’s hand.
“I opened a portal to another world; hopefully it is someplace better than this.” Cilia explained. “People live there, but gods do not intervene directly. I… took a little time to explore.” She hushed their questions. “Just be assured that you will be able to live happily.” Nora showed her trust with a curt nod.

Nora and Denah stepped through the portal and turned, smiling back at them one last time before they set off into the unknown carrying five enchanted items. No matter what happens, at least we are together.