Revy’s Ingress


“Come on, Rock, We don’t have time to stop every five goddamned minutes!”
“Just go on if you don’t want to wait, I’ll catch up later.” He spoke calmly as he walked inside without waiting for an answer.

Revy grumbled, slamming her head back against the car seat. The Chinese-American woman with long burgundy hair stared into the sky with tired eyes. Her warm skin glistening with sweat as her black crop-top clung tightly to her chest. Her extremely short denim cut-offs rode up as she slid lower in the seat. As usual they were unbuttoned, only held in place by the large military belt. She stomped her boot against the floorboard angrily before sliding out of the car’s open window.

“Fuck you, Rock!” She yelled at the building. “I’ll just go back alone!”

Revy pulled her shorts out of her ass as she made her way down the alley. She walked with frustration, with the handles of her pistols rubbing against her elbows. The black ink in her tribal tattoo glimmered in the beating sunlight and she was debating if she should take a detour to visit Eda for a few hands of poker when a strange sensation made her halt suddenly. She stepped back with wide eyes. “What the fuck was that?” People passed by on the sidewalk ahead, but no one noticed her odd behavior.

Opening her shorts, she glanced down to her trimmed slit. She put a hand down there, but couldn’t find anything unusual. “Well that was fuckin weird.” She continued on, passing along the crowded sidewalk and past a collection of shady vendors. Another strange sensation came, but she ignored it this time. She cut into their building and trudged up the stairs.

Again she felt something in her pants, but this time it caused her to stumble. “God, it feels like something’s in me.” She said in the empty hallway, unfastening her belt and removing her shorts. She spread her legs and bent down to inspect herself. “Nothing.” Revy disregarded it and grabbed her clothing. Knowing everyone was out, she walked bottomless back to their HQ. Something much larger went in this time, causing her to clench her legs shut as she leaned against the wall.

“What is she going to do? She doesn’t even know this thing exists.” Rock spoke as he ate some noodles.
“I guess you’re right.” Benny unzipped his shorts and slipped his cock into the opening. “Fuck, she’s tighter than I thought! I wanted this for so long.” The device was barely larger than his hand. He was moving it gently, making his cock vanish into the portal. “We will just have a little fun and then we can turn this over to the buyers.”

Their office door launched open and two armed men jumped out in front of her. Startled, Revy fell back as she drew her pistols, blasting them as she landed on her back. She felt a tightness in her pussy as she lay there with legs spread, waiting for any other assailants. She grunted as the unseen object moved inside her. She sat one pistol on her stomach as she put a finger deep into her vagina, finally feeling the cause of her discomfort. She heard movement ahead and decided to address the larger problem.

Jumping to her feet, Revy walked awkwardly down the hall. “Who the fuck are you?” She stopped just before the doorway.
“You never delivered the package and we want it!” The man had an African accent.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, asshole!” She took a few shots through the wall and they returned some in kind. She jumped back, feeling the object inside her going faster. She rested a hand upon her crotch as she shot blindly.

Men appeared at the foot of the stairs, firing until she dipped out of sight. “Fuck me!” She reloaded, feeling a warmth in her pussy. She leaned against the wall, grimacing from the odd feeling inside her. The floor creaked as the men in the room edged to the door. “Why does this have to happen now?” She charged ahead, taking out one as she lunged past the opening. She blasted a door open and took cover behind a thin dividing wall. She felt something odd working around inside her.

“Oh fuck, that was glorious.” Benny took a towel and used it to wipe in and around Revy’s opening. “You want a go, Rock?” He offered the electronic and Rock slurped the last of his dinner before taking it.
“If you guys do knock her up then you have to explain what happened.” Dutch lounged upon the couch. “Then she’ll kill you both.” He laughed.

The men piled in and spread out with guns ready. She spun around the corner and took one out while they were distracted by her nudity. She poised herself, ready to dive when she felt something slip inside once again. She tumbled clumsily, shooting the floor as she smacked into a chair. One man charged ahead and smacked her with the butt of his rifle. They surrounded her and she reluctantly tossed her guns aside.

Revy couldn’t focus, as the obstruction in her pussy slid in and out. Nothing was visible from the outside, but she certainly felt it. She was wet with excitement, moaning lazily as the men stared. She reached down and covered herself, but they nudged her hand aside. Her hard nipples showed through her top and she moved with subtle pleasure.

“She has a toy in her, what a slut!” The mercenaries laughed.
“Maybe we should add to her pleasure.” The man that hit her sat his rifle down and undid his camouflage pants. He whipped out a lengthy black cock, laughing as he pulled her holsters off and ripped her top open. Her perky tits bounced as he pulled her closer. The man got onto his knees, raising her legs over his shoulders as she lay submissively.

She gasped as the hidden cock inside her moved with purpose. The man used her juices to lubricate the tip of his cock before pressing it between her firm ass cheeks. “I’ll go in the back since you have it in the front already.” He eased it in, moaning as he pushed into her tight asshole. Revy’s face tightened, but she did nothing to stop the encounter. Feeling it moving, she was able to endure the large cock parting her ass.

Rock was going now, subtly using the appliance beneath the table. “I can’t do it while you’re watching.”
“Hey, I don’t mean to make it weird.” Benny averted his eyes. “It’s just neat. Sorry I couldn’t get out in time.”
“It’s fine, at least you got most of it out.” Rock moved faster. “I wonder what she’s doing now with this going on.”

Gasping, Revy stayed still as the monster plunged in and out of her ass. She put her gloved hand over her mouth, moaning with muffled delight. The man in her ass grabbed her tit as he drove in and out roughly. He yanked on her nipple, causing her breast to pull upright, jiggling as he fucked her. Revy looked into his eyes, watching him build to a finish. “Go ahead, shoot it up my ass. I don’t mind.” She felt pulsing in her pussy once more, with warmth spreading inside. Soon after, she felt the huge cock in her ass spasm as well.

Revy rolled him over, gasping as she rode him hard. “I like being on top too, fuckface.” She grinned with pleasure. Her tight ass bouncing as she drove downward on his sizable shaft, she took him entirely. Her perfect ass shaking as her excited hole drew him in. “Fuck my ass, you piece of shit!” The hidden cock in her front hole slipped out, but that triggered an abrupt orgasm, making Revy convulse with vocal delight.

At the completion of her orgasm she launched herself aside and grabbed one of her pistols. The awestruck men were easy targets. Laughing, she took them out one after the other with shots to their foreheads. She twitched with pleasure as she laid back with relief.

Dutch got up as Rock sighed with bliss. He came over and held out his hand. “All right, let me in on that.” He took the electronic device that showed Revy’s shaven slit. Without cleaning it he whipped out his thick black cock and pushed it into the used hole. “Shit, she’s tighter than I imagined.” He placed the transmitter against the back of the couch before pushing in. “Long time coming.”

Moaning without reservation, Revy rubbed her clit. The massive, slimy cock slid in and out, but she still saw nothing unusual as she looked between her legs. It was wide, but slippery enough to feel amazing. “Those fuckers.” She put her gun on the floor, touching the cool metal against her skin as she rubbed a hand along her body. “That must be Dutch in me now.” She gritted her teeth and grunted, raising her hips high into the air as she touched herself. Hair clung to her cheek and her arm flexed as she pushed hard against her button.

“Don’t be a pussy, dutch.” She cried out. “Pump me full, you fucker!” She came as he did, with his meat jerking in her pussy, delivering a large amount of seed. She screamed, sinking back to the floor as the elation passed from her body. “Fuckin hell. You assholes better not get me pregnant.” She spoke to the empty room.

“Ho, shit, that was nice.” Dutch tossed the appliance onto the table, tucking his limp cock back into his pants. “Better clean her out though.”
They all looked around until Rock took the transmitter to the sink and put it squarely beneath the faucet. He found a funnel and slipped it into her pussy before turning on the water. “There, we’ll let that run for a little bit.”

“What the fuck?” Revy felt liquid flowing inside her. She worked her hand up her pussy, feeling the obstruction, but was unable to move it. “Those fuckheads must have put it in me while I was passed out!” She yanked again, but it was firmly nestled inside her. She got up and put her holsters back on before finding her shorts. Her top was destroyed, so she covered her chest with her hands as she stepped out into the beaming sunlight. She avoided the crowds as she sprinted down the alleyways.

It was difficult, running past collections of gawking onlookers as she clutched her chest. Her belly grew too, swaying noticeably as it collected water. Some water seeped down, soaking her jean shorts and making her legs glisten. It helped to keep her cool from the waist down, but her upper half dripped with sweat. She found their car, still parked in the alley. She angrily charged up the stairs and found their backup HQ with all of her companions sleeping.

“What the fuck is going on?!” She pointed her gun wildly with her free hand. Rock, Dutch, and Benny all sprang up with surprise. “Why in the fuck did you do this to me?” She let her arm down, showing her gorgeous tits as they rested perfectly atop her swollen belly. Her shorts were sitting low, as her full stomach pushed outward prominently. She looked pregnant as she growled. “Don’t just sit there, fucking stop the water!”

Rock jumped up, stumbling before he turned the faucet handle. “Ah, s-sorry, I must have fallen asleep.”
“What the fuck were you filling me for anyway?” She glared, knowing the answer. “You can’t just rinse it out, dumbass! Help me get this goddamned thing out.”

Dutch and Benny helped her to the bathroom as Rock took the funnel from the portal. She sat upon the toilet when she felt something poke inside her once again. “Jesus Christ, Rock!”
“Just give me a second!”
She couldn’t help clenching her eyes as he fucked her from the other room. She drew her gun and aimed it at his back. “Fucking stop!” He was turned away, but she could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of her damp opening. Dutch shook his head as Benny grinned. As promised, Rock came quickly, adding to the water retained in her belly. She lowered her gun, grumbling as finished.

He turned the device over and hit a button on the side, allowing the water to flow through the appliance. “We can’t give this back, at least for a while.” He rubbed her from across the room, smirking as she jumped.
“Yeah, well they’re gonna come looking for it soon.” Dutch warned.
Revy scoffed. “Uh, no, I took care of that.” She looked to each of them with hostility, “With no help from you fuckers.”

Part X


The army was gone and they were finally safe. She directed Armon, with the help of the scepter, to lead the army away and trust that the villagers would live out their lives peacefully. It’s not like we’re going to last long anyway, only daughters are being born and not many outside males are willing to mate with women blessed by Kinok. Many people flocked to their town after the army turned back, most of them outcasts from other ruined villages that had been touched by Kinok’s influence. Vanita knew it wasn’t over yet.

“I hear your village has relics, could you direct me to the artisan that crafted them?” The shorter woman with broad features and a commanding presence asked.
Vanita was pleased that others had heard of her accomplishments. “I am the creator, Vanita.”
“A woman?” The dusky eyed woman dismissed the idea. “Drop the ruse and show me to the man who created them.”
“A man started, but a woman finished.” Vanita’s head tilted, dimples showing with a non-genuine smile.
The woman crossed her arms, finally seeming to understand. “Tell me about your relics, Vanita.”
Vanita raised her hand to show the ring. “This is the Band of Possession.” She explained how it would transfer consciousness between bodies. Agreeing, the unnamed woman launched her hand out and grabbed her arm, her own band pressing against the skin. The same odd sensation passed and Vanita found herself in the foreign body, looking at her wispy features from a distance. The other woman had swapped their bodies and Vanita now realized how foolish she had been.

“What do you want? Who are you?”
“I am a crafter like you,” Vanita’s former body said. “You weren’t the only one given knowledge.”
Vanita could see a similar ring on her new hand. Without much thought, she reached up and grabbed her old body’s pierced breast. Nothing happened. It feels nice, though. “I learned how to control when it happens.” The woman in Vanita’s body gave a big grin, her cheeks flush with delight over her victory. “Your thoughts play a big portion in how it responds. Now, what I really want is for you to show me to whatever you made to command Armon and his army to march away.”

Many refugees had found their way into town and most were welcome additions. However, there were exceptions. A large, naked man waddled into their home. Nora remembered the rotund man from long ago. He has to release his seed into someone to deflate. He nearly popped Krina when she helped him in town. “How are you still alive?”
The heavy man leaned upon the table, causing it to tilt slightly. “I remember you…” He huffed. “I found a delightful woman who emptied me every few hours.” His jowls shook as he spoke, sweat rolled along his brow. “She let me go a little too long one night and it was too much for her, the poor girl.”
“You are not welcome here.”
“You cannot leave me to die. If you are careful then you can empty me safely.”
“You are not our problem! Leave and do not trouble us!” Nora snapped uncharacteristically. She felt bad for the man, but he was selfish and he would always be a burden if she let him stay. The bulky man passed through the door with a loud grumble, slamming it shut behind him.

A scream came a few minutes later as she rushed to the door. Outside she saw her daughter Samara pinned beneath the writhing fat man. He awkwardly reached down, trying desperately to guide his cock in between her spread legs. “Just put it in and I’ll stop, I swear.” The fat, glistening man pleaded to her.”
“Don’t, he’s going to-“ Nora called out, but she could see Samara’s hand reach down and she knew it was too late.

Both of them grunted, as his quivering belly began shrinking and hers blasted upward. The massive amount of seed transferred into her at an unreal speed. The man leaned forward upon her, pinning her arms and legs with his. The girl showed her teeth in pain as her belly grew, his weight forcing it to expand outward between them. Her belly slowly gained dominance, pushing his up as he pumped his stored seed into her womb. She screeched in agony as his body was lifted upright, their hips still connected.

Pulling herself away from the scene, Nora recalled the item Vanita had left behind. She bolted inside and returned with the scepter. “Stop!”

The man fell upon her, motionless with now distant eyes, but his belly still shrank. The fluid continued forcing its way into the swollen woman. Samara flailed, trying desperately to lift him off of her squished, inflated belly. “Get him off! Get it out of me!”

Nora raised the rod to command him to step back. Instead, it slipped from her grasp. Panicked, she fumbled to grab it from the taller grass. A blood-curdling howl came from her daughter and Nora looked up to see lighter stretch marks on her darker skin. Looking as if she might pop at any moment, Samara’s eyes closed and she knew it was too late. The girl’s belly pulsed up with another blast and then… Her midsection burst open as white goo blasted everyone in the area. The thin, now lanky man was blown onto his back, still holding the girl’s hips as her ruined body flopped upon him.

Nora wailed as she dropped to her knees. She found the rod and commanded the man to dunk his face in a stream and breathe deeply.

Denah stepped through to the small clearing in the trees. A little girl stood beside the robed women, encircling Krina, Cilia, and two other bound women he hadn’t seen before. Those must be Krina’s newest daughters. The robed women chanted, pressing their hands together in prayer. And that girl is the one I rescued from the town! Denah moved like a big cat stalking its prey. Her smaller, fit body moved gently through the brush. With good timing I can probably get them before they can counterattack. Denah hoisted a spear and began the charge, launching it as she readied her sword. She stopped, dumbfounded as she hit an invisible wall and the spear bounced aside in midair.

The little girl scoffed. “Not that easy, you freak!”
“What is this? Why are you helping them?!”
The girl was disgusted by the question. “We’re going to restore balance by purging all of Kinok’s followers. You’re just a plague upon the land.” The girl turned to the robed women, who were lost in their incantations. “This will end all tainted mortals, and now that we are protected, it’s just a matter of time.”
Denah struck the transparent shield, frustrated that she could not find a weak point.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.” Cilia pleaded as she knelt.
“I told you that you may not speak!” The little girl reached down and squeezed the bound woman’s shaft.
Cilia whimpered, her cock growing hard from the pain. Her mother gave protest, but that only increased Cilia’s pain. “I can fix both of our problems, just please listen!” She cried out.
The girl pulled her cock, guiding her to stand awkwardly. “Fine. I’m listening.”
The petite girl stood well above her pre-pubescent captor. “What if we left and promised not to breed?”
“You cannot make such a promise. Your entire village is twisted by Kinok’s curse and the only way to stop you is for you to be removed!” The girl tightened her grasp, causing Cilia to buckle in pain. “You waste your words-“
“No, no, they can leave! Without the two of us they are just women, normal women! Without a man’s seed they are nothing unique.” The little girl relaxed her grip once again. “We were tricked by Kinok as well. We do not wish to defy you, we only want to live! If you have to kill the two of us then so be it, we only want to protect our loved ones.”

“You would sacrifice yourself and your mother to save them?” The girl scoffed, glancing at Krina, who sat silently. “How altruistic.” She let go of her cock and slapped it hard. Cilia stumbled in her bindings, groaning. “I know better. You would just leave and direct them to us. We will not let you walk free.”

“Ugh… If you let me talk to them then I get the items you fear and we will find someplace else to spend the rest of our days as normal people!” Cilia grit her teeth, still fighting the sting. “I heard your fear about what our village created. I know how much you want those items.”
The girl’s expression went blank. “What assurance would we have?”
Cilia drew in a calming breath. “Keep Krina and use her for your ritual if you suspect we are lying. If I am truthful then you’ll get magical artifacts that will make you as powerful as the gods you worship! If I am lying then you can destroy anything magical in the area. The risk is minimal; I just want to protect my people.”

The young girl nodded. “You make a strong point.”

It took convincing, but Vanita got her body back as did the woman, named Mileena. She had moved through many bodies using a similar relic that she had crafted. Unlike her, she had found a way to craft relics based on the other two gods, Tulla and Kinok himself.

She lifted an unimpressive black metal necklace as she spoke. “This is The Pendant of Lapsing Time.” It can pause time around you, allowing you to move and interact with your surroundings unimpeded.” She slid a tiny black rod with a pointed tip from her belt. “And this is the Barb of Entrance. This allows a person to create a portal.”

Perplexed, Vanita reached out, only to have Mileena pull it away. Vanita apologized, “A portal? You can make a doorway somewhere?”
“A doorway anywhere.” Mileena smirked. “Remember, your mind plays an important role when using any of these. You must visualize the location and then trace in the air or an object to create the link. The size does not matter.” She drew a calming breath as she drew a square in the air using the black pen. Once she joined the corners, Vanita could see a tall, slender blonde woman with a full posterior standing in a field. It took her a moment to realize she was staring at herself through the gateway. She searched, but could see no exit for the portal.

“Where is it?” She turned back to watch herself through the window. “I know it’s there, but I see nothing.”
“It is a one way portal. Anything that goes through will come out on the opposite side unless it is tethered somehow.”
Vanita marveled as she put her arm through the window and watched as it appeared in midair a short distance behind her. She pulled back and looked at her palm. “Amazing.”
She traced the barb over the portal causing it pop out of existence. “The portals last for a long while until you collapse them.” She created another portal upon the side of her furs.  She sneered as she inserted her hand through the dark opening upon her side. Immediately, Vanita felt something large force its way into her pussy. Her hand is inside me! “Sorry, but I don’t trust you. My ring is in there, so I can move into you if you try to fuck me.” She spread her fingers causing Vanita to grip her crotch painfully. “Now, show me your relic.”

“I… I do not carry it. Follow me back to our home.”

The two women trekked to the center of the village. Hundreds of women went about their lives, barely regarding them as they passed. Mileena noticed a gooey circle upon the grass as they moved into the house. Inside three women stared at them questioningly. “This is Mileena, she is a craftsman like me.” Mileena moved her hand slightly deeper into the portal upon her bundle of furs. Vanita gave a pained expression. “She wants to see the Scepter of Dominance.”

They tensed, looking at one another. Eventually, the pretty girl with a small waist and an unnatural endowment glanced to a nearby box. Mileena took the opportunity to stop time. Only Vanita still moved. The woman noticed her questioning expression. “Since we are touching, it frees you from the restriction of time as well.” Mileena curled her hidden hand into a fist and pushed it deeper, causing Vanita to drop to her knees in agony. Without care, Mileena rifled through the chest and finally found the basic black rod wrapped in linens. She unwrapped it with one hand, holding the rod into the air victoriously.

“We… we could have… worked together.” Vanita stammered as the woman magically fisted her.
“We both know one of us would have taken control of everything eventually. I’m just expediting the process. Tell me how this works.” She commanded as she withdrew her hand from the portal upon her side.
Vanita stared at the ground as she spoke. “You issue a command and it reads what you are thinking to force that person to comply.”
Mileena laughed. “Wonderful!” She tapped the necklace, causing time to resume for the others. “I command you all to let me leave with the Scepter and be happy that I took it.” She closed the gateway upon her clothing and removed the necklace before placing the barb and pendant upon the table. She happily left with the Scepter of Dominance, glad that it had gone so smoothly.

They rejoiced after they were certain that she had gone. “Thank the gods!” Nora gave the real command rod to Vanita.
Cilia had set up the plan just in case someone were to come looking for the scepter. They talked about how to continue. They’re going to kill us all if we don’t surrender. Even Zuli agreed, there was little chance to reason with the outsiders save for godly intervention.

A thought stuck Cilia and she decided now was a good time to prepare. She touched the pendant upon the table and was awestruck as everyone else in the room stood frozen. I must find another place for us, for these artifacts. These will only cause us trouble if we keep them. She held the Barb of Entrance as she thought. She made a doorway upon the wall and moved Nora just enough to put her raised hand through the opening. As expected, Cilia was able to pass back and forth by using Nora’s finger as a placeholder to keep the portal open both directions.

Nora’s inanimate hand brushed against her breast and sent Cilia’s mind to a more nagging concern. Her unnatural endowment rose from between her legs. I could have sex with any of them like this… That wouldn’t be right, though. But, the nagging lust remained and she needed to sate it before her mind would focus. She took a fist-sized rock and traced a portal onto the surface. She spread open the linked cheeks and spit upon the perfect ass. She moved the object onto her shaft and slowly pushed it down, making it disappear into the orifice.

She felt the pain in her backside, but she chose to ignore it. She continued moving it lower until the rock was pressing flat against her, her cock vanishing into the portal. She stood on her tiptoes as she fought to endure the self-inflicted pain. Once it lessened, she started fucking herself. She increased the pace and slowly built into a frenzy. She held the rock with both hands as she pounded her ass relentlessly. Climax came suddenly and she shot her thick cream through the magical hole and into her sore rump. She jerked in pain with each pulse of her cock, unwilling to pull out and loose the wonderful feeling.

We have to give up the relics, but I’m keeping this. No one has to know. Now focused, she walked a short distance and peered into the valley below. Countless people all moved like ants in their grand city. She knew this place would work. Time did not stop here. She made her way down the hillside to investigate.

Did she just disappear for a moment? Her mentally and physically blessed daughter explained her plan. Cilia created a standing portal upon the wall using their new artifact, ushering everyone through. They stepped into the doorway and found themselves in the grass beneath the magical barrier Denah had spoken about. Krina still knelt in the center, confused by their sudden appearance. Vanita, wearing Acharon’s Crown, stepped out last.

The small girl bowed her head in reverence to the visitors. Appearing in the image of Tulla, God of Time, Cilia motioned for the girls to cease their incantations. They complied after another, more forceful gesture. “I have brought these few to discuss terms of surrender.” Vanita watched, mostly hiding her reservations about their surrender. She hates the thought of relinquishing power. She only ceded knowing that someone else would intervene if they abused their power. Who knew how many others were out there with the same power over the mysterious metal.

“Why do you assist them, wise Tulla?” The young girl bowed once more.
“I do not wish to see mortals die due to a god’s mettle. You will kill hundreds with this spell, but there are thousands more that will propagate and continue. This will cause a conflict that spans an age. Instead, I offer a solution.” She paused for effect. “You fear their relics and they fear your magic. I propose that the leaders of these people use their artifacts to travel far away, never to return. In repayment, you must help the blessed people. You must take the time and remove their blessings with your magics.”

“That will take decades, perhaps longer!” The girl pleaded.
“Indeed it shall. But, the blessed individuals will come to you in time. They were all people who wanted a wish, but were given a curse instead. This one only wanted a son. Instead, she got a fully grown man and a dead husband. Pease understand that they only fight because they feel threatened by the outsiders. They feel it is the only path.”

“This… this is a lot to process.”
“I have seen many paths and this is the point where you must decide which way to go.” Cilia put a hand on Nora’s shoulder as a signal. The rest quickly, subtly, linked hands.
Vanita stopped time once again. “Do you think they will listen?”
“I do. Seeing a god can have a moving effect on a person.”

Cilia traced a doorway in the air. The land beyond looked lush and vibrant. A strange furry animal darted up the thick base of a tree. “You must go, Nora. You and Denah must take these heirlooms and keep them away from people who will misuse them.“

Nora was distraught by the thought. “The plan was for all of us to leave!”
Cilia frowned. “You know we all can’t go. I will keep your family safe and ensure that these zealots keep the peace.”
“I will stay as well.” Vanita interjected. “If our plans fall apart after they remove Malia, Tesha, and Numa’s blessings, then we believe that Erin holds more of the metal we need. With any of them, I will be able make something from the ore they create. It is merely a fallback.”

Tears clouded Nora’s view. “Please, there has to be another way! We can stay…”
Cilia shook her head. “You know I was given a greater understanding.” She held Nora’s hands. “This is the best way.”

Nora continued fighting the plan, but eventually Cilia convinced her. With the robed figures and the young girl still frozen, Nora said her goodbyes.
Krina stepped in for the final hug. “Be safe on the other side.”
“You as well, take care of what we have created.” Nora gave a melancholy smile. “Thank you for helping me.” They shared a long embrace. Nora stepped back and took her daughter’s hand.
“I opened a portal to another world; hopefully it is someplace better than this.” Cilia explained. “People live there, but gods do not intervene directly. I… took a little time to explore.” She hushed their questions. “Just be assured that you will be able to live happily.” Nora showed her trust with a curt nod.

Nora and Denah stepped through the portal and turned, smiling back at them one last time before they set off into the unknown carrying five enchanted items. No matter what happens, at least we are together.

MOBA 2 – Nu Wa


Freya accompanied her, heading south toward the DOTA 2 base. The well-proportioned redhead picked off the opposing minions as the wild-eyed tattooed goddess charged into the battle. The couple had not encountered much opposition thus far, but amidst the fight, Freya paused, pointing to a tall, blue-skinned, winged woman with curved horns and a vicious glare. The woman threw daggers into the fray, ending a few minion’s lives.

Nu Wa hovered just above the ground, moving closer to the demon. Suddenly an arrow struck her in the side. The impact transferred into an almost unnoticeable amount of growth upon her breasts. The red haired woman was adorned in tight-fitting green clothes. Her breasts were held tightly, showing amazing cleavage and surely giving her better maneuverability. With a pierced nose and wide facial features, the elf grinned as she let a few more arrows fly. Nu Wa evaded the strikes as the woman vanished into the trees.

Her attention shifted back to the two heroes fighting where the minions once stood. Akasha, The Queen of Pain, wore a red metal bikini styled armor piece which showed a large portion of her dark blue skin. Her wild red eyes danced as she bared her fangs menacingly. Her wings fluttered as she held a dagger, preparing to strike. “I’m going to enjoy watching you suffer.”

Freya’s sword glowed with magic as she charged. Her blonde hair flowed upon her shoulders. Her intricate Nordic tattoos flexed as she drew back to attack. She landed a hard strike, hitting the demon with inhuman finesse. The Queen of Pain screamed loud enough to cause the Valkyrie to stop her attack and shield her ears. Akasha jabbed the god in her exposed stomach, causing unexpected growth beneath her chest plates. The Queen of Pain stepped away and flipped a dagger into Freya, which bounced aside after hitting her skin. She blinked away and laughed as the bewildered Viking’s breasts expanded in pulses due to the dagger’s poison damage.

The Elvish ranger, Lyralei, reappeared, sending a flurry of arrows at Freya. The Nordic goddess turned to follow, avoiding arrows as she closed the distance. The Windranger got cocky, preparing a powerful shot for the approaching foe. Before she could let it fly, Freya launched her into the air. The elf flailed as she tried to break free from the invisible restraint. Freya closed the distance by the time she fell and followed with repeated magical strikes.

The Windranger’s midsection puffed out as did her arms and legs. Her body grew lighter as she bounded away from the woman’s magical sword. Freya used her abilities to launch magical bolts toward her, causing the nimble woman to stumble and bounce end over end. She rolled over frantically and launched an arrow that stuck to the tree behind her aggressor. A magical rope wrapped around Freya’s arm. She fought to pull free, but another binding took hold of her. This allowed Lyralei to bolt into the tree line.

Elsewhere during this time, Nu Wa hovered toward the grinning demonic woman from the beginning of the encounter. The Queen of Pain teleported beside Nu Wa, ripping her scant coverings away, exposing her natural form completely. There were patches of scales on her otherwise immaculate human body. Unfazed as her vestments fell to the ground, Nu Wa followed up by blasting the blue-skinned woman in the chest and the privates. Laughing as her coverings fell away in kind.

Akasha licked her fangs with a giggle. “Skin on skin, I like that!” She shot one of Nu Wa’s elemental gems from the air and blinked behind her, snatching it as it fell. She licked the green crystal provocatively. Nu Wa was stunned by the quick maneuver and the indignity to the phase stones. “Do not touch the sacred stone! Give it back!”

Akasha let out a high-pitched shriek, which stunned the nude goddess. “Fine, I’ll give it back!” She rushed forward and slipped the moistened stone in between the recovering woman’s thighs. Nu Wa’s perfect breasts bounced as she gasped. The stone easily slid into her hairless mound as the demoness danced away. Akasha spoke in a patronizing tone. “I think you’re taking your love of wood a little too far.”
“What have you done? That is low!”

“Aww, you don’t enjoy that?” The Queen of Pain laughed as she blinked behind her again, snatching the red stone from above her hand. She spit on it and put the tip in her mouth for a moment, using her tongue to lubricate the warm stone. Nu Wa turned with surprise as the demon hugged her, pressing their large breasts together as she cupped the goddesses ass with her free hand. “Perhaps you enjoy it better from behind!” She grunted the last word as she slipped the wet stone in between Nu Wa’s pliable rear cheeks.

Nu Wa broke away, floating backwards and clenching in pain as she gripped her privates. The objects moved deeper into her as she instinctively tightened. The remaining stones swirled around as her confident green eyes showed resolve. She launched five quick blasts at the blue woman, causing her tits to swell and her ass to grow as roots reached from the ground to hold her in place. She followed up with a blast of shining metal. This attack stunned the demon, allowing a few more attacks before she recovered.

The winged woman put her hands together upon the center of her chest, gasping with pure excitement as her breasts grew over and around her arms. She reveled in the sensation as her hips grew wider as well, giving her an amazing hourglass figure. “A love bite.” Akasha laughed maniacally. “I look amazing!”

Suddenly an arrow hit Nu Wa in her shoulder. The Windranger revealed herself, launching another volley directed at the nude fighters. An arrow hit Akasha as she blinked away from the encounter. Most, however, hit Nu Wa as she attempted to evade. Lyralei had puffed out mostly in the middle, looking extremely awkward as she continued launching arrows, easily hitting Nu Wa as she approached.

Nu Wa’s breasts hung low, still expanding as she floated closer. They were heavy and nearly the size of her head when she finally got within range. She closed her eyes and raised her hand. Her breasts wobbled as she brought her hand down in an unknown gesture and smiled.

The confidence in Lyralei’s eyes turned to worry as the ground erupted. Three clay golems rose from the earth and marched to attack. The rounded woman shot at the approaching trio as she stepped backwards. The arrows had little effect. She was nearly to turn and run when a blast of metal hit her chest, stunning her. The Windranger dropped her bow, unable to flee as the unarmed clay humanoids encircled her. Two grabbed her arms as the third used its immense strength to rip away the crotch of her breeches. The golem put its hands together and put them between her legs.

She regained her senses, struggling fruitlessly as the two held her firmly. It was an odd sensation, as the golem pressed his malleable hands inside. She could feel them shrink and regrow once they passed her opening, filling her with thick clay. “What the? What are they doing?”

Nu Wa floated closer, laughing heartily, causing her impressive tits to quake. “They’re inflating you the only way they know how.” She watched as the golem shrank and the Windranger’s belly peeked from between her clothes. She gave a pained moan as she thrust her hips upward. “It’s too deep, please make it stop!”
Nu wa crossed her arms, resting them upon her colossal bosoms. “No.”

Within a minute, the first golem had disappeared inside the reluctant redhead. One of the remaining creatures let go and started the process again. Lyralei screamed for help as her belly expanded outward, pushing her tight pants low and her tunic upward. Her heavy belly moved down as it grew, slowly forcing the girl forward, over the entering golem. Once it finished, her legs wobbled as the last creature let her fall forward. She landed upon her weighted midsection, rolling forward before coming to rest on her hands and knees.

As expected, the last golem started to push inside her as well. “No, no wait!” She struggled helplessly.
Nu Wa walked behind the frantic woman to see the monster being sucked into her spread asshole. The goddess scoffed. “They just go for any hole they find.”

“Stop it, please!”
“I can’t let you go; you will only become a thorn in my side later.” Nu Wa stepped closer and pulled the girl’s behind apart. “I’ll speed up the process for you.” The golem grew thicker as it flowed into her accepting ass. She kicked her legs, causing Nu Wa to float away, but the golem continued flowing into her backdoor.

It wasn’t long before all three were inside the ranger. She grumbled as she tried to push them out, but they were in to stay. “Akasha, where are you?!” She whined and pleaded. “You can’t just leave me like this!” The last comment was directed to the buxom goddess, her green eyes searching for any kind of help. Without warning, her face twisted in agony as her body jerked to the side. Her body seemed to expand all over.

“They can still hurt you from the inside.” Nu Wa patted her back. “I have to make sure you’re out of the fight.”

The girl shook again; her arms and legs grew thicker. She yelled as her body rocked back and forth, feeling the golems attacking her from the inside, each time her entire body grew larger and thicker. The tight green clothes ripped and fell to the ground in tatters. Her arms and legs soon expanded outward, held in the air by her inflating body. Her ass cheeks grew upward, ballooning above her mammoth belly, which she now rested upon completely. Her breasts had widened and grown, but they were firm and didn’t seem to sag very much. They looked almost squished as her flowing belly pushed them higher. Her legs were parted completely; exposing her damp vagina nestled deep in the mound of flesh. Her hands and feet looked out of place upon the broader appendages.

Nu Wa left the girl to her fate, sad that she had turned into such a cruel goddess. It was necessary; she wouldn’t have stopped otherwise.
“Lyralei eliminated.” The announcer called quickly.
She sprang into the air and launched a blast of fire at the nearby heroes, seeing everyone’s location. She made her way to Freya, and unbeknownst to her, the advancing Queen of Pain.

A bolt of fire struck her as well as someone in the trees. Freya had her sword ready as she waited for the ranger to strike again. Unexpectedly the blue-skinned woman strolled forth, naked and with more defined curves than before. Freya glanced at her own bosoms, smiling as she watched the Queen of Pain approach. “You still cannot match a fertility goddess.” The blue-eyed blonde grabbed her tits and let them drop in response. Freya tilted her head back boastfully. “You wish you were as formed as I am.” She raised her sword menacingly. “Here, I will help you!”

Akasha cocked her head. “You vain little creature, I will make you suffer.” She flared her wings and readied her daggers. “And not in a pleasant way!”

The demoness blinked behind the chesty, lightly armored woman and launched numerous daggers. They bounced away, leaving no visible marks. Her belly grew impressively as she tried to counterstrike. Freya stumbled and missed due to her growing midsection. She charged her sword and drew back for a mighty blow as Akasha let out a deafening scream. Freya fell forward, rolling over her inflating belly and heavy breasts, coming to rest upon her back. A poisoned dagger hit her as she lay. Her stomach continued ballooning before their eyes as her hefty breasts rested on either side.

“My, my, you are not so attractive now, you Nordic whore.” The Queen of Pain continued pelting the stunned girl with attacks. Her wings fluttering as she reveled in the woman’s agony. Freya’s belly flowed up and outward. Her runic tattoo stretched upon her pale skin. The fleshy stomach trapped her in place, wobbling with the force of the magically deterred weapons. The metal wings on her crown dug into the dirt as she desperately howled.

The horned woman with large breasts and wide hips stood above the ruined goddess. “I’m not finished yet!” She spoke seductively as she crawled atop the Viking, placing her exposed vagina against her unwilling victim’s mouth. She poked her belly with a dagger, watching it grow as she smothered her. “If you lick me then I will stop. If not then who knows how big you’ll get!” She leaned forward and sat comfortably atop Freya’s face, poking her belly without care. “Oooh, there you go. Good girl.”

Akasha closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation. After a moment, she stabbed the girl with all her might. The magical barrier protected Freya, but her stomach puffed upward visibly. Akasha laid upon the mound of skin, giggling as it flowed from side to side. “This is quite enjoyable. You better hurry or I will turn you into a blob!” Freya licked furiously, gasping as the dominating woman shifted. “Oh, yes! Faster!” Her wide ass bounced as she neared climax.

After carefully removing the sacred stones, Nu Wa had watched for a time, wondering how to help her fellow goddess against such a powerful foe. She had noticed something unique when she had jumped into the sky. She found the large circle upon the ground that glowed with power.

The announcer laughed at Nu Wa’s confusion. “Someone has come across one of our secret objectives! Those mystical rings are summoning circles which can bring anyone from their respective games into the match. They will be able to use one of their special abilities against a specific target. They are single use, but I think there might be more if you look hard enough!”

The Chinese woman spoke the name and watched with satisfaction as Janus, the two faced Roman god appeared in front of her. He already knew her plan. The mechanical being gravitated to the humiliated Nord trapped beneath the demoness. He made a gesture and Akasha jumped up in sudden panic. She blinked out of range and watched the two from a safe distance. Janus hovered to the nearby pond and made another gesture before he vanished abruptly.

Nu Wa waited as her plan took effect. Akasha gripped her stomach with uncharacteristic concern as the linked portal allowed water to pour into her body. The Queen of Pain started to run, but her belly was expanding at an alarming pace. She stopped and sank to her knees before finally falling onto her massive stomach. It swelled, lifting her upward upon her water-laden body. Her arms and legs grew wider, dangling with weight as she continued her upward climb. She let out a screech as she flailed.

Nu Wa came closer, watching the demon’s defeat. “There is no stopping it.”
“You… You’re right.” Akasha seemed to relax as she continued swelling to inhuman proportions. Her puffed out body resting atop the hefty belly that was taller than Nu Wa. The Queen of Pain breathed heavily, clenching her eyes as she grew. She seemed to be enjoying it. The demon moaned with increasing fervor, her exposed pussy glistening with delight. She only lasted a short time before she drew sharp, quick breaths, laughing with orgasm.

The announcers decided to chime in. “Freya has been eliminated and Akasha… She’s out, but I’m sure she didn’t mind it.”

She jerked as the portal inside of her closed, leaving her immobile upon her swollen belly, roughly twice the height of the goddess standing nearby. Her eyes fluttered, “Oooh, it’s putting pressure on all the right spots. I think I’m going to enjoy being like this for a while.”

Nu Wa held her enormous breasts as she continued back to the lane, leaving the waterlogged demon to her fate.



​The announcer crackled over the loudspeaker. “Today we will have an interesting matchup. These ladies are known for manipulating the world around them.

The first girl bounded out and spun around. Her blue dress twirled as she smiled, her bright blue eyes alight with wonder. She wore a faded white corset and a blue dress jacket. Her cleavage displayed beneath a large silvery collar showing an empty birdcage. Her dark brown hair cropped just below her ears. “This lovely lady has the ability to create tears: which open doorways to another universe. Fresh from confinement, this, of course, is Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite!” She looked around the arena with amazement.

The next contender strolled into the arena. Blue tattoos snaked beneath a torn pink shirt and tattered brown pants. Adorned with an exorbitant amount of leather, she walked with an air of confidence. Her bright amber eyes were only second to her pointed crimson hair. She blew an exaggerated kiss to the camera. “This fiery young lady is from Borderlands! This Siren is known as Lilith!”
She fired a few shots into the air. “Let’s start this thing already!”

“And finally we have a test subject from Aperture Science.” The final woman dropped onto the battleground. A white tank-top covered her modest top while an orange jumpsuit was tied around her waist, covering her lower half. Wearing her well-known Long Fall Boots, she inspected Elizabeth and Lilith with narrowed eyes. Her ponytail whipped as she faced forward again, ready for the match to begin. “The strong silent type: Chell!”

“Tonight’s gimmick: expansion! We have three color-coded pylons that will expand a different part of the body when a contender is within proximity; the amount varies depending on how close they get. There is an expansion free space in the center of the arena, but it’s quite small! Once a competitor is immobile then they lose. And now we’ll let the action begin!”

Lilith phaseshifted, vanishing immediately.
Chell created a portal at her feet and another on the side of the tower, using creative portal placement to continue ascending higher.
Elizabeth trotted innocently to the center of the arena.

Elizabeth was blown backwards as Lilith reappeared, setting off her Phase Blast ability. Elizabeth tumbled through the dirt, and into the blue post. She rose; wincing as her breasts grew visibly, pressing upward past the top of her corset. She opened a tear over the pylon, showing a time before it had been there. However, this tactic did nothing as her breasts pushed against the flexing corset. “Ugh, why won’t it stop?” The tear closed behind her as she ran desperately, clutching her chest, moving back to the center.

“The pylons are only markers. The expansion effect will happen no matter what happens to them. Look at those boobs begging to be free, Elizabeth!” The announcer chuckled. “Don’t deny them freedom!”

Lilith laughed as she watched; she was free of the pylon’s effects in the middle dead-zone. She had only received a small belly increase while she had phase-walked. She raised her hands and waited for the buxom girl in the blue dress to come within striking distance. “Do you like pain?” Lilith mocked.

Before she could strike, a portal appeared beneath Lilith and she fell. Disoriented, she realized mid-air that she had been launched across the arena. She smacked against the ground, rolling beside the red pylon. “Ow, what the hell?” Awareness struck her and she scrambled to her feet, sprinting away in a panic. Her enlarged belly caused her to stumble as she saw she had been running directly at the green pylon. She turned away and ran more cautiously toward the midpoint.

Elizabeth awkwardly tried to free herself from the corset, which was mashed beneath a small mountain of flesh, which now poured over the top. Lilith, on the other hand, had expanded freely after she had unzipped her jacket and tossed it aside. Her belly looked tight beneath her loose fitting shirt, as if she had swallowed a basketball. Her backside had also grown, bouncing more than it had before. Her pants had ripped farther to accommodate her larger hips. Her legs had grown proportionately, thickening to match her supple rump.

Lilith was relieved to see that she was no longer growing. The apple-assed girl with a taught belly drew her submachine gun and edged closer to the still struggling girl in the middle. Her eyes, however, were searching above for the other opponent.

Chell knelt atop one of the towers; she had used her portal gun to ascend out of reach. Lilith finally spotted her and started firing.

“Also, all of the weapons are loaded with rubber bullets.” The announcer chimed.

Chell created another portal, sending the girl to the blue pylon. Chell smirked as she watched the Siren’s breasts grow as she dashed back to the middle. Lilith vanished just before she reached the center.

Elizabeth still tried to free herself from her painfully tight top, ignoring the other two women. Abruptly, she launched forward, feeling the pressure release as she tumbled. She noticed the white corset lay in the dirt in front of her. Her enormous breasts now exposed. She stood slowly, holding her chest, feeling her belly growing due to her proximity to the red post. She labored to contain her mammaries, as they both spilled past her grasp.

She gave up and they sagged beside her growing belly. She couldn’t run; instead, she walked hurriedly away from the pillar. “Well, looks like our lovely Elizabeth breasts are the size of large watermelons! Look at them sway! How nice of Lilith to help her free those beasts. Lilith is now carrying 34H breasts as well – they look like two honeydew melons. And it looks like Chell is certainly the top dog for now.”

Chell shot a portal into the center of the arena, between the other competitors. She created another at her feet. Chell popped up between the other girls, landing spryly as she shot another portal to the dirt beside the yellow pylon. She aimed to shoot another portal beneath Lilith, but suddenly she was launched through the air. She lost her portal gun as she tumbled; standing again and feeling a pain in her side where it had hit her, she saw a motorized robot, which had two flags strapped to its back and a creepy, broken George Washington mask. It began cranking the handle on its gun.

Bullets flew around Chell, who ran along the edge of the arena. She grabbed her portal gun and made her way to the top of the tower again using calculated jumps. Elizabeth closed the tear and grinned at her from below. “Good luck being acrobatic now!” Elizabeth yelled.

Chell noticed her backside had swelled. Untying the orange jumpsuit that had been around her waist, she pulled it above her wider hips and tied it again. She watched below as she moved, getting a feel for her added girth.

“Can you make one of those tears to get me a sniper rifle?” Lilith asked as she shot into the sky with her SMG, missing Chell entirely.
“Sure thing.” Elizabeth mimed the action as she created a tear with a lone sniper rifle sitting on a desk. Lilith grabbed it and checked the magazine before aiming her shot. Before she could get a round off Chell made a portal below her, sending her to the blue pylon. The Siren immediately went invisible. Chell watched, waiting for her to reappear in the area. She was stunned when a bullet knocked her from her perch.

Lilith cheered from the middle, having used the portal to travel backwards while she was phase shifted. Her breasts had grown larger, stretching the tattoo that curved beneath her shirt, but she didn’t mind. She watched as Chell twisted to land on her feet at the last moment, absorbing the fall. Lilith shot her again, knocking her portal gun away and sending Chell flying into the wall. Chell stood, grasping her shoulder where she had been shot. She ran to her portal gun, but it was no longer there. Instead, there was now a scene of destruction behind a feudal samurai who promptly kicked her squarely in the stomach.

The tear vanished as she flew backwards. She hit the green pylon; Chell was in visible pain and unable to gather her bearings. Her butt expanded beneath her, moving her into a sitting position as it swelled along with her thighs, and to a lesser extent, her legs. Her jumpsuit untied and stretched until it finally tore. Unable to recover now, she huffed as she continued expanding disproportionately, leaving the rest of her body shaped normally. It didn’t take long until Chell was completely immobile, her enlarged posterior raising her four feet off of the ground.

“Oh my, looks like the tides have turned! Chell went from being on top to having a really large bottom!”

“Ha! Someone needs to sit and think about what a bad girl they are!” Lilith dropped her rifle and vanished again.

Elizabeth stepped backwards, unsure of where her assailant would strike. She opened a tear to a tesla coil, which arched nearby, ready to zap her enemy. Lilith appeared and blasted Elizabeth in the direction of the red pylon. Just as expected, the tesla coil charged and jolted Lilith, dropping her.

Elizabeth struggled to stand as her belly grew. She had gone past the red post, so she had to pass it to return to the center. She breathed deeply and charging ahead. Her steps were uneven as her breasts and belly rocked her from side to side. She was almost to the middle when she stepped on her dress, tearing it; she rolled like a ball, coming to a halt beside Lilith.

She tried to lift herself, but it was taxing, with her enormous breasts and ridiculously large tummy. She rolled onto her knees and somehow managed to lift herself. Her belly sagged between her legs and past her knees. She took calculated steps as she hefted her frame, showing that she certainly wasn’t immobile. Leaving her tattered dress behind; she was nude now, save for her dress jacket and necklace, which was hidden between her breasts.

Elizabeth started to wobble as she stood above her opponent. Lilith’s bright amber eyes opened just in time to see the expanded woman falling upon her. Elizabeth fell to her hands and knees, still holding the bulk of her weight as she came crashing down, straddling Lilith. Elizabeth’s loins landed directly on the Siren’s face.

Lilith immediately struggled, slapping the colossal woman’s thighs frantically and trying to slide from beneath the mountain of soft flesh upon her.
Elizabeth, however, loved her struggling. “Oh, my god! It’s amazing!” She moved her hips. “I’ve never felt this before. Don’t stop!” Elizabeth cried with delight as she reached climax. Lilith kept struggling, slowly sliding free. It took her a few more attempts, but she finally wriggled from beneath the recovering mound of Elizabeth.

Lilith was breathless, crawling toward the submachine gun she had dropped. She grasped it and rolled onto her back, taking aim at the girl’s ass.

Looking over her shoulder, Elizabeth opened another tear just in time. A large handed robot with a human head appeared, grabbing Lilith. He proceeded to rip her clothes away piece by piece before tossing her toward the blue pylon. She struck the wall; she laid there as her breasts grew to sit beside her. Exasperated, she called: “I’m done, it’s over!” Her breasts ballooned to look like beach balls before they reached their limit.

Then, a portal appeared in the wall beside Lilith’s head.

Dropping the portal gun, Elizabeth wiggled her backside through the opening just enough so she wouldn’t completely smother her opponent. “I liked that, you have to do that again.” She lowered her hips, moving them until she felt the wet prodding of Lilith’s tongue. “I’m not sure if you’re doing that on purpose or you’re trying to tell me to stop.” Elizabeth moaned as Lilith slapped her ass. “Oh, I am NOT going to stop.” Elizabeth bit her lip and gripped her inflating breast.

“It looks like Elizabeth is the winner!” The announcers laughed as she shifted her weight, leaning forward on her arms. Her eyes clenched; her massive breasts and swollen belly rested upon the ground as she moved her hips back and forth, allowing her victim the occasional breath. “Looks like her breasts are still growing through the portal, but I don’t think she really cares at this point.” Lilith jerked and grunted beneath the euphoric Elizabeth, struggling to be free. “I think we’ll leave them to their fun for a while.”

Gender Dominance


“I know far more than your fragile female mind could ever handle.” Gabriel spoke with derision.
Chantal was used to her brother’s misogyny, “You blow hard! You could never outwit me when dealing with magic. You just hate that a female can outmatch you, don’t you?”
He paused, “Women can’t grasp the complicated magic at work. That’s why I am a master conjurer and you are a simple alteration mage.”
She would take no more. She raised her hands and spoke a whispered sentence. She grinned as she watched him grab his lower region with a shocked expression. His chest swelled and caused his baggy tunic to become taught. His hair grew just below his shoulders and his face changed subtly. He had become a woman within minutes. He grabbed his bosom, eyes wide.

Chantal grinned, “Gabriella? I think that suits you.”
“What in the world did you do?! How?”
“It would appear you don’t understand how much I can alter.” Chantal yanked her sister’s too-small tunic over her head.
“Change me back this instant.” Gabriella covered her breasts.
“No, I think you need to learn to enjoy being a woman for a while.”
“Change me back NOW!” She stomped her foot before tearing her sister’s thin nightgown in an act of defiance, stripping her nude.
Chantal was angry for a moment. Then she giggled, “No, not until you learn your place.”
“Maybe you should learn your place as well.” Gabriel spoke a phrase. Chantal felt something strange in her stomach – she could see something… moving! She could see the outline of something beneath her skin. She grabbed her trembling belly as the object traced its way, lower and lower, until she felt it trying to get out. She could not resist the pressure against her rectum as it exited. It opened easily as the thick, slimy creature moved down her leg, onto the floor. She knelt down in discomfort, allowing the strange sensation to finish. “A snake! You put a fucking snake in me?” There was a pop as the snake vanished before her eyes.

Her cohort grinned, “Yep, how do you like that, you serpent!”
Chantal was livid. “I’ll show you a fucking snake!” She muttered a phrase and looked down, pleased to see an object growing between her legs. It quickly took form and grew – an erect penis, nearly as large as her small forearm. “Let’s see what you think of being the woman!”

Gabriella’s mouth was wide with shock… until a wry smile spread across her face. “It’s so fucking huge!”

“I knew this is what you’ve always wanted. You were just trapped in a man’s body!” Chantal moved closer, pushing her sister’s shoulder down. Gabriella knelt as instructed and put her lips upon the soft, fresh member. She could only fit a small portion down her throat at first. Chantal pressed farther, causing her to gag and pull away. Chantal held her head in place as she pressed her hips forward as much as possible. Gabriella finally wriggled free and gasped as drool ran down her chest, along her newly-formed breasts.

Chantal lifted, helping her to stand. Unlacing her sister’s pants, she slid them to the ground.
“Did that thing take the place of your pussy?”
“Yep, I haven’t figured out how to have both yet.”
The sisters stumbled to a nearby table. Gabriella sat upon the table’s edge. She licked her finger and reached behind her sibling, finding her way between Chantal’s cheeks, she pressed inside. Chantal moaned softly, sliding her meaty cock upon Gabriella’s belly as she inserted another finger into her ass, followed by another.

“Ugh, I can’t wait. Open up, Sister.” Gabriella removed her fingers and leaned back with an inviting glance. Chantal rubbed her massive penis along Gabriella’s soft mound, hurriedly searching for her new opening. She felt warmth and pressed in slightly; once she knew it was the right spot she thrust forcefully. She shrieked as she felt a shot of sudden pain from her behind. She fell forward, trying to move away from the agonizing discomfort, but it only worsened.

“Fuck yourself, sibling.” Gabriella whispered as she grabbed her sister’s butt, wrapping her legs around her hips, pulling her closer. “How does your ass feel?”
Chantal could only manage a pained moan as she was pulled forward, balls deep in her own ass.
“I didn’t feel like being your play-thing so I made a portal from my entrance to yours.” The mischievous girl relaxed her grasp before pulling her victim closer again. Chantal squeaked at each slight movement, unable to reduce her discomfort. Then she started moving on her own. She leaned forward and began pumping herself through the portal.

“You’re not supposed to enjoy it, you hussy!”
Chantal ignored her sister and moved faster, pulling out before pressing back in to the hilt again and again. She pushed in and paused for a moment, trying to prolong the feeling. Abruptly, she moaned loudly and pumped frantically. She quivered as her seed shot through the portal and into her own ass. Gabriella rolled her eyes as she watch her sister, sweating and panting on top of her. Chantal backed away, her member now hanging limply.

“I thought men were only motivated by the temptation of the flesh, dear sister!”
“In most cases they are… dear sister.”
“Change me back now or things will get worse!” Her eyes narrowed as she sat with her legs still spread.
“Of course not! In fact, I think you should be more womanly!” Chantal waved her hands and watched her sister grasp her chest. Her breasts began growing steadily, weighted by liquid. “You cow!” The mounds of flesh poured beyond Gabriella’s grasp, rolling through her fingers and onto her arms; she gave up, allowing them to hang freely as they inflated; she balled her fists and muttered a spell.

Chantal felt something in her again, although different this time. She could feel some sort of liquid pouring inside of her stomach. “You didn’t!”
Gabriella smiled. “Your spells always seem to backfire.” She reached up and jiggled her massive breasts, which seemed to increase the flow of milk into Chantal’s stomach.
Chantal groaned in discomfort. “Well, it’s a double edged sword, missy!” She grimaced as she pressed against her own belly.
Gabriella’s breasts grew and sagged slightly beyond her grasp as she whined, “Ow, stop!” She pressed her arms against them, trying to press the liquid into her sister.

Chantal growled, regaining enough composure to cast; this spell required concentration and delicate movements. Attempting to ignore her rapidly inflating belly, she made mystical symbols in the air. She was beginning to sweat once she spoke the last phrase. Suddenly, Gabriella’s hands pulled together; skin melding as they folded down. Within moments, they had been completely absorbed into her arms, leaving nothing but smooth, rounded stumps.

“What in the hell did you do?!”
Chantal spoke breathlessly. “I’ve learned a great many things since we last fought!”
“You idiot, now I can’t close the portals! Put them back!”
She paused. “I, uh… I don’t think I can.” Her sister’s irritated, confused glare edged her to continue. “I was upset, I didn’t mean to use it so soon, but you pissed me off! …I don’t know the spell to undo it, yet.” Milk still swelled her belly and her sister’s breasts. “I can stop the milk, however.” She spoke a phrase and the flow stopped. Gabriella’s breasts sagged halfway down her midriff. Chantal’s belly hanged an equal amount down her thighs.

“Why the hell would you cast a spell that you can’t reverse?”
“I told you, I was upset, I wasn’t thinking clearly!”
“You’re just a fucking stupid, hysterical woman!”
Chantal huffed. “And you’re fucking helpless. I know most of your spells require a hand gesture.” She squeezed her sister’s heavy breasts, forgetting that would force milk into her. She chose not to show her discomfort. “Now you’re at my mercy.” Beneath her belly, Chantal’s member remained rigid. “Now we’ll see how you like it in your ass, you bitch!”

Gabriella struggled ungracefully, but without hands, she couldn’t put up much of a fight. Chantal brought her back to the table and bent her over. She licked her fingers before pressing them into her sister’s virgin backside. Once she had been somewhat prepared, Chantal held her down as she poked between her cheeks, searching for the primed opening. Once she hit the mark, she nudged deeper as Gabriella squirmed and whined. “This time you’re going to take it!” She moved in and out, going slightly farther with each thrust. Once she was all the way in, she lifted her milk-filled belly, resting it upon Gabriella’s lower back; she held the opposite side of the table and slammed into her sister relentlessly.

It was tighter than she expected, but she wanted to punish her sister as much as possible. “Don’t fight and this will be over soon enough, bitch.” She emphasized the last term, knowing how her former brother used it on her in a similar fashion. She railed Gabriella relentlessly, feeling the fight leave her. Smiling, Chantal decided to add to her discomfort. She stood and pressed all the way in before she said a few phrases.

Gabriella shrieked and cried as she felt the organ in her ass growing. “No, no, make it stop! Get it out, get it ooout…” She trailed off, sobbing as she slammed her stumps upon the table. It grew immensely tighter around Chantal’s now double-thick cock. She slid it out slightly to inspect its girth – It was roughly the size of her wrist now. She pressed it back in and immediately was overwhelmed with delight. She began shooting her thick seed into her sister’s clenching butt. Her larger size increased the volume of her seed as well. She could feel thick streams erupting into her victim.

She reached down and put a hand on the side of her sister’s slightly swollen belly. “Someone else has a full tummy now.”
“Still not as big as yours, fat ass!”
“Well, we can fix that! Unlike a normal male I can keep going with this thing!” She started again, her belly rocking with her violent thrusts. Gabriella pleaded for her to stop, but she enjoyed it too much. She continued vigorously for a few minutes until she heard the door slam open.

She stopped, turning to see their austere mother standing in the doorway. “Chantal, what in the hell is going on?”
“Gabriel was insulting me so I put him in his place! This is Gabriella.” Chantal smiled as she pressed deeper, causing her now-sister to squeak in discomfort.

Magdalene couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her former son, now a curvaceous female with grossly oversized breasts, was bending over a table while his sister had her way with him. Chantal’s belly rested upon him as she pressed her newly formed, oversized penis into his backside. Noticing his stumps, Magdalene had to ask, “What happened to your hands?” She looked to Gabriel, who turned weakly as his sister stayed in place, buried in his ass.

“She” Chantal paused for emphasis, “put a portal in my butt! I had to stop her from casting.”

Magdalene breathed deeply. “You two can’t get along for a day? You haven’t seen each other in a month and this is how you spend your time?” Her daughters said nothing. “I am going to have to punish you both.”

Magdalene unlaced her robes, allowing them to fall to the floor. She unpinned her hazel hair, allowing it to fall to her lower back. She inspected them expressionlessly, speaking a phrase, which caused a new member to grow between her legs, this one barely larger than her daughter’s. She said another phrase and moved her hands as her daughters watched with confusion.

Abruptly, Chantal lifted her hands and watched them absorb into her arms in a similar fashion to the spell she had cast on her sister. However, the spell was still continuing. They all fixated upon her arms, which were slowly melding with her torso. Magdalene watched impassively as her daughter’s arms vanished, leaving only smooth areas below her shoulders.

Chantal was breathing heavily as her mother reached lower and grabbed her posterior.
“It put the mass down here, I see.” The slightest smile came and left their stern mother’s face. She kneaded her daughter’s larger backside.
“Where did you learn to do that?” Chantal couldn’t help being amazed, viewing her malleable butt.
“I’ve forgotten more than you know, child.” Their mother spoke a few more phrases before she pulled Chantal back, causing her to slip out of her sister’s gaping rectum.

“Chantal, lay with your back on the table. Gabriel-la… climb on top.”
Gabriella looked nervous as she saw her mother’s enormous cock. “Actually, can I take that in the front?” Their mother nodded, stopping Chantal’s complaints. Gabriella backed up and sat upon her inflated sister’s slippery organ. Gabriella whimpered as she accepted the entire thing into her ass before she leaned backwards upon her sister. Once balanced, she allowed her mother to access her pussy.

Magdalene moved forward and held her daughters legs as she lined up her massive erection. She pushed forward once she felt the inviting warmth of her lower lips. She leaned forward and pushed in; this pressed Gabriella back onto her sister’s stomach. Magdalene heard them both whine and grunt in discomfort.

Gabriella felt her lower opening stretch painfully wide, but didn’t feel anything deeper; it was an odd sensation, but she knew the portal was doing its job in her sister’s ass. She could feel liquid expanding her already large breasts again. She placed her arms upon them, but her mother slapped them away. They sagged to her sides as her mom and sister fucked her. At this point, she regretted the portal in her front opening, as she could not get any womanly satisfaction, only pain in her backside.

Meanwhile, Chantal’s stomach was smashed under their weight. However, it didn’t compare to the sharp pain she felt in her backside as her mother’s rod pressed deeper. She laid in agony as her mother railed her unintentionally. She could see Gabriella’s breasts had grown even larger and now nearly rested on the table at their sides. Her stomach felt nearly empty, and now she focused entirely on the pain in her ass.

She looked up to see Magdalene losing her composure – her eyes rolled back and her chin quivered. Chantal felt a pulsing explosion in her bowels. Thick streams of cum coated her insides as her mother orgasmed. She could feel her belly grow and suddenly sink again. The portal was transferring the abnormally large amount of seed into Gabriella’s breasts, mixing with the milk. She could see her sibling’s breasts pulse outward with the thick seed before regaining their normal proportions.

Chantal desperately tried to hold back, but the sensation was too overwhelming. She started cumming into her sister’s ass without even trying. It felt humiliating as she pulsed, filling her sister’s rump as her mother had filled her. She was not above the carnal desires of men as she had thought. In fact, she adored this feeling. She blushed as she watched her mother regain her senses.

Magdalene slid out, leaving her daughter’s openings gaping and slick. She gathered her robes and dressed as her daughters lay there, completely wrecked. She spoke a phrase and helped Gabriella to sit up; Gabriella tried to hold her heavy milk laden breasts, but they were far more than armfuls and she had no hands to assist. She turned and rested them upon the table as she slid off.

“Drink from her bosom, Chantal.” Magdalene commanded impassively.
“Yuck, no. I don’t want to drink that! When you-”

“Quiet!” Magdalene came behind her buxom daughter and grabbed Gabriella’s engorged breasts. She squeezed and watched as Chantal’s posterior grew, her hips rising as the milk now filled her backside.

She was horrified. “Mom! Stop! Please!” Chantal begged.
“The more you drink the less you’ll have to carry around. It’s being absorbed into your rear.”
“No! That means my butt will be huge!”
“If you drink then it will just flow through you.” Chantal continued whining. “Drink!” Magdalene squeezed her daughter’s enormous breasts harder. They rested upon the table, but now they were returning to manageable sizes. Chantal leaned closer; her butt had doubled in size. Her small frame made her pear figure more pronounced.

She put her lips upon Gabriella’s erect nipple and sucked. The milk was thick and sweet; she didn’t mind the taste, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to drink very much. She could feel her butt grow as she tried sucking faster. After some time she was unable to drink any more of the sickeningly sweet, sometimes thick, milk, and finally gave up. Magdalene chanted another phrase and the flow stopped.

Chantal’s rump was halfway across the small table, yet the skin was still springy and tight. “It’s twice the size as it was! Please undo it!”

“You’ll have to work it off the old fashioned way now. It was already absorbed.”

Gabriella’s breasts were still easily the largest in the room, but they were nearly back where they had begun. Her mother patted Gabriella’s shoulder as she stood upright. “What do you think of your sister now?”

“At least she has a nice ass now.”
Magdalene waved her hands and spoke a spell.
They all watched as Gabriella’s hands began reforming; she moved them as she regained full motion, smiling with relief. “What about the rest?”

Magdalene stared callously. “I removed the portals, but the rest shall remain for tonight. You will take care of your sister.”
“What? You must be joking!” Chantal complained in a shrill tone.
“I am not. Any protest you may have shall wait until my return.” Chantal griped as Gabriella begged. Magdalene waved a hand to silence them. “I will hear no more. If you do not learn to respect one another then I shall be forced to elevate your punishment.” Magdalene nodded sharply before turning to leave.

As the door closed, Chantal knew that, without arms, she was almost entirely at her sister’s mercy. Gabriella smiled. “I have the upper hand now.” She snorted as she laughed.
Chantal rolled her eyes. “She will keep you as a girl if you do anything to me!”
“You know, I don’t really mind it. I love these things!” Gabriella grabbed her breasts. “And we only get punished if we aren’t getting along.” She smirked. “I will be somewhat gentle with you. I think we can play nice together, don’t you agree?”
Chantal sighed as Gabriella kneaded her supple apple-shaped bottom. “I guess so, but you have to let me do your ass again, okay?”
“Fine, but you have to show me how to get my dick back after.”
Gabriella bent forward and grabbed her ankles. “Hurry up.” She felt Chantal’s rigid member sliding between her cheeks before it pressed into her already used hole. She could feel herself part as the thick piece of flesh pressed into her, filling her bowels. It took six deep thrusts before warm goo filled her as she leaned forward.

“Okay, show me how.” Gabriella demanded, her sister’s cock still buried in her ass.
“Nope, fuck you!” Chantal rammed deeper, before withdrawing completely, causing Gabriella to gasp.
“You bitch!”
“Remember, we have to get along!”
“Fuck that,” She reached back and hastily reinserted her sister’s organ into her backside. Chantal retreated, overpowered by the sensation. She backed to the wall; Gabriella followed her, pressing all the way on, accepting her organ fully. “I’m going to make you squirm!” Pinching her ass as tight as she was able, Gabriella moved her hips upon her whimpering sister.
“No, stop! It’s too much!”
“Nope, you had your chance. I’m in control now. I’m going to fuck you silly!” Gabriella looked back, grinning wickedly as she bounced back against her pinned sister. “I can fuck all night!”

Methods of Burden


Lisa watched herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. Her hair was just below her shoulders, hazel, and relatively straight; her eyes were similarly colored. She had a small nose, her lips lush and kissable. She wasn’t very skinny, slightly chubby. Her breasts were c-cups and she had a piercing in each one. She was wearing only underwear. She rinsed her mouth out and headed to bed. She laid down, turned the lamp off, and after about 15 minutes she was soundly asleep.

She woke up looking at an overcast sky; it was light all around so it had to be midday, she guessed. She lifted herself onto her elbows; she was in a grassy field. There was a forest to the north and hills in every other direction. But, more importantly, she noticed seven women standing about 30 feet away, talking. Some of them looked confused, some agitated, and some concerned. Some of them wore pajamas, one wore a nightgown, and some wore as little or less than she did. She decided it was best to join them, disregarding her lack of dress. As she approached they all turned to her.

“Another one – did you just go to sleep too?”
“Of course she did. Just like the rest of us, you idiot.”
“Be quiet, this isn’t helping at all!” They started arguing back and forth. The lady who had just spoken came over to her. “Hi, I’m Alex. We all don’t know what’s going on either.”
“I’m Lisa, were we drugged or something? Do we have any idea where this is?”

“Not a clue, we’ve been here for about 20 minutes. People keep appearing around here, just like you.” Alex turned to watch the group argue. She was very tall, with blonde hair, green eyes, and straight eyebrows. She had a small, girlish face. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. Her skin looked so soft and her breasts were a-cups with large areolas. She was shaved down below as well. She couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Alex turned back and noticed that she was being eyed by Lisa; she smiled and her face turned bright red.

Lisa blushed too, “sorry, I didn’t… I was just… sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Alex giggled. “We should go with them for now, though.”

Lisa agreed and they rejoined the group. Alex quieted them and did introductions. Carmen wore a see through nightie that emphasized her fake breasts; she had long blonde hair, a long face, and wide set eyes. Her body was lean, with a flat stomach and a firm butt. Hitomi wore a t-shirt and cloth pants. Her skin was smooth and blemish free. Her nose was her most dominant feature, though it wasn’t larger than normal. Karen had wider features, her nose slightly upturned. She wore pajama bottoms with a tank top. Her hair was almost black and her lips were big and moist. Her breasts were c-cups; they bounced as she waved. Molly was a petite girl, wearing a sweatshirt that was two sizes too big and flannel pants. She had short strawberry blonde hair and small features, save her eyes. They were deep blue and entrancing.

Amber was tall with very large, natural looking breasts and a large rear. She had a nice hourglass shape. Her face was round, with wide lips and big green eyes. Her hair grew to just above her butt. Stacy was the most dominant of the group. She seemed to be the oldest, around 30, and she had fiery red hair halfway down her back. She wore nothing; a tattoo snaked from her elbow over her shoulder and stopped just above her left breast. Her breasts almost seemed too big for her frame. She was tall and had pointed features. She had been doing most of the yelling before. She scowled as Lisa’s gaze lingered a little too long.

“Maybe we should explore a little.” Hitomi said softly.
“What would that help? We can’t really defend ourselves if someone else is out here.” Stacy pointed out.
“If someone is out here they might be able to help us. It’s worth trying!” Karen said.

Stacy sighed heavily. They started to argue about which direction. After a moment Molly pointed to a small stone building. “Look! That wasn’t there before, was it?”

“No, it wasn’t,” Carmen looked at everyone, “come on, we have to look!” Stacy protested, but Carmen already started jogging toward the structure. Everyone looked at one another and eventually followed. By the time they got there she was already inside. There was a table that had 8 small pouches with attached notes; their names written individually on each card. All of the ladies walked over and opened the cards and looked in the bags.

Lisa took hers. The card read: ‘These will make it more interesting. Use this device wisely, it’s linked with someone.’ She shook the pouch until a loop fell into her hand. It was about 4 inches around and felt very sturdy. The one she held was red. She looked around and everyone looked as confused as she was.

Stacy broke the contemplation, “Okay, give them to me and I’ll keep them safe.” She grabbed the rings from Molly, Amber, and Carmen without any qualms. She came to Karen and stopped, holding her hand out. “Come on, we should keep them together.”

“No, I’m keeping this.” Karen held the purple colored ring. She started to slide it onto her wrist, but it didn’t quite fit past her knuckles. Alex screamed and fell to the floor. She held her crotch and curled into a ball. The white ring she had held rolled across the floor. Amber stopped it and picked it up, careful to grab the edges.

After the surprise and Alex’s pain subsided, Karen held up the purple ring and put her finger through slowly. Everyone watched Alex.

“Ugh.” She gasped, “It’s inside me! I can feel your finger in there.” She squirmed a little as she watched Karen. “Please stop!”

Karen withdrew her finger. Everyone who still held a ring eyed it suspiciously, unsure of what to do with them. Stacy snatched the purple ring from Karen’s hand and ran outside. Everyone followed, but stopped just outside the doorway, uncertain. Karen sprinted across the field. They watched the pale woman sprint through the grass, her red hair trailing behind. Eventually she made it over the hill.

“Shit, now what?” Amber asked.
“We can go after her, but then she might use those on us, and we don’t know which one is which.” Hitomi said impassively.

Suddenly Molly flushed and leaned against the building. “She… she’s doing something.” She started moving her hips forward and backward. She was sweating after a moment and she took off her sweatshirt. After a minute she slid her hand down, into her pants, and started masturbating. She moaned and shook. She slid down the wall and was breathing heavily. Everyone watched the short display. She sat there for a moment before she stood up and slid her pants and panties down to her knees. They were soaked and, upon closer inspection, something white was coming out of her vagina.

“What the hell is this?” She asked, shocked.
“I don’t know, but we have to find her, she could do really bad things with these!” Carmen declared. They all agreed. Molly used her pants to clean herself and left her soiled clothes; half of the group was naked anyway.

They walked until they came over the hill where they last saw Stacy. There was a pond to the west and another building to the south. They noticed a naked man beating on the door. They decided that they should be able to overpower him as a group and headed that direction. As they approached he heard them and turned around and stood grumbling. He was a scrawny man with beady eyes and a definite erection. He ran toward them without a word and tackled Amber. She screamed as he found his way into her. He started thrusting, but it was short lived. Carmen, Alex, and Lisa pulled him off after struggle. He grunted and squirmed as they wrestled him onto his back. Carmen’s breasts came close too his face and he latched on and started suckling them. She gasped at the sensation and fell forward onto him. With his face pressed into her bosom, he finished all over himself. His whole body went limp.

“Well, that was something.” Molly sounded a little amazed.

After many questions they regained composure. They gathered their rings and opened the door. Something was blocking it. They all pushed and something gave way. A dresser had been leaning against it; it fell back and crashed onto the floor. Stacy was sitting in the corner, she looked terrified. She quickly held up the yellow ring. “Stay back!”

“What did you do to me?” Molly started toward her.
“Stop! I didn’t have a choice, he raped me!”
Molly stopped as she realized what had happened.
Stacy sobbed, “I put this down there, but it didn’t stop him, it went right through.”

They both had his seed in them. Molly kicked Stacy with her bare foot and then tried to grab the ring from her hand. They put their fingers through the opening, desperately trying to hold it. Molly moaned and stumbled, but she wouldn’t let go. Stacy finally loosened her grip and Molly fell backwards. The loop rolled around, everyone scrambled to claim it. Stacy pushed them away and quickly tucked it into the pouch she had. The door burst open and a larger man came rushing in. He saw opportunity in Molly, as she was lying on the floor, legs spread. He pushed the other girls out of his way and ran to Molly. He quickly inserted himself. Molly gasped and had an expression between disgust and delight.

Stacy screamed and ran outside. Lisa and Alex tried to pull the man off, but everyone else followed suit and ran screaming. “We’re sorry, Molly.” They gave up and ran outside. The man from before was gone and the ladies were running in different directions. Lisa and Alex headed to the pond.

Amber and Carmen were shouting as they came closer.
“These are stupid!” Carmen pointed at the white ring Amber held up.
“No, these could save us. We could use it in some way to help us. Maybe do something to them to make them hand over the other rings.”

“No, that’s just mean and stupid. We don’t even know who this one is for!” They both eyed it as the other two approached. “No, Amber, we aren’t going to figure out who’s this is!” She snatched the ring and threw it as hard as she could; it skipped along the water’s surface and then sank promptly.

Immediately Carmen’s belly started to rumble. Her eyes went wide and she screamed. “Oh my god! It’s mine! It’s filling me with water!” They stared at her. “Don’t just stand there, get it!” She started crying, holding her tummy.

The three of them ran along the edge of the pond. Alex reached the edge nearest where it landed first; she waded in. The water was only about waist high, but it was difficult to see below the surface. Lisa and Amber followed her in. They all scanned the bottom, feeling with their toes. After about four or five minutes of frantic searching, Alex reached down and raised it high. “Found it! I hope she’s okay.” They made their way back. Lisa discarded her waterlogged panties as they walked.

They didn’t see Carmen where they had left her. Amber spotted her by a lone tree nearby. She was mostly hidden from their angle. They headed to her.

As they came around Alex gasped. Carmen was lying with her back against the tree, her stomach distended immensely. “My body, how could this happen to me?” She sobbed. It looked as though she had swallowed a beach ball. Her nightie was tight around her chest. Lisa undid it and slid it off, holding her hand and rubbing her back. Carmen’s skin had stretched more than she thought possible. Lisa felt her tummy – it was springy and it sloshed with the most subtle of movement. She groaned and tried to sit higher against the tree, but instead she slid down the wet grass. She was almost lying down now.

“Oh shit!” Amber pointed. A heavily built, naked man was jogging their way. “What do we do?”
Alex’s eyes widened. “I don’t know! We can’t stop him with just the three of us.”
“He only wants one of us,” Amber glanced at Carmen. “She’s helpless, so there’s nothing we can really do.”

Lisa was disgusted. “That’s why we have to stop him from raping her.” She huffed. “Maybe you should just take one for the team.”

Amber’s eyes narrowed. “No, I am not going to do that.” She ran over to the rings that they had tossed into the grass. She held red and white. Lisa watched nervously as Amber blew into the red ring. Nothing happened. Lisa charged, Amber quickly blew into the white one. Carmen moaned and spread her legs. Lisa knocked the rings from her hands and tried to pin her down. They rolled around trying to gain dominance. But, Amber was stronger and eventually Lisa gave up. They both looked over to notice the red ring came to rest next to an ant hill. Black ants swarmed across the ring. Lisa gently grabbed it and shook them off. Amber retrieved the white ring from the grass.

It was only then did they hear Carmen yell for help. They turned to see the large man coming to a halt in front of her, he knelt down. His member was about seven inches. It took a few tries, but he soon found his way in with ease. He pressed inside. Her stomach shook with rhythm as the water sloshed back and forth; it was kind of mesmerizing. Lisa and Amber watched, helpless. After some time he lifted her upright and continued pounding. She held on and he squeezed her tight in turn. He went faster and then stopped. His testicles pushed his seed into her in pulses; it just kept going. The three girls watched in awe. Then he let her down and he laid back, motionless.

They helped Carmen to her feet and they walked in silence for a while. They saw another building to the north so they diverted that way. Maybe they could find some of the other girls there, they decided. Lisa jerked to a halt.

“I just felt something in my belly.”
“Like what?”
“It was small, I don’t know.”
“Well, we don’t have the one for you, so who knows what’s happening.”

Then she felt it again, and again, and then it was much more. “It feels like… rocks, or gravel, or something like that.” Lisa’s expression turned to shock. “Whoever has mine must have the red one. They must think I did that on purpose!”

“Or it was a chain reaction and red did it to someone else and they’re doing it to you.” Amber said, without care. It was so hard to find the owners while separated. Lisa felt another handful in her, then another. Then she felt them pour into her, her belly was expanding quickly; feeling much heavier as it did. As it grew it started to sag and it swayed with each step. It stopped when her stomach was about as big as a medicine ball. They were almost to the building when her legs gave out. Lisa toppled forward onto her stomach. She came to rest on her hard, lumpy stomach. She was using her hands and knees to stabilize, but they weren’t supporting most of her weight. She tried to stand, but it was no use at the moment. She needed to regain her strength.

“Go on and see if there is anyone in there. I’ll be fine.”
“I’ll wait here too; I don’t want to walk anymore.” Carmen knelt down, her belly bounced a little. She gathered momentum and rolled onto her back. Her belly rocked as she scooted closer to Lisa. After a few tries she gave up and laid back, breathless. Alex and Amber traded a glance and then went inside. “We’ll be right back.”

The door closed and, as if on cue, Lisa heard the sound of footsteps in the grass. Carmen sat up to see, panic showed in her eyes. Lisa pivoted, unable to stand. A man walked up, bigger than the last and more endowed. His face was expressionless as he knelt behind her. He slowly pressed in until he hit the objects in her. They moved around, but not enough to let him in. He grunted, stopped, and then tried again; after a few failed attempts he got up and went to Carmen. She wiggled and tried to back away, but he easily spread her legs and went in. Lisa was shocked to see him slide all the way in on the first attempt with a watery sound.

Carmen stayed surprisingly quiet. After a few minutes she started to moan. She wrapped her legs around him as best she could. He started thrusting so hard that her huge belly slapped against him with each thrust. He didn’t seem to mind. Lisa thought that must hurt, ramming her like that. He reached back and pulled her legs up to rest on his shoulders. Carmen squealed and hit him in the chest, but he held her arms, thrusting just as hard. He stopped suddenly, he pressed as hard as he could. Carmen had been trying to fight it, but she gave in and shook with orgasm. He grunted and went in and out quickly about four more times. She flailed and pleaded for him to stop. He ignored her as he pressed in and filled her. They both laid back onto the ground. He suddenly vanished. Lisa tried to tell Carmen, but she must have passed out, as she said nothing.

The door to the house opened. Alex and Amber came out along with Karen and Hitomi. Hitomi’s belly was distended in an odd way. It bulged out under her t-shirt, just below her breasts and went straight down and stopped at her crotch. She walked awkwardly. It looked like there was something long and straight in her. Karen had a stomach as well; her’s was the biggest yet. She was built more heavily than everyone else, so that added to the effect. Though, she didn’t seem as weighted as the rest of them. Whatever was in her must be light. She wasn’t wearing clothes anymore.

They came over to stand by the two bulging girls, lying in the grass. Hitomi looked nervous, more than when she first came out. She edged closer with small steps.

“What happened to you two?”
Lisa looked up, unable to stand. “Carmen accidentally did that to herself and someone else did this to me. It feels like someone put a bunch of gravel in me.”
“Did you do anything to the other rings?”
“No, some ants got on the red one, but that’s it. We know Carmen’s is white. Those are the only two we have.”

Hitomi went pale. “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” She looked about ready to cry. “I thought this was Stacy’s,” she took the blue ring from her pocket. “I thought I saw her move when I put my finger in earlier. I’m so sorry!” She was sobbing at this point.

Lisa was furious, she tried to hit Hitomi, but she couldn’t move very far. It was a feeble attempt as the rocks just shifted and weighed her down. After a while she gave up, out of breath. “You bitch, I didn’t even do anything to you and you ruined me!” She spat as everyone else watched. “What exactly did you put in me? I can’t even move, you bitch!”

“I-I grabbed some rocks from the dirt and put them in. I didn’t know if it was working so I kept putting handfuls in. Then I felt the thing in me press deeper so I made a little pile of rocks and ran the ring up and down over it.

“Rocks? You put god damned rocks in me?!” She had already guessed, but now she was certain. She yelled all sorts of profanity until Hitomi yelled back.

“Fine! I made a mistake, but look what happened to me!” She pulled her pants down and stepped out of them. She spread her legs a bit to show her gaping vagina. It looked as if an invisible shaft was in her, stretching her out. Her pussy was stretched about five inches wide and the phantom object looked to be about a foot or so. Lisa stopped yelling and gawked. “Yeah, I don’t see how this is physically possible, but it feels like something is in me even though it isn’t. I didn’t think anyone could stretch this much.”

Karen leaned against Amber, hugging her tightly, her large belly hanging between them. Karen started shaking. She leaned a little more and her stomach grew bigger in a sudden movement. It looked as though something was forced into her; a bulge appeared on the left side of her belly. She breathed deeply to calm herself and stood back up, the bulge smoothed with the motion. She looked around and her face flushed. “That has happened a few times recently. I think Stacy is doing something.”

“You’re right; I bet she’s using all of the rings to beat out the competition!” Amber said with enthusiasm.
“What are we competing for then?” Carmen asked, opening her eyes lazily.

“I have no idea, but maybe she knows something we don’t. Molly was with her when I saw them running away earlier.” Hitomi spoke softly, with distress in her voice. She handed the blue ring to Lisa. “Here, you can have yours.” They both nodded at each other in understanding.

They helped Lisa and Carmen to their feet and headed east, moving slowly and carefully, helping each other along. They saw another building just over the ridge and headed there. It was a simple concrete structure with a wooden door and no windows. They opened the door and found Stacy standing over Molly, who was curled up on the ground. Molly’s hands were tied behind her back. She looked very uncomfortable and had a pot belly. “Stop her.”

Stacy turned to a table that had the orange, black, and purple rings on it. She picked up the orange one and knelt over Molly. “Stop or I’ll put this on her!”

Amber started toward her. Stacy didn’t hesitate; she pulled the ring wider and slid it over Molly’s head, down to her neck. Amber squealed in agony and fell down mid stride. She rolled onto her back and held her tummy as it pressed out. Amber started breathing quickly. Stacy looked surprised and then started laughing. They all watched in horror as Stacy stretched the ring wider somehow and pulled it over Molly’s shoulders. It went down past her breasts, over her restrained arms, down to her knees, and then she tugged it past her feet; all within about 30 seconds. Molly suddenly disappeared. Amber made a bloodcurdling scream, her mid-section swelled to an unrealistic proportion. She was now twice the size of Karen and was certainly immobile. Her legs were wide open and her stomach rested on the floor between them.

Stacy got up and grabbed the purple ring. “Remember who this belongs to?” She eyed Alex. Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Carmen, still standing just outside, gasped. “Look!” She pointed at a group of about 10 men running in their direction.

“Get inside! Bar the door!” Lisa cried out.

Everyone shuffled into the building as fast as they could. Stacy stood against the table, eyeing the ladies warily. After everyone was inside Alex closed the door, noting that it had two sturdy locks. She secured the door and stepped backwards as the men started pounding on the outside. Everyone was silent, waiting. After about a minute the knocking on the door stopped.

“Why are you doing this, Stacy?” Alex asked worriedly, “can’t we just stop and try to figure a way out of here?”
Stacy scoffed, “I can’t trust anyone, I felt something crawling in me so I retaliated.”
“You grabbed the rings and ran in the first place!”
“Yeah, I was scared and I thought one might be mine!”

They continued arguing. Lisa knew now that the red ring belonged to Stacy. She scanned the room for something useful to stop her from misusing the rings. This place had a lot more objects in it than the previous buildings.  She saw a large cement post in the corner of the room; there was a green band around the base. That must be what’s in Hitomi. She saw a crumpled blanket on the floor as well. Then she spied a small box. She walked over, carefully as not to throw herself off balance, and opened it. Inside there was a note and a silver ball. The note read: use this a few times and she won’t bother you anymore. She lifted the object, it was about the size of a baseball and it weighed about 5 pounds. She pushed it through the red ring, then brought it back through; again, and again, and again, it popped through. Stacy shouted for her to stop, but she continued.

Stacy stretched the purple ring she had been holding and lunged for Hitomi. She hurriedly pulled it over her head, shoulders, and waist. She tripped the confused girl. As she pulled it past her feet she disappeared, just as Molly had. Alex’s stomach stretched outward in a sudden motion. She crumpled to the floor awkwardly, her arms barely reaching around her midsection. She wailed and everyone else stood, shocked and horrified.

Stacy lifted herself upright; her belly sagged and had dimples where the balls pushed outward. “Stop or I’ll do that again!” Lisa measured the situation and decided a few more might incapacitate her. She smirked and pushed the ball through over and over again. “Everyone stop her!” Lisa, pleaded.

Stacy grabbed at the three remaining rings on the table; she only got the green one, as the others scattered to the floor. Karen and Carmen moved to stop her. Desperate and nearly too weighted to walk, she stretched out the green ring and yanked it down over Karen in a violent motion. She pushed the large woman to the floor. The ring expanded around her enormous belly, it looked as though it may break, but it held and regained its shape as it slipped to the ground.

Alex’s stomach ballooned outward to an impossible size. Her small frame was lifted into the air as Karen now rested inside her along with Hitomi. She whimpered and cried, unable to reach the floor with her arms or legs. Lisa dropped the ball and the ring and walked quickly over to Alex; horrified, she tried to comfort her.

Shortly after, Stacy’s legs gave out and she dropped to the ground. Her stomach thudded as the balls banged on the wooden floorboards. She sat upright, her dimpled belly between her legs. “Why the hell would you keep going?”

Lisa turned to look at Stacy, her expression changed from disbelief to rage. “You evil redheaded witch! You are the one that did this to us all, you couldn’t trust us and you started this whole fucking mess! I should kill you!” She started toward Stacy. Stacy leaned back on her arms; she started to scoot away.

“Wait, I know some details, I can get us out of this mess!”

Lisa kicked Stacy, the balls moved a little, but it mainly just hurt her foot. She fell to the side and the anger left her. “Okay, okay. Fine. How then?”
“There was a note in here when I arrived. It said that the rings would now stretch. It also said that no matter how big we got or what happened, we won’t die. This is a game or something, once we finish this will stop!”

Carmen, Alex, and Amber still stood back, watching everything unfold.

“Well,” Lisa asked, “what is the goal? Are we just supposed to keep putting things inside each other for some sick game?”

“Maybe this is a dream or something.” Carmen looked confused, as did everyone else.
They debated for a while, making note of how this was normally impossible, how things seemed to magically appear and disappear, and of how it might be someone’s twisted fantasy.

They talked for a while until Carmen changed the subject. “Where can I go to the bathroom? I’ve been holding it in sooo long; I was too scared to ask.” Amber nodded as well.

Stacy pointed to the wall behind her. The toilet was a funnel that was fitted into a bucket. Carmen didn’t think it was the best container, being so small, but she had been holding it for a while and couldn’t wait. Carmen knelt down as carefully as she could with the heavy belly and did her business. She relieved herself while the others talked. She was surprised the bucket wasn’t full after she finished. She used a towel on the floor next to the bucket to wipe off. She noticed Amber was standing behind her, waiting her turn. Amber lowered herself, holding her tummy for balance. She groaned as she went. She stood up and complained she was feeling worse.

The conversation had stopped. Lisa walked heavily to the bucket and used it as well. Alex asked her to bring it over after she finished. She grabbed the bucket; it didn’t seem full at all. She held it up to Alex and held it as she relieved herself. Lisa didn’t hear the water splashing. She asked if something was wrong. Alex said no and then Amber’s discomfort finally sank in. She waited for Alex to say she was done. She lowered the bucket and removed the funnel that was firmly in place. With a jerk it popped out and there, on the end of the funnel, was the yellow ring.

Lisa glared at Stacy. Stacy held up her hands. “Sorry, I forgot it was there!”
Carmen looked puzzled for a moment until finally she pieced it together. “So, we all just peed into… Molly? And she’s in Amber?”

“Oh my god, I think I’m going to be sick. I can’t believe you all pissed in me!” Amber sat down and grabbed her belly. It had gotten bigger, but it wasn’t sudden enough to notice until now.

“Well, you pissed in yourself too!” Stacy interjected.
They all sat quietly for a moment. Lisa noticed the orange ring on the floor next to Amber. She walked over and grabbed it.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Amber spat.
“I wasn-“
“You give that to me right now, bitch, you’ve done enough to me!”
“Me? I’ve been trying to help you!”
“You just made her mad and then she did this to us all! Give it to me now!”

Amber leaned forward and slapped Lisa hard on the back of the leg and then again, right on her butt. Lisa yelped, stumbling forward. She glared at Amber as she rubbed her stinging behind.

“Fine. You want to play like that?” She walked around Amber, just out of reach. She came up behind her and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees, her stomach rested on the floor. She drew back and slapped Amber’s bare bottom with all her might. Amber started crying; she brought her hands back to defend her posterior. That caused her to roll forward, sticking her butt further into the air. She couldn’t quite cover herself at that angle. Lisa drew back and spanked her five more times; not as hard as before, but much faster. She sobbed and tried to wriggle away, but she couldn’t escape.

“You’re not the only one that got fucked over. I mean, look at me. I’m just as bad off as you and none of us know why any of this shit is happening!” She drew back and slapped Amber’s ass one last time. “I was trying to help, remember that.” Lisa pulled Amber upright and got to her feet. She grabbed the orange ring, a scream stopped her mid-motion.

Stacy had her wrist inside of the white ring. “Carmen get me all of the rings. Now.” She pulled her hand out. Carmen nodded after a pause and gathered the rings she saw on the floor. Lisa started to stop her but Stacy plunged her fist back into Carmen’s ring. Lisa stepped back and let Carmen continue. She brought them to Stacy. “Good, now stand over there with Alex; you too, Lisa.” She looked over the rings. “Wait, where is Lisa’s? I know who all of these go to and hers isn’t one of them. Mine isn’t here either!”

Lisa smiled, “I know, I hid mine on the way here; it’s at the top of the hill. You have no power over me. As for yours, I hid it somewhere too.”

“Give me my ring you wiry bitch!” Stacy snarled, “I’m going to make you regret it if you don’t!”
“You’d make me regret it if I did.”
“Check that box, Carmen.” She motioned to the small box with the weighted ball in it. Carmen held it open, lifting the ball, it was otherwise empty.

“Fine then, I just have to improvise. Carmen, take this.” Stacy held up the yellow ring. When Carmen hesitated she held out the white ring as influence. Carmen looked terrified as she walked over and took the yellow band from Stacy. “Now, put that over Alex. It will work, don’t worry about it breaking.” She carefully started sliding it over Alex, crying as she maneuvered it. The ring contorted to an amazing size as she yanked it over her gargantuan belly. Amber squealed as she grew. When she finished, Alex disappeared as the others had; now she was inside Molly, who was inside Amber. Amber yelled and laid on her back as her stomach pushed toward the roof. The ceiling was high, but she was close to touching it as she lie there. Four people were now inside of her with no way out.

Stacy started scooting over to Amber. She hopped, her butt bounced along the floor; her belly just rolled. It took her a minute, but she reached her and held the white ring over Amber’s head. Amber eyed her silently and teary eyed. Carmen started crying and pleading.

“Okay, let me explain.” Stacy explained, bringing the white ring away from her head. “I didn’t say everything earlier. To win you must be the last person left. So, I want to win and finish this whole fucking nightmare. It said the losers get out of here too, so we need to find those rings to end this, Lisa! Tell Carmen where they are or I’ll make her unbirth this cow.”

“Please no. Please!” Carmen sobbed and pleaded to Lisa. “Just tell me where they are so we can stop this! I want to be normal again.” Her belly quaked in time with the sobs.

“Fine.” Lisa walked heavily over to the spot where she had been before and pulled the blue and red rings from a small hole in the floor hidden under the box. Stacy’s face was a mix of shock and anger.

“Give them to Carmen. Now!” Lisa stood up, but didn’t offer the rings; instead she started running, as best she could, toward Stacy. “Stop her!” Carmen grabbed onto Lisa and they both tumbled to the floor with heavy thuds. Stacy began pulling the white ring over Amber, she kept saying to wait, but Stacy ignored her. By the time Lisa got to her feet Carmen’s belly popped out in a violent thrust. Her stomach was now taller than Lisa. Carmen sat back on her hands completely in shock.

Lisa walked over to Stacy, who sat looking up, a small amount of fear in her eyes. “Only one of us can remain. Are you ready to take all of that inside you?” She motioned to Carmen’s monstrous belly.

“No, but you will.“ Lisa brought the red ring over to Carmen and maneuvered it up her legs, bullied it over her stomach and up to her neck. Stacy was breathing heavily and grunting behind them. “I’m sorry Carmen; we’ll be out of this soon.” She slipped the band over her head. Stacy’s belly twisted and contorted, six girls were now in her and she was certainly immobile as her belly came to rest seven feet in front of her; it was even with her eyes. Her breasts were pushed to either side. Her tattoo was elongated too.

“What… the fuck?!” She panted, “You’re an idiot, you can’t handle everyone in you.”
Lisa grinned wickedly. “I know, but you can!” She pulled the ring down her body, to the ground.
It felt so warm.

Stacy awoke in her bed, startled and sweating. Had it been a dream? She looked down and saw her belly. It wasn’t as big as before, but it was ballooned out about three feet into the air. She rolled to her side and then stood up. She felt so bulky and could barely stand. Her tummy drooped down to her knees and it put a great strain on her back. She shuffled to the bathroom. She plopped on the toilet to do her business. Then she lifted herself using the sink as support.

Looking in the mirror she noticed her breasts had grown twice their normal size; ripened with milk, they rested on her ample belly. She had some stretch marks, but not as many as she would expect. She still looked very good overall considering her state. Her fiery red hair seemed fuller and her face seemed younger. She felt amazing in spite of being so burdened. The shock passed and she realized that they all had made it out. Stacy understood now, she was pregnant.

She noticed an envelope was resting against the corner of the mirror. She opened it up and read; “You win. You’re now a mother with seven wonderful little girls growing inside of you. They’ll be out in a week or two. They might be a little competitive, but I left the rings for you to use.” She looked around and noticed all of the rings were resting on the back of the toilet, including the red one. “I left yours as well. Just in case you feel a little empty after they’re out. It would also work if you need to put them in time out. They will be in stasis in there, so they won’t die. To get things out of you, you just turn the rings inside out. Have fun with your daughters.”

It was a lot to take in all at once, but she had to admit she did enjoy the filled feeling. She ran her hands over her breasts, down her belly, and back to her springy butt. Her skin felt softer than before. She just wanted to touch herself. She felt so happy.