MOBA 5 – Neith


She watched from a safe distance as Aphrodite launched the minions backward, picking them off as they charged her. The busty blonde goddess turned back and blew her a kiss, making Neith her soulmate before she continued. Feeling butterflies in her stomach, Neith joined her companion to finish the last few soldiers. They pressed on, exchanging coy glances as they pressed closer to the League of Legend’s base.

Neith felt foolish, as the other woman’s beauty made this battle seem insignificant. Being the weaver of fate, she knew how pivotal her time was. For a moment, however, she had forgotten all her cares, lost in the lusty woman’s deep blue eyes. Aphrodite’s warm, creamy skin, her perfectly shaped body, and those amazingly full breasts – it was hard not to stare.

Hearing a noise, the Egyptian goddess snapped back to the battle. She squatted, lowering her slender frame as she waited for the opposing heroes to reveal themselves. She drew back her bow, watching the woods, waiting patiently to strike. Neith recognized her teammate and lowered her weapon. The Chinese guardian of the heavens pushed aside low branches as she floated out of the tree line. Her enormous breasts drooped nearly to her hips and she was obviously distracted by her swaying flesh; she was completely unaware until Neith called out. Nu Wa gasped, the orbs swirling around her sped up, mirroring her surprise.

Together, the three goddesses continued down the lane. Soon they encountered another wave of creeps and Neith called out three opposing heroes that were keeping their distance. They knew Nu Wa was at a disadvantage, so they started toward her first. The provocative pirate with oversized pistols and an oversized chest led the charge with guns blazing. The blasts from her hand cannons barely suppressed her maniacal laughing as she closed the distance.

A pale boyish girl was right behind her, her bright blue ponytails dancing as she trotted gleefully. She readied the mini-gun and started blasting. “I don’t want to hurt you, boob lady.” Jinx giggled. “Oh wait, I guess I do!”

Nu Wa tried to back away, but the combined damage caused her entire body to thicken. Her added weight caused her to sink to the ground and stumble. After a few seconds gravity overtook her and she was unable to stand, dropping to her knees. The woman was quite rotund by this point, her enormous breasts nearly touching the ground as she knelt. Her stomach grew outward, pushing her mountainous tits aside, her shoulders and thighs widening to match her fattening frame.

Neith and Aphrodite decided there was no hope to save her; instead, they chased the nine-tailed fox, Ahri. They followed her into some ruins, avoiding the nearby centaur camp as they hit her with basic attacks. Ahri paused abruptly, launching an energy orb at Aphrodite. The goddess halted as the ball passed through her and boomeranged through a second time, causing her backside to balloon outward after each pass. Ahri started running again at a quickened pace and they gave pursuit. Neith stole a few glances as Aphrodite’s comfy ass swaying and jiggling as she floated over the uneven terrain.

Within range, Neith launched a spirit arrow to ensnare the elusive woman. “I’m so proud of you, you’re doing a great job!” Neith announced with genuine care.

Ahri responded by blowing her a simple kiss. Neith couldn’t control herself, lowering her bow and walking closer to the entrancing young woman with the soft, billowy tails.
”For love!” Aphrodite called out and suddenly Neith regained her senses. Ahri was running again and she came to a stop by one of the secret altars. A flock of doves descended by Aphrodite’s command and stunned the fox once more. The petite girl had grown notably from their uneven attacks, her kimono pulled tight around her midsection.

Neith rained arrows, watching the small woman’s belly push outward. Her clothes tore from the center until they finally burst apart. Her belly bounced free, tastefully covering her nether region. Her breasts had not grown, but they sat unhindered and proud. Ahri took the final few steps, her bulky belly rocking her nearly off balance as she activated the altar. “Playtime is over.”

A gelatinous green blob arose in the center of the stone circle. It took a humanoid shape and crouched low, turning its gaze to Aphrodite. “Things are about to get messy.”
The goddess grinned. “Think you can handle my curves?” She rubbed hands along her chest and down her hips in a taunting manner.

Neith used her abilities, trying to strike the monster as it launched itself into the air. She hit it a few times, causing globs of its body to fall. The beast hit the ground and angled itself to bounce between Aphrodite’s legs. Astoundingly it disappeared within seconds beneath her skirt. “Oh my!” Her eyes grew wide. “He just slipped right in there!” The goddess blushed.

Neith stopped, uncertain of how to help her soulmate. She was appalled as her love began grunting in agony. The monster pushed her stomach out in thrusts, causing her to inflate with each internal strike. The blobs that remained outside started rolling closer. Neith quickly destroyed one, but two others were able to move up Aphrodite’s leg and slip beneath her dress, expanding her further.

Neith suddenly recalled the other opponent. She turned, seeing Ahri’s ripped clothing lying in the grass, but she was nowhere in sight. She knew the fox was cunning, but she turned to the pressing threat. She ran to her teammate, grabbing Aphrodite’s shoulders, eying her with a sullen expression. “Awww, darn, I never even got to see you naked.”

The beautiful blonde goddess wrapped her arms around her large stomach in agony. The creature continued striking her from inside, forcing her skin outward above and below her arms. She was sweating as she reached up and unfastened her top. “Might as well sh-show you before I get too fat.” She gave a pained smile. Her perfect breasts sat proudly exposed, having just enough weight without sagging. She winced with discomfort as she reached down to remove her bottom covering. She bent too low, however and the monster lashed out with enough force to throw her off balance. She wobbled and fell hard on her rump. Neith’s heart fluttered as she caught a glimpse between her legs of her soulmate’s perfect pussy.

Aphrodite groaned as her belly moved violently from side to side. “He’s bouncing in me!” Her intoxicating skin expanded faster, and once his ability finished, her belly was resting between her spread legs. He resumed his attacks as Aphrodite laid back. “Ugh! He’s ruining my body, how humiliating!”
Neith put her hand up with frustration. “There has to be something I can do!”
Aphrodite leaned to the side to give her a tired, seductive smile. “Give me a kiss down there – at least let me have that before I’m out.”

Setting her bow aside, Neith tried to lift the expansive belly, but the slime inside her proved to be too heavy. Aphrodite ran her hands along her breasts. “Just get a finger down there, do something!” Neith struggled, but couldn’t budge it. “Hurry, I-I’m about to…” Aphrodite let out a loud moan as she writhed on the grass. Her face flush with desire as the beast toiled in her stomach. Her belly had expanded far beyond the normal limits and there was no chance she would move again with the added weight and girth.

“Zac has incapacitated Aphrodite! I don’t think she minds, though!” The announcer called, noting how the goddess was enjoying her situation. Neith watched for a moment as another orgasm began building. Her mind cleared and she knew the battle continued elsewhere. She also wondered why she hadn’t heard of Nu Wa’s defeat. Neith readied a world weaver arrow and aimed at the wild girl with a rocket launcher. She let loose, knowing that nothing would stop it. She sent it out of sight and hurried back to find the teammate they had abandoned.

It took some time, but thankfully Nu Wa was still mobile. Jinx and Miss Fortune destroyed the final clay golems as she arrived. “How did you last so long?”
“With no help from you!” Nu Wa leaned on her thighs as she watched the approaching enemies. “Kali passed through and pulled them away for a while. Our minions bought me some time, but now they’re back.”
“This should be fun!” Thus far, Neith had avoided damage, but Miss Fortune and Jinx were both relatively small too. Jinx had expanded, but her breasts were still a modest B and her ass was still laughably small.

The battle started again as Jinx lobbed a trap behind Neith. She couldn’t avoid it, tripping the explosion, causing her tits to grow and slide free from the tight golden wraps. Miss Fortune also directed her fire to the Egyptian as she strutted forward. “Soon you’ll have guns as big as mine!”

Nu Wa used their distraction to create a mist cloud, halting their attack as they tried to find their way out. Neith bounded away, setting some distance as she found a tall hill, watching the mist slowly drift to the south. Nu Wa and Jinx remained stationary, while Miss Fortune had made the mistake of trying to move in the fog bank. Neith smiled as she watched the fog dissipate, leaving the buxom wench in the center of the nearby centaur encampment.

They were very powerful, easily striking the woman’s pistols to the ground. Miss Fortune tried to flee, but the horsemen galloped ahead, encircling her. One lifted her while the other ripped away her tight clothing. Their cocks hanging with excitement and everyone knew what was coming next.

Neith turned back to see Nu Wa lying on her hands and knees, the once slim woman now fat and encumbered. Jinx swapped to her rocket launcher and rammed it between Nu Wa’s open legs. The woman laughed as she pulled the trigger, launching herself backwards with the blast. Nu Wa skidded along the grass, her body growing chunkier as she flailed pitifully.

“Nu Wa got blasted and now she’s done!” The announcer chimed.

Neith’s gaze turned back to the foursome just in time to see Miss Fortune bent over a barrel, her wrists and ankles bound by heavy rope. The first centaur put his front hooves on a nearby crate for balance as he poked her ass with his cock. She turned back, threatening him with narrow eyes as he lined up. He laughed as he pushed in between her malleable ass cheeks. She thrashed wildly as the horse cock disappeared inside her. At the halfway point she lifted her front half, showing a bulge in her stomach where his cock pushed.

The beast drew back and thrust, going slightly farther. The woman’s red hair whipped back and forth as she tried to evade the pain. She cursed as the monster increased his speed. He was definitely in her pussy, as he was having difficulty going in more than three quarters of the way. He pumped her for a while longer, moving to slightly different angles in hopes of advance, but nothing seemed to help. There was a sudden pause before he drew back and rammed in with all of his might. Her scream echoed through the valley as his cock was almost entirely in. His balls shrank as he filled her womb with massive blasts of cum.

Still holding herself upright and trying to pull away from the huge rod, her stomach blew out in three quick waves, appearing heavily pregnant by the finish. She screamed frantically as he unloaded, tortured by his shaking cock. The centaur shifted and that caused the barrel to collapse beneath her full belly. She didn’t fall, however, as she was impaled on his thick cock. He stepped down, avoiding the splintered wood. His cock shrank quickly, slipping out of her tight inner orifice, allowing her to come to rest face down in the dirt.

He stepped back and the second monster approached, going low to slip inside her ruined hole. He slid in easily and started with slow strokes. On her elbows and knees and still bound, Miss Fortune was resting on her inflated belly beneath the horseman. The centaur drew back and accidentally slipped out. He thrust upward, putting his wet cock on her back before sliding it lower and into her warmth once again.

The beast put the tip in and paused. Her wicked laugh could be heard from afar. It took a moment to realize she was in pain and laughter was her only outlet – he was in the wrong hole. The centaur grunted and forced his slimy cock about halfway in her ass, stomping the ground as he came prematurely. His massive cock jerked upward as her belly pressed out beneath them. Her bound arms and legs spread around the massive mound of flesh below as she lifted higher. She balanced on her hands and tiptoes as the beast backed off and the third eager participant stepped in.

The final centaur was bigger in all respects, his cock was only slightly longer, but much thicker, Neith could see, and he looked far more powerful. The beast raised up and brought down his hooves dangerously close to the pirate’s head. Miss Fortune still struggled, albeit in a weaker and far less helpful fashion. His shaft dripped with excitement as he stabbed it against her pliable backside. She hit the monster’s underside with her bound hands, but he continued. After many attempts, he finally found a place to burrow his horse cock, which by her frantic struggling must be her ass. Miss Fortune tried to roll aside, but he was already in halfway, skewering her in place. She kicked her legs out, trying to strike the beast any way possible, but her movement was far too limited. The human portion of the centaur leaned forward to taunt the helpless woman.

She reached up in vain, screaming as he chuckled. Miss Fortune seemed to give up after a time, hanging limp atop her grossly inflated stomach. Her ass gaped whenever the shaft would slip free, but this allowed him quick reentry and he continued for a long while. He bent low grabbing one of her large breasts, squeezing it hard. His movement quickened and he finally drove deep, eliciting a sharp howl from the broken woman. Her stomach puffed outward and lifted them upward, raising the horseman to stand on his hindquarters. Her cheeks puffed out before she vomited a white stream down upon her chest. Her legs were far above the ground now, and she hung limp as the monster withdrew, causing a fountain of their seed to shoot onto the grass.

“Miss Fortune got her booty plundered and she’s out!” The announcer sniggered, pleased by his one-liners.

Neith turned to see Jinx sitting on a large rock a short distance away, turning to her with nonchalance. The small girl showed mocking surprise as she jumped to her feet, her body jiggling with the increased weight. “Come on over and I’ll show you some gun play!” She dropped behind the boulder, obviously baiting the goddess. Neith approached and found the girl standing with her rocket launcher ready. Neith quickly back flipped onto the rock and shot a spirit arrow downward, causing the girl’s exposed midriff to expand.

Jinx was stunned for a moment before training her rocket upward. Neith’s laugh gave her sudden pause. “What’s so funny jiggle tits?”
“You’re standing on a trap.”
“Yeah, but it’s my trap, dummy!”
“Doesn’t matter when I use this.” Neith pulled a potion from her garments and dropped the bottle upon Jinx. The girl looked down as the trap went off – her body puffing out like a balloon from a sudden internal blast. Her arms and legs grew, but her torso got the main effect. She gasped, her body now shaped like an egg, her clothes ripping away due to the sudden change. Her breasts and ass were still visible, but they looked much wider and flatter than before.

She regained her senses and shot an electrifying blast directly into Neith’s crotch. The goddess collapsed, falling upon the rounded woman. Neith’s huge, exposed breasts flattened against her opponents rounded belly before she rolled onto her back. Jinx steadied herself and prepared her rocket launcher. “Ka-BOOM!”

Neith took the blast, her body lifting as she rolled through the dirt. Jinx brought out her mini-gun and showered bullets upon her. Neith got to her feet as her body continued to fatten. She stumbled, seeing her trim frame becoming excessively chubby. The heels on her shoes snapped as she moved backwards. Neith retrieved another potion and drank it as Jinx paused to reload.

Neith felt immense power flowing through her as she unleashed a flurry of arrows upon the girl. Jinx grew quickly, her body rebalancing as her legs and arms widened. Her breasts and ass pushed straight out, keeping their width as they sagged. Her oval body had fattened all over at such a frenzied pace that she couldn’t find balance. The girl fell back and began rolling down the hill, end over end. The large swollen slit between her legs was very noticeable now, as her legs could no longer close.

This proved to be her downfall, as she happened to land upon an upright staff half buried in the ground. It could not hurt her in here, but it could certainly go inside her. She came to a sudden halt as the sturdy staff bent. She yelped loudly and Neith could see her sliding lower upon it. She balled her fists, unable to stop the impalement. Soon the entire shaft disappeared as she sat upon the grass, groaning with discomfort.

“Jinx certainly got the shaft!” The announcer was getting cheesier as time went on.

The rage potion wore off and Neith took some time to inspect her own body. Her wraps were pulled tight, no longer covering anything of importance. Her broad stomach and sagging breasts dominated her view. A sound caught her attention and she turned to see three green orbs of energy coming at her. They struck her and caused her fat frame to tighten, growing into a more pleasing shape. Her breasts swelled, growing into large orbs, as did her stomach and backside. Her body had changed from being obscenely fat to being a tight and plump.

She had to end the battle, however, and she downed her final potion, feeling the power from before return. Ahri quickly drank a potion as well. Neith drew back and released her ultimate ability followed by a line of regular attacks. The fox’s nose crinkled as the corner of her mouth turned upward. Her ears flaring as she stood proudly, her beautiful breasts and bulging belly undisturbed by the volley of arrows.

Neith realized what was happening: Ahri had consumed a potion of reflection. She could feel the warmth as her body surged. She released her bow as she gripped her quickly expanding frame. Neith’s assets grew evenly, as she tipped back onto her spacious rump. She was forced to watch herself inflate from her own hubris. Her shoulders grew, holding her massive round breasts in place upon her distended belly. Her ass flattened as she plopped into the grass. Her expansion finally halted and she knew she was unable to move again. Ahri beamed as she trotted closer, planting a kiss on her cheek before bounding away into the forest. The announcer called out that only five competitors remained. “So disappointing!” The immobile goddess frowned.



Gabriella tried to change herself back into a boy, but failed on every attempt. Ultimately, she realized that she enjoyed her feminine features and she still had a cock, so it was the best of both worlds. Knowing how early it was, she trekked outside wearing nothing at all. Enjoying the cool breeze before the sun crested the horizon. She relieved herself on a tree in a secluded area of their estate. She turned to see Chantal walking toward her in the pre-dawn light, her heavy breasts bouncing with each step and her larger cock swaying betwixt her legs. Their mother had endowed them with bigger cocks, but Chantal’s was a fair amount larger.

“Isn’t it too early for the princess?”

Chantal spoke a phrase and waved her arms. The tree branches reached forward and pulled Gabriella closer, causing her to be ensnared by many small vines and branches. Once the spell resolved, Gabriella was forcefully enveloped in the side of the tree, her ass ripe for the taking.

“What the hell are you doing!?”
Chantal laughed as she struggled. “I have to relieve myself too. So, I came to the nearest chamber pot.” The buxom girl used her soft hands to spread her sister’s rump. She moistened her shaft before pressing it into her backdoor. Chantal eased herself all the way in and with some effort, began emptying her bladder.

Gabriella shrieked and struggled, halfway encased in the tree. Her cock grew hard as it rubbed gently against the bark. Chantal dismissed her pain, continuing to relieve herself. She had plenty of fluids stored for this moment, some of which remaining from their spells the previous night. The flow continued as she reached around and patted her sister’s firm belly.

“Thanks for holding this for me.” Chantal giggled as she continued blasting water into her sister’s ass.
“Aren’t you almost done?”
“Just about. I used a spell that makes the water in me take up less space until it exits, so I can hold twice as much. It’s really handy for those long studying sessions.”

Gabriella endured as her belly inflated against the tree. She could do nothing helpful without free hands to make the magical gestures. It lasted a while longer before she could feel the stream slowing.
Pulling back, Chantal pressed all the way in, causing a shriek from her unprepared sister. “What’s wrong, not ready for all this meat?”
“Take it out!”
“Hell no. You just have to get used to it and it will feel great!” She stayed in place, buried in the fair-skinned butt. “Don’t let any out or I will turn it into a solid inside of you!”
“It’s too much, please stop!”
“Are you begging? That makes this even hotter.” Chantal drew back and pressed in with all her might. Forcing the girl’s belly and cock against the tree. Her ass flattened against Chantal’s hips, hiding her cock entirely in her ass. She drew back and pushed in again, equally as hard.

“No, stop, I can’t…” Gabriella gasped, shooting her seed upon the tree and into the grass below her.
“Done already? Typical. Guess I can go for the quick finish then.” Chantal set her legs apart and pounded her restrained sister. She felt the liquid inside sloshing and churning with each stroke.

Gabriella whined as her belly squished against the tree and her sister’s cock plugged up her ass. “Damn you! Hurry up and cum!”
“Want me to cum in your ass? Want me to fill you even more?”
There was a long hesitation. “I don’t care.”
Chantal pushed balls deep again and stopped, just barely holding back. “You really want me to cum in your ass?”
“Just do it. Just cum in my ass.”
The words excited Chantal more than she imagined. Without moving she emptied into her already burdened sister, both girls moaning as she did. They waited, both breathing heavily, until the hung woman fell limply from Gabriella’s ass.

“That was fun.” Chantal said a spell and watched as the tree slowly released her big bellied sister. She couldn’t help laughing as she watched her stumble around the tree and begin emptying. They walked back in silence, still alone due to the early hour. Nearing the back entrance, Gabriella stopped and started casting.

Before she could react, Chantal’s hands were bound tightly behind her by a magical rope, wrist to elbow. “Stop this, we’ll get caught! At least get us inside!”

“That didn’t stop you from pissing in me, did it sis?”
“Nobody saw us, but this is right outside!”
“Yeah, you better keep quiet, whore.”

Gabriella took a long time to cast the next spell, weaving imaginary runes in the air and speaking the mystic tongue. With a poof and a mystic haze there was a large black stallion standing beside them.

“What the hell are you doing?”
“This is your new fuck buddy!” Gabriella smirked.

The horse’s black fur shined in the peeking sunlight. It inspected her, sniffing the bound, naked woman as it walked closer. The large animal’s shaft grew beneath its legs. It snorted, tilting its head as a nudged her shoulder. Gabriella stroked the horse’s mane.

“Are you ready to take a horse cock?”
“I’m not going to let you do this.”
Gabriella cast another spell. Chantal gagged as a white blob appeared over her mouth. “Doesn’t look like you have much of a choice.” She tried to run, but again, Gabriella cast a spell and watched her sister stumble against a waist high stone wall. Her legs were spread apart by a conjured bar strapped between her ankles. “You look like you’re completely fucked now, dear sister.”

The beast trotted closer, sniffing between her legs. Gabriella crouched and moved beneath the beast, holding the huge cock as she tried to place the tip in her mouth. It barely fit, and after struggling for a while she decided to use a magical aide. She made a gesture and tried again. This time the tip spread her mouth wide and started moving deeper into her windpipe. She maneuvered her head, allowing more of the thick shaft to work its way past her tonsils. Suddenly she felt the animal draw back and tense. Within an instant, it thrust forward, forcing a large portion of its meat down her throat.

Gabriella grabbed her throat, feeling the warm organ beneath her skin as it was pulled up and pressed down again. This time she felt it in her chest. She frantically slapped the horse, trying to halt it, but the beast was wild with lust. It continued force-feeding her its cock as it worked itself into a frenzy. Luckily Gabriella moved aside before it finished. The organ flopped into the air as it thrust wildly, trying to find release. She directed the massive animal to her subdued sister.

The horse raised itself high and put its front hooves on the stones as it edged closer. As it moved near, it thrust wildly into the air, anticipating entrance. Chantal gave muffled screams as she also anticipated the impending entry. The wet organ slid atop her ass, lying upon her back momentarily, Gabriella could see her sister was in for quite a large treat. The horse lowered the shaft slowly, attempting to ease the tip into the warmth beneath her legs.

Gabriella walked in front of her sister, stroking her hair as she passed. “Here it comes.”

The horse grunted as it pushed cautiously, trying not to slip past again. Chantal’s asshole spread unnaturally wide, her magical body accepting the enormous head of the cock. The horse knew it was in, and it thrust in with immense force. The thick, damp pole half disappeared into her as she screeched loudly. The horse ignored her high-pitched wailing as it focused on fitting its massive cock into the tight, wet nook.

It dominated the poor girl, slamming into her without hesitation. Chantal seemed to be in less pain as time went on, each thrust pressing her belly outward, showing an outline of the horse cock inside her. The beast had surprising endurance, continuing for a few minutes at a speedy pace. It snorted and put all of its weight into the pummeling. Chantal squealed and the animal whinnied. It reared back and lifted her up enough to show her belly distend, filling with blasts of the conjured horse’s sperm. It grew heavy, hanging low as the flow eventually stopped. The weight of the massive amount of sperm pulled her swollen stomach downward. The beast lowered her as it finished, balancing her over the wall, her stomach puffed out like a ball.

The horse edged back. The unwieldy cock popped free, allowing some of the sperm to pour onto the ground. For some reason Chantal fought to hold the rest in, awkwardly using a few fingers to keep her gaping asshole plugged. Gabriella nearly questioned it until she turned to see two robed women standing in the doorway.

A woman with uncaring eyes watched from beside their mother. Their aunt, a member of the local council, had come early. Mabel stood taller than Magdalene. Mabel’s caramel hair and deep brown eyes complimented her tanned complexion. Her resting expression was austere, bordering on irritable. Her manicured eyebrows always seemed to imply she was judging you. She was prettier and had a more formed body than their mother, but the robes they wore kept that hidden.

Gabriella removed all of the magical bindings from her sister. Now free, Chantal scowled as she leaned upon the stone, still retaining the massive amount of sperm without her hands. Both girls were silent as they waited for chiding from their mother.

“They remind me of someone.” Mabel spoke, stone faced.
“Yeah, they do.” Magdalene shot a malicious stare to her sister.
“I recall someone being jealous of my abilities, so she summoned a pack of wolves to assault me.”
“That was years ago, Mabel, can’t you let it go?”
“I only wish I had summoned a horse to fuck you like your… daughter did.” The expressionless woman took care to refer to Gabriella’s new gender. “She is quite resourceful, putting your actual daughter to shame.”

As usual, their aunt had gotten under their mother’s skin. Magdalene narrowed her eyes and set her jaw, furious. She turned to her daughters and spoke mystical terms as she gestured. “I told you two to behave and you ignored me! Now I will have to punish you yet again!”

Chantal yelped, jumping upright as if something had entered her backdoor. “Mom, why?”
“Your punishment is to hold all of that in while you watch your sister.”

Gabriella couldn’t stifle her laugh as her inflated sister clenched her teeth, stiffly walking in a circle. Her humor faded quickly as something approached. The stallion from before had come back with a larger cock and balls that were double the size. “No, please. She started it.” She said with sorrow.

“I don’t care, I’m ending it. What if the other council members had come early?”
“But, please…”
“No! Bend down and don’t make me bind you!”

Gabriella knew it was pointless to argue. She leaned upon the wall as her sister had before. “Can I at least get it wet first?”
“That is what your sister is for.”
Chantal was distressed, but she was still defiant enough to roll her eyes as she bent down to put her mouth upon the massive shaft. She wasn’t able to get her lips around it, so she licked the flared edges of the head as best she could. Her full belly gurgling as it hanged below. She spent a minute licking the edges of the cock before moving to her sister’s ass. She licked her fingers and used them to prime the unhappy girl’s ass.

Magdalene waved her aside and whistled to the horse. The beast carefully pressed against the still tight hole, but slipped away. It took three more failed attempts before it finally parted her. Gabriella screamed louder than her sister had. Stepping forward as the huge tip threatened to split her apart. Her hips were against the stone as the beast continued the pressure. It startled her as the end finally breached her. Gabriella balled her fists as she hung over the wall, yelling as she tried to cope with the pain. The beast seemed more relaxed than before, pausing to allow her recovery time before it moved again.

It snorted and took a step forward with its hind legs, forcing the unreasonably sized cock deeper into her bowels. Detesting, Gabriella struggled to find a better angle to accept the unplanned entrance. She turned and raised her hips before realizing there was no better option. She relaxed and breathed deeply as the beast hesitated. The huge horse rammed in, again causing Gabriella’s semi-erect cock to pulse, sending streams of cum onto the side of the stone wall she was pressed against. Gabriella’s pained expression relaxed as she blinked repeatedly. Her entire body slacked, as she seemed to be in shock.

The stallion continued, pumping the limp girl upon the wall until it made a triumphant sound and blasted her full of cum. Gabriella’s belly bulged, distending with an absurd amount of cum. The beast stepped aside and removed its massive plug from her ass. Gabriella was pulled backward by the flared tip of its cock as it was pulled free. She fell onto her back, gripping her swollen belly as the horse vanished in wisps of black smoke. With her senses returned, she gave a pleading look to their aunt.

Chantal leaned upon the wall, giving a drained smile as she watched her sister in agony upon the ground. “You are just a regular cum dump, aren’t you?”
“Shut up!” Gabriella writhed. “I should have summoned an elephant instead, you whore!”

“Enough!” Magdalene boomed. “Go empty yourselves and we shall have a nice dinner to welcome your aunt Mabel.”

Chantal jumped, tensing with the sudden removal of the magical plug in her backside. Both of the girls waddled into the woods in opposite directions. Their somewhat erect cocks slapped their legs as the held their full bellies. Gabriella moved slower, as she held nearly double the amount of her sister.

Later, the four of them ate in silence. They all acted as if nothing had happened, until Mabel grinned wickedly. “Remember that time you gave me a horsecock, sister?”
“Mabel, we shall not speak of such lewd behavior during dinner.”
The woman sighed. “Your mother was just as frisky as you two, I must admit. Kind of a prude, though. Always tried to hide her desires.”
“Mabel, I won’t say it again.” Magdalene rose in her seat.
There was a short silence. “Later I will have to tell you what she enjoys for desert.” A smug grin spread across Mabel’s face. The rest of the dinner was tense to say the least.



They came to the center room of the labyrinth. It had taken hours before they found the colossal doors, but once open they saw a vast room, which housed countless creatures ripped right out of myth and fantasy. The beasts watched silently as a portion of the group entered.  “Come down here and face me. I can sense you hiding in the rafters!” Monica yelled.

The small, half-human, half-goat dropped with unusual grace before he shuffled closer. “My question to you, sweetling, is how you managed to find me.” Monica readied a ball of flame, but the demon halted her. “It does not matter, but I do wish to remind you that I could unleash my entire army upon you and then you would cause no more troubles.”

Trisha cleared her throat and put a hand upon her pregnant belly, smiling as her enormous progeny revealed itself, squeezing through the giant doorway. The towering mound of flesh flailed its tentacles, letting out a high-pitched shriek. Suddenly the people and monsters in the demon’s makeshift army began murmuring. Trisha beamed, “the more he eats, the bigger he gets.”

“I only watch. I cause no troubles.” He eyed the humongous mound of quivering flesh and snaking tentacles. “We must protect ourselves!” The small half-man danced away.

Trisha’s creature whipped anything that came into range, sending the assailants flying like rag-dolls. It occasionally drew one into its maw before resuming the defensive strikes. The beast was easily holding its ground, and the opposition now kept their distance. The floor shook as a massive Cyclops lumbered closer. It paused before launching a fist at the tentacle monster. A tendril lashed out in quick response, averting his strike.

The monsters fought in a spectacular display, mesmerizing the crowd for a time. A tentacle shot past the giant’s arm, causing it to stumble and grunt. A scream erupted from the enormous woman piled against a nearby wall. Trisha found a sword from a creature’s corpse and walked with purpose. She looked up to see the immobile dark-skinned woman watching the fight with visible concern. Trisha knew how she could help her child win. She brought the sword low and gave repeated jabs into her side. Her gasps were soft, but the opposing giant heard. The Cyclops turned to his mother and offered an opening; Trisha’s progeny wrapped a feeler around its neck and strangled it in front of the crowd.

Heidi chose to reveal herself now, coming from the opposite direction, toppling a large portion of the wall onto a section of the opposing army. This was the breaking point, as most of the demon’s creatures ran, seeking any way to escape the carnage. Some remained and they all began fighting in smaller groups.

“I’ll keep that fucking demon at bay.” Monica ran ahead, launching small balls of fire into the rafters.

Trisha’s monster continued to decimate the enemies, until suddenly it stopped. All of the tentacles fell lifeless. She rushed closer, hoping to understand what was happening, as it started shaking. It sank in the center, and Trisha cursed at the ghostly woman who passed from her progeny’s body. The once mighty creature collapsed lifeless. Trisha slashed wildly at the specter, but it ignored her as it watched a nearby melee, impervious to her blows.

A big-eyed girl with puffy breasts and a tiny frame lay helpless as large two-legged beasts encircled her. One was halfway inside of her as another older woman watched with a proud expression. “No, no, it’s too muuuch!” The creature somehow disappeared into her wet and sticky loins. Another lined up and nuzzled her apart. She struggled, but she was weak and helpless. Without warning a centaur bounded from behind and speared the motherly ginger woman. Her beasts did not seem to care, as they continued to force themselves into the young blonde girl upon the floor.

The centaur watched with sadness as he drew his spear back and skewered the two creatures that hadn’t found their way into Fiona’s now swollen body. He had no inkling of how he could help her. The girl writhed as the beasts moved inside her.

A group of cultists entered the room behind Heidi. They used large grappling hooks on her shoulders, and cut at her ankles. They quickly overwhelmed her and caused her to topple backwards, crushing some of them beneath her. Hurt and dazed, she did not understand what they were pressing in between her legs. She only figured it out when she started shrinking. She felt like she was on fire, as her whole body became smaller, while retaining her petite figure. Once the process finally stopped, she found herself to be about a foot tall. One of the remaining cultists grinned and brought his foot down upon her.

A woman with seductive blue eyes and a dimpled grin carried a limbless woman. She also sported an erect organ, which seemed out of place amidst the battle. She kissed the helpless woman in her arms passionately before placing her upon a smooth section of broken stone at the corner of the room. The freckled woman smiled at her lover, her perky breasts and slight belly looked silky and smooth as she lay on her comfortable rump, ready to be taken. Rita waved to the confused centaur. It approached.

“We do not need to fight. We only wish to love one another. Piper is yours!”
Piper was suddenly unwilling. “No, you are the only one I want, he’s too much!”
Rita shushed her. “It’s okay, he will give you a child and then he will be with us.”

The half-man’s cock grew. He debated for a moment before he lost his sensibilities. He cast his spear aside and trotted closer to the pedestal. He prodded until he felt her warmth. Piper yelled and rocked back and forth as the horse-cock opened her painfully.

“Go all the way in.” Rita whispered from beside as she held the amputated woman. “She can’t stop you.”

As she said, he pushed deeper, putting his front legs ahead of her, keeping her in place as Rita moved aside. Grudgingly, she took his whole shaft. Rita used the opportunity to find her hidden sword and cut the centaur’s throat. The beast grunted as he continued for a couple of pumps before partially collapsing upon her. His legs buckled, but leaned against a broken slab of stone, saving the woman beneath him from being crushed.

After they thought him dead, his cock suddenly convulsed, shooting his seed deep inside of Piper. Her belly bulged outward due to his immense body just above her. “He came after you killed him! That… That is horrible!” Rita turned to leave. “Wait, you can’t just leave me down here! Help me!”

Rita walked away, ignoring the girl’s pleas. She passed the youthful girl who had taken three of Dianne’s beasts. She breathed laboriously as her belly swelled and shifted. Rita squatted and whispered into her ear. “You see, when those things go in they require a man’s seed to grow to their next stage. They will wait for a long time, but they won’t come out until they get it. Too bad their previous father died. I guess you’ll have those in there for a while.” Rita patted her hair before continuing.

She could see a pregnant woman sitting in the corner, sword in hand. “Let me have your ass and I won’t kill you.” Rita knew what monster was in her belly.
“No.” The woman stood and readied herself.

Rita made a feint and brought her sword around with a hard strike. Trisha lost her grip and watched her sword fly to the floor. Rita grabbed her arm and spun her around. She dropped her own sword and walked the burdened woman into the wall, pressing her against the stone. “I think I’ll just take your ass instead.”

The pregnant woman struggled, but Rita easily held her wrists with one hand. She licked her fingers and prepared the girl’s beautiful ass. Rita guided her cock between the bouncy cheeks. She relished the pleasure, also enjoying the girl’s fruitless struggling. “Your ass is mine and I’m going to take… every… bit!” She timed her words with her strokes. Trisha tensed and grunted, taking the discomfort without complaint.

Rita made sure no one was sneaking up on them before she moved her legs apart for stability. She slammed the girl, forcing her to place her hands upon the wall for balance. Rita held her hips, enjoying the girl’s defiant sideways glare as her belly and milk-filled breasts swayed in time with her strokes.

“Finish in the front.” Trisha said as she watched her aggressor.
“Nope, I know what that damned thing does.” Rita patted the girl’s belly. “I’m going to squirt every drop into your ass!” Rita lasted a short time longer until she felt her cock shooting streams of her seed into the girl’s supple backside. Trisha frowned, disgusted by the feeling.

“I had a monster fuck me and now I’m carrying its child.” She paused, scowling at her dominant, “but feeling you in my ass is far worse.”
Rita smiled broadly, her dimples gave her a misleading warmth. “Well, if you don’t stay here then I will…” Trisha smiled uncaringly as she watched water flowing up Rita’s legs. Her belly ballooned outward before their eyes.

Trisha laughed, “I think it’s your turn to see what it’s like to have an ass full. Say hello to Lindsay.”

Rita stepped in different directions, struggling to find a way to stop the water creature’s entrance. “I can’t handle it all!” Rita’s belly sagged to her thighs. Her enormous tummy now dominated her tall, slender frame. Her cock grew erect beneath her belly yet again. She stumbled heavily to the wall, where she leaned as the last few drops went inside. She slowed her breathing and awkwardly reached her sword. “I can do this.” She shuffled away from the wall, heading back toward the fighting. Her belly rumbled, and Rita buckled to the floor after a few paces. She dropped her weapon and rested on her hands and knees.

“No, no, no! Stop moving!” She slapped her belly, attempting to endure the pain. That, however, caused Lindsay to swirl inside of her. Rita’s hanging belly rocked violently as she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Her hard features turned soft as her lip quivered. Her erect cock let out long streams of cum onto the ground. The girl’s cock continued to pulse as she gasped, her belly continually moving. “Sto-“ she whispered, “it- it’s too much.” The inflated girl rolled onto her back, overtaken as she tearfully suffered through the feelings.

Cassie watched and waited, scanning for the best opportunity to assist Monica with the true threat. She hated seeing others fall, but she had to stay focused. It is all a dream; it will all be over once we stop the demon. She saw the satyr leap from the burning rafters. “Stop, stop!” He held his arms high.

Monica’s full figure basked in the glow of the fire that she created. It floated above her hand, ready to snap forward at her command. Her fiery hair and stony glare showed that she was ready to slay him. “This is your end, demon.”

The goat-man held up his arm in ineffectual defense. “I am not the mak-“
Monica sent the orb of fire directly at his chest. The mythical man writhed upon the stone, screaming in agony until he was lifeless.

Claudia, the phantom woman, had observed the entire event. She let out a blood-chilling wail. “My son!”

Monica turned and lobbed another fireball at the ghostly woman. Instead of passing through, it hit as intended, causing her to burst into flame. She shrieked and wailed until the fire faded and she passed from this realm.

Trisha approached weakly. “Why aren’t we awake?” She looked around questioningly. “Why did you have to kill the ghost? Didn’t you say it was bad to die in here?”
“She was too loud, more monsters might come.” Monica turned her blemish-free face to watch Trisha.
“What does that matter if the dream stops?”
“But it hasn’t,” Cassie approached, arrow still knocked, but not pulled. “She is the demon.”
Monica gave a gentle smile. “Why would you think such a terrible thing?”
“You kill too easily, and you have powers that no one else does.”
“I am granted powers by knowing this is a dream and I kill for the same reason.”
Trisha spoke without expression. “You brought us here to end this, but it’s not over. You manipulated us all. They only fought because you hunted their leader.”
“That doesn’t make any sense.”
“Of course it does.” Trisha continued. “They dream too, they just took a different path.”

Monica sighed as she blasted a cone of fire upon Trisha. She stumbled backwards, flailing as the fire engulfed her. Cassie stepped back in shock. Monica turned and shot a small bolt of flame, which Cassie dodged, but lost her weapon in the process.

“Okay, you found me. But you should know that this isn’t the first time.” She grinned devilishly, “I draw you all here and watch you struggle amongst yourselves and it gives me the greatest pleasure knowing I can control you so easily. And once you die it will reset and I can do whatever my heart desires. This isn’t the first time you’ve figured it out, either. But, you should know I’m always careful not to leave any loose ends.”

Monica walked closer to the pained blonde girl with the monsters moving in her belly. “See, this one acts timid and shy, but she loves getting filled. “One time she was fucked by a dragon!” Monica laughed as she grabbed a sword from the ground and dropped it on her neck. She paid no mind to the dying woman as she continued on to the pained woman with an erect organ. “In these dreams Rita is always the passionate one. Maybe she should have been a man, because she always ends up with a cock.”

The woman with perfect skin and glorious red hair stood above Rita. “Looks like you’re having some trouble. Need some help?” The alluring woman lowered herself, sliding the woman’s shaft into her hands-free. She stopped just past the tip. “You’re about to explode aren’t you?” Monica wrapped her hands around the full-bellied woman. “I’ll give you the best orgasm of your life.” She pushed down, tightening her grip as the shaft pressed in entirely.

Suddenly the redheaded vixen released her grasp, her mouth open with confusion. She reached back, but Rita grappled her, holding her close as Lindsay flowed and into Monica. Rita shook as she held her the woman in place upon her, attempting to refrain from climax. Her belly shrank as Monica’s filled. “Looks like you’re having trouble.” She grinned at the pained woman. “You’re about to explode, aren’t you?”

“How can she do that? She shouldn’t be able to go into me! I make the god damned dream!” Monica’s soft, pliable breasts rested upon Rita’s face as she held her firmly. The feeling was too much, and Rita’s organ shook with orgasm, added even more to the inflating woman. Seconds later, Lindsay was inside her entirely. Monica arose with a ball of flame levitating over her hand. “Get her out of me or I will end you.”

Cassie jumped to grab her bow and arrow, and thanks to Monica’s encumbrance, she was able to launch an arrow before the woman could direct the element. The arrow landed in her chest, causing her to stagger. She let out an inhuman wail as she launched the ball of flame onto the stone wall. Cassie hurriedly fired another arrow. Monica crumpled and her shrieking slowed until there was only silence.

Darkness came in an instant. Cassie’s eyes opened. She looked around, relieved to be at home, lying next to her husband.



Fiona waited, naked and bent over a wooden pedestal with a sturdy wooden beam supported above her. The robed men had strapped her wrists and ankles together before leaving. She was terrified of what was yet to come. Random noises echoed throughout the labyrinth. She could only see darkness beyond the tall and rusted iron gate in front of her. Behind there were double wooden doors; they had brought her in from that direction. One wall had numerous weapons hanging upon it and the other had thick gray lichen snaking its way down the stones.

The group of robed men and women had been waiting as she had turned a corner; they grabbed her and ripped her clothes away before carrying her to this room. Their leader, the silent woman, was stronger than the rest, she recalled. She couldn’t remember what had brought her here in the first place. She felt anxious as she waited, seeing phantom movements, her mind questioning every sound.

Fiona stared at her pale arms, trying to think of a way out. I definitely heard something that time! The disturbance grew louder beyond the gate. Hooves? She squinted as she tried to discern what approached in the shadows.

The robed woman emerged and slowly opened the heavy, creaking gate. She held a rope, which led to a grayish-brown pony; the horse’s head barely reached above hers. They walked leisurely towards her. Fiona struggled against her bonds, but knew she lacked the strength to break them. The silent woman glared as she directed the muscular beast beyond her sight. Fiona heard the pony snort and she felt something cold and wet between her legs. She was able to crane her neck far enough to see the woman dabbing a salve onto her fingers. The cultist held the horse at a distance, but it was obvious what she was preparing for.

“No, please don’t! It’s going to tear me apart!” Fiona pleaded. I’m too tiny to handle that thing! Ignoring her, the woman continued, slipping fingers in one at a time, taking care to ease them in to her tight pussy. The woman was surprisingly gentle, Fiona thought. She felt another finger slip in and then knuckles attempted to squeeze through the opening. It hurt at first, but after some time they were able to slip past with little pain. The woman pressed her large hand into Fiona and spread her fingers.

I’ve never had anything like this done to me before. It feels so weird! After a few times in and out, the woman withdrew and did something, causing the horse to whinny and neigh. Fiona peered back to see her rubbing something onto the pony’s growing shaft. “Please, you don’t need to do this!”

The woman made no response, guiding horse’s cock into the unwilling girl. Oh god, I feel it! The blossomed tip glided beyond her moist lower lips. It hurts, but not too bad, I guess. It feels so strange, though! Fiona grimaced as she felt the massive cock sliding into her belly. Hooves clapped against the stone as the pony lurched forward, draping its front legs on the wooden crosspiece above her. Nothing had ever been that deep in her and the sensation was causing her to scream. “It’s too much, stop him!”

The pony thrusted, again and again, exploring her. It only took three pumps before she felt a violent surge blasting into her. I can feel it in my uterus! Her belly grew, lifting her higher on the barrel. Her bonds now pulled tight, keeping her mashed against the barrel in spite of her distended belly. The long cock slid from between her legs and she felt some of its seed flow down her thighs. The horse jumped back and the woman guided him back from whence they came. Then there was silence again.

Thank god, it’s over.

The sound of clacking hooves caused her to flush. No, no more! This time the imposing figure was something beyond her wildest dreams. A half-man, half-horse galloped though the open gate. His horse half was easily twice the size of the previous equine. The male portion had a lean, chiseled physique. He looked very handsome as he moved closer, smiling with an obvious desire.

“I hope you can accept me.” Underneath, he swelled with infatuation, his horse-cock swaying with each step.

It’s massive! “I don’t think I can take half of that mammoth.”

“Well, I don’t care; I’m going to try anyway.” He moved quickly behind her and jumped, resting upon the wooden support. He prodded carelessly until he found his mark. He eased in a few inches before he drew back and slammed in. Waves of pain gripped her body as the slippery behemoth opened her even further. She could feel the sperm from the previous encounter spilling out as he plunged deeper. “Just last a little longer and I shall fit it entirely!” He forced it in with small, quick thrusts.

She pulled against her bonds with all her might, shrieking and wailing so loudly that it caused him to hesitate. “It’s hitting my womb!” She had never felt a pain so severe. He snorted and drew back, grunting as he slammed into her. He unburdened himself as he held in place. She had gone silent, limp as he inflated her more and more with each pulse. He pulled back, allowing his now flaccid cock to unsheathe itself. Thick cream dripped to the ground from her gaping hole. She had passed out from the pain, but she had accepted him entirely.

They had heard a blood-curdling scream and decided to investigate. “Wait here.” She told her companion. The woman of water moved ahead, observing the centaur mounting the poor girl. She moved silently as the beast backed away and headed to the open gate. She ran faster, causing splashing noises as she approached. He turned and reared, kicking her directly in the chest. The immense force broke her form apart, sending her splashing onto the floor. She slid away and reformed once again as Lindsay. The centaur ambled to the edge of the room, grabbing an axe from the weapon rack on the wall. He held the large axe with one hand as he charged.

The water nymph moved more gracefully than Lindsay ever could. Her large breasts fixed in place upon her as she leaned back and whipped forward, narrowly missing the swipe of the blade. She danced past a second blow, but a third strike cleaved her arm. Lindsay couldn’t absorb it, as she had to continue dodging the monster. Feeling weaker, she knew that if she lost too much water at one time then she wouldn’t survive. She started to dissolve into a puddle, attempting escape, but that allowed him to remove a large portion of her form again, sending it splashing against the far wall. On the floor, she felt weak and drained, unable to reform until she could reach more of her water.

In a sudden twist, an arrow sprouted from the beast’s side. He turned to see Cassie nocking another arrow. She sent it into his human chest. He stumbled, but still had enough strength to charge. She rushed to nock another arrow as he closed the distance. She loosed it before she leapt aside. It hit his chest squarely in the heart, sending him crashing into the wall. The huge beast collapsed, breathing his final breaths. Cassie collected herself and marveled at the swollen strawberry-blonde haired woman, stretched over a barrel. She untied her and helped her to the ground, as she was still unconscious.

Searching for Lindsay, she discovered the puddle, moving slowly, attempting to connect to the puddle by the wall. Cassie used her hands to collect some of the water and bring it to the largest puddle. That sped up the process and eventually Lindsay was able to reform in all her curvaceous splendor. “I was concerned that I might not have survived that encounter. Thank you. Is she alive?”

Cassie forced a sad smile. “Yeah. She’s not in good shape, though.”

“We can rest here for now. You can cook some of him for sustenance.”

Lindsay was disgusted by the idea, but she was starving, and eating horse wasn’t that odd in some cultures. She agreed, using a torch from the wall and some wood to construct a fire. As she prepared the meat, the mousy blonde girl finally stirred. Her swollen belly had been draining, but it was still noticeable inflated by the beast’s seed. Her large belly was a stark contrast to her small frame and tiny breasts. Her dainty lips scrunched as she arose. Her big brown eyes studied the situation. She gasped at the sight of Lindsay, the woman composed entirely of water, who sat beside her.

“It’s okay, we’re friends. We want to get out of here.” Cassie attempted to soothe her. She pointed to the crumpled corpse of the monster against the wall. “That was a centaur, it’s dead.” She seemed to relax a bit with that, though she was still nervous. The three women sat around the fire, naked and scared; feeling marginally better with warmth upon their skin and food in their bellies. Fiona ate twice as much as Cassie and still felt hungry. Then a thought struck her.

Fiona, gripped her inflated belly. “Oh my god! I’m going to be pregnant with a centaur child!”

Praxis’ Potions


A gorgeous woman with golden hair and a curvaceous figure stepped out of the back room. “Good evening and welcome to my humble shop, what might I do for you?” Her breasts pressed together beneath a leather bodice, revealing notable cleavage and a striking top-heavy figure. Her luscious lips and entrancing teal eyes accentuated her sultry appearance. She slid around the counter and put a hand on his shoulder, awaiting an answer.

“Did someone steal your voice, my sweet?” She grinned, rubbing her hands down his shoulders. “Well, you came to the right place! Please, have a seat and I shall mix up something to help you.” The extravagantly beautiful woman stepped around the counter again. She snatched items from the shelves and dropped them into a small pot that sat in the center of a tiny fire. She added small portions of liquid and stirred.

“I came about the poster…”

“Of course you did, silly!” She giggled as she poured the pot into a funnel, which led to a glass vial. She offered the concoction. Once he held the vial, Praxis dropped a large sack of coins onto the counter. “Drink the potion and I will give you this. I want to see how it reacts.”

“What is this supposed to do?” Obviously, he was hesitant.
“It’s just a more powerful healing potion! If it works as I expect then I will make oodles! In fact, I’ll give you a lifetime supply as well.”

Healing potions were plentiful and growing weaker by modern standards, so if it did as she claimed then it would be well worth it. He downed the mixture and waited. He felt suddenly cold as his muscles tensed. His body slowly became rigid as she smirked. “So, I lied. It was actually a paralyzing potion. I have a few things to test on you and I don’t want you getting cold feet.” She emptied the coin purse onto the counter; rocks spilled onto the ground. “You’ll just have to do these tests pro bono.”

Praxis drank a strength potion and carried him downstairs, placing him inside a large cell. She removed his clothes as he stared ahead, unable to move. “Oh, it’s so little!” She pulled another vial from her bodice and poured it slowly down his throat. “This will help you down there.” He felt a warmth as she watched with a wide grin. Unable to move his head, he couldn’t tell what had happened as she locked the door and waited upon the adjacent bench. He watched her reading a scroll for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally, he felt movement returning to his limbs.

Immediately he looked down upon his massive cock. It had swollen to an unnatural size. Limp, it hung down to his knees. The tip had blossomed outward as well, appearing to be similar to that of a horse. Stunned, he saw Praxis was admiring him from her seat. She bit her lip and rubbed her breast in a suggestive manner. Her hand snaked down her side until a noise upstairs interrupted her. “Oooh, another visitor! Perfect!” She bounded upstairs.

He heard a yell and then Praxis returned, holding a tall blonde woman over her shoulder. “This strength potion is wonderful.” She ripped the woman’s clothes off and opened the door to the cell. The scrawny girl had limited feminine features. Had he seen her in a crowd he would have easily overlooked her. Her overbite and large nose meant she was destined for a life of servitude, he imagined.

Regaining his senses, he bounded for the exit, his lengthened appendage slapping his thighs as he ran. Praxis stopped him with a hand to the chest, launching him onto the floor. She tossed the blonde girl onto the floor and straddled her, pouring another vial of some sweet smelling potion down her throat. She choked it down, as she lay helpless. Praxis strolled to the door and locked it as he made another attempt to flee. “Quit trying to get out! You’re getting the better end of the deal!”

The blonde grabbed her nearly flat chest and groaned, breasts swelling beneath her arms. Her arms lifted outward upon mountains of growing flesh. Moving her hands away, her pillowy breasts had grown to quadruple their original size. Her areolas had grown to match her now bountiful bosom.

“By the way. What are your names?” Praxis asked beyond the bars of the cell.
“Eris,” the plain girl with amazing breasts said from the floor.
“How about you, Mr. Excitable?”
“Lykos.” He looked down to realize her meaning. His horse-sized cock had thickened, but still hanged between his legs.
Praxis laughed. “Well, Lykos, looks like your body can’t handle that beast.” She held up a finger before running upstairs to fetch a case of potions. She returned and offered him another. “This one will get you up to standards.”

He didn’t want to ingest any more of her concoctions, but he could feel his oversized cock sapping his strength. He drank the green elixir and waited. Suddenly his cock began throbbing, pulsing higher with each beat of his heart. He felt immediately better and was pleased to see the monster growing erect in front of him. Eris lay on the floor, her neck craned to watch his growing cock. Her face contorted with revulsion.

Praxis must have sensed his thoughts. “No, no, you can’t put that in her yet. It would break someone her size. Plus, she’s not very much to look at.” She slid the narrow case through the bars. “Give her all of these and I will give you the potion to make her more… accommodating to you.”

“I don’t want any more! Just let me go, please!” She sniffled, still lying on the ground.

Lykos watched her with pity for a moment before he turned to the potions. He took the first two of the four. He removed the corks and held them together in one hand as he retrained her arms with the other. He knelt next to her as he force-fed her liquids. She sputtered as he held her mouth closed, forcing her to swallow. She rolled and attempted to run, but her larger breasts sent her stumbling. She used her hand against the wall to stabilize herself.

They watched as the potions took effect. Her blonde hair subtly darkened and extended, growing past her shoulders and eventually reaching just above her posterior. The real change, however, was her face. Her overbite retracted and her nose receded. Her features became smoother and her eyes grew slightly larger. Once finished, she looked gorgeous. Her eyes turned to an entrancing shade of teal. Wrinkles had vanished and her cheeks were rosy with warmth.

Praxis cooed. “Great! I was going to give you one of those potions, but I think you’re cute enough.” Pleased, Lykos took the last two vials. “Wait, those shouldn’t be taken orally.” He didn’t understand her meaning. “They go in the butt.”
Aghast, Eris shrieked. “No, I don’t want that! Please!”

Lykos ignored her pleas and bent her forward. Her breasts hanged heavily, keeping her from standing easily. He slipped the open vial in between her cheeks and watched the fluid disappear into her ass, He repeated the process with the second vial. She stood and controlled her breathing as she felt the changes occurring.

Standing back, he watched her stomach tighten and her hips widen. Her legs now formed, beautifully sculpted and powerful. Hair receded, leaving smooth, gorgeous long legs and a tiny gap at the pinnacle, between her sexy thighs. The largest change was to her rump. Her backside swelled, creating an hourglass figure. Her butt grew larger and softer, but never seemed disproportionate.

He wanted so badly to sheathe his enormous cock into the woman’s delightfully framed bush, but he had one more potion to go. Praxis revealed a bottle. Lykos looked into her teal eyes and accepted the elixir with a greedy smile. “This one goes into her pussy. Then she can accept that beast.” His horse-cock was semi-flaccid as he tried to fight away the thoughts of ravaging the poor girl. He knew he only had to hold out a little longer.

He popped the cork and approached the curvaceous blonde. She buckled to the floor and curled forward to protect her privates. Lykos pressed the long necked bottle between her sexy thighs, and using his finger, he searched for her opening. She struggled with newfound strength, and once he felt warmth, he pressed the neck inside and emptied its contents into the girl. The fight suddenly leaving her, he removed the empty vessel. Confused, he spread her larger cheeks to get a closer look.

“Uh, I think I accidently put it in her ass.”
Praxis chuckled. “Well, you have to fit it in there now!”

Lykos nodded and set the bottle aside. He lifted his heavy cock and moved closer. He lifted her easily and pressed her against the wall, guiding it into her ass. She whimpered and pleaded, but he couldn’t resist now. He pressed inside carelessly, the remaining liquid providing lubrication. She opened to accept him with minimal fight. The beast visibly pained her, but Lykos smiled as he heard a moan escape her. He pressed farther, exploring her insides easily. She panted as he pushed the last few inches inside, fighting for breath as his skin pressed against her springy posterior.

Lykos had never felt sex this amazing before. It was so wet and tight, he struggled not to shoot immediately. Then she moved her hips. “No, wait, give me a second.” He gasped.

Her hands were above her head, supporting her upon the wall. She pressed back thoughtlessly, unaware of the consequence, and that was all it took. He clenched his teeth and felt his cock tense, quaking inside of the poor girl. He could feel the stream of sperm shooting from his organ.

Eris looked over her shoulder, distraught by what she had brought upon herself. She gasped loudly as her belly pressed outward with each pulse; his juice settled in her expanding tummy, causing it to sag as he filled her. He slid out with a sucking sound after he had emptied. Her belly now drooped to her knees. She tried to hold it as she walked, but it spilled through her grasp; she decided to let it hang as she stood there. “What did you do to me?!”

“I told you to stop! I couldn’t hold back.” Lykos didn’t admit that he had no intention of stopping.

Praxis, amused by their exchange, opened the cell door. She stepped in and withdrew another potion from a pouch on her hip. “Let’s see what this does to you.” Lykos stopped her; he grabbed her arm and wrenched the vial from her fingers. Praxis was stunned by her lacking strength. “It shouldn’t have worn off so fast!” Lykos clearly had the upper hand now, but she could only question. “Maybe it is because I had so much blood flowing to…”

“I can’t hold it in much longer!” Eris pleaded.

He ignored their rambling and whining as he felt his member growing. Lykos did have to teach Praxis a lesson, after all. He ripped at the laces on her bodice and removed her dress. “Fine, you beat me.” She submitted as he slid her underclothes off.

He stopped as he exposed her lower half. Praxis blushed as he stared, mouth wide, at her erect cock. He stammered as he tried to speak. “Come on, it’s not the first time you’ve seen a dick, you dick!” She stroked his monster as she grinned. “I’m still a woman, I just used a potion.” His silence and narrowed eyes ushered her on. “Look, I have been testing some of my potions as I created them and some have a more… lasting effect.” He said nothing, which irritated her now. “Come on! At least let me fuck her. Don’t leave me hanging; it’s been a long time!”

Lykos nodded slowly. “Fine, but you’re drinking this one!” He grabbed her hair and poured the vial’s contents down her throat. Her unnaturally teal eyes clenched shut as she coughed.

She slapped him weakly. “You idiot!” Changes to her body happened quickly. Her perfectly formed breasts shrank and her apple bottom receded. Her body shortened and her face became more youthful. She had regressed from being an adult into an adolescent. She whined as the changes ceased, leaving her basic and small. Her breasts were barely handfuls now. The only portion that didn’t shrink was her still hard cock. The average sized member now looked immense as it pointed ahead. “I can’t believe you did that to me! It was meant to be a test!” The young girl huffed.

“You were going to test it on her! Just wait until it wears off!”
“Dummy, as you could see before, some of these changes are permanent!”
“There has to be a way to undo this.” His motioned to his horse sized penis.
“I’m sure there is, but I have to figure it out and now no one will take me seriously when I requisition the materials!”
Lykos gave a knowing smile. “I’ll get your materials… for a price.”

Praxis turned her head, leery of his intention. “Fine, but I still need to take care of this.” She stroked herself absentmindedly.
Lykos raised his eyebrows. “Fine, she’s there for your pleasure.”

“Noooo, it’s going to come out!”

“Oh, quit your whining!” Praxis snatched an empty vial from the floor and inserted it upside down into Eris’ slippery asshole. “There, now you can hold it!” Eris wailed as Praxis rolled her eyes. “Just suck it up! The sooner I finish the sooner I can help you!” That seemed to calm her.

The girl with the weighted belly whimpered as the tiny woman moved behind her. “Let me fuck you a little and then it’ll be over.” Eris accepted the deal as Praxis stood on her tiptoes trying to no avail to enter the girl. Praxis struggled to mount her, and after a few failed attempts, she had the woman go onto her back.

Eris ungracefully flopped to the floor and rolled onto her back. “Hurry, it hurts my belly!”
“Just hold it in a little longer and I’ll be done.” Praxis slipped her cock into the girl’s exposed bush. Jubilant, Eris closed her eyes and uttered sounds of arousal. “Ooh, I see that I’m not the only one that is enjoying this.” Praxis pressed in slowly.

Suddenly she felt something damp touching her naked rump. Lykos pressed his wet horse-sized cock between her cheeks and into her stretching backdoor. “No, wait, stop, you can’t fit it! Use one of the elasticity potions that I had you use on her!” Praxis screeched, her backside still being violated by the tip of the massive cock. He pressed in and then slid out. Relieved, she felt a tickle on her lower lips. She heard a wet sound and saw Eris’ face crinkle in mild discomfort. She could feel his member grazing her privates as it entered Eris.

“She has enough left in her.” He pressed in all the way in before he withdrew; he then guided it back into Praxis’ asshole.
She cried out as she slapped his chest. “It’s not enough! It won’t fucking fit in me, especially when I’m this size!”
“I’ll make it fit! It feels wonderful for me!” She tensed uncontrollably upon him as he moved. She gasped and balled her fists as he pumped her, moving it farther each time. She screamed, as he was now halfway in. She could not move away, as her own cock was buried into the inflated woman beneath her. She clenched and her ass made sloppy wet noises as he fucked her. Gasping, she trembled and climaxed, pinned in place. Eris watched her with a grimace.

The feeling overwhelmed Lykos. Gripped by the moment, he relentlessly rammed her ass until he too reached orgasm. She begged him to pull out, but it was too late. Sperm rocketed inside, causing her belly to push against Eris’ as it inflated. Praxis was lifted slightly as their bellies squished together. Lykos stood and allowed Praxis to roll onto her back, beside Eris. The woman and girl with cum-inflated stomachs laid there, breathless and in visible distress.

Lykos grabbed the small pouch Praxis had worn. Opening it, he demanded to know what potions she carried. “Most are untested, but there is a morphing potion, a poison, a cementing potion-“ Lykos stopped her, asking her to point to the adhesive potion. He grabbed the milky vial and popped the cork, pressing its contents into her flat ass. Praxis jumped and fought, but her tiny stature made for no contest.

“Why the in the hell would you do that?!”

“Added incentive. You better get to work on finding reversal potions or that will be bogging you down for a long time! But you’re right; I did get the better end of the deal.” He slapped her distended belly and watched it wobble.

Curses I


Books were stacked all around. Random spell-books from elder Horde and Alliance spell casters, all collected here in Violet Hold. Nelik had been reading for days. He had been learning all sorts of unique spells and abilities to supplement his warlock abilities. He closed the book he had just finished and looked for another. He spied a plain unmarked book at the bottom of the stack near the corner. Something about it seemed unnecessarily plain; He slipped it out and set it on the table. On the cover, in bold black letters, it read simply: “A Deviant’s Compendium of Sexual Spells.”

He flipped to a page in the middle. “Incubus – This is a handy spell to use when you have a female adversary. It will impregnate her with a demon, which will grow quickly over a day’s span. Upon birth it may try to impregnate its mother again before setting out to spread its seed in others. The demon will try to stay hidden between breeding, as it hunts for suitable victims at night or when opportunity presents itself. It seeks only to reproduce and it will always run from a threat.” The rest detailed how to cast the spell.

How devious, he thought. He slipped the book into his satchel and headed to Nagrand to find some unsuspecting novice. He flew out and waited, overlooking from a hilltop. After some time passed and a few unsuitable subjects passed by, he found a gnome killing void spawns. He hated gnomes, this would be perfect.

He rode closer and said the proper terms while her back was turned. She turned and started to charge, but he was already running away. She gave up pursuit and when he was a good distance away he turned back and watched. She killed a few more and then grabbed her stomach. She shrugged it off and continued. When she finished she mounted up and headed to the Throne of the Elements. He watched from above as she headed into the nearby wooded area. She was moving slowly, barely able to swing her mace.

Then, suddenly mid-combat, she dropped her weapon and scrambled to remove her breastplate. Nelik flew down and killed the Talbuk before it could hurt her. He laughed, mounted up, and flew back up to watch. She was lying in her underclothes. Her stomach had started expanding already. Soon she found the composure to stand, and after gathering her armor, she started south. She rode slowly on her mechanostrider, but she hit a hole and the leg of the machine broke into several pieces. Cursing, she left the contraption and started walking. Eventually she made her way into Telaar.

As she was walking the main street she fell to her knees and he saw her belly bulge outward. Her clothes ripped as she expanded. Before she had looked awkward and heavily pregnant, now she looked almost immobile. Two guards came and pulled her inside a hovel. He couldn’t get close enough to watch in the air so he decided to drop in. After the guards had left he flew straight down and dismounted. He ran to the hovel and burst in, sealing the door with furniture expecting someone to be coming after him. Instead he heard nothing. Maybe no one had seen his dramatic entrance.

He looked to the plump gnome lying naked on the bed. The sight aroused him, as she could do nothing to cover herself, though she tried. She settled for covering her breasts as best she could. He laughed heartily as he approached. He took off his robe and other vestments. He swelled at the sight of her and she started whimpering. He thought about trying to tell her that she would be the same after this ordeal, but she wouldn’t understand a word. Instead he inserted a finger into her. It was very wet. His finger slid right in and she moaned softly. But, he noticed it was very loose, so he put another finger in, then another. It got tight with the fourth, so he knew that he would fit. He climbed onto the bed, over her, and found his way into her. It was extremely slippery and very tight. He went in slowly, as not to injure her. She squirmed and tried to fight him back, but the attempt was pathetic. He pushed, deeper and deeper, until he was fully tucked into her. Her stomach rumbled and she gasped. Her belly puffed out, forcing him to lean back, farther than he already was. She looked like she was about to burst. Nelik grabbed her small breasts around her bulging stomach and she became extremely moist. She clenched, and that was more than he could handle. He went in and out as fast as he could for a moment; then he pressed a little deeper, shooting his seed inside her.

He slid his cock out and he put his clothes back on. After a moment of watching her in silence she started crying and he noticed her belly started moving. Something inside it started moving, rather. Her vagina opened and a hand slowly reached out and grabbed her leg. Then another black hand grabbed the other leg. The creature pulled itself out. It slid easily onto the floor after a few tries. It was nearly the same size as she was, just more frail. Smiling, Nelik started to cast a spell to kill it, but before he could finish it parted her and lunged back inside. She wailed as it slid in, but it didn’t have much difficulty. That hadn’t been expected. “Hmm, how do I kill it now?” She looked confused and scared. She pleaded, but he couldn’t understand her.

There was a knock at the door followed by a shout. She shouted back. They started pushing the door; the furniture toppled and they kept pushing until they made their way in. He could kill them, but he decided that this was more trouble than he wanted. He cast fear and they ran screaming. He mounted and flew away.

After a few days he decided he should fly near Telaar to see the damage. It was nearly dark. He spied fourteen women heavy with offspring. There were occasional screams. There were some Humans, Night Elves, and even a Worgen! Half of which had been guards. They only had underclothes on. He noticed some of them were more advanced than he was. And then he noticed the same gnome was in the main building in town. He could see that a few men were standing guard with their weapons ready. They must still be hiding inside of them after they come out.

Then one of the night elf women came waddling out of a building. She held her tattered clothes to cover herself, but she stumbled and lost them. She walked to a doorway and leaned heavily against the frame. She swelled and her stomach shook. She opened her legs while still standing and a demon fell out of her, then another, then another. Her stomach was almost flat now. Two of the black creatures scurried over the bridge and the guards killed them promptly. The other one pushed the night elf to the ground and it pressed its member into her. It didn’t take long until it finished and went into an open window. She laid there for a moment until another creature came over, being chased by a guard, and wiggled itself into her womb. Her stomach distended and she screamed.

He decided to leave the scene for now. He expected that they would contain them eventually and bring in male guards to ambush the creatures as they left the wombs of their victims. But, he was immensely pleased with this brand of mischief. He decided to head to a quiet hillside and read about another spell.

He turned a few pages until he found the next spell to attempt – “Mother’s Milk.”
“It will cause any female to produce extra milk. Their breasts will swell, and they’ll have an unshakeable urge to breastfeed anyone they can find. After about an hour, if left un-suckled, they’ll be too big to walk comfortably. After two they can’t walk at all. After three hours the pressure is released on its own.”

He read a few more spells and decided he wanted to test these sooner rather than later. He closed the book and mounted his flyer. He made his way to the Dark Portal. After passing through he made his way to Duskwood. He spied a group of four just north of the town. There was a draenei female, two human females, along with a male night elf. The two human ladies were standing a distance back from what they were fighting.

Nelik cast the spell tendrils on the ground beneath the humans. Black tentacles spurted from the ground and grabbed their legs and arms and more started unlacing their armor. They called out. The night elf continued fighting the spiders that they had engaged while the draenei came over to help. Nelik cast euphoria. The draenei started slashing at the snaking tendrils, but they moved quickly. She missed five times and managed to hit one on the sixth. The tendril was thicker than she had expected though and it wrapped around the sword and started pushing it back toward her. Euphoria started to kick in. The spell would cause an orgasm when the effected person exerted themselves. She pushed against the black tentacle; she started losing the tug-of-war and fell backwards. She lied on the ground curled up, shaking and moaning in the throes of passion.

The night elf had joined the fight at this point, with an uncertainty on his face. The tendrils had started to invade the orifices of the human women. One of the girls tilted her head back, screaming out, and a tendril slid down her throat. The other one fought, but eventually she loosened her lips and one slid in her mouth as well. Their other holes weren’t as easily guarded. Their legs were spread wide and the tentacles hesitated at the entrances for a moment before snaking their way in. They were slippery, sliding in and out with ease, developing a rhythm.

The night elf started swinging wildly, failing to hit the tendrils that guarded the victims. Nelik cast untamed desire on him. He stopped, dropping his weapon; he hurriedly started to undress. His armor fell to the ground, followed by his underclothes. He had a wild look in his eyes as he walked to the recovering draenei on the ground. He pulled down her breeches and slid her underwear to the side. He entered her with ease.

Nelik cast mother’s milk on the struggling draenei. After a moment she started to orgasm again. This excited the night elf and he began going faster until he orgasmed as well. He held her tightly as he spent his seed in her. She undid her tunic and slid it over her head to expose her large breasts. She pulled his head down to her bosom and he started sucking. They had grown slightly already. Their hips started moving and soon they were in full swing again.

Nelik turned his attention to the tentacles again. He noticed that at their base there was a large bulge in the tentacles. He watched as it slowly moved upward before another one formed below it. They kept sliding in and out of the entangled women. More bulges formed as the others moved up. The bulges started moving faster. They made their way to their entrances. The first to enter was the one by their mouth. They slid down their throats one after the other. He watched their throats puff out with each swallow.

Next it started entering their backsides. Those bulges were larger, about two inches around; they began slipping into their posteriors with quick succession. Their bellies started to swell. Then they started sliding into their vaginas. One tried to fight back, but that just made them go in faster. Their stomachs stretched out more and more until the bulges stopped coming from the tentacles base.

After the last bulge pulsed into them the tentacles slowly withdrew and fell to the ground, lifeless. They started to melt into the dirt until no sign was left. The two women knelt on the dirt, still in shock. One grimaced and tried to push, but nothing came out. The tentacles had made a seal inside them; nothing would leak out until it was ready, he remembered reading earlier.

The other two were still pounding in the grass. Her bosoms had ballooned to the size of his head. He kept pulling away when she tried to get him to drink from her swollen breasts. She looked very frustrated. She pushed him off mid-motion and came to her feet. She stepped out of her pants and walked to the two girls; they were resting on their hands, knees, and bellies. She lifted their heads to each of her breasts, and after struggling; they gave up and started drinking her milk.

The night elf, still aroused, decided he would take her while standing. He moved her panties aside again; he pulled her butt toward him as far as she would allow and he slid inside part way. Judging from her shocked expression and her screaming, he must have gone in her ass. She left her hands resting on the suckling girls heads to keep them attached, but she started to move forward, away from him. He didn’t slip out; instead he followed her forward and slid in deeper. He pressed in as far as he could, holding her hips tightly. She gasped as he was shooting inside of her. After a minute he started going again. She grimaced at first, but her expression calmed as she closed her eyes and began to enjoy it. He was pumping her as fast as he could at the last. After he orgasmed a third time in her he finally stopped. He slid out and laid down on the ground. He fell asleep immediately.

One of the immobile girls passed out, the other suckled for a bit longer before throwing a bit of the milk back up. She wouldn’t suck anymore, though the draenei tried a few times to force her to. She shook her head quickly and made a biting motion, which stopped the draenei from trying anymore. The draenei panicked, she looked around frantically for someone to suckle her. The night elf was still asleep, so she started running. Her bosoms bounced in rhythm, they were a little bigger than they were before; when she had been left unsuckled by the night elf. They seemed to grow evenly, Nelik had noted. He also noticed that euphoria must have worn off; she hadn’t orgasmed for a while now.

She ran up to a few wolves and tried to get them to come to her, but they snapped at her or growled. She scared them away and ran across the river, into Elwynn Forest. Here she found a smaller wolf that she was able to coax closer. She lowered her chest and he started licking her teat. It wasn’t long until the wolf was full and went bounding off. She went further north. Her breasts were the size of large melons at this point; she had to walk now so they didn’t throw her off balance. She found a smaller brown horse grazing; he must have ventured from the Eastvale Logging Camp. She approached slowly, out of breath with her breasts hanging heavily. The horse raised its head in surprise. She patted its mane gently. After a moment she pushed his head down slowly and held up her breast with her other hand. It licked her nipple and she jerked at the sensation.

The horse didn’t continue; instead he started nuzzling the side of her head. He started to become excited as well. She didn’t notice as she tried to guide his head lower to her swollen breasts. Instead he pulled away and circled around. She turned, but he kept trying to get behind her. She realized now that he was going to mount her. She turned and started to run, but the motion of her milk laden breasts made her fall forward. They quaked as they hit the ground. They rested beneath her as she supported herself on her elbows and knees.

The horse whinnied and began to straddle her; the tip of his penis searching for a warm spot to enter, prodding her backside. After a few tries he entered, after a couple of shallow pushes he went wild. She wailed and screamed as he thrusted half way inside. Nelik was delighted as he realized that the horse was in her ass, which had been loose and wet from her last encounter. She tried to get up and move, but her breasts were too heavy. She cried as he started in and out. He started pounding relentlessly, going deeper with each stroke. It didn’t last long. The horse drew back and slammed forward, jamming the whole thing in her ass. She squealed in agony as he filled her. He started withdrawing as he injected her with more and more until it slid out limply. Her stomach had grown somewhat, engorged with his sperm.

Nelik made a motion in the air. He watched as the horse became aroused again and slid back into her for another quick release. Nelik flew to the ground and summoned his horse. He made another motion and the dreadsteed’s member began to swell. The dreadsteed walked over and forced the horse off as it was finishing. Her stomach was larger and her ass was wide and dripping. Nelik’s mount forced its way into her. The dreadsteed made the other horse look gentile in comparison. Its penis roughly double the size, slid in with ease. Her eyes went as wide as they could go, she gasped and she clenched some grass and dirt in her hands. She squinted and moved forward, but the dreadsteed drew back and jumped forward. His entire member pressed into her backside. He whinnied and her stomach visibly grew; it bulged as semen flowed in. The horse continued for a while longer and then fell out, walking away with no interest in the overflowing draenei.

Her breasts were now about four feet across; they rested, flat on the bottom, as the weight made them expand outward over the grass. She held the tops of the fleshy masses. Suddenly she shook and pleaded to Nelik. She motioned for him to sit her up. He sighed and agreed; after a struggle, he rolled her onto her back. Her swollen breasts and belly swayed, then they erupted. Milk began shooting like a fountain out of her chest. At the same time sperm flowed out of her butt; she couldn’t control herself anymore, and he watched the geyser with grand amusement. After the spectacle he took to the sky and flew over the humans from before.

He watched as hundreds of segmented larvae crawled out of the women’s lower entrances. The creatures were very large, about a foot long and around half as thick. They both still had swollen bellies, which moved and bulged as the larvae writhed inside them. One of the girls appeared to be passed out, lying on her back, as they wriggled out of her one by one. The other human was on her hands and knees. She heaved and vomited up a smaller worm. Then he saw her vagina spread as a larva squirmed out and fell to the ground. Then her anus opened as another larva came sliding out. It crawled upward, onto her butt, and made its way down her leg. They all were heading in different directions – probably looking for a secluded place to grow.

The conscious human looked up and tearfully pleaded to him. He flew down and stood next to her. Nelik rifled through his bag and found two soulshards, he set them on the ground. He reached back and, using the tip of his staff, he pushed a larva that was halfway out back into her vagina. Then, he pressed another one that was trying to get out back into her butt. He grabbed the soulshards and pressed them into each of her crevices. He twisted them a little as they popped in, so they held their place firmly. The larvae were visibly frenzied inside of her. She wept and kept saying something he didn’t understand.

“Fine, I’ll stop the torment.” He drew back and kicked her in the middle of her stomach. He felt the larvae pop inside of her. She gasped; her eyes wide and full of shock. He kicked her two more times, thinking that was enough to kill the larvae. Green goo oozed slowly from her lower regions. Her stomach still bulged, but it was liquid now, no longer moving. She was frozen in place. Eventually she reached back with a hand and felt the slime. She looked at it, horrified. Disgusted, she looked at Nelik, saying nothing now.

“My work here is done.” He smiled and got onto his wyvern. After a few minutes of flight he grinned wickedly. This book is simply wonderful, he thought; I am having so much fun!