Obedience Story Trade with Taihen741


Jack arrived at Ms Hyun’s house, ringing the bell and waiting for her to answer. Nearly a minute had passed and Jack tried again, this time more fiercely, but sadly to no avail.

He turned around and was about the walk back home, but he saw Ms Hyun’s car approaching. Relieved and slightly excited, he walked towards her car, only to come to a sudden stop at the sight.

Jack had gotten Jeanette pregnant a while back and was expecting a pregnant looking belly, but that seemed to have disappeared.

“What happened to you?! Weren’t you pregnant?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, it’s just I don’t think we can handle a child, so we decided to well…”

Jack was going through some conflicting feelings, although it was a weight off his shoulders, he didn’t particularly condone what she had done, especially without him knowing, given it’s actually his child.

Jack grabbed the rod and gave his command “Go to the garden, make sure the garden hose is up your ass, turn on the water, don’t stop until I tell you to and make sure nobody sees you!”.

Hyun quickly changed expression to stoic determination and walked towards the garden, picking up the garden hose in the process. Jack got a glimpse of Jeanette unbuckling her belt before he walked towards the mall.

*How could Hyun do something like that practically out of the blue, I’ll make her want to be pregnant again* he thought, softly fuming.

On his walk, he came across Candice, loafing around at a nearby park.

“Oh hey, Jack” she said.

Jack on the other hand just kept walking, almost ignoring her.

“Hey hey, don’t ignore me, where are you headed?”

“To the mall, I need to find a gift for someone.”

“Huuuh, I see, anyway you feel like playing around a bit, the mall can wait”

Jack reminded himself of the command he had given to Hyun, he couldn’t loaf around for too long.

“No I need to get this out of the way quick, I promised”

“Since when do you follow promises” She said, making Jack roll his eyes and pick up the pace.

“Hey it was a joke, chill down,… you know… I just cleaned myself and I may have a buttplug in, you know we could just have a quick session, no need for lubing up” She said, winking at Jack.

*A very good offer* Jack thought. 

But he couldn’t, reminding himself of the stories of that teacher popping.

“I’d love to, but this is more urgent” he retorted with a saddened expression.

“Oh come on, just a quickie, you know you want to, don’t worry, it won’t be longer than a couple minutes” she said while she started hugging his arm.

“hmmmm, ok, but real quick, in and out” He said as he dragged Candice to one of the nearby bushes.


Hyun in the meantime took her time to set up her enema session. She had rooted the garden hose through one of the pipes of her pants, neatly directing it into her tight butt. 

After a satisfactory sigh, she opened the faucet but before the water could reach her, she sat herself down in one of the nearby chairs.

Quietly she relaxed, trying to look like she was just napping or perhaps just relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. While in reality, her bum was slowly getting filled with water. It didn’t take long before she had to readjust the notches of her belt to accommodate for her expanding belly. Although the last notch had to stay, otherwise people could see her belly and she couldn’t let that happen. So in response, she received some cramps but quickly her belly started to expand more upwards to compensate.

Jack and Candice appeared out of the bushes, somewhat sweaty and panting.

“That was great, luckily you tend to come so quick” Candice winked.

“Oh just you wait, that was a quickie, I’ll make you scream next time, matter a fact, let’s do it later I’m really feeling like another session”

“Nice, I’ll happily like to see you try, tough boy.”

“Anyway, let me buy something real quick.” Jack said as he ran into the nearby mall.

Candice, on the other hand, walked back to the bushes, she couldn’t wait much longer.


Jack rushed towards the Asian hobby shop, he knew they sold some sex toys all the way in the back. Quickly he searched for some vibrators, preferably remote ones.

They were well hidden but after a little bit of searching her found some vibrating eggs, sadly with a cord but it’ll have to do.

When he paid them and walked out of the store, he started walking back towards the entrance, reading the back of the package in the meantime.

“NOT WATERPROOF” it said on the package.

“Who on earth sells sex toys that aren’t waterproof, don’t these get soaked wet regardless?!?” he nearly screamed in a fit.

Reading further he quickly realized why this one isn’t waterproof.

“Shock Fetish” it said in the bottom right.

“Right, just what I needed…. Ok, now I wasted money and time… ugh, now what do I get instead? “

Jack stood in front of an exotic pet shop but was rather reluctant.

He looked at the time, “Oh my god, it has been 10 minutes already, I need to hurry.”

He rushed into the pet shop and just instinctively purchased what he first saw.

“God I hope Jeanette can handle a few more minutes” Jack said to himself as he ran out of the mall with his sloshy package.

 Jeanette in the meantime had grown quite a bit, she desperately tried to keep her pants and belt on to try and conceal her belly. But at this point that was already turning into a waste of her efforts.

Her belt was stuck tight, she couldn’t even unfasten it anymore. Her belly looked like it was split into two separate sections, part beneath her belt and the part above it. She truly felt a constant flow of water coursing through her, especially around the middle on the tightest spots.

*hnnng, someone is going to see me at this rate, I need to find more suitable clothes. I wouldn’t even want to think of people seeing me like this.*

Jeanette tried to sit upright but suddenly. 


The belt broke and launched itself right against the wooden fence.

Jeanette’s pants were part of the collateral damage, having a significant tear on the side.

*Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t have anyone see me like this.*

Jeanette tried to rush inside but was held back by the hose reaching its maximum length. She even had to readjust the nozzle to make sure it was still a snug fit.

In the meantime, her pants finally gave in and fell on the ground.

Now she had a complete view of her gut, which was looking more and more like an 8-9 month pregnant bump. However, with a red line in the middle, a pressure line from the belt.

She could just barely reach her hand inside the house if she held on to the hose with her other hand.

“I got it, my raincoat should hang here… Ah perfect.”

Jeanette grabbed the big raincoat and put it on. Almost completely concealing her bump, except for the slight bulge in her silhouette.

“Heeey, miss Hyun, did you hear that loud noise?!? It sounded like someone just fired their gun” someone said from a distance.

Jeanette was taken by surprise, but luckily she was already well concealed. So with her newfound confidence, she walked towards the neighbour. Luckily the hose had the same colour as the grass, so only she was aware of the still ongoing flow into her backdoor.

Which in fact was putting quite a toll on her body already, her guts felt tight and lukewarm but suddenly, and surprisingly, the feeling of water entering her started to fade. The water was surely still flowing, she made sure by double-checking the tightness of the hose. But seemingly her rectum had grown wide enough to prevent the flow from directly touching her intestinal membrane. She only felt tightness but nothing more, increasingly slowly stretching as her gut grew in radius.

“Hey Manon, yeah sorry I dropped my broom haha” Hyun reacted.

Jack ran back to Jeanette’s place, managing to keep a steady pace. The package was sloshing, he tried to hold it more stably.

“Aaargh, what did I even buy, I honestly just pointed to the nearest water tank, this is such a ridiculous plan.” Jack thought out loud.

Just as he was about to pass the bush he left Candice at, Candice herself appeared at the end of the street, approaching him fast.

“Jack Jack, I’m glad you’re back, let’s go for that second round.”

“No, not now, later, this can wait.”

“Wha-, no it can’t I’m soaking wet already, my mood is going to be gone by that time.”

“Please, it’ll only be like 20 minutes at max, just wait a bit.”

“No Jack.”

She grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“You’re gonna need to choose now, either it’s me or whatever you’re running off to, you’re not getting both.” Candice said.

“Besides, I know you want to ravage me” she added as she gave him a good view of her erect nipples.

“Candice, I’d love to, this is just super urgent, I’d choose you anytime of the week, I just really really—-”

“hmmpph” Candice looked angry but mostly disappointed before she turned around and started to leave.

“Candice… I… oh for fuck’s sake, alright, come here, but really quick and I’ll come back later for as long as you want!”

“Deal” Candice said as she instantly dragged him back to the bushes.

“But I have to cum though, otherwise you won’t leave, that’s the only requirement” Candice added.

“oh for fuc…” Jack reacted under his breath but went on.

He quickly tore her top and pants off as he just opened his trousers before completely jumping on top of her like a wild animal.

Pumping her at an insane rate, completely fueled by adrenaline. The situation was tense, it made him incredibly nervous, but luckily that made sure he had a good chance at outlasting Candice.

“Oh… My… you’re really in a hurry aren’t you?” Candice asked with a smug expression on her face.

“Of course I am, I said that multiple times already, now cum already you slut”

“Hey hey, we’re going to enjoy this one, you’re not getting away that easily.”

Jack slowly felt his energy drain as Candice more than outlasted him, he was angry, he really had to leave as soon as possible, but Candice wasn’t having it.

“Alright, last try, if you’re not satisfied with this, I don’t know what to do with you.”

“What?!? That wasn’t the agreement, you had to make me cum before you could leave.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, fuck it, I’m done, I really need to go, you go stick your butt somewhere until you cum.”

Jack quickly unsheathed his shaft and ran out of the bushes.

Candice was expressionless at first but quickly stood up, got her clothes back on and walked off. Little did both know that Jack was accidentally touching the command rod.

Jeanette in the meantime was chatting with her neighbour. She had her arms in front of her, leaning against the fence as an extra measure to hide the bump in the raincoat. Or at least what she remembered it looking like. 

Jeanette’s gut had grown for sure but her progress had slowed down significantly. Or at least that’s how it looked from her view, in fact, her belly had grown against the raincoat and was now forced to grow in width. It almost looked like a garbage bag filled with mud, before evening out and becoming more like a barrel. All unbeknownst to Jeanette who just kept on chatting.

It took a while before she started to feel the raincoat getting tighter and slowly being dragged downwards, nearly reaching the top of her breasts before she looked down. She saw her raincoat being sprung tight around her waist, the knobs hanging on for their dear shelve-life. She saw parts of her belly protruding out of the coat, even convulsing slightly as water flowed within.

She swiftly looked back up to Manon, sweating profusely.

“What’s wrong Hyun, you don’t seem in regular spirits…”

“Oh no nothing, just a bit of an upset stomach, haha”

“Oh that sucks, but I can imagine, you are pregnant after all”

“Oh no, I just had a—-”


Jeanette’s stomach quaked and shortly thereafter the tightest knob of her coat launched into the air, showing the top of her convulsing gut. It was incredibly taut, but sloshing around like a fierce breeze moving the ocean.

Manon looked with absolute wonder and Jeanette’s face became tomato red.

“Wow, you’re huge, I didn’t know you were already this far along, when do you think you’re gonna go?”

“I… uuuh…no I… Actually yes, I’m still pregnant, yeah I feel ready to pop haha, any day now, I can feel it” Hyun said as the knob finally came down from heaven.

“Oh my, well you should go and rest then, I’d even dare to say that working with a full belly like that is even a bit irresponsible.”

“Yeah you’re right, I was honestly just sunbathing but I felt like moving, you know how that goes.”

“Oh for sure, well anyway I’ll leave you be, good luck out there!”

“Thanks!” Hyun waved at Manon, waiting for her to go inside.

Hyun removed her arms from the fence and went back to her natural pose, or at least as far she could.

Her belly was weighing down significantly. She heard the coat creak and stretch before another knob shot off into the distance.

*pant pant*,

*I-I’m huge, what can I do to stop growing… I-I can only hide it, that’s the only thing I can think about.* Jeanette thought.

Jeanette’s mind slowly started to go crazy, she was way past her limit, she had no idea how much more she can take, it is so tight but it’s still flowing and stretching. She really couldn’t escape this limbo of conflicting thoughts.

She slowly sagged forward as her belly weighed down more and more, almost making her trip forward. In a quick motion, she managed to correct her fall, but the momentum had only been reversed and quickly she fell backwards onto her bum.

The nozzle crept deeper into her rectum and the hose kinked underneath her butt.

Suddenly a new feeling arose, but it wasn’t something she had felt in a while, it made her feel odd but more at ease. In fact, her butt and overall weight was almost completely stopping the waterflow of the hose. She had become so used to the inwards flow that she almost forgot what it used to feel like without a running hose up her butt. The flow nearly completely stopped inside her guts, feeling like a few tons of concrete just had hardened in place.

Hyun sighed in relief, rubbing her gut as it quaked and sloshed slowly. She looked up at the sky and rested for a little while.

Hyun’s eyes were slowly closing as she bonked her head, the overwhelming sensation was over and she was getting tired. Slowly she leaned backwards… But suddenly she was stopped, her back felt like it was leaning against a garden pool, and with a similar temperature. She tried to look backwards to the best of her ability, but just a slight glimpse was enough to see the danger behind her.

The hose had swelled up significantly, looking like a bloated cobra after eating several sheep, bumpy and convulsing, with the biggest bump behind her, it was nearly the size of a yoga ball. Jeanette’s eyes grew wide and she almost screamed.

“No no no no, no way that will fit, I’m going to explode if that all enters me” 

Jeanette looked around desperately, she felt the huge bulge trying to go underneath her bum into her anus. With a bump every few seconds, slowly she felt the flow creeping into her again. She was truly in a dangerous situation.

Jack ran for all he was worth, he finally reached Hyun’s house and ran to the backyard.

What he found left him completely dumbfound, dropping the bag on the ground and rushing to Jeanette.

Jack saw that she was utterly huge and waterlogged, she almost resembled one of those 400+ kilo obesity patients, completely stuck in place. Without even mentioning the danger creeping behind her butt, the bulge had become huge, almost half the size of Hyun. Jack immediately knew for sure that there was no way Jeanette could take all that. He considered grabbing a knife and just slicing the hose open, but then he’d have to buy a new one, an option he wasn’t fond of.

“Miss Hyun, oh my god, you’re huge, is the hose still in?!?”

“Yes, but luckily nobody saw it! ouch”

“I command you to unload” Jack said with the rod in his hand.

Hyun immediately tried to reach for the hose, but it was stuck and there was no way she could lift herself, let alone without instantly taking another few gallons of water. 

“Jack, I’m stuck, I can’t get up and even if I get up, I will pop from all that!!!”

Jeanette was delirious, Jack tried to think but his time was scarce.

“I’m going to try and lift you, get the hose as fast as possible before you take too much.”

“Wha— no way no way, I can’t take anymore!”

Without listening, Jack grabbed her by her cheeks and tried to lift her by the best of his abilities. Inch by inch Jeanette lifted off the ground before suddenly she almost stood right back on her feet, the bulge in the hose helped her stand back up with one quick jolt before immediately forcing its sheer girth into her butt. 

Jeanette’s mouth gaped wide open, she felt like she was being pierced by a rocket. Jack could see the sides of Hyun’s belly bonking slightly as they visibly expanded, even at the size she was already at. Hyun’s pressure peaked and pushed with all she had left, Jack let go off Hyun and grabbed the hose. Both of them working together managed to get the house out, Jack flew backwards, almost across the garden, before getting washed away by a stream only comparable a fire hydrant. The stream shot over the whole garden before hitting the ground and making a complete mud pool.

Jeanette was in complete heaven, feeling her guts unload an amount of water that only a commercial aquarium could hold. Jack on the other end was soaked wet and barely able to outfly the stream of water.

Ever so slowly, Jack managed to get back on his feet and out of the way of the stream, seeing it slowly diminish in strength as it crept closer back to Hyun’s position.

Until finally with a couple spurts of water and a few airy farts in between, Hyun was finally empty, still with her mouth gaping and eyes peeled. Quickly she lost her source of adrenaline and fell face-first and onto her knees into the grass.

Jack stood there, completely dumbfound and slightly guilty of the mess he had caused.

A couple minutes passed as Jack tried to process what on earth just happened. 

Jeanette, on the other end, was already snoozing, she just collapsed from exhaustion, face into the ground on her knees with her butt held high.

Jack looked around and saw the white sack he dropped the moment he got here.

“Oh shit, right” he said as he grabbed his bag and took a look inside.

*This is honestly such a dumb idea, but I’m already this close… Fuck I know I shouldn’t but she shouldn’t just have done that to our… ugh, we’re doing this* Jack thought.

Jack Hesitantly grabbed the garden hose again and dropped the bag next to Jeanette.

He contemplated his decisions but there was only so much he could do at this point.

Before he even realized, he had already pushed the hose deep into Jeanette’s gaping asshole, a very loose fit but only natural given the circumstances. He went back to the faucet and opened it up once more, this time significantly slower, the guilt was clearly getting to him.

Jeanette, on the other hand, didn’t even budge, she just took the flow as if it didn’t even happen.

Jack monitored Jeanette’s growth carefully. Once she reached a somewhat similar size to what she was at when she was still pregnant, Jack pulled out the hose. Without losing any time he picked up his plastic bag and opened the sloshy bag within.

*Alright, I’m this far in, we’re doing this… come on you slippery piece of…*

Jack had some difficulty grasping whatever was in the bag. Then in one swift swoop, he pulled out an eel, it was super slippery and moving around spastically.

Jack grabbed the slippery rod-like creature with both hands, desperately trying to keep it steady as he moved it closer to Jeanette’s butt. Jeanette’s butt, still loose, easily allowed the head of the eel entrance into her anal abyss. Inch by inch Jack pushed the eel further into the principal’s buttocks. At this point Jack was happy that the thing was as slippery as soap, lubricating its own way into Jeanette’s insides. The moment Jack saw its tail disappear, he quickly grabbed the hose and plunged it back into her butt.

“Just an extra liter or two to make sure that thing doesn’t come near her exit anytime soon”.

Jack went to the side to take a look at how Jeanette’s gut was doing. Quickly he noticed a slight bump around the side of her belly and given how it was wiggling around, he was sure that was the eel. Although rather sooner than later, the bump disappeared as Jeanette’s gut expanded.

“Was it really such a good idea? I just thought that I needed to add something that would make it feel like there’s some life inside of her belly. For sure an eel was not the best option, but if I didn’t make the decision back then, she would’ve have been in a way worse state by now… I don’t even want to think about it” Jack said to himself.

Jeanette, on the other hand, was still completely out cold, neither the water nor the eel inside her could wake her up. It was only now that Jack managed to put in perspective just what he made his principle go through. It made him very guilty, but with some childish mind gymnastics, that guilt quickly turned into anger as he shifted the blame. He stomped his towards her house as he left the hose in place. 

This time, however, he was back within the minute, in his hand he had a big butt plug, nearly the size of a rugby ball. He quickly snatched the hose out of Jeanette’s bum and started pushing in the plug, luckily it was still slippery enough to make this process a breeze.

Soon thereafter he dragged Jeanette to her lounger, slowly waking up in the process.

“H-huh, hey, what… ouch my head, what happened? Jack is that you?”

Before she could even grasp the situation, Jack grabbed the command rod.

“You are still pregnant, there is a baby inside that belly of yours, make sure you take good care of it and enjoy yourself. Oh and also don’t remove the plug in your butt, now take a nap and once you wake up, go on with your day as if nothing happened.” quickly, Jeanette fell back asleep.

Jack was satisfied with how the situation currently looked. However, he still felt guilty of his actions, decided to clean up the whole mess in Jeanette’s garden, it was the least he could do. 

By the time he was done, it was already starting to get dark, he heard Jeanette groan and he took that as his queue to walk back home.

A week later.

Jeanette was walking back home, she had called in sick and had intentions to take early maternity leave. She knew that she was only a few months into her pregnancy but she was already nearing the 9-month mark in size. All accompanied by cramps you’d expect from such a late stage, however, that might’ve been caused by her ongoing constipation. Regardless that was just one of the few reasons why she decided that it’s a wise decision to take her leave early, she knew this pregnancy was going to be a bumpy ride.

She constantly had to support her back when she walked around, her belly was way heavier than she expected. Quite of an odd feeling as well, it wasn’t as taut as you’d expect from a pregnant belly. But neither was it soft like a layer of fat, it was in fact almost flan-like, it jiggled when she pressed on it. She was truly hoping that didn’t mean any big complications for the baby, the last thing she wants is to give birth to a gummy bear.

“Probably the worst part about this is that I feel pretty bunged up, I swear I could’ve just worked a few more weeks if it wasn’t for this movement that has been stuck inside of me for about a week now… *Grooowl* uuhg, no good, I guess I’ll try to sit on the toilet again when I’m home, it’s the least I can do”

Jeanette waddled a few more blocks, getting closer to her house, but then she suddenly saw a rather familiar-looking girl across the street. She was hiding behind a car while holding a hand between her legs. Then an old couple came out of the house, approaching the car to get in, completely unaware of the girl hiding behind it.

*Isn’t that… Oh that’s Candice, isn’t it? Shouldn’t she be at school…* Jeanette thought to herself before her thoughts were put on hold.

She saw Candice quickly unbuckling her pants and underwear, Jeanette had a clear view of the 2 white globes Candice was flaunting in broad daylight. Jeanette stood there dumbfounded, looking at the spectacle unfold.

Candice quickly turned around and began to stand on all fours as she slowly moved her butt closer to the car.

“W-what is she doing?!?”

Before Jeanette even realized, Candice had pressed her butt onto the car exhaust and was pushing for a tighter fit as she clenched her face and bit through.

“Omg no way, that’s dangerous, Candice No!!!” Jeanette said, quickly stopping herself from screaming but she picked up the pace and approached Candice.


The car came to life and Candice’s mouth gaped wide open. Jeanette clearly saw that the exhaust fumes were being forced into Candice her butt, especially as Candice slowly started to pant. In response, Candice quickly grasped for her cooch and started to produce some adrenaline to push her through this.

Luckily Jeanette arrived just in time, “Candice, what on earth are you doing?!? That’s dangerous, here get up and come with me” She said as she gave Candice her pants and dragged her further away from the car.

Jeanette’s house wasn’t far, they both arrived and Jeanette quickly dragged Candice inside the house. Locking the door and afterwards falling into her couch.

She was panting, “What a rush, now Candice explain to me what you were doing out there… Candice? Hey Candice? *Groooowl* Omg toilet toilet noow”.    

The perversely full mom dashed to the toilet and slammed the door shut before placing her sticky buns onto the brim of the toilet.            


Jeanette clenched and pushed, her belly complaining in various tones and octaves about the need to expel, but nothing seemed to evacuate. She was sweating increasingly more as she kept on pushing as if she was giving birth there and then.                

A couple minutes passed before she was forced to give up as her energy was siphoned away.   

“*pant pant* still nothing… at least it seems to have died down a little, I really should make another doctor visit”.                

She sat there for a few more minutes before she realized that she completely forgot about Candice. In a relatively swift fashion, she got up from from the toilet as the brim kept hanging onto her butt for a few more moments before the sticky layer of sweat managed to detach.      

She left the toilet without even flushing, this routine of just trying to go to the toilet had already become enough of a habit to know that she shouldn’t flush an empty toilet.              

Jeanette looked around trying to find a trace of the half-naked Candice, going around the house to find her. Once she reached the kitchen, she got a glimpse of her garden.

“Oh, there she is”.

“Candice I know this might all be a bit sudden, but I’m just here to he—” as Jeanette approached Candice in her garden, she quickly came to realize what Candice was doing. She already had the garden hose routed all up her ass, twisting the knob of the faucet before she started to vigorously rub her vagina.

She already had a bit of a potbelly, but by the sound of the water, it seems that she just added a bit more pressure to the flow.

Jeanette quickly noticed how far Candice had twisted the knob as she started to inflate very fast. Several times Candice gasped as cramps hit her, but she was still vigorously going to town on her vagina.

Jeanette sighed and approached Candice, standing next to her. She started rubbing Candice her inflating belly with one hand and slowly moved her other hand to help Candice, down there, where it was truly needed. Jeanette quite enjoyed seeing the girl in heat gasping for air as she slowly approached a well-needed climax, all the while her belly was still growing into a formidable potbelly. 

Then finally Candice climaxed, squirting in an arc in front of her, quickly she grasped for the hose and pulled it out before a stream of water shot out of her butt. Jeanette let go of Candice and looked at how she visibly deflated in front of her.

Once she was empty, she slowly went down on her knees and started to sniff.

“Hey Candice, are you alright? I’m not mad, I understand that this stuff sometimes happens, I mean I even have this almost instinctive need to… well, indulge.”

“*sniff sniff* I feel like… like shit, I can’t help it, my body keeps forcing me to do these weird things with my butt and I can’t stop it…”  She said before bursting into tears.

Jeanette tried to console her by giving he a warm hug, “It’s ok, I understand that you sometimes do weird things you regret when you’re in heat, I think it’s just leftovers of our past ancestors”.

“Thank you, I’ve been through a bit of hell lately, I’ve been so afraid that my parents were about to throw me out, I… I…” Candice said before bursting back into tears.

“Let’s go inside and get you warmed up, you can stay over tonight to get some well-deserved rest.” Jeanette offered as Candice gladly accepted.

Jeanette went to cook up some pasta for the two of them. She kind of figured that Candice hadn’t had a good bite all day. She made a batch big enough for 3 people because of that, probably a bit too much. But she has been told by her doctor that she should still eat plenty despite the constipation, it could endanger the nutrition of her baby.

*Besides, in theory, a big meal should help push everything more towards the right end, especially with the pills I’ve been given* she thought to herself.

Jeanette also had some fresh vegetables in the fridge, so she decided to make something European for a change. Placing the heap of pasta and ratatouille on the table before calling Candice to come to get a bite. She gave Candice’s plate a good spoonful of pasta, with a few scoops on her own plate. That way she could keep track of how much she ate. Because the matter of the fact is that she didn’t feel hungry at all, how could she, she was so full. But she had to eat, for her baby, so she took it more as a noble task to at least get a decent helping into her system.

Candice went surprisingly quick through her plate. Jeanette offered her to take the rest of the bowl, which she kindly accepted. The bloated principal, however, was pushing hard to keep her meal down and the cacophony coming from her mound wasn’t helping either. It was growling and squelching like an active volcano.

After a few minutes, Candice had finished her meal, satisfied and rejoiced. She looked up to Jeanette who didn’t seem to be doing well, her gut was sticking out past her shirt and most worryingly of all, she swore she could see something moving inside.

“A-are you alright Ms Hyun, you don’t see— There, something is bulging from your belly!”

Both of them looked at the bloated belly, seeing something bonk around on the flank of her gut.

“Yeah, that’s the baby… I think, it should be at least, it’s kind of odd though, this only happens when I’m eating, almost as if my little one is eating along with me” Jeanette smiled as she rubbed her belly.

With her newfound determination, she scarfed down the rest of her plate.

“*Cough cough pant*, Candice quick, get my medicine from the drawer over there” Jeanette said as she pointed towards the kitchen.

Candice rushed to grab the strip and went back to Jeanette. Jeanette grasped for the strip and almost extracted a pill in record speed, straight into her gullet as she swallowed.

“Wha-what’s wrong?!?” Candice asked in a concerned manner.

“It’s fine, it started to become hard to keep my food down lately, probably because I’ve grown so much recently. It relaxes my stomach so everything can go dow— ooowww it’s starting…”

Suddenly Jeanette’s gut started to groan loudly, almost as if a huge bubble moved through all the food. Afterwards, her stomach started to convulse as she clenched her eyes shut, her stomach almost looked alive with the maggot-like movements it was performing, Candice could easily tell that this didn’t seem like a fairly fun experience.

“W-what’s happening?!? That sounds very far from alright!”

“I’m… *ooof*… I’m ok, those medicines just start the stomach contractions and relax the valve…*ooof* responsible for keeping the food in my stomach, it’s basically flushing everything downwards.”

“W-what, that sounds awful, why on earth would you do that, I’m never going to get pregnant if that is part of the process!”

“hehe, no, not every mother experiences this, it’s just if I don’t do this, it’ll just come out of the top in a few minutes… *uuurp* oh here we go…” Jeanette said as she clenched her eyes shut and began to bite her lip.

The sound that followed was bordering on ghastly, it sounded a chemical plant forcing pounds of muck down a pipe it wasn’t designed for. Candice could see the slightly bloated upper pocket of Jeanette’s belly slowly deflate and unload as it all seemingly flowed downwards. The flow only seemed to get more intense as the girth of her meal was preemptively forced into her already obscenely full intestines.

Jeanette was still clenching every muscle on her face, rubbing her gut with one hand and holding onto her chair with the other. It truly felt like stomach was blasting everything it had into her lower intestines, bordering on an internalized earth movement.

Before finally, the sounds started to fade, like a flush of a toilet it all disappeared downwards into a maze of pipes. Her stomach convulsed a couple more times just to make sure, but it quickly realized that it was empty and started to slow down. Jeanette slowly let go of all the tension in her muscles as she sighed in relief.

Candice, completely dumbfounded by what she just saw, was at a loss for words.

“*Pant pant*, I’m fine, it’s over, hopefully I can go to the toilet tomorrow, that’d be a treat”.

Candice still stood there, at a loss of words.

“Please don’t look at me like that, I only do this because the doctor told me to, but to be fair it’s really not as bad as you think… hehe” Jeanette said as she slowly got up and started to waddle towards the sofa.

“Wanna watch some tv before we go to bed?” she offered at the still blindly staring Candice.

Later that evening, Jeanette had guided Candice to her room for the night, the spare bedroom of the house. Afterwards, she went to her own bedroom, sluggishly moving underneath the warm blanket, shifting her belly around like a fresh batch of pudding.

She had already gotten used to the constant growling and moaning of her belly, but it made it especially hard to fall asleep.

Candice couldn’t sleep either, all that happened today racing through her mind made her feel a lot of things, some of which more pleasant than others. She felt a sneaking heat growing from inside her. In a near trance-like motion, slowly she started to move out of her bed, silently opening the door and tiptoeing towards the door on the other side of the corridor.

Candice slowly opened the door, with the light from the corridor in her back, she looked like someone who was about to commit a crime. 

Jeanette was drowsy from the sudden light shining on her, the only thing she could see was a shadow in front of her approaching her, before her belly completely obscured the shadow. She felt something creeping up her blanket, slowly caressing her feet, legs, thighs, butt cheeks and lastly vagina. Then the blankets were lifted and she saw a very poorly lit Candice sitting in front of her, drool on her face as if she looked like an animal in heat, ready to devour her prey. 

Candice lowered herself and began to caress Jeanette’s belly, before completely laying on top of it. The flan-like consistency easily accepted this newfound mass as she slowly sunk into the soft and jello-like mound.

“Candice, I don’t know if we should do this, it will be difficult with how big I am” Jeanette cowered, but in the back of her head she wanted Candice to ravage her, she was so sick and tired of having to be all cautious of everything she did.

Candice, however, didn’t stop, she kneaded the soft mound, hearing various groans and growls vibrate from within. She felt something odd bumping from underneath her, but she didn’t heed it much attention. She continued to knead and eventually squeeze the jello belly, feeling it push all kinds of slop from one side to another. Jeanette’s gut had the same characteristics of a water bed, to her the most shocking revelation to her was that it felt good, it felt like she was getting an internal massage as everything inside her was getting pushed around.

Jeanette looked at Candice going to town on her, getting quite heated herself. Suddenly she felt something soft rubbing against her vagina. She moaned heavily followed by a muffled screech as she squirted against Candice her midriff. But the climax didn’t stop there, the sudden muscle spasm went through her whole body and managed to move a lot of the jello inside her even more downwards. Followed by a loud and everlasting growl that only seemed the repeat itself as it tried to fade away.

Candice only took this as her queue to continue her movements, feeling everything inside the bloated principal move around like a very welcoming bubble bath. She slowly continued to knead and squeeze the overfull belly as it intensified in its growling and roiling. Down below she continued to rub their now dripping wet vaginas together. She slowly picked up the pace as Jeanette started to moan louder and louder, panting as her breath heated up like steam. Both of them were truly reaching new heights together.

Jeanette clamped her arms around Candice, and Candice picked up the pace, grinding their sloppy clits against each other.

Both of them felt their bodies overflow with ecstasy, moaning, hugging, kissing,… nothing was off-limits. They ravaged each other without any remorse. 

Candice took a deep breath and went all in as Jeanette nearly screamed, in a matter of seconds both of them reached their peak and hugged each other so tight that it was surely going to leave a dent in Jeanette her gut. Before slowly coming down back to earth, to roll over next to the giant mountain of a mom.

“That was intense…” said Jeanette, gasping for air.

Candice just laid there, still processing what she just did to this treasure of a woman.

“It’s fine, let’s cuddle a bit before we snooze off” Jeanette offered with a smile on her face.

Candice could only nod as she was slowly embraced.

The morning after was a rough one for Jeanette, she woke up a bit earlier than usual due to a cramp that leads into a groan from her belly that nearly vibrated the bed. Candice obviously woke up from this miniature earthquake and wondered if something was wrong.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so, but my morning cramps seem to be worse than usual, can you help me up?” Jeanette asked.

Candice got out of the bed and went to help Jeanette back on her feet, little did she notice that both of them were still stark naked. Candice quickly apologized, realizing who she was standing in front of, but she could only hear Jeanette moan in concern.

“*Oooof*, oh no, what is this” she said as she looked down.

Candice opened her eyes again and was greeted by what could only be described as the oddest shape a belly has ever taken form, it was nearly like a donut, a big bulge circling around a move spherical bulge in the middle.

They both were alarmed by the sudden quake within Jeanette, making her gut ripple slightly as something long seemed to slither through the donut-shaped bulge. Before Jeanette felt another similar groan resound from deep below.

“Oh shit oh shit, toilet now, help!” Jeanette said in quick succession, looking at Candice with a look that practically screamed for assistance.

Candice quickly grabbed onto Jeanette and assisted her towards the door, where she sadly had to let go of the overly soft woman in front of her. But she got a great look at her behind in exchange, yet something was very off about that butt…

“Ms Hyun, wait, stand still for a moment” Candice said as she kneed down behind the buns of her principal.

“What? Please do it quick, I can feel a lot of things moving in the right direction…” Jeanette said as she instinctively clenched down, only to be rewarded with a roiling groan from inside.

Candice pried open the sticky buns and was greeted by a puckering asshole, but not only that, something black and rubbery seemed to stick inside of it.

“Is, is this a buttplug?” Candice asked softly.

“What? No, why would I use a buttplug, if anything that’s the last thing I want blocking me up”.

“But, you got one here, don’t you feel anything?!?” Candice asked surprised.

“What are you talking about, anyway, quickly help me to the toilet, I can feel like it’s going to work this time” Jeanette said as she scurried down the stairs.

“Goddammit, this is Jack’s doing, I should’ve known something was up…”

Candice quickly followed suit and rush past Jeanette to open the door to the toilet.

As Jeanette entered the spacious bathroom, Candice quickly grasped for the buttplug and pulled with all her might.

Jeanette moaned and with one wet pop, the plug came out. Before Jeanette could even sit down, the floodgates had opened, a jello-like-mash quickly poured into the toilet.

Candice got a quick glimpse to her own dismay, but she swiftly assumed her position as operator of the flush handle.

Jeanette kept flooding the toilet in less than a minute, barely allowing it to refill its reservoir for the next flush. Candice looked in awe as she slowly saw the bloated woman deflate in front of her. The sheer amount she kept expelling and the pace at which it left its host almost seemed like a magic trick, to otherworldly to be true.

Candice felt her desires taking control of her again. Swiftly but softly, she grabbed a whole handful of the soft breasts of the mother in front of her, squeezing it tight. Following up by making out with the deflating mom. 

Jeanette gladly accepted the advances, feeling blissful after finally managing to go to the toilet for what seemed like an eternity.

Mash and jello kept pouring out for several minutes, past the 10-minute mark Jeanette seemed to be slowing down. By this point, she nearly looked like a pregnant woman in her 5th month.

“Just a little bit more, how many months were you into your pregnancy again?” Candice asked as she flushed another time. But quickly she went between Jeanette’s legs, planting her hand in front of Jeanette’s puckering asshole, preventing anything from coming out.

With a smug expression, Candice added: “Don’t you like that feeling, being so full, ready to let go but getting blocked right at the last moment, isn’t it great?”. Candice gave the groaning mom a smooch, teasing her into another orgasm.

“*Aaaah ha aah ha*, Yes I love it, it feels amazing, I can’t get enough of it. I don’t remember how many months, but I don’t think it matters anymore” Jeanette replied, breathing heavily, nearly drooling as she came down from the first climax of the morning.

“Hehehe, well too bad, because it’s got to come out at some point” Candice said as she let go of the floodgates.

Jeanette moaned so loud that the neighbours might even have heard it. Followed by another avalanche of jello. She didn’t seem to stop at all, she kept deflating, seemingly as if there was no end to the contents of her belly. 

Candice felt like she was reaching her own climax, just by watching the mother struggle to compose herself. She enveloped her mouth over the hot but soft breasts of the woman in front of her, making Jeanette moan another time, followed by a moan herself as she reached her own climax.

The duo was gasping for air, Jeanette expelling the last bits of her internal marsh. Once both regained their composure, they looked rather dumbfound at Jeanette her belly.

Jeanette her gut was convulsing heavily, almost as if something inside wanted out. But it certainly wasn’t her baby, it seemed to stretch through nearly her whole large intestine.

“*Oooof, oof* something wants out, I think I’m giving birth? Should that even be possible?” Jeanette asked in complete disarray, clenching her face in the process.

Candice looked in awe, Jeanette’s situation really didn’t look all that comfortable.

But with a sudden moan from Jeanette, Candice saw a long and slimy emerge beneath Jeanette’s buttocks.

Candice, completely dumbstruck, kept watching, giving Jeanette an occasional belly rub. But soon she realized what was going on.

Completely frozen in place, Candice asked: “I-is that an eel?!?!?”.

“I-I … what? I don’t know, but it wants out, badly, *aaarhhgg hnnnng*” Jeanette replied, followed by a loud moan.

But suddenly the eel slithered its way out in one sweep, before quickly disappearing into the toilet pipes. 

Candice sighed as Jeanette started to become a bit desperate.

*Goddammit Jack, that’s just messed up…* Candice thought.

“C-Candice, w-where’s my pregnant bump?!?” Jeanette asked in a concerned tone.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain, it has to do with Jack, but we’ll probably have to give him a very needed visit if we want the full story…”

Working Stiff


Two days passed without the portal maker and it felt grueling. His boss was suddenly distant, making him do menial work while she stayed locked in her office. Elliot had no clue why she was being so detached and unresponsive, but it kept everyone on edge. He thought about barging into her office, but that might actually get him fired. Kendra insisted that she needed the portal pen during the day, but she wouldn’t tell him why. Regardless, he planned to have it back for tomorrow, then he’d be able to see what Angela was hiding.
“Elliot!” Angela snapped, appearing on the stairs. “Why aren’t you up there helping customers? Stocking can wait!”
“I was just checking if we had…” He trailed off, pointing to a box.
“Frilly panties can wait. There is a line and Shannon is by herself at the counter. Get up there!” She glared. “Now!”
He gave a loud sigh as he marched up the stairs. She could help, but that would require some actual work from miss high and mighty. He walked past the line of scowling customers and logged in a second till. Two women darted over, placing handfuls of clothing upon the counter. Shannon was having trouble with a barcode, so he paused to help her look up the price. The women at his register gave numerous insults to their service as he turned back to scan and bag their garments. I miss the portal rod so much…
It took a long time to clear out the line of customers, but thankfully the last few were very friendly. Shannon thanked him and asked for a moment to use the bathroom. He watched the thirty-something woman walk away. The red pencil dress hugging her hips as she strutted along with her heels clacking on the tile. He organized some clothing until he heard her heels once more. Another customer was searching nearby, but he wasn’t ready quite yet, giving them a moment to talk.
“Thanks! So, how are you today, Elliot?”
“Good.” She looked aside, allowing him to steal a glance at her cleavage. She kept it tasteful, but she was quite busty. “Has Angela been acting weird today?”
“Yeah, I noticed too. She gets like that some days, but it’ll be better tomorrow.” The woman pushed a loose strand of hair behind her glasses. “Must be a full moon coming tonight!” He couldn’t tell if she was being serious. She was fairly nice, but a little strange.
Angela was waiting for him as he headed back downstairs. “Did you get a bike yet?” He shook his head. She scoffed, looking aside as she thrust the thick envelope against his chest. “You should get one soon to bring these deliveries so it doesn’t take all day.”
“But walking is-“
“It is too slow and too dangerous. Take the rest of the day and get some transportation.” She took his hand and mashed a hundred dollar bill into his palm. “Come in early tomorrow to make up the time you miss today.” She turned away, leaving him confused and irritated.

Addy gave a big smile, leaning down to show a little bit of her cleavage before turning away from the table. She was very good at teasing out tips from most customers. She stuck the order on the turnstile and grabbed a couple of plates. She was surprisingly good at her job and it upset Kendra more than she expected.
Passive-aggressive bitch. She stewed about Addy’s earlier comments. Judging me for my tattoos – maybe you should have some fucking expression. Maybe you should focus on your goddamned self instead of making jabs at me! Kendra was on break now, hidden in a secluded corner of the storeroom, watching the girl through a portal. She created another portal to Adelaide and used Elliot’s idea, directing water into her cute little butthole. Kendra smiled, watching her expression of shock.
Addy put a hand on her flat tummy, recalling the feeling from the gym. She tried to act casual as she set the food down and chatted with the guests, but Kendra maxed the flow. The bubbly girl crinkled her nose, leaning upon the table for a quick moment before regaining composure. Her face reddened as one older man made a joke and he clearly thought he was the cause. He bantered with her, making her hide the fight raging inside. Her belly grumbled loudly, making them go awkwardly silent.
“You sound hungry! Have a seat and we can share!” The other two guys chuckled.
“Thanks, but I have to take care of my other tables first!”
They all gawked at her butt as she left, but she was completely distracted. Kendra lowered the flow, allowing her to walk normally again. Her eyes searched the room for something to explain her situation, but like before she was completely baffled. The water surged again before slowing, adding urgency to her steps. She undid her apron and asked another server to cover.
“I’m already helping five tables! Wait until Kendra gets back.” The sassy girl turned away without sympathy.
Addy gave a longing look to the door before retying her apron loosely. She had to take another guest’s order while enduring the unyielding supply of water splashing into her behind. Her belly ached and grumbled, sometimes getting louder than the background music. She caught a few awkward glances while passing other patrons. She noticed a bulge beneath her apron. It was tight now and it was subtly restricting her movement. Food was ready to be delivered and she didn’t have much of a choice – she had to suffer through.
The dishes clanked as the tray shook. She had to maintain complete focus not to spill as she planted it next to the table. She dispersed the plates, completely forgetting where they should go. The men were forgiving, though, making bold jokes about how pretty she was. Normally she’d counter their advances just enough to keep them in line and get a good payout, but tonight she was faltering. Every movement was a struggle, and then the water flow increased. A bowl of sauce flopped onto the table, spilling into the older man’s lap.
Addy exchanged apologies with the laughing man, fetching napkins to help sop up the sticky hot sauce. After some cleanup she excused herself hastily, rushing to the bathroom as the geyser in her ass continued. The pressure decreased as she sat on the toilet, but nothing came out. She could feel the running water just inside her body. It felt strange and nothing could help her ache. She adjusted her clothing as she looked into the mirror. She looked frazzled, but otherwise, she was able to hide her suffering.
She moved her apron aside, astonished by her prominent belly. Her movements were slow and labored. She felt somewhat queasy as the liquid sloshed around. Nothing could explain this, but she only hoped it would clear up like it had after the night at the gym. Her unfiltered expressions told the story. She was putting on quite the show for the unseen woman orchestrating her trouble.
Knowing she had to get back to work before someone noticed, Adelaide washed up and did her best to hide her stomach before heading out. Moving down the cramped corridor, she turned the corner and collided with the man from the table. At that moment the slow trickle in her ass ramped up into a full eruption. She whimpered, stumbling to rest against the man. He laughed quietly while directing her around the corner.
“Hey, are you okay?”
“You don’t look fine.” He ran a hand along her apron, smoothing it down to see her defined midsection. “Did you have that before?” His puzzlement changed to playfulness. “What were you doing in there?”
She jerked away. “Don’t… I have a… condition.”
The man put a hand upon the wall trying to intimidate her. “I don’t think you’re being honest with me little lady.”
Addy was uneasy, too distracted to respond. Kendra thought about helping the guy out and giving him a direct link to Adelaide’s pussy, but she knew that would be too cruel. Plus she didn’t like how aggressive the older man was, so she decided to give her victim a break. Kendra made a portal into the man’s pants and gave his balls a quick, hard squeeze. He gasped and went to his knees. Addy tensed and closed her eyes, but soon realized she had an opportunity to get away.
Trudging ahead as the water blasted up her ass, she could feel pressure beneath her apron. It was tight now, helping to keep her swollen belly in check. Her eyelids hung low as she fell into a chair. It creaked as she shifted, wiping the sweat from her neck. It was hard to keep quiet. She knew people were all around, but her stomach was still filling and it ached badly. She loosened the knots on the small apron, whimpering as it pulled free. Her belly rumbled as it settled, hurting even more as the air slipped higher.
She placed the wadded apron upon the table right as one of the cooks passed by. Armin paused to check on her. “You all right?” His eyes snapped to her midsection. “Something the matter?”
“Yeah, just a… allergy.”
“It, uh… It looks kind of serious. Should I call-“
A deep rumble came from her stomach. “No, no, just bad gas.”
Kendra didn’t want her to get off that easily. She grinned deviously, grabbing a bottle of hot sauce from a nearby shelf, opening it, and poking it into Addy’s behind. The reaction was sudden, making the girl launch from her seat and into the friendly man. She brought him down, holding her butt as she lay on her side. Startled, Armin got onto one knee and tried to comfort Addy.
“Woah, let… let me get someone.”
“It’s fine!” Adelaide breathed through her teeth, trying to keep him from drawing more attention to her predicament. “It just has to pass.”
Laughing to herself, Kendra delivered another dose of hot sauce, hearing it glug as Addy’s asshole drank it eagerly. Again Addy twitched into the air, unable to avoid the burning pain in her rump. Her belly rebounded, pulling her back onto her side. Amir’s hand bumped against her midsection, causing another cramp and adding to her grief.
He was at a loss, searching for someone to assist. “Whatever this is… it seems serious. I gotta get help.” Kendra decided to intervene. She hurried out of the storeroom and around the corner, bumping into the concerned man before he could find someone else. “It’s Addy, she’s having some kind of trouble.”
Following along, Kendra knelt beside the full, groaning girl lying upon the floor. She took her hand, barely hiding her smile after seeing the girl’s panicked expression. “What’s wrong?”
“I… uh… it’s just an allergy. I’ll be okay though.” She drew a sharp breath, probably still feeling the sting of the hot sauce.
Comforting her, Kendra looked up to the worried man. “It’s okay, I’ve seen this happen before. She’ll be fine. I’ll stay with her until she gets through it.” He questioned it, but she reassured him. “I’ll take care of her.” Finally, after a thoughtful look, he continued on, leaving them alone in the back room. The girl was somewhat relieved, but the water was still going and her belly was enormous. Kendra was pleased at her size, having trouble helping the fattened girl to her feet.
“Are you sure this is an allergy?” Kendra toyed with her victim.
“Y-yes. I must have eaten something.”
“I don’t think-“
“I ate something and it’s making me swell up!” She snapped. “Help me to the bathroom or leave me alone!”
Annoyed, Kendra stepped back and watched. Adelaide was agitated by her choice. Taking slow, clumsy steps, moving without assistance. Russet hair stuck to her forehead as she lurched to the edge of the room.  Her stomach growled, with her cute belly-button peeking beneath her work shirt. Having an already ample chest, she looked noticeably pregnant. She was grunting, making pained noises as she edged along the wall. She made it to the door when she stumbled, falling past and into the opposite wall.
Her legs trembled as she looked to Kendra. “Help me!”
“Not with a tone like that.”
“Are you serious? I’m having an allergic reaction to something!”
“No, you’re not. I know you’re lying to me about something and I think maybe our boss should hear about this.”
“What?” Addy put her back against the wall, looking like she might collapse under the increasing water weight. “Wh-Why would he care?” She stammered.
Kendra sized her up, hiding her glee as she watched the burdened girl struggling. “Fine, I will keep this… Whatever this is secret if you are nicer to me from now on.”
Her eyes darted around. “It’s not… I am… I’m not mean to you.”
“The hell you aren’t!” She proceeded to use a mocking voice. “Let me have that table, I don’t think you can handle them!” Kendra glared, changing to a venomous tone, “It gets old.”
Adelaide’s eyes welled-up. “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t.” Her jaw trembled and then she started bawling. “I just don’t think about how I come across sometimes. I can be harsh, but I am trying to teach you. I really am trying to teach you, Kendra! I don’t want those jerks to make you quit!”
Words eluded her and Kendra didn’t know how to handle the situation. Addy was weeping as she leaned upon the wall, her belly bouncing as she sobbed. Her clothing pulled tight as the flowing water continued. The inflated girl took a clumsy step before stumbling. Kendra instinctually caught her, but she was too big, bringing them both down. They lay entangled, with soft vibrations emanating from Addy’s guts. The small brunette grimaced, her face resting upon Kendra’s ample chest.
She hastily went to her knees, wiping tears away as she apologized. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” *grrroooo-glug* Her stomach spoke, urging her to stand. The small, engorged girl climbed up artlessly. Her uniform ripped in the back as she shuffled to the door. A small section of her cute, pink panties showed from the new opening. Kendra offered help, but she urgently declined. “No, no, I’ve got to- ah… I need to go… to the bathroom.” Addy looked big and ungainly, with a wide stance to support her bulky belly. Another pathetic whimper came out as the water churned in her stomach.
Once assured that she could actually make it to her destination, Kendra scampered back to the stockroom. She enjoyed watching the big girl slide along the wall. Gasping, she slammed the door and fumbled with the lock. She was more vocal now, making noises as she waddled to the toilet. She struggled to remove her tight skirt, tearing it a little more before dropping it to her ankles. She raised her belly to reach her panties, using an arm to restrain her stretched abdomen. Her soft, springy skin looked wonderful, jiggling as she removed her underwear. Her shirt was stretched tight over her chest and upper belly, accentuating her beautiful curves.
With a sigh, Kendra new it was time to unplug her. She struck out the portals, leaving only one to watch her empty. Her cute face twisted in agony as she blasted water into the toilet. She bit her lip and held her middle, pushing hard to eject the fluid. Kendra almost felt bad for the poor girl, but then she recalled her snide comments from yesterday. She enjoyed the show until she remembered the time.
“Oh fuck, I have to get back!” She closed the last portal and grabbed a spare skirt from the shelf. She sat it outside of the room and let her know, rushing to clock back in. She was six minutes late, but no one seemed to notice. She went back to the table with the rowdy older men, asking if they needed anything else.
“Nah, just waiting to say goodbye to that cute girl.” The confident man narrowed his eyes, looking at her like a piece of meat. “You look like a lot of fun.” He smiled.
“You have no idea.” She smirked. “She won’t be back for a while, had to run an errand.”
“Aww, that’s disappointing. Say, you might actually be better suited for what I was about to ask.” He offered a business card that read: ‘Dominic Kant: Casting Agent’ along with his phone number. “Give me a buzz if you’re looking to do some modeling. Your friend is invited too.”
Kendra stopped herself from going off on the man. She was deeply upset by such a skeevy practice and assuming that either of them would be drawn into the thinly-veiled trap. She knew of so many porn videos that started like that. But, with the portal rod, she could actually entrap him instead. So, she only thanked him, taking the card like a good girl and bidding them goodnight. She pocketed the forty dollar tip and went back to work.

He moved the bookcase, finding his personal collection of portals. He needed to let off some steam and this time he wasn’t going to hold back. Through Angela’s portal, he found her relaxing at home, which gave him the perfect opportunity to fuck her brains out. He pulled out his cock and used a little saliva before slipping it in. She didn’t seem to care, only shifting slightly as he eased in. It actually bothered him, so he went in faster, pushing firmly into her warm pussy. His whole dick was in and she didn’t seem to care. What a whore!
Elliot fucked her, feeling the excited hole getting wetter with each poke. He didn’t understand how the woman could remain so casual. She sat her phone aside and yawned, infuriating him. He gripped the sides of the bookcase and went hard, making it rock back and forth as he jabbed his fat cock into the slippery mound. He could hear the wet noise as he plunged in, feeling her clamping down on him occasionally. It was almost too much, forcing him to slow down for a moment. He was being so rough, but she wasn’t feeling it at all.
It’s not connected to her. He looked to the other women’s portals, seeing that they were also unaffected. Who is…? He pushed in before grabbing the portal pen. He opened a portal to Kendra and was shocked to confirm his suspicion. Kendra was melted upon the couch, her mouth open as she breathed quickly. Heather was sitting nearby but didn’t seem to notice her daughter’s lustful movements.
Closing her eyes, Kendra worked her hips, but she couldn’t move the cock inside. Elliot was in control. He knew he should pull out and scold her for messing with the portals, but it felt fantastic. He came out just a little before driving back in. Kendra pressed into her sides, unable to touch herself while their mother was so close. He continued harassing her, working his cock carefully to edge them closer. He couldn’t believe he was doing it with his sister, but it was too incredible to just stop. Just don’t cum inside her and you can play dumb.
She was getting heated, subtly resting a hand upon her tit. Elliot wished he could hold her full breasts and give them a soft squeeze. His skin flushed at the thought. He moved slowly, but the desire became too much. He moved faster, pumping his sister roughly, watching her fail to maintain composure. She let out a moan and Heather glanced back.
Her features tightened as she realized what was happening. Letting out a disappointed sigh their mother turned back to the T.V. as she spoke. “I didn’t figure you’d like him that much!”
Kendra froze, seeing the bumbling love-interest on the screen. “Oh, ah, I wasn’t…”
“Whatever, just don’t do it in front of company.” An awkward silence followed. “He is kind of cute, I guess.”
Sometimes I wonder if Mom is too open with us. With wild, searching eyes, Kendra took her blessing and put a hand between her legs. She rubbed through her jeans, still trying to be quiet as she got comfortable. She nibbled lightly upon her lip piercing, running her other hand beneath her shirt. Her pierced nipples propped up the t-shirt and a good portion of her sleeve tattoo showed as she silently masturbated.
Watching his sister writhing with passion while his cock was inside her was amazing. He was able to go a little longer after the pause, pumping her wet snatch with the same vigor he had intended for his boss. He was working out his frustrations without care, but when he felt the pressure building he prepared to pull out. All of the shameful, deviant thoughts came rushing back. He knew he needed to pull out, but he was seriously debating it. Fuck! I can’t! He was just about to take it out when her vagina clamped tight. It was too strong, making him hesitate as cum spurted out. It was too late now, so he just let go – his hot jizz splashed into his sister’s quivering pussy. The first couple of pulses making her jerk with pleasure.
She put a hand over her mouth, riding her other hand as she pushed to climax. She tensed for a moment before letting go, wiggling in her seat and sliding lower, going limp after the gripping orgasm. Her enticing green eyes opened lazily. He stared into those gorgeous eyes through the portal, her rosy cheeks and frazzled green hair looking so incredibly sexy. He felt ashamed for a second, but also relieved. He had wanted this for years, but he just couldn’t admit it. It felt wrong, but that actually excited him even more.
He pulled out and cleaned off their juices. Kendra looked so pleased, shifting her legs with contentment. Heather glanced back with a smirk, saying nothing as her daughter put her head down and took a nap. He closed the portal and decided to keep this experience to himself. She can’t know that I did it on purpose. He remembered the catalyst for this whole situation, but decided to punish Angela tomorrow instead.

Sharing is Caring


A little over a month passed since they started dating, but they still reliably attended the support group. All of the women there yearned to feel pregnant, but few were as creative and adventurous as they were. Julia had a surprise for Autumn, but she decided to wait until they were done. She was anxious and excited, trying awkwardly to hide amongst the sad stories the others shared. A newer girl noticed, flashing her a curious smile from time to time.
Berkleigh was her name. The tall, long-legged blonde was very well maintained and feminine. Wearing a form-fitting cardigan, a frilly shirt, and skin-tight leggings. She was clearly more of a girly-girl than Julia could ever dream of being. With a supportive smile, she seemed fairly upbeat compared to the others, but it was a mask, hiding her longing for a pregnancy. She had a long-term boyfriend, but they split up after discovering she was the reason they couldn’t conceive.
She explained how she wanted a big belly, how she dreamed to feel heavy with a child. The others wanted to raise children, and while that was part of her desire, Berkleigh definitely wanted to carry one just as badly. She was thin, fit, and a very popular girl on social media. The break-up probably hit her harder than she let on.
Autumn directed to Berkleigh with her eyes and Julia answered with a nod. They both thought she was pretty. Julia mouthed the words ‘next time.’ She might be a good girl to have a threesome with, but tonight the only thing on Julia’s mind was her surprise. The group ended and they strolled to their cars.
“Why not tonight?” Autumn questioned. “I thought you liked girls. Haven’t you ever thought about having a threesome?”
“Yeah, but I just-“
“Hey!” Berkleigh approached them in the parking lot. “That place was a drag, but you two seemed happy. What’s your secret?”
Autumn gave Julia a knowing look. “Well, if you want to come over then we can show you.”
“Yeah, she has a way to get your belly bigger. It’s great!” Julia decided to accept the situation.
“Is this some kind of sex thing? I’m not into girls really.” Julia waved her closer, whispering something in her ear. Berkleigh’s mouth formed an O of surprise. “You have a… thingy?”
Autumn turned bright red, giving an innocent nod.
“It is a sex thing, but it’s… different. Just come over and we’ll show you. No strings attached and you can leave if you ever feel uncomfortable.”
Berkleigh looked between them. It was obvious she was hesitant, but she really wanted to know. With an uncertain smile, she agreed. She texted a friend just for an added security measure and accompanied them to Autumn’s house.
“So, what’s the trick?” She sat down on the couch. “I need to know what I’m getting into.”
“We put stuff up our butts to get big bellies,” Autumn spoke bluntly. “Toys, water, air…”
Berkleigh’s eyes went wide at the thought. “You can do that?”
“If you put enough in there. You can get your belly huge.”
“I’m not sure I could…“ Berkleigh giggled. “Can I just watch?”
With a shrug, Autumn agreed and led them into the bathroom. They set up and attached the enema hose. Julia stripped-down, acting surprisingly confident around the newcomer. She was about to put the nozzle in when Berkleigh stopped her. “I’m sorry, but I really want to see her… thingy.” Autumn was shy, but after some urging she removed her clothes, revealing her semi-erect cock. Berkleigh giggled, holding up a finger as she tried to stifle the humor. “Sorry, it’s just… I love it!”
Julia could see Autumn didn’t know how to take the comment. “It’s impressive, isn’t it?”
“Yeah!” Berkleigh stepped closer. “Can I?”
After getting the go-ahead, Berkleigh went to her knees and worked the cock in her hand. She looked to them with a goofy grin, moving it gently as she inspected it. After a moment she let it go and got up. Showing sudden concern, she leaned back against the wall. Her adventurous wonder was gone in an instant. She fidgeted, quickly nodding and gesturing for them to continue.
“What’s wrong?”
“I… I just…” She averted her eyes. “Just go ahead.”
Julia was about to pursue the topic when Autumn put a hand on her shoulder. “She’s just nervous.” Autumn offered her the hose. “Just show her what we do.”
Julia lubricated the hose and worked it in her ass. A moan slipped through her lips as she inched the tube farther. She reached back and nudged the water on. She took a large dose of air before the water flowed. Releasing her breath slowly, Julia pressed a hand against her damp pussy and stood up. She wanted Autumn’s cock, but she needed to wait until her belly got bigger.
A minute passed as she drank the water from behind. Autumn stepped closer and put an arm around her. Sneaking a hand below, she put a finger against her clit, rubbing it softly as she kissed her neck. Julia reciprocated by taking hold of her firm dick and stroking it casually. The two shared kisses as she filled, all but ignoring the visitor until she spoke.
 “Doesn’t it hurt?” Berkleigh’s mouth hung open as she watched intently.
“You get used to it.” Autumn pulled back to watch Julia fill. “It’s a game you play to see how much you can hold. Over time you can take more too.” Julia squirmed, longing for her lover’s touch.
“Wow. How often do you do this?”
“Every couple of weeks.” Autumn grinned as she leaned against the counter. Hard nipples and a hard cock displayed her arousal. “Amongst other things.”
Berkleigh raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”
“We’ll get there.”
Berkleigh gave a defeated frown before turning her attention back to the filling girl. Julia decided to increase the flow, she eased it higher until she was taking the maximum. She tensed and whimpered, bending forward against her swollen belly. She was showing a noticeable gut, but now she would be completely full within a few minutes.
“So, what do you think?” Julia fought through a cramp.
“It’s weird!” Berkleigh giggled. “But it’s kind of hot!”
“Want to try?” Berkleigh’s overly frightened expression was answer enough. “Well, at least take your clothes off!”
She was timid, but both girls were able to convince her. Berkleigh removed her thin upper layers, unclasping her strapless black bra, holding it in place for a moment before revealing her small, shapely breasts. They were cute and upturned, matching well with her toned physique. After a moment of mild embarrassment, she removed her skin-tight yoga pants. Her long legs were smooth and athletic, leading up to a flat well-maintained stomach. She clearly spent a lot of time taking care of her body.
Julia cocked her head, raising her eyebrows playfully. “Umm, all of them!” She showed limited discomfort as the hose continued to gently wiggle in her ass.
The trim blonde girl pulled her lacy panties down, letting them fall to her ankles before she stepped aside. With a bashful smirk she put her hands on her hips, showcasing her beautiful, slender body. She was unusually quiet and her red face told them why. Autumn reached out, taking her hand with her fingertips. She tensed at first, but soon she seemed to commit to the situation.
Autumn was breathing heavily, staring intently as she leaned closer. Her moist, pink lips connected and they both closed their eyes, enjoying a passionate, slightly uncoordinated kiss. Berkleigh seemed stiff at first, but the cock nudged against her leg and enticed her further. They embraced, grabbing each other tightly as they made-out. Autumn ran a hand up and into Berkleigh’s golden-blonde hair and used the other to grab her springy butt. The tall blonde closed her legs around her cock, working her hips to stroke it between her thighs.
Julia watched with some mild jealousy, feeling dampness between her legs. She opened them as water surged up her ass, using her fingers to ease her aching desire. She closed her eyes, working her clit and all but ignoring the couple. A touch brought her back to the moment. Autumn raised her leg and directed her pole into her sopping loins. It was almost too much, making her squirm and twist as her lover poked the head in.
Her belly rumbled as the long cock pushed into her depths. It was wet and tight and she tried to fight the encroaching orgasm. She put her head onto Autumn’s shoulder, trying to take it all without cumming prematurely. Autumn slowed, also overstimulated as she edged the throbbing cock into her slippery entrance. They crept closer until they were fully connected, staying still as they acclimated to the feeling. Julia’s heavy stomach rumbled between them. She was reaching her limit, but she wanted to farther to show off to the new girl.
Berkleigh stepped in behind Autumn, holding her by the hips and pressing her trimmed mound into her ass. The soft rump spread out against her flat belly. She had to go lower to line up, humping against Autumn’s sexy rump. This, in turn, made her start moving in and out of Julia. She ramped up the energy, humping her hard as she snuck a hand upward to hold Autumn’s bosom. She watched Julia’s freckled face tense. She gave a huge smile, going even faster as she looked into her pretty green eyes.
Skin slapped together as the hose fed an endless supply of water into Julia’s ass. She couldn’t hold out any longer. Her fingers dug into Autumn’s soft body as she gasped. Her whole body quivered, making both girls watch with concern. Autumn pressed her hips forward when she felt the firm grip upon her cock. Realizing Julia was just cumming they both grinned impishly. It lasted for nearly a minute, making her bring her leg down and shuffle backward. She turned off the water, bending down as she caught her breath. As promised, she looked very pregnant. Her belly flowed over her legs, making a loud gurgling noise as the trapped air shifted higher.
Julia put her hands on her knees, grimacing as she fought to keep her asshole pinched. She finally reached back and withdrew the hose, carefully slipping it out without any spillage. She looked to Autumn with pained resolve. “Get the plug.” She shifted, “Ah… hurry.”
Autumn rushed out of the room, her wet dick whipping side to side as she moved. She returned promptly, placing her box of adult toys upon the floor. She took out the butt-plugs from their first time. Julia took the larger plug and gave it a generous lick before plugging it into her shapely bottom. She rose up and put pressure on her clit – her expression slowly relaxing as she removed her hand and took a more loosened stance. She gave a proud smile to the visitor, pleased that she had gotten bigger than ever before.
“Holy cow…” Berkleigh was genuinely amazed. “I didn’t think people could really get that big… And you’re able to hold it all in?”
Julia cocked her head with a sly grin. “It took a lot of practice, but it’s worth it.” She glanced between her legs, “it really makes me wet.”
“Wow!” Berkleigh watched a droplet fall from her pussy to the floor. “How does it feel?”
Julia took a disinfecting wipe and cleaned the hose. “It feels really good… until you finish, then you want to get it out.” She smiled as she rubbed her enlarged belly. “But, you can hold it longer each time. Want to give it a shot?”
“Uh, I’m not sure I can do something like this…”
“Come on! You’ll only regret things you don’t try!” Julia nudged. “You take some water and Autumn will let you ride that magnificent schlong!”
Berkleigh contemplated. “No, I shouldn’t. I just met you both…”
Autumn took her hand gently. “You’ve come this far. Why stop now?”
After another short deliberation Berkleigh finally relented. “Yeah, okay, let’s do it.”
With verbal direction, the leggy blonde used some saliva to lubricate the hose, sneaking it between her firm cheeks. She had difficulty moving it deeper, but she got it far enough before giving a nod. Julia raised the handle, only allowing a tiny trickle of water to flow at first. Berkleigh wagged a finger, easily able to take more. The hose jerked and her belly grumbled. She gasped, feeling the liquid collecting in her bowels. Autumn came closer and rubbed her shoulder.
Her usual smile faded, showing a more genuine expression of concern. She was clearly unused to such a feeling. A loud rumble slid higher in her guts, making her slump lower as she gripped her belly. Her long, toned legs clamped shut as she trembled. She put a hand on the edge of the tub, going to her knees as she pulled back a loose strand of hair. All playfulness was gone. This situation required all of her focus.
“How are you doing down there?” Julia asked.
“Go higher.”
“Are you sure?”
“Turn it all the way.”
Julia gave Autumn a questioning glance before she did as the girl asked. She cranked the handle, sending a geyser of airy water into Berkleigh’s cute butt. She inhaled deeply and balled her fists. Her eyes closed tightly as she took the unrelenting blast of water. Loud gurgling sounds came as the water toiled in her belly. She was already showing, with her firm midsection drooping thanks to the added weight. She put a hand between her legs, pressing against her clit to distract her mind from the discomfort. Her small breasts bouncing as she shifted side to side.
Autumn squatted down and took her other hand while Julia rubbed her back. “Want to stop?”
Berkleigh’s grasped tightened. “No, no, keep… keep going.” She looked over her shoulder. “Spank me.” Julia was surprised. “Spank me!” The inflated girl cupped her hand over the tight ass and drew back. She landed two loud hits, watching as the creamy skin reddened. “Harder!” Julia flattened her hand, using far more force. The slap caused Berkleigh to pull away momentarily before coming back. “Again! Keep going!”
With some reservation, Julia spanked her repeatedly, grimacing as water sloshed around in her own belly. It jiggled with each hit, but Berkleigh was taking it like a champ. She gasped and moaned, leaning forward and pressing her face into Autumn’s chest. She let out a muffled scream from between the large breasts, putting a hand back to stop the assault. The hose continued pumping, nestled between her cherry red cheeks. She howled as she went lower, recovering from the stinging pain. She lasted just a little longer before she begged them to take it out.
Julia stopped the flow and carefully extracted the hose. There was a tense moment of uncertainty until Berkleigh raised up and took a slow breath. She went to her hands and knees, letting her full belly hang for the others to see. Her stomach looked like a watermelon, rocking as she wiggled her ass. Julia took the second butt-plug and opened Berkleigh’s sore ass, but she stopped her with a dismissive wave. “I don’t need that.” She looked up to Autumn with hungry, pained eyes. “I just need my reward… After you take some.”
Autumn scoffed as she took the hose, quickly wiping it clean. “Watch and learn.” She gleefully worked it into her ass and turned on the flow. The loud stream of water blasted up her ass, making her squat lower. Her abdomen complained as she grew accustomed to the cascade. She was taking the full force, showing embellished emotions for Berkleigh’s amusement.
“I don’t think I can take as much as her, but I can get a nice, big preggo belly!” Autumn tightened her jaw, fighting through a cramp.
Julia sat on the floor, spreading her legs as she kept her overfilled belly in check. “Yeah, can’t come close to matching this!” Her pussy glistened with excitement as she shook her stomach.
Spinning around on her knees, Berkleigh wiggled her own belly while comparing. “I never expected we could get this big.”
“I’m just amazed you’re able to keep it all in.” Autumn eyed her adorable butt.
“It takes some focus, but I’m a good girl.” She looked back, giving Autumn a weary smile. “How about that reward?”
All of the girls were deeply aroused as Autumn moved lower with the tube still crammed in her ass. Her belly was heavy and round, requiring her to lift it as she got behind the new girl. Noises came from their enlarged bodies, making them tense as the pain passed. She nudged the throbbing cock against the moist slit, missing only once before it hit the mark. The tip barely went in when Berkleigh stopped her.
“Shouldn’t we wear a condom?”
“I can if you want, but it’s not like I’m going to get you pregnant or anything.” Her belly quivered as it rested upon Berkleigh’s backside. “We have to go get it-“
“Fuck it.” Berkleigh pushed back, taking the warm rod inside her. She shivered with delight as the pole glided in. They paused with the whole thing buried in her loins.
Autumn’s moans grew louder and louder. She didn’t move, but the water pushing up her ass was too much. Her cock jumped wildly, spraying thick cum into the wet hole. Meanwhile, Berkleigh looked utterly devastated. Autumn reached for the handle to stop the flow, but it was too far away. Julia watched the spectacle, holding up a hand to stop her.
“Just push through it. You can cum again!”
“But… ah…”
“Come on, you aren’t even that big!” Julia lied, seeing that she was nearly matching her size.
“Come on, don’t leave your guest disappointed.” Berkleigh was barely able to reach around her belly, gently fondling Autumn’s smooth balls.
As expected, this enticed Autumn to continue. She started pumping. Her huge, flowing belly rolled along the girl’s back. The tightly stretched belly completely obscured her view of the penetration, but it was so wet that it wasn’t hard to go back in. She took hold of the small hips, riding roughly and making her moan wildly. Skin slapped together as Berkleigh put her shoulders down and glanced to the other girl. She waved Julia closer, wrapping her arm around the chubby legs to pull her in.
She didn’t hesitate, using her tongue to explore Julia’s shaven mound. She kept her ass clenched shut, also keeping her pussy clamped on the thick cock. It felt better than ever. She enjoyed being rough and having to keep her asshole pinched while her belly sloshed around was something she didn’t know she wanted. Her tongue went inside, tasting Julia’s juices as her nose pressed into the puffy pussy. She was afraid to do it with girls, but this was wonderful.
She took a handful of Julia’s fat ass, squeezing the side as she hungrily traced along the sensitive entrance. Reaching high, she clamped onto one of the sizable tits, squeezing it hard as she took the pounding. Julia raised up, doing anything she could to get more pleasure. Her ass jiggled, with some peeking from between Berkleigh’s strong fingers. She put a hand through the blonde hair, staring over her midsection and into Berkleigh’s eyes. In response, she raised up and lightly sucked on her clit.
Climax built and then she unwound like a spring. Julia worked her hips, whimpering as her full belly quaked. Her entire body convulsed, continuing to tremble as she plopped her squishy butt back onto the tile. She had to pull away from Berkleigh’s kisses, edging back and resting upon the floor. Her heavy breathing made her huge belly rise and fall as she lay with her legs apart. The large plug was barely noticeable in her soft, curvy ass.
The other two continued, humping like animals. Thunder sounded from in their guts. Autumn was still taking water and she wasn’t sure if she could last long enough to cum again. She had to lean back slightly to accommodate her extremely generous belly, but this caused her to slip out. She missed, feeling her head rub along the soft mound. She pulled back and rammed in again. Berkleigh let out a shrill scream, pulling away from the thrust. Autumn was holding on, which brought her down upon the pained girl.
She let out a loud, wet fart as the cock pushed into the wrong hole. All of Autumn’s weight forced it in, making her bottom out in the tight asshole. The girl on the bottom was smashed against the tile floor, fighting uselessly to remove the girthy plug in her ass. Meanwhile, Autumn was too full to pull off, causing her agony as the swollen stomach squished out from between them. The clamping butt was her only distraction from the pain. It was so good that she couldn’t stop now.
Autumn started pumping, feeling a stronger orgasm building. The asshole gripped her dick, feeling like a wet vacuum as she slammed into the unprepared entrance. It was so warm and slippery and she had to get through the pain. The girl stopped fighting, letting out pained grunts as she raced to the finish line. It was hard to ignore how full she was, but she finally felt the tension release. She drove in and let out a loud moan, her balls pumping a longer, thicker blast into the already filled rump.
Tears glistened in Berkleigh’s eyes. The shaft wiggled in her backdoor, making it even harder to hold everything in. But, she was trapped, forced to take every drop until the encumbered woman decided to move.
She hastily grabbed for the handle, failing again to stop the water. She tried to get up, but she was far too large, falling clumsily onto her back. She tried to grab the hose, but her stomach was so massive that she couldn’t reach. She was stranded on her back, thankful that Julia was there to stop the water flow. Every slight movement sent a wave through her swollen red belly. She was shocked that she had taken so much.
Sniffling, Berkleigh rolled over and sat against the bathtub. “Why would you do that?!”
“I’m sorry…” Autumn looked at the ceiling, unable to move as she spoke. “It was just too good.”
“I should’ve known you’d be a dick!” She climbed onto the edge of the tub, pushing out some of the water. “I didn’t even get to cum!” She sobbed as the water splashed out behind her.
Julia brought the other butt-plug over and went to her knees. Autumn was so massive that she couldn’t even close her legs and she barely moved when the plug popped into the constricting sphincter. Her slippery cock twitched as she groaned. She moved over to the emptying woman, nudging her head between her parted knees.
“Keep it in for a little longer.” Julia had to crane her neck to get a taste of the crying girl’s pussy. “She can get a little too frisky, but now it’s your turn to make her squirm.”
Wiping away the tears, Berkleigh stared at the humongous woman lying on the floor. Her stomach looked like a multiple pregnancy, certainly larger than anything she’d seen before. It sprawled upward and outward, a small portion resting upon the floor to her sides. She was trapped beneath the mass. Wanting revenge, Berkleigh got up and waddled closer, grabbing the moist, overly-sensitive cock and stroking it vigorously.
She watched Autumn squirming, softly whining as she accepted her payback. Berkleigh continued jerking her for a while before deciding to take it again. She still appeared pregnant and holding it was taking a toll. She trembled as she squatted over the pole, guiding it awkwardly into her vagina without her hands. It barged in, bringing her enjoyment back quickly. The slim and sexy girl was still sullen, but her expression was shifting to determination.
Julia came up behind them, rubbing Berkleigh’s perky tits as she rode the immobile woman. She pressed her larger, C-cup breasts against her back, having to lean in due to her inflated belly. She put her chin on Berkleigh’s shoulder as she held her hips, working her back and forth on the cock while keeping it buried. She moved her hands up once the pace was established, firmly pinching her nipples. She seemed to enjoy it, especially due to the increasing grunts of discomfort from Autumn. Their bellies smashed together, sloshing with every movement.
Loud growls came from Autumn’s belly as the woman rode her. She put her hands over her face, overwhelmed by the ache throughout her insides. She was still enjoying it, but she wasn’t sure if it was going to last. Her dick was rock hard again. It was so slippery that even their limited movements felt amazing. She pulled her hands away from her red face, watching the two attractive girls straining atop her. Julia was helping their new friend and Autumn couldn’t help but giggle.
“What is so funny?” Berkleigh sneered, still moving her hips.
“You’re cute.”
“What?” She snapped back with narrowed eyes, stopping entirely. “You think I’m just hilarious don’t you!” She put both her hands on Autumn’s distended belly and shook it violently. “You’re the lard-ass here!”
Autumn huffed, waiting for her roiling stomach to quiet before she spoke. “No, no, I wasn’t being sarcastic!” She gulped painfully. “I really… ah… oh… I really meant it.”
“We’re not making fun of you, Berkleigh, we wouldn’t have brought you here if we didn’t like you!” Julia moved her hair aside and gently kissed her neck.
Her agitated expression softened and she started moving again, glaring into Autumn’s eyes with mild resentment. She was exhausted and on edge from holding the water in for so long. They all were, but the other couple had more practice. Knowing that orgasm was so close, she decided to believe them. The hard, throbbing cock was hitting the right spot. Berkleigh closed her eyes and let out a determined moan. Leaning against the big, soft belly, she pushed towards the finale.
The girl abused the cock, working it hard as Autumn continued murmuring weak complaints. She was beyond her limit and too weak to resist, but the girl riding her didn’t care. Berkleigh grunted loudly, slamming her hips down on the wet shaft, making both of their bellies slap together and spring apart. It surely caused them pain, but her orgasm was so near. Julia slapped the tight ass, making Berkleigh moan seductively. Another one seemed to arouse her even more.
After a few more slaps on the ass, the frantic girl pushed down and held in place. Her legs twitched wildly, making her lean forward to rest upon her lover’s enlarged stomach. She was overtaken by delight, groaning as she endured the intense orgasm. Her eyes fluttered and her heart thudded in her chest. A line of drool dripped onto Autumn’s breast as she rolled aside.
“Holy… Jesus… Holy… God… That was incredible!” The cute blonde laid next to her lover gasping for air. “I… Ohhh no.” She raised up, using the side of the tub for support as she hefted her inflated body. She sat on the tub and let loose. Water sprayed out in waves.
Julia noticed the hard cock tilting side to side as the overinflated woman shifted uncomfortably. She crawled closer and opened her lips, letting the slimy cock push past her tonsils. She went down to the base, struggling to extend her tongue. She managed to lightly lick the testicles, and this was enough to make Autumn cum a third time. She didn’t expect it to happen so soon and the thick rope of spunk made her gag and pull back. Julia was able to keep it in though, feeling the warm cum collecting in her mouth.
She swallowed every bit, raising up to look at her lover. The frazzled brunette was totally spent, looking nearly delirious from the experience. She took more water than ever before and came three times. Julia used her remaining energy to sit the full woman upright and lean her against the tub. It was awkward and clumsy, but after combining their strength, they managed to get Autumn onto the edge of the tub. She pushed out the plug and let the deluge flow. It looked like a fountain, both women running clean as they forced the liquid out of their bodies.
Julia took out her plug and used the toilet, feeling an ache in her stomach muscles as she let it out. Sore and tired, she glanced at her deflating lovers, amazed that they could take so much.
She gave a weak laugh, touching Autumn’s knee. “You took a little more than I could.”
Autumn’s heavy-lidded eyes looked to her. “I think I took more than… both of you combined.” She scoffed. “Personal best!”
“Was my ass worth it?” Berkleigh chimed in.
“Totally… I got to cum one, two, three times!” She raised fingers as she counted, her head tilting from side to side. “You were great.” She turned to Julia. “You were pretty good too.” She smirked.
Julia laughed. “I have something I have to tell you, my dear…” She pushed out more water. “I just found out… I’m pregnant!”
Autumn looked befuddled by the thought. “How?”
“That jizz is magic or something because I did three tests and they all confirmed it. You’re going to be a… mommy?”
“Oh shit, that means I might be too?” Berkleigh fought through the mental haze, her eyes lighting up suddenly. “I might be pregnant!” She clapped her hands together excitedly. “I’m going to ride you all night!” She smooched Autumn’s cheek. “Well, maybe we’ll have to nap first.” She leaned forward, pushing out more water. “Yeah…”
Julia took Autumn’s hand, smiling as they sat in silence, emptying their heavily inflated bellies.

Passing Judgment


“How was your first day?” Elliot tried not to laugh as Kendra hung up her coat and plopped into the chair.
She buried her head into her crossed arms, letting out a muffled groan against the table. “It was boring!” She raised up, giving him a dramatically frustrated glare. “I hate it already.”
“Come on, just get used to it. You need to be working.”
“I know, I just… No one was there! They wanted to train me while it was slow, but have you ever been to a sports bar in the afternoon? It’s kind of sad. Plus I found out that the annoying girl down the street works there.”
“Yeah, she didn’t say anything to me, but I can only avoid-“ The door-bell rang.
Elliot peeked through, giving her a knowing smirk before opening the door. “Hi there, Addy.”

She stepped in without invitation, stomping her boots on the mat to remove excess snow. The shorter, dainty girl wore a fluffy coat and tight black leggings. Light-brown hair framed her rosy cheeks – She was cute and she knew it. Elliot remembered her from high school, how she would always manipulate the boys into helping her with schoolwork and anything else she wanted. She would flaunt her body, but she never let anyone close enough to be considered a boyfriend.

“Hi!” She beamed. “How was your first day, Kendra? Think it’s a good fit for you?”
Kendra shrugged. “I don’t know yet, but it seemed okay.”
Adelaide nodded. “I was just heading to the gym if you wanted to join me. I have a guest pass if you want me to give you the inside scoop on that place!”
“Thanks, but I have to do a few chores…”
“Well, okay, but if you change your mind then give me a text. It will certainly help you get more tips!” Her eyes dipped lower for an awkward moment. “I’m sure there’s hope for you yet!” She gave Elliot a quick nod before leaving.

“What the hell does that mean?” Kendra bit her lip piercing. “That snooty bitch.”
“Don’t let it bother you, just relax and try to ignore it.”
“Fuck that. I can show her!” She marched upstairs and into his room. Elliot already knew what she was going for and he followed along. Kendra found the runed pen and brought it into the bathroom. Kendra drew a portal in the bathtub around the drain and turned on the water. She placed another portal upon the wall, giving a generous view of Adelaide’s shapely body as she walked down the street. “Let’s see how well she can exercise like this.” She stepped back and crossed her arms.
Elliot smirked at his sister’s vengeance. “Think she’ll actually make it to the gym?”

Kendra shrugged. They watched as the girl’s steps slowed. She knew something was wrong, but obviously had no idea what was truly happening inside her. Adelaide hugged her midsection, blinking quickly as she trudged along the snowy sidewalk. She could see the gym, but she kept glancing into the windows as she passed buildings. She went by an apartment building, and after crossing the street she moved past a few private businesses. She paused, looking like she might go inside, but moved on. Her posture shrank as she shook her head. Trying a clumsy trot, she immediately regretted it and slowed again.

The splashing water continued, draining into their victim. Addy shuffled along, keeping her head down until she reached her destination. She paused, watching the numerous patrons exercising through the large windows. Sliding her card, she went inside and walked the parameter, going straight for the restrooms. 

Elliot and Kendra observed quietly, hearing the girl’s labored breathing through the portal. She rushed in and removed her coat, hastily pulling her pants down and letting out a strong flow of water. She groaned, but she couldn’t expel it fast enough. She was taking far more water than she let out and every time she paused to push it set her back even more. The girl was distraught, leaning forward to rest her hands upon the door. Being alone in the bathroom gave her the freedom to complain.

“Oh no, ah, oh… it just… ah, keeps coming…” She glanced down with shock. Her large, bulging belly was exposed beneath the tight-fitting sports. It was getting bigger as she continually forced the excess water out. “What is going on?” She pressed against her abdomen, lamenting her situation.

Feeling somewhat guilty, Elliot turned off the water. Kendra gave an overly animated sigh as she took the drain plug and shoved it into the portal. Addy gasped and shot upright, suddenly unable to release water thanks to the blockage. Elliot’s surprise changed to a smile as his sister continued watching confidently.

Adelaide pushed repeatedly, groaning as the water churned in her swollen belly. Nothing came out, so she decided to wipe and get up. She was staring at her overgrown stomach, shaking her head as she washed her hands and took her coat. The door opened and another girl came in. Her eyes went wide for an instant as she passed and this made Addy extremely self-conscious. She covered her midsection with her coat and darted from the bathroom.

She made her way to the door when an older woman stopped her. “Hey, Addy, what’s wrong? You just got here!” The tall, slender brunette had a huge, beaming smile.
“Uh, I’m not feeling the best and-“ Kendra wiggled the drain plug, causing Adelaide to lose her train of thought.
“Well, let me help-“ The other woman took the coat from her, exposing her distended belly. On cue, her stomach rumbled loudly. Addy tried to cover it, but it was too large and the other woman was already stunned silent. “What is… Did you binge? We talked about this!”
“Uh, yeah… I am SO sorry. I will make it up by going twice as long for tomorrow’s session.”
“No way!” The athletic woman tossed the coat over a bench. “You don’t get off that easy. I need to see ten reps.” She pointed to an abdominal bench.
“I can’t, Jodi, really-“
Her big smile turned playful. “I have to punish you so you don’t do something like this again! On the bench, missy!”

Adelaide crawled upon the bench begrudgingly. She put her legs through the foam-wrapped bars and laid on a downward incline. Gravity pulled her full belly to rest upon her compact breasts, growling as she prepared to move. With a few quick breaths she pulled her upper body into the air, squishing her filled belly before falling back. She repeated the process, slowly and artlessly as her trainer watched. She did it six times before having to pause. Sweat glistened on her brow and dampness showed through her sports bra.

“Show me you can do it!” Jodi put a hand on Addy’s bulging midsection, looking surprised when it grumbled. “We can’t let this belly get out of hand!”
“I just ate a big lunch.” The cute girl hoisted herself upright, trembling as she held the position for mere seconds before falling back. She gasped, struggling for one more, but she couldn’t make it. “Come on… I will…”
“Don’t be a quitter! How about you do five minutes on the stationary bike and we call it good?”

Adelaide grimaced, standing up with the trainer’s assistance. She moved to the bike and clambered up, taking a moment to catch her breath. Her full chest pressed against the handles and her tight ass squished against the seat. Normally this would be a routine workout, but in this state, she was aching and unwilling to push herself even slightly. Jodi knew she was holding back.

Kendra turned the shower handle, giving her brother a devious grin. She let the water collect for a time before reaching in and yanking the plug from Addy’s ass. She turned the handle again, watching the water swirl into a vortex leading into the girl’s ass. It drank it down eagerly, letting out a sucking noise before Kendra replaced the plug.

The buxom girl continued pedaling, but she was in agony. She groaned as she slumped forward, her long brown hair covering her face as she rested upon the handles. Her belly was noticeably bigger, hanging low as she lifted from her seat. She was moving slower, drawing out every small movement as her stomach rocked from side to side. She raised her head, fighting back tears. She slipped and pressed her chest against the handles, sliding off of the pedals and onto the floor. Her belly pressed into the bike’s body.

With a loud groan, Addy tipped to the side and fell free of the exercise machine. With the water trapped inside, her abdomen let out a long hiss and a deep gurgle as the airy water shifted around. Jodi stood overhead, finally realizing she went too far. Addy held up a hand, trying to downplay her unease. Jodi helped her up and stabilized her.

“What’s wrong? Need me to call someone?”
“No, I just need to get home.” Adelaide took a few heavy steps toward the door. She figured out a rhythm as Jodi followed along for support. “I’ll be okay, thank you.” The older woman brought her coat and let her go with uncertainty. Jodi’s troubled eyes softened as someone else called her name. She gave another glance to the waddling young girl before she left.

Adelaide lumbered along the snowy sidewalk. Her heavy gut causing her to lean with each step. Out of breath and visibly tired, she made subtle groans as she walked. Cars passed, unaware of her situation. Her belly was mostly hidden beneath her coat, but certain movements revealed its size. She complained as she walked stopping momentarily to push through an unexpected cramp.

The siblings watched her torment, looking to one another as time passed. Elliot thought they should help her now, but he also liked seeing Kendra get it out of her system. He knew she could have done worse, but she usually knew when to quit. Kendra watched with satisfaction, her arms crossed and squishing her bulky chest. He enjoyed seeing his sister smile.

Kendra noticed him staring, doing a double-take. Her eyes fixed upon the bulge in his pants. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”
His face flushed as he turned and covered his crotch. “I guess.”
She grinned. “Want me to help you out?”
He shot her an overly appalled glance. “No!”
Kendra rolled her eyes. “Not me, I can open up a portal!” She waved the pen, shaking her head.
She shrugged. “You could do dad’s plaything in the ass again, or there’s always Cybil. I mean, you could do her if you really want.” She motioned to the burdened girl traipsing toward her house.
“No! I can’t just do it with people. Who knows what they’ll think. What if I did it with Cybil while she’s next to her dad?”
“Fine,” Kendra sighed, “do me if you really don’t want to bother anyone.”
“You are my sister.” He paused for emphasis. “That is wrong.”
She shrugged again. “So what? It’s through a portal and you can do me in the butt – I don’t care. I’m just trying to help you out.”
“I-I can’t.”

Turning back to Addy, the girl was slowing down as she approached her destination. Kendra drew a portal on a small container – It showed Adelaide’s moist pussy, her clit visibly showing from beneath the hood. Kendra gave him a playful glance as she ran her finger along the button, stroking it ever so gently. Through the portal, their plaything pressed against a wall, closing her eyes as she waited for the sensation to pass. Addy let out a soft moan, quickly becoming self-conscious. Perking up, she searched for any nearby pedestrians, thankful no-one noticed.

She endured the stroking, starting to move again. With weak knees, she kept a hand upon the wall for support. She moved past the business and had to stumble freely by the final houses. She had her legs wide, limping ahead with a beet-red face. Addy was struggling to carry the shifting weight. She tried to let it out repeatedly, but the blockage was wedged in her bowels. Tight black leggings hugged her firm rump, making each slow step a pleasure to watch.

Kendra lightly flicked the clit, making Addy moan seductively. She tormented the girl with a gentle caress along her slit, enjoying Adelaide’s distress and Elliot’s discomfort. She could see that he hid his erection, trying to act like it didn’t bother him. Kendra brought the container to her lips and gave it a quick kiss. The other girl buckled, going to her hands and knees in the snow. She waited, building up strength to stand again when Kendra used her tongue again.

The loud, unexpected gasp through the portal made Elliot adjust himself, wishing he could act on his urges. “How about you… just use your mouth?”
Kendra was surprised, pursing her lips as she nodded. “I can do that.” She crossed out the portal to Adelaide’s pussy and created a link just inside her mouth.

Holding the portal, Elliot stared at the luscious lips, knowing that they connected to his sister. He tried to rationalize it, thinking that it wasn’t actual sex and she was just helping him out in her own way. He unzipped his pants and fished out his aroused cock. He involuntarily jerked, making the thick pole bounce in the air. Kendra’s eyebrows raised, slowly bringing her gaze higher. She smirked teasingly.

Taking a deep breath, Elliot lined up his cock and pressed it between her lips. He watched as Kendra’s mouth opened wide. Her eyes closed as he pushed deeper. He felt the cool lip piercing on the underside of his throbbing cock. The warmth felt fantastic, and the wetness allowed him to glide in and disregard her gagging noises. She put a hand over her mouth, pulling back as he passed her tonsils. She couldn’t stop him, staggering back as her throat bulged. Her eyes fluttered as he pumped her throat and she gagged repeatedly and loudly. After a moment she mentally relaxed, no longer resisting the thick blockage in her mouth. 

He looked to Addy, watching the overfilled girl walking with slow, clumsy steps. She was to her house, taking another step before shoving the door open. She hastily unzipped her jacket and kicked off her boots. Her stomach showing prominently between her sports bra and the leggings. Elliot loved watching her full-body move, but he was distracted by his gagging sister.

With her head tilted back and teary eyes, Kendra was dutifully taking his cock. She put her hands on her throat, feeling it swell with his thrusts. Her full breasts moved over her arms. Her bra only accentuated their size and weight beneath the low cut shirt. Her vibrant green hair swayed in the air and she had to take steps to balance herself as he used her mouth. He pulled out quickly, making her burp unexpectedly.

She covered her mouth innocently. “You’re really big.” She spoke matter-of-factly.
“This should be weird.” He said the words, but he didn’t want to stop. “Wh-where do I cum?”
Kendra rolled her eyes and gave him a playfully irritated look. “I can swallow.”

With little delay, Elliot poked his cock back in. Kendra winced, pulling back and craning her head forward as she got comfortable with the feeling. He focused on the plugged girl again, watching her entering the bathroom and roll down her leggings. She stepped in and peeled off her top. She had amazing breasts, some of the perkiest and largest he’d seen. Watching felt like a betrayal to Cybil, but he was committed now.

He tried to ignore Kendra’s springy body as she moved forward and bent over the bathtub. She grabbed the drain plug as he continued to fuck her face through the portal. He took a long look at her curvy ass as she popped the stopper free. Addy squeaked, bolting to the toilet and frantically removing her pants. She let out the fluid with anguished grunts, her swollen body compressing as she leaned forward. Her huge breasts pressing into her rounded belly.

Elliot imagined ramming into her tight pussy, feeling it squeeze as she pushed out the water. Feeling her full stomach pressing against his chest. His arms wrapped around her soft shoulders. He worked the portal roughly on his cock, forcing Kendra to take uneven thrusts. She made loud noises as he throat-fucked her.

Without care, he drove in and let out blasts of cum, watching his sister go to her knees and tumble back. She sat against the sink cabinet, gulping down thick loads. Her throat visibly bulged as she grabbed her tits, working them through her clothing as she retched. She tried to ignore the meat jammed into her throat, taking all of her brother’s cum until he finally withdrew the shrinking cock.

Kendra wiped her eyes and her mouth, looking to him with amazement as she swallowed the last of his cum. “You let out a lot!”
He felt instantly embarrassed, tucking it back into his pants. “Wasn’t that… weird?”
She raised a hand dismissively. “Nah, I’m just helping a brother out!” Elliot couldn’t help smiling at her impish grin.

They closed the portals, leaving their bratty neighbor to deal with the large volume of water collected in her ass. Kendra borrowed the pen and replaced the portal on the container with a link to her pussy. He recognized her smooth, shaven slit easily. He wanted to use it, but he wasn’t ready to cross that line. “What’s this for?”

“I helped you and now you have to help me.” She gave a sideways glance. “You don’t have to fuck me… But, I wouldn’t mind.” She put her hands up disarmingly. “I know, I know… Just use your imagination and let me cum too, okay?” She pulled off her shirt, showing her smooth tan bra as she headed to her room. “I’ll be waiting!”

He took a moment to understand his situation. Kendra left me with a portal to her pussy and free reign to do whatever I want. His throat felt dry. I want to do it, but I… He had to ignore the thought and think of another method to please her without committing true incest.

“What is taking him so long?” Kendra lay on her bed expectantly. Completely naked and staring at the ceiling, she stroked her clit to keep her excitement alive. Her mind wandered until she decided to find him. She arose with an angry sigh. “Can’t even help me out!” She grumbled as she slipped on a shirt, not caring that her nipples showed through. “Selfish asshole.” She pulled on some sweatpants and want to his room. “Elliot!” She didn’t see him. “Goddamned moral crusader.” She checked the bathroom before moving downstairs.

Heather was removing her coat as she came down. “What’s wrong?”
“Just looking for my asshole brother.”
“Oh. Want to go turn on the oven?”
“Yeah.” Kendra’s anger faded as she headed to the kitchen. She clicked on the oven and felt a sudden vibration in her loins. It was intense, making her press up against the counter as the feeling spread through her pussy. She shamelessly moved her hips, humping the drawer until she heard Elliot coming up from the basement.

She stared with desire, enjoying the deep vibration between her legs. She was about to speak when their mother came in. Heather casually got food from the fridge and pulled out a few spices. Distracted by pleasure, Kendra subtly pinched her nipple to keep her focus. She shot him an angry glare, but it must have come across playfully. Elliot found a seat, smirking as he watched her suffering.

“What did you do this time?” Heather glanced at Elliot. “She seemed mighty pissed when I got home.”
“She’s just wound up after her first day at work.”
“Yeah, how did that go?”
“Uh, fine…” She tried her best to keep composure. “Kind of… slow.”
“She works with Adelaide now.”
“The annoying girl from a few doors down?”
“Yep, Kendra loooves it.”
Heather’s bright eyes danced. “I can see what she was pissed with you.”

Kendra didn’t say a word, focusing as the deep vibrations rolled up her pussy. She leaned upon the counter, trying not to show her predicament in front of their mother. Her pierced nipples showed clean through her shirt along with the outline of her sizable breasts. Heather could surely see, but she had always been comfortable going braless around the house. She inspected her daughter for a time before continuing to prep dinner.

Once free of their mother’s gaze, Kendra sank lower and slid her fingers along the countertop. She closed her eyes and huffed, her jaw trembled as she fought through a subdued orgasm. She let out short gasps before her eyes opened lazily. She raised higher, smirking as she leaned, giving Elliot a decent view down her shirt. Her eyes fluttered as she felt the aftershocks, but something changed. She yelped, falling against the opposite counter and sliding to the floor. Her anguished grunts lessened as she sat there.

Heather turned with confusion, looking between both of them. “What happened?” 
“Ah, I… I hit… ah, my cooch on something.” Kendra pressed both hands into her crotch. “I hit a handle on the cabinet.”
Elliot shrugged and Heather went back to cooking. He knew what the true cause was. He excused himself to check on the clothes he had in the dryer. Kendra still felt an ache below, but she managed to climb to her feet. She headed downstairs, and nearly tripped on the final step. She felt something wet and rough rubbing along her vagina. It felt uncomfortable at first, but soon she started to enjoy it.

She walked carefully, finding Elliot searching around the running clothes dryer. The sensation continued as she came closer. “What the fuck happened?” Kendra leaned upon the dryer, knowing that it was the cause of her orgasm. At least he’s being creative. Now though, something was continuously rubbing below, and she couldn’t figure out the reason. It abruptly moved higher as she searched. She let out a soft moan, grabbing Elliot’s attention.

The motion rubbed her clit and she was enjoying it. Then, they both found the cause. The linked container scooted along the floor as the family cat licked it vigorously. It must have fallen off and bounced. Elliot arose, intending to shoo the cat away when she grabbed his arm. “Just wait.”
He showed mild disgust, “really?”
She held onto his arm as the fluffy white cat continued licking her pussy. It followed along as it pushed the container into a corner. She was more aroused than she wanted to admit. It was weird, but she trusted her brother not to judge her too harshly. She took his other arm and pulled it around her. She embraced him in a hug, pressing her soft body into his firm chest. He was scrawny but fairly toned. “Just hold me… for a second.”

She closed her eyes, knowing he was uncomfortable. She put her head on his shoulder, feeling his warm breath upon her neck. His hand slipped lower, partially grabbing her big ass as they held one another. She pushed her hips forward, feeling his bulge between her legs. She lined up to press her pussy directly against his cock. The sensation stopped and she saw the cat sitting beside the portal licking its teeth. She didn’t want the moment to stop. She moved her chest up and down slightly, making her pierced nipples rub against him through her shirt.

She pulled back, pausing for a moment to look into his loving eyes. She was about to kiss him when he pushed her away. He was careful, yet firm. She was more than disappointed, feeling utter despair as he gathered up the portal and scared their cat away. He was surprisingly quiet as he hid the portal and went upstairs. She followed, but he went into his room and locked the door. She stared at the floor, feeling tears well up in her eyes, hoping she hadn’t gone too far.



“What is so fricken important?” Kendra sat beside him upon the bed.
“Remember how I filled my boss yesterday? She had me bring some special deliveries today and said that they were very important. She paid me extra, too. I couldn’t help myself and peeked inside. I saw hundreds of dollars!” Elliot shook his head, slowing down to process. “What did I get involved in?”
“What’s the problem?”
“These places… I made a portal in one just to see and… they were talking about a few places laundering their money. I’m involved in something big!”
“Oh don’t fucking flip on me. So it’s some bad stuff – she’s only having you deliver packages. It’s probably a need to know thing.”
“How can you be so calm?”
“It’s only a few hundred dollars, so it’s probably not some criminal empire. There’s a lot of things that go on that we won’t ever know about. I don’t see why this can’t be one.” Kendra put a hand on his shoulder. “Just relax and say it makes you uncomfortable to do the deliveries… or keep doing it and play dumb. Now, can I borrow the portal thing? I need to get some cash.”
He was stunned by her easy acceptance. Elliot took out his wallet, but she quickly waved it aside. “No, I don’t want your blood money.” She grinned. “I’m just kidding! Chill out!”
He narrowed his eyes. “Fine, but I need to know what you’re doing.”

Kendra agreed, opening a portal into Andrew’s room. She reached through and snagged Andrew’s wallet as he focused on the computer screen. She pulled two twenties out and replaced it on the night-stand. “That asshole made me buy dinner yesterday. I knew he was lying about being broke.”
“You don’t find anything wrong with taking his money?”
“I know better, I just think I deserve it more than he does.” She smirked. “Hey, speaking of what people deserve, have you checked in on your honey-boo recently?”
“What? You mean Cybil? No.”

She created a portal that spied upon the blonde girl next door. Cybil was also distracted by a monitor, looking bored as she clicked through an online presentation. She was sitting in a snug tank-top and baggy pajama bottoms. Her breast squished as she reached up to scratch her neck. She looked incredibly sexy and Elliot tried to scoot back to hide his growing erection.

“See, she’s fiiiine.” Kendra nudged. “Want to improve her learning experience?”
“Stop. I could’ve gotten her pregnant. I can’t do that again.”
“You’re just full of limitations. You have access to anyone and anywhere and you’re not using it.”
“Fine,” he grabbed the pen from her hand, “wait here.” Without explanation, he went to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later to find his sister holding her stomach and looking confused.

“Ugh. What did you do?”
“Avoiding limitations.” Elliot sat in his chair, watching her suffer. “This is what I did to my boss. Don’t worry, the flow isn’t as high.”
“What?!” Kendra stood, her belly growling as she glared. “You’re putting water in me? What about our agreement? We can’t do anything to each other.”
“You broke that rule twice already. This is just punishment.”
“Close the portal right now!”
“I don’t have the rod at the moment.” He spoke smugly. “And you can’t turn it off either.”
“Listen, you little shit, you better…” She trailed off as footsteps approached.
Their mother knocked before peeking through the door. “Dinner.” She could sense they were up to no good but said nothing as she closed the door.
“We have to go eat, stop this right now!” Kendra was livid.
“Sorry, maybe after dinner.”

She pleaded, following him into the hallway and down the stairs. Kendra went quiet as they moved into the kitchen, seeing their family gathering around the dinner table. They found chairs, sitting silently as they started filling their plate. Emery took a spoonful of green beans, eying her siblings suspiciously. Their father, Adrian, gave a quick glance as he took a sip of beer, awaiting his wife to join them.

Their mother brought in a final side dish and sat down. She was thick and curvy, but her height spread it out. She was fairly toned, with most of her fat collecting in her broad rump. Her chest matched, but that was due to the breast enlargement she had a few years back. A long intricate tattoo peeked beneath her shirt sleeve. She was not shy about her wild younger years and she could still fly off the handle once in a while.

“Actually on time tonight?” Adrian questioned flatly.
“You don’t need to wait for us.” Elliot offered a disarming smile that Adrian didn’t acknowledge.

Kendra was trying to act normal, but she would stop occasionally, trying to push through the discomfort growing in her belly. She took small bites, her eyes darting around when she thought no one noticed. The family exchanged stories from the day and Elliot mentioned his new delivery job, but omitted the details. Kendra’s belly grumbled audibly. She closed her eyes and lowered her head.

“What’s wrong?” Heather questioned.
“Uh, I’m fine, just a stomach ache.” Kendra took a bite eagerly, tensing as she hid the torment.
“Any luck finding another job?” Adrian changed the topic.
“Not yet.” She moved her green hair back, subtly glaring at Elliot.
“Well, you can use the car tomorrow. I can get a ride from one of my buddies at work.”
“I’ve been submitting them online. You have to give them time to call back.”
“Try harder.” Heather sighed, realizing how harsh that sounded. “You have to try something new. Make them want to call you back.”
“You have to find work or go to college, Kendra.” Adrian cut in sternly.

Kendra had quit her last two jobs, both due to problems with her coworkers. Elliot loved his sister, but her personality could be rather divisive. Their parents knew this and pushed her to overcome it. She also avoided college, being uncertain of what she truly wanted. Kendra had immense trouble with commitment.

“Fine, fine. I’ll look tomorrow!” She absentmindedly put a hand on her belly as she spoke with irritation.
Emery broke the tension and started gathering plates. “I’m off, so I can make dinner tomorrow.”
“Sounds good sweetie,” Adrian helped her for a moment before heading to the door. “I’m going back to work for a couple of hours. I’ll be back home around nine.” He took his coat and gave another nod as he left.

Heather cleaned for a little bit before she realized the time. She trotted upstairs and returned with a duffel bag, rushing to attend her weekly yoga class. Emery worked on the dishes and Kendra used the distraction to carefully arise. She let out quick, quiet breaths to subdue the pain. Holding her heavy stomach, she climbed out of her seat and took a heavy step.

Elliot was astounded to see her rounded belly peeking below her shirt. Her leggings were pressed lower, hugging her midsection and stretched tight enough to show the outline of her panties. She took another step, causing her body to wobble while she found balance. Her inflated stomach sat perfectly on her larger frame, looking extremely sexy as she moved. While their sister was distracted, Elliot helped her upstairs, unable to avoid watching her ass as he led her into the bathroom.

Raising her shirt, Kendra looked to him with concern, holding her midsection. It was bigger than he expected. The colorful phoenix tattoo stretched around her hip, spreading out upon her hanging tummy. She groaned, no longer hiding her displeasure. She pulled down her pants, giving him a quick glance before sitting on the toilet. She pushed and let out a sigh, unable to release the water.

“Stop this!”
“Are you going to quit fucking with me? Are you going to quit stealing from people?”
“I’ll leave you alone, but why do you care so much? What is the harm in stealing? It’s not like we can get caught!”
“Kendra!” He pulled a book from beside the toilet, reaching through and increasing the water flow. She got up, not even trying to hide her privates as she shuffled ahead. He put out a hand, keeping her away from the book. “You have to stop!”

She pressed against him, still reaching for it. “We have something that makes portals to anywhere in the world and you use it to give me a goddamned enema? Why should I listen to you?” Her warm belly pressed into him. She hugged him as a cramp rolled through her body, squeezing tightly. His hard cock pressed against her exposed crotch. She was in too much pain to really care. “Elliot!” She whispered with urgency. “Please.”

He was lost in her scent. Goosebumps ran along his back as his sister embraced him. He wanted to act upon his urges, but he reminded himself of how wrong it would be. Everyone thinks about it, but that’s all it can be. He felt her fingers pressing into his back. What am I doing? He used the portal to stop the flow of water. Kendra pulled back, looking at him for a moment before suddenly standing upright and waddling to the toilet. She plopped down and let the water go.

She showed teeth as she emptied, clenching fists as the collected water rushed out. Her belly was round and tight. Her big breasts hidden beneath her tight shirt. She looked so vulnerable and sexy like this, with her big ass pressing outward upon the seat. Her beautiful, distressed eyes closing as she pushed. He was still hard, but he was able to think logically again now that she wasn’t hanging on him. He pulled the metal rod from his pocket and closed the portal.

“You asshole! You had it the whole time.”
Elliot inspected the runed object, running his fingers along the unknown markings. “You’re right. I should be using this to help us.” His eyes met hers. “Come to my room once you finish and we can think of something.”

He tried to think rationally, avoiding any ideas that would raise much suspicion. He kept coming back to the risks. Nobody will ever know it was me… Unless I get caught. Twenty minutes rolled by when Kendra came into the room. “I was thinking,” he paused until Kendra closed the door, “you need to get a part-time job before anything.” 
“Why do I have to work if I have access to limitless money? Why not rob a bank or something.”
“We can’t be careless! We can’t get caught with this or it will get taken away. People would kill to get this. Just tell me what kind of job you want.”
She finally seemed to understand. “Okay… How about an actress?” She shrugged with an unapologetic smile. “I don’t know. What does Dad do?”
“He looks at insurance claims and decides if they get a payout or not.”
“That sounds easy. Get me in on that.”
“He’s stuck at work right now doing paperwork. Is that really what you want?”
“No he’s not.” Kendra rolled her eyes. “Couldn’t you see he was lying?”
Elliot narrowed his eyes. “Why would he lie?”
“I don’t know. I could just tell.”
He stopped himself from debating it. “I know a way we can see.”

Elliot opened a portal. They found him having sex with a black woman in a hotel room. The slim woman rode him hard, sliding her hips back and forth as she moaned. The squeaking bed surely irritated the guests around them. Her trim ass had the perfect amount of fat, jiggling pleasantly as she took his cock. Her teardrop breasts bounced in the air until Adrian took hold of one and squeezed. His other hand went around her hip, pressing her down upon him. She slid some of her straight black hair over her ear, looking down for a moment before planting a passionate kiss.

Adrian had a scruffy peppered goatee and a carefree smile. He rolled the girl over and raised her legs. He slipped his cock back in and pounded her hard. She groaned at first, but soon she was enjoying every inch. He bit her neck softly, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and holding her close. Skin slapped together as her feet twisted in the air. Their father’s pale ass was surprisingly muscular, but Elliot had to look away.

Kendra watched a bit longer before meeting his questioning gaze. “See?”
“He’s cheating on Mom.”
“God, you are so fucking naive. I bet she knows.”
He shook his head. “Why would she be okay with this?”

Before continuing, she noticed her brother’s bulge. Kendra retrieved the portal pen from his desk and drew a circle on a small notebook and another on the desk. A cock appeared, standing upright beside his computer mouse. She brought the book onto it, sliding it down slowly. He felt the warmth and noticed the girl beneath his father looked very surprised. Kendra started moving the book when it reached the halfway point. 

Kendra quickly pulled the book off as Adrian stopped. “What’s wrong, Simone?”
She opened her mouth and moved her tongue. “I don’t know. Something just felt weird.”

Kendra waited for the couple to continue before doing it again. This time Simone gagged loudly, looking surprised by the sound. With a big grin, Kendra struck out that portal and made another, bringing it upon Elliot’s wet pole. This entrance was much tighter, making him squirm in his seat. The head was barely in when Simone clenched her teeth and apparently Adrian’s cock. He gasped and stopped again.

She looked down with peaked eyebrows. “Did you put a finger in my ass?” He showed her his palms. Simone shook her head, unable to explain the sensation as she started moving again. Kendra eased the two portals closer, causing Simone and Elliot to move uncomfortably. With a playful grin, Kendra moved the portal gently, making her brother fuck the woman in the ass while their father fucked her in the front.

Simone didn’t say anything, but she was taking it pretty hard from Adrian too. Her dark, smooth legs shook in the air as their skin slapped together. Kendra eased Elliot’s cock farther, his knuckles whitening as he held the armrests. She lightly bit her tongue as she watched. He tried not to move too much, but it really didn’t help. Kendra knew he was getting close and she loved it. She let the book fall, pushing his whole cock into her ass at once.

Squirming and grunting, Simone pushed upward against Adrian. He took it as a sudden orgasm and went harder, slamming her pussy with force. She gasped and dug her nails into his back, but he didn’t relent. Elliot tensed, trying to fight the urge, but her movements pushed him over the edge. His cock twitched, spurting blasts of cum up the girl’s ass. Adrian felt her muscles tighten and he came moments later. Both cocks filling the girl as she lay helplessly beneath the tired man. She caught her breath, closing her eyes as she took the thick deposits. Kendra broke the link, watching as Adrian rolled aside and cuddled with his lover. Simone said it felt fantastic at the end, but couldn’t explain why.

“That was so fucking hot.”
Elliot adjusted himself beneath his clothing. “Kendra, what the hell?”
“Have some fun, little brother! She’ll never know.”
“But we know! I just came in some stranger’s ass.”
“Don’t you trust Dad’s judgment?” She nudged him playfully. “I think she’s hot.”
“Don’t you have any morals? Do you know what right and wrong are?”
“Sure, I just know that morals can be flexible.” She averted her eyes. “Sorry.”
Elliot shook his head, uncertain of what to say. “I never expected him to cheat.”

His sister paused suddenly, drawing another portal. This one showed their mother and another man. His dark-skinned body was muscular and strong, pulling her back into his thrusts as he did her from behind. He had scruffy hair and a short beard. He spoke in a low, sexy voice telling Heather how much he loved her pussy. Elliot was stunned and Kendra only grinned.

Heather looked over her shoulder, her eyes fluttering as she drew a quick breath. “Keep talking like that and I’ll have to get on top.” She purred, taking a few more thrusts before pulling off. “Too late.” His massive cock slid out as she nudged him backward. She stepped up in the bed, her ass jiggling as she stepped closer and lowered herself onto him. Heather held the long shaft, directing it in carefully, having some difficulty taking him all the way. She put her hands on his smooth chest, grinding on him aggressively as each thrust pushed more in.

“Woah!” Kendra was clearly in awe, “did you see the size of that thing?”
“I bet it hurts.” He felt slightly jealous of the size.
“I bet it feels wonderful!”

They watched as their mother rode the firm-chested man. Her light-colored hands showing stark contrast to his ebony skin. Her mouth hung open as she bounced upon him, her cushiony ass slapping against his thighs. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them as she moaned. Light blonde hair waved in the air as he fucked her. Her jaw quivering as he sucked her nipple.

Kendra was transfixed upon the scene with a hand resting upon her crotch. Her nipples were showing prominently from beneath her shirt and through her bra. Taking the rod, Elliot created two more portals. The black cock tilted, standing upright upon his desk much like his had before. “Returning the favor.” He did as his sister had, lowering the other portal onto it.

He smirked as she shifted lower in her seat. Kendra opened her legs and grabbed the armrests. She bared her teeth as the cock entered her slowly and painfully. She closed her eyes, gasping as she took more and more. She was a little over halfway when he started feeling bad about her torment.

“Want me to stop?”
She opened her eyes to see the progress. “No, no, keep going. I can take it.”
He moved the portal down upon the meaty pole, watching his sister thrust her hips upward, feeling pleasure in spite of the discomfort.

On the other side of the portal, Heather slowed to a stop. She looked to her lover with confusion. He appeared to be enduring the sensation as well but in a different way. “Holy shit, how are you doing that?” He asked as he gripped her tits tightly.
She sat up with bewilderment, pulling from his grasp. A sheen of sweat covered her hefty rack. “What?”
“It’s super tight in there. It… feels too good…”
She looked disappointed. “I barely even feel it now.” She moved side to side, opening her legs in an attempt to take him deeper.

Kendra was frozen in the moment, gasping as she melted in the chair. Her sexy, full-figured body displayed in the chair, hidden beneath the casual clothing. There was subtle dampness through her pants as she took the man’s cock. Frazzled green hair rested upon the top of the chair as her pierced lip opened with a moan. She peeked again to see she was nearly to the end of the cock as he stopped.

“Keep going!” She snapped.
“Do you have a dildo?”
Her anguished eyes glared. “Keep going!”
Elliot knew he had to placate his mother. “I need your biggest dildo now!” He lifted the portal off, taking the cock out of his sister and letting Heather enjoy it once again.
Kendra was livid, sneering as she got up and stomped to her room. She returned in less than a minute with a realistic, silicone dildo. It was fairly long, but nothing like the other man’s and not nearly as thick. She planted the suction cup on the desk, speaking as it wobbled. “Happy?”

He made another portal to his mother’s cooch and lowered it onto the dildo. Holding a portal in each hand, he brought them down in unison. This kept Heather satisfied while Kendra took the real thing. He eased them down slowly, seeing the man breathing quickly. Kendra had a huge grin on her face when she realized it was all in. She just sat there for a moment, getting accustomed to such a huge piece of meat buried in her pussy.

Elliot took his hand away from one of the links, leaving the dildo trapped in place while he turned his attention to the other. He moved the book quickly, making the man’s penis move in and out of Kendra. The motion moved the dildo inside Heather, making her coo with delight. Both women loved it and so did the man. Elliot played them all like an instrument, laughing as they bucked and writhed from pleasure. 

The man grunted and Kendra gasped, his seed clearly blasting into her wet loins. She pushed her hips into the air, humping violently as she found orgasm. Her tits bounced beneath her shirt as she nearly laid down in the seat. She was overcome and giddy as the cum collected inside her. The wet spot grew between her legs. Then, a sudden thought brought her back to reality. She sat up, reaching for the books with the portals on the covers.

With a grimace, she slid them up, taking the cock out of her sensitive pussy and the dildo out of her mother. As the toy came out, his cock went back in to replace it. Heather stopped again, confused by the strange feelings happening below. Kendra put the two portals together, feeling the warmth of her mother’s loins as she pushed the cum out of her pussy and into her mother’s. Once a good amount had passed, she used the dildo to push the spunk deeper. It went in easily, making her take his entire cock and a partial section of the toy.

Heather’s eyes went wide as she went lower, humping him wildly. Her breasts mashed against his chest and her hair covered his face. Her climax came in an instant. She gasped and trembled, her comfy body convulsing with pure elation. They both went still as Kendra separated the portals and plopped back in her seat. She was exhausted after the experience.

“That was fucking incredible.” She smiled weakly. “Think they noticed?”
The couple was kissing now, resting in one another’s arms. “So what if they did?”
Kendra laughed quietly. “Now we know Mom and Dad both like chocolate.”
Elliot scoffed. “So do you, evidently.”
She giggled like a fool. “Yeah, but I kind of wish he lasted longer!” She reached into her pants to pull out slimy fingers. “I better go clean up.” She walked awkwardly to the door. Elliot caught himself staring at her ass as she left.

I just fucked Dad’s mistress in the ass and my sister fucked Mom’s boy-toy. It was really weird to think about. Kendra is right – I can have some fun with this thing. As long as I’m not too wild, no one will ever know. He watched his mother’s naked body wrapped around the man for a minute before closing all of the portals. I’m not crossing that bridge yet.

First Impressions


“I see we have a new face tonight. Would you mind introducing yourself?”
“Hi, my name is Julia and I’m here because I can’t get pregnant.” The others greeted her warmly. “My boyfriend broke up with me because he wants kids. So, I figured I’d come here to see how others handle their… situation.”

“We hope we can help.” A thin, curvy woman offered a genuine smile from across the circle. She looked to the head of the group for approval before continuing. “I’m Autumn and I’ve been coming here for a few months.” She rested her hands upon her lap. “I was born without the ability to get pregnant, but I always wanted to feel it. I want to be big and sexy.” She gave a half-smile, averting her eyes. “I have trouble keeping guys around, so I pretty much gave up.” Autumn scoffed. “I figured out how to indulge myself without being able to do it biologically-” The moderator broke in, thanking her and making it clear that the topic should change.

Other women talked more seriously of how their lives had changed, but Julia kept getting distracted. She wanted to know more about the casual woman who found a way to indulge herself. Autumn glanced over from time to time with a soft smirk. The session went on for another twenty minutes or so before they had a chance to talk alone.

The girl was casual, leaning next to the door as the others passed. “Hey. Julia right?”
“I’m surprised you remember.”
“How could I forget a pretty face like yours?”
“Uh, I’m not typically into women if that’s your idea.”
Autumn smirked. “You’re just right to business aren’t you? Can’t I just be a friend?”
Julia blushed. “Sorry, I just didn’t want to lead you on.”
“It’s okay, you’re not my type of girl anyway.” Autumn winked.
“What do you mean by that?” She asked, pulling back in offense.
Autumn smiled. “You’re just too frilly for me.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“I’m just saying… You’re exposing your midriff… You just seem like a girly-girl. Nothing wrong with it.”
Julia rolled her eyes. “You’re wearing make-up too, so I’m not the only one trying to be pretty.”
“But I am pretty.”
Julia cocked her head, putting a hand on her hip. “Are you implying I’m not?”
“No, not at all. How about we both just agree that we share a differing type of beauty?” Autumn stood up, placing a hand on her new acquaintance’s soft shoulder. “How about we discuss our qualities over some coffee? My treat.”

With a suddenly playful smile, Julia agreed. They headed to a nearby coffee shop and found a table in the corner. The sun slid lower in the sky as they chatted, speaking about their past and what they did for a living. It was a light-hearted, jovial conversation. Julia took a glance at her phone, realizing the time.

“I should probably head home.” Julia gathered up her used sugar and creamer packets.
“I can show you.”
“Show me what?”
Autumn took a moment before continuing. “I know you’re not into girls, but I can show you how I indulge myself. It’s kind of weird, but it’s close to being pregnant. I promise you can leave anytime and I won’t force you to do anything. You can say no, but I think you’ll like it.” She was about to go on, but she decided to wait.

Julia contemplated the situation as she fidgeted nervously. She shrugged, “sure.” A big grin spread across her face. “I was wondering when you were going to tell me what you meant earlier.”

They drove to her place and Autumn gave her a quick tour. It was messy but seemed very inviting. They shared a stronger drink before moving into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, they swapped stories of their childhood. A long pause came before Julia finally broke the silence.

“So, teach me the ways, oh great master.” Julia giggled.
“You want to know my tricks?” Autumn looked at her with devious eyes. “You gotta take off that shirt.”
Julia went quiet, turning bright red. “I… thought you wanted to be friends.”
With a somber expression, Autumn stood up. “I’m going to show you something, be prepared.”
“What? You have some weird tattoo or-“ She was stunned by the reveal. “Oh… Oh my…”

Dropping her jeans, Autumn displayed a very sizable cock. It was growing before their eyes, rising as she looked to Julia. “So, I get that you don’t like girls, but I think I might be an exception.”
“I… I don’t know…” Julia’s eyes kept returning to the aroused dick staring at her. “You show me how you indulge yourself and I’ll think about it.”

Autumn sighed. “I guess a promise is a promise.” She went to the closet, her bare ass bouncing as she moved. She was physically fit, but very curvy in the places that mattered. She retrieved a box and brought it to the bed. Inside was an assortment of sex toys and a coiled hose. “Ever had an enema before?”

“Uh… a couple of times. It feels weird.”
“Ever had one big enough to look pregnant?” Autumn grinned. “Want to try with me?” 
Julia nodded uncertainly, sneaking another glance at her dick. “Sounds fun.”

Autumn gathered what they needed and led her into the bathroom. She switched out the shower hose for the enema hose and placed two butt-plugs on the counter, one being much larger than the other. She gave her assurance that they were washed thoroughly.

They both removed their clothes, eyeing one another’s body. Julia was a thick girl – not quite chubby, but certainly comfortable. Her plush body was young and soft and it gave Autumn an intense urge to touch her. Curly, coppery-brown hair draped over her silky shoulders. A warm, encouraging smile gave her an air of innocence, though sometimes she seemed more experienced than she let on. 

Autumn was more traditionally pretty and curved. Her full lips and big brown eyes made her the picture of beauty, while a strong jawline and straight eyebrows made her look assured and confident. She took care of herself. With an ample chest, slim waist, and a bubble butt she could always attract possible lovers.

“You bring people over often?”
Autumn raised her eyebrow at the question. “No. I have some trust issues. The few that I’ve brought this far bailed when I told them I had a schlong. If that didn’t send them running then my box of toys certainly did. I like to be upfront, you know?” Autumn paused to gauge her reaction. “You’re my first. If this is too much then you can tell me to stop.”
“I will.” Julia was breathing quickly, her beautiful chest rising and falling. “Should we think of a safe-word or something?”
Autumn shrugged dismissively. “Uh, how about… Shampoo?”
“Haircare is no joking matter!” Julia smiled with her eyes, breaking the tension. “Okay.”

Taking the hose, Autumn licked it and slid it up her butt, moaning as she snaked it deeper. She turned the nozzle on, feeding a low flow of water into her ass. Her cock twitched as she felt the liquid slowly collecting inside of her. After a moment she increased the flow, leaning forward as she closed her eyes. Julia was leaning against the sink as she watched her new friend taking the enema.

Rising up, Autumn looked to the ceiling. She breathed quickly as water rushed into her stomach. It let out a low growl as some air shifted around. The woman’s confidence faltered as her eyes passed over her new acquaintance. She tensed as her presence shrank, feeling suddenly self-conscious about her fetish. 

Julia alleviated some of the awkwardness, putting a hand on her belly. She was amazed, feeling the water churning inside the girl’s midsection. “Does it hurt?”
“A little, but that’s part of the fun.” Autumn’s expression showed glimpses of many emotions. “It’s more of a challenge to see how much you can hold.”

The flow of water continued for over a minute, creeping lower as the time passed. Her belly appeared expectant now, hanging between her open legs. She looked gorgeous in Julia’s eyes – the shapely figure now completed with a growing belly. Autumn reached back and turned off the flow, her every movement causing her body to wobble pleasantly. Her robust chest and springy ass matched her distended belly perfectly. Her skin was tight and smooth, showing no stretch marks.

“Want to try?”
“Uh, sure.” Julia marveled at the apparently pregnant woman. 
Clenching her ass, Autumn removed the nozzle from her behind, offering it to her friend. “You can use some alcohol wipes over-“

Without concern, Julia poked the hose up her ass. She gave a playful shrug as she nestled it in. She reached over and cranked the valve, jumping ahead from the sudden surge of water racing through her bowels. She took a few small steps, holding onto her host’s arm until the intensity lessened. She was taking it surprisingly well for a first-timer.

“I need to be honest. I lied. I’ve done this before.” Julia bit her lip. “I didn’t want to seem too eager.”

It was hard to tell if Autumn was disappointed or just enduring the pain. She let out a sigh and grabbed the smaller butt-plug. She worked it in, gasping lightly as it moved into position. She leaned back, her big butt squishing against the wall. She focused on the liquid she carried, ignoring the urge to release until the gas settled. She relaxed after a moment, silently watching Julia fill.

Julia had the perfect shaven pussy. The tiniest amount of pink peeking from her silky skin. It rested just below her expanding tummy. Her hanging breasts were ideal for holding and her plump ass would be fantastic to spank. Just watching her ample body gave Autumn an intense hard-on. She took the higher flow for a long time before she had to slam the handle down. Julia’s belly was huge when she finally submitted, grumbling loudly as the water settled, making Autumn feel oddly inadequate. She was far more capable than she let on. Barely showing discomfort, Julia pulled the nozzle out and hastily plugged herself with the larger toy.

“I usually have to do the small one first… How did you…?”
“I do this too.” She rubbed her tummy lovingly. “I was worried I’d freak you out if I told you. I’ll be honest from now on.”

Relief was plain on Autumn’s face. Her hard cock twitched again as Julia reached over and wrapped her delicate fingers around the shaft. She stroked it carefully as she looked into Autumn’s clear brown eyes. They stepped closer, embracing one another, feeling their warm, tight skin pressing together. They grabbed handfuls of each other’s body, pushing their bellies together. They leaned in, kissing gently. It was gentler than a man’s touch, but soon their excitement led them to be rougher.

Autumn spun her around, attempting to bend her over and take her from behind. Julia stopped her, holding up a hand. “I’m not letting you in so easy!” She reached down to touch Autumn’s balls. “You should plug that hose back in and fill while you’re fucking me.”

“But, I have quite a lot already.”
Julia gave an innocent smile as she batted her eyelashes. “Can’t take just a little more for me?” She moved her hips seductively, holding her breasts as she purred. “Take a little more and you get to play with my kitty.”

Eagerly, Autumn extracted the plug and reinserted the hose. She started it slowly, raising up as the water flowed once again. It was overwhelming at first, but she was able to endure the feeling. They kissed again, touching their nipples together as they moved their tongues. Without a word, Julia reached for the handle and cranked it on full blast. Autumn’s eyes doubled with surprise. She gave a muffled yelp as she pushed against her lover. 

“Too much!” She finally managed to whisper.
Julia turned quickly and bent down. “Just fuck through it!” She spread her pussy awaiting the throbbing cock. “Come on, it’ll feel great!”

Whimpering, Autumn stepped up and pushed her cock in. She was rough and awkward, trying to fuck through the discomfort. The pressure was intense and her belly was trembling as it grew. She didn’t know if she could make it, feeling little reward for her thrusts. But, after a few moments, she started growing accustomed to the blast of fluid. Julia reached between their legs and tickled her balls. It helped, making an orgasm grow quickly.

Loud, wet noises came from below as the dick pushed in and out of the clamping pussy. Julia was enjoying herself. She felt the weight of her lover’s belly spreading over her back. Her own belly was hanging low, swinging rhythmically as she took the forceful thrusts. She was so close when she felt the cock jerking inside. Hot jizz coated her pussy. It felt great, but it left her irritated that it came too early.

“Nooo, I was so close!”
“Ugh, ah, oh God… I can’t!” Autumn huffed, slapping the handle before turning it off. She was wrecked by the powerful sensation, trembling as she let out another shot of cum before pulling out.

Frustrated, Julia popped her plug out. She reached behind Autumn and removed the hose, replacing it with the warm plug that had just been up her ass. Autumn’s cock jumped and she squeaked, still trying to regain her senses. Julia brought the hose behind her and plugged in, unleashing the full force of the water once again. She tensed and scooted forward, pointing Autumn’s sensitive cock downward and rubbing it along her used pussy.

She raised up, placing the tip of the organ in her slippery entrance. It pushed inside, making her climax in an instant. They both pushed together, nestling the cock deep inside as she twitched happily. She was laughing as she came, holding onto Autumn’s shoulders as she started moving again.

Autumn was enjoying it after a few seconds, moving in spite of her pained body. The wetness below made every movement smooth and pleasant. They moved faster and soon they were going at it like rabbits, pumping with determination as their massive bellies squished together. They were sweaty and grunting, fucking hard as they tried to find a second orgasm through the painfully full feeling.

Julia reached over to turn off the water, but Autumn held tightly, keeping her just far enough away. With a defeated sigh, Julia decided to listen to her own advice. She grabbed Autumn’s shoulders, leaning back to take the cock farther. They pushed into the thrusts, focusing on the climax as their bodies quaked, slapping audibly as they grew weak from the movements.

They looked into one another’s eyes as Autumn’s cock wiggled in her tight hole. This time it seemed more forceful, blasting even more cum up her vagina as water continued filling her from behind. Julia’s second orgasm followed shortly. She let out quick gasps as she stumbled back against the sink, barely able to stand from the euphoria. It was an accomplishment and one of the best orgasms of her life, but the overwhelming exhilaration quickly passed. She hurried to stop the flow, huffing as she held her huge belly.

“I’ve never taken this much. Ah. I need to empty.” Julia blinked, scrunching her brow in discomfort.
Autumn ignored her struggle, squeezing her close to give her a long kiss. “You’re so fucking hot.” She pushed the handle, turning on the water flow yet again. “But I get to empty first.”

“Ah, you bitch!” Julia smiled, showing her teeth in a mixture of pain and playfulness. She shot up and slid along the wall, stopping the water for the last time. Cum dripped onto the tile as she leaned on the counter, trying to wait as her guest emptied. Water and air roiled in her belly and urgency built. “Ugh… I just… I can’t.” She sat on the edge of the bathtub, slipping the hose out and spraying clear water behind her.

They didn’t talk much as they emptied, both feeling fatigued from the fill. Both girls ignoring the lewd sounds as they released copious amounts of water. Julia cleaned up and left, saying she’d call in the morning. They talked on and off over the next few days, acknowledging that it wasn’t a normal relationship, only an indulgence of desire. But, of course, they decided to meet up again – this time at Julia’s place.

“Well hello there.” Autumn came in wearing casual clothing and a playful smirk.
Julia was wearing a patterned dress, relaxed and sitting with her legs apart. “Want to skip the formalities and get to it?”

Julia got up and pulled her visitor closer, moving her hand below the dress, allowing Autumn to feel the dampness. “I have something different for today.” She pulled her dress off, showing her distended belly. She wasn’t as large as their last encounter, but she was clearly holding something in there. Autumn rubbed her stomach, feeling something firm beneath her skin.

“What are you hiding in there?”
“You’ll have to wait and see.” Julia brought her into the bedroom, showing her a large box of sex toys sitting open in the closet. “Get comfortable and lay on your belly.”

Autumn took off her clothes, tucking her semi-hard cock between her legs as she lay down. She rested on her elbows, awaiting whatever was to come. Julia used some lube to prime her backdoor, wiggling her fingers as she inserted more. Gentle moans escaped as the fingers opened her. She took four fingers before Julia decided to use the toys.

Without looking back, Autumn could feel something cool and wet opening her asshole. It pushed in, slipping deeper into her bowels until the pressure became too much. Julia worked it from side to side, finally slipping around the internal blockage. The double-ended dildo was pretty thick, but she was able to take it. Julia ran fingernails along her shoulders and down her back, making her shiver with delight. She moaned as Julia fed the final segment of the toy into her ass. Her asshole closed around the finger, pinching tight as it gobbled up the object.

“Now for number two!”
Autumn glanced back to see another, somewhat thicker double-ended dildo. “Two? I don’t know…”

Julia slapped her ass, laughing as she guided the second toy into her full asshole. It took some maneuvering, but she was able to fit it alongside the other. It took more effort, somewhat forcing the pole deeper and deeper into the uncertain participant. Something stopped it, but she circled the toy around liberally and then it moved once more. Autumn grunted, raising onto her hands and knees as she took over half of the toy.

“Oh, ugh, I can feel it in my stomach!” She could see a bulge moving beneath her skin.
“You’re doing great! Now shut up and take it.” Julia spanked her again, giggling as the toy slipped in more easily.

Somehow she was able to take the whole thing, feeling two massive toys lodged in her guts. Autumn thought it was over until she saw the next toy. Julia held a line of three enormous anal beads. The thick black silicone glistened as it swayed. “Ready for the real challenge?”

“That is too much! There’s no place for it to fit!”
“I think you’ll be surprised. Don’t pussy out on me now!” Julia beamed. “I won’t go too hard, just trust me.”

With a deep breath, Autumn braced herself. She squeaked as Julia pushed the first damp ball between her red cheeks. It started in, opening her larger than she expected. It edged the two dildos deeper. She dug her fingers into the covers, fighting the urge to pull away. Scrunching her face, she felt her asshole open more and more until finally, it popped in. She yelped, launching forward onto the bed, waving her feet as she screamed into the pillow. Julia laid upon her, pressing her soft body against her back.

“It’s okay, shhh, you got one.” Julia comforted her, rubbing her arms tenderly.
“Oh, it’s so much!” The pain was lessening, allowing her to speak again. “I don’t think I can take anymore.”
“You just need a minute.” Julia ran her hands lower, reaching under them to feel Autumn’s cock. “Don’t you want a big sexy belly?

Autumn did want to take more. She felt better, distracted by Julia’s soft touch and delightful smell. She finally nodded, raising up onto her hands and knees again, leaning back to try taking another. Mentally prepared, she could feel the thick orb press against her backdoor. Julia’s fingers slipped a couple of times before she was able to get it started. With slow force, she was able to jam it in, watching it suddenly disappear into Autumn’s gaping asshole. She took it much better than the first, but she was still feeling an ache.

Julia decided to go for the third. Autumn tried to take it, but she started pulling away. She made two more attempts before giving up, never passing the halfway mark. Letting out a pathetic whimper, she twisted to land on her side. She looked up with teary eyes. Her stomach was sizable and the last ball was dangling from her ass. She looked away, rubbing her apparently pregnant stomach.

“You did great!” Julia reassured her.
“It hurts so much, but… I…”
“It’s okay…” Julia ran a finger along the underside of her cock.

Autumn let out another weak whimper. Her balls throbbed and the cock shook as she shot cum onto the sheets. Julia was amazed and delighted, finding it cute that a slight touch could make her cum so quickly. She slid back and got off of the bed for a moment, turning around to show her apple ass with a large black ring hanging from between her cheeks. She had the same style of beads in her ass. She pulled them out slowly, tensing as each one came free. She held them up with accomplishment before setting them on a towel.

“Now we’re going to play a little game.”

Julia laid down, awkwardly moving into place upon the bed. She was lying opposite of Autumn, both of them on their sides and facing forward. She reached between her legs, stroking Autumn’s cock to get it firm again. She moved it into her pussy, moaning as it slid between her lower lips. Reaching back, she pulled the anal beads hanging from the tired girl’s ass. Autumn groaned as they came out, jumping slightly as each opened her up.

As soon as the last one came free Julia shifted back, pressing their asses together. She spread her cheeks as she found the right angle, directing Autumn to push. She felt the warm toys pushing against her asshole. Autumn moaned as she edged them out, having trouble passing such a large blockage. The two dildos slid as one, pushing inside Julia’s open asshole. They were both enjoying the sensation, trying not to move as Autumn released the toys into her ass.

Julia couldn’t resist moving her hips subtly, feeling the cock to rub her g-spot as they lay connected. The long toys stopped about halfway between them due to Autumn’s exhaustion. In response, Julia decided to push back. The dildos moved faster this direction, sliding back into her ass easily. With a loud groan, she shook her hips faster, trying to fuck through the discomfort.

Autumn reached down to hold Julia’s hips, edging the toys back into her again. This lasted for only a few seconds before Autumn’s cock pulsed quickly, pumping cum into her lover. She relaxed as she came, allowing the toys to slip back into her ass without resistance. She took them almost entirely before her cock stopped throbbing. The limp dick fell out as she groaned from the insertion. She rolled onto her back, rubbing her swollen tummy.

“That was intense!” Autumn huffed, showing teeth as she recovered.
Julia moved up to sit beside her, spreading her legs to show cum seeping from her pussy. “It was fun,” she purred. “Now to see how long you keep them in.” She stretched to grab the anal beads, directing Autumn to turn over.
“My ass is too sore.”
“Come on, you can hold more if you practice.”

Autumn turned over hesitantly. “If it’s too much then- OH, oh, oh my god!” The first ball popped in. “Oh, my FUCKING… Ah…” The second slid in. “It hurts, it hurts SO bad!” And the third one fit, but just barely. Julia rolled her over, rubbing her friend’s swollen stomach. Autumn looked pregnant, but it was extremely difficult not to push it all out. She struggled as Julia touched her body gently, but somehow she kept it in. She had never come close to taking so much, but looking down upon her big belly she felt accomplished.

“See, it’s just willpower.” Julia caressed her bulging tummy, tickling her belly-button as she smiled. “Just fight through it!”

Her cock was barely hard, but Julia was right. She wanted to keep it in, so she considered it a challenge. After a few minutes, she was able to let her mind wander, chatting as she held the three large toys in her ass. The ache and fullness never went away, but she was able to push it to the back of her mind. After about 10 minutes she couldn’t last any longer.

Waddling to the bathroom, Julia tugged the ring and let Autumn do the rest. The large balls came out one by one, accompanied by cute farts. They plopped onto the floor as her ass opened for the dildos. The double-dildos moved together, slithering down as she strained. They hit the floor with a wet slap. Her gaping asshole winked as she sank low, trembling and groaning. She gasped as she looked back with accomplishment.

Julia gave a big smile and a thumbs up. “Awesome!”
Stumbling around to sit on the toilet, Autumn smiled at the sight of all the large toys she had held in her ass. She looked frazzled and weak, letting out small, cute farts as she rested an elbow on the counter. She blinked her tired eyes, breathing slowly as she sat. “I like you.” She said out of the blue.

“Uh, I like you too.” Julia got onto her knees, hugging her friend as she sat. She licked Autumn’s nipple gently, making her moan and hold her head. She moved higher and gave her a slow kiss. “That was fun.”
“Mm-hmm… Next time I think I can take more.”
“Oh, next time we both will.”

Open Door Policy


He came in, shrugging off the light layer of snow that covered his jacket. He could make portals large enough to fit through, but he didn’t trust it enough to travel through one yet. Passing by a few other workers, he found his boss checking through some paperwork in her office. He was late, but she didn’t seem to notice as he clocked in around the corner.
He let out a subdued sigh when he heard the sound of heels tapping on the tile floor. Shit. He turned to see his boss staring daggers at him. “We need to talk, Mr. Fischer.”
The woman wore a perfectly white, long-sleeved blouse with an eye-catching yellow tie. The tie was only partially visible behind a formal red vest with two rows of buttons spaced evenly down the front. The matching skirt was open over her right leg, allowing her movement in the tight-fitting attire. Black nylon stockings accentuated her slender legs, giving her an air of elegance. The clothing store only had a handful of locations in the area and she owned them all.
She brought him to a secluded area of the stockroom before chiding him. “This is your final warning, Elliot. You need to be more reliable.”
“I know, I’m sorry.”
Her austere blue eyes narrowed. “You said that before. I think you’re a good employee, but that is irrelevant if you don’t show up. Think of how it would look on your resume. If you can’t handle this job then I could give you a later shift working at the customer service desk.”
He knew that was considered the worst job at the store. “No, it’s fine. I’ll make it on time. Promise.”
“Very good.” She spoke with a sharp nod. “Now, today I have a special project for you. You will be doing the yearly audit.” She walked, making sure he followed along, leading him downstairs. “You are in charge of going through those papers and matching them to the items in our inventory. At the end, you’ll go back through and make note of any items that weren’t inventoried. It will take a few days, but consider this your penance.” She explained a few more details before leaving him to begin work on the stack.
It only took about 20 minutes before boredom set in. The secluded basement office was claustrophobic and cluttered, complete with an ancient computer that barely functioned. His progress halted until he heard his boss’s heels clicking down the steps. She checked in, asking if he had any questions. It was a thinly-veiled attempt to make sure he was still being productive, but he knew how to fake it. She left, vowing to return to check on his progress.
He resumed typing SKU numbers, but soon his mind wandered again. He took out the portal creator and drew a large opening on the wall. No one would be bothering him other than his boss, and soon she wouldn’t be checking either. He made a couple of portals to the utility sink in the other section of the basement. He discovered that the portals could move along with the subject if you thought about it while creating them. He waited for Angela to exit her office and start down the stairs. Using the other portals, Elliot turned on the water. He smiled, knowing where it was going.
His boss stopped abruptly, looking subtly concerned as she backtracked and headed to the bathroom. He stopped the flow as she did her business. He wasn’t into watching girls pee, but it was very odd to see the professional woman letting out a couple of farts as water trickled into the toilet. He returned to work until she finished, noticing that she was headed to the stairs again. He repeated the process, directing the water into her ass.
Angela leaned on the railing, pushing forward in spite of the strange sensation. In response, Elliot cranked the nozzle, allowing a much higher flow to push into the woman. Angela pursed her lips as she closed her legs. She gripped the rail tightly, coming to a stop at the foot of the stairs. She was close. He was prepared to remove the portals, but she finally gave up and trotted back upstairs.
She visited the bathroom once again. After stopping the flow he did a little more work. It’s not so bad with a little bit of a distraction. Elliot grinned. Angela went back to her office, staring at her desk with worried eyes. She took a phone call and after a few minutes, she seemed noticeably more relaxed. Half an hour slipped by before she got the courage to head for the door again.
Responding as soon as she stepped out of her office, Elliot opened the valve entirely. Water blasted into her ass, making Angela whimper and lean heavily upon the wall. Her blouse came partially untucked as she sank lower, completely overcome by agony. She clumsily moved back inside and pushed the door closed. He let it run for a while longer as she slid onto the floor.
No one had noticed, but she was nervous that someone would find her. She moved in front of the door, unbuttoning her vest and pulling her shirt up. She gasped, noticing how tight and full her belly looked. Pressing it with her finger, she groaned as the water shifted inside. He was enjoying the scene. Thinking back to all the times she berated him over simple mistakes. He decided to give her a little more.
Angela squirmed as he directed more liquid into her ass. He loved watching his bitch of a boss suffering as she sat on the floor. She spread her long legs, unfastening her skirt in a vain attempt to relieve some pressure. The tight bun of black hair was coming loose and her expression showed that she was bewildered by the situation. Her large chest seemed normal next to the growing belly that peeked from beneath her clothing. She dug her fingers into the cheap carpet, scrunching her cute nose as she gasped quickly.
Elliot couldn’t resist touching himself. Seeing the businesswoman suffer was arousing him more than expected. She put her head against the door, groaning softly as the unknown sensation coursed through her body. He knew better than to repeat the mistake he made with Cybil, so he slid his cock out and stroked it the old fashioned way.
He suddenly realized how big she had gotten while he was distracted. Her stomach looked 9-months pregnant and the other areas of her slender figure had grown too. Her sleeves were pulled tight around her arms and patches of her rosy skin peeked from large tears that ran along in her stockings. Her chest was nearly bursting through the vest and her butt was now clearly defined beneath her stretching dress. Her midsection was pushing her clothes open, starting to slide outward as her tight skin felt the pull of gravity.
Angela was teary-eyed and quietly pleading for help. Elliot decided she’d had enough and turned off the water. Her concerned eyes searched the room before she flopped onto her side. Buttons shot along the floor as her vest opened. Her skirt met a similar end. She quivered as she crawled to her feet with the help of nearby furniture. She was struggling to keep the water in, so he decided to help.
Elliot closed the other portals and made a new one on the underside of the desk. He knew it was wrong, but he really didn’t care that much about her. He poked the tip of his cock into her slippery ass, moving very slowly so she didn’t leak. He leaned back in the chair, putting it in about halfway. The dampness and warmth felt amazing.
His boss gasped and stumbled. She was in shambles, her tight clothes tore as she moved and her exposed belly pulled her forward. The tall, regal woman was at her wit’s end, shaking her head as she looked down upon her expanding body. She glanced around the room, searching for some way out of this terrible situation.
It was difficult not to move his hips, partially submerged in her tightly clenched asshole, but he didn’t want her to spring a leak. He edged in a little more, watching her face scrunch in discomfort. She reached below her stomach and put both hands against her crotch. She pressed hard through her dress, trying to alleviate foreign feelings in her body. Angela stopped her search, transfixed on a small waste bin by her desk. She shuffled to it and slid her dress and undergarments down. With her firm ass exposed, she partially squatted and pushed.
Instead of releasing the large amount of collected water she only caused his cock to go in farther. Elliot was paralyzed by pleasure, moaning as his cock slid in without effort. He pushed up involuntarily, driven by his primal urge to go deeper. She put a hand on her distended belly, hearing it churn as he drove into the hilt. She dropped the basket as she leaned upon her knees, unable to stop the unseen penetration. She let out a sad squeak and clenched her fist.
It felt too good to turn back. The climax was approaching. Elliot barely moved, wiggling for only a few seconds before he blew his load. Cum pumped up her ass as she tried to endure the unwelcome sensation. She whimpered, totally lost as to why she felt so full and bloated. Angela pleaded again, hoping for the unseen force to grant her mercy.
He decided to end her suffering. He made another portal on a notebook linked to an empty bathroom stall. With a quick maneuver, he pulled his cock out and pressed the book against her ass. He giggled as she gasped, trying desperately not to soil her carpet. She held it for a short time, showing more resolve than he expected. Her pointed face showed many emotions, but utter humiliation came when she knew she couldn’t reach the bathroom in time. She sank low and let it go.
Her mouth formed an O, her eyelids fluttered, and she felt sweet release. She was expecting to make a mess, but the portal directed it into the toilet. Loud awkward farts accompanied blasts of water. Her searching expression meant that she was oblivious to the release – to her it was just a massive cramp that was passing. At least that’s what Elliot hoped. I can’t believe I just did that.
She grunted and pushed. Torrents of water splashed from her formed ass. He spent more time watching her face, enjoying her agony as she forced out more and more of the water. She was exhausted as time passed. Her bra showing through her open blouse as she let out the last of the fluid. I just fucked my boss! She really is a tight ass! He laughed at his joke. How did I get by on porn for so long?
He left his boss with torn clothing for the rest of the day. She didn’t leave her office to bother him again and he was able to accomplish a sizeable chunk of the audit. The store closed and the cleaning crew finished up. They didn’t realize Elliot was still in the basement, flipping the lights off as they headed out. Angela peeked through the door to let them know she would be staying late. Now they were the only two people there.
He closed the portals and hurried upstairs. Angela was on her way to the door when he found her, turning to him like a scared animal. The prim and proper woman looked disheveled and tired. Some buttons were missing on her blouse, showing a notable amount of skin. Her dress was also showing a generous amount of her slender thigh. She walked barefoot, losing some of her intimidating height.
She stammered as she tried to explain her appearance. “I… uh… It was…”
“What happened? Are you okay?” Elliot approached, catching a glimpse of her exposed white bra.
“Yes, yes, I just had a terrible bout of food poisoning. I will be okay.” She turned away. “I just ask that you keep this between us.”
“Oh, of course!” He tried to act concerned. “Can I help?”
“No, I will be okay.”
She walked as he followed, her heavy footsteps showed that she didn’t want to linger. The ripped stockings opened more and more as she shuffled ahead. Her ass caught his attention too, bouncing almost freely without the restrictions of her tight skirt. She grabbed her long coat, hastily covering most of her body. Only her ripping nylons betrayed the results of the day. Elliot put his coat on too, seeing Angela watching him from his periphery.
“I got about six pages done. Only about twenty more to go.” He gave a submissive glance.
She adjusted her scarf and put on her fuzzy boots. “You don’t have to finish. Tomorrow, if you can show up on time, I’ll have another project for you.” His concern prompted her to continue. “It will be much better, I promise.” They stepped out into the chilly darkness. “Goodnight, Mr. Fischer.”
He left her as she locked the door, walking along the lightly dusted sidewalk. A wintry mix came down, feeling closer to rain than snow. He found his earbuds and bundled up, enjoying the beauty of the late autumn scene. He thought about what he had done, hoping he hadn’t caused Cybil and Angela any lasting harm. They had no idea what had happened, but they seemed to place their own explanation on the events. I guess it did get me into a better standing with my boss. I just have to be careful that I don’t do anything stupid… and it doesn’t get back to me.
He came home to see Emery and his mother watching television. He could smell dinner cooking, so he went upstairs to find Kendra. He knocked on her door. There was silence before quick footsteps approached. Kendra opened the door just enough to peek through. He could see her bare shoulder from the darkness.
“Can I come in?”
“Not now.”
He couldn’t see anything, but he knew she was hiding something. “I have to tell you-“
“Not now!” She closed the door and locked it.
Heading to his room, Elliot opened a portal to satiate his curiosity. He couldn’t see much, but he heard a lot. His sister was moaning softly as skin slapped together. A subtle, wet noise also caught his attention. He found it quite hilarious, but he wanted to know who she was riding. He opened another portal, turning the bedside lamp on.
Kendra’s plump, sweating body was sitting atop her supposed ex-boyfriend Andrew. She froze in place as they both looked at the lamp, blinking as their eyes adjusted. She leaned forward, covering his face with her squishy breasts as she reached for the light. She turned it off and Elliot turned it right back on. She watched it for a moment, figuring out what was happening.
“It’s a piece of shit!” She cocked her head angrily. “Whatever, just fuck me.”
Andrew cupped her pierced breasts as she leaned back, his cock buried in her now hairless pussy. Her bulky body bounced as she worked her hips. Her pierced lip opening into a seductive moan. She looked around for a moment before turning to her lover and asking to change positions. She flipped over, going on her hands and knees as Andrew got into position.
He started to go in but she pulled away. “You gotta use some lube if you’re going in my ass.”
“Do you have some?”
She moved back, pointing her wide ass toward him. “Just use some spit.” He did as she asked, letting some drop onto her parted ass, spreading it around with his cock. He lined up and poked inside.
Elliot had to make another portal for a better view. He watched his sister’s face. She showed her teeth as her accented eyes clenched shut. She raised higher, breathing quickly. Her massive tits swayed as she suffered through the insertion. Through the portal above, Elliot could see his cock was nearly in entirely.
“Okay, move a little, but don’t take it out.” Kendra sank lower, resting on her elbows as he softly pumped her asshole. Her huge boobs showed from behind her arms, jiggling as they pressed into the covers. She showed a little discomfort, but soon she appeared to be enjoying it. He was moving normally after a moment. She reached between her legs to finger herself, moaning as he fucked her. She was breathing faster, becoming lost in pleasure when he moved at an odd angle, making her yelp. She slid lower as he followed, he was still in, but she had to take time to recover.
“Trying to make a new hole back there?”
“Sorry, it just felt so good.”
Andrew shifted lower, fully pounding her jiggling ass. Kendra appreciated the feeling now, rubbing herself as he used her big butt. Her green hair swaying as he did her from behind. It was an amazing view from this portal, seeing her open eyes staring ahead – it was like she expected him to be watching.
Elliot saw no harm in watching. He opened his pants, peeling his boxers away from his cock, recalling where it had been before. He grabbed a wipe and cleaned himself liberally before returning to the show. They were still at it, but he could see both of them were close.
Andrew grabbed her love handles, pumping her hard and fast. She moaned, pursing her lips as she worked her clit fervently from below. He was fucking her hard as the tension built in her body. She held her breath, pushing to orgasm. She was just about there when he grunted, shooting into her ass without warning. She was trying desperately to finish, but her eyes opened and suddenly the passion was fading. She sneered as he emptied into her rump.
“I was so goddamned close.”
“Sorry – just give me a second.”
“Ride my ass,” she spoke seductively. She went flat on her stomach, resting on her arms and smirking as she waited.
Andrew worked his semi-rigid cock back into her ass. He rode her unevenly, having trouble finding a rhythm. Kendra looked ahead, almost staring through the portal as she playfully mouthed the words – help me. She was indifferent now, not even trying to touch herself.
He debated for a time, knowing what he really wanted to do. Elliot had to stop his urge, choosing instead to help her with his fingers. He opened another portal, sliding two fingers into his sister’s wet pussy. It clamped down tight as she reached down to assist him. He used one hand to finger Kendra and another to stroke himself. She was working her clit as she took something in both holes.
Andrew raised up, driving in harder. “God, it got so tight!”
“Yeah, don’t want to let it go!” She giggled. “Looks like you’re going for round two.”
“You love it when I take your ass, don’t you?” He put a hand on her back, pressing her into the mattress.
“Uh-huh.” She loved it. “Fuck me harder.” Andrew and Elliot both moved faster, making her moan loudly.
While he working his cock, Elliot found her g-spot. She went wild as he touched the smooth area. Kendra was mashed into the blanket, gasping as Andrew pumped her ass. She was just about to cum when a knock came on her door. They all froze for a moment, hearing their mother call through the door saying dinner was ready.
“Be right… down…” Kendra stammered.
Her pussy clenched and released. She came despite the interruption. Andrew resumed pounding her ass as her eyes rolled back. He only wanted to get his, but she was still feeling the aftershocks. They didn’t seem to care that the lady of the house was in the hallway. Elliot was so close, but he remembered that he hadn’t locked his door. He quickly closed the portals and tucked his cock back into his pants.
His mother knocked as she peeked in. “Dinner is done.” She gave him a slight smirk, guessing what he was up to. She mentioned some chores that needed to be done after supper and she left.
He pulled his cock out just as the door opened again, this time Kendra barged in. She wore a loose-fitting t-shirt that barely covered her waist. To his surprise, he could see she wasn’t wearing underwear. He hid himself again, scowling at his sister.
She giggled as she locked the door and trotted closer. “Couldn’t quite finish, huh?”
“Kendra, just go away.”
“Oh, don’t want some help?” She stroked his cock through his pants. “This certainly helped me.”
“Gross! I just used my fingers.”
She hesitated. “Well, then you’re better with those than I expected!” She opened his jeans. “I can still help, though.”
Elliot pulled away. “Just go with your boyfriend.”
She rolled her eyes. “He’s my ex. Just because we fucked again doesn’t mean we’re back together.” He started to question her logic when she snatched the portal rod from his desk. “If you don’t want my help then maybe we can find someone else. Maybe Cybil needs you again!”
“Kendra… Don’t be weird. Just let me finish alone.”
“You’re no fun.” She stepped back with a stand-offish sigh. “You have this wonderful toy and you’re not even being creative!”
She thought for a moment before lifting her shirt and tracing around her pussy. Suddenly her shaven mound was replaced with a small tuft of light brown hair. Kendra was delighted as she stepped to the side, testing to see how the portal followed her movements. She reached down and touched it gently, looking to him as she caressed the connected pussy.
“Whose is that?”
“What does it matter? It’s nobody you know. Now you don’t have to feel weird if we do it.”
“Can you actually feel through that?”
“No, it’s just kind of hot.” She closed the portal after seeing he wasn’t interested, placing the pen on the desk.
She was about to continue when he cut in. “I put it in my boss’ butt today.”
“Wait, what?” She sat on the bed, leaning in with interest. “Is she hot?”
“Yeah, I guess. I kind of filled her too. Not in that way- well, yes in that way, but also with water.”
“You put water up her…”
“I gave her an enema.” He turned red with embarrassment. “I wanted to make her uncomfortable.”
“Shit, that’s awesome!” She lit up. “You’re more creative than I guessed!” She gave him an awkward fist bump. “Maybe you don’t need my help after all.”
“Uh-huh.” He sassed. “I’m sure Andrew misses you.”
She scowled. “I sent him away after I got mine.” A smile reappeared as she reached out and stroked his leg. He pulled away, so she got up and spun around, sitting on his lap. Her bare, sexy ass rubbing against his jeans. “Last chance to get a little help from your big sister!”
He pushed her off, stealing a glance of her privates as she gave him a look of annoyance. “Who will even know what we do. I’m not trying to have a kid with you. I just want to have some fun and do something adventurous!” She grinned mischievously. “You’ve already been in me-“
“Kendra, stop! I mean it. It’s fucking wrong and I don’t want to do it with you.”
“Okay, okay.” She held up her hands submissively. “Don’t get so pissy.” She marched to the door, her ass bouncing with each step. Her playfulness had vanished. “Can you just stop by my room and remove the Paris portal? I love it, but I doubt I can convince Mom or Emery that it was a digital video frame if they come in.”
“Can we not fight about this?”
She took a moment, deciding if she should be upset by the comment. “Fine. You can keep watching me if you want.” She shook her ass and spanked a cheek. “But remember that you said no to this!” She laughed, checking carefully before scurrying down the hall.
He resumed his sinful duty, thinking about her soft body pressing against his. Her vagina opening around his cock as he pushed in and out. How she would moan and grip him tightly. It was easy to imagine because she was so close to riding him before he pushed her away. Only a few layers of fabric kept him from fucking her. He felt somewhat ashamed, but he hadn’t truly gone down that path. He thought about her looking into his eyes, her sexy smile, watching as he pumped her full of cum.
Elliot was too close to stop, feeling the pressure build as he stroked it. Cum launched onto his pants as he heard footsteps in the hall. He awkwardly tucked his throbbing cock back into his pants as a knock came. Emery peeked in.
“Mom said to tell you and Kendra to get your asses down there and eat.”
“Yeah… yeah. I’m coming…”
She didn’t notice his soiled jeans as she closed the door. He changed clothes and grabbed the portal pen. I guess the takeaway from this is that I need to keep my door locked.

The Chastised


Her daughter’s birth was happening soon, and her body wasn’t making her time easy. Madison had been constipated, bloated, and cramping. She could barely move on her own, and as she expected, The Master planned to work her suffering into one of their broadcasts. Guiding her into an open room, there sat a large machine with multiple flexible tubes attached to the side. It looked like something from a cheesy science fiction film. They planned to give her an enema with this outlandish contraption.
The butler brought her in on a wheelchair and helped her onto a table. Her large, soft frame jiggled with even the slightest movement. She was awkwardly large and awkwardly heavy, making the padded metal table creak as she lay back with her legs spread. The Master stood by as the two supposed doctors in white coats strapped her in and prepared the machine. One inserted a lubricated tube up her butt, working it painfully deep as the other inserted an IV into her arm. The pregnant girl was on full display and at their mercy.
“They will monitor you as we cleanse you, Madison.” The Master spoke for the unseen crowd of viewers. “I know you don’t care for this type of treatment, but you did agree, correct?”
“Yeah, go ahead.” She despised the enemas, but she knew once the baby came she would be back with the main group.
The doctor flipped a switch and turned a dial gently. She felt the water creeping through her guts, making her stomach gurgle loudly. She clenched an eye shut as she acclimated to the sensation. She had become used to the recent routine: oiling her belly to avoid stretch marks and taking an increasing amount of water to stretch her stomach. They always pushed her to her limit and they gave her an IV bag before and after the experience to keep her child’s nutrients in line. This would be her last performance before having her child. They assured her numerous times that it would be safe.
She watched her enormous belly rising higher and higher, spreading outward as the bed of water lifted her child from within. She tried to hide discomfort from the unpleasant feeling, but it was intense. She drew a sharp breath, searching along the ceiling for some kind of distraction as the machine whirred, forcing more and more water up her ass. She tensed, pulling at the straps and making her engorged belly sway side to side. She was nearly to her limit as the machine stopped, giving her a moment before it pulled the wastewater out.
The humming started again and she felt the liquid being pulled from her stomach. She liked this part, feeling extreme relief as she emptied without effort. It only ran for a short time before it stopped again, leaving her holding most of the enema. Madison looked to the orchestrator with a pleading smile, trying to maintain composure for the viewers. The machine started again and she felt a harder blast of water pushing into her ass.
Madison groaned, seeing her belly grow to its limit once again. The flow of water didn’t slow and she couldn’t mask her concern as she looked to the observers. She felt cramps and pain as her skin pulled tight. She let out short, quick breaths as she panicked. “Stop it! I’m going to break!” The men watched. “I need this to stop! Now!” She shrieked and one man finally flipped the switch.
Her belly was big and tight, filled beyond what she had taken before. She breathed through her teeth, fighting through the agony as she lay helpless. She let out a sad gasp, leaning back and looking to the ceiling as she squirmed. Her large, swollen body shook as she shifted back and forth. The cramps turned to aches, but it didn’t get easier. Her pained eyes looked to the men standing around her, but they only watched her torment. One of the doctors reached up to the machine, turning it on before she could speak.
The machine hummed, pushing more into her filled body. She felt objects bumping around inside as the warm water entered. She was disgusted, knowing it was the wastewater pulled from her before. They continued observing as she whimpered, unable to speak as the fluid pushed up her ass. She felt embarrassed as her pussy glistened with excitement. She could feel her arousal and she knew where their cameras were focused.
She grunted, raising her hips in a desperate attempt to lessen the building pressure. She was overcome, feeling agony as her belly grew tighter, knowing she was filling with shit that was pulled out at the beginning. They’re humiliating me for the viewers. Thousands of people are beating off to my pain. Why the fuck am I doing this? She started sobbing, falling back onto the table as she let the pain wash over her. An orgasm was just out of reach and she only hoped her suffering would make the torture stop.
The machine stopped, but it trapped the fluid inside her. She was bawling, shaking as she wept. She raised again, thrashing against her bonds, knowing she was at their mercy. She didn’t notice as Lilly approached, standing beside her with a smile. The other pregnant girl ran a hand along her belly, sliding lower, running her fingers down to her privates. She had a clean, enjoyable aroma. Madison drew a deep, shaky breath as her crying subsided. She raised up on her elbows, trying to watch as Lilly touched her clit and rubbed between her shaven lower lips.
Her belly was far too large to see anything. She laid back without complaint, enjoying the stimulation. Staring at the ceiling, she grew tense, moaning as an orgasm crept closer. Her full, springy body shook as Lilly fingered her. Her stomach gurgled, but the pain was lessened now. She shifted side to side, letting her large, soft breasts slide appealingly for the hidden viewers. Some milk showed from her nipples and Lilly used the opportunity to suck on one. It was a blissful feeling as she wound up, preparing for the biggest release of her life when Lilly stepped back. She gave a wistful smile as she waited for the orgasm to pass.
“What the hell!? Keep going! Please, please, keep going!” Madison grunted angrily.
“Not so fast.” Lilly looked to the machine operator as he flipped a switch.
The machine whirred, blasting more fluid into Madison’s ass, making her scream and squirm. Her belly raised higher, shaking with every slight movement. She was overcome by pain, but a small remnant of desire kept her from going crazy. She fought through, pleading to Lilly for another touch. The machine stopped and Lilly came closer once more. Madison was overjoyed to feel her touch, thrusting her hips higher in anticipation.
She felt a finger press into her clit. It wasn’t the intense fingering she wanted, but it was too late to come back. She moved her hips against the firm touch until the orgasm was undeniable. She clenched her teeth and gasped loudly, raising up as she endured one of the most powerful climaxes of her life. She fell back, drained and sore, seeing her mountainous belly and knowing how much water must be in there beneath her child.
The machine clicked on and she felt the water sliding out. The suction felt wonderful as the tube violently bucked, carrying fluid and objects from her bowels. Her full breasts bounced and her chubby frame shook. She knew the viewers were enjoying it – her thick, silky smooth body quivering as she lay spread eagle. She closed her eyes, letting out a cute moan, relaxing as the machine emptied her belly.

What the fuck did I do? She waited in the hall, preparing to enter the first room. I give that bitch a hard time and they punish me? I’m the one making it interesting! She adjusted the apparatus covering her privates as she thought. Willa likes being told what to do. Not my fault that I went a little too far.
A metal plate with a thin slit covered her pussy and thick leather straps went around her hips. A small lock on the side kept her from taking it off. She was able to do her business still, and the back was completely open. She had been wearing the chastity belt for days, but now she was told to visit the other rooms. She was so incredibly frustrated, knowing that her ass was still accessible on purpose. She liked anal normally, but she needed some stimulation up front to make it fun. Now it would only increase her irritation.
Keira guided her in, holding a golden, tennis-sized rubber ball. The plump girl gave her a wistful smile. “I’m sorry. You know we have to-“
“Yeah, yeah, I’m aware.” Traci spoke defiantly as she bent over and opened her ass wide. “Just use lots of lube.”
Keira obliged, using some of her lotion to prepare her ass. She slipped in a few fingers, opening her asshole gently. Traci was used to this kind of thing, so she barely made a peep. Keira prepped the ball after a minute and slid it around against her entrance, pressing it in carefully with multiple attempts. Traci groaned now, taking the failed insertions with minimal complaint. It almost made it, but Keira was too worried about hurting her. Traci pushed back with annoyance right as Keira pushed forward, making the ball pop in painfully.
Traci launched upright, grumbling as she paced in a circle. “Fuck that hurts!” She covered her firm ass as she grimaced. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She wanted so badly to push the ball out, but she knew keeping it in would be required. I just don’t know if I can take whatever else they do to me. Keira offered her hand, allowing her to squeeze it to distract herself from the discomfort. Once the pain lessened, Keira gave her a soft hug before sending her to the next room.
She knocked on Molly’s door, hearing some generic pop music playing. The cute blonde was dancing as she opened the door, trotting back to her bed as she waved Traci in. Bubble-headed idiot. She turned down the volume and directed her guest to bend over the bed for the next item. Traci followed along, knowing any resistance would cause The Master to make an appearance. She didn’t want that.
Molly took a small, pink silicone vibrator and switched it on. She licked it up and down, giggling as it tickled her tongue. She stepped around and nudged the humming toy into Traci’s behind. “Make sure you keep it in.” She pressed it all the way inside, using a finger to push it even deeper. Traci frowned, standing up as she acclimated to the strange sensation. The vibrations caused the ball to wiggle and it felt kind of nice as it went deeper. She pressed the chastity belt closer, failing again to find pleasure in her predicament.
She left Molly without saying any more, irritated by her youthful exuberance. She skipped the brown door, knowing that Gina was hidden from the group for now, and went to the blue door. She found the older woman sitting on her couch. She beckoned her guest closer, waiting for her to carefully sit down before pouring her a glass of water from the pitcher.
Julie was in her late thirties, but her body was in excellent shape. Her hourglass figure, long legs, and big breasts helped her succeed over the years – but it was her behind the scenes work that gave her all the control in this environment. Traci didn’t know all the details about her, but she had always felt like a mentor. It will be sad when she leaves.
Traci took the cup of cool water, drinking half the glass. She took another sip to satiate her dry mouth. “So, what are you supposed to do to me?” She shifted uncomfortably, a faint hum coming from inside her.
Julie sipped from the cup, looking to the pitcher with purpose. “You have to drink all of that.”
Traci eyed the perspiring glass pitcher, raising her trimmed eyebrow. “That’s it?”
“That’s it.” Julie crossed her lengthy legs at the knees, leaning back into the plush seat.
After finishing her cup, Traci picked up the modestly-sized pitcher, gulping down the cool water. Good thing I haven’t eaten for a while. She paused to catch her breath before resuming. She wanted to stop, but again she thought of what might happen. This isn’t the worst thing that could be done. This isn’t even sexual! She felt wetness from beneath the chastity belt. It’s distracting me from the vibrating ball in my ass, I guess.
Traci lifted the pitcher, raising it as it emptied, drinking the water begrudgingly until it was all gone. Her belly growled and she felt ill, but she was ready to move on. Julie gave her a deep, sensual kiss before she left. She appreciated the gesture, but it only served to excite her even more. In the hallway she tried again to slip a finger past the tight-fitting belt, but no angle allowed entrance. She huffed, moving her long hair back over her ear before knocking on Willa’s door.
The white door opened, leading to a clean, colorless room. How does this simple-minded girl get ‘me’ in trouble? She couldn’t hide a sneer as she looked at Willa. Her simple, bucktooth smile and withdrawn eyes made Traci angry just looking at her. The freckled nose, big brown eyes, and lush lips – I bet a bunch of viewers want to protect her. She scoffed at the thought. Don’t they see she’s a feeble-minded whore?
“This way, Traci.” Willa brought her into the bathroom.
“Are you fucking serious?” She snapped as she saw the nozzle on the end of the shower hose. “Why an enema?”
“I’m just told what to do. I don’t want to-“
“Oh shut the hell up.” Traci set her jaw as she reached back and leaned forward.
“What are you doing?” Willa spoke meekly. “They said you have to keep it all in.”
Traci didn’t respond, standing up with a crinkled nose. She sighed defiantly before taking the hose and inserting the smooth nozzle. She reached back to turn on the flow, but again Willa cut in, saying she was supposed to control it. Traci threw her hands up in defeat, leaning on the toilet seat as Willa cranked the handle. A small amount of air came first, then the water flooded inside. She stumbled ahead, failing to hide the incredible discomfort she was feeling.
Willa turned the handles counting up as she stepped back. “1, 2, 3, 4…”
The flow was overwhelming, causing Traci to shift and complain. Her heavy breasts bounced as she stood, clenching her teeth as a steady flow of water pushed in and around the vibrator and rubber ball. A burp slipped out as she placed a hand on her belly. She felt even more queasy now, but she knew The Master wouldn’t do anything too severe.
She turned back to Willa with a pointed glare. “What fucking number are you going to? Can you even count that high?”
“37, 38, 39…”
“Jesus!” Traci stomped her barefoot upon the tile. She whimpered as she felt her expanding belly. Her flat stomach was now swollen and tight, showing a prominent gut on her shapely body. She had taken inflations before, but without being able to touch herself it was far more difficult. She moved over to the sink area, putting her leg up and humping the edge of the counter. She tried desperately to enjoy the enema, but the dull pressure on her pussy didn’t help at all. Goddamn this fucking chastity belt! I need to cum! She grunted in disappointment bringing her leg down.
“58, 59, 60!” Willa quickly turned the handles, stopping the water flow. “Keep it in or we have to refill.” Willa pulled the hose, making Traci gasp and back up. She squeaked as it came free, audibly popping from her ass.
“What the… No…” Traci pleaded, her straight eyebrows curling upward. “I can’t…”
Willa spun her around, her eyes getting bigger as she saw her distended belly. Her eyes slid up after a pause and she took hold of Traci’s cheeks, giving her a long closed-eyed kiss. Traci blinked with surprise, her expression still fraught with pain. She clenched her ass tight as she was led from the room and into the next one.
Only three rooms to go. I can do this. I have to do this. Who knows what happens if I fail. She leaned on the wall as she knocked. The younger Russian girl invited her in with a cold stare. Nika sat on her bed – her young, firm body looking immaculate under the warm lights. Her smooth, light skin made her dusky eyes and glistening lips pop.  Her modest, upturned breasts sitting on display while she leaned back on the light blue sheets.
She nodded to the empty enema syringe sitting on an end table. “That is for you.”
“I can’t take any more water!” Traci groaned, showing great pain as she held her belly.
“It’s not water. Bring it to me.”
Traci did as she asked, but every movement was slow and calculated. “Ugh, here.”
Nika took the plastic syringe and drew in a full pump of air. “Spin around.”
Traci turned around and bent down. Her full belly hung as she focused on keeping her ass tight. She wanted to spray water into this bitch’s face, but she resisted the urge. Nika pressed the tip in and carefully delivered air into her bowels. She felt the air move deeper, mixing with the water as more pushed in. It was even more uncomfortable than she imagined. Her stomach gurgled as it expanded beneath her.
“Ugh, ah, I c-can’t!”
“Halfway done.” Nika took it out and pulled more air into the tube before reinserting it.
With her juices flowing around the metal area of the chastity belt, Traci was almost in tears. She needed to pee too, but she knew that if she went to the bathroom then it all would come out. The vibrator still wiggled inside her, but she had grown accustomed to it. She was on the verge of giving up, admitting defeat to her employer and everyone who watched. Nika went even slower with this dose of air, prolonging her torment as the air bubbled inside her.
“If you’re going to do it then go fast!” Traci snapped looking over her shoulder with agitation.
Nika obliged, pushing the remainder in without pause. It was too much, making Traci pull away as she squeezed her ass shut. A quick fart escaped as the rest moved deeper. Her belly was quite pronounced now, looking very pregnant with water and air. Traci growled and stomped around, looking to the bathroom and contemplating stopping prematurely.
“Better hurry to the next room.” Nika sniggered. “Don’t want to spill on the way… Unless you want me to make you feel better.” She purred as she approached Traci from behind, reaching beneath her arms to hold her breasts.
Traci had to focus on keeping her ass sealed, allowing the girl to touch her freely. She felt the girl’s perky breasts pressing against her back as delicate hands cupped her own bosoms. The small girl pushed her crotch forward into Traci’s ample rump. It felt nice, but her only thought was of how much she wanted… needed to cum. She was filled painfully full, but her main desire was to remove the restraint. The soft caress of the Russian girl made the yearning desire ten times worse, but she was in no state to resist.
Brushing Traci’s long hair aside, Nika planted soft, sensual kisses along her neck. A shiver ran through Traci’s body as the girl’s hands slid lower, running along her belly and down to her waist. It was escalating into a rough embrace as Nika held her close, kissing more forcefully. Traci whimpered as she built the willpower to step away, desperately trying not to release all the fluid collected inside her.
She lumbered into the hall, moving to Taryn’s room. She was startled by her entrance, taking an average-sized green butt plug from her bedside table. Traci was sweating as she leaned over the bed, awaiting its insertion. She was too pained to refuse the plug. Taryn came behind her, rubbing some lubricant on the toy before spreading her visitor’s ass. She lined up and eased the tip inside. Traci bit her lip and pushed back. Her ass swallowed the object, causing her to sink lower. She did find some relief, now able to focus on the rest of her pain instead of holding her asshole shut.
The pudgy girl had a warm, friendly expression that gave her comfort. All those times I fucked her over to win some competition… I feel kind of bad. Ugh… She fought through the various pains in her water-laden body. I wonder if she knows we’re on an internet live-feed. Taryn rubbed her back as she thought. Eh, she’s just too bland and stupid to be a favorite. Taryn reached back suddenly and took hold of the plug, shifting it up and down in her ass.
“Ah, ugh… ugh…” Traci groaned as the toy pulled her asshole open.
It was difficult to stand, but Taryn helped her to the door, pinching her nipples to help her concentrate. Taryn sent her on her way with a playful spank, making her stumble clumsily into the hall. I don’t feel so bad now… fucking bitch. She glanced to the other end, seeing the violet door. I kind of miss Lilly. She knew how to be entertaining. She was fun to fuck with. Maybe she’ll be back.
After reminiscing, she opened the final door. Katja stood with her arms crossed. The bright-eyed blonde looked unusually playful as she sprawled in her seat. Her thick, rosy lips and large pink nipples were the only color on the pale blonde girl. Her striking blue eyes darted to the long metal pole that stood erect in the center of the room. She gestured to the pole with a knowing smirk.
“What is that for?”
 “Your ass. Have a seat.” Katja’s spoke with a thick accent.
“You can’t be serious. Do you know what I’ve been through?”
“I know. You look tired and this is the only seat I offer.”
“My ass is already full – but if you take this off…” Traci tugged on her chastity belt. “Please?”
“No. Sit.”
Traci stared for a moment, disbelieving what she heard. She knew she had to listen, but that meant she needed to remove her plug. It’s all going to come out… Why did The Master give me the plug first? Unless he wants me to sit with it in! Ha! That’s not so bad then. Opening her ass, Traci waddled to the pole and centered the rounded end against her butt-plug. She leaned back, causing an aching pain as the plug went in to its limit. She let out a stabilizing breath as she looked to the observing European girl.
“Happy?” Traci glared.
The wooden chair flexed as Katja arose. She walked leisurely, coming over to run a finger down her visitor’s spine. Traci shivered, balancing atop the tall metal pole as she hugged her belly. She was sweaty and breathing laboriously. The dark, ambient lighting would normally relax her, but the pasty woman circling her made her uneasy.
The girl put two cold hands on her shoulders as she leaned close and whispered. “Fuck you.”
A sharp pain made Traci squeal in agony. She felt the plug in her ass pop in entirely, pressing upward as she slid lower on the metal shaft. She was moving lower without help now, her legs sliding outward upon the fine carpet. Her weight pulled her down. She tried to reach for Katja, but she moved back, watching her torment with glee. Traci couldn’t stop her slow, painful descent.
“Ah, oh fuck… ah…” Traci slowed and finally stopped, nervously looking around as she froze in place. “Help!” She was afraid to make any movements. The vibrator was still going and now, as it wedged against the other items, was stirring the water inside. She groaned as her ass clenched tightly around the slender pole. Her feet were mostly outstretched, placing most of her weight upon her heels and the shaft jabbed up her butt. She carefully placed her hands upon her knees, catching her breath as she prepared to move.
A deep breath caused the plug to shift inside her. She abruptly slid lower, causing her to whimper in distress. She felt the vibrator wiggling as she looked down. Her water-filled belly was trembling ever so slightly and it let out loud growls as the air churned. Her vision was blurry. She felt close to passing out from the ache in her bowels. Taking a moment to collect herself, Traci grit her teeth and pulled her heavy body upward.
She nearly pulled free when Katja stopped her. She looked with despair as she dropped back down, forcing the metal rod deeper into her ass. The plug pressed against the vibrator and that pressed the ball farther inside. She was packed so tightly that no water came out. Her pussy was sopping wet behind the chastity belt, but she was too hurt to have interest in an orgasm. She wanted desperately to get off of the metal pole, but she was worried Katja might stop her again.
Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she begged. “I’m done, I can’t take it. Please help me.”
“You want help?” Katja opened a nearby drawer and held up a small key. “Beg you whore.”
“I will do anything you want, let me go!” Traci couldn’t maintain any form of composure. “It hurts and I can’t handle it. I need you to help me up! I’m sorry for everything… PLEASE!” Her inflated body quaked as she sobbed. She wasn’t moving any lower now, but she was too scared to move.
Katja’s good nature faded, changing into her usual guarded expression. She unlocked the belt and loosened the straps, allowing it to fall to the floor. She put her arms around Traci and lifted her awkwardly. They were both careful, avoiding any fast movements. Traci wasn’t off entirely when her desire returned. She pulled Katja close pressing their bodies together. She was in immense pain, but she needed to cum.
The full-bellied brunette perched atop the metal shaft grabbed the fair-skinned woman’s hips. She grabbed handfuls of the springy ass, forcing their shaven mounds to touch. The Russian woman’s nipples pressed into hers and she didn’t try to resist. They moved, breathing heavily as they drank in one another’s scent. They weren’t friends, but they both enjoyed the embrace. Traci yearned for an orgasm, her teary eyes glistening as she kissed Katja.
With a loud moan, Traci jerked violently, sliding a little lower on the pole as her long legs trembled. She let out a couple of quick squirts onto the carpet beneath them. Her orgasm lasted for a while, her tensed body finally able to unwind. She gasped weakly as goosebumps formed on her radiant skin. Her head bobbing as her eyelids hung low.
Moving her hips with excitement, Katja slid her hands through Traci’s voluminous brown hair, gently biting her long neck as the orgasm passed. She reached lower and held onto Traci’s rump, pulling her up and off of the unyielding object shoved up her butt. Traci took a few steps to find balance, using Katja for support.
“You can empty now.” The stoic expression showed a hint of sadness. “Go back to your old ways.”
Traci looked at her in utter surrender. “I’m really sorry.” She showed her teeth in pain as she gestured to the bathroom.
It was apparent that Katja didn’t believe her, but she felt compelled to help anyway. With some care, the Russian girl walked her into the bathtub and removed the butt-plug. A deluge of water blasted out, mixing with air as it sprayed. Loud, sputtering farts and soft, pained grunts could be heard as Katja washed her hands and returned to her bed. She almost felt bad to see Traci get her long deserved punishment… almost. She reached a hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as she listened to Traci’s misery.

Mind Break


She regretted everything that led her to this point. She glanced at the counter, seeing the stack of money that drew her into this predicament. She was tied to the worn twin-sized bed as the unsavory man stood looming over her naked body. His eyes lingered on her full, natural breasts, moving lower along her toned midriff, and then to her shaven snatch. He ran a cold hand along her muscular legs and rubbed her manicured foot for a moment.
“You always took care of yourself.” His gaze met hers. “At least that was until you fucked me over.”
He had no idea someone new was in Angelica’s body. She tried to resist, but this man was very strong in spite of his weight. The chunky man had cold, squinting eyes and a plump face that smiled often. He was charismatic when needed, but it was only a façade. He ran fingers up her leg and along her side, making her squirm as he traced over her plush lips.
“You were my best and that is what makes this so hard for me.” He stepped out of the room, returning with a sun-bleached garden hose. He uncoiled it as he moved, holding up the end at the foot of the bed. “After some… incentive… Marcus told me you were into enemas now.” He gave an unsettling smile. “Guess I’ll have to oblige.”
He made her lick the hose nozzle, getting the slender brass tip well lubricated. He brought it lower with excitement in his eyes, pushing the flared tip between her bountiful ass cheeks. She squeaked as he shoved it deeper and deeper, making her take a large portion of the hose as well. She gasped and flailed, but he continued pushing it inside her. It was wedged painfully in her belly when he stepped into the bathroom to start the flow.
Air pushed into her belly before the cool water started filling her. It caused sudden cramps, making her midsection ache as she filled. She tried again to break free, but it was impossible. She looked into the small bedside mirror, showing her perfect teeth as she struggled. Unable to evade the steady flow of water, she saw the worry in her big brown eyes. This body was new enough to distract her for a moment, making her study the pained expression of the beautiful woman in the reflection. She groaned as a pain crept into her core, making her twist and squirm.
He rubbed a finger along her pussy, smiling as he raised it. “I guess you’re into a bunch of freaky shit these days, huh?” He brought it to her mouth, making her taste her excitement. “You disappoint me, Angelica.”
“Just let me go and I’ll get you all the money you need! I made a mistake, but I’ll fix everything!”
“I don’t trust a skank like you.” He put a finger in between her legs, rubbing her g-spot. “I have to break you again, don’t I?” He removed the finger when she started to enjoy it.
He was talking about the woman who was in the body before, but she was trapped in a younger girl’s body now. A shame I had to ditch it, she thought. Ugh, but why did I have to pick this one?
He rubbed her clit again, making her rise and moan, but again he left her unfulfilled. She thought back to her first experience. The first body she had moved into. Feeling liquid pouring into her ass as she waited helplessly. Her mind raced, feeling pain and pleasure from this torture. How many bodies have I been through? Why do I want this? Do I want this?
“I guess you’re enjoying this too much. I guess I’ll turn up the flow!” The man left and soon she could feel the pressure increase. “Oh, I forgot, I have something I need to do. Be back in a few!” He called from the other room.
She heard the door close, followed by quiet. She tried to slide her ass along the bed to pull it free, but it only caused an ache deep in her belly. The water poured in as she fought to escape. Thrashing against the bed, she couldn’t escape from the bindings. She struggled, letting out a frustrated scream before finally giving up. She looked down, past her generous chest to her swelling belly. Cramps came and went as the water collected in her stomach.
She turned to the mirror again, watching her beautiful face twisting in discomfort. Her perfectly manicured eyebrows turned high in pain. Her lush, glistening lips parting subtly. Her deep brown eyes contrasting with her tan skin. I just had to go for the sexiest girl I could find. I can’t keep going like this. If I get out of this alive then I’m fucking done! I don’t even care about that fucking ring anymore!
The water was rushing in faster than she realized. Her stomach gurgled, making her tense and groan. Her belly swelled, approaching the size of her massive fake tits. This girl had a great boob job. They sit perfectly and they feel fantastic. They caused some balance issues at first, but I bet you get used to them. Another pain brought her back to the moment. She looked to the ceiling, realizing that she had to persevere.
I need to own this body to keep my sanity! I’m Angelica! I’m a high-class whore and that asshole just wants me to submit. I’ll submit for now, but I’ll get free eventually and head back to Mexico. She let out a stabilizing breath. Just relax and wait, that’s all you have to do. He won’t let you die like this, he’s just manipulating you.
Glancing down, she could see her stomach was huge, looking heavily pregnant as she lay upon her back. She ached from the sheer volume of water collecting inside, but she also felt some excitement. She tried to enjoy the situation, thinking of a thick cock plowing into her pussy. Thinking of a finger working her clit. She raised her hips into the air, feeling the hose shift. Sudden pain made her drop back into place and focus on the agony.
“Fuck!” She spoke to an empty room. “Ugh! Come back!”
He really left me. She let out an angry groan, hitting her head against the pillow, frustrated that she couldn’t touch herself to alleviate some of her distress. She felt incredibly heavy as she tried to pull against her bonds. Her full belly sloshed side to side, pulling her more than she wanted. She raised herself, scanning the room for any means of escape.
The house was a cluttered mess, but anything helpful was beyond reach. An idea came suddenly. Closing her legs at the knees, she was able to pinch the hose shut with her thighs. It was awkward and painful, but she was able to lift away and pull a small section of the hose out. She took a moment to allow the discomfort to pass. Before trying again she looked down, seeing a bulge forming in the thick hose. She felt the water pressure building and she knew a big blast of water was trying to force past.
She held it at bay for a minute, feeling her shaky legs slipping as the diameter of the hose increased. She whimpered as she felt the water sneaking in and then she had to give up. She let out a loud, humiliating grunt as she bucked wildly. The incredibly large dose of water forced its way into her belly, making it grow even larger. She was on the verge of tears as she looked up, unable to escape as the water-filled her like a balloon.
Her big, squishy breasts nestled beneath her tied arms. They seemed to have grown somewhat too, but they may have just been moved by her gargantuan belly. She looked like one of those mothers she’d seen on the news, expecting to have five or six kids. Even her ass felt squishier now.
She tried to repeat the maneuver from before to extract a little more of the hose. She breathed through her teeth as the built-up water blasted inside, but it worked. Then she did it again and again. She made progress, but it was quickly draining her energy. She did it five times before stopping, but it still felt pretty deep in her ass. The flow continued and her body grew.
She was in a bad state, huffing and sobbing when she heard the door open. She sat up as the pimp passed by the doorway. Shortly after she felt the water stop. He came in with a big grin, his devious eyes enjoying the view. Her thick, naked body was on full display, with her shaven pussy nestled between her meaty thighs. Her pleasantly large breasts pressed against her over-filled stomach and every movement caused a slight ripple to spread throughout her inflated body.
“You look like a frog.” He laughed, holding something in his hand as he came closer. “You remember the day that I took you in and made you my best bitch?” He grabbed the cord and pulled hard. She gasped and raised her hips, involuntarily clamping upon the hose as it slid out. The nozzle popped out of her tight ass, letting a splash of water go onto the sheets.
He tossed the hose aside, watching her writhe for a time before he used the object in his hand. He pushed the plug in, forcing her ass open as it fit in place. She let out a sad groan, lamenting the incredible pain that washed through her body. She flailed in the damp bed, but it was useless. The man ran his large hand along her full belly, smirking as he moved to her breast and pinched a nipple. She pulled at the ropes, trying to hit him, but he only pinched harder.
Finally, he let go. He slapped her tits, one after the other, enjoying their weight. “Well, I think it’s time to have a little throwback to that first time. What do you say, Angelica?”
“We can work something out.” She had to pause to fight through an audible cramp.
The pimp whistled and another man stepped through the doorway. A guy with slick hair and an underdeveloped beard came in to look upon her. He showed approval as he ran a hand along her inner thigh, barely grazing her wet slit. She was ashamed by how loud she moaned. The guy grinned, looking to the pimp before grabbing her boob and squeezing hard.
“You letting me get on this, Ron?”
“Sure am, you can even go in bare if you want.”
The younger man scoffed. “Really?”
“Yep, she’s barren, so no worries there. She barely gets any use these days anyway. Most of her clientele likes other kinky shit.” The man slid the buttplug up and down inside her, making her squirm and whine. “That’s why she’s got the bulk now!” He poked a couple of fingers into her snatch, working them around and laughing as she thrust into it. He pulled back before she could cum and she gave him a death glare. He responded by making her lick his fingers. “Well, I’ll just leave you to it.”
Ron left and the other guy immediately undid his pants and cast his shirt aside. He put his thick cock on her lips, slapping it against them until she opened. He warned her against biting, so she decided to comply. She was at their mercy, but as long as she got out of this situation she could get away forever.
She took his shaft back to her tonsils, gagging as he pressed deeper. He followed her along, pinning her against the pillow and driving in all the way. She retched, making her belly quake for his delight. He pulled back, allowing her a moment to recover before driving in again. He pumped her mouth for a minute, surprising her from time to time with unexpected thrusts. Tears caused her makeup to run and she thought she was going to pass out when he eventually stopped.
“You’re quite the picture.” He stepped back, his cock springing in the air as he moved around to fuck her. “You can bite down here all you want!” He smiled.
The tip pressed in. She couldn’t tell if it was due to the water or he was so thick, but it ached as he eased in. Her belly roiled constantly and now he was pressing into it. She was in great distress as he poked his cock all the way into her pussy. When he started moving the pain lessened and she knew she was close to cumming. It was so wet and she couldn’t resist pushing into his thrusts. Her excitement built as she closed her eyes, trying to ignore the aching in her belly.
He leaned forward, pressing down on her stomach and pulling her back from orgasm. She glared at him, but his eyes were closed. She watched with sadness as he put more of his weight upon her and pushed in to the limit. His thick cock jerked in her loins, making her gasp loudly with each surge of cum. The pain in her abdomen was too intense to enjoy anything. She was angry, showing her teeth as the man got up.
“Well, sorry to leave you all hot and bothered, but I just couldn’t last. You got the best cooch I ever felt!” The man put on his clothes and fastened his belt.
“Wait! Finger me a little. Please, I just need a little help!” She pleaded.
The man only smiled as he disappeared through the doorway. Ron came in with more rope, tying it around the plug and her hips, keeping the toy firmly in place. It took time and she was desperate for someone to touch her pussy.
“Please… just a few seconds. That’s all I need.”
He pulled the rope snug, making the plug push a little deeper. He put a hand on her belly and pressed down, making her scream and sway side to side frantically. “Good and snug! I’m going out again and when I get back we’ll see about helping you out.”
She begged him not to go, but the door closed and only silence followed. She screamed for help, but nobody came. She flopped in the bed, but it only increased her suffering. She tried to distract herself, thinking of ways to escape once he untied her. Time passed, but she knew it hadn’t been long.
She had to pee, but the full belly somehow made it easier to hold. Maybe I’m just distracted by all the fucking water in my ass! She was downright mad now. Mad at herself for being in this situation, but mostly because she couldn’t cum. She closed her thighs, hoping the rope would help her out, but it was too far to the sides. I can’t fucking do this! What the hell is he doing!
“Get back in here! I’m fucking done!” She yelled. “I give up! I’ll be your bitch!” She pulled at the ropes with all of her strength. “I’ll do anything! Just fuck me!” She breathed heavily, thinking about how desperate she was. She wanted that sleazy motherfucker to come back. She wanted him to fuck her. The thought wasn’t as appalling after everything she’d been through. Even if I don’t get another body – I will be so fucking elated to get out of here. I have to get out!
She started crying, watching the natural light fade from the room. Hours passed, leaving her in near darkness. Every sound made her hope for his return, but she was disappointed repeatedly. She was cold and despairing, wishing for someone to find her. Then footsteps approached in the hall. Keys jingled and the door finally opened. The light came on in the main room. Her heart raced with excitement.
The man came in, switching on the light, blinding her momentarily. “Have a good nap?”
“Please, let me go to the bathroom.” She spoke weakly. “I c-can’t…”
“Not yet, whore.” He sat on the edge of the bed, running a hand along her soft, rounded belly. It grumbled in response, trembling as air shifted inside. “Looks like you’re holding it pretty well. Think I should head back out?”
“No! I-I’ll do anything you want. Let me go, p-please!” Angelica bawled. “I’m so, so sorry. I can’t take this anymore!”
The man moved a hand lower, pressing into her pelvic bone. “Want some relief first?”
“Yes! Please! God please!” Her eyelids grew heavy as she let out a low moan.
He grazed her clit, making her buck wildly in a humorous display. He didn’t continue, making her upset once again. She showed her perfect teeth as her agitation turned to sadness. He brought his hand lower, holding it near her pussy to build anticipation. Tears formed in her eyes as she moved her hips expectantly. She was desperate to cum after so long, but he pulled away with a huge grin. The man got up and went to the other room. She screamed, demanding that he return to finish her.
“Nah, you need more time.”
She whimpered as she heard him turn on the television. She shifted uncomfortably, feeling pain throughout her body and a deep yearning for sexual stimulation. I’m so goddamned close! “Get back in here you piece of shit! Untie me now and I’ll do anything you fucking want! I’ll let you fuck me over and over, I’ll be your bitch.” He turned up the volume to drown out her yelling. “I can’t handle this anymore! I’m going to die if you don’t let me out!”
She continued, vocally lamenting her situation until the television went silent. Quick, heavy footsteps approached. The pimp stepped in with cold, distant eyes. He stepped beside her and placed a hand in the center of her stomach, pressing down firmly. Angelica shrieked in agony, trapped in place as he pressed with extreme force. With the plug in her ass, there was only one way to go.
She retched, feeling something coming up her throat. He responded by holding her mouth closed. She felt some warm water collecting in her puffed cheeks, but she managed to swallow it again. He proceeded to grab her nipples and roughly pull her tits into the air. She followed them up for a moment until they slipped from his fingers. She fell back, sobbing as he looked her over.
“Why do you make me hurt you, Angel?” He untied two of her bonds, helping her to clumsily sit up. “Don’t try anything or I’ll make you regret it.” He took a minute, retying her hands behind her back. “I feel bad, so I’m going to let you come out there…”
She pulled one hand free, pushing him back. She frantically fingered her pussy, but he grabbed her wrist and hit her in the side. It wasn’t very hard, but even the slightest hit caused her great pain. She crumpled up, failing to cum once again as he forcefully brought her wrists together behind her back and tied them together. She didn’t resist anymore, allowing him to unbind her legs from the bed and tie them together at the ankles.
He pushed her over, making her lay on her swollen belly. She raised up, having to keep her ass high to limit the pressure on her stomach. He checked the ropes keeping the plug in place, pleased by how well he tied them. He slapped her ass lightly, making her jerk ahead and put weight on her belly. She let out a squeak of torment as he hit her springy ass again. He hit harder and harder, spanking her broad ass cheeks. He loved watching her apple ass shake in response to his hits.
Angelica let out sad whimpers and tired grunts. Her hands were bound too high and she couldn’t block the hits or evade them in any way. She tried not to pull away either, because every inch she moved caused her stomach to press into the bed. But, every few strikes were harder than before and she couldn’t resist, sometimes causing more pain from her gurgling belly than from the rough spanking.
Tears rolled down her cheeks when he stopped. She felt his fingers upon the plug before he firmly moved it up and down in her ass. She let out an indecent, awkward moan as he worked it in her asshole. A dull ache spread throughout her body and she could barely stand as he yanked her upright. He walked her out to the other room, sitting her in a cheap kitchen chair. Her red ass ached as she plopped down, but the plug didn’t bother her now, as it had already moved as deep as it could.
The man stepped away and returned with a pitcher of water. He set it on the table as he sat across from her. “Drink this and I’ll let you cum.”
Angelica sniffled, letting out a miserable sigh. She didn’t want anything else in her body, but she absolutely needed to cum. Even after all of the abuse, she was still anxious and aroused. She gave a small nod. Ron found a cheap plastic funnel and put it in her mouth. She closed her velvety lips around it and watched as the man happily poured the cool water down her throat. She gulped it down, keeping up for a few moments before too much collected. He paused, allowing her to drink it all before continuing.
It was depressing to see such a small amount missing from the pitcher, but she tried to distract herself and kept swallowing. She looked around, trying to think of ways to escape, but her mind was too focused on the water collecting in her mouth. She drank and drank, but she only made it halfway before she motioned to stop. Ron sat down, inspecting her water-filled body as she caught her breath.
“Fine, you don’t have to drink anymore. Instead, you just have to suck me off and then I’ll help you out.” Ron slid his shorts off, showing his modestly sized shaft. He brought her head lower, making her lean down upon her enormous belly. She was only barely able to reach his cock and the position was obviously difficult to hold, but her desire for sweet release overcame her hardship.
Angelica sucked his cock in, working her tongue along his dick quickly. He ran his hands through her long, highlighted brown hair, taking a handful as she moved. He forced her to take it all, which made her gag before she accepted it. A loud sound came from her compressed belly and she tried to pull back, but he kept her in place. He fucked her face, enjoying her lewd sounds as drool ran from her lips and onto her buxom chest.
He pulled out and took hold of her breasts, mashing them around his cock. He pumped her tits as he moved closer, putting some weight upon her belly. She looked up to him, groaning with her perfect teeth showing past her soft pink lips. Her broad features showed pure agony as he moved and her deep brown eyes pleaded for release. He pumped her tits for a time, leaning into her more and more until her composure finally broke. She started weeping softly and that was all he needed.
Ron pumped ropes of cum onto her beautiful face, making her pull back as she sniveled. One shot flew across her closed eye and into her hair. Some dripped into her cleavage as he moved back to inspect her. The over-inflated woman was crying, her big, round body shaking as she sobbed. He glanced at the glistening slit between her spread legs and decided to give her a reward.
He slid a finger in, feeling her clamp down tightly. Her sobbing slowed until stopping completely. She held her breath, tensing as she waited for his movements. She looked to him with confusion, taking a few small breaths as he stayed perfectly still. She needed him to move, but words eluded her. She could only sit there, frozen in place and staring into his gleeful eyes. He was so close to her g-spot, but she couldn’t resist.
Angelica worked her hips madly, making the chair creak as she tried to get his finger deeper. She moaned and closed her eyes, knowing that an orgasm was unavoidable now. Just then she felt his finger pull back, leaving her to finish without his touch. She opened her eyes in horror, clenching her jaw as she fought through the ruined orgasm. She raised from the chair, thrusting into the air desperately as her body quivered. It would’ve been the best climax of her life and she was heartbroken that she missed it.
“I didn’t say you could cum yet.” Ron pulled his shorts up and walked away, turning the lights off as he went to the other room.
“Wait!” She could barely speak now, still feeling aftershocks of the disappointing orgasm. “Let me go…”
The television clicked on again, draining all hope from her mind.

Lights Out For Brigitte


She smashed through her godfather’s barrier, stunning him and striking him with her flail. Reinhardt showed the trace of a smile as he went down and she continued to the control point. She was prepared to hold the area until her teammates arrived, but a sudden pinch made her pause. She noticed a dart wedged into her thigh. Her muscles went lax and she tumbled to the ground, her vision fading as footsteps approached.
Ana stood over their captive, knowing she was already committed to the girl’s punishment. “Should we really be doing this?”
The older man rested his rifle against his shoulder. “Torbjorn said she was getting cocky.”
“But is this the best way to teach her a lesson?”
“Probably not, but it will be fun.”
Ana laughed. “You always did like to play rough, Jack.”
“And you liked it too.” He spoke in a low, playful tone.
They removed Brigitte’s armor piece-by-piece, exposing her extremely toned body. She was muscular but still feminine. Sturdy, sculpted arms lay limp as they lifted and turned her. Shapely upturned breasts sat above her well-defined abdominal muscles. Her ass was springy and perfectly formed, compressing as they set her back down. Her powerful, athletic legs had only a minimal amount of fat around the thighs and her feet were immaculate. Jack fetched a duffel bag he had stashed nearby and the two veterans went to work.
Ana took out a long, thick double-ended dildo. “This isn’t the same one I used all those years ago, is it?”
“No, I had fresh stuff made for her. Just wanted to remind you of the good old days.”
“Aw, you’re so sweet, Jack.” Ana lubricated the toy. “What do you think Torbjorn will say when he hears about what we did to his daughter?”
The Soldier rolled their victim onto her stomach. “Nothing – she’s not ever going to tell him.”
He opened her ass as Ana lined up the tip and pushed it in. Brigitte shifted and groaned, but was still out cold. They fed more and more of the lengthy dildo into her sexy behind, making her squirm. Ana guided it in slowly until Brigitte’s ass gobbled it up entirely.
Next, Ana pulled a large bottle from her coat. “A little something Mei taught me how to make.” She opened the bottle and put it into Brigitte’s gaping asshole, watching the liquid disappear into her packed bowels. “Some aphrodisiac.”
“That seems like a lot.” Jack laughed. “You’ve picked up a lot of new tricks over the years, Miss Amari.”
She discarded the empty bottle as she gave her former lover a wry smile. The enhanced sleep serum kept the girl’s body from resisting, so Ana took out a sizable, round butt-plug from the bag and forced it in. Brigitte gasped, as her body acclimated to the large items nestled in her ass. She was still asleep as they affixed a harness and left her away from prying eyes.
Groggy and lethargic, Brigitte looked down, confused as to why she was mostly naked. She looked around, seeing the crumbling stonework of Eichenwalde. A battle raged, but she was far enough away to gather her thoughts. Her toned belly was filled somehow. She looked pregnant, but once she placed a hand on her stomach she realized it was something else. She started to move, but a sharp cramp brought her back down. Her asshole was sore and she could feel something big packed into her ass.
Her armor was stacked nearby and she was resting against a stack of large cement blocks. Below her swollen belly, she was wearing some kind of harness. It had a lock on the side and it was a material that she couldn’t pull apart or cut through easily. It also left her unusually excited pussy exposed while keeping the objects nestled firmly in her ass.
She fought through the pain, hoisting herself awkwardly. She looked around, but she appeared to be alone. Her belly grumbled, complaining as she retrieved her armor. Her pussy was sopping wet, dripping on the ground as she attached various sections of her armor. Her midsection still ached, but she was starting to enjoy the feeling.
“Who would have… ugh… done this?” She complained as she affixed her thigh guards.
Her pants were soaked, but she knew she had to get back to the fight. She couldn’t fit some of the pieces in the abdomen of the suit, so she just wore her black tank-top, hoping she could defend her exposed belly. She was ready, walking laboriously up a pile of rubble to see the tail end of the skirmish. She was behind the enemy, in the perfect place for an ambush.
She started to run but quickly doubled over from a sudden, painful cramp. She had to drop her rocket flail and shield, covering her full belly. Her wet pants stuck to her legs and she was fighting an intense urge to rub one outright in the middle of the field. She was too busy recovering to notice a Bastion unit that stomped closer. It was well aware that she was unarmed, letting out a series of beeps, raising and lowering its weapon.
“Ugh, I know, I can’t… I can’t fight.”
The Omnic let out a concerned chirp in response. It reached down with its hand and carefully pulled her pants, tearing a large hole in the crotch area. Her juices dripped as she stepped back. Bastion raised his gun again, making her stay in place as he put two fingers together and put them into her slippery entrance.
“You can’t do this… Oh!” He went in, pausing for a moment. “That feels kind of… OH!” He made his hand vibrate. His head tilted, inspecting her as she put her arms out to lean upon him. She moaned, unable to hold back from the powerful orgasm building up. “Ah, ah, oh, yes! Please, please… Ahhhhh!” She cried out, leaning against the robot. She sat on his arm, fully supported as he moved another finger in. She howled with pleasure as Bastion continued.
It quickly became too intense, and she tried to move off, but Bastion put his gun-arm on her shoulder, keeping her in place. She was far too weak to break free, so she was forced to sit in his hand. The vibrating fingers were drenched in her juices and the movement also affected the toys wedged up her ass. She was crippled with overwhelming sensations, letting out humiliating groans and grunts as the Omnic continued pleasuring her without care.
She didn’t care at this point, pulling the straps on pieces of her armor, letting them fall to the ground as she tried to find a distraction from the extreme pleasure. It was less than before, but she still struggled to focus. She undid the armored plates upon her legs, rising up and down as Bastion put another finger in. She squirmed in her seat, still trapped as the finger’s wiggled in her juicy pussy.
She reached high, holding onto Bastion’s weapon as she felt another orgasm creeping up. She closed her eyes, feeling her ponytail running along her chest as she moved. She was only wearing a tank-top and torn pants now, but she didn’t care if someone was watching. She moaned, feeling the climax overcoming her. She held on as her muscles weakened, her swollen belly gurgling as she slid around upon Bastion’s hand. His vibrating fingers made her skin tingle as it stimulated countless nerves throughout her body.
She was deep in the glorious finale when a gunshot startled her back to reality. Bastion dropped her instantly, spinning around and switching into a turret. The barrel darted from side to side, searching for the origin of the shot. Two more came in quick succession, taking out the robot before he could retaliate. Ana jumped down from some rubble, appalled by the sight.
“What are you doing?! Put your clothes back on! Our team needs us!” She spoke in her deep, accented voice.
“I-I can’t…” Brigitte put her head down shamefully. “Someone… Did something to me.”
Ana slung her rifle over her shoulder before embracing the young woman. “Ohh, there, there.” Ana ran a hand through her hair as she bent down, resting upon her bosom. “I know bad things can happen, but we have to get back to the fight. I promise I will watch over you.”
Brigitte pulled back, her sad eyes showing determination. “I won’t let you down.” She picked up her shield and weapon, leaving her armor behind. You won’t be disappointed.”
“Good girl.” Ana looked to the armor and back to the partially nude girl before shrugging. “I’ll be keeping you covered.”
Planting her flail, she stumbled along the main path, sweating as she walked. Her tummy groaned, and she couldn’t help flexing it when she took bigger steps. Brigitte was still wet between her legs, but thankfully her tank-top covered her privates… mostly. When she was standing it appeared that she wore underwear, but walking revealed her dripping pussy.
She came to the bridge, seeing Reinhardt and Mercy finishing off her allies. Ana took out the healer from a distance, leaving Reinhardt alone to find cover behind the gate. Brigitte forced herself to run. Her belly swaying as she charged forward. She heard a grunt, seeing the hulking tank rocketing toward her. Reinhardt crashed into her, slamming her against a stone wall. Her shield absorbed most of the impact, but it left her clothing ripped open. Reinhardt stared with an open mouth, totally frozen by the sight. He held up a hand, blocking his view as he set his hammer aside.
“Brigitte, my dear, you can’t be fighting like this!”
“It does not matter, I will win!” She launched the head of her flail, knocking her burly godfather back.
“This is not how we battle,” he pleaded, refusing to fight back. “You must cover-up.”
She got upset, pulling the remnants of her top away. “You can’t fight me because of these? Because of my boobs?!”
“What would others think if they saw-“
“It does not matter!” She dropped her armaments, grabbing onto Reinhardt’s armor. “We have to fight!” She couldn’t hide the sudden cramp that rolled through her.
“What is the matter? This isn’t you, my friend!”
His words struck something, making all of the fight leave her body. She stood before him wearing only the harness around her hips, leaning back to show him her full belly. She looked up with sad eyes, no longer wishing to resist. Her eyes sank and she turned to the lock on the side of the harness.
“What is… Who did this to-“ A shot hit him in the shoulder and another in the back. “Ah.” He turned, taking a final shot to the head. Reinhardt fell to the ground, incapacitated.
Ana revealed herself yet again. “Thanks for softening him up.”
“He was trying to help.”
“Don’t worry, he’ll be back. Now pick up your weapon and let’s keep moving.”
“I can’t. It’s too much. I have more than just water in there.”
“I know-“ She quickly stopped herself. “We have to keep going or they-“
Light footsteps approached and Ana turned just in time to see Doomfist flying toward her, launching her into the air before slamming her back down. Brigitte stumbled back, leaning upon the wall in shock. Doomfist lowered his gauntlet, noticing her pussy peeking from between her open legs. His hard eyes scanned upward, inspecting her soft, upturned breasts.
“It seems the lion has happened upon easy prey.”
“You stay back!” Brigitte reached for her shield, but Doomfist kicked it aside.
“You will submit to me or you will not get back up!”
The imposing Nigerian man slammed his augmented fist into the wall beside her, making her gasp and tense up. Brigitte closed her eyes, feeling the man’s breath upon her neck. He put his large hand upon her belly, kneading her soft skin as she groaned. He used his knee to spread her legs wider, running his fingers down to graze her slit. She trembled as he touched her, feeling his strong hand pressing into her smooth, pliable skin. He moved his hand back up to forcefully grab her breast, making her whimper as he stared into her eyes.
She started to struggle, but he put his hand around her neck, squeezing just enough to stop her. “I will have you one way or another. It would better if you just accept it.” The man removed his sash and let his pants fall to the ground. His long, thick black cock sat proudly between his powerful legs. He used his augmented arm for support, using his other hand to hold his shaft, rubbing the tip along her damp pussy. “It appears you want this more than you realize.”
Brigitte stared ahead, feeling ashamed at herself as her eyes slid lower on his muscular body. She didn’t understand why she was so horny and she couldn’t resist angling her hips upward, burying the head of his cock into her slit. Doomfist grabbed her hair and pulled her aside, bringing her down to sit on the ground. She landed on her butt, feeling the blockage in her ass shift painfully. He shoved her over, grabbing her hips to raise her ass into the air. He went to one knee, guiding his meaty cock into her pussy from behind.
“It seems you enjoy being taken by a real man.” He pressed in, making her gasp and pull forward at the halfway mark. “If you are lucky I will give you a boy that carries my legacy.” He pressed in firmly, holding on to her hips. She tried to evade the discomfort, but he was too strong and each movement only caused her to lose ground. She stopped resisting and allowed him to go in all the way. Her body tensed as he stopped, buried all the way in her slippery hole. She let out a sad, anguished moan. The pain was severe, but she also felt underlying pleasure.
Through focus and willpower, Brigitte composed herself, trying not to give him the satisfaction as he started moving. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart thrummed as she stared ahead with a set jaw. She leaned down, putting her head on her crossed arms, acting as if she was accepting him now.
“Your submission is admirable, little girl. Of all of the strong women I have dominated, you show the most respect. I will make sure to plant a strong child in your belly.”
Brigitte sprang up with all of her might, stumbling ahead. Her ass ached, her pussy felt stretched open, and a cramp rolled through her stomach. She made it only a few steps before Doomfist grabbed her ponytail. He yanked her head back and directed her against the stone wall, pressing her against it with the side of his gauntlet.
“You will not get away with this!” Brigette growled, hoping someone would come by and help her.
“Resisting is most welcome! I enjoy breaking you.” He spoke in a deep, commanding voice.
She kept struggling as he poked his cock between her legs. “You’re nothing without that gauntlet!”
He mashed her against the wall, pressing her swollen belly into the stone. “You will remember my name.” He laughed. “Like so many others.”
“I don’t even know your name!” She whimpered, his dick finally finding her entrance. “You’re just Doomfist number three! Or, was it four?”
He took offense to that, slamming his shaft all the way in, compressing her ample ass as he pressed her against the wall. “You will show respect to me! You will learn to fear the name Akande!”
Gasping, reeling from the sudden insertion, Brigitte went limp. The man was furious, fucking her hard from behind, causing the objects in her ass to shift as he pumped her. A wet slapping sound came from below as her skin flushed and reddened. She was at his mercy and her body was enjoying it. He drove in with all his might, grabbing onto the wall with his gauntlet, making the stone crumble.
Her chest pressed against the cool stone, flattening with much less pain than her belly. Her toned legs spread wide as the powerful fighter rammed into her excited pussy. He was enjoying her discomfort, making sure to shift occasionally to hit a tender spot in her depths. His strong thrusts raising her from time to time. His cock was making her sore purely from its girth, but she could tell a climax was approaching. She was not resisting now.
He grunted as he slammed into her, his cock pulsing as he delivered thick pulses of cum into her the deeper areas of her vagina. Her pussy clamped tightly, pulling out any remaining cum as he made a few final pumps.
She tried to hold out, but it felt too good. She came at the end, overwhelmed by the sensations. She squirted onto the wall, shaking with an unwelcome orgasm. He laughed as she moaned and sank from his grasp, sliding down to sit upon her knees. His cum dripped from her open pussy as she recovered from the intensity. She put her hand on the wall, barely stopping herself from falling over. She was incredibly weak now, barely able to think straight.
Akande put his normal hand on her shoulder. “I’m not finished.” He grabbed under her arms, bringing her back up. “Your father should be proud when you show him our child!” He laughed deeply.
She breathed heavily as the pleasure of the experience faded, leaving her overwhelmed by a surge of pain. She was about to cry when she heard something. Doomfist growled, letting her fall as he charged away. She heard fighting, and once the silence stopped she saw Soldier 76 standing above her. The red line on his visor hiding his emotion.
“Sorry.” He spoke, holding up a key after a moment. “I found this, though.” He reached down and opened her harness. “And we got the payload through thanks to your distraction.”
Brigitte smiled with tired, teary eyes. “I helped?”
“Yeah, you did it.” He stood up. “I’ll give you some privacy.”
Ana was watching from above as Jack came from the doorway. “You made it just in time. She’s taking it off.”
“Doomfist came in her, I saw it.”
Ana looked to him with subtle concern, nodding as she turned back to their teammate. “I’m sure Angela has something to help.”
“How will she react to our involvement?”
“Mistakes happen, Jack. We didn’t expect this… and it wouldn’t be the first time Angela had to help us.”
He grunted as they watched Brigitte. She was standing against the wall, using one hand to disconnect the harness. It fell off and the plug in her ass immediately plopped on the ground. She squatted with an open mouth, grunting loudly as the dildo slipped from her ass, bouncing as it struck the stone. A blast of liquid came next. She held her shrinking belly as she emptied. The Swedish girl sank to her knees before lying on her stomach. Her shapely ass was finally empty and she needed time to recover.
“I bet she learned a lot from this, don’t you?” Ana smirked.
“I’m sure she did.”