The Passenger


Thousands of people went about their daily lives as the morning sun arose, peeking between the skyscrapers. She passed along the crowded sidewalk, sipping her cappuccino on the way to work. She reached into her purse, checking for her ID badge. Waiting for a crosswalk light to change, she adjusted her bra strap and tucked her gray blouse into her black and white skirt. She continued on, mentally planning her itinerary for the day.

Something caught her eye, and she paused mid stride. A low, pained noise came from behind some garbage cans. She entered the alleyway, approaching cautiously, raising her head high to find the source of the hurt animal. She jumped as the creature scampered back into a corner. The strange pink creature’s body trembled as it let out another low cry. She felt an odd compulsion to approach, and when she was within reaching distance the creature bolted beneath her legs.

She dropped her beverage, standing silently horrified as the soft creature rubbed feelers gently along her ankles. Its skin was cool and malleable, touching carefully along her legs as she stood, planning what to do. She was about to run when she felt a sense of calm wash over her. Companion. The thought formed in her mind somehow. Her fear lessened as the alien creature crawled up her toned legs. It moved higher, making her gasp as it passed over her underwear.

Another sense of calm came before it continued upward. “What are you doing?” She asked aloud. The creature was on her lower back, beneath her waistband as more thoughts came. Mate. Love? It wasn’t speaking, but she knew what it meant. The creature grew longer, stretching feelers up along her spine and two others around her hips and into her panties. The upper tendrils went below her arms, beneath her bra, and up to her nipples. The lower two curved upward, slipping into her vagina from both sides.

Lastly, she felt another tendril move down and into her ass. This one was larger and wet, opening her easily with its tapered tip. It parted her firmly, making her lean against a wall as it pushed deeper and deeper into her bowels. She grimaced as it snaked a path all the way up to her stomach. Finally it stopped. She felt violated, but it didn’t bother her as much as expected. She adjusted her clothing and continued on her way.

I have a monster attached to me! She thought with increasing unease. Why am I okay with this?
It responded to her thoughts. No pain. I will help you. Must eat first. The thoughts coalesced in her mind, easing her panic. She diverted into a restaurant, buying three smaller breakfast sandwiches. She devoured them, enjoying the flavor more than any food she could recall. Each bite tastes fantastic! She savored the last piece, sad that it was gone. I enhance thoughts. I can adapt. Eat more.

She didn’t have too much extra time, but she found another fast-food establishment and bought an assortment of cheaper foods. She adored every moment of that feast, hurriedly wolfing it down as she sat at a corner table. She was so enthralled that she lost track of time. She ate the last few items on the go, shoving the food in her mouth as she trotted to her workplace. People gave some disgusted glances, but she didn’t care. She wiped her hands and face, composing herself before she took the elevator. She checked in and quietly found her cubicle.

“13 minutes late. I could fire you right now, Hilary.” Her supervisor leered.
“But you won’t.”
The man sighed. “Of course not. Just be ready to speak in 17 minutes. The investors are already showing up.”
“I thought that was at 2!”
“Didn’t you see the e-mail? They rescheduled a week ago. Just get your shit together, Hilary. We need someone to invest or I don’t know how much longer I can let your… liberal work ethic slide.”

Her boss scoffed as she turned away. I’m screwed! I don’t even have the paperwork together! She scrambled to find the binder on the pills she was trying to speak about. She felt a sudden calmness come over her. I can assist. She opened her bottom desk drawer and pulled the nondescript binder from the bottom of the stack. She knew very little about the drug she was going to speak about, but she was pretty good with last minute prep work.

She skimmed through the pitch, making note of how this newer diabetes drug was supposed to be easier on your system than most of the common alternatives. She found most of the important information before hunger pulled her away. She only had about 5 minutes left, so she trotted to the empty break room and pilfered a few co-worker’s lunches from the refrigerator. She hastily downed a couple of sandwiches and large bowl of cold soup. It tasted wonderful and she was sad to see she only had a minute left. She wiped her mouth and trotted to the meeting room.

Inside, there were six people awaiting her arrival. The dour businessmen and women watched her quietly as she entered and began the pitch. She recalled the details more easily than before, surely with the assistance of the attached alien.

“It was recently approved by the FDA and is slated for release in two years. It is a milder diabetes medication with side effects of weight gain, upset stomach, and bloating. It is effective in spite of the minimal risks and…” Words left her as she felt a bulge pressing between her legs. She tried to hide her urgency as she opened her stance, allowing an ovipositor to wriggle inside her open vagina. A large egg slipped inside, opening her painfully wide before snaking up her vagina. She leaned against the desk as another moved into place.

The people stared with subtle confusion as she took more eggs, one after the other. Hilary stumbled through her presentation, finally able to continue with her pitch. “This drug can work wonders for people who were unable to tolerate the current medications and it… shows… promise on reducing reliance on the drug after a few years of use.” She groaned, feeling numerous eggs jostling inside of her belly. She was horrified as she glanced down, seeing her shirt had come untucked due to her now rounded potbelly. A bulge formed as another egg moved inside, but only a tiny portion of her midriff was visible above her waistband. The others said nothing, clearly waiting for someone else to acknowledge it.

“How much will it cost?” One woman asked, clearly oblivious to the strange growth in Hilary’s belly.
“Uh, it hasn’t been determined, but they aim for competitive pricing.”
“Do they have a distributor?”
“They have a few options lined up, b-but…” The eggs continued, distracting her entirely. She couldn’t resist grabbing her filling belly as she gave a pained groan. Her stomach moved as the eggs forced their way higher. She felt tightness as she leaned down upon the large table with something building inside her. Gritting her teeth, she felt a sharp pain as the objects fought to move deeper. She gasped as an egg slipped into her womb, feeling a sudden disconnect as others rolled in behind it.

“Okay, what is happening?” Another man gestured to her exposed tummy. “Are you okay?”
“Oh-of… Of course.” Hilary stuttered. “I just… I must…” She looked down with obvious concern as she lifted her shirt. People gasped as she showed her bulging, bumpy belly. It was bigger than she realized and it moved as they watched, continuing to fill with the creature’s eggs. She appeared to be in the middle of a pregnancy, but thankfully the creature attached to her was hidden from their view.

“Wait, did you take the drug? Is that why… this is happening?” One of them asked.
“Are those the side effects you mentioned?” The man looked appalled. “Those are pretty severe!”
“Ugh, uh… Yeah, I used them because I am… diabetic.” She lied. “This hasn’t happened before.”
“Jesus! How is this drug mild?”
“I swear, this is a fluke.” She tried to save face. “Don’t let this factor into your decision…”
“You should go to a doctor!”

A sudden thought came to mind. Unable to hide her belly, she held up a finger and waddled out of the conference room. She found another binder in her desk and brought it back to the confused men and women. She flipped it open, grimacing as she spoke. “This is Glucocynil: a drug being developed alongside the one I’m taking. It is further along and will be produced this year. It’s more expensive, but the side effects are nothing like this…” She grunted and buckled, feeling more and more eggs pushing inside her womb. Her belly was almost entirely full, jutting ahead with notable bumps throughout.

“I…” She shook her head, breathing laboriously. “I am going to the doctor.” She left the investors as she pushed through the door, shuffling down the hallway. She took the elevator, feeling the ovipositor withdraw as she waited. She squeezed her legs together, attempting to retain the large amount of eggs in her vagina.

Hilary rushed into the single person bathroom and immediately felt her panties fill with baseball sized eggs. She moved her garment aside, forcefully ejected eggs onto the ground. They came out quickly and she couldn’t hold back, pushing countless alien eggs onto the tile floor. They piled up, rolling aside as more and more came. None of them broke, she noticed, and she felt sudden guilt as she stared at the wet pile of unborn offspring. They require warmth to survive. She tried to think of a solution.
Back inside? She responded to the alien mentally.
No. Need space for more. 

She felt the ovipositor slip back into place in her sore vagina. She still retained some eggs, but her stomach had flattened almost back to normal. She stepped to the mirror to freshen up. She wiped away some smudged mascara, adjusting her bra to keep the minor bulges from the feelers hidden. “You can fix this. You just have to say it was something you ate… They’re more likely to believe that then the truth!” She spoke to herself as she glanced back to the piled eggs. She brushed her platinum blonde hair back, scrutinizing her face in the mirror. Her high-peaked eyebrows drew attention from her prominent nose to her radiant eyes. Her dimpled smile showed as she built her confidence. Care for them.

She turned back to the eggs with a fresh idea in her mind. She emptied the garbage bag by the sink, glad it was only filled with used paper towels. She shoveled the eggs into the sack, carrying it past the front desk. She walked with purpose, avoiding eye contact as she got back into the elevator and chose the highest floor. She had to use the stairs to get roof access, knowing no one would bother the eggs as they warmed in the sun. She spread them out before returning to her office. Moving past the clear conference room window, she cautiously moved to her desk.

Her supervisor appeared atop her cubicle wall. “I don’t know what you did, Hilary, but they all signed for Glucocynil.” The man laughed. “I mean, no one bought the new drug, but this stuff will make us twice as much. Don’t know how you sold it, but nice job!” The man slapped the flimsy wall before stepping away. The familiar hunger returned and she ignored it for a time, focusing on paperwork and client calls for an hour or so.

We need food. “You have to wait!” She whispered with urgency. “I have my own life to live!” We need to eat. Our time together is limited. Hilary felt relief that the creature would be gone soon. She conceded, telling her supervisor she was going to an early lunch.

She decided to try a different approach. The buffet opened recently and the customers were just starting to flow in. She found a secluded seat and told the waitress her a drink order. Hilary grabbed two plates, stacking a large amount of various foods upon each. Returning, she quickly cleaned the generous helpings before heading back for more. She learned to pack the food together, making dense piles of pastas, vegetables, and fried foods. No one seemed to pay attention as she ate hastily, demolishing the platefuls easily.

She was on the eighth plate when people started to take notice. Quick glances came as the restaurant filled. She also noticed a tightness in her midsection. She raised her untucked blouse to see a large belly had formed. A server brought her yet another beverage, saying nothing as she took the stack of empty dishes. “I’m huge! Why don’t I feel full?” She asked the attached creature once the woman was gone.

More energy is needed for the next spawn. Keep eating. She sighed, venturing to the buffet yet again. She took six large patties of boneless fried chicken, eight crisscrossed egg rolls, half a plate of piled macaroni and cheese, and a heaping bowl of chili. She carried the stack of plates carefully past the gawking patrons, arranging them upon the table. Having emptied her drink again, the waitress had quietly placed a pitcher of soda upon the table for her.

Hilary gulped down the entire pitcher within a minute. She set to work, munching down the bulk foods. She was sweating as she pushed the remainder of the egg rolls into her mouth, chewing it minimally before swallowing. Her clothes pulled tight upon her massive belly. She was far bigger than before, but she still felt hungry.

Again she went to gather more food, but this time lines had formed. The staff was struggling to keep up and she decided to hit up the dessert table. She took a nearly full pan of chocolate cake, seeing no one nearby to oppose her. She brought it to the ice cream machine and covered the baked dish in soft serve. The vanilla ice cream was wound high and she added piles of sprinkles and chocolate chips on top. Some people scowled, while others saw her full belly and accepted that she was eating for two.

At the table, she noticed her waitress talking to two other women, pointing at her subtly before smiling. Hilary ignored them, taking hefty spoonfuls of the sugary concoction. The entire meal was euphoric, and every bite tasted like the best thing she had ever eaten. By the end she didn’t feel full, but she knew she had to stop. An audience was watching her now and her belly was hanging heavily over her thighs. She got up, attempting to cover her exposed belly, but her clothing was far too tight. Even her chest was pulling her blouse to the limit, but her nipples were hidden under the creature’s feelers.

She waddled to the door, walking with slow, lumbering steps. She had a reasonably long walk ahead and she was in no state to continue. She raised an arm to summon a taxi, feeling a breeze upon her warm, uncovered belly. In less than a minute she had a ride. She clumsily crawled into the back seat, her expanded stomach rubbing against the seat in front of her. She gave the driver her home address as she called in to work. The receptionist directed her call to her supervisor.

“Hilary, Mr. Mazzeo wants to meet with you!”
“I-I’m sorry, but I can’t make it back… I’m not feeling well.”
“No, you can’t stand him up. He’s my boss’ boss, Hilary. You have to meet with him before he flies out of the state tomorrow.”
“I don’t… want to get him sick or something.”
“Then don’t cough on him! He asked for you specifically and if you don’t meet with him then I’ll give you form duty for the next two months.”

She paused, knowing how tedious it would be to check and correct minor errors on insurance forms. “Okay, okay, I’ll go.” She got the address and redirected the cab driver. I can’t go in looking like this and I won’t have any place to lay the eggs – help me! She shouted mentally. It cannot be rushed. You must explain somehow. This will be our last brood. She felt calmer, but still nervous about how to explain her predicament to the man who ran their entire building.

She paid her fare and started the long trek up the winding driveway. Her belly swayed, shifting her skirt side to side. Sweat showed through her blouse and hair stuck to her neck in the afternoon sun. She huffed as her shaky legs carried her to the elegant household. Hitting the doorbell, she was greeted by a voice. After getting her name, the older man directed her inside.

The man with peppered hair maintained eye contact, avoiding her girth. “Glad to meet you Ms. Weber, you can call me Evan.”
She blushed, winded from the walk. “Good to meet you too.”

The house was very clean and well furnished. He had numerous closed files sitting upon the coffee table as they came into the living room. He directed her to sit upon the spacious sectional sofa as he sat on the opposite end. She had to sit with her legs apart, but thankfully her stomach covered her privates.

“So, straight to business. I heard you found a great number of investors for one of our superfluous drugs. It was so overpriced that it was just there to drive up the sales of cheaper products, but you sold it en masse. Can I ask how you did it?”
“Uh, I just gave the pitch for another drug and then told them the side effects. They decided for that one instead.”

His eyes drifted downward along her enlarged body. “I was told you puffed up like a balloon. Are you okay? Was this a side effect of that drug?” He showed care.
“No, no, I’ll be fine. It was an unrelated allergy, but I’ll be fine.” She wiped the sweat from her forehead. “It’s a very… unique allergy, but it’s not dangerous, only inconvenient.”
“Well, I don’t want you to have any problems, so please let me know if I can help your situation somehow.” He nodded, accepting her silence. “Well, you used your problem creatively and I’d like to offer you a training position. Once a month I’d like you to coach our other sales reps.”
Hilary was stunned. “I don’t know if I really should.”
“You are being modest. It isn’t only this case I’m looking at. You have a solid track record and you could boss your boss around.” He smiled. “I didn’t choose you on a whim, today was simply a push in the right direction.”
“Yes… yes!” She nodded excitedly. A sudden cramp stole her glee. The man noticed, leaning forward to offer aide. “I’ll be okay, it’s just my allergy. May I use the bathroom?”

Mr. Mazzeo directed her down the hall and helped her to stand. She set out alone, supporting herself along the wall as she held her stomach, feeling a building tightness. More eggs are coming! Gathering her willpower, she shuffled into the bathroom and locked the door. The pain built, growing almost unbearable as she bent down with her hands upon her knees. She let out short, quick breaths as she pushed hard, trying to force the blockage lower. Her pussy was dripping wet as she tried again and again, feeling it shift slightly lower each time.

The largest section of the object was passing. She grit her teeth as she watched herself in the mirror. Her stomach was massive, dominating her smaller frame. She tried to shift her skirt lower to accommodate her growth, but it was pulled so tight that it snapped. The garment launched to the floor, exposing the growing creature upon her back. She was shocked to see it swelling up, pulling her blouse and panties tight.

Finally the egg pushed past her opening, but to her horror she hadn’t noticed it was going upward. The eggs aren’t coming out – they’re going in! She balled her fists as she grunted quietly, taking another oversized egg into her vagina. The discomfort passed momentarily before another pushed it against her sore opening. Again she spread for the object, feeling excruciating agony as the first egg forced its way into her womb.

Hilary squatted, whimpering as the unbearable tightness built. She was in tears as it finally slipped past the widest section. One of the giant eggs was now nestled inside her womb and another was pushing in to join it. More followed as well, as the unhindered creature puffed out behind her. It was ingesting all of the food she had in her stomach and giving eggs in return. She was on her knees now, unable to move as egg after egg rammed inside her. Her stomach bulged unevenly as she endured the punishment. She felt seven or eight pomegranate sized eggs inside her when the insertions stopped. Her vagina was packed full and she felt a warmth just inside her entrance.

Aching, she finally took a moment to open her eyes. Her stomach was slightly smaller, but her attention was drawn by the immensely swollen creature upon her back. In her ordeal she didn’t notice that the alien had collected the food, preparing to create more offspring.

“No more can fit, please stop!” In response, the feelers in her pussy slipped out and worked their way into her ass, opening it wide. The larger limb pulled out as an ovipositor moved to replace it. Without warning she felt something spreading her ass. She got to her feet, pacing as she fought to endure the insertion. The pressure built until it popped inside. To her amazement she felt others follow it in. She took three eggs right after the other and another four in rapid succession.

She felt her ass close as the creature soothed her mind. Her soreness faded and her shock disappeared as a warm goo pushed just inside her backdoor. She stroked her full belly, as it was even larger than before. She smiled as she felt the bumps beneath her velvety skin. She felt happiness wash over her as she looked at her reflection with a broad smile. Her blouse was sitting atop her belly as she turned to marvel at her body’s resilience. Her panties were pushed low, dampened with her own juices.

Oh no! Her concern returned in an instant. How can I explain my way out of this? She found her skirt, seeing that it was ripped apart. I’m screwed! She put a hand on her forehead. And why aren’t they coming out? They need to incubate. Not for long. Its words frustrated her. You don’t understand, I can’t let him see me like this! She slipped her wet panties to the floor, attempting to slip a finger into her lower entrance. A thick, sticky substance was holding the eggs in for now and no matter how hard she tried the eggs stayed in place.

A knock came. “Are you okay? Should I call for help?”
“I’m fine!” She thought for a moment. “This is embarrassing, but do you have some sweatpants I could borrow?”
“Sure, let me grab you something!” The man spoke through the door. A knock came a few minutes later. She peeked through the door to accept the garment. “Sorry, but the best thing I could find is what my ex-wife left here.”

Hilary thanked him as she closed the door and put on the tight-fitting yoga pants. They would have been comfortable normally, but now they sat well beneath her rounded stomach. She used the mirror to hide the alien’s attached body, thankful that her ample midsection covered her camel toe. Her ass was quite defined through the stretched black pants, but it was better than being fully nude. She discarded her broken skirt and soiled underwear before heading out to face her boss.

“Oh, I’m sorry they don’t fit more loosely, can I get you something else for your trip home? Could I get you a ride?”
“No, thank you, I will be okay like this. I appreciate the help.”
His concern was visible as she walked clumsily to the front door. “What kind of allergy do you have? Are you sure you’ll be okay like this?”
He’s a perfect gentleman. “Seriously, I’ll be okay. This only happens when I get a spider bite.” She lied. “I’ll be normal again in the next few days.”

Mr. Mazzeo finally seemed to relax. He said his goodbye and gave her his personal number to discuss her promotion in the upcoming days. She managed her added weight, walking almost normally down the curving driveway. At the entrance, she waved another cab. She wanted to head home, but the creature’s thoughts directed her back to work. Return to the spawning site. Collect our offspring.

The driver glanced back, asking her about her supposed pregnancy. She wove a tale as she rubbed her partially exposed belly, noticing the aches and pains were almost gone completely. She could feel the eggs move as they hit bumps and her size made it awkward to sit comfortably, but the trip didn’t take long. She tipped the driver, realizing she was completely out of cash.

Entering the building, the receptionist’s eyes doubled in size as she paused her phone call. Her mouth hung as Hilary lumbered past with a carefree wave. She made her way to the elevator and up to the roof access. The eggs were hatched and hundreds of slimy pink creatures writhed in a mass.

Suddenly Hilary felt a tendril push against her ass and then her pussy, opening the blockage in both paths. She felt sick for a moment before the enormous eggs inside her started sliding out. One by one, she felt the warm eggs collecting in her leggings. She felt some moving down against her legs while others bulged straight behind her. She pushed again and again, but her leggings were too tight and too full. She peeled the pants off, relieved as the last few eggs slid out of her sore openings. They slapped upon the tarred rooftop, collecting in a pile beneath her. The creature finally detached from her and jumped beside the egg pile.

Tired, she sat bare bottomed upon the cooling rooftop. With her pants around her ankles and her stomach almost normal again, she thought the ordeal was finally over. Then she noticed the mass of tiny, spider-like creatures moving her way. No longer in direct sunlight, the creatures gravitated towards her body heat. She held her breath and went still as the small aliens moved between her legs and passed into her pussy. They tickled her, causing excitement to build as they gathered inside.

Against her better judgement, Hilary spread herself, allowing them to enter more quickly. She moaned as she felt them invading her innermost regions. She was trembling as they pushed in, watching her belly vibrating. Breathing quickly, she took no longer than a minute to find orgasm. They continued to enter and she noticed the larger eggs were beginning to twitch. A bright pink tendril broke through the shell, as another did soon after. The remaining smaller creatures crawled into her lower opening as she watched her bulging belly move and shift, appearing to hold a mid-term pregnancy.

The eggs were hatching now, revealing larger creatures that shared the appearance of her mate. The aliens moved to her slowly, crawling up her body and resting upon her legs and shoulders. Two opened her blouse, causing buttons to pop free before they attached to her breasts, sucking on them roughly. It felt like a hands working her tits, trying to draw milk from them. She sat for a long while, content with the animals nestling in and upon her. The two released and moved aside, allowing two others to latch on. She noticed a trickle of milk, realizing they were feeding. It must have been working my breasts that whole time – I barely felt it.

The roof access door creaked open. The receptionist peeked out, gasping with surprise at the scene. Hilary was sitting against a wall, sweating as she gave a tired smile. With her blouse open and her pants pulled low, her stomach writhed as the occupants moved. While alien creatures waited their turn to feed from her swollen chest she leaned back, accepting her situation.

The small-framed teenaged girl froze in fear as the eldest alien shot at her. It skittered along the ground and slithered up her back, disappearing beneath her clothes. The girl’s worried expression calmed. Her tight fitting blouse bulged slightly as the feelers moved beneath her bra. The woman’s eyes darted around before she stepped back inside.

Hilary waited for all of her offspring to feed before she got up. She thought for a moment, pondering how to get home without incident. She bent forward and spread her ass. “Hide in here.” Uncertain if they understood, Hilary pointed at one. The creature jumped to her leg and scampered up onto her rump, pushing its slimy body into her ass. She huffed as it parted her, glad that she was already loose from the eggs.

The others didn’t wait for a signal, clambering up her legs and into her butt, one after the other. She enjoyed the feeling, moaning as the last few worked their way in. The final creature barely fit, having to shift around inside her, pulling her asshole wide as the others pushed farther ahead. Her stomach was slightly smaller than before, but she was still very pregnant with ill-fitting clothing. She pulled her leggings up and used the remaining buttons on her blouse. She went inside and made her way downstairs, hearing some clanking dishes in the building’s cafeteria.

Everyone else was gone for the night except the receptionist. She found the petite girl devouring heaping spoonfuls of cold mashed potatoes. The girl was startled by her presence, but she quickly resumed her consumption. The leggy brunette skirt was tightening and her cream-colored shirt was rolled up above her growing belly. Her dusky eyes and broad smile showed she was loving every second of her improvised meal.

“Jodie?” Hailey read her name tag. “I’ve been through this.”
“What will I do when they see the tapes?” She spoke nervously as she swallowed, pointing to the security cameras.
“Do you have any money on you?”
She scraped the bottom of the disposable platter. “Yeah, I have sixty dollars.”
“Just leave that when we finish.” She opened a cooler door and retrieved a large bowl of vanilla pudding. “That should be plenty to cover what you’re eating and they only check the tapes when required.

Jodie trotted to the front desk and came back with cash, setting it visibly beneath a salt shaker on the counter. She came back with excitement in her eyes as she licked her lips. Directing her to lie upon the dining table, Hilary inserted a wide-stemmed funnel into her mouth, directing her to hold it.

She tipped the giant bowl of pudding, watching the thick substance roll into the collection area. Jodie gulped it down hungrily, sucking it down within a minute. She asked for more, so Hilary found some chili to feed her. The girl’s belly was expanding, growing full and tight on her slim frame. The girl moaned as she drank the copious amount of food, swallowing it as quickly as possible.

Once finished, she finally removed the funnel, knowing her body was at its limit. Her exposed belly appeared much grander as she sat up, squishing against her thighs. Her tight clothing gripped her frame as she slid off the table.

She held her stomach, shaking it as she grinned. “I’m huge!” Her eyes went to Hilary’s stomach. “What’s happening to us?”
“We’re being used by some sort of… alien thing.” Hilary rubbed the girl’s firm belly.
“My parents are going to kill me!” She spoke with sudden concern. “How do I explain this?”
“Stay at my place tonight. Tell them you’re with a friend.” She took the girl’s hand calmly. “We’re parents now.”

An Offering to the Kraken


The ship listed to the left as they rode the incoming wave. It rocked back and forth, cutting through the stormy waters. She knew what they had planned for her. The savage captain had killed her parents and her younger sister, but kept her alive. She closed her eyes, but no sleep came. Time passed, waters calmed, and she could see a beam of sunlight peeking through the ceiling boards.

The door burst open. A greasy, heavy-set man came in first, directing his companion toward her. “We’re almost there, lass. Best get yer belly full before we roll in.” He sat an item wrapped in cloth on the floor and kicked it to her. Some pickled herring and a partial loaf of bread.
The second man was burly, with matted, jet-black hair. “We shouldn’t be wastin’ the food on her, Tom. Let’s just fuck her and let her find sustenance on our cocks.”
“Ya silly bastard! She’s got to be a maiden for this to work.”
“She’ll still be a maiden if she sucks us dry, Tom!”
“Aint worth it. The captain will gut us if he finds us stickin’ her.”
The strong man scoffed. “You’re so noble, fat man.”
“I may be fat, but I got the brains you tart!”

The two men bickered as they left. Thora thought back to her family, how they sat around drinking ale and celebrating their bountiful harvest. The pirates came for them that night; ships rolling in under the cover of darkness. They raided their seaside village, killing half of the townsfolk and stealing most of their food supply. Thora was their only captive. The captain had explained how he would use her as an offering to an ageless beast known as the Kraken. Thora had no idea what was to come, but she knew there was no escape.

Her chains clanked as she unwrapped the food and sank her teeth into the gooey vittles. The bread was hard, but reasonably fresh. This was one of the many spoils they had taken from her village. She ate the dry loaf and washed it down with some warm water. Sated and groggy, she finally was able to rest for a while as the creaking galleon rocked her to sleep.

The opening door startled her awake. The two men grabbed her pale arms and brought her to the upper deck. The sun burned her eyes after three days in relative darkness. The grizzled, sunbaked man wore a wine stained blouse underneath a gray overcoat. A well-cared cutlass hung from his lopsided belt. He eyed her with a dangerous smile. His weathered skin was hidden beneath a shiny salt and pepper beard.

“Do you see that island over there?” He spoke in her native tongue as he pointed to a prominent chunk of land on the horizon. “The beast I wish to summon has been spotted near these lands.” He walked slowly and proudly as he spoke. “We took from the village on the largest island and that is where I heard of the offering. Every ten years they offer a maiden to the monster from the deep in exchange for its protection.”

“An exotic virgin from the colder North will surely entice this monster to protect my ship.” He grinned, showing his yellowed teeth. “My name will live forever with a Kraken at my command.”

He allowed her to sit topside as they approached the vibrant tropical island. They dropped anchor and embarked on a rickety rowboat. The two men bickered once more as their boots sank into the wet sand. They pulled the boat onto shore and the captain led Thora down the coast. They came to a stone platform on the water’s edge, noticing an indigenous boy watching from the tree line.

“They won’t bother us since we’re offering to their god. Strip her and bind her over there.”
The two lackeys did as commanded, ripping away her clothes and leaving her alabaster skin exposed. They spun her around and sat her down on the stone pedestal, leaning against a massive stone in the center. They lifted the large rounded stone just enough to put her manacle chain underneath. Grunting, the duo dropped it and rejoined their leader a few steps away.

“Are you sure this will work? She don’t look very appetizing.”
“Of course it will!”
“I heard a lady’s juices will excite things, maybe we should get her goin’.”
The captain, Hernan, studied her for a moment. He walked closer and knelt in the water before her. He easily spread her legs and put out his tongue to explore her crimson bush. “You taste pretty nice down there – sweet like a strawberry!” He put his head back down and prodded her with his tongue. She fought, trying to repel the disgusting man, but she had never felt such sensations before. Small waves splashed against them as he continued. Soon the anger passed and she moaned as he pleased her.

Hernan got to his feet, leaving her wanting more of the amazing feeling. A wave rolled up upon her legs. The muscled man stared as the others passed. “That should bring it around. Too bad we can’t fuck her.” He stared longingly. The captain stopped and drew his cutlass. Without a word, he turned and rended the man’s chest. The lackey gripped the wound, stumbling away and falling upon his back in the sand.
“I do not care what you want. You are a simpleton and I am finished coddling you.” Hernan lifted his blade to strike again, but the bleeding man’s pitiful attempt to guard himself with his arms stopped him. “Perhaps the beast will feast on you as well.” The larger lackey’s eyes were wide with bewilderment. “Are you going to cause me a problem too?” Tom shook his head quickly. “Good, let’s get back to the ship.”

Waves splashed higher, cleaning away the stickiness between her legs. The wounded man gasped and grunted as he writhed in the sand a few yards away. The rowboat carrying two cast out, heading back to the ship. Thora watched her reflection in the surf. Her bright red hair and her grayish eyes had always turned heads. Her freckled shoulders prickled with the cold as she waited for her fate. She wondered if anything would come or if she would freeze to death out here. She felt the spray of cold salty water on her low hanging breasts. Her nipples hardened as she tried to recall thoughts of her family.

A deep sound roused her from her reflection. Another, louder low-pitched sound came. A shadow moved beneath the Spanish galleon – something enormous. She jumped as she watched a huge tentacle erupt from the water, rising well above the mighty ship. It hung in the air for a few moments before it fell back lifelessly, directly striking the middle of the ship. The masts splintered and snapped, collapsing as the giant gray feeler ripped through the body of the boat. Screams echoed across the water as another arm sprang up in a spray of brine, hitting the broken ship with another strike. Wood blasted horizontally, covering a vast area in remnants of the once mighty vessel. Few survivors clung to flotsam as the monster left them to their fate.

The men in the rowboat paddled frantically, attempting to return to land. The water below them quaked as a tentacle launched them high into the air. Both men flailed and howled as they fell down from a ridiculous height, disappearing into the waves. The wounded man called weakly for his former friend. Upon striking the water, however, the hurt man put his head back, closing his eyes as lay silently.

Thora clenched her eyes as she waited for the monster to come for her. Screams were intermittent now, as most of the pirates had been pulled under. She opened her eyes as she heard something. She saw a tentacle lifted high into the air, blocking her view of the afternoon sun. She howled as it fell, shaking the ground as it crushed the man who had fallen nearby. Sand sprayed in all directions, raining upon her as she turned away. The mighty feeler stayed in place as another shot from the water, landing on her other side. Once the sandy spray dissipated, she saw the monster’s body slide toward her from beneath the waves and she tried desperately to free herself, but the rock held firmly.

The Kraken pulled itself closer and out of the water, extending a smaller, slimy tube outward as it moved closer. Thora bucked and screamed as the long, arm-sized protrusion bounced against her closed legs. Suddenly the beast let out a low growl as it hit her legs with the soft extremity. She shook as it moved the cold, slimy limb between her legs, forcing them apart as it put the tip into her loins. Thora lost her breath as the beast penetrated her.

The translucent shaft widened and she watched countless black orbs sliding toward her. She felt small, squishy balls press into her opening. She scooted back, but the monster’s shaft was stuck in place, continuing to fill her with its eggs. Her belly raised as the orbs forced their way inside. She whimpered and squirmed as her belly filled. The experience didn’t hurt, it just seemed uncomfortable.

She thought back to the man’s tongue tracing her lower region. She felt the discomfort lessen and she grew warm. Her stomach had doubled, growing as large as her mother’s belly just before she had her sister. She moaned as she felt the unusual feeling rising in her body once again. With her arms still trapped, she leaned back and lifted her legs, allowing the monster to slide slightly deeper. The flow of eggs increased and she trembled with excitement, laughing as she felt an indescribable feeling wash over her entire body.

She opened her eyes to see her belly was high enough to block her view of the shaft. She leaned to the side and saw a very thick clump of eggs sliding toward her. She shook, trying desperately to avoid the unwelcome objects. A strong pressure moved between her legs, which built and built. Soon it felt unbearable, and after a wrenching pain, it finally slid past. A huge blob of eggs popped inside, causing her to let out a loud, anguished gasp. She felt the beast withdraw, slipping the slimy proboscis from her sore opening. She watched as the enormous feelers slid back into the water, moving a large amount of the white sand along with them. The greenish-blue water was hazy as the beast slipped under the surf and vanished with one quick, deep howl.

Grunting, using all of her might, she was unable to push the eggs free. Her stomach towered above her; it was larger than she thought possible. An eerie silence fell across the area. The sounds of the rolling waves were relaxing after such a horrifying display. The wooden debris thumped occasionally, and she could see bodies bobbing in the distant water. She felt tired and weak as she tried and failed again to release the objects. Her eyes drifted shut and she slipped into darkness.
She awoke to the sound of many men grunting behind her. She felt her arm bindings move and she instinctually pulled, finally free from beneath the boulder. She turned to see five sun-kissed young men standing around the rock, pleased at their strength. One of the chains links was bent, allowing them to disconnect it. The broken manacles remained, but now she could move her arms independently. The men spoke in a foreign tongue, but one knew a few words.

“Special.” He pointed to her and then to her belly.
Thora groaned painfully. “Help me.”
The man handed her a clay mug filled with fresh water. “Drink.”

Thora was incredibly thirsty as she gulped it down in four swigs. She wasn’t sure what would happen now. Every chance of leaving the island was gone, but at least she was alive. She felt a tinge of pain and wondered how long that would last.

“Return.” The man smiled, nodding quickly. “Soon.” A few men on the outer ring started back toward the trees.
“I don’t… j-just help me get this out!” She pleaded.
“Stay here.” The remaining men turned, leaving her alone again on the stone pedestal. Thora tried to move, but the sheer weight and size of her belly made it impossible. After a long struggle, she rolled to her side and fell back asleep as the sun warmed her pale skin.

The sun was setting when she awoke. She spied a group of natives approaching, thirty or forty young men, all completely naked. Clearly confused, the man who spoke a few words of Danish tried to help her understand. “Ritual.” He placed a hand on her outstretched stomach as the men encircled her.

“Please… no.” The shooting pain lessened into a constant ache, and she still felt immensely tired. She could see their stiff cocks and she was afraid of what would come next.
“Ritual and… and free.” The man struggled to construct the phrase.
“Free?” She groaned as she laid back. “I don’t have much of a say, do I?” She put her arms down and waited. “Be gentle.” Thora hoped they understood.

The men hoisted her into the sand and onto her hands and feet. They tilted her forward upon her belly, at an angle that kept her rump held high. Some men lined up while others stood to watch, all stroking themselves. The talkative man was at the front of the line. He offered his cock with a smile.

Thora pursed her lips and nodded before she opened wide and let him enter her mouth. The man moaned as he pressed in and out in a slow motion. Suddenly he gasped and pulled out, trotting around behind her. He pushed into her surprisingly resilient vagina and pumped only twice before he shot his load against the wall of eggs inside her.

Another man stepped up and she licked him in the same manner. This man, after a moment, stepped behind her casually and slipped his member into her ass. Thora reached back, rolling forward onto her shoulder, pressing her head against the cool sand. She complained, begging him to stop as she waved her arm wildly. The man pushed in with a loud groan of pleasure. He fucked her as another man stepped forward and pulled her shoulders, lifting her head back up to waist level. He stifled her complaints with his cock and the man behind followed her ass as it moved, continuing to pound her.

The man in her ass slowed and pushed in deeply before he withdrew and quickly stuck it in her pussy. He too shot his seed as deep as he could go with the eggs in place. The process continued for what seemed like an eternity. Some men went directly in the front while others stuck it in her tighter asshole first. Some couldn’t swap holes fast enough and shot it in her butt. Thora had no choice, accepting every man’s seed as they took turns using her. Some men finished in her more than once. She was surprised how little had come out as they continued. It was almost as if their seed was being absorbed by the eggs somehow.

The group of men continued into the night, illuminated by torch light. Thora closed her eyes and tried to think of a better time from back home. She would find orgasm from time to time, and try to cast her mind elsewhere when not feeling pleasure. She was sore all over when she noticed no one was using her mouth to dampen their organ. She was elated to see men leaving and the men who stayed were no longer hard. The last man finished in her sore pussy and they rolled her over, putting her back upon the pedestal before they left, laughing and speaking in a foreign tongue.

Sleep found her easily after the relentless use of her body. The midmorning sun hurt her eyes when she awoke. Small waves rolled upon the shore, and it rolled against her gargantuan stomach as she sat against the stone. Her stomach seemed somehow bigger than the previous night and she felt movement inside. It was terrifying to watch bulges appear momentarily as the creatures inside tried to find a way out. This lasted for a long time until she felt overwhelming urgency to release.

A blast of water came from between her legs, relieving the pressure. She felt many small creatures wriggling as they moved lower in her midsection. She felt a cold slap as they hit her inner thighs. Numerous small creatures flopped in the sand until the wave came to pull them into the ocean. She started counting them to keep herself distracted from the strange sensation of being emptied. About fifty of them, she thought, all about the size of her fist, and all looked like tiny versions of the enormous monster from the previous day.

Some were very small, she noticed, and they stayed close to the shore while the others swam out of sight. Her stomach was nearly back to normal, but she could still feel a few inside her that weren’t moving. Before she could try to get them out, however, another wave hit and she saw a smaller creature between her legs. She was shocked as the baby kraken pushed her ass open and wriggled inside. She gasped as it snaked its way through her insides.

She tried to stand, but slipped on the wet stone, her cushy rump hitting the sand and her legs spread in front of her. The small creatures saw their opportunity and jostled for positon, slipping into her rump one by one. It happened quickly, and she tried to grab a few of the monsters, but they were slippery and all of them passed through her grasp. She gave up after a minute of frustration, and guessed about twenty of them had gone back inside by the end. It felt oddly pleasant, if she wanted to be honest.

Her offspring writhed in her ass, and she decided to accept the feeling by touching herself. Her belly hung low once again as she rolled onto her hands and knees. She rubbed her button as they shifted. She opened her eyes to see the Dutch-speaking tribesman approaching and she continued to pleasure herself as she looked into his eyes. She howled with delight as the man watched. She could see her skin pressing outward as the tiny creatures nestled inside her.

She lay on her side in the warm sand. It took a while before they settled and allowed her to think straight. “Why did they go back in?”
“Mother.” He pointed at her before pointing between her legs. “Not ready for sea.”
“So I keep them in me for another day then I’m free?”
He nodded. “Free until next time.” He smiled warmly.
“N-next time?”
He rubbed her belly with her cold, wet belly with his warm hand. “Many more times.”

MOBA 1 – Katarina


“Today our match will certainly be epic! This will be a match between the sexy ladies from DOTA 2, League of Legends, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm! Six ladies from each game will push their three lanes in a game of elimination. Why six? Because once you’re out there is no coming back! There will be only one winner out of 24 female fighters! There will also be hubs to destroy for each group, but those only control the release of creeps. To eliminate heroes they must be immobilized or defeated in some way.”

“The arena is set up a little differently this time, however. We will be replacing most of their skills and purchased items for something more unique – expanding their horizons, if you will. All weapons are non-lethal and will magically inflate or immobilize their opponents whenever they touch skin. Each attack is cumulative, adding until they cannot continue. Removing clothing is also encouraged, because our viewers love it!” The announcer sniggered. “The last one moving will be the victor and the others just have to deal with it!” The announcer continued to hype the unseen audience.

The curvaceous redhead in tight leather prepared herself for the start of the match. She laughed at the ridiculous items the shopkeeper offered. She settled on a potion as the countdown started. Katarina decided to take the top lane from their base. She followed the team’s minions into the melee, assisting them in their slaughter of the enemy’s troops.

She could see an enemy hero waiting for the next push. Sonya, the barbarian and renowned enemy of Diablo’s army, was outfitted in limited armor, protecting her arms and legs, but leaving her midsection relatively free to move. Her muscular body flexed as she charged into the fray, cutting down soldiers with her dual blades. Her striking blue war paint and bright red hair added to the duality of her feminine curves and her masculine power.

The heroes kept their distance, soaking up experience from the attacking minions. Both girls would move in to kill the weaklings, but left one another alone. After some time, however, Katarina decided to advance. She teleported behind the fighting woman and landed a long slice upon her back. The leather strap of the bra split, allowing the heavy metal cups to fall to the ground. Katarina landed another strike as the angry woman turned. It was odd to see all of her blade’s momentum vanish, leaving no marks upon the woman’s surprisingly smooth back.

Katarina hit two more times before Sonya swiped at her. The barbarian’s muscles seemed less defined after the attack. Her face twisted with rage as she moved with amazing speed, landing blow after blow upon the surprised rogue as she tried to cartwheel away. Katarina launched a few daggers as she fell in shock. Her leggings in tatters, she looked down to notice her breasts were now spilling over her upper armor and a prominent belly hung below. She awkwardly jumped to her feet as the chubby barbarian approached again.

Rolling aside, the barbarian leapt to follow, hitting the foolish rogue with a few more strikes. Katarina was bigger than Sonya by this point, but her expanding body didn’t seem heavy as expected. Instead, she seemed unnaturally light. She bounded away as one more strike released her breastplate, allowing her tits to expand freely. They sat proudly, lifted more than normal. Katarina got some distance as she learned to control her light yet bulky frame. Their team’s minions continued fighting behind them, just out of their range, ignoring the two battling heroes.

She used Shunpo again to reappear behind the brawler, hitting her with many quick strikes. Katarina was shocked to see the woman’s ass growing visibly with each strike. She danced away, narrowly evading Sonya’s whirlwind attack. Now stopped, both of them noticed Sonya’s added weight. Unlike Katarina, she seemed to be heavier. Her fleshy rump caused her belt to rise on the sides, but her weighted belly pushed it lower in the middle. Her breasts looked more natural and far larger than Katarina’s, hanging beside her swollen tummy, swaying as she moved.

“I will break you, little girl!” Sonya went into an amazing rage, assaulting the rogue with countless strikes before a loud crash interrupted the pummeling. A smoothed standing stone arose from the ground between Sonya’s legs, lifting her into the air. Small at the top and wide at the base, the monolith disappeared beneath the woman’s loincloth. The barbarian’s rage changed to panic as she slid lower upon the rock formation. With sudden clarity, she pushed her feet inward and launched herself off of the obelisk.

She locked eyes with the rock’s shaper. Terra, who had found her way from the Smite base on the other side of the map, stood with a strong defiance. “That stone nearly found your temple.” She smiled, still remaining stern. The woman’s wild purple and white hair had a streak of bluish green. Her stone chest piece had mild cracks in the surface, held in place by underlying fabric. The purple stone glowed with green lines, matching the armor on her shoulders, arms, shins and the even the headpiece. The aqua and gold sash around her waist completed the ensemble. The wide framed woman’s perfect skin, toned body, and amazing breasts showed that she was a creation of the heavens.

Katarina ran to the trees, hiding as she regained her senses. Her belly had grown outward about a foot and her breasts pointed about half that distance. Her ass had puffed up behind her also, giving her ridiculous curves. Her arms and legs grew a little to maintain proportion, but overall it changed her movement a lot. She was still airy and light, but also bigger and ungainly. She sat as she watched her former opponent charge at the new contender.

Terra met her charge with a strong punch at Sonya’s main sword, knocking it from her grasp. Sonya followed with a strike from her off hand weapon, hitting the goddesses shoulder. The fabric holding her stone chest piece snapped and caused it to hang forward. Sonya grabbed ahold and tore it away, flinging it into the grass with a thud. Terra staggered backwards, her amazing tits bouncing freely. She glanced down and smiled. “You think such a thing bothers a god?”

Terra put her hands up as two massive stone walls appeared. She clapped her gauntlets together, unintentionally squishing her breasts between her arms as she watched the walls close upon the unsuspecting woman. Sonya screamed as she held out her arms, trying to hold them apart. Instead of crushing her, however, the girl started growing larger at a phenomenal speed.

Her whole body widened with sudden weight gain. Her belly flowed out and sagged to her knees as her ass, squishing against the rocks, grew out the opposite direction. Her boobs grew to epic proportions, elongating upon her full belly. The walls suddenly collapsed and disappeared, causing the large woman to shift into a more natural standing. She was incredibly fat, but there were few rolls, as her wide frame seemed to match her new heavy figure.

Sonya roared, waddling awkwardly as she tried to charge. Terra gave a giddy smile as she avoided the obese woman’s slow advance. “Give up! You’re finished.”
“I will never surrender!” The blue war paint smeared as sweat rolled down her skin.

Terra sighed and brought a hand into the air. Another standing stone erupted from the earth and hit the plump woman directly between her legs. Sonya’s mouth widened with alarm as she was lifted by the peak of the monolith. She dropped her sword and frantically tried to slide off, but her immense weight forced her downward onto the rock.

“I see someone is getting lucky tonight.” Terra gave a disappointed smile as she watched the woman slowly and painfully sliding down upon the object. Sonya was on her tiptoes when she finally stopped, a little less than a third of the way down the widening shaft. Terra turned to leave, but the barbarian only laughed.

“Just like a god to run.”
Terra turned back with a dumfounded shake of her head. “I won, you fool.”
“You surprised me, but come closer and I will still fight!”
Terra walked to her with agitation. “Just learn to give up!” She shook her head again as the impaled, overweight barbarian pitifully punched the air, not even close to landing a strike. “Fine, I’ll finish you.”

Terra went to her knees and moved the woman’s loincloth aside. She removed a gauntlet and licked her finger before pressing it into the hood of the stretched pussy. Sonya made a few failed attempts to hit her, but It took only a few seconds before Sonya cried out, begging her to stop. Moments later her feet shifted and Terra jumped backward in anticipation.

Sonya gave a pained look as she struggled to fight the orgasm. She shifted again and climax overtook her. She gasped as her wet pussy opened wider and wider. She lost her footing and continued moving lower upon the large hunk of smooth stone. She whimpered as she continually slid down.

She finally came to a stop a few inches from the ground. Her loins were stretched to ridiculous proportions as she sat, immobilized upon the large stone, and nearly in tears. The announcement came after a moment, “Sonya has been eliminated.”

Katarina took the Potion of Random Reduction she had purchased at the beginning. It tasted kind of sweet as she downed the vial. She felt a tightness in her belly as she watched it recede before her eyes. Her butt and boobs were still aired up, but she gained some maneuverability back. Katarina slinked through the trees until she found a good spot to attack. She came up behind the Earth Mother and hit her a few times before she turned. Katarina responded by teleporting behind her, landing even more hits. The strikes inflated the Goddesses’ breasts visibly.

Terra swept her arms around, launching the rogue through the air and into a nearby tree. Stunned, Katarina could not defend as the powerful woman charged, landing blow after blow upon her springy chest. Her ballooned breasts bounced the woman’s fists back, expediting her following strikes. Katarina’s stomach grew quickly as she was pummeled, getting just as big as it had been before, although this time it seemed heavier. In a fog, Katarina watched Terra’s perfect breasts bouncing, mesmerized as the woman pounded her relentlessly.

A brilliant flash of blue light gave the armored woman pause. She sneered and turned to find an heavily-clad Night Elf woman drawing her bow. Terra’s butt had grown from Tyrande’s starfall spell and the incoming arrows caused even more growth in the woman’s posterior. Katarina crawled into the nearby underbrush, trying to gather the strength to stand. She could see Terra was nearly in range when Tyrande hit her with a stunning blast of magic, allowing her to run backwards and begin the flurry of arrows once more.

Terra’s ass bounced with each step, slowing the woman. Her marvelous backside continually grew, sagging as it expanded. Terra drew back to charge, but in response, Tyrande sent out a spiritual owl to strike the Earth Mother. Terra fell backwards, landing upon the large mounds of flesh. Her butt pressed outward upon the ground as she shifted, attempting to find a good way to stand.

The night elf with pinkish-purple skin laughed. “Have a seat.”
“You find yourself quite amusing, don’t you?”
Terra raised two stone walls around her aggressor, but Tyrande easily leapt clear. “Your parlor tricks do not befit a god. May Elune show you mercy.”

A symbol appeared over the seated woman and Tyrande unleashed a flurry of arrows. Terra’s expanding rump lifted her into the air a noticeable amount. She waved her arms as her upper section fell back upon the ground. Unable to sit up with her inflated ass in the way, Terra huffed as the announcer called out her elimination.

Katarina evaded the armored archer, using natural cover to hide, making her way back to the League of Legend’s base. Hopefully, she thought, she could remove some of the inflation from her body. Without paying attention, she wandered too close to a trio of massive spiders. The slender creatures noticed her and reared up menacingly. She used all of her skills to dispatch the smaller creatures, but the larger one was still fighting by the time she had drained her energy.

Injured, but still active, the main spider launched her backwards with a spindly leg, shooting a web upon her arms and face. Luckily, she had enough of a gap to breathe as she struggled to remove the sticky webbing. She could see the shadow looming above as the spider crawled over her. A cold, wet shaft prodded between her legs, pushing them open with ease. It slipped the tip into her and she could feel a bulge against her inner thighs. The ovipositor moved deeper, causing her to shriek as it explored her insides. It spread her lips wide as it pushed an egg into her body, forcing the object into her womb. Katarina thrashed as she tried to break free from her bonds, but it was in vain. More and more eggs moved into her, one after the other. She counted six of the large ovals as they slipped inside.

The monster shifted her, attempting to find room for her eggs. This gave Katarina a small space to maneuver. She wiggled back and forth, using all of her might to rip apart the web. The creature growled, but was unable to recapture her and made no attempt to harm her. On the ninth egg Katarina grabbed it inside the ovipositor and tried to hold it in place. It proved to be too slippery and it popped free from her hands, breaching her loins in an instant with gathered momentum. She yelled as she grabbed in front of the following egg. She drew a dagger and cut the appendage, thankful that the tenth egg and the remainder of the spider’s ovipositor plopped onto the ground.

Before she could attack, the spider skittered away into the woods. Huffing, the shapely woman squatted, trying to push the eggs out. After a few tries, she realized that they weren’t going to come out until the monsters were hatched. Aching, inflated, and filled with eggs, Katarina stumbled along the main path, heading back to her base. “I’m not dead yet.” She laughed.

Alien Mercy


The air smelled stale, but it meant that the life support was still functioning. The lights flashed on, illuminating the barren corridor. They moved with their combat rifles raised, prepared for anything. Their mission was to investigate reports of small alien creatures that had attacked the scientists on this ship. There had been twenty people before the vessel went silent.

Corporal Rand held the flamethrower. His finger quivered above the trigger as they opened the door at the end of the hall. The door hissed open and she noticed a group of large creatures, about the size of small dogs, but they looked like brown hairless spiders. They stopped crawling and turned to face the door. Their beady eyes fixed upon them as everyone froze.

The Sergeant’s gruff voice broke the silence. “Light em up!”

She clicked the trigger and watched the room glow. As she moved the gun back and forth, one of the creatures dropped from the ceiling and landed beside her. She watched as it sprang onto the sergeant’s chest and wrapped its long legs around his shoulder. He toppled as the creature writhed upon him. Private Maddox grabbed her knife and stabbed it repeatedly. It let out a shrill howl before it relaxed and slid onto the floor.

PFC Teeg checked him. “He’s dead. That fuckin thing was chewing on him. It ripped his goddamn heart out of his chest!” Mason confirmed this, as she was their medic.

“Keep your head and clear the room, Roman.”

“Goddamn it Alice, did you see how fast that thing moved, it’s out of a fuckin horror film. I can’t take spiders!”

I’m in charge now. “They aren’t spiders, and these things burn like anything else. Just stay with us and we can make it out alive.”

“She’s right, Teeg, don’t get us eaten.” Private Mason spoke sternly.

That seemed to calm him. They checked the burnt corpses before opening the next door. They continued unmolested for a few more rooms as they made their way to the ship’s command center. Only four of us left for god knows how many of those things. Teeg was a slender, harsh man, who usually found the worse in everything. Mason was the dark humor of the group; her medical skills had saved them all at least once. Private Maddox was just nuts. They’re family.

The door to the command room slid open. They gawked at the bodies scattered along the floor. There must be thirty people here! Only a few of the emergency lights still functioned. They moved carefully, vigilant for any movement on the walls and ceilings. It was eerily quiet.

“Oh fuck.” Mason whispered, “They’re in the bodies.” She shined her light on one of the corpses. The stomach region swelled and retracted as something moved inside. Teeg raised his gun and looked to Corporal Rand for the go-ahead.

He shot. The stomach popped open releasing countless smaller versions of the monsters from their last encounter. These were the size of a hand. They skittered along the floor, covering the area. She doused the room in flame and watched them char and curl. Suddenly, a scream came from behind her. Mason had one on her back. She dropped her gun and unsheathed her knife. It crawled over her shoulder and flicked the knife away with one of its legs.

Teeg ran to assist, but another came from a vent and latched onto his face. There was squishing sound as he fell to the ground. The creature crawled over him, leaving a bloody mess where his face had been. The beast lunged at Maddox, but she reacted fast enough to shoot it down.

The flames crackled as they waited for more to attack, but the room seemed to be clear. “Uh, what happened to Mason?”

They looked through the bodies, finding no sign of her. “She’s gone. We have to go after her.” Rand led the way with her flamethrower as Private Maddox watched behind them with her combat rifle.

“Where could she have gone? I didn’t see her body.” Maddox searched for movement as she spoke.

“That’s what concerns me. If she is still alive, we need to make sure we don’t shoot her by accident.”

“Yes ma’am.” Foul aromas lingered as they searched the corridors. The creaking ship and echoing halls caused anxiety amongst the two remaining marines. The found her rifle and some of her tattered clothes as they moved.

The engineering bay was completely dark. A tapping sound echoed throughout the area. They used their helmet lights to scan the vast, blood-soaked room. They were horrified to see the walls coated in some sort of unnatural slime. They saw lifeless women, naked, with their arms and legs held in place in the slime. Both of their lights stopped upon their medic at the far end of the room. She was still alive and scared silent as she stood, naked and exposed, save for one area. One of the larger creatures had its legs wrapped around her thighs and its body aligned with her crotch.

“Help me!” Mason asked softly as she whimpered.

Alice drew her pistol in her off hand as she whispered. “Try not to hit the other women if any of those things attack.”

Private Maddox nodded uncertainly as they moved ahead carefully. They came closer to Mason, who was kneeling in a puddle of slime. They were transfixed upon her belly; small bulges appeared beneath her skin, causing her stomach to expand. It is loading her with eggs! Alice sat her flamethrower down and drew her knife. She cautiously brought the weapon beneath the expanding woman, planning to slice the monster in a way that wouldn’t hurt her. Maddox fired, breaking her concentration.

Alice stood, sheathing her knife and grabbing her flamethrower. She now realized that hundreds of those monsters had been slowly creeping toward them. She decided to use drastic measures; she launched a thermal grenade before she ignited her flamethrower. Countless monsters screeched and withered in the firestorm. Feeling a tickle on her arm, she turned to see one of those monsters poised beside her. Before she could turn, it leapt upon her, pinning her to the ground. It used its legs to strike her wrists, causing her to drop her weapons. Lying there, she could feel others ripping away her clothes.

Unable to move or see, she laid there as she felt something between her legs. A warm slimy object invaded her, snaking its way deep inside. She felt a slight discomfort followed by an immense shooting pain. The pain faded as she felt objects moving into her. Oh god, it’s putting eggs in me! She tried to scream, but that only allowed the creature on her face to insert something down her throat. She could feel slimy eggs slipping down her throat and into her vagina.

She struggled and thrashed and after a few attempts, she felt the rubber handle of her knife. She used it to slice the bond around her wrist and stab the monster on her face. It screamed and released its hold upon her. Using her free hand, she pushed the monster off, causing its ovipositor to slide out of her throat. Gasping for breath, she saw her helmet resting a few feet away, illuminating an empty portion of the room. They’re all gone. She freed her other hand and raised the knife, preparing to strike the creature between her legs. Within an instant, the creature snapped its leg out, launching the knife from her grasp. It moved its leg back into place and continued to fill her with apple-sized eggs, each sliding in smoothly. Shit, now what?

She reached for a small flashlight in her tattered pants. She inspected the situation. The monsters eyes glimmered as she shined a light upon it. It was lifted just enough that she could see its ovipositor. Bumps moved through the fleshy tube, making their way past the threshold and into her belly. She watched her belly expanding, seeing more bumps appearing beneath the skin; she appeared to be around five months pregnant and still growing.

She sat up awkwardly with the large creature still latched onto her. She found her spare knife in the remainder of her tattered utility vest. This one was smaller, but it might work to free her. The monster’s eyes followed the object, and once it lost sight, it raised its leg deliberately, following her hand as she moved it to her ankle. She cut away the semi-rigid ooze from around her ankles. She placed the knife upon her destroyed clothes and the creature moved its leg back into position upon her hip.

It continued to fill her all the while. How am I still alive with this many eggs in me? I can feel every egg going in. It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t feel good either. She stood and found Private Maddox upon the floor. Her belly swelled as the creature between her legs and upon her face filled her. She lay lifeless, but the aliens didn’t care.

Alice stood shakily, supporting the large creature between her legs as it pressed more and more eggs into the recesses of her belly. She heard a whimper as she trained her light upon their medic. Janet Mason sat in the fetal position, sobbing quietly as the monsters grappled her. She had two on her, one was wrapped around her thighs and pressing eggs in the front, while the other was holding onto her back with its legs around her sides. The second one had its ovipositor stretched down and into her ass.

Janet’s belly spread outward on the floor. Somehow, she was still alive and her skin was still intact. She had her head down, covered with her arms as Alice approached. “Hey, we’re still alive.”

Janet looked up teary eyed, her face and body laden with light scratches; slime coated half of her body. “Rand! Help me please!”

Alice shook her head, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to remove these things until they finish. If they scream then they’ll draw more. We can have a Medi-Droid get the eggs out back on the ship. Right now we just have to get out of here. I don’t know how we’re able to hold all of these.” She hoisted Mason to her feet using all of her strength.

“I think the slime is doing something to our skin and hopefully protecting our organs.”

“Well, let’s get back to the ship.”

“What about Maddox?”

“We’re leaving her. We’ll have to come back for her.” Corporal Rand lied. She’s probably dead already.

Janet sadly agreed and tried to walk. She hobbled a few steps before buckling under her weight. “It’s too much, go on without me.”

Alice searched the room and found what she was looking for beneath layers of slime. She started the grav-cart and guided it to her burdened friend. She assisted her as she crawled upon the cart. Alice strained to guide it down the empty corridor. She labored with each step, still feeling eggs pressing into her at a much-reduced level. She looked about ready to pop from a twin pregnancy, and the monster only occasionally inserted another egg, once the others moved enough to allow for it. How does it generate them so quickly?

Janet’s body had expanded far beyond the realm of logic. The alien between her legs now hidden, nestled below her expanded stomach. Her belly had grown beneath her, nearly pouring over the sides of the narrow grav-cart. She was completely immobile as she leaned forward, resting upon a mountain of bumpy flesh.

Alice struggled as she moved ahead and passed through the doors. One corridor led to another as they retraced their steps. As they passed through the decimated command center, there was a sound. A beast easily double the size of anything they had seen before dropped from the ceiling. It looked like a slimy, hairless horse with two extra legs. Alice froze as the monster maneuvered behind her with amazing speed; it used two of its legs to rip the other monster away from her. She felt the creature’s ovipositor pull out, allowing a few eggs to spill onto the ground.

She stumbled, leaning forward unintentionally as the monster slid its own slimy organ deep into her bowels. It expanded suddenly, causing mild discomfort as she felt her ass spread wide for the inevitable delivery. She felt pressure build as the egg moved closer and closer until it slipped into her opening. She grunted and gasped as the round object inched its way inside. The ovipositor grew wider and the object rocketed inside forcefully. Holy fuck, it’s huge! The pain was minimal overall, but she ached down there and her belly felt as if it may burst. She looked between her legs to see another egg moving its way toward her ass. It’s the size of a grapefruit!

She found that she was resting upon the wall. She shook off the distraction and moved back to the grav-cart. As she moved, the alien grappled her tighter and wrapped its legs over her shoulder and around her waist. The creature’s low profile allowed it to tuck closely, keeping its bulk upon her back. If she didn’t know better, it looked as if she were wearing a armless and legless under suit.

She felt the second larger egg pop past her bottom entrance. Stumbling, she somehow kept her composure as she guided the truck. An additional two eggs later, she found the main air lock. She scanned her retina, but nothing happened. She pounded on the door, looking to the camera. “Help us! Let us in!”

The radio crackled as the pilot spoke. “What the hell happened in there, Rand, what is that?”

Alice glanced over her shoulder out of habit. “Mason is being… filled. Let us on board before these things have enough time to hatch!”

“Uhhh, no can do ma’am, I’m not letting her on board. Our Medi-Droid wouldn’t know where to begin!”

“Jesus, she’s going to die, let us in!”

“I’ll only let you in, if you try to bring her through then I’ll just vent the airlock! Sorry, but I have to be safe.”

She made sure to keep her belly turned away. He doesn’t realize that I have one of these things on me; he’s too concerned with her. Crappy cameras – but, I’m glad we didn’t get more funding. “Fine, you win.” I’ll just have to come back for her. She rubbed Janet’s shoulder as she wobbled atop of the immense pile of flesh. “I’m sorry, I have to.”

Janet sobbed as Alice stepped into the now open airlock. It closed just in time, as she could see the creature detach from Janet and lunch at the window before it scurried away.

She felt more eggs pressing into her at regular intervals. Her belly grew visibly with each one. The door opened and she stepped onto the ship shakily. The pilot stood before her, stunned. Now he can see how bad off I am. “Help,” she croaked.

He took a step closer, which agitated the beast, causing it to force four more eggs inside of her in rapid succession. Her belly distended farther, showing large bumps as it sagged between her legs. Alice gasped as the monster tore itself away from her body and jumped around her with great speed. It grappled the clumsy man, killing him with a swipe to his throat. Without thinking, Alice grabbed a nearby oxygen tank and clubbed it.

The monster shrieked and flipped around just in time to be pummeled with a second heavy blow. The beast was stunned long enough for her to land one final strike. It was suddenly quiet as she crumpled to her knees, resting partially on her burdened belly. She used the pilot’s communicator to call the Medi-Droid.

She sat in discomfort as she waited. The whine of the small robot carried down the hall as it approached. The tracked droid came closer and scanned her. “Anomaly detected. Overall health: satisfactory. Foreign objects detected, manual retrieval suggested. Would you like them removed, Alice?”

“Get them out of me!”

The droid moved behind her as she bent forward. It inserted its pincer into her ass and spread the small fingers, spreading her in kind. She could see a separate, smaller arm equipped with a vacuum hose moving into position beyond her view. She could feel the spherical object being tugged slowly. It moved to the opening and she felt the pain as it pressed the robot’s fingers wider. It was nearly past the half-way point when she felt the vacuum nozzle slide off and suck against the inner walls of her rectum. She screamed and jumped forward, causing the egg to slide back in and the robot’s fingers to slide out. The vacuum stopped, but the pain was still present. Non-invasive my ass!

“Unable to remove foreign object, invasive surgery required. Would you like me to continue, Alice?”


“Invasive surgery denied. Shall I attempt manual retrieval?”

Alice begrudgingly agreed. The medi-droid inserted its pinchers again, however this time it pressed deeper and attempted to grasp the large egg just inside. She felt a notable amount of pain as the droid’s arm lifted her back half off of the ground as it maneuvered, attempting to grab the egg. It pushed deeper somehow, and Alice slammed her fist on the floor as she struggled to tolerate the agony. It hurts so badly! Whatever was numbing the pain before must be wearing off! Suddenly, she felt a pop inside. Something warm oozed out of her as the robot withdrew its arm. She saw it was holding a slimy, lifeless creature.

“Foreign object removed. 56 additional objects detected. Resuming removal.”

“Wait! Don’t pop any more eggs! Return to your base!”

The droid’s arm folded back and it made its way down the corridor. It can’t remove them all that way. I know I’m going to die, so why deal with the added pain. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling, feeling her belly pulsing with movement.

Hours passed until she felt unexpected warmth filling her. Her belly pressed outward as she watched the eggs bursting beneath her skin. This is the end. Tears welled in her eyes as she watched sections of her skin bubbling upward before falling back upon the small creatures moving inside of her. Then she felt a larger egg open; it was as if a water balloon had exploded inside of her. The larger monster convulsed, sending pain and discomfort in waves as it searched for a way out.

Then, it moved down. Oh god, it’s going to come out of my ass! She could feel others opening still, but the larger creature made a path for her lower exit. She felt her ass part as it spread her internally. Slime dripped from her gaping backdoor as the alien leapt out of her. She could feel countless smaller monsters scurrying in its wake. The monster turned and watched her as the stream of alien creatures exited her. The larger creatures came out in time and they all watched patiently as her belly deflated.

She laid back and smiled, thankful that she was still alive. I can’t believe it! But, why didn’t they kill me like the others? As the thought crossed her mind she noticed the larger aliens were just a little closer. She sat up and two of the monsters raised their legs, staying otherwise motionless. The first one that had come out moved slowly toward her. She sniffled as she tried not to make any sudden moves. The monster slipped its ovipositor into her sore asshole once again. Another moved atop her and inserted into her pussy. The eggs weren’t as big as before, but they were certainly filling her just as quickly. They’re keeping me alive to breed. Fuck!



There was an odd blue glow behind the rickety wooden door; Trisha built up her courage and nudged it open. She marveled at the hundreds of small bioluminescent worms that hung from the ceiling. “They’re amazing – they look like stars.” She muttered to herself, having seen photos of glowworm caves before. She finally regained her senses and began searching the room. Most of it was clear, but there was a large pile of rubble in the southeast corner. At least I assume it is southeast. She halted when she heard a slimy, slapping sound.

“I’m Trisha, I’m friendly. Don’t hurt me or I will defend myself!”

Nothing. Maybe it was just my mind- She heard the sound again and saw something fall from behind a chunk of stone. It made a sickening splat upon the floor. She side-stepped cautiously, attempting to get a better view. What is that? Another long appendage flopped down and pulled more of the creature from behind the stones. It moved slowly, coming into view. It was reminiscent of a giant octopus, but more bulbous. She was scared and curious as she watched the creature carefully drag itself out into the open.

The head of the beast had a few openings spread in various spots, but she could not tell where its eyes were. She realized it was getting a little too close, so she stepped back. Two of the holes had tendrils lash out at stunning speeds. Trisha stumbled to the ground, trying to avoid them; the tendrils snaked their way along her naked body, coating her with a thin layer of slime wherever they passed. She gasped and screeched as she watched them wrap around her ankles and spread her legs. She could see another, larger tentacle move from one of the creature’s crevices. It wound its way along the floor before snaking its way between her clenched cheeks. The thick, slimy appendage pushed its way into her ass.

She was helpless as it explored her bowels, moving through her intestines, and going all the way to her stomach. It moved in and out slightly – the monster was having its way with her. The creature had moved closer, and was now a few paces from her. She was able to roll over as she tried to escape, but she couldn’t come close to being free. She reached down and attempted to pull it out, but it was too slimy. Her hands slid along the creature’s tendril and it seemed to increase its pace. She grabbed higher and squeezed again, watching her hands slide along the shaft.

A low, strange sound came from below the monster. She noticed a bulge moving quickly along the path. She gasped as she used both hands to squeeze, hoping to block the baseball sized object. She stopped it, but she noticed another bulge approaching. She halted it as well, but it was difficult to keep them in place with her slippery hands. A third ball came and then another, larger bulge appeared. It looked like a basketball was moving slowly toward her, inside of the tentacle. It came to rest, waiting behind the smaller objects. She whimpered as she slowly lost her handhold to the objects pressing toward her.

She screamed as she saw the biggest bulge yet. The creature made a sucking sound as it pushed what looked like a small watermelon down the tentacle. It moved with great effort, sliding only a few inches each time. Her hands slipped back slightly as it approached the blockage. It stopped, but only for a moment; her hands were suddenly forced open. She regained her grip, but the first object had wormed its way past; she was able to see though the translucent alien limb as the egg breached her backdoor. She felt a twinge of pain as it slid into her and pressed through her insides. She was sickened by the sensation. I can feel it moving through me and there’s nothing I can do about it! She felt weaker as it came to a stop in her belly.

She grimaced as she felt her hands losing ground again. Suddenly the second egg shot past. It didn’t hurt much, but still felt very strange as it slipped past her rectum and passed into her. She was drained already and she knew that it was only a matter of time, now. She closed her eyes and relaxed her grip. The last smaller egg followed the track into her, making a popping sound as it entered. She already felt full as the third egg was deposited into her stomach. She could see the bumps in her belly.

She clenched her teeth as the basketball sized egg came closer. This is a bad idea! I can’t just let it go into me! She grabbed at the lump, but it was too late. The object pressed her rectum wide. She gasped as it stretched her, slowing as it tried to force her ass wider. She struggled and flailed as it pushed itself farther into her. She shrieked as it broke in, fully inside her ass. It hurt, but not as much as she had expected. That goo on it must be a pain reliever. I don’t think they’re solid, either. It seemed to shrink as it went in and then regrow once it’s past the tight spot. She grimaced, knowing that the worst part was still coming.

Her stomach grew as the egg moved inside her. I look pregnant. She looked to the gargantuan egg edging closer. I can’t handle that no matter what! It’s too much! She pressed against the giant, slow moving egg. She tried in vain to halt it, but she was far too weak. “No, no, please, no!” She kicked weakly at the head of the monster. It made a noise and pushed the object harder. She could feel the tip pressing past her rectum. “Dear god, no!”

She clenched her fists and lay backwards, gripped with pain as the extremely large object pressed into her small opening. She desperately tried to escape as it pushed a little deeper every few seconds. She smacked the ground in agitation, giving up on her useless flailing. She bawled as it was nearly a third of the way inside her. The tentacle rose and started moving slowly in a circle as it continued pushing. “Stop! It’s tearing me apart!”

Abruptly the tentacle started to withdraw. The massive egg slid backwards and she sighed with relief. “Oh god, thank you!” The tentacle took a moment before it was all the way out. She saw the long, snake-like appendage with the obvious bulge stop for a moment, as if sizing her up. Then she understood what was going to happen. She felt it slide into her pussy. “No, no, no!” It wormed it’s way deep inside her and she felt a sharp pain before it stopped. Is it in my womb? Is this even pos- Her thoughts were stopped by the enormous egg moving forward again, pressing the tip into her unprepared hole.

Her eyes teared-up; she had never experienced childbirth, but she knew this would be ten times worse. She held her breath. I’m going to die! This isn’t possible! It slid deeper and deeper, forcefully breaching her moistened lower region. There was immense pain as she felt the object shrink slightly before it rocketed inside of her. She brought her shaking hands up, in shock. The creature made short, higher pitched sounds. It must have taken a lot of effort to put that in me! Trisha saw that her belly was ballooned. She touched her rigid belly with disconnected fascination.

The tentacle slid out and the creature pulled itself behind the rubble. Once it was out of sight it made very little sound. It must be recuperating now. She didn’t know why she thought of that. I should be thinking about how these enormous eggs are going to get out of me! Her thoughts swirled as she laid there, sticky and packed full. She tried to push the eggs out, but the creature had used thicker slime to keep them in place. She was too weak to move. She closed her eyes and let her troubles slip away.



A torch crackled, it was the only illumination in the small stone room. Moss grew down the walls and along the floor. Cassie sat uncomfortably; her bra and panties sticking to her skin. She sat up and surveyed her choices: There was an archway which led down a long, dark hall, and the other side of the room had a large wooden door. She walked to the door, which was swollen from the moisture. A cool breeze rolled past her as she pulled it open. She couldn’t see a thing beyond the threshold.

Cassie walked back to retrieve the torch from upon the wall. Inspecting the dark room behind the door again she noticed it housed many statues. All women and all were caught between expressions of fright and happiness. She closed that door and turned to the archway. Cassie held out the torch as she walked slowly down the drafty hallway. She heard a faint noise from behind her, which grew louder as she listened. *Tap, tap, tap* She walked faster, but the sound only seemed to get louder. *Tap, tap, tap, tap* She started running, but again, that only caused the tapping to increase. Eventually she stopped and turned, holding the torch at arm’s length. The sound slowed, but she was unable to see what caused it. She leaned closer, squinting. Something in the darkness moved, and then she was able to make out… eyes!

The monster leapt toward her. The torch fell as she cried out. Two furry legs fell beside her and two more pressed against her sides. A giant spider! It retreated down the hallway with her in tow. Lifting her higher it started putting a sticky substance on her with its two free legs. It paused to press the wrap tightly. She wailed as it enveloped her body; luckily it left her head free, allowing her to breath. She fought, but it accomplished nothing. The beast was nearly twice her size and used little effort to hold her. Now, completely immobile, she stopped screaming. Claudia was terrified as the spider carried her down the pitch black hallway.

Minutes passed in the disparaging darkness until something illuminated the tunnel ahead. It brought her to a larger room which had another torch affixed to the wall in the distance. It took her a moment to realize it was below them – they were in a web which hung from the ceiling. The large spider fastened her in place.

It left her for a moment before returning to straddle her. It used two of its legs to tear the cocoon around Cassie’s hips. She could see an appendage extend and press between her legs. It searched along her underwear for a moment before pressing against them. The pressure built as it pressed into her vagina, through her underwear. The fabric gave way and she suddenly felt it inside of her. She gasped at the sensation. She looked down to see a bulge in the appendage approaching her entrance. She felt it moments later, spreading her wider as it followed the path into her. It is laying eggs in me!

She writhed and tried to escape, but she didn’t come close. She could only hang there and accept the creature’s future offspring into her. They appeared to be the size of baseballs, and she thought it had put about 30 in so far. Her stomach grew with each insertion. As it bulged she could see dimples where the eggs pressed outward. 45 now, I wonder if it will keep going until it kills me. She was helpless as she continued counting, watching her belly swell. She looked larger than any pregnant woman she’d seen, including that woman on TV who had eight kids. As she thought she felt the appendage squirt something into her before abruptly sliding out. It left about 60 eggs in me and I can’t push them out! It must have sealed them into me with that last squirt.

The spider crawled away and left her dangling there. She found that the cocoon had become stretched around her. She was able to wiggle her arm and after a few minutes she was able to slide it out. She used it to pull her other arm free. It took some patience, but she was able to slide out of the sticky wrappings. She stepped onto the web beneath her, but it wasn’t sticky like she expected. She slipped and her newfound weight snapped all the fibers below.

She grabbed a length of webbing as she fell; it lightened her impact. She tucked into an awkward roll as she hit the stone floor. She checked herself when she came to rest. She seemed to have escaped with minor bruises and a scrape on her leg. She carefully stood on shaky legs and took the torch from the wall. She noticed a closed door in the corner of the room. She hobbled closer and turned the knob. She felt the hairs on her neck standing. She looked over her shoulder to see the monstrous spider watching her from a few feet away. She shrieked and jumped through the door, flinging it closed behind her.

The door bounced back open as the spider’s leg reached into the room. Cassie scrambled backwards in a panic, adrenaline giving her a new-found speed. She could feel the hairs on its leg as it reached for her, but the doorway was too small and it was about a foot too short. She was terrified as it swiped, trying to pull her out. But, it decided to give up eventually and it pulled back and vanished into the shadows. The torch lay on the ground next to her as she sat, trying to calm herself. She sat there, unable to move for a long while.

She finally mustered the courage and strength to stand. She moved the torch enough to scan the other walls. Another door! She hugged the wall, edging to the exit. She turned the handle, torch in hand, and peered into the next dark room. She could hear running water. She carefully made her way around the perimeter, checking that the doors were closed and the walls were intact. Thank god, no spider.

She relaxed as she lit the other torches which hung upon the walls. With the room illuminated she inspected the intricate fountain; it stood about 8 feet high with three basins emptying into the one below. Around each basin it showed many symbols. She didn’t know what half of them meant, but her eyes did stop upon the etchings of a spider along with what appeared to be numerous cocoons along the side of the basin. I’m lucky to have made it out of there. I wonder how many more it had captured. She washed up using the fountain and rested upon the damp stone.

Cassie had no idea how long she had been in this room, but it must have been a day or two. She awoke to her stomach twisting and turning. So hungry. She made her way to the fountain to drink until she was stopped by another pain. She felt something warm running down her leg. Oh my god, they’re coming out!

She screeched, stumbling backwards against a wall, lowering herself slowly. As she rested against the wall she felt them crawling inside of her; she watched her belly moving, writhing as little creatures tried to escape. Then she felt an unnerving sensation: tiny legs were crawling inside her vagina. Quickly she felt them tickling her pubic hair as they flooded out of her. Their fur was matted and glistening in the torch-light. They were roughly the size of her hand. The creatures crawled down her legs, some stopping only to be nudged ahead by the rest of the exiting swarm. There were too many to count. She sat, stunned, watching her belly shrink. The floor turned dark with the moving wave of small creatures flooding out of her loins.

She cried in revulsion as she sat, frozen in fear. She hoped that they weren’t poisonous, and she wished they would just get out of her. Time passed and she felt what she hoped to be the last one exiting her. Most of them explored the room, leaving only a few on her legs and tummy. Cassie finally regained her senses and swatted those few away. She unclasped her bra and used it to smash some of the closer spiders. She stepped lightly through the swarm and grabbed a torch. She waved it low, watching them scatter. Using this technique she cleared a path to the fountain and climbed it. She sat upon the highest basin, allowing some of the water to clean her out. She tried to think as the creatures milled around with no greater purpose.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?



Maggie sat up, forgetting for a moment where she was. She had been so irritated at her mother when she had left, but now she was just sad. She remembered calling her mother many names before that door closed behind her. They had argued a lot since her father had died a year ago. Her mom and sister fought constantly before Emma had moved out. Now Maggie seemed to be going down the same path – she didn’t like that idea one bit.

She sat for a moment, remembering; Emma had been driving that night when they had gotten into the wreck. Their father, Carl, had been in the passenger seat, and Maggie was in the back. It was a terrible thing, but it wasn’t Emma’s fault. From that day on, Emma lashed out at Laura and their brother had moved away as well. Maggie wouldn’t be like that; she still lived with her mother and tried to calm her, hoping that if she found someone else then maybe she’d be happier. That is a long shot now.

She decided that dwelling on it wasn’t going to help. She got off of the couch and walked out to the kitchen. Vanessa was eating some sort of healthy cereal. “Feeling better?” Vanessa let her stay here when she needed. She had trouble with her parents as well; she had been kicked out when she turned 19, so she understood how Maggie felt.
“Yeah, mind if I stay here for a few days?”
“Sure, make yourself at home. I work at 9, is all.”

Maggie nodded and grabbed some cereal as well. She didn’t like this kind, it always upset her stomach, but Vanessa was always one to eat healthfully. Vanessa wasn’t very talkative, but it was a comfortable silence. She left for work, leaving Maggie to her thoughts. Maggie realized she had forgotten her phone at home, but liked the time to think. It took her the weekend before she decided to return home.

She called her sister and talked for a while. Emma kept asking her how she felt and how she was doing, but she didn’t want to talk about it anymore with her. She was so distant after she had moved away, and Maggie wasn’t in a mood to spell things out for her. Emma told her that she understood and she’d talk when she’s ready. And the distance continues to grow.

The next night she talked to her mother. Laura seemed different, but they both acted like nothing had happened – that was the routine after fighting. They both kept their distance, arguing sporadically. Her mom would disappear for a while sometimes, but Maggie was self sufficient. Things went on that way for a couple of months until Easter came around. They didn’t celebrate as a family anymore, so she had planned to come over to Vanessa’s on Easter Sunday.

They watched television and ate. At about 6:00 Maggie got a text message.
“Maggie, I have your mother, she is safe. Come to 892 Stafford Street in three hours. It is a blue house, knock three times. Bring Vanessa and don’t call the police, this is your only warning.”

There was a picture as well – it showed her mother’s face, crying with a gloved hand around her throat. She gasped and dropped her phone. Vanessa walked over and read the message. They sat for a moment, staring at one another.
“Should we call the police?”
“No! They’re going to hurt her!”
“I know, she’s a bitch, but I don’t want her hurt!”
Vanessa nodded, pausing, “How did they know my name?”
“I don’t know, maybe they’ve been watching us.”

They both looked around nervously. Maggie started crying and Vanessa comforted her. They talked about what to do for a long while. They decided that they shouldn’t call the police yet. They chose to risk it; Vanessa brought her pepper spray and a small knife for protection. They drove to the address and knocked. Her phone chimed: “Go inside, it’s unlocked. Throw your clothes into the fire.”

They entered – there was a fire-pit sitting just inside and around a corner. She showed Vanessa the message. She scoffed, “I’m not about to get naked for this pervert.”
“Please, he’s going to hurt my mom if we don’t!”
“I think this is a stupid risk, we should get out of here and call the police.”
The phone made a noise: “You better do as I say or I’m going to put a knife into her many, many times.”

Maggie handed her the phone, crying, and started to take her clothes off. Vanessa read it, and after some convincing, she did the same. They put their clothes into the fire. They made their way into the next room. There was a latex costume, a piece of paper, and two cartons of eggs on the floor. Another message came.
“Maggie: put the harnesses on Vanessa, instructions are beside them.”
Vanessa looked at the paper and then handed it to Maggie. “I’m not doing this.”
“Please, I’m begging you; I won’t let anything bad happen to you. He probably is just watching us until he gets off and then will let her go.”
“That sounds like wishful thinking.”

Vanessa sighed. She picked up the harnesses and started slipping them on. Maggie directed her, telling her how each piece fit on. Maggie also helped her tighten the straps and adjust them so they didn’t hurt so much. It was a complicated setup and it took a few tries, but eventually they finished. She had latex around each thigh, with a strap that ran down to her feet. She had two odd fitting latex shoes which made her rest on the front of her feet. They were wide and long enough which allowed her to balance in this position. There were also two straps that ran from her thighs up to her neck and a small rod that held her legs apart. This kept her in a crouching position. Her arms were bound behind her with a laced latex sleeve, which left them completely immobile. She also had a latex bra and underwear, the latter had a hole cut in them to expose part of her butt.

The final part of the instructions led Maggie to a small pouch sitting in the corner of the room, which they both had overlooked before. She took out the contents: A headband with bunny ears attached to it, a muzzle with a tiny fake nose and whiskers, and a butt plug with a cotton tail glued to it. Vanessa’s eyes widened. “I am not putting that shit on. I’m done, untie me.” She began struggling and leaned forward, resting on her knees. The bindings held, though, and she didn’t come close to getting loose.

“I’m sorry, I have to.” Maggie sighed and held Vanessa’s cheeks as she put the muzzle on her. Vanessa looked so sad as she watched Maggie, her friend, being manipulated into causing such humiliation. Maggie looked up, nearly crying, “I’m so sorry.”

She put the rabbit ears onto Vanessa and then picked up the egg containers. She set them near Vanessa and opened them. They were all colored and decorated. One box was only half full, with a bottle of lubricant in the empty half of the container. She picked up the bottle and put some on her fingertip. “Vanessa, I have to do this… For my mom.” Vanessa tried to walk, but only succeeded in falling forward onto her knees. With her butt sticking into the air, Maggie reached out and spread her cheeks. She inserted her wet finger through the hole in her garments and into her ass. Vanessa tensed up at first; once she relaxed Maggie put another finger in and held them in place. She poured some lube over an egg and then withdrew her fingers. She brought the egg up to the opening.
“Please, they’re hard boiled and this sicko wants me to do this. I will owe you more than I can ever repay you.”

Vanessa shook her head quickly and mumbled beneath her muzzle, but Maggie ignored her and continued. She pressed the egg against her butthole. It slipped aside twice. On the third try it popped in and Vanessa squealed and wiggled. Maggie poured lube over the rest of the eggs in the half carton. She picked them up one at a time and began inserting them. Some of them slipped to the side a few times before finally going in. Others went in smoothly, as if her ass was gobbling them up. Vanessa writhed and contested each one, trying to break free, but she was completely helpless.

After the fifth one it took some force to push them in. The sixth was difficult, but she managed to shove it in. She was finished with the first carton, now the second one. She lubricated the eggs and rubbed Vanessa’s back. “We’re a third of the way there, only twelve more.” Vanessa didn’t seem to like that; she built up some momentum and clumsily rolled onto her back. Two damp eggs shot out onto the floor in quick succession. Maggie frowned and brought the egg carton closer to Vanessa. Her butt was raised high into the air, giving Maggie a good view.

She picked up the two that had come out and scooted up to her helpless friend. She popped the slippery eggs back in with a fair amount of effort. Using her fingers to push the eggs deeper helped, and then she began inserting the eggs from the new carton. Vanessa squirmed and gave muffled screams with the next three eggs that went in. The fourth and fifth eggs took some force. Maggie pressed them in with her palm and had to hold them in until she had the next egg ready. She got two more in before she had to reach in with her finger and rearrange them. She fit two more and then had to reach in again; space was very limited now.
“Only three more, you can do it!”

Her eyes widened; Vanessa tilted her head back and shook her butt. Her frustration was evident, but Maggie had come this far, she had to finish now. She made sure the last eggs were very moist before she inserted them. Each one causing Vanessa to shake her hips and make muffled noises. She started crying, which Maggie had never seen before. Now she felt much worse than she already had. She became teary eyed as well, but knew that she had to finish this. She pressed the last one in and pressed it deeper with her index finger.

Maggie reached for the butt plug, her finger still holding the eggs in. The plug was a ball with a small neck leading to a flat base where the tail was glued on; the ball was around two inches thick. She set it on the carpet, lubricated it, and then raised it. “This will hurt, but it will hurt more if you fight it. Just let it in!” Vanessa looked horrified, shaking her head slowly – she thrashed and struggled. Maggie countered her and, when she had an opportunity, she withdrew her finger and pressed the plug into place. She hit the mark the first time, perhaps with a little too much force; it went all the way in.

Vanessa wailed behind the muzzle; she rolled, trying to get away from the pain, and somehow managed to roll forward onto Maggie. She straddled her naked friend, pressing the restraining rod between her legs against Maggie’s stomach. The cotton tail on the butt plug tickled her as it rested above her vagina. Each movement tickled her down there, but she couldn’t reach around Vanessa’s open legs. Vanessa’s agony turned to contempt as she noticed her friend laughing at her. She pressed the bar harder and Maggie groaned in pain and then laughed again when she leaned back slightly.

Maggie built up enough strength and pushed Vanessa back. As she balanced herself, Maggie scrambled backwards to free herself. She laid there for a moment. Vanessa started hopping closer. Across the room Maggie’s phone chimed. “Stop, we’re done now!” Maggie cried out. Vanessa stopped and Maggie stood up to retrieve her phone.
“Good girl! Go to the back door and get the collar that’s hanging nearby. There are also some clothes for you. Get dressed and bring your bunny to the park. I’m watching.”

Maggie got the leash and found her ‘clothes,’ which consisted of a latex bra, latex boyshorts, and knee high latex boots. She put them on and practiced walking in the boots for a moment. She slid her phone into the side of her pants and brought the collar back to Vanessa, who was weeping softly. She looked up with sad eyes and then lowered her head again, shaking it disapprovingly. Maggie walked over and fixed the collar around her neck. She tugged the leash to check it.

“He said we’re almost done, we just have to make it to the park. It’s only a block away.”
Vanessa shook her head quickly and knelt forward. Maggie pulled on the leash which tugged at Vanessa’s neck. She pulled again, harder this time, which made her gag and lean a little bit.
“I’m not going to untie you until we’re done! Now follow me, now! My mom might die if you don’t and if that happens then I will leave you here like this!” She walked over and nudged Vanessa’s new tail. She recoiled, leaning back too far, and fell backwards. Maggie saw the plug move out slightly, but thanks to the tight shorts, it still held in place. She walked over and looked down at Vanessa; her eyes were clenched. She opened them and stared back scornfully.
“Come on, will you cooperate? We’ve come this far, you just have to do a little bit more.”

Vanessa’s eyes showed her anger, but she nodded once. Maggie helped her up. She walked to the back door, opening it and checking for passersby. Once she saw it was clear she motioned and Vanessa hopped outside, grumbling. Her discomfort was plain – the eggs must be moving around with each hop. She found a rhythm, though, and she was able to hop in pace with Maggie. Maggie stayed ahead and checked corners, watching for any cars or pedestrians. After about five minutes they arrived at the end of the alley. They had to cross the street to get to the park. Maggie scanned the area and noticed a few kids playing at the other end of the park and a few cars coming down the road.

They sat and waited until the cars passed and it seemed clear. Maggie gave a tug and started walking. Vanessa hopped along as fast as she could. She almost lost her balance a few times, but luckily she didn’t. They made it to the other side as a car pulled around a corner and drove right by them. They tried to hurry, but the motorist saw them and honked twice. There was no cover and the kids at the other end turned to watch them. Maggie and Vanessa made their way to an unlit portion of the park and noticed the three adolescents heading in their direction. Another text message came:
“Remove the plug now. After she gets most of them out you can come back to the house. Your award will be waiting. Don’t mind the spectators.”
The boys ran up, two of them were about 6 or 7 and the oldest one was around 14.
“What the heck is that?” The rest of them yelled similar questions.
“Th-this… This is the Easter bunny.”

The oldest one kept his distance, but the other two came up and felt the ears and patted Vanessa’s shoulder length hair. One circled behind her and rubbed her tail. The older boy stepped closer without a word. Her touched her hair and then grabbed her butt. Vanessa jerked and then hopped forward. She looked up to Maggie, pleading with her eyes, but Maggie ignored her and walked behind her. The boy in front of her patted her head as he watched her.
“Why is she out here?” The young boy with brown hair asked as he fluffed her tail.
“She has to lay some eggs, want to see?” Vanessa leapt forward. Maggie tugged on her leash which stopped her from jumping again. She walked over and, kneeling down, pulled on the plug. It didn’t come out at first, but the second jerk made a popping sound and sent it to lie in the grass. Vanessa hopped again and again, dropping eggs with each jump. Farting and crying, more and more came out. They were surprisingly clean – probably due to her healthy diet.

The kids gasped and she noticed the 14 year old had a bulge in his pants. The younger kids started grabbing the eggs and the older one just sat, staring. Vanessa hopped a few more times, laying colorful eggs in front of the kids. Maggie knew this was so incredibly wrong, but at least there weren’t other witnesses. Hopefully they were almost done. Once Vanessa was mostly empty she stopped hopping frantically and seemed to relax a little. Maggie counted 12 of the 18 eggs on the ground; the rest would work themselves out eventually. It was time to leave.

“Okay, say goodbye to the Easter Bunny!” The kids smiled and patted her again, snatching up as many eggs as they could carry. The older boy walked over and rubbed her back, trying to hide the fact that he was undoing her bra. He dropped the façade after a moment and made no attempt to hide what he attempted. The bra fell to the ground; her exposed nipples were instantly erect in the cool night. The boy grabbed them and looked at Vanessa’s eyes. Maggie grabbed the piece of latex from the ground, as well as the plug, and nudged the boy back. “Come on, stop that, we have to go now.” Vanessa jumped away quickly. “Go home now, and make sure you wash your hands… and those eggs! Don’t tell your parents!”

They crossed the street again without issue. They made their way back down the alley. Vanessa had to stop twice to lay eggs. Only two remained in her now.

“That was fucked up. I don’t know what they’re going to tell their parents. I bet the older one will have a messed up fantasy about rabbits, though.” Maggie looked down at Vanessa, hopping slowly. “I’m so sorry, you must be getting tired. We’re almost back.”

They went inside, and closed the door. Maggie flipped the lights on. She heard Vanessa mumble something; she turned just in time to see a gun pointed at her face. Her mother held it, teary eyed. “I’m sorry, he’s forcing me – put these on.” She handed her a pair of handcuffs.

Maggie was bewildered. She put them on, barely able to speak. “Wh-why?”
She sniffled, “he’s not letting us go yet and he’s been watching us.” Laura undid Vanessa’s bindings. “He wants you too.”

“Let me go to the bathroom.” She rubbed her legs and stretched out slowly. Laura nodded and she walked stiffly to the bathroom.
Laura waited until she returned to continue. “Maggie and I have to do something else, but he wanted me to give this to you.” She handed Vanessa an envelope. “He said he won’t hurt us, and wanted me to stress that you can’t call the police. !f you do as the envelope says then you’ll be free and we will be free shortly after. He has been straightforward; he has treated me well so far.”
“What the fuck are you talking about? Look what he did to her!” Maggie pleaded.
“You did this, bitch.” Vanessa snapped back.
“I had to!”
“Stop! I mean, he has some sick fantasies, but he doesn’t really hurt any of us.”
Maggie was confused. “What has he done to you? And wait, has he done something to Emma or Aaron?”
“I don’t want to say, but it’s not anything too bad.”
Maggie sighed and they continued arguing. Vanessa opened the envelope and started reading.
A message came to Laura’s phone. She stopped talking long enough to read it. “We have to go now.”
“Wait, we can’t go out like this.” Maggie motioned to her leather clothes.
“You were already outside like that, we don’t have a choice. And Vanessa is staying to do whatever he wrote. Please, just trust me and we will be fine.”
“Fine.” Maggie looked back to her friend before grabbing her purse and following her mother out the door. She wondered what sort of sick things would happen next.