Acting Like a Child


Two months had gone by since she moved in with her friend. Out of high school for less than a week and she already found it difficult adjusting to independent living, but being an adult meant venturing out into the world. She hoped to find a boyfriend to support her soon, but she didn’t have time for the short-term, sex-based relationships of her peers. Elise knew she was not gorgeous by any stretch. Her freckled face was dainty, saved only by her big blue eyes. Her breasts and backside were modest, but she did have a pleasingly small waistline on her pear shaped body. She didn’t want to admit it, but her insecurities played a big factor in her lack of relationship.

She stepped out to gather the mail and noticed their reclusive neighbor had left the side door on his garage open. She didn’t know much about him, but she caught him watching them on occasion. I know that creepy guy called the cops on us last week. He’s just jealous because we can have fun parties while he’s sitting on the sidelines. She watched the garage, but saw no movement through the windows. After a few minutes of staring, she decided to investigate. Still in her pajamas, she walked the short distance to the door and cautiously crept inside. Daylight allowed her to see numerous shelves around the edge and a well-maintained muscle car from a few decades past sat in the center. The man was nowhere in sight.

She checked the windows on the house and again saw nobody. He probably just forgot. She was about to leave when she noticed a thick bundle of twenty dollar bills tucked under a bottle of oil. Why would you keep money out here? She searched for any movement once again before she tugged it free. You shouldn’t leave your money in such an obvious place, asshole.

She glanced up just in time to see the tall, flimsy metal shelf tipping forward. It made a loud crash as the various small items bounced upon the car. She was horrified to see the windshield had a large crack in the center. In a panic, she ran outside to see the backdoor of the house opening.

The man with peppered black and white hair and a beaked nose gave a confused look. “What were you doing in there?”
“I… uh, I noticed the door was open so I was just checking.” She tried to sell the lie. “Someone broke in and I was coming to get you!”
The tall, slender man said nothing as he marched to the door and angrily inspected the damage. He turned and looked as if he might ask something before he pulled the Elise’s pants down just enough to cause the bundle of cash to plop into the grass. “Care to explain that, little girl?”

Elise fumbled for words and then burst into tears, apologizing profusely.
“It will cost me thousands!” He wagged his finger. “I am going to call the police and you are going to pay back every last dime!” He snatched the bundle of money from the grass.
“Please!” She grabbed his sleeve. “I’ll repay everything, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t call the police.”
He glared at the teary-eyed girl, grabbing her wrist and leading her inside. He sat her upon an aged couch as he spoke down to her. “I am going to punish you, little girl, and if you do not do exactly as I say then I am going to involve the police, do you understand?”
“Remove your clothes.”
“I am going to teach you a lesson, do as I say!” He placed the money on an end table.
“Go to hell! I’m not going to let you rape me!” She tensed defensively.
“I am not going to rape you, that is not what this is about. Remove your clothes – last chance!”

Elise thought about her predicament. He can’t prove I did that, can he? Her mind was clouded by what ifs. She knew she should take off running, but she realized it was her word against his. He would look like an animal if a naked eighteen-year-old girl came running from his house screaming. She glanced at the bundle of money, committing to the plan as she stood, slipping her t-shirt and fleece pants off. She hesitated before removing her panties, leaving them in a bunch by her ankles.

“Happy, sicko?” She covered herself as his eyes moved down her body. She glanced to the exit, waiting for the best time to bolt. I’ll toss the cash before I scream and I’ll come back to get it later. No one will question it.
“Come on, let’s go.” The man turned and moved into an open door down the hallway. Doesn’t he know how fast I could get out? “Go ahead and run if you want, it will only make things worse for you.” The man spoke from a distance, answering her unspoken question.

She walked nervously down the hall and saw the man standing in the bathroom, filling a small black bucket in the tub. “What are you doing?”
“Like I said, I’m going to punish you.” He turned off the water and took a large plastic syringe from the counter. “Have you ever had an enema before?”

She thought back to the time she found her family’s enema bag tucked away beneath the sink. Too afraid to ask about it, she read a little about it online before trying it herself. It felt very strange, but I kind of enjoyed it by the end. She was embarrassed at the time, and after cleaning and stowing it back in its place, she decided to never try it again. “Once.” She answered sheepishly.

“You caused thousands of dollars of damage, tried to steal from me, and worst of all, you lied about it. I’m going to give you an enema, understand?”
I guess its okay. Give the creep what he wants and this will all be a weird memory soon. She didn’t admit it, but she was getting aroused by the thought. I’m a damned sicko just like him, but I’ve gone this far, what’s a little more? Elise nodded as she walked closer, and from his instruction, she bent down. He rubbed the wet tip of the full syringe in between her cheeks until he felt the opening. He pressed it in and Elise let out a grunt.

She braced her hands upon her legs as the water pushed inside steadily. The tip pulled out, and shortly after that, another dose came. Her body easily accepting the warm water as it finished, and after another short pause, a third dose started. She stood halfway as it became uncomfortable. She moaned as the liquid pushed painfully into her bowels. Putting a hand on her belly, she could hear it grumbling as the man prepared another shot.

Elise turned back to see the water wasn’t even halfway gone. The man put the tip in her ass and had to push much harder this time. “I can’t take any mooooore!” He interrupted her complaint with a forceful thrust, getting it all in before removing the syringe. She shot upright, bouncing with pain. Elise used short, quick breaths to calm herself as she waited for another. She whined with the fifth dose, trying desperately to convince him to stop.

“You are in a lot of trouble young lady. You have to take more before I can start to forgive you.” The man pushed in on the plunger and allowed the water to push it back out for a moment before he forced it back in. Once empty, he drew more and let out a small laugh at her agony. “Having trouble, my dear?”

“Yes! It hurts! Stop this right now!”

The man sat the full syringe in the bucket and brought out a box from the closet beside the sink. He pulled out a pair of oddly shaped pink gloves. He grabbed her wrist and slipped one on her hand. Surprised and in pain, she didn’t even try to stop him as he fastened it and placed a small lock upon the strap. She tried to pull free as he gloved her second hand. He casually pushed her stomach, causing her to buckle forward submissively and allow him to finish. After recovering, she held up her gloved hands and gave him a questioning look. The round mittens would make it nearly impossible to use her hands to grab or hold anything. What the fuck did I let him do?

The man circled behind her and bent her forward. “I know you can hold much more, little girl. You have to endure the punishment.” He brought the syringe to her ass and gave her another forced dose. Her belly grumbled and she was fighting to keep the liquid in as he removed the tip. Why am I letting him do this to me? She looked back to the stern older man. Ugh, maybe he’s almost done. I guess this is better than paying him for damages. She fought through three more agonizing shots before she let some leak out. Furious, the man slapped her ass, causing her to tense and stumble forward.

“You need to hold it in! You’re almost done, don’t make this worse!”
“I can’t, it’s too much! Please, let me go to the bathroom.”
“I will not allow you to give up so quickly.” The man rifled through the box and brought out a tangle of nylon straps and a bulbous black butt plug.
“You can’t be serious?!” She decided to make a break for it. She walked quickly, clenching as she moved down the hall to the front door. The man walked behind her, laughing. She fumbled with the round door handle as he watched from beside her.

“Lick this.” He held out the plug as he tugged her long, wild raven hair. She shook her head, but eventually opened her mouth to accept the toy. He swirled it around before bringing it behind her and popping it in between her squeezed cheeks. She gasped as it moved inside and the man set to affixing the harness around her hips. She hoped he hadn’t noticed how wet she had become.

Setting his jaw, the man glared. “Is that easier for you?”
“Just let me go, I won’t say a word, I promise!”
“I can’t trust you anymore.” He reached down and easily scooped Elise off her feet. “We are going to finish now.” The surprisingly strong man carried her to the bathroom as her belly roiled. He sat her upon the closed toilet, causing the plug to move painfully. The man emptied the bucket and cleaned the syringe as she watched, unable to relieve herself.

“I tried to let you have the easy way out.” He sat the syringe on a towel to dry before taking something else from the box. He brought out a bright red enema bag and a long rubber tube, both reminding her of the one she used long ago. The only difference was the nozzle looked shorter and stubby. Oh no. The man filled the bag and stood her up. “Now you have to take more because you couldn’t control yourself.”

He brought the hose behind her and she heard a snapping noise as he locked it into place upon the plug. He held the bag beside his head as he released the stopper clip. She hopped around, trying to evade the flow as the man observed.

“Stop this! Seriously, stop this now!”
“Looks like you’re enjoying this more than you’re letting on. How shameful!”

She looked down to see her pussy was glistening. She reached down but the big puffy gloves only teased her more. She pressed harder and it seemed to lessen the pain coming from behind and in her belly. If only I could touch myself for a few seconds…

The man pointed as he hung the bag from the shower curtain rod. “No, no, this is punishment.” He moved her arms aside and embraced her in a hug.
She put her head against his chest and squeezed him without much thought. “Please, I have to empty out.” She spoke despondently. “I’ve learned my lesson.” She could feel the bulge between his legs upon her belly. She craned her neck to look into his eyes as they stood together. “Just let me empty and I’ll do whatever you want.” She made her intentions clear.

The man stepped back, pinching the hanging bag to force more water through. “You try to tempt me to get out of your punishment?” She cringed as he pushed lower on the nearly empty bag. “You’re a tough cookie, but I will make you learn.”

He swatted her hands to her sides every time she attempted to touch herself. It became very frustrating as she stood there, waiting as the water flowed slow and painfully into her growing belly. Her reasonably smooth stomach had puffed outward, sagging with the large quantity of water she now held. She looked as if she was in the middle of pregnancy once the bottle had emptied. The man took it down and she was visibly suffering as the man cleaned the hose and sat it next to the syringe.

“That wasn’t so bad, right?”
“Please, just take this off and let me go!” Her belly shaking as she stepped side to side. “I need to go now!”
“Oh, I still don’t trust you. You are keeping that in for the last part too.”
“L-last part?”
“You have to hold the enema too, my dear.”
“You have to be fucking kidding!” She slapped her rounded gloves upon the harness in a futile attempt to get free.

The man spanked her hard, stopping her struggle. “Do not swear!” He pulled a package from the closet and took out a disposable adult diaper. Elise shook her head wordlessly as the man lead her into the bedroom. He sat her upon the unusually clean sheets and leaned her backward. She complained and lazily fought, but he easily kept her in line. “My stomach hurts so bad! I can’t-”

“If you want to act like a child then I’m going to treat you like one.” He lifted her legs and put the diaper around her hips, attaching the Velcro straps as he watched her writhe in pain. “I’m going to let you sit in here and think about what you’ve done.”

“No, no, please-“ The door closed as she called out. She rolled onto her side, rising awkwardly. She pressed her hands down upon the diaper, but the padding in both made it impossible to touch herself. How the fuck did I get into this? I have to find a way out!

She fumbled with the doorknob and the window to no avail. She tried to find something sharp to cut through the mittens, but again, she found nothing. She banged on the door, yelling for a long time before the man returned. He brought something up to her mouth and wrapped it behind her head. He moved so fast, it took her a moment to realize it was a pacifier. The oversized pink pacifier was strapped in place, stopping her from making anything more than grunts.

Lifting her with far more difficulty than before, he brought her to the front room where a pastel rug had been laid out. On it, there were some wooden blocks with colorful letters and two oversized toy firetrucks. “You sit in here quietly for ten minutes and I’ll take that off, deal?” She grumbled pathetically as the man moved to the couch and flipped open the newspaper.

God, it hurts so much and I just want to cum! What the hell is wrong with me? I’m trapped with a fucking crazy old man and I’m only worried about cumming? He is treating me like a young kid in some twisted fantasy. Elise held up her hands before dropping them in defeat. My friend will find me eventually, but how can I explain this? They’ll believe me to a point, but I let him do this to me. I tried to steal from him and I ruined something he loved.

She sat contemplating her poor choices as she tried to withstand the waves of painful cramps. Her distended belly ached to release the unwelcome fluid, but she had to wait. Just let him win. Sweat beaded on her forehead as her thoughts roamed, wondering how much time had passed. She groaned lightly as she watched the oddly relaxed man reading the paper without care as she sat, inflated in the corner. I’m being punished for being a naughty girl. She tried to think of it from his warped perspective. He is trying to teach me and I keep trying to undermine it. She tensed as another cramp passed. Just let him win.

The man came over after what seemed like an eternity. He unfastened the strap around her head and sat the pacifier aside. “What have you learned, little girl?”
“I-I’m s-sorry I stole from you.”
“And, I’m sorry I damaged… your car. And I’m sorry I lied to you.”
“Good. Do you want me to take that off now?”
“Yes!” She saw the bulge in his pants and she was still very aroused. “Can we, can you…” He unfastened the diaper, giving her a confused look. “Can you put it in?”
He sat up on his knees, pointing a finger.
“Please, daddy?”

The man’s eyes softened at the word. He sighed as he unzipped his pants and slipped his cock out. She reached out as he lowered himself onto her, hitting the mark on the first attempt. Elise gasped loudly as the man pushed his hips against hers. The pain in her stomach faded as orgasm built, and within seconds she found the climax she had been longing for since she had removed her clothes. The man, supporting most of his weight, pounded her. Her orgasm came and went, and then another came as the man finished inside her without warning. Her mind swirled as she enjoyed the sensation.

When she finally realized what he had done, she gave him a tired, stern glare. The man got to his knees as he unlocked her mittens. “I can’t have kids.” He assured her, reattaching the diaper straps and pulling the partially exposed harness upon her hips. The strap caused the whole thing to move free. She couldn’t begin to hold it in without the straps, and she made a very embarrassing spectacle as she stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom, filling her diaper as she moved.

It took a long time and most of her energy, but she had lasted through the punishment. She felt an odd sense of accomplishment for what she had gone through. The man helped her clean up and assured her that she was entirely in the clear. Finally in the shower, she contemplated what had happened. I took too much water, but I had the best orgasm of my entire life. She touched her tender pussy. It felt nice having him cum in me.

She thought back to the obvious bundle of money, the conveniently open door, the absence of the man until the crash. That asshole set me up! He wanted me to walk in there. She shrugged.

Mother’s Day


Laura had been growing steadily. Her belly was generously puffed out and her breasts had swollen; now they were D-cups. She wasn’t wearing a bra at the moment, only a nightgown. She didn’t have morning sickness anymore and she didn’t feel quite as drained as she had for the past few weeks. April 1st had taken a toll on her, but her body had been trained by her late husband; this allowed her to take more punishment than normal. She missed him so, but now she had bigger things to focus on; her babies were growing in her. Her captor had injected her with many fertility hormones before asking her to sleep with Aaron, her son. He said that she needed to be loved and feel whole once again. He was right.

Laura should dislike the man who had always been watching and manipulating her family, but she couldn’t. He did have a point and he reminded her of her husband. Carl had many fantasies and she had always helped him realize them – this man was similar. Her children didn’t understand that regular love is bland, you need to add something to give it flavor. Test your body and mind and relish in the pain and pleasure.

She went to Maggie’s room and opened the door. Maggie was lying on the bed. Her legs were bound, calf to thigh, keeping her in a kneeling position. Her hands were in pink cloth bondage mittens, which were tied around her wrists. She was naked except for a diaper. A pacifier was held in place by a cloth strap that ran around the back of her neck. She whimpered as Laura walked over to her.

“How are you this morning, my little Maggie-kins?” She spoke in baby talk. Vanessa mumbled, scared and helpless, from the other side of the bed. She was incapacitated in the same way as Maggie – forced to crawl and unable to remove her bonds. Maggie made muffled noises as Laura came closer. “Are you hungry? Do you want some din-din?” She had been feeding them puréed food, but they didn’t get enough sustenance from that alone for the past six days. She slid off her nightgown, wearing only white panties, and sat on the edge of Maggie’s bed. “Come on Vanessa, you too.” She motioned for Vanessa to crawl closer. Vanessa only glared.

Laura sighed, “fine, we’ll come to you.” She picked Maggie up with a fair amount of effort, cradling her in her arms. She sat her heavily on the bed next to Vanessa. Laura went around and sat on the other end of the bed, against the wall. “Come on now, come to me.” Maggie crawled closer and Vanessa still sat, glaring. Laura held up a hand for Maggie to stop. “Vanessa, don’t make me punish you again.” She didn’t budge. “Fine.” Laura sighed and left the room for a few minutes. She returned with a bucket of water and an enema syringe.

Vanessa looked scared suddenly and started nodding, backing away on the bed. “No, you knew better and I’m not putting up with it today.” She pulled Vanessa closer and tipped her backward so she lay exposed, her feet in the air. She undid the diaper and filled the syringe. “Remember, don’t be a little snot and I won’t have to do this. You should learn from little Maggie-kins!” She inserted the tip and released the water into her bowels, once emptied she filled it up again and repeated the process. At last she filled it with air and put that in too. She secured the diaper once again.

“Now keep that in for now. If you let it out then I’m going to double the dosage and do it again.” She had taken an enema once already in the past week, but there hadn’t been any air mixed with it. Vanessa’s stomach roiled with discomfort and she whimpered at the thought of having to retain that while they feed, but knew that Laura was in a foul mood and would certainly punish her more if she didn’t comply. Laura rolled her over and removed both of the girl’s pacifiers. She had already made clear that they should not speak, and must only make baby sounds. Vanessa’s privates still hurt from that punishment.

Laura sat back down with her back against the wall, naked with a round belly and weighted breasts. She held her breasts up, offering them to her babies. Maggie crawled forward and latched on hungrily. Laura felt a pinch on her nipple and then felt milk flowing out. Vanessa moved forward, careful not to jostle her belly full of water. She pressed her lips against Laura’s nipple as well. They both straddled one of Laura’s outstretched legs as they suckled at her breasts. The milk was thin and sweet, and they had become somewhat tolerant of the flavor. They had been drinking it in small amounts since they had come to Laura’s house. Laura relaxed, her hands resting on their heads as they drank from her. She felt very happy in this predicament. She enjoyed the feeling of her breasts being used. She sat in silence, watching her two hungry girls sate themselves.

About 10 minutes passed before Vanessa decided to stop. Laura was enjoying the feeling so much that she pressed her head back onto her breast forcefully. Vanessa pulled back and slid her head out of her grasp. The motion caused her to slide off the edge of the bed and tumble onto the floor, landing on her side. She grumbled and then obviously soiled her diaper. “Please, stop this!”

“Be quiet!” Laura moved Maggie aside and stood up, milk still dripped from her breasts. “You know we’re being watched so be quiet now!”

“No, this is fucking ridiculous!” Vanessa rolled onto her hands and knees and tried to crawl away. Laura rolled her onto her back and grabbed the pacifier she had been using before. She put it in Vanessa’s mouth and redid the strap. She grabbed a fresh diaper from the stand by the door. “Looks like some naughty girl made a mess in there! Don’t squirm and I’ll fix it.” Vanessa laid there as Laura cleaned her up, got a new diaper ready, and discarded the soiled one. “Time for your punishment;” Laura used the syringe and put four loads of water into her as well as another pump of air. Midway through Vanessa started bawling. “Shhh, it will be okay, you’ll learn eventually.” She took Maggie’s pacifier and pushed it into Vanessa’s rear. She pushed with enough force that the whole pacifier popped inside her: only the straps hung out. Vanessa continued to sob as she fastened her diaper.

“Now you sit and think about what you’ve done while Maggie and I go cuddle on the couch.”

Laura helped Maggie onto the floor and walked behind her as she crawled through the doorway. Laura gave Vanessa a sad glance as she closed the door. Vanessa tried to undo her straps many times, but there was no hope with the mittens covering her hands. Her insides churned and her butt hurt, yet she could do nothing about it. This must be punishment for giving Laura all of those enemas, she thought. She had believed it was Maggie at the time, but the damage was done; now she had to sit with a full belly and hold it in while they sat in comfort.

She didn’t like this predicament one bit, but she would be getting more money afterward. The most recent message had promised 10,000 dollars for a week of being pampered. She hadn’t understood the irony at the time. She tried to ignore the discomfort, but there was little else to do being locked in here. Maybe it isn’t locked! She crawled to the door and placed both hands on the knob. She had trouble turning it with her mittens, but after a few tries she managed to open it. She eased the door open to see the couch facing away from the door. Laura and Maggie’s heads were visible as they watched a television on the opposing wall.

Vanessa moved carefully and quietly, crawling toward the kitchen. She hoped to find something sharp to cut through the mittens and diaper and give herself release. She didn’t see anything that mentioned she had to endure the torture for the money, just be here. She made it to the tiled floor and scanned the table. She moved into a kneeling position to get a better view. On the counter she saw a knife holder. She crawled over and tried to reach it. She slid it too close to the edge of the counter and sent the holder crashing to the ground. She tumbled backwards to escape the flying objects, which caused her stomach to groan and the water inside her to slosh violently. She felt the pacifier go deeper into her butt.

Footsteps approached after a few seconds. Laura spoke in a very condescending manner. “Vanessa! What is the matter with you? Can’t I leave you alone for five minutes? You could’ve hurt yourself!” Laura strained to pick her up and awkwardly carried her to the couch. “I am very disappointed in you, young lady!” She slid her diaper down exposing her bare bottom. Laura rubbed her butt for a moment, finding a good, tender spot. She drew back and slapped her cheeks. She tensed up, which caused the pacifier to go a little bit further into her, Vanessa gave a muffled scream. Laura continued spanking her, over and over; the motions caused the water in her belly to slosh back and forth. She wailed and cried as Laura continued relentlessly. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally stopped.
“There, now do as I say or it will be worse next time!”

Vanessa felt a tug. She could feel the pacifier being pulled out of her by the straps. It had gone deeper than she had realized. She tensed up just before it popped out. When it did come out she had to struggle to keep the water in. Laura slid her diaper back up and sat her on the ground. “Go play for 20 minutes and then I’ll let you go to the bathroom.” Laura leaned back and let Maggie crawl back onto her lap to watch TV.

Vanessa mumbled protests from beneath her pacifier. Laura huffed and slid it down, allowing her to speak. “Please, let me go now! I can’t hold it in that long!”
“You had better try or else you’ll be sitting in it until then.”
“Nooo… Please, Laura, pleeeaase.” She started whining as she cried.
“I am your mother and you had best start calling me that.”
Vanessa swallowed her pride. I have to play along. “Mommy, please let me goooo!” Laura nodded in approval, but said nothing else. Vanessa whimpered and whined as she sat there, holding her belly. Her stomach hurt, her butt was still stinging, and she had to focus on holding the liquid inside of her. Laura turned up the volume to drown out the sobs. She could do nothing but sit in discomfort and try to watch television to take her mind off of the pain.

It wasn’t long before the program ended and Laura looked over to Vanessa. “Did you learn your lesson?”
Vanessa nodded sheepishly.
She nodded and helped her to the bathroom. Laura undid her diaper and helped her onto the toilet. Laura went away for a few minutes while Vanessa did her business. She came back fully clothed. She wiped her behind and gave her a fresh diaper, the other having been soiled somewhat. Laura brought her back to the couch and sat her with Maggie. She put a pacifier in her mouth and strapped it behind her head as it had been before. It was wet; she only hoped it wasn’t the one that had been her butt.

There was a knock at the door. “Now, you two behave yourselves. I’ve got to run an errand. I got a babysitter to watch you while I’m gone, be good for him!” She walked around the corner and opened the door. She heard them talk quietly and then the door closed, Billy, the neighbor boy, came around the corner, confusion changed to excitement upon his face. Vanessa whimpered and tried to yell, but the pacifier was thick enough to stifle any kind of normal speech. Billy walked over and examined the two victims. He reached out and felt Maggie’s breast, she tensed up as he groped her. Then he reached over for Vanessa’s larger breasts. She swatted his hand with her mitten. He smiled. “She said that if you cause any trouble then I have to discipline you.”

Billy went into the bathroom behind them. Vanessa looked to Maggie, who sat tense and staring at the floor. Vanessa reached over and raised her chin, looking into her eyes, pleadingly. Maggie shook her head quickly as Billy came back. He had a bucket and enema syringe. Vanessa was nearly crying as he sat it by the couch.

She squirmed as he spread her legs and undid her diaper. He fought with her for a moment before slapping her inner thigh. She yelped and finally stopped, allowing him to prod her vagina with his cold fingers. He drew some water into the syringe and brought it up to her behind. He forced the water into her in a matter of moments, he wasn’t at all gentle. He didn’t wait before putting the next one in. Three more followed in rapid succession before he reached down and grabbed a metal butt plug and brought it up to her rear. It was shiny, roughly 3 inches thick, and had a thin neck leading to a pretty blue gem in the base. It was already slippery with lube as he brought it down and pressed it into her. It slid in easily.

She writhed in pain as he undid his jeans and slid them down. He was erect; he edged closer. She felt the warm tip prodding her, searching for the entrance. He kept missing, sliding off to either side or up onto her landing strip. She made one loud noise and made eye contact to get his attention. He almost disregarded it, but instead looked to Maggie. He stood up, shaking his pants off, and went over to her. He lowered himself just enough so she could suck it. He pressed forward and she turned her head. He slapped her lightly and she opened her mouth. She sucked for just a moment before he pulled out and came back to Vanessa. He made a few more attempts before he finally forced his way in.

She threw her head back as he entered. It hurt more than the last time, he felt larger now, but maybe she just wasn’t as excited as before. She couldn’t help squeezing him as he went deeper. He gasped and pressed as far as he could. She felt him cumming inside her already. I dodged the bullet last time, but this was tempting fate. She started to cry as he hugged her midsection; the water had no place to go. Once he finished shooting, he stood up and walked over to Maggie again, forcing her to lick it clean. She turned her head again and put her hands up in refusal, but he turned her head and jammed it in. She carefully sucked it, but he pressed it in until it was no longer sticky.

He got up and went to the bucket; he grabbed the syringe and undid her diaper. “You’re being bad too, you’ll get this as well.” She put her bound hands together as if praying, she pleaded for him to stop. He ignored her, shoving it in and then pressing the plunger hard. She squirmed and the tip almost came out, but he moved it along with her, keeping it in until it was empty. He brought it out and refilled it. The second time he was a little slower and she didn’t recoil as much. The third time, though, was as sudden as the first one. She jerked and again he made sure it didn’t come out until it was all inside. He brought up another metallic butt plug; He lubed it up and pressed it into her bottom before fixing her diaper.

The door opened and closed; Laura came around the corner. She raised an eyebrow at the situation. “Billy, you’ve been naughty.”
He stumbled backwards, looking confused. “I-I… They weren’t doing what I told them.”
Laura walked closer, hands on her hips. “I guess you’re right, they don’t listen very well.” He was visibly relieved. Laura came over to the couch and knelt down, putting her head between Vanessa’s legs. She moved her tongue around, exploring her clitoris. She wasn’t the least bit shy about it as she licked the semen out of her. Vanessa moaned and it only took about a minute before she orgasmed. Billy watched with awe.

After she finished, Laura put Vanessa’s diaper back on and sat down between them. She lifted her shirt and unclasped her bra, exposing her swollen breasts. She motioned for them both to come closer and suckle her, both sat on her knees. She undid Vanessa’s pacifier as Maggie latched on to her right breast. Vanessa started to protest, but Laura pushed her head onto her left breast and she held it there until she suckled as well. Billy was excited again, but Laura held up a finger. “Be patient, let them finish.” She patted the empty space on the couch where Vanessa had been sitting. Billy sat, naked from the waist down.

Billy was very antsy, he reached over and rubbed Vanessa’s butt, running his hand up and down her back. After about three minutes he started to masturbate, Laura slapped his hand just enough to startle him. “Control yourself!” He waited for a few more minutes, squirming uneasily. “Fine, you can burp her.” Billy was confused as Laura detached Maggie and sat her to the side. She rolled Vanessa to the other side, maneuvering her onto Billy’s lap. He reached down and guided himself into her as she leaned forward; his head nestled between her breasts. “Just pat her back and she’ll burp like a good baby.” He patted her back and rocked her slowly back and forth. It didn’t take long before he stopped patting her and brought his hands down to guide her hips. He went a little faster before he leaned his head back and pressed up into her as much as he could.

Vanessa felt helpless as he filled her again. I hope to dear god this kid doesn’t knock me up! He let her go after about a minute and rolled her onto her back. He stood up and bent down to pull his pants up. Laura spanked him. He jerked upright and nearly fell over. “You’re not finished yet, once more young man!”
“I don’t want to, I’m done.”
“Put it back in her right now or I’m going to tell your father!”
His eyes widened. “No, don’t!” He turned to Vanessa, lying on her back with her legs wide, and inserted himself again; his penis was almost limp, but it was also very wet, so it didn’t take much effort. He looked back to Laura. “I can’t, I’m not in the mood anymore.”
“Just try, be a little rough maybe.”

He turned back to her smiling. He looked at her, deciding what to do. His grin widened as he pinched her nipples and twisted them. Vanessa jerked and cried out. She felt him stiffen inside of her almost instantly. He shook her belly violently and she yelled again. He placed his hands on the couch and began pounding her as hard as he could. He lasted much longer than before, minutes passed and he kept going. It started to get sore down there. Vanessa watched as Laura filled the syringe about a quarter of the way and brought it out of sight behind Billy. He opened his eyes in surprise, she held him in place. “It’s okay, just stay in there.” He stopped moving and after a moment he pressed forward and started filling her.

Laura put the syringe back into the bucket and stood up. “Okay, go to the bathroom.” She pointed behind Vanessa. “Right in there.” She watched as Billy stood up uneasily; he closed the door as he went in. “See, I helped him finish so you didn’t have to experience it any longer.” She reached down and put Vanessa’s diaper back on without cleaning her pussy. Laura walked away and after a few minutes Billy came out. They talked in raised whispers by the hallway for a while longer before she heard the front door. Laura came back around the corner.

Laura undid the bondage mittens on Maggie and asked her to wait there. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a small plastic bag. “Lay her across your knees, on her belly, Maggie.” Maggie slid over and awkwardly moved Vanessa. With some effort she came to rest with her face pressed into the cushions and her butt raised into the air. “Take that off.” She felt Maggie remove her diaper. “Now, punish her. Go ahead.” Maggie spanked her hard. The initial shock hurt, but the stinging afterwards was worse, Vanessa thought. She did it again, and again. Vanessa felt something pinch her. She couldn’t look back, but it was certainly a different sensation than she was used to.

“Okay, sit her up. And take the stuff off.” She was helped upright and noticed a small medical syringe was in the baggie.
Vanessa was horrified. “What the fuck is that?” She motioned toward the needle.
“It’s just a fertility drug. I want to have grandchildren. You’re part of the family now.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tears welled up in her eyes. “He just raped me, I don’t want his kid.”
Laura gave a stern look and whispered loudly. “He is watching and listening, I didn’t have a choice!”
“Yes you fucking did!” She sobbed. “I don’t want to have a baby!”
“Maybe you won’t, but I had to let that boy do that or he would hurt us!”

Vanessa’s mind ran wild as Maggie undid her mittens. She couldn’t keep a baby that was from a boy who had forced her. She had wanted children someday, but not like this! She went over the situation every which way as Laura gave her clothes back and she went to the bathroom to clean herself out as much as she could. When she came out Laura sent her home with another envelope. It had the cash, as well as a note. ‘I will send you money to help, just keep the child. I will ask for you again, and I will be watching.’