Upper Management


He was conflicted. Last night was quite enjoyable, but he knew fucking his sister was wrong on so many levels. It was through a portal and I wouldn’t even know if I didn’t check… She tricked me, so this is on her! He just couldn’t get her out of his mind. She was oddly solitary afterward too. He checked in with her, but she was acting as if nothing happened. He knew better – she was avoiding him. He had to push the thought to the back of his mind because today he planned to have some fun with his boss.
He clocked in, immediately startled by Angela’s shrill voice. “Elliot!” Her heels clacked as she came in close. “I need you to bring this package to this address first thing. Be discreet.” She passed him the heavy manila envelope before returning to her office.
It was bulkier than the previous deliveries and he had a good idea of the contents. He trudged back outside, making his way along the sidewalk as a chill snaked beneath his coat. Curiosity got the better of him; using a small portal he peered inside, finding bundles of hundred dollar bills. He felt oddly uneasy, never holding such a large amount before. What if I get robbed? What if the cops stop me? I look kind of shady with a bulge under my coat. He tried not to dwell on the possibilities, instead remembering his original plan.
Diverting into a restaurant bathroom, he found a stall and opened a couple of portals. He stole a brand new package of anal beads and some lube. He put two portals on the inside of a small notebook he brought: one inside Angela’s ass and one just before her exit. Watching her upon the wall, he lubed the black balls and pushed the first one in.
Writing at her desk, Angela’s eyes doubled. She sprang up, launching her chair against the wall. He slipped another through, watching her stumble to the side. The large spheres came out of the upper portal in the notebook as he pushed them through the bottom, passing through her unprepared rectum each time. The toy didn’t have a looped end and the last few balls were slightly larger. He carefully stuffed the first bead through again, causing it to pull the others. He removed his hand, watching the line moving without his assistance, gaining speed as it shot through her asshole time and again. He heard her ass sputter, popping as the beads violated her hole. He closed the notebook and watched her suffer. It’s still going! He laughed to himself.
Angela took an uncoordinated step and toppled to the floor. Gasping, she fell to her hands and knees as the beads ripped through her asshole. She put a hand down the back of her skirt, attempting to halt the sensation. With a high-pitched yelp, she lurched forward. She lifted a hand, curling it into a fist as she winced. Elliot checked the portals, finding the balls moving just as quickly in the opposite direction. She crumpled upon the floor, rolling onto her back and raising her hips, frozen in place as her asshole stretched again and again.
He wanted to enjoy the show, but he knew the delivery had a time limit. I’ll just let it go until after the drop. Closing the portal upon the wall, he left her to her fate. He found great enjoyment in the thought of his boss, squirming upon the floor, crippled with pleasure while the toy rolled through her ass like a train. I’m glad it worked. The portals are so subjective, it’s like it listened to what I wanted. Maybe it’s just weird gravity or something.
He hurried along, still uncertain about using the portals to travel. I don’t want it to clone me or something. Maybe I should get Kendra’s opinion… The snow crunched as he walked. She can’t avoid me forever. It was just a onetime thing! He paused to check the street name. I know she’ll want to do it again, though. I guess I could just use that portal again and then it wouldn’t be so bad. Play dumb and keep fucking my sister? That sure sounds like a shit idea.
He pondered the situation for a time, nearly passing the destination. Tyson’s Deli. Elliot passed by the customers, noticing a familiar face behind the counter. The heavily-built black man sat a bag of sliced meat upon the display case. With a cheerful smile, he said goodbye to the customer and noticed Elliot waiting by the wall with package in hand. “You Angela’s guy? Head on back and I’ll be there in a sec.”
Less than a minute passed before he came into the room. He untied his white apron and offered him a seat. This was the man that had been railing his mother a few nights ago. Kendra got to take a ride using the portal too, but thankfully he didn’t know anything about that night. To him, this was their first meeting.
“Elliot, right? I’m Ty.”
“N-nice to meet you, sir.”
“You seem nice.” The man had a close-trimmed beard and a low, commanding voice. “I’ve heard from Angela that you’ve been running some packages for us. Do you know what is in these packages, Elliot?”
He held his breath. “No.”
“It’s cash, Elliot.” Ty inspected him as retrieved the bundles from the box, placing them neatly upon the desk. “Someone has been skimming.”
“Uh, wh-what do you mean?” Elliot waited for his response, but the man only stared. “I didn’t take anything, I swear!”
Ty nodded with a cheerful smile. “Of course you didn’t. I was just testing you!” He inserted the cash into a money counter. “I’m an investor. I give out loans to help businesses expand and they pay me back with interest. Sometimes I divert that cash for other opportunities. I keep my business legal, but I have some other people involved. If I find someone is cheating me then I inform my associates.” The machine whirred, feeding the bills through. “I thought it would be pretty damned foolish to steal as soon as you start delivering.” The counter finished. “It’s all here this time, which means it’s on my end… or you knew this was a test.”
“I haven’t taken a cent, sir…”
The man rested his chin in his hand. “You know, I think I believe you. You think Angela is to blame?”
Elliot seriously contemplated her involvement. “Really, no, I don’t think so. She’d have too much to lose.”
He brightened at the comment. “Ah, good answer. I’ve known her for years and you’re right. The best way to keep people in line is to keep them dependent on you.” Ty removed a hundred dollar bill and offered it. “Here’s to keep you loyal. You’ve passed the first test. Stick with me and you can own your own business in a few years, with my help, of course.” Elliot took the money with a subtle bow. “But if I figure out that you’re fucking me then I will be very upset.”
The man’s stern glare caused his heart to skip a beat. “Y-yes sir.”
He let himself out and made his way to a retail store, choosing a decent looking bicycle, knowing that Angela would be upset if he came back on foot yet again. That’s when he remembered how he left her. Rushing into a bathroom, he created a portal, finding Angela with a hand beneath her skirt, furiously masturbating. She removed her panties at some point, now rubbing a finger into the wet, manicured bush. Her clothes were a mess and her composure was long gone. With a small gasp, she scooted her foot out, putting her hand upon the floor for support. The bun in her hair was coming undone and her jaw trembled with pleasure. She drew in a sharp breath, lifting higher as her body tightened.
With a long moan, she came, shaking with elation. It was long and powerful, draining away as she whimpered from the continuing sensation. She fell back, completely exhausted as the beads continually pulled through her ass. It was obvious she found many climaxes since he last saw her. Pathetic groans came as she put a hand between her spread legs, failing to stall the unseen motion. She slapped the ground in frustration, staring at the ceiling as she pushed herself along the floor. Watching her writhe in agony was quite enjoyable.
He was extremely aroused, but he felt pity for her. Opening his notebook, he interrupted the movement, making the anal beads flop onto the bathroom floor. With paper towels, he carefully set the damp toy into the garbage. Angela’s chest rose and fell as she recovered from the ordeal. She turned clumsily turned and went onto her knees. Leaning ahead, she lifted her skirt to reveal a gaping asshole. It was sore to the touch and her expression was one of puzzlement. She got up, supported by her desk, and collected herself. Still trying to figure out what had happened.

“My boss said I could have an early day. She wasn’t feeling well, I heard.”
“Oh, I hope she’s okay.” She took a bite of her salad right as an awkwardly loud moan came from upstairs. Emery blanched, looking to him with an adorable grimace.
“How long has that been going on?”
“About half an hour I’d say. No one is up there, but she’s really having a good time.” It wasn’t unusual to hear things coming from Kendra’s room, but it still made them uncomfortable from time to time. Elliot sighed, shaking his head as he slowly climbed the stairs. “Careful not to startle her, she might attack you!” Emery’s smile changed once she realized the implication. “I mean… she might get…”
“I know, it’s fine.” Elliot continued, knowing she was close to the truth.
He passed her room without notice, hearing her pushing for another orgasm. He locked his door and moved his shelf, making another portal to spy on his sister. Her big, beautiful body bounced in her chair. She was completely naked, her pale breasts hopping up and down as she rode a hidden object. Her pierced, pink nipples standing tall. He made another portal to get an up-close view of her hairless pussy, spreading wide to accommodate a meaty black schlong.
She is fucking Ty again! He found it funny and a little frightening. If he ever figures out what is going on there will be problems. Elliot felt the pressure in his pants. I’ll have to scold her later. Right now I can add to the fun! He could see her juicy pussy opening wide through the already established portal he had used last night. It’s weird – it looks like her pussy is empty there. Empty, but still stretched wide. He ignored the logic and went for the other hole. With a lot of spit he edged into Kendra’s ass.
Frozen in place, she huffed and showed teeth. She slipped out of the seat, going onto her hands and knees upon the carpet. She lowered her head, letting vibrant hair spill over her shoulders. Working her smooth, sexy ass, she started taking more. It was difficult, but she brought her head up with a cute half-smile. Her numerous tattoos wiggled as she moved – A large blue and red watercolor phoenix wrapped around her right leg and a purple and blue wolf’s head sat proudly on the left. She was a lady of art and enjoyment, which made him wonder if she had done this before.
Gripping her hanging tit tightly, she allowed more of his shaft to slip in. She let out a sharp breath, making some of her hair fly upward. Pinching her lips tightly, she knew there was more to go. He shoved the last few inches in, causing her to yelp and cock her head downward, placing both hands out for support.
“Careful,” she blurted. He didn’t want her to realize he was listening, so he started going hard. “Holy…” She breathed sharply. “Ah, fuck!” He wanted so badly to grab her plump ivory body, but he had to resist. “Fuck, Elliot, slow down!” She raised her voice at the end, but he continued. She leaned onto her clasped hands, taking it with loud grunts. Her big ass bounced as he pounded her. Her voluminous green hair covering her face.
The pain changed to pleasure, he could see, as Kendra lifted up and formed an O with her deep red lips. Her accented eyes clenched shut as she delighted in the feeling. His forceful thrusts causing the other cock to move in matching rhythm. He could feel the bulge of Ty’s cock sliding in and out of her other entrance. He grabbed onto the shelf, ramming in harder than ever as he fucked the tight, wet hole.
Her creamy tits pressed against the floor, sliding as he railed her from behind. Kendra put her shoulders down, turning her head and raising her butt higher. This allowed him to go even deeper. He was nearly to shoot when a knock at the door startled him. Kendra stopped, pinching her ass as she shot upward.
Kendra’s door opened. Emery spoke from outside of the portal’s view. “Can you please be quiet?!”
His sister melted into her seat, with both cocks still inside her. Elliot was too close to stop, pumping her hard and causing Kendra to shift uncomfortably as she responded. “H-hey! Get out of here!” Emery was startled, clearly not expecting to see such a full view.
Release came at that moment – Elliot blew his load deep into her asshole, making Kendra raise up, barely staving off a climax as Emery watched. No words came, with her eyes fixed upon her shaking sister. Emery apologized and hurried away, leaving the door ajar.
While still inside Kendra, he felt pulsating from the other entrance. Ty pumped cum in her pussy, making her squeeze them both. He pulled out and struck the portals closed, barely able to clean up before his sister came knocking. He replaced the bookshelf and let her in. She was fully naked, shameless as she grabbed the portal pen from his hand. He followed her back into her room, where she closed the portal with the big black cock dangling through. She started to say something but stopped herself. He stared at her naked body and she looked away, unable to call him out.
“Why are you like this?” He finally spoke. “Everybody can hear-”
“Jesus, you’re just like Emery.”
“Kendra, have some self-respect.”
She marched to meet him at the door, her plump, naked body jiggling as she stopped inches away. He wasn’t sure if she was going to hit him or kiss him. She let out a stand-offish sigh before shoving him back. “You’re one to talk, asshole!” She slammed the door angrily. The sound of the lock meant that he wouldn’t be getting the portal rod back tonight.
He was irritated, storming back into his room and putting on his headphones, finding some heavy music to match his mood. He sat for a while, stewing over how his sister didn’t care about anyone but herself. She’s such a selfish bitch! He thought about her moaning. How her family could hear her fucking and she didn’t give a shit. Fuck her! He moved the bookcase again and found an old baseball he had from little league. He took a moment to bring it to the bathroom and clean it off before lubricating it. And then he worked it up Kendra’s ass.
He didn’t have the portal pen, meaning he couldn’t see her expression, but he heard her squeal through the walls. It took a few attempts, but he finally got it through the tight opening. He shoved the sphere through the portal, watching her ass swallow it up. Pushing the shelf back into place, he simply waited. The door handle jiggled, followed by a hurried knock. Kendra was quiet now, barely loud enough for him to hear as she demanded to come in. He unlocked the door allowing his naked sister to rush through.
“Don’t you wear clothes anymore?”
“Take it out!”
“What are you talking-“
“That portal is connected to me, take whatever it is out right now!” She grunted, putting a hand on the wall.
“I didn’t-“
“Behind the bookcase! I fucking know about it, just GET IT OUT!”
“Why the hell are you snooping around my room?” He tried to contain his enjoyment, watching his sister’s big tits shake as she shifted from the pain. She clenched her teeth, pushing to no avail. She looked up with pained, tormented green eyes.
Suddenly her expression shifted to anger as a small smile betrayed him. “You fucking KNEW!?” She took him by the shoulders. “Get it out of me, you dick!”
He stammered, unable to defend himself. No words would help, so he put his hands out disarmingly as he backed away. Seething, she put her hands upon her hips, still uncomfortable with the ball lodged in her ass. He moved the bookcase and carefully inserted his fingers into the portal. Kendra whined, leaning upon his desk as he fished for the object. He tried to be gentle, but that only pushed it deeper. She gasped, clenching her fists as he worked the baseball around in her slippery entrance.
“Fuck! Hurry up! This fucking hurts!”
“You should be used to it!”
“You try taking it up your ass and see how it feels, fuckhead!”
“No thank you!” He slid his fingers around, coming close a couple of times, but he just couldn’t pull the ball free. “I can’t get it. I need to make another portal.”
“Ugh. Fine. It’s on my bed.”
Leaving his sister, he crept across the hall and into her room. It smelled of sweat and sex, the portal rod lying conspicuously upon the edge of her disheveled bed. He thought about the many ways to cause his sister even more torment, but he realized how easily she could retaliate. Kendra had been reasonably responsible with the portal rod thus far, so he decided to end this game. He stepped into the hallway, startled to see Emery coming up the stairs.
“I can’t take it anymore. She has to stop.” Emery gave him a serious nod. “Let me talk to her.”
“Just give her a minute.” He stood in front of Kendra’s door. “I’ll send her down in a minute, okay?”
“Kendra!” Emery tried to shove him out of the way. “Kendra, you come out here or I’m going to get Mom and Dad involved!”
Elliot kept his sister at bay, but she wouldn’t relent. They both turned as his door opened. Kendra peeked out wearing one of Elliot’s gaming shirts. It was extremely tight upon her curvy body, showing erect nipples through the thick fabric. And below, a clearly defined camel toe showed through stretched boxers. She huffed angrily as Emery barged in and Elliot followed. All three stood quietly as Emery contemplated the situation.
“What were you two doing?”
Kendra seemed appalled by the question. “I didn’t have any clothes after getting a shower and he was in my room.”
“I had to…” He trailed off, looking between his sisters. “I was just…”
“You know what, I don’t want to know!” Emery held up a hand. “But Kendra, you have to be quiet! Nobody wants to hear you masturbating or…” She gave a quick glance to Elliot. “Whatever was going on. Can you please just be mindful of the rest of us?”
Kendra sneered, surely distracted by the baseball still lodged in her ass. “Yes, fine, whatever!”
“No,” Emery snapped, “you have to promise me you’ll quit!”
“I promise, now go!”
Emery gave Elliot a skeptical glance before leaving. Once the door slammed he rushed to create another portal, using a finger to pop the ball through the tight opening. Kendra pulled the boxers down just in time to launch the wet sphere onto the floor. She grunted with relief, sinking to her knees as she recovered. Elliot couldn’t help but laugh.
“It isn’t funny, you jerk!” Kendra laughed too. She reached back to finger her aching asshole. “God, I think you broke my butt!” She got up and took heavy steps toward the door. “Emery knows something is going on now, we have to be careful for a while.”
“What are you talking about? I’m not the one moaning loud enough to wake the dead.”
“All right, fine! I’ll try to be more careful!” She closed her eyes as she conceded. “Can we talk about this later so I can go clean up?”
Elliot scoffed, picking up the sticky baseball and tossing it into the trash can. “Yeah, but I get the portal rod from now on.”
“What? Come on!” She looked genuinely hurt.
“You can still use it, we just have to plan a little better. We can make some portals in the morning and bring them to work or something. We can figure it out.” He looked to his hand with disgust. “Then we can avoid getting our hands dirty!”
“Hur-hur, funny guy!”
Elliot held out his hand, making her back away as he passed. “Funny guy who gets the bathroom first!” He darted towards the door.
“Hey!” Her bare bottom jiggled as she trotted behind. He stopped at the door with a smile, allowing her through. “See, we can work together. I’ll use the kitchen sink instead because I’m a good brother.”
She gave a playful smile as she whispered. “Yeah, force something up my ass and then wash your hands of it?”
“You were the one that switched the portals to begin with.”
Kendra’s lips scrunched as she thought. “You win this round.” She slowly pulled the door closed with mock sincerity. “But it was worth it!” He could hear her laughing through the door.

Working Stiff


Two days passed without the portal maker and it felt grueling. His boss was suddenly distant, making him do menial work while she stayed locked in her office. Elliot had no clue why she was being so detached and unresponsive, but it kept everyone on edge. He thought about barging into her office, but that might actually get him fired. Kendra insisted that she needed the portal pen during the day, but she wouldn’t tell him why. Regardless, he planned to have it back for tomorrow, then he’d be able to see what Angela was hiding.
“Elliot!” Angela snapped, appearing on the stairs. “Why aren’t you up there helping customers? Stocking can wait!”
“I was just checking if we had…” He trailed off, pointing to a box.
“Frilly panties can wait. There is a line and Shannon is by herself at the counter. Get up there!” She glared. “Now!”
He gave a loud sigh as he marched up the stairs. She could help, but that would require some actual work from miss high and mighty. He walked past the line of scowling customers and logged in a second till. Two women darted over, placing handfuls of clothing upon the counter. Shannon was having trouble with a barcode, so he paused to help her look up the price. The women at his register gave numerous insults to their service as he turned back to scan and bag their garments. I miss the portal rod so much…
It took a long time to clear out the line of customers, but thankfully the last few were very friendly. Shannon thanked him and asked for a moment to use the bathroom. He watched the thirty-something woman walk away. The red pencil dress hugging her hips as she strutted along with her heels clacking on the tile. He organized some clothing until he heard her heels once more. Another customer was searching nearby, but he wasn’t ready quite yet, giving them a moment to talk.
“Thanks! So, how are you today, Elliot?”
“Good.” She looked aside, allowing him to steal a glance at her cleavage. She kept it tasteful, but she was quite busty. “Has Angela been acting weird today?”
“Yeah, I noticed too. She gets like that some days, but it’ll be better tomorrow.” The woman pushed a loose strand of hair behind her glasses. “Must be a full moon coming tonight!” He couldn’t tell if she was being serious. She was fairly nice, but a little strange.
Angela was waiting for him as he headed back downstairs. “Did you get a bike yet?” He shook his head. She scoffed, looking aside as she thrust the thick envelope against his chest. “You should get one soon to bring these deliveries so it doesn’t take all day.”
“But walking is-“
“It is too slow and too dangerous. Take the rest of the day and get some transportation.” She took his hand and mashed a hundred dollar bill into his palm. “Come in early tomorrow to make up the time you miss today.” She turned away, leaving him confused and irritated.

Addy gave a big smile, leaning down to show a little bit of her cleavage before turning away from the table. She was very good at teasing out tips from most customers. She stuck the order on the turnstile and grabbed a couple of plates. She was surprisingly good at her job and it upset Kendra more than she expected.
Passive-aggressive bitch. She stewed about Addy’s earlier comments. Judging me for my tattoos – maybe you should have some fucking expression. Maybe you should focus on your goddamned self instead of making jabs at me! Kendra was on break now, hidden in a secluded corner of the storeroom, watching the girl through a portal. She created another portal to Adelaide and used Elliot’s idea, directing water into her cute little butthole. Kendra smiled, watching her expression of shock.
Addy put a hand on her flat tummy, recalling the feeling from the gym. She tried to act casual as she set the food down and chatted with the guests, but Kendra maxed the flow. The bubbly girl crinkled her nose, leaning upon the table for a quick moment before regaining composure. Her face reddened as one older man made a joke and he clearly thought he was the cause. He bantered with her, making her hide the fight raging inside. Her belly grumbled loudly, making them go awkwardly silent.
“You sound hungry! Have a seat and we can share!” The other two guys chuckled.
“Thanks, but I have to take care of my other tables first!”
They all gawked at her butt as she left, but she was completely distracted. Kendra lowered the flow, allowing her to walk normally again. Her eyes searched the room for something to explain her situation, but like before she was completely baffled. The water surged again before slowing, adding urgency to her steps. She undid her apron and asked another server to cover.
“I’m already helping five tables! Wait until Kendra gets back.” The sassy girl turned away without sympathy.
Addy gave a longing look to the door before retying her apron loosely. She had to take another guest’s order while enduring the unyielding supply of water splashing into her behind. Her belly ached and grumbled, sometimes getting louder than the background music. She caught a few awkward glances while passing other patrons. She noticed a bulge beneath her apron. It was tight now and it was subtly restricting her movement. Food was ready to be delivered and she didn’t have much of a choice – she had to suffer through.
The dishes clanked as the tray shook. She had to maintain complete focus not to spill as she planted it next to the table. She dispersed the plates, completely forgetting where they should go. The men were forgiving, though, making bold jokes about how pretty she was. Normally she’d counter their advances just enough to keep them in line and get a good payout, but tonight she was faltering. Every movement was a struggle, and then the water flow increased. A bowl of sauce flopped onto the table, spilling into the older man’s lap.
Addy exchanged apologies with the laughing man, fetching napkins to help sop up the sticky hot sauce. After some cleanup she excused herself hastily, rushing to the bathroom as the geyser in her ass continued. The pressure decreased as she sat on the toilet, but nothing came out. She could feel the running water just inside her body. It felt strange and nothing could help her ache. She adjusted her clothing as she looked into the mirror. She looked frazzled, but otherwise, she was able to hide her suffering.
She moved her apron aside, astonished by her prominent belly. Her movements were slow and labored. She felt somewhat queasy as the liquid sloshed around. Nothing could explain this, but she only hoped it would clear up like it had after the night at the gym. Her unfiltered expressions told the story. She was putting on quite the show for the unseen woman orchestrating her trouble.
Knowing she had to get back to work before someone noticed, Adelaide washed up and did her best to hide her stomach before heading out. Moving down the cramped corridor, she turned the corner and collided with the man from the table. At that moment the slow trickle in her ass ramped up into a full eruption. She whimpered, stumbling to rest against the man. He laughed quietly while directing her around the corner.
“Hey, are you okay?”
“You don’t look fine.” He ran a hand along her apron, smoothing it down to see her defined midsection. “Did you have that before?” His puzzlement changed to playfulness. “What were you doing in there?”
She jerked away. “Don’t… I have a… condition.”
The man put a hand upon the wall trying to intimidate her. “I don’t think you’re being honest with me little lady.”
Addy was uneasy, too distracted to respond. Kendra thought about helping the guy out and giving him a direct link to Adelaide’s pussy, but she knew that would be too cruel. Plus she didn’t like how aggressive the older man was, so she decided to give her victim a break. Kendra made a portal into the man’s pants and gave his balls a quick, hard squeeze. He gasped and went to his knees. Addy tensed and closed her eyes, but soon realized she had an opportunity to get away.
Trudging ahead as the water blasted up her ass, she could feel pressure beneath her apron. It was tight now, helping to keep her swollen belly in check. Her eyelids hung low as she fell into a chair. It creaked as she shifted, wiping the sweat from her neck. It was hard to keep quiet. She knew people were all around, but her stomach was still filling and it ached badly. She loosened the knots on the small apron, whimpering as it pulled free. Her belly rumbled as it settled, hurting even more as the air slipped higher.
She placed the wadded apron upon the table right as one of the cooks passed by. Armin paused to check on her. “You all right?” His eyes snapped to her midsection. “Something the matter?”
“Yeah, just a… allergy.”
“It, uh… It looks kind of serious. Should I call-“
A deep rumble came from her stomach. “No, no, just bad gas.”
Kendra didn’t want her to get off that easily. She grinned deviously, grabbing a bottle of hot sauce from a nearby shelf, opening it, and poking it into Addy’s behind. The reaction was sudden, making the girl launch from her seat and into the friendly man. She brought him down, holding her butt as she lay on her side. Startled, Armin got onto one knee and tried to comfort Addy.
“Woah, let… let me get someone.”
“It’s fine!” Adelaide breathed through her teeth, trying to keep him from drawing more attention to her predicament. “It just has to pass.”
Laughing to herself, Kendra delivered another dose of hot sauce, hearing it glug as Addy’s asshole drank it eagerly. Again Addy twitched into the air, unable to avoid the burning pain in her rump. Her belly rebounded, pulling her back onto her side. Amir’s hand bumped against her midsection, causing another cramp and adding to her grief.
He was at a loss, searching for someone to assist. “Whatever this is… it seems serious. I gotta get help.” Kendra decided to intervene. She hurried out of the storeroom and around the corner, bumping into the concerned man before he could find someone else. “It’s Addy, she’s having some kind of trouble.”
Following along, Kendra knelt beside the full, groaning girl lying upon the floor. She took her hand, barely hiding her smile after seeing the girl’s panicked expression. “What’s wrong?”
“I… uh… it’s just an allergy. I’ll be okay though.” She drew a sharp breath, probably still feeling the sting of the hot sauce.
Comforting her, Kendra looked up to the worried man. “It’s okay, I’ve seen this happen before. She’ll be fine. I’ll stay with her until she gets through it.” He questioned it, but she reassured him. “I’ll take care of her.” Finally, after a thoughtful look, he continued on, leaving them alone in the back room. The girl was somewhat relieved, but the water was still going and her belly was enormous. Kendra was pleased at her size, having trouble helping the fattened girl to her feet.
“Are you sure this is an allergy?” Kendra toyed with her victim.
“Y-yes. I must have eaten something.”
“I don’t think-“
“I ate something and it’s making me swell up!” She snapped. “Help me to the bathroom or leave me alone!”
Annoyed, Kendra stepped back and watched. Adelaide was agitated by her choice. Taking slow, clumsy steps, moving without assistance. Russet hair stuck to her forehead as she lurched to the edge of the room.  Her stomach growled, with her cute belly-button peeking beneath her work shirt. Having an already ample chest, she looked noticeably pregnant. She was grunting, making pained noises as she edged along the wall. She made it to the door when she stumbled, falling past and into the opposite wall.
Her legs trembled as she looked to Kendra. “Help me!”
“Not with a tone like that.”
“Are you serious? I’m having an allergic reaction to something!”
“No, you’re not. I know you’re lying to me about something and I think maybe our boss should hear about this.”
“What?” Addy put her back against the wall, looking like she might collapse under the increasing water weight. “Wh-Why would he care?” She stammered.
Kendra sized her up, hiding her glee as she watched the burdened girl struggling. “Fine, I will keep this… Whatever this is secret if you are nicer to me from now on.”
Her eyes darted around. “It’s not… I am… I’m not mean to you.”
“The hell you aren’t!” She proceeded to use a mocking voice. “Let me have that table, I don’t think you can handle them!” Kendra glared, changing to a venomous tone, “It gets old.”
Adelaide’s eyes welled-up. “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t.” Her jaw trembled and then she started bawling. “I just don’t think about how I come across sometimes. I can be harsh, but I am trying to teach you. I really am trying to teach you, Kendra! I don’t want those jerks to make you quit!”
Words eluded her and Kendra didn’t know how to handle the situation. Addy was weeping as she leaned upon the wall, her belly bouncing as she sobbed. Her clothing pulled tight as the flowing water continued. The inflated girl took a clumsy step before stumbling. Kendra instinctually caught her, but she was too big, bringing them both down. They lay entangled, with soft vibrations emanating from Addy’s guts. The small brunette grimaced, her face resting upon Kendra’s ample chest.
She hastily went to her knees, wiping tears away as she apologized. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” *grrroooo-glug* Her stomach spoke, urging her to stand. The small, engorged girl climbed up artlessly. Her uniform ripped in the back as she shuffled to the door. A small section of her cute, pink panties showed from the new opening. Kendra offered help, but she urgently declined. “No, no, I’ve got to- ah… I need to go… to the bathroom.” Addy looked big and ungainly, with a wide stance to support her bulky belly. Another pathetic whimper came out as the water churned in her stomach.
Once assured that she could actually make it to her destination, Kendra scampered back to the stockroom. She enjoyed watching the big girl slide along the wall. Gasping, she slammed the door and fumbled with the lock. She was more vocal now, making noises as she waddled to the toilet. She struggled to remove her tight skirt, tearing it a little more before dropping it to her ankles. She raised her belly to reach her panties, using an arm to restrain her stretched abdomen. Her soft, springy skin looked wonderful, jiggling as she removed her underwear. Her shirt was stretched tight over her chest and upper belly, accentuating her beautiful curves.
With a sigh, Kendra new it was time to unplug her. She struck out the portals, leaving only one to watch her empty. Her cute face twisted in agony as she blasted water into the toilet. She bit her lip and held her middle, pushing hard to eject the fluid. Kendra almost felt bad for the poor girl, but then she recalled her snide comments from yesterday. She enjoyed the show until she remembered the time.
“Oh fuck, I have to get back!” She closed the last portal and grabbed a spare skirt from the shelf. She sat it outside of the room and let her know, rushing to clock back in. She was six minutes late, but no one seemed to notice. She went back to the table with the rowdy older men, asking if they needed anything else.
“Nah, just waiting to say goodbye to that cute girl.” The confident man narrowed his eyes, looking at her like a piece of meat. “You look like a lot of fun.” He smiled.
“You have no idea.” She smirked. “She won’t be back for a while, had to run an errand.”
“Aww, that’s disappointing. Say, you might actually be better suited for what I was about to ask.” He offered a business card that read: ‘Dominic Kant: Casting Agent’ along with his phone number. “Give me a buzz if you’re looking to do some modeling. Your friend is invited too.”
Kendra stopped herself from going off on the man. She was deeply upset by such a skeevy practice and assuming that either of them would be drawn into the thinly-veiled trap. She knew of so many porn videos that started like that. But, with the portal rod, she could actually entrap him instead. So, she only thanked him, taking the card like a good girl and bidding them goodnight. She pocketed the forty dollar tip and went back to work.

He moved the bookcase, finding his personal collection of portals. He needed to let off some steam and this time he wasn’t going to hold back. Through Angela’s portal, he found her relaxing at home, which gave him the perfect opportunity to fuck her brains out. He pulled out his cock and used a little saliva before slipping it in. She didn’t seem to care, only shifting slightly as he eased in. It actually bothered him, so he went in faster, pushing firmly into her warm pussy. His whole dick was in and she didn’t seem to care. What a whore!
Elliot fucked her, feeling the excited hole getting wetter with each poke. He didn’t understand how the woman could remain so casual. She sat her phone aside and yawned, infuriating him. He gripped the sides of the bookcase and went hard, making it rock back and forth as he jabbed his fat cock into the slippery mound. He could hear the wet noise as he plunged in, feeling her clamping down on him occasionally. It was almost too much, forcing him to slow down for a moment. He was being so rough, but she wasn’t feeling it at all.
It’s not connected to her. He looked to the other women’s portals, seeing that they were also unaffected. Who is…? He pushed in before grabbing the portal pen. He opened a portal to Kendra and was shocked to confirm his suspicion. Kendra was melted upon the couch, her mouth open as she breathed quickly. Heather was sitting nearby but didn’t seem to notice her daughter’s lustful movements.
Closing her eyes, Kendra worked her hips, but she couldn’t move the cock inside. Elliot was in control. He knew he should pull out and scold her for messing with the portals, but it felt fantastic. He came out just a little before driving back in. Kendra pressed into her sides, unable to touch herself while their mother was so close. He continued harassing her, working his cock carefully to edge them closer. He couldn’t believe he was doing it with his sister, but it was too incredible to just stop. Just don’t cum inside her and you can play dumb.
She was getting heated, subtly resting a hand upon her tit. Elliot wished he could hold her full breasts and give them a soft squeeze. His skin flushed at the thought. He moved slowly, but the desire became too much. He moved faster, pumping his sister roughly, watching her fail to maintain composure. She let out a moan and Heather glanced back.
Her features tightened as she realized what was happening. Letting out a disappointed sigh their mother turned back to the T.V. as she spoke. “I didn’t figure you’d like him that much!”
Kendra froze, seeing the bumbling love-interest on the screen. “Oh, ah, I wasn’t…”
“Whatever, just don’t do it in front of company.” An awkward silence followed. “He is kind of cute, I guess.”
Sometimes I wonder if Mom is too open with us. With wild, searching eyes, Kendra took her blessing and put a hand between her legs. She rubbed through her jeans, still trying to be quiet as she got comfortable. She nibbled lightly upon her lip piercing, running her other hand beneath her shirt. Her pierced nipples propped up the t-shirt and a good portion of her sleeve tattoo showed as she silently masturbated.
Watching his sister writhing with passion while his cock was inside her was amazing. He was able to go a little longer after the pause, pumping her wet snatch with the same vigor he had intended for his boss. He was working out his frustrations without care, but when he felt the pressure building he prepared to pull out. All of the shameful, deviant thoughts came rushing back. He knew he needed to pull out, but he was seriously debating it. Fuck! I can’t! He was just about to take it out when her vagina clamped tight. It was too strong, making him hesitate as cum spurted out. It was too late now, so he just let go – his hot jizz splashed into his sister’s quivering pussy. The first couple of pulses making her jerk with pleasure.
She put a hand over her mouth, riding her other hand as she pushed to climax. She tensed for a moment before letting go, wiggling in her seat and sliding lower, going limp after the gripping orgasm. Her enticing green eyes opened lazily. He stared into those gorgeous eyes through the portal, her rosy cheeks and frazzled green hair looking so incredibly sexy. He felt ashamed for a second, but also relieved. He had wanted this for years, but he just couldn’t admit it. It felt wrong, but that actually excited him even more.
He pulled out and cleaned off their juices. Kendra looked so pleased, shifting her legs with contentment. Heather glanced back with a smirk, saying nothing as her daughter put her head down and took a nap. He closed the portal and decided to keep this experience to himself. She can’t know that I did it on purpose. He remembered the catalyst for this whole situation, but decided to punish Angela tomorrow instead.



Cleric Aldon stood above the offender. The chubby girl lay upon the wooden table with arms and legs spread apart and bound to each corner. She was unable to speak as the man looked upon her nude body with utter shame. Elouise could read their minds, knowing the plans to oust her from the council and replace Aldon with another High Cleric. Like many others, they have failed.
“As punishment for your unique crimes I shall administer a unique solution – you will carry your sister.” Her guards brought Gabriella forward, unclasping her robe and allowing it to fall to the ground. The tight-bodied woman had a modest figure and dimpled smile. It is a shame that she will be hidden inside her big-titted bitch of a sister. But, it will serve as a warning… They all will.
Mabel followed her instructions, casting an intricate spell onto her niece. Gabriella lowered her head, frightened of the change that was to come. Her body flushed as she visibly shrank. Her proportions remained as her body shortened. Her arms slipped from the guard’s grasp. She was reduced to half her height – her modest attributes appearing more pronounced. The cleric directed his men to hold Chantal’s legs as Mabel cast another spell. The exposed pussy suddenly dripped with excitement. Elouise enjoyed watching as they directed the small, scared girl in between her sister’s legs, pressing her head into the moist loins.
It was breathtaking – seeing Chantal’s pussy open wide to swallow her sister’s head. A loud wet sound accompanied the insertion. Gabriella’s shoulders cleared after a pause and then her body moved inside without assistance. Her ass bounced as she kicked in the air, anxious from the strange sensation. Another awkward, sloppy noise came as her hips cleared. Within seconds her feet slipped in, now fully nestled inside Chantal. This gave her sister a large, full belly that bulged unevenly as she writhed inside.
Mabel cast a spell that gave her belly a more spherical shape. “She can breathe, but be careful not to close your legs tight.”
“She’s breathing through my pussy?” Chantal was barely able to reach around her belly, feeling her wet, gaping hole with a mixture of emotions.
“She will require your powers to survive.” Elouise spoke confidently. “You will carry her for eighteen months as she regresses and reforms anew. Both of you will be normal, but she will be your new child.”
Chantal was terrified, looking to her aunt and the others for some kind of help. “Why would you do this?”
“As I said, this requires a unique punishment. Rather than killing her outright I shall give you the task of raising Gabriella. Perhaps she will be well mannered the second time. This is also to teach you that your actions have consequences. The older blonde woman leaned down to taunt her, showing notable cleavage as her breasts grazed Chantal’s shoulder. “Your mother is also going to suffer.” She whispered with delight, “care to see?”
With a wave of her hand the guards led in the tall, weary brunette. Magdalene shuffled forward awkwardly, carrying her swollen belly. She huffed, glaring with lamenting eyes as her weighted belly threatened to pull her down. She had to hesitate to shift her balance and only then did she continue carefully. Her hard features showed sadness in defeat.
Elouise proudly removed her robe, displaying the woman to the small crowd. Her stomach had pronounced bulges, hanging much lower than expected. She was carrying something very heavy and bulky. Magdalene was slouching, with sweat running from her brow. It was clear that she suffered from whatever she held and the only emotions she displayed were disgust and dismay.
“We found the creature your mother birthed so long ago.” Elouise found the memory again, watching the tentacles writhing along the woman and her daughters. The large seeds slipping inside the woman’s sensitive vagina. One of the many lewd thoughts I retrieved from this sinful family. “She showed us everything. How you summoned creatures and used magic frivolously. Such disregard for her vows… Now her powers are gone and she is carrying stones gathered from the riverbed. We packed her belly full of useless rocks that she’ll never be able to remove. Now she will no longer burden the council.”
The elder woman turned to Mabel with an accusing glare. “You were part of their debauchery too.” Elouise had to resist a smile, seeing her plan coming to fruition. “I see those thoughts you attempt to repress. It appears you must join your family in their penance.”
Cleric Aldon grabbed their aunt from behind, touching a magic dampener to her neck. Her long eyebrows shot up as she struggled, but after a moment she accepted her fate. Mabel’s almond eyes tightened as her breathing quickened. He unclasped her robe and let it fall. The svelte brunette had upturned breasts and a toned stomach. She looked to the floor, knowing it was pointless to resist. Everyone knew that her gorgeous body would soon be changed like the others.
The old blonde woman looked to the other council members standing around the room. She took her time, deliberating the woman’s fate. “I see your sister’s punishment is troubling you.” She strolled to Magdalene and ran her fingers along the bumpy belly. “Perhaps I should indulge you in a similar fashion, Mabel.”
The cleric offered Elouise a small talisman. Clasping it in both hands, she spoke a long phrase and made numerous gestures. Mabel trembled in fear as she performed the ritual. She has no clue what type of spell I’m casting! Idiot. With a final, decisive syllable, it was over. She returned the item to Aldon as everyone watched with anticipation. The guards let go and stepped back as the change began.
The leggy beauty grimaced, putting her arms across her chest. She gasped, realizing what was happening. Her flawless breasts grew. Silky skin expanded around her tanned arms as she tried to keep them in check. Her hands pushed out, slowly pulling apart as she tried to gather the burgeoning mounds. She was pathetic, trying to keep some semblance of dignity as her tits flowed. She repeatedly caught them, but soon she understood that it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.
Placing hands on her knees, she allowed the heavy breasts to hang. The soft mammaries squished together, expanding as the others watched. Mabel’s eyes darted between them, her composure failing. She sank to the ground, straining against their weight. On her hands and knees, she whined, pleading for the expansion to stop. The bulky tits pressed upon the wooden floor, pushing outward as they continued growing. She looked up again, her sad eyes hoping to sway their verdict. Pitiful whore – you brought this upon yourself.
“Please, stop this!” Agatha stepped ahead. “What purpose does this serve? She wasn’t on trial.”
Elouise stared with spite at the doughy woman watching from the edge of the room. “You are in no place to speak, Agatha.” Elouise waved her closer, placing a hand upon her cheek when she finally complied. “I see you planned to help them as well. I should have known.” Her grip tightened. “You disappoint me!” She ripped away Agatha’s vestments, making her usually cheerful expression fade. “This council is filled with deviants!” The head cleric moved with purpose, using the talisman to sap the woman’s power. Elouise considered punishment for a time before raising a finger and smiling devilishly. She cast another long, intricate spell, plucking one from Agatha’s own mind.
The thick, friendly woman showed sudden shock. Placing a hand on her midsection, a muffled clank came from within. More noises radiated from her belly, causing her to look at Elouise with pleading eyes. A low groan escaped her moist lips. Her silky tits wobbled as she bent over. Her rounded face tightened as she felt the objects moving within. Like the others, she knew something collected in her belly and she couldn’t fight it. Her clear blue eyes closed as she resolved to endure the sensation. The corner of her mouth opened, but she took it well.
The clanking grew louder as her stomach filled. Dimples formed as her pale skin expanded. She appeared somewhat pregnant, but the texture looked very strange. She sank lower, clearly feeling the weight of the objects as they poured in. Agatha’s beautiful breasts sat upon the bumpy belly, with her slim waist leading to a comfortable ass.  She put a hand on one of the lesser clerics, but he pulled away and let her slump against the wall. Sliding lower, she squatted against the wall.
The expansion stopped, leaving her filled with an abundance of small, burdensome items. Her belly wasn’t as large as the others, but it looked perfectly proportioned with her curvy build. She pushed herself higher, carefully moving away from the wall. She was able to stand, but every movement had to be calculated. Some of the items shifted, clanking as they pulled her slightly.
Elouise grabbed a handful of her squishy rump. “It saddens me to do this, but I could see that you were planning against me too. You nearly evaded my mental probing, but I found your stockpile of golden coins.” She kneaded Agatha’s ass, enjoying her discomfort. “So, I will let you keep them.” She drew back and slapped the springy ass, laughing as Agatha stumbled ahead and sank to her knees.
And then her eyes snapped to the last remaining council member. Cadence spoke with indifference. “Yes, I was part of their plan, but you can see that I was only helping you.”
Elouise stepped into her mind, observing her memories. The truth came in waves. How the clever necromancer played along with the conspiracy, all the while knowing it would fail. Cadence’s true motivation was the wellbeing of the citizens. She resents judgment for her craft. She will always be at odds with the clerics, but she would be loyal to me. Elouise contemplated, returning to her own thoughts. I may need someone with her talents… Aldon may defy me in the future.
“Very well, you have proven to be loyal.” She looked to Aldon, gauging his reaction. “The council of three.” His thoughts show disgust, but he will accept this… for now. “Aldon will claim this estate and Agatha will stay as an offering of good faith. The rest of you will accompany me home where you will serve as my indentured servants. The good people will see what becomes of deviant mages!”
Mabel lay upon her engorged breasts. They were nearly as large as the rest of her body, squishing as she rested upon the firm mounds. Milk seeped from her thick nipples as she contemplated her predicament. Meanwhile Magdalene sat upon a creaking chair. The stone-filled belly making her uncomfortable no matter how she shifted. She let out an irritated sigh as she pushed a stone inward, only causing another to press out below. She was packed to the limit and visibly worried.
Chantal was allowed to stand, but she had to rest against the table. Her plump ass squished around the edge as she leaned back to support her massive belly. Chantal’s considerable chest spilled over the full, rounded stomach. The shapely body changed to accommodate, pushing her fat elsewhere to make her arms and legs thick and bulky. Her shoulders and hips also widened to support such a large ‘child’ in her womb. Gabriella shifted every few minutes, making both of them unable to relax. This was the first day and it would be just as unpleasant over the following months as their bodies adapted to the magical attachment.
This is the cost of defying me. Elouise smirked as she read their despairing thoughts.

The wagon rolled along, with each bump causing her sister to shift around inside her belly. Chantal groaned, moving lower in her seat to find momentary relief. It was nearly impossible to relax and she only hoped it would be easier over time. Elousie’s pet orc sat at the other side of the wagon, looking just as uncomfortable due to his size. Dakkor was hunched forward, watching her naked body intently. His eyes slid lower, enjoying every slight movement of her swollen, soft body.
“Look away, monster.”
His misaligned eyes narrowed and a sharp breath passed through his filed teeth. “Take care when insulting me. I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed our time together.”
“I would never have done that with you if my mind had been clear!”
“You humans complain too much. Female orcs enjoy themselves no matter when we take them.”
“Humans respect one another!”
“Hmph. Is that why you have a big belly?” She didn’t respond. “The gold hair woman said you will be my mate. Better get used to me.” He grinned.
Chantal didn’t even argue. She knew nothing she could do or say could stop this. If he didn’t do what Elouise said then she would find another orc to fuck her. She couldn’t even blame him. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, looking away from the monster that she would be with from now on. She only hoped the others would fare better.

The caravan passed the gate and brought them to Elouise’s estate. A few esteemed guests were waiting to greet her, eager to see who was chosen to be on the council. Their surprise was almost comedic when they heard about the removal – how half of the council members were now stripped of their powers. The orc took Chantal into his arms, carrying her into the wooded region where he dwelled. No one seemed to care. She watched over his shoulder, seeing her inflated mother and aunt being carted into the mansion.
The large, rounded hut with a steeple roof wasn’t far, hidden among a small patch of trees. Furs lined the walls and it was entirely open inside. Many smells assaulted her senses, most of which weren’t enjoyable. Dakkor carried her past the firepit and dropped her onto the bed – the straw lining barely absorbing the impact. She groaned, aching from the fall and from Gabriella’s movements inside. He wiped his brow and unfastened his limited armor. He removed his loincloth, revealing a long green cock dangling nearly to his knee.
With wide-eyed terror, Chantal held up her hands. “Woah, I don’t remember it being that big!”
“I didn’t give it all before… And she was in your head.” He crawled into the shoddy bed, yanking her robes away. “Do you prefer it this way or from behind?”
“Wait, can’t we talk-“
He moved above her. “This way then.” His body flexed appealingly as he went low, sliding his tongue into her loins. It was strong, making her moan as it slid up and around. She raised her hips, finding great enjoyment in the sensation. A shiver ran along her body as he searched her wet entrance. Her eyes squeezed tight and she held her breath, building to a sensational climax. It was nearly upon her when he pulled out. The feeling slipped away, leaving only disappointment as he raised up and moved into position.
The large, muscular orc was able to support himself entirely, keeping all weight off of her huge belly. She felt his rigid cock poking against her thigh. She braced herself as the monster found her hole and glided in. She tensed, already uncomfortable from his size. His hard, beady eyes watched her as she bit her lip. She was thankful that he moved slowly, but she knew he wouldn’t wait for long. After a few quick breaths, she wiggled her hips, trying to ease it in carefully. He took this to mean that she wanted it faster, so he followed along with a little more force.
The orc growled, letting his weight push the cock deeper. Chantal squeaked, his shaft pushing into her tighter region. She tried to touch her clit, but her engorged belly blocked it. He allowed some of his weight to rest upon her, making her feel trapped as he fed more into his new toy. She reached up and grabbed her nipples, pulling her tits up and down to distract herself from the agonizing pain below. It was wet, but he was just too damned thick.
She gave up on the distraction, grabbing handfuls of straw as she endured the sizable intruder in her pussy. The ache dulled, feeling a low numbness as he pushed firmly. He couldn’t quite get the last section in. The monster moved side to side, cruelly opening her even more with the throbbing dick. With a groan, she launched a hand up and hit him in the shoulder. He let out a low chuckle as he swirled his cock again, forcing her to whine.
He stopped moving and pushed again. This time something gave way. Chantal barely felt his cock move, but Gabriella started squirming furiously, thrashing around in her belly. It looked like the orc was in pain from his expression. He tried to pull back, but he was stuck in her loins. The movements increased as he went in to the hilt once more. Chantal realized that he had somehow pushed through the magical barrier and fit his cock inside Gabriella. He was fucking the girl inside her belly.
Each time he tried to pull back it brought Gabriella with him. Chantal could make out a faint handprint as he reared up, still unable to free himself. The placement made it clear that he was fucking the girl inside her. His dick went far enough to stick into Gabriella’s pussy. It felt extremely strange. He was too overcome by the tightness to enjoy it at first, but soon he found a slow, short rhythm. He scooted forward, pressing into her belly to get more of his cock through. He only lasted for a couple more slow thrusts before he went into a frenzy. He pumped her hard, making her nearly cry before he unloaded.
Chantal didn’t feel a thing, which confirmed her suspicion. The orc had been fucking the girl inside her. She had no idea what this meant, but she was happy to feel his massive pole shrinking. He pulled out, leaving her entrance slick and sore. He laid beside her, draping his enormous arm over her chest. Gabriella wasn’t moving much anymore inside her midsection. She was positioned with her legs raised, but Chantal couldn’t turn over. She was forced to let the cum move deeper into her sister’s vagina. She only hoped that she would be okay if Gabriella happened to get pregnant inside her.
The monster’s loud snoring and Gabriella’s fitful movements kept her from meaningful sleep throughout the night. The orc roused her in the early hours for another session, preparing her with his wet finger before mounting her in the same position. He poked inside and once again found the even tighter space inside. He knew exactly what he was doing, but Chantal was grateful that it felt slightly better this time. It still hurt, but she was hopeful that she would find some pleasure in the coming days. She put her arms around him, taking the long pole submissively. He rammed even harder, making Gabriella fight from within. She watched his strong body flexing, trying to excite herself, but the movement inside was too distracting.
He eyed her bouncing tits, watching them flow up and down. He seemed to enjoy her anguished grunts, speeding up whenever she felt the most pain. She shifted from time to time, unsure if the change would make it better or worse. His big cock plunged in and out for a long time until he released a thicker batch. Again, she didn’t feel it, but she noticed the bulge moved up his cock slower now. Inside, Gabriella struggled, unable to stop the cum from blasting into her spread pussy.
“I will have to keep doing this until you give me a son.”
“You… you can’t. It will break us apart.”
“The golden woman says you can handle it. Guess we will see in a few weeks.”
“She did something to make my seed stronger – says to fuck you often and I’ll have an army.” He laughed subtly.
Chantal heard of reproductive magic. It was rare and forbidden throughout the land, as it could create far too many mouths to feed and too many children to teach. How ironic that Elouise gave her orc such abilities. If caught, he would take blame, if not then they would attack humans, bringing even more people to her side. She was always two steps ahead.
A sharp jab drew her mind back to the moment. She was growing impatient, desensitized as the orc pounded her in uneven motions. He grumbled at her boredom, grabbing her neck and raising her pregnant body into the air. He continued fucking her, holding her up at an uncomfortable angle. Her arms dangled as she complained. He was still going, gazing into her eyes as sweat rolled along his dark green skin.
Her unkempt black hair obscured her view. Chantal tried to get free, but the orc was way too powerful. Her big tits ricocheted off of her belly, surely irritating Gabriella as they struck her head through the magical barrier. Dakkor moved her legs higher, making her even more uncomfortable. With her feet shaking in the air, Chantal was squished against her belly, groaning as the beast went faster. She didn’t know how much more she could handle. It went on for a time and then he rammed in, pumping his seed through her opening and into Gabriella.
Chantal could feel her sister inflating inside her. It felt extremely strange and this time she barely struggled. He released her after he finished, letting her fall back into the bed. She ached, grimacing as she rubbed her strained thighs. Her pussy felt tingly and numb, allowing her relax while the orc went outside to relieve himself. She stood shakily, hobbling outside to follow his lead. She did her business, and after he went inside she decided to take a risk.
Her legs hurt, making her stagger as she entered the woods. Every movement was uncoordinated, making her progress slow and loud. Her sister added difficulty as well, shifting inside her every few seconds. She had to go slower, trying to stay quiet as she tried to zigzag through the woods. Gasping for breath, she rested upon a tree, turning back to gauge her progress.
She noticed some movement and realized Dakkor was hiding between the trees. He rushed forward, taking a fistful of her hair as she attempted to waddle away. He growled, tugging her head and turning her around. Her lumbering march to his hut was difficult, but the orc seemed rather pleased – watching her jiggling butt as she stepped through the foliage. She pushed through the door and found a chair, hearing the wood flex as she plopped down.
“Stay.” He gave her a look saying that there would be consequences if she tried again.
He went outside, leaving her to do as she pleased. A quick glance around the hut showed her that other than cooking and cleaning there was nothing to do. In fact, without magic she really didn’t have many skills. She slept on and off, awakened frequently by her passenger’s movements and sounds of the orc working outside. She glanced down, stunned by the sight. Am I bigger?

The spacious stone hall had many lavish decorations. She led the man through, explaining the stories behind some of the paintings that adorned the walls. Elouise told a tale of how she quelled an uprising in the council, removing three of the five members and subjugating the daughters of the instigator. The man listened intently, surely gathering the juicy details to spread around the town.
She led him into the main hall, continuing to explain how she planned to bring religion back into favor. How she had the High Cleric’s blessing to display the dissenters, showing what happens when you plot treason against the council. Servants brought one of the captured women into the room on a wide wooden trolley. Her oversized bosoms bounced and shifted before she came to a stop. She had no clothing, as nothing seemed large enough to cover her expansive mammaries.
“They are monumental! What is in those?” The visitor asked with amazement.
Mabel sat before them, barely able to move on her own now. Her large, rounded breasts were nearly full again, even after being milked less than an hour ago. She produced so much that she had to sleep on top of them, otherwise she might be crushed beneath their weight. She was always tired and hungry thanks to these mountains, spending her day eating, milking, and resting. Her suffering was worse thanks to the countless visitors Elouise brought through, showing her off like a prized cow. It was humiliating at first, but after so many, she didn’t really care anymore.
Elouise motioned to her servant. The woman bent down and wrapped a cold hand around one of Mabel’s enormous nipples. Thick milk squirted into the cup, filling it after a few firm tugs. “The tastiest milk in the land. Would you like some?” The servant offered the drink.
The newcomer sipped at the beverage, lighting up as the flavor registered. “Delightful!” He quickly gulped the remainder down before hoisting the mug in appreciation.
Elouise patted the huge, firm tit. “You must be parched from your journey! If you would like to have more…”
He thanked her repeatedly while grabbing Mabel’s nipple. Before continuing he glanced to his host, “Would it be rude to drink from the source? I am so very thirsty.”
She agreed. The man eagerly lifted the heavy boob, squatting down and latching onto her teat. They could hear the milk spilling down his throat. Elouise stepped closer as he drank, gently stroking Mabel’s long brown hair. Her tired, almond eyes looked up with fear, knowing that she was powerless to stop the man. He slurped the milk, allowing some to spill around his lips. As he drank she could feel excitement below. She hated to be aroused when people milked her. He jiggled her huge breast, enjoying the mass as he drank his fill.
He detached after a long while, wiping his mouth as he stood. “I imagine you suckle upon her frequently.”
“Never.” Elouise nudged the other breast with her shoe, smirking as milk trickled from the nipple. “She enjoys it too much. I must uphold the rules – this is her punishment.”
“Ah, well, I’m sorry for… distressing the woman.” The man sneered at the prisoner. “I was told you had another here?”
“Of course, right this way!”
The attendants hauled Mabel back to her chambers before they continued on. Elouise spent extra care to point out useless history points, knowing how he needed to be bored by the trivial details to build suspense for the next display. She brought him onto a balcony where Magdalene knelt in prayer. Sunlight warmed her fair skin. Her trim ass on display, as she too was naked. In her case it was purely for spectacle.
She glanced over her shoulder, showing mild fright as she lifted her heavy body. Dimples showed as she forced a smile, knowing the punishment she would get if she didn’t play her role. She didn’t look happy by any means, but that was the intent – to show how scared she was of Elouise. The tall weary-eyed woman put a hand on her bumpy belly, bowing her head ever-so-slightly as the two spoke.
“This is Magdalene. Her punishment was the most severe, as she was the orchestrator of this uprising. She is holding stones in there.” She shook her belly to illustrate her point, making the rocks quietly click together.
“Wh-why stones?”
“Because I wanted to make her useless. She will always have trouble doing any physical tasks. She will only have time to reflect on the mistakes that brought her to this point. She will never forget the suffering she inflicted upon herself and of her daughters.” Elouise smiled, raising the woman’s chin. “Isn’t that right?”
“Yes, councilor.”
“Do you think Dakkor is having fun with your daughters?”
“Y-yes, councilor.”
They shared a light laugh, watching as the expanded woman put her head down and stroked her tightly-packed belly. Elouise knew it was unnecessary to keep them alive once word spread, but she delighted in their mental anguish. She felt rather pleased with herself, hearing the rumor spread before the guest even told it. She stepped out of his mind, bidding him safe travels as she ventured to the study. Was her face red? Was she masturbating? Elouise grinned at the thought. I suppose I’ll have to put her in chastity from now on. I don’t want her thoughts to wander!

Cold Shoulder


His workdays were plush. Angela brought him along on some errands, having him deliver another shady package as she waited in the car. She informed him of an entry-level management role that he would be perfect for. He still had reservations, but it had a later start time and a more versatility. She needed to focus her time elsewhere and she didn’t trust the current employee pool. He agreed and she planned to teach him over the coming few weeks.
Elliot was hopeful, knowing if he was involved in something illegal then he could play dumb and keep his distance. The more important thought on his mind involved his sister. He thought about it as he walked home. I love Kendra, but we could never… do it. I have to be the strong one. Just be stern and honest. He opened the door to find Emery on the couch, watching something on her phone as an argument escalated upstairs.
She glared at him as she removed her earbuds. “They’ve been going at it for 20 minutes.”
He listened for a moment. “Andrew?”
“Yup. They broke up about 15 minutes ago.” She smirked. “He’s been trying to win her back since.”
“Well, I’m going to try and skirt past the storm.”
Emery nodded, “good luck, you’ll need it.”
Creeping up the stairs, he could hear the volume increase. Andrew was pleading, saying he didn’t even do anything wrong this time, but she was inconsolable. Saying she needed to move on and find a better match for herself – someone that understood her. Elliot realized the door was ajar and he tried his best to slip by. Darting into his room, he thought he was clear. He took a seat as the argument escalated.
“I don’t fucking CARE – get out!” A door slammed. There was a tense silence before Andrew stomped down the stairs and left. Elliot barely had a moment to think when Kendra burst in. “We’re done for real this time.” She sat on his bed. “About last night…”
“Kendra, I love you, but we can’t do it together and that’s final.”
She processed for a moment, searching his features. She scoffed as a sneer spread across her face. “It’s fine. I wasn’t even here for that. I just want to borrow the portal thing.”
“What for?”
“I just broke up with my boyfriend. You take a guess.”
“Fine, but I want it back in an hour.” She snatched it from his hand and left without a word.

“Asshole!” She slammed the door, knowing no one would bother her. No one cares that I just broke up with Andrew and my brother is so wrapped with his little girlfriend… That has to be why he’s being so bitchy about it. She made a portal upon the wall, showing Cybil as she stepped into the shower. Kendra appreciated the female form, watching the big-titted blonde lathering up.
Lifting her leg, Cybil cleaned her tiny bush before moving back to open her springy ass. She was fairly thin, and all of her weight seemed to be in her chest. She ran a hand beneath her heavy, low-hanging breasts, covering them in soap before stepping into the spraying water. Tiny nipples sat in the center of large, pink areolas and it was mesmerizing to watch. Elliot is into her in spite of her bland personality. Kendra sighed, watching the girl bend over to wash her long legs. Guess I can’t blame him.
Cybil gasped, planting her hands on the side of the shower. The loofah slipped from her grasp, but something was distracting her. She moaned, reaching down to cover her pussy. Her mouth opened and her eyes clenched shut. Steamy water ran along her rosy skin. Cybil stepped ahead, leaning upon the wall as the water rolled off of her shapely rump.
It took a moment to figure out what was happening. Moving with unseen thrusts, she ran a hand along her hip, enjoying the unexpected pleasure. Kendra made another portal, confirming her theory. Elliot had placed multiple portals on the backside of a small bookshelf and he was humping the one connected to Cybil.
“Asshole!” He worried so much about getting her pregnant and now he can’t keep his dick out of her! Must be quite the fucking thrill! Kendra was seething, glaring at her brother awkwardly humping the flat side of the shelf. Cybil rubbed her clit, looking flush as she took his cock. She moaned, leaning down to take more. She probably had no explanation for it, but she didn’t seem to care.
Kendra was upset, but she couldn’t exactly figure out why. Watching the two going at it just irritated her. She thought about charging into his room and pulling him off, but instead, she decided to be slightly more subtle. Opening another portal, Kendra softly tickled Cybil’s sides. She barely noticed at first, so she increased the intensity, moving her fingers diligently along her young, wet skin.
Cybil quickly closed her legs, tensing up as she giggled. Kendra was kind of enjoying it, watching the naked girl shifting in the water. Laughing, Cybil, went lower, swinging her glistening breasts as she tried to evade the invisible touch. She took a step back, pressing her butt against the wall as she smiled playfully. Then, she stopped – her eyes going wide.
Elliot jumped back, blasting cum onto the floor. He grabbed a sock he had prepared, but the mess was made. He looked so very confused. Meanwhile, Cybil reached down and slipped a finger into her slit. Her bewildered expression changed, showing building pleasure. She ran a hand up her body to cup one of her breasts. Pinching a nipple with one hand, she fingered herself with the other. The water ran down her bright blonde hair, over her tight rump, and down her long, sculpted legs.
Still hankering to cum, Kendra decided to use this opportunity to help Cybil out. She hurriedly pulled out her box of adult toys and retrieved a long, blue, double-ended dildo. Kendra pulled her pants down to her ankles and sat on the edge of the bed. She still had a great view of Cybil as she made another portal on a nearby plastic container. She put the end of the toy in her mouth, pushing it past her tonsils to make herself gag. She switched ends after a moment, getting it nice and wet before opening her legs and easing it in. Cybil was about to cum, so she had to move quickly. Moaning, Kendra got it about halfway before she used the newest portal. She lined up the other end and carefully inserted the toy into Cybil’s asshole.
Cybil sprang up, grimacing as she tried to pull away. Her excitement was lost in an instant, whining as the toy spread her tight hole. Kendra was kind, pausing before putting any more in. Cybil seemed to relax, so she eased a little deeper. Cybil was not prepared, but Kendra knew anal had to hurt a little. She raised her hips, feeding more through the portal. Gasping, Cybil’s hand shot lower, putting pressure on her clit. She fought through the pain, clenching one eye shut as she accepted more.
Kendra heard a door close and noticed that Elliot wasn’t in his room. The handle jiggled, followed by her brother’s irritated voice. “Let me in!”
“Busy!” Kendra squeaked, knowing she was caught.
After a tense silence, she heard him walk downstairs. No longer in pain, Cybil was touching herself again. Kendra took the opportunity to give her more. She pushed forward, feeling the toy sliding deeper in both of them. Before she got too close, Kendra pulled the dildo out and spun around. Keeping it through the portal, she slipped the other end into her big ass. She loved how it slid in so smoothly. She worked it around and took it all the way, feeling the other girl’s wet ass touching hers. The water was going cold, but she was so excited.
Kendra used her free hand to snatch the vibrator from the bin. She clicked it in and planted it against her hairless mound. She buried her head in the sheets, letting out muffled moans as she bounced the box against her ass. It was awkward, but she was so close. She knew Cybil was pushing it back, feeling the toy sliding deeper into her ass. It was incredible and after a minute she screamed into the blanket. She shook with delight, pulling the vibrator away and sliding forward against the bed.
She turned back to see Cybil was still going. Wanting to push her a little farther, Kendra carefully stood and turned. Planting the plastic box on the bed, she gently sat on it. Relaxing, she allowed gravity pull the dildo through the portal. It moved faster than expected and she couldn’t resist giving it a little push.
Cybil’s ass took it quickly. She rubbed herself frantically, trying to endure the discomfort. Moaning loudly, she pressed her shoulder against the wall, raising a hand to grab one of her breasts. Excitement made her nipples rock hard. She flicked it back and forth, lifting her bosom high. A finger went in below, vigorously working her sopping pussy. The pain was an afterthought now. Her springy ass gyrated as she pushed to the end.  With trembling knees, she sank lower, finally achieving climax. Her nostrils flared and her sexy pink lips formed a circle. She was so caught up in the moment that she took the dildo even farther.
Kendra tried to clench, but the toy pulled free. Gasping as it moved in, Cybil put a hand out, catching herself as she went to her knees. She crumpled up in the chilly water, huffing as she let the dildo launch out with a thump. She looked between her legs, having no clue where it came from. Twitching with aftershocks, she looked around but found nothing else out of the ordinary. She turned off the water and sat down, staring at the toy, trying to make sense of what happened.
I fucked up. Kendra thought about grabbing it through the portal. This is bad. What should I do? She pulled up her pants, closed the portal on the box, and cleaned it. Cybil was still just staring. Fuck, I think I broke her! Fuck! Kendra watched, hoping that she would snap out of it. “Just do something!”
After a few minutes, Cybil came back to reality. She opened the shower curtain, looked around as she spoke, “whatever is going on… is this some kind of prank?” She squinted, searching for some hidden camera by the showerhead. “Just tell me!” She snapped.
She won’t let this go, she needs some kind of explanation. Kendra decided. Tearing off a section of paper, she wrote a quick note: Our little secret. While Cybil was looking away she made a portal, took the toy, and left the note in its place. Cybil’s head turned at the sound, staring for a long while at the note. Her chest rose and fell quickly, betraying her nervousness. Carefully, she opened the wet note and read it. She shivered, scanning the room once again for any intruders. Assured that no one was there, she let out a sigh of relief but still looked very confused.
Kendra closed the portals, knowing she had gone too far. She cleaned up and crept to Elliot’s room, finding it empty. She decided to investigate his personal collection of gateways. With a minor struggle, she moved the bookcase, pulling it out just far enough to see the portals. Three showed pussies and three showed who they were attached too. She was glad to see Cybil was toweling off and acting somewhat normal again.
Next was the black girl they saw a few nights ago. Simone wore an elegant dress, sipping a glass of red wine. She spoke to someone out of view – most likely their father who hadn’t come home yet. Kendra didn’t recognize the restaurant, but it looked classy.
The last woman was lounging in her lavish apartment reading a book. The tall, slender woman coiled upon the plush seat. Her austere eyes darting through the words as she rested her head in her hand. That must be his boss. She looks like a tight-ass.
Feeling her irritation return without warning, she decided to change two portals. Let’s see how you like these. She smirked, wondering how quickly he would figure it out. With the changes made, she moved the bookcase back. Cybil will be okay, she’ll rationalize it some way. This will give her a break at least.  Kendra used the tool one more time before placing it on his desk. Pleased with herself, she headed downstairs to see what her siblings were up too.

“Don’t you wonder why they’re always out late two nights a week?”
Emery shook her head, reaching into the cabinet to grab some plates. “Mom and Dad are adults with limited free-time. If they didn’t trust each other wouldn’t they be the first to notice?”
“Not if they both-“ Kendra trotted down the stairs, looking rather pleased. She was watching!
“Smells good, what’s for dinner?”
“Eggplant parmesan and grape feta salad.”
“Sounds gross.” Emery shot her a dirty look. “I mean, I’ll try it. I’m just being honest.”
“It tastes pretty close to chicken.” Emery peeked into the oven. “Ten more minutes.”
“Why not use chicken then?”
“Elliot, deal with her.” Emery joked.
“She’s just out of control.” He spoke dryly. “Sent into a rage by your questionable culinary dishes.”
Emery looked back, giving Elliot a playfully agitated glance. She ran over and punched him on the shoulder. He let her do it a few more times before he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. He tickled her roughly, making her squeal as she tensed up. Kendra looked so very guilty from across the counter. He put the pieces together, now understanding why Cybil had burst into laughter. He nudged Emery back to avoid the boner that arose beneath his pants.
She caught her breath before pulling a hand free and hitting him on the shoulder again. Emery got uncomfortably close as she wrestled with him. He held her back as Kendra circled behind him. Turning to face Kendra, he gave her a stern look as he took her shoulders. Don’t do this, Kendra! Emery caught him off guard. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed her chest against his back as she hung on. Kendra slipped from his grasp and went lower. She wrapped her arms around his waist, causing all three of them to tumble.
The fall was clumsy, yet gentle. Elliot was beneath his sisters, even more aroused by the subtle scents from their hair. They were all laughing as they untangled. Amid the movements, a hand purposefully slid along the bulge in his pants. He glanced down to find Kendra looking up innocently, her round face resting upon his chest. The large tattoo on her shoulder peeking from beneath her sleeve. His heart raced. He jerked, startled as the oven timer went off.
Emery sprang up, hopping over to retrieve their dinner. Elliot eased Kendra aside and got up, offering assistance to stand. She’s going to make this difficult, but I can resist. They shared a smile, ignoring the awkward moment. Rough-housing wasn’t unusual for them, but it was much rarer these days and they never did it around their mother. They assisted Emery and sat down for a dinner of three.
Kendra told them about her second workday – how Addy was even more passive-aggressive today. Other than that, she seemed to be fitting in. Kendra also admitted that having grapes in a salad wasn’t as bad as she expected. They chatted for a while before cleaning up and heading off to do their own things. Elliot stepped into his room, noticing flashing lights coming from the wall.
Gazing into the portal, a thin, sexy girl strutted along. Numerous tattoos covered her body. She was dancing in a strip club. The girl bent down and wiggled her ass for the audience. Her perfectly upturned breasts had small, pierced nipples. She gave someone a seductive smile – the bright red lips showing in contrast to her light skin and silver hair. Oddly enough, there was no sound.
The door opened and Kendra slipped in. “Enjoying the show?”
“What is this?” He was enjoying it and it was difficult to look away from the scene.
“Remember Christina Adkins? Her stage-name is Paige.”
“Holy crap! She’s changed!” She always had a nice body, but the hair color and body art was quite the departure.
Kendra sat beside him, waiting until he turned to her. “Look, I get it. I’m a little too pushy and you think it’s wrong. So, I figured you could have a fling with her.”
“I-I barely even know her!”
“You had a big crush on her at one point.”
“Sure, but that was so long ago. She’s obviously with a different crowd.”
Sniggering, Kendra covered her face. “Elliot, I don’t expect you to be in a relationship with her. Just have some fun with your portal stick.”
“That’s what we’re calling it now?”
She ignored the comment. “I talk to her from time to time. She wanted to be very clear that she doesn’t whore around. She’s perfect for you.”
“I… don’t want to do it with someone I don’t know very well.”
“You think it’s better to fuck someone you actually want to be with? I think we need to give your girl next door a break.”
Elliot went quiet, watching the pretty woman shaking her tits for a bunch of strangers. “Will you leave me alone if I do?”
Kendra raised an eyebrow. “Let me watch.”
“Come on, no one else will know and it’s not like we are doing-“
“Fine! Fine! I’ll send you a text when she is done.”
“Ah, no.” Kendra got the portal rod and a video-game case, handing them to him. “Have some fun.”
He thought for a moment before creating a portal and reaching in. He grabbed a box of condoms before closing the link and making another. It gave him a perfect view of Paige’s springy ass and her hairless slit. He set it aside and retrieved a condom, artlessly opening it and rolling it onto his cock. He hadn’t used one before, and his sister watched with a bright, humorous smile.
“Well, at least you figured it out.”
“Shut up!” He had to laugh, waving his meat in playful victory. He suddenly realized how brazen he was being with his sister and refocused on the other girl. Elliot picked up the portal and pointed the tip low, aiming for her pussy. He hesitated, but Kendra reached over and pressed the case gently.
It felt weird wearing a rubber, but she was tight. Paige’s expression changed a few times before she glanced around the room, wondering if anyone could tell what was happening. She put a hand on the front of her thong, rubbing it to the delight of onlookers. Feeling nothing, she put her hands high on the pole and thrust her hips outward. Her perky, pierced tits shaking for the crowd.
Kendra eased it a little deeper before pulling it off. She noticed his pained expression and took something from her pocket. “I got you, bro.” She put a little bit of lube onto her hand before stroking his shaft. He started to contest, but she cut in first. “I’m just helping and it has protection. Your big guy is safe.” He was tense as she spent a few seconds getting him ready. She wiped her hand on his thigh and brought the portal back into position.
On the wall, the larger view showed Paige was trying to act normal. Moving with more energy, she went to her knees and rolled onto her back, raising her slender legs high and opening them wide. Her toned belly flexed as she moved, glistening with sweat. At this moment Elliot’s cock slid in. She clenched her legs and pumped her hips upward, holding onto the pole as she did. She stared at the ceiling, resolute and trying to ignore the sensations. She rolled over and slammed her crotch against the floor, causing her butt to jiggle.
Elliot could feel her muscles tensing and Kendra moved the portal lower. The head was in and it was clear that Paige knew something was happening. It felt amazing and he couldn’t resist. He pushed up, forcing the woman to take even more. It glided in easily and Paige narrowed her eyes and let out a visible moan. She raised onto her knees and wiggled her ass for the nearby viewer. Her boobs shaking hypnotically as she smiled.
He took the portal from his sister, moving it lower and lower, moaning as her clenching hole accepted his fat, throbbing cock. Through the portal, she raised up and pressed her body against the pole. She squeezed her shoulders in, squishing her tits against the pole before grinding her pussy against the metal. She was in a frenzy and he could feel every movement. He put the whole thing in, but it was a really snug fit. Her muscles clamped onto his slippery dick, making him whimper with overwhelming pleasure.
Laughing, Kendra pulled the portal up and back down. Elliot showed his teeth, fighting through the blissful feeling. She brought it a little too high and his cock poked low, missing the entrance completely. She grabbed his dick and redirected him back into her friend. This felt much, much tighter. Elliot was too overcome to say it and Paige was too proud to show it. He had slipped in her ass.
Unaware, Kendra pushed the portal onto him, making almost all of his meat disappear in the struggling girl. Paige was on her knees now, still pushing her hips into the shiny pole. Her face was red and her lips were tight. She was trying desperately not to scream, clinging to the pole and unable to escape the intrusion. Kendra pulled it up and Elliot moved aside, pulling his dick out of the poor girl’s butt. Kendra didn’t let up, following him and using the portal to reconnect his cock.
It felt so much warmer and wetter. He could feel the pressure build as he pushed up. Kendra pushed back, making it all go in again and again. He was back in her pussy, but this felt different. He glanced down to see that the condom was still stuck in her ass. He was going bareback and it felt too good to stop. His sister was standing in front of him, jerking him off with the portal. He didn’t care at the moment, only trying to hold it in for a second longer, trying to get the most pleasure… He couldn’t hold back anymore, spurting blasts of cum into the girl’s warm, tight pussy.
A wet spot showed on Paige’s panties. She didn’t seem to care. Now on her back, she raised her legs before opening them wide. She closed her eyes and trembled, trying to subdue a subtle orgasm as she sat in front of the gawking crowd. She grabbed her nipples, pulling her tits up and shaking them roughly. She was breathing heavily, her silver hair wet from sweat.
Elliot carefully took the portal and pulled it off. Once clear, he reached up and snatched the peeking condom. He pulled it from between her butt cheeks, knowing she felt it. Kendra finally understood what happened, giving him an incredulous half-smile as she pushed his shoulder. Meanwhile, the pale girl put her head back, recovering for a moment before climbing to her feet and slowly walking past another dancer. Behind the curtain, she checked her panties, blinking in confusion as she stared at the cum.
Closing the portals, Kendra could see her brother’s worry. “I’m sure it’s fine.”
“But… what if she isn’t on… What if she has…” He couldn’t finish his concerns.
“I know she gets birth control shots like me and not all strippers are sluts, Elliot!”
That seemed to relax him. “I shouldn’t have done that. Cybil would be pissed.”
“The girl who doesn’t know you’re fucking her might get jealous of the other girl who doesn’t know? What is your deal?”
He tucked his manhood away and carefully used a tissue to dispose of the condom. Lying in bed, he let out a deep sigh. “You’re like a devil on my shoulder. Reassuring me when I do bad things.”
“You have so many hang-ups.” Kendra gave a long, judgmental glare. “I’m trying to help and you just can’t seem to enjoy it.” She picked up the portal rod. “I’ll take this tomorrow and I’ll have fun with it.” He sat up, preparing to stop her, but her sharp eyes kept him quiet. Maybe he did need some time without it.

Sherry’s Limits


Where am I? Her dry eyes took a moment to focus. The soft glow of medical equipment illuminated the room. Sherry sat up, feeling chilly in the loose-fitting medical gown. She felt stiff and couldn’t remember what lead her to this point.  She placed her feet upon the cold floor as she worked her shoulders, noticing the door was cracked open. The remnants of the G-virus in her system kept her body young and limber, allowing her to recover quickly. She didn’t look much older than 20 and that always gave her an advantage. Against the living, at least…

She eased it open cautiously, prepared for some creature to lunge from the shadows. Creeping forward, knowing she lacked any weapons to defend herself. She made her way down a corridor and through another room before she heard a noise. An odd growl came as something wet and slimy paced around the corner.

A dim light cast a humanoid shadow upon the wall. Carefully, she peeked, seeing a lanky monster with black, glistening skin. All of its facial features were missing except for a blood-filled mouth. It turned, sensing her somehow. She gasped as she sprang up and bolted past the monster. It clacked its teeth and let out another inhuman growl, stumbling behind her. She slammed the door shut and locked it, breathing a sigh of relief.

It took a moment to adjust to the open, well-lit room. An emergency shutter slammed behind her, trapping her in the large, empty room. A glint caught her eye. She retrieved stun baton lying next to a fresh corpse – missing half its face. Dark stains covered the cement floor and walls. It must be a bio-organic weapon testing chamber… Shit!

The door behind her opened, allowing the black-skinned creature to lumber through before closing again. She wound up and hit its arm with all of her might, breaking its hand off. She repeated the move with its other arm and then its leg. She scampered back, watching the broken creature crawling closer. Suddenly its severed limbs moved, approaching her from multiple directions. She hit the foot, but the hands lunged onto her. They crawled up her like spiders, one grabbing her panties and the other going for her face.

Her underwear slid down, causing her to trip as she fought against the fingers poking between her lips. She launched the hand away, feeling the other skittering higher upon her fair-skinned thigh. It poked a slippery finger into her pussy, working it up and down before pushing more inside. She tried to hold it when the foot came from the side, hitting her in the breast. It bounced aside, transferring its motion into her generous chest. Her grip faltered and the hand below opened her painfully wide.

It wedged in her loins, unable to be removed. The nimble fingers pulled the disconnected hand deeper until it was fully inside her. She screamed, realizing the main body of the creature was nearly upon her. She scrambled backward, narrowly avoiding it when the foot came in again. She took another hit in the same spot, squarely in the tit. Her gown was strained, but still holding as she cupped her aching breast.

The monster raised up and shot forward. It put what was left of its arms around hers as it opened its human teeth. Out came a pulsing mass of skin. It looked smaller than what she’d seen in the past from these monsters, and it had a smooth, rounded end. The tendril slithered between her lips and wiggled its way down her throat. She felt it poking into her stomach as it let out a strong blast of fluid. She took three powerful doses before it retracted the feeler and let go.

She fell onto her back with a soft slap. The hand in her ass moved vigorously and she could feel something growing in her belly. The gown raised, her soft, white skin slowly pulling the knots open. Her midsection ballooned and it felt oddly comfortable. Sherry squirmed raising up on her elbows as the creature grew larger and larger. She knew it needed to come out, but she couldn’t think of any way to stop it.

The thin piece of clothing pulled tight on its last knot, digging painfully into her groin before it tore apart. She gasped with relief as her swollen belly shook, unrestrained by the garment. The tightness grew and suddenly she felt something inside pop. It hurt so much and she screamed at the top of her lungs. She saw her belly split open before the monster popped through.

Her stomach ripped open, blasting a fine red mist in the air. She went numb as the wet, gleaming monster sprang upward and landed beside her. Her head went back as her vision faded. The ruined blonde woman lay there. The hand in her rump moved, causing her lifeless body to twitch.

Then, the wounds began healing. Her insides started to mend and her belly started closing. Her blue eyes sprang open as she started breathing once more. The pain was overwhelming, taking her breath away as she repaired the damage. She had the G-virus to thank for another miraculous recovery. She touched her flat, unblemished tummy, relieved that she survived. Wiping sweat from her brow, she arose, staring with a foggy mind at two of the creatures.

Before she could act, the hand opened in her ass, making her tense and raise up. Strong legs raised her hips and then another feeling made her bring them back down. Her cushy ass mashed against the floor as the creatures approached and exposed tentacles from their open mouths. Both went down at once. Sherry’s throat opened painfully as they expanded. She was too weak to resist, feeling alternating blasts of their seed in her belly. 

They pulled out and she felt the growth happen immediately. She crossed her arms against her chest, grunting as her offspring grew. Her belly expanded faster than before, rolling outward as it swelled. It looked bigger than a natural pregnancy this time, but her body seemed to be more resilient. Then she felt a few pops inside. She bared her teeth as her stomach opened again. Two black creatures exploded from her destroyed belly. Sherry passed out as her body repaired the damage.

She awoke to see four monsters. All waited patiently for her skin to close before opening their maws. Four grotesque phalluses shot towards her mouth. She retched as they fought for space, two of them unable to pass down the limited area in her windpipe. They drew back and snaked lower, poking in between her lower lips. Sherry could feel repeated blasts sliding past her tonsils and into her loins. It was disgusting, but she was too weak to fight. She took it dutifully, thankful for the moment they came out.

Her orifices were sore, especially due to the writhing hand planted in her asshole. Her thoughts shifted to her ballooning belly, growing to monstrous proportions before her eyes. She whimpered, feeling her skin tighten. Her heavy breasts looked so small in comparison, aiming outward as her body tried to accommodate the foreign growth. She felt pressure on her pelvis, making her somewhat enjoy the expansion. She tried not to think about the inevitable conclusion. Her huge stomach pressed her legs apart and flowing onto the floor. She put a hand on it, feeling it quiver and shake.

The telltale feeling came as her internal organs exploded from the weight. She set her jaw and grumbled, watching her huge stomach part for another birth. The blobs went high before landing in different areas, all maturing before her eyes. She blinked as darkness set in, seeing the parted, empty stomach. She frowned as her thoughts faded. She didn’t know how long her recovery took, but once repaired she could see eight monsters. She made a sad attempt to reach for the stun rod before they penetrated her once again.

She took two in the mouth and six in the pussy. It hurt so much that tears rolled down her cheeks. Sherry hated feeling helpless, especially knowing there may not be an end to this. The feelers shifted around before unloading into her womb. She drank some as well, reaching her hands down to feel an already swollen tummy. She sobbed as they withdrew and the growth started over.

She was trapped beneath the mountain of flesh. Her belly was almost as big as the rest of her body. She could barely breathe under the weight and her arms and legs were pinned as well. She felt the hand shifting deeper into her bowels, causing her to involuntarily tighten her vagina. The resulting feeling was amazing. She tightened again, feeling her open inner walls constrict upon the thick fluid.

An orgasm was close, but then the expansion went too far. This time her entire upper body split apart, shooting out a halo of black and red. She watched a lump of her broken side slump back into the crater. Even her chest was blasted open, causing her breasts to press against her arms. Numbness set in as her labored breathing slowed. Her head slumped back and her limbs went limp. It certainly took longer to repair this time.

She was shocked she could recover from such devastation. Her sexy eyes focusing as she touched her unmarred breasts and belly. She knew sixteen of the beasts were circled around her, awaiting her restoration so they could impregnate her yet again. She was about to have a full mental breakdown when a door across the room slid upward. All of the monsters turned and made their way to the exit, summoned by something unseen. Even the hand in her ass squirmed lower. It opened her wide, making her yelp before it skittered away.

The door closed and she had a few minutes of peace. Her mind eased, thankful to have survived the nightmare. She searched for some means of escape, but she knew that for now she was trapped. Another door sprang open without warning, startling her upright. She retrieved her stun baton and clumsily got to her feet. Cold and scared, Sherry took a deep breath and prepared as a licker crawled out of the shadowy doorway and up the wall. She hadn’t seen one since she was small, but she knew how agile it could be.

It circled around and lunged in an instant, catching her off guard as she frantically swiped with the stun baton. She made contact and deflected it. With a wide swipe, it caught her side, digging painfully into her soft skin. She healed within seconds while the monster continued stalking her. She drew back to strike when its long tongue lashed out and hit her wrist. She dropped the baton and it was upon her in a flash. 

The grotesque monster had an exposed brain and pointed teeth, letting out deep, raspy breaths as it pinned her down. Its razor-sharp claws dug into the concrete floor, trapping her securely with her arms and legs splayed out. It extended its dripping tongue slowly, waving it in the air as it snaked over her face. She felt the thick saliva dripping onto her cheek, terrified of what was to come.

The tongue whipped around and pushed between her lips, sliding easily down her throat. She gagged loudly as the tongue passed. She felt it push into her stomach, feeling around before continuing farther. It was unpleasant to feel the long tendril weaving through her intestines, making her shift and squirm as the monster waited atop her. The full, unwelcome sensation kept going lower until she felt it sliding around in her ass. Then, she raised her hips as it slid out of her asshole. The tongue curved up and slid along her pussy.

The soft, wet tip went inside and rubbed along her g-spot. It went from a deeply unsettling experience to complete euphoria. She had never felt anything like this. She moaned as the tongue slid around in her moist pussy. Loud, wet noises came from below as the tongue rolled around. She was able to breathe, but it was difficult. Her heart raced as the creature pinned her down, nearly motionless as it focused on exploring her with its tongue.

Sherry gasped with delight. Her sensitive nipples rubbed along the soft underbelly of the monster. She pressed her hips higher, allowing her aroused clit to touch the hard, bony pelvis of the beast. Her whole body was wound tight and it felt like she might explode, but then a sudden release came. She shook violently, letting out quick gasps as the intense orgasm rolled over her. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth went dry. The tongue continued moving and soon the feeling was too overwhelming. She struggled, but the monster didn’t care.

It was torture now. The unrelenting tongue overstimulated her below and an unpleasant blockage in her throat caused mild panic. She felt so drained, but she had renewed hope when she felt something upon her fingers. She grasped at it, realizing it was the stun baton. She let out another gagging noise as she carefully took hold of the weapon. She powered it up and raised it. The licker turned too late, taking a jolt in the arm.

The tongue snapped free from her pussy, making her convulse and moan pitifully. It pulled back into her pinching asshole and retracted through her bowels. Her belly bulged as the feeler slid through her insides and into her stomach. It came up her throat, making her retch loudly. The monster sprang back, waving its tongue as it growled. She felt open inside, and it felt even worse than having the thick tongue passing through. Coughing, she held out the stun baton, ready for its next attack.

The tongue whipped around, catching her from the wrong angle and knocking the weapon aside. She was disarmed again and at the monster’s mercy. She closed her eyes as the licker let out a raspy breath and weaved its tongue through the air. She felt the tip of the tongue open her lower lips and push up her vagina. She opened her legs slightly, thankful that it was going slowly.

She let it continue, clenching her fists as it violated her. The tendril went deeper until it found a blockage. She opened her eyes, wishing she could do something. The tension built and then released, sending a wave of pain through her body. It felt nearly as bad as exploding, but she only whimpered. Her womb opened up as the tongue moved in and started coiling inside. The pain was too much, causing her to slump lower, going to her knees as the tongue moved inside.

The monster was a comfortable distance away, only connected by its tongue. She went onto her hands and knees, groaning as it pushed more of its feeler into her. Her belly sagged, showing defined ridges as the tongue coiled in her reproductive organ. It was painful and heavy, taking all of her focus not to breakdown.

It was nearly too much when the tip moved elsewhere – going someplace painfully tight and moving something. Tears fell to the floor as the wriggling tentacle moved to the other side and pulled something else. Then, the tongue started pulled from her clenching entrance. Her pussy gripped the slippery feeler as it moved. She felt it uncoiling and after a moment it came free, waving in the air before retracting into its mouth. The tongue wrapped around two white organs, depositing them into its gaping maw. Her insides ached with indescribable pain and she understood what had just happened. It’s eating my ovaries! She knew they would regrow, but the thought was devastating.

The monster chewed them as another door opened. The beast moved to the sound, tilting its head like a curious dog as it crept closer. A sound grew, coming closer as the monster hissed. Thuds echoed down the dark corridor, getting louder, now accompanied by a scraping noise. A pained scream came just before the wall burst apart. The giant, one-armed monster used its metal claw to snatch the jumping licker and break its body.

The Ustanak snorted, watching with his lone eye. It stood still as a smaller, bug-like creature crawled from a fleshy pouch on its back. The oko flew in front of the monster, turning red as it landed between her legs and used its feelers to open her up. Sherry was still reeling from the licker’s attack, unable to move as the bug wormed its way into her pussy.

Meanwhile, the Ustanak came to life, grabbing her leg with his true hand. His pale, scarred body flexing as he raised the claw and brought it down around her. She drew her arms in and closed her eyes, peeking to see that the claw didn’t actually hurt her – only trapping her in place. The oko continued squirming, trying to push its swollen body through her lower hole.

A tearing sound caught her attention. Sherry ignored the small creature as she noticed a thick bulge in the Ustanak’s pants. The already tight pants ripped, allowing an incredibly large cock to spring free. The pale shaft was bigger than her forearm, pulsing with excitement. The monster pointed his cock between her legs and drove in. The pole pushed the twisting oko through the entrance. This area was still wet from the licker’s saliva, allowing the cock to slide in, forcing the small creature deeper.

The squirming creature slowed as pressure built. She opened her mouth, grimacing as the giant put his weight into the thrust. The oko inside her popped, allowing his cock to plunge farther in an instant. She squealed, feeling broken pieces of the small animal in her pussy. Her belly bulged as his cock moved into her midsection. Her pliable skin pressing painfully against the metal claw above. The Ustanak removed the metal appendage and placed it next to her, keeping him supported and allowing him to move more freely.

Sherry grunted loudly with each stroke, taking his giant cock all the way into her loins. She was sure the tip was pressing against her cervix, but thankfully he was too large to actually enter. However, this caused excruciating pain as he tried. Her pussy stretched to its limit. The long bulge still showing through her once smooth belly. He shifted forward, making her raise her legs as he continued to assault her resilient body.

Her sizable boobs quaked as she watched his hate-filled eye. Her agitated yelps quieted, changing to a soft grunt and then silence. Thoughts eluded her. Sloppy, wet noises came as his shaft pumped her gaping hole. Sherry’s eyes rolled back and her tongue bounced within her open mouth. She went limp, mentally broken as the massive shaft destroyed her body.

The cute blonde girl’s body moved silently while the large man fucked her silly. He towered above her, shifting very little to pound her drenched pussy. She stared into the distance, uncaring of her predicament. The only way she could cope was to disconnect. She wondered if this would be her life now. This lasted for a long while before she snapped back.

With renewed vigor, Sherry hit and kicked him. Her pretty blue eyes showing rage as she fought once again. He grumbled, wrapping his powerful fingers around her slim waist. Raising her up, he yanked his rod free from her hole. She huffed, pausing to touch her open pussy. She could fit all of her fingers inside easily. He rolled over, bringing her along. Hoisting her small body into the air, he lined her up and brought her back down onto the tip of his cock.

It twitched, rubbing along her slit. Sherry cooed, enjoying the sensation more than she wanted. He kept her in place, forcing her to sit back and go lower on the shaft. Sherry breathed through her teeth, slipping down the pulsing member. It was pure agony at first, but around halfway it only felt uncomfortable. Her body could adapt, but she wasn’t sure what would happen if she took it all. She whimpered, feeling the tip jabbing against her cervix yet again.

The monster let go, but she could go nowhere but down. She used her hands and feet to support herself, keeping still as she tried to think of a way out of this. He grew impatient and nudged her foot from his thigh. She tipped to the side, completely losing her balance and putting all of her weight upon the shaft. She felt the pain grow in her belly and then… a pop. Numbness set in and she knew the thick head of his dick was wedged in her cervix.

Sherry planted her feet and tried to pull off, but her stretched inner entrance gripped him tightly. She tugged and twisted, trying desperately to get off. She heard his breathing quicken, knowing what was about to come. She pulled with all of her might but failed anyway. She screamed as the shaft expanded inside her, blasting a thick load directly into her womb. She howled again as another pulse came, wishing for some way to stop this torture. It kept going, forcing her belly outward as his seed collected.

Her stomach sagged, hanging like a partially filled balloon as more poured inside. The monstrous man kept shooting without letting any escape. Her tummy rounded as it filled, pulling her forward with its weight. The reproductive organ clamped around his cock, holding it in place. The weight pulled her down, causing her to slip between his legs, mostly propped up by her expansive midsection. Cum continued flowing into her thickening body and she noticed her chest getting larger.

Her already impressive breasts rounded and inflated. They drooped low and pulled, swaying like pendulums as she shifted. She brought her arms down for support, but even they were expanding. They thickened, becoming tight and springy while retaining most of their mobility. Her excited nipples grazed the floor, tickling as her mammaries swung side to side. The trapped cock was still blasting wave after wave of hot spunk inside her and her body fought to adapt.

The Ustanak sat with legs open, quietly watching as she took the copious amount of seed. Her fat legs slid down and this triggered him to move. His constricted member tugged her along, making her groan weakly. He repositioned, squatting behind the inflating girl. He grunted before going still. At this angle she could hear the soft thrum of cum ejecting from his shaft and pooling inside her body.

Her breasts pressed against the floor, growing wider as the fluid pooled beneath her skin. Expanding before her eyes, they became unnaturally large. She could tell they were heavy and for a split second, she wondered what cup size they would be now. I don’t even know if I could find a bra to fit them. That thought led to a more serious question. I wonder if my body can handle this – maybe this is it. The humongous tits curved around her gargantuan belly. I look ridiculous.

With the space to grow, Sherry’s body rounded in all aspects. The once shapely young woman had grown soft and squishy, partially supported by her plump belly. It pressed outward against her bulky arms and legs, making her struggle to keep them in place. The expansion of her pliant ass caused even more pressure upon the unwelcome dick buried in her vagina. Even slight movements caused her taut body to ripple. Any movement was impossible. Her feet slipped, causing them to rise into the air, now hanging outward due to all the fluid in her gut.

Finally, the cock stopped pulsing. The monster raised up, pulling her along as he took a step back. Her overfilled body slid along the floor, causing Sherry immense pain as her tight skin scraped along the cement floor. The Ustanak yelled, planting a hand upon her big, squishy ass. He pushed, trying to detach her. It was still damp from the licker’s slime, which made the process troublesome. Without notice, he shoved his thick thumb between her huge, pliable ass cheeks and right into her asshole. 

Screaming, Sherry clamped down on his cock and his finger. He didn’t care as he pushed and pulled, irritated that he was still stuck in the tiny woman. He angrily pulled and shifted, which caused his cock to stay erect. She nearly passed out from the pain, but then she felt him slow. She reached out, using her fat arms for stability as he leaned in. He worked his thumb deeper and she responded by clenching yet again.

His meaty pole jerked, blasting even more into her engorged body. Sherry sobbed, unable to bear the strain as her body held onto his erupting cock. She felt the thick slime crawling up her throat and then blasting out. She tried to close her mouth, letting it collect in her cheeks for a second. Then another pulse came and made her spit it out, violently ejecting the seed onto the floor. She sniffled as she felt the pressure build.

The monster let out muffled grunts. It was clear that he was drained from the encounter. He closed his eye as he leaned into his victim, using his claw for support. He let out one final blast as he thrust forward, burying his dick entirely into her wide, sexy ass. Sherry’s eyes widened as he did. Her belly popped, dropping them both onto the ground. Thick white goo went out in a halo around them. His heavy, mutated body pinning what remained of her. Her smooth, delicate face showing utter shock as he raised up.

His cock was still trapped in between her legs. Her plump lower half was still intact as he stood and pulled his shaft free. He tossed the disconnected section of her body aside before pacing into the darkness. Sherry’s upper body was still intact. Resting atop her hefty breasts, her pretty face sitting in stark contrast to the carnage behind her. Her last thought was hopeful as she stared at the floor. I can recover from this!

Passing Judgment


“How was your first day?” Elliot tried not to laugh as Kendra hung up her coat and plopped into the chair.
She buried her head into her crossed arms, letting out a muffled groan against the table. “It was boring!” She raised up, giving him a dramatically frustrated glare. “I hate it already.”
“Come on, just get used to it. You need to be working.”
“I know, I just… No one was there! They wanted to train me while it was slow, but have you ever been to a sports bar in the afternoon? It’s kind of sad. Plus I found out that the annoying girl down the street works there.”
“Yeah, she didn’t say anything to me, but I can only avoid-“ The door-bell rang.
Elliot peeked through, giving her a knowing smirk before opening the door. “Hi there, Addy.”

She stepped in without invitation, stomping her boots on the mat to remove excess snow. The shorter, dainty girl wore a fluffy coat and tight black leggings. Light-brown hair framed her rosy cheeks – She was cute and she knew it. Elliot remembered her from high school, how she would always manipulate the boys into helping her with schoolwork and anything else she wanted. She would flaunt her body, but she never let anyone close enough to be considered a boyfriend.

“Hi!” She beamed. “How was your first day, Kendra? Think it’s a good fit for you?”
Kendra shrugged. “I don’t know yet, but it seemed okay.”
Adelaide nodded. “I was just heading to the gym if you wanted to join me. I have a guest pass if you want me to give you the inside scoop on that place!”
“Thanks, but I have to do a few chores…”
“Well, okay, but if you change your mind then give me a text. It will certainly help you get more tips!” Her eyes dipped lower for an awkward moment. “I’m sure there’s hope for you yet!” She gave Elliot a quick nod before leaving.

“What the hell does that mean?” Kendra bit her lip piercing. “That snooty bitch.”
“Don’t let it bother you, just relax and try to ignore it.”
“Fuck that. I can show her!” She marched upstairs and into his room. Elliot already knew what she was going for and he followed along. Kendra found the runed pen and brought it into the bathroom. Kendra drew a portal in the bathtub around the drain and turned on the water. She placed another portal upon the wall, giving a generous view of Adelaide’s shapely body as she walked down the street. “Let’s see how well she can exercise like this.” She stepped back and crossed her arms.
Elliot smirked at his sister’s vengeance. “Think she’ll actually make it to the gym?”

Kendra shrugged. They watched as the girl’s steps slowed. She knew something was wrong, but obviously had no idea what was truly happening inside her. Adelaide hugged her midsection, blinking quickly as she trudged along the snowy sidewalk. She could see the gym, but she kept glancing into the windows as she passed buildings. She went by an apartment building, and after crossing the street she moved past a few private businesses. She paused, looking like she might go inside, but moved on. Her posture shrank as she shook her head. Trying a clumsy trot, she immediately regretted it and slowed again.

The splashing water continued, draining into their victim. Addy shuffled along, keeping her head down until she reached her destination. She paused, watching the numerous patrons exercising through the large windows. Sliding her card, she went inside and walked the parameter, going straight for the restrooms. 

Elliot and Kendra observed quietly, hearing the girl’s labored breathing through the portal. She rushed in and removed her coat, hastily pulling her pants down and letting out a strong flow of water. She groaned, but she couldn’t expel it fast enough. She was taking far more water than she let out and every time she paused to push it set her back even more. The girl was distraught, leaning forward to rest her hands upon the door. Being alone in the bathroom gave her the freedom to complain.

“Oh no, ah, oh… it just… ah, keeps coming…” She glanced down with shock. Her large, bulging belly was exposed beneath the tight-fitting sports. It was getting bigger as she continually forced the excess water out. “What is going on?” She pressed against her abdomen, lamenting her situation.

Feeling somewhat guilty, Elliot turned off the water. Kendra gave an overly animated sigh as she took the drain plug and shoved it into the portal. Addy gasped and shot upright, suddenly unable to release water thanks to the blockage. Elliot’s surprise changed to a smile as his sister continued watching confidently.

Adelaide pushed repeatedly, groaning as the water churned in her swollen belly. Nothing came out, so she decided to wipe and get up. She was staring at her overgrown stomach, shaking her head as she washed her hands and took her coat. The door opened and another girl came in. Her eyes went wide for an instant as she passed and this made Addy extremely self-conscious. She covered her midsection with her coat and darted from the bathroom.

She made her way to the door when an older woman stopped her. “Hey, Addy, what’s wrong? You just got here!” The tall, slender brunette had a huge, beaming smile.
“Uh, I’m not feeling the best and-“ Kendra wiggled the drain plug, causing Adelaide to lose her train of thought.
“Well, let me help-“ The other woman took the coat from her, exposing her distended belly. On cue, her stomach rumbled loudly. Addy tried to cover it, but it was too large and the other woman was already stunned silent. “What is… Did you binge? We talked about this!”
“Uh, yeah… I am SO sorry. I will make it up by going twice as long for tomorrow’s session.”
“No way!” The athletic woman tossed the coat over a bench. “You don’t get off that easy. I need to see ten reps.” She pointed to an abdominal bench.
“I can’t, Jodi, really-“
Her big smile turned playful. “I have to punish you so you don’t do something like this again! On the bench, missy!”

Adelaide crawled upon the bench begrudgingly. She put her legs through the foam-wrapped bars and laid on a downward incline. Gravity pulled her full belly to rest upon her compact breasts, growling as she prepared to move. With a few quick breaths she pulled her upper body into the air, squishing her filled belly before falling back. She repeated the process, slowly and artlessly as her trainer watched. She did it six times before having to pause. Sweat glistened on her brow and dampness showed through her sports bra.

“Show me you can do it!” Jodi put a hand on Addy’s bulging midsection, looking surprised when it grumbled. “We can’t let this belly get out of hand!”
“I just ate a big lunch.” The cute girl hoisted herself upright, trembling as she held the position for mere seconds before falling back. She gasped, struggling for one more, but she couldn’t make it. “Come on… I will…”
“Don’t be a quitter! How about you do five minutes on the stationary bike and we call it good?”

Adelaide grimaced, standing up with the trainer’s assistance. She moved to the bike and clambered up, taking a moment to catch her breath. Her full chest pressed against the handles and her tight ass squished against the seat. Normally this would be a routine workout, but in this state, she was aching and unwilling to push herself even slightly. Jodi knew she was holding back.

Kendra turned the shower handle, giving her brother a devious grin. She let the water collect for a time before reaching in and yanking the plug from Addy’s ass. She turned the handle again, watching the water swirl into a vortex leading into the girl’s ass. It drank it down eagerly, letting out a sucking noise before Kendra replaced the plug.

The buxom girl continued pedaling, but she was in agony. She groaned as she slumped forward, her long brown hair covering her face as she rested upon the handles. Her belly was noticeably bigger, hanging low as she lifted from her seat. She was moving slower, drawing out every small movement as her stomach rocked from side to side. She raised her head, fighting back tears. She slipped and pressed her chest against the handles, sliding off of the pedals and onto the floor. Her belly pressed into the bike’s body.

With a loud groan, Addy tipped to the side and fell free of the exercise machine. With the water trapped inside, her abdomen let out a long hiss and a deep gurgle as the airy water shifted around. Jodi stood overhead, finally realizing she went too far. Addy held up a hand, trying to downplay her unease. Jodi helped her up and stabilized her.

“What’s wrong? Need me to call someone?”
“No, I just need to get home.” Adelaide took a few heavy steps toward the door. She figured out a rhythm as Jodi followed along for support. “I’ll be okay, thank you.” The older woman brought her coat and let her go with uncertainty. Jodi’s troubled eyes softened as someone else called her name. She gave another glance to the waddling young girl before she left.

Adelaide lumbered along the snowy sidewalk. Her heavy gut causing her to lean with each step. Out of breath and visibly tired, she made subtle groans as she walked. Cars passed, unaware of her situation. Her belly was mostly hidden beneath her coat, but certain movements revealed its size. She complained as she walked stopping momentarily to push through an unexpected cramp.

The siblings watched her torment, looking to one another as time passed. Elliot thought they should help her now, but he also liked seeing Kendra get it out of her system. He knew she could have done worse, but she usually knew when to quit. Kendra watched with satisfaction, her arms crossed and squishing her bulky chest. He enjoyed seeing his sister smile.

Kendra noticed him staring, doing a double-take. Her eyes fixed upon the bulge in his pants. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”
His face flushed as he turned and covered his crotch. “I guess.”
She grinned. “Want me to help you out?”
He shot her an overly appalled glance. “No!”
Kendra rolled her eyes. “Not me, I can open up a portal!” She waved the pen, shaking her head.
She shrugged. “You could do dad’s plaything in the ass again, or there’s always Cybil. I mean, you could do her if you really want.” She motioned to the burdened girl traipsing toward her house.
“No! I can’t just do it with people. Who knows what they’ll think. What if I did it with Cybil while she’s next to her dad?”
“Fine,” Kendra sighed, “do me if you really don’t want to bother anyone.”
“You are my sister.” He paused for emphasis. “That is wrong.”
She shrugged again. “So what? It’s through a portal and you can do me in the butt – I don’t care. I’m just trying to help you out.”
“I-I can’t.”

Turning back to Addy, the girl was slowing down as she approached her destination. Kendra drew a portal on a small container – It showed Adelaide’s moist pussy, her clit visibly showing from beneath the hood. Kendra gave him a playful glance as she ran her finger along the button, stroking it ever so gently. Through the portal, their plaything pressed against a wall, closing her eyes as she waited for the sensation to pass. Addy let out a soft moan, quickly becoming self-conscious. Perking up, she searched for any nearby pedestrians, thankful no-one noticed.

She endured the stroking, starting to move again. With weak knees, she kept a hand upon the wall for support. She moved past the business and had to stumble freely by the final houses. She had her legs wide, limping ahead with a beet-red face. Addy was struggling to carry the shifting weight. She tried to let it out repeatedly, but the blockage was wedged in her bowels. Tight black leggings hugged her firm rump, making each slow step a pleasure to watch.

Kendra lightly flicked the clit, making Addy moan seductively. She tormented the girl with a gentle caress along her slit, enjoying Adelaide’s distress and Elliot’s discomfort. She could see that he hid his erection, trying to act like it didn’t bother him. Kendra brought the container to her lips and gave it a quick kiss. The other girl buckled, going to her hands and knees in the snow. She waited, building up strength to stand again when Kendra used her tongue again.

The loud, unexpected gasp through the portal made Elliot adjust himself, wishing he could act on his urges. “How about you… just use your mouth?”
Kendra was surprised, pursing her lips as she nodded. “I can do that.” She crossed out the portal to Adelaide’s pussy and created a link just inside her mouth.

Holding the portal, Elliot stared at the luscious lips, knowing that they connected to his sister. He tried to rationalize it, thinking that it wasn’t actual sex and she was just helping him out in her own way. He unzipped his pants and fished out his aroused cock. He involuntarily jerked, making the thick pole bounce in the air. Kendra’s eyebrows raised, slowly bringing her gaze higher. She smirked teasingly.

Taking a deep breath, Elliot lined up his cock and pressed it between her lips. He watched as Kendra’s mouth opened wide. Her eyes closed as he pushed deeper. He felt the cool lip piercing on the underside of his throbbing cock. The warmth felt fantastic, and the wetness allowed him to glide in and disregard her gagging noises. She put a hand over her mouth, pulling back as he passed her tonsils. She couldn’t stop him, staggering back as her throat bulged. Her eyes fluttered as he pumped her throat and she gagged repeatedly and loudly. After a moment she mentally relaxed, no longer resisting the thick blockage in her mouth. 

He looked to Addy, watching the overfilled girl walking with slow, clumsy steps. She was to her house, taking another step before shoving the door open. She hastily unzipped her jacket and kicked off her boots. Her stomach showing prominently between her sports bra and the leggings. Elliot loved watching her full-body move, but he was distracted by his gagging sister.

With her head tilted back and teary eyes, Kendra was dutifully taking his cock. She put her hands on her throat, feeling it swell with his thrusts. Her full breasts moved over her arms. Her bra only accentuated their size and weight beneath the low cut shirt. Her vibrant green hair swayed in the air and she had to take steps to balance herself as he used her mouth. He pulled out quickly, making her burp unexpectedly.

She covered her mouth innocently. “You’re really big.” She spoke matter-of-factly.
“This should be weird.” He said the words, but he didn’t want to stop. “Wh-where do I cum?”
Kendra rolled her eyes and gave him a playfully irritated look. “I can swallow.”

With little delay, Elliot poked his cock back in. Kendra winced, pulling back and craning her head forward as she got comfortable with the feeling. He focused on the plugged girl again, watching her entering the bathroom and roll down her leggings. She stepped in and peeled off her top. She had amazing breasts, some of the perkiest and largest he’d seen. Watching felt like a betrayal to Cybil, but he was committed now.

He tried to ignore Kendra’s springy body as she moved forward and bent over the bathtub. She grabbed the drain plug as he continued to fuck her face through the portal. He took a long look at her curvy ass as she popped the stopper free. Addy squeaked, bolting to the toilet and frantically removing her pants. She let out the fluid with anguished grunts, her swollen body compressing as she leaned forward. Her huge breasts pressing into her rounded belly.

Elliot imagined ramming into her tight pussy, feeling it squeeze as she pushed out the water. Feeling her full stomach pressing against his chest. His arms wrapped around her soft shoulders. He worked the portal roughly on his cock, forcing Kendra to take uneven thrusts. She made loud noises as he throat-fucked her.

Without care, he drove in and let out blasts of cum, watching his sister go to her knees and tumble back. She sat against the sink cabinet, gulping down thick loads. Her throat visibly bulged as she grabbed her tits, working them through her clothing as she retched. She tried to ignore the meat jammed into her throat, taking all of her brother’s cum until he finally withdrew the shrinking cock.

Kendra wiped her eyes and her mouth, looking to him with amazement as she swallowed the last of his cum. “You let out a lot!”
He felt instantly embarrassed, tucking it back into his pants. “Wasn’t that… weird?”
She raised a hand dismissively. “Nah, I’m just helping a brother out!” Elliot couldn’t help smiling at her impish grin.

They closed the portals, leaving their bratty neighbor to deal with the large volume of water collected in her ass. Kendra borrowed the pen and replaced the portal on the container with a link to her pussy. He recognized her smooth, shaven slit easily. He wanted to use it, but he wasn’t ready to cross that line. “What’s this for?”

“I helped you and now you have to help me.” She gave a sideways glance. “You don’t have to fuck me… But, I wouldn’t mind.” She put her hands up disarmingly. “I know, I know… Just use your imagination and let me cum too, okay?” She pulled off her shirt, showing her smooth tan bra as she headed to her room. “I’ll be waiting!”

He took a moment to understand his situation. Kendra left me with a portal to her pussy and free reign to do whatever I want. His throat felt dry. I want to do it, but I… He had to ignore the thought and think of another method to please her without committing true incest.

“What is taking him so long?” Kendra lay on her bed expectantly. Completely naked and staring at the ceiling, she stroked her clit to keep her excitement alive. Her mind wandered until she decided to find him. She arose with an angry sigh. “Can’t even help me out!” She grumbled as she slipped on a shirt, not caring that her nipples showed through. “Selfish asshole.” She pulled on some sweatpants and want to his room. “Elliot!” She didn’t see him. “Goddamned moral crusader.” She checked the bathroom before moving downstairs.

Heather was removing her coat as she came down. “What’s wrong?”
“Just looking for my asshole brother.”
“Oh. Want to go turn on the oven?”
“Yeah.” Kendra’s anger faded as she headed to the kitchen. She clicked on the oven and felt a sudden vibration in her loins. It was intense, making her press up against the counter as the feeling spread through her pussy. She shamelessly moved her hips, humping the drawer until she heard Elliot coming up from the basement.

She stared with desire, enjoying the deep vibration between her legs. She was about to speak when their mother came in. Heather casually got food from the fridge and pulled out a few spices. Distracted by pleasure, Kendra subtly pinched her nipple to keep her focus. She shot him an angry glare, but it must have come across playfully. Elliot found a seat, smirking as he watched her suffering.

“What did you do this time?” Heather glanced at Elliot. “She seemed mighty pissed when I got home.”
“She’s just wound up after her first day at work.”
“Yeah, how did that go?”
“Uh, fine…” She tried her best to keep composure. “Kind of… slow.”
“She works with Adelaide now.”
“The annoying girl from a few doors down?”
“Yep, Kendra loooves it.”
Heather’s bright eyes danced. “I can see what she was pissed with you.”

Kendra didn’t say a word, focusing as the deep vibrations rolled up her pussy. She leaned upon the counter, trying not to show her predicament in front of their mother. Her pierced nipples showed clean through her shirt along with the outline of her sizable breasts. Heather could surely see, but she had always been comfortable going braless around the house. She inspected her daughter for a time before continuing to prep dinner.

Once free of their mother’s gaze, Kendra sank lower and slid her fingers along the countertop. She closed her eyes and huffed, her jaw trembled as she fought through a subdued orgasm. She let out short gasps before her eyes opened lazily. She raised higher, smirking as she leaned, giving Elliot a decent view down her shirt. Her eyes fluttered as she felt the aftershocks, but something changed. She yelped, falling against the opposite counter and sliding to the floor. Her anguished grunts lessened as she sat there.

Heather turned with confusion, looking between both of them. “What happened?” 
“Ah, I… I hit… ah, my cooch on something.” Kendra pressed both hands into her crotch. “I hit a handle on the cabinet.”
Elliot shrugged and Heather went back to cooking. He knew what the true cause was. He excused himself to check on the clothes he had in the dryer. Kendra still felt an ache below, but she managed to climb to her feet. She headed downstairs, and nearly tripped on the final step. She felt something wet and rough rubbing along her vagina. It felt uncomfortable at first, but soon she started to enjoy it.

She walked carefully, finding Elliot searching around the running clothes dryer. The sensation continued as she came closer. “What the fuck happened?” Kendra leaned upon the dryer, knowing that it was the cause of her orgasm. At least he’s being creative. Now though, something was continuously rubbing below, and she couldn’t figure out the reason. It abruptly moved higher as she searched. She let out a soft moan, grabbing Elliot’s attention.

The motion rubbed her clit and she was enjoying it. Then, they both found the cause. The linked container scooted along the floor as the family cat licked it vigorously. It must have fallen off and bounced. Elliot arose, intending to shoo the cat away when she grabbed his arm. “Just wait.”
He showed mild disgust, “really?”
She held onto his arm as the fluffy white cat continued licking her pussy. It followed along as it pushed the container into a corner. She was more aroused than she wanted to admit. It was weird, but she trusted her brother not to judge her too harshly. She took his other arm and pulled it around her. She embraced him in a hug, pressing her soft body into his firm chest. He was scrawny but fairly toned. “Just hold me… for a second.”

She closed her eyes, knowing he was uncomfortable. She put her head on his shoulder, feeling his warm breath upon her neck. His hand slipped lower, partially grabbing her big ass as they held one another. She pushed her hips forward, feeling his bulge between her legs. She lined up to press her pussy directly against his cock. The sensation stopped and she saw the cat sitting beside the portal licking its teeth. She didn’t want the moment to stop. She moved her chest up and down slightly, making her pierced nipples rub against him through her shirt.

She pulled back, pausing for a moment to look into his loving eyes. She was about to kiss him when he pushed her away. He was careful, yet firm. She was more than disappointed, feeling utter despair as he gathered up the portal and scared their cat away. He was surprisingly quiet as he hid the portal and went upstairs. She followed, but he went into his room and locked the door. She stared at the floor, feeling tears well up in her eyes, hoping she hadn’t gone too far.



“What is so fricken important?” Kendra sat beside him upon the bed.
“Remember how I filled my boss yesterday? She had me bring some special deliveries today and said that they were very important. She paid me extra, too. I couldn’t help myself and peeked inside. I saw hundreds of dollars!” Elliot shook his head, slowing down to process. “What did I get involved in?”
“What’s the problem?”
“These places… I made a portal in one just to see and… they were talking about a few places laundering their money. I’m involved in something big!”
“Oh don’t fucking flip on me. So it’s some bad stuff – she’s only having you deliver packages. It’s probably a need to know thing.”
“How can you be so calm?”
“It’s only a few hundred dollars, so it’s probably not some criminal empire. There’s a lot of things that go on that we won’t ever know about. I don’t see why this can’t be one.” Kendra put a hand on his shoulder. “Just relax and say it makes you uncomfortable to do the deliveries… or keep doing it and play dumb. Now, can I borrow the portal thing? I need to get some cash.”
He was stunned by her easy acceptance. Elliot took out his wallet, but she quickly waved it aside. “No, I don’t want your blood money.” She grinned. “I’m just kidding! Chill out!”
He narrowed his eyes. “Fine, but I need to know what you’re doing.”

Kendra agreed, opening a portal into Andrew’s room. She reached through and snagged Andrew’s wallet as he focused on the computer screen. She pulled two twenties out and replaced it on the night-stand. “That asshole made me buy dinner yesterday. I knew he was lying about being broke.”
“You don’t find anything wrong with taking his money?”
“I know better, I just think I deserve it more than he does.” She smirked. “Hey, speaking of what people deserve, have you checked in on your honey-boo recently?”
“What? You mean Cybil? No.”

She created a portal that spied upon the blonde girl next door. Cybil was also distracted by a monitor, looking bored as she clicked through an online presentation. She was sitting in a snug tank-top and baggy pajama bottoms. Her breast squished as she reached up to scratch her neck. She looked incredibly sexy and Elliot tried to scoot back to hide his growing erection.

“See, she’s fiiiine.” Kendra nudged. “Want to improve her learning experience?”
“Stop. I could’ve gotten her pregnant. I can’t do that again.”
“You’re just full of limitations. You have access to anyone and anywhere and you’re not using it.”
“Fine,” he grabbed the pen from her hand, “wait here.” Without explanation, he went to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later to find his sister holding her stomach and looking confused.

“Ugh. What did you do?”
“Avoiding limitations.” Elliot sat in his chair, watching her suffer. “This is what I did to my boss. Don’t worry, the flow isn’t as high.”
“What?!” Kendra stood, her belly growling as she glared. “You’re putting water in me? What about our agreement? We can’t do anything to each other.”
“You broke that rule twice already. This is just punishment.”
“Close the portal right now!”
“I don’t have the rod at the moment.” He spoke smugly. “And you can’t turn it off either.”
“Listen, you little shit, you better…” She trailed off as footsteps approached.
Their mother knocked before peeking through the door. “Dinner.” She could sense they were up to no good but said nothing as she closed the door.
“We have to go eat, stop this right now!” Kendra was livid.
“Sorry, maybe after dinner.”

She pleaded, following him into the hallway and down the stairs. Kendra went quiet as they moved into the kitchen, seeing their family gathering around the dinner table. They found chairs, sitting silently as they started filling their plate. Emery took a spoonful of green beans, eying her siblings suspiciously. Their father, Adrian, gave a quick glance as he took a sip of beer, awaiting his wife to join them.

Their mother brought in a final side dish and sat down. She was thick and curvy, but her height spread it out. She was fairly toned, with most of her fat collecting in her broad rump. Her chest matched, but that was due to the breast enlargement she had a few years back. A long intricate tattoo peeked beneath her shirt sleeve. She was not shy about her wild younger years and she could still fly off the handle once in a while.

“Actually on time tonight?” Adrian questioned flatly.
“You don’t need to wait for us.” Elliot offered a disarming smile that Adrian didn’t acknowledge.

Kendra was trying to act normal, but she would stop occasionally, trying to push through the discomfort growing in her belly. She took small bites, her eyes darting around when she thought no one noticed. The family exchanged stories from the day and Elliot mentioned his new delivery job, but omitted the details. Kendra’s belly grumbled audibly. She closed her eyes and lowered her head.

“What’s wrong?” Heather questioned.
“Uh, I’m fine, just a stomach ache.” Kendra took a bite eagerly, tensing as she hid the torment.
“Any luck finding another job?” Adrian changed the topic.
“Not yet.” She moved her green hair back, subtly glaring at Elliot.
“Well, you can use the car tomorrow. I can get a ride from one of my buddies at work.”
“I’ve been submitting them online. You have to give them time to call back.”
“Try harder.” Heather sighed, realizing how harsh that sounded. “You have to try something new. Make them want to call you back.”
“You have to find work or go to college, Kendra.” Adrian cut in sternly.

Kendra had quit her last two jobs, both due to problems with her coworkers. Elliot loved his sister, but her personality could be rather divisive. Their parents knew this and pushed her to overcome it. She also avoided college, being uncertain of what she truly wanted. Kendra had immense trouble with commitment.

“Fine, fine. I’ll look tomorrow!” She absentmindedly put a hand on her belly as she spoke with irritation.
Emery broke the tension and started gathering plates. “I’m off, so I can make dinner tomorrow.”
“Sounds good sweetie,” Adrian helped her for a moment before heading to the door. “I’m going back to work for a couple of hours. I’ll be back home around nine.” He took his coat and gave another nod as he left.

Heather cleaned for a little bit before she realized the time. She trotted upstairs and returned with a duffel bag, rushing to attend her weekly yoga class. Emery worked on the dishes and Kendra used the distraction to carefully arise. She let out quick, quiet breaths to subdue the pain. Holding her heavy stomach, she climbed out of her seat and took a heavy step.

Elliot was astounded to see her rounded belly peeking below her shirt. Her leggings were pressed lower, hugging her midsection and stretched tight enough to show the outline of her panties. She took another step, causing her body to wobble while she found balance. Her inflated stomach sat perfectly on her larger frame, looking extremely sexy as she moved. While their sister was distracted, Elliot helped her upstairs, unable to avoid watching her ass as he led her into the bathroom.

Raising her shirt, Kendra looked to him with concern, holding her midsection. It was bigger than he expected. The colorful phoenix tattoo stretched around her hip, spreading out upon her hanging tummy. She groaned, no longer hiding her displeasure. She pulled down her pants, giving him a quick glance before sitting on the toilet. She pushed and let out a sigh, unable to release the water.

“Stop this!”
“Are you going to quit fucking with me? Are you going to quit stealing from people?”
“I’ll leave you alone, but why do you care so much? What is the harm in stealing? It’s not like we can get caught!”
“Kendra!” He pulled a book from beside the toilet, reaching through and increasing the water flow. She got up, not even trying to hide her privates as she shuffled ahead. He put out a hand, keeping her away from the book. “You have to stop!”

She pressed against him, still reaching for it. “We have something that makes portals to anywhere in the world and you use it to give me a goddamned enema? Why should I listen to you?” Her warm belly pressed into him. She hugged him as a cramp rolled through her body, squeezing tightly. His hard cock pressed against her exposed crotch. She was in too much pain to really care. “Elliot!” She whispered with urgency. “Please.”

He was lost in her scent. Goosebumps ran along his back as his sister embraced him. He wanted to act upon his urges, but he reminded himself of how wrong it would be. Everyone thinks about it, but that’s all it can be. He felt her fingers pressing into his back. What am I doing? He used the portal to stop the flow of water. Kendra pulled back, looking at him for a moment before suddenly standing upright and waddling to the toilet. She plopped down and let the water go.

She showed teeth as she emptied, clenching fists as the collected water rushed out. Her belly was round and tight. Her big breasts hidden beneath her tight shirt. She looked so vulnerable and sexy like this, with her big ass pressing outward upon the seat. Her beautiful, distressed eyes closing as she pushed. He was still hard, but he was able to think logically again now that she wasn’t hanging on him. He pulled the metal rod from his pocket and closed the portal.

“You asshole! You had it the whole time.”
Elliot inspected the runed object, running his fingers along the unknown markings. “You’re right. I should be using this to help us.” His eyes met hers. “Come to my room once you finish and we can think of something.”

He tried to think rationally, avoiding any ideas that would raise much suspicion. He kept coming back to the risks. Nobody will ever know it was me… Unless I get caught. Twenty minutes rolled by when Kendra came into the room. “I was thinking,” he paused until Kendra closed the door, “you need to get a part-time job before anything.” 
“Why do I have to work if I have access to limitless money? Why not rob a bank or something.”
“We can’t be careless! We can’t get caught with this or it will get taken away. People would kill to get this. Just tell me what kind of job you want.”
She finally seemed to understand. “Okay… How about an actress?” She shrugged with an unapologetic smile. “I don’t know. What does Dad do?”
“He looks at insurance claims and decides if they get a payout or not.”
“That sounds easy. Get me in on that.”
“He’s stuck at work right now doing paperwork. Is that really what you want?”
“No he’s not.” Kendra rolled her eyes. “Couldn’t you see he was lying?”
Elliot narrowed his eyes. “Why would he lie?”
“I don’t know. I could just tell.”
He stopped himself from debating it. “I know a way we can see.”

Elliot opened a portal. They found him having sex with a black woman in a hotel room. The slim woman rode him hard, sliding her hips back and forth as she moaned. The squeaking bed surely irritated the guests around them. Her trim ass had the perfect amount of fat, jiggling pleasantly as she took his cock. Her teardrop breasts bounced in the air until Adrian took hold of one and squeezed. His other hand went around her hip, pressing her down upon him. She slid some of her straight black hair over her ear, looking down for a moment before planting a passionate kiss.

Adrian had a scruffy peppered goatee and a carefree smile. He rolled the girl over and raised her legs. He slipped his cock back in and pounded her hard. She groaned at first, but soon she was enjoying every inch. He bit her neck softly, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and holding her close. Skin slapped together as her feet twisted in the air. Their father’s pale ass was surprisingly muscular, but Elliot had to look away.

Kendra watched a bit longer before meeting his questioning gaze. “See?”
“He’s cheating on Mom.”
“God, you are so fucking naive. I bet she knows.”
He shook his head. “Why would she be okay with this?”

Before continuing, she noticed her brother’s bulge. Kendra retrieved the portal pen from his desk and drew a circle on a small notebook and another on the desk. A cock appeared, standing upright beside his computer mouse. She brought the book onto it, sliding it down slowly. He felt the warmth and noticed the girl beneath his father looked very surprised. Kendra started moving the book when it reached the halfway point. 

Kendra quickly pulled the book off as Adrian stopped. “What’s wrong, Simone?”
She opened her mouth and moved her tongue. “I don’t know. Something just felt weird.”

Kendra waited for the couple to continue before doing it again. This time Simone gagged loudly, looking surprised by the sound. With a big grin, Kendra struck out that portal and made another, bringing it upon Elliot’s wet pole. This entrance was much tighter, making him squirm in his seat. The head was barely in when Simone clenched her teeth and apparently Adrian’s cock. He gasped and stopped again.

She looked down with peaked eyebrows. “Did you put a finger in my ass?” He showed her his palms. Simone shook her head, unable to explain the sensation as she started moving again. Kendra eased the two portals closer, causing Simone and Elliot to move uncomfortably. With a playful grin, Kendra moved the portal gently, making her brother fuck the woman in the ass while their father fucked her in the front.

Simone didn’t say anything, but she was taking it pretty hard from Adrian too. Her dark, smooth legs shook in the air as their skin slapped together. Kendra eased Elliot’s cock farther, his knuckles whitening as he held the armrests. She lightly bit her tongue as she watched. He tried not to move too much, but it really didn’t help. Kendra knew he was getting close and she loved it. She let the book fall, pushing his whole cock into her ass at once.

Squirming and grunting, Simone pushed upward against Adrian. He took it as a sudden orgasm and went harder, slamming her pussy with force. She gasped and dug her nails into his back, but he didn’t relent. Elliot tensed, trying to fight the urge, but her movements pushed him over the edge. His cock twitched, spurting blasts of cum up the girl’s ass. Adrian felt her muscles tighten and he came moments later. Both cocks filling the girl as she lay helplessly beneath the tired man. She caught her breath, closing her eyes as she took the thick deposits. Kendra broke the link, watching as Adrian rolled aside and cuddled with his lover. Simone said it felt fantastic at the end, but couldn’t explain why.

“That was so fucking hot.”
Elliot adjusted himself beneath his clothing. “Kendra, what the hell?”
“Have some fun, little brother! She’ll never know.”
“But we know! I just came in some stranger’s ass.”
“Don’t you trust Dad’s judgment?” She nudged him playfully. “I think she’s hot.”
“Don’t you have any morals? Do you know what right and wrong are?”
“Sure, I just know that morals can be flexible.” She averted her eyes. “Sorry.”
Elliot shook his head, uncertain of what to say. “I never expected him to cheat.”

His sister paused suddenly, drawing another portal. This one showed their mother and another man. His dark-skinned body was muscular and strong, pulling her back into his thrusts as he did her from behind. He had scruffy hair and a short beard. He spoke in a low, sexy voice telling Heather how much he loved her pussy. Elliot was stunned and Kendra only grinned.

Heather looked over her shoulder, her eyes fluttering as she drew a quick breath. “Keep talking like that and I’ll have to get on top.” She purred, taking a few more thrusts before pulling off. “Too late.” His massive cock slid out as she nudged him backward. She stepped up in the bed, her ass jiggling as she stepped closer and lowered herself onto him. Heather held the long shaft, directing it in carefully, having some difficulty taking him all the way. She put her hands on his smooth chest, grinding on him aggressively as each thrust pushed more in.

“Woah!” Kendra was clearly in awe, “did you see the size of that thing?”
“I bet it hurts.” He felt slightly jealous of the size.
“I bet it feels wonderful!”

They watched as their mother rode the firm-chested man. Her light-colored hands showing stark contrast to his ebony skin. Her mouth hung open as she bounced upon him, her cushiony ass slapping against his thighs. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them as she moaned. Light blonde hair waved in the air as he fucked her. Her jaw quivering as he sucked her nipple.

Kendra was transfixed upon the scene with a hand resting upon her crotch. Her nipples were showing prominently from beneath her shirt and through her bra. Taking the rod, Elliot created two more portals. The black cock tilted, standing upright upon his desk much like his had before. “Returning the favor.” He did as his sister had, lowering the other portal onto it.

He smirked as she shifted lower in her seat. Kendra opened her legs and grabbed the armrests. She bared her teeth as the cock entered her slowly and painfully. She closed her eyes, gasping as she took more and more. She was a little over halfway when he started feeling bad about her torment.

“Want me to stop?”
She opened her eyes to see the progress. “No, no, keep going. I can take it.”
He moved the portal down upon the meaty pole, watching his sister thrust her hips upward, feeling pleasure in spite of the discomfort.

On the other side of the portal, Heather slowed to a stop. She looked to her lover with confusion. He appeared to be enduring the sensation as well but in a different way. “Holy shit, how are you doing that?” He asked as he gripped her tits tightly.
She sat up with bewilderment, pulling from his grasp. A sheen of sweat covered her hefty rack. “What?”
“It’s super tight in there. It… feels too good…”
She looked disappointed. “I barely even feel it now.” She moved side to side, opening her legs in an attempt to take him deeper.

Kendra was frozen in the moment, gasping as she melted in the chair. Her sexy, full-figured body displayed in the chair, hidden beneath the casual clothing. There was subtle dampness through her pants as she took the man’s cock. Frazzled green hair rested upon the top of the chair as her pierced lip opened with a moan. She peeked again to see she was nearly to the end of the cock as he stopped.

“Keep going!” She snapped.
“Do you have a dildo?”
Her anguished eyes glared. “Keep going!”
Elliot knew he had to placate his mother. “I need your biggest dildo now!” He lifted the portal off, taking the cock out of his sister and letting Heather enjoy it once again.
Kendra was livid, sneering as she got up and stomped to her room. She returned in less than a minute with a realistic, silicone dildo. It was fairly long, but nothing like the other man’s and not nearly as thick. She planted the suction cup on the desk, speaking as it wobbled. “Happy?”

He made another portal to his mother’s cooch and lowered it onto the dildo. Holding a portal in each hand, he brought them down in unison. This kept Heather satisfied while Kendra took the real thing. He eased them down slowly, seeing the man breathing quickly. Kendra had a huge grin on her face when she realized it was all in. She just sat there for a moment, getting accustomed to such a huge piece of meat buried in her pussy.

Elliot took his hand away from one of the links, leaving the dildo trapped in place while he turned his attention to the other. He moved the book quickly, making the man’s penis move in and out of Kendra. The motion moved the dildo inside Heather, making her coo with delight. Both women loved it and so did the man. Elliot played them all like an instrument, laughing as they bucked and writhed from pleasure. 

The man grunted and Kendra gasped, his seed clearly blasting into her wet loins. She pushed her hips into the air, humping violently as she found orgasm. Her tits bounced beneath her shirt as she nearly laid down in the seat. She was overcome and giddy as the cum collected inside her. The wet spot grew between her legs. Then, a sudden thought brought her back to reality. She sat up, reaching for the books with the portals on the covers.

With a grimace, she slid them up, taking the cock out of her sensitive pussy and the dildo out of her mother. As the toy came out, his cock went back in to replace it. Heather stopped again, confused by the strange feelings happening below. Kendra put the two portals together, feeling the warmth of her mother’s loins as she pushed the cum out of her pussy and into her mother’s. Once a good amount had passed, she used the dildo to push the spunk deeper. It went in easily, making her take his entire cock and a partial section of the toy.

Heather’s eyes went wide as she went lower, humping him wildly. Her breasts mashed against his chest and her hair covered his face. Her climax came in an instant. She gasped and trembled, her comfy body convulsing with pure elation. They both went still as Kendra separated the portals and plopped back in her seat. She was exhausted after the experience.

“That was fucking incredible.” She smiled weakly. “Think they noticed?”
The couple was kissing now, resting in one another’s arms. “So what if they did?”
Kendra laughed quietly. “Now we know Mom and Dad both like chocolate.”
Elliot scoffed. “So do you, evidently.”
She giggled like a fool. “Yeah, but I kind of wish he lasted longer!” She reached into her pants to pull out slimy fingers. “I better go clean up.” She walked awkwardly to the door. Elliot caught himself staring at her ass as she left.

I just fucked Dad’s mistress in the ass and my sister fucked Mom’s boy-toy. It was really weird to think about. Kendra is right – I can have some fun with this thing. As long as I’m not too wild, no one will ever know. He watched his mother’s naked body wrapped around the man for a minute before closing all of the portals. I’m not crossing that bridge yet.

Lights Out For Brigitte


She smashed through her godfather’s barrier, stunning him and striking him with her flail. Reinhardt showed the trace of a smile as he went down and she continued to the control point. She was prepared to hold the area until her teammates arrived, but a sudden pinch made her pause. She noticed a dart wedged into her thigh. Her muscles went lax and she tumbled to the ground, her vision fading as footsteps approached.
Ana stood over their captive, knowing she was already committed to the girl’s punishment. “Should we really be doing this?”
The older man rested his rifle against his shoulder. “Torbjorn said she was getting cocky.”
“But is this the best way to teach her a lesson?”
“Probably not, but it will be fun.”
Ana laughed. “You always did like to play rough, Jack.”
“And you liked it too.” He spoke in a low, playful tone.
They removed Brigitte’s armor piece-by-piece, exposing her extremely toned body. She was muscular but still feminine. Sturdy, sculpted arms lay limp as they lifted and turned her. Shapely upturned breasts sat above her well-defined abdominal muscles. Her ass was springy and perfectly formed, compressing as they set her back down. Her powerful, athletic legs had only a minimal amount of fat around the thighs and her feet were immaculate. Jack fetched a duffel bag he had stashed nearby and the two veterans went to work.
Ana took out a long, thick double-ended dildo. “This isn’t the same one I used all those years ago, is it?”
“No, I had fresh stuff made for her. Just wanted to remind you of the good old days.”
“Aw, you’re so sweet, Jack.” Ana lubricated the toy. “What do you think Torbjorn will say when he hears about what we did to his daughter?”
The Soldier rolled their victim onto her stomach. “Nothing – she’s not ever going to tell him.”
He opened her ass as Ana lined up the tip and pushed it in. Brigitte shifted and groaned, but was still out cold. They fed more and more of the lengthy dildo into her sexy behind, making her squirm. Ana guided it in slowly until Brigitte’s ass gobbled it up entirely.
Next, Ana pulled a large bottle from her coat. “A little something Mei taught me how to make.” She opened the bottle and put it into Brigitte’s gaping asshole, watching the liquid disappear into her packed bowels. “Some aphrodisiac.”
“That seems like a lot.” Jack laughed. “You’ve picked up a lot of new tricks over the years, Miss Amari.”
She discarded the empty bottle as she gave her former lover a wry smile. The enhanced sleep serum kept the girl’s body from resisting, so Ana took out a sizable, round butt-plug from the bag and forced it in. Brigitte gasped, as her body acclimated to the large items nestled in her ass. She was still asleep as they affixed a harness and left her away from prying eyes.
Groggy and lethargic, Brigitte looked down, confused as to why she was mostly naked. She looked around, seeing the crumbling stonework of Eichenwalde. A battle raged, but she was far enough away to gather her thoughts. Her toned belly was filled somehow. She looked pregnant, but once she placed a hand on her stomach she realized it was something else. She started to move, but a sharp cramp brought her back down. Her asshole was sore and she could feel something big packed into her ass.
Her armor was stacked nearby and she was resting against a stack of large cement blocks. Below her swollen belly, she was wearing some kind of harness. It had a lock on the side and it was a material that she couldn’t pull apart or cut through easily. It also left her unusually excited pussy exposed while keeping the objects nestled firmly in her ass.
She fought through the pain, hoisting herself awkwardly. She looked around, but she appeared to be alone. Her belly grumbled, complaining as she retrieved her armor. Her pussy was sopping wet, dripping on the ground as she attached various sections of her armor. Her midsection still ached, but she was starting to enjoy the feeling.
“Who would have… ugh… done this?” She complained as she affixed her thigh guards.
Her pants were soaked, but she knew she had to get back to the fight. She couldn’t fit some of the pieces in the abdomen of the suit, so she just wore her black tank-top, hoping she could defend her exposed belly. She was ready, walking laboriously up a pile of rubble to see the tail end of the skirmish. She was behind the enemy, in the perfect place for an ambush.
She started to run but quickly doubled over from a sudden, painful cramp. She had to drop her rocket flail and shield, covering her full belly. Her wet pants stuck to her legs and she was fighting an intense urge to rub one outright in the middle of the field. She was too busy recovering to notice a Bastion unit that stomped closer. It was well aware that she was unarmed, letting out a series of beeps, raising and lowering its weapon.
“Ugh, I know, I can’t… I can’t fight.”
The Omnic let out a concerned chirp in response. It reached down with its hand and carefully pulled her pants, tearing a large hole in the crotch area. Her juices dripped as she stepped back. Bastion raised his gun again, making her stay in place as he put two fingers together and put them into her slippery entrance.
“You can’t do this… Oh!” He went in, pausing for a moment. “That feels kind of… OH!” He made his hand vibrate. His head tilted, inspecting her as she put her arms out to lean upon him. She moaned, unable to hold back from the powerful orgasm building up. “Ah, ah, oh, yes! Please, please… Ahhhhh!” She cried out, leaning against the robot. She sat on his arm, fully supported as he moved another finger in. She howled with pleasure as Bastion continued.
It quickly became too intense, and she tried to move off, but Bastion put his gun-arm on her shoulder, keeping her in place. She was far too weak to break free, so she was forced to sit in his hand. The vibrating fingers were drenched in her juices and the movement also affected the toys wedged up her ass. She was crippled with overwhelming sensations, letting out humiliating groans and grunts as the Omnic continued pleasuring her without care.
She didn’t care at this point, pulling the straps on pieces of her armor, letting them fall to the ground as she tried to find a distraction from the extreme pleasure. It was less than before, but she still struggled to focus. She undid the armored plates upon her legs, rising up and down as Bastion put another finger in. She squirmed in her seat, still trapped as the finger’s wiggled in her juicy pussy.
She reached high, holding onto Bastion’s weapon as she felt another orgasm creeping up. She closed her eyes, feeling her ponytail running along her chest as she moved. She was only wearing a tank-top and torn pants now, but she didn’t care if someone was watching. She moaned, feeling the climax overcoming her. She held on as her muscles weakened, her swollen belly gurgling as she slid around upon Bastion’s hand. His vibrating fingers made her skin tingle as it stimulated countless nerves throughout her body.
She was deep in the glorious finale when a gunshot startled her back to reality. Bastion dropped her instantly, spinning around and switching into a turret. The barrel darted from side to side, searching for the origin of the shot. Two more came in quick succession, taking out the robot before he could retaliate. Ana jumped down from some rubble, appalled by the sight.
“What are you doing?! Put your clothes back on! Our team needs us!” She spoke in her deep, accented voice.
“I-I can’t…” Brigitte put her head down shamefully. “Someone… Did something to me.”
Ana slung her rifle over her shoulder before embracing the young woman. “Ohh, there, there.” Ana ran a hand through her hair as she bent down, resting upon her bosom. “I know bad things can happen, but we have to get back to the fight. I promise I will watch over you.”
Brigitte pulled back, her sad eyes showing determination. “I won’t let you down.” She picked up her shield and weapon, leaving her armor behind. You won’t be disappointed.”
“Good girl.” Ana looked to the armor and back to the partially nude girl before shrugging. “I’ll be keeping you covered.”
Planting her flail, she stumbled along the main path, sweating as she walked. Her tummy groaned, and she couldn’t help flexing it when she took bigger steps. Brigitte was still wet between her legs, but thankfully her tank-top covered her privates… mostly. When she was standing it appeared that she wore underwear, but walking revealed her dripping pussy.
She came to the bridge, seeing Reinhardt and Mercy finishing off her allies. Ana took out the healer from a distance, leaving Reinhardt alone to find cover behind the gate. Brigitte forced herself to run. Her belly swaying as she charged forward. She heard a grunt, seeing the hulking tank rocketing toward her. Reinhardt crashed into her, slamming her against a stone wall. Her shield absorbed most of the impact, but it left her clothing ripped open. Reinhardt stared with an open mouth, totally frozen by the sight. He held up a hand, blocking his view as he set his hammer aside.
“Brigitte, my dear, you can’t be fighting like this!”
“It does not matter, I will win!” She launched the head of her flail, knocking her burly godfather back.
“This is not how we battle,” he pleaded, refusing to fight back. “You must cover-up.”
She got upset, pulling the remnants of her top away. “You can’t fight me because of these? Because of my boobs?!”
“What would others think if they saw-“
“It does not matter!” She dropped her armaments, grabbing onto Reinhardt’s armor. “We have to fight!” She couldn’t hide the sudden cramp that rolled through her.
“What is the matter? This isn’t you, my friend!”
His words struck something, making all of the fight leave her body. She stood before him wearing only the harness around her hips, leaning back to show him her full belly. She looked up with sad eyes, no longer wishing to resist. Her eyes sank and she turned to the lock on the side of the harness.
“What is… Who did this to-“ A shot hit him in the shoulder and another in the back. “Ah.” He turned, taking a final shot to the head. Reinhardt fell to the ground, incapacitated.
Ana revealed herself yet again. “Thanks for softening him up.”
“He was trying to help.”
“Don’t worry, he’ll be back. Now pick up your weapon and let’s keep moving.”
“I can’t. It’s too much. I have more than just water in there.”
“I know-“ She quickly stopped herself. “We have to keep going or they-“
Light footsteps approached and Ana turned just in time to see Doomfist flying toward her, launching her into the air before slamming her back down. Brigitte stumbled back, leaning upon the wall in shock. Doomfist lowered his gauntlet, noticing her pussy peeking from between her open legs. His hard eyes scanned upward, inspecting her soft, upturned breasts.
“It seems the lion has happened upon easy prey.”
“You stay back!” Brigitte reached for her shield, but Doomfist kicked it aside.
“You will submit to me or you will not get back up!”
The imposing Nigerian man slammed his augmented fist into the wall beside her, making her gasp and tense up. Brigitte closed her eyes, feeling the man’s breath upon her neck. He put his large hand upon her belly, kneading her soft skin as she groaned. He used his knee to spread her legs wider, running his fingers down to graze her slit. She trembled as he touched her, feeling his strong hand pressing into her smooth, pliable skin. He moved his hand back up to forcefully grab her breast, making her whimper as he stared into her eyes.
She started to struggle, but he put his hand around her neck, squeezing just enough to stop her. “I will have you one way or another. It would better if you just accept it.” The man removed his sash and let his pants fall to the ground. His long, thick black cock sat proudly between his powerful legs. He used his augmented arm for support, using his other hand to hold his shaft, rubbing the tip along her damp pussy. “It appears you want this more than you realize.”
Brigitte stared ahead, feeling ashamed at herself as her eyes slid lower on his muscular body. She didn’t understand why she was so horny and she couldn’t resist angling her hips upward, burying the head of his cock into her slit. Doomfist grabbed her hair and pulled her aside, bringing her down to sit on the ground. She landed on her butt, feeling the blockage in her ass shift painfully. He shoved her over, grabbing her hips to raise her ass into the air. He went to one knee, guiding his meaty cock into her pussy from behind.
“It seems you enjoy being taken by a real man.” He pressed in, making her gasp and pull forward at the halfway mark. “If you are lucky I will give you a boy that carries my legacy.” He pressed in firmly, holding on to her hips. She tried to evade the discomfort, but he was too strong and each movement only caused her to lose ground. She stopped resisting and allowed him to go in all the way. Her body tensed as he stopped, buried all the way in her slippery hole. She let out a sad, anguished moan. The pain was severe, but she also felt underlying pleasure.
Through focus and willpower, Brigitte composed herself, trying not to give him the satisfaction as he started moving. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart thrummed as she stared ahead with a set jaw. She leaned down, putting her head on her crossed arms, acting as if she was accepting him now.
“Your submission is admirable, little girl. Of all of the strong women I have dominated, you show the most respect. I will make sure to plant a strong child in your belly.”
Brigitte sprang up with all of her might, stumbling ahead. Her ass ached, her pussy felt stretched open, and a cramp rolled through her stomach. She made it only a few steps before Doomfist grabbed her ponytail. He yanked her head back and directed her against the stone wall, pressing her against it with the side of his gauntlet.
“You will not get away with this!” Brigette growled, hoping someone would come by and help her.
“Resisting is most welcome! I enjoy breaking you.” He spoke in a deep, commanding voice.
She kept struggling as he poked his cock between her legs. “You’re nothing without that gauntlet!”
He mashed her against the wall, pressing her swollen belly into the stone. “You will remember my name.” He laughed. “Like so many others.”
“I don’t even know your name!” She whimpered, his dick finally finding her entrance. “You’re just Doomfist number three! Or, was it four?”
He took offense to that, slamming his shaft all the way in, compressing her ample ass as he pressed her against the wall. “You will show respect to me! You will learn to fear the name Akande!”
Gasping, reeling from the sudden insertion, Brigitte went limp. The man was furious, fucking her hard from behind, causing the objects in her ass to shift as he pumped her. A wet slapping sound came from below as her skin flushed and reddened. She was at his mercy and her body was enjoying it. He drove in with all his might, grabbing onto the wall with his gauntlet, making the stone crumble.
Her chest pressed against the cool stone, flattening with much less pain than her belly. Her toned legs spread wide as the powerful fighter rammed into her excited pussy. He was enjoying her discomfort, making sure to shift occasionally to hit a tender spot in her depths. His strong thrusts raising her from time to time. His cock was making her sore purely from its girth, but she could tell a climax was approaching. She was not resisting now.
He grunted as he slammed into her, his cock pulsing as he delivered thick pulses of cum into her the deeper areas of her vagina. Her pussy clamped tightly, pulling out any remaining cum as he made a few final pumps.
She tried to hold out, but it felt too good. She came at the end, overwhelmed by the sensations. She squirted onto the wall, shaking with an unwelcome orgasm. He laughed as she moaned and sank from his grasp, sliding down to sit upon her knees. His cum dripped from her open pussy as she recovered from the intensity. She put her hand on the wall, barely stopping herself from falling over. She was incredibly weak now, barely able to think straight.
Akande put his normal hand on her shoulder. “I’m not finished.” He grabbed under her arms, bringing her back up. “Your father should be proud when you show him our child!” He laughed deeply.
She breathed heavily as the pleasure of the experience faded, leaving her overwhelmed by a surge of pain. She was about to cry when she heard something. Doomfist growled, letting her fall as he charged away. She heard fighting, and once the silence stopped she saw Soldier 76 standing above her. The red line on his visor hiding his emotion.
“Sorry.” He spoke, holding up a key after a moment. “I found this, though.” He reached down and opened her harness. “And we got the payload through thanks to your distraction.”
Brigitte smiled with tired, teary eyes. “I helped?”
“Yeah, you did it.” He stood up. “I’ll give you some privacy.”
Ana was watching from above as Jack came from the doorway. “You made it just in time. She’s taking it off.”
“Doomfist came in her, I saw it.”
Ana looked to him with subtle concern, nodding as she turned back to their teammate. “I’m sure Angela has something to help.”
“How will she react to our involvement?”
“Mistakes happen, Jack. We didn’t expect this… and it wouldn’t be the first time Angela had to help us.”
He grunted as they watched Brigitte. She was standing against the wall, using one hand to disconnect the harness. It fell off and the plug in her ass immediately plopped on the ground. She squatted with an open mouth, grunting loudly as the dildo slipped from her ass, bouncing as it struck the stone. A blast of liquid came next. She held her shrinking belly as she emptied. The Swedish girl sank to her knees before lying on her stomach. Her shapely ass was finally empty and she needed time to recover.
“I bet she learned a lot from this, don’t you?” Ana smirked.
“I’m sure she did.”

Young Love


Thick snowflakes floated from above, adding to the first true snowfall of the season. The white blanket crunched with each step, sounding uncomfortably loud in the eerie silence of the streets. Elliot put in his earbuds and started a song with a deep beat. After working a cash register all day he needed time to unwind. He enjoyed seeing the beautifully clean snow coating the lawns. A loud grinding noise overtook his music and he turned to see a plow truck barreling down the street. He moved aside as it launched gray snow and sand onto the sidewalk. The noise faded and eventually, he fell back into his rhythm.

Elliot stepped inside, tugging his earbuds free, hearing movement upstairs. He ate an apple and shed his coat before continuing upstairs. His sister’s door was open and she was tossing clothing into a pile upon her bed. He wanted to go play a video-game to unwind, but the look of annoyance on her face made him sympathetic. He stepped in and watched for a moment.

“Going through your old clothes?”

“No! I’m getting rid of all the shitty clothes that he bought me.” She was referring to her most recent boyfriend, Andrew.

“Done with him for real this time?”

“Uh… yeah.” She cocked her head to the side with a tone implying he should’ve known that.

“Good, he was a dick.” He didn’t mention that she had broken up with him once already.

His oldest sister was known to be the more adventurous sibling and she wasn’t subtle about it. Kendra had gone through a few lovers, but her wild side kept them from sticking around. The chubby pale girl had fluorescent green hair, a pierced nose, and a pierced lip. Her clear greenish eyes popped thanks to her accenting makeup and her smile was the bane of many, men and women alike. Kendra was temperamental, though, and sometimes got upset over something inconsequential.

Of everyone in his family, he felt the closest to her. They were complete opposites and that gave both of them deep insight into one another. Right now he could see that she was about to cause a scene and he needed to diffuse the situation before she got into trouble.

“Planning on trashing those?”

“I’m going to throw them onto the street! Fuck him and fuck his half-hearted gifts!”

“How does that affect him?”

She paused, giving him a look of bewilderment. “I’m not wearing them ever again!”

“Why not pack them up and give them to someone else? That way you won’t have to wear them, you’ll make someone else happy, and it will probably upset him even more.”

“That’s a good idea!” She collected the armful of clothes. “Think Cybil would wear these? Wanna give me a hand?” 

Elliot had a crush on the neighbor girl, so any chance to interact with her was welcome. “Sure.”

They gathered the clothing and brought them next door. Cybil greeted them, wearing a formed, low-cut t-shirt. Her cleavage was distracting, even drawing Kendra’s eyes for a moment. Elliot barely whispered a hello before they started talking. He had this problem often, fumbling for words around people he liked. He knew she’d like him once they talked and the opportunity would happen eventually, he only needed to be patient. He wasn’t ashamed of being a virgin, but it was playing hell with his nerves.

He adored the way she smiled and how she fidgeted when she was nervous. She didn’t have much of an ass, but he wanted nothing more than to grab onto it as he kissed her. He dreamt of kissing those luscious lips, caressing those amazing tits. He was shocked to notice her nipples showing through.

The conversation stalled as Kendra laughed. “I can see you’re feeling the breeze!”

Cybil noticed what she meant, covering her chest with the donated clothing. She was supremely embarrassed, looking to him with horror. “Uh, thank you both. I better get back to my homework.” She closed the door before they could respond.

“What the hell was that?” Elliot snapped as they walked down the sidewalk.

“It was just a joke, chill out.” She smirked. “You don’t like me checking out your girl?”

“It was just awkward, that’s all.”

“You should talk to her. She’s nearly as awkward as you!”

She gave him a sisterly shove as they walked back to the house. Elliot stumbled, narrowly avoiding face-planting in the snow. Kendra laughed as he looked for the culprit, finding a strange black rod on the ground. It was small enough to fit in his hand and one tip had a rounded point. Looking closely, he found numerous strange markings and symbols that appeared unlike any language he knew.

“Weird.” Kendra shrugged and continued. He followed along, putting the strange object in his pocket to throw away when he got home.

Kendra was chilled as they removed their coats, warming her hands up under his shirt. He yelped and pulled away as she giggled. “I’m going to go take a hot shower. Want to help me fold clothes later?”

“No, not unless you want to help me do dishes.”

“I’m down with that, sure.” She headed upstairs and he followed, both of them veering into their rooms.

He didn’t really want to do chores later, but it seemed like a good arrangement. He sat down, feeling the pointed rod pressing into his side. He took it out and rolled it in his fingers, seeing very intricate carvings. His mind wandered to Cybil’s erect nipples, how glorious her chest looked in that tight shirt. She hadn’t been wearing a bra and the thought aroused him immediately. He went to set the metal object down when he noticed something strange in the air. He waved it again, seeing a similar strange shimmer in the air.

He used it like a pen, noticing it left a small, barely noticeable trail as he drew. He unwittingly drew a circle and noticed a quick flash of a perfectly form breast before it vanished. He sat for a moment, wondering what he had witnessed. He repeated the process, seeing another glimpse of the large, creamy bosom. He didn’t know how he was making pictures of boobs in the air, but he continued experimenting.

He wondered who the breast was attached to and he thought back to what his sister’s looked like. He caught a glimpse of Kendra’s chest a few years back and it was definitely memorable. He traced again and this time the breast was different. He instantly recognized Kendra’s smaller pierced nipple. Then he realized who the other breasts belonged to. Cybil – I got to see Cybil’s boob! His mind raced as he stared at the metal pen in his hand.

He traced a circle again and as expected it changed back to the first one. An erect nipple sitting inside a sizable areola. The breast was big and weighty, but it vanished in an instant. He traced at different angles, but nothing lasted more than a moment. He thought of her face for a moment and this time the portal showed her pretty features twisted in pain.

Elliot gasped as the image disappeared. Am I hurting her with this? He tossed the object to the floor and bolted outside. He trudged through the snowy lawn and rang the doorbell. He knocked and was debating on calling 911 when he heard footsteps. Cybil opened the door wearing a sweatshirt they had just brought to her. He was confused, but no longer concerned.

“Uh, hi again.” She spoke with rosy cheeks.

“Oh, hi. I just wanted to see if… those clothes were too big.” Mumbling idiot!

“Uh, yeah, they’re fine. Thanks again.”

Elliot gave an awkward wave as he backed away. She closed the door, confused by the situation. He walked back home without the faintest idea of why he had seen her in pain. He went back upstairs, chilled from the venture, and grabbed the pen again. He traced a circle upon his desk, seeing Cybil staring at him with agitation. This time it stayed and he panicked. He quickly covered the portal with his hand, but when he pulled back she was leaning ahead staring at him. He drew another circle, but it also showed the same image of her face. He frantically scribbled through them and thankfully the portals vanished.

He slumped into his chair, knowing she had caught him. She’s going to think I’m a complete pervert! He contemplated the situation for a time before he had a thought. Maybe I can look at her from a distance. He made a circle again and sure enough, he had a birds-eye view of Cybil’s room, looking down on her bed. She was sprawled out with her pants pulled down and her sweatshirt pulled high. She wasn’t in pain – she was masturbating!

He watched the busty woman touching herself, working her clit as she bit her lip. Her expansive chest swaying as she moved. Her body was amazing. Elliot couldn’t stop himself, opening his pants and pulling out his cock. He stroked himself as he watched her small hips pressing into her fingers. Her mouth opened as she raised her head, grimacing from pleasure. I interrupted her when I went over there. I wonder if she actually saw me through the portal.

To test it, Elliot made a separate portal on the desk, knowing that they would last continuously when attached to something. He was able to see her face close up with this one, watching her nose crinkle as she built to completion, seeing her sparkling earring peeking from beneath her sandy-blonde hair. She distracted him by grabbing her breast, making him focus on the other portal. Her eyes opened, but she didn’t seem to notice the portal just above her face.

He reached a finger forward, easing the tip through the portal when Kendra opened the door. Cybil screamed silently through the portal and jumped out of bed. Elliot dropped the pen as he tried to hide his voyeurism and Kendra was able to see the whole thing.

He tucked himself away and grabbed the pen from the floor, striking through the portals to collapse them. Just before they disappeared he could see Cybil searching the room as she pulled her clothes back on. Kendra walked closer, turning her head as she thought.

“What was that? How did you do that?”

“Don’t you ever knock?”

“Were you spying on Cybil? That’s creepy!” She sighed, as she came closer. “You could just go over there and talk to her instead of being weird and shit.” She moved the notebook and keyboard he had on his desk. “How’d you even do that?”

“Kendra, just go.”

“No way, you tell me! It’s a Scooby-Doo mystery now!” She glanced at the bulge in his pants. “If you want to finish the just tell me! I need to know your secrets.”

He peeked down her loose-fitting tank top. She was wearing pajamas now and they were quite revealing. “Okay, fine, but you can’t tell anyone else, promise?” 

She held her right hand up excitedly. “I promise!”

He trusted Kendra, knowing that she had kept a few secrets for him from their younger years. He drew a circle on the notebook. Through the portal they could see Cybil standing in the shower, lathering up her arms as she stared introspectively. She rinsed and moved down to her legs, opening them to clean her privates.

“Holy fuck!” Kendra clasped a hand over her mouth. “Can she hear me?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t think she can see it unless something comes through.” He held up the pointed metal rod. “I don’t know where this pen came from, but it’s pretty sweet.”

“How does it work? Can it go to other places?”

Elliot made another portal above them. They both looked to the ceiling, but saw nothing. “It seems to be directed by what I’m thinking about.” He poked a finger through, confirming that you could see anything once it passed through. He brought the pen up and removed the portals before turning to his sister. “Now I showed you, so please let me finish!”

“Hell no! I want to try!” She grabbed the pen, pulling him along with it.

Elliot stumbled from the chair and landed on top of her. Kendra’s plush, chubby body cushioned him as she continued fighting for the object. She was stronger than expected and she managed to slip it from his grasp. She was playing keep away when he stopped abruptly. She looked up to see a cock protruding upward from the carpet. They disconnected and sat on either side of the erect member.

“Is that…” Kendra reached ahead and touched it gently, smiling as it twitched. Elliot’s response confirmed her thoughts. “It’s so big! You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you naked!”

“Yeah, that was like 10 years ago.”

“I guess it has been a while.” She grinned. “But wait, I have to test something.”

Kendra got up, taking the notebook from the desk. She thought for a second and made a sloppy circle. She giggled as the portal appeared. She turned the book to reveal an asshole. She held it up with a big grin before she came back to sit across from him. She hesitantly gave it a lick.

That bitch – that’s my butt! He quickly snatched the pen that she sat down and crossed out the portal. He moved with uncharacteristic speed, taking the notebook and creating another link. He let a line of spit drop into the new asshole before he turned it over and pressed it down. Kendra squealed as she shot upwards and fell back.

It felt better than he imagined. He brought the notebook down and back up a few times. Ignoring his struggling sister. Kendra whined and complained, going rigid as he continued fucking her through the portal. He let the book drop, causing his cock to go in entirely. She was turned over now, crawling closer as he hesitated. She grabbed the corner of the notebook. His cock sprang free as she yanked the portal away. It stood upright in the middle of the floor and a fountain of cum launched onto her face. She closed her eye, taking blast after blast as she recovered from the sudden pain in her ass.

Elliot let out a final spurt, shaking with pleasure after his first true sexual encounter. He thought back to the times Kendra had touched him or put her mouth on it, but this was much, much better. She turned onto her side, showing pain as she rested on her elbow. She wiped a line of cum from her glistening cheek, smearing it on her shirt with a disgusted expression. Her big, pierced breasts showed through the top as she looked to him. 

“You have fun with that, you little creep?”

“It was your fault for trying to trick me.”

She grinned, knowing she was caught. “Well, at least you didn’t shoot it in me.”

“Why, that would’ve been nice.”

“Gross! You’re my brother!”

“I know, but it wouldn’t be any worse than what we did.” She didn’t have a response to that.

She held out a hand. “Well, I want to use that now.” 

“No! I found it.”

“Yeah, but I gave you a reason to find it. Plus you got to go in my ass, so I think I deserve a little fun with it.”

“All right, but let’s set some rules first, okay?”

“That sounds like a good idea.” They discussed for a while before finally settling. “We will keep this as a secret between the two of us for now, we can’t use it on each other unless we both agree, and we can’t use it for anything too wild without consulting the other. Sound good?”

Elliot agreed, but first, he made another portal on a hardcover book from his shelf. This one showed Cybil lying in her bed, listening to music. Kendra took the rod and left his room, calling him a creep as she went to have some fun with her new toy. He locked the door behind her.

He sat down, watching Cybil staring into the distance. He took his cock out, assured that he wouldn’t be interrupted again. She looked up to the portal, no doubt wondering what it was that she saw her earlier. She snuck a hand into her pants and another under her shirt. The movements slowly increased as she licked her lips. Her glances at the ceiling became less frequent as she became more and more involved.

Showing her white teeth, Cybil closed her eyes and crinkled her nose. She was stroking even faster as she moved gently. He imagined soft moans escaping from her lips as her mouth relaxed. Her long, damp blonde hair spread out upon her pillow. Her impressive, natural breasts poking from beneath the rolled sweatshirt as she moved her hand lower. She slid it along her defined hip and pressed upon her trimmed golden bush. The outstretched arms pushed her boobs together, making them quiver with every small movement.

It was so much better than watching porn – seeing someone you knew and having it happen at this very moment. Elliot slowed his pace, not wanting to finish before she did. She raised up, sliding two fingers in as she worked her clit with the opposite hand. She was in the final throes, so he decided to go for it too. 

She opened her eyes for a moment, looking up in the last second before an orgasm washed over her. Her jaw trembled as she shook with ecstasy. Her head raising up as she removed her fingers, keeping the pressure on her crotch. She fell back into the sheets, breathing quickly as she relaxed. She looked so perfect lying there, staring up with tired, satisfied eyes.

He worked his cock, feeling the pressure building. He slid down in his chair, watching the climax happen as he busted, shooting cum into the air. He immediately regretted making such a mess, but it felt fantastic to cum a second time in such a short span. He grabbed a nearby paper towel to clean up. To his horror, he noticed Cybil wiping her stomach as she looked to the ceiling with bewilderment. Some of his cum had gone through the portal. She seemed to shrug it off, thinking it was from her body. She moved her clothes back into place and took out her earbuds, fixing her hair before heading out of her room.

Now satisfied, he realized where his dick had been before. He headed to the bathroom to clean up, passing by his sister’s room. They were the only ones home and they usually kept to themselves, but today he couldn’t resist. Elliot carefully opened the door, peeking in to see his sister on her knees, holding a small box up to her face. She made a portal that connected to her own pussy. She was pleasuring herself, using her tongue inside and her finger on the button. He knew it was wrong to watch, but he couldn’t turn away.

She raised her thick hips, rocking in the air as she grew closer to climax. Her heavy breasts bouncing as the small rings through her nipples reflected an occasional glint of light. Kendra’s full, bright green hair slid along her soft shoulders as she licked upward. Her plump, formed ass jiggling a few inches from the ground. She was beautiful, pleasuring herself so gently. Her speed increased and she reached down to pull her nipple. She let out a muffled moan as she buried her nose into her excited mound.

Elliot was hard again, but he decided to close the door. He knew it was shameful to watch his sister like that. What would the rest of the family think if they found me like this? He made his way to the bathroom, trying to let his excitement fade. He paused to think about his sister’s naked body, remembering the feel of her tight asshole. I fucked my sister. He looked at her door, hearing an audible moan coming from inside. I mean, technically it was her ass, so it’s okay, right? She didn’t seem to mind too much. Nobody else ever has to know. The door opened and he turned to see her standing naked in the hallway, her eyes wide as she froze in place.

“Quit staring, creep. I’m your sister.” She cocked her head and narrowed her eyes.

He couldn’t tell if she was kidding. There was a moment of uncertainty until she shrugged, showing an expression of embellished disgust. Elliot quickly stepped into the bathroom, his face flushed with guilt. He wondered if she noticed his erection. I certainly noticed a few tattoos I didn’t know about… and her wet bush. His heart fluttered as he went to the bathroom, having immense difficulty in his aroused state.

“Hey!” Kendra tried the door before knocking. “I need to pee!”

“Just a minute.”

“That thing is fucking awesome!” She spoke through the door. “I think we should talk about how to use it more creatively.”

Eventually, Elliot unlocked the door to find Kendra waiting patiently, leaning in the doorway, still nude. He couldn’t speak as she pushed past him, rubbing her cushy body against him to fit through the door. She turned to see him still staring. “What? It’s not like you haven’t seen this before! Don’t be weird.” She shoved him into the hallway and closed the door.

Elliot decided to ignore his awkward boner and go find something to snack on until his parents got home.



The magical blue lantern cast long shadows as they walked through the graves. Both sisters shared glances as they followed the recent arrival. The tiny woman wore loose-fitting black robes that drug along the stone walkway. The girl paused, her pinched almond eyes searching the area. She found a tombstone and directed them to follow.
Cadence was a master of the dark arts – a necromancer.
She knelt down and put a hand in the grass. “This is your great grandfather. He was one of the founding members of our council. Before him, we were subjected to an overseer to keep the magic users of the realm in check. He convinced the king to allow us to govern our own mages.” She arose. “He could be reanimated, but it would be a mere shell of the man. His soul has passed on.” She walked down the line, searching for another site.
“And here is your father. I was told you don’t remember him well?”
“He died shortly after we were born,” Gabriella spoke somberly.
“His soul is within reach, but as with all of the departed, there are limitations. Would you like me to summon him?”
“Yes,” Gabriella spoke assertively. “I always regretted not being able to meet him.”
Their guide walked upon the gravesite as she spoke. “We can only bring him back for a limited time and he will require recompense.” She undid the bindings on her vestments as the sister’s watched. Her robes fell to the ground. The short woman was hiding an immense bust. Her gargantuan tits had large white areolas with perky pink nipples. Her petite frame had an hourglass shape, making her large chest even more pronounced. It was clear she wanted to keep her assets subdued from the commoners.
“What, are you going to bring our dead Dad back with your cooch?” Chantal scoffed.
“Perhaps.” Cadence showed no emotion. “We must offer our body or the spirits may take our mind. Do not tempt the great beyond.” She awaited their commitment.
Chantal rolled her eyes as she unveiled her curvy frame. Gabriella followed along, slightly shy about showing her more modest body. The two girls followed the gestures as Cadence spoke ancient phrases. The chant ended quickly and at first there was no change. They relaxed, uncertain of what was to come.
“All magic requires some patience.” Cadence offered as she ignored their glances to her chest.
Finally, they heard a noise from the ground and the dirt shifted upon the gravesite. A hand burst through the grass, pulling the rest of the body upward. The pale man was lithe and tall, climbing to his feet before them. He looked upon them with sunken eyes. He looked remarkably intact for being long dead. With no blemishes or broken skin on the man, they knew Cadence was skilled in her craft.
“The magic reconstructs his body… for a time.” Cadence spread her arms as she stepped up to the reanimated man. He grabbed her chest with his bony fingers, squeezing the bountiful flesh tightly as his smooth cock rose.
“Father…” Gabriella spoke weakly.
“Gabriel?” He looked to Chantal. “Where is my son?”
“Father, I am changed.” Gabriella shook her head gently. “Do you see through this alteration?”
“You are not my son!” The man pushed Cadence aside and stormed to his daughter. “Who did this to you?” He grabbed her crotch, making her squeak in shock as he looked to her with cold, austere eyes.
“I… We… I wanted to… try…”
“You want this?” He took hold of her hair, yanking it back painfully. “You gave up your manhood on purpose?!”
“Daddy!” Chantal touched his cold shoulder. Her courage faltered as he turned to her with a narrow glare. “Remember me?” She squeaked.
The harsh man let go of Gabriella, turning to his true daughter. He inspected her comfortable body for a time before he spoke impassively. “You have grown. You remind me of your mother.” He tilted his head and turned her, glancing at her behind. “Though you are notably broader.”
He took hold of Chantal’s meaty thigh and raised it, poking his pale cock against her belly. She knew he was eager to go in, so she spit upon the organ, working it for a moment before he lined up and penetrated her. Chantal moaned, wrapping her arms around her father’s frail shoulders. Her cushy body bounced as the slender man fucked her, making her whimper from his hard thrusts.
“What the hell is the point of this?” Gabriella watched with disgust. “Why bring him back if this is all he wants?”
“Why indeed? Their base desires are far more intense after reanimation.” Cadence gave a slight smile. “Sometimes it is best to let the departed go.”
Gabriella continued watching as Chantal took her father’s hard, methodical pumps. Her sizable, silky breasts pressed against the man’s white skin, showing a stark contrast to the relatively pale woman. She moaned as the magically manipulated man easily moved her heavy frame. Her soft skin rolled over his fingers that clenched her rump and she balanced upon one leg. He stared into her eyes, his cold expression unchanging as he maintained his pace. Her expression showed her full investment in the encounter.
A short distance away, Cadence cast another, more in-depth spell. The other girls didn’t notice as the ground shifted, allowing multiple undead people to claw their way through the moist soil. She directed the five zombies of varying ruin to converge.
Trembling, Chantal gripped her father’s smooth, cold skin, resting her head upon his shoulder. He was unyielding as she came, not slowing for a moment during her orgasm. It made her gasp as his long cock pulsed wildly in her entrance. She felt his cock twitching inside her, but nothing came out. She pulled back to see the anger in his eyes. He brought her down artlessly, pulling her upon him as he lay in the grass.
Enjoying the scene, Gabriella felt her excitement growing. It was a very odd predicament, but her carnal desires always seemed to win out. She watched her sister riding her undead father, her plump ass bouncing as she straddled the unnaturally white man. A chill on her neck urged her to turn. She saw a creature that was nearly twice her height standing beside the necromancer.
The monster had patchy skin fused seamlessly together. Its body was thick and stocky and its face surprisingly pleasant. It sported a massive cock that hung nearly to its knees. The creature stood amongst a pile of body parts that were surely remnants of its creation. The magic also reduced the smell, making it barely noticeable. The monster turned to Cadence and wrapped its massive hand around her midsection, hoisting her into the air.
The necromancer’s massive breasts hung over his fat fingers and he held her high with little effort. The woman’s slim legs kicked in the air as the monster picked up an arm from the ground. The limb looked almost fake, as it had no open wounds and the end was a rounded stump. The hand put its fingers straight without prompt as the giant poked it between her legs.
It was obvious all of Cadence’s fat was in her chest, as both her tits pulled heavily to the side as the creature worked the arm against her crotch. The small woman hastily licked her fingers and reached down, knowing some lubrication was necessary. She couldn’t quite reach, however, and the giant didn’t care. She yelped as it found her entrance, going in with only her natural juices to help the penetration. Her grunts of pain lessened as it worked the arm into her, and soon it was half way in her pussy.
The woman’s pinched eyes doubled as something changed inside her. The giant reached down to find something else as the arm stayed in place mostly wedged inside her. The giant took another, larger arm and brought it up to her other entrance.
Gabriella didn’t know what to do, deciding to conjure some oil upon the straight fingers of the disembodied arm until she figured out a plan. The second arm slid into Cadence’s ass easily. The monster took note of Gabriella’s movements, however, and set Cadence into the grass. This caused the two makeshift dildos to push deeper into her openings. Cadence tipped over, showing that both objects were wedged inside her and in spite of her efforts she couldn’t remove them.
The giant took another limb from the ground and stomped closer, reaching for Gabriella. She dove aside, missing another attempt by the monster. She ran beneath his legs, feeling its heavy cock slide along her back. This caused the monster to moan and drop the limb, focusing instead on using its own tool.
It snatched her this time, bringing her up to its mouth and sliding its slimy tongue between her thrashing legs. Gabriella shrieked as the monster brought her lower and rubbed the tip of its cock along her privates. Her struggling subsided as she felt the tip of the cock poke into her loins. Her lower lips stretched wide as the thick shaft slid deeper. She was at the monster’s mercy. Her midsection swelled as more of the cold meat pushed in. Her yells abated, as she could only focus on the pole wedged halfway into her belly.
Chantal was still being pounded by their reanimated father. Her glorious tits rolled as he moved with unrelenting fervor. He didn’t get tired and she was enjoying it immensely. Their guide was groaning in pain as she endured her unique situation. The animated hands were moving inside her, opening and closing just to torment her. She tried to remove them, but they were wedged firmly. It was an unexpected mess and there didn’t seem to be a way to escape.
Suddenly the cock popped out, leaving Gabriella’s pussy gaping. She could still feel it in her vagina even though it was dangling below her. The beast groaned as it lowered her to reinsert its member. She gasped, unable to speak as the cock poked into her backdoor. She squirmed, but it was too late. The wet cock split her open, crawling up and into her stomach as the giant growled. It held her with both hands, pulling her onto the massive pole.
Gabriella was weak and aching from the encounter, but she built up the strength to kick. She drove a heel into the monster’s testicles, but only seemed to excite the creature. It fit her onto the cock entirely and then began moving her back and forth. She clenched her eye as it rammed into her. As it pulled her away there was a moment reprieve, but then it slammed back in. She tried to prepare for the powerful thrusts, but it felt like someone ramming a very broad fist up her butt.
It lowered her to the ground, using its thumb to pin her head against the ground and slam into her raised ass. She felt the whole thing as it slowly pulled out before plunging back in. She was disconnected for a while, probably due to shock. She didn’t know how she was able to survive such a rough fuck with this abomination, but it surely was thanks to some form of magic.
Cadence spoke some arcane phrase and suddenly the abomination split apart, falling lifeless upon its victim. Gabriella slowly came back to reality, raising onto her hands and knees as she looked at the remnants of the giant. She reached back, clumsily feeling her ass. She was horrified to realize something was still wedged in her butt.
“Its dick came off in my ass!” She lamented, the outline still visible in her abdomen.
Cadence giggled as she removed the arms from her entrances. “We had our fun, now for the real purpose of this excursion.”
Gabriella stood weakly, her asshole unable to close due to the blockage. “You let it ram the arms inside you?!”
Cadence’s silence answered the question. She made a gesture and watched as their father lifted Chantal into the air. Her big eyes closed tightly as her pouty lips formed an O. She gasped as sweat rolled along her body. Her belly slowly expanded as she wiggled her ass, working his cock in her pussy. He was cumming somehow and she was so enthralled that she didn’t seem to mind.
It was difficult to walk with the heavy cock jammed in her butt. Gabriella tried to push it out, but it felt wedged in place. She gave a pleading look to Cadence, but she was focused on the other couple. Chantal’s belly was round and bulging as the reanimated man finally let her down and rolled her off. He stood up, ignoring his inflated daughter as he looked to the busty woman that brought him back to life.
“You surely didn’t bring me back for this. What is your purpose, witch?”
Her beady eyes narrowed. “You teach them your method of mental defense.”
“You will not steal my secrets.”
“Did you notice the creature I summoned? Your daughters will be ruined if you do not do as I ask.”
The man set his jaw, looking genuinely conflicted. “If I agree you will set me free from this plane?”
“Teach them and you will be laid to rest.” Cadence bowed, her heavy tits hanging low.
Their father made a gesture and spoke a phrase in front of each daughter. They both felt a chill run down their spine. Cadence searched their expressions for a moment before casting another spell. The undead man went limp, collapsing into a pile as his soul vanished. She made a gesture and smiled as both girls grimaced and bent forward.
The huge, disconnected cock slid out of Gabriella’s ass in one smooth motion. Chantal showed her teeth as her contents spilled into the grass. She pushed the liquid out at incredible speed, pausing to gather her breath before continuing. Soon her belly was back to normal, but Gabriella kept touching herself, feeling where the monster’s shaft had been.
“Now I will explain.” Cadence clasped her hands, causing her arms to press her bountiful breasts together. “You both are being deceived by Elouise. She is planning to control your minds and make you do something to shame your family. Using that, she will excommunicate you two, your mother, and your aunt. She is planning to bring in her companions to the council and we do not want this. You both have the power to resist her manipulations, but it will still take some effort. I know this is a lot to take in, but this is not a test.”
Chantal was dumbfounded, “how do we know?”
“I can attest to this.” The large, soft woman stepped from the shadows, letting her robe fall. She was pale, with large, creamy breasts and a wonderful rump. She had a slight paunch around her belly and her broad frame supported her size perfectly. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders, drawing focus to her pudgy face as she smiled. Her sultry eyes watched their reactions. “My name is Agatha.”
“She is the final council member.” Cadence continued. “Your mother and aunt are aware of the situation and they are keeping Elouise distracted.”
“This has to be a test.” Gabriella scoffed, “She just had a monster’s dick jammed in my butt for no good reason!”
“It was for fun.” Agatha laughed, “I admit there wasn’t a good reason for that. But, we are not as prudish as Elouise. In fact, she thinks we are too liberal with our bodies and minds. She wants to populate the council with clerics!”
Chantal crossed her arms. “Well, how can we trust you?”
Agatha rubbed her fingers along Chantal’s cheek. “That is up to you. I am a transmuter and a seductress. Meaning I can change materials and influence people’s sexuality. She’s been using me to stifle the urges of those we encounter, but I am tired of that. We must be honest about our sexual urges. We have countless magical abilities, so why not enjoy them?”
“Elouise feels that we are wasting time with desire and must repress it to be closer to god. I admit you can lose yourself to pleasure…” Cadence trailed off. “Will you help us or will we have to find another path?”
“This feels too much like a test.”
The chesty woman sighed as she looked to her companion. Agatha waved her hands and suddenly the sisters were overcome with pleasure. Chantal dropped to her knees, moaning loudly as she dug her fingers into the grass. She pumped her wide hips into the air, shaking her tits as she climaxed in an instant. She fell onto her butt, spreading her legs wide as her pale skin flushed red. Her damp lips quivering as the orgasm continued non-stop.
Gabriella was having a similar experience. Debilitated by the intense feelings snaking through her body. She opened her mouth, moaning as she clasped her eyes tightly. She was on the verge of tears as she fell onto her stomach, humping the ground in an effort to lessen the excitement. She blinked, moving her wild auburn hair aside as she pleaded for the orgasms to end. Agatha snapped her fingers, purring as they recovered and caught their breath.
They looked up to see two undead men standing on either side of Cadence. Her small, extremely busty frame looking so frail between the grotesque figures. They were far more visceral than the previous creatures, showing broken limbs and deep, rotting cuts along their heads. They watched with cold, emotionless eyes as they stood unnaturally still. It was clearly meant as a show of power.
“As you see, we could ruin you easily.” Cadence spoke with subtle venom. “But, we do not compare to Elouise’s power. We need you.” She pointed at each animated corpse, watching them collapse lifelessly. “We hate to resort to threats, but only you can stop her.”
“How can we have any effect? We don’t come close to matching your powers.”
“You have your father’s mental shielding. Your mother and aunt are already under scrutiny, but you two are not.”
Chantal looked to her sister, her shoulder-length raven hair still sticking to her sweaty neck. “I’m in.”
Gabriella sighed, uncertain of what would happen next. “Sure, me too.”

“Ah, I see you survived your time with the occultist. Did she subject you to the horrors of the afterlife?” Elouise spoke haughtily.
“They defeated a flesh golem.” Cadence nodded, her small frame hidden beneath her robes.
“Good. Agatha arrived while you were out. She is settling in now.” Elouise turned her attention to Gabriella. “You will both perform one final errand before we convene tomorrow. It requires a journey into town.”
Cadence bowed. “I shall find my quarters. Good evening.” She gave them a knowing glance as she left.
“In my haste I neglected to deliver a letter to one of our friends. I ask that you deliver it tonight.” Before they could contest, Elouise continued. “I know it is late, but you will have time to sleep in tomorrow and the town is not far.”
There wasn’t much of a choice, so both girls set out on horseback. The town wasn’t far, but they both expected this to be the trap Cadence had warned them about. They went to the backdoor of the tavern and gave the man the envelope. He snorted as two more men appeared behind them. Chantal paralyzed one man, and Gabriella launched a bolt of flame, setting one man’s sleeve alight. The remaining man silenced them with a spell, allowing his companion to snuff the flame.
“Enough horseplay!” He struck Gabriella in the chest before wrapping his arm around her neck. “You get that one.”
They stripped the speechless girls and prepared to bind their hands. Gabriella pulled free and used a spell that didn’t require words, sending a chunk of ice into the man’s leg. Chantal was able to break free in the chaos. Both of them snuck back to the stables and readied their horses. Gabriella felt something poking into her loins as they galloped with great haste.
The sensation became more pronounced as she bounced in the saddle. She felt the shaft pushing deep into her loins and she looked down to see her pussy spread wide. After some thought, she knew it was a portal. That asshole is fucking me! She leaned forward, trying to ignore it as there was no way to remove the spell without being able to speak. She cursed herself for being so vulnerable. They came to the edge of town, finding the men waiting along with a collection of locals.
“Those are the women who forced themselves upon us and stole my locket!” Gabriella suddenly realized she was wearing a locket. They had fallen right into the trap and she couldn’t say a word to refute his claim. “She won’t even deny it!”
“We have heard tales of your debauchery.” A tall, lightly armored man stepped forward. “I am Cleric Aldon. You will return his belonging immediately.” He transferred the trinket, inspecting it for only a moment before giving it to the owner.
She felt the man’s connected cock sliding in and out and she noticed he was touching the front of his pants subtly. She hid her face in her hands, trying not to show her flushed expression. She let a low moan escape her lips, watching the man walk to the back of the crowd. Each step caused his dick to move inside her. Gabriella was powerless to break the connection and she hated feeling any pleasure from this. Suddenly she felt something warm as the cock twitched inside her. She raised up, her eyebrows trembling as she felt his cum blasting inside.
The portal closed, leaving her unsatisfied and humiliated as sperm leaked out of her slit. The cleric showed utter revulsion as he spoke. “We will escort you to your family’s estate. There you will be tried before the council. You both are charged with disturbing the peace, theft, deviancy, sexual assault, and perversion of magic.”
Chantal’s chest rose and fell quickly, her expression dour. They rode along, surrounded by men of faith, no longer doubting Cadence’s trust. The life of excess and lust they led had finally caught up to them. Magdalene and Mabel will be shunned as well, probably losing their lands and titles. Gabriella didn’t know if there was a way out of this situation.