MOBA 2 – Nu Wa


Freya accompanied her, heading south toward the DOTA 2 base. The well-proportioned redhead picked off the opposing minions as the wild-eyed tattooed goddess charged into the battle. The couple had not encountered much opposition thus far, but amidst the fight, Freya paused, pointing to a tall, blue-skinned, winged woman with curved horns and a vicious glare. The woman threw daggers into the fray, ending a few minion’s lives.

Nu Wa hovered just above the ground, moving closer to the demon. Suddenly an arrow struck her in the side. The impact transferred into an almost unnoticeable amount of growth upon her breasts. The red haired woman was adorned in tight-fitting green clothes. Her breasts were held tightly, showing amazing cleavage and surely giving her better maneuverability. With a pierced nose and wide facial features, the elf grinned as she let a few more arrows fly. Nu Wa evaded the strikes as the woman vanished into the trees.

Her attention shifted back to the two heroes fighting where the minions once stood. Akasha, The Queen of Pain, wore a red metal bikini styled armor piece which showed a large portion of her dark blue skin. Her wild red eyes danced as she bared her fangs menacingly. Her wings fluttered as she held a dagger, preparing to strike. “I’m going to enjoy watching you suffer.”

Freya’s sword glowed with magic as she charged. Her blonde hair flowed upon her shoulders. Her intricate Nordic tattoos flexed as she drew back to attack. She landed a hard strike, hitting the demon with inhuman finesse. The Queen of Pain screamed loud enough to cause the Valkyrie to stop her attack and shield her ears. Akasha jabbed the god in her exposed stomach, causing unexpected growth beneath her chest plates. The Queen of Pain stepped away and flipped a dagger into Freya, which bounced aside after hitting her skin. She blinked away and laughed as the bewildered Viking’s breasts expanded in pulses due to the dagger’s poison damage.

The Elvish ranger, Lyralei, reappeared, sending a flurry of arrows at Freya. The Nordic goddess turned to follow, avoiding arrows as she closed the distance. The Windranger got cocky, preparing a powerful shot for the approaching foe. Before she could let it fly, Freya launched her into the air. The elf flailed as she tried to break free from the invisible restraint. Freya closed the distance by the time she fell and followed with repeated magical strikes.

The Windranger’s midsection puffed out as did her arms and legs. Her body grew lighter as she bounded away from the woman’s magical sword. Freya used her abilities to launch magical bolts toward her, causing the nimble woman to stumble and bounce end over end. She rolled over frantically and launched an arrow that stuck to the tree behind her aggressor. A magical rope wrapped around Freya’s arm. She fought to pull free, but another binding took hold of her. This allowed Lyralei to bolt into the tree line.

Elsewhere during this time, Nu Wa hovered toward the grinning demonic woman from the beginning of the encounter. The Queen of Pain teleported beside Nu Wa, ripping her scant coverings away, exposing her natural form completely. There were patches of scales on her otherwise immaculate human body. Unfazed as her vestments fell to the ground, Nu Wa followed up by blasting the blue-skinned woman in the chest and the privates. Laughing as her coverings fell away in kind.

Akasha licked her fangs with a giggle. “Skin on skin, I like that!” She shot one of Nu Wa’s elemental gems from the air and blinked behind her, snatching it as it fell. She licked the green crystal provocatively. Nu Wa was stunned by the quick maneuver and the indignity to the phase stones. “Do not touch the sacred stone! Give it back!”

Akasha let out a high-pitched shriek, which stunned the nude goddess. “Fine, I’ll give it back!” She rushed forward and slipped the moistened stone in between the recovering woman’s thighs. Nu Wa’s perfect breasts bounced as she gasped. The stone easily slid into her hairless mound as the demoness danced away. Akasha spoke in a patronizing tone. “I think you’re taking your love of wood a little too far.”
“What have you done? That is low!”

“Aww, you don’t enjoy that?” The Queen of Pain laughed as she blinked behind her again, snatching the red stone from above her hand. She spit on it and put the tip in her mouth for a moment, using her tongue to lubricate the warm stone. Nu Wa turned with surprise as the demon hugged her, pressing their large breasts together as she cupped the goddesses ass with her free hand. “Perhaps you enjoy it better from behind!” She grunted the last word as she slipped the wet stone in between Nu Wa’s pliable rear cheeks.

Nu Wa broke away, floating backwards and clenching in pain as she gripped her privates. The objects moved deeper into her as she instinctively tightened. The remaining stones swirled around as her confident green eyes showed resolve. She launched five quick blasts at the blue woman, causing her tits to swell and her ass to grow as roots reached from the ground to hold her in place. She followed up with a blast of shining metal. This attack stunned the demon, allowing a few more attacks before she recovered.

The winged woman put her hands together upon the center of her chest, gasping with pure excitement as her breasts grew over and around her arms. She reveled in the sensation as her hips grew wider as well, giving her an amazing hourglass figure. “A love bite.” Akasha laughed maniacally. “I look amazing!”

Suddenly an arrow hit Nu Wa in her shoulder. The Windranger revealed herself, launching another volley directed at the nude fighters. An arrow hit Akasha as she blinked away from the encounter. Most, however, hit Nu Wa as she attempted to evade. Lyralei had puffed out mostly in the middle, looking extremely awkward as she continued launching arrows, easily hitting Nu Wa as she approached.

Nu Wa’s breasts hung low, still expanding as she floated closer. They were heavy and nearly the size of her head when she finally got within range. She closed her eyes and raised her hand. Her breasts wobbled as she brought her hand down in an unknown gesture and smiled.

The confidence in Lyralei’s eyes turned to worry as the ground erupted. Three clay golems rose from the earth and marched to attack. The rounded woman shot at the approaching trio as she stepped backwards. The arrows had little effect. She was nearly to turn and run when a blast of metal hit her chest, stunning her. The Windranger dropped her bow, unable to flee as the unarmed clay humanoids encircled her. Two grabbed her arms as the third used its immense strength to rip away the crotch of her breeches. The golem put its hands together and put them between her legs.

She regained her senses, struggling fruitlessly as the two held her firmly. It was an odd sensation, as the golem pressed his malleable hands inside. She could feel them shrink and regrow once they passed her opening, filling her with thick clay. “What the? What are they doing?”

Nu Wa floated closer, laughing heartily, causing her impressive tits to quake. “They’re inflating you the only way they know how.” She watched as the golem shrank and the Windranger’s belly peeked from between her clothes. She gave a pained moan as she thrust her hips upward. “It’s too deep, please make it stop!”
Nu wa crossed her arms, resting them upon her colossal bosoms. “No.”

Within a minute, the first golem had disappeared inside the reluctant redhead. One of the remaining creatures let go and started the process again. Lyralei screamed for help as her belly expanded outward, pushing her tight pants low and her tunic upward. Her heavy belly moved down as it grew, slowly forcing the girl forward, over the entering golem. Once it finished, her legs wobbled as the last creature let her fall forward. She landed upon her weighted midsection, rolling forward before coming to rest on her hands and knees.

As expected, the last golem started to push inside her as well. “No, no wait!” She struggled helplessly.
Nu Wa walked behind the frantic woman to see the monster being sucked into her spread asshole. The goddess scoffed. “They just go for any hole they find.”

“Stop it, please!”
“I can’t let you go; you will only become a thorn in my side later.” Nu Wa stepped closer and pulled the girl’s behind apart. “I’ll speed up the process for you.” The golem grew thicker as it flowed into her accepting ass. She kicked her legs, causing Nu Wa to float away, but the golem continued flowing into her backdoor.

It wasn’t long before all three were inside the ranger. She grumbled as she tried to push them out, but they were in to stay. “Akasha, where are you?!” She whined and pleaded. “You can’t just leave me like this!” The last comment was directed to the buxom goddess, her green eyes searching for any kind of help. Without warning, her face twisted in agony as her body jerked to the side. Her body seemed to expand all over.

“They can still hurt you from the inside.” Nu Wa patted her back. “I have to make sure you’re out of the fight.”

The girl shook again; her arms and legs grew thicker. She yelled as her body rocked back and forth, feeling the golems attacking her from the inside, each time her entire body grew larger and thicker. The tight green clothes ripped and fell to the ground in tatters. Her arms and legs soon expanded outward, held in the air by her inflating body. Her ass cheeks grew upward, ballooning above her mammoth belly, which she now rested upon completely. Her breasts had widened and grown, but they were firm and didn’t seem to sag very much. They looked almost squished as her flowing belly pushed them higher. Her legs were parted completely; exposing her damp vagina nestled deep in the mound of flesh. Her hands and feet looked out of place upon the broader appendages.

Nu Wa left the girl to her fate, sad that she had turned into such a cruel goddess. It was necessary; she wouldn’t have stopped otherwise.
“Lyralei eliminated.” The announcer called quickly.
She sprang into the air and launched a blast of fire at the nearby heroes, seeing everyone’s location. She made her way to Freya, and unbeknownst to her, the advancing Queen of Pain.

A bolt of fire struck her as well as someone in the trees. Freya had her sword ready as she waited for the ranger to strike again. Unexpectedly the blue-skinned woman strolled forth, naked and with more defined curves than before. Freya glanced at her own bosoms, smiling as she watched the Queen of Pain approach. “You still cannot match a fertility goddess.” The blue-eyed blonde grabbed her tits and let them drop in response. Freya tilted her head back boastfully. “You wish you were as formed as I am.” She raised her sword menacingly. “Here, I will help you!”

Akasha cocked her head. “You vain little creature, I will make you suffer.” She flared her wings and readied her daggers. “And not in a pleasant way!”

The demoness blinked behind the chesty, lightly armored woman and launched numerous daggers. They bounced away, leaving no visible marks. Her belly grew impressively as she tried to counterstrike. Freya stumbled and missed due to her growing midsection. She charged her sword and drew back for a mighty blow as Akasha let out a deafening scream. Freya fell forward, rolling over her inflating belly and heavy breasts, coming to rest upon her back. A poisoned dagger hit her as she lay. Her stomach continued ballooning before their eyes as her hefty breasts rested on either side.

“My, my, you are not so attractive now, you Nordic whore.” The Queen of Pain continued pelting the stunned girl with attacks. Her wings fluttering as she reveled in the woman’s agony. Freya’s belly flowed up and outward. Her runic tattoo stretched upon her pale skin. The fleshy stomach trapped her in place, wobbling with the force of the magically deterred weapons. The metal wings on her crown dug into the dirt as she desperately howled.

The horned woman with large breasts and wide hips stood above the ruined goddess. “I’m not finished yet!” She spoke seductively as she crawled atop the Viking, placing her exposed vagina against her unwilling victim’s mouth. She poked her belly with a dagger, watching it grow as she smothered her. “If you lick me then I will stop. If not then who knows how big you’ll get!” She leaned forward and sat comfortably atop Freya’s face, poking her belly without care. “Oooh, there you go. Good girl.”

Akasha closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation. After a moment, she stabbed the girl with all her might. The magical barrier protected Freya, but her stomach puffed upward visibly. Akasha laid upon the mound of skin, giggling as it flowed from side to side. “This is quite enjoyable. You better hurry or I will turn you into a blob!” Freya licked furiously, gasping as the dominating woman shifted. “Oh, yes! Faster!” Her wide ass bounced as she neared climax.

After carefully removing the sacred stones, Nu Wa had watched for a time, wondering how to help her fellow goddess against such a powerful foe. She had noticed something unique when she had jumped into the sky. She found the large circle upon the ground that glowed with power.

The announcer laughed at Nu Wa’s confusion. “Someone has come across one of our secret objectives! Those mystical rings are summoning circles which can bring anyone from their respective games into the match. They will be able to use one of their special abilities against a specific target. They are single use, but I think there might be more if you look hard enough!”

The Chinese woman spoke the name and watched with satisfaction as Janus, the two faced Roman god appeared in front of her. He already knew her plan. The mechanical being gravitated to the humiliated Nord trapped beneath the demoness. He made a gesture and Akasha jumped up in sudden panic. She blinked out of range and watched the two from a safe distance. Janus hovered to the nearby pond and made another gesture before he vanished abruptly.

Nu Wa waited as her plan took effect. Akasha gripped her stomach with uncharacteristic concern as the linked portal allowed water to pour into her body. The Queen of Pain started to run, but her belly was expanding at an alarming pace. She stopped and sank to her knees before finally falling onto her massive stomach. It swelled, lifting her upward upon her water-laden body. Her arms and legs grew wider, dangling with weight as she continued her upward climb. She let out a screech as she flailed.

Nu Wa came closer, watching the demon’s defeat. “There is no stopping it.”
“You… You’re right.” Akasha seemed to relax as she continued swelling to inhuman proportions. Her puffed out body resting atop the hefty belly that was taller than Nu Wa. The Queen of Pain breathed heavily, clenching her eyes as she grew. She seemed to be enjoying it. The demon moaned with increasing fervor, her exposed pussy glistening with delight. She only lasted a short time before she drew sharp, quick breaths, laughing with orgasm.

The announcers decided to chime in. “Freya has been eliminated and Akasha… She’s out, but I’m sure she didn’t mind it.”

She jerked as the portal inside of her closed, leaving her immobile upon her swollen belly, roughly twice the height of the goddess standing nearby. Her eyes fluttered, “Oooh, it’s putting pressure on all the right spots. I think I’m going to enjoy being like this for a while.”

Nu Wa held her enormous breasts as she continued back to the lane, leaving the waterlogged demon to her fate.

Fighters Part III


“Tonight’s match-up is between two ladies of renown.” A woman in a blue silk qipao with gold embroidery stepped out. She wore two spiked arm bands and had her hair up in two opposing buns, covered by white cloth. The fresh faced girl smiled and bowed her head gently. “From the Street Fighter series: this long-legged beauty is the unmistakable Chun-Li!” She held up her hand showing a peace symbol.

“Her opponent is a princess from Edenia.” A woman wearing a mask stepped forward. Her breasts were pressed into a laced, open-faced halter top and she wore a thong which was covered by a low-hanging loincloth – all of which were a light blue. Her brown eyes danced as she smiled beneath the mask. She bowed her head graciously, her raven hair falling past her shoulders. “Here we have the lovely, deadly fighter from Mortal Kombat, princess Kitana!”

The girls raised their fists and moved closer. Chun-Li kicked high and Kitana ducked quickly, kicking her leg out from under her. Chun-Li rolled backwards and jumped to her feet again. Kitana followed, punching her repeatedly. Chun-Li jumped backwards and Kitana followed; she raised her leg and began kicking furiously. Two struck Kitana, but she moved back and threw a steel fan; it grazed her opponents legging, leaving a small line of blood.
“Ugh, it shows what a poor fighter you are if you have to rely on weapons!”
“It merely shows that I do what it takes to win.” Kitana threw two more fans. Chun-Li dodged them both and jumped closer, kicking the princess in the chest. Kitana stumbled backwards as Chun-Li pummeled her, eventually knocking her down.

“Chun-Li wins round one!” A masked man came and moved her leggings down, slowly administering a thick glycerin enema. The single dose of the substance caused her immediate distress. She fixed her clothes and stood, fists clenched. Kitana lunged at her, easily outmaneuvering her and striking her repeatedly in the stomach until she fell, holding her midsection.

“Kitana!” The man came forth and gave her a syringe full of the substance. She accepted it graciously. They fought again, Chun-Li attempting to kick her opponent in the mid-region, but being easily diverted. She was slightly slower due to her predicament. She tried every simple move she could think of to no avail. Kitana grabbed her leg as she kicked and lifted it higher, sending her sprawling on her back. Chun-Li laid there in discomfort as Kitana smiled beneath her mask.

“Kitana’s second victory!” She received three glycerin enemas in rapid succession. She closed her eyes as the last one went in, but her expression didn’t change. She slid her undergarments back into place and stepped forward. She moved more carefully, in spite of her calm demeanor.

They began again. Chun-Li delivered an open-palmed strike to Kitana’s midsection, causing her to double over in pain. Chun-Li followed with another two strong kicks to each side of her belly, followed by another strike, forcing her opponents arms into her belly. This was what finally brought her down. The announcement came; Chun-Li received another three syringes full of the thick, gooey substance. She felt like it might come out at any moment: barely able to focus on anything other than that horrible feeling. She arose and refocused her mind.
“You look as if you are struggling, human.”
“I don’t know where you are from, but humans are known to be resilient.”
“You have no idea how resilient I am. We’re not fighting in the streets, this is a battle that only one of us will walk away from.”

Kitana opened two steel fans and swiped at her. One cut her stomach and the other hit her arm; neither wound was severe, but they left a trail of blood. Kitana kicked her in the leg and Chun-Li knelt in pain, feeling some of the substance coming out.

“Kitana wins round five!” The man filled her with four more loads of glycerin. He also gave Chun-Li another to replace what had leaked. Kitana tore her mask off and stood, visibly agitated. “One more time and we will finish this disgraceful event.” Her nipples stood rigidly beneath her costume.

“How do you hold it in so easily?”
“I have been training my whole life to use my body effectively.”
“I guess having stuff pumped into my butt wasn’t part of my Interpol training. Your father must be proud.”
“Don’t you talk about my father, you little bitch!” Kitana quickly threw an open fan toward her. Chun-Li narrowly avoided it.
“Touchy subject, I see. Guess he didn’t train you well enough.”
The princess growled and leapt forward, hitting Chun-Li in her breast; she fell back, grabbing her chest as she knelt. Kitana drew back to kick her, but Chun-Li saw the opportunity and delivered a strong upward kick directly to her crotch. Kitana yelped and dropped to the ground, writhing in pain with her hands between her legs. She gasped as she lay there, trying to recover. Somehow she still retained the glycerin.

“Round six goes to Chun-Li!” She received her enemas and rose, standing woodenly. She couldn’t move much at all.
“This is it.”
“You will learn respect.” Kitana’s eyes were alight with anger.

Kitana moved closer carefully; both of them acclimating to their full backsides. Kitana drew her fans and lashed out repeatedly. Chun-Li stepped back with each slash, barely able to avoid them. She did a backward summersault, and even though it felt uncomfortable, she thought she could hold it in. It is now or never, Chun-Li thought. She flipped into the air, hanging upside down, defying gravity; spinning with her legs outstretched, she moved closer to her opponent, ready to deal damage. But, this caused immense pressure on her belly and she couldn’t hold it. All the glycerin she had been retaining shot out violently, collecting in her underwear before splashing outward as she spun. She hit Kitana two times before returning upright, but it wouldn’t help her at this point. She buckled in pain as the torrent continued to exit her.

“Kitana wins!” Chun-Li stood, defeated and humiliated, feeling the slime running down her thighs. Kitana leaned closer and kissed her unwary opponent on the lips. Chun-Li’s eyes bugged out as her whole body began to inflate. She swelled mainly in her middle region, but her arms and legs puffed out as well. She looked like a stretching balloon. After a moment she stopped growing, her body impossibly large and rounded with her arms and legs outstretched. Her breasts had grown and rounded as well.
“Hmm,” Kitana raised an eyebrow. “I guess we can’t kill each other. Oh well, you’ll just have to stay like that, then.” She walked away, laughing devilishly.