Obedience Chapters


Jack receives a magical rod that can control someone’s mind. He finds countless ways to gratify his urges at the cost of his family, teachers, and schoolmates. How many lives will be ruined in his attempts to find pleasure?

Prequel Stories: Ms. Weigert, Mrs. Olsen

  1. Man of the House
  2. Shopping Spree
  3. The Learning Experience
  4. A Lesson Learned
  5. Pain in the Ass
  6. Pulling the Strings
  7. Ripple Effect
  8. Skirmish
  9. Conscience
  10. Principal Concerns
  11. Out of His Hands
  12. The Authority Figure
  13. Damaged Goods
  14. X-Factor
  15. Ways to Cope
  16. Be Honest
  17. Relative Hatred
  18. The Conference
  19. Know your Place
  20. Karen
  21. Three on One
  22. Get it Together
  23. Side Dish
  24. Beating Around the Bush
  25. Base Desires
  26. Vacation
  27. A Woman’s Touch
  28. Problem Solver
  29. Forethought
  30. Finals
  31. Frustrations
  32. The Outsider
  33. Those We Care For
  34. Unhealthy Relationships
  35. Conspirators
  36. Jake
  37. Working Through It


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