Game Girl Arena Chapters


Gunslingers (Lara Croft, Zoey, Sniper-Wolf, Jill Valentine)

Fighters Part I
(Tina Armstrong vs Black Orchid)
Fighters Part II (Mai Shiranui vs Nina Williams)
Fighters Part III (Chun-Li vs Kitana)
Fighters Part IV (Felicia vs Taki)
Fighters V (Tina, Mai Shiranui, Kitana, Taki)

(Chell, Elizabeth, Lilith)

MOBA Part I (Katarina, Sonya, Terra, Tyrande)
MOBA Part II (Nu Wa, Freya, Windranger, Queen of Pain)
MOBA Part III (Janna, Death Prophet, Tracer, Zyra, Nova, Katarina)
MOBA Part IV (Crystal Maiden, The Slayer, Sylvanas, Kerrigan, Nova)
MOBA Part V (Neith, Aphrodite, Nu Wa, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Ahri)

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