Game Girl Arena Chapters


Gunslingers (Lara Croft, Zoey, Sniper-Wolf, Jill Valentine)
Fighters Part I (Tina Armstrong vs Black Orchid)
Fighters Part II (Mai Shiranui vs Nina Williams)
Fighters Part III (Chun-Li vs Kitana)
Fighters Part IV (Felicia vs Taki)
Fighters V (Tina, Mai Shiranui, Kitana, Taki)
Manipulators (Chell, Elizabeth, Lilith)
MOBA Part I (Katarina, Sonya, Terra, Tyrande)
MOBA Part 2 (Nu Wa, Freya, Windranger, Queen of Pain)
MOBA Part 3 (Janna, Death Prophet, Tracer, Zyra, Nova, Katarina)

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