Mother’s Day


Laura had been growing steadily. Her belly was generously puffed out and her breasts had swollen; now they were D-cups. She wasn’t wearing a bra at the moment, only a nightgown. She didn’t have morning sickness anymore and she didn’t feel quite as drained as she had for the past few weeks. April 1st had taken a toll on her, but her body had been trained by her late husband; this allowed her to take more punishment than normal. She missed him so, but now she had bigger things to focus on; her babies were growing in her. Her captor had injected her with many fertility hormones before asking her to sleep with Aaron, her son. He said that she needed to be loved and feel whole once again. He was right.

Laura should dislike the man who had always been watching and manipulating her family, but she couldn’t. He did have a point and he reminded her of her husband. Carl had many fantasies and she had always helped him realize them – this man was similar. Her children didn’t understand that regular love is bland, you need to add something to give it flavor. Test your body and mind and relish in the pain and pleasure.

She went to Maggie’s room and opened the door. Maggie was lying on the bed. Her legs were bound, calf to thigh, keeping her in a kneeling position. Her hands were in pink cloth bondage mittens, which were tied around her wrists. She was naked except for a diaper. A pacifier was held in place by a cloth strap that ran around the back of her neck. She whimpered as Laura walked over to her.

“How are you this morning, my little Maggie-kins?” She spoke in baby talk. Vanessa mumbled, scared and helpless, from the other side of the bed. She was incapacitated in the same way as Maggie – forced to crawl and unable to remove her bonds. Maggie made muffled noises as Laura came closer. “Are you hungry? Do you want some din-din?” She had been feeding them puréed food, but they didn’t get enough sustenance from that alone for the past six days. She slid off her nightgown, wearing only white panties, and sat on the edge of Maggie’s bed. “Come on Vanessa, you too.” She motioned for Vanessa to crawl closer. Vanessa only glared.

Laura sighed, “fine, we’ll come to you.” She picked Maggie up with a fair amount of effort, cradling her in her arms. She sat her heavily on the bed next to Vanessa. Laura went around and sat on the other end of the bed, against the wall. “Come on now, come to me.” Maggie crawled closer and Vanessa still sat, glaring. Laura held up a hand for Maggie to stop. “Vanessa, don’t make me punish you again.” She didn’t budge. “Fine.” Laura sighed and left the room for a few minutes. She returned with a bucket of water and an enema syringe.

Vanessa looked scared suddenly and started nodding, backing away on the bed. “No, you knew better and I’m not putting up with it today.” She pulled Vanessa closer and tipped her backward so she lay exposed, her feet in the air. She undid the diaper and filled the syringe. “Remember, don’t be a little snot and I won’t have to do this. You should learn from little Maggie-kins!” She inserted the tip and released the water into her bowels, once emptied she filled it up again and repeated the process. At last she filled it with air and put that in too. She secured the diaper once again.

“Now keep that in for now. If you let it out then I’m going to double the dosage and do it again.” She had taken an enema once already in the past week, but there hadn’t been any air mixed with it. Vanessa’s stomach roiled with discomfort and she whimpered at the thought of having to retain that while they feed, but knew that Laura was in a foul mood and would certainly punish her more if she didn’t comply. Laura rolled her over and removed both of the girl’s pacifiers. She had already made clear that they should not speak, and must only make baby sounds. Vanessa’s privates still hurt from that punishment.

Laura sat back down with her back against the wall, naked with a round belly and weighted breasts. She held her breasts up, offering them to her babies. Maggie crawled forward and latched on hungrily. Laura felt a pinch on her nipple and then felt milk flowing out. Vanessa moved forward, careful not to jostle her belly full of water. She pressed her lips against Laura’s nipple as well. They both straddled one of Laura’s outstretched legs as they suckled at her breasts. The milk was thin and sweet, and they had become somewhat tolerant of the flavor. They had been drinking it in small amounts since they had come to Laura’s house. Laura relaxed, her hands resting on their heads as they drank from her. She felt very happy in this predicament. She enjoyed the feeling of her breasts being used. She sat in silence, watching her two hungry girls sate themselves.

About 10 minutes passed before Vanessa decided to stop. Laura was enjoying the feeling so much that she pressed her head back onto her breast forcefully. Vanessa pulled back and slid her head out of her grasp. The motion caused her to slide off the edge of the bed and tumble onto the floor, landing on her side. She grumbled and then obviously soiled her diaper. “Please, stop this!”

“Be quiet!” Laura moved Maggie aside and stood up, milk still dripped from her breasts. “You know we’re being watched so be quiet now!”

“No, this is fucking ridiculous!” Vanessa rolled onto her hands and knees and tried to crawl away. Laura rolled her onto her back and grabbed the pacifier she had been using before. She put it in Vanessa’s mouth and redid the strap. She grabbed a fresh diaper from the stand by the door. “Looks like some naughty girl made a mess in there! Don’t squirm and I’ll fix it.” Vanessa laid there as Laura cleaned her up, got a new diaper ready, and discarded the soiled one. “Time for your punishment;” Laura used the syringe and put four loads of water into her as well as another pump of air. Midway through Vanessa started bawling. “Shhh, it will be okay, you’ll learn eventually.” She took Maggie’s pacifier and pushed it into Vanessa’s rear. She pushed with enough force that the whole pacifier popped inside her: only the straps hung out. Vanessa continued to sob as she fastened her diaper.

“Now you sit and think about what you’ve done while Maggie and I go cuddle on the couch.”

Laura helped Maggie onto the floor and walked behind her as she crawled through the doorway. Laura gave Vanessa a sad glance as she closed the door. Vanessa tried to undo her straps many times, but there was no hope with the mittens covering her hands. Her insides churned and her butt hurt, yet she could do nothing about it. This must be punishment for giving Laura all of those enemas, she thought. She had believed it was Maggie at the time, but the damage was done; now she had to sit with a full belly and hold it in while they sat in comfort.

She didn’t like this predicament one bit, but she would be getting more money afterward. The most recent message had promised 10,000 dollars for a week of being pampered. She hadn’t understood the irony at the time. She tried to ignore the discomfort, but there was little else to do being locked in here. Maybe it isn’t locked! She crawled to the door and placed both hands on the knob. She had trouble turning it with her mittens, but after a few tries she managed to open it. She eased the door open to see the couch facing away from the door. Laura and Maggie’s heads were visible as they watched a television on the opposing wall.

Vanessa moved carefully and quietly, crawling toward the kitchen. She hoped to find something sharp to cut through the mittens and diaper and give herself release. She didn’t see anything that mentioned she had to endure the torture for the money, just be here. She made it to the tiled floor and scanned the table. She moved into a kneeling position to get a better view. On the counter she saw a knife holder. She crawled over and tried to reach it. She slid it too close to the edge of the counter and sent the holder crashing to the ground. She tumbled backwards to escape the flying objects, which caused her stomach to groan and the water inside her to slosh violently. She felt the pacifier go deeper into her butt.

Footsteps approached after a few seconds. Laura spoke in a very condescending manner. “Vanessa! What is the matter with you? Can’t I leave you alone for five minutes? You could’ve hurt yourself!” Laura strained to pick her up and awkwardly carried her to the couch. “I am very disappointed in you, young lady!” She slid her diaper down exposing her bare bottom. Laura rubbed her butt for a moment, finding a good, tender spot. She drew back and slapped her cheeks. She tensed up, which caused the pacifier to go a little bit further into her, Vanessa gave a muffled scream. Laura continued spanking her, over and over; the motions caused the water in her belly to slosh back and forth. She wailed and cried as Laura continued relentlessly. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally stopped.
“There, now do as I say or it will be worse next time!”

Vanessa felt a tug. She could feel the pacifier being pulled out of her by the straps. It had gone deeper than she had realized. She tensed up just before it popped out. When it did come out she had to struggle to keep the water in. Laura slid her diaper back up and sat her on the ground. “Go play for 20 minutes and then I’ll let you go to the bathroom.” Laura leaned back and let Maggie crawl back onto her lap to watch TV.

Vanessa mumbled protests from beneath her pacifier. Laura huffed and slid it down, allowing her to speak. “Please, let me go now! I can’t hold it in that long!”
“You had better try or else you’ll be sitting in it until then.”
“Nooo… Please, Laura, pleeeaase.” She started whining as she cried.
“I am your mother and you had best start calling me that.”
Vanessa swallowed her pride. I have to play along. “Mommy, please let me goooo!” Laura nodded in approval, but said nothing else. Vanessa whimpered and whined as she sat there, holding her belly. Her stomach hurt, her butt was still stinging, and she had to focus on holding the liquid inside of her. Laura turned up the volume to drown out the sobs. She could do nothing but sit in discomfort and try to watch television to take her mind off of the pain.

It wasn’t long before the program ended and Laura looked over to Vanessa. “Did you learn your lesson?”
Vanessa nodded sheepishly.
She nodded and helped her to the bathroom. Laura undid her diaper and helped her onto the toilet. Laura went away for a few minutes while Vanessa did her business. She came back fully clothed. She wiped her behind and gave her a fresh diaper, the other having been soiled somewhat. Laura brought her back to the couch and sat her with Maggie. She put a pacifier in her mouth and strapped it behind her head as it had been before. It was wet; she only hoped it wasn’t the one that had been her butt.

There was a knock at the door. “Now, you two behave yourselves. I’ve got to run an errand. I got a babysitter to watch you while I’m gone, be good for him!” She walked around the corner and opened the door. She heard them talk quietly and then the door closed, Billy, the neighbor boy, came around the corner, confusion changed to excitement upon his face. Vanessa whimpered and tried to yell, but the pacifier was thick enough to stifle any kind of normal speech. Billy walked over and examined the two victims. He reached out and felt Maggie’s breast, she tensed up as he groped her. Then he reached over for Vanessa’s larger breasts. She swatted his hand with her mitten. He smiled. “She said that if you cause any trouble then I have to discipline you.”

Billy went into the bathroom behind them. Vanessa looked to Maggie, who sat tense and staring at the floor. Vanessa reached over and raised her chin, looking into her eyes, pleadingly. Maggie shook her head quickly as Billy came back. He had a bucket and enema syringe. Vanessa was nearly crying as he sat it by the couch.

She squirmed as he spread her legs and undid her diaper. He fought with her for a moment before slapping her inner thigh. She yelped and finally stopped, allowing him to prod her vagina with his cold fingers. He drew some water into the syringe and brought it up to her behind. He forced the water into her in a matter of moments, he wasn’t at all gentle. He didn’t wait before putting the next one in. Three more followed in rapid succession before he reached down and grabbed a metal butt plug and brought it up to her rear. It was shiny, roughly 3 inches thick, and had a thin neck leading to a pretty blue gem in the base. It was already slippery with lube as he brought it down and pressed it into her. It slid in easily.

She writhed in pain as he undid his jeans and slid them down. He was erect; he edged closer. She felt the warm tip prodding her, searching for the entrance. He kept missing, sliding off to either side or up onto her landing strip. She made one loud noise and made eye contact to get his attention. He almost disregarded it, but instead looked to Maggie. He stood up, shaking his pants off, and went over to her. He lowered himself just enough so she could suck it. He pressed forward and she turned her head. He slapped her lightly and she opened her mouth. She sucked for just a moment before he pulled out and came back to Vanessa. He made a few more attempts before he finally forced his way in.

She threw her head back as he entered. It hurt more than the last time, he felt larger now, but maybe she just wasn’t as excited as before. She couldn’t help squeezing him as he went deeper. He gasped and pressed as far as he could. She felt him cumming inside her already. I dodged the bullet last time, but this was tempting fate. She started to cry as he hugged her midsection; the water had no place to go. Once he finished shooting, he stood up and walked over to Maggie again, forcing her to lick it clean. She turned her head again and put her hands up in refusal, but he turned her head and jammed it in. She carefully sucked it, but he pressed it in until it was no longer sticky.

He got up and went to the bucket; he grabbed the syringe and undid her diaper. “You’re being bad too, you’ll get this as well.” She put her bound hands together as if praying, she pleaded for him to stop. He ignored her, shoving it in and then pressing the plunger hard. She squirmed and the tip almost came out, but he moved it along with her, keeping it in until it was empty. He brought it out and refilled it. The second time he was a little slower and she didn’t recoil as much. The third time, though, was as sudden as the first one. She jerked and again he made sure it didn’t come out until it was all inside. He brought up another metallic butt plug; He lubed it up and pressed it into her bottom before fixing her diaper.

The door opened and closed; Laura came around the corner. She raised an eyebrow at the situation. “Billy, you’ve been naughty.”
He stumbled backwards, looking confused. “I-I… They weren’t doing what I told them.”
Laura walked closer, hands on her hips. “I guess you’re right, they don’t listen very well.” He was visibly relieved. Laura came over to the couch and knelt down, putting her head between Vanessa’s legs. She moved her tongue around, exploring her clitoris. She wasn’t the least bit shy about it as she licked the semen out of her. Vanessa moaned and it only took about a minute before she orgasmed. Billy watched with awe.

After she finished, Laura put Vanessa’s diaper back on and sat down between them. She lifted her shirt and unclasped her bra, exposing her swollen breasts. She motioned for them both to come closer and suckle her, both sat on her knees. She undid Vanessa’s pacifier as Maggie latched on to her right breast. Vanessa started to protest, but Laura pushed her head onto her left breast and she held it there until she suckled as well. Billy was excited again, but Laura held up a finger. “Be patient, let them finish.” She patted the empty space on the couch where Vanessa had been sitting. Billy sat, naked from the waist down.

Billy was very antsy, he reached over and rubbed Vanessa’s butt, running his hand up and down her back. After about three minutes he started to masturbate, Laura slapped his hand just enough to startle him. “Control yourself!” He waited for a few more minutes, squirming uneasily. “Fine, you can burp her.” Billy was confused as Laura detached Maggie and sat her to the side. She rolled Vanessa to the other side, maneuvering her onto Billy’s lap. He reached down and guided himself into her as she leaned forward; his head nestled between her breasts. “Just pat her back and she’ll burp like a good baby.” He patted her back and rocked her slowly back and forth. It didn’t take long before he stopped patting her and brought his hands down to guide her hips. He went a little faster before he leaned his head back and pressed up into her as much as he could.

Vanessa felt helpless as he filled her again. I hope to dear god this kid doesn’t knock me up! He let her go after about a minute and rolled her onto her back. He stood up and bent down to pull his pants up. Laura spanked him. He jerked upright and nearly fell over. “You’re not finished yet, once more young man!”
“I don’t want to, I’m done.”
“Put it back in her right now or I’m going to tell your father!”
His eyes widened. “No, don’t!” He turned to Vanessa, lying on her back with her legs wide, and inserted himself again; his penis was almost limp, but it was also very wet, so it didn’t take much effort. He looked back to Laura. “I can’t, I’m not in the mood anymore.”
“Just try, be a little rough maybe.”

He turned back to her smiling. He looked at her, deciding what to do. His grin widened as he pinched her nipples and twisted them. Vanessa jerked and cried out. She felt him stiffen inside of her almost instantly. He shook her belly violently and she yelled again. He placed his hands on the couch and began pounding her as hard as he could. He lasted much longer than before, minutes passed and he kept going. It started to get sore down there. Vanessa watched as Laura filled the syringe about a quarter of the way and brought it out of sight behind Billy. He opened his eyes in surprise, she held him in place. “It’s okay, just stay in there.” He stopped moving and after a moment he pressed forward and started filling her.

Laura put the syringe back into the bucket and stood up. “Okay, go to the bathroom.” She pointed behind Vanessa. “Right in there.” She watched as Billy stood up uneasily; he closed the door as he went in. “See, I helped him finish so you didn’t have to experience it any longer.” She reached down and put Vanessa’s diaper back on without cleaning her pussy. Laura walked away and after a few minutes Billy came out. They talked in raised whispers by the hallway for a while longer before she heard the front door. Laura came back around the corner.

Laura undid the bondage mittens on Maggie and asked her to wait there. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a small plastic bag. “Lay her across your knees, on her belly, Maggie.” Maggie slid over and awkwardly moved Vanessa. With some effort she came to rest with her face pressed into the cushions and her butt raised into the air. “Take that off.” She felt Maggie remove her diaper. “Now, punish her. Go ahead.” Maggie spanked her hard. The initial shock hurt, but the stinging afterwards was worse, Vanessa thought. She did it again, and again. Vanessa felt something pinch her. She couldn’t look back, but it was certainly a different sensation than she was used to.

“Okay, sit her up. And take the stuff off.” She was helped upright and noticed a small medical syringe was in the baggie.
Vanessa was horrified. “What the fuck is that?” She motioned toward the needle.
“It’s just a fertility drug. I want to have grandchildren. You’re part of the family now.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tears welled up in her eyes. “He just raped me, I don’t want his kid.”
Laura gave a stern look and whispered loudly. “He is watching and listening, I didn’t have a choice!”
“Yes you fucking did!” She sobbed. “I don’t want to have a baby!”
“Maybe you won’t, but I had to let that boy do that or he would hurt us!”

Vanessa’s mind ran wild as Maggie undid her mittens. She couldn’t keep a baby that was from a boy who had forced her. She had wanted children someday, but not like this! She went over the situation every which way as Laura gave her clothes back and she went to the bathroom to clean herself out as much as she could. When she came out Laura sent her home with another envelope. It had the cash, as well as a note. ‘I will send you money to help, just keep the child. I will ask for you again, and I will be watching.’

April Fool’s Day


April first: she rolled over and hoped this was a joke, but her arms and legs still ached from the night before. Her butt was especially sore. But, Vanessa still felt hurt the most by the fact that her best friend had done all of those horrible things to her, and even laughed at her. She was a fool for not calling the police that night, but now she might get in trouble for being exposed in front of minors.

But, things weren’t all bad – she picked up the letter that she had been given the night before. She skimmed it once again:
“Vanessa, do as I ask and I will give you $5,000. After this you can forget the whole ordeal. Go home and rest for now. Tomorrow I’d like you to come back here at 4pm. It’s April first so I hope you enjoy the little game I made to celebrate. The instructions will be in the house and the door will be unlocked.”

She got dressed and went through her morning routine. She ate some breakfast and contemplated this ordeal. She was nervous; obviously this man was a sick individual, but she could use the money to pay off some of her debts. She had been completely humiliated the night before, but for some reason she just couldn’t say no to that much cash. She wondered if he was lying to her. She found many ways to rationalize the risk, and in spite of her reservations, she decided to go. A little bit more degradation for five grand is worth it.

She found the house and went inside, the lights were already on. The fire-pit was smoldering in the hall. Also, on the floor, there was an arrow drawn on a piece of paper that pointed to the next room. She walked in and fumbled for the light switch. The fluorescents came on to show three women bound by various means and a wooden box with drawers in it, sitting on a small table. There were four rows and six columns. The rows, from bottom to top, were green, yellow, blue, and red. In front of the drawers sat another note.

“Time for the game I promised you. Each of these girls has to complete a task of each color to finish, if they all succeed then you’ll get your money and they’ll go free. If they can’t do what it says then you will have to help them by doing some, or all of it, yourself. Plus, as an extra punishment, you’ll have to do something listed on the paper beneath the drawers. So, you better hope they can take it! Everything stays in until the end. I’m watching, so don’t bend the rules!”

She flipped to the page with the stickers and looked it over. It had each color along the top and three numbered names down the side: Laura(1), Emma(2), and Maggie(3). She could untie them and free everyone, but she knew he’d just find another family to torture. Plus she wouldn’t get her money, which was the biggest factor. Also Vanessa was elated at the thought of paying back Maggie for being so relentless last night.

She looked at the ladies, walking around slowly, taking note of how they were displayed. Number one, their mother, was hanging from the ceiling with her legs folded underneath her and her arms bound behind her. She looked so compact in that position, it had to be uncomfortable. Her face was covered by a leather mask which had small holes over her nose, and mouth, but had no eye openings. She had a vinyl corset, bound firmly, which made her waist seem so small. Below that she wore a garter belt and stockings. She also had a vinyl bottom with an undone zipper, which showed that she was completely shaven down there. The pants also had a locked belt around her waist to keep it on securely. Vanessa had visited their house before, but she always remembered Laura being taller, it had been a long time, though.

Next was Emma, with the same black muzzle Vanessa had worn last night, minus the bunny nose. In fact, Emma was wearing about half of the outfit that she had worn during yesterday’s exhibitionism. She had the latex bra and panties, which still had a hole cut around the butt, as well as the arm binder, which was connected to a hook in the ceiling. She was positioned so one leg was held, by straps, just above the floor. The other leg was hoisted into the air, strapped to another supporting hook. It gave an amazing view, as she was essentially doing a sideways split. There was a small strip which covered her eyes and ears. Her hair flowed down, as she rested her head upon her arms, which stretched behind her head.

Lastly, there was Maggie. She was placed, on a table, in the missionary position. Her hands and feet were bound with straps to a bar that held them in place. She was just as exposed as her mother, wearing no underwear. She was shaven as well, with a small piercing on her clitoris. She also wore a leather bustier and had a full masquerade mask. The mask had a blank expression, white with gold accents around the eyes and the edges, as well as a small amount of gold over the lips. A black hood over the back covered her hair.

Vanessa made her way back to the table and selected the second green drawer for Maggie. She pulled out a small note. “Two enemas: you’ll find the syringe and bucket in the bathroom. She must hold it.” She found the bathroom and saw a 4 gallon bucket, and a glass syringe sitting on the floor next to it. There was also a bag of what looked like salt sitting in the bucket that had “use when you fill” written on the baggie. She poured it in and filled the bucket with lukewarm water. She picked the items up and carried them to the other room. She strained and sloshed some water out as she carried the bucket. She sat it down and placed the tip of the syringe into the water. She drew the plunger back and watched it fill to the 200ml mark. Once it was full she moved it behind Maggie and pressed the long tip into her butt. She pushed the plunger slowly and watched as she tilted her face back, moaning beneath the expressionless mask. Once the syringe was emptied she refilled it and emptied another one into her.

She kind of enjoyed this. So, being the vengeful sort of person that she was, she drew the plunger out and filled the syringe with air. She eased the tip in and pressed the plunger hard. Maggie shook violently as the air pressed in and caused the water to roil. The table rocked and she squealed, the mask showing only complacence. Vanessa enjoyed causing her a little more discomfort. She sat the syringe down and found another green drawer for Emma. The next note read: “10 spankings – uncover her eyes first and watch them as you punish her. There is a paddle in a box in the kitchen.

She pulled the cardboard box out into the room and dumped the contents on the floor. There were all sorts of fetish tools. She found the paddle and walked over to Emma. She uncovered her eyes and positioned the paddle behind her. Emma blinked and squinted until she realized what Vanessa was going to do. Her eyes pleaded, but Vanessa drew back and paddled her once. She tensed up and spun back and forth slightly, unable to protect herself in any way. Vanessa watched her face as she squirmed in agony. She drew back and struck again, again, again, and again. Tears ran down Emma’s red cheeks.

“Half way there. Want it fast?” No response. “How about slow?” Emma’s eyes narrowed and she said something that sounded like a curse under her muzzle. “Suit yourself, I’m just following instructions.” Vanessa put more force on the last five strikes. She hesitated after each hit to watch her expressions. She finished and kissed Emma on the cheek, whispering an apology into her ear. Emma just sputtered and snarled behind her muzzle. She hadn’t liked Emma before, but now she was just being mean to her for no good reason. I shouldn’t be enjoying this.

She opened another green drawer for Laura. “Lemon and lime in the ass: they’re in the fridge. Use the zip up panties she’s wearing to keep them in.” She got the lemon and lime and found a jar of Vaseline on the floor. She rubbed some on Laura’s rear and then some on the lime. She worked her fingers around to open her up as much as she could. It took a while, but she finally managed to squeeze four fingers in. It was loose enough now; she pressed the lemon against her asshole. Laura whimpered and struggled as she moved forward, suspended on the rope. Vanessa held her hip and pressed harder. It started to ease slightly, more and more with each press. She smeared more lubricant on the lemon and then pushed again. This time it went all the way in.

Laura shook and wiggled fruitlessly, screaming beneath her mask. She knew she was trying to push the lemon back out, so Vanessa pressed it deeper with her finger. She waited for Laura to settle down and then raised the lime up to her backdoor and pressed it in firmly. It went in surprisingly easily. She writhed and gave muffled screams as Vanessa zipped her up. She walked over and opened a yellow drawer for Maggie. “4 enemas – use the plug if you need to.”

She found a butt plug on the floor and sat it next to the bucket. She filled the syringe and started filling her. Maggie shook her butt and whimpered, Vanessa paid no mind; once it was emptied she refilled it quickly and continued filling her. She used her finger to plug her after each injection. It didn’t take her long to administer all four enemas to her dear friend. She smiled and decided to give her another air enema too, for good measure. She lubed up the plug with her free hand and pushed it in with little effort. She was mumbling something under the mask, but Vanessa didn’t care. She watched her for a moment, lying on the table, legs in the air, with a swollen belly. Her boobs seemed larger too.

Vanessa got another yellow note for Emma.
“Brand her – the iron is in the entry hall fire. Press it firmly onto her ass for three seconds. Get some ice from the freezer to soothe the pain. She gathered a handful of ice in a small baggie and then found the iron brand, resting in the remnants of a fire. She held her hand close to the end and it was definitely still hot. It was heart shaped, about the size of a half dollar. She pulled Emma’s bottoms down slightly. Emma shook and grumbled, unable to fully see what she held. Vanessa chose a spot on the top right of her butt where she thought it would hurt the least and she would be able to reach it in the coming days. She breathed deeply, holding her steady, and pressed the brand against her.

Emma jerked violently and let out an awful wail from behind her muzzle. Vanessa counted to three and removed it. She took it out to the hall and set it back in the fire. She came back and held ice on the burn for a few minutes. She could tell that Emma was sobbing quietly. She knew she couldn’t turn back now. She pulled up her latex pants and used them to hold the ice-bag in place.

She walked over and chose a yellow drawer for Laura. “Cucumber in the pussy”
She found the cucumber she had noticed earlier; it was about 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches thick. Vanessa hoped that Laura could take this. She certainly didn’t want this inside her if Laura couldn’t handle it. She brought it out and knelt down, unzipping Laura’s pants. The lime popped out onto the floor, startling her. She sighed and sat the cucumber down. She picked the lime up and pressed it back into her butt. She held it in with a finger. She noticed the latex panties could be unzipped from either direction. So, she zipped them back up and opened them from the other side, exposing only her pussy.

She lubed Laura as well as the cucumber and wiggled it around until it started going in. She could see the lime press against her latex pants –the bulge in her pants disappeared as it slipped back into her. She slowly pressed the cucumber deeper as Laura whimpered and squirmed. She rubbed some more lube around and pressed it in farther, until it almost vanished completely; it was now nestled in her surprisingly tight pussy. Vanessa zipped her up and went to the table again.

“Are you trying to make a salad in her or something? Let me down and I’ll stick some things up your holes and see how much you like it.” Emma spat, watching her from around her suspended leg.
“I have to do this, you know that. He’s watching us.”
“Fuck you; you could let us all go. He’s not here to stop you, is he?”
She was right, but she wanted the money he had promised her. “I can’t do that. He’d just find you and hurt us more.”
“At least we’d have a chance! Don’t be a dumb shit. Quit torturing us and let us go, now!”

Emma had to be next, Vanessa decided. She walked over and grabbed a blue drawer from her column. “Blow her up – Use the blue balloon and pump in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen: 20 pumps minimum.”

Vanessa took the empty balloon and hand pump and brought them to Emma. She cursed and struggled, knowing what was coming. Vanessa applied lubricant to the deflated balloon and the unwilling participant. She slid it into her butt and connected the pump. She pressed the plunger, again and again. Emma thrashed and pleaded for her to stop, but she continued without care. Her stomach started to bulge slightly, then more, then more. At 15 she looked visibly pregnant. She wailed after each of the last five pumps, they became progressively harder with each press.

“Fuck you, you crazy fucking whore!” Emma blurted out, groaning. Vanessa, pressed the plunger in slowly and firmly.
Vanessa grinned smugly, “Want to try for 22?”
“Suck a dick!”

Shaking her head, Vanessa pressed in the pump again, slowly. Emma cried out as her belly stretched more. Then, suddenly, Emma felt it pop inside of her. She felt the air rush through her, feeling suddenly empty. She stared at the floor, shocked at the void feeling in her midsection. The feeling was awful, she felt full of air, but like something was missing. She felt the air moving down and she started releasing it; she tried to stop, but failed. She felt a piece of the balloon get stuck at the opening holding the air in. Panicking, she pushed harder and it flew out, air rushing from her once again. It was incredibly humiliating.

Vanessa had to laugh as she farted uncontrollably. She let her expel the air as she drew a blue drawer for Maggie. “4 more enemas, then remove her mask and force her to drink two cups of water.” She removed the plug and started administering the enemas. The first two went in relatively smoothly, but the third was a struggle. The fourth wouldn’t go in no matter how hard she tried; the water merely ran down her leg. She knew that she was too full now. She sighed and decided that she’d have to take the last one for her.

She plugged Maggie, refilling the syringe she brought it up to her backside. She pressed the tip into her ass – the water rushed in. It felt good and bad at the same time. She would read her punishment in a moment, she decided. She got two cups of cold water from the kitchen and brought them out. She sat them down and started removing the masquerade mask. Her brown hair fell out as she slid the mask off. Vanessa gasped in horror. Laura squinted and a tear rolled down her face.

Vanessa quickly went over and undid the mask on the first victim – it was Maggie. Her anger had been misplaced this whole time. This was awful – she liked Laura, she had always been friendly to her. But, it was done now, she conceded. Walking back to Laura in the third spot, she picked up a cup, inviting her to drink. She was able to lift her head, but still she had to drink slowly as not to choke as she lied on her back. “I’m sorry, Laura, I didn’t mean to be so rough with you.”

“It’s okay, I’m all right. Just finish this!”
Vanessa nodded once, then again quickly. She walked over to find the paper underneath the drawers.

“Your first punishment” the rest of it was hidden by a slip of paper taped over it. Five punishments were listed in total. She removed the first paper. “Put on your special suit, which is hanging in the shower.”
Sliding back the shower curtain revealed a vinyl dress. She undressed and put it on, tightening the four straps behind her: two near the top of her back and two on her upper thighs. The dress was normal from the front, but the back was open, except for the straps. It was made so her butt would be completely exposed if she bent forward. She also put on a pair of vinyl boots; they came up just below her knees and had 3-inch heels. She felt slutty, but didn’t really care at this point, there were worse things that note could have said.

One more blue drawer to go; she chose one for who she now knew was Maggie. “One apple in one of her lower holes.” Vanessa wondered what the other blue drawer might say, maybe she had chosen the worst of the two or maybe they were both bad. The thought hadn’t crossed her mind until now. She let curiosity get the better of her. At worst, she’d be able to punish Maggie a little more, and she deserved it. She opened the other blue drawer under number one. “The blue double dildo in her ass.” She walked over and looked at the items from the box she had emptied earlier. She found the double dildo, which was still in the package. ‘18 inches long, and 1 inch thick; made of soft jelly vinyl, this elegant dildo teaches you that sharing is always more fun. Smooth sides and rounded heads make sure that it slides in with ease.’ She rolled her eyes and ripped open the packaging.

She brought a small apple, which was only a little larger than the lemon from earlier, and the blue dildo over to Maggie, who looked very strained. “See, this is what I felt like when you forced shit in me!” Vanessa felt no pity as she unzipped Maggie’s pants and pressed a lubricated apple against the lime, forcing them both deeper into her bowels. They only barely fit, and she held them in place with her finger as Maggie jerked and screamed for her to stop. She brought the lubricated dildo up and pressed it in, forcing the fruit even deeper. It went in, with some force, about two inches until it didn’t go further. She pulled it out a little and pressed again, this time she felt it slide past, pushing the fruit aside, and go deeper. About eight inches went in until it stopped again. She brought some out and pressed it in, again and again, but it wouldn’t go further.

Fuck, I don’t want that in me. I already have water in my ass, I don’t think I could handle all of that. She thought of any way to get around this. She had an idea – she pulled the little table with the drawers over, just beside Maggie. She remembered that things needed to stay in for the rest of the game. So, she decided to take the rest of the dildo that didn’t fit. She only hoped she wouldn’t be asked to move in the last three drawers. She bent forward and made sure that she put an excessive amount of lubricant on herself so it would go in with ease; she didn’t mind things going in her butt normally, but after last night she hurt down there. She backed up and guided the dildo into her ass. It glided in with no pain whatsoever. She stepped back and pushed it in, more and more, until their butts were touching. She reached back, spread her cheeks, and grabbed Maggie’s hips, pressing their butts together.

“Like that? You enjoy having shit shoved deep into your ass?” Vanessa moaned slightly. She enjoyed the feeling as the dildo snaked deeper into her. “You little bitch, you’re pushing it into me, aren’t you?” Vanessa smirked, still holding Maggie’s hips as she bent forward, not resisting at all. “Oh, fuck.” She was dripping with excitement. She was about to cum as the dildo was pushed deeper. Suddenly she felt something large pressing against her ass. Before she could react, the apple popped into her. It had been so well lubricated that it went right in. The lime dropped to the floor.

Vanessa leapt forward, grabbing her butt. “Ow! Oh my fucking god! That hurt so fucking bad!” She wailed, holding it all in. “You bitch!” She walked around for a moment , covering her butt. It took a long while until the pain subsided. She cursed over and over. She tried to push, but the apple didn’t come out easily. She knew that it would hurt more as it came out, so she decided to keep it in for now.

Eventually she walked to Maggie, reinserted the lime, and zipped her pants back up. “Just for that, you can go first on the last one!” This is so weird – my butt it so full! It was a strange sensation. Just then she realized that she’d have to read a punishment now. Well, technically two, but maybe she could get by… No, he is watching, I don’t want to give him any excuse not to pay me. I’ll follow the rules. I just hope they didn’t involve putting any more things in my ass.

“Your second punishment, wear the vibrator underneath the table.” She felt the underside of the table and found a small pink bullet vibrator taped there. She smiled and placed it inside herself, just below her clitoris. It had a cord that led to a battery box, but there wasn’t a switch. She put the box in one of her dress straps, along with the excess cord.

“Your third punishment, go next door and ask for some sugar.” Her heart sank, she couldn’t believe how far she had gone, but now this would be farther than she wanted to go. But, I need that money so, so much. I’ve already gone this far… She wanted to go to the bathroom so badly now; instead, she let the feeling subside and went outside. It was still light out, so she had to hurry and be careful which way she turned. She chose the closest house of the two. She trotted down the steps, along the sidewalk, and backed up to the neighbor’s door. She rang the doorbell and when she heard someone approaching from inside she spun around. She couldn’t help exposing her backside to a passing car.

A boy answered the door – his eyes lit up as realized who it was. It was the 14 year old boy from last night. The vibrator started abruptly. “I-uh, can I borrow… I mean, can I have some sugar?” He smiled and yelled backwards, “I’m going outside for a bit, dad!” He closed the door and pulled her hand. She had to watch her steps while wearing the heels. He turned back, pulling her hand, and noticed her exposed butt. He giggled and led her into the alley, finding a secluded spot. He started groping her. She felt the vibrator turn on, she shook and leaned forward, she sank to her knees. She glanced back to notice him undoing his pants. His penis stood fully erect, about four inches long.

“Wait… w-wait.” She gave a weak shooing motion, but he was already entering. He slid into her ass in his excitement, but stopped as he hit the apple. She yelped, causing him to draw out. He looked confused for a moment before trying again, this time he went in the front. He had to feel the vibrator. Just as he went in she felt him start to release. She couldn’t fight back orgasm either, enjoying his pulses, filling her up. The vibrator stopped as he lay on top of her, still mounted. Her butt hurt so much more now and she couldn’t help but cry a little as she pushed him off of her. “Go, get out of here now!” She tried not to scream, but she couldn’t suppress it any longer.

They startled boy pulled up his pants and rushed back inside. She took a moment before standing – feeling his sperm running down her thigh. She made her way back into the house with the other victims and cleaned herself up. Once she calmed down she opened Maggie’s red drawer. The drawer had a small padlock as well as the note: “Lock her zippers, keep her arms bound, and let her down.” Vanessa secured the lock on Maggie’s dual zippered pants and started untying her legs. Maggie stumbled when her legs were free, falling flat on her butt. She grimaced and gasped; the motion must have pressed the fruits deeper. Vanessa raised a finger. “Don’t try to run or I’ll jam more shit into you, got it?” Maggie nodded, looking pained.

She thought that was surprisingly easy for the final drawer. Just then the thought struck her – it’s April Fool’s Day. What if this was all an elaborate joke. Maybe there was no money and he was going to trap me at the end of all of this. Maybe she had been tormenting them and herself for nothing. She dismissed the thought, that couldn’t be true. If it was the case then he’d be here doing it himself. She pulled another drawer for Laura, leaving Emma for last. “Give her an air enema then unbind her.”

She removed Laura’s butt plug again, slowly. She drew back the plunger on the glass syringe, drawing in a large amount of air. She put the tip in and forced it in. Her belly grumbled. She moved her hips, trying for release, but found none as Vanessa pressed the plug in once more. “Oh, oh, oh my god.” Her pussy glistened. “Please, touch me.” She whispered. “Vanessa, please touch me!” She pleaded as she squirmed.

Vanessa blew on the moist lips to tease her, but orgasm took her suddenly; she watched her victim quiver. She smiled and undid her ropes and helped her to sit upright. She breathed heavily as she sat, looking ragged. “Same goes for you, don’t try anything.” Laura nodded.

The final drawer – she desperately wanted to go to the bathroom and get the objects out of her, but she had to finish this. She reached for the drawer, but heard something in the hallway. She looked up to see a masked figure standing in the doorway – she screamed. She bolted for the back door, but it was locked. The vibrator clicked on, distracting her. She tried to unlock it, but he grasped her arm and spun her around. He wore a blank white masquerade mask. He had brown eyes, which seemed sad. She struggled as he handcuffed her hands behind her. Once he finished he held her shoulders firmly in place.

Once she stopped thrashing he held up the key for her to see. He brought it down and pushed it into her moist privates. He took out a pair of leather, zippered boyshorts, and slid them up her legs. Now she had to keep the apple and dildo in as well as the key. Thinking about it, it seemed like the dildo had gone in further than she remembered. The shorts fit underneath the dress, barely showing past the bottom. She had no idea how she would get it out without help – that was the intention, she expected.

He pulled a blank envelope from his other pocket and slid it in the side of the shorts. “Payment. Go Home.” He unlocked the door and pushed her outside. She heard the lock behind her as she stood, scantily clad in an alleyway with an apple and an 18 inch dildo stuffed up her ass and a vibrator in her pussy. She heard a noise and noticed the boy from before was standing by a garbage can. He stood surprised and unsure of what he should do. It was starting to get dark now. “Hey, sorry about before, could you help me, please.”

The boy approached cautiously. “Sure, I guess. S-sorry about before, whatever I did. You’re just so pretty and I thought…” He trailed off, looking at his feet.

“Look, I don’t care, I just need help. I forgive you, just come here.” He looked up, smiled a little, and came closer. “Okay, slide my pants down.” She paused, realizing she didn’t want to explain an apple and a dildo that may shoot out of her behind. “Wait, actually, just unzip the front part.” He reached up and slid the zipper down, exposing her wet pussy, which had a vibrator quivering inside. He unbuttoned his pants. “No! Reach in there and find the key for these.” She motioned to her cuffs. He hesitated. He’s not stupid. “I’ll let you fuck me if you do.” He smiled awkwardly and slipped a finger in her. He felt around before pressing farther. He bumped it, pushing it deeper, “Uhh, careful! Don’t push it in more!” She snapped at him.

“Sorry!” He put another finger in and felt around. He put them in as far as they would go, up to his knuckles. He slowly nudged the key down. It hurt and felt good. She unintentionally clenched and the key popped out onto the ground, as well as the vibrator. She closed her legs and moaned.
He pointed at the vibrator, “Want this back in?”
“N-no, throw that away!”
He smiled and tossed it to the side of the alley, it stopped.
“Okay, unlock these, hurry!”
“Who did this to you?”
“I-I did it, just unlock these!”

He looked confused and then he smiled. “No, you lay down. I get to… fuck you.” He giggled. She sighed, unable to get out without his help, she complied. She slowly sat down on the cement and found a way to lie down which allowed her hands to prop her hips up. He had his pants around his ankles already. He put her legs on his shoulders. He pressed his dick against her privates, missing many times before finally making his way in. He pushed in as far as he could. He drew back, almost coming out before going back in a little deeper.

“Now, don’t cum in me, I’m not-“ She stopped mid-sentence, feeling his cock pulsing in her. “Oh my fucking god, you did already. didn’t you?”
He collapsed onto her, hugging her tightly as he spent his seed. “I’m sorry, it felt so good. It’s so tight.”
“Get the fuck off of me!”
He slowly stood and pulled his pants up. He unlocked the handcuffs.
She stood up carefully, feeling weak and worn. She desperately wanted the objects out of her, but didn’t want to make more of a spectacle than she already had. She zipped the front of her pants and remembered her clothes were still inside – she had to get them to get her car keys. She started around to the front of the house, the boy was just staring. She paused, “what’s your name?”

“I’m Billy… Can we do this again?”
“Look, Billy, this was a one-time thing, just go home and don’t tell anyone. Consider this night my little gift.” I hope he didn’t leave me with a ‘little gift.’
He cast his eyes to the ground. “What’s your name?”
“I’m… Vanessa.” He nodded, still staring at the ground. “Go home!” She snapped.
He nodded quickly and walked away. Once he went inside she continued to the front door and turned the knob. She eased the door open and stepped in. She made her way to the main room. Emma was still secured in the middle of the room and Laura was sitting in the corner, her stomach still bulging. The bathroom door was closed – Maggie and the masked Man must be in there, along with her clothes.

Laura noticed her and whispered loudly. “What are you doing back here? You’re going to get in trouble!” She stood carefully, using the wall for support. “Get out of here before he comes out!” Emma watched the exchange silently.
“I need my keys to leave.”
“Just walk – get out of here while you can!”
She debated leaving, but then she heard him say something through the closed door as the toilet flushed. Vanessa slipped around the corner and waited. She heard the door open and then he called for Laura. She heard the rustling of clothes before the door shut again. She peeked around the corner to see Maggie standing in the middle of the room, her arms still bound and her pants locked again. Vanessa’s pants were laying on the ground beside her. She grabbed them and found her keys in the pocket. She tugged on Maggie’s shoulder. Maggie followed mechanically.
“Wait, you can’t leave us here!” Emma said in something above a whisper.
“I don’t have a choice, if I let you down then he’ll know I came back and your mom will still be here.”
“We can fight him, let me down and we can end this shit!”

Vanessa heard them talking through the door. She decided that any more hesitation could get them caught again. She tugged Maggie around the corner and out the door. They walked quickly to her car, hoping no one was watching two partially dressed girls running across the street in the darkness. She opened the door and helped Maggie in, noticing her expression contort as she sat. She went around and got in the driver’s seat, tossing her clothes in the back. She didn’t look back.
“What did he do to you in the bathroom?”
She stared at the floor, arms still bound behind her. “Water. He knew you’d take me.”
That meant she still had the lemon and lime in her as well. “What a sicko!”
Maggie burst into tears, “I can’t believe you did that to us, you could have stopped and let us go!”
“If I did then it would have been worse, and now you know how I felt after you did it to me last night!”
She continued to sob. “I-I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too. We’ll figure out what to do after we get this stuff out of us.”
They were silent for the rest of the drive. Both gasping and grunting when they drove over bumps and holes.

They rushed into her apartment building. They were more cautious inside, peeking around each corner before going further. They made their way upstairs with only a quick, confused glance by someone she didn’t recognize. They got inside and locked the door. She untied the binders on Maggie’s arms. Then she came to Maggie’s pants, she had forgotten about the lock. The zippers were thicker than normal as well. The pants were also locked at the top too.
Maggie noticed as well. “What the fuck are we going to do? Get these off!” She whined, tears welling in her eyes again.

“It’s okay, we’ll figure something out.” Vanessa undid her corset as she thought. She didn’t think scissors would cut through the vinyl and she didn’t have anything bigger. “I’m going to go to the bathroom and think; when I come back out we can go get something to cut that off, okay?”
“No, get this off of me first!”
“I can’t! I can’t even think clearly with this shit in my ass!”
“How do you think I feel? You’re keeping it in by choice, I’m not!”
Vanessa slapped her. “I am only able to do this because you forced me to keep eggs in my ass last night. I don’t want strange things in my ass, but I couldn’t really let it out in public, could I? Quit whining and wait just a little longer!”
Maggie sighed and nodded.

Vanessa stripped off the vinyl clothes. She sat down and pushed. After a few tries she felt the apple pop out, it didn’t feel as small as she had remembered it being. After the pain subsided she pushed again, feeling the dildo slide out slowly. She stood up and pulled it out the rest of the way. She felt so much better now, she felt much weaker as well. She cleaned the bathroom and then herself before she put her clothes on and went back to the living room.

Maggie was lying on the couch with tears in her eyes, waiting. Vanessa went next door and asked her neighbor for his toolbox. She had to assure him that she wanted to do this herself, as he usually helped her with any fix-it job around their place. After some small talk she came back and opened it up next to the couch. She found a pair of wire cutters, and after some maneuvering, they eventually broke the zippers. Maggie leapt up and ran to the bathroom as fast as she could manage.

Vanessa figured they could cut the pants the rest of the way when she came back out. She reached into the side of her pants and brought out the thick envelope she had avoided until now. She found a note and four smaller bundles of 100 dollar bills, packed neatly.
“I was going to say ‘April Fool’s’ and give you nothing, but I decided I wanted to use you again. I guess that’s the surprise. See you soon!”



Maggie sat up, forgetting for a moment where she was. She had been so irritated at her mother when she had left, but now she was just sad. She remembered calling her mother many names before that door closed behind her. They had argued a lot since her father had died a year ago. Her mom and sister fought constantly before Emma had moved out. Now Maggie seemed to be going down the same path – she didn’t like that idea one bit.

She sat for a moment, remembering; Emma had been driving that night when they had gotten into the wreck. Their father, Carl, had been in the passenger seat, and Maggie was in the back. It was a terrible thing, but it wasn’t Emma’s fault. From that day on, Emma lashed out at Laura and their brother had moved away as well. Maggie wouldn’t be like that; she still lived with her mother and tried to calm her, hoping that if she found someone else then maybe she’d be happier. That is a long shot now.

She decided that dwelling on it wasn’t going to help. She got off of the couch and walked out to the kitchen. Vanessa was eating some sort of healthy cereal. “Feeling better?” Vanessa let her stay here when she needed. She had trouble with her parents as well; she had been kicked out when she turned 19, so she understood how Maggie felt.
“Yeah, mind if I stay here for a few days?”
“Sure, make yourself at home. I work at 9, is all.”

Maggie nodded and grabbed some cereal as well. She didn’t like this kind, it always upset her stomach, but Vanessa was always one to eat healthfully. Vanessa wasn’t very talkative, but it was a comfortable silence. She left for work, leaving Maggie to her thoughts. Maggie realized she had forgotten her phone at home, but liked the time to think. It took her the weekend before she decided to return home.

She called her sister and talked for a while. Emma kept asking her how she felt and how she was doing, but she didn’t want to talk about it anymore with her. She was so distant after she had moved away, and Maggie wasn’t in a mood to spell things out for her. Emma told her that she understood and she’d talk when she’s ready. And the distance continues to grow.

The next night she talked to her mother. Laura seemed different, but they both acted like nothing had happened – that was the routine after fighting. They both kept their distance, arguing sporadically. Her mom would disappear for a while sometimes, but Maggie was self sufficient. Things went on that way for a couple of months until Easter came around. They didn’t celebrate as a family anymore, so she had planned to come over to Vanessa’s on Easter Sunday.

They watched television and ate. At about 6:00 Maggie got a text message.
“Maggie, I have your mother, she is safe. Come to 892 Stafford Street in three hours. It is a blue house, knock three times. Bring Vanessa and don’t call the police, this is your only warning.”

There was a picture as well – it showed her mother’s face, crying with a gloved hand around her throat. She gasped and dropped her phone. Vanessa walked over and read the message. They sat for a moment, staring at one another.
“Should we call the police?”
“No! They’re going to hurt her!”
“I know, she’s a bitch, but I don’t want her hurt!”
Vanessa nodded, pausing, “How did they know my name?”
“I don’t know, maybe they’ve been watching us.”

They both looked around nervously. Maggie started crying and Vanessa comforted her. They talked about what to do for a long while. They decided that they shouldn’t call the police yet. They chose to risk it; Vanessa brought her pepper spray and a small knife for protection. They drove to the address and knocked. Her phone chimed: “Go inside, it’s unlocked. Throw your clothes into the fire.”

They entered – there was a fire-pit sitting just inside and around a corner. She showed Vanessa the message. She scoffed, “I’m not about to get naked for this pervert.”
“Please, he’s going to hurt my mom if we don’t!”
“I think this is a stupid risk, we should get out of here and call the police.”
The phone made a noise: “You better do as I say or I’m going to put a knife into her many, many times.”

Maggie handed her the phone, crying, and started to take her clothes off. Vanessa read it, and after some convincing, she did the same. They put their clothes into the fire. They made their way into the next room. There was a latex costume, a piece of paper, and two cartons of eggs on the floor. Another message came.
“Maggie: put the harnesses on Vanessa, instructions are beside them.”
Vanessa looked at the paper and then handed it to Maggie. “I’m not doing this.”
“Please, I’m begging you; I won’t let anything bad happen to you. He probably is just watching us until he gets off and then will let her go.”
“That sounds like wishful thinking.”

Vanessa sighed. She picked up the harnesses and started slipping them on. Maggie directed her, telling her how each piece fit on. Maggie also helped her tighten the straps and adjust them so they didn’t hurt so much. It was a complicated setup and it took a few tries, but eventually they finished. She had latex around each thigh, with a strap that ran down to her feet. She had two odd fitting latex shoes which made her rest on the front of her feet. They were wide and long enough which allowed her to balance in this position. There were also two straps that ran from her thighs up to her neck and a small rod that held her legs apart. This kept her in a crouching position. Her arms were bound behind her with a laced latex sleeve, which left them completely immobile. She also had a latex bra and underwear, the latter had a hole cut in them to expose part of her butt.

The final part of the instructions led Maggie to a small pouch sitting in the corner of the room, which they both had overlooked before. She took out the contents: A headband with bunny ears attached to it, a muzzle with a tiny fake nose and whiskers, and a butt plug with a cotton tail glued to it. Vanessa’s eyes widened. “I am not putting that shit on. I’m done, untie me.” She began struggling and leaned forward, resting on her knees. The bindings held, though, and she didn’t come close to getting loose.

“I’m sorry, I have to.” Maggie sighed and held Vanessa’s cheeks as she put the muzzle on her. Vanessa looked so sad as she watched Maggie, her friend, being manipulated into causing such humiliation. Maggie looked up, nearly crying, “I’m so sorry.”

She put the rabbit ears onto Vanessa and then picked up the egg containers. She set them near Vanessa and opened them. They were all colored and decorated. One box was only half full, with a bottle of lubricant in the empty half of the container. She picked up the bottle and put some on her fingertip. “Vanessa, I have to do this… For my mom.” Vanessa tried to walk, but only succeeded in falling forward onto her knees. With her butt sticking into the air, Maggie reached out and spread her cheeks. She inserted her wet finger through the hole in her garments and into her ass. Vanessa tensed up at first; once she relaxed Maggie put another finger in and held them in place. She poured some lube over an egg and then withdrew her fingers. She brought the egg up to the opening.
“Please, they’re hard boiled and this sicko wants me to do this. I will owe you more than I can ever repay you.”

Vanessa shook her head quickly and mumbled beneath her muzzle, but Maggie ignored her and continued. She pressed the egg against her butthole. It slipped aside twice. On the third try it popped in and Vanessa squealed and wiggled. Maggie poured lube over the rest of the eggs in the half carton. She picked them up one at a time and began inserting them. Some of them slipped to the side a few times before finally going in. Others went in smoothly, as if her ass was gobbling them up. Vanessa writhed and contested each one, trying to break free, but she was completely helpless.

After the fifth one it took some force to push them in. The sixth was difficult, but she managed to shove it in. She was finished with the first carton, now the second one. She lubricated the eggs and rubbed Vanessa’s back. “We’re a third of the way there, only twelve more.” Vanessa didn’t seem to like that; she built up some momentum and clumsily rolled onto her back. Two damp eggs shot out onto the floor in quick succession. Maggie frowned and brought the egg carton closer to Vanessa. Her butt was raised high into the air, giving Maggie a good view.

She picked up the two that had come out and scooted up to her helpless friend. She popped the slippery eggs back in with a fair amount of effort. Using her fingers to push the eggs deeper helped, and then she began inserting the eggs from the new carton. Vanessa squirmed and gave muffled screams with the next three eggs that went in. The fourth and fifth eggs took some force. Maggie pressed them in with her palm and had to hold them in until she had the next egg ready. She got two more in before she had to reach in with her finger and rearrange them. She fit two more and then had to reach in again; space was very limited now.
“Only three more, you can do it!”

Her eyes widened; Vanessa tilted her head back and shook her butt. Her frustration was evident, but Maggie had come this far, she had to finish now. She made sure the last eggs were very moist before she inserted them. Each one causing Vanessa to shake her hips and make muffled noises. She started crying, which Maggie had never seen before. Now she felt much worse than she already had. She became teary eyed as well, but knew that she had to finish this. She pressed the last one in and pressed it deeper with her index finger.

Maggie reached for the butt plug, her finger still holding the eggs in. The plug was a ball with a small neck leading to a flat base where the tail was glued on; the ball was around two inches thick. She set it on the carpet, lubricated it, and then raised it. “This will hurt, but it will hurt more if you fight it. Just let it in!” Vanessa looked horrified, shaking her head slowly – she thrashed and struggled. Maggie countered her and, when she had an opportunity, she withdrew her finger and pressed the plug into place. She hit the mark the first time, perhaps with a little too much force; it went all the way in.

Vanessa wailed behind the muzzle; she rolled, trying to get away from the pain, and somehow managed to roll forward onto Maggie. She straddled her naked friend, pressing the restraining rod between her legs against Maggie’s stomach. The cotton tail on the butt plug tickled her as it rested above her vagina. Each movement tickled her down there, but she couldn’t reach around Vanessa’s open legs. Vanessa’s agony turned to contempt as she noticed her friend laughing at her. She pressed the bar harder and Maggie groaned in pain and then laughed again when she leaned back slightly.

Maggie built up enough strength and pushed Vanessa back. As she balanced herself, Maggie scrambled backwards to free herself. She laid there for a moment. Vanessa started hopping closer. Across the room Maggie’s phone chimed. “Stop, we’re done now!” Maggie cried out. Vanessa stopped and Maggie stood up to retrieve her phone.
“Good girl! Go to the back door and get the collar that’s hanging nearby. There are also some clothes for you. Get dressed and bring your bunny to the park. I’m watching.”

Maggie got the leash and found her ‘clothes,’ which consisted of a latex bra, latex boyshorts, and knee high latex boots. She put them on and practiced walking in the boots for a moment. She slid her phone into the side of her pants and brought the collar back to Vanessa, who was weeping softly. She looked up with sad eyes and then lowered her head again, shaking it disapprovingly. Maggie walked over and fixed the collar around her neck. She tugged the leash to check it.

“He said we’re almost done, we just have to make it to the park. It’s only a block away.”
Vanessa shook her head quickly and knelt forward. Maggie pulled on the leash which tugged at Vanessa’s neck. She pulled again, harder this time, which made her gag and lean a little bit.
“I’m not going to untie you until we’re done! Now follow me, now! My mom might die if you don’t and if that happens then I will leave you here like this!” She walked over and nudged Vanessa’s new tail. She recoiled, leaning back too far, and fell backwards. Maggie saw the plug move out slightly, but thanks to the tight shorts, it still held in place. She walked over and looked down at Vanessa; her eyes were clenched. She opened them and stared back scornfully.
“Come on, will you cooperate? We’ve come this far, you just have to do a little bit more.”

Vanessa’s eyes showed her anger, but she nodded once. Maggie helped her up. She walked to the back door, opening it and checking for passersby. Once she saw it was clear she motioned and Vanessa hopped outside, grumbling. Her discomfort was plain – the eggs must be moving around with each hop. She found a rhythm, though, and she was able to hop in pace with Maggie. Maggie stayed ahead and checked corners, watching for any cars or pedestrians. After about five minutes they arrived at the end of the alley. They had to cross the street to get to the park. Maggie scanned the area and noticed a few kids playing at the other end of the park and a few cars coming down the road.

They sat and waited until the cars passed and it seemed clear. Maggie gave a tug and started walking. Vanessa hopped along as fast as she could. She almost lost her balance a few times, but luckily she didn’t. They made it to the other side as a car pulled around a corner and drove right by them. They tried to hurry, but the motorist saw them and honked twice. There was no cover and the kids at the other end turned to watch them. Maggie and Vanessa made their way to an unlit portion of the park and noticed the three adolescents heading in their direction. Another text message came:
“Remove the plug now. After she gets most of them out you can come back to the house. Your award will be waiting. Don’t mind the spectators.”
The boys ran up, two of them were about 6 or 7 and the oldest one was around 14.
“What the heck is that?” The rest of them yelled similar questions.
“Th-this… This is the Easter bunny.”

The oldest one kept his distance, but the other two came up and felt the ears and patted Vanessa’s shoulder length hair. One circled behind her and rubbed her tail. The older boy stepped closer without a word. Her touched her hair and then grabbed her butt. Vanessa jerked and then hopped forward. She looked up to Maggie, pleading with her eyes, but Maggie ignored her and walked behind her. The boy in front of her patted her head as he watched her.
“Why is she out here?” The young boy with brown hair asked as he fluffed her tail.
“She has to lay some eggs, want to see?” Vanessa leapt forward. Maggie tugged on her leash which stopped her from jumping again. She walked over and, kneeling down, pulled on the plug. It didn’t come out at first, but the second jerk made a popping sound and sent it to lie in the grass. Vanessa hopped again and again, dropping eggs with each jump. Farting and crying, more and more came out. They were surprisingly clean – probably due to her healthy diet.

The kids gasped and she noticed the 14 year old had a bulge in his pants. The younger kids started grabbing the eggs and the older one just sat, staring. Vanessa hopped a few more times, laying colorful eggs in front of the kids. Maggie knew this was so incredibly wrong, but at least there weren’t other witnesses. Hopefully they were almost done. Once Vanessa was mostly empty she stopped hopping frantically and seemed to relax a little. Maggie counted 12 of the 18 eggs on the ground; the rest would work themselves out eventually. It was time to leave.

“Okay, say goodbye to the Easter Bunny!” The kids smiled and patted her again, snatching up as many eggs as they could carry. The older boy walked over and rubbed her back, trying to hide the fact that he was undoing her bra. He dropped the façade after a moment and made no attempt to hide what he attempted. The bra fell to the ground; her exposed nipples were instantly erect in the cool night. The boy grabbed them and looked at Vanessa’s eyes. Maggie grabbed the piece of latex from the ground, as well as the plug, and nudged the boy back. “Come on, stop that, we have to go now.” Vanessa jumped away quickly. “Go home now, and make sure you wash your hands… and those eggs! Don’t tell your parents!”

They crossed the street again without issue. They made their way back down the alley. Vanessa had to stop twice to lay eggs. Only two remained in her now.

“That was fucked up. I don’t know what they’re going to tell their parents. I bet the older one will have a messed up fantasy about rabbits, though.” Maggie looked down at Vanessa, hopping slowly. “I’m so sorry, you must be getting tired. We’re almost back.”

They went inside, and closed the door. Maggie flipped the lights on. She heard Vanessa mumble something; she turned just in time to see a gun pointed at her face. Her mother held it, teary eyed. “I’m sorry, he’s forcing me – put these on.” She handed her a pair of handcuffs.

Maggie was bewildered. She put them on, barely able to speak. “Wh-why?”
She sniffled, “he’s not letting us go yet and he’s been watching us.” Laura undid Vanessa’s bindings. “He wants you too.”

“Let me go to the bathroom.” She rubbed her legs and stretched out slowly. Laura nodded and she walked stiffly to the bathroom.
Laura waited until she returned to continue. “Maggie and I have to do something else, but he wanted me to give this to you.” She handed Vanessa an envelope. “He said he won’t hurt us, and wanted me to stress that you can’t call the police. !f you do as the envelope says then you’ll be free and we will be free shortly after. He has been straightforward; he has treated me well so far.”
“What the fuck are you talking about? Look what he did to her!” Maggie pleaded.
“You did this, bitch.” Vanessa snapped back.
“I had to!”
“Stop! I mean, he has some sick fantasies, but he doesn’t really hurt any of us.”
Maggie was confused. “What has he done to you? And wait, has he done something to Emma or Aaron?”
“I don’t want to say, but it’s not anything too bad.”
Maggie sighed and they continued arguing. Vanessa opened the envelope and started reading.
A message came to Laura’s phone. She stopped talking long enough to read it. “We have to go now.”
“Wait, we can’t go out like this.” Maggie motioned to her leather clothes.
“You were already outside like that, we don’t have a choice. And Vanessa is staying to do whatever he wrote. Please, just trust me and we will be fine.”
“Fine.” Maggie looked back to her friend before grabbing her purse and following her mother out the door. She wondered what sort of sick things would happen next.

Valentine’s Day


The sun was just starting to set as Aaron made his way to home from work. He pulled up, gathered his papers, and started inside, planning to spend a quiet evening watching movies. He had been depressed lately that he didn’t have a significant other, especially tonight. He unlocked the door and set his keys and papers on the counter. He took off his coat and made his way to the living room. As he walked down the hall he noticed the light was on. He came in to see his mother sitting on the couch, looking somber and staring at the floor.

“Laura, to what do I owe this surprise?”
She sniffled. “He told me to come get you.” She turned on her phone and held it up.

“Hi, Laura – Emma followed instructions, but she didn’t finish in time. So, now for Valentine’s Day I have something else planned. Bring Aaron to 892 Stafford Street. It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s worth it: if you do as I say then I won’t harm Maggie.”

Aaron was plainly confused; Laura explained what had happened to Emma – how she had been forced to insert a doll into her to simulate a pregnancy. How she had to run across town, naked and carrying it inside her, evading the police. Aaron didn’t like his sister one bit, but he was very upset none the less.
“That is fucking sick. Is she okay now? Is this the same guy who’s texting you now? Have you called the police?”

Laura shook her head. “I can’t call the police or he’ll hurt Maggie. Emma is fine now and it is the same guy. Just come with me and we’ll finish this.” She paused, “Please, for your sister!”

He nodded and went to change. They decided to take her car. They were silent for a spell before Aaron finally chimed in. He shook his head. “I just don’t understand, why is he doing this to you? Do you know someone who would want to hurt you?”
“No, I can’t think of anyone. I think he is just playing with us. He promised he wouldn’t hurt us.”
“And you believe him? I bet Emma is pretty far from hurt after that whole ordeal.”
“I do believe him. He meant he wouldn’t physically hurt us. I really think if we just do as he says then he’ll leave us alone.”
“I think we should call the police.”
“No, he’ll hurt Maggie!”
“I thought you just said he wouldn’t.”
“He will if we don’t do as he says. He was very clear on that.”
“How do you know so much? It sounds like you’ve been around him a lot.” She didn’t respond. “What aren’t you telling me, mom?”
“He held me captive to convince Emma to carry that doll around. It’s just like he’s doing with Maggie now.”
“Well, that means we certainly can’t trust him. He only let you go to capture her.”
“It’s not like that. He gave Emma a time limit and she took too long. He was up front about that!”
“It sounds like you’re on his side. What has he done to you?”
“No, of course not! He just does what he says; he’s not unreasonable.”
“Just a little fucked in the head.”

Laura breathed deeply and started to cry. “I-I just want my daughter to be okay. I don’t care what he does to me. Just do whatever he asks, for her sake, please!”

She looked up, tears welling up in her eyes; She always knew how to guilt him. “Fine, I’ll do it, but be careful. We can’t trust this man.”

After some more small talk, they arrived at the address. He knocked when they reached the door. The door was unlocked. Inside he found the light switch and flipped it as they walked in. There was a fire-pit sitting in the hallway; it had been cleaned recently, he noted. Laura looked at her phone. “He says to go upstairs, first room on the right.” Aaron followed her; they came to a room with a queen sized bed and two nightstands with four candles on each. She took a lighter lying next to them and lit each candle. She looked at her phone again and held it out so he could read it.

“Take off your clothes and show him what I made you wear. After that he has to strip down too.”
He looked at her, expressionless, and handed her phone back to her. “Mom, don’t…”
“I have to!” She sat the phone on the nightstand and started unbuttoning her blouse. Aaron tried to look away, but he couldn’t help but steal glances. She removed her shirt and exposed black lingerie underneath; it held her c-cup breasts proudly. The lingerie was lacey and the thicker design just barely hid her nipples. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to expose the rest of her undergarments. The lingerie came down to her hips and had frills on the bottom. She also wore lace panties that hid her privates just enough to let his imagination run wild. A garter belt held up two thigh high stockings.

He found himself unable to look away. She was almost forty, but her skin looked so soft and delicate. Her eyes were a deep chestnut. Her hair was a lighter shade of brown that trailed about halfway down her back. Her lips were soft and full. He wanted so badly to kiss her, but this was his mother; that thought had passed his mind before and he knew that was a terrible idea. He watched as she took two silk gloves from her pant pocket and slipped them on, they came up just below her elbows. She smiled and blushed, suddenly self-conscious, “Your turn.”

He smiled and looked away to hide it. He slid his shirt over his head. He noticed she was watching hungrily as he unbuttoned his pants. He slid them down and stepped out of them and then removed his socks. His underwear was bulging, and when he could delay no longer, he removed his boxers. His penis sprang out and hanged rigidly. Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes widened for a moment. “You’ve grown quite a bit down there.”

He smirked again. “How would you know?”
“I saw it when you were younger and I thought it was big then.”
“Oh.” He remembered, she had brought him towels before. That is, until he started getting aroused at random times when she was around. He would even sneak peeks into the bathroom, trying to see her naked. But, he finally decided that he shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing. It was his mother, after all.

He stopped his errant thought as he noticed his mother eyeing him. He felt his face get warm and he looked to his feet and he covered himself. She reached and used a finger to push his chin up. “It’s okay. You can look at me too. I… To be honest I’ve had this fantasy before. I hope you don’t think less of me for that.” She looked down in shame.

“It’s okay, I did too, but this is so wrong! We can’t do this!”
“Yes we can, no one else will know.”
“He will know!”
“He just put us together because he knows how much we need one another. Do you have a girlfriend now?”
“Well, no, but I did…”

“I can teach you things! You’ll learn how to please a woman, just let me show you.” She reached out and stroked his member with her gloved hand. She kissed him lightly on the lips. He stepped back, breathing heavily.
“No, no, we really shouldn’t! Put your clothes back on.”
“We have to! He still has your sister! Please, Aaron!” She gave a pained glare and stomped her foot, which caused her breasts to bounce. He found the display incredibly arousing. Fighting this was pointless, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He reached back and grabbed her butt firmly. He pulled her close and kissed her. Their lips locked, her tongue rolled over his. He hid his shaft between her legs and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Laura spun him around and pushed him onto the bed. He watched as she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. She jumped onto the bed and straddled him. She leaned forward on one hand and used her other hand to guide him. She rubbed his member against her pussy a few times before he finally slid in. It was so wet and warm. He was large, and it took a moment before she could fully accept him inside her. He put his hands on her hips and she started rocking, pressing him as deep as it would go.

“Oh, wait, get off!” He spoke, but made no motion to move. She smiled and went faster. She moaned as he started shooting inside of her. “Fuck!” He couldn’t bring himself to push her off of him, so he just pressed in and held there.

“Damn you, I almost did!” She said with mock anger, breathing heavily. She leaned forward and kissed him, lying on top of him. “Well, I think I did a little when you came.”
“That was bad, really bad. What if you get pregnant?”
“I don’t think I will, it’s almost my time of the month. I’m pretty old too, so it’s very unlikely. You did finish quick, though.”
“Sorry, it’s been a while.”
“That’s okay. I love you. I loved feeling you pulsing in me. How come you don’t have a girlfriend?”
“It’s complicated; I can’t find one I really like.”
“You will. You’re such a good boy, and an excellent kisser.”

He looked over into her eyes and smiled. They kissed and she started moving her hips. He slowly pressed deeper as she moved her hips back and forth. It was so wet! It was also quite tight for a woman who had three children. He could only go so far in this position, so he slipped out and rolled her onto her back. He slipped around until he found the entrance. He slid in and carefully went as deep as he could go. He reached back and raised each leg and rested them on his shoulders. He pushed even farther as a moan escaped her lips. It felt even tighter at this angle.

He started a rhythm, pulling out to the tip and then going back in as far as he could. She grabbed his shoulder and held one of her legs. “Oh my god, fuck me harder please!” He went faster and she moaned with every stroke. “Oh, baby, I’m going to cum, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oooooh, Fuuuuuck!” Her pussy tightened even more as she orgasmed. That sent him over the edge again. He pounded her until he was ready; he buried it as deep as it would go and started unloading in her.

“That’s it, baby. Fill momma up. Oooh, fill me up.” He blushed and hid his face, still pulsing inside of her. She noticed and raised his head, looking him in the eyes. “it’s okay Aaron, we’ve both wanted this for a long time. We can enjoy it now. I loved feeling you squirting it in me. It’s so slippery down there.” He had never known his mother to talk like this – it surprised him.

“Well, it was really tight when you came.”
“Oh, yes, I couldn’t stop myself.” She tensed up down below and Aaron had to pull out. The sensation was too much for him.
“Oh… wow… how did you do that?”

She giggled, looking so mischievous. “I know a few things.” She sat forward; legs still spread wide, she took his shaft in her mouth. She swallowed the whole thing without any hesitation. He was still hard, but he had never done it three times in a row before. He wasn’t sure if he could last, but he was going to try. She used her tongue in ways that gave him amazing sensations. He moaned and twitched involuntarily at times. She brought the whole thing down her throat and rested her lips upon the base. This was something he never expected to see outside of porn movies.

She sucked as she withdrew it. “There, all clean, time to go again!”
“I don’t know if I can do it again so quick.”
“Of course you can, you’re still rock hard and I need to feel that monster in my ass!”

He couldn’t think of what to say to that. She directed him to sit on the edge of the bed. She walked over, knelt down, and deep throated him a few times before standing back up. She turned around and reached between her legs to guide him. She lowered herself onto her seat and he slid in easily. She stopped just after the tip got in.

She gasped. “My, you are a big boy aren’t you? Give me a second to catch my breath!” It felt amazing, it was better than anything he had felt before. He couldn’t resist – he lifted up a little, pushing deeper into her ass.

“Ow! You’re being naughty! Maybe you should go a little more!” He pulled her down and she moaned. She was a little over halfway down. “Ow, ow, I haven’t had anything in my ass for a long time… And you’re so big! Wait just a second.”

The feeling was astounding, he couldn’t resist; he pulled her down and thrusted upward, pressing all the way in. She grunted. “Ouch! You little shit.” She stood up and turned around, holding her butt. “I said wait!”

“I’m sorry, it just felt so good, I couldn’t stop!”
She grimaced. “It’s fine. Just be careful with that thing!”

She spun around and lowered herself onto him once again. After a miss he found the target and slid in. She gritted her teeth as she slid down on his shaft. It parted her slowly as she sank down to rest on his lap. She sat there, feeling discomfort mixed with pleasure. Her womanhood dripped with excitement as she slid forward and backward slightly, grinding him further in.

“Oh, keep going, I’m about to cum.” He whispered excitedly in her ear.
She immediately stood up, he gasped. She turned to see immense disappointment on his face.
“No, please! Don’t stop!” He tugged at her hips, trying to spin her around.
“Baby, just please don’t cum in my ass. I hate that feeling.”
“But, I really don’t want to pull out, it feels so good!”
“Well, just stick it in my pussy when you finish. I just don’t want you to fill my ass. Deal?”
“Doesn’t that cause infections?”
“ I cleaned myself out earlier, so it should be okay.”
“All right, if you say so. Let’s do it this way then.” He directed her to go onto her hands and knees. He went up and behind her and found his way in. He was in her ass, once again, and it felt wonderful. Holding her hips firmly, he moved her forward and backward at an increasing pace. It didn’t take long before he was pounding away. “Oh, here it comes!”

“Stick it in my pussy, baby!” He tried to hold it in as long as he could. He came out and quickly slipped back in the front. She jerked and cried out as he reentered her clumsily. He pressed and they both fell forward as he climaxed.

“Ow, ow, oh, shoot it in. Fuck yes.” She pressed her hips back. Oooh, I’m coming too!” She moaned; he felt her vagina contract around, pulling every drop out of him. She rolled over and they kissed. He lied down and she rested her head on his chest.
“I can’t believe we did that. Do you think he’ll let Maggie go now?”
“I do, and I enjoyed that.” His mother rubbed him up and down.
“I did too, but wasn’t that so incredibly wrong?”
“He won’t tell anyone, I won’t either. He just was trying to show us how to enjoy ourselves.”
“I don’t think Emma enjoyed herself.”
“Well, he was showing her how it felt to be carrying a child. She needs to settle down soon, you do too.” Aaron started to protest, but she hushed him. “I love you, baby.”
“I love you too, mom.”

They got dressed after that, and they both went home. Many days passed, Aaron tried to carry on life as usual, but his mind was tangled in everything that had happened. He knew it was wrong, but his mother had pleased him in ways he’d never known before. One night he came home from work and sat on the couch, mindlessly watching television. The phone rang, it was his mother.
“Mom! I have been thinking about you. I think we should do that again sometime.”
“Aaron, I love you. Now honey, don’t be scared… but, I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant.”

New Years Day


Emma stood up slowly, still groggy from last night’s festivities. The clock read 1:06pm. She stumbled into the bathroom. As she sat down she took out her phone and started reading her texts. Most were misspelled ‘happy new years,’ but one stood out and she read it twice before she could comprehend it.

“I have your mother and your sister; do as I say and they will be released: come to 892 Stafford Street. Go to the blue house and knock three times. Be there at 11:30 tonight. Do not call the police – this is your only warning.”

The text had come from her mother’s number. She gathered her wits and called her sister’s phone once, then again – no answer. That was very unusual. She got into the shower, trying to calm herself – it didn’t help. She took something for her headache and drove to her mother’s house. Her mom’s car was there, but her sister’s was gone. She knocked, but no one answered. She used her key and searched around for any clues. Everything seemed in order until she came to her mother’s room. There she saw two drawers pulled out – underwear and shirts in a mess on the floor. Now she knew this was real. She tried to think of what they might want from them. At least she was still alive, or so she hoped. It seemed very dangerous to go there alone, but the kidnapper would probably be watching her. She went over it many times, eventually deciding to risk it. She grabbed her mother’s pistol from the hiding place in her bedroom, and after some contemplation, headed out to the car.

Emma decided not to inform her brother, who lived about an hour’s drive away. They didn’t get along very well and frankly, she didn’t know his number. Hopefully this would go smoothly and they’d both be free tonight anyway. She could dream, at least.

She drove around the area and nothing caught her attention. Her sister’s car was nowhere to be found. She waited in front of the specified house until 11:20. She hid the pistol and warily approached the door; she knocked, another text message came.

“Open the door. Go inside and undress. Throw your clothes into the fire.”
She came inside and saw a small, well stoked firepit. It sat in the middle of a tiled floor. There was a hood that hanged above it for ventilation. The lack of furniture led her to believe this place was vacant.

She looked around for a moment before another message came. This one showed her mother’s face. Her hair was unkempt and she had been crying. The photo was too close to see her surroundings.
Emma gasped and started to take her clothes off. She hesitated when she came to her undergarments, but she knew it was pointless; so she stripped down, set her purse aside, and put her clothes in the fire. She watched them writhe in the flames and before long another message came.

“Good job. It’s New Years Day, so a new baby needs to be born. You’ll have instructions in the next room. I’m watching. :)”

She opened the door to the adjoining room, purse in hand; it had thick tan carpet and the walls were a similar shade of brown. There were two other closed doors. In the middle of the room there was a doll with no clothes and a folded up piece of paper beside it. The doll was unusual – she couldn’t help but touch it. It was about a foot tall and was made out of soft silicone. She unfolded the paper and read:
Hello, Emma,
I felt it would be wrong to use the real thing, but this will be your baby for the New Year. You need more in your life, so I want to give you the gift of motherhood. You will need to use the lubricant under the doll to make it easier to insert. With your lifestyle it shouldn’t be too difficult to fit it in there. Once it is in you will be free to leave and Laura and Maggie will be released shortly afterward. You have until midnight.

Now she understood: some deviant wanted to see his personal show at their expense. She looked at the clock on her phone – 11:41. She walked over and opened the other doors to adjoining rooms. Both were vacant and dark. There was a stairway in one, so she crept upstairs, clutching her gun in her purse. Upstairs she found two more empty rooms. Another message came:
“I’m not there. You’re just wasting time. Do as I asked or there will be consequences.”

She was a little shaky as she made her way back to the main room. She read the note again and checked her phone once more: 11:49. She had no choice. She sat on the carpet and took the jar of lubricant from under the doll. She rubbed a liberal amount on her vagina. One of her boyfriends had been rather well endowed, so she believed she wouldn’t have too much trouble fitting this in there. The doll seemed heavier than she had thought as she held it – like it had a weight inside. She coated the doll in lubricant as well and started to insert the head. She stopped and realized that should probably go in last, as it was the biggest part. Spinning it around, she began to insert the baby’s feet first. She squeezed them together with one hand and parted herself with the other.

As she inserted the tiny feet and legs it actually felt very nice. She tried to enjoy it as much as she could in the current situation. Maybe that would give her mom’s captors some release so they’d hopefully release them as well. She was also getting a little wet, which helped with the insertion. As she got to the dolls hips it became harder. She pressed a little more firmly – she felt a pop. There was a small amount of pain, but more than enough pleasure to make up for it. She gasped lightly. The baby doll was now waist deep in her loins. She caught her breath and pushed it deeper. She held its arms in and made her way up to its shoulders. Pushing harder again, it went deeper – up to the neck now. She moaned this time.

She was enjoying it at this point. She used her other hand to trace its way up her leg, across her stomach, and onto her breast. She tugged her nipple, breathing quickly. The head was the last part to put in: it was larger than a normal baby’s. She pushed hard and it didn’t go in. She pushed again, harder than before; slowly it started in, little by little, until finally it popped in. She shrieked in pain, closing her legs tightly and rolling to her side. It must have been bigger than she expected.

Her belly was bulging noticeably now. Once the pain passed she sat up. Just then another message came to her phone, which lay on the floor. “Too late, now you have to find a way home. Have fun! ;)”

It was 12:04, she had taken too long. She stood up; the baby inside her felt like it weighed about 10 pounds. It was a very odd sensation. It felt like it wanted to come out, but she didn’t have trouble holding it in at the moment. She was not looking forward to pushing it out after that last part, though. She picked up her purse and headed to the front door – then came a knock. She froze, startled and naked. She looked through the peephole: a police officer. He knocked again as he watched for movement behind the drawn shades.

She slowly backed away; she did not want to have to explain this situation. Once she felt she was far enough away from the window, she made her way to the back door. She unlocked it and headed into the alleyway. She peered around the side of the house and saw the patrol car was parked beside her car. There must be some place out of sight nearby. She heard his keys jangling. He was walking closer. She ducked back and after a moment she saw his flashlight coming from around the house. He was investigating the parameter. Her mother’s captors must have called them.

She jogged awkwardly to the other side of the building and saw a couple watching the police car from their living room. She would be spotted if she went onto the street and the officer was about to circle to this side of the house. She was trapped. Her only option was to try and hide. Emma pressed into a small crevice between the adjacent building and a dumpster. She held her breath as the officer walked by; his flashlight sweeping back and forth in front of him. He was just about to pass when the beam fell upon her.

“You, what are you doing out here? Where are your clothes?” He cautiously approached. “It’s okay, I can help you, just talk to me.” She stood, uncertain and exposed. After a moment she decided that nothing she could say would help. She took off running, her stomach bounced and bobbed with each footfall. The officer hesitated a moment before giving chase. “Stop, I only want to help!”

Emma kept running as fast as she could, but she turned her head and noticed he was gaining quickly. “No, please, leave me alone. It’s not what you think, please-” She stepped on a rock and jumped a few times before tumbling to the ground. Her hands hit first, followed by her distended belly. The impact moved the doll lower inside her – it was going to come out now. She rolled onto her back, resting on her elbows and spreading her legs. He came to a halt in front of her, shocked at the situation.

She gritted her teeth, and without a choice, she started pushing as hard as she could manage; she grunted and whined, but it didn’t seem to move. She knew the head was the largest part, but now she was concerned that it might have twisted inside of her while she had been running. She inhaled slowly and then pushed again. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, trying not to hold back. Still, nothing came out.

The officer finally snapped out of his confusion. He reached for his radio on his shoulder. He made contact with dispatch, called for an ambulance, and mentioned a few radio codes. “An ambulance will be here shortly. Just try to hold on until then.”

“No, please… pleeee-“ She started another push, she had to get this out of her before they brought her in. She flushed with embarrassment.

“Just wait, ma’am! I-I don’t know how too… Oh, god, I see it.” He shook his head as he knelt down. He looked terrified as he held his hands out. The head came out with the next push. The sensation was too much. She yelled and started to close her legs. A moment passed before she opened them back up and built up the strength to push again.

His face showed his confusion. “Why isn’t it crying? Oh no… I think-”

She pushed again, squealing loudly. The shoulders came out and the rest of the doll followed, falling onto the ground. She closed her legs and reached down, trying to rub the pain away. The officer stood up, looking perplexed. After a moment Emma stood up as well. She was shaky as she bent down and grabbed the doll. She noticed it was missing a leg. That must have come off inside her.

He shined his flashlight on the baby. “Is that a doll? What the hell?”
“Please, just… leave me alone. Let me go without telling anyone.”
He breathed deeply and then called dispatch on his radio again. He cancelled the ambulance. Emma sighed in relief, “thank you, sir. This was just something stupid I did…”

“I’m still going to have to bring you in for public indecency. You shouldn’t be out here with no clothes on, especially doing that.”
Another squad car pulled up with its lights on, but no siren. Red and blue flashed down the alley.

He took out his handcuffs and before he could get to her she decided to run. She sprinted away, holding the damp, single-legged baby doll as she ran. She felt the object inside of her, but she tried to ignore it. Her breasts bounced wildly, lacking restraint. He was running behind her, but he wasn’t able to keep up now. She turned a corner, then another, and after one more she had lost him. She stopped in another alleyway and spread herself, trying to get the leg out of her. After much frustration and some luck, she pulled it out and put it, as well as the doll, into a dumpster.

She realized now that she had forgotten her purse and phone. It wouldn’t have mattered, but her house keys were in there too. She slowly made her way back to Stafford Street. Still naked and weak, she tried to stay in the shadows and avoid any houses with open windows.

She finally got a view of the street, noticing that the first police car had left. Another squad car had pulled up to the other side, though. After waiting for a few minutes another officer came out of the house and drove the other car away. She sneaked inside through the back door and found her phone and purse. Her wallet sat open on her bag. He must have discovered it! Her gun was gone as well. She hoped nothing would come of it. She checked her phone, no messages. She made her way out the back door and ran to her car when she felt the coast was clear. She noticed the nosy neighbors had reappeared in the window and were watching her again. She got in, started her car, and sped off, hoping they didn’t get a good look at her license plate. She finally made it home feeling drained. She came to the door and searched for the keys in her purse when a beam of light fell upon her.

“Well, hello there. What have you been up to?” It was the second police officer. He walked down the sidewalk, stopping a few feet away.

She used one arm to cover her breasts and her other hand to cover her lower region. “I-I- Look, this was just a big-“ She trailed off, trying to look as pitiful and scared as she could manage.
“Oh, it’s fine, Arnie already told me about what happened, I just wanted your side. I’m not going to bring you in.”
“Oh thank god! I was forced to put that stupid thing in-“ She stopped herself, remembering he had said not to tell the police. “I mean, my boyfriend had me do that. Now he’s my ex-boyfriend, since he stole my clothes too.”
“Oh my, what’s his name?”
“I… don’t want him to get in trouble, just let it go, please.”
“Suit yourself, I’m Mike.” He held out his hand. After a moment he realized her predicament again; he lowered his hand, smiling. “Sorry.”

She couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh. “I’m Emma. I’m going inside now. Thank you, Mike.” She sounded so drained.
“Of course, I just wanted to check on you. Here’s my personal number, and make sure you don’t do something like this again.” He tilted his head and gave her a jokingly stern look.
She took the paper. “Definitely, thank you very much.” She went inside, took a long, warm shower, and fell into bed. Her phone rang just after she lied down. She answered it.

“Hi, sweetie! I’m okay. He hasn’t done anything to me. He’s been very nice to me, actually.”
“Thank god!” Her relief turned to suspicion. “Are you sure, he sounds like a pervert?”
“Oh, he’s not! He’s been very nice and I’ve just been relaxing. He said that he’s here to help us all.”
“I don’t believe that, mother! Do you know what he had me do?”
“No, what was it?”
“I-I can’t say now. It was just bad – trust me, he’s a sicko.”
“Oh please, Emma, Don’t ruin this. He’s a nice man! He let Maggie go.”
“Maggie? Is she okay?”
“Yes, she’s fine too.”
“When is he going to let you go?”
“I don’t know, but I kind of like him.”

They started to argue: Emma knew that her captor was just pampering her so she didn’t try to escape. After many obscenities were exchanged, Laura hung up. Emma couldn’t do much, so she decided to get some rest. Her sister was free and that was the most important part. She hoped, though, in spite of how much she disliked her mother, that she was okay.