Laura, was tending to the children when the door opened. Maggie walked in first; her rosy-red cheeks accented her wonderful smile. Her shirt was tight over her pronounced baby bump and engorged breasts. “Hi, mom.” Aaron and Emma came out of the kitchen to investigate.

“Hi, baby. Did you pick up Vanessa?”

Maggie nodded as she led her friend around the corner. Emma gasped and a smile spread across Laura’s face. Vanessa had been skinny before, but that had changed. She had doubled in size – her once hourglass figure now had rolls of fat. Her pregnant belly was enormous, sagging below her waistline. Her thighs were almost as wide as Maggie’s small hips. Her breasts had gone from high-end B-cups to what appeared to be DD-cups. The high-waist black dress she wore was struggling to hold in her curves. Her face showed the most change; it had been pointed before, now it was round with two extra chins. Her forced smile turned to tears. “I knew I shouldn’t come out. I’m a fucking whale!”

“No, no, it’s okay.” Maggie rubbed her back, sending Emma a venomous stare.

“Oh, I’m sorry; it’s just quite a change. I don’t think you’re that big.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me. I know I’m huge.” She wept uncontrollably. Maggie helped her to the sofa, setting her down slowly. The couch creaked under her weight. “I gained 130 pounds since that fucking kid got me pregnant!” She wiped her eyes. “I can’t fucking do this.”

Maggie sat next to her, comforting her. “It’s okay, we’ll help you, I promise.” She changed the topic, looking to Laura. “How has it been going with your new man?”

“Mike saw me last week. Actually, I was going to save the announcement, but… I’m pregnant again!”

Aaron forced a smile.

Maggie grinned. “Congratulations. I don’t see how the hell we are going to support all of these little bastards.”

“Maggie Ann, don’t you call your-” she hesitated uncertain which of their titles to use. “Don’t call your brothers and sisters names!

“Sorry, sorry. How are we going to, though?”

“I have a plan, but that is for later. Right now we need to get food ready and later we get to open presents!” She bounced one of the babies up and down on her lap, making a face at her.

Aaron prepared the food, while Laura and Emma tended to the children. “I have something to show you, Emma.” She silently agreed and followed her mother upstairs. “I showed this to Aaron and eventually I’ll show it to Maggie, but now it’s your turn. She opened a laptop, then a folder, and then a video. It showed an Emma holding the doll she had used on New Year’s Eve. She watched the video of her inserting it into herself – it looked like she had been really enjoying it until the head went in. She screamed and rolled in pain.

“Will brith actually hurt that much?” Emma rubbed her pregnant belly.

Laura smiled, “It will hurt, but that doll was going the wrong direction. So, it shouldn’t hurt that much.”

Laura closed that video and opened another. This one showed the alleyway behind the house; you could see Maggie leading a slender Vanessa on a leash. Vanessa hopped along, restricted by her bondage suit. Laura laughed quietly, “This was the first one I planned, actually.”

“Planned?” Emma gave a confused look. “I thought you didn’t remember what your split personality did.”

Laura tensed, “Uh, no, I mean my other half… That’s all.”

Emma almost accepted the answer, but then realization struck. “Oh my god, you planned them all, didn’t you?”

“No, I…”

“Tell me the truth!”

Laura shook her head, about to continue to deny it, but she stopped herself. “Please don’t tell the others, at least not yet.”

“What the fuck! Tell me!”

“I was depressed and lonely, and I knew that you and Aaron would never come back in a normal situation. So, I decided to plan this.” She motioned to the computer. “I figured out scenarios to draw you all back and have some fun too. I knew you and Aaron always were on the edge of love and I also wanted more children… I knew Vanessa was a total prude, but I had no idea it would lead to her gaining so much weight and giving up like she did!”

“You are fucking sick!”

“I’m sorry. It started small and grew into such a crazy scheme. I only wanted us to be a family again. My plan is that we can get a place out of town and raise our family away from all of this judgment. Your father left me enough money where we will always live comfortably. He didn’t want to spoil you all so he left it to me. Please, don’t tell them that it was me or they will all hate me. I’ll do whatever you want!” Laura pleaded.

“What about me? Don’t you care what I think of you, you bitch?”

“Emma, of course I do! I love you and I only hoped you’d enjoy these scenarios like I did! When your father was around he had his fun, but he truly loved me.”

“Ugh, gross! You’re sick.” Emma scoffed in disgust, turning to leave. “I’ll keep quiet for now, but this conversation isn’t over.” She is crazy, but she truly thinks she’s helping us. I should expose the truth, but that will just drive us all apart again. The damage is done, I guess, and we won’t be able to support these kids without each other and her money. It bothered her, but she knew she had to keep quiet. Conniving bitch! She gave her mother a harsh stare before heading downstairs.

Meanwhile Maggie and Vanessa talked in the adjacent room. “It all went to shit after that little fucker had his way with me. I just can’t take this anymore.” Vanessa pleaded.

“Don’t talk like that. This is just a rough phase in your life; we will help you get through it, I swear.”

“I don’t want help from your insane mother! She’s the one that did this to me.”

Maggie regretted telling her about her mother’s split personality. “She couldn’t help it! And you took the money, didn’t you?”

Vanessa nodded slowly. “I had no idea it would lead to this…”

“Quit blaming her, just move on! We can help you, but you have to accept the it!”

“Maybe I don’t want help!”

“You do, or else you wouldn’t have come here. Please, just try to think positive and after today I will help you lose some weight and care for your babies. Your life isn’t over, don’t give up.”

Vanessa knew that was the best option. She had no hopes of raising twins on her own. Maggie had always been a good friend and she looked cute with her baby belly. Vanessa had given up and that was her fault alone – she had quit for the first time in her adult life. I need to get back on my feet. I need to be strong! “Okay.”

Emma and Laura came down the stairs. Emma stopped abruptly next to Vanessa, “I’m sorry this happened to you, but I promise to be there for you no matter what. I’m sorry for the bad things I said to you in April. You’re a good person. I’m just saying that… I’m here for you.” She smiled warmly.

“O-Okay.” Vanessa was caught off guard. “Thank you, that means a lot.”

Laura motioned them to the kitchen. They assisted Aaron, finishing the last touches on dinner. They ate and fed the kids. Then they moved into the living room; Emma and Maggie helped Vanessa to the couch. They chatted for some time until Maggie broached the topic: “It’s time for presents, right?”

“Yeah, there are gifts for everyone.” Laura walked to the Christmas tree in the corner of the room and handed out the presents. “So, let’s go one at a time. Vanessa goes first.” All of the packages were wrapped with only the recipient’s name upon it. She opened the box to reveal a ribbed, inflatable enema butt-plug. She looked to Laura, nervous and confused.

“You want to lose weight, right? A high-volume enema will help get the bad stuff out of you.”

“I don’t know; does that actually work?”

“Of course.” Laura disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes. The sound of running water could be heard as they waited. She returned with a bucket filled with warm water and a enema pump. She attached it to Vanessa’s new inflatable plug, holding it up as she put some lube on it. “Time to give it a test.”

“No. I’m not going to do that with everyone watching.” She said emphatically.

“You have to, we’re being watched.”

“Fuck that! I’m not going to do that!”

“Vanessa,” Maggie stepped in, “we’re all trying to help you and this is just a start. We promise we will help you lose weight.”

“Doing this is fine; I just won’t do it in front of all of you!”

“We are all learning to be open around each other. We’re a family and can’t help if you’re not willing.”

“You’re just doing this to mess with me! You’re not my family. Why the fuck would you want to see a hideously fat pregnant woman get filled with water? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tears rolled down her plump cheeks. Maggie rubbed her shoulder.

Laura was apologetic. “Vanessa, we really want to help. It will be easier to do out here where we can all help you and the bathroom is too small for you anyway. You don’t have to strip down, lust take off your panties and we’ll fill you up. After that we will help you in there. We did this to you, let us fix it.”

Vanessa wiped her eyes. “No, you didn’t do it. You didn’t have control.”

“I think you look pretty good, actually.” Emma smiled.

“Oh, stop.” Vanessa fought a smile, “I just… Okay, okay I’ll do it.”

Laura continued to hold the nozzle as Aaron stood Vanessa upright. Laura slid out of her panties, lifted her dress, and worked the nozzle into her backside; once it was nestled they sat her down once again. “Here goes.” Laura began with slow and complete pumps. Vanessa breathed heavily, forcing a smile for Maggie’s benefit.

“You can go ahead and open yours Maggie-kins.” Laura continued filling Vanessa.

Maggie tore the wrapping and opened the box. Inside she found latex panties with a buttplug attached. Also there was a foot-long pink dildo. A note was beneath them: you decide who gets them. Maggie smirked, looking immediately to Aaron. He went white. “Just kidding, I know you’d be too much of a pussy anyway.” She turned her gaze to Laura. “Up for the challenge?”

She nodded. Maggie brought the dildo up to Laura’s mouth and once she opened, she jammed it down her throat. She face-fucked her mother, this causing her to gag repeatedly as she pumped it in and out of her throat violently. After the dildo was moistened she ordered her mom to remove her pants. Maggie bent her partially nude mother over the couch, allowing Laura to continue pumping water into Vanessa. Maggie spread her mother’s cheeks and pressed the tip into her ass.

“Wrong hole, baby.”

Maggie chuckled. “No it’s not. Just take it.” She pressed it deeper and deeper. Laura moaned as the slippery dildo prodded its way farther. After a few minutes, and a lot of maneuvering, it was all the way inside. “See, I knew you could do it – now to keep it in.” Maggie unboxed the plug-panties. She slid them up her mother’s legs and inserted the buttplug with some gentle effort. They fit snugly, accentuating Laura’s supple posterior.

Laura sighed loudly as she pumped the last of the water into a grunting, pained Vanessa; her belly was distended even more than before. At Laura’s word, Aaron struggled to lift Vanessa, and once she was standing Laura pressed the small clip on the nozzle. This kept the water in her as she removed the hose and placed it into the nearly empty bucket. “Just hold it in for a couple of minutes.”

“God, it hurts so much. I don’t know if I can.” She rubbed her cramping belly. “Is this good for the babies?”

Laura fixed Vanessa’s dress. “They’ll be fine, just keep it in.” Laura was visibly struggling with her own burden. “Your turn, honey,” she looked to Aaron.

Aaron opened the small box and read the note aloud, “You get to fuck Maggie in the ass.”

“What? I don’t want to do that!”

“Come on, honey. We all get to have our fun.”

“Mom… Come on.” Laura glared at her. “Fine.” Aaron dropped his pants. Maggie knelt down and licked his dick, letting him go all the way down her throat a few times. She could tell he enjoyed that feeling. Maggie arose, slid her panties off, and flipped her knee-length pink dress up as she bent over the arm of the sofa. She held her ass open and he spit on it. “Be careful,” she asked.

“You’ve got to be tough!” He pressed it in, hitting the mark with the first try. He pressed slowly and firmly. She squealed, letting go of her cheeks, trying to push him back with her hands. She tried to lift herself away, but he was slightly above her, so she had no place to move. He stopped when he was halfway in. She whimpered as they waited, motionless. Once she calmed down he pressed in again. She slapped his hips, but Aaron held her in place. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“No, no, stop!”

Once he was all the way in she jerked, tightening upon him. The feeling was amazing, he thought. He didn’t move, trying to prolong this a little more… Then a knock came. She tensed again, trying to stand. “Stop,” she yelled. The knocking was louder this time. “Open up!” A man’s voice commanded from outside. In a panic to clean up, he spun around and sat upon the sofa. Luckily he was long enough to stay in her as he sat. She squeaked. The motion nearly caused him to pop out before going all the way back in. He reached down and slid his pants up before using her dress to cover their situation.

Vanessa sat next to them, sweating and breathing heavily.

Laura put her pants on and picked up one of the babies before sitting down. “Who is that?”

Emma, who was still holding one of the girls, stood and walked to the doorway. “Just a minute!” She waited for everyone to get situated before opening the door. Billy, the neighbor boy, stood outside with his father. His dad looked furious, resting his hand upon Billy’s shoulder.

“Hello, what can we do for you?”

He seemed to lose some of his anger upon seeing the child. “I, uh, is Vanessa here?”

Emma was confused, “Um, yes, what is this regarding?”

“Well, mind if we come in?” Emma tried to explain that they were busy, but he insisted. Emma knew it was a bad idea, but had no other option.

Greg followed Billy into the front room. The babies were making a lot of noise, and two of the women were trying to calm them.  “Hi, I’m Greg, sorry to bother them.” They’re baby machines! They must be trying to get a reality show with all of these kids… and they’re still going.

“I’m Emma.” She smiled nervously, introducing everyone. The pregnant girl sitting on her brother’s lap looked flushed. Emma then pointed to the large, scared looking woman poured onto the couch. “And this is Vanessa.” Billy’s eyes grew twice as large, Greg noticed.

“Maybe we should talk in private?” He looked to the encumbered woman.

“No, no, it’s fine. They can stay.” Vanessa rushed.

“Well, I… after some heated questioning I found out that my son was trying to sneak out of the house to come over here. Did you invite him over here?”

“No, but he’s welcome.”

“Well, the thing is that he got a text message.” He took the phone out of his pocket and read aloud. “Come next door, we can-” He hesitated, unable to say the word fuck in front of them, in case he was wrong. “Come next door and we can ’do it.’ He told me it was from you.”

Vanessa looked terrified. “I didn’t send that!” She quickly became red-faced, sweating bullets.

“Vanessa, don’t lie.” Laura gave the pleading girl a stern glare. “I’m sorry, Greg, my daughter has been through a lot recently. She won’t bother him again.”

He noticed the two quiet siblings on the couch moving slowly. Maggie had her hands upon her knees as she sat squarely in his lap. Aaron gripped the tops of her legs firmly. He snorted, tensing up and clenching his eyes closed. Maggie’s grin spread mischievously.

Are those two having sex right in front of them? He noticed her panties around her ankle. Didn’t Emma  say they were brother and sister? He turned to Billy, “you’re not allowed over here anymore, end of discussion.” He led him outside.

The door closed and Maggie got off of her brother, his now limp penis popped out of her soiled butthole. She kicked her panties away and, along with Emma, helped Vanessa to stand. Just then they noticed Greg standing in the doorway. He stood staring at Vanessa’s exposed, plugged backside. Maggie tugged her dress down, attempting to cover her. Aaron quickly pulled his pants up.

Eventually Greg broke the awkward silence. “What the fuck?”

“We can explain.” Emma spoke hurriedly.

He pointed to Maggie. “You’re fucking your brother and she had… something in her ass that whole time!

Laura chimed in, “it’s a long story; let me explain before doing anything rash.”

“No, I’m calling the cops!”

“Don’t do that. Vanessa is pregnant.”

“So?” There was a moment of silence before the expression of anger switched to horror. “You had him here before?”

“Once. He forced himself upon her.”

“My god.”

“It’s a long story; I’ll explain the whole thing in the kitchen if you want me to.”

Laura arose carefully. He nodded and followed, still in shock.

She couldn’t wait any longer; Vanessa’s belly made all sorts of loud gurgling sounds as she hurried to the bathroom. Maggie wiped herself off while Emma and Aaron tended to the children. All of them waited quietly for the outcome of conversation transpiring in the next room.

Sometime later Laura came out with Greg following. He was grinning like an idiot. “See you later.” He looked to the rest of them, his grin melting away. “See you guys.”

He left and they looked to her expectantly. Vanessa was still in the bathroom. Laura smiled, “let me say that we don’t need Mike anymore.”

“Hah, slut.” Maggie laughed.

“Would you rather he had gone to the cops?”

Maggie nodded thoughtfully. “So, you fucked him and he decided to leave us alone?”

“I convinced him that I only wanted more children. I explained my mental troubles and assured him that I don’t need support and I am open to a lot of things. That said, I also said that he could date me.” Aaron scowled. “I also convinced him that Vanessa and Billy could be together and that she’s just going through a rough patch right now. He was adamant that Billy should be with her to support their child, one way or the other. He seems like a gentleman.”

“Right, so, what now?” Emma asked.

“We see where this goes. In the meantime, I think it’s time for the big gift. Wait here and I’ll get it ready.” She walked upstairs, but Aaron followed her.

“Mom. I thought you said we would-”

She shushed him, “Honey, you have Emma. We can fool around on occasion, but she loves you so much and you two deserve to be happy together. You love her, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but I love you too.”

“I know, but I should be with someone closer to my age. Please understand.” He agreed sadly. “Sorry, baby. Go back downstairs for now, wait for the surprise!”

Vanessa had rejoined them while they waited for Laura’s surprise. They explained what had happened, but said nothing of the plan for her and Billy to come together. She complained about the enema she had endured; she looked drained, but she smiled as she talked about how hard it had been to hold it in.

Laura came down wearing a black and red lace corset with matching thigh-high stockings and gloves. Between her legs hanged a black 8 inch strap-on dildo, it bounced between her thighs as she descended the stairs. Her breasts poured over the top of the ensemble. Smirking, she asked Emma to open the back door.

Emma raised an eyebrow, but did as she was asked. She opened the door to see Billy waiting there. She led him to the living room.

“I snuck out; he thinks I’m locked in my room.” His pants had an obvious bulge.

“Okay, everyone take off their clothes.” Laura looked around at all of her uncertain guests. After questioning glances to one another they began removing articles of clothing.

“We shouldn’t be doing this in front of the children. And what if Greg finds out that Billy came back?”

“Vanessa, it’s worth the risk. Its Christmas time, we should celebrate. As for the kids, we can bring their cribs to the kitchen.” Aaron, who was already naked, moved them while the rest of them stripped.

Everyone was naked except Vanessa. Laura came over smiling, “It’s okay; we love you and want you to be part of this.”

“What if I don’t want to be part of this?”

“You have to be. We’ll be here for you, but you have to be here for us.” She turned to the now naked Billy. “He came back for you, Vanessa. We are all here for you.”

Vanessa sniffled, nodding. “But I’m hideous!”

“No you’re not! If you want to be thin again then we will help, but we think you’re beautiful no matter what. We love you, not your body. Everyone is here because they are part of this family.”

Vanessa sobbed. It took some time before she calmed down. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Laura helped her stand, sliding Vanessa’s dress up and over her head; this exposing her large, firm belly and her enormous breasts. She looked very well proportioned without her tight dress on. She must have been too stubborn to buy the right size. Her skin was astoundingly soft and smooth, inviting her to touch. Laura hugged her before stepping back, motioning Billy closer. He wasted no time in cupping her breasts, trying in vain to keep their girth in his hands. Vanessa forced a smile as he fondled her.

“But, it’s Christmas and today we get a chance to enjoy everyone.” She invited her siblings to join. “I’m so glad you all love and trust me enough to do this. Vanessa, may I?”

Vanessa sniffled as she agreed. Laura lubricated her tool and rubbed it between Vanessa’s thighs. It required some maneuvering before she found her way into Vanessa’s loins. They stood, Laura gripping her lover’s rump tightly. Vanessa resting her large arms upon Laura’s shoulders as she thrusted her hips back and forth. It had been so long since Vanessa had experienced sex and now she couldn’t fight her enjoyment. She moaned softly, Laura pulling her closer.

Laura watched as Billy came up behind the unaware Vanessa. He lubricated his dick before pulling one of her cheeks aside. Vanessa’s eyes snapped open. Laura smiled as she watched her expression change. It was obvious it hurt, but she made no complaint as he put his hands on opposite sides of her hips, pressing deeper; he was now standing on his tiptoes to press as far as he could.

Emma was watching from the couch as Aaron scooted in beside her, separating her legs and pressing his erection into her expecting mound. Emma looked into Laura’s eyes as he began to fuck her slowly. She clenched her eyes as he pressed in to the hilt. She gripped him tightly, wrapping her leg around him. He moved slightly above her and began pumping.

Laura looked back to see Maggie sitting in a chair, looking disinterested. Laura looked back to Vanessa, who looked wounded as she slid the strap-on out carefully. She walked over and knelt in front of the chair, holding her large, damp toy. Maggie cocked her head, keeping her legs closed. “Come on, Maggie-kins. Let me fuck you a little. Please, for momma?”

Maggie sighed, smiling slightly and spreading her legs wide. Laura nudged closer, finding her opening. She pressed it in, watching Maggie tense up a few times before giving her the go-ahead to continue. Laura enjoyed the feeling as the toy pressed against her tender region. She glanced over her shoulder to see Billy still ramming the now bent over chubby girl. Emma and Aaron were still intertwined on the sofa.

Laura smiled to Emma, “So much love, this is wonderful.” Emma smiled back as Aaron grunted loudly, pressing his seed into her. Laura turned back to her encounter; Maggie pressed onto her, enjoying it as well. They pressed in time with each other and eventually they both found orgasm. Laura kissed her daughter sensually. Maggie reached around to grab her mother’s butt. She squeezed the latex, “You still have it in, don’t you?” Laura nodded, beaming wearily to her daughter.

Laura slipped the dildo out as she stood. She walked to the couple in the center of the room. “Still going at it? I’m impressed.”

Billy was focused, “I’m not in there very far.”

“Well, let me help with that.” Laura guided Vanessa’s mouth onto her soiled device. Vanessa’s lips parted and she began with light strokes. “How does Maggie taste?”

She made a muffled response. Laura pressed in a little more gently and then, without warning, thrust it. Vanessa gagged, trying to pull away, but she was too weak. Billy grunted in approval, “It got so tight!” Laura smirked as she thrust again and again, fighting with Vanessa as the large dildo found its way farther down her throat. “You able to get in there a little more now?”

“Fuck yes!”

Vanessa made a squeak in between her gagging sounds. Laura pulled back, allowing her to catch her breath before pressing faster and harder than before. Vanessa tried to back up, pressing all her weight against Billy. Laura watched as he squeezed her flabby hips tighter. He groaned as he emptied his load into her ass. He slumped onto her and Laura let the strap-on slide out of her mouth. Her victim breathed heavily, coughing. Saliva dripped to the floor.

Now Laura could finish her plan. She walked around and whispered something into Billy’s ear. “Is-is that okay? Can I really?”

Laura nodded, grinning. “Why do you think I had you hold it? Trust me.”

Vanessa could barely stand. She used her hands to steady herself. She felt sick after that wicked bitch had throat-fucked her. She spit onto the floor. That kid came in my ass! God this is humiliating. She doesn’t want to help me! She is just fucking using me! I can’t do a fucking thing about it, either. Vanessa felt bitter.

She had to wait until Billy moved before she could stand. Then she felt warmth – something warm in her ass. Is he still cumming? It felt like an enema… Then she knew what it was. “Oh my god! Are you peeing in me?”

“She said it was okay.” He held her hips, keeping her in place as he filled her. Vanessa was frozen in shock. “Stop, please!”

“Almost done. Just hold it in.” God, he’s still going. How long had he been holding it? She could feel his penis move as he squeezed out the last of it. Her belly sloshed as she shifted her weight. I don’t know how long I can hold it! He rubbed her back before stepping back. As he slid out she struggled to keep it in. “Thanks for taking that for me.”

“Why the fuck would you do that to me?” She sank to her knees, still rigidly holding it in. “Help me get to the bathroom!”

Laura smiled. “You gave him relief.” She looked to Aaron, who had been watching the whole exchange. “You might as well go in her too – save yourself a trip.”

“No, it’s too much!” She pleaded, holding her large, hanging belly.

He ignored her protests; he knelt behind her and pressed his larger, erect penis into her asshole. She covered her mouth, feeling sick. He pushed in all the way, overwhelming her with discomfort. The nauseas feeling passed, as he moved in and out. She looked back to him, “Just… just go in me, don’t move so much.”

“I can’t help it, I am about to come.” He didn’t take much longer. She could feel him pulsing in her backside. He rested for a moment before he started filling her with another warm fluid. She was too weak to fight. She stayed in place as he emptied his bladder into her bowels. He didn’t have as much as Billy had, but she had taken so much that she felt like she might burst at any moment. He pressed in and pulled out, nearly to the tip.

“Hold on, just getting the last few drops.” He wiggled it with his hand while it was still in her before he pulled it out. “Thanks, that was fun.”

A stunned Maggie sat in the chair in front of her. Vanessa beckoned her closer. She slowly stood with Aaron and Maggie’s help, cursing as she shuffled into the bathroom. Her fully belly sloshing with each step – it was an immensely unpleasant feeling. They just used me as a toilet. How the fuck can I ever get their help now. She thought as she sat, emptying herself. This was her plan all along. She fucking beat me. That crazy bitch beat me with her goddamn split personality. I am just their plaything. She sighed. Well, I doubt it could ever get any worse than this… Can it? She noticed Laura, who was smiling knowingly beyond the open door. Welcome to the fucking family.



He knew he would never rest well, knowing his life could be ruined at any moment. Mike knocked on the door. Aaron greeted him suspiciously. “I know I said I would leave you alone, but it is bothering me and I just want answers.” Aaron nodded and invited him into the living room.

Laura sat nursing two children; Emma breastfed one as well, while another was sleeping soundly in his crib. They made no attempt to cover themselves as he entered. Laura and Aaron both look drained from caring for the children. Emma was beaming at the suckling child she held.

“Is this a good time?” It was the day before Thanksgiving.
“Sure – as good as any. Have a seat.”
“I figured out who Carl was – he was your husband that passed away a few years ago.”
Laura looked up, nodding. Aaron interrupted, “Mind if we talk in the other room, Mike?”
Laura stopped them. “No, it’s okay. I’m trying to understand it too.” She paused to gather her thoughts. “My husband died in a terrible car accident.” She shook her head, “I was devastated, I felt so alone during that time. My kids were grieving and I didn’t really have any other friends to talk to openly, so I decided to try to do something to take my mind off of the whole thing. I went to a special singles club every few nights. I was trying to connect with someone as I had connected with Carl. I didn’t find much there other than people looking only for sex. I went along with it, but it never fulfilled me as it should.”

She breathed deeply before continuing. “Carl and I had enjoyed playing out unique fantasies. Carl loved the mental satisfaction as much as the physical satisfaction. I tried to find someone who felt the same way, but I never could find someone that truly loved me at that place. I… got pregnant twice during those two years, but both of the fathers didn’t stay. When I told them they both went back to their normal lives, regretful of the life we had created. I had no other choice, so I put them up for adoption. During this time I became even more depressed, but I had a small shred of hope. When Aaron and Emma decided they couldn’t live at home anymore I couldn’t blame them, but I was still upset. I lashed out as they left, and that was one of the worst mistakes of my life.” Emma nodded sadly as she continued. “After secretly having two children that I had to send away and having my other two children move away I couldn’t cope anymore. That’s when I created Carl.”

Aaron started to interrupt, but Laura held up her hand. “I have been setting up all of these strange scenarios on the holidays and I didn’t even know it. Aaron explained that I had been doing things without even recalling what I had just done. I thought I was sleeping a lot more in the days leading to these holidays, but I guess Carl had been trying to show my kids this lifestyle too. One night I seduced Aaron, feeling persuaded by Carl. I guess in hindsight it was a subconscious test to see if he’d leave like the others had.”

Mike processed for a moment, “I see. You didn’t list the father’s names for those children.”
“I’m not going to tell you their names. They supported me in other ways; that is all I will say about them.”
Mike scoffed, looking to Emma. “After what has happened to you so far, why are you going along with this?”
Emma smiled sadly, “I don’t have another choice. This is my family and they will help me.”
“Who is the father?”
Emma was caught off guard. “It… It’s Aaron.”
“So he got you pregnant, your mother too, and you aren’t the least bit upset? Just think, she’s the one that convinced you to put that doll in yourself to begin with.”
“I… forgive them. I love my brother.”
“You’re being manipulated! Don’t you know that incest will cause your kid to be messed up? It’s a miracle that these four don’t have problems. Well, maybe they will later in life.”
Emma looked to Aaron nervously. “You’re just saying that, they’ll be fine.”
Aaron started to say something, but Mike continued. “That’s why it’s illegal for closely related families to have incest. They will have a higher risk for unseen defects at different stages of life. And if this goes on for another generation then it will be even worse. I could have you all arrested!”

Aaron broke in, “Don’t judge us for being with the people we love! We still have those photos!”
Mike nodded, “That is why I am here. I don’t like having those photos floating around. I could have you arrested, but I won’t. I have an idea to make us both happy.”
“Go on.”
“I want you to delete those photos, all of them, in front of me. I know there might be copies you’re not telling me about, but if I believe you then I will ignore what you are doing and no one will be the wiser.”
“So, you want us to give up our only bartering chip and trust that you won’t turn us in? Definitely no.”
“I have an idea.” Laura chimed, “How about you give us children and then we’ll delete the photos. You say we shouldn’t have children together, so help us instead. Then we both can go fully on trust.”
“No! You could just say I raped you and then they could do a DNA test to figure out that I am the father.”
“Well, you could do the same with my children to figure out that Aaron is their father. We’re in this together, that would just be a final option to let us rest easily. I don’t want to hurt you, Mike, I just want children. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, go home and think about it.”

The next evening came and Aaron ushered Mike inside. Aaron took his seat at the head of the table, pointing Mike to the empty seat at the far end. Laura and Emma greeted him and Maggie watched hesitantly. Aaron said a prayer and they ate. They spoke of small things and Mike spoke occasionally, patiently avoiding the main topic until afterward.  Once they finished he leaned back, looking to each of them before talking to Laura. “Well, I’ve thought about it and my answer is no. I won’t turn you in if you get rid of the photo, though.”

“Well, I don’t think you understand, Mike. While you may think that photo isn’t very incriminating, it shows enough where a court would believe my daughter over you. She could say you had been following her for nearly a year. You finally caught up with her and tried to have your way, but a partygoer took a photo and you ran away. You could bring up that we have incestuous children, but that is beside the point. That would get me in jail, but my kids would still be free because I orchestrated this whole thing. This would bring us both down, but I sincerely don’t want that. I want to be with my children and I want more – you can help me with that.”

“Look you-“ Mike stopped himself. She is right, I could do that, but they would believe a scared, pregnant girl over a questionable cop. He knew if they investigated him they would find other ‘red flags.’ I want to burn them so badly, but I know when to walk away and Laura wasn’t bad for an older woman. He sighed, defeated. “Fine, you win. How do we do this?”

Laura stood and came closer; she wore a black halter-top dress that came down to her knees. She scooted his chair back and guided his hand under her dress, placing it on her springy butt. She wasn’t wearing underwear. She smiled as she lifted her leg and her dress, straddling him. She reached down and unzipped his jeans as she sat upon him. Reaching in, she found him and brought it out, erect and ready. She rubbed it along her damp opening before sliding it in. A soft moan escaped from her lips.

I must say, I do enjoy this. She is using me entirely for sex, so I get to cheat with a free pass. He closed his eyes and leaned back, moving her hips at a steady pace. She squeezed – she is tighter than Emma! They continued, ignoring the spectators, who watched with uncertainty. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”
“Yeah, squirt it into me, baby!”
He held her firmly in place as he filled her. She quivered, causing him to jerk each time she tensed upon him. She smiled and stood, walking to a nearby drawer to draw a covered syringe. She took the cap off and pressed it into her right butt cheek.
“What is that?” Mike asked, still breathless.
“Just something to help me along.” His confused look led her to continue, “It’s a fertility drug.”
“Ah, where did you get that?”
“I… It is from one of my former lovers. He supplies me with samples from pharmaceutical companies when I ask for them.”
“That is all sorts of illegal, but clever, I suppose.” He paused, “How long does it take after childbirth to get pregnant again, anyway?”
“I don’t know, but we will keep trying until it happens. I’ll work around your schedule.”
“Hah, sure.” Aaron, Emma, and Maggie all sat watching their exchange. He could tell they had many judgments swirling in their heads about this encounter. “Well, thanks for the food and the dessert, but now I want to see my end fulfilled. Delete those photos.”
Aaron set his teeth as he withdrew his phone. He held it up and removed the incriminating photos.
“I’m guessing there are copies somewhere, but we both have a lot to lose if those ever come out. I suggest you delete them so they never ‘accidentally’ turn up.” Mike headed to the door. “The other guy was a realtor, wasn’t he?” Laura nodded. “That explains this place, then.” I really hope they don’t try to burn me.

Laura showed Mike out and checked on the kids in the adjacent room. Maggie waited until she came back. “What the fuck was that?”
“Good question.” Aaron glared at Laura.
“We need him to keep our secret and I certainly don’t want our children to be at a higher risk. I’m just using him, I promise.”
Aaron looked stricken, “You don’t need him. He was probably exaggerating the risk.”
“I don’t want to take that chance. I will only use him to get pregnant again and then I will be yours, Aaron.” Aaron nodded rigidly.
Maggie scoffed. “Don’t you have enough kids?”
“I only want two or three more, and then I will stop.”
“Jesus, I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” Maggie smirked. Laura rolled her eyes.

“So, what are we doing this holiday?” Emma asked sheepishly.
“Well, I was thinking…” Aaron started.
“I’m planning this one.” Maggie finished.
They argued for a moment before Emma broke in, “guys, why don’t we do both of your ideas? Let’s hear them.” Laura agreed.

“Okay, fine. My plan…” Nervousness crept into Maggie’s voice. “Maybe we use some of the leftovers… And we put them up each other’s ass. Let your opponent choose the food to use.”
Aaron became suddenly interested. “That’s a pretty messed up idea. I like it.”
“What’s your idea?”
“Well, actually I want to run with your idea. Let’s see how long you can hold the items in.”
“Oh, you’re involved in this game too.” Emma grinned devilishly.
“Come on, baby. You’ve got to play or we won’t let you plan future scenarios.” Laura cocked her head half seriously.
Aaron sighed. “Okay, okay.”
Maggie smiled, “So, nothing outlandish and have a reasonable amount. Also, how about each time someone loses then they choose something for everyone else.”
“I like it.” Laura gave a mischievous smile. “And the winner gets to pick what happens next month.”

They agreed. Laura chose first, “I say Emma gets… a gravy enema.”
“Fine.” Aaron brought out a new enema hose that had a bulb in the middle to squeeze. Emma slid her pants down to expose her fattened bottom. Laura took the hose, licked one end, and inserted it into her daughter. Laura placed the other end into the large, half-empty bowl of turkey gravy. She squeezed and released, again and again. She could feel the thick, creamy substance being pushed into Emma. She continued pumping until the bowl was empty. She pumped a few extra times trying to get the last few drops, but it only pumped air. She guessed there was about a quart and a half of gravy in Emma now.

“Ugh, it feels so gross.” Emma held her pregnant belly. She slid her pants up and sat down. “Aaron, I pick cranberry sauce for you.”
He protested as Laura finished cleaning the hose. “Don’t be that way or you won’t be able to have any more of us.” Laura grinned, setting the and-pump aside. “You don’t need this, I guess.”
“Come on, there isn’t even very much.” He angrily removed his pants and bent over in front of his sister. She licked her finger, inserting it and working it around. He jumped forward and pulled his pants up.

“No, I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t.”
“Pussy.” Maggie scoffed at him from across the table.
They all laughed, but Laura stopped them. “It’s okay, at least you tried, baby. So, I guess you get to pick something for all of us and then chose something for Maggie or me.”
“Mom, he didn’t even get close!” Maggie chimed.
“We made the rules. Let’s be fair.”
Aaron smiled, “Okay, I guess I’ll say carrots for everyone.”
Laura picked up the bowl of glazed carrots. She grabbed three and passed the bowl, using her other hand to lift her dress. She inserted all of the slippery, finger-length carrots into her butt. She wiped her hands and watched as Maggie and did the same. Emma slid her pants off completely, wearing only her blue panties. She slid them down and put the remaining three carrots in gently. Emma grimaced as she sat down, leaning her head against the back of the chair, straining to hold it in.
“Now, I say Maggie gets a sweet potato!” Aaron shushed her and chose an uncooked sweet potato which was about 2.5 inches wide and 8 inches long.
“Hey, that isn’t on the table and that is fucking huge! I am not putting that up my ass, you ass!”
“You said leftovers, and this was not cooked, but it is still a leftover.”
“Well, maybe if we cut it…”
“Nope, the whole thing; I saw all the shit that you took on April Fool’s Day. You can do this, and I will ease it in, I promise.”
“Come on, sis, and then you can pick the last item for mom.”
“Well, if I say no then I can do that anyway!”
“True, but then you can’t pick for next month.”

She shook her head and huffed. She took her pants off, kneeling upon the floor and hiking her ass into the air. Aaron cleaned the object and brought it over. He used some lotion as lubricant he pressed his fingers into her, spreading her wider and wider. He pressed the carrots back in as needed, turning them to mush inside her. She tensed and jerked as he stretched her. “Come on, stop fucking around and just do it!”

He held the sweet potato firmly, pressing it into his sister ass. She rested on her elbow and used a hand to rub her pussy as he pushed. It went in about halfway before she pulled forward, grunting in frustration. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! Take it out!”
He slid it out. “Come on, it’s okay; you’re up to the thickest spot.”
After a moment she directed him to try again. He lubed it up and pressed it in to the same point. She rubbed herself vigorously as he pressed it deeper until finally it slid in the rest of the way, barely peeking out. She wailed as she orgasmed, falling forward and to her side, quivering uncontrollably. Aaron held it in with his finger as she tried to crawl away, he matched her movements. She reached back and slapped his hand. “Stop, stop, take it out!”
“You sure?”
“Yes! Fuck!” He removed his finger and she pushed the potato out carefully, straining for the widest part. Once it popped out she laid there for a moment, the moist sweet potato on the floor between her legs.

“So?” Laura asked happily. “I win?”
Emma huffed, “I’m still holding on.”
“I get to choose two things for you and you have to keep them in.” Maggie said as she lay on her side, her pants around her ankles. “I pick bread stuffing for you and a raw sweet potato for you both.”
Emma grimaced, “I’m out, I can’t take that damned potato when I’m this full.” Aaron nodded and chose another sweet potato that was half the size for his mother.
“No, that is a fucking joke! Use one like the one you used on me.”
“There aren’t any more that size.” Aaron looked to his mom.
“It’s okay; I’ll use the one she had.”
Laura raised her dress and placed a leg upon a chair. “I’ll take it like this. Use the potato first.” She held her cheeks apart as she stood. Aaron prepared Laura’s backside before attempting to insert the warm, wet sweet potato. Once she was ready he pressed it in slowly. She buried a finger into her clitoris as he slid the widest part into her ass. She moaned loudly as the whole thing went in. She stepped off the chair and danced around in pain, continuing to press her pierced clit. “Ugh, someone suck my tit!” They all looked at each other. Laura unlaced her dress with her free hand, exposing her milk laden breasts. “Please!”

Emma came closer and Laura pressed her head into her breast. Emma sucked hard as her mother stood there, moaning. After a few moments Laura stepped back, leaving milk running down her daughter’s chin. She gently pushed the potato out into her hand. “God that was hard to hold in without cumming.”
“Why’d you take it out? You didn’t even put the stuffing in?” Emma asked.
“That wasn’t my attempt.” She looked to Aaron. “Put the stuffing in now.” She bent over the table, spreading her cheeks once again, showing her gaping backdoor.

Maggie stood, using paper towels to wipe herself clean before pulling her pants up. “Wait, you have to hold it in to win.”
“I know, and I will.”
“She was just preparing for it. Come on, this is pretty impressive, let her try.” Emma gave her sister an urging glance.
“Fine.” They sat and watched as Aaron took three handfuls of turkey stuffing and pressed them into his mother. She closed her eyes and looked determined as he finished packing it in.
“Ready for the potato?”
“Do it. Go slowly, though.”

He raised the large, used vegetable. He pressed it in, having to press very hard to get to the biggest part. Laura tensed and jumped up, holding herself off the table with one hand and rubbing herself with the other. “Keep going!” She yelled. He forced it deeper until it was all the way inside. She yelped and rubbed vigorously. She was unable to curb the pain; she stopped rubbing herself and she stepped away from the table, reaching back to hold the object in. She walked around the room in agony, using her hand to hold it in place.

Her children watched in disbelief. Tears welled in her eyes as she pressed it slightly more. Then, she removed her hands, holding them up. “There, it’s all in.”
“Jesus!” Aaron was stunned.
“How the hell can you do that?” Maggie said, eyes wide.
“Many years of practice.” She paused, “So, I win?”
“Yes, you win.” Emma giggled and nodded, still retaining her enema.
“Oh thank god.” She reached down and pressed against her vagina. Immediately she started shaking with orgasm. She motioned for Emma to bring her the small trashcan in the corner. She grabbed it and held it up to her backside. There was a thud as the potato hit the bottom. She hurried to the bathroom.

“I love this family.” Maggie said half-jokingly to her brother.
“I have to admit, this is fucked up, but it’s also awesome.” Aaron smiled, putting a hand on Maggie’s shoulder.
Emma sighed and forced a smile. “It’s interesting.”
“You know, that was kind of hot. Want to help me with this?” He rubbed the bulge in his pants, looking to Maggie.
“Hell no. My ass hurts and you’re the dick that did that.”
He grinned, “It was just part of the game!” He looked to Emma, “How about you? It won’t take me long.”
“Right here?” She looked to her sister.
“Come on, please?”
She would have to learn to accept this, she knew. This is her life, now. I need to be comfortable around my family. “Fine.” He slid their pants down and she sat upon the table. He spread her legs and entered her. She still held the carrots and gravy in her butt. He took only a few seconds before he came. Maggie watched, her head resting in her hand. Her expression was blank, lost in thought. This is my life, Emma realized, this is my family.



Emma approached the house, unsure of the torment that was in store. The text didn’t make any threats, it just told her to come here and meet her brother. She had been a mess of emotions since she learned she was carrying his child. He had been surprisingly calm when she told him. He must really love me. He had been the one to tell their mother, and he said that Laura had offered for her to move back home with them. I can’t do that. Mom is a bad person… And why would she want me back now? That would be a bad idea. She wiped a tear away. Emma had considered getting rid of her incestuous child at first, but she had decided that the risk was worth it. Aaron and I will be good parents; I don’t care what anyone thinks! I’m not going to take the easy way out like Mom did – I’ll take the risks.


She went inside to find Laura and Aaron sitting on the couch, coddling four babies. She stopped in the doorway, stunned. “What is this?”

Aaron laid the baby he had been holding down in the crib next to them. He stood and walked closer. “Emma, honey, these are mom’s children… These are our children.”

It took a moment to grasp what he meant. She didn’t even know Laura was pregnant. “Your children?” She didn’t understand.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but Mom and I had these babies – just like you and I will have one in a few more months.”

She felt sick. It was so much to take in, but it started to fit together now. Her belly had been larger the last time she saw her. Why didn’t Maggie tell me? “I thought we had something special!” She didn’t know why that detail bothered her more than anything else at the moment.

“We do! I love you both and we can be a family!“

Oh my god! Sick! She ran to the bathroom and threw up. He came in and held her hair up while he rubbed her back. “I can’t believe you’d fuck Mom! And you didn’t even tell me she was going to have your kids!”

“Mom showed me that it doesn’t matter who you love, just that you support them. I really do love you, Emma. I know this is a really fucked up situation, but it’s true.”


They argued as she finished and washed up. She stormed out of the room to find Laura standing, holding one of the babies. She held it out to Emma. Emma sneered and backed away. Laura gave her a stern look. “I know you didn’t approve of my lifestyle, but they are part of the family now. These are your brothers and sisters. This is Jonah.” She held him out carefully. “Please hold him.”


Emma’s anger suddenly faded. She reluctantly nodded and took him into her arms. He is adorable. It’s really not his fault he was born into this mess. “Listen… I-I didn’t mind the lifestyle as much as the abortion you had when you were sleeping with that man. I don’t think I can ever get past it.”

Laura was visibly confused. “I never had an abortion. God, no! I said I got rid of them, I meant I gave them up for adoption! I couldn’t support them and they wouldn’t either, I didn’t have a choice.”

Emma was awash with emotions. “They?”

“There were two, those men wouldn’t help me, so I decided to have the babies in private and set them up for adoption. They wanted me to keep it secret.”

“How did you hide that you were pregnant from us for all that time?”

“I was depressed then and sat around most of the days. It wasn’t hard to keep it hidden; Maggie thought I was just gaining weight.” She looked down at Jonah with a warm smile. “I loved all of my children and I would never get an abortion no matter what.”

My god, I had been mad at her for all this time for the wrong reason. Emma couldn’t find words, she simply started bawling. Laura came closer and hugged her. Aaron rubbed her shoulder uncertainly. Tears ran down her cheeks. “I-I’m so sorry, Mom! I am so sorry that I moved away and caused all of this. I got dad killed and turned our family into a fucking mess!”


Laura hushed and comforted her. “No, baby, it was an accident and its okay. This family will be strong and we all love each other so much! This is an unusual situation, but we will work together to raise these children! I need your help with everything, though… Come back home, Emma.”

I have to accept it: I have no friends and no hope of raising a child while working at a department store – this is the only way. She wiped the tears from her eyes. “Okay… Mom.” They hugged after a long moment.


After the embrace she carefully picked up another baby. “They’re adorable.” Emma was beaming, “Wait, is she my sister or my niece?”

Laura looked to Aaron hesitantly, “Uh, actually, she is both. I know it’s weird, but they all are healthy.”

“Hmm.” Emma was still mildly disturbed by this situation, but she knew there was no way to change it now. Who else could I be with that would understand this situation and still love my baby? At least I know I have support here. She looked to Aaron and smiled warmly.


Hours slipped by as they spent time with the children. Emma breastfeed Jonah as Laura fed the rest; afterward their mother fell asleep. Aaron led Emma to an adjoining room. “She is still drained after having them.” He paused, “This is for you.” He lifted a box and set it upon the table, an envelope that said her name sat on top. She opened it: ‘Happy Halloween! Have Aaron help you into your costume.’


The box harbored a long, violet-colored satin dress; it had a low-cut neckline fringed with black lace, and a black strip down the front. She inspected it and noticed beneath it there were crotchless vinyl shorts. She sat the dress back into the box carefully.

“This is gorgeous,” she looked to Aaron, building up courage. “I know this is going to be hard to hear, but Mom is helping that guy. He is using her or she is using us…”

Aaron nodded slowly.

“Look, last month a guy came around asking questions and… Mom was never kidnapped and neither was Maggie! This whole time he has just been manipulating us with Mom’s help.”

“I have to tell you something too. There is no man, it’s only Mom doing this.”

Emma stumbled back, leaning against the wall. “W-what?”

He nodded and explained her split personality. “Her mind is crafting these strange scenarios because Dad used to do these things to her; when he died she could only find temporary fixes. That’s when she started going out all night – she was looking for someone to play out these fantasies with. I figured out that she had a baby just before I moved out. I think the two guys just gave her money and left her shortly before then, and then when we left it sent her over the edge.”

Emma felt sick. “I moved out in December… just before Christmas. God, I had no idea it would do that to her. I fucked her up so much!” Emma cried. “I killed Dad, I left Mom when she needed me, and now I am going to bring a baby into this shit!”

Aaron hugged her. “The car accident wasn’t your fault, and Mom is getting better. She needed children to feel whole again. Now that she has them I am going to try and stop this whole thing. I just need some more time and I need your help.” Emma nodded, tears running down her cheeks. “We will be here for you no matter what, Emma – we are family.”


It took some convincing, but eventually she put the dress on. She didn’t care. I need to be punished for all I’ve done. He led her to the bathroom and he brought out the enema tools from under the sink; he also grabbed a filled bucket from inside the shower and sat it on the floor, watching her expression. “This part isn’t for mom, is it?”

Aaron smiled, “I think she has some good ideas and she likes enemas too. But, no, this part is for me.”

“I guess I really do love you.” She kissed him and bent down, leaning on the counter.

“I love you too, Emma. Thank you for doing this.”

“At least it’s on my own terms now. I hated that part the most – having no control.”

“You were always in control; you just wanted to go along with it.” He smiled mischievously.


He is right. He filled her, one syringe at a time. He gave her four before he inserted a butt-plug. She made pained noises, but otherwise didn’t protest. Her pregnant belly was much more pronounced now that the water filled her. He handed her a pointed witch’s hat he had set aside. Her dress fit snugly as she followed him to the living room. Laura was awake again, watching the children sleeping. She smiled as she looked to them, “Going out?”

Aaron nodded, “Yeah, he’s having us go to a Halloween party. I still have to get ready.” He walked Emma to the couch and went upstairs.

He sat outside the inconspicuous blue house, waiting. It all started there, Mike recalled. That was a very odd night to say the least. Emma waddled to her car, looking larger than before. He followed her a few miles out of town to a large house which already had many costumed partygoers dotting the lawn. He watched her mingle with a group outside for a few minutes before entering. He pulled closer, parking nearby. He read a book for about half an hour until darkness fell. He donned the mask he had brought just in case such a situation arose.


He walked inside casually, acting as one of the group. He spotted Emma talking to a man in a masquerade mask in the corner of the main room. Mike tried to act inconspicuous as he watched them. After a few minutes they walked past him, out the front door. He followed subtly into the nearby woods. They talked as they walked down the narrow wooded pathway. He couldn’t understand what they were saying until the man shouted abruptly, “No way!” The masked man turned and spotted Mike as he left her. “Dude, you better leave this crazy bitch alone.” He slurred as he stormed away, leaving him with the crying woman in the wooded path.


“I don’t need you! I don’t need anybody!” Emma stumbled, clearly intoxicated as well. “Except you, I think I need you.”

Mike walked closer, “I think you’ve had one too many.”

“Don’t you tell me what I already know. In fact I have one too many up my butt right now. My brother gave me enemas before I left.” She paused, her head bobbing to the sides. “That’s some sick shit, right?” Mike was at a loss for words. She continued, “I mean, you can’t just play with your sister’s ass like that; that’s just not the Christian thing to do!”


“Uh, wha-why are you doing this? Is he forcing you?”

“Nah, he’s a sweet guy deep down. My mom is too. It’s that other guy!”

“What other guy?”

“I don’t like him because he makes us do stuff like this!” She pointed to her belly. “I’m pregnant, you know? My brother knocked me up!”

“Good god, let me help you.”

“Nope, I can’t tell you secrets. Shhh.” She was over-animated as she came closer. “Not until we…” She rubbed his crotch, leaning in to whisper, “fuck.” She giggled.

Mike backed against a tree. He had no idea he would find himself in this predicament. She is young and gorgeous, despite her belly, but I have to stop her. “I have a girlfriend.”

“So? It doesn’t matter, no one has to know!” She slid his mask off and looked confused. “You look familiar. Oh, hi Mike!” She grinned, “I still want to fuck you!”

He was aroused, but this was wrong and he knew it. “I don’t think you know what you want.”

She lifted her dress. “He plugged my butt, but the front is open! You can even shoot it inside me and no one will know!” She reached down his pants and explored for a moment. “It’s not like I can get pregnant!” She giggled. He gently protested, but made no real move to stop her. She hurriedly unfastened his belt and slid his pants down. Before he could react she lifted her leg and pushed against his exposed, erect penis.


“No, stop now!” He pushed her back slightly and she stumbled, grabbing his hands to slow her backward decent as she fell. It took effort to stop himself from landing on her fully as she pulled him down. He rested just above her. She quickly reached down and slid his organ into her damp lower region. It went in smoothly.

“See, doesn’t that feel so nice?” She tensed upon him, causing him to press deeper.

He wanted to stop, but he didn’t. He began thrusting in and out, as she grabbed his shoulders. She is so tight! I shouldn’t be doing this, but who will ever know? This is only a one-time thing anyway. They continued for a time until he heard some rustling behind him. He turned to see the masked man from before with his phone held up, taking pictures. Mike rolled over and pulled his pants up, carefully zipping past his erection.


“Before you panic too much you need to understand that this is just our insurance.” The man spoke calmly, “I swear I will not show these to anyone as long as you stop following us.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he lied.

“Don’t bullshit me, Mike.”

Emma sat up, smoothing her ruffled dress. “Leave us alone, we don’t want any more trouble.”

Mike sighed. “You just played me, didn’t you?” He scrutinized the masked man for a moment. “You’re her brother, aren’t you?” He recognized him now. “You two don’t have to keep doing this for that guy.”

“It’s not that simple. Leave us alone or I will send the photo to the newspaper. Imagine how they’d run with the story: a police officer having sex with a pregnant woman that he followed into the woods. We’re not hurting anyone, just leave us alone.”

“He’s hurting you and you’re too stupid to let me help.”

“There is no he!” Emma scoffed, explaining how their mother had a split personality. She gave the short version with just enough details to sate his curiosity. “Now you know about us, please leave. This is…” She hesitated. “This is our choice and it’s none of your business. We’re all consenting adults.”

He nodded slowly, “Okay,“ he got up and left them.

“Think he’ll leave us alone?” Aaron wondered aloud.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t think he’ll turn us in either.” It’s our choice. I can’t believe I said that to him. I guess it’s true, but I never thought I’d accept this crazy shit. The things I do for love.

Aaron unzipped his pants and knelt between her legs. “Since he left you without finishing…”

She gave a tired smile, “I suppose.” This will be my life now. I know it is wrong on so many levels, but I know I can be honest with him. Honestly that is what I have always wanted. She slid his mask off and watched him as he moved atop her. He was smiling the sweetest smile as he went in and out. She still had the water sloshing around inside of her too, but she had gotten used to it. To be fair I kind of enjoy a little bit of pain mixed with the pleasure. “Dad used to give me enemas as punishment, but I think we both knew that I grew to like them.” I guess I’m the real sicko now.

“That explains why you can hold them so well.”

“I think he did it to Maggie too, but she didn’t like them like I started to.”

“You always did try to please him.” She fought back tears.

“Now I have to please you.”

He nodded as he continued thrusting into her. “You have to share, though.”

“But I don’t want to!”

“I truly love you both and you will always be my little sister. Please understand.”

“Okay,” she wiped her eyes. “Okay, I do – just no one else except mom.”

“I promise.” His pace increased until he pressed in, unloading into her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. He is so amazing, I love him.

Labor Day


Maggie sat in the waiting room watching for her mother to return. Her own belly had started to grow. She had hoped it wasn’t true, but she accepted it now. Her mother took care of her and she promised that any children she would have wouldn’t be Maggie’s burden alone. They’d both been through so much and her mother was still foolish enough to keep that guy’s kids. Mom had always had been a closet freak, but she had been more open with her compared to her other siblings. I still love her. She knew, being Labor Day, he probably had some sick scenario planned. The door opened and Laura waddled out. She was going to have quadruplets and she was huge. “How’d it go?”

“They’re all doing fine. I come back in for another checkup next month.”

“When is the due date again?”

“November 1st.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you could get much bigger.”

“I can’t move very well now, that’s for sure.” She gasped, “Oh, they’re moving! Feel.” She put Maggie’s hand on her belly. Maggie couldn’t hide a smile. As messed up as this whole ordeal is, at least mom was happy. They drove home, talking of trivial matters until she decided to mention the obvious question. “What do you think he’ll have you do today?”

Laura’s smile vanished and reappeared quickly. “I don’t care, it makes him happy.”

“He tortures us for his own enjoyment! Why do you care what makes him happy?”

“I do this because I love him and he loves us. He does this to expand our boundaries. He is supporting us; that is reward enough!”

“He’s not asking if I want to expand my boundaries. He had me shove eggs up my friend’s butt, gave me enemas, and had me breastfeed from my mother!”

“He didn’t do those, Vanessa and I did those. He just gives us a nudge and watches the results. I kind of liked being close to you again. Having you drinking from me was nice, sweetie.”

“I guess that wasn’t so bad, but this is extremely messed up.”

“We are unique. Now we can trust each other more than ever before. You wouldn’t have been able to talk to me like this a year ago.”

“You’re right, but that doesn’t mean I like it.”

“What do you like, then?” Noting Maggie’s confusion, Laura continued, “What fetish do you enjoy?”

“Mom, I’m not going to tell you!”

“Come on, you can tell me! Please.”

She felt her face warm, “I, uh, I guess I like doing it in public.”

“Oh, do tell!”

“Mom!” She fidgeted, “Dave and I only did it once before we broke up – in the back of a movie theater I s-sat on him. There were only a few other people in there and we had to stop because someone came in. I had to finish him with my hand.”

“Maggie!” Laura laughed, “That’s cute. I like being open with you.”

“Shut-up, mom.” They both smiled. Maybe this is good for us.

Maggie helped her mother into the house, sat her upon the couch, and turned the TV on. She sat close to her, resting her head upon her mother’s belly. Laura rubbed her hair gently. Maggie felt a few movements in her mother’s belly as she drifted to sleep.

Maggie awoke some time later. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. Her mother smiled warmly, “Have a nice nap?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” she stretched and yawned. She stood and walked to the bathroom. She returned, but before she could sit there was a knock at the door. She answered it, still feeling groggy.

“Hello, my name is Mike Fowler. Is Laura Rosen available?”

Maggie was confused, but nodded, leading him into the living room. “Mom, there’s someone here to see you.”

Laura sat up as he walked in. “Uh, yes, would you please give us a minute sweetie?”

Maggie nodded after a moment and went into the other room. She closed the bathroom door loudly before pressing her ear to the door, listening to their conversation.

“No, of course not, I’m in a… domineering relationship and my kids think it’s bad for me. I do love him.”

“Well, I caught your daughter doing something… bad, a while back and she said it was her boyfriend had forced her. I let it go at the time, but recently she told me of a man that had kidnapped you and was forcing your family to do things. Any idea of why she would say that?”

Laura gasped, “I don’t know why she would say such a thing about him. What did she do that was so ‘bad?’”

“Uh, well, we caught her using a doll to… simulate pregnancy.”

There was a long pause before Laura simply asked, “what?”

“She took a doll and inserted it into herself and ran through the alleyway naked.”

“Emma did that?!”

“Yes, and I saw her again, along with your son a few weeks ago and I decided to follow them. They did other public sexual acts. They also returned to the same house from the first incident.” He hesitated before continuing, “I researched it and found that the house is in your name. 892 Stafford Street.”

“I, yes, but I had no idea they were using it.”

“Well, I watched that place for a while. One day I saw you go in and then your son came in some time later. I know you know more than you’re telling me.”

Another long pause, “I don’t want him to get in trouble, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Give me some answers then.”

“Well, the man’s name is Carl. He reminds me of my former husband.”


“Yes, he got into an accident, he didn’t make it.” She sniffled. “I missed him so much. Then Carl came along and made me feel right again. I had some bad relationships after my husband passed, but that was before I met Carl.” She smiled sadly.

“Does he force you to do things?”

“No, he suggests these ideas, but he doesn’t force anyone!”

“I would like to talk to Carl. Could you please call him and ask him to come over?”

“But Carl died.” Laura spoke, pleading somewhat.

“I… What do you mean?”

“My husband died in a car accident.”

A long pause, “Your husband was named Carl too?”

Laura burst into tears. Maggie opened the door, surprising Mike; he stood, looking like a deer in headlights.

Maggie scowled, “What did you do to her?”

“I-I… Nothing!”

“Get out, you creep!”

Mike apologized and left without protest. It took a few minutes before Laura calmed down. Maggie turned on the TV and excused herself. She went to her room and called her sister. Emma answered with a curious tone.

“Why did you move out?”

“Wha-why do you want to know?”

“Just tell me first, please.”

“Well, I found out something and I just couldn’t deal with mom after that.”

“Found out what? Tell me!”

Emma scoffed, “I found out that she was selling her body to people. I followed her one night and confronted her. She was going to have one man’s child; they decided to kill it instead. I moved out because she’s a fucking murdering whore!”

The word hurt, but Maggie understood now. It hadn’t been their father’s death that had turned them against each other; it was how her mother handled her grief. “Emma she was just going through a rough patch, give her a pass.”

“A fucking pass? I don’t believe how naive you are, you’re as stupid as mom!”

“At least I talk to her! Do you realize what she’s been through?”

“Do you realize what I’ve been through because of her?”

Maggie sighed slowly, “A police officer was here asking mom questions and she mentioned another man named Carl.”

Emma’s voice suddenly lost its malice, “Was his name Mike?”

“Yeah, I heard what happened to you. He’s the one who found you on the first Holiday, isn’t he?”

“Yes. I think he’s the guy. Mom’s captor, I mean. He followed us in June.”

“Captor? And you mean you and Aaron?”

“Yeah, he made us do some bad things… I think I’m pregnant, Maggie.” She whimpered. It was rare for Emma to cry.

“What? You and Aaron had sex? I can’t believe he’d make you… Wait, does that mean that guy has done something every month?”

Emma sniffled, “I don’t know, I’ve only been part of three.”

“Oh god, what else has he done to mom or Aaron when we weren’t there.” She thought over the situation, “But, if Mike is the guy then why didn’t mom recognize him… and why was he asking all those questions?”

“I-don’t know. Maybe he isn’t. We just need to be careful. I can only imagine what he did to you on New Year’s Day.”

Maggie hesitated, “What? I was at home on New Year’s Day.”

“He said he had you two captive.” She became suddenly agitated, “That’s the whole goddamned reason I put that doll in!”

“We were both at home playing a board game. I wonder what else he lied about.”

“Jesus, Mom told me not to talk to you about it. She said you were having trouble coping with the kidnapping!”

“I was never kidnapped. I did get texts saying that he had Mom and that’s the reason I did those things to Vanessa.”

She spoke anxiously. “Maggie, Mom is lying to us! I don’t know why, but we need find out!” She sighed deeply, attempting to calm down.

“I’m pregnant too.” Maggie sniffed. “Mom put some guys stuff into me and injected me with fertility drugs later that night.”

“Oh my god.”

“Yeah, I will be fine, though. I-I just consider myself a surrogate. This guy just wants more children.”

“This whole thing is so fucked up; we have to stop him… Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay, what about you?”

“Yeah… Look, I have to go; just let me know if anything changes.”

“Okay. Sorry for all of this, sis, we’ll figure it out.”

“I’m sorry too. Talk to you later, sis.”

After hanging up the phone, Maggie walked to the living room. So many questions to ask abou- She lost her train of thought instantly. Her mother had her hand down her pants, touching herself and breathing heavily. Maggie walked closer, uncertain of what to do.

Laura slid her other hand underneath her shirt, pinching her nipple. She moaned quietly as the pace increased. Small beads of sweat formed. Her large belly shook as she moved her hand. She tensed and moaned, quaking with excitement. Maggie shifted her weight; the floor creaked and Laura’s eyes shot open. Her orgasm continued as her hands stayed in place. Maggie watched as her mother shook a final time before removing her hands from underneath her clothes. She slid down slightly lower, looking at her belly as she spoke. “I-I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold back any longer.”

Maggie was puzzled. Laura continued, “I got a text in the doctor’s office. He had me get a large enema before I left. I’ve been holding it in since then. He said I couldn’t go to the bathroom until I came three times,” she exhaled slowly, “that was the second one.”

“I thought you looked bigger today. Why don’t you just go now?”

“You don’t understand – it’s a test of willpower. You see if you can meet the challenge and have some fun along the way.”

She almost called her mom a stupid whore, but she stopped herself. I hate that word. She was starting to figure her mother out; she sat, watching her with her loving, dark eyes. She couldn’t judge her for doing what she wanted. She understood now.

“Dad did this to you when you were together, didn’t he? That’s why you do what he tells you.”

The question caught her off guard. She nodded sheepishly. Tears welled up in her eyes, “yes, he made me do things, but I always enjoyed them. I always wanted to please him. He enjoyed watching me squirm and I loved it! I loved him!”

Maggie didn’t understand why her mother liked it, but she could see why her father enjoyed it. She had certainly enjoyed watching Vanessa in distress in spite of their friendship. She knew all of this was wrong, but had an urge to punish her burdened, horny mother. After the fourth of July she saw her mother in a whole new light. Maggie couldn’t resist any longer: she walked over and carefully put her bare-foot upon Laura’s crotch. It felt wet, even through her pants. “Well, if you want to come again then you have to wait for me to say when.” She blushed, in spite of her calm delivery.

Laura was shocked at first, but she couldn’t stop from pressing against her daughter’s foot. Her expression showed her pleasure and a small moan escaped. “Oh, yes, tell me what to do!” She moved her hips up and down slowly. The display disturbed and amused Maggie. She removed her foot and watched the large breasts and belly shake – frustration growing on her mother’s face.

“You would do anything to get off now, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, anything!”

“Hmm.” Maggie’s mind wandered, she enjoyed this feeling of power. “Remove your pants.”

Laura did as she asked, taking off her jeans and her damp panties. Maggie reached down and lightly touched her mother’s moist pussy; the slight touch caused her to tremble and sigh loudly. Laura tried to reach down, but Maggie slapped her hand away. “Not until I say you can!” Mom really is a freak and I love it!

“Oh, please, let me cum!”

Maggie brushed the tip of her finger against the top of her privates. Her mother whimpered as she moved her hips, trying desperately for more of the sensation. Maggie pulled her hand back, teasing her. She brought herself between her mother’s legs and used her tongue to lightly search her mother’s loins. Again, she pulled away as her mother moaned. Laura lightly slapped the couch in irritation. “Please! Please!”

Maggie licked her again for a few moments before pulling away once more. This time, however, Laura was unable to suppress the orgasm – she tensed and groaned, humping the air and quaking with excitement. She was irritated by the ruined orgasm.

Laura sighed bitterly. “That was mean!”

“That was fun.” Maggie giggled, “Go to the bathroom now, mom.”

Laura stood uneasily, holding a hand behind her, and shuffled into the bathroom. Maggie watched her bare butt jiggle as she walked. She thought about the whole situation. This is so wrong, but I like punishing her. Maybe if I show her I can take Dad’s role then she won’t need that creep anymore! Maggie knew that there was no going back after this, she was committed.

Women’s Equality Day


It had been months since she’d been abused by her mother and her so-called friend. Vanessa was pregnant; her stomach had grown out to a notable bump. She had gained weight, feeling tired and unmotivated. Her butt had become springy and her breasts swollen. She had frequent mood swings now, but she lived by herself and recently took time away from work. That had been a hard conversation with her boss, but he didn’t ask many questions, he just assumed that she had a one night stand that ended in a child. It was kind of true, she guessed. Money wasn’t a problem now, but she regretted ever having it. She mostly watched television and only went out to buy food or clothes. She had completely changed her wardrobe now, nothing from before fit anymore.

Her phone vibrated. “Come to the house, Laura is here for you to use. Don’t play nice.” She was hesitant, but she already knew what this captor was capable of and she wanted revenge. She locked up and headed to the place she hoped to never see again. She went inside warily. Laura was lying on her back in the middle of the floor wearing nothing except a blindfold and pair of vinyl shorts. Her stomach was huge, as were her breasts; they rested on either side, laden with milk. Her arms were handcuffed to the leg of the sofa. Vanessa hoped she would never get that large, she looked like a whale.

Laura lifted her head. “Who is there?”
“You bitch; I’m going to have triplets because of you.”
“Vanessa? I didn’t have a… choice, he made me! He was pumping me full of fertility drugs too.”
“I don’t care; you did this to me, not him!”
She saw an unmarked envelope on the table. Inside it read: ‘Vanessa, don’t injure her, but she’s yours to make feel all of the pain she’s caused you and her daughters. Some implements are available in the kitchen.’ Vanessa dropped the note and went to find what the note mentioned. She found a box filled with random items. She brought it out and placed it near Laura. Vanessa unfastened the vinyl shorts and slid them off. Her vagina was moist already. She lifted the couch slightly to free the handcuffs and rolled the burdened woman onto her stomach.

There was a plug in her backside; Vanessa pulled it out. “No, don’t!” Laura squirmed as something started to come out. Golf balls shot onto the floor. Laura couldn’t hold them without the plug.
“You had five in there?”
“No,” she panted, “he put six in there. The last one won’t come out!”
“Well, that’s too bad.” Vanessa rolled the remarkably clean balls away and reached into the box and brought out a baseball. She also grabbed a bottle of lube, which she used on the ball and her victim’s ass. Laura squirmed as she prepared her for the object and without warning she brought it up and pressed it in as hard as she could. The ball disappeared into Laura’s asshole with a pop. She bucked and squealed, but she was unable to push the ball back out. Laura eventually calmed down as the pain subsided. Vanessa rubbed her gently and she orgasmed after a minute. She attempted to push the ball out, but it was fruitless. Vanessa rubbed her all over, attempting to calm her. Laura gave up after a few tries.

Vanessa looked to the box again; she searched for a moment before pulling out a small deflated ball and the attached handheld pump. She used the lubricant on Laura’s womanhood, using a few fingers to stretch her.
“No, I can’t take any more! Get the ball out of my ass, please!”
Using more lube, she worked the ball carefully Into Laura’s vagina. Her victim struggled. Vanessa slapped her inner thigh hard. “Stop fighting me right now or I will make this worse, you shit!” Laura whimpered, but didn’t struggle.

Once the ball was fully inside she began to pump slowly. Laura groaned as it grew in her, each pump causing her to shake from side to side. Vanessa made sure to prolong this torment, each time drawing the plunger in and out slowly. She pumped about 14 times and then yanked on the pump, leaving the ball inside.

“Oh my god, get it out!”
“Good luck with that, you whore. You look pretty damn full now. Think of this as practice for popping out all those fucking kids.” Laura started to cry as she tried in vain to push the objects out of her. “I didn’t even want god damned kids. You ruined my body and left me to have a bunch of obnoxious, snot nosed bastard children! You deserve this!” Vanessa fumed.
“I didn’t want to, he made me!” She was sobbing now.
“Who the fuck is he? You better fucking tell me or I’ll ram more things into you!”
“He-he just sends me texts!”
“Who the fuck did this to you, then?”
“He made me blindfold myself before he came.”

Vanessa breathed deeply. She left Laura to look through the rooms, searching for some sort of clue. Laura was bawling, but she didn’t care. Upstairs she found a closet that contained Laura’s clothes and found her phone in the pocket. She skimmed the messages: most were between her and her children. The texts from her son, Aaron, were kind of creepy, but nothing important. She searched the other pockets and found another phone. She opened the first sent message: “Come to the house, Laura is here for you to use. Don’t play nice.” Her heart skipped a beat.

She continued reading. Texts had been sent to Maggie, Emma, Aaron, and her. She could only imagine the horrible things that had been happening to them over the year. She noticed none had been sent to Laura. She must be helping him more than Vanessa knew. She put the phone in her pocket and went back downstairs. Laura laid there, the balls still hidden in her orifices. “You fucking bitch, you were working with him all along!”
“No, I wasn’t!” She whimpered.
“Don’t lie to me, I found the phone!”
“What phone? I don’t know what you’re walking about!”
Vanessa removed her blindfold and held up the phone. “This one, you whore!”
“I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about; it’s not mine, I swear!”
Vanessa clenched her teeth and threw the phone onto the floor; she looked into the box. She brought out a mini can of soda, showing it to Laura. “Tell me the truth!”
Laura rolled into the fetal position as much as she could. “I don’t know!” She continued sobbing.
Vanessa breathed deeply and spread her cheeks as she lied there. She used a generous amount of lubrication and pressed the can against her fairly loose hole. Once she got it started it went in easily. She had to force the final part in, as it pushed against the baseball. Laura didn’t move much as she pressed it in, she simply wailed in grief.

“Tell me or I will just keep putting things into you, you whore! Eventually it will hit the babies and I bet that won’t be good for them, will it?”
She looked at Vanessa, tears streaming down her face. “Please don’t do that! I promise you, I don’t know w-whose phone that is, he must have put it there. I just know that a man has been doing this! I promise!”

Vanessa knew this was going nowhere. She didn’t believe her, but she didn’t want to hurt the children. She decided to help her remove the objects. Using her fingers, she spread Laura, trying to coax the ball out of her pussy. Her victim moaned and groaned each time she pushed. Vanessa tried spreading her butt instead, trying to open it enough for the can to move through. It took a moment of maneuvering until the can slid out and rolled on the floor. She set it aside and attempted to guide the baseball to the opening. She could feel it was pressed in farther due to the inflated ball in her vagina. After a fruitless attempt she put a few more fingers in and finally her thumb. Laura whined as her knuckles broke the threshold. Vanessa moved her hand carefully, feeling the slippery ball move as she tried to grab it.

“No, stop! It’s pushing them deeper! Please, please stop!”
“I have to get it out, just bear with me!”
Her hand was in up to her wrist. Vanessa slid her fingertips around the ball and pulled slowly. She felt the inflated ball in her vagina pressing upon the top of her hand. She used her knuckles to slide the baseball past it. She cautiously began to extract it, but just before it was halfway through Laura moved and it popped back in. She yelped and jerked away.

“Try pushing now.” Vanessa used two fingers to spread her asshole.
Laura cried as she pushed. Vanessa could see the ball moving forward, trying to move past her fingers, which held the hole apart. She pushed again and the wet baseball made a thump upon the floor. Laura panted heavily as she bawled.
“Good job, now the bigger one should come right out!”
Vanessa allowed her some time to recover. Her breasts and belly shook as she wept quietly. Vanessa felt bad, but then she remembered that this whole situation wouldn’t be happening if it hadn’t been for Laura. “Toughen up. I’m going to push a bunch of little bastards out of me because of you! I should just leave that one in there, you bitch!” Vanessa started to stand; Laura screamed, “Please don’t leave me, help me get this out, I’m begging you!”

Vanessa lowered herself again, wondering if she actually could coax it out. “Fine.” She pressed her fingers into her moist loins. She felt the ball, but couldn’t get her fingers around it. She brought her fingers to the edges and used both hands to spread Laura. She pulled as much as she could and ignored Laura’s whimpering. “Push!” The ball was visible, moving closer and closer. Then, suddenly, it came through and hit Vanessa’s belly. Laura bucked and wailed, grabbing her crotch. There was a large gooey spot in the center of Vanessa’s shirt now.

She went to the bathroom to wash it off. Removing her soiled shirt, she looked into the mirror. She had fallen so far; she used to be fit and muscular, now she was huge. She tried to focus on scrubbing her shirt, knowing her body would never be the same after the children. All of this happened because of that fucked up family! She left her shirt to dry.

She came back out to see her victim still lying there, too weak to move. A man knelt over her, holding her hand, looking horrified. He gave Vanessa a venomous look. “What the fuck did you do to her?”
“Who are you?”
“I’m her son!”
“Sh-she is the one doing this! I found her phone – it proves it!”
He rushed toward her and grabbed her before she could react. She tried to fight, but she wasn’t strong enough. He walked her into the bathroom and shut the door. “I know. I figured it out a few months ago. She doesn’t realize it, though.” He sat her on the closed toilet.
“She has a dissociative identity disorder.” He paused, realizing she didn’t know what that meant. “A split personality. I read about it online. Every month Carl comes out.”
Vanessa’s mind swirled. “Carl?”
That’s what she calls herself when she’s like that. It’s our dad’s name. He was killed in a car accident; mom was depressed for a year straight because of it. Then, for some reason, she started getting better. We didn’t question why she would go out some evenings and not come back until the next day. So, about two more years passed; then mom started getting into arguments with Emma. My sister and I both moved out eventually and things seemed to be going okay, we talked about once a week. Then out of the blue my mom showed up on Valentine’s Day.

“What did she do to you?”
“S-she used me to get her pregnant.” He lowered his head, sighing. “I accepted it after a while and eventually I moved back home.”
“She raped you and you moved back in with her to raise bastard children?”
Aaron slapped her. “She isn’t well. I have to help her. Laura needs to play out sexual fantasies. Carl organizes them for her. I figured out the truth and I decided to help just before Easter.“

“How the fuck did forcing your sister to shove eggs up my ass and having me hop around town help her? How did allowing me to get raped and have bastard children help her?” She was trembling with anger.
“She was watching then. She needs these unique situations or she will snap. I had to step in to stop you on April Fool’s Day even though I knew that might not be the best for her.”
“Snap?! Best for her?! What the fuck is wrong with you? She should be in an asylum!”
“You’re one to talk. You enjoy torturing people. Just look what you did to her!”
“Fuck you; I’m not your mother!”
He slapped her again. “I didn’t see you returning the money.”
“You sick motherfucker!”
He slapped her harder this time. “You enjoy tormenting people. You like to see people suffer – time for payback.” He lifted her and nudged her into the living room. She struggled. “Stop fighting or I will start punching you in the stomach.” She stopped, giving a dangerous glare. “See, you do want those kids. Just accept what we do and everything will be alright.” He helped her remove her pants.

Laura’s eyes opened as she lied there. “Hi, baby.” It was barely louder than a whisper.
“I love you, mom.” Aaron moved Vanessa into the room and brought her down to her hands and knees. “Now, Vanessa, I’m just going to put two things in you and then you will be even, okay? You can pick if you’d like. We can help you if you help us. He will do something terrible if we don’t do this.”

She started to protest, but she knew it was pointless. Vanessa looked to Laura, lying broken, but still smiling. This was just her sick, twisted way of coping. She had lost the man who loved her and embraced her fetishes; this was her mind’s way to get release. Aaron knew all of this and loved her anyway. Vanessa knew they would help her; all she had to do was play along and endure their torture. She needed their support, there was no alternative. She sighed sadly, “Just pick something.”

Aaron grabbed the inflatable ball that she had used on Laura earlier. He let the air out and used some lube on her butt. She tried to relax, “Prepare me a little first.” He put a finger in and worked it around, followed by a second digit. “Put more in, I don’t want it to get stuck in there.” Shortly he had all of his fingers in her. He spent a few minutes loosening her, pressing in and out. She waited complacently. He slid the deflated ball into her ass. He began pumping; she felt the pressure growing as he inflated it quickly. She lost track after the 18th pump. “Stop, please!” He pulled the tube out, leaving the obstruction in her. She whimpered, unable to do anything about it.

She looked back to see him holding a small aluminum baseball bat. “No way, I can’t take that!”
“This will help loosen you so that can come out. It won’t be so bad.”
She sighed. “Fuck. Just do it.” He pressed the larger end into her, turning it slowly. Gasping, she felt a pop. It slid in and pressed the ball deeper. She clenched her eyes and balled her fists upon the floor. “Fuck, it hurts so much!”
“Now you know how she feels.” He sped up, pounding her ass with the bat. She was crying, just wishing it would end soon. Then there was a sharp pain as she felt the ball inside her break. She jumped forward, crumpling onto the floor bawling. She felt hollow, unable to think straight. He knelt next to her, rubbing her back. Tears blurred her vision. She truly felt broken.
Aaron look mortified, “I am so sorry, that wasn’t meant to happen!”
“Oh fuck, that hurt so much.” She mumbled. He rubbed her shoulder, trying to comfort her. After a couple of minutes her crying tapered.
“You all right? That was a cheap ball, I’m sorry.”
“Well it’s not meant to be rammed into someone.”
“Well, next time I can get a metal ball and a ramrod and pack your ass like a cannon.”
She smiled, in spite of everything. She knew it made no sense, but she kind of liked him. She noticed the bulge in his pants; irrationally, she reached out and rubbed it. She turned over and pulled his belt. There was a moment of uncertainty as he looked into her eyes. He unzipped his pants and moved himself closer. They lay side by side as he entered her. Her ass was incredibly sore, but she tried to ignore it as he slid into her moist vagina. He held her close as he pressed in and out. Her baby bump nestled between them. She tightened around his cock, which caused him to pulse inside of her. She watched his face as she felt the warmth shooting inside.

She hugged him tightly, looking over his shoulder to see Laura, still lying as she had been, watching them with a tired smile. They were crazy, but her life was changing and there was no turning back now. Vanessa closed her eyes and focused on the strong man enveloping her. He could support her and she needed that now more than ever. For a fleeting moment she felt loved and she didn’t want to think about anything else.

4th of July


‘Independence Day: to celebrate you two will take part in the parade later today. You shall wear the attire provided and will be riding on Bad Joe’s float. Be there at 10, additional details to follow.’

Laura passed the note to Maggie. “I knew something would come today.” She pulled the stars and stripes bikinis from the box. They didn’t question the notes anymore; they both changed without shame in the living room. Laura’s belly was very pronounced and the small bikini made it appear even larger. They finished getting ready and drove to the preparation area. Maggie didn’t care to understand why this man singled them out and why her mother accepted it. She was just happy that Laura smiled more often and seemed to enjoy this humiliation. Maggie couldn’t judge, she just wanted her mom to enjoy herself.

They asked around until they found the float they were looking for. A woman noticed their approach and referred to her clipboard. She glanced at Laura’s belly as she wrote their names. “Okay, there’s a place to sit up there, but you need to be dancing some too. Remember to keep it decent.” The woman was disgusted by her mother’s stomach, Maggie could tell. She waved them away and looked to the next person.

The float was raised with striped tapestry draped over the sides. There was an elevated section with speakers on each side and a narrow chair with a small opening in the middle. The rest of the float was flat with a small railing along the edge. Laura’s boob visibly wiggled – she checked her phone that had been tucked into her bikini top. “He says we have to alternate between dancing and sitting after each song.” They stepped up carefully and waited for the float to start.

Once the float was in position the song ‘Heart of Glass’ began playing; Laura went first. Smiling, Maggie sat and watched her mother bounce in tune with the beat. She moved fluently with the added weight she carried. Maggie felt something from the chair. Someone moved her bikini bottom through the hole in the chair. She jumped up, but stopped as the bottom stretched, pulling her back. She sat back down and waited. She felt the hand spread her cheeks open. Then something cold pressed inside of her butt. Water began filling her – someone was giving her an enema as she sat on display! The water went in slowly. It didn’t feel too bad, until the next dose came. She watched her mother’s butt shake with each step. Water filled her faster now, her stomach began to hurt. The third dose came quickly, just as the song ended. She stood carefully; her belly had grown to appear slightly pregnant.

‘Walk this Way’ started playing. She stepped more gracefully than her mother had. Switching her hips from side to side she shook her butt and let the music guide her. It wasn’t as hard to move after the enemas as she had expected. She noticed that her mother was watching her every motion. The crowd watched with a mixture of smiles and raised eyebrows. Maggie didn’t care, she had been to a lot of parties recently and, as usual, she commanded everyone’s attention. The song finished and her mother gave her a big smile. “Nice job, honey.”

They switched spots. Maggie guessed that her mother had been given some enemas as well; she was moving slower and her belly seemed larger. Maggie felt the nozzle slip into her and then the water flowed inside. She ignored the discomfort, amused by her mother’s sloppy attempts to dance to a song she hadn’t heard before. Her breasts slid back and forth upon her swollen belly; her butt bounced as she clumsily walked with the beat.

It was her turn again. She accepted the final dose of water and stood. Her insides grumbled as she arranged her clothes. She came to the center of the float as ‘Gimmie All Your Lovin’ started to play. She didn’t exactly know how to dance with this one. She switched her hips and watched her belly shake. She leaned forward and tried to twerk with the chorus, but she felt like she was about to fall with the added weight. She made it work, she thought. She leaned back and shook her tits for the crowd with the following chorus. She strutted around the edge of the float and she winked and blew kisses to the spectators. During the last portion she put her hands on her thighs and weaved her torso in a sexy manner. Her mother was trying to hide her grin as they switched spots. She probably went too far that time, but she knew that bastard wanted a show, so she wanted to deliver. Maybe then he’d leave them alone – probably wishful thinking.

Her mother didn’t dance much this time. She bounced a fair amount and gave some movements, but nothing special. She must be filled to the brim. Maggie felt the nozzle again. Three doses followed by something else. She felt something small pressed onto her clit. A vibrator started and so did the next song. She stood, surprised, and fixed her bottoms. She hid the controller between her butt cheeks so it didn’t fall out.

‘Firework’ allowed her some time to acclimate to the new feeling. She breathed deeply and chose to ignore her full feeling. It felt nice when she didn’t move, but any motion had to be done carefully. She bobbed her head, feeling her boobs jiggle. When the beat started she jumped in place, keeping her legs straight. When it stopped she caught her breath, her legs feeling weak. She prepared for the next part and began spinning her hips, hands raised high. Her belly sloshed and gurgled, the motion nearly throwing her off balance. Maggie held her composure and continued. She raised each arm and opened her hands, bringing them back down to slap her hips. Once she brought them up and accidently bumped her belly, which also caused her to snag her top. It didn’t come off, but it caused her modest boobs to jiggle wildly as she attempted to untangle herself. Suddenly an orgasm took her in front of the crowd; she tried to suppress it. She was partially successful, shaking and breathless. The song ended and she slowly made her way back to the chair.

Her mother danced for the final song as they approached the end. She felt the hand carefully remove the toy as she sat, tired and full. When they came to a stop they both got down and started walking back to Laura’s car.
“I need to go to the bathroom, mom.”
“You got it too? Well there is a porta-potty there if you need to.” There was a line.
“No, I can’t go in there; we need to find a bathroom!”
“The only one I know of is in the gas station a few blocks away.”
Maggie groaned and nodded. They walked quietly and carefully. There was a long line for the gas station’s restrooms as well. “Shoot, there is one more place. Buck’s Pub is just up the hill. It shouldn’t be crowded at this hour.” Maggie gave a distressed look, but had little choice. They trudged along. The bar was packed; many heads turned to watch them as they entered. They made their way to the toward the restroom sign. As they passed to the back a man stopped them.

“Names?” He eyed their bellies.
“Uhh, what do you mean?”
“For the contest – they’re already back there, but you guys still have a few minutes.”
Maggie said nothing, confused and discomforted. The man ushered them to the back and handed them cards with numbers. Three other girls stood in bikinis of varying styles and colors. Laura and Maggie’s stomachs drew everyone’s attention. There was chatter, but the man stopped it. “Okay, girls, time to go!”

Maggie gasped, “He led us here, didn’t he?”
Laura gave her a knowing look. They followed the line onto the shoddy stage – the room quieted. “Hello everyone and welcome to Buck’s second annual bikini competition, tonight we will be letting you judge these five fine ladies to see who is this years ‘Buck’s Girl.’ We will judge based on the crowd’s response.”

Contestant one stepped forward: a chubby girl with wide set eyes and a tattoo on her hip of a skull breathing fire. Her blue and white polka dotted swimsuit barely fit. The crowd applauded a fair amount and she stepped back.

Contestant two was a lanky girl who was the opposite of the first. She barely filled her bikini and her features were pointed. She looked as if she had been starving herself. She spun around to show a tattoo of a butterfly on her butt cheek. The crowd gave a modest applause.

The third girl had a more balanced body than the first two. A rose accented her left breast – they were only slightly larger than the second girls. Her hair was red and she was pale, but her smile was her most prominent feature. The applause was louder for her than the first two.

Next Maggie stepped forward bashfully. She smiled as much as she could, her insides churning as the water made gurgling sounds occasionally. She held it in without too much trouble. She pressed her boobs together before turning around and grabbing her behind. People cheered loudly at that display; so far she was easily winning. She grinned and looked to her mother.

Laura’s face had rounded slightly and her butt had grown since she had become pregnant. Crow’s feet around her eyes were the only give away to her true age. She grinned and grabbed her breasts shaking them up and down. She spun around, shaking her ass and slapping it. It looked trashy, but in this place it caused the crowd to hoot and holler with delight. Her belly hung low as she gave them a good view of her butt, legs spread wide. Maggie knew that creep was watching.

The host led the other three girls off the stage. “Here are the two finalists, tell us about yourselves, ladies.”
Her mother spoke first. “My name is Laura and this is my daughter, Maggie.” Maggie blushed as most of the crowd cheered; some gave confused or disgusted looks.
“So,” the host asked, “how far are you two along?”
“I’m 20 weeks along.” She held her tummy and looked to her daughter.
“I-uh, I’m about the same.”
The host chuckled. “You don’t sound too sure about that. Where are the dads? Same guy?” He laughed again.
“No, no, he is- they are not in the picture.” Maggie lied.
“Single and expecting, huh? Well, you have your pick of most of these guys, I’m sure.” The crowd jeered. “Now for the final part – I know this is weird for you two being related, but rules are rules. Tops off, ladies!” The crowd roared Laura raised an eyebrow and tilted her head accusingly with a grin. She reached back and undid her bikini top and let it fall to the stage. Her full breasts had areolas the size of quarters and tiny nipples aimed upward. They rested upon her belly as she smiled warmly to the sweaty men. At this point the people who didn’t care for the scene were making their way to the door.

“Your turn, Maggie.” Her mother smiled deviously. Maggie wanted to do one better – she untied her top and then her bottoms. They fell and she stood proudly, still retaining the water she had been given. Her mother’s smile faded as the men whistled and cheered. Not one to be outdone, Laura undid her bottoms and sat on a chair that had been at the back of the stage, spreading her legs wide, exposing her pierced clitoris. What a slut, Maggie thought.

Just then a man came upon the stage and came toward Laura, a security guard jumped in between them; the man stopped and jumped back down. The crowd started to get louder and louder, hungry for more. The guards blocked the crowd as the host led them backstage, the event turning suddenly dangerous. He brought them to an office and locked the door. “You two sure know how to excite the crowd! Let’s wait a minute before we go out.”
“We need clothes!” Maggie pleaded.
“I got nothing for you in here; we have to let the guards do their thing.” He watched the girls, attempting to avert his eyes, but they kept falling lower as he talked. “So, since I did stop them from getting you… Could we maybe? You’re already pregnant and I don’t have anything, honest.” He trailed off.

Laura grinned and sighed, “Sure, but be quick.” Her mother was such a whore.
Laura walked over and pushed him onto the desk, spreading herself as she crawled on top of him. Maggie snorted, disgusted as her mother mounted him. She slipped him in and began moving her hips. It took mere seconds before he finished. He groaned loudly and made an ugly face. Laura smirked as he filled her. Maggie felt the whole display was quite pathetic. Laura crawled off cupping a hand beneath her so she didn’t drip his seed onto the floor. She noticed Maggie’s revulsion; she walked over and pressed her sticky fingers into Maggie’s blonde mound.

Maggie jerked back, scowling at her mother. “What the hell?”
“You should have some too. I share.” Laura eyed her playfully as she tried to clean herself out.
There was a knock on the door, the man buttoned his pants and handed Laura a rag.
“I need a bathroom.”
“The only one is out there; I wouldn’t suggest using that one.”
Maggie nodded. “Fine, get us some clothes at least.”
He led them to a small dressing room. They found some common, though small, clothes and then they left through the back door.

“I need to get to a bathroom now!” Maggie whined.
“I know, I know,” They walked for a while before Laura pointed. They found a porta-potty that didn’t have a line. Maggie didn’t have a choice; she darted in, nearly gagging from the smell. She released – the sounds echoed and it took her a long time to empty out completely. Her stomached ached from pressing so much water out. She sanitized her hands and staggered out. Laura sat on some nearby steps, her belly peeking from under her shirt.

“Why did you try to put his stuff in me?”
“It won’t matter, I was just being silly.”
“I could get pregnant!”
“Not from that little bit.”
“I could! Don’t do that sort of thing!”
They both met eyes and then Laura looked elsewhere. “He sent me a message.”
“No, I’m done, I’m really done now. I don’t care what he’s going to do to us. I’m finished.”
“You say that each time. We have to do as he says; we are over halfway done now.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Yes I do,” she looked to her phone. “You both did well. Maggie has earned a rest, you haven’t. Just last until the end of the year and I will show you the truth.”
“I’m afraid to know what the plan is, but I’m still done.”
Laura pursed her lips. “Okay. Let’s go home.”

Father’s Day


Emma kept trying to put her ordeal behind her. Her mother and sister were free now. Laura had convinced her not to call the police and not to talk about it with Maggie, who seemed to block the whole situation. She hadn’t talked to either of them much since the incident.

Emma had moved to another apartment about an hour’s drive away after her first twisted experience. She knew she couldn’t stay after she had run from the police. She suspected that rumor of a pregnant, naked lady running around the streets would be a story everyone would be quick to share with their friends – especially since she had been carrying a doll in her the whole time. Mike hadn’t lied, though, they didn’t come to arrest her and she hadn’t heard anything about that since she moved.

However, her experience in April was worse. She reached back to feel the scar she had on her hip: the heart shaped brand that Vanessa had given her. She just hoped that she could live her life and try to forget the experience as much as she could. Now she had a job at a department store in a smaller town. It didn’t pay as well as her last job, but it was simple and she was able to afford what she needed. She was putting clothes on hangars when she looked up to see Aaron walk in.

“What are you doing here?”
“I got a message to come he-” He paused and took out his phone. He held his breath as he showed her the picture he had just received. It took her a moment to realize that she was looking at a photo of them through the store’s front window. She looked out to see a man sitting on a bench. Rage flashed in her eyes as she ran to the door. Aaron followed her outside.

The man noticed and stood. He didn’t try to flee. She knew him, but couldn’t place him. “You’re… Emma?”
She suddenly remembered. “Mike? You’re the cop that saw me…” She trailed off and looked to her brother.
“Saw you what?”
“He… is the fucker that has mom!”
“Woah now, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He was suddenly defensive.
Aaron tried to calm her, but she was shaking with anger. “Why the fuck are you taking pictures of us then?”
“I-” He hesitated before pointing at Aaron. “was told to follow him.”
“Why? Who sent you?”

“I don’t know, I just was paid to see who he was going to see today. I never met the person; they just contacted me by email. I had an envelope full of money dropped in my mailbox so I didn’t ask questions. It just told me to send the pictures to that number.”

Emma huffed and started pacing. Aaron nodded. “Okay, he wanted to toy with us then. He knew that we would talk to you and he did say no cops.”
“What are you talking about?” Mike looked to them both, waiting for answers.

She calmed herself before continuing. “A man took my mom that night and forced me to do what you saw. I thought he was finished after that, but he convinced my mom that he wasn’t a motherfuckering psycho somehow and that got us captured and tortured again. Stupid as she is, she has been seeing him and he’s been threatening us, forcing us to do different sick and perverted things.” She breathed deeply and continued in a calmer tone. “He can hurt her and she’s too fucking stupid to see it. My sister chose to stay with her; she hasn’t learned that she isn’t worth saving. That’s why I moved here, I’m done with that shit.” It felt good to tell someone else, she thought.

“You can’t mean that, Emma, she’s our Mother.” Arron spoke in a serious tone.
She stared defiantly. Mike took a moment to process, “Well that is messed up, why don’t you say no?”
Emma rolled her eyes. “Really?” She looked to Aaron again. “Get him out of here. He’s just being used.” She turned and went back inside. She returned to the stack of clothes she had left and draped them over her arm. After a few minutes Aaron came in alone.

“We need to talk. Can we go somewhere private?”
Emma nodded, gathered the remaining clothes, and brought him to the backroom. She sat the clothes down and found a secluded corner, turning to him expectantly.
“I got him to leave it alone for now, but who knows.”
“You’re kidding right? It’s him.”
“Didn’t you hear him, I believed it.”
“Probably a complete fucking lie.”

“Well-“ His phone buzzed and he read the message to himself. Aaron looked up and, as quick as a snake, grabbed her arms. The clothes fell to the ground. While holding her wrists together he brought out a pair of handcuffs to secure them in front of her. It took a moment for the surprise to pass. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Be quiet, he wants this and I have to do it for mom. Just stop fighting!” She thrashed, but he was much stronger. “Stop now or I’ll have to… fine! You must want me to be rough.” He quickly pulled her pants down; leaving her completely exposed. He found a pair of scissors on a table; he used them to cut her pants and panties off, as well as her t-shirt and bra. Her anger subsided and was replaced with embarrassment.

He scanned the shelves and his eyes paused on a bright red, strapless cocktail dress – frills on the lower half. He found her size, pulled it from the hanger, and slid it up her legs. It fit snugly, causing her modest breasts to spill over the top.

Aaron undid his zipper and took out his manhood. She gasped at the sight, as if pulled back to reality. She ran and he chased her. He caught her by the shoulders just as she came to the door to the front area of the store. He spoke softly in her ear. “Do you really want to cause a scene? Didn’t you want to do this when we were younger?”

She started crying softly. “I- Yes, but not like this. We decided that this would be wrong!”
“But, I want you and we have to anyway… for mom!”
“I don’t care. Please don’t do this here.”
She grabbed the doorframe as he held her hips. He licked his finger and started rubbing her below.

“Emma? What are you doing?”
Her eyes popped open. Her head was peeking around the corner and her boss was watching. “Yes, Miss Vaughn?” She stumbled for words. “I- uh- I was just- ugh!“ She felt him prodding her with his cock. He slid in more easily than she liked. “My back has been go- bugging! It has been bugging me lately, my back. Oh, it’s my back.” She let a moan escape at the end. He pushed in to the hilt and pulled out gently. He continued slowly as they talked.

“Can I help?” She looked worried.
“N-No! I’m okay. I just n-need to wor- work these muscles. Oh, my…” She grasped the doorway as his pace increased. Her bosses’ face was tilted in confusion, she started toward her. Emma held out a hand to stop her. “Seriously, I’m fine, let me work it out on my own, just give me a… ah” He rammed her quickly and she felt him emptying inside her. Her heart skipped a beat. “M-mo-moment.”
“All right, let me know if you need help.” Her employer turned and walked away.

Emma waited for him to finish. He slid out and she felt the warmth run down her thigh. “What the fuck did you do?” She whispered angrily.
“I… had to.”
“The fuck you did! You didn’t have to fuck me in front of my boss and you even had the nerve to cum in me? I’m not on any fucking birth control you idiot!”
“I don’t care, I love you.”
“Jesus, I can’t believe this fucking happened. Un-cuff me and let me clean this out.”
“What the hell?”

He pulled her dress down and used her cut pants to wipe off her sticky legs. He put her ruined clothes in the trash and ushered her out the backdoor into his car. She hesitated, but he nudged her along. In his car he handed her a pair of black lace panties that had a small bump in the front. She shook her head and looked to him. “Put them on or I will march you back in there and show her the dress you stole.”

Emma thought about how her boss might react. She slid the panties on; they fit her snugly, being a size too small; the bulge pressed right upon her clitoris. Aaron leaned over and removed her handcuffs. He also showed her a photo of her sister, and someone else suckling upon her mother. She turned away disgusted.

“This is what he’s doing to them. He’s making me do this to you as well. Just do as I say and we’ll be done soon.” They drove a few blocks to the local grocery store. It was a smaller place, but it was busy. They walked in and made their way to the corner of the baking section.
“What are we doing here?”
He handed her a small list. “You have to go get everything on here and then I’ll meet you in the car. If you don’t get something then we’ll both be in trouble.” He walked away.

I can do this, he won’t break me. The list didn’t look special at all: a gallon of milk, grapes, a cucumber, honey, butter, a can of potato soup, and a loaf of hard bread. She took a basket before browsing the produce aisle. She picked an average sized cucumber. As she inspected it the vibrator started and stopped abruptly. She gasped, dropped the vegetable, and it rolled a few feet away. She looked around, but nobody seemed to be watching. She went to grab it, but as she knelt the vibrator came on again. Emma stabilized herself with her hands, and after taking a moment to compose herself, she snatched the cucumber from the ground and arose. The toy still wiggled inside of her as she started walking slowly. She picked up a bag of grapes and placed them in her basket as well – still vibrating. She was becoming wet at this point, but had to press on.

Emma tried to ignore the sensation and made her way to the bakery. She grabbed a loaf and then walked to the dairy aisle slowly. She found a box of butter before proceeding to the coolers. She opened the door; her nipples hardened from the cold air, she breathed deeply. The man next to her gave her a look and then had a double take when he saw her nipples through the tight dress. She placed the milk in her basket just in time – the vibrator went faster. She stumbled and leaned forward, putting her hand on the cooler door to keep her upright. She closed her eyes and moaned louder than she liked; her panties were very moist.

“Uh-are you okay?” The man walked over and put his arm on her shoulder – what a creep, she thought.

She opened her eyes and tried to stand upright. The basket was so much heavier with the milk in it, making it hard to balance. The vibrator went even faster! The man’s arm didn’t hold her, which caused her to fall into him. He staggered backward and caught her, her basket dropped to the ground and she wrapped her arms around him. She couldn’t stop herself by this point; she pressed her head into his chest and her privates onto his thigh. She grunted and held him tightly as he stood in amazement. The vibrating stopped and she stood back, breathing heavily. Her cheeks red with embarrassment. His confusion turned into a wicked grin.

She pushed her dress down, grabbed her basket, and rushed away.
“Hey, wait, what’s your name?”
She ignored him as she walked quickly to find the last two items. She almost tripped as the toy went full blast. She took smaller steps, trying to appear normal to a woman and her daughter standing in her way.
“Ex-CUse me!” She misspoke when the vibrator stopped and, just as quickly, restarted.

They both looked at her uncertainly as the mother moved her cart over. The cart was blocking the soup she needed. The vibrator stopped again after a moment, so she took her chance. She leaned down and reached around the woman, who was trying to ignore her. Emma had to squat to get closer. As she did she realized what was about to happen. It started again causing her to thump the basket on the ground and send the can rolling; she fell onto her knees between the mother and her cart where her daughter was sitting.

“What’s wrong with her, mom?” The mother gasped, stepped around Emma, and pushed their cart away.

The girl watched her, but Emma couldn’t control herself. She put her hand between her legs and shook with another orgasm. Placing the soup in the basket she stood and went to find the last item. She took the first bottle of honey she could find and rushed to the checkout. I am almost there, just pay and leave.

Of course, the vibrator started as soon as she got in line. It became more intense as she waited to pay. She bit her lip as the boy slowly scanned and weighed the items. She pressed against the checkout lane and it made a loud noise against the plastic. Her eyes darted to the people behind her and back to the clerk, who looked to her.

“It was my phone!” She was a little too loud, but he seemed to accept the answer.
Once he finished bagging the items she brought them outside only to be stopped by the woman from earlier, accompanied by a security guard.
“Hold on a minute, ma’am.”
“I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry.” She shifted back and forth, trying to ignore the sensation between her legs.

“I understand that you displayed lewd conduct in front of a minor.” He waited for her response, but she couldn’t focus. She knew she had to suppress the feeling. She had- had to- Her knees buckled as she slumped to the ground, quaking and moaning shamelessly. The vibrator stopped and she waited there to catch her breath. She stood and looked to their irritated and confused faces.
“My lord! Right in front of us?” The woman snapped.
“I have a condition! I get… aroused very easily. I tried this new dress, but it was a mistake.”
“What are you talking about? Does that really exist?” She looked to the officer, he shrugged.
“I am sorry, I have to go, I am bothered by this just as much as you two!” She turned and walked away – luckily they didn’t follow. She found Aaron’s car.
“What the fuck was that?” She reached down as they drove. Her panties were completely soiled. She slid them off and put them on the floorboard. She pulled her dress as low as she could.
“You made it and you know why I had to do it.”
“Fuck you!” She knew he would just ramble on about how he had to save mom. He’d do anything for her, fuck everyone else! Emma had loved him when they were younger, before they knew it was wrong. They had almost had sex once, but Maggie caught them and they never spoke of it again.
“Where are we going?”
“You know where we’re going.”

She knew he meant the place that this started. She sighed and knew that she could struggle and try to flee, but he would probably hurt them. She did still love Aaron, so she decided to let this sick fantasy finish. The kidnapper probably just wanted to watch them have sex, and honestly, she didn’t mind the thought at this point. She laid her seat back and fell asleep, drained.
When they arrived he woke her up and carried the grocery bags into the house. He sat the items on the counter. She followed hesitantly.
“Listen to me and do exactly as I say or you will be punished. Take off your dress.” She narrowed her eyes. “Please, do as I ask, you know it’s-”
“It’s for poor old mom, yes, yes, got it.” She slid her dress over her head and threw it to the corner.
He nodded. “Prepare a meal with those items.” He pointed to the counter.
“Aren’t you going to help?”
He shook his head and sat in a chair.
She rinsed off the grapes, softened a stick of butter, sliced the bread, and warmed the soup. She brought the items to the table. She took out two plates, but he stopped her.
“I already ate, this is all for you.”
“I don’t want this much; I don’t even like milk or cucumbers.”

“Remember you made this dinner for dad when you were younger?” She remembered now. Her dad brought her to the store when she was eight and helped her pick simple items so she could make everything herself. Emma felt so proud when she finished his meal that day.
“Just eat the soup and bread, then.”
She sat, naked, and ate some soup, a handful of grapes, and two pieces of buttered bread with a dab of honey. She even had a small cup of milk. “Okay, I’m full”

He gathered the remaining items on the counter as she took a few more bites. Before she knew what was happening, she had handcuffs on her wrists again. She thrashed as he bent her over the table and tied her ankles to the legs of the table. He secured her snugly. It was an older, sturdy table, and try as she might, she couldn’t lift it in this position. He walked away for a minute and returned with a large bucket and a enema syringe.

“Jesus, you can’t be serious!”
“The text said to have you eat as much as you could and then put the rest in you anyway possible.”
“I am not going to fucking do this! Stop right now or I will never forgive you!”
“Please, sis, just hold this in and then we can be done with this!”
“It never fucking ends, though! Don’t do this!”

“I have to.” He poured the remainder of the soup, the container of honey, and the milk into the bucket. He drew the plunger and brought it to her behind. He pressed it in and shot the mixture into her. She pleaded for him to stop, but he refilled and did it again, and again. The final load was very thick; it went in slowly and felt like paste.
“There, almost done.” He buttered another piece of bread and offered it to her. “You can still eat some of this stuff if you’d like.” She angrily nodded and ate some more bread and a handful of grapes that he fed her. She felt stuffed, but there was still about eight slices of bread left and many grapes.
“Please, please, stop! I can’t do any more.”
“You don’t have a choice.”
“You do! Don’t fucking do this!”
He brought the grapes out of her sight and she felt one press into her, then another, then another. It took a few minutes, and some broke on the way in, but he fit them all inside of her.

“Now the bread. I’ll help you with this one.” She heard water running for a moment and he held a wet, smushed hunk of bread in front of her. He pressed it into her, but it didn’t stay rigid. She felt his fingers pressing the goo in her butt. She grunted and groaned. “Hold it in there’s only one thing left.” He kept his finger in place so nothing could come out. She felt something long nudging against her vagina. She heard him spit and then it slid in more easily. The cucumber, she had almost forgotten about that!

Tears welled up in her eyes. “No, no, no, please… For the love of God, stop!”
“I have to! Just hold It in or we’ll have to do this again.” He pressed it as deep as it would go and carefully removed his finger. He stood back and marveled at the sight of his sister, bent over a table, with her ass full and a cucumber buried into her pussy. “Okay, let it go.”
She turned white. “What? Untie me and let me go to the bathroom!”
He smiled slightly. “No.”

She pleaded and shook, but it took only moments before she couldn’t control herself any longer. The cucumber slid to the floor and the wet bread oozed down her leg. She felt grapes shoot from her backside followed by the soupy mixture. He watched with amusement, grinning when she farted. Why is he doing this to me? “Just let me go.” She whined.

When the torrent stopped he came over and un-cuffed her. He rubbed her butt where the heart had been branded onto her. He undid the rest of her constraints and led her to the shower. He helped her clean up and led her to the couch. She was so drained and weak that she fell asleep within a few minutes.

Aaron stood over her when she opened her eyes. “How was your dinner?”
She couldn’t think straight. She still felt tired and sore. She sat up, now wearing a metallic pink bikini. He wore swimming trunks and a shirt. He motioned her outside and into his car. She complied, being in no mood to argue. She felt far more exposed than she’d like, but she was just glad it was over.

After a few minutes on the road he broke the silence. “Remember how dad always took you to get ice cream after going to the beach? I love you, sis, I didn’t want to do that back there, but I had to.” She sat silently until they came to the ice cream vendor. It was a small establishment that had been there for years before she was born.

“Come on, let’s get a cone.” Emma didn’t feel as bad as she had before, but she didn’t feel like talking. She shook her head. “Come up there and I’ll bring you home right after, promise.”She was so drained that she didn’t question it, she simply nodded.

They walked up and joined the line. Aaron ordered a chocolate cone and she ordered a dipped cone. He paid and pointed her to one of the small nearby tables. He had to grab something from the car. Two families and a couple were sitting nearby, she noticed as she waited. He returned shortly with a towel. “Let’s go for a quick swim after these, okay?” She started to protest, but he stopped her. “Please, it’ll be my way of repaying you for earlier.” The beach was tiny, but it was in sight and the water would feel nice on such a warm day. She agreed. They finished their cones and walked down the pathway to the sand. Aaron removed his shirt and picked her up.

“Don’t you dare!” She screamed and drew in a breath before hitting the water. He was in the water, smiling as she came up. She couldn’t resist a small smile too. “You jerk.” She splashed him.

They played for a time, as they had when they were younger. She was tired and sore, but she was having fun, she couldn’t deny that. He swam closer and dove below. She watched him circle around and come up behind her. He held her hips to stop her from turning. She felt a tug at the strings on her bikini bottom. She looked beneath the water’s surface to see Aaron’s fingers undoing the knots. Her mind raced as she felt his penis press against her bare butt. He held her close and whispered in her ear. “You want this too, don’t you?”

She had reservations, but after all of the pain she had endured she couldn’t say no. “Y-yes. Do it.” He took a moment to find his way into her. When he finally entered her pussy it felt amazing. Sex underwater had been a mild fantasy since she had been seventeen and had sex in a friend’s hot tub.

Emma breathed deeply, trying not to moan. People sat closer than she would’ve liked, but the extra risk was actually exciting her now. This was the first time since New Years that Emma enjoyed sex. She had worried that it would never be fun anymore. But, this felt amazing! She leaned forward, putting her legs to his sides. He held her just at the right angle to keep her head high and her butt low. He slid in and out with slight splashes. The small amount of water that came in and out with each thrust felt wonderful. A couple of people were watching them at this point, but she doubted they could see anything incriminating.

His rhythm increased. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum in you, sis.” She couldn’t tell him to stop. She leaned back, pressing against him as much as she could. She felt his warmth inside her. The sensation sent her over the edge. She closed her eyes and began to orgasm. She gasped a little too loudly, but she couldn’t resist. She opened her eyes to see a man standing on the edge of the water. His eyes narrowed in confusion. “Miss, are you okay?”

Emma splashed for a moment before she stood once again. Aaron still held her hips. “Yes, yes, I’m fine.” Something caught her eye. She looked over to see her bikini bottoms floating away. The man saw them too. She couldn’t get them without giving him a wonderful view, so she just covered herself. “I’m sorry, just don’t say anything.”

His face turned red and he nodded quickly. He walked back to his family and asked them to leave. She moved up and Aaron’s member fell out. He slid up his shorts. “That was fun.”
She nodded. “Go get my bottoms back so we can go.”

He walked onto the sand and picked them up, put them in his pocket, and gave her a smile. She watched him walk up the path to the parking lot. He fucking left me! She took a few minutes to walk to a secluded area of the beach. She emerged from the water and ran to a tree, using her hands to cover her privates. She ducked into a nook and watched for the family and couple to be looking elsewhere. She thought she had her chance: she sprinted to the towel that Aaron had left on a chair. The man from the couple turned right as she reached the towel. His eyes widened as Emma stretched out to reach it. His companion turned to see as well. Emma grabbed the towel and dropped it immediately. She bent down to pick it up, knowing that she exposed herself even more.

The family was still oblivious, but the couple watched with marvel. She wrapped the towel around herself and started walking quickly for the lot. She passed close to them and they started laughing. It was a long walk to get back, but luckily Aaron was still there, waiting in his car.
“I found these for you.” He handed her the bikini bottoms.
“Fuck you. Why did you do that?”
“I’m sorry; I was just playing a joke.”
“Don’t do that again, understand?”
“Yes, but you had fun didn’t you?”

The question caught her off guard. “Well, I guess, but… But you fucking tortured me yesterday and you fucked me in front of my boss and a bunch of other people today!”

He started the car. “Listen, yesterday wasn’t my doing. Today was my way of making it up to you. I love you and I don’t mean to really hurt you. I just want to play with you a little, honest!” He put his hand on her thigh and smiled. She really wasn’t sure how she felt about that. He did make her feel younger and happier. I do want to be with him, as wrong as that is. I guess there is no turning back now. After a while her thoughts turned back to Mike. There has to be a way to outsmart him. They discussed the topic as they drove home.