True Colors


It was odd, going from the new face to the pampered girl in a matter of months. Lilly had to admit that she enjoyed it. It was rewarding knowing that the bully wasn’t a threat anymore. In the hallway, Lilly saw a few people gathered in the red accented room, and she went to investigate. Traci was forced to wear arm binders for most of the days recently, leaving her door open for anyone to take advantage of her at any time. The men from before were set to return this evening and Lilly only imagined what the woman would be enduring by then.

To her surprise, Willa, the normally complacent girl, was gripping Traci’s hair. The young girl with a newfound fire in her eyes led the partially bound woman to the bed and pressed her head in between Kiera’s spread legs. The other girls laughed as Willa berated the now submissive woman.

“They’ll lose interest soon enough.” Julie said as she closed the door to her room. “Traci knew her time on the top wouldn’t last forever. She saw this happen before.” Her heavy breasts and slim frame was mesmerizing as she approached.
“What do you mean?”
“We’ve been here for years, honey. I was able to bounce back after my fall. Most can’t, though.” She looked into the room, watching the girl’s take advantage. “Traci was always dominant and held the status longer than anyone I’ve seen, but we’ll have to see what she does after this.”
“Wh-why doesn’t she resist?”
Julie shrugged. “If she really hurts one of them then it will get much worse for her and she’s probably just in shock that she actually lost her place. The Master had protected her for a long time, but he must want you to be the queen bee now.”
She remembered the loosely defined no violence rule. “How long is her contract?”
“None of us know – it’s kept secret and different for each of us.”
In the room, Taryn stepped up and landed a hard swat across Traci’s ass. Taryn’s large tits wobbled and the other girl bucked forward, pressing her face into the chubby woman’s crotch. “I can’t believe she’s just taking it.” Lilly watched. “Can’t she leave if it’s too much?”

“Sure, we all can go anytime we want! But, obviously, he finds ways to keep us from leaving. He figures out what motivates us and uses that to his advantage.”
“What did he do to keep you here?”
She sighed, looking away. “He pays for my sister’s medical bills. Without him, she wouldn’t be here. He also lets me visit her twice a year. Once he knows how to control you then he is a lot more lenient and lets you go into public. If he doesn’t trust you or you breach the contract then…” She shrugged unknowingly.

Julie turned to Lilly and put a hand on her shoulder. “Going to join us in there?”
“No, I think I’ll hang back for now.”
“Suit yourself, but be careful not to get drunk with power. He is going to let you boss us around, but he is still in control.” Julie gave a playful smirk as she walked through the doorway. Her thick legs and nice ass wiggled delightfully, as she took her place in line to dominate the once formidable woman.

Lilly went back to her room and found a book. I am glad they put her in her place, but I kind of feel bad. Lilly tried to set her mind to ease. She deserves this, though. She did the same thing to the other girls and they are giving her a taste of her own medicine. Hours passed before her door flew open, pulling her away from her reading.

Traci stepped into the room with a cold, brooding anger. Her wild, tangled brown hair fell over her bountiful, reddened breasts. With free arms, she closed the door before punching the foot of the violet colored bed, growling as she spoke. “You fucking whore! You are not going to get away with this.” Traci grabbed Lilly’s ankle and tugged her closer with unexpected strength. She drew back a hand and swatted Lilly’s tit. She attempted another strike, but Lilly deflected it. The wild woman’s high-set cheekbones showed as she smiled with a sick pleasure. She crawled atop her victim. “I’m going to make you regret crossing me, you goddamned hick.”

“Wh-what about the contract? You can’t hurt me!”
Traci slapped her across the face. “What do I care? I can’t handle another year in this fucking place!” Lilly could see a hatred in her eyes that scared her. Traci threw another punch that hit her arm. “I’ve been keeping myself at the top for nine years and you came in to fuck it all up!”
“It was the… the man.”
Traci grabbed her nipples tightly and pulled hard. Lilly shrieked for a moment before another slap silenced her. “Be quiet! You caused this and you will fall back in line or I will make you miserable!”

Traci bent forward and pulled the frightened girl upright, pushing her toward the bathroom door. Lilly stumbled as Traci came in behind her and locked the door. “Our guests arrived – I’m going to get you ready them!” She unscrewed the hose to the showerhead. “I hear you like enemas.”

“Don’t do this, Traci. Just let me have my time-“
“You don’t deserve any time at the top, you backwards bitch! I’m going to make you suffer and everyone else will see that I’m still in charge!” Her tone sounded like she was trying to convince herself.
“You’re in too far and The Master is going to punish you when he finds out.”
“No, no, no! He’s going to reward me for being so confident!” She rubbed some lotion onto the end of the hose and slapped Lilly’s ass until she bent forward. I can’t hurt her or I’ll get punished. I just have to let her do this and maybe she will be gone for good! Lilly put her hands on her knees as she felt the hose slip inside and snake its way through her guts.

Traci stood her up and turned her, smiling as she flipped the water on. The cold water and air mixed in her belly. Traci pulled her closer, wrapping her hands around Lilly’s squishy ass and watching as the water pained her. “Do you like being my bitch?” Traci had to look down as she hugged the Montana girl, pressing their warm skin together. Lilly’s smaller bosom nestled beneath Traci’s ample tits. Lilly couldn’t help herself, locking lips with her aggressor, moaning with mixed emotions as the lukewarm water painfully blasted inside.

They drew back and stared at one another for a time. Traci’s straight eyebrows quivered as she pushed her trimmed pussy forward. Her flowery perfume was subtle, mixing with the intoxicating scent of her flowing dark brown hair. She could see that the woman needed to assert herself after being stripped of all control. Traci finally broke the stare and grabbed something from beneath the sink. She held a metal funnel with a spout roughly the size of her thumb. The pain was becoming too intense, pulling her attention away; Lilly reached lower and began rubbing herself.

Traci slapped her hand aside. “No, this is punishment, you slut!” The tall seductive brunette sat the funnel aside and moved behind Lilly, wrapping her arms around her hips and softly caressing her expanding belly. “You like being punished, don’t you?” Traci put her chin upon Lilly’s shoulder and pressed her squishy chest against her back. “You’d just love it if I touched you right now. You’d probably cum in an instant, wouldn’t you?” She pressed her hips forward, causing the hose in Lilly’s ass to bend and move slightly deeper.

Breaking from the embrace, Traci cranked up the flow of the water, causing the inflating girl to jump forward, reaching back for the hose. Traci backhanded her, stopping her abruptly. Lilly whined, holding her belly as she bit her lip. “I can’t, it’s too much.” She gasped, trying to endure.

“Kneel down, over the side of the tub.” Lilly gave a questioning look that was met with a slap across her distended belly. “Now!”

Her stomach was pronounced, making her look a few months pregnant. She got down, but couldn’t fit over the edge of the tub without leaning forward. She did so, awkwardly sticking her ass into the air. With her pussy pressed against the fiberglass of the tub and water continually blasting inside, she squirmed, attempting to distract her mind from the agony. Thankfully, the wider tub allowed her to find a comfortable position. Unable to touch herself, she became increasingly frustrated.

Suddenly the flow increased. She jerked, sliding forward, pressing her shoulder against the side of the bathtub and bending her neck at an angle. Her body contorted, putting her legs outward as they rested upon the edge of the tub. Traci grabbed her ankles and held her in place as the full force of water poured into her midsection, inflating her like a balloon. She could see her belly shaking as moved lower, pressing against the tub floor. She gasped, uncertain of how much more she could take.

“Want it to stop?” Lilly grunted in response, unable to speak as she slid lower due to her weight. Her stomach had reached the bottom and started to spread outward. “If you don’t say anything then I guess I could just leave you…”
“P-pl-please st-stop.”
Traci beamed from above. “So polite!” She flipped the lever and the water stopped moments after.

Lilly groaned as the girl above tugged on the hose, working it out painfully. Tensing, she felt it withdrawing from her insides and Lilly tightened with all her might when it finally slipped free. Traci took the funnel from the counter and forced it into her ass. Before anything could come out, she felt something strange pouring inside. She moved slightly to see the once regal woman grinning with a fervor that she had never seen. I’ve only seen that look when someone is about to go too far with me.
She held an opaque, white container, pouring a white powder into the funnel. Baking flour? Where did she get that? She must have stashed it some time ago. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“Like I said, I’m getting you ready!” She sat the starch aside and grabbed a oversized metal spoon, using the handle to push the thickening powder deeper. “This will make help you keep it all in!” She swapped out the spoon and poured more powder into the funnel. “Feels weird, doesn’t it?” Lilly let out an awkward grunt as she tried to wriggle free, but it only caused her neck to throb. Traci withdrew the funnel and stuck the handle of the metal spoon all the way into her ass, spinning it using the round portion. “We have to make sure to stir it up or it won’t work. I think we’ll need more, too.” She repeated the process many times. “This should help you hold it in a little more easily.”

Traci’s grip slipped. Lilly felt her expanded body tilt, slowly gaining speed until she turned in the tub, coming to rest upon her back. She was sore, but thankful to be able to stretch. Her stomach throbbed, reminding her of the predicament. It was enormous, weighing her down as it obscured her vision. I look like I’m about to pop! Traci reached between her legs and forcefully churned the mixture in her ass. Lilly was too tired to fight at this point. “Got to make sure it’s thick enough.” She pulled the spoon’s handle out, and the goo inside felt as if it was all trying to come with it. She clenched her ass instinctively.

“It will still come out when you’re ready, but it’s going to make a big mess.” She cleaned the shower hose and put the head back on. “Try not to force it.” A knock startled her. “Time to go!” She sat the plastic container and other implements under the sink and unlocked the bathroom door. She moved past the man with a bashful smile. Patrick came in and marveled at the scene.

“My, my, partaking in some leisurely activities?” He smiled above. She let out a long breath as she crinkled her nose in pain. Gripping the side of the tub, she attempted to stand. She couldn’t help pushing, trying to get the thick block out of her behind. Nothing moved, including her. The man removed his expensive suit jacket and hoisted her upright. It was inefficient, but they managed to get her onto her knees and then standing. Her heavy belly sagged with the immense water weight. How much of that crap did he put in me? Shouldn’t it be thinning with all of the water in there?

“So why the big belly? What do you have in there?”
Lilly could barely think. She waited silently as the man rubbed her aching stomach. “Your skin is so warm and tight!” He spoke with admiration. She stepped over the tub’s edge and balanced herself using Patrick’s shoulder and the edge of the sink. Lost in a fog, she made short grunts as she fought through the cramping. “F-fuck m-me.” She grumbled.

He interpreted her frustrated remark as an invitation. With a hungry smile, he closed the toilet lid and slid his pants to his ankles before taking a seat. She was too drained to argue, so she shuffled closer and straddled the man. She was very wet down there, and he slipped in on his first attempt. Even in her addled state, Lilly loved the feeling. It helped to dull the rest of her pains as she moved her hips. Patrick squeezed her closer, causing her belly to squish outward between their arms.

“Fuck, I’m going to come already. Get down and let me shoot in on your tits.”
“J-just… just come inside.”
“You sure?” She didn’t respond, and the man scoffed, gripping her ass as she continued moving. “You on birth control?”
She managed to shake her head in response.
His expression turned to panic. He tried to push her off, but her weight kept her firmly in place with his cock buried inside. She continued gyrating her hips.
“Stop! Stop!” She wrapped her arms around him and held him close, pressing his face into her breasts to muffle his complaints. He rocked her side to side, trying to escape. It was in vain, however, and she felt a pulsing warmth inside. The feeling was magical and she climaxed alongside him. She used her hips to work out every drop of his seed.

With his help, she got off and staggered to lean against the wall in agony. The man pulled his pants up. “I am not about to support some bastard! You crazy bitch!” This was the true man, standing before her, not the façade he had in public. He’s angry and spoiled. She knew he would cause more trouble for her, but she didn’t care at the moment. He slammed the door and left her alone. She went to the toilet and began the painful, messy ordeal of emptying out. She pressed her clit as she forced the thick goop out in long, slow motions. Luckily, it was only a short time before the warm water flowed freely.

“What the hell have I done?” She put her head in her hands. “I let that jerk come in me!” She sniffled. “Traci is to blame for this! I’m going to fucking kill her!” She looked down at her swollen belly. “I’m a whale!” She used her hands to shake it side-to-side, entranced by the motion. She accepted the pain, clenching one eye as she continued pushing the water out.

Popularity Contest


The entire group gathered in the empty room. Ten naked girls watched as The Master walked to the front of the room and raised his hand to quiet them. “The men will be returning in two days. Until then, I am going to have you all participate in a special game. My associate will come around to each of you and ask that you press a button corresponding to a girl’s name. The top two will be the participants in today’s event.”

They waited quietly as the butler offered an electronic tablet to each girl in the line. Lilly knew her choice long before it reached her. Once it was her turn, she quickly found the red button that said Traci and tapped it. Willa, Gina, and Molly all hesitated, but eventually made a decision. Traci made sure to make direct eye contact and smirk at Lilly as she handed the tablet back to the man.

“And the results…” The Master casually accepted the device after the butler hit a few buttons. “Today’s event shall involve Lilly and Traci.” He waved them forward. I know she’s going to try something, but I can match her. I won’t let that bitch bully us anymore. Lilly gave Traci a narrow eyed glare as their master spoke. “Today’s coupling will use these props.” The butler brought a covered cart closer and removed the sheet, revealing three differently colored and differently sized double-ended dildos with various lines upon them.

“This will be a three staged game of reversed tug of war. Clear is for oral, pink is for pussy, and black is for anal. The man picked up the pink toy and handed it to Traci. You both put this in and the woman who takes the most will win the round.”

Traci smirked. “Child’s play.” She licked the end before slipping it between her parted legs.
“That’s sick.” Lilly mocked her. “I guess you started pretty young.”
Traci was taken aback by the comment, looking The Master as if he might support her, but he smiled as he watched. Traci grumbled as she pushed the toy deeper and shook the exposed end at Lilly. “Give me a suck, bitch.”
Lilly bent forward, sucking the end of the dildo as she held onto it with one hand, pushing it deeper into her opponent. Traci tensed until she edged back, using her legs to keep the toy in place. Lilly stood and wiped the saliva from her cheek. “Can’t take much more, I see.” Lilly had to step much closer than she would have liked. Both girls breathed heavily as they pressed their hips together.

Traci closed her eyes as she reached down to grab Lilly’s butt, pulling her closer. “More… than you think.” Traci moaned as she spoke.
The confrontation seemed to pause as they both felt pleasure building. Lilly also grabbed the other girl’s rump, but being shorter, was able to press her head against Traci’s ample chest, feeling them squish against her cheek.

“Just… just wait till I dominate your ass, you slut.” Traci taunted.

Lilly couldn’t muster a response as they both were moving with slow thrusts, until the slippery dildo started to come out. Both their eyes sprang open as they clenched, trying to hold the slippery toy using only their lower lips. Lilly looked to the ground and Traci nodded. The two connected women knelt and Lilly laid back while Traci crouched over her. The dildo pushed deeper into both of them as Traci fucked the accepting girl upon the floor. Lilly watched the woman she despised grinding her wet mound against hers with a look of determination. Traci’s shadowy eyes locked onto her, and her rosy cheeks showed she was approaching climax.

Lilly pushed against her opponents legs, also nearing orgasm. Fighting to hold back, Lilly clenched her teeth as the dominant woman went wild, pushing the toy as far as it would go. Traci bit her soft lip as Lilly rubbed her thigh. Unable to resist any longer, Lilly pushed back as hard as she could and they almost came together, moaning and grunting as they tried to accept the most.

Nika stepped closer and reached in between their sticky inner thighs. She tugged it lightly until they both moved apart enough for her to withdraw the toy. The Russian held it high enough for everyone to see. “Traci wins the first round.” The Russian girl spoke in a deep accent.

“See, you can’t take the big ones, country girl.”
Nika walked over to place the dildo upon the cart before taking another at the man’s command. “Next is the mouth.” The fresh-face blonde girl held the toy low and let saliva slide down the shaft. She rubbed it along both tips before bringing it between the participants.

He directed both girls to their knees. “Put it in Lilly first.” Nika held it center mass as she brought it above the girl with the pinchable cheeks. She pressed it into Lilly’s throat, immediately causing her to gag loudly. “It’s too thick for the poor girl. Help her out, Nika.” The foreign girl didn’t understand his meaning. “Spit in her mouth to help her swallow it!”

Lilly couldn’t hide her disgust, but after a moment’s hesitation she opened wide. Nika grabbed her hair to keep her in place. Lilly watched from below as the cute Russian’s long neck swallowed. Makeup drew her attention to the girl’s big green eyes as she prepared for what came next. Her soft, kissable lips parted to let a large blob of saliva fall into Lilly’s open mouth.

Lilly wretched as she felt the cold spit sitting upon her tongue. Nika held her hair, so she was unable to spit it out. The girl’s rounded face brightened with a smile as she quickly pressed the dildo down her throat. Lilly tried to pull away, but Nika followed along, keeping the object lodged in her open throat. More of the shaft slid down before she fell away, coughing as the group laughed.

“I am shocked that you can’t do better, Lilly.” The Master said disparagingly. “Do the same to Traci.”

The buxom brunette brushed her hair aside, holding her mouth wide as she sat upon her knees. She watched the line of drool drip into her mouth. She waited patiently, holding the other girl’s spit without moving an inch. Nika brought the dildo down and pushed it into Traci’s throat. The stern woman clenched her eyes and gagged, but otherwise kept her composure. Nothing changed until Nika twisted the toy. The woman’s large breasts bounced as it slid deeper, causing her to choke and pull back. Nika hugged her, pressing the woman’s turned head against her creamy, puffy tits.

Traci pulled herself free as the observers laughed once again. Traci gave them a venomous stare as she wiped her chin and got back onto her knees. They moved closer as Nika held the dripping dildo between them. Both girls grabbed an end and guided it down their throat. Nika let go and reached around them to press them together upon the toy. Lilly gagged more audibly, but she could see Traci was struggling to swallow the clear shaft.

Pushing with all her might, Nika forced the two enemies to kiss. Their lips pressed together as the translucent object disappeared in their mouths. They pulled back for a moment before Nika forced them back together. Drool dripped onto the floor as the two forcibly kissed with the toy lodged in their bulging throats. They moved closer, and after a few more motions, they were fully locking lips. Tears ran down their faces as they watched one another. They struggled and contested until Nika finally let them pull back. She grabbed the toy and lifted it up as the two teary-eyed women caught their breath.

“A tie.”
Traci coughed and gasped. “That’s not a fucking tie!”
Nika reached down and tweaked the brunette’s wet nipple as the man nodded in approval. “It is a tie, Traci.” He spoke calmly. She grabbed her tit and winced with pain, nodding in hasty agreement.
Setting the used dildo aside, Nika grabbed the thicker black toy. “Asses up ladies.”

Lilly and Traci rolled onto their hands and knees, pushing their behinds into the air. The Russian girl used her own mouth to lubricate the ends, gagging as she tried to fit the immense object in her throat. She fed it into Lilly’s ass first, causing her to grunt as the slippery tip parted her. After a moment, Nika lined up Traci and backed her into place, helping to connect the girls using the toy. Both girls were slow to move once it was in, but they hid their discomfort as best they could. They both edged back, trying to keep their asses tight enough to force it into their competitor. It hadn’t gone far, however, as both of them didn’t have the courage to push very hard.

“Julie, Taryn, motivate them.” Both of them stepped forward and went to their friends. At his command, they both started tickling the performers. Lilly jerked away as she giggled. Taryn continued, moving up her side and onto her breast, touching so lightly that it took a second to register. Lilly laughed as she lifted, unintentionally pressing back onto the toy in her stretched asshole.

Traci chuckled as her friend touched her lower thigh and then her foot. Her weighty breasts bounced, and Traci was completely unprepared when the double-ended dildo snaked deeper into her tightening butt. She screamed and jumped forward. The thick black dildo was close to halfway in before it plopped onto the ground with a loud, wet slap. Lilly gasped at the sudden emptiness and Traci fell onto her side, holding her ass as she grumbled.

“Not enough to win. Put it back in.”

After a moment of recovery, Traci got back to her hands and knees and moved back, allowing Julie to feed the dildo back into her butthole. Taryn grabbed the other end, guiding it into Lilly’s silky posterior. The helpers pushed their hips closer, causing both competitors to gasp as the toy slid father inside them. Lilly bounced her ass subtly, trying to work the object deeper. She closed her eyes and felt her pussy dripping onto the ground as she accepted the shaft.

There was a pause and Lilly saw Taryn nodding to Julie. Both helpers pressed their hips together with all their might. Traci moaned pitifully as the object hit the limit inside her. She whimpered and Lilly felt the bulky toy push quickly into her rump. Lilly was excited enough to accept it with minimal pain. She didn’t even have to touch herself, as an orgasmic wave hit her within seconds. She gasped loudly and crumpled onto her belly as Traci launched herself away.

The fair-skinned woman who had always been assured of her dominance cried in pain as she stumbled against the wall, panting between sobs. Her straight eyebrows turned up as she wiped away tears, holding her pained ass as she looked back to the victor.

Lilly knew she had accepted more, and she weakly reached back to feel how much was left. To her amazement, she felt only the tip peeking from her accommodating backdoor. “Push it all in.” Lilly asked her elated friend. I think I can take it all and it will show Traci who is the top bitch now. Taryn used her thumb to force the dildo completely inside. Lilly felt intense aftershocks as she scooted forward. Taryn followed her, keeping her finger buried in her friend’s clenched butt.

“Too much! Take it out!” Lilly hollered.

She removed her finger, and Lilly felt the immense urge to release the obstruction. The weighty double dildo came out quickly, shooting onto the floor behind her. Lilly felt her asshole spread wide, gaping from accepting such a large item. The man congratulated her and turned his attention to the recovering girl leaning upon the wall. “Traci, I am disappointed. I want to see you do that.”

“No, I-I can’t. Please!” She pleaded, waving her hands as Julie stepped forward holding the massive toy.
“Do you want to keep your amenities?” The Master asked purposefully.
“Yeah.” Traci sniffled, worried as she turned and placed her hands upon the wall.

Julie spread her ass and pushed the wide toy in between her cheeks, smiling as she squirmed. At around the halfway point Traci bawled awkwardly loud, still holding her hands upon the cement wall. The spectators murmured, delighted by the scene.

Tears fell to the floor as Julie wiggled the object, forcing it deeper without concern. Finally, unable to take any more, Traci whipped around and shoved Julie backwards, knocking the girl to the ground. The heavy dildo slid out of the girl easily, causing her to fart loudly as it bounced upon the floor, coming to a rest against her ankles. Sobbing, Traci bolted for the door as the entire room laughed.

Still recovering, Lilly felt unexpected pity for the shamed girl. The middle-aged woman stood and approached. A hush fell upon the group, her serious expression changing to one of delight. Julie reached down and helped her to her feet. “You win, nice job.” She leaned down to plant a long, sensual kiss on Lilly’s plush lips. Julie’s mountainous breasts rested upon her chest, showing the contrast to her smaller mammaries. “Let me know if I can do anything for you. You’re in charge now.” She gave a look to the The Master, watching the scene unfold. “Besides him, of course.”

All of the girls gave her some form of acknowledgement as they passed, some happy, and some nervous that she would become wild with power.
Willa was the last girl in line. She lifted Lilly’s hand to grab her tender, youthful ass. “Do what you want to me, but please don’t be like her.”
“I won’t. I’m not like her.”

The Master was waiting as Lilly shuffled weakly into the hall. “You’re the top girl now. Follow the rules, but I’ll be… more forgiving for now.” He put a hand on her shoulder. “But don’t expect it to be easy or you might find yourself in Traci’s predicament.”
“Wha-what will happen to her?”
“She hurt one of my girls. We will deal with her… severely.”

Fair Trade


After the men left the next day, Lilly decided she should check in on Willa. I didn’t see her last night. Maybe she was spared from seeing Gina’s punishment, but I’m afraid that it was part of his plan. She could hear a thumping sound coming from her room. She opened the white door to see Julie, Traci, and Willa engaged in a threeway. The older woman wore a strap-on, pounding away at the smaller girl between them. Traci was lying back, having Willa lick her as she was being fucked.

Julie turned and gave a wicked smile as she pulled back for a harder thrust, causing the slight girl to gasp and pull upward. Julie’s thick hips caused her butt to jiggle pleasantly. She turned back to her dominated roommate. Her dimpled smile showed she was enjoying her position. Reaching forward, she grabbed Willa’s shoulders, pushing hard as she moved her toy side to side deep in the girl. Julie’s flat stomach slapped against the girl’s springy ass as they resumed their normal rhythm. The motherly woman’s mountainous tits bounced as she increased the pace.

Willa’s tired eyes pinched when Julie shifted, hitting a tender spot in her pussy. The poor, submissive girl licked the woman in front of her dutifully, pushing her pudgy cheeks between the Traci’s legs. Her small, perky breasts hung as she rested upon her elbows. Willa looked distant as the others used her. Her warm, youthful skin held by both women as they manhandled her.

Traci’s manicured eyebrows, rosy cheeks, and deep, shadowed eyes gave her a picturesque appearance. Her large breasts were the mid-range compared the other girls in the bed. Gravity pulled them aside as she lay on her back, legs spread wide. She held Willa’s head in place as Julie railed her. Traci was nearing completion as she pushed upward with her hips, gritting her teeth and breathing laboriously. She pressed just below her trim belly as she reached fervor. Her light skin flushed as she let out a few loud gasps.

She ran her hand through the girl’s luxuriant deep brown hair, pulling her head up as Julie continued behind her. “You have a pretty good tongue.” Traci turned Willa’s head, along with her own, to look at Lilly. “Want to sit in this time?” Traci grinned mischievously. “She’s been going for a while, but she can last a little longer. She deserves it for being a shut-in last night.” Lilly cast her eyes to the floor. Traci giggled and shrugged. “Your loss!” She slid off the bed. “Let’s swap for a while, Jules.”

Lilly sighed as she closed the door. Why doesn’t the damned girl stand up for herself? She pushed the thought from her mind as she walked to the green door across the hall. Keira sat beside Taryn on her bed, both naked as usual. The chubby girls greeted her warmly. Lilly sat in the couch opposite the bed, getting comfortable as the others continued their stories.

“The guy I was with was big into spanking.” Keira recalled, shrugging. “I didn’t mind it, but he got kind of carried away.” She turned and showed them her red ass cheeks. Her pouty lips turned into a smile. “He made me scream, but he touched me like no man ever had.” Her big blue eyes and peaked eyebrows supplemented her loving personality. She was far more open with Taryn than Lilly had ever noticed before.

Her mouth hung with overly animated shock as Taryn put a hand between her legs. “I’m better than any man, though!” The dusky eyed girl with a wide smile watched her friend as she moved a finger into her privates.
Kiera’s expression shifted to playfulness as she leaned back. She raised an eyebrow. “Guess you’ll have to show me.”
“I have a free hand if you want to join us, Lilly.” Taryn gazed into Keira’s eyes as she spoke.

She moved over to join the couple upon the bed, sitting close to her top-heavy friend. Taryn slid her hand between Lilly’s legs and used two fingers to rub gently. Lilly reached over to reciprocate, but Taryn shook her head. “This is my treat. Enjoy yourself.” Lilly leaned back and watched the other girl lying on her elbows with her eyes closed as she cupped her own breast. Taryn is good with her hands. Lilly spread her legs subtly as the woman stroked her so gently that it was nearly teasing.

Breathing heavily, Lilly put one hand on her thigh and another on her stomach. She laid back and closed her eyes, getting lost in the pleasure. Taryn’s finger slipped inside and found a spot on the top where she felt immense pleasure. Lilly whimpered with delight as she pulled to the side, attempting to subvert the overstimulation. She fought to hold back as the euphoria grew. Unable to resist, Lilly pressed on her upper thigh as her friend continued to finger her. Her legs quaked as she let out a loud moan.  Taryn continued through the orgasm until Lilly shot backwards, laughing blissfully. It wasn’t long before Keira finished, but her completion was far more subdued.

Keira stroked Taryn’s hair as they all laid side by side, staring at the ceiling from the king sized bed. Keira rolled over to plant a slow kiss upon her friend’s neck. “Your turn.” She slowly kissed her way down Taryn’s body. She made it to her hip when she paused, hearing someone talking outside their room.

The door burst open. Traci ‘s dark brown hair was in a tangle and she had a sheen of sweat covering her body. Her hungry eyes darted between the three girls. The intimidating black, strap-on dildo dangled between her legs. She pointed a finger at Lilly. “I choose you, fuckface.”

Lilly was puzzled. “What the hell did I do to you?”
“I heard those damned Russian sisters saying that you were going to take my place. I’m top girl and I’m going to prove it. I’m going to fuck your ass just for fun!”
Lilly had to process how outlandish that threat was. “No!” She spoke in irritation.
Traci put her hands on her hips, causing the dildo to dance in the air. “Fine, then I’m going to put it in her ass and I’m going to fuck you over in the next game.” She beamed at the frightened girl on the opposite end of the bed. “You get to pick, fuckface.”
“I am not going to let you in my ass.” Lilly shot back.
“Fine.” She waved to Keira. “Turn over.”
Keira shook her head as she begged. “Please, my ass is sore from last night.”
“Turn. Over.” She commanded.

Keira sighed loudly as she rolled onto her hands and knees atop the bed.
“You don’t have to do this, Keira! She doesn’t control you!”
“She can make things miserable for us, Lilly.” Taryn interjected as she walked to the couch to get out of their way. “We do what she says and she leaves us alone. Just let her in your ass for a few minutes.”

Traci grinned, slapping the Keira’s ass, causing her to pull away in pain. “I’m only trying to prove a point. You just don’t know your place yet, bitch.” Traci stepped behind the presenting woman, lowering the girl’s ass as she guided the still glistening toy into her ample backside. Keira grit her teeth as Traci pushed it in. “I have power because I know how to be a good girl when it matters.” She gave a hard thrust, pleased when Keira bucked. “I have been having fun with Willa, but I’m growing bored. I see that you need to be broken next.” She reached forward with anger in her eyes as she grabbed the curvy girl’s shoulders and rammed her with all her might. Keira bawled as she tensed, accepting the punishment. “I can make this very difficult for you and the ones you care about.” She suddenly popped out and stepped back. “Or, you can fall in line and let me be in charge.” Traci sighed as she stared at Lilly. “Lick it clean.”
“Fuck you.”
“No, I think I’ll fuck her.” Traci casually pinched Taryn’s nipples, pulling her up from the couch. Traci grabbed a handful of her ass before spinning her around and bending her forward. She found the mark and forced it into her ass slowly, but firmly. “You see, Taryn was defiant at first too.” Traci spoke, grunting as she pounded the busty girl. Her long light brown hair obscured her face, but Lilly could see flashes of her pained expression. ”But we reached an understanding. If you let me be in control, then I’ll be nice to you.” Power hungry bitch.

Traci pushed in and moved the large dildo in a circular motion in her ass. She slipped out as Taryn gave a pathetic whimper. Traci once again turned to Lilly, shaking the strap-on comedically. “Put this toy in your mouth. Now.” Her cheeks were flushed as she stared coldly, waiting for Lilly’s response.

“Fuck. You.” Lilly gave a toothy grin.

Traci set her jaw and narrowed her eyes, balling her fists in rage. Assured that no harm would befall her, Lilly waltzed to the door and reached for the knob, only to be pushed against the wall. Her face red with anger, Traci wrapped her arm around the shorter girl and walked her back to the bed, launching her onto the mattress. “You are going to learn one way or another, fuckface.” Traci looked to the other girls. “Hold this backwoods whore down!”

Lilly struggled, but Traci was taller and had much more strength. Taryn and Keira both looked concerned at one another, not willing to hinder the girl. “Hold her or I will make her eat her own shit for a week!” After some hesitation, both girls nodded forlornly and grabbed the girl’s arms and legs as Traci climbed down.
“Don’t do this!” Lilly struggled as her so-called friends held her in place.
“It’s for your own good, Lilly!” Keira implored. “She is going to win and the sooner you accept that the sooner this will be over.”

Holding her head upside down over the edge of the bed, Traci pinched her cheeks, forcing Lilly to swallow the moist black dildo. Gagging as it went in about halfway, Traci continued pumping as Lilly wiggled. “Like that, fuckface? See why I call you that?” She pushed in and pulled out once again. “Looks like you’re having trouble taking it down. Let me help you.” Traci got down and forced her mouth open, looking as if she might kiss her. Instead, she gulped and promptly sent a line of saliva down her throat.

Traci held her mouth closed. “Swallow!” Lilly couldn’t resist and choked down the woman’s spit. “Good girl!” The woman with heavy makeup stepped back and slapped Lilly with the black strap-on dildo. “Now we will try again since your throat is prepared!” She parted Lilly’s lips as she made shallow pumps.

Without warning Traci rammed the toy in as hard as she could. Lilly frantically tried to fight free as the bulge was visible just above her collarbone. There was an odd silence as she pushed Taryn aside and pulled free, wretching loudly as she rolled onto her stomach.

Tears ran down her cheeks as Lilly recovered. She made no attempt to fight as Traci crawled on top and pushed the strap-on in between her clenched ass cheeks. Lilly groaned, still coughing as she felt her ass opening easily for the toy. Traci put her arms and legs on either side, completely covering the girl below. “See, this is where you belong: on the bottom.” Traci pumped her casually, edging it deeper. “I kind of wish I had a dick now. I bet your ass feels great. I hear it sucking me in. Can you take the whole thing down there?” Lilly tightened her body as the toy pushed its way painfully deep into her ass.

After a few tries she felt the warmth of Traci’s skin pushing against her ass. “Oh yeah, you took it all.” The dominating woman did the same as before, moving in a circle, causing the toy to twist in her ass. Lilly had lost all fight, just hoping it would be over soon. Traci put her arms around Lilly’s shoulders and started pounding vigorously. “There we go, just hold out a little while and it will be over soon.”

“I’m going to get you back for this.”
“And I’m going to keep proving to you that…” She pulled back almost entirely before driving back in, causing excruciating pain. “I. Will. Always. Win!” She gave deep thrusts with every word. Lilly couldn’t help crying as she continued. It lasted about a minute longer before Traci let out a series of quick gasps and rolled onto her back. She caught her breath as she stared to the ceiling. “Remember, if you stop fighting me then I can be your best friend.” She slapped Lilly’s ass as she jumped up and left them without another word.

“She’s a bitch, but she is right. She has been in control for a long time and she just wants to assert her power on occasion. Just let her win and then we can just focus on The Master’s games and relax for the rest of the time.” Taryn said, rubbing Lilly’s calf.

“She basically raped me and you just want me to let that go?” Lilly rolled onto her side. “You even helped! Why the hell would I listen to you?”
“We were trying to help, Lilly!” Keira jumped in. “We saved you twice as much pain and humiliation down the line. Don’t be stubborn!”

Lilly pointed to them angrily as she stood. “Fuck you both, I’m not doing it.” She walked awkwardly out the door.

Lilly went to her room and cleaned up. She thought back to her days on the streets, how a few men had been too rough with her, but she submitted and took it well enough. She would charge them more and never deal with them again. With Traci, however, it was more about power than she wanted to admit. If money isn’t an issue then why am I so upset by it? I usually don’t mind it being a little rough… I just hate her, I guess. She composed herself and later that evening she decided to check on Gina.

Gina laid naked and uncovered, staring at the ceiling. Her intricate tattoos told the story of a woman who had experienced a lot. Her lack of her normal makeup and distant eyes made Lilly wonder if she had experienced too much recently. Gina regarded her without words before turning back to the ceiling. Lilly crawled into bed beside her. Lilly could feel the warmth from her skin as she lay, staring above for a while.

Gina finally broke the silence. “Do you think we’ll see any of the money when we get out of here?”
Lilly shrugged. “I hope so, but I wondered about that too.”
“He said he sent a copy of the contract to my brother, but I don’t think he actually did. He’s rich, but I don’t think he pays out. I think he breaks girls and they leave.”
Lilly nodded, grabbing Gina’s hand. “I think you’re right. We can’t let him break us. We are stronger than that and we only have to go for a year… less than that, now.”

Gina gave a sad smile as she turned to Lilly. “He has me for five years.” She sighed as her chin quivered. “I’ve only been here for a year!” They rolled to the center, hugging one another. “He’s just fucking using us. I don’t think I can take it!”

Consoling her, Lilly stroked her back. “We will last, because we’re going to figure a way out of this.” They laid quietly and soon fell asleep. They awoke to The Master standing beside the bed.

“I’m glad to see you two made up.” He motioned to his butler. “It’s time for breakfast, Gina. I’m sorry I didn’t have your food delivered, Lilly, but you’re welcome to stay for now.” He gestured to the couch.
“Stay strong.” Lilly whispered as she crawled out of bed and moved to the couch.
The Master spoke with uncharacteristic compassion. “I wanted to apologize for yesterday.” The butler rolled in a cart on cue and brought it beside her. It had three waffles with a cup of syrup on the side, a large bowl of pink yogurt, a cream cheese covered bagel, and a tall glass of orange juice. “I hope you don’t choose to leave us, because I know I was rather rough on you yesterday.” He bowed his head and followed his butler out of the room. Once the door closed, Gina sat up and inspected the food before pouring the syrup.

“I remember seeing people like him – the true sadists who love watching people suffer. He’s being nice just to keep you here, he wants to keep hurting us!”
Gina took a bite of her meal before speaking. “I know. But, I have to realize that my life in here is much better than it would be out there. I get abused and then treated like royalty. It is a trade and I need to understand that.” She took another bite. “He was just teaching me a lesson yesterday; he’s normally not that bad.”

“What about the others? He lets Traci do whatever she wants!”
“I get along with Traci and Julie. I please them when they want it and they leave me alone.” Gina shrugged. “Another trade.” She took a spoonful of yogurt and smiled. “This is amazing, want to try some?”

Lilly scoffed as she headed to the door.



Still sore, Lilly took some aspirin before heading back to bed for an extra few hours. It was midafternoon when the knock came. She lumbered to the door to see Katja waiting for her. “Come, you are to see something.” Lilly stumbled into the bathroom, smoothed her wild hair, and brushed her teeth before following. Katja brought her down the hall and into an open room where most of the other girls sat watching Gina, who was trapped in a newly constructed pillory. Her head and hands faced the crowd as Traci waited behind her. A large black bucket was suspended from the ceiling with a chunk of translucent tubing running from the side. The hose had a simple twist valve that kept the water from spilling onto the ground as it hung.

Katja directed her to join Traci. Lilly stepped behind the trapped woman in the center of the room and the woman beside her gave a disinterested glance.
Traci huffed, presenting the end of the hose. “You get to do the honors.”

“She lost track of you yesterday and I want her to suffer for it.” The Master said from the edge of the room. “Maybe after this you will learn to follow my instructions, Gina.”
Lilly felt empathy for the trapped girl, but she knew the punishment was mild compared to some of The Master’s games. I might be pregnant because of her, why should I care if I cause her a little discomfort.

Lilly spread her ass and spit, rubbing the nozzle around until it was decently lubricated. The tattooed girl whimpered as she pushed the flared end into her ass. Turning the valve, Lilly walked away and took a seat. The girl’s expression showed discomfort as she wiggled her behind occasionally.

They all observed the girl’s torment, watching quietly as she tried to tolerate the flow of water entering her backside. Gina’s long face turned in agony as the design stretched upon her inflating tummy. She lifted a foot and shook her ass in a fruitless attempt to avert the building discomfort. The girls watched her twisting and moaning in agony for a long while. Her midsection drooping as she was held in place, bent forward and unable to stop the water pooling inside her. The other girls commented on her willpower, glad that none of them had found their way into such a predicament. Eventually, the bucket ran dry. Her belly had inflated to look about eight months pregnant, sagging as she was trapped in place.

Traci held a bulbous butt plug that was attached to a harness. “Plug her up.”

Lilly carefully removed the hose and hurriedly inserted the plug. Gina yelped and jumped as they affixed the straps. Traci put two restraints upon Gina’s wrists before she unlatched the pillory and allowed the pained girl to stand. Gina danced in agony, “Please, I’m so sorry! I will do anything else, just not this! I can’t hold it!”

The Master scoffed. “You aren’t sorry yet. This will teach you to be more responsible.”
Traci put a restraint around each of her upper thighs. She grabbed Gina’s arms, slapping the girl’s breast a few times to get her to stand still. A butler brought her a long formal brown maternity dress, which Traci guided over her expanded frame. It took a moment to align, but once in place there were two small holes cut by the thighs. This allowed Traci to attach her wrist cuffs to the restraints on her legs, forcing the girl to keep her hands at her sides. The brown straps blended well with her long sleeved dress, appearing to be part of the ensemble to the untrained eye.

Gina’s sad brown eyes revealed her immense torment. Traci led her away as The Master got their attention. “Everyone get dressed, we are having guests in thirty minutes.” Lilly followed the rest of the girls into the hall and they separated into their rooms to prepare for the visit from unknown clients. Lilly wore a plum colored ankle-length, strapless dress. She moved her breasts up as she fit into the snug attire, giving her a pleasant amount of cleavage. She applied subtle makeup and ventured upstairs to socialize. I am kind of glad we will see some visitors. I know they are just Johns, but it will be a nice to have some straightforward sex.

Gina stood against the wall as a plain looking middle-aged man talked about himself. Gina was barely hiding her discomfort as sweat glistened on her brow and she shifted uncomfortably. Her companion was oblivious, rambling about how much money he was making at his new job. He seemed to be undeterred by her dominant belly.

Moving to the next room, Julie and Traci both sat chatting with an even older man. He eyed her as Julie finished her story. The man smirked as he turned back and excused himself. He stood and approached Lilly with an intoxicating confidence. The man took her hand and planted a light kiss. “My name is Patrick; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lilly’s heart fluttered. I have never met someone so smooth – he makes a wonderful first impression. “I’m Lilly.” There was a moment of uncertainty as they both expected her to continue. I’m a real charmer, she thought sarcastically.
“It is a wonderful evening; perhaps I can take you on a walk before dinner?”
“I… I think we should stay here for the night.” He said we can’t leave the house, but maybe this could be an exception? “How do you know our host?”
“We are business partners. I visit a couple of times per year to check in.”
He is being intentionally vague. I bet he is a real freak behind closed doors. I have met men like him before. She knew his cool charm was too good to be true. Still, I have to keep him entertained. That is what separates the prostitutes from the escorts: the foreplay. They chatted for about a half an hour before the butler summoned them for dinner.

Patrick led Lilly into the dining room. The conceited man who shadowed Gina helped the swollen woman into her seat. That punishment is worse than I thought. How long is he going to make her hold it? Gina’s face showed her misery as she plopped into the chair. The man struggled to slide her into place. He moved her too much and pressed her stomach into the edge of the table, eliciting a sad moan from the pained woman. He apologized and sat beside her.

With a few girls absent, the rest sat with various men in suits sprinkled between them. The Master tapped his glass with a utensil. “I am pleased everyone was able to attend. I hope you all enjoy this meal as well as the following desserts.” He smiled at the various ladies. “My only request is that you assist me with a little problem before you engage with your chosen company this evening.”

That sounds foreboding. The man sat and everyone started eating. The main dish was grilled Mahi-mahi and some interesting looking side dishes. Lilly had to build up courage to try some, but they all tasted wonderful. She couldn’t help stealing glances from Gina, who sat prodding at her food from across the table. Her companion smiled and said something to her. She made no response and Lilly could see he was getting irritated.

The Master took another bite as he watched the couple. “Gina, our chefs spent a great deal of time for this meal, you need to eat more than that.” Gina nodded to him and looked at her plate. She stabbed a bite of fish and placed it in her mouth, chewing with mild disgust. She had an audience by this point, and The Master shook his head. “Perhaps some wine would help? Owen, help her, please.”
Owen, the man next to her, took her cup of wine and brought it to her lips. She shook her head, but still gulped down some of the greenish-yellow wine. She coughed as he raised the base of the glass, forcing her drink even more. He brought the cup down as she recovered, looking frustrated.

“Gina is being punished today.” The Master said impassively. “She let one of our girls get man-handled by society. The girl is in no danger, but Gina needs discipline regardless.” He motioned to his butlers. He whispered a few phrases into the man’s ear before the servant led her away. “And that, my friends, is the problem we shall tackle after our dinner.”

They ate for a while longer, but Lilly could tell everyone was anxious, wondering what would befall Gina. Lilly excused herself to use the bathroom. Patrick bowed his head with acceptance as she made her way downstairs, hearing a noise beyond the door at the end of the hall. The butler that accompanied Gina exited and closed the door, heading upstairs. Lilly’s heart skipped a beat as she approached the closed door, knowing she should just leave the poor girl to her fate.

Instead, she eased the door open and stepped into the room. Gina sat in the center, still wearing her long brown dress with her wrists restrained to her thighs. Now, however, those bonds were also linked to some hooks upon the chair. She also wore a leather wraparound open-mouth gag with a small lock on the side. Two connected stainless steel rings forced her to keep her mouth spread open. The woman groaned, looking despondent.

Lilly stepped closer, putting a hand on Gina’s taught belly. She could feel the warmth of her skin from the beneath the layered chiffon dress. Gina spoke sloppily through the restraint. “You have to help me. Take this off, please! I can’t take any more!” Nearly weeping as she begged.
“I can’t, he will be back any moment and he will notice if you’re gone.”
“Please, please, please! I will do anything for you if you just free my hand, that’s all I’m asking!”

Lilly licked her lips nervously, looking for any unseen witness or camera. Once confident they were alone, she reached down and unclasped the bond on Gina’s right hand. The girl frantically worked her hand free and set to unlatching the hooks from the chair. She held her belly as she trotted clumsily to the door. She stopped with a loud gasp as footsteps approached. She searched for another escape, panicked as the door opened. The man’s chiseled face allowed a slight smile. “You aren’t finished quite yet, my dear.” He turned to the man behind him. The butler directed her back to the seat and reattached her bindings.

Gina groveled, begging the man to let her go to the restroom. Of course, he ignored her. The Master walked to Lilly, rubbing his thumb along her cheek. “She could have gotten you hurt or worse. You should not have tried to help her, now you only made her punishment more severe.” The men and women from upstairs stood watching in near silence.

The woman attached to the sturdy wooden chair trembled. She was a pitiful sight as she tried to talk with her mouth held open. “I learned my lesson, I will be more careful next time!” Drool glistened on the edge of the gag.
The Master shook his head. “I believe you, but now I’m using you as an example.” He waved another butler to retrieve a small rolling cart from the edge of the room. The servant removed the cloth to reveal a rubber ball, a strip of leather, a large transparent funnel with connected tube, and a quart carton of heavy whipping cream.

“Lilly, you are to do the honors.” The man in charge commanded, pointing to the funnel and then the carton. She looked around, seeing the other girls and their companions watching with varying levels of interest. Gina gave an exaggerated shake of her head with a pleading expression. Lilly begrudgingly took the funnel and put the end of the hose into the girl’s open mouth. It fit into the rings snugly as she took the open carton of cream and held it with her off hand. At his command, Taryn came behind the woman in the chair and held her head steady.

Lilly knew what she had to do. “I’m sorry, Gina.” She poured the thick white substance into the clear funnel and watched it slide down the tube and into Gina’s mouth. She tried to turn away, but Taryn kept her in place, tilting her head up to allow the cream to collect in her mouth. There was a small gap, allowing air to continually force more downward. Gina, however, refused to swallow as her cheeks bulged out.

“If you spill a drop then I will make you drink twice as much!” The Master said sternly.

Nearly to overflow, Gina finally gulped it down; she clenched her eyes as she continued swallowing the thick substance. Lilly paused until she finished what was already in the tube, allowing the woman to catch her breath. Taryn gave her an urging look. Lilly lifted the carton once again, splashing more cream into the funnel. She continued, with a few pauses and many frantic motions from the victim, until the entire container was empty. She withdrew the funnel’s hose and Gina wretched, her whole body convulsed and it looked as if she might vomit.

Taryn snatched the ball from the table and fit it into Gina’s gag. She grabbed the strip of leather and hastily affixed it over the open section of her mouth, creating a seal so nothing could come back up. At least, nothing can come out. Lilly stepped away and decided to rejoin the crowd. The Master put a hand on the heavily inflated woman’s shoulder as he spoke. “This will be a lasting reminder for her to be careful. Now, I shall open bids for some time with her before she empties.”

“Four thousand.”
“Six thousand!”
Patrick smiled as he glanced to Lilly. “Eleven thousand for her and the one in purple.” He watched, and no one countered.
“Very well, he gets a package deal.” The others murmured for a short time before The Master continued. “Now you all shall take your ladies to their rooms to leave this trio to their fun!” He followed them out.

The butler unhooked Gina from the chair; Patrick and Lilly helped the rotund woman through the hall and into her room. The woman appeared distant as she sat upon her king sized bed. The man flipped her dress up to see the harness holding the plug in her ass. With her legs apart, it left her glistening pussy exposed. He brushed his fingertip over her privates and enjoyed how she squirmed.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t pass up such an… interesting opportunity.”
“You like them big, don’t you?” Lilly asked playfully. I have to make his experience enjoyable, but I bet he will finish pretty quickly. I just hope Gina can last. Lilly stroked the crotch of the man’s pants. “What turns you on?” She was far more confident in the bedroom, she realized.

Patrick moved her arms up and removed her dress, pleased that she was naked beneath. He unbuttoned his shirt as he directed her. “Give her a good lick, but don’t you dare let her cum.”

Lilly used all her strength to slide the burdened woman to the edge of the bed. Kneeling, she gave the girl a few quick licks. I’m afraid she’s going to cum as soon as I start. The man undressed behind them as he waited for a show. Lilly decided to prolong the experience as she started probing Gina’s pussy. She shook Gina’s filled belly, causing the girl to grumble as she was being pleasured. Gina pushed her hips upward as the pain subsided.

Lilly stood and put a hand in the center of her friend’s fleshy midsection, pressing downward forcefully. Gina gave muted screams from behind the gag, shaking her whole body in an attempt to diffuse the pain. Lilly was about to go to her knees once again when the man edged her aside. “My turn.” He lifted her legs, with her arms still trapped at her sides. The man slipped himself inside, pushing his weight down upon her as he bottomed out. He rolled her backward, causing her hips to push up against him. Gina struggled to break free, but it was fruitless. The man slammed her with no regard, ignoring her obvious torment.

He lifted her hips higher, nearly standing above her on the bed as he drove his cock down and into her. He reached down and removed the covering from her gag, allowing her to speak somewhat. Gina was past using words, however, screaming with each thrust and thrashing her restrained hands wildly as he pumped her from above. It looked awkward, the older man squishing the heavily inflated girl in the tight dress. She gave pained whimpers, grunting in extreme agony as he gave one final hard thrust. He pulled out and let her fall onto the bed, bouncing slightly as her legs straightened. The man stroked himself as he went to a knee and launched streams of hot jizz onto her face.

Gina couldn’t fight back as the man inserted his cock into her open mouth, shooting the last few loads down her throat. Lilly felt bad for the girl as he held in place, buried in her mouth until he was finished. She gagged as he withdrew. “That was fun.” He tucked his limp cock away as he stepped down to the floor. He marveled at the immense woman lying spread, coughing upon the bed. He patted the restrained girl’s knee. “If you make her cum then you can empty out, deal?” She lay motionless, finally recovered from the coughing fit. The man angrily jabbed two fingers against the harness over her ass. Gina jerked away in an instant, vehemently agreeing due to the pain.

Patrick ushered Lilly onto the bed. “Clean her up first.” Lilly made a show of licking the man’s seed from Gina’s cheek and swallowing it. The man watched as he sat on the adjacent sofa. She traced her tongue along the disjointed woman’s face, lapping up every spot of the sticky substance.
“All gone.” Lilly could see Gina was now expressionless, devoid of any pain or anguish. A few remaining tears streamed from her empty eyes. That’s not good at all.
The man smiled. “Good, now sit on her face. Bring her back to the fun.”

Sighing sadly, Lilly lowered herself onto the swollen woman’s open mouth. Gina made no attempt to please her, so Lilly went even lower spreading her legs until she was smothering the poor girl. Gina clicked back to reality, thrusting her hips up in an attempt to wriggle free. Lilly lost her balance and fell forward onto the woman’s mountainous belly. Gina wailed, startling Lilly as she frantically shot upward. The woman in brown had a new sense of urgency, giving short, quick gasps as she furiously darted her tongue in Lilly’s pussy.

Leaning forward with care, Lilly found a spot where minimal weight was on the distended belly, resting her head on the pleasantly warm stomach. She found comfort as she felt orgasm coming. Lilly held the girl’s ass as she moved her own hips, feeling the girl’s extended tongue brushing her button.

The man, aroused again, approached hastily. His dick was hard and ready as he jammed it into the unsuspecting woman’s opening. Putting his hands on her sides, Lilly was already at the point of no return, pushing her hips lower to muffle the restrained woman’s screams. He forced her downward onto the girl’s belly and fucked her wildly. Lilly’s orgasm came as the man pumped the bottom girl faster. He lasted only a few seconds, pulling out to shoot his load into Lilly’s mouth and Gina’s trimmed mound.

There was a long pause before the man unclipped Gina’s hand restraints and went back to the couch. Lilly rolled aside as the inflated girl lazily lifted her burdened frame. Lilly spun around and promptly assisted her, leading her with slow, calculated steps toward the bathroom. Her hefty stomach swayed as they went in and closed the door. Fumbling with the harness around her waist, Lilly held the edge of the butt-plug as the girl readied herself to sit upon the toilet. “Do it… please…” It was one of the saddest things Lilly ever heard. She popped the toy free and washed her hands as the girl gave tormented cries, releasing unreal amounts of water.

Back in the room, Patrick sat leisurely. “Come, sit with me until she comes out.”
“I don’t think she can handle any more tonight.”
He smiled. “I think you’re right, but I want to make sure she’s okay before I bring you back to your room. That was quite the punishment for her.”
Lilly nodded, leaning against the man as he casually rubbed her breast. Deep down he does care. Lilly nuzzled against the older man’s chest.

Public Persona


She dressed and applied a modest amount of makeup. She knew that there was a certain line between being desirable and being slutty; with Taryn’s help, she thought they found the perfect balance. The clothes given to her, however, weren’t anything spectacular. The white tank top showed her form well and allowed her nipples to show through. He said no bra or underwear. I’m sure he’s going to take me somewhere and have some discreet sex. I’m actually looking forward to it.The tartan violet, black, and white mini-skirt completed the young girl ensemble. The shirt was short enough to show a small section of her midriff. She put her hair into a ponytail and finished preparing. I bet he’s going to play out some twisted daddy and daughter fantasy.

Lilly had seen a lot of fetishes over her time as a prostitute and she had learned to be very accepting. She thanked Taryn and followed the butler upstairs and out the front door. The sun blinded her at first, but it felt wonderful upon her skin. It had only been a couple of weeks, but she missed the outdoors more than she knew. The black sedan waited for her, the driver holding the door wide. She got in and watched the scenery silently. Only the driver and I, The Master isn’t here.

It took about ten minutes before the car slowed to a halt and the driver came around to open the door. The man did not speak as he closed the door behind her. She tried to get her bearings, but she wasn’t familiar with this area. Waiting in front of an unnamed office building, she glanced back as the driver’s door closed and he pulled away, leaving her with no instruction. She decided to go forward. In the building’s lobby she looked around for The Master, but he wasn’t in sight.

“Hi there. Follow me.” Gina beckoned her as she walked to the elevators. It’s odd seeing her dressed. The woman’s tattoos were mostly covered. A brown t-shirt and jeans fit her slender form nicely, and still made her look very sexy in spite of their modesty. They went down to the parking garage and walked to a secluded area mostly out of view.

Gina grabbed a backpack from beneath a car. “Put this on.” Lilly slipped her arms through the straps of the heavy pack and waited as Gina did something behind her, adjusting the pack. “Now for the fun.” Gina pulled the top of her skirt back and fished something cold and damp against her skin. Shortly after, something slippery and hard was pressed in between her ass cheeks.

“What is that?” Lilly heard a click behind her and felt a lukewarm liquid flowing into her ass.
“Come on, it will get lighter as we go.” Gina smirked as she walked away.
Lilly was stunned for a moment as the unexpected enema filled her. She trotted alongside Gina as they moved onto the street. “Won’t people see this?”
Gina shrugged, giving a slight smile. “The tube is pretty small and only a little bit is showing. No one will notice.”
“So what’s the reason for this?”
“What is the reason for anything we do? It’s just for his amusement.” She pointed to her small purse. Lilly inspected it for a while before she could see a small hole. It’s a camera, he’s watching how I handle this. The water continued flowing into her as they walked. As Gina said, the bulky backpack was slowly becoming lighter as it transferred its contents inside her belly. Her stomach grumbled as she followed Gina down an alleyway.

They had gone a few blocks so far and her belly was already puffed out below her light t-shirt. It was becoming hard to retain the fluid and intermittent cramps didn’t help the situation. She leaned against a building, breathing heavily while she was being filled. Lilly was glad of her mild arousal, which made the ordeal more palatable. I’m too god damned submissive, I like this too much. It’s not as bad when it’s slower paced.

“How much was in here?” The water sloshed on her back. She knew it wasn’t more than halfway empty yet.
Gina smirked, setting her purse on a dumpster overlooking them. She placed her hands apart upon the wall, her arms wide as she leaned above the girl with the growing tummy. The freckled woman watched Lilly with seductive eyes. “Right now there are two gallons of water flowing into you.”

Gina smelled amazing, an alluring tropical aroma. She planted a slow, sensual kiss upon Lilly’s lips. Moving down, the girl’s full lips planted smaller kisses upon her neck before she went to her knees. Lilly checked both ends of the alley before looking down to the woman who moved her legs apart. Her lover moved out of sight below her exaggerated belly and delicately licked Lilly’s clit, tracing her way upon the sensitive area. The enema continued, causing her stomach to bloat gradually. She had long past the comfortable stage of the enema. Her pack still felt heavy as she accepted more.

Her thoughts, however, were awash with delight. Gina knew how to please her. She moved her hands down her side and gripped her lower hips, holding the burdened woman as she pressed her tongue into her loins. Lilly pinched her nipple through her shirt and held Gina’s hair as she flushed. It came like a rollercoaster as she softly cried out. It lasted for only a few seconds before she tensed and closed her legs. The slender woman wiped her chin as she rose.

Lilly groaned and balled her fists as she fought to hold the fluid. Her belly was prominent now, pushing her skirt down and her shirt up as it expanded freely. She turned and allowed Gina to glance in her pack. “Hey, it’s all gone. Let me take it out.” Lilly struggled as she pulled the nozzle out cautiously. Gina fished the hose past the skirt and set the backpack on the ground. “Bend forward and let me plug you up.”

“It hurts now, how much farther do we… Ow!” A sharp pain caused her to leap forward, yelling as she held her hands over the back of her skirt. “What the fuck was that?” Lilly instinctively tried to push the large object out, but it didn’t budge. She sighed in despair.

“Just a rubber ball. It will keep you plugged until you get back.” Gina stepped in front of her. She moved the confused girl’s chin up with a finger and planted another delicious kiss on her lips. Smiling, she grabbed the backpack and her purse before walking away.

“Wait!” Lilly waddled along, trying in vain to catch the woman. Soon, she had turned a corner, leaving Lilly alone again. Looking around, she realized they had walked into the seedier area of town. Her midsection complained audibly as she made her way to the corner. People went about their business, ignoring her for the most part. She was about to head into a restaurant when a car pulled up.

“You got a gut on you, how much?”
He thought she was hooking. “Not today.”
“Bitch, you better get your ass in or I’ll send it up the chain and he won’t be happy.”

This must be one of The Master’s games. She got into the older Cadillac and tried to hide her discomfort as the big ball buried in her ass pushed slightly deeper. She caught a fleeting glimpse of Gina as they turned a corner. It’s all part of his plan, part of his game. The man put a hand on her knee, moving it up and under her skirt. His large fingers rubbed along her sensitive slit. “How much?” He asked as he turned down a dead end street.

“Free for you.”
“Cool, I like that. I’ll put in a good word.” They pulled into a secluded area between two warehouses. He stopped and got out; she did the same, hefting herself as she followed. This is the area no hooker would go to normally, but at least there isn’t anyone around. She turned to glance at the obvious black SUV in the distance. Except him, they followed us since I got into the car. She knew to be observant.

She shuffled behind the lanky man into the alleyway. Grass grew through the cracked cement and the broken windows showed that the warehouses were out of commission long ago. The man unzipped his baggy jeans and pulled out his cock.

Lilly stared with her mouth wide at the erect shaft. “It’s huge! I… I don’t know if I can handle that.”
“Bitch, you said this one is free so I’m going to hold you to it!”
“Really, I’ve never taken something like that.” I’ve only seen something that big in pornos!
“Look, I aint going to hurt ya with a kid in you, but you better get on your knees and say ‘ahh’ or I’m going to leave your ass here to fend for yourself!”
“Wh-what about protection? How do I know you’re clean.”
“Bitch, do I look like I go with skanks?” He does look well maintained. “I would ask the same about you, but your ass looks like it comes from money. I see that expensive makeup. Now put my snake in your mouth or I’m out.”
“Fine! Just, be gentle!” She squatted, her stomach sagging between her legs.
“I aint making promises I can’t keep.” He held her head as it went into her open mouth.

The man moved at a normal pace, allowing her a moment between each stroke to accept slightly more. It went about halfway before she started gagging. He continued, trying to edge deeper only to be halted by the back of her throat. He pulled back, as if he was going to pull out completely before he thrust it back inside, slipping past her tonsils and down her throat. He moaned with delight.

Lilly slapped his hips, retching as his monster cock stopped almost entirely in her throat. He held her head as she tried to jerk away. Finally, he let go and she dry heaved before catching her breath.

“Damn, you nearly had it all.” He tugged her shoulders, helping her to stand. “Enough face fuckin, time for some actual fuckin.” He wasted no time as he guided his long, wet organ into her unusually tense pussy. His dick is pressing against the ball in my ass. She winced as he slipped more and more of his thick meat into her. She accepted it more easily than she thought, and soon he was almost fully in – only a few inches remained. “You’re really tight, I like it.”

Lilly put her arms on his shoulder and lightly bit his neck. Anything to hurry him up. The man was mashing her water-filled stomach between them. One leg was already raised, but the man decided to lift the second, straining to hold her as he pounded her against the wall. He lasted only a few minutes before he put her legs down and pumped her as she leaned back.

“I’m about to blow, can I nut in you?”
“Uh, no, you can’t.” The Master won’t let me have birth control for some reason. I guess it wasn’t a concern until now.
“You’re already preggo, aint you? Aight, let me in that ass then.”
“Uh, no, you… Fine, just the tip, though.”
“Fuck that, I’m going balls deep!” He turned her and bent her over. Her belly and tits hanged below her, partially restrained by the thin shirt. She put her hands against the wall and waited.

Oh god, this is a bad idea, but I can’t risk getting pregnant. The man’s substantial cock moved the ball deeper before it slid past it. The pain was too much as he continued in. Lilly shrieked as she hopped forward, causing his cock to hit his leg with a slapping sound. Somehow, she retained the water, wishing she could have let him finish so this would be done with.
She turned with teary eyes as the man lifted her leg uncaringly and directed his damp shaft into her pussy. He began cumming as soon as he went in, pressing to the hilt with the second shot, and wrapping his arms around her back with the third. Her belly was pressed between them yet again. He held her awkwardly until he got every drop out.

“What the fuck?” Lilly snapped as she wiped her eyes.
He pulled out and tucked his meat away. “What? That I came in your snatch? It aint like you going to get pregnant or anything, right?”

She said nothing more as she scooped his excess sperm onto the ground with her finger. She used a napkin from his glove box to dry off and he brought her back into town. Surely they’ll get me something so I don’t get pregnant. I mean, no one else is pregnant there. This is all just one of his mind games.

“That was some fine fuckin. How come I don’t see you around more often?”
“From out of town.”
“Figured. Ah, well, Pipes is going to love you then. Like I said, I’ll put in a good word. You gotta let me get that a few more times before you pop.” He licked his lip.
“Wait, who do you work for?”
“Pipes? I don’t work for him. He’s a big dude who runs this stretch. You don’t turn tricks out here without his protection. I’m his… business partner. ”
“Are you sure you’re clean?”
“Of course I am. You’re the first one I’ve been bareback with. I just did that since your expecting and you seemed all prim and proprer. I could tell you weren’t from here and you must be down on your luck to be out in this neck of the woods.”I believe him. He knows where not to put his dick. I bet he gets a lot of girls by his size alone. The sedan rolled to a stop. “All right, off with ya.”
Lilly got out and watched the Caddy drive away. She waited for a time, but no one came. I didn’t see what happened to the SUV. Surely they were watching me.

She built up enough resolve to walk to the end of the block, looking for a bathroom. The water in her belly begged to come out, but she couldn’t even begin to pass the large rubber ball. She heard a car slowing and she turned to see the car that brought her here coming to a stop beside the curb. The door opened and Gina beckoned her in.

“Have fun?”
Her stomach roiled and body ached. “No, who was that guy.”
“I don’t know, but he seemed to have fun.”
“He wasn’t with The Master?”
“Nope. Some random guy.”
Lilly sighed. “Can we stop by someplace to get me a morning after pill?”
“Nope, he doesn’t believe in that.”
“You’ve got to be shitting me.”
Gina shook her head. “You’ll probably be fine, and if not then he’ll take care of it.”
“What do you mean?” Her mind danced with implications.
“I really mean he will take care of it. He adopts them or something like that. You’re not the first woman to get into this type of situation. You’ll be fine.”

They got home and Gina helped the sore, emotionally drained woman to her room. “How am I supposed to get this out?” Lilly asked at the door.
“Here, use this.” Gina handed her a reasonably pointed metal tool. “It’s a nail cleaner, but it should work to pop that. I don’t want it back.” She patted her shoulder and went to her room.

Lilly shuffled weakly into the bathroom and tried to pass the ball naturally. Nothing came out and she decided to try the more dangerous route. She pressed the tool against the ball and it only forced it back. Luckily, the tool wasn’t sharp enough to cut her. Frustrated, she tried again as she pushed the ball outward. It took a surprising amount of force before the ball popped inside her. Her backdoor pinched shut with surprise at first, but soon a torrent of water exited her. Sweet relief.

She held her head in her hands, hoping she wouldn’t regret today. I don’t want to go outside anymore.



Lilly was behind the curtain, preparing for their next challenge. She would compete against Willa and Traci was in charge of this game. “Bend forward and don’t move.” The stern woman demanded. Both participants leaned against opposing tables and waited as Traci lubricated a pink, 6-inch latex dildo behind them. She spread Lilly’s ass and pushed it in gently. It took only a moment before her ass accepted the entire toy. “There is your handicap.”

“What do you mean?” Lilly asked hesitantly.

Traci grabbed another dildo from a nearby case. It was double-ended, thicker, and much longer. “You two are going to play a game with this 18 inch beast. Lilly, if you say a thing about the first dildo I put in then I will make your life hell. Same goes for you, bitch, be thankful I’m helping you.” Traci spanked Willa before stepping ahead to pull the stage curtains aside. The other girls perked up as the competition began. The Master seemed dismissive as usual, watching from his chair.

Without a word, Traci pulled Willa’s hair and roughly forced the double dildo down her throat, paying no mind to her coughing and sputtering. The poor girl gagged as she tried to pull away, but Traci held firmly. Traci flipped the toy around and repeated the process with Lilly. Once wet, she came behind the timid girl commanded her to spread her behind. Willa sniffled as she pulled her cheeks open. Traci did not hesitate, pressing the larger toy into her tiny asshole. Willa let go of her ass and grabbed the edge of the table as Traci fed more into her. Distressed, Willa’s body tensed as she took more of the shaft.

“Okay, stand up.” Traci carefully walked her backwards to Lilly. Once in place, the austere woman spoke to the crowd.  “The girl to take the most by the end will win.” Lilly knew to spread her cheeks for Traci to guide the tip into her open ass. She certainly felt the width, but it still went in easily. She had no idea how much had moved into her, but with the other dildo taking up space it seemed like an impossible task. I have to try. I can’t let Willa win if Tracy wants that. Fuck her!

Breathing to calm herself, Lilly pressed backwards onto the thick toy. Willa whimpered and stepped away from her. Lilly bent down and reached back to hold the girl’s hips, halting any further retreat. Lilly grunted as she forced more of the toy inside of them both. The pain overwhelmed her for a time, but eventually she found an angle to allow it deeper. Lilly’s grip slipped and the girl stumbled away again. She followed the complaining girl as she walked slowly.

Willa stopped at the opposite table, bending forward in an attempt to find a less painful angle. Lilly seized the opportunity and stood nearly upright, pressing down upon the flexible toy. She moved her hips, working it downward into Willa’s soft, dainty ass. The pale girl grasped the shaking table as she fought to accept the dildo. Lilly also felt more of the toy sneaking into her bowels, but she didn’t mind. I can win this. I don’t care about her any more, I just have to beat Tracy at her own game! I can bear it as long as I don’t cum.

Pushing even harder, Lilly moved lower and felt her pussy dripping with excitement in spite of the pain. She moved her legs out a little more and felt the girl’s butt rubbing against hers. She pushed again, but this time it forced the object into her opponent. Willa shrieked as Lilly sat against her, flattening their cheeks against one another.

Unable to resist, Lilly put a finger against her clit and grinded against the toy, gasping with orgasm. She could feel the object slip just a little deeper as she finished. Traci approached, scowling. “Okay, let’s see who took more!” She announced to the crowd. Traci pinched the toy and gave it a sharp tug, trying to force more into Willa’s ass, but it didn’t seem to budge. “You better hold the little one in, bitch.” She whispered by Lilly’s ear. Holding the double dildo firmly, she pulled upward, watching it snake quickly out of their tensing backsides. The girls moaned as she removed the slippery toy.

Once free, they both shakily turned to see how far it had gone. Traci scoffed as she realized the results. Lilly took a few inches more than the red eyed Willa. Traci begrudgingly grabbed Lilly’s arm and raised it victoriously. The spectators grinned and gave light applause as the commanding woman led them off stage. “Good luck shitting that dildo out, I’m sure it’s buried in there deep.” Traci slapped Lilly’s ass and left them in the hall. Both contenders gave a quick goodbye and went to their rooms to clean up.

As expected, it took a lot of effort to push the object out. Drained as usual after their competitions, Lilly went to bed, pleased that she had defied the bitch in red. I shouldn’t let her get to me, but she knows just what buttons to push. She knew that Traci would come after her in another manner, but for now she could rest.

The next day came and went without any unusual happenings. Lilly stayed in her room for the most part, relaxing and reading. Once she figured out that no one was coming to get her for any of the man’s games, she decided to go to sleep. A knock startled her awake. A butler stepped in and asked her to follow. The clock showed 4:59 AM. She made a quick trip to the bathroom, and still naked, accompanied the servant down the corridor and into a room behind the stage area.

The Master waited with his arms behind his back. He was devilishly handsome and could be immensely charming, but it was only a mask. Lilly knew, just as the other girls, that this man was a true Jekyll and Hyde. His chiseled jaw and enchanting eyes only helped to manipulate people. “Good afternoon, ladies.” His voice deep and commanding, “I hope you have recovered enough for another game.” A few of the girls stood beside him, watching silently.

The cold cement room was mostly barren, save for four hoses leading from the wall. There were clips on the wall where they could be placed to act as a shower. Now, however, they laid upon the floor in the middle of the room. Lilly joined the others and waited for instruction. Traci, Willa, and Julie glanced at her before they turned back to him.

“I want you all to stick a hose up your ass.” He summoned a butler to use a small amount of lubricant on each nozzle. The girls gave varying expressions as they put them in place, sliding them into their behinds. “Now, hold your hose by the valve. The girls on the end will swap with the center.”

Lilly’s heart skipped a beat as she handed the control of her hose to Traci. She was thankful, however, that she had some power in this situation, as she held Traci’s.

“Now turn them on and it is up to you when you stop.” The man grinned as he watched their reactions.

Traci twisted the clean plastic valve and sent a torrent of water into Lilly. Lilly responded with the full flow as well. Willa whimpered as Julie started her to fill. Willa, however, didn’t turn her valve.

“You have to play, Willa! She has no trouble pumping you full, why can’t you do the same?” Lilly cried out.
“I- can’t.” The gentle girl knelt, still holding the closed valve for Julie. Her other hand held her tummy.
“You have to; you’re strong enough to handle this!”
“She’s not cut out for this and neither are you, bitch.” Traci snapped. Her belly quaked beneath her hand.

Lilly ignored her foe. “If you give up then I will never forgive you. Don’t you want a friend in here?” Willa looked to her questioningly. “I will help you, I promise. Just turn that valve!”
Julie was bewildered. “Nothing personal, hon, but if you turn that valve on then I will remember it forever.” Her normally kind demeanor changed into a menacing glare. I see why she gets along with Traci.
“You have to trust me! Turn the valve. You have to turn it on or you will fail.”

Willa sighed, her eyebrows craning upwards as the hose continued inflating her. She shook her head, looking as if she may cry. She wrenched the valve and they watched as Julie tensed and took a few steps. “You bitch!”
“I’m sorry!” Willa dropped the valve and gripped her belly with both hands, crying openly.

Meanwhile, Traci and Lilly’s bellies had ballooned outward while distracted. “We can stop whenever we want, Traci.”
“Fuck you. I can take a lot more!”
Lilly gave labored breaths as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. Moments passed and they all were becoming antsy, as well as inflated. They looked to one another, waiting for some sign of stopping. Finally Lilly decided to turn Traci’s valve off.

Traci smiled. Her trim body had a visible belly and her brow glistened with sweat. “Looks like I win, bitch.” Traci dropped her hose. Lilly scrambled to grab it from the floor and shut-off the flow. Julie flipped the valve off and lastly Willa reached down and stopped the flow as well. All of them looked as if they were a month or two pregnant. Willa had the largest belly of the group and she appeared to be in the most pain.

The Master adored the show. “That was at half flow, now it is on normal volume. A butler twisted the master valve upon the wall. Traci snatched the control from Lilly and switched it to full blast. Stumbling backwards in agony, Lilly slowly fell to the floor and watched as her belly slowly grew outward. She knew she was in shock, and it took some time before she was able to fumble for Traci’s control. Traci tried to pull it away, but Lilly flicked it on before dropping it. Before she could pick it up, Lilly grabbed the woman’s toned legs and brought her down. Falling onto her, both girls filled at an unreal speed.

Both grimaced and pushed at each other, but the water weight kept them sandwiched. Hearing a sound, they dizzily turned to see Julie grinning with Willa inflating helplessly upon the ground. “Turn it off, or I’ll make your bitch pop.” Traci finally built enough momentum to roll off, coming to rest upon her back. Lilly fumbled, grabbing both valves as Traci lay, gripping her belly. Unsure of which to turn off, Lilly decided to turn them both off. Julie shook her head and after a long hesitation, she dropped Willa’s hose. Lilly scrambled painfully to flip the flow off.

All of the filled girls groaned in discomfort. The Master nodded, pleased by their forms. “Now the final portion. The girl that holds the water the longest wins.”

They looked to each other, hastily planning what to do next. Lilly, having a tangle of hoses in her hands, started turning them on one at a time. The first was Traci’s, which stopped her advance in an instant. The second was her own, which surprised her enough to drop them onto the ground. Julie stepped closer and grabbed them from the cement. The large, swollen belly causing a pained huff to escape her lips as she did. She turned Willa’s on before finding the hose leading to Lilly. She held it firmly and gave a hard tug. The hose popped out audibly.

Lilly shrieked, falling to her hands and knees as she pinched her asshole, trying desperately to hold the liquid inside. Water splashed over her ass as the hose slapped upon the floor. Lilly closed an eye and grit her teeth, fighting through the ensuing cramps.

“Sorry, hon.” Lilly expected Willa to be the first one out, but she opened her eyes just in time to see Traci holding her hands up, wordlessly pleading to the woman behind her. “Gotta go for the win.” The hose became taught as Julie yanked, spinning Traci place – her distended belly shaking like a water balloon as she moved. The hose popped free and mostly clear water erupted onto the hard floor. Traci whined pitifully as she emptied off and on, attempting to hold her burden fruitlessly. The once proud woman let out a string of curses as she rested upon her hands and knees.

“Traci is done.” Taryn called from the group of spectators.

Still fighting to retain her full belly of water, Lilly got to her feet and turned to a confident, modestly filled Julie. The older woman smiled as she turned and jerked on Willa’s hose with an astonishing amount of strength. There was a moment of extreme despair as the young girl knew what was coming. Willa promptly spun around upon her knees as the tube popped out of her, weeping as she blasted the water onto the floor. Her shoulders trembled as she cried, crumpled and draining. Taryn announced her defeat.

The proud, shapely woman looked to her last opponent. She was suddenly panicked by the sight of Lilly stomping closer, her inflated belly swaying with the immense water weight. Agitated and barely holding it in, Lilly decided to grapple her. Julie stumbled, as the shorter girl’s head pressed against her breasts and their bellies squished together. They clumsily fought for the upper hand, but eventually Julie was forced slowly to the ground by Lilly’s weight.

Julie sat back, landing on her supple posterior. It wasn’t hard enough to injure her, but it did cause her to yelp as the hose pressed against the side of her asshole. Lilly fell atop her, finding balance and trapping the woman beneath her. Using her toes, Lilly flicked the valve on the trapped girl’s hose.

“You bitch!”
“Just take it! Let me know when you give up!”

Julie could only groan and grumble as her belly filled with a large volume of water. Lilly could feel it blasting into the woman’s belly, lifting her slightly before it pressed out from between them. Lilly tried to find the valve with her toes again, but it had moved due to Julie’s flailing legs. Lilly could only wait, watching the blonde woman’s freckled face contorting in agony. Her gorgeous brown eyes pleading for the torment to stop. I know she’s stubborn, but she knows when she’s beaten.

“Stop! You win!”

Lilly gripped the hose with her toes and gave it a tug. Her foot slipped off as the girl begged for the flow to stop. It took a few more tries, but she was finally able to pull it out. Water sprayed beneath them as the hose shot across the floor wildly. Lilly’s weight forced the full, pained woman to empty beneath her. Once they declared her the victor, Lilly too released her burden. She watched her enormous belly slowly deflating. She appeared to be fully pregnant by the end, and she could only imagine how much water she had taken. I’m more shocked I was able to hold it. Hot water passed as fast as she could push.

Lying upon the beautiful woman with large breasts and warm, pliable skin, Lilly couldn’t help herself. She planted a kiss upon her lips. The other woman didn’t seem to mind, clearly groggy from the ordeal.
“It was a good game.” Lilly rolled aside and continued to empty, staring up to the cold unadorned ceiling. The sound and sight of the women emptying their filled bellies caused laughter amongst the girls that watched.

Mostly empty, Lilly got to her feet and wearily walked to The Master. “What is the point of these games?”

The man gave an uncaring smile. “For my enjoyment.” He reached forward without prompt and grabbed her nipples, twisting them, causing her to screech and release a little more water onto the floor. Lilly grabbed her chest, her mouth open with confusion. “You’re a good sport, Lilly. So I’ll tell you what, I’ll bring you into public tomorrow. I reward winners.”

The man nodded and nonchalantly left the room. The other girls smiled, congratulating her. “I’ve never been in public with him.” Keira said. “You’re lucky.”

Finding Comfort


A tall poll stood in the center of the otherwise barren room, surrounded by an elevated wooden platform. Upon inspection, Lilly could see that the top half of the pole was latex and plastic farther down. Everyone in the room knew what was coming next. The current star, Kiera, stepped onto the platform as he instructed. She watched Lilly as he told her what to do next. Her eyes were an entrancing shade of green, and her cheeks were rosy and pinchable. She looked young and hopeful, but it seemed out of place when thinking what was to come next.

She dipped her hand into a tub of white paste upon the floor and used it to lubricate the rubbery shaft. She also used a generous amount upon her nearly bald mound. Once prepared, she stood above the shaft and lowered herself on top of it. She barely took three inches before she paused.

“Go as deep as you can.”
Keira pressed down, accepting more. She got about two more inches in before it felt uncomfortable. He whispered to Traci, who stood by with a remote. She pressed a button and they watched as the platform where Keira stood slowly lowered. “No, wait!” Nearly falling, Keira placed her hands on her hips as she slid down upon the shaft. She pressed her feet together and for the moment, she stopped. “Let me hold onto something! This is going to break!”

“There is steel beneath that. The only thing that might break is you, so keep your balance!” The man laughed and so did Traci. “But, I don’t think you’re having fun with this, so I’ll give you something to help.”

A butler entered the room carrying a bucket and a large plastic enema syringe. Traci took them and moved behind the balancing girl upon the pole. Keira’s weight worked against her, as she had moved down a few inches already. “Please, this might really hurt me!” She pleaded to the unimpressed man.

“We have a medical staff, and I assure you: if you balance and hold yourself up then you have nothing to worry about! Or, if you go a little deeper then balancing won’t be an issue.”

Her broad shoulders remained straight as the woman behind her filled the syringe again before emptying it into Kiera’s rump. Her soft thighs became rigid as her muscles struggled to keep her in place.

The Master came to Lilly and draped his arm over her shoulder. She stifled the urge to tense, instead feigning complacency. “You said you enjoyed enemas, right? Well, this should be right up your alley.”

The man smiled as Keira slowly struggled to hold herself in place. “See, this is a metaphor for sex. You can take a little bit and maintain your balance. You can have more and still be fine, but there is a point where it becomes too much, and that is when you are truly free. That is when you can no longer hold back. That is when you give into your base desires!”

Traci pressed the plunger, forcing another large dose into the fledgling girl. Keira looked as if she was at her breaking point. Traci saw this as well, offering her a hastily gathered air enema. Keira gasped, as she was not expecting another so fast. “No, no, oh no!” She could not control the unexpected wave of pleasure. Many quick moans escaped as she relaxed uncontrollably. Her body visibly slid down upon the pole as she tried to regain her footing. She now held the pole just below her entrance, finally halting her. She also was able to reach the platform with her tiptoes. She held herself precariously, trying to remain still.

“Her body tells her that she has finished, but here we teach everyone that the mind can push on.” Traci filled another syringe with water and tucked it in between the girl’s glorious ass. She slowly depressed the plunger, filling the skewered girl with more fluid.

“Uh, no, I… can’t. I cannnn’t.” Keira whimpered as she moved lower upon the pole, her feet quivering as she balanced.

“She is being stubborn, but we have plenty of time.” Keira received another full air enema from the merciless woman behind her. The man gave a loud guffaw as the woman weakly struggled, sliding even lower, until her feet were nearly flat upon the platform. “There, now she is all in. She has a choice to either fight the pain or embrace it.”

The Master whistled and another butler came into the room. He offered a strap-on dildo, that Traci took readily. She took a moment to put it in place and adjust, but once ready, she clicked a switch and it emitted a low hum. “Oooh, this vibrator is nice.” Traci’s eyebrows moved up and her mouth opened as she moved it into place upon her clit. She lubricated the toy and stepped onto the platform.

Keira’s lower lip shook as she felt the tip of the vibrating toy parting her backdoor, her full figure showing contrast to the slender, curvy girl entering her. She leaned forward as the dominant woman held her hips, moving in and out of her full ass. Keira grunted as she accepted the object, showing discomfort with each slow thrust.

Traci wanted her to feel every inch, as she nearly pulled out before pushing all the way back in with each stroke. “You have to cum first, bitch!”
“I can’t! It hurts!”
Traci stopped once the shaft was hidden completely in the chubby girl. She reached forward and rubbed the girl’s full tummy, before moving her hand lower. She touched the girl’s clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. Her large breast spilling past Traci’s grasp. A few moments later, Keira gritted her teeth and grunted forcefully, her whole body jerking with surges of orgasm.

Leaning back, Traci grinned to the The Master before she started pounding the poor girl. Keira whined, begging her to stop, but this only seemed to excite her. The audience marveled as the dark haired woman rammed the girl impaled upon the pole. Traci’s ample breasts bounced as she closed her eyes and continued to assail the helpless woman.

Meanwhile Keira had tears in her gorgeous green eyes as she squirmed and squealed, hoping the woman would finish soon. Her powerful legs looked as if they may buckle, and her hands clenched upon her thighs. The hopefulness had passed, leaving her expression sober and pained. Her ass wobbled as Traci’s hips pressed into her cheeks. Traci’s hands squeezed the girl’s soft, enormous breasts and pulled her closer. She found her release and Keira sighed with exasperation.

Quickly, Keira somewhat composed herself as the platform lifted her. Traci stepped down and flipped the toy’s switch off, slapping the plump girl’s ass. Keira jerked, continuing to slide the shaft free from her lower lips. She had taken roughly twelve inches once she was fully free from the pole. She stepped down cautiously, appearing very tired as she hefted her swollen belly. Katja helped guide her to the nearest bathroom.

The Master applauded her as she stumbled away. “Wonderful! But you can’t go to the bathroom, Keira.” The girl’s sweet eyes looked distressed, as if she may cry at any moment. He turned his gaze to Lilly as another butler brought him a short tube. “Now you have to help her.”
“Uh-“ Lilly’s eyes darted from person to person.

Katja redirected the filled girl back onto the platform. She moved carefully as she gripped her inflated belly. Lilly balked. “I said when I started that I wanted nothing to do with this sort of thing!”
The man’s chiseled face tightened. “I was being courteous. Your contract clearly says you will do anything that does not cause long-term physical harm. You had better stick that tube up your ass or I will cause you more grief than you ever thought possible.” He trembled subtly, giving her an icy glare. The other girls watched anxiously.

Lilly begrudgingly stepped forward. She bent down and allowed Katja to lubricate the hose before inserting it into her ass. The clear tube had a bulbous plastic tip on each end. It popped in easily and Lilly shuffled backwards to get closer to the pained girl upon the platform.
Katja stepped up again and pressed the hose between Keira’s larger backside. “Ready?” She nodded.

The hose went in with an audible pop and a stream of mostly clear liquid flowed through the tube. Katja stepped away as the flow began. Lilly could feel the warmth as the enemas emptied into her. Everyone watched her; quietly delighting as she had another girl’s shit flowing into her ass. Abruptly, she felt the flow increase. She turned to see Keira’s face contorted with discomfort as she pressed the fluid out of her. She held her belly and leaned in the opposite direction, allowing her heavy breasts to hang.

Lilly gripped her own stomach, as it puffed out more notably than Keira’s had. She shuddered as she felt something solid move into her. “This is too fucking gross, I can’t take it! Please make it stop!” She waved her hands frantically. Some of the girls laughed, but she was too distracted to see who. “Please, just let me go to the bathroom.” She waited in agony as the girl above her continued to empty into her. Lilly felt bloated and humiliated, but she had endured. Keira grunted a couple more times before she said she was finished.

“Now, for your punishment.” The Master spoke with venom. He waved to Traci, who now held a full enema syringe of something white. She stepped onto the platform and waited as Keira removed the tube and handed it to Traci. She put the tip of the syringe into the end of the tube and emptied it awkwardly. Lilly could see that it wasn’t liquid, but something thicker.

“What are you putting in me now?”
“Yogurt. It will help you hold all of that shit in.”

Lilly felt the thick, creamy substance flowing into her. It’s cold! Only about half moved in with gravity, so Traci filled the syringe with air to force the rest of it inside. Lilly clenched her fists and rolled her eyes, gasping with irritation. “Is it over now?”

Traci yanked the tube away, pulling it free from between her cheeks. Lilly yelped and danced forward, managing to only allow a little of the yogurt out. Her ass hurt and her belly trembled and cramped. She pressed one hand on her tummy and the other on her crotch, struggling to hold it in.

“You know, I don’t feel you’ve learned your lesson yet. I think you need some time on the shaft.” Traci jerked her arm, causing her to stumble as she led her onto the platform.
“Please, I’m sorry, I am so sorry I said anything.”
“No, I can tell when someone needs more discipline. Don’t let it out or we will just put it back in.”

Unable to resist in her current state, Lilly lowered herself onto the rubber tipped pole. Traci stepped down and pressed the button. The platform lowered and slowly impaled the inflated, helpless woman. Lilly breathed quickly as she fought to hold the mixture in her ass. The girls watched as she slipped lower and lower upon the pole. She was thankful for being taller and lighter than Keira. The weight of the enema, however, continually pressed her lower.

She finally halted using the balls of her feet. She only now realized that she was very wet. She had to hold back, however, because if she were to cum then it would be impossible to retain the liquid. She imagined what the group could see: her powerful legs holding her upon the large pole, her distended belly giving her a pregnant appearance, and her modest breasts hanging low, but still retaining a desirable appearance. She couldn’t match Keira’s beauty, but she surely could match her resolve. I fucking did it.

Traci stepped in front of her. “Aww, look, someone is all filled up.” She held out her hand dramatically. “Would you like a little help to cum?”
“Don’t.” Lilly grumbled, attempting to stay still.
“Okay, fine. I won’t use my hands… I’ll give it a kiss instead.” Traci reached behind to hold her ass open as she buried her face into the skewered woman’s mound. Lilly had no chance to resist, feeling the woman’s tongue tracing her clit. Lilly almost cried as she reached orgasm. She shook violently, unable to retain the liquid… And then she felt something slip into her water-filled ass. Pain broke her from her revelry. She wailed as the object forced its way inside, growing larger until it passed a rounded spot. The butt plug now stayed in place, giving her no choice but to retain the fluid. With her orgasm ruined, she fought to stay in place upon the shaft.

“She’s a pro, look at her take it!”
“I bet she would’ve sprayed everywhere if Traci hadn’t stopped it!”
“Doesn’t matter, she’s still doing better than I could.”

Lilly couldn’t focus on who was talking. She could only try to cope with the discomfort as the platform slowly rose, causing the pole to come out with a wet sound. Once able, she stepped off of the object carefully maneuvered off the platform. “Do you enjoy seeing me like this? Do you enjoy causing pain?”

The Master gave the slightest smile. “You can go now, Lilly.”

She waddled to the nearby bathroom with Taryn’s help. With each step the mixture sloshed, causing her insides to roil. Taryn led her to the toilet, and with a fair struggle, removed the plug. The deluge began. Lilly endured as the water rocketed out of her. She could see the plug in her friend’s hand. “That thing is huge.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised you could handle it.” Taryn looked into her eyes with understanding. “You’ll do fine here. He wants to break you, but I know you’ll last.” She nodded in reflection. “I’ll leave you alone now.” Before exiting, Taryn turned back, “Sorry you had to do something you don’t like, but he will only go so far with it, I promise.” She shut the door and left Lilly to deflate. She could feel thicker substance pass occasionally. This is fucking gross.

Lilly’s alarm sounded, causing her to grumble as she hit the snooze. It seems like I just fell asleep! Pained, she didn’t care what time it was. She rolled over and committed to sleep a while longer.

“We are always allowed to say no, but it is usually better for everyone if you do as he says.” The only girl she didn’t know by name sat watching her casually. Eye shadow accentuated the girl’s seductive green eyes. Her eyebrows were straight and trimmed, and her high cheekbones had a subtle amount of blush. Her soft, luscious lips parted, showing her teeth as she smiled. “I’m Gina. I figured I would offer an olive branch.”

The girl stood. Her intricate tattoos were dazzling: a partial sleeve of colorful flowers adorned her upper left arm and a Chinese dragon posed on her outer right thigh. She had numerous smaller tattoos as well. Her average-sized breasts, toned tummy, and hourglass figure gave her a healthy appearance. Her firm posterior drew Lilly’s eyes as strolled around the bed. A large, flaming phoenix perched on the upper left corner of her back. Those must have taken months.

She traced Lilly’s leg softly, moving up her inner thigh. She brought it to her mouth and licked her finger gently before placing it between her legs, finding her button with minimal effort. “Do you want me to relax you?”

Lilly trembled as the experienced girl pressed her other hand firmly on top of Lilly’s trimmed loins. It felt wonderful to have a woman’s touch after her last encounter, but she stopped the woman. “What is the catch?”

Gina’s big brown eyes locked with hers as she gave a friendly smile. “This isn’t a favor. This is a ‘I know what you’re going through and I want to help’ kind of thing.” Gina came down to give her a feather-light kiss on the nipple.
Lilly shook her head skeptically. “You aren’t banking this for later?”
“Well, I’m hoping you remember that I was kind to you, but no, I promise.” Her freckled face seemed genuine, but Lilly knew better. Still, what harm would it do to allow this? If I turn her away then it does me no good either. Lilly held the girl’s cheeks as they locked lips in a passionate kiss. Gina knelt upon the bed as they continued, their tongues dancing in their mouths.

Their hands traced one another as they gave short, passionate kisses. Lilly moved her head lower to suckle upon the girl’s breast. Gina breathed heavily, rubbing Lilly’s shoulders before carefully tugging her hair, guiding her head back. Gina lovingly traced her neck with the tip of her tongue. Lilly gasped as she did, kneading her lover’s supple posterior.

Leaning onto the open space on the bed, Gina lifted a leg and scooted closer. She pressed her privates onto Lilly’s and started moving her hips slowly. I haven’t done this before, Lilly thought, but it is really nice. They scissored in this position for a few moments before Gina moved up, pushing Lilly’s leg back and straddling the other. This feels even better! Lilly watched the inviting girl above her as she pressed her warm pussy into hers. Both shaven, they were wet and slippery, their clits rubbed one another occasionally, causing both girls to moan.

Gina pressed Lilly’s leg back, kissing her again as she continued to hump her. Lilly didn’t mind being folded so awkwardly. She squeezed the girl’s ass and held her back as she felt a warmth building. Gina broke the kiss for a moment. “I’m gonna cum.”
“Me too! Don’t stop!” Lilly gasped.

Gina squinted, breathless as she reached the pinnacle. Lilly followed moments after, her body quivering violently from the intense orgasm. Both girls collapsed, lying side by side as they cooled. They lay arm in arm relaxing, gently touching each other as they thought.

Lilly touched the colorful flowers upon Gina’s arm. “This is gorgeous.”
Gina stared at the ceiling as she lay in Lilly’s embrace. “I got that a few months ago.”
“I love it.”
“Thanks. I figured the flowers would symbolize my rebirth. I’m a lot different than I was out there.”
“Wait, how long have you been here?”
“I’ve been here for about a year.” She continued, anticipating Lilly’s next question. “The man in charge brought me to get it done.”
“He took you outside?”
“Yeah, he brings us into public once in a while. You’ll get to go outside soon, once he trusts you. This is a test for you three right now. He’s going to keep toying with you, but right now he’s breaking your spirit or bringing you into the fold.”
“What happens if you don’t let him?”
“Well, then he does things to you until you break the contract. It’s a lot of money, but he knows how to show people to their breaking point.”

Lilly wondered if that’s what he was doing with her now. Is he just testing me or is he already trying to push me out the door? “This sounds like torture.”

“He’s a good man. I’m here because I want to be.”
Lilly was dumfounded.
“He supports us. He treats me well when we’re not playing out one of his fantasies or participating with the other girls. He saved me from a life on the street.” She pointed to the dragon on her leg. “This tattoo was given to me by my pimp when he claimed me. I was 16 and he would use me on the side when I wasn’t out making money for him. One time I argued with him and told him I was going to leave. Well, that was a bad idea, because he called one of his friends and he held me down while they started this tattoo. The guy warned me that if I moved then I’d have a giant scar on my leg and no one would want me. They gave me this entire tattoo in one night. The only break I got was when they would fuck me for a little while. I can’t begin to describe the pain.”

Lilly rose onto her elbows, looking into her eyes. “I’m sorry, that’s terrible.”

Gina scoffed. “It’s okay, it wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me.”

“How come you’ve been here so long?” Lilly tried to change the topic.
She shrugged, “What else is there? I have no family and I was living on the streets before coming here. He saved me. I’m just living in luxury, and when my looks go then I will have enough money to live in Paris without a care in the world. That’s my dream, at least.”

“It’s a nice dream.” Lilly kissed her again. “Thank you, I needed this.”
Gina smirked. “See, it’s not bad here once you know your place.”

Lilly didn’t like the sound of that one bit, but she knew that Gina had found a niche somehow, and it was only a matter of time until she did too.