Family Matter


The holidays had past and the days were becoming warmer now. Natalie watched the snow melt as she thought of Melanie. She knew it was an odd love, but it was more trust than she’d ever felt with another person before. She still practiced her fetish in private from time to time and wished for Melanie beside her. She hadn’t heard from Melanie since their ordeal. It had been too good to be true. She sighed and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Her mother and sister were watching television – an obnoxious action film. “Nat, what have you been up to?”
“Just reading.”
Her mother came into the kitchen as she searched for something to eat. “Are you okay, you haven’t been the same since you went to your father’s – is something bothering you?”
“Yes Rebecca.” Her mother hated to be called by her full name.
“I just want to know why you’re acting so strange. I’ve noticed the long showers and being in your room all hours of the day. You’re very moody too.”
“Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it’s because you’re watching my every move and questioning everything I do!”
“Nat, be honest, did your father do something to you?”
“What? No! He didn’t do anything like that. You’re such a bitch!” Natalie huffed and searched the cupboards, trying to ignore her mother.
“Nat, just talk to me, I can help you.”

Before the conversation was drawn out further, the doorbell rang. ‘Rebecca’ went to answer the door. Natalie sat a jar of peanut butter on the counter. Before she could continue she heard her mom call for her. Still agitated, Natalie walked heavily to the door. Melanie stood in the doorway, bundled up. Her cheeks were rosy and she wore a tiny smirk. Her mother turned and asked, “do you know a Melanie from down south?”

Natalie’s eyes danced with delight. “Melanie! How have you been?” She trotted over and hugged her. Her mother was completely confused. “Come in! Take your coat off. This is my mother Rebecca.”
“Hi, call me Becky.”
“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard good things about you.” An obvious lie, but nobody corrected it. After a few minutes Melanie followed Natalie up to her room and they sat on her bed.
Natalie kissed her. “What happened? Is everything okay down there? How come you haven’t called me back?”

Melanie sighed heavily. “I can’t go home. There were too many people who knew what I did there. I kept having creeps following me and I had one guy break in to my house. I knew I had to get away after that. The videos spread, they closed down the fountain and most people knew why. I came up here to see what this place is like. Maybe I can start over here.”

“That really sucks, but I think you should move up here.” She paused, “I still have the video bookmarked.” She realized how callous that must be. “Sorry, I miss you.” They kissed again, this time there was a hint of passion. A knock on the door interrupted them. Her mother came in, “I made you both peanut butter and jelly, I figured I’d finish them since you two ran up here.” Natalie nodded and took the plate. Her mother was so nosy.

The two girls came down the stairs and went to the door. “Where are you going?” Becky asked.
“I’m going to show her around town. She might be moving up here soon.” They put on their coats.
“Okay, just don’t stay out too late.” After they left Becky tried to get up quietly. Sarah didn’t seem to notice, still watching t.v. She used the opportunity to venture upstairs again. She had overheard the mention of a bookmarked video through the door earlier and she had to see what Natalie was hiding. She had required both kids not to use a password in case of emergencies – and cases like this.

She opened the browser and looked at the bookmarks. Some odd things, but nothing too bad until she noticed one called ‘Fountain Clip.’ She clicked it and watched. Her mouth dropped as she watched her daughter and that other girl being visibly inflated using a public fountain. She certainly didn’t expect anything like this. She was even more shocked to see a related video that looked familiar.

She clicked the link and watched a shorter video – it didn’t show her face, but Becky recognized Natalie’s body and their bathroom. The clip showed her using a hose to inflate her belly. She closed the browser and went to the bathroom. She looked under the counter and found the hose she had used pushed to the back. That is why she had been taking such long showers; it all clicked now! Sick! She held it, thinking. I wonder what that even feels like. A mischievous thought danced through her mind. Maybe I should try this; they won’t be home for a while.

They came back a few minutes later, cautious and quiet. Natalie led the way, avoiding the living room where her mother and sister sat. They crept up the stairs and came to the bathroom. “Someone’s in there.” Natalie heard the water running, but it sounded very faint. She opened the door quietly and peeked in. She saw someone on their hands and knees next to the shower with a hose running into her behind. Natalie looked back quickly and carefully closed the door. “Damn it, Sarah is using my stuff again.”
“Is that a common thing?” Melanie raised an eyebrow.
“She’s done it a couple of times. But, tonight I’ll have some fun with her. Follow me.” They walked slowly to the next door in the hall. She opened the door to a tiny utility closet. Natalie reached up and turned a handle. “This controls the water pressure. Go listen at the door and give me a signal when you hear the water start again. They giggled before she crept to the door.

Becky liked the gentle feeling of water flowing into her. She had a few enemas before, but this was more than she was used to. She had enjoyed anal sex in the past, but never thought of an enema this way. The feeling was quite unique. She leaned forward to rest her shoulders on the towel and brought one hand back to pleasure herself. She began rubbing and she closed her eyes, breathing heavily. Unexpectedly, the water flow stopped. Confused and irritated, she carefully stood up and pushed the handle in the shower higher. Nothing happened. She pressed the handle higher still until the water slowly flowed again. She was so aroused; she didn’t question why the pressure had dropped. Resuming her pose on the towel she began rubbing herself again.

She slid a finger inside and within seconds she began climaxing, quivering with delight. Suddenly, the hose jerked to life and she felt the water surge into her. The pressure causing immediate cramps, she collapsed forward, still climaxing. She moaned loudly, unable to contain the wave of euphoria washing over her. She couldn’t move as more water quickly filled her. Discomfort followed as she felt her tummy expanding. She couldn’t stand; she just laid there, attempting to reach the hose behind her. Her strength had left her, though, and she lazily contorted in agony.

The door flew open. “Mom? What are you doing here?” Becky couldn’t respond, she tried to speak, but she couldn’t think about anything except the torrent entering her. Natalie walked to the shower and turned off the water. Melanie was standing in the doorway, shocked and unable to turn away. Natalie walked to Becky, unsure how to help. “My god!”
“I-I’m. I-I’m sorry to do this in here; it just was something to try. I’m so sorry.” Becky started to cry. “Just let me clean up. P-please, just go.” She rolled to her side, showing her firm, bulging belly. Melanie couldn’t help but notice how soft and smooth her skin looked for being in her mid-thirties. They walked over and helped her to stand.

“I’m going to take the hose out. Just hold it in until you make it to the toilet, okay?” Becky nodded. Natalie grabbed the hose and pulled it carefully. Becky held her breath and braced against the wall as it slid out. She jumped when it exited and moved to the toilet as quickly as she was able. Natalie and Melanie went into the hall and closed the door.

“Well.” Melanie raised her eyebrows.
“Well, I don’t think we’ll be doing that tonight.”
“I should go; I don’t want to have that conversation when she comes out.”
“Please don’t leave, I’ll talk to her and you can stay with me tonight.”
Melanie began to protest, but Natalie reassured her. After a long debate she finally agreed. She went outside to get her overnight bag.

There was a gentle knock at the door. Natalie came in, followed by her mother. Becky’s hair was wet from showering; she was small, but she was buxom. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her night shirt. Melanie tried to ignore her erect nipples.
Becky looked to the ground. “Melanie, I’m sorry you had to see that. Can we keep this whole ordeal between us?”

Melanie felt slight relief.. “Of course. I won’t say a word. I know how fast things spread.”
“Nat told me about how you two met. I… experimented with different things too, and I know how much it means to find someone who accepts you and all of your… kinks.” Melanie was a little nervous that she was so accepting. However, their situation was very unique.

“I see how much Nat loves you and now I see why she’s been so unsatisfied since she’s come home. You can stay here tonight.” She smiled, “goodnight you two.” She nodded and closed the door.
Natalie was a bright shade of red. She looked the part of a bashful girl. “Sorry, my mom is very direct. I hope it doesn’t scare you away. I want you to stay with me.”
“This is a very odd situation,” Melanie couldn’t help but grin, “But, okay, I will. Did you really tell her everything?”
“Most of it. She used to be in adult films, so she’s open to this kind of thing.”
“Oh.” Now Melanie understood why she didn’t shy away from the topic.
“Just try to be open with her. That’s what I do.”

They washed up and lay in bed; it was awkward at first, but eventually they started cuddling. They talked about random small topics and what they’d been doing for the past few months. After a few hours they both fell asleep.

Morning came and they made their way downstairs. Becky was cooking breakfast. They ate with Sarah and made small talk until the obvious question was asked. “Melanie, you’re up here because of what happened with that fountain, right? Why did you have someone record it and post it on the internet if you didn’t want anyone to see it?”
Melanie was taken off guard; she looked to Natalie, “Mom! We didn’t do it by choice.”
“I’m sorry, I thought you all went out there together.”
“We did, but we were blackmailed.” She scowled at Sarah, who smirked. “We all made bad choices, but Melanie’s life shouldn’t have been ruined because of it.”
“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”
Becky noticed Sarah’s mischievous glance. “Did you blackmail them, Sarah?”
“Kind of, it was fun though. Until that jerk double crossed me.”
“So that’s why they recorded you, isn’t it?”
“Totally worth it.”
Becky scowled. “Sarah! You don’t force people to do something against their will!”
“They loved it.”
Natalie broke in, “we didn’t love it; we just wanted it to stop!”
“Not at first, I could tell you two were enjoying being full in public.”
“Well, it wasn’t fun when we got to the fountain, though.”
“Yeah, that was a little too far, but I had kind of good intentions. I just took it too far.”
Natalie sighed. “I did kind of enjoy walking down the sidewalk feeling the water sloshing inside of me.”
Sarah nodded approval. “It’s different. I didn’t like it at first, but the feeling kind of grows on you. Filling up too fast isn’t nice, though.”
“It’s unpleasant, but you want to see how far you can go; so, you don’t mind it much, at least until after you finish.”

There was a short silence. Becky looked to the three girls. “Do you guys want to do it again?” They all looked to each other questioningly. “I know it’s messed up, but we all enjoy it and I think it’s something that we should do together.”
Natalie eyed her suspiciously. “Really?”
“We all like it and it’s not something that should be done alone anyway. We don’t have to hide who we are here, let’s just enjoy it together. We can trust each other not to pass judgment.”
Sarah’s grin widened. “Sure, I’m in, why not?”
Melanie nodded, “Okay, if Natalie will.”
Natalie blushed then nodded and looked down. “This is really weird.” She glanced to Melanie, “Okay, I guess.”

It was awkward the first days, but they eventually became comfortable with their hobby around one another. The following month was spent practicing and expanding their limits. Every few nights they would fill themselves up and then try to hold it while doing common things around the house. They ate dinner like that a few times, watched television, even walked on the treadmill. It turned into a sort of game. They all tried to last the longest. Usually Becky won, but Melanie usually held the most.

The grass became lush and the snow melted. They sat down for dinner as usual, Becky wore a huge grin. “It’s done.” She looked to Melanie, who nodded approvingly.
“What are you talking about?” Natalie’s eyes darted between them.

“Nat, Melanie and I have been working on something for the past month and I think we’re ready to show you two today.”
Sarah cocked her head, just as confused. They ate and Becky handed out simple bikinis to everyone. They all changed in the kitchen and Becky led them into the sunlight. They walked across the backyard, coming to a sturdy wooden patio table and four matching chairs; they sat on a raised platform in the grass.

Becky noted the cautious looks from her daughters. “I know the table is nothing new, but have a seat.” The chairs had their names painted in different colors upon the seat. Natalie noticed a hose leading from the raised platform and leading up the chair’s leg. There was a nozzle peeking between the chair’s slats.
“Interesting,” Sarah grinned.

Becky smiled. “You can guess where those go. I cleaned and lubed them all before you came out.”
Natalie moved her bikini bottom aside and sat upon the nozzle. It was held firmly in place and didn’t budge at all as she sat upon it. The rest of them sat as well. The table had a large grey button in the center, she noticed. “So, the button is connected to the hoses beneath us. When it is pressed one, two, or three of the four hoses will shoot water out. It’s a game of roulette. One person will always get a pass, and it’s random each time. The time is also random; it could go for one second or five”

Sarah didn’t hesitate; she smacked the button and gasped. The sound of the water was audible as it flowed into her. She grimaced until it finished. The rest of them laughed; she was not amused. Sarah smacked the button again and Natalie saw her go rigid as she was filled a second time. Melanie closed her eyes and leaned back. “Oh, that’s nice.”
“This is fucking rigged.” Sarah scowled.
“No, you’re just having bad luck. Just try it again.”
Sarah dropped her fist onto the button. Her expression showed that water into her bowels a third time. Becky and Natalie felt it too.

“I’m done, this is fucking stupid.”
“No, wait, one more,” Becky paused, “please?”
“Last time.” She hit the button. This time Natalie got it. The water pushed into her for a few seconds. She leaned back and giggled, but it was over too quickly.
Becky grinned. “How about the first one to 8 wins?”
“Fine.” Sarah slapped the button again. Melanie gasped and Sarah leaned forward, resting on her elbows. “That’s 4.”
Melanie reached out and pressed it, this time. Natalie felt the water give one quick pulse inside of her. Sarah and Melanie felt it too. “You’re behind, mom.”
“I know, this is nice, though.” She pressed the button and Sarah got it again as well as Melanie. Sarah rested her face in her hands. “Keep going, almost there.”
Natalie laughed. “Can’t take it, sis?”
“Fuck you!” She said it, jokingly.

There was a noise. They all turned their heads to see their neighbor, walking along the wooden fence. He was carrying a box. He opened the fence’s gate and walked closer. “How are you ladies doing today?”

“Good,” Becky sat straighter. “just enjoying the weather.”
He sat the box upon the table without seeing the button. Natalie felt water shoot into her; she watched Becky force a smile and Melanie squirm. Sarah sniggered. “Here are some of our kid’s clothes if you wanted to look through them for Natalie or Sarah.”

Water continued to flow. “Thank you, we’ll go through them later.”
He looked to Melanie. “Hi there, I’m Russel.” He shook her hand.
“Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m just visiting.”
“Oh, what brings you this way?”
The water stream continued. “I-I met these two when they were visiting their dad and I wanted to see where they lived.” Melanie put her hands on her stomach; she rubbed as the flow continued. Becky gave a nervous smile. Natalie leaned back and waited, unable to chime in.
“I see,” he nodded. “Well, I should go finish packing for my trip.“
Sarah stopped him. “Where are you headed to?”
“Oh, I’m going to New York for a week to a researcher’s convention!” He continued to explain the details. Sarah smiled wide and listened. Natalie knew Russel was a talker; she could do nothing but wait and accept the flow of water. At least it wasn’t as powerful as the fountain had been.

Her belly had grown noticeably, as had Melanie’s and Becky’s. Russel didn’t seem to notice as he droned on. Sarah made sure to entice him to continue. A short time passed and Becky finally broke in, “Well, have a great time, we should get inside; it’s starting to get dark.”
Russel smiled, “Oh, sorry to talk your ears off. I’ll see you all in a week, have a good night!”
Becky forced another smile. “It’s okay, have fun! Thanks again.”
When he finally walked out of sight Natalie pushed the box off of the button. “Jesus, he just kept going!”
“I know, he doesn’t know when to quit.” Becky sighed and started to get up.
Sarah grabbed her arm and she halted. “We’re not done, that counted as one!”
“You can’t be serious.” Natalie pointed to her belly, which now looked notably pregnant. It was resting slightly upon her legs. Melanie and Becky both looked similarly full.
“I am serious, we are going to finish or I’m not doing this again.”

Natalie sighed dramatically and pressed the button, Becky grimaced. “What are we up to so far?”
“You’re in first with seven; Melanie and I are at six each and mom is last with five.”
Melanie pressed the button this time. Her face showed her discomfort as her belly rumbled and Becky gasped.
Sarah slapped the button before they could recover. “Oooh! There we go.” Natalie felt it as well.
Sarah pressed it again. Becky put her head in her hands, looking frazzled. “Why me again?”
“Sucks doesn’t it?” Sarah grinned and pressed it again. Becky groaned and Natalie jerked as she felt a surge.
“One more!” Natalie hit the button and felt her final dose. “I win!” Becky looked like she was about to cry and Melanie leaned back again, massaging her stomach. Natalie’s belly grumbled; she rested her hands upon it. “Fuck you Sarah.”
She smiled slightly. “Good game you fat cow.”
“You bitch.”
Becky didn’t say a word; normally she would chime in to break up the argument. She just stood slowly and walked toward the house. The rest of them followed after they vented, carrying their bellies, trying not to be thrown off balance by newly acquired water weight.

The next morning they gathered by the television one by one. Becky arrived last and broke the silence. “I’m sorry.”
Melanie looked up “Sorry?”
“Yes, I shouldn’t have put that thing together.”
“I helped build it too, and I liked it. I mean, the neighbor kind of messed it up, but it was still a good idea.”
Natalie nodded, “I think we should try it again in a few days.”
“How about Friday?” Sarah asked with limited expression.

The day came and they all cleaned the apparatus, put their bikinis on, and sat upon their nozzles. Once they were settled Becky leaned forward and spoke. “So, I think I changed it enough to give a higher volume for a shorter length of time. Plus, I changed it to shut off after five seconds just in case Russel has anymore boxes for us.” She smiled at the girls.

Sarah slapped the button without warning. Natalie felt a rumble as air entered her backside followed by a rush of water. She gasped and braced herself upon the table until it finished. Sarah grinned wickedly. “Feeling a little full, sis?” She hit the button again, causing another rush to enter her sister’s bowels. Natalie closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, waiting for the sensation to subside. Sarah pressed the button again and stared into Natalie’s eyes. She held her stare as a third blast filled her. She panted after it finished. “Still want to continue, big sis?”

Natalie scowled and pressed the button in defiance. This one also was directed to her. She whimpered, gazing down to notice her belly was swollen with added water weight. She was a little larger than she had been at the end of their last game. Sarah grinned and the other two looked uncertain. “Why is it only doing it to me?”

Sarah gave mock sympathy, “I can’t believe it would do that. Let’s try it again to check.” She pressed the button firmly. Air and water roiled as it flowed into Natalie again. She tensed, waiting for the end of the cycle. “Golly, you’re right! This must be broken” Sarah held up her phone, which had already been dialing, “Hi, Russel, it’s Sarah. Mind coming to our backyard for a moment? Thanks!” She slid her phone back into her bikini bottom, reveling in their confusion. She pressed the button in the center of the table again and watched Natalie squirm.

Natalie couldn’t get up in time; she noticed their neighbor coming around the corner, grinning widely. “Hi, what can I do for you lovely young ladies today?”

Sarah smiled back, “I was just wondering if you knew anything about cars. Mom said her car is making a weird sound from the back end and we couldn’t figure it out.” She subtly pressed the button again as she spoke. Natalie felt another jet. She winced as she tried to mask the discomfort. Russel was quick to give answers to her vague description. Sarah told him just enough to string him along, pressing the button when he wouldn’t notice. After five or six times Natalie’s belly was noticeable, but luckily Russel had his back turned, facing her sister.

Sarah gave her a quick glance before sneaking her hand over to press the button again. Melanie and Becky attempted to halt the conversation at a few points, but Sarah asked other questions and feigned ignorance. Russel was oblivious to Sarah’s true motives. Finally, after a few more doses, she nodded and she said something about the brakes, as if she finally understood all he had said. He nodded and offered to take a look at it. Sarah agreed, but said to wait until tomorrow. He took a few steps back before turning to say goodbye. His eyes went wide at the sight of Natalie’s humongous belly, which appeared to be heavily pregnant.

“Uh, are you okay?” He looked to Becky and then back to Natalie. Sweat rolled down Natalie’s forehead as she nodded. Sarah pressed the button one more time as she propelled herself upward, using the distraction to slip off of her nozzle.

She walked over and touched his arm, leading him away. “She is retaining some water, is all. She is kind of self-conscious about it. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it when you first came over.” He looked back at her and nervously waved to them. “Is that normal?” Sarah said more, but Natalie couldn’t focus anymore. Once they were out of sight her Mom and Melanie got up and helped her stand. They walked her slowly inside; her belly swaying as she waddled in. She was used to the high volume, so it didn’t bother her as much as she had thought it would. She felt drained as she entered the bathroom.

The next day Natalie walked slowly downstairs, still feeling weak. She sat down for breakfast. Rebecca and Melanie watched uncertainly. Sarah smiled, “So, did you get your fill?”

“You know, I’m not even upset with you. I kind of liked that.” Natalie grinned widely.
Sarah’s smile faded, “You would, you whore.”
“Sarah, do not talk to your sister like that!”
She nodded, “Sorry, I-I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Rebecca looked to each of them. “I think we need stop for a while.”
Melanie agreed, “Yeah, I think this might have gone a bit too far this time.”

Natalie was too tired protest. But, she knew that such a unique fetish wouldn’t just disappear. It would only be a matter of time before one of them wanted it again. There was no turning back at this point.

Her Own Medicine


The fountain had been quite the buzz recently. People had been spreading last week’s video on the internet and it had garnered many views and even a couple who had tried to use the fountain nozzles to practice their own deviance. The police finally took notice and posted a guard to watch it during the day. During the night they turned it off and locked the control box.

Natalie hatched a plan to get revenge on her sister for recording them before. It was Sunday night and Natalie and Sarah would be heading back to their mother’s place tomorrow evening. Melanie sat on her couch, uncertain. She heard the back door open and Natalie came in with a subdued Sarah in tow. Sarah wore a simple lavender bikini that was tight upon her small frame. Sarah’s eyes narrowed upon seeing Melanie.

“How did you get her to come along?” Melanie asked.
“I have her phone in a safe place. I found a few videos that she had recorded of herself; they were very interesting is all I’ll say.” Natalie smiled at her sister.
Sarah met her eyes with pure anger. Natalie slapped her rear and motioned them outside. “Come on, sis, let’s go!” Sarah followed silently, as did Melanie.

The sun had just set; it was still warm as they walked toward the park. They passed a few pedestrians before they came to the entrance. Natalie peered around the corner before motioning them ahead. “It’s clear, we should be set.” They walked the path and noticed someone sitting in the bench opposite the non-functioning fountain. He appeared to be in his late twenties and he looked a little nervous. He stood as they approached.

“Natalie? I’m Josh.”
“Hi, can you get them working?”
“Sure, I switched the lock earlier so we can open it now. I also set up a camera. I also added this.” He held a simple remote that had five buttons on it. He pressed the first one and the fountain started on its low setting in a continuous stream. He pressed the stop button and grinned.
“Nice. How much do you want?”
“70 – That covers my trip.”
Natalie found the cash in her pocket and handed him payment. “Okay, Melanie you keep an eye out and Sarah, you plant your ass right there.” She pointed to the closest nozzle.

Sarah’s eyes darted between them. She uncharacteristically began crying. “Please, I’m sorry, don’t make me do this. I promise I’ll do anything else you want.”
“No, you’re going over there or I will send that video around the school and ruin your life.”
Her crying quickly trailed off. “You fucking sack of shit. I’m going to get you back for this, I fucking swear.”
“We’ll see. Just do as I say and I’ll give you your phone back and I promise no one will hear of it.”

Sarah swore under her breath as she stomped, barefoot, over the rail and came to the fountain nozzle. She licked her finger and moved her bikini bottom, pressing her finger into her ass. She loosened herself as she glared at the group. Melanie, Natalie, and Josh all sat on the bench, waiting.

“You fuck heads, you want a show? I’ll give you a fucking grand show!” She brought herself lower, leaning back to sit on the nozzle. She grunted as it entered. “Okay, go ahead and fucking do it, you creep.”
Josh handed the remote to Natalie. “You do the honors.” Natalie smiled and pressed the first button.
Sarah lifted slightly as the water flowed into her. She started cussing, gritting her teeth. After about 20 seconds Natalie pressed the stop button.
Sarah breathed heavily, her belly pressed out slightly as she leaned back. “That all you got you fucking whore? Pump me full, I can take it!”
“Okay, you asked for it.” She pressed the third button, giving a glance to Josh. He smiled. Sarah balled her fists and shook with the thrust of water. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Yeah, fill me up! Fill me to the brim you bitch!” Her stomach began swelling. The bikini bottoms stretched even tighter against her belly. Her entire body was shaking when the water stopped. “Oh my god! You can show a girl a good time, can’t you, slut? I need more, I’m barely even wet!”

“She is such soft spoken girl, isn’t she?” Josh asked sarcastically.
“She is especially bad when she’s upset. I don’t think she likes this, but she says she wants more.”
“Better please the lady then.”
“What does the fifth button do?”
“It is full blast, it is still safe, but it’s the maximum.”
Natalie pressed the fifth button. Sarah screamed as her belly rumbled and grew. She squirmed at first and after a few more seconds she began to flail, trying to get up. After a few tries she laid back, limp. “You fucking bitch, I can’t take anymore! Stop, stop now! Please!”

Natalie stopped the fountain. Sarah relaxed a little, her stomach swelled high. She looked like she was a few months pregnant, the nozzle was completely hidden beneath her. Her belly made many strange noises as she lay there, motionless.

“Okay, turn off the camera.” Natalie gave him the remote and walked closer with Melanie, they helped Sarah to stand. It was difficult for them to help her up with so much water weight. After many careful movements they brought her to the bench. Natalie brought out a butt plug and showed it to her sister. “This will help you contain yourself.” Natalie giggled. Sarah gave a pained look as she felt her sister press it into her. Sarah was groaning and cursing as they sat her down, butt-plug in place.

Josh watched with a grin. “Now it’s your turn.” He looked to them both.
“W-what?” Melanie looked to Natalie for answers. She shrugged, confusion plain on her face.
“I could call the police. They did say they’d throw anyone doing this in jail just to set an example. I don’t think the three of you would be able to get away in time with this one slowing you down. You could leave her to go to jail, but I don’t think you’re that heartless.”

He was right. Natalie sighed deeply, “Fuck me.”
He grinned wickedly. “No thanks, I just want to watch.” He gestured to the fountain. “Have a seat.” He nudged Melanie forward. “You too; you don’t want them to have all the fun, do you?”
Melanie and Natalie walked past the railing, stopping next to separate nozzles.
“Natalie, you use the one she used. I want to make sure you both are in the picture.”
“You sick bastard.”
“You’re one to talk. You’re the one that likes to be filled like a water balloon. Sit on it or I’ll make the call.”
Natalie lowered her head and slid her shorts down slightly. Melanie unfastened her pants and brought them down as well. They both lowered themselves onto the nozzles carefully. The water provided enough lubrication; they pushed down until they popped inside.

Sarah stared, pained, as she held her large belly. Air bubbles moved inside and caused sudden discomfort; she grimaced and groaned. Josh put his arm on her knee as he held out the remote with his other hand, pressing a button.

Natalie felt the burst of air enter her, followed by a thick stream of water. She watched Melanie being pumped full beside her. She reached out and found her hand. Melanie opened her eyes and looked to her nervously. The flow increased; Melanie’s head snapped back as her belly slowly grew outward. Natalie bit her lip and reached to touch herself; moments later she began to quiver. Her orgasm was short and intense. The pleasure was quickly replaced with outright pain as she continued to grow. The fountain continued to fill them. It wasn’t long before their stomachs matched Sarah’s.

“Please stop!” Melanie yelled to Josh. He responded with a grin and a press of another button. The pressure was far greater than Natalie had ever experienced. The burst of air and water caused her to tense and lift herself, trying desperately to get off of the nozzle. Instead she merely caused herself pain as it popped out and quickly back in when she was unable to stand. She was helpless as the jet of water continued filling her. She watched in horror as her belly expanded, faster than she had ever seen. Soon her belly had become twice the size of Sarah’s. She looked as if she was carrying triplets in front of her. She hadn’t ever been this big before.

Finally, the water stopped. Natalie and Melanie sat, stunned and breathless. Their faces showed their pain as the air and water churned inside of them. They panted and strained until the sensation passed. Josh motioned them to stand. Natalie was the first to attempt to rise. She carefully lifted herself until the nozzle came out. She used momentum to roll over, resting on her hands and knees. Her stomach rested upon the ground as well. She breathed deeply, gathering her strength, and attempted to stand. She failed and stumbled before falling back to her hands and knees. Suddenly she felt something pop into her ass. She squealed and jumped forward.

She looked back to see Sarah, smiling as she rested her hands on her own exposed, swollen belly. “Hah, fuck you too.” She had inserted a butt plug. She waddled over to Melanie and attempted to help her off of the nozzle. Melanie wiggled back and forth before she succeeded, but she slipped on the wet ground and pulled Sarah on top of her. Luckily Melanie missed the nozzle on the way back down. They both yelled in pain as their bellies pressed together.

Sarah rolled over her and came to rest beside her, lying. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck cakes.” She shoved Melanie away, angrily. Melanie came to rest on her side, facing away from Sarah. Sarah searched the area. She picked something up and inserted it into the exposed rear in front of her. Melanie yelped and cried as she lied there, unable to stop the object being forced into her backside. Sarah pulled her victims pants up as well as she was able.

“Now we all can be fat together. Are we done with this shit, Josh? I did what you wanted.”
Josh nodded, “Yeah, I think I’ve seen enough.” He walked behind the bushes and began to pack up.
“What about us? Help us up, you prick!” Sarah’s voice cracked as she yelled to the sky, leaning her head back.
“You’re fucked.” He rummaged in the bushes for about five minutes before he reemerged with a case. “It was fun. See you guys around.” He left.

Melanie started to panic. “He left? What are we supposed to do now?”
“You dip-shits, I don’t know. She got us into this, she get us out.”

Natalie used all her strength to attempt to stand, but failed yet again. She began to cry as she lied there, immobile. Sarah grunted and hoisted herself to her feet. She stood shakily. “Let me empty out and I’ll help you sluts.” She shuffled to the railing and cautiously passed over it. She made it to the bench when the light blinded them.

“You, stop there!” Sarah froze as the officers came closer. “What are you-“ The speaker stopped mid-sentence as his partner’s flashlight illuminated the two burdened women lying in the fountain area. They whispered to one another for a few moments. “Well, you deviants just don’t seem to learn; we’re going to bring you in.” He reported in on his radio and they came to stand beside Natalie. He asked her name as they both grabbed an arm to help her up. They all strained to get her on her feet. “Jesus,” his partner spoke, “I didn’t know this was possible.” Natalie pulled her shorts up as far as she could, but they wouldn’t come close to zipping.

They asked all sorts of questions as they came over to help Melanie up. Melanie answered most of them, honest and weeping. She told them about Josh and how he accepted payment and forced them to sit on the fountains. It took a few minutes, but they eventually got her standing as well. As they stabilized they heard a noise; they turned to see Sarah running as fast as she could towards one of the park’s exits. Though, she didn’t realize just how slowly she was running. Her belly sloshed from side to side, throwing her off balance after five or six steps. She started again and again, not going very far each time.

The second police officer carefully let go of Melanie and took up the chase. He only needed to jog to catch up. Her belly sprang back and forth with each step; her small frame causing it to be more pronounced. He came up beside her and put his hands on her shoulders to stop her. They talked for a moment before they turned and began walking back.

“So, why the hell do you guys do this?”
“We liked the feeling, but it was forced on us tonight, I swear. I didn’t want to ever come back here, I promise.” Melanie pleaded.
He nodded. “I believe you, and I want to catch this guy, but you don’t have any proof. You also told me you were going to force her to do this, right?”
Natalie broke in, “Well, yes, but she did it to us first! She brought us down here with her friends. That’s how the video started.”
“Video? Is that why people have been trying to do this?”

Natalie hanged her head. Melanie answered instead. Once his partner returned with Sarah he placed them under arrest. Their stomachs had been making all sorts of odd noises as they spoke. He read them their rights and motioned them down the walkway to their car at the entrance.
“Wait,” Natalie squealed, “Let us go to the bathroom!”
“Please!” Melanie added.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t want you to run and we need to get back to the station. It’s only a few blocks away; you’ll have to last until then.”

Melanie started sobbing softly. They ignored her as they waddled down the walkway. Each step made them sway heavily from side to side. They weren’t used to the enormous bellies and extra weight in front of them. Air bubbles occasionally moved in them and caused intense pain, causing them to stop for a moment. None of them spoke as they walked, but they all groaned and sighed. The policemen reassured them from time to time. They finally reached the car and the policemen helped each of them inside. Natalie was the last one in. She had to squeeze to fit in the backseat with her full bodied friends. Sitting caused the butt-plug to press deeper.

Packed together, their faces showed their discomfort over each slight bump. They didn’t ride long before they came to the station. The officers led them inside. About seven people stood around the receptionist’s desk and watched wordlessly as they walked heavily to the bathroom. They brought them into the ladies room and left them to empty privately. The sounds that followed were loud, unpleasant, and surely heard in the quiet lobby. The receptionist came to check on them from time to time. After about 20 minutes they all finished.

They were now weak and irritable, but Natalie came out smiling. They cleaned up and then she showed her phone to Melanie; it played the video Josh had recorded. It started with Sarah walking to the fountain, preparing herself and sitting on the nozzle. It showed them all getting filled and being influenced by a threatening male voice.

Melanie looked horrified. “Where did you find this?”
“That asshole posted it, but this means we have evidence!”
The door opened and the receptionist came in again. She brought them outside to the nearly empty entrance-way. Only the two officers were there now. They showed them the video. The receptionist was disgusted, the other two watched curiously. After it finished they brought Natalie’s phone to a side room and talked to someone else. They returned after some time.

“You’re free to go, but we still have to fine you for vandalism and public indecency.” They all nodded, relieved. Melanie accepted the citation. “Don’t ever do this again or we won’t be so forgiving next time. We’ll look into this guy; what was his name?”
“Josh is all I know.” Natalie took her phone back.
“Okay, we made a copy for evidence and noted the website to track his I.P. Anything else you can tell us?”

They gave a somewhat vague description, but it didn’t really matter at this point if they caught him. They were free and able to go home! They gave them a ride to Melanie’s place and Sarah walked home from there. Natalie lingered on the front steps. “I’m sorry this happened, all of this. We’ll help pay the fines.”
“It’s okay, are you still going to keep in touch?”
“Of course! We’ll have to plan a trip back here soon.”
“You may not want to come back if that video spreads around.”
“I’ll come back for you.” Natalie rubbed her shoulder before leaning forward and kissing her.
Melanie smiled weakly. “Go home and get some rest. We’ll talk before you go.”

Natalie nodded, kissed her once more, and left. It had been a disaster, but she knew she hadn’t seen the last of Melanie. The video was out there, but at least she could watch it again and again. As odd as it was, she also kind of enjoyed watching her sister in pain. Today wasn’t all bad.

It’s Complicated


Natalie thought about the kiss as she lied in bed. She was still a little sore from their ordeal last week, but the feeling of that kiss was something she hadn’t experienced before from a woman. She had experienced quite a few new things that night, and she wanted more. The week had been busy enough that she couldn’t slip out unnoticed, so she had to wait until tonight. Her dad was gone for the weekend and Melanie was going to be home in about ten minutes, she knew. Looking in the mirror and making the final touches on her makeup, her sister walked in.

Sarah sneered. “Getting pretty to go out with your slut?”
“Don’t talk about her that way. She just wants to talk about what happened that night. I owe it to her after what you did to her.”
“Fuck that, she’s fucking bananas. She’ll probably try to pump you full of water again.”
The idea wasn’t unpleasant. “We’re just going to talk.”
“What’s with the makeup then?”
“It’s just to make a good impression!” She lied.

Sarah rolled her eyes and went upstairs. Natalie finished and went to Melanie’s house. Melanie answered the door wearing a oversized fuzzy robe. They both sat down in the living room.

“So, about what happened last Saturday…” Melanie trailed off.
“I’m sorry we did that to you, I hope we can forget what my sister did.”
“Well, you were the instigator, but I’m not upset about that… How do you feel about… us?”
The question caught her off guard. “Uh, I don’t know. I guess I liked… you know.”
“Liked what?”
“The excitement, being filled, the kiss…”
Melanie smiled. “I did to, I just wanted to make sure… Let me show you.” She undid the tie on her robe and stood up. It fell to her feet and exposed her, wearing only bright red panties and carrying a slightly bulging belly. “I can’t help it, I like being full too. I want you to help me with my problem.”

Natalie was stunned; she hadn’t expected things to go this quickly. She felt suddenly bashful. Melanie moved closer and kissed her passionately. Natalie reached down and rubbed her fingers against her lover’s sensitive area. It took about a minute before Melanie tensed and gasped with orgasm. She placed a hand on her belly and breathed slowly to regain her composure. “Okay, you should go fill up and I’ll do that for you… without using my hands.” She grinned playfully.

Natalie smiled and skipped up the stairs. She undid her pants, took her shirt off, unclasped her bra, and slid down her panties. Completely naked, she filled the bag with lukewarm water, lubricated the nozzle, and inserted it. She was so excited, finding someone who enjoyed this feeling as well. She was lost for a spell before she realized that the bag was empty. Her belly looked about the same as Melanie’s had. She wanted to go a little more to impress her. So, she filled it again and waited. There was some discomfort, but that would be masked behind the pleasure to come. She left her clothes behind and walked down the stairs carefully.

Melanie sat on the couch and Sarah stood against the wall. “Hi, sissy!” She said with sarcastic excitement. Her face changed to an embellished expression of confusion. “Oh my, did I interrupt something? Were you two about to belly bump?” She smirked as she used her phone to snap a photo of Natalie’s nude, inflated body. Melanie sat nervously, quiet and tense.

“What the hell are you doing here, Sarah? Leave us alone.”
“Why would I do that, you two are too much fun.”
“What does it matter what we do? Mind your own business!”
“No. I actually have a little plan for you two. Put these on.” Sarah opened a bag with two bathing suits in it and set it in front of them. Natalie picked them up, one was black and one was white; she tossed the white one to Melanie. They both appeared to be the same size as they put them on; both fit very snugly, which allowed their breasts to peek from behind the tops.
“These are too small, we can’t wear these.”
“They’re all I have – you’ll wear those or nothing at all.”
They continued adjusting, but they were more revealing than Natalie would like.

“So, now we’re going to take a walk to the park.”
“No! It’s still light outside! If we get caught there we’re going to be arrested. Don’t you remember what happened last time?”
“Yep, I’m not giving you a choice.”
“I won’t do it, it’s too dangerous.”
“You will do it or I’ll send those photos to dad!”
Her heart sank, “you wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would. Now be a good bitch and play along.” She opened the door and motioned for them. Natalie gave Melanie a nervous look. They both walked outside, barefoot, and Sarah followed. It was mid afternoon and the sun was warm on their skin. There were a few cars heading up and down the street and a couple of people walking. They headed for the park. They looked only slightly out of place; if they didn’t have the belly then people probably wouldn’t pay any mind.

Natalie enjoyed the view as she followed Melanie, her firm butt wiggled with each step. She had a tiny love handles too, and her belly caused her to lean forward slightly and jiggle just a little more than normal. The bottoms kept getting pulled in and every so often Melanie had to pick out a wedgie. Natalie wanted nothing more than to run up and spank her playfully, but she resisted the temptation.

“God you’re a fat cow.” Sarah spoke derisively behind them. Natalie looked down at herself and felt embarrassed. She was chubby compared to Melanie. She wasn’t fat, but her love handles were a handful, her belly was twice the size and her butt was springy. Her suit was styled a little differently, but it was so small that it must be showing a little bit too much in the back as well. She reached back and pulled it up.

“It doesn’t matter how much you pull it up, your ass will just pull it back down. You’re still showing some crack.”
Natalie’s face turned bright red and she pulled them up and held them. “Really? I have to go back!”
“No, let go, it isn’t that bad. It just looks a little slutty is all. Keep going.”

The sidewalk was warm beneath their feet as they walked. Natalie sloshed with each step, but she realized she had become tolerant of being filled, she kind of liked being full as long as there were no air bubbles in there to cause cramps. She eventually stopped trying to hold her bikini bottom up and let her butt show a little. She didn’t know many people around here, at least.

The turned the corner and entered the park. About twenty people were passing through the main walkway. There were a few people in the distance sitting on the grass having picnics as well. A family and a few others were fixated on the fountains as the rest walked or jogged by.

“Oh my god, this is way too busy. Don’t make us do this.” Melanie pleaded.
“Keep going or I’m going to rip your suits off in front of everyone.”
Melanie looked as if she would continue, but stopped and continued on. Natalie sighed and followed, she felt so bad about bullying Melanie before. They made their way to the fountain and sat on a bench across from it. They watched people pass for a while. Most people nodded at them or tried to ignore them as they passed; a few gave double takes and a couple couldn’t help but stare at their bellies.

The crowd thinned – about six people were walking or jogging down the main way now. There was still one couple sitting in the grass a ways off. The family had moved on and three people remained sitting nearby. One was reading, one was doing something on her phone, and the other was lost in thought staring at the fountain.

“Okay, the young ones are gone, let’s go.”
Natalie gasped. “Are you fucking crazy, it’s broad fucking daylight, there are tons of people, and we’re going to get arrested!” She spoke with hushed severity.
“Kacey and Emily are at both entrances, they’ll warn us if anyone comes. So, shut up and get up!”
“What about all these people?” Melanie waved her hand.
“What about them, they’ll enjoy the show or they’ll leave. Get up now or I’ll strip your fat asses!”
Melanie stood after a moment, followed by Natalie. They both walked to the fountain and stood by the rails. Sarah came up beside them. “Go in there and sit on a nozzle, be discreet. Here’s some lube. I’ll come help you off after a few shots.” She slipped Natalie a small bottle.

They both climbed over the railing and went to the side that was closest to the wall. They both looked around. People noticed them, but tried not to watch. Natalie slowly and cautiously slid her bottoms to the side and applied a small amount from the tube. She reached over and moved Melanie’s bottoms to the side and then put a finger in her backside. Once they were prepared and no one was watching they both lowered themselves to the ground. They waited for the current cycle to finish before moving onto the nozzles. Natalie used her hand as a guide and after a moment she felt the thick nozzle press into her. She stretched her legs out and sat on it fully. Melanie was sitting with her knees up as much as her belly would allow.

Natalie looked around for anyone to notice what they were doing, but most people didn’t pay attention. The man watching the fountain watched, but as soon as she saw him looking he turned away and looked elsewhere.

A teenage girl walked up and stopped to see the fountain; her eyes came to the two bikini clad pregnant looking women sitting beside the fountain. “What are you guys doing in there?”
“Just cooling off.”

She rolled her eyes and looked elsewhere. The fountain started – the water spurted inside them as other nozzles sprayed water into the air Just as before, two shots and one final burst. It didn’t seem as powerful as she had remembered. Natalie enjoyed the sensation, but tried to keep a straight face. She looked to Melanie, who had her eyes closed, relishing in the feeling. The girl and the man watching the fountain kept glancing at them, but didn’t say anything. No one else payed attention to them.

She spied Sarah walking around the fountain display. She tapped Melanie’s arm, surprising her. “What?”
“Does that control this fountain?”
Melanie shrugged.
Natalie’s eyes widened. “Oh shit.”

The nozzle vibrated beneath them before air pressed into them. The burst of air knocked Melanie back, causing her to stretch out her legs and lean back on her elbows. Her belly quivered and Natalie could actually see it growing slightly. Natalie couldn’t focus on anything but the air that had rushed into them. Before she could finish processing that feeling she felt water start blasting into them. She watched Melanie writhing in a mixture of sentiments. She turned her head the other direction where water was misting above her. She looked up and watched the water blasting into the air. The water surged about four feet high. It was difficult for her to understand that so much liquid was gushing inside her.

It only seemed to last for a few seconds, but she wasn’t exactly sure. She was stunned, looking at her belly, which had grown noticeably. She looked up to see a few people standing at the railing, looking concerned and frightened. Sarah stood there as well, holding her phone up. Natalie started to make sense of her situation and lifted herself a little before rolling onto her hands and knees. Water splashed around inside her as she rolled. It took a moment, but she managed to stand, using the rail to stabilize herself. People still stared and Sarah still held her phone. Melanie still rested upon the nozzle. Natalie stumbled closer, extending a hand.

Melanie looked at her for a moment before her demeanor changed. She looked horrified as the fountains rumbled and began releasing a torrent into her. She squealed and appeared to climax as her belly quivered and bulged. It finished quickly: Natalie moved in and bent down, tugging at Melanie’s arms. She tried to hold on, but they were both weak. Natalie reached lower and grabbed her butt, rolling her off of the sprayer. Her butt showed, so Natalie hurriedly adjusted her friend’s bikini bottoms.

Just then she thought about herself. She reached back and felt her swimwear, which was still pulled to one side. She unfurled it and pulled it back into place. She glanced back to see everyone watching still, they had been given quite a view. She turned back and tried to help Melanie to her feet. “Come on, they’re all watching. We have to go.”

Melanie seemed to understand now, she gritted her teeth and lifted her distended tummy. She strained immensely trying to stand. She took a few steps and put her weight onto the rail. The girl took a step back, her mouth hanging open. She started to cry and ran away. The couple that had been in the distance had left now – only the woman and two men remained, along with Sarah, watching uncertainly. The woman took her phone out and started dialing.

“Please, wait!” Natalie held out her hand. The woman stopped. “Please don’t tell anyone about this, we don’t want to get in trouble!” Tears rolled down Natalie’s face. “It was stupid of us, we’re so sorry!” A pain shot through her stomach, causing her to tense up. She held her midsection tightly.

The woman frowned slightly, looking sorrowful. “So you two were… on those?”
“Was it on purpose?” The reader chimed in.
“Yes, but we didn’t want to be!” Natalie only halfway lied.
“Well, you should probably go to a doctor.” She lifted her phone again.
The man who had been watching the fountain pushed her phone down. “No, they don’t want to go in, just leave them be. I think they went through more than enough already.
She nodded, “I guess.”
“Want some help home… or to the bathroom?” Sarah spoke up as she put her phone away.
Natalie scowled, unable to respond.
“Y-yeah, if you don’t mind, we would rather go home.” Melanie broke the awkward moment, still leaning heavily on the railing.
Sarah gave a large, fake smile. “Okay, my car is just down there, I can bring you there.
“Need any help?” The reader asked genuinely.
“Nah, I can help them and I don’t think they want any more of a spectacle than there already is.”
“Yeah, the rest of you should go so we don’t get in trouble, if you would, please.” Melanie frowned and put a hand on her belly. The three spectators nodded and after some more convincing, they finally left.

Sarah grinned. “Come on you blimps. I sure as shit won’t carry your fat asses.”
“You fucking evil witch, why the hell would you do that to us?” Natalie spat.
“Hah, it was for fun, obviously. I thought you and your floozy would enjoy it. Those people sure will have stories to tell. And did you see that guy’s boner?”
Natalie recoiled. “What? No! Take us home right now!”
“Little miss demanding. I don’t think it is a smart idea to tell me what to do right now, tubby.”
Melanie broke in, “okay, okay, just please help us back.”
Sarah stared for a moment; she rolled her eyes and nodded.

Melanie and Natalie walked together, carefully at first, and after a few steps they separated. Natalie had to lean back to walk reliably. She slowed enough to get behind Melanie again; she watched as her belly swayed in front of her with every step. Water splashed around inside her and each step was labored. She was sweating and felt faint after a few minutes. They were halfway back when Melanie stumbled and leaned against a car, panting heavily.

“I have to rest, give us a minute.”
Sarah scoffed and folded her arms, “fine.”
Melanie turned around and sat partially on the hood of the sedan. Natalie walked up and sat beside her, causing the springs to creak and the car to sink beneath them. Their bellies gurgled and made all sorts of unusual noises as they listened.

“Hey, you there, get off my fucking car!” A man yelled from an open window. Melanie shot up and Natalie stood slowly.
Sarah raised an eyebrow and looked to Natalie before she yelled back. “Fuck off.”
He looked stunned for a moment before he disappeared. The door to the house opened and he came storming out. He approached them swearing. “What the fuck did you say to me? Get your fat fucking asses off of my Buick or I’m going to do something you’ll regret.”
Sarah was taken aback, but didn’t let him best her. “She said it,” pointing at Natalie, “She said you must be compensating for something since you have such an expensive car.”
“Sarah!” Natalie snapped at her before looking at him, pleading. “I…”

He directed his full attention toward her. “You fucking whale, get the fuck away from my car or I’ll make you regret it.” He moved uncomfortably close. As he yelled Natalie raised her hands and started shaking. She cried loudly as she tried to say something, but it came out as gibberish. Her bikni bottom dampened as water soaked through and began to run down her leg.

Melanie noticed what was happening; she nudged Natalie forward, getting her to walk hurriedly. Sarah followed as the angry man behind them continued yelling. They moved faster than before, a little more comfortable carrying the extra weight in their bellies. After a minute they were almost back home. Natalie was struggling to hold the water. They came to Melanie’s house and noticed her other neighbors were sitting in their driveway.
Melanie stopped the sisters. “Let’s go in the back.”
“What do you mean; don’t want to make up another over the top story for them like you did for my dad? We could just tell them you shot a bunch of water up your butt because it felt nice.” Sarah sniggered, “I’m sure they’d love to hear that.”
“Please.” She looked to Natalie, “I don’t know if she’ll last much longer.”
Sarah turned and went to the back, they followed. They climbed the stairs in the back carefully and went inside. Melanie went upstairs and Natalie went down to use the restroom. Sarah plopped on the couch and waited.

About a half an hour passed before they came out. They were both weak and shaky and Melanie still had a noticeable belly. Sarah laughed, “Hah, I think you’ve been doing this too much, you’re getting fat.”
She looked down, embarrassed. “I know; why would you do that to us?”
“I wanted to have some fun before we head back to our mother’s next week. I knew I’d miss you so I decided to post it online for later viewing.”
“You did what?!” Melanie went pale.

Natalie ran over and snatched the phone from her hand. It was posted on a porn site under the title ‘Huge Enema from a Fountain.’ Melanie came closer as the video started. They watched themselves; they went over and lowered themselves onto the nozzles, openly in front of the crowd. Then the camera moved, swaying as she walked to the control box. A hand reached out to open the broken lock; it turned the dial to ‘high power’ setting. The voyeur got back just in time to see their faces contort as the water filled them like balloons.

Their stomachs swelled as everybody watched. The scene would be quite arousing, Natalie thought, had it not been forced. Then she thought more and realized that being forced had made it more arousing to watch, just not fun to experience. It came to the point where they had tried to get up. She had no idea that she had flashed the camera, and the crowd, so long. Her bare bottom had been exposed for almost a minute before she reached back to adjust her suit. She listened to the conversation amongst the crowd and watched herself crying and pleading to them. The people had tried to assist, but Sarah had offered to help them home instead; then the video ended.

Melanie was speechless; their faces had been quite visible throughout the clip.
Natalie was stunned as well. “Why the fuck would you do that?”
Sarah grinned a devious smile. “Just helping you two enjoy yourselves more openly!”
Melanie finally managed a whisper. “Hopefully no one we know will see this.”
“Maybe,” Sarah conceded, “we’ll just have to see.” She snatched her phone back and headed to the door. “See you guys!” Natalie grabbed her arm, trying to stop her, but her muscles were incredibly weak. Sarah rolled her eyes and continued out the door, closing it behind her.

Natalie knocked and rushed in when Melanie answered. “She’s a fucking witch!”
They both sat on the couch. Natalie was nearly crying; Melanie waited for her to continue.
Natalie breathed deeply and held up her phone. “Look, she posted it on 4chan.”
“What is that?”
“A website where- just look at some of the comments.”

Melanie took the phone and skimmed the visible responses. She took note of the commentator who said that the fountain looked familiar; he lived a few miles away. A few of them commented on how sick they were, some colorful insults, but most of them greatly enjoyed it. She handed it back to Natalie. “Do want? Really?”

“Yeah, but see what I mean? He knows where we live!”
Melanie looked confused, “What? Who does?”
Natalie looked to her phone and read a comment she must have overlooked: “The same guy who said he lived a few miles away. He posted the name of the city.”
Melanie looked horrified. “He really knows?”
“Yes! He didn’t know us specifically, but it’s only a matter of time.”
“You’re right…” Melanie thought aloud. “I have to go… I need to move.”
“Maybe, but I have another idea first. Let’s get some payback.”
“What do you mean? You two are leaving Saturday. I can’t be known for this around town.”
“I might be able to fix this before then. We’re going to get revenge.”
“What good will that do?”
“It will make us feel better and maybe put the focus on her instead, trust me!”
Melanie agreed, hesitantly. They began discussing details.

Games We Play


Melanie must’ve fallen asleep while watching television. She opened her eyes lazily; Natalie and Sarah were standing beside her couch, along with two other girls. She had feared this moment would come since last weekend. It was late Friday night and Mike was at work.

“How did you get in here?” Melanie demanded. Natalie held up a key. “We made a copy from yours, silly. You were pretty out of it after dinner that night, you didn’t even notice yours was gone for a while. Anyway, these are my friends from school. This is Emily and that is Kacey. I’ve told them so much about you!” Sarah was also standing behind them, grinning.

“I thought it was just a joke at first, but then she showed us the pictures!” Emily spoke with a lively demeanor, “how do you hold so much, doesn’t it hurt?”

“S-Sometimes,” Melanie answered warily, “but I am kind of used to it so I could hold more than average.”

“Oh gosh, you must have done it a lot! She said you didn’t even have to use a… You know… to keep it in.”

Natalie laughed, “She was sitting on a fountain nozzle when we first found her. She even screwed the guy that brought her home with an ass full of water!”

Melanie shook her head as she sat up, “No, I haven’t slept with him!”

“Oh, right, like we’re going to believe that.” She laughed again. “Anyway, Kacey here enjoys that sort of thing too. Not as much at a time, but she said they felt great when she had them. So, after talking we decided that we are going to play a sort of game.”

Kacey took her backpack off and set it on the floor and pulled out four new enema bags with nozzles. She handed them out. Sarah took hers downstairs. Kacey followed along with Emily in tow. Natalie pulled Melanie to her feet. “We’ll use the upstairs bathroom. I still have the photos, so play along and you’ll keep your dignity.” Natalie grabbed her backpack and led her up the stairs.

They entered the bathroom and Natalie dropped her bag. She hooked the enema bag onto the shower rod and started filling it. “You’ll have to hook up with your hose, but I will control it.” She motioned to the hose connecting to the shower spigot.

“What are you going to do?”

“We’re going to fill up and then go for a walk. See who can hold it for the longest!” Melanie started to protest, but Natalie held up a finger. “You better not say no or I will post this photo on the internet! I have backups too. Just shut up and take it!”

Natalie pulled down her pants just enough to put the nozzle into her rear. She opened the clamp and closed her eyes. Melanie watched her grimace as the water started filling her. Her eyes opened to see Melanie staring. “Quit watching me and take off your clothes.” Melanie started to strip. Natalie searched through her backpack and pulled out an odd looking hose, a harness of some sort, and a green dress.

Natalie wrapped the harness around Melanie’s waist; two of the straps went under her legs. Natalie set the hose aside, it was about four inches wide had a black plastic piece in it, she noticed. Natalie grabbed the large ball nozzle. She lowered it behind her; after a moment she felt the lubricated ball pressing against her butt. “Say ahhh.” Natalie giggled and forced it in. Melanie squeaked and staggered forward. “I bet that stings. It will keep you plugged, though.”

There were a few clicks and then Natalie stood straight. “There, now it won’t pop out. Walk a little.” The harness felt like a garter belt; it held the nozzle snugly in place as she walked a couple of steps.

“Where’d you even get something like this?”

“My dad let me borrow his credit card to buy some school books online.” She smirked. “I had so much fun planning this all out!”

“You’re sick.”

“Yeah, says the slut with a butt plug in. Put the dress on.”

She held the simple forest-green dress and noticed that it had been cut up the backside. She slid it over her shoulders and made sure to fit the cut portion where the plug was. It had one strap and hanged just below her knees. It was low cut; it displayed her cleavage more than she thought appropriate. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples showed through. Natalie helped her hook the hose from the shower to the plug she was wearing.

She heard the knob on the shower squeak. The hose shook and she felt air rush in. Her stomach rumbled and gurgled. After a second she felt water blast into her. She instinctively leaned forward onto the sink. She didn’t fight, she just leaned there, stunned. Her face was blank as she was filling, unable to protest. After a minute she couldn’t control herself. She reached down, pulled her dress up, and began fondling herself. She saw Natalie in the mirror watching her. She had long brown hair, green, mischievous eyes, and a devilish grin. She had a tight red t-shirt on her jeans were pulled down just enough to expose her rump. The hose trailed from her to an empty enema bag hanging above.

It didn’t take long before she quivered with excitement. By now her belly was generously swollen. The dress was just above her knees now. She looked pregnant, just as she did last week. The pressure stopped and she felt a tug as Natalie tried to jerk the hose out of the plug; instead, it started to pull the whole plug out.. She felt as if she couldn’t hold the water in, but the harness kept it from popping out fully and it popped back into her butt. She grabbed the countertop with both hands, breathing heavily. She watched herself in the mirror, knuckles white and one eye closed. Natalie pulled again and this time the hose popped out.

She grabbed the larger hose from the counter and attached it to Melanie’s plug and harness. She felt the plug push forward. Small hooks were attached that held it to the plug. It was attached firmly when Natalie pulled on it. “There, now you have a tail.” She stood up, holding it; it was about two feet long. She turned a little plastic knob on the side of the hose. Melanie felt her butt open wider. She couldn’t hold the water in for certain now, but again it went nowhere. She looked back to see the water stopped in the tube.

Natalie pulled Melanie’s arm, faster than she could blink there was a handcuff on her wrist. She struggled a little, but her other hand was cuffed in a matter of moments. Natalie put the last item in her bag, the dress’ jacket, over the handcuffs. “That should hide them well enough.” She smirked. “Oh, and almost forgot about that floppy thing behind you. I’ll also put another nozzle on it.” She knelt down and put a Velcro strap around Melanie’s leg which held it against her, tightly. She also put a smaller plastic nozzle on the open end. It had a smaller opening, but it was still about three inches wide. Natalie removed the tube from her butt and pulled her pants up. She cleaned up and led Melanie downstairs carefully.

“About time, this hurts. I took three and a half.” Kacey said with pride. Her stomach bulged under her t-shirt. She looked a few months pregnant. Emily and Sarah both had swollen tummies too, but theirs weren’t as noticeable. Natalie’s belly was the largest, though. She must have filled the bag a few times when she wasn’t looking. She looked plump. Her shirt barely fit her now. “I did four! It doesn’t feel that great, though.” Emily agreed with her, she seemed very uncomfortable.

“Okay, so here’s the plan: we’re going to walk to the park. Anyone who can’t make it can empty out, but whoever doesn’t will win. This bitch doesn’t get to empty out, though.” She gave a wicked smile and patted Melanie’s belly. “Simple enough, let’s go.” They left the backpacks and went outside. It was late, but Melanie wasn’t sure of the exact time; she hoped it would be late enough where nobody she knew was out. Her arms pressed on her belly, as they were handcuffed in front of her. The jacket made them heavier too. They all walked quietly at first. Emily was the first to complain.

“I don’t think I can hold it in.”

“Don’t be a pussy.” Sarah smacked her stomach.

“Oh, no, no, we need to stop!”

“Fine, we can go back there.” Natalie motioned to an unlit stone wall next to a house.

“Okay, this is your toilet!” She smiled at Melanie. Melanie started to speak, but Natalie raised a finger and gave her a reproachful look. She smiled again and hugged her. “This is part of the game! I have to give you a handicap.” They all sat down on the wall and watched as Natalie undid the hose from Melanie’s leg. She brought it behind them. She had Emily undo her pants and slide them down just enough to show her rear. She scooted back until her butt was hanging off the edge. She had Melanie sit down in the same fashion, opening the back of her dress.

“Spread em’ Emily.” She did as she was instructed. She looked as if she was about to cry as Natalie put the nozzle in. Her stomach was gurgling.

The porch light came on in the adjacent house. “Hello?” The door opened and a man came outside wearing pajamas. “What are you folks doing here at this hour?” He walked toward them with his wife following close behind. At least they were facing them and they shouldn’t be able to see the hose behind the wall.

There was a moment of silence before Natalie jabbed Melanie’s shoulder. “N-nothing, sir, we just stopped for a rest.”

“Its 2 a.m, why are you all out at this hour?” He repeated. “Shouldn’t you be home in bed?” He walked closer, eyeing her belly. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Just then she felt water push into her.

Emily was teary eyed and sniffling. She leaned forward and Melanie saw her stomach muscles tighten. Melanie felt the surge of water fill her as she tried to speak. “Um. Ye-yeah. Yeah, we’re fine. We’re going soon. Just give me a m-minute.” Melanie squirmed uncomfortably on the rocky ledge, unable to stop the flow of water. Emily stopped pushing after a few moments and breathed heavily. “Please, we’ll be fine!”

The man looked at them and turned to his wife, they were unconvinced. “We can call someone for you if you’d like. I don’t think you ladies should be walking this late.” He walked closer and Melanie stood up. He stopped as well. The hose was still obscured behind her.

“Really, we’re okay, I’m just walking my friend’s home from a party and I got a little woozy. I live just down the road, so we’re almost there.”

He started to say something, but his wife tugged his arm and gave him a stern look. “Okay, just be careful and go straight home.” They went back inside.

Emily stood up and took a step, but the hose caught on the stone wall. She yelped and fell to the ground. Her butt was exposed with the hose leading out. Suddenly Melanie felt the pressure release in her and the water started coming out. A mix of pleasure and pain, she pressed it out as fast as she could. She held her stomach and felt it shrinking as she emptied.

“Eh, no, no, stop… Please… S-stop it.” Emily pleaded softly. Melanie looked at the tube and concluded that the valve must’ve been broken somehow. Now she was filling Emily. Emily rolled to her side and curled into a ball. She watched her stomach bulge as she pushed. Emily didn’t think to remove the plug, she just lied there, whimpering. Her stomach swelled. Melanie couldn’t bring herself to stop and no one else made a move to stop her. They just stood awestruck as the massive enema was transferred to its new owner. Emily was crying, and before long, Melanie relaxed with only a small amount of water still in her nearly flat tummy.

She looked around and noticed they all were transfixed on the now swollen girl, who was curled at their feet. Sarah smiled and popped the plug from Emily. Emily leapt forward and rolled onto her knees. She reached back and held a few fingers over her butt. “Ow, ow, ow, it hurts so much; I don’t think I can hold it in!” She clenched her teeth, trying not to lose control and spray water everywhere.

“Come on, you can hold it, we’ve all been practicing the past few days.” Kacey reassured her.

“No, I can’t, I have to get to a bathroom!”

Sarah laughed. “Fine,” she shrugged, “I left the back door unlocked, go to her place.”

“Aren’t you going to help me? Please?”

“Nope, that’s the price of losing.”

Emily sighed and picked herself up. She was shaky, leaning on the stone wall. She pulled up her jeans. She left them unbuttoned, since her belly now hung out so far. Her shirt didn’t fit anymore either; it looked as if she had swallowed a basketball. She looked around and then started to walk back to the house. They all watched as she took each awkward step with her hand pressed into her butt, trying to keep a seal. She became more balanced as she moved on, but every few steps she stumbled and groaned. She paused about halfway up the block and leaned against a building. She eventually composed herself and started again – an agonizing walk of shame.

Melanie heard a rustling behind her and turned to see Natalie standing at the corner of the next house, waving them over. Everyone came around the corner to see Natalie with her pants pulled down to her knees and a garden hose running into her. She leaned forward with her hands pressed against her knees. “We need more if we’re going to handle the last part. Everyone needs… a… a little more.” She reached back and turned the spigot; it had been running already. She removed the hose, jumping as it popped free. She handed it to Kacey, who quickly slid her pants down and inserted it.

Natalie pulled her pants up and turned the spigot. Kacey squeaked and leaned forward to accept the water. She grinned and closed her eyes. Natalie rubbed her tummy as she watched. After a minute, Kacey opened her eyes, shut off the flow, and took it out. She held it out to Sarah. She shook her head, so she instead gave it to Melanie. Kacey buttoned her pants, but she had to slide them down in the front to allow for her water belly. Kacey took the hose back from Melanie and inserted it for her, since she was still handcuffed. Kacey unhooked the broken tube before inserting the hose; it barely fit into the opening on the plug. She waited for Natalie to start the flow.

“Aren’t you going to do it, sis?” Natalie looked to Sarah.

“No, I’ve had enough, I’ll just watch.”

“Come on, you said you’d do it too!”

“I don’t want to. Quit bitching.”

“It’s not that bad once you’re used to it, don’t be a quitter!”

“Fuck you and your pet, I’m not doing this sick shit anymore.” She reached over and gave the spigot a full spin. Melanie had never felt water surge forth as she did now. She stumbled forward and gasped. She took a few steps and screamed, the hose trailed behind her. Kacey had wedged it into the plug, so it stayed in place. She felt like a water balloon, her belly slowly bulging outward. It was too much pressure, but she was helpless. She took a few more steps, trying fruitlessly to wiggle it out. It continued blasting water inside of her. She squirmed and made all types of noises. After what felt like minutes, Natalie turned the flow off. Kacey pulled the hose out and pressed something against the plug. Melanie tried to empty some of the water, but something was in blocking the opening. Nothing came out and Melanie started cramping. She twisted in agony; after a minute it subsided for the most part.

Sarah gave Melanie an amused, yet angry glare. “Fine, have fun with your slut. I’m going home!” Sarah stomped away and Natalie came over to rub Melanie’s stomach. “I’m sorry again, she’s got a temper. Those two couldn’t handle this.” She leaned back and lifted Melanie’s dress to look at the plug in her rear. “Nice job, Kacey.”

“Thanks, I didn’t want her spraying it everywhere.”

“Okay, let’s go, we’re almost there.” She picked up the hose and put it into her backpack.

They helped Melanie to her feet and walked another block. She was shaking, but she still had better balance than Emily had, and her stomach was notably larger now.

They came around the hedge wall, entering the park. They walked a little farther until they came to the fountains. “This is where we found her, sitting right there.” Natalie pointed to the third fountain nozzle in the line. “Okay, this is the finale! We’re going to see who can last the longest.”

Melanie’s eyes widened. “I can’t take any more inside me! I hurt so much; I’ll burst if I sit on that again!”

“You aren’t that full, you’ll be fine. Just play along.” They walked Melanie over to stand next to her nozzle. Kacey let go and came around behind her to remove the plug. Melanie stumbled as Kacey let go, and before she knew it she was falling backwards. She fell flat on her butt, which happened to land squarely on the small nozzle. It was complete luck, as it stuck right in the middle of the plug, pushing it deeper and forcing two small items into her. She felt them bouncing around inside her. She screamed louder than before. Kacey and Natalie looked completely shocked.

“Holy shit!” Kacey looked to Natalie for direction.

“Uh, let’s get on them before they start again; she’s okay for now.”

“I think the rocks went in her, though.”

“It’s fine, let’s finish this.”

Melanie couldn’t lift herself enough to remove the plug, which had stretched around the nozzle. She tried, but it only pressed in farther. She couldn’t lean back due to her restraints, so she leaned forward and watched as Kacey and Melanie both slid their pants down just enough to insert the nozzles into their butts. They put them in with relative ease; they sat there with their arms resting on their knees.

“Okay, I’m ready, we can do this!” Kacey’s eyes danced with excitement.

They heard a car pull up on the street just as the cycle started. Melanie remembered the feeling well. It felt so much worse now as the air mingled with the water in her. The first three pulses came; Kacey squirmed with delight. Natalie tried not to move much, but she closed her eyes and smirked. They all moaned as the final surge came, their bellies growing slightly.

A light shined on them. A man approached – a police officer. “Hello there, what are you three doing out here?” He looked confused, his eyes darting between the visible fountain nozzles.

“We just had to sit down and cool off.” Natalie was hesitant, “We were just out jogging and in our state we can’t make it very far before we have to rest.”

“It’s just after three o’clock.” He said in an accusing manner.

“We have so much to do today we decided to start early!”

“Well, why are you wearing a dress?”

Melanie stumbled for a response. “I just don’t like feeling restricted when I jog.” She hoped he didn’t notice that her dress was pulled up a little and their pants were undone. She felt the first pulse. She tried to maintain a calm expression.

“Well, I got a call that a girl was screaming in the park. Do you know anything about that?” His eyes switched between them, watching them try to mask the feeling of the second pulse.

“I… I, uh, am so sorry. That was me, sir. I slipped and twisted my ankle.” Kacey spoke slowly and rubbed just above her ankle, unable to reach farther. “I didn’t mean to make th-AT, at, that much noise.” The third pulse came, she tensed up.

The policeman looked uncertain. “Well, you guys should go home. You shouldn’t be jogging this late and you certainly shouldn’t be jogging when you’re that pregnant. Go rest.” He waited. When they made no motion to move he intervened. “Here, let me help you up. “ He walked to Melanie. Not this again, she thought. He put his flashlight away and tried to lift her, but he didn’t get her off the ground. He let go; the final surge came as she sank lower on the nozzle. The blast of water made the others lean forward and their faces silently contorted. Melanie sat straight and accepted the flow, teeth clenched. She was able to suppress a moan as she started shivering, but the look of orgasm wasn’t hidden at all. Luckily, he thought it was discomfort.

“I’m sorry. Let me try again. Could you two give me a hand?”

Natalie and Kacey went white under the streetlight’s glow. “Uh, we’re fine sir, you can go, we’re just not ready to get up yet.”

He looked to Natalie with slight irritation. “I think you guys should get up now.” He started toward Natalie.

“No, please, we’re-“ The first pulse came and cut her short. He pulled her arms and stood her up. The nozzle popped out and she yelped. He noticed her pants were slid down. He also noticed what she had been sitting on. Confusion was plain on his face. “What the hell were you doing?” The second pulse came and he realized it was a fountain nozzle. He understood now. “Have you three been drinking? Let me see your I.D.s. I’m going to have to write you up for public indecency.”

“Please, no!” Natalie pulled her pants up, she was unable to button them, so she just zipped them halfway. “This is all just something stupid that we thought up, please let us go and we’ll never do it again!”

Before he responded the third pulse came, Melanie tensed up and groaned. “I can’t take it, please get me off of this!” He walked around behind Melanie and Natalie stood in front. He put his arms under hers and held tightly as he lifted, Natalie pulled too. They struggled, but they couldn’t pull her off. “Ow, ow, it hurts so much!” The last surge came and Natalie muffled her scream with her hand. Kacey leaned forward and accepted the water with a moan; her mouth was slightly open as she smiled – a blissful expression.

“I’m going to have to call this in; I can’t quite get you off of it.”

“Wait, let’s have Kacey help.” Kacey opened her eyes and nodded, her smile faded. She leaned back and lifted herself off of the nozzle gently. Her stomach had swollen as well, she wasn’t able to zip up when she pulled her pants up. She rubbed her belly and drew a deep breath before continuing.

“Sorry, let me get down there and maybe I can help it out.” She was very cautious, moving slowly, trying not to disturb the water in her system. She laid down on her side, her heavy belly rested on the cement. She scooted closer and readied herself next to Melanie’s backside.

“Okay, one more try.” The policeman lifted with all of his might, as did Natalie. Kacey pushed up on Melanie’s butt and used her other hand to push the plug, trying to pull it from the nozzle. When that didn’t budge she held it instead, just focusing on getting Melanie off. She watched as Melanie started to move upward slowly. Suddenly, she shot upward and the plug popped out, staying on the nozzle. Melanie fell forward onto Natalie and the policeman stumbled to the side. Melanie screamed in pain. Natalie couldn’t free her hands from the tangle and decided to muffle her with a kiss. This surprised Melanie more than anything; she squirmed, but didn’t pull her head back. The officer pulled them apart, he lifted Melanie and helped her to stand and she leaned against Kacey. He helped Natalie up as well. They all turned to look at the plug, fixed upon the fountain nozzle.

“I’ll tell you what. I will bring you home and I won’t write this up. In exchange, you have to promise me you won’t do this sort of thing again. Plus, you have to come back and disinfect each one of those nozzles, deal?” Everyone nodded. “Can you guys hold it until we get you home?”

“Yes, thank you so much, sir!” Natalie helped Melanie to the police car, the three of them got in, their stomachs gurgling and making all sorts of odd noises. They told him the address; he missed the turn and then went too far, possibly on purpose. The pleasant feeling had been replaced by horrible cramps. They made their way up the sidewalk and the policeman left them at the door. “For the love of god, don’t do anything like that again; use some sense and keep that sort of thing at home.”

He waited for them to get inside before he drove away. Sarah and Emily were sitting on the couch, watching television. “Have fun shooting water in your asses?” Sarah grinned while still watching the T.V.

Kacey ignored the comment and carefully made her way to the bathroom in the basement.

“The police came, it was a mess.” Natalie explained as she helped Melanie to the stairs.

“I know, I called them.” Sarah’s grin widened.

Natalie stopped. “You did what?”

“It made it interesting!”

“You bitch, we were just having fun.”

“You are so fucked up that you enjoy pumping yourself full of water as well as your slut. You like to watch her belly puff out, don’t you? You’re sicker than I thought.”

Natalie scoffed and led Melanie up the stairs to the bathroom. She undid the handcuffs. Luckily the officer hadn’t noticed them under the dress jacket, or at least he didn’t mention it. She slid the dress off of Melanie, it now barely fit past her butt. Her stomach was huge, she looked like she was about to give birth. She sat Melanie down and she didn’t hesitate. As she was emptying out, Natalie started to undress. She slid out of her tight t-shirt, jeans, and panties. Naked and encumbered, she waited. Cramps and pains came and went, but she deserved it, she thought. She didn’t have half as much as Melanie carried inside of her; she wondered how she was able to hold it in for the ride back. Natalie felt she had done well; her practice had paid off, she might eventually be able to hold as much as Melanie one day.

She enjoyed the feeling now; that full, ripened feeling, the feeling of water rushing into you. A normal enema was too tame now, she wanted to have more forced in at a time. Now she knew that Melanie was not the sick person that she first thought; Melanie merely had a desire and acted upon it.

She watched Melanie, sitting on the toilet in a mild stupor, letting the water flow out of her, automatically flushing when needed. Her belly had gone down a great deal; she was about the same size as Natalie now, looking like they carried a basketball under their skin. Natalie stared. Melanie’s hair was light blonde, her eyes were a bluish green, and she had smaller breasts. Her stomach had some stretch marks, but they weren’t very noticeable on her fair skin.

Natalie had been mean to her at first, but now she knew the truth – she loved her. She leaned over and kissed Melanie. Melanie’s eyes widened and at first and she tensed up, but after a moment she reached a hand up and pressed into the kiss. Natalie rubbed Melanie’s breast and reached down to touch her. It only took a moment before Melanie shook with ecstasy. She continued to empty after that, her stomach was now only marginally puffed out.

She spun Natalie around and had her sit on her knees, spreading her legs wide. She reached down and used one hand to rub her thigh, the other hand explored deeper. She lasted a little longer, but after about a minute she moaned loudly and pushed onto Melanie’s fingers. She rocked her hips back and forth, her belly sloshing with each thrust. She slumped down, panting. After a moment to collect herself, she stood up shakily. Pleasure had turned to discomfort now.

Melanie finished, wiped, flushed again, and stepped aside. Natalie took her place without hesitation. “Grab me my backpack.” Melanie handed it to her. She searched through and found her phone. She pressed a few buttons and turned it toward Melanie. It was one of the photos, this one showed her tied to to the chair: naked, plugged, and with a bulging belly. “Take it, you can delete them.”

Melanie took the phone and looked through the photos. She shut it off and handed it back. She smiled slightly. She hurt all over, now and felt very weak. “You keep them; just don’t show them to anyone else.”

Natalie smiled weakly as well. “I’m sorry about tonight, I didn’t think Sarah would do that to us. The whole thing was a bad idea.”

“I actually liked it. I’ve never had so much in me. It hurt some times, but I enjoyed most of it, actually. I think I like the possibility of being caught. Well, I’d rather not actually be caught, though.”

“True. But, are you really sure you don’t hate me?”

“Of course not! In fact, I think we’ll have fun… if there’s a next time.”

“Oh, yes. Definitely.” They both smiled at each other warmly and kissed.

The Neighbors


“Mike, could you help me get ready?” Melanie called from the bathroom down the hallway. He turned off the television and walked down the hall. Opening the door he saw Melanie naked in the shower. She pulled back the curtain. She was bent over with a shower hose trailing from her rear to the shower spigot. She had pushed the hose a fair distance into her. He had picked that up at the store for her last night. It was certainly a lot easier than having to fill the enema bag over and over again.

“It’s hard for me to reach back, would you mind controlling the water?” Mike agreed wholeheartedly, kneeling. She showed him where to turn the handle to make the water the right temperature. He turned on the water; the hose shook as water surged through it. Melanie jerked and fell forward, putting her hands on the wall to brace herself. She felt the water blasting into her, causing her insides to hurt. Grimacing, she protested loudly. “Stop, it’s too much!”
He turned it off, “sorry, I guess I pushed it too far.”

She stood up and held her stomach. She looked down, her face pained. “It was just unexpected. I think it puts in a lot more air in this way.” The fountain had filled her with a lot of air too, but she knew better than to try that again anytime soon. She did enjoy having the water under some pressure after that experience, though. Melanie waited until the discomfort passed. “Okay, a little more.”

He eased it on, just barely turning the knob. She closed her eyes and leaned down as the water flowed into her slowly. It felt much more pleasant this way. After a minute she remembered the reason for doing this. She asked Mike to fetch her makeup kit and her new dress from the bedroom upstairs. He returned a couple of minutes later.

“I don’t mean to rush you, but we only have 15 minutes before we said we’d be there.”
“Oh, I completely lost track of time! We have to hurry. I don’t want to be late. What do you think, almost to the right size?” She stood up and held her belly, bouncing it slightly.
He gave a nervous smile. “Actually, it was almost twice that size, I think.”

She sighed, he was right. She needed to get much bigger. She had to match the size she was when her neighbor had surprised her that day. But, there wasn’t much time. “Turn it up, I can handle it,” she decided.

“Are you sure, we can be late, it’s okay.”
“I’m sure. I haven’t been over there since I moved in. He’s helped me fix things around here too – I don’t want to be rude.” She leaned forward and then remembered something. “Hold on, I can put on my makeup now too.” She carefully leaned out of the shower and rested her elbows on the sink. She opened her vanity pouch and found eye liner and a small mirror. “Okay, do it.”

He pushed the handle further, increasing the flow. She gasped as water gushed inside of her. She clenched her teeth and delicately tried to apply her makeup. Her hands were shaking, but she managed. Mike massaged her belly as he watched it grow. She searched through her bag, fumbling until she found her concealer. She painstakingly covered her blemishes. Lastly she put on some subtle lipstick, very careful not to make a noticeable mistake. Doing tedious work while water was being pumped into her had made Melanie quite irritable. She closed her bag and looked down at her distended belly. “Isn’t that enough?”

“Yes, I was just about to stop it.” He turned the knob. He reached down and picked up the butt plug from a towel on the floor. He used the tube of lubricant beside it to prepare it. “Turn around and I’ll seal the deal!” Melanie narrowed her eyes, clearly not amused. She stood up and turned the other direction, placing one hand on the wall and used the other to spread herself.

Mike pulled on the hose. It took some effort, but he slowly withdrew it, inch by inch, until it was almost out. “That’s the end,” Melanie announced. He had the plug ready in his off hand as he tugged harder. The round end piece on the hose popped out and he pushed the slightly larger plug in its place. He was lucky and hit the spot on the first try; he pushed it halfway in. Before inserting it fully, he set the hose end on the shower floor with his other hand and used it to fondle her.

“We don’t have time, just put it in already!”
He eased it deeper, using his other hand to put gentle pressure on her front. She stopped spreading herself and put both hands on the wall. Mike adjusted his hand and used his palm to push it further. She pulled away slightly at first, but it wasn’t until the largest part of the plug slipped in that she jumped forward. She screamed. “Ow! Be careful! That really hurt!” She reached back and rubbed the smooth side of the plug that was in her. She gave him a scornful glance. He stood and kissed her, spinning her body around so he could rub her stomach for a moment. “Almost done, just have to clean up.”

She cleaned herself up, careful not to smear her makeup, while Mike washed his hands. When she was finished he helped her dry off. He helped her put on her panties and bra. Both were stretched a little as she looked at them. She used a smaller pair of panties to help hold the plug in place, so they had to be pushed down in the front due to her large tummy. Her breasts seemed bigger recently, but she couldn’t be sure. Then, she slipped on the black maternity dress. She had bought it solely for tonight. It wasn’t fancy, but it was very comfortable compared to her other dresses. It had a small tie that held it just below her bust line and it went down to her knees. He tied the back and led her to the front room. She strained to balance at times, but it was believable, she was trying to appear pregnant after all.

They had prepared for this the past couple of nights. She had taken and held around half as much for an hour around the house both nights. She had enjoyed it at first, but after about 20 minutes she became very agitated. Mike certainly enjoyed it, though. They hadn’t actually had sex yet, but she said she would after they got through tonight. They still had to figure out how to explain that she wasn’t really pregnant, that was hard to do while keeping her dignity. Melanie might have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t so rushed. He felt she was a little too wrapped up in what other people thought of her. This lie wasn’t helping the matter, but it sounded fun when they had planned it.

Mike donned his dress shirt and they left the house. She locked the door and they tried to appear casual as they walked to the next house in line. They stood outside, “Are you sure we can do this, we could just call and say I’m sick.”

“Of course, it will be fine and then they probably won’t bother us for a long time. Just bare it a little longer and then we can sneak out to make you feel better.” He stepped behind her, one hand cupping her breast, the other exploring below her waist. He pressed his hips against her backside. She could tell he enjoyed it; she did not, aching throughout.

“Don’t do that, especially not here!” She spoke with hushed ire, “this is already unpleasant enough. I don’t even know if I can do this. If I get off then I doubt I could even stand. I’ve done this too much recently,” she sighed. “We’re this far, though, so let’s just get this over with.” She pressed the doorbell. Mike took his place beside her again, with one arm over her shoulder. Barbara answered the door and they exchanged greetings. Melanie introduced Mike before being led into the dining room. Grant, her husband, was sitting at the table talking with two younger women.

Melanie stopped in her tracks. One of them was the jogger from the park. She looked at Mike and he nodded slightly, a worried look flashed on his face before being replaced by a smile. This could be very, very bad, but they had to play along.

Grant stood up, “Glad you two could make it! I’d like you both to meet our daughters Natalie and Sarah. They’re both back in town for a while after living with their mother for a few years.“ Natalie had been the jogger. She looked very smug, but she couldn’t be sure if she had said anything.

Natalie grinned, “I saw them in the park on Monday. They make a great couple.” Grant agreed.

“Thank you,” Melanie said cautiously, “this is Mike.” They all sat down to dinner and shared small talk. She tried to dodge any topic related to their relationship.  After the initial awkwardness had passed the conversation was much smoother. The food was another story, it tasted good enough she guessed, but she was not in the mood to eat at all. She forced down as much as she could, but that made her feel queasy. She also had to hide random pangs and cramps, she regretted doing this.

Mike made a joke, everyone laughed except the two girls. Natalie only put on a fake smile when her parents looked at her. Sarah was very quiet and said nearly nothing and smiled rarely. “So, how old are you two?” Mike asked, trying to be polite.

“I’m 20 and Sarah is 17,” Natalie responded, unusually friendly, “how about you two?”
“I’m 31 and she is…” He didn’t actually know.
“25,” Melanie quickly broke in.
Natalie’s sly smirk returned, “where did you two meet?”
Melanie tried to think of something believable, but nothing came to mind. Her stomach rumbled. “We met… I… feel sick.” She hoped that would kill the topic and give them an excuse to leave sooner. She also hoped she could make it home without throwing up.
“We should go,” Mike said, pushing his chair back. “The baby always upsets her around dinner time.”

Natalie stood up, “The bathroom is upstairs. I can show her, you can finish your food. I’m finished anyway.” Mike hesitated, looking at Melanie. She nodded once and Mike sat back down.

Melanie leaned heavily on the chair as she rose, suppressing a cramp. It was harder to walk now, she felt weaker and her legs were shaky, climbing the stairs took some time. Natalie waited at the top patiently with an amused look. She led Melanie down the hall into the restroom. “I’m not going to say anything to them, but after you finish come to my room downstairs so we can talk. They shouldn’t see you.” Natalie bounded down the steps and Melanie pulled the door closed. She had no idea what there was to talk about. Her middle-section was fluttering, she had to pee. She wanted to take out the plug, but she had to keep up the lie, and she didn’t trust Natalie not to say anything. She sat there for a few minutes to gather herself.

She felt better and headed down the stairs slowly. She heard Mike say something stupid as she passed. At least he kept the hosts distracted. She turned to go down the second flight to the basement. She was in a large utility area. She walked ahead through the open door at the far side.  The bedroom was packed with stuffed animals and knick-knacks, a small bed in the corner.  A door to the left was pushed slightly open, her own personal bathroom. This room was quite large compared to the other bedrooms. She noticed a wide area of layered towels on the floor.

Natalie and Sarah entered the room and closed the door. Natalie approached her with a pair of scissors. “If you yell then I’ll tell everyone what a slut you are. Actually, I can show them.” Using the scissors, she cut the top of Melanie’s dress and proceeded to cut the rest down the center. Frightened and weak Melanie just stood there in shock as Natalie ripped away her ruined dress. Her bra and panties were cut away next. Natalie took out her cell phone and snapped a couple of photos, one of her rump with the plug showing. She grinned and put the phone back into her pocket.

Sarah held out some looped cable ties and took the scissors, placing them on a table by the door. Natalie wrenched the small purse Melanie had been carrying from her grip and tossed it to Sarah. Holding her arms behind her Natalie quickly used the cable ties to restrain them. Sarah placed a chair on top of the towels and put one to sit on. Natalie pushed Melanie to the seat. The chair creaked as she sat down. The butt plug went deeper and her belly grumbled. Abruptly, Natalie left. Sarah opened the closet and pulled down a box. Rifling through it, soon she took out something small.

“This will keep you entertained for a while.” Sarah finally spoke, as she pushed the small vibrator into Melanie’s vagina. A cord came from between Melanie’s legs to her hands. Sarah watched gleefully as she switched it on. The bound woman with the large belly started squirming uncomfortably. “I don’t think that’s enough.” Sarah turned it up, Melanie’s hips pushed up against the air as she slid down the chair. Her arms were wrapped around the back. They kept her from sliding to the floor. Melanie moaned and groaned in agonizing pleasure.

“You really are a slutty bitch aren’t you?” Sarah asked, amused. She watched a moment before opening the door, grabbing Melanie’s purse as she left. “Wait, no, don’t-” Melanie tried calling out, but her voice cracked and it was little more than a whisper. She couldn’t hold back any longer and, rocking back and forth, an orgasm flowed over her. It was amazing, but the vibrator was still on, and after a moment she could barely stand the feeling.

She slid a little further out of the chair; her legs couldn’t support the extra weight. Her arms twisted further behind her as she sank lower. The motion caused the chair to lean forward and slide down behind her. Pain wracked her insides. She writhed as he belly rumbled. Her hands weren’t wrapped around the chair; she quickly reached down with her bound hands, trying to remove the toy. She strained, twisting desperately, but she couldn’t reach it from behind. She tried to use her toes to pull on the cord, but that didn’t work either. She lay there sweating and panting, her whole body tingled. She noticed the scissors on the table by the door.

After some thought, she finally, built enough strength to move. She got on her side and used momentum, having to put her weight onto her stomach as she rolled; she tolerated the pain as best she could. She crashed into the small table. It spilled onto the floor and she wriggled towards the scissors a foot away. After an awkward struggle, she was able to cut her bonds. As soon as her hands were free she quickly removed the vibrator.

Mike had finished eating. Now he was chatting with Grant and Barbara when Natalie came back in. Sarah had asked to be excused a few minutes ago. “Is she okay?” Barbara asked.

“She’ll be fine. She said that something wasn’t agreeing with her.”
Barbara looked at Mike apologetically, “I’m so sorry.”
“It wasn’t your fault, the food was amazing… It has to be the baby.” Grant agreed with Mike. They talked about Grant’s job for a few minutes while Natalie went up to check on Melanie again. When she came back she said that Melanie had to go home, and she was sorry for ruining the evening.
“Oh, she didn’t ruin the evening. Tell her we all had a good time, Mike; we should do this again sometime.” Barbara said sympathetically.
“I’m sure we will. I should head home to check on her, though.” They said their goodbyes and he walked through the yard towards Melanie’s house. Natalie came running up before he reached the door.

“Mike, wait, she wanted me to tell you to go home tonight. She really didn’t feel good after that crummy food Barbara made.” He eyed her cautiously. “Really, and don’t worry, I’m not saying anything. I think it’s neat you two are hooked up and fooling dad and Barbara is always fun.” She smiled brightly under the small light by the front door. The bathroom light was on upstairs in Melanie’s house, and she probably would be in a foul mood after tonight. He didn’t have a key anyway, so Mike nodded and walked down the street to his car.

The door opened, “She’s gone!” Natalie came in first, followed by Sarah. “She couldn’t have gotten far. She is a fat naked lady.” Sarah pushed the door closed. Melanie was behind it. Using what was left of her energy, she lunged at Sarah. They fell to the ground in a tangle, Sarah screamed. Melanie came to rest straddling her, holding her arms back as she huffed and puffed. “Get this fat bitch off me!” Melanie repositioned herself lower, causing Sarah’s head to be pressed into her breasts.

“She’s crushing me and her tits are in my face, get her off!” Sarah pleaded, jerking from side to side. Natalie rushed over and tried to pull her off. Grabbing Melanie by the shoulders she tried to force her to the side, but that only put more weight onto Sarah. Melanie felt oddly aroused by the predicament. Sarah started pushing her hips upward repeatedly trying to free her legs, which excited Melanie even more. Moving forward, she let go and slid her arms behind Sarah’s shoulders, holding her head in place. Natalie put her hands around Melanie’s belly and jerked as hard as she could, but couldn’t budge her. Melanie felt her belly gurgle, the discomfort added to her arousal. Sarah tried to yell underneath her, but instead got a mouthful of Melanie’s breast. Sarah turned her head to the side so she could breathe, in the process her lips rubbed across Melanie’s nipple. That sent her over the edge. Ignoring the situation, she closed her eyes to enjoy Sarah’s hip thrusts and Natalie’s groping. Orgasm washed over her, she moaned and shook with delight.

“She just came,” Sarah was disgusted, “get her off of me!” Melanie laid on her, uncaring at the moment. Natalie let go. A few seconds later, Melanie felt something in her crotch. The vibrator started, it was much more intense than before. Melanie rolled onto her back and pulled it out as fast as she could. She put a hand on her crotch as she laid there in pain.
“That moved her fast,” Natalie laughed.
“Took you long enough,” Sarah looked down and noticed her jeans and shirt were damp. “Damn it, I guess I’ll go change.”
“Make another set of handcuffs, and make sure Dad and Barbara don’t come poking around. Tell them we were fighting or something.”

Sarah went upstairs. Natalie walked over and braced herself between the wall and Melanie. Grunting, she rolled Melanie on to her side. She took her phone out of her pocket and took a few more pictures. “Don’t you do anything like that again or I will send these to a few random people around town. Now stay here and wait.”

Natalie put her phone back into her pocket and left the room. Melanie started crying, her insides had never hurt so much. She had never held this much water for more than an hour. It had been about two now, she guessed.  Her mouth was dry, her muscles were weak, and she ached all over. That might have been her only opportunity to escape, too.After a few minutes, Sarah came back in wearing fresh clothes. She knelt by Melanie and smiled. “Don’t worry, we have more fun stuff for you.” She spoke with mock sincerity. Her smile turned to a scowl, “Put your arms back or I’ll kick you.” Melanie put her arms back, which made her lean forward onto her stomach. Sarah slipped the cable ties over her hands and tightened them.

The door opened again. Natalie came in holding the shower hose that she had used earlier with Mike. “We brought this from your place, hope you don’t mind. It looks like you’re quite a pro at this sort of thing.”
“Please, let me go to the bathroom, I feel sick!”

“You don’t get off that easy. We are just getting started with you.” They walked into the bathroom and closed the door. They talked quietly. Melanie couldn’t make out what they were saying. They came out a few minutes later. “Sit here,” they put the chair upright and placed it on the towels where it was before. They both strained to help her up. After some maneuvering, she was in the seat again. Natalie handed her a cup of water. “You look thirsty, drink it all.” She held the cup to her mouth. Melanie gulped it down as she poured it, some spilling down her front. Her mouth had been very dry. Natalie took the cup into the bathroom and filled it up in the sink, “drink this too.” This one didn’t go down as easily, it took a minute to finish.After that, Sarah came out with the hose in tow. It was just long enough to reach the chair along the floor. “Lean forward and be sure not to spill when she takes it out.”

Natalie tilted her head, “I got her down here so you have to do that.”
“I just changed my clothes. I am not going upstairs in front of them if this slut shoots it everywhere.”
“She won’t.” But, Sarah made no sign of moving. Natalie sighed, irritated, “fine.” She took the hose and pushed Melanie forward, her butt was pressed against the slats in the back of the seat. “If you let it go then I will send those pictures to everyone!” Melanie closed her eyes as Natalie sank behind her. She felt the large part of the plug pop out, but Natalie stopped for a moment after that so she could adjust. She was very careful taking it out the rest of the way and Melanie was able to hold the water in – barely. Then she felt the lubricated end of the hose slip into her. Then she felt it push deeper and deeper. Natalie grabbed her shoulders, “okay, let ‘er rip!”

Melanie watched as Sarah turned the shower dial with a flick of her wrist. There was a delay before it reached her. She felt a burst of air mix with the water already in her. Then it came, liquid surged in and her heart fluttered. This was more pressure than she had ever felt before, causing her to cramp almost immediately as her insides twisted and turned. The fountain had been weak by comparison. She closed her eyes and leapt forward instinctively, trying to move away from the source of her torment, but Natalie held her hips in place as well as she could manage. She writhed in agony for what seemed like an eternity. “Look at her go!” they both laughed at her misery.

Finally, the torrent stopped. She squirmed in the chair. She tried lifting herself slightly to straighten out, but she felt overly burdened. She grunted and whimpered. Nothing could ease the pain at first, but she clenched her teeth and after a while it was a little easier to bear. She relaxed a little and opened her eyes. They were drawn to her massive belly, which now was touching her thighs as she sat there. It was twice as big as it was before and every time she moved it sloshed like a water balloon. Her skin was stretched and tender, she felt like she was about to burst.

“Told ya,” Sarah walked out and lowered a hand to Melanie’s crotch. She grimaced with each stroke of her finger. “I should have known she’d end up liking this.” Natalie said something as she walked into the bathroom. She unscrewed the shower hose and laid it down next to the drain. She could feel the water emptying out of her, the sensation was agonizing and delightful. Sarah’s touch made it more bearable, though. She resisted the urge to force it out, trying to relax her body.  After a few minutes she was feeling more and more relieved. “That’s all for today,” Sarah said as she stroked her, “we’ll take you home after it’s out.”
“What about the pictures? Let me see you delete them.”

“Oh, actually we we’re going to keep them. We still intend to have some more fun with you.” Natalie gave a light push on Melanie’s stomach which made more come out though the hose. “We’re here for a few more weeks,”

The Fountain


The sun was rising as Melanie walked. She was heading home from last night’s party and she was still a little bubbly. She had turned down a few offers to walk her home. It was a nice neighborhood anyway and her would-be suitors would have wanted to come in for the night. She was horny, but it was doubtful that anyone of them would be interested in taking care of her needs. Passing through a small park she noticed a new fountain ahead. She paused to watch the fountain jets, there were five nozzles spaced evenly on a cement pathway. They had a sequence of three small squirts followed by a quick high pressure surge and then a minute delay.

A dirty thought cross her mind as she looked around for any people in the area. Melanie had an enema fetish and had been practicing to see how much she could hold in her free time, a few years, actually. She was excited now and wondering how it would feel to have the water shoot into her. The town wasn’t very large and not many people were out at this hour. There was a brick wall behind the fountain, plus the park had hedges all around, obstructing the view from anyone on the sidewalks or streets. She should be safe from onlookers, and the slight fear added a little excitement to it.

Wearing a simple purple cocktail dress offered her easy access. She checked the area once more and then quickly slid her panties to the ground. She reached down, plucked them up, and put them in her purse. She dug around in her bag until she found a small bottle. After opening it she applied a small amount of lubricant to her fingertip. She snapped the lid shut before replacing it in her purse and hiding it in small a bush.

Melanie gingerly stepped into the small enclosure with the fountain. She reached back and prepared herself with moist fingers. She waited for the fountain cycle to end and then went down to her knees. She used the rest of the lube on her fingers on the pear shaped nozzle. Spinning around, she used one hand to spread her cheek and the other to support herself. After fumbling for a moment, she eased the tip in. With her heels still on she couldn’t squat over it easily, so she gently stretched her leg out and eased herself further down. She put her other arm back for balance and extended her other leg. When she was stable she pushed her hips down, the largest part of the nozzle popped in. A soft moan escaped her lips.
On cue, she felt pressure in her rear. Melanie enjoyed each rush of lukewarm water. The full feeling aroused her. She reached forward and began fondling herself. Then came the high pressure burst, she winced in pain, but it felt good at the same time.

Her belly was puffed out slightly, but she wanted more and decided to wait there for the next sequence. As Melanie lay back pleasuring herself she heard a distant cough and instinctively pushed the bottom of her dress down to cover as best she could. Startled, she opened her eyes and noticed a man coming up the path. She struggled a bit, trying to rise, but with high-heels she couldn’t get up in time. The man started jogging to her. She could have gotten off of the nozzle, but the man was close enough that he would have seen her bare bottom and what she had been sitting on.
The man stopped at the edge of the roped off area, worried and breathless. “Miss, are you okay, did you fall?”

“No, no, nothing like that. I… just… I was hot and I wanted to cool off.”
Then, she felt it start again. The first spurt caused her nervous smile to fade. She looked at the ground and twitched as she felt the second one. Then the third one came. She leaned back, bracing herself for the final shot. There was a short pause before the last gush, and then it came with great force. She closed her legs, squirmed, and whimpered, trying to be subtle and maintain a smile. It didn’t work, and he noticed her pained look.

“Miss, what is the matter?” He stepped over the rope boundary towards her, “let me help you up.”
“N-no!” she said louder than she had intended, “I’m just not feeling well. I’ll be fine, you can go on. I am fine.”
“You obviously aren’t fine,” he said as he stepped closer, “you’re sitting under a fountain in a dress. You must be drunk, let me help you home.” He reached down to grab her arm.
“Don’t you touch me!” she yelled, “I don’t want your help!”

He stopped and stepped back looking around. After a pause he stepped back over the rope. He turned to leave; he noticed something and he paused. A woman she hadn’t noticed jogged up and looked over the situation. “What is going on here?”

He gave an over exaggerated shrug. “I saw this woman sitting here like this. I thought she fell, and I was just offering to help her home. She’s obviously a little drunk.“

The woman turned to look at Melanie, “He just wanted to help you up.” Her tone was slow and condescending, “You slipped and fell into a fountain. You should be at home in bed.”
“J-just leave-“ The flow started once more. She tried to talk between the shots of water, but it didn’t work. “L-leave m-me alone, ugh, an-and I-I’ll, ugh, g-g-go home in a min-, ugh, m-minute. I can walk, it’s just around the corn-” Melanie’s elbow slipped out and she fell back. High-pressure water slowed into her.  She grabbed her stomach and whimpered. Her belly had swollen and now she looked about six months pregnant, fully on display.

“Jesus,” the woman blurted, “she’s pregnant and drunk, that’s horrible!”
Melanie was terrified now, “I am not! I just ate a lot and I have a stomach ache!” She could barely see over her belly.
The man looked back and forth between Melanie and the jogger confused. He looked as if he was about to give up and leave when the jogger spoke. “Let’s get her up.” He nodded and they both crossed the rope divider.
Almost teary eyed, Melanie pleaded with them. “I just want you both to leave! Please just go home and let me sit here!”

That didn’t deter them and they both grabbed one of her arms. They tried to lift her but she was heavier than they had planned. They tried again, Melanie felt the wide end of the nozzle pop out as they raised her, but one heel of her shoe snapped and she fell to the ground once more. The nozzle slammed into her backside and she yelped. The fountain started again and the man and jogger stepped back as not to get wet. She barely felt the first three pulses of water this time, but the final surge took her unaware. She jerked from side to side, the water in her sloshed as she tried to get off of the spout. It was no use, her expanded stomach was weighted and ungainly, and she could do nothing now but sit there, shamed and in pain.

“Did she just get bigger,” the jogger asked. Confusion turned to revulsion on her face “She’s sitting on a spout and she’s too wasted to know it!”
“I just wanted you two to leave! Why didn’t you just go?” She sobbed.
The man shook his head and sighed, “it’s okay, it was just an accident, we’ll help you.” They grabbed her arms and lifted her, but again they couldn’t lift her. “She’s stuck on it.” They looked worried. He straddled her, grabbed her posterior, and then lifted. She felt the nozzle pop out and he set her down on the flat pavement. The jogger slipped off Melanie’s shoes. They positioned themselves on her sides and pulled her to her knees. It was hard to get her upright, but after much strain, they pulled her to her feet. It was hard to balance at first, being very unsteady with the added girth.

She waddled heavily. Her dress had been short before, now her bulging belly had stretched it further. The dress barely covered her butt. “I can get home now, thanks.”
“Don’t you need to… go?” The man asked as he held her up.
“I’m not going to here! I can make it home. Just let me go and don’t tell anyone.”
The man thought about it and nodded, “I can help her  the rest of the way. You can go on.”
“I should stay”
“No need,” Melanie said in an irritated tone. She knew that they both wouldn’t leave her though, so she put her weight onto him. “He can help me get there. I don’t want any more embarrassment.”
The jogger scoffed, then paused and looked at them both. “Are you sure?” She tilted her head down and raised an eyebrow as if to imply that he wasn’t trustworthy.

“Yes, I will be careful.” A twinge of pain made her pause. “He’s only going to help me to my door. It’s just around the corner. Just go now, please!”
“Fine,” the jogger shrugged. She picked up Melanie’s shoes and handed them to the man. She gave one more look then muttered something under her breath as she started to run again. It didn’t take her long to get out of the park.

The two of them started walking. After a few minutes she had a good rhythm. The water sloshed around inside her. Each step a mixture of pain and pleasure. She needed to hurry, but if she went too fast then she might not be able to hold it in. Her mid-section ached, her butt really hurt too. She had built up a tolerance to it over the years, though. After a few minutes they reached the sidewalk and turned toward her house. “It’s the third one ahead,” she said breathlessly.

“Okay, wait a second,” he reached down and tried to pull her dress lower. Instead his hand accidently brushed against her privates. She moaned, stumbled slightly, and stopped. His face turned red as he realized what he had done, “sorry, it-it’s too small. The dress, I mean.”
She took a deep breath, “d-don’t worry… we need to go faster.”

He agreed and they increased the pace. They hobbled along until a car came into view down the street. She slowed down, but he did not. “Slow down,“ she said, but he didn’t. She toppled, landing on her hands and knees and her stomach was stretched so much that, it too, hit the sidewalk. He had slowed her fall, but the impact caused a sharp pain in her mid-section. She could barely hold it in, but managed somehow. Her innards twisted and turned, she groaned, lying there trying to recover. Feeling a breeze on her backside, she could only imagine how exposed she was.

The car had turned down a side street during the ordeal, so at least she was spared from one more spectator. The man helped her to her knees and with her help she was standing again. He repeatedly apologized as they started walking unsteadily. “Almost there,” Melanie thought aloud, she was going to make it.

“My name is Mike, by the way.”
“I’m Melanie, and don’t think you’re coming in.”
He eased her to a stop, “Why are you so closed off? I’m only trying to help.”
“I just don’t know what kind of person you are and you’re following me home when I’m drunk. I just don’t want you to come in.”
“You don’t act very drunk. But, I’m helping you, not following you! I want to make sure you get home safely. I can’t just leave you at the door and walk on after all of this. I don’t have to be right next to you when I am there, but I am going to wait around until I’m sure you’re okay, just trust me a little.”
“I don’t want your help!” She took a step, but couldn’t keep her balance without support and fell back into his arms.

“You don’t have a choice, because I can’t leave you here. Just accept my help and let me take you home.”
After deliberation, she conceded. She really didn’t have much of a choice. They walked until they arrived at her doorstep. She pulled herself using the hand rails as Mike held her hips. When she reached the top she looked down at the lock with despair. She started crying. “My purse is in a bush back there, and my keys.”

He sighed, gently rubbing her back, trying to console her. “I can go get it. Will you be all right here for that long?” She nodded. “I’ll hurry,” he set her shoes down on the steps and he started running back to the park.

As her tears dried she noticed that she was still very aroused in spite of the discomfort. In fact, that was probably the only reason she was still holding it all in. Reaching down between her legs, she scanned the area for passers-by, and started pleasuring herself subtly. A noise next door stopped her, the garage door was opening. She composed herself as best she could. After a moment her neighbor’s car pulled into the street. He saw her and rolled down his window.

“Hey Melanie, congratulations, I didn’t know you were expecting! When are you due?”
She flushed red and fumbled for an answer, “Uh, a few months.”
“Wow, expecting twins?”
“Yeah, I… I feel huge. I’ll be glad after all of this, that’s for sure.”
He smiled, “good, would you like to come over for dinner this weekend so we can meet your boyfriend then?”

She noticed Mike at the entrance of the park down the street. “I, uh… sure,” she regretted saying that immediately, but she was distracted and wanted him to leave.
“Great, I’ll tell Barbara you’re coming, how about six o’clock on Sunday?” She agreed hurriedly, her stomach in knots. She was getting better at hiding her distress. He smiled, rolled up his window, and drove down the road.

Mike ran up holding her purse in one hand and keys in the other. “I got your keys out for you,” he said as he handed them to her. That meant he had gone through her purse. At this point she didn’t care, she quickly unlocked the door. Mike helped her inside and pushed the door shut with his foot.

“Help me downstairs.” There was a bathroom on this floor, but she didn’t want him hearing her. She struggled down the stairs and he opened the door and flicked on the light. On the wall was a large red enema bag. Mike stared at it and then gave Melanie a knowing glance. She hanged her head in shame.
“It’s okay, really. It’s fine you enjoy that sort of thing… I wouldn’t go to the park to do it though.” He hesitated, “how are you able to hold it all in?”

She started to cry. He hugged her lightly, “it’s okay, I kind of like it.” Wiping away the tears, she looked up at his face curiously, he smiled and nodded. Mike rubbed her belly with one hand and stroked her hair with the other. He was very attractive, and this was the first time anyone had known about her fetish. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

In a rush she pulled off his shirt and undid his belt. He slid her dress off and broke off the kiss to stare at her belly. Suddenly self conscious, she blushed and tried to cover up with her hands. “This was a mistake.”

“No, I was just admiring your beautiful curves. You are gorgeous.”
She let her hands fall as he grabbed her rump and pulled her closer. They couldn’t get very close with the large hump between them, though. Mike reached one hand down where he couldn’t see and began gently rubbing her inner thigh. Melanie closed her eyes and tilted her head back. He stopped, “are you sure you want to do this now, like this?”

“Yes,” she yelped, “I will do it for you later, but I need this now!” She thought for a second, “but help me over there first.” They moved a few steps and he eased her onto the toilet. “I’m still not going to go in front of you.”

“That’s fine, but you can’t go yet!” He grinned and pushed her legs wide. Kneeling, he snaked a hand down and carefully rubbed the top of her privates. She shuddered and softly moaned in his ear as she held him close. He ran his other hand up and down her back, getting more excited she started moving her hips.

“Don’t stop, oh, I love it.” She said quietly in his ear. He slipped a finger in and almost immediately she started shaking all over. She had goose bumps, her fullness added to the pleasure, shocking sensations ran throughout her body. He continued until she relaxed and leaned back. “That was amazing. Ugh, go up and make yourself at home, I’ll be up soon.” She winced, discomfort was all that remained now, but it was worth it. She knew it would be more agonizing than usual, but she had never had so much in her before. Mike kissed her once more as he stood up. He walked over and grabbed his shirt from the floor. Shutting the door as he left the bathroom, she heard him going up the stairs.

Sometime later Melanie came up the steps wearing a t-shirt and jeans, her stomach now flat. She walked over and sat on the sofa next to Mike. ”I’m sorry, but I’m exhausted.” She kissed him lazily. “Give me an hour or two to recover, then I can repay you.” She laid her head on his shoulder. “Oh, by the way,” she said sarcastically, ”how would you like to go over to my neighbor’s place for dinner in a few days? I just happened to see him outside earlier and now they want to meet my boyfriend because they think I’m pregnant.” She glanced up at him, sighing, “I don’t know how to explain this away.”
He smirked and nodded, “I’d love to, and I think we can manage to keep up appearances. Maybe we can use what I found in your purse.” She looked puzzled. “You know, if you can hold that much water on your own then you’ll be fine for an hour or two with the butt plug.” His grin widened as he watched her expression.