Time with Daughter


The day was brisk, but the shining sun made it warm and pleasant wherever it touched. Melanie had been working a lot recently, and Becky knew she had to intervene, so she convinced Natalie to spend the evening with her. They had a light dinner while sitting on the deck, reminiscing of their childhoods. It was enjoyable, but Becky had ulterior motives.  They went inside to change.

They returned wearing their swimsuits. Two styled bikinis that showed both of their feminine curves. Natalie had gained some weight in the past months, but it was mostly in her breasts and behind, giving her a similar hourglass profile to her mother. Becky reached out and lifted her daughter’s growing breasts. “You’re filling out nicely.”
“What, just giving a compliment.” She reached behind to pinch Natalie’s butt.
“Mother! Knock it off!” Natalie gave her a shocked, yet stern scowl.
“Sorry, Nat, I just can’t help myself.” Her mother grinned as Natalie pinched her lips playfully. Becky removed the top from the already bubbling hot tub and they slid in on opposite sides, enjoying the jets as they settled in place. Becky was still grinning devilishly.
“What?” Natalie questioned with narrowed eyes.
“Want to have a little fun?” Becky got up and bent over the side of the tub, giving her daughter a provocative view of her apple ass. She retrieved two black hoses and led them over the edge, holding one up to show her daughter. The slender, twistable plastic end was ideal for what she had planned. “Want to inflate with me?”

Natalie felt kind of weird doing such an intimate thing with her mother, but she and Melanie both agreed that they could do things like this on their own, as long as it didn’t interfere with their relationship. It had been a while, she thought. She couldn’t say it, but she nodded bashfully.

Becky beamed as she slipped her bikini bottoms aside and pushed the nozzle in carefully. The twistable nozzle was almost in entirely when she turned the hose, starting the flow in her ass.

“Wait for me, mom!” Natalie fumbled as she leaned forward. Her determined expression was adorable. Becky smiled as she watched, and once she noticed, Natalie cocked her head and glowered. Within moments, however, her eyes went lower and it was obvious she had hit the mark. She started the flow and her mouth hung as she stared into the bubbling water. She leaned back and put her arms upon the side of the tub, matching Becky’s pose.

They watched one another as they enjoyed the sensations. Water flowed at a modest pace as the jets massaged their bodies. “So, how have you been recently?” Becky gave a genuine smile.
“Good, Melanie has been out a lot recently, but it’s only temporary.”
“Do you trust her?”
Natalie was disgusted by the question. “Mom, I trust her more than anyone else in the world… No offense.”
“Good, I think you two are perfect for each other.” Becky felt her stomach grumble as water poured in. “I only mention it because Sarah has been gone a lot too. She seems like she’s distracted recently. I just hope she’s staying out of trouble.” There was a pause before she continued. “Do you think you’ll regret not seeing other people?”
“Mom, I love Melanie.”
“I know, it’s just that she has more life experience and you haven’t been with many boys, at least that I know of.” She smirked.
“Mom, I’ll be fine!” She put a hand beneath the turbulent water to rest on her belly as it expanded. “We like inflating and I don’t want anyone else.”
“Nat, you’re missing my point. Maybe you should have an open relationship with Mel. Your dad and I did that for a while and I experimented with a good deal of women in that time. You have to get some experiences before you make the right choice.”
“You and Dad really have an open relationship now.” Natalie said in a dry tone.
“Come on, we separated years after we did that. Just trust that Mel will support you and you can support her.”
Natalie tensed as a short cramp passed. “Who would we ever convince to be involved with us?”
“You saw how popular your videos were. Most people love to be kinky, but they’re scared to be open about it. It took me a long time before I became so open about it!”
“Luckily no one around here as made the connection. I don’t want some creep who jerks off to my inflation video to come and find me.”
“You need to realize that they idolize you in their own way.” Her mother’s adult film experience showed. “You will get creeps, but you also get good, kind people who just want to enjoy life. Embrace it or hide from it, just do whatever makes you happy.”

They sat silently for a time. Their stomachs looked about five months pregnant and they continued to grow. “Rebecca, I understand you’re trying to help, but you don’t understand. I made up my mind and I am happy.”
“Nat, I know you’re happy, I just want you not to limit yourself!” She put her hands between her partially submerged breasts. “I love Melanie and I can tell she loves you, I just don’t want your relationship to become stale. You both love the excitement and you love pushing the limits, but you have to commit to what you love.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that eventually someone is going to make that link and find you or you’ll get caught and people will hear about it. If you can’t take that then keep it all private, but if you enjoy the thrill then don’t worry about being known as that girl – just own it!”
Natalie tilted her head down. “Really, Mother?”
“Are you going to be a politician? A teacher? An athlete? A nun? No? Then who cares what you’re known for. I still get fan mail from time to time, but most people don’t even know me now. The spotlight doesn’t last forever, just enjoy it while you can.”
“So, you’re telling me to go out and record more videos of me inflating in public fountains?”
“If that’s what you want, sure! I’m saying don’t be ashamed of what you want.”
“Mom… I get what you’re saying! I’m… I’m just afraid of scaring Melanie away.”
Becky tilted her head with mocking anger. “Really? She’s seen your secrets and she loves you for it. Have you even been listening to our conversation? She understands you; don’t let your silly hang-ups get in the way. Talk to her about anything and everything.”

Natalie nodded as she looked down. Her stomach was very pronounced now. The gurgling and shaking coming from inside was masked by the frothy waters of the hot tub. They both inflated in silence again, enjoying the sights and sounds of a gorgeous day outside. They closed their eyes and relaxed, lost in bodily sensations. Their eyes snapped open as they heard the fence gate open. They were equally surprised to feel their bellies touching one another beneath the foamy water. The hot tub was not very spacious, but they had taken far more than expected due to the slower pace of the water.

“We must have dozed off.” Becky whispered. “We’re fine – he can’t see anything… buuut we could show him if you want.” Becky smirked. “He’s just over here to check us out, anyway.” Natalie shushed her mother as she shifted her bathing suit on her ample breasts, knowing that she was right.
“Hi, sorry to interrupt!” Their neighbor approached meekly.
“Hi, Glenn!” Becky waved him closer. “Nat and I are just hanging out tonight.”
“That’s nice. I was sitting outside for a while when I got home.” He continued making small talk and Becky responded as needed.

His eyes dropped lower when he thought they weren’t watching. The attractive, middle-aged woman and her vibrant young daughter both sat in the hot tub, the tops of their breasts peeking above the white, bubbling water’s surface. He had an excellent view of their cleavage and Betty subtly moved her arms together, giving the man quite the view of her large squished bosom. Both girls noticed the bulge in his pants as they smiled at one another.

Natalie felt the liquid inside her shift, making a pained face as she endured the discomfort. She was thankful that the hose kept her plugged, but she knew that she needed to empty soon. She also noticed Becky having a few quick pained expressions as she talked to the man.

“Well, uh, I was just wondering if I could borrow a few eggs. I forgot to pick them up earlier.”
“Sure, you can grab them from the fridge, the door is open.” He thanked them and headed inside.

“Why don’t you just invite him in to bang you right in front of me!” Natalie spoke in an irritated whisper.
“You’d probably like that.”
“Ew, mother!”
“He’s not my type, but I like to throw him a bone every so often. He’s a nice guy.”
“You said yourself that Glenn came over just to stare at our tits!”
“He’s single, he has urges, sweetie.” Becky opened her mouth as a pain ran through her body. “Oh, I really felt that one.”
“Yeah, but it isn’t as bad when it’s not blasting in us like a fire hose.”
“I like this, but it’s nice to feel it pumping you full like a balloon sometimes.”

Glenn returned with four eggs stopping at the edge of the tub once again. Natalie decided to play her mother’s game and lift out of the water just enough to expose her nipples, which were poorly hidden beneath the wet bikini. She put a hand beneath her left breast and moved it higher. Her breast was so heavy and slippery, however, that it unintentionally slipped beneath her top, exposing her soft, pink nipple. She gasped and quickly tried to shove her breast back into its holder, but she went too far and it went over the top of her suit instead. Becky laughed as she finally wrestled her boob back into place.

The man’s face was bright red as he lost hold of an egg. It fell into the turbulent waters and Becky reached low to scoop it up. Her hand bumped Natalie’s inflated tummy, which caused her daughter to groan and buckle. Becky found the egg, and on the way back up she lightly grazed her daughter’s privates. Natalie gasped with surprise as her mother resurfaced with a devilish grin. The man was speechless as she held up the egg.

“Here you go.”
“I… Uh, s-sorry.”
“It, it’s fine. Just forget about it.” Natalie felt her face brighten as well, unable to stifle a nervous laugh.
“Th-thanks for the eggs. I should go.” Glenn rushed to the exit as the mother and daughter giggled.
“Like I said, your tits took his breath away!”
“Mother!” Natalie covered her embarrassment. “How can I ever talk to him again?”
“He is going to be much more nervous than you. He’ll also be dealing with other feelings too.”
“You are an attractive young lady, do you blame him?”
“At least he didn’t see what we were doing.”
“Maybe he did, who knows?” Becky stood, holding her inflated belly, water trickling down over her rosy, taught skin. “Maybe we should show him next time. He looks like he’d be a good catch.”
“I thought he wasn’t your type.”
“I changed my mind. It’s good to help out a friend on occasion.” She pointed a finger with playful sincerity. “You stay back now, I called him.”
“You can have him!” Natalie shook her head with a loud sigh as she rubbed her belly “I miss Mel.”
Becky sat again, and after a moments pause, she reached forward and put her hand between Natalie’s legs. “What are you doing?”
“Melanie won’t mind, this is just a helping hand.”
“Mom… It’s weird.”
“Only in your mind.” She moved her finger in a small circle upon the crotch of her daughter’s bikini bottom. “See, it feels nice, right? I’m not actually even touching you, so it’s fine.”

Natalie didn’t say a word, only breathing heavily as she enjoyed the sensation. The water flow continued and her mother knew exactly how to move her finger. She felt her bottoms pull and then she felt a finger move inside. “Ooops, I slipped.” Natalie saw her loving mother was enjoying the experience. She did not contest as her mother touched her in exhilarating ways.

Natalie reached across, moving around the full bellies, and hurriedly put her hand down her mother’s bikini bottom. Becky opened her mouth with delight as they both touched one another. “This is so wrong.”
“It’s fun to go against the rules sometimes, isn’t it?”

They locked eyes for a moment as they rubbed each other, the steady flow of water still pushing inside them. Natalie finished first, moaning with elation as she twitched. The warm water splashed as she felt aftershocks, her whole body feeling flush and overstimulated by the warm jets tickling her skin. Natalie recovered just in time to see Becky was in the midst of her own climax. Her mother laughed with delight as she gripped the edge of the tub with white knuckles. She withdrew her other hand slowly, tickling Natalie in the process.

“Never a dull moment around here.” Natalie smirked.
“Aren’t you glad?” Her mother traced a finger along Natalie’s lips as they watched one another with content. “I love you, Nat. I love Melanie too. I think you guys have a great thing going.”
“Me too.” A cramp pulled her away from the sentiment. “I’ve got to empty.”
“Yeah, it wasn’t going as fast, but I’m bigger than normal!” Both girls stood and compared their distended bellies. They rubbed each other’s warm, dripping stomachs for a moment before sharing a quick kiss on the lips. “If I ever get to be too much just tell me to back off. I love you more than ever and I don’t want to chase you away.”
“Thanks.” Natalie popped the running hose out and dropped it onto the grass. “It’s okay, Mom. Thanks for accepting what we do with so much… just thanks for being open about it. I like it even if it is a little weird sometimes.”
“We’re all about the weird around here!” Becky gave her daughter a quick smack on her butt.
“Hey!” Natalie clenched, causing her belly to rumble. She responded by yanking the hose out of her mother’s rump. Becky gasped and jumped away, allowing a little water to leak out. They both smiled, breathing heavily as they trotted inside.

“Mom thinks I should ask you about an open relationship.” Natalie rolled her eyes.
“Is that something you’d like to try?” Melanie saw through the mask of humor. “I don’t want to stop you from having a few flings if that’s what you’re looking for.”
“Mel, no, I can’t do that to you!”
Melanie held her lover’s chin and gave her a deep sensual kiss. “I’m fine with it if that’s what you actually want. I love you and I want you to be happy. I trust that you are just experimenting and that you’ll still love me afterward. If you want to, give it a shot.”
“Uh, sure, I guess.”
“I mean, I have been having a lot of side action with your sister.”
Natalie smiled. “Does she know that you told me yet?”
“I don’t think so, she has another elaborate plan lined up for tonight. Want to crash it yet or are you going to get freaky with some younger guy?”
“Mel, I don’t even know where to begin! What do you even say to someone when you’re just in it for the sex?”
She shrugged. “Just be careful and don’t do something you’ll regret! Wear a rubber young lady!” Melanie grinned. “I’m glad we have a relationship where I can say something like that.”
“Yeah, you sound like Rebecca!”
“I like your mom, she has some good ideas!” Natalie scoffed. Melanie gave her a playful spank and another slow kiss before she left for work. Natalie stared through the window wistfully as she got into her car.

The Accomplice


Charlotte had liked parts of inflating. The experience was fun, but Sarah was getting a little careless. I might be pregnant now, but what are the chances? It was only one squirt before I got off of him. They took a few days off to recover before their next rendezvous.

Again, Sarah had devised an interesting idea for today’s inflation, which also involved Charlotte. I have to fill up and appear pregnant. If it makes Sarah happy then I guess I don’t mind. Once their victim arrived, they went up to the bathroom and began filling. Charlotte went first, inflating until she felt uncomfortable, showing a reasonably full belly by the end. I’d look pretty damned cute if I was pregnant.

Charlotte marveled in the mirror as she filled. Most of her extra fat went to her apple ass or her bouncy tits. She was certainly shapely, but it was just enough to make her desirable to the boys and girls, and her belly only added to her feminine curves. A cramp caused a mild ache in her side. I like the full feeling, but the sudden cramps are really irritating. It makes me feel like I’m being punished, though, which is kind of hot. She watched her girlfriend disconnecting the shower hose from her ass and move it to their victim’s. Sarah loves to be in control and I love being used, so it’s perfect. 

Melanie stood, steadying herself against the wall, breathing slowly to relax. She likes to be controlled too. The tall blonde barely had any tits and her butt was just barely enough for a handful. She’s a nice girl and I guess I don’t hate her like Sarah does, but I love watching her squirm. I think she’s enjoying this as much as we are. I think she likes to be dominated. She felt bad blackmailing the woman, but not enough to stop.

Charlotte acclimated to her full belly as she watched the other girl inflate. It only took a couple of minutes before their bellies matched. Sarah gave them butt-plugs before providing their clothes: both got a tight fitting sports bra and matching workout shorts. Melanie’s fit well, but Charlotte’s was very snug, causing a small amount of her breasts and waist to spill over the top of her garments. Their filled midsections were displayed proudly.

With the plugs in place, they shuffled downstairs. With some urging, they piled into Sarah’s car. She drove them a short distance to a dine-in restaurant.
Charlotte cocked her head. “You’re kidding, right?”
“It’s my treat.” Sarah said in a patronizing tone.
“We can’t go in there like this!” Melanie pleaded.
“I have the keys and you two don’t have much of a choice.” Sarah scoffed as she opened the car door. “Besides, I should be the one embarrassed, going in there with two pregnant cows.” She giggled and planted a quick kiss upon Charlotte’s cheek before getting out of the car.

There were a few questioning glances as they stepped into the busy establishment. “Table for three?”
“Yes, a booth.”
The waiter gathered some menus and lead them to a corner seat. Sarah turned and ‘accidentally’ bumped Melanie’s tummy, forcing the girl to stifle her pain as they slid in. Charlotte moved beside Sarah, and Melanie sat across. They ordered beverages and waited for the server to leave.

“What the hell are you planning, Sarah?” Melanie growled, obviously frustrated by the pain.
“We are just out for dinner, nothing more than that!”
Charlotte’s inflated belly gurgled. “Ugh, I don’t know if I can last.”
“You better last!” Sarah said as a matter of fact. “If you try to get up before we’re done then I’ll tell people it’s your birthday.” She scoffed, “Maybe that will scare it out of you. It will be quite a show!”
“You wouldn’t.”
“You know I would.” Charlotte heard Sarah’s shoe fall to the floor beneath the table. “Maybe I can work it out of you right now.” Melanie’s expression went from frustration to regretful pleasure. “Don’t resist. You can let go just a little. Not too much, though, or you’ll be sitting in a puddle.”

Curious, Charlotte put her hand on Sarah’s thigh, feeling that her leg was extended. She’s rubbing her clit with her toes. The waiter returned, placing the drinks as Melanie sat, looking frustrated. Sarah beamed as the man asked if she was ready to order. She got a breakfast platter and Melanie, still focused on retaining the water, shook her head as she stared at the table. “Nothing for me.”

“You should get something, I insist!” Sarah continued rubbing the girl discreetly as the waiter watched the girl with her head in her hands. “Get her what I’m having. In fact, get one for all of us.” The man nodded and took their menus. Melanie’s balled firsts slipped under the table to grip Sarah’s leg. It looked as if Melanie was in immense pain before it suddenly changed to open-mouth euphoria. Sarah pulled her foot away and sat properly. “Did you enjoy that, my little slut?”
“Let me go to the bathroom, please!”
“Nope, you’ve gotta last.” Sarah looked mischievously to Charlotte. “Your turn now.”

She discreetly placed a hand into her lover’s crotch. Charlotte stammered her protest as a finger rubbed through her shorts. Charlotte’s water-filled belly shook gently as Sarah rubbed her. Her face flushed as the world around her seemed to fade away. The pain of being inflated was non-existent suddenly, as she tightly gripped the edge of the table. Charlotte stared at the empty space in front of her, focused as the amazing feeling built, growing stronger and stronger, until the wave of orgasm finally struck.

Charlotte trembled violently, shaking the drinks upon the table, letting out a small moan as she tensed. She reached down to stop Sarah’s hand as the aftershocks hit. A twinge of pain hit before the dull ache of water retention returned. Charlotte was sweaty and wet, feeling drained as she turned to her girlfriend with a grin. “That was awesome, but I really need to empty out now.”
“Hell no, I’m not finished yet.”
“What is point of this?” Melanie asked in annoyance.
Sarah gave her usual smug smirk. “I just want to have dinner with my two closest friends.”
“Just don’t cause a scene, there are kids here.”
“That didn’t stop you from sitting on fountains or waddling to someone’s house and using their garden hose for a fill up.”
“It wasn’t during the day and this is a damned restaurant!”
Sarah shrugged. “My mistake, tubby.”

She makes a lot of weight comments, maybe they are not as playful as I thought, Charlotte wondered. The server returned a short time later with three plates filled with scrambled eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. The smell made her feel kind of queasy as the man asked if there was anything else. He turned to leave and Sarah dug in. Melanie and Charlotte both stared at their food, fighting to maintain their composure.

“Go ahead and eat you fat fucks.” Both girls sat motionless. “If you don’t eat at least half of that then I am going to get pissed and…”
“Fine, fine!” Melanie interrupted the threat. She took a bite of her eggs and chewed it with her eyes closed.
“You too, bubble butt.”

Charlotte begrudgingly took a piece of greasy sausage and ate half. It tasted good, but her stomach detested almost immediately. She took another slow bite as Sarah took notice. Sarah took her fork and scooped a pile of hashbrowns, holding it up to her mouth. Charlotte shook her head, but of course, Sarah insisted. The man in the nearby booth didn’t seem to notice as Sarah force fed a few scoops to her in quick succession.

“Wasn’t that yummy?” Sarah set her fork down and rubbed Charlotte’s plump belly. It hurt as her belly grumbled, but the warmth of her smooth hand felt nice where she rubbed. Cramps and aches seemed to lessen as her girlfriend massaged her taught stomach.

Melanie gave a pained look as she sat, watching their display. “I can’t take anymore. Please get us out of here.”
“You barely ate anything!” Sarah quit rubbing and pointed to her plate. “Don’t be wasteful; I brought you out for food you fat ass!”

The closest man gave a quick glance at Sarah’s protest, but a young waitress cleaning the table beside them was watching by this point. “We have an audience, Sarah.” Charlotte nudged her. Sarah turned to see the girl quickly glance away. Sarah raised a hand and called for her.
The girl approached cautiously. “May I help you?”

“Could we get a takeout box? She isn’t feeling the greatest.” Sarah glanced to Charlotte. “Just one.”
The girl gave a quick glance to both of their expanded bellies pressing against the edge of the table, nodding eagerly. “Of course, be right back.”
Sarah continued after the girl left. “Whoever eats and drinks more before she gets back will get a pass.”
“What do you mean?”
Sarah shrugged, leaning back and waiting.

Melanie shook her head with disappointment before she sipped upon the straw. Charlotte forced herself to lean forward and scoop a couple of bites of eggs. Charlotte grew more ill with each bite. Her belly roiled as she stared at her mostly-filled plate. Melanie, somehow, ate quickly. Charlotte was stunned as the woman across from her gobbled all of her eggs and both pieces of sausage. Melanie put a hand on her mouth as she chewed her last bite before their waitress returned.

“I got your check too.” She placed both items on the table. “Anything else I can get?” She glanced to each of them, her smile wavering when she saw Charlotte and Melanie’s pained expressions. Charlotte could see that she had a full drink and the most food remaining. Sarah thanked the girl and waited for her to leave.
Sarah glanced at the bill and gave a patronizing shrug. “Ooops, looks like I forgot my wallet, guess you have to cover it, sweetie pie.”
“What?” Charlotte felt anxious. “You know I didn’t bring any money. You can’t just leave me here.”
Sarah stood, gesturing to Melanie. “Come on, let’s go, chunky.”
“I’m not going to leave her, Sarah.” Melanie mustered enough willpower to ignore her pain.
“Fine, you can stay here if you want. You can’t help her and if you come with me then you can get back home where I will let you empty out sooner!” Sarah smirked with assurance. “Last chance.” Melanie gave a sad look to Charlotte.

“Don’t leave me here.” Charlotte begged.
Melanie shook her head as she awkwardly slid to the edge of the booth. “I’m sorry, but you were part of this.”

Charlotte attempted to get up quickly, but Sarah blocked her. “Don’t do this!”
Her girlfriend reached into her jeans pocket and slipped out a small item. Charlotte was stunned as she tipped the full cup onto its side, spilling soda onto her top. Sarah smiled as she grabbed a napkin and acted as if she was helping to clean the mess. Discreetly, however, Sarah slipped a small vibrator into Charlotte’s pants, maneuvering it right onto her clit. No! Sarah gave a defiant smile as she turned it on and stepped back.

People were watching as Sarah summoned the girl over once more. “Could you help her, please? I have to bring my friend home, it’s an emergency.”
The friendly girl agreed, using napkins to corral the liquid upon the table. Charlotte sat in agony, trying to hide her building pleasure as the girl reassured her it wasn’t any trouble. Sarah led the full-bellied Melanie to the door. Charlotte gripped the edge of the table as she tried to act normal. The girl didn’t seem to notice as she cleaned the spill. I can’t take it out or she’ll notice! It’s too much! Charlotte shifted and caused the vibrator to press against the seat, making a loud hum, causing her to jump in surprise.

Orgasm was seconds away as the server looked down for the source of the noise. She peeked around the table and gave Charlotte a questioning look. Their eyes met as she climaxed. Charlotte quaked, closing her eyes and gasping, unable to hide her pleasure any longer. In a rush, she reached down and found a button through her shorts, stopping the toy. Why the hell didn’t I think of that sooner! Her mind swirled as she felt the remnants of orgasm. The dull ache of a full belly returned and the severity of her situation struck her.

“Please, please, don’t get me in trouble.” Charlotte was almost in tears. “I don’t have any money and I promise I will…” She spotted some cash tucked beneath the bill. Sarah paid before she left! The server was confused as she gathered her thoughts. “I’m just sorry, please just help me up.”

The confused girl assisted her. People turned back to their conversations as they walked to the door slowly. Charlotte’s muscles ached and it was getting harder to fight the pain. The plug helped to hold the water in, but she needed to get it out soon.

Outside, Sarah waited by the car. “Have fun?”
The girl was perplexed. “Didn’t you need to leave?”
“Nope, I lied. I just wanted to see this bitch struggle!”
The girl was speechless as Sarah slapped Charlotte’s weighted belly, watching her stumble and grip her midsection. Sarah fondled her breast as she planted a kiss upon her cheek. “Ready to go empty out?” Charlotte could only manage a slight nod as she got into the car. The girl watched with her mouth hanging. Sarah laughed, “These two like some weird shit. You better keep tight lipped about this for all of our sake.” The girl nodded as Sarah climbed into the car and drove away, leaving her with so many questions.

Seizing Control


It’s fun to watch her downward spiral. Sarah enjoyed seeing Melanie lying, telling them that she had to stay after work tonight. It had become a once a week occurrence. I know what she’s really doing. Sarah smiled as she watched the others hug before Melanie left.

Sarah also had somewhere to be after school. “I’m going to Charlotte’s tonight, okay?”
“Okay, you have a ride home?” Becky asked casually.
“Yeah, her dad is coming back into town later, so I can ride with him.” He’s actually having a date night with his wife, so the house will be ours tonight! I have another ride planned. Becky agreed without another thought.

The day passed slowly for Sarah until she boarded the bus. Bouncing up the steps, she found her seat next to Charlotte and they quietly discussed tonight’s plan. Once they reached her place, they went into her bedroom and shed their clothes, kissing furiously.

Sarah nudged her onto the bed and straddled her. Charlotte grabbed her ass, kissing her way down Sarah’s body. Charlotte suckled her small breast until Sarah pulled her hair just enough to guide her backwards onto the bed. Sarah took charge, planting a smooch on the center of her chest, the top of her tummy, the spot above her privates, and then each of her inner thighs. Charlotte moaned loudly as her lover finally landed a kiss onto her mound. Her tongue found its way deeper as Charlotte held her head in place, gasping as the tension built inside of her. She relished in the feeling as Sarah’s tongue did wonderful things to her sensitive area while hands traced her smooth skin.

A wave of euphoria rushed over Charlotte; she grasped the sheets and closed her thighs around her lover’s head. She convulsed and slowly relaxed as Sarah lifted her head. “You nearly smothered me there, beautiful!”
Charlotte gave her a wry smile. “You really know how to please a woman, don’t you? I barely lasted five minutes!”
Sarah crawled up to rest beside her breathless friend. “I try.” Sarah moved Charlotte’s hand between her legs. “My turn.”

They continued for some time until they heard the door. Charlotte’s parents called to her through the closed door. She assured them that she would finish her homework, which soothed her mother. They changed and left in a rush.

Now undisturbed, the girls set-up for their encounter and waited. Melanie pulled up a few minutes early.
They waited by the door as she came inside. “Ready to have some fun?” Charlotte glanced to Sarah, excited.

Melanie nodded carefully. They brought her to the upstairs bathroom. “We wanted to get back to our roots.” Sarah held up the showerhead, unscrewing it dramatically. She offered the hose to Melanie. “Bottoms up!”

Melanie had a disapproving glare as she turned and held her cheeks apart. Charlotte moved down and used her tongue to prepare the woman’s backdoor. Once ready, Sarah pushed the shower hose inside, going deeper until she ran out of slack. Sarah turned the water on, and it blasted out of the lower faucet as she found the proper temperature. “Here it comes!” She lifted the plunger and stepped back.

The hose shook as air forced through the line. Water blasted deep into her stomach, causing the girl to groan as she gripped her midsection. Melanie whined and pleaded for someone to turn down the flow, but Charlotte only smiled as she watched. Charlotte is like me, Sarah thought, she enjoys watching someone suffer. Melanie wants this, no matter how much she protests at the moment. “Nope, you have to take more.” Sarah put a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Help her, Charlotte.”

The girl’s lips tightened in a devious smile. Her blue eyes danced with excitement as she reached between Melanie’s legs. Charlotte bit her lip as she moved her wrist in quick motions, rubbing her fingers between the woman’s damp mound.

“No, don’t, I don’t want to come yet!” Melanie yelled as she pressed against the large-breasted girl, grasping her arm tightly as she touched her. She did not slow, and Melanie buckled, gasping as she tensed with climax. Water continued to flow, but now her distress was obvious. She struggled to stand, groaning as her belly swelled.

“Don’t pussy out now, you only have to go a little longer.” Sarah helped Charlotte to her feet. “She really knows how to please a lady, doesn’t she?” Melanie ignored them, casting her distant eyes to the floor as she continued to retain water. “Remember you looked like this when you came over for dinner with my Dad? That was fun, right?” Sarah stopped the water. “Well, we’re going to have another little adventure!” She slid the hose out slowly and quickly inserted a tiny black butt plug. Water splashed into the tub until they stopped the flow. “Now, you have to keep that in or I’ll tell Natalie how you’ve been caught up in a secret affair with us.” Sarah held up her phone. “See, now I even have video.”

Melanie begrudgingly agreed as they all cleaned up. After drying, they gave her a red tank top and dark grey sweatpants. She wiggled into them, moving awkwardly. They fit snugly due to her inflated belly, but they were comfortable. Sarah and Charlotte brought her outside and piled into her car. “Don’t worry, we’re not going far.” They gave her directions to a nearby park.

Melanie’s anguish shifted to discomfort and occasional cramping as she drove. They found a parking spot and joined the collection of families playing with their children.  They led her into the center of the lush grass field and unfurled a large picnic blanket. “Have a seat, you cow.”

Melanie lowered herself, feeling a dull ache as she held the large amount of water inside. “Why are you doing this, Sarah? Why do you have to torment me?”

She spoke mockingly, forming a question to Charlotte. “This bitch?” She turned to address Melanie directly. “I do this because I want you to break it off with my sister. We’d be much better off without you, you freak.”

Melanie tensed as a pain surged through her midsection. “You and I both know that we can’t go back to normal after all we have done. Just let your sister and I live peacefully.”

Sarah smiled. “Where is the fun in that? You are right, though. Natalie is never going to be normal again. Maybe I really just want to have fun with you because you take it like a champ!”
“That is the real reason,” Melanie rubbed her belly. “I can take anything you dish out because I’m not leaving your sister!” She said angrily.
Sarah rolled her eyes. “I figured. Charlotte, it’s time for the next part.”

The long-faced girl smirked as she unzipped her backpack and brought out a gallon jug of drinking water. She also revealed a rubber hose with a bulbous center. “This is a Higginson’s syringe. Pretty straightforward, you put one end in your butt and the other in some liquid and squeeze the middle.” Charlotte pushed Melanie’s narrow shoulder back onto the blanket. She glanced around to see that no one was watching before she rolled the inflated girl onto her side. Sarah and Charlotte moved closer to block any prying eyes as they rigged the hose in the water jug discreetly between them. Charlotte moved her victim’s sweatpants down and popped the butt plug free before quickly inserting the tip of the hose.

Only the compression bulb was visible. Sarah held it as she watched Melanie’s pleading face. “Time to put you to the test, fat-ass.”
She depressed slowly, forcing more water into the distressed woman next to them. People were all around, but they had no idea that a woman was receiving an enema right next to them. Melanie grumbled as Sarah increased the speed. She could feel spurts of water and it was difficult not to reach for her loins to alleviate the mixture of pain and pleasure. Just a few touches would be all I need, but I can’t masturbate in front of kids!

Charlotte could sense her tension. She bit her lip and casually slid a hand along the blanket. She nonchalantly pressed a finger into the bottom of Melanie’s privates. Just don’t go any higher and I’ll be fine. Sweat formed on Melanie’s forehead as focused on holding out. Sarah’s mischievous blue eyes delighted as she continued to force her ass to drink more and more.

“I think she’s about to cum. You should help her a little more, Charlotte.”

Melanie could see the girl smile deviously over her shoulder. The finger in her crotch moved higher and rotated in a circle. No, it feels too good! I’m gonna cum! Melanie’s eyes clamped shut as she felt her body tense. Without warning the flow into her backside increased. It felt amazing for a few moments before her orgasm finished. Just as quickly, she balled her fists and hoped it was almost empty. She endured as a pre-teen girl sat, watching her from a nearby group. Melanie fought to maintain a smile for the staring child. I can only imagine what she thinks is happening to me.
“God, your ass is thirsty!” The syringe made a sucking sound as it swallowed air instead of water. “Got to get every last drop!” Melanie balked as air forced its way into her, causing sporadic cramping. She felt the hose sliding out and it took immense focus to retain the air and fluid mixture in her butt. Charlotte slipped the butt plug back into place and fixed her pants. They both helped her to sit. The spectating girl’s eyes bugged out as she watched.

Melanie learned why when she looked down. Her belly was massively inflated. That gallon filled her stomach to awkward proportions. Charlotte rubbed her belly with fascination.

“Looks nice, tubby.” Sarah giggled. “Now, I think we should go for a little walk.” The two girls stood and then helped Melanie to her feet. She took a moment to balance while the girls rolled their picnic blanket and put their things into Sarah’s backpack. “This is a lot lighter without all that water. Thanks for carrying it for me, Mel.” Sarah led them down the trail.

Walking heavily, Melanie stayed between them. Her sweatpants and shirt parted slightly, exposing her distended tummy. She got numerous glances as she hefted the immense water weight. They walked along the winding pathway, passing numerous spectators and seeing few secluded areas. “I don’t know if I can make it back if we keep going.” She panted.

“We’re almost there.” Charlotte assured her. She felt dizzy as she stumbled along. Charlotte noticed her weaving and offered her some water to drink. It added to her burdened belly, but she knew it would help her dehydration after she emptied.

They came to a large pond. An assortment of families and couples sat around the edge. They found a clear area and set out their blanket once again. “Guess what? Lay down and roll over, tubby.”

“I can’t take any more! And quit calling me names!” Melanie whispered as she stood, unable to hide her anguish.
“Sit down or I will tackle you and rip out that plug!” Sarah stared harshly.
I believe her. Melanie gulped and lowered herself. She came down carefully, making sure not to make sudden movements. She rolled onto her side and waited as the girls pulled her pants lower and snaked the damp tube in between her cheeks. She could hear Charlotte squeezing the bulb, lifting water out of the pond before allowing it to rush into her ass.

Melanie whimpered as Sarah watched her, trying to hide her interest. She lowered her head and planted a kiss on Melanie’s lips. “Want me to kiss your cooter?” Charlotte giggled as she continued forcing pond water into her.

“No, no, not here. Just stop this and bring me to the bathroom.”
“Just a little more, my slut.” Sarah sniggered as she patted Melanie’s thigh.
“Nooo, it’s too much. Please, please, just stop now.”

Charlotte shushed them. They turned to see two teen-aged boys approaching with fishing rods. “Hey there, what are you young ladies doing today?”
“Just relaxing.” Charlotte spoke as she slowly continued pumping. “How about you two?”
“We were fishing, but nothing is biting. Mind if we sit here with you for a while?”

“We-we can’t, we’re just about to go.” Melanie struggled to hide her discomfort as water pressed into her. She nudged Sarah with her heel.
“I guess we got to get you home.” Sarah looked knowingly to the apparently pregnant woman lying between them. “She is about to pop so she doesn’t go out for long.”

“Yeah, you look good though.” The boy with a scrawny boy smiled. “You three sisters?”

Sarah scoffed. “Yeah.” Charlotte pulled Melanie’s pants up discreetly, leaving the mostly hidden tube in place in her sweatpants. Sarah stood and offered her hand to Melanie. The hefty woman held on, attempting to stand, but Sarah’s grip intentionally slipped. Melanie moved mere inches before slamming back onto the ground. Her belly rumbled as she sat with the two strangers watching. She felt wetness on her back.

“You okay, want us to help?”
I doubt he can actually help me, he’s so small. “No, I’m fine, leave me alone!” Melanie couldn’t help but realize how this seemed to mirror her first encounter with Natalie. I need to think of a way to chase them off! Melanie waved her hands, unable to think of what to say. The waves of pain came and went abruptly.
The second, quiet boy shot her a questioning glance before offering a hand. “Come on, we’ll help you along.” He seems genuine. His broad shoulders and thicker arms showed his strength in spite of his weight.

Melanie forced a smile and accepted his strong support. She breathed deeply before rising up into his arms. He barely struggled to lift her. “Thank you.” The larger boy smiled as he held her close for an awkward moment. Maybe I shouldn’t be trying to get rid of them, maybe they’ll get me out of this predicament. ”Actually, can you help me back to our car?” She gave a loaded look to an unimpressed Sarah.

“Yeah, I would like that if you two would help our sister.” Sarah gave a flirtatious grin to the first boy. Charlotte played along, placing her hand upon the second boy’s shoulder as he helped Melanie. She moved in to help him carry her, when in reality she placed her hand on the hidden enema syringe in her sweatpants. Melanie jerked as a blast of air crept inside of her. Every time she would bring her leg back, it would hit Charlotte’s hand, pushing more air between her clenched cheeks.

The boys couldn’t hear the noises below her hips as they talked. The process lasted a few moments longer before they noticed Melanie’s tired, pale expression. “Are you sure you’re going to be all right? I mean, how much farther until your car?”

The world was spinning. I need to go to the bathroom. It hurts so much, but I know they’ll just stop me. Then again, maybe they won’t and they’re just seeing how long I’ll torture myself. “I-I need to go to the bathroom.” The boy agreed and pointed just ahead. Charlotte didn’t depress the bulb this time. Melanie glanced back to see Charlotte smiling subtly. She slipped her hand into Melanie’s pants and quickly pulled the tube out, launching it into a bush. The boy who walked beside them turned, but saw nothing and disregarded the sound.

Melanie’s belly roiled. She grunted, desperately struggling to retain the massive amount of water inside. Her belly bounced considerably as her knees knocked it from side to side. Her entire body ached and she knew she had only moments to spare. She shuffled to the entrance of the public restroom. Sarah and Charlotte took over and lugged her through the doors. One stall was occupied as they whispered.

“You sure you don’t want me to plug you up again and bring you back to them? I can let them do the plugging if you’d like.” Sarah gave a hard slap on Melanie’s rump.

Melanie couldn’t hold out any longer. She awkwardly trotted into an empty stall and made explosive noises. Sarah and Charlotte rolled their eyes. “They are pretty cute,” Charlotte interjected. “I bet they’re virgins.”

“Yeah… Come on, let’s send them away while that balloon deflates.”
“Wait, how about we have some fun with them first?”
Sarah studied her for a moment. She shrugged, “sure, why not?”
Charlotte gave a toothy grin as they walked back to the boys.

“I think she’ll be a bit. Wanna find someplace else to wait, maybe someplace a little quieter?” Charlotte grinned.

The boys were completely taken off guard; they barely questioned them as they searched for a secluded area. They walked for a few minutes before finding a shady area next to a small building. It sat upon the edge of the park and they could only see a few people in the distance. They came around the side and set their extra gear aside. Both of them proceeded to unzip the two boy’s pants. Sarah went with the smaller boy and Charlotte chose the chubby kid.

“Wait, we-we don’t even know your names.”
“Let’s keep it that way. Just enjoy this.” Sarah assured him. “You have any condoms?” They both shook their heads. “Damn, that would’ve been fun.” She shrugged as she freed his little cock and put it in her mouth.

Charlotte gasped. Sarah turned to see her holding a decent sized cock in her hands.“A big boy, aren’t you?” Sarah interjected before she continued sucking as the smaller shaft.

They both pleased the boys for a few minutes, Sarah using speed and Charlotte using longer strokes as the boys leaned against the walls. Finally, Charlotte stood and began unfastening her jeans. “I gotta have it. You a virgin?” The boy looked surprised, but shook his head. “Good. I’m clean so we can do it without protection. Just make sure you pull out before you cum, got it?” The boy nodded. She directed him onto the grass. He lied down and Charlotte, who was naked from the waist down, straddled him. Sarah could see euphoria upon her face as she guided him in.

Sarah stood and whispered to the slim kid that she had been sucking. Her eyes were fixed upon a coiled hose on the side of the building. “If you help me then I’ll let you fuck my ass.” His eyes bulged as he agreed. She gave him directions and moved over to the couple fucking on the ground she slid her shorts and underwear off before moving down to spread Charlotte’s ass. The girl was too distracted to question the feeling. Sarah pressed a wet finger into her ass and wiggled it around. Charlotte moaned and Sarah prepped her until the boy quietly brought the end of the hose to her.

The boy beneath her opened his eyes and Sarah held a finger to her lips. Sarah then held up her arms, indicating that he should hold Charlotte in place. He didn’t question as he hugged her tightly. Sweat rolled down his face as he was getting closer to orgasm. Sarah saw that the scrawny kid was in place. Sarah signaled him to turn it on. She felt the hose shake as she inserted it into Charlotte’s ass.

The boy held the buxom girl as she struggled to break free. Her belly vibrated as the nearly full force of the water rocketed into her. Sarah could see that she was nearly to slip free, so she laid upon them, using her body to trap Charlotte in place.

“Sarah, stop! I can’t take it that fast!”
The boy beneath them mumbled as his eyes clenched. Sarah hadn’t thought this through, as the boy grunted, shooting cum into the inflating woman. Charlotte used all of her strength to toss Sarah aside and roll onto the ground. The fat boy continued to blast cum into the air as she lay beside him, the hose still in place in her behind. “It hurts!”

Sarah moved over to Charlotte. The inflating girl was in obvious pain, but once she opened her eyes to see Sarah she pulled her closer, wrapping her legs and arms around her as she passionately kissed her lover. Their clothed chests pressing together and their bare pussies rubbing, they moaned as Charlotte filled. Their lips locked as their hands searched along each other’s body.

Her ass parted and Sarah felt a pain in her ass. She glanced to see the thin boy pushing his cock into her ass. It wasn’t very big, but it still caused a sharp pain as it entered her.  Charlotte reached down to spread Sarah’s ass for the boy. It also caused their pussies to press together. Charlotte’s inflating stomach squished between them as the boy started pumping. It took him about four pumps before he filled Sarah’s ass.

Both girls ignored him as they grinded, edging closer and closer until orgasm washed over them both. They had never finished together before.

“Turn it off!” Charlotte pleaded.

The boys rushed to turn the nozzle. The pudgy boy accidently turned the flow higher for a second. Charlotte’s scream signaled his mistake and he quickly shut it off. Sarah put her pants back on and found the plug she had stuffed in her pocket. She smiled as she removed the hose and popped it into Charlotte’s springy ass. The boys were speechless.

Charlotte looked just a little smaller than Melanie had earlier. She waited as Sarah awkwardly helped her get her pants back on. They wouldn’t button, but her shirt was long enough to hide it. Once they appeared presentable, they grabbed the backpack and slowly made their way to the bathrooms.

“Thanks for the fun, see you around.”
“Wait, what about… Me shooting in your…”
“We will see you around.” Sarah spoke condescendingly to the boys. They shook their heads as the two girls went inside. Sarah glanced under the stalls. Only Melanie. “Still in here, slut?”

“Shut up. Just wait outside.”
Charlotte stumbled into an empty stall and blasted water and air out. After a moment Sarah laughed. “Okay, you two can empty together. Love you, Charlotte!” Sarah trotted back outside.



It felt good to see Natalie back again. Melanie watched her as she ate; her voluminous brown hair framing her warm, loving face. With each bite she took, her soft pink lips moved so gently. I’m so lucky to be with her: someone so gorgeous and so understanding. Last night, upon her return, they had both come clean about what they had done. In spite of their initial reservations, both forgave one another readily.

Melanie disclosed everything to her lover, including what Becky had done. I still can’t believe she had sex with a married man, while filled, just so I wouldn’t be blackmailed again. As twisted as the whole thing was, I am glad that he had been true to his word. Becky had revealed the truth to her after that night. Now she could blackmail him if the need arises, since some of his “stuff” got on her panties. She’s clever, but I know she only has that in case of emergency – she’s not spiteful. Her thoughts found their way back to Natalie. I’m glad she’s back.

Natalie turned to see her staring smiling coyly. “Quit it, creep.” Natalie giggled.
Melanie tilted her head with stars in her eyes. “I’m just lucky, that’s all.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “Are you two going to do this all day?”
Natalie smiled again before turning back to her breakfast. “Yep, just to bother you.”

Rebecca came into the room and sat beside Natalie. “So what did your father do when he caught you on the fountain?” She asked playfully.
Natalie regretted telling her mother about the ordeal. “This whole honesty thing sucks!” Becky rested her head upon her hand, waiting for her to continue. “He was pissed, but he kept cool. He said not to tell anyone, not even you.”
“Well, I’m glad you did. I won’t say a thing to him.
Sarah shook her head, “So, you three going to have a fill date on the fountain Mom found?”
Melanie looked to Natalie as she spoke. “I don’t know, maybe. Want to join?” Sarah shook her head disapprovingly.

“I think we all learned that we can’t just stop this. We have an addiction that we need to stop slowly. At least with this fountain we can mostly avoid passersby, and the only person watching the tapes has us covered. This is the safest way to do this.” Becky made her case. “Again, I know this whole thing is weird, but we can support each other.”

“Yeah, until Sarah gets us caught!” Natalie folded her arms.
“Hey, I’ve never gotten you into too much trouble. I was just having fun.”
“You made Dad look at me like I was some kind of freak!”
“Well, you are! Better to be open about it with him, right? And he’s not going to disown you.”

Natalie pushed her plate away and sat sullenly. “Yeah, I guess.” She took Melanie’s hand. “Want to go to the park again tonight?” Melanie gave a sharp nod. “You guys coming too?”
“Sure, why not. I always like a good show.” Sarah relaxed in her chair. Becky agreed wholeheartedly.

They waited until late evening before adventuring to the desolate park. The sisters marveled at the gorgeous lighted fountain. Soft blue illuminated the area as they sat their valuables on the nearby bench. Melanie wore a simple violet dress that came to her knees. Natalie had a similar dress, except it was black. Both had chosen them for their expandability and thin, comfortable fabric.

Becky had opted to wear a simple oversized t-shirt and leggings with a hole she had cut in the crotch for easy access. Sarah was the most traditional, wearing a thin, loose sweater and jean shorts that hugged her hips.

“Okay, youngest goes first.” Natalie grinned.
“It’s okay, I’ll go first.” Melanie stepped into the fountain, climbing atop the pedestal and moving her dress aside as she lowered herself onto the stone, spreading her cheeks above the recessed nozzle. Melanie was suddenly uncertain as the water blasted inside of her. “It seems stronger than before!”

“I had Glenn turn up the water pressure between midnight and one. I told him not to go much; I think you’ll enjoy this.” Becky called.

It was too late to turn back now. She soon enjoyed the water rocketing into her bowels as she leaned forward, allowing the liquid to fill her.

“What do you think, Mel?”

Melanie gave a shaky thumbs-up as the water continued to discharge into her. Shaking and breathing heavily, she was nearing her limit. Her belly had expanded quickly, and now gave her the appearance of being fully pregnant. Without interaction, orgasm caught her. She moaned loudly as she twitched, unable to hold back. Her belly sloshed as she hopped off. She gasped as stood, soaking and weak, but she knew her thin dress would dry quickly. “Ugh, wait before anyone else goes. I need to go to the bathroom.” She stepped out of the small pool at the fountain’s base.

“Hold on, stretch.” Sarah held up a hand. “I saw someone walking out there. Give them a few minutes to leave before you lumber down the lighted trail.” Melanie sighed deeply as she hefted her full belly, shuffling to the bench. Sarah followed her and offered her a butt plug she had in her purse. “Use this for now. I brought them just in case.” She might just be messing with me, but I can’t take the risk. Melanie slipped the large plug in between her cheeks as she settled onto the bench.

Natalie decided to go next.

She stepped to the edge of the water, moving her dress to the side. Her delightful posterior was in full view as she built up courage. Finally, she climbed upon the pedestal, yelping as the water blasted her in the face. Everyone laughed as she recovered and tried again, giggling as the water sprayed against her skin. Her expression was part frisky, part annoyance as she perched above the spout. She shifted for a moment before the water found her open hole. They watched as she became lost in the moment; reveling in the feeling of lukewarm water quickly flowing inside of her. Her belly vibrating as it filled, Natalie’s eyes clenched as the limit edged closer. She did not touch herself, but it was plain to see that she reached climax, gasping and moving quickly off of the pedestal.

“That didn’t take long!” Becky whispered loudly, chuckling.
“I just couldn’t go any bigger.” She sat next to Melanie, comparing their bellies. “Not quite as big, but almost.”
Melanie placed a hand gently upon her tummy, smiling. She wants to impress me. Melanie leaned in for a quick smooch. Their stomachs gurgled as they shifted. “Are those people still out there, Sarah?”
Sarah walked to the entrance of their secluded area. “Yeah, they’re sitting by the bathrooms talking.”

Melanie breathed to relax. She had a lot of practice with retaining water, but she certainly wanted release. I can only imagine how hard it is for Natalie to hold it. Regardless, she had to wait. “Sarah, do you have another plug for her?”

“Sure do.” Sarah doled out another butt plug to Natalie. “Pop this in, Sis.”

Betty stepped closer and quickly moved atop the pedestal, trying to keep her clothes mostly dry. The plan didn’t work, as water shot up her crotchless leggings, causing her to gasp. She parted herself and gasped again as she took on water. She breathed laboriously as it inflated her with great force. Her legs spread wide as she sat with her hands upon her knees. She closed an eye as she tensed and released, trying to find comfort in the high flow. She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at her belly; it grew slowly and steadily. She cocked her head and gazed into the starry sky, making an O with her mouth, trying to endure. She clenched one eye shut again as she tensed. She quickly put a hand between her thighs and rubbed through her leggings. Seconds later, she lifted and stepped awkwardly into the surrounding pool.

She used the pedestal to balance as she came away, moving to the bench. Clenching her teeth, she sat and leaned back, showing off her inflated midsection. “I… I beat you, Nat.” She got a plug from Sarah and slipped it between her legs after a small struggle.
Natalie came to her feet with great effort. “I can take more.”
“No need, Nat, you look sexy as you are!” Melanie tried to reassure her.
Natalie gripped her stomach. “Fine, Sarah’s turn then.”

Sarah gave a questioning glare. “I never said I’d do this.”
Natalie stepped heavily to the edge of the pool. “Come on, just take a little and then we will go.”
Sarah peeked to the center of the park. “The people are gone now, let’s just go.”
Melanie grunted. “I can hold out for a little longer. We’re not forcing you; we just want you to enjoy it with us.”
“Yeah, you balloons look like you’re having a magical time.” She held out her hands, encompassing the three women with water-filled bellies.
“Sarah, you seemed like you wanted to earlier.” Becky attempted to hide her distress, “we will wait for you, there’s no shame here.”

“Please, Sarah.” Natalie pouted.

Sarah sighed dramatically as she slid her shorts down just enough to reveal her butt. She stepped carefully into the water before climbing up and sitting in the blasting water. She shrieked as she immediately jumped back down. “It shot in my pussy!”
“It’s okay, try again!” Becky encouraged her.
The small blonde girl hopped up, shifting as the water blasted her ass. The water stopped spraying outward and the sound became muted as Sarah began retaining the spray. “Fuck, it’s so much!” She clenched her teeth in an overdone manner, leaning back. Only a short time passed before her belly started inflating. “I can’t, I have to stop.” She called out as she sat upright.

Natalie, however, had moved close enough to climb upon her. She hoisted herself in an impressive style, landing upon her sister.
Sarah screamed. “Get the fuck off of me!”
“You’re not getting off so easily this time, Sis!” Natalie giggled.
“No, stop, I can’t take this!” Sarah slapped her sister’s back as she struggled. However, the water weight allowed Natalie to keep her in place and her dress kept Sarah’s legs pinned.

Melanie hefted herself and moved closer as the girls struggled. She came around the side, seeing Natalie grinning at her frantic sister in the blue light. “Natalie, let her go!”
“Come on, just a little longer. She always gets by without much fill!”
“Natalie, she doesn’t want this!” I think Sarah’s stomach is lifting Natalie higher.
She turned to Melanie. “She always does this shit to us, this is payback!”
“No, we can’t be like that! Get off of her, please!”

Natalie suddenly realized her folly. She slipped down, wobbling as she stepped out of the water. A very large Sarah snaked her way heavily down into the water on the opposite side. On her knees, she gripped her immensely inflated belly. Melanie was amazed that it had grown so large on her smaller frame. She had never seen the girl take anywhere near that much before. She’s nearly as big as me! “It’s okay, Sarah, just hold on and we’ll get you to the bathroom.” Melanie rubbed her back.

“I can’t fucking hold it! I can’t fucking do it!” Sarah gasped and cried, removing her water-logged sweater before holding her belly. She rocked back and forth, “I have to let it out!”
Becky moved closer as this transpired and slipped a plug between her daughter’s cheeks. Sarah howled at the unexpected insertion. “Don’t let it out in the water. Let’s get you to the bathroom, honey.”

The four inflated women marched slowly to the bathrooms. Melanie noticed that Becky’s plug was absent. She must have used hers on her daughter. Each woman claimed a stall, and ignored the sounds and the repeated flushing of one another. They spent a great deal of time and effort draining all the water that they retained. Once finished, they made their way back, one by one, to the bench by the fountain. They gathered their belongings and headed home.

In the car, Natalie broke the silence. “Sorry, Sarah.”
“Don’t fucking talk to me.”
“I shouldn’t have done that and I-“
“I said shut up!”
Becky broke in, “Just leave it alone for now, both of you.”
The ride was tense until Melanie sparked a conversation. “I remember when I was around ten or eleven my mom gave me my first enema. She was clinical about it, thinking it would make me feel so much better, and it did, I guess; I remember standing in front of my mother as she watched me take it in. I felt full, but she had me keep going. Once the bottle was empty, she took the hose out and made me retain it. I whined and complained, but she assured me that I had to keep it in for it to work its magic. I stomped around and pleaded with her to let me go to the bathroom, but she kept me waiting. I sat down and put my hands across my lap, brushing against my privates. Then, I touched myself, pressing down before going into full-fledged masturbation. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but the more I touched, the less I cared about holding the water.”

“She scolded me and told me that I was being gross, but I didn’t care. I rubbed myself without concern as I achieved my first orgasm. Disgusted by the display, she sent me to the bathroom immediately after. Once I came out, she chided me once more. After that day, she didn’t mention it again and never tried giving me one again. I knew where she kept it, though; I went back on quite a few occasions. I discovered normal orgasms too, but the greatest feeling requires me being full.”

There was an awkward silence before Becky added her experience. “I honestly never knew about them until I went into the porn industry. Then, I did them a lot. I never really liked or disliked them, I just accepted the practice.”

“Dad gave us a few.” Natalie was leaning her head back as she spoke. “Right after you guys split up and he met Barbara; she convinced him that it would make us feel healthier. He listened and it was super awkward.”

“Yeah, the first one sucked.” Sarah said, sullenly with a hint of angst. “As usual you held it with no trouble and I was berated for not being able to ‘retain the proper amount.’” She said the last few words in a voice that mocked her father’s.
“You complained the whole time, but I was in just as much pain!”
“Well why the hell didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I didn’t want to get in trouble!”
“If you would have stood up for yourself then we might have gotten him to stop!”
“Be quiet!” Becky snapped. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”
“Because I was embarrassed.” Natalie said quietly as she stared out of the window.
“Has he done it recently?”
“No, no, he stopped after the third time. Once he realized that he could actually disagree with her on occasion.”
“Well, we can be open about things, now.” Becky said as they pulled into the driveway.

They were tired and drained, figuratively more than literally. Once home they parted ways after Becky said goodnight.

Later, Melanie was waiting against the opposite wall when Sarah emerged from the bathroom. Melanie nodded as she made her way past. She was about to close the door when Sarah stopped it forcefully. “There wasn’t anyone there.”
“What do you mean?”
“When I said there were people in the park and that you had to wait to go to the bathroom. No one was there.”
Melanie wasn’t able to mask her irritation. “Why do you do that? Why do you always find ways to ruin our fun and make us suffer?”
Sarah rolled her eyes as she turned away. Melanie held her arm. Sarah looked down, disgusted as she wrenched her arm free. “Don’t you lay a hand on me, bitch.”
“Tell me why, then! Natalie only did it as revenge for your previous transgressions. Why do you always try to sabotage us?”

Sarah poked her finger against Melanie’s chest. “I didn’t ask for you in our life. Nat and I were just fine before she found you. She just took pity on you, you sick whore! We were completely normal before all of this and so was my mom! No matter how much they are humiliated they still think the world of you. You know you will get caught eventually, and it won’t just be a slap on the wrist; you will all be labeled as sex offenders!” Sarah was red faced, shaking. “I do these things because I am trying to look out for my sister. She can do better than you, slut, and one day you will see it! Get the fuck out of our lives.”

Tears flowed down Melanie’s cheeks as she retreated into the bathroom and locked the door. She listened to Sarah stomping away as she sat, weeping. She’s right; we will get caught eventually and it’s all because of me. I have to leave. She got ready for bed and wept herself to sleep.

The next morning everyone was quiet at breakfast. Once Becky and Sarah moved into the living room Melanie decided to plod through the topic; “Nat, I think I have to go. I’m afraid that we’re going to get caught, and I can’t live with that. I don’t want you to be a freak like me.”

“What?” Natalie gave her a look as if she was speaking a different language. “I-I won’t let you!”
“I know it’s not what you want to-“
Becky came in, interrupting them. “What’s the matter?”
“Melanie thinks that she’s going to cause us to get caught. She is trying to leave.” Natalie sniffled.

Becky sighed, sitting opposite of Melanie. “Give me your hands, please.” Becky held them as she continued. “Do you love my daughter?”
“Yes, but-“
Becky stopped her. “She is happy with you. You’re not forcing her to do this. In fact, you’re not forcing me to do this. She loves you, that is all that is important. We don’t want you to go, in spite of what Sarah thinks. Yes, I overheard some of your discussion last night. She does not speak for Natalie.”
Melanie was teary-eyed. “But, I couldn’t handle it if she got caught and put into jail or labeled as a deviant.”
“It is a risk we take, but we are being cautious. We aren’t flaunting it like we did before, either. That said, it doesn’t matter, Natalie wants you here, regardless of what gets you off or how you go about it.”

“Please don’t go, Mel.” Natalie gave her saddest eyes.
Melanie wiped away tears of her own. “Okay.”

Four days had passed since their fallout. Melanie knew to keep her distance from Sarah. I have to get her to come to me. I can convince her with enough time, I hope. Melanie was nearly home from work when she received a phone call. It was, as a strange coincidence, from Sarah. “Hey, Melanie, I… I need you to come to pick me up.” She sniffed.

It sounds like she’s in some sort of trouble! Melanie agreed and took a detour to the address Sarah provided. A short distance out of town, she came to an impressive farmhouse. She pulled into the vacant driveway and approached the front door. This might be one of her tricks, but I have to take the risk. She knocked and a teenaged girl came to greet her. She had straight, dirty blonde hair and a long, slender face. With broad shoulders, she was modestly chubby, but most of her weight appeared to be in her breasts. She wore a thin flannel shirt, which was open in the front, and pink cotton panties. Her hefty breasts were perky and distracting. “I’m Charlotte. You must be Melanie. She’s this way!”

Melanie didn’t understand the situation as she followed the semi-naked girl through the main rooms and out a sliding side door. “What’s going on?” Melanie got a bad feeling as she followed the unresponsive girl. Moving off of the raised deck, they walked around an above ground swimming pool and stopped by a small gas powered pump sitting in the grass with the hoses coiled beside it.

“Hello, Melanie.” Sarah said slowly, stepping into view ahead.
Melanie realized what was happening as she saw Sarah’s smile. I knew it! She felt cold metal as a handcuff clicked shut upon her wrist. Charlotte yanked her arm, and in spite of her resistance, cuffed her other wrist as well. “I really need to work on my strength.”
“Don’t feel so bad, Charlotte is pretty dang strong.” Sarah came over and gave her a sensual kiss as Charlotte firmly grabbed her ass. Once the display was over, Sarah returned her attention to Melanie. “Now, are you going to leave?”
“Nope, and you can’t make me.”
“Well, we’ll see about that.”

Charlotte stepped closer and tilted Melanie backwards as she gave her a passionate kiss. Melanie eventually let her guard down, conquered by the woman’s powerful embrace. After what seemed to be minutes, Charlotte brought her upright again.

“Got it.” Sarah turned her phone to show the picture she had snapped.
With her restrained arms out of view, it appeared that Melanie had welcomed the woman’s kiss. Melanie turned bright red. “Let me guess, you’re going to send them to Natalie if I don’t play along.”
An egotistical smirk crossed Sarah’s face. “It’s like you remember the drill. You can get me to stop whenever you agree to leave…”
“No way in hell am I going to leave.”
“I figured it would take some convincing. That photo is just to keep you quiet about what happens next.”

Sarah nodded. Charlotte uncoiled the hoses and placed one into the pool and the smaller hose beside Melanie. “This is kinda weird, you sure we should?”
“She likes this sort of shit. Plus, she’ll be too embarrassed to go to the cops.”
“That true? Do you like this screwball crap?”

Melanie knew that it was going to happen regardless of her consent. If I say no then both of these girls might get into trouble with the police, and I don’t want that. I just have to let her do it and go from there. I can take it. Maybe after this I can reason with her. ”I don’t care, just do it.”

“All right then, let’s get you plugged up!” Charlotte removed her victim’s pants and licked the end of the hose. Once it was nice and wet, she slipped it between Melanie’s cheeks. “I made sure it was clean and sterile for you.” She stepped back and pulled the ripcord on the small pump. The engine roared to life. The hose vibrated, and after a few seconds water flooded inside of her.

Oh, shit, it’s so much more than the fountains! Air and water erupted into her as she stood. She dropped to her knees and then onto her stomach. Her thoughts turned cloudy as she writhed in the grass. Struggling for coherent thought, she watched her belly growing steadily beneath her. It lifted her after a minute, rolling her onto her side. She spoke gibberish, hoping it was enough to get them to stop.

The loud noise stopped and Charlotte stepped in front of her. “I think we might’ve overdone it, she’s fuckin huge!”
Sarah laughed, “this is the biggest I’ve ever seen her, but it’s not by much. She’ll be fine. Isn’t that right, you big fucking balloon.” Sarah patted her taught belly.

In a partial fog, she looked down to see her stomach distended by about three feet. It looked as if she was about to birth a horse. Charlotte moved behind her and unlocked the cuffs. Without hesitation, Melanie moved her hand lower, feeling clumsily for her privates. Charlotte brushed her hand away as she leaned around the expansive belly to look Melanie in the eyes. “Want me to finish you off?”

“Yes!” Melanie praised god that she was able to peace that word together. She felt something warm slip into her vagina, and with two or three minor movements, it was all over. Melanie quivered and her belly quaked in kind. She climaxed weakly, gasping as she clenched grass. Afterward, she grunted and complained. Immense pain overwhelmed her.

“That was pretty damned awesome.” Charlotte said, moving the hose out of the pool and onto the ground. She flipped a switch and restarted the motor.

Melanie felt the odd sucking sensation as water forcefully exited her. She felt amazing relief, as she was emptying much faster with assistance. Her belly deflated before her eyes.

Charlotte turned the pump off. “You’ll have to empty the last little bit on your own. Don’t want to get too crazy!” She hoisted the limp girl with minor effort and brought her inside, placing her in the bathroom.
Melanie emptied as much as she was able and cleaned up. She stumbled down the hall, finding the girls sitting in the living room. “I can’t drive, I need to rest.” She slurred her words.

“That’s fine. My parents went to my Uncle’s. They won’t be back till tomorrow morning. Go sleep on the be-“
Before she could finish, Melanie had collapsed on the couch. Charlotte laughed. “She’s a trooper. Guess she’s not leaving anytime soon.”
“She’ll recover fast enough.”
“I didn’t mean that.”
“Oh. Yeah, I think you’re right. We’ll have some more fun with her while we try, at least. It seems like you enjoyed her!”
“Yep, we can have fun with her.” Charlotte gave Sarah a peck on the lips. “But you’re the one for me.” She smiled before picking up the unconscious girl and carrying her into the bedroom.

Similar Thoughts


She could find things to occupy her time, yet Melanie felt unfulfilled since Natalie had flown back home to visit her father. She almost missed Sarah’s mischievousness too… almost. Melanie found a part-time office job since they had left. She came home to the wonderful smell of Rebecca making dinner for the two of them.
“You look cute in that dress.” Becky floated around the counter to give her a hug.
Melanie wore a low-cut, gray V-neck sheath dress. “Thank you, I was worried it might be showing too much.”
“Not at all, a lady has to reveal a little bit to keep people distracted.” Rebecca smiled warmly. “I’m just finishing, have a seat and I’ll make a plate for you.”
Becky sat a plate in front of her; it had lasagna, a side of steamed broccoli, and a piece of garlic bread. “Wow, this looks wonderful.”
Rebecca smiled. “I hope you enjoy it, I haven’t cooked homemade lasagna for a long time.”

Melanie loved it. As they ate, they shared small talk. “So, I talked with Natalie last night. She seemed… odd. It wasn’t anything bad, just like she was holding something back. I think she misses us.”
“Really? I always figured she needed to visit her dad as an escape from me. I hope I’m not too weird. I sometimes forget my boundaries around her. Let me know if I go too far around you, too.”
“Oh, you don’t go too far. You’re quite pleasant. And I owe you so much for allowing me to stay here; I’m very glad that you’re so open to me dating your daughter.”
“Of course! Whomever she loves is always welcome here. Wait, that came out wrong! I mean…”
Melanie giggled, “I know what you meant, it’s okay.”

They chewed a few bites in silence before Rebecca spoke again. “So, I’m going to be blunt and you can stop me if I’m asking too much.” Melanie nodded. “I think we should try inflating again.”
Melanie paused, looking into Rebecca’s hopeful eyes. “Natalie and I agreed that we should stop-“
“Wait, just hear me out. We just had a couple of bad experiences and I don’t think we should try that contraption again. I actually found a place where I think you’ll enjoy. Can I bring you for a ride when we finish?”
Melanie gave mild protest, but Becky insisted. “I will understand if you say no, just take a look at it, okay?” Melanie sighed, and agreed as she took another bite. I can’t fall back into that habit no matter how much I want to! Natalie and I agreed – it’s what’s best for us!

They finished and made their way to the garage. Rebecca drove as she talked openly about her former career choice. “I never minded it, there were quite a few bad memories, but being a porn-star isn’t all roses. I had a lot of good memories too; I felt empowered, and I never did anything I didn’t want to.”

Melanie smiled. “Why’d you quit?”
“Nat,” she laughed ruefully, “I got pregnant and decided I should stop when she was born; I was able to stop for a while. Then I did a few pregnant scenes just before I had her and that pulled me back in. I started feeling guilty after a while, but I kept going until one night my four year old daughter started crying when I was about to leave for a shoot. Natalie hung onto me so tight that night that I called and paid the penalties on my contract. They weren’t happy, but they rescheduled the scene, we finished the following week, and that was that. I still get royalties on a few films, so I make enough to get by.”

“So your husband, Grant, didn’t approve of your lifestyle?”
“Oh, no, he didn’t mind. He loved me at the time and he adored the girls. He left because I wanted more than he could give. When I was at work I got all the sex I wanted; when I quit I demanded more from him, but he wasn’t able to please me often enough and we grew distant. I asked to have an open relationship and that was the final straw. I always found it ironic that it was fine for me to have sex with other people when I got paid for it, but otherwise he wouldn’t allow it.”

Melanie nodded, “Yeah, it’s complicated I see.”
It took about twenty minutes before they reached their destination. “Oh, there it is, just up ahead!” Becky jumped in her seat excitedly. They pulled up to a public park that looked very scenic, but otherwise unimpressive. Becky tugged Melanie along, trotting down the pathway. Finally, Melanie gazed upon their destination; ahead there was a small stone walled pool, in the center there was a raised pedestal where Melanie could see water erupting like a geyser.

“It’s on constantly, and the nozzle is recessed in the stone, but I think this would be so much fun.”
“No, it’s too much! Plus there are people all over the place!”
“Not in this area. Look around, we’re in a private little section that has hedges on three sides. And we could come late at night when no one is around. They have some lights for night visitors. Come on, it will be like when you first started!”

“Natalie and I decided we wouldn’t.”
“I know, but please just think about it.” Becky was obviously disappointed as they walked back to the entrance. They decided to take a stroll through the rest of the park. It was large with paths winding through wooded and open areas. There was a mid-sized playground where kids were screaming with excitement. They sat on a bench as they came to the entrance. They could see the edge of the fountain just around the corner.

“Just think back at what brought you two together in the first place. You might try to ignore the urge, but I can tell you like to take a risk every so often. I’m the same way! I don’t want to get caught, of course, but I love the thrill of doing something naughty in public. Imagining the water blasting inside my ass in the cool night just tickles me pink.”

Melanie set her teeth and sighed. “I told Natalie that I am not going to do it again.”
Becky nodded sharply. “Okay. Let’s go then. I admire your resolve, even though I wish you’d give in.”
“Thank you.” They made their way to the car and headed home.

Later that evening, Melanie sat in the living room, reading a magazine when she saw Becky grab her keys and put her shoes on. “Where are you off to so late?”

She smiled, “I’m going to get my fill, honey.” She opened the door.
“Wait, I thought we agreed not to.”
“No, you said you weren’t going to. I never made any such agreement.” She smirked in a way that reminded her of Sarah.
“Wait, you shouldn’t go alone.” Melanie sat up.
“Want to come with me? You don’t have to participate; just come along for the show!”
Melanie agreed after some thought. “Just let me get some different clothes on.” She decided on the dress that Becky had complimented earlier.

The clock read 12:38 when they arrived at the park; ankle-high soft white lights illuminated the pathways. They stepped into the enclosed section with the fountain. There was a soft, deep blue glow around the water’s edge with a more brilliant shade of blue showcasing the the large pillar of water in the center.

“It’s gorgeous!” Melanie exclaimed, “I love that shade of blue.”
Becky nodded, pleased by her wonder. “I do too!” She paused, glancing back to the entrance. “It looks like we’re alone.” She dropped her sweatpants and slipped her shirt off, throwing it aside. Becky’s large breasts and small figure made a striking silhouette in the cobalt light. She stepped in and gasped, “ooh, it’s chilly!”

Melanie stared silently as her girlfriend’s mother turned and sat upon the small pedestal. Water sprayed to the sides as she situated. Becky shifted and yelped as the water parted her cheeks, discharging inside of her. She moaned awkwardly loud as her belly started growing. About thirty seconds passed – Melanie’s mouth hung with amazement as she watched Becky reach down and touch herself, causing an instant orgasm. Becky slid off of the seat, wet with a swollen belly. She stumbled out of the fountain’s pool. “Oh my god, it’s too much! It’s wonderful, but I didn’t last long.” She took heavy steps, balancing.

“You grew quite a bit!” Melanie handed her a towel she grabbed before leaving. “It looked like fun.”
Becky cooed, “It was! I can’t wait to try again when I can hold more.”

Melanie remembered the urge to push her limits, always trying to retain more water, always trying to get her belly just a little bigger. Now that was behind her. She gathered Becky’s clothes from the ground as she dried herself. Becky dressed; with her clothes fitting loosely, her belly peeked just below her shirt. Becky pulled Melanie’s hand to touch her gurgling tummy.

“Come on, don’t you miss this feeling?” The curvaceous woman grinned mischievously in the ambient blue light.
“I made a promise.”
“I’m not going to tell. Just this once – It’s not hurting anyone, it’s just so you can feel good!”
Melanie wanted to fill herself – that was no question. Like she said, it’s not hurting anyone and I think Becky can keep a secret. Melanie slid her dress to the ground. “Okay, but not a word of this to anyone!” She removed her undergarments, folding them and setting them away from the water’s spray.

Becky sat on the edge of the fountain and watched as Melanie carefully crawled upon the pedestal. Water misted her as she moved closer. Melanie breathed deeply to calm herself before turning and sitting upon the blasting water. It sprayed outward in all directions until she reached back and spread her behind; she felt the water rush into her as she moved her hands, placing them on either side to support herself. She breathed quickly, enjoying the sensations. Becky looked proud as she watched, absently patting her own swollen belly.

Melanie’s tummy expanded before her eyes; a small bump inflated until it was tight and springy. Melanie was easily able to accept the large volume, just as she had in the past. She reached forward to touch herself, but stopped. I can’t, I need to get bigger! I can go more! She gripped the sides of the pedestal and clenched her teeth as she accepted the torrent of water. She thought about her first time with Natalie watching her. That thought unexpectedly pushed her over the edge. Orgasm came without warning.

Once her shudders passed, she laughed weakly. She slid off of the fountain’s top and shrieked playfully as the lukewarm water splashed around her.
“That was amazing! I’ve never seen you this big!” Becky stood, beaming with admiration.

I overdid it. I shouldn’t have stayed on there so long, I feel sick. Melanie walked carefully, weakened by the ordeal. Becky helped to stabilize her as she made her way to a nearby bench. Melanie saw the fountain hurling water into the darkened sky. Ugh, that went into me. I took all of the water it was shooting for that whole time. She couldn’t talk. She felt dizzy.

“Think you can make it to the bathroom?” Melanie nodded sheepishly. Becky helped her up and walked her to the public restroom. The walk took some time, but they couldn’t rush. They were naked and burdened, but they didn’t see anyone in the area. “Almost there, sweetie.”

Becky led her into a stall and turned her. “Oh, you are gorgeous.”
Melanie smiled as her head tilted lazily. She looked at her girlfriend’s mother standing in front of her. Her belly was distended, sagging nearly to her knees; she looked about ready to pop. Her age was showing, but there was no denying that she was pretty. Her hefty breasts were now proportionate with her distended stomach. Her damp, coppery hair and her gorgeous brown eyes were breathtaking. Why haven’t I ever stopped to really look at her before?

A gas bubble moved and Melanie regained her urgency. She sat, her enormous belly rested heavily upon her legs. She relaxed and felt extreme relief with jolts of pain as the water flowed out of her. Becky laughed lightly and watched for a moment before moving to the next stall. They both emptied without speaking. A long time passed before they came outside. Unsteadily, they walked back to the fountain, nude in the soft lighting.

They shared the towel and dressed again. Melanie stopped mid motion and tapped Becky’s shoulder. “Look!” Melanie pointed to a surveillance camera trained directly on the fountain. “It was probably recording us the whole time!”

Becky thought for a moment before shrugging. “Nothing we can do about it now.”
“They have video of us pumping ourselves full of water. We have to do something!” Melanie pleaded.
“They probably only check it if something is wrong. I’m betting no one will even see this. Don’t worry about it.” Becky tried to calm her. “If it makes you feel better then I will look into it tomorrow, okay? I know a groundskeeper here.”

Melanie nodded, and once fully clothed, they left.

Becky entered the Public Works office. The receptionist directed her to Glenn’s office in the back. It was small, dirty, and dimly lit. Clearly, he was the black sheep of this office. The muscular man sat awkwardly behind the tiny desk, reading the newspaper. He had a thick black mustache and a pointed chin. He looked irritated, but he still welcomed her. “How may I help you, ma’am?” A large television behind him alternated between the cameras in the park.

“You might not remember me, but I was a friend of your sister’s.”
“No clue.” His eyes quickly scanned her chest before darting back to her eyes.
“Well, I used to come over and go swimming a lot. My name is Rebecca…”
“Oh, yeah, I remember you.” The look he gave implied that the memory wasn’t a good one. “What can I do for you?”
“I was wondering if you might be able to check a recording on the cameras in the park. I think someone took my purse.”
“What time?”
“I don’t remember-“
“What area?”
“Uh, it was by the entrance.”
“All right, I’ll take a look and I’ll call you.” He handed her a card to write her number.
She wrote as she spoke, “If I could watch it with you then I might be able to point it out.” I can distract him once I see how to work that thing.
Her hopes were cut short. “I’ll call.” He took her number and went back to reading the newspaper.

Stupid! Why didn’t I just leave it alone? She was about to protest, but she realized he wouldn’t budge, so she departed. At least I didn’t give him too many details to work with.

Two days later she received a phone call. “Rebecca? This is Glenn, we spoke yesterday. I searched the videos and I couldn’t find your missing purse. However, I did see something quite interesting.”
“What do you mean?” Stupid! I should have just let it go!
“I saw two women committing indecent exposure and damaging public property. I saved the recording…” He trailed off, coaxing her response.
“What do you want?”
“Meet me at the fountain at 12:45 tonight and we can talk.”

Becky took great care to sneak out without Melanie noticing. Once there, she walked nervously down the illuminated pathway. She was somewhat soothed by the sound of water splashing on the stone. She entered the niche and saw the silhouette of a man sitting on the bench. Once her eyes adjusted she could see Glenn’s judgmental eyes watching her. He can easily overpower me, but I at least I brought some protection. She felt the can of pepper spray in her pocket. She sat on the other end of the bench.

“Glad you came. I’m not going to hurt you.”
She inspected him warily. “What do you want for the tape?”
“It’s a disc, but that’s beside the point. I enjoyed the show. I wanted to ask you to do it again.” Her eyes narrowed as he held out a disc, “I’m not forcing you. I removed the video from the main computer and this is the only copy. Consider it a trade.” She reached for the case, but he pulled it away. “You first.”
She looked up to the camera. “It’s recording right now, so this disc won’t matter; if I do it again you’ll just show people that recording.” I should have checked this place out before getting Melanie involved.
“True. You will just have to take my word that I will erase that later… If you get on there, that is.” He smiled. “I would have shown the police already if I wanted to.”

She deliberated. He can blackmail me either way. If I do this then there is a chance that he’s telling the truth. To be honest the thought of doing it in front of him is kind of arousing. She breathed heavily as she rose and slid her pants to the ground. She slipped off her shirt and unclasped her bra. She slid her panties down and put everything in a pile on the bench. She could see the delight in his eyes as he watched her hungrily.

She adjusted her breasts and walked into the fountain. A light spray fell upon her as she stepped over the boundary. She took careful steps through the water before turning to look at the voyeur. Glenn absent-mindedly touched himself as he watched her. I remember him doing that when we were younger. He always loved to watch me swim. This is probably a dream come true for him. Becky smirked devilishly as she backed over the spray of water. The water parted around her posterior, tickling it. She spread her cheeks and lowered her hips, feeling the surge of water invading her. It feels delightful.

Glenn was grinning like a fool as he rubbed his pants without shame. Becky looked to see her belly slowly inflating. She let go of her ass as she leaned back, allowing herself to drink the water and air rushing beneath her. Her tummy swelled and she felt she was about to orgasm. Deciding to wait, she tried to accept as much as possible before she had to move. I’m bigger than before by quite a bit… and I can’t take anymore! She lifted herself and stumbled forward, resisting the urge to masturbate in front of him. I shouldn’t do this, but I can’t stop! I need a dick in me!

She shambled over the fountain’s edge and made her way to Glenn, who looked at her with awe. “Take your pants off!” She demanded, “I want to fuck! Hurry!”

He didn’t argue. He unfastened his pants and slid them to his ankles. Becky was wet in more ways than one as she observed his unusually large cock standing proudly; she straddled him, placing her knees beside him. Her stomach was substantial, but he didn’t seem to care as it rested between them. Some air shifted and she grunted in pain. She had to assure him it wasn’t anything he had done. Reaching beneath her belly, she guided his large member into her expectant loins.

She moved back and forth upon him, grinding him as deep as she could manage. He stopped her, “Don’t move, give me a second.” Becky began moving her hips without care. “No, stop, I’m going to shoot!” He made a miserable noise as he tried to resist the urge, but she moved faster. Once he realized there was no way to hold back, he grabbed her ass and pounded her vigorously. He is so fucking strong! It’s great! Pound me! She latched onto him and trembled as she climaxed. Screeching with elation, she pressed her hips onto him as hard as she could.

“Oh, fuck, that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had! Don’t worry, I’m fixed.” She could see his look of concern fade into pure relaxation.
“I can’t believe you let me do that. It was fucking awesome.”
Awesome – I remember he used to say that all the time when he was little. Boy, did he grow up. She slid off, allowing his slippery, semi-rigid penis to slide free. As she stood, a cramp forced her to hold her stomach. She turned and hurried to the bathroom, carefree of any possible spectators. “Be right back!” She shouted as she shuffled down the lighted pathway. Luckily, no one else was around.

Once emptied, she wound her way along the trail shakily, but still attempting to avoid any unwanted eyes. Ugh, I bet there are cameras all over this place, especially this main path. She stepped into the grass unsteadily, trying to cling to the shadows. She felt disappointment as she saw the empty bench by the fountain. Glenn had left while she was away. She put her clothes on and noticed a note on the bench: “It was awesome, but I had to go. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you – I’m married. I’ll make sure no one sees your videos or any more you make.” Becky shook her head, weak and tired, as she walked to the entrance.

She sighed heavily. Well, at least I got rid of the videos, Melanie will be happy about that.

Time Away


Natalie fumbled for her phone, finding it buried beneath the clothes she had been travelling in. Melanie greeted her exuberantly. Natalie was drained, but she greatly enjoyed hearing her voice after the long flight. Natalie sat in her underwear as they talked about the weather and the details of her travel. “So, how’s Rebecca treating you?”

Melanie scoffed at the question, “she is being very nice to me; nicer than my mother was, that’s for sure.”
Natalie didn’t doubt that, “You two haven’t… You know.”
There was a short pause. “Oh, no, she has been very kind, but she is keeping her distance.”
“Good, I can’t wait to get back to you.” Natalie had wanted her to come. Although she knew Melanie was too embarrassed to return home.
“You enjoy yourself. This is just some time apart so you don’t get sick of me! You’ll be back in two weeks and then we’ll do something to celebrate!”
Natalie smiled, “Okay, I’ll look forward to it.”
“Good. If I would’ve come then I would have been sneaking into your room every night! I don’t think your dad or step-mother would care for that.”
Melanie was right; her dad was not half as open-minded as her Rebecca was. That was the reason her parents had split-up. Natalie was planning to tell them about her new girlfriend this visit and bring her later in the year. She wasn’t sure if she’d tell him the truth about her belly when they had first met, though. Look, dad, I love someone who enjoys being filled with water… Yeah, she’s nice. The thought of his reaction caused her discomfort.
“Well, I’ll let you settle in. Call me when you wake up, okay? Love you.”

Natalie agreed as she hung up. She finished unpacking before finding her father. She was glad her step-mother, Barbara, had already gone to bed. Sarah was floating around, but she didn’t last much longer. Natalie and Grant chatted in front of the television for a while before she opted to head back to her room to shower before bed.

She looked into the mirror; she had gained weight since she had started doing high-volume enemas, but she still felt comfortable around her lover. She was only slightly chubby now, but she knew she couldn’t let herself get any bigger. It should be easier since we aren’t filling now; the enemas had felt nice, though… But, Melanie told me not to! She pushed the thought out of her mind and stepped into the shower.

The warm water felt wonderful after the long day of travel. Then her mind searched for other ways to unwind. She touched herself, using a finger to replicate Melanie’s soft caress. She attempted, but it was nothing similar. Frustrated, she looked up to the shower head. She recalled that night they had led Melanie down here and forced that hose into her, filling her even more than she already had been. It looked so much cleaner than the rest of the bathroom even now, but she doubted her father would notice. He is so oblivious.

An errant thought gripped her: it had been months since either of them had been filled. Melanie hadn’t wanted to do it since their last time using Rebecca’s homemade enema contraption. She had said it wasn’t good for their health and they should be happy with each other, not with that. Natalie had accepted it for the time, but there were moments where she almost slipped back into her old habits. Like now, without a chaperone… she decided to embrace her fetish. No one has to know.

Natalie unscrewed the shower head, slowing the flow and making sure the water wasn’t too hot. She licked her finger before using them to open her backdoor, wiggling around to open it wider. She used some saliva to lubricate the hose and then she lowered it behind her; she put her leg up, on the seat in the shower. Her heart raced as she pressed it inside, the water flowing in steadily. She breathed more heavily, relishing the feeling. I need more! She used her free hand to press the handle, increasing the flow of the water. It streamed inside of her, inflating her belly slowly.

She brought her leg down, bending forward and resting her elbow on the chair. She let go of the hose and it stayed in place, buried in her bowels. She looked down to see her belly had grown to look like the first few months of pregnancy. She grinned. I want to look like she did that night. I have to hold out until my belly is huge! She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the cramps and increasing fullness. She wanted desperately to touch herself, but her mind was set. She had to wait or she wouldn’t want to keep going. She suffered for some time longer until she opened her eyes to see a hanging, weighted belly.

She was not nearly as big as Melanie had been, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She shot her hand between her legs and rubbed herself furiously, climaxing instantly. As she quivered she slapped the handle, stopping the water-flow. She gasped as she slid the hose out in a rush. She let it hang as she stepped out and moved to the toilet. Her mind danced as she began emptying herself. This is horrible, why did I do this to myself?  She thought. I do it because I enjoy it – at least up until this point. I can’t deny myself, this is who I am. I’m a freak. She sighed, watching her belly deflate, feeling the water pour out. She wondered what Melanie would think of her if she saw her doing this again.

The next couple of days were spent around the house, lounging with Sarah. Grant and Barbara were kind to them, but they were a very boring, prosaic couple. Natalie knew Sarah had been sneaking out at night. How else could she be so relaxed here? Once she felt recovered she decided it was her turn to venture out on her own. She did some light shopping to keep up appearances and, once it was late enough, she decided to revisit the fountain where it all began.

She drove to the park and walked along the pathway. She wore a simple dress she had bought, just like Melanie had been wearing when they first met. She was nervous, but also excited. She saw two teenage guys sitting on the bench, watching a girl sitting in the fountain.  Natalie knew where she was sitting: she was inflating, just as she had intended to do. One of the teenagers noticed Natalie and quickly composed himself, moving his hand away from his crotch. He tapped his friend’s arm. He slid upright and watched her. He was visibly irritated. Natalie had no choice but to approach now.

The girl’s face was contorted in displeasure as the large burst of water ended. She opened her eyes and her face immediately reddened with embarrassment. Her red hair was damp on the ends and the bottom of her skirt rested in a small puddle beneath her. Her belly looked firm and round as she sat, frozen in place. This must be her first time here. Natalie looked to the agitated boy on the bench. “What are you doing here?”

The boy looked stricken. “Just keep walking, bitch.”
The other boy nudged him. “She’s gonna get us in trouble, Steve.”
The angry boy inspected her, ignoring his friend. Suddenly realization struck him, “Holy shit, you’re the girl from the videos!”
The girl sitting on the fountain whimpered as the cycle started again.

“I think you have me confused for someone else.” Natalie felt her cheeks flush as she took a step back.
“No,” he grabbed his friend’s arm excitedly, “It’s her – she’s the one from the second video!”
“Dude, you’re right!”
“Can we please see you balloon for us?”
“That’s why you’re here, right? You know, to fill up with water.” He pointed to the girl in agony sitting upon the spout. “She’s doing this for him. I will do anything you want if you do it for me!” Natalie hesitated, but the boy insisted. “Megan, she’s going to join you!”
They watched her face as the last, largest burst in the cycle finished, “No, Steve, I’m done!” She rolled off, getting more of her dress wet as she stood shakily. She bent down and used a wet wipe to meticulously scrub the nozzle she had just used. At least they are keeping it clean. “Take me home, Billy!” She stepped heavily out of the fountain area, looking damp, angry, and appearing noticeably pregnant.

“Come on, this is the girl from the video. She’s going to do it for us. Stay for a little longer?” He whined.
“No, you don’t have a bunch of water about to come shooting out of you!” Her belly gurgled as if responding. “I can’t believe you talked me into this!”
He looked to her with pleading eyes, but she was not interested. “Fine, you stay here then you asshole. I’m done!”
“Bae, come on!” She stumbled, finally gaining a good rhythm as she walked down the pathway. Billy looked to Natalie, “She’s too stubborn to let it out here.”
“You two shouldn’t pressure girls into doing this sort of thing.”
“She wanted to. She saw that video with us and she wanted to be like you! Please do it for us.”

Natalie wasn’t sure how to take that. She couldn’t believe that girls wanted to emulate her doing this. But, she also felt guilty because she actually felt flattered. She didn’t want to continue this trend, but all three of them knew why she was there. No need to be shy now. “Fine, I’ll do it, but you two have to watch for people to come.” They grinned as she stepped in and lifted her dress, lowering herself onto the fountain nozzle. It slipped in easily. She adjusted herself and got comfortable, waiting. The boys lifted their phones and began recording. “Stop, no vide-oh!” The first pulse came and it felt wonderful. Air mixed with water, making her belly puff out slightly.

The boys didn’t listen, their phones still trained upon her. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. What are the chances that Melanie will find this? She closed her eyes and relished the sensation as the second and third flow filled her in succession. Her privates tingled in anticipation for the final blast. She reached over her bulging belly to touch herself. Then the big finish came, inflating her with a torrent of air and water. She nearly finished herself, but she brought her hand back. I can wait for the next round. Maybe I can hold out for two more! She opened her eyes, trying to hold back by distracting herself. Billy and Steve were touching themselves again. But, she noticed they had been joined by a few more spectators.

Kacey waved, smiling warmly. “Glad to see you’re back!” Two other girls and another boy were watching her now. She watched them chatting for a minute before she felt the bursts start. Quite the crowd; I guess those two didn’t notice this huge group approaching… Or they knew they were coming. Ugh, I don’t care about them; I just want to enjoy this. She kept her hand away, trying desperately not to cum from the bigger blast that finished the cycle. Her midsection swelled, looking extremely pregnant. She was greedy, wanting to be filled more. I want to be as big as I was the last time we were here! She was very wet now, and it wasn’t from the fountain.

She watched the group, taking photos and recording video of her inflation process. Kacey walked closer. She stepped in and slid down her sweatpants. She lubed and loosened her backdoor before lowering herself onto a nozzle beside her. She held Natalie’s hand as the next cycle began. “Let’s give them a show, Nat!”

Natalie could tell she enjoyed doing this. “How many people know about this?” The second shot came.
“This place is pretty popular since you left. We have a group that comes here. When Steve told me you were here we had to move our gathering up a few days.” The third pulse came followed by the final blast. Natalie leaned backward, pained, while Kacey’s expression twisted with pleasure.

Her belly was massive now. One more cycle and she’d be where she was before. It was difficult to hold back from finishing, but she had to retain her status. Kacey giggled as she sat back. Natalie knew that she was their resident pro. “Don’t the police watch this area?”

“They tried to stop us for a while; they brought a few of us in for public indecency, but eventually gave up once they caught me doing it.”
Natalie was confused, “How did you get them to stop?”
“Oh, easy,” she began whispering, “I’m the police chief’s lover.” She smirked, regaining her normal tone. “I told him I’d really love him if I could continue to do this once a week. So, he worked out a deal with the two cops patrolling here so they would conveniently avoid this area around ten. We have to clean up when we finish and avoid passersby, is all. And it’s funny – he told me that he enjoys watching the videos we make and I’d bet some of the other cops do too.”

The cycle started again. Natalie was afraid. “It sounds like there are lots of people who watch this. Aren’t you afraid someone who isn’t in the loop will figure out where this is or will stumble upon you?” The second shot came.
“Maybe, but that just adds to the fun! Who cares what they think? Plus other people try it sometimes too. Sometimes they like it.”

Natalie turned to see the small group watching and recording them. Her belly gurgled as the third pulse came. This is so wrong. I can’t believe half of the town is letting this go on! Her belly swelled as the last explosion shot into her bowels. She didn’t spill a drop and her focus now turned to orgasm. She reached down, taking only a moment to shudder with delight.

“Someone is coming!” She heard someone shout in a hushed manner. Kacey and Natalie both covered themselves as much as they could. Natalie wondered if she’d be able to stand on her own at this point. She found irony in that thought, remembering Melanie’s predicament on this very spout so long ago.

The man walked quickly, followed by a girl. Her heart sank as they came closer. “Natalie?” Her father’s face went from confusion to anger. “What are you doing out here?” He looked to the other kids that were watching her; then his gaze fell upon her belly. Sarah stood behind him, grinning.

“Uhh, Dad, I can explain.”
He walked to the railing, looking at the nozzles. “What the hell are you doing?” His tone implied that it was a rhetorical question. He looked to the group again. “Turn those off right now!” She watched the kids put their phones away, except for Steve; instead he hid his, but she could tell it was still filming. Grant was oblivious as his ire returned to Natalie. Without warning the first pulse came. The water shot up a few feet away from the girls in the fountain area. Grant stepped back, surprised.

“Dad, I know it sounds crazy, but I slipped and then Kacey tried to help and she slipped too.”
“That’s a lie, Daddy.” Sarah used her best innocent voice. “I knew she’d be back down here again. She’s sitting there on purpose!” The second squirt came. Embarrassment easily surpassed Natalie’s discomfort. Sarah grinned and her father scowled.
“Sarah did it too.” Natalie pointed, trying to spread the blame.
“I did not! She is just trying to take the focus away from her, Daddy.”
“Natalie, get up now, I’m bringing you home!” Her father snapped as the third pulse shot into her. He stepped past the railing and grabbed her arms, but she was heavier than he realized.

“Wait, dad, I’ll get up on my own, just step baaack.“ The final eruption of water and air filled her to her limit. Grant stepped back, wide eyed as he watched the stream of water shooting into the air beside them. A fine mist dampened their clothes. Natalie’s belly rumbled; she just wanted the humiliation to be over.

Meanwhile Kacey moaned loudly. She was unable to hold back, and at this inopportune time she reached down to touch herself. Grant and Sarah’s eyes were stuck on Kacey as she rubbed herself vigorously. Her belly shook and orgasm came within seconds. She laid back, breathing heavily and clenching her legs.

Kacey rolled off of the nozzle. She fumbled in her pocket before bringing out a small translucent blue butt-plug; she hurriedly inserted it with a pained moan. She hefted herself upright using the railing before sliding her damp sweatpants back up. She placed a hand on her distended tummy. “I’m barely able to hold this in, so you’re on your own, Nat.” She slowly passed beyond the railing as the other kids watched with quiet murmurs.

“Help me with your sister!” Grant growled to Sarah. They both came over and pulled the burdened girl off of the nozzle. They sat her on the ground and she rolled over; her massive belly touched the ground as she used her hands and knees to arise with their continued help. A quick blast of water coated them, causing her to stumble to the railing. Her wet dress clung to her skin, giving the audience a wonderful show. They giggled and Grant did not appreciate that one bit. “Get out of here now or I’ll call the cops!”

“Sure, you call the cops and tell them that your little girl likes to sit on a fountain and fill up like a balloon!” Steve laughed, his friends joining in. Kacey punched his shoulder, giving him a stern glare. Grant was red-faced as he tugged on Natalie’s arm. Natalie followed, walking slowly down the pathway out of the park.

Natalie’s insides hurt and she was afraid that a misstep might cause her to relieve herself in her father’s presence. That was one last embarrassment she hoped to avoid. Her father and sister helped her back to the car without saying a word. She knew he was livid, but he wasn’t a man to cause more trouble in public.

“Natalie, this is not okay. I never ever want to hear of you doing this again, understand?”
“Yes, dad.”
“I mean it. I don’t know what gave you this idea, but it’s dangerous and you could catch a disease. But, as far as I’m concerned this shouldn’t be mentioned to your mother or Barbara, okay?”
“Sarah, that means you too. I don’t know if you did that before, but if you did then the same goes for you.” Sarah nodded complacently. Their father paused, “Okay, we’ll get you in the backdoor and Sarah can help you the rest of the way. I’ll tell Barbara that you were just shopping late.”

The rest of the ride was spent in agony as her insides gurgled. Her belly shook as Natalie made note of every slight bump they hit before they finally made it home. Once inside her father went upstairs and Sarah helped her sister to the basement.

“So, that’s one way to open up to dad, right?” Sarah sniggered.
“You bitch.”
“Little ole me?” She batted her eyelashes.
“I can’t believe you’d bring him there. That’s low even for you.”
“Didn’t you say that you were done doing that, or is that something you just told Melanie to get her off your back?”
“I meant it, I just… slipped.”
“Uh-huh, just slipped and fell right onto that nozzle. Are you going to tell her what happened or should I?”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Sis, I think you should know me well enough by now to know that I will.”

Sarah wasn’t bluffing, she knew. “Fine, I’ll tell her tomorrow, I promise.” Sarah nodded as she helped her with the last few steps to the bathroom. “Just… I’ll tell dad that you never did it before if you tell him this was a one-time thing. Please? I’ll owe you.”
“Hmmm, we’ll see.”
“Please, I’m begging.”
“Fine.”  She closed the door, leaving Natalie to expel the large amount of water she had been holding for the past twenty minutes. Less than flattering sounds were heard as she emptied herself, reflecting on the ordeal she had just endured.

Maybe Sarah actually cares about Melanie. Natalie felt a twinge of guilt. It pained her to think of how Melanie would react to hearing about this ordeal. She only hoped that she would be forgiven for having a relapse. She watched her belly deflate slowly, and in spite of the discomfort and cramps, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop this kinky lifestyle so easily. She did truly care about Melanie, though.

Family Matter


The holidays had past and the days were becoming warmer now. Natalie watched the snow melt as she thought of Melanie. She knew it was an odd love, but it was more trust than she’d ever felt with another person before. She still practiced her fetish in private from time to time and wished for Melanie beside her. She hadn’t heard from Melanie since their ordeal. It had been too good to be true. She sighed and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Her mother and sister were watching television – an obnoxious action film. “Nat, what have you been up to?”
“Just reading.”
Her mother came into the kitchen as she searched for something to eat. “Are you okay, you haven’t been the same since you went to your father’s – is something bothering you?”
“Yes Rebecca.” Her mother hated to be called by her full name.
“I just want to know why you’re acting so strange. I’ve noticed the long showers and being in your room all hours of the day. You’re very moody too.”
“Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it’s because you’re watching my every move and questioning everything I do!”
“Nat, be honest, did your father do something to you?”
“What? No! He didn’t do anything like that. You’re such a bitch!” Natalie huffed and searched the cupboards, trying to ignore her mother.
“Nat, just talk to me, I can help you.”

Before the conversation was drawn out further, the doorbell rang. ‘Rebecca’ went to answer the door. Natalie sat a jar of peanut butter on the counter. Before she could continue she heard her mom call for her. Still agitated, Natalie walked heavily to the door. Melanie stood in the doorway, bundled up. Her cheeks were rosy and she wore a tiny smirk. Her mother turned and asked, “do you know a Melanie from down south?”

Natalie’s eyes danced with delight. “Melanie! How have you been?” She trotted over and hugged her. Her mother was completely confused. “Come in! Take your coat off. This is my mother Rebecca.”
“Hi, call me Becky.”
“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard good things about you.” An obvious lie, but nobody corrected it. After a few minutes Melanie followed Natalie up to her room and they sat on her bed.
Natalie kissed her. “What happened? Is everything okay down there? How come you haven’t called me back?”

Melanie sighed heavily. “I can’t go home. There were too many people who knew what I did there. I kept having creeps following me and I had one guy break in to my house. I knew I had to get away after that. The videos spread, they closed down the fountain and most people knew why. I came up here to see what this place is like. Maybe I can start over here.”

“That really sucks, but I think you should move up here.” She paused, “I still have the video bookmarked.” She realized how callous that must be. “Sorry, I miss you.” They kissed again, this time there was a hint of passion. A knock on the door interrupted them. Her mother came in, “I made you both peanut butter and jelly, I figured I’d finish them since you two ran up here.” Natalie nodded and took the plate. Her mother was so nosy.

The two girls came down the stairs and went to the door. “Where are you going?” Becky asked.
“I’m going to show her around town. She might be moving up here soon.” They put on their coats.
“Okay, just don’t stay out too late.” After they left Becky tried to get up quietly. Sarah didn’t seem to notice, still watching t.v. She used the opportunity to venture upstairs again. She had overheard the mention of a bookmarked video through the door earlier and she had to see what Natalie was hiding. She had required both kids not to use a password in case of emergencies – and cases like this.

She opened the browser and looked at the bookmarks. Some odd things, but nothing too bad until she noticed one called ‘Fountain Clip.’ She clicked it and watched. Her mouth dropped as she watched her daughter and that other girl being visibly inflated using a public fountain. She certainly didn’t expect anything like this. She was even more shocked to see a related video that looked familiar.

She clicked the link and watched a shorter video – it didn’t show her face, but Becky recognized Natalie’s body and their bathroom. The clip showed her using a hose to inflate her belly. She closed the browser and went to the bathroom. She looked under the counter and found the hose she had used pushed to the back. That is why she had been taking such long showers; it all clicked now! Sick! She held it, thinking. I wonder what that even feels like. A mischievous thought danced through her mind. Maybe I should try this; they won’t be home for a while.

They came back a few minutes later, cautious and quiet. Natalie led the way, avoiding the living room where her mother and sister sat. They crept up the stairs and came to the bathroom. “Someone’s in there.” Natalie heard the water running, but it sounded very faint. She opened the door quietly and peeked in. She saw someone on their hands and knees next to the shower with a hose running into her behind. Natalie looked back quickly and carefully closed the door. “Damn it, Sarah is using my stuff again.”
“Is that a common thing?” Melanie raised an eyebrow.
“She’s done it a couple of times. But, tonight I’ll have some fun with her. Follow me.” They walked slowly to the next door in the hall. She opened the door to a tiny utility closet. Natalie reached up and turned a handle. “This controls the water pressure. Go listen at the door and give me a signal when you hear the water start again. They giggled before she crept to the door.

Becky liked the gentle feeling of water flowing into her. She had a few enemas before, but this was more than she was used to. She had enjoyed anal sex in the past, but never thought of an enema this way. The feeling was quite unique. She leaned forward to rest her shoulders on the towel and brought one hand back to pleasure herself. She began rubbing and she closed her eyes, breathing heavily. Unexpectedly, the water flow stopped. Confused and irritated, she carefully stood up and pushed the handle in the shower higher. Nothing happened. She pressed the handle higher still until the water slowly flowed again. She was so aroused; she didn’t question why the pressure had dropped. Resuming her pose on the towel she began rubbing herself again.

She slid a finger inside and within seconds she began climaxing, quivering with delight. Suddenly, the hose jerked to life and she felt the water surge into her. The pressure causing immediate cramps, she collapsed forward, still climaxing. She moaned loudly, unable to contain the wave of euphoria washing over her. She couldn’t move as more water quickly filled her. Discomfort followed as she felt her tummy expanding. She couldn’t stand; she just laid there, attempting to reach the hose behind her. Her strength had left her, though, and she lazily contorted in agony.

The door flew open. “Mom? What are you doing here?” Becky couldn’t respond, she tried to speak, but she couldn’t think about anything except the torrent entering her. Natalie walked to the shower and turned off the water. Melanie was standing in the doorway, shocked and unable to turn away. Natalie walked to Becky, unsure how to help. “My god!”
“I-I’m. I-I’m sorry to do this in here; it just was something to try. I’m so sorry.” Becky started to cry. “Just let me clean up. P-please, just go.” She rolled to her side, showing her firm, bulging belly. Melanie couldn’t help but notice how soft and smooth her skin looked for being in her mid-thirties. They walked over and helped her to stand.

“I’m going to take the hose out. Just hold it in until you make it to the toilet, okay?” Becky nodded. Natalie grabbed the hose and pulled it carefully. Becky held her breath and braced against the wall as it slid out. She jumped when it exited and moved to the toilet as quickly as she was able. Natalie and Melanie went into the hall and closed the door.

“Well.” Melanie raised her eyebrows.
“Well, I don’t think we’ll be doing that tonight.”
“I should go; I don’t want to have that conversation when she comes out.”
“Please don’t leave, I’ll talk to her and you can stay with me tonight.”
Melanie began to protest, but Natalie reassured her. After a long debate she finally agreed. She went outside to get her overnight bag.

There was a gentle knock at the door. Natalie came in, followed by her mother. Becky’s hair was wet from showering; she was small, but she was buxom. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her night shirt. Melanie tried to ignore her erect nipples.
Becky looked to the ground. “Melanie, I’m sorry you had to see that. Can we keep this whole ordeal between us?”

Melanie felt slight relief.. “Of course. I won’t say a word. I know how fast things spread.”
“Nat told me about how you two met. I… experimented with different things too, and I know how much it means to find someone who accepts you and all of your… kinks.” Melanie was a little nervous that she was so accepting. However, their situation was very unique.

“I see how much Nat loves you and now I see why she’s been so unsatisfied since she’s come home. You can stay here tonight.” She smiled, “goodnight you two.” She nodded and closed the door.
Natalie was a bright shade of red. She looked the part of a bashful girl. “Sorry, my mom is very direct. I hope it doesn’t scare you away. I want you to stay with me.”
“This is a very odd situation,” Melanie couldn’t help but grin, “But, okay, I will. Did you really tell her everything?”
“Most of it. She used to be in adult films, so she’s open to this kind of thing.”
“Oh.” Now Melanie understood why she didn’t shy away from the topic.
“Just try to be open with her. That’s what I do.”

They washed up and lay in bed; it was awkward at first, but eventually they started cuddling. They talked about random small topics and what they’d been doing for the past few months. After a few hours they both fell asleep.

Morning came and they made their way downstairs. Becky was cooking breakfast. They ate with Sarah and made small talk until the obvious question was asked. “Melanie, you’re up here because of what happened with that fountain, right? Why did you have someone record it and post it on the internet if you didn’t want anyone to see it?”
Melanie was taken off guard; she looked to Natalie, “Mom! We didn’t do it by choice.”
“I’m sorry, I thought you all went out there together.”
“We did, but we were blackmailed.” She scowled at Sarah, who smirked. “We all made bad choices, but Melanie’s life shouldn’t have been ruined because of it.”
“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”
Becky noticed Sarah’s mischievous glance. “Did you blackmail them, Sarah?”
“Kind of, it was fun though. Until that jerk double crossed me.”
“So that’s why they recorded you, isn’t it?”
“Totally worth it.”
Becky scowled. “Sarah! You don’t force people to do something against their will!”
“They loved it.”
Natalie broke in, “we didn’t love it; we just wanted it to stop!”
“Not at first, I could tell you two were enjoying being full in public.”
“Well, it wasn’t fun when we got to the fountain, though.”
“Yeah, that was a little too far, but I had kind of good intentions. I just took it too far.”
Natalie sighed. “I did kind of enjoy walking down the sidewalk feeling the water sloshing inside of me.”
Sarah nodded approval. “It’s different. I didn’t like it at first, but the feeling kind of grows on you. Filling up too fast isn’t nice, though.”
“It’s unpleasant, but you want to see how far you can go; so, you don’t mind it much, at least until after you finish.”

There was a short silence. Becky looked to the three girls. “Do you guys want to do it again?” They all looked to each other questioningly. “I know it’s messed up, but we all enjoy it and I think it’s something that we should do together.”
Natalie eyed her suspiciously. “Really?”
“We all like it and it’s not something that should be done alone anyway. We don’t have to hide who we are here, let’s just enjoy it together. We can trust each other not to pass judgment.”
Sarah’s grin widened. “Sure, I’m in, why not?”
Melanie nodded, “Okay, if Natalie will.”
Natalie blushed then nodded and looked down. “This is really weird.” She glanced to Melanie, “Okay, I guess.”

It was awkward the first days, but they eventually became comfortable with their hobby around one another. The following month was spent practicing and expanding their limits. Every few nights they would fill themselves up and then try to hold it while doing common things around the house. They ate dinner like that a few times, watched television, even walked on the treadmill. It turned into a sort of game. They all tried to last the longest. Usually Becky won, but Melanie usually held the most.

The grass became lush and the snow melted. They sat down for dinner as usual, Becky wore a huge grin. “It’s done.” She looked to Melanie, who nodded approvingly.
“What are you talking about?” Natalie’s eyes darted between them.

“Nat, Melanie and I have been working on something for the past month and I think we’re ready to show you two today.”
Sarah cocked her head, just as confused. They ate and Becky handed out simple bikinis to everyone. They all changed in the kitchen and Becky led them into the sunlight. They walked across the backyard, coming to a sturdy wooden patio table and four matching chairs; they sat on a raised platform in the grass.

Becky noted the cautious looks from her daughters. “I know the table is nothing new, but have a seat.” The chairs had their names painted in different colors upon the seat. Natalie noticed a hose leading from the raised platform and leading up the chair’s leg. There was a nozzle peeking between the chair’s slats.
“Interesting,” Sarah grinned.

Becky smiled. “You can guess where those go. I cleaned and lubed them all before you came out.”
Natalie moved her bikini bottom aside and sat upon the nozzle. It was held firmly in place and didn’t budge at all as she sat upon it. The rest of them sat as well. The table had a large grey button in the center, she noticed. “So, the button is connected to the hoses beneath us. When it is pressed one, two, or three of the four hoses will shoot water out. It’s a game of roulette. One person will always get a pass, and it’s random each time. The time is also random; it could go for one second or five”

Sarah didn’t hesitate; she smacked the button and gasped. The sound of the water was audible as it flowed into her. She grimaced until it finished. The rest of them laughed; she was not amused. Sarah smacked the button again and Natalie saw her go rigid as she was filled a second time. Melanie closed her eyes and leaned back. “Oh, that’s nice.”
“This is fucking rigged.” Sarah scowled.
“No, you’re just having bad luck. Just try it again.”
Sarah dropped her fist onto the button. Her expression showed that water into her bowels a third time. Becky and Natalie felt it too.

“I’m done, this is fucking stupid.”
“No, wait, one more,” Becky paused, “please?”
“Last time.” She hit the button. This time Natalie got it. The water pushed into her for a few seconds. She leaned back and giggled, but it was over too quickly.
Becky grinned. “How about the first one to 8 wins?”
“Fine.” Sarah slapped the button again. Melanie gasped and Sarah leaned forward, resting on her elbows. “That’s 4.”
Melanie reached out and pressed it, this time. Natalie felt the water give one quick pulse inside of her. Sarah and Melanie felt it too. “You’re behind, mom.”
“I know, this is nice, though.” She pressed the button and Sarah got it again as well as Melanie. Sarah rested her face in her hands. “Keep going, almost there.”
Natalie laughed. “Can’t take it, sis?”
“Fuck you!” She said it, jokingly.

There was a noise. They all turned their heads to see their neighbor, walking along the wooden fence. He was carrying a box. He opened the fence’s gate and walked closer. “How are you ladies doing today?”

“Good,” Becky sat straighter. “just enjoying the weather.”
He sat the box upon the table without seeing the button. Natalie felt water shoot into her; she watched Becky force a smile and Melanie squirm. Sarah sniggered. “Here are some of our kid’s clothes if you wanted to look through them for Natalie or Sarah.”

Water continued to flow. “Thank you, we’ll go through them later.”
He looked to Melanie. “Hi there, I’m Russel.” He shook her hand.
“Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m just visiting.”
“Oh, what brings you this way?”
The water stream continued. “I-I met these two when they were visiting their dad and I wanted to see where they lived.” Melanie put her hands on her stomach; she rubbed as the flow continued. Becky gave a nervous smile. Natalie leaned back and waited, unable to chime in.
“I see,” he nodded. “Well, I should go finish packing for my trip.“
Sarah stopped him. “Where are you headed to?”
“Oh, I’m going to New York for a week to a researcher’s convention!” He continued to explain the details. Sarah smiled wide and listened. Natalie knew Russel was a talker; she could do nothing but wait and accept the flow of water. At least it wasn’t as powerful as the fountain had been.

Her belly had grown noticeably, as had Melanie’s and Becky’s. Russel didn’t seem to notice as he droned on. Sarah made sure to entice him to continue. A short time passed and Becky finally broke in, “Well, have a great time, we should get inside; it’s starting to get dark.”
Russel smiled, “Oh, sorry to talk your ears off. I’ll see you all in a week, have a good night!”
Becky forced another smile. “It’s okay, have fun! Thanks again.”
When he finally walked out of sight Natalie pushed the box off of the button. “Jesus, he just kept going!”
“I know, he doesn’t know when to quit.” Becky sighed and started to get up.
Sarah grabbed her arm and she halted. “We’re not done, that counted as one!”
“You can’t be serious.” Natalie pointed to her belly, which now looked notably pregnant. It was resting slightly upon her legs. Melanie and Becky both looked similarly full.
“I am serious, we are going to finish or I’m not doing this again.”

Natalie sighed dramatically and pressed the button, Becky grimaced. “What are we up to so far?”
“You’re in first with seven; Melanie and I are at six each and mom is last with five.”
Melanie pressed the button this time. Her face showed her discomfort as her belly rumbled and Becky gasped.
Sarah slapped the button before they could recover. “Oooh! There we go.” Natalie felt it as well.
Sarah pressed it again. Becky put her head in her hands, looking frazzled. “Why me again?”
“Sucks doesn’t it?” Sarah grinned and pressed it again. Becky groaned and Natalie jerked as she felt a surge.
“One more!” Natalie hit the button and felt her final dose. “I win!” Becky looked like she was about to cry and Melanie leaned back again, massaging her stomach. Natalie’s belly grumbled; she rested her hands upon it. “Fuck you Sarah.”
She smiled slightly. “Good game you fat cow.”
“You bitch.”
Becky didn’t say a word; normally she would chime in to break up the argument. She just stood slowly and walked toward the house. The rest of them followed after they vented, carrying their bellies, trying not to be thrown off balance by newly acquired water weight.

The next morning they gathered by the television one by one. Becky arrived last and broke the silence. “I’m sorry.”
Melanie looked up “Sorry?”
“Yes, I shouldn’t have put that thing together.”
“I helped build it too, and I liked it. I mean, the neighbor kind of messed it up, but it was still a good idea.”
Natalie nodded, “I think we should try it again in a few days.”
“How about Friday?” Sarah asked with limited expression.

The day came and they all cleaned the apparatus, put their bikinis on, and sat upon their nozzles. Once they were settled Becky leaned forward and spoke. “So, I think I changed it enough to give a higher volume for a shorter length of time. Plus, I changed it to shut off after five seconds just in case Russel has anymore boxes for us.” She smiled at the girls.

Sarah slapped the button without warning. Natalie felt a rumble as air entered her backside followed by a rush of water. She gasped and braced herself upon the table until it finished. Sarah grinned wickedly. “Feeling a little full, sis?” She hit the button again, causing another rush to enter her sister’s bowels. Natalie closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, waiting for the sensation to subside. Sarah pressed the button again and stared into Natalie’s eyes. She held her stare as a third blast filled her. She panted after it finished. “Still want to continue, big sis?”

Natalie scowled and pressed the button in defiance. This one also was directed to her. She whimpered, gazing down to notice her belly was swollen with added water weight. She was a little larger than she had been at the end of their last game. Sarah grinned and the other two looked uncertain. “Why is it only doing it to me?”

Sarah gave mock sympathy, “I can’t believe it would do that. Let’s try it again to check.” She pressed the button firmly. Air and water roiled as it flowed into Natalie again. She tensed, waiting for the end of the cycle. “Golly, you’re right! This must be broken” Sarah held up her phone, which had already been dialing, “Hi, Russel, it’s Sarah. Mind coming to our backyard for a moment? Thanks!” She slid her phone back into her bikini bottom, reveling in their confusion. She pressed the button in the center of the table again and watched Natalie squirm.

Natalie couldn’t get up in time; she noticed their neighbor coming around the corner, grinning widely. “Hi, what can I do for you lovely young ladies today?”

Sarah smiled back, “I was just wondering if you knew anything about cars. Mom said her car is making a weird sound from the back end and we couldn’t figure it out.” She subtly pressed the button again as she spoke. Natalie felt another jet. She winced as she tried to mask the discomfort. Russel was quick to give answers to her vague description. Sarah told him just enough to string him along, pressing the button when he wouldn’t notice. After five or six times Natalie’s belly was noticeable, but luckily Russel had his back turned, facing her sister.

Sarah gave her a quick glance before sneaking her hand over to press the button again. Melanie and Becky attempted to halt the conversation at a few points, but Sarah asked other questions and feigned ignorance. Russel was oblivious to Sarah’s true motives. Finally, after a few more doses, she nodded and she said something about the brakes, as if she finally understood all he had said. He nodded and offered to take a look at it. Sarah agreed, but said to wait until tomorrow. He took a few steps back before turning to say goodbye. His eyes went wide at the sight of Natalie’s humongous belly, which appeared to be heavily pregnant.

“Uh, are you okay?” He looked to Becky and then back to Natalie. Sweat rolled down Natalie’s forehead as she nodded. Sarah pressed the button one more time as she propelled herself upward, using the distraction to slip off of her nozzle.

She walked over and touched his arm, leading him away. “She is retaining some water, is all. She is kind of self-conscious about it. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it when you first came over.” He looked back at her and nervously waved to them. “Is that normal?” Sarah said more, but Natalie couldn’t focus anymore. Once they were out of sight her Mom and Melanie got up and helped her stand. They walked her slowly inside; her belly swaying as she waddled in. She was used to the high volume, so it didn’t bother her as much as she had thought it would. She felt drained as she entered the bathroom.

The next day Natalie walked slowly downstairs, still feeling weak. She sat down for breakfast. Rebecca and Melanie watched uncertainly. Sarah smiled, “So, did you get your fill?”

“You know, I’m not even upset with you. I kind of liked that.” Natalie grinned widely.
Sarah’s smile faded, “You would, you whore.”
“Sarah, do not talk to your sister like that!”
She nodded, “Sorry, I-I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Rebecca looked to each of them. “I think we need stop for a while.”
Melanie agreed, “Yeah, I think this might have gone a bit too far this time.”

Natalie was too tired protest. But, she knew that such a unique fetish wouldn’t just disappear. It would only be a matter of time before one of them wanted it again. There was no turning back at this point.