Packing Miss Pauling


There were four others contestants who were double fisting hotdogs, chowing down as if their lives depended on it. Miss Pauling took her first bite, feeling it slide down into her belly. Then, as expected, she felt the odd sensation of the Engineer’s portal device in her midsection. The pill he had her swallow was designed to remove the hot dogs as fast as she could eat them. She continued munching them, feeling warmth inside of her with each one teleported away. It took only a few moments before she realized something was wrong. Concern struck her as she realized that her stomach’s contents weren’t vanishing. “That dummy must have it backwards.” She said quietly.

Frozen, she could feel more weight being added to her belly. She dropped her hot dog and searched the crowd frantically. Engie grinned like a fool, giving her thumbs up. She couldn’t stop the contest, as it was cover for their current assignment. She looked at the stack of hotdogs in front of her, feeling more objects forming in her stomach. Seeing the mountain of prepared hotdogs beside them, Pauling guessed that he had reversed the polarity. Instead of removing the food it moved the stockpile into her, one hotdog at a time. Her belly grumbled as she tried to keep calm, taking a small bite out of the wiener upon the plate.

“Ohh no, this is not good.” She mumbled, trying to ignore the food appearing in various locations inside her. The portal that had opened in her gut was blocking their exit as well. With no relief in sight, she sat the hotdog down and raised a hand. “I’m out, I’m done! Too much for me, thanks.” She slid the chair back and stood, her belly swelled beneath her sweater, pressing above her belt. She breathed heavily as she stumbled off of the stage.

She saw the reserve pile of food slowly dwindling, but she had to take her time searching for the portal device. She subtly moved to the platter and saw the small portal device beaming up every few seconds. Within moments, the food vanished and another hovered into place. She attempted to slide it free, but it was too heavy with all of the hotdogs stacked on and around it. Her belly detested as she gathered her thoughts.

She paused to take an urgent call about a contract; she kept her calm demeanor and explained the situation. Once finished, she gave up on removing the device and shuffled toward the Engineer. The man in overalls wore a hardhat, grinning as she pushed through the crowd. His smile faded once he saw her growing belly peeking from beneath her blouse. Without a word, Miss Pauling grabbed his arm, shuffling heavily through the crowd with the man in tow. They stepped into a storage room where no one appeared to be around.

“Stop this now!”
“But you said you wanted to teleport them into your belly.”
“Out! I said out of my belly!”
“No, I certainly remember that you said into.”
“No! I mean, I meant out! Why would I want more in me?”
“You told me not to ask about it, so I did exactly as you said.”
“Ugh! Can you stop this contraption or not?” She retched as another wiener entered her belly.
“I have to remove the other portal manually.” He pulled out his wrench. “Give me a minute and I’ll have it sending them back to the plate where they were prepared!” Engie charged out of the door, leaving her to deal with the discomfort of having hotdogs and their buns teleported into her stomach.

She unbuckled her belt and slid it off, seeing her distended gut hanging obviously past her blouse and skirt. Knowing there was no chance in hiding her ungainly appearance, she decided to remove her clothes and wait for the man in her underwear. Her off white bra and panties didn’t cover as much as she would like, but they allowed her to expand far more freely. “Why do I do this to myself? I knew I should’ve gone with clown costume!” Her belly gurgled in time with the thought.

Time passed and her belly continued expanding. She looked heavily pregnant as she sat in an old wooden chair, waiting for the man’s return. It seemed like an eternity when the door opened again. She leveled her pistol at the man, relieved it was Engie, back again. He stopped, mouth-hanging open at the sight of the pregnant woman sitting in her undergarments.

“Never seen tits before? Why didn’t it stop?”
“I-I couldn’t fix whatever was wrong.” He started intently at her covered breasts.
“Engie, focus! What was wrong with the teleporter? I don’t want any more food in me or I’m going to pop!” The engineer stammered, still unable to clear his mind of the nearly naked woman before him. Pauling leaned forward and slapped his arm. “Listen!”

Suddenly, the man’s disguise faded. An enemy spy stood before her, stunned by the abrupt discovery. Pauling trained a pistol she had hidden in her bra at the spy’s head. “What did you do with my engineer?” A pain and grumbling in her belly caused her to falter, allowing an opportunity for the man to swipe her pistol and point his own at her chest.

“Your man is gone. Now tell me why you are here.”
“Ugh! I won’t say a word, you jerk!”
The spy drew his knife and traced the point down her chest, stopping at the bra’s fabric. “I have ways of making you talk.” He cut the bra open, causing her formed breasts to pop out like a children’s book. The man, still holding the gun in his off hand, used the knife to cut the two sides of Pauling’s panties.

“You won’t get me to say a word you pompous, ski-masked wearing, dope!”

“Oh, but I think you shall.” He unzipped his slacks and fished his organ from his boxers. He stepped closer, sheathing the knife and pressing the gun against her head. “Don’t bite or I will be forced to ruin your pretty hair.”

Her green eyes showed defiance, but she nodded with understanding. “Just hurry up, you creep.” She leaned forward with her mouth open as the chair creaked. There was a cracking sound as the chair tilted. The chair buckled beneath her, dropping her onto the floor as the splintered wood launched outward. Unharmed, Pauling took a moment before she slowly moved onto her knees. “Well that wasn’t very flattering.”

The spy shook his organ with his free hand, offering it into her mouth. Pauling put out her tongue and he sat his cock upon it before pressing it forward. Breathing heavily as he enjoyed the warmth, he stepped forward, going deeper. Miss Pauling took it entirely, making no complaint as it slid into her throat. She put a hand up to feel the bulge on her neck as he pressed down.

“You do have many skills, but I will not stop until you tell me why you are here!” He drew back and slammed his organ into her open mouth. Her resentful eyes pinched closed as he did, drool running down her chin as she sputtered. He increased the pace, leaning her upper body backwards slightly with each thrust. Her belly still swelled, growing as hotdogs continued teleporting into her. He straddled her big belly by this point, pounding her throat as she gagged.

He stepped back, finally allowing her to catch her breath, his cock glistening with her saliva. “Ready to talk now?”
“Not even close.”
“Suit yourself.” He pinched her tit roughly before grabbing her shoulder and flipping her over, pushing her onto her hands and knees. Her belly rested upon the floor as he circled behind her. She felt the wet tip of his cock prodding between her legs. Suddenly the objects stopped teleporting into her. With the portal closed, the contents of her belly settled, nestling wherever they could in the cramped stomach and large intestine. It was a short victory, as she felt the spy’s shaft pressing into her unexpecting butthole. “That’s my ass! My ass!”

“I know. I don’t want to make this pleasant for you, do I?” He spoke calmly, now assured that this would break her.
“Don’t you have any manners? You don’t just go straight to the ass, no matter what!”
The spy scoffed as he pressed in. “I feel something soft in here.”
“Ugh, you don’t have to pack it in there!”
“Then talk!”

She grumbled, painfully accepting his cock in her over-filled ass. Putting his gun upon the table behind them, he held her hips and pounded her. Her belly wobbled, audibly detesting as he forced the food deeper into her system. She felt sick, but they were packed so tightly she couldn’t throw-up. He shifted side to side, working his organ slightly deeper. Her springy butt was flattened against him as he held her in place.

He pulled back, leaving just the tip inside. “Tell me why you are here!”
Building up enough willpower, Pauling pressed backwards, forcing his long member into her rump. She tensed as she pulled away, gasping in agony. This had the desired effect, as the spy grunted angrily and started pounding her ass. She waited in place as the man hurriedly pumped her.

“Oh no, oh no, oh god, don’t, just stop.” She said quickly, in time with his thrusts.

He moaned as he bottomed out and released his juice into her ass. He lay upon her, his dick pushed into her ass, still shooting as he lay motionless against her.

It was painful, but she was a professional. She pushed back, knocking the weak man to the floor. She spun around more easily than expected with her size and grabbed the gun from the table.

The man was shocked, his pants around his ankles. Miss Pauling crawled closer and put her lips upon his still erect cock, not caring where it had just been. She pressed her head all the way to the base before sliding back up. She watched him intently as she did, making sure he didn’t try to gain the upper hand again. He was in no state to fight, whimpering at the overwhelming pleasure on his extremely sensitive cock.

Miss Pauling knew she should stop, but a girl has to enjoy herself a little. She crawled upon him, her large belly pinning him against the floor. She moved her hips until she felt the warmth of his shaft between her legs. Unable to guide it with her hands, it took a few attempts to line herself up. After the tip, however, her pussy ate his entire shaft hungrily. She tossed the gun to the corner of the room and put her hands upon his wrists. The smooth man’s face twisted in agony.

“No, it’s too much!”
“What, can’t handle a woman? You can’t just leave me hanging!” Grinding her hips, the man beneath her made sad sounds as he tried to tolerate the overpowering excitement, she laughed. “I’ll get you to cum again whether you want to or not!”

Her belly grumbled, smashed between them as she continued humping him. Pauling could feel orgasm approaching, she bit her lip and moved her arms to the man’s shoulders. He put his hands on her hips and started to thrust on his own again. She looked into his eyes, and felt her face flush. The man’s face went from discomfort to uncontrollable pleasure. She felt his throbbing cock release another stream of cum into her shaking pussy. This caused her to convulse atop him, her entire body shaking with satisfaction.

Panting, she rolled heavily onto her back. They laid motionless for a time until the spy stood shakily and pulled his pants up. He moved in the direction of the gun she threw.
“Nope.” He turned to see the heavily inflated woman resting on her side, holding a small gun with two stacked barrels. “You’re going to sit down. If you try to vanish then I’ll have them charge the place.”
“This place has been surrounded the whole time.”
“And where were you hiding that pistol?”
“Beneath the table. I was expecting you to be civilized, but that was there juuust in case.” Miss Pauling smiled deviously. “I’m kind of glad you didn’t though, that was one of the best orgasms of my life!”

The spy sat, watching the woman heavily rise and start dressing with one hand. “So, you were planning this the whole time?”
“Well, I wasn’t planning on the portal to mess up, but I just had to deal with it. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get you, but I knew I could do it.”
“And what about… you know?” He gestured to her lower region, closing and opening his hand quickly, in the gesture of an explosion.
“What? Oh. How you popped inside me?” She rubbed her distended belly as she spoke. “Well, I do have ways to stop it, but I think I might just see what happens. I mean, maybe I’d get some time off if that happened. Plus the scout would finally leave me alone.”

“What about me?”
She came back to reality. “You? Oh, you’re going to get killed, tortured, set on fire, and maybe even thrown in a shallow grave. Not in that order, of course!” She smiled, “I’m sure they’ll find another spy to take your place, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” She awkwardly slipped her top on, leaving her undergarments on the floor. “Honestly, it’s up to the Administrator, but if you tell her what you did to me then it will be bad for you, I guarantee it. She has a soft spot for me in that cold, black heart.”

She called over a nearby radio and the opposite team came in to collect the captured man. Scout came over and put a hand on her shoulder as he stared at her belly. “What happened to you?”

Pauling shrugged his arm aside. “I lost the eating contest.”