The Conference


The meeting is tonight and I have no idea how to get our kids back. She had talked with Hank and realized the evidence was stacked against them. Nothing to do now but hope for a miracle. We’re good parents who made a few stupid choices, hopefully they’ll see that somehow. It was late morning when Betty walked to the mailbox. She retrieved the parcels and turned to head back inside. A noise caught her attention; Adam stood beside their house, beckoning her closer.

“You said you’d play nice! What are you doing here?”
“I couldn’t help it. I figured we were both off today and I won’t be long.”
“I can’t deal with this today. My husband is inside and the neighbors are nosey! Just go home and I’ll be at work with you tomorrow, okay?”
Adam lifted her shirt to rub her pregnant tummy. “No, I think we’re going to do it right now.” He moved a hand higher, finding she had no bra on. He pinched her nipple, causing her to pull back and hold her breast.

He is just bored and wants to see me suffer. This has to stop. “Just… We need to find some place private, okay?”
“Fine, but you better hurry.” He patted his cargo shorts pocket. “Fruit is waiting for your butt.”

Betty huffed as she rubbed the bridge of her nose, thinking. Where is a secluded area that I can allow this pervert to stuff fruit up my ass without Hank finding out? She walked with him around the house and brought him into the detached garage. We use it for storage because it is so small. She closed the side door and slipped her pajama shorts low enough to give him a complete view of her ass. There are big, open windows on the garage door, but it’s better than being outside. Even if someone did walk by they would have to be right against the window to see what we are doing.

He spit on the miniature orange from his pocket. “Before you ask, I did wash them.”
Betty nodded as she spread herself. “Thank you.” He pressed it against her tight asshole and worked it back and forth. “I’m still healing from last night, please be gentle.” It hurt as expected, but at least the object wasn’t very large and it entered smoothly. “How many are there?”

“Only four.” He took out another and lubricated it, popping it in easily. Betty grunted as she continued to hold her cheeks apart. “Time for number three!” The boy giggled as he forcefully pushed the next one into her bowels. It pressed the others deeper, causing her to groan and step forward. He barely hesitated before the fourth item was parting her asshole. It’s bigger!

He pushed hard and watched her asshole gobble it up. “That was a just a lemon, calm down.” The one pushed the others aside, fitting them snugly in her rectum. Adam slid his shorts down just below his balls and shuffled behind her. Betty stopped him and turned to suck him for a moment before standing up and bending down. The anxious boy slipped his wet cock in between her legs. She reached back and directed him to her pussy.

He pushed until he was in completely. Betty groaned as his thrusts jostled the fruit inside her. She arose as he pounded her, pressing against the garage door. She gasped as she spied Hank approaching. Her mind raced as her husband tilted his head in confusion. “What are you doing?”

Her belly shook as the boy lightly fucked her; she kept her upper body mostly motionless as he did. She could hear reasonably well through the thin door. She tilted her head low to hide her face as she whispered for Adam to be quiet.

“Almost there.” Adam reassured her quietly.

Betty looked at Hank again. “I’m just looking for the tree trimmers.” She animatedly glanced to each side of the window, acting as if she was looking outside.
“They should be in there.” He started around the side to the walk-in door.
“No, wait,” she looked behind her, making sure to obscure the boy behind her. “I think I see them.”
Hank paused. “Want some help?”
The boy behind Betty whimpered as he unloaded into her. “No, I’ll be fine.” Pulses of his juice slowly filled her.
“Come on, you’re pregnant! I can’t make you do that.” Hank smiled, stepping around to come inside. Adam’s sticky shaft rubbed against her leg as he pulled out.

Betty shoved Adam toward a stack of bins in the corner. “Hide!” She whispered urgently.

Adam just got out of sight as Hank stepped through the door. “They’re right there! You’re just as spacey as you were with our other kids.” He pointed to the trimmers leaning against the back wall, right next to Adam’s hiding spot. His eyes cast to the floor. He misses them so much. He tore himself from the errant thought. “Why are you out here in your pajamas?” He questioned as he walked toward the tree pruners.

“Oh, you’re right.” She distracted him. “I want to do it, but I’ll get dressed first. It’s just a few twigs, nothing big, I promise.”
“Okay.” His eyes dropped as he turned. She looked down to see a large wet spot on her thin pajama shorts. “Are you? Isn’t it too soon for the baby?”
“Oh… It’s not that… I just- I just am excited to see you.” Adam’s sperm… and the four pieces of fruit in my ass might be making me a little wet too. “Want to fuck?”

“Out here?”
“Sure, it’s spontaneous!” She rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. She slipped her hand down the front and began stroking his cock. Hank grinned as he pulled her shorts down and unzipped his pants. She maneuvered his rod through the opening and pulled her hand free. His dick was nearly double the size of Adam’s. I’m so drained, but I have to so he will go back inside. She knew she was wet enough, so she lifted her leg and ushered him inside. It was a constant struggle to keep the fruit from plopping onto the floor.

Betty fought to hide her discomfort as she endured his member pressing into her. The fruit in her ass wouldn’t bother her so much if she had healed for a few days. The next encounter has to be the last. She spied the boy’s head peering around the bins. She locked eyes with him as Hank thrust inside. She was too sore to enjoy it and orgasm was nowhere close for her. She waited patiently, feigning interest as her husband fucked her. He held her leg up as he pressed her back against the garage door. There were audible thumps as he relentlessly pressed in and out. Minutes of discomfort passed before he finally reached completion. His seed mixed with the boy’s and after a moment he slid out, smiling from ear to ear.

She smiled, glad it was over. He kissed her and thanked her as he zipped up and went back inside. Adam stepped out as the coast was clear. “Man, you are such a slut. Maybe I should tell him he had sloppy seconds.”

“Adam, if I get caught then it will ruin my life.” She paused for effect, “I’m a pregnant mother who has two children that are forced to live with my sister. My husband only works every couple of months and I work a minimum wage job. If you get me caught then I will get fired, my kids will be taken away and I will get divorced. Do you really want that?”

“Why should I care? Do what I say and none of that will happen, bitch! See you tomorrow.” He left her, full and used. That little shit! Betty decided to go inside to remove the fruit. Luckily Hank had planted himself in the living room. She went to the bathroom and shakily removed the objects in her backside.

Jack found Jason by his locker. It has been a while since I’ve talked to him. I haven’t had enough time to play the games he brought me so I kind of lost interest. “Hey, are you still… with my mom?”
“Well, I didn’t yesterday because I was sick, but yeah. I think she just wants to… I mean, do you still want games? I mean, since I haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks I figured…”
“It’s okay, I was just wondering.” I need to end it.
“Oh, good. I think Adam is making her miserable, though.”
“Who is Adam?” Jason explained the predicament in his awkward way. How Adam would ruin their fun. How he bragged about forcing lemons into her butt while people were around.

Jack stormed away – too angry to listen anymore. He walked outside and tried to calm himself. The school day was finished and he knew the family conference was only a few hours away. He started home before he recalled Ashley’s favor. He walked to another entrance and noticed the older woman waiting on the nearby bench. “Irene?”

She looked up, puzzled. “Yes, who are you?”
“I’m a friend of Ashley’s.”
The woman smiled. She had a big nose, but her brown eyes were entrancing. Jack could also see that her body, while slender, still had an amazing form. I need to command her to have a better life, but I need to figure out what she wants first. He sat down, trying to put the situation with Adam to the back of his mind. “What would make you happy?”

He urged her to answer. Her smile faded as she thought. “Well, now that Ken is away for the foreseeable future… I have no job and I’m probably not going to find anything else since they caught us… I don’t know. I wanted kids until I focused on my career. Now I’m too old for both.”

Jack contemplated how to direct the woman. His mind kept returning to the thought of his mother having fruit forced up her ass by someone. That little prick! Jack had commanded her to accept that from Jason once, but this kid is going too far!Why the hell would she let him do it, anyway? His mind returned to the situation at hand. Irene needs a better life and I have to help her somehow.

Before I would have given her a baby myself, but I’m not going to be that selfish now. He had to avert his eyes from her long, muscular legs. He touched the command rod in his pocket. “What is your dream?”

She gently smiled. “Oh, well, I always wanted to be a photographer.”
“I command you to get a job you don’t mind and save up to buy a camera and then pursue your dream. Be more confident and find a good boyfriend that wants kids.” Jack felt good about helping someone. I need to be more responsible with this. I have a second chance now.

Jack’s thoughts derailed as he spied Jake and Ashley walking through the doorway accompanied by another girl. The boy slapped Ashley’s ass. She turned and held up her hands. “Not in public, Jake!”
The other girl laughed. “Well then you shouldn’t be shaking that fine ass in front of him!” She kept her volume down, but Jack and probably a couple of other kids in the close vicinity heard.

“Fuck me!” Jack mumbled a few swear words as he marched toward the group. Ashley demanded that they stop. Jake turned right as Jack punched him in the kidney. The older boy took a few steps back, feeling more surprise than pain. “What the hell?”

Jack tried to hit him again, but the jock easily caught his arm and bent his wrist. “Leave her alone, asshole!”
“Stop, Jack!” Ashley spoke sternly. “He is just being a creep like usual.”
Jack turned to her, confused. “You mean he’s done this to you before? He’s going out with Karen, why the hell didn’t you tell me he does this?”
“Cause she’s keeping his dirty little seeecret.” The girl accompanying them smiled knowingly.
Jake gave her a narrow eyed glance. “You’re not helping, Candice.”
“I know.” She smiled as she shrugged.
“What is she talking about, Ashley?”
“It’s nothing, Jack, just leave it alone.” He touched the command rod and forced her to answer. Ashley looked to the ground whispering sheepishly. “He’s the guy who kept peeing in my butt.”
Jack’s expression went to confusion, then revulsion, then anger. “This fuck-head? He did it multiple times?”
Jake glared. “Well, I guess this bitch isn’t shy anymore.”
Ashley nodded to Jack. “I wanted it then, but then I realized it was wrong!”
Jake stepped closer, holding up a finger. “Look, kid, just stay out of this. What she does with me is our business.”

Jack’s mind was swimming. My mom is forced to take food in her ass, my friend had a complete jerk using her ass as a toilet, and my sister is doing god-knows-what with that fucker! Jack used all of his restraint to keep from punching the snide pretty-boy in the jaw. His face flushed and he took out the command rod. “Jake I want you to-“


Ashley caught him before he could make a command. He passed her the rod without restraint. The other two raised an eyebrow as Ashley slipped the plain black object into her pocket. I don’t want him to be mad, but I understand why. I’m a slut, but this shows he actually cares about me. Jake stared at the boy as an irritant. I can’t have them getting into a fight here. Jack is going to get himself hurt. She contemplated what the best option would be in this situation. “Jake, I command you to get into an argument with Karen and leave her.”

She thought about the other two. “Candice, go get fucked like a dog.” Karen spoke dismissively. I don’t know who she’ll fuck, and I know how petty that is, but I just hate that bitch. The girl turned and left without another word. “Jack, I want you to…” Her mind danced with ideas. I could command him to love me, but that seems so cruel. I don’t want to remove his free thinking, but I guess he doesn’t mind doing that to everyone else. I know he’s just an asshole like all the rest, but I can’t stop thinking about him. What is wrong with me?

She was drawn from her thoughts by Mr. Hale’s ex-wife watching them. Crap, what did he command her to do? Ashley waited for her to approach. “Are you kids okay?” The scene was certainly odd – a bunch of kids arguing before they all stopped suddenly, staring blankly as Ashley doled out orders. She wasn’t sure how much the woman had overheard.

“Irene! Sorry I didn’t meet you earlier. What did Jack tell you to do?” She still held the rod.
“He said fuck me.”

That horny bastard! He just can’t do something nice for anyone! I can’t trust him with this! “Forget he said that.” She could see a teacher approaching. “Uh, just forget Ken and go after your true calling.” She knew it wasn’t a proper command, but it would have to work for now. I’ll find her later and make sure it’s working out.

The older man stepped close enough and asked if there was a problem. “No, we were just arguing, but it’s okay now. Say it’s okay, you two.” Jake and Jack agreed. “Don’t fight.” She slipped in the last command and they nodded.

“Well, you should go home now, okay?”
“We were just about to do that. Yeah, go visit Karen, Jake. Come on, Jack.” Ashley passed close to Irene again, whispering. “Go home and relax.”

Once they were far enough down the sidewalk, they stopped and looked at each other. “Jack, I command you to go to the family conference tonight and tell them that you were going through a rough phase and you plan to get better.” She knew how risky it would be to go without the command rod, but she could only imagine the damage he could do if he had it. “Forget about the command rod tonight.”

She let go of the metal in her pocket. “Let me know how it goes tonight, okay?”

Jack and Karen were a bundle of nerves as they sat in the backseat of their aunt and uncle’s car. They came to a stop and went inside. Jack was glad to be home after so long. They stepped into the living room and found chairs amongst the small crowd. The two officers that found them, Principal Hyun, Betty, Hank, and the Social Services worker all sat watching their entrance.

Their caseworker was a short, stocky woman. Large breasts dominated the upper half of her body, while short, slender legs gave her a very top-heavy appearance. Her chubby face was pretty, but stern. Her shoulder-length brown hair framed her wide, caring features. She looked all business at the moment, however. She gave a fake smile as she spoke. “Hello, my name is Alma, and now that everyone is here, I will be asking a few questions to determine where to proceed with the Olsen family.”

The woman asked countless questions. She discerned from the police officers that they found both Jack and Karen visibly having sex with their parents after they were investigating an argument. Betty argued, but the statement of two officers easily trumped her. Alma stated that they could not perform a paternity test on Betty, as DNA from father and son would be too similar. They did perform a test on Karen. The results came back showing Hank as the father.

Steph shook her head, “Hank, how could you?”

The two officers stepped closer and placed handcuffs on him. They placed him under arrest and read his rights. One of them led him outside to mixed reactions. Betty and Karen pleaded not to take him. Once they left, Alma corralled them back to their seats.

“I understand this is tough, but we need to finish.” The woman’s jaw set. “Jack, how many times have you had sex with your mother?”
“Uh, n-never.” Jack knew that one mistake would mean she would be arrested too.
“A police officer saw you, Jack.”
The uniformed man spoke, “I saw you both naked and together, and there is no other explanation.”
Tears welled in Jack’s eyes. “I wasn’t doing that… You saw something else.”
“It was only once!” Betty broke in. She knew immediately that she had said too much.

They stopped the questions. The police officer stepped closer and put handcuffs on Betty, there was mostly silence this time, silence and tears. Their principal shook her head and Stephanie scoffed as her sister passed in front of her.

Alma sighed deeply, shaking her head. “I am sorry that you both were forced to experience that. I’m sorry that they did those things to you. Now we shall discuss more permanent housing.”

Hank sighed and Steph rolled her eyes as they looked to one another. “We’ll take them.”

The rest of the encounter seemed like a blur. I should have planned better, I shouldn’t have done it. I can’t believe this is happening. Karen cried softly as Jack approached Alma. “It was just a mistake. We can change.”

“You will, now those monsters won’t be able to hurt you anymore.”
Monsters?! They’re my fucking parents. I love them more than anything in the world! “You bitch, why can’t you let me stay with my parents? It was a fucking mistake and all you have to do is say we should stay together. Please don’t take them away!”

“It’s okay, this is for the best.” Hank tried to console them.
“Yeah, we won’t try anything like that.” Stephanie declared. “We’re not sick fucks like them.” She muttered under her breath just barely too loud.
Jack punched the wall. He nearly called his aunt a dirty bitch that seemed to love the enema last night, but he restrained himself. Everyone is against me.

Relative Hatred


Ashley stepped out of the school. She was enjoying the warm spring day when she noticed Irene, Mr. Hale’s ex-wife, sitting on a bench near the door. The older woman was not exactly pretty, but she certainly had a fit physique.

Curious, she joined her. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah.” She gave a melancholy smile. “I just heard that Ken got thrown into jail. I bet that was your doing.” Ashley confirmed her suspicions. “Well, thank you, but I’m sad to say that I actually miss that asshole. The sentencing is happening next week. He’s taking a plea deal, but his lawyer is certain he will see a minimum of seven years in prison.”

Ashley felt terrible. Even though the man was guilty, she knew the full truth. “What about you? Why don’t you just cut ties and get away from him?”
“I don’t have a job now, so I can’t afford to skip town. Besides, I’m drawn to him for some reason.” She shook her head. “I just hope I’ll get over him.”

“I think it will.” I’m going to make you get away from that man. Jack said I could get the rod back whenever I needed it. “Meet me here tomorrow after school and I can help you, I promise.”

She stopped at Jack’s place and let herself in. Karen sat at the table doing homework without any clothes on. Ashley immediately turned her head. “Uh, sorry, I should have knocked.” Her eyes slowly gravitated back to the naked girl sitting comfortably at the table.
“It’s okay, I just like to be unrestricted when I’m at home.” She stood, giving Ashley an amazing view of her swollen breasts and taught belly as she bent forward to grab her shorts.
Ashley held out her hand. “It’s okay. You don’t need to get dressed for me. I was just looking for Jack.”
“He’s upstairs.” She plopped back into her chair, her heavy body shaking beautifully before springing back into place.

Ashley headed up and knocked on Jack’s door. “Did you know your sister is naked downstairs?” She entered.
“Yeah, she likes to be nude until just before my aunt and uncle get home. I don’t mind.”
“So, you two…” Jack gave a skeptical glance. “You two do it?”
Jack sighed. “Yeah, we have, but it’s only for fun. I don’t like my sister like that.”
She gave an overly dumfounded look. “You don’t like her like that; you just have sex with her?”
Jack nodded, oblivious to her meaning.

He’s a horny teenaged boy with lacking morals. “Nevermind. I need the rod back for a little bit tomorrow.”
“I can’t. The family conference is tomorrow.”
“Crap, I forgot about that. Could you do me a favor at least?”
“I guess, sure.”
“So, Mr. Hale’s wife is going to be at the school tomorrow. Can you command her to forget her husband, move away, and find a job she enjoys? Just get her to do something nice with her life.”
“Why does it matter?”
“Please, Jack? After all the pain you’ve caused, she should at least get a happy ending.”
“Fine, I’ll find her before I head to the meeting. I’ll tell you how it goes, okay?”

She thanked him and gave him details before heading back downstairs. Karen was leaning back in the chair with her legs spread as she rubbed her eyes. She sat up as Ashley stepped off the stairs. “Sorry, I’m just tired.” She said amidst a yawn, closing her legs. “This baby takes a lot out of me.”
“I bet. How are you doing, by the way?” Ashley stepped to the table, trying not to stare at the girl’s milk filled boobs.
“I’m okay, I am worried about tomorrow and I have a lot of homework, but I know Jack will figure something out. He says he has a plan and for some reason I trust him.”
Nodding, Ashley smiled. “He will. How are things between you and Jake?”
“They’re good. He’s going to be a great dad.”
Ashley gave a sideways look. “Nothing happened recently?”
“No. I mean… he is a lot to handle, but he’s a good guy.”
How wrong you are, you poor fool. “Well, I’m glad to hear it.” I can’t believe a threesome with Candice wouldn’t deter her. That girl is obnoxious!

Jack was anxious, knowing the group conference would take place tomorrow night after school. He lay in bed antsy, thinking of one sure-fire way to blow off steam. He went into the hall and opened his sister’s door. Karen sat topless upon the bed. She started to cover up until she saw it was him. “Nervous about tomorrow?” Jack nodded as he sat on the bed. “Me too… Here to fuck?”

Jack appreciated their new relationship. He didn’t hesitate, kissing her, lying her backward before slipping her panties off. He removed his pajama bottoms and crawled over her, jabbing between her open legs. “Careful!” She spread herself and guided him in. “Just barge right in there, why don’t ya?” He held himself above her pregnant tummy as he entered. He pushed in and out slowly, becoming wetter each time.

There was a light knock upon the door. They both froze in panic. “Quick, get under the covers!” She pushed him aside and pulled the covers over them both. She quickly placed a few pillows closer to hide his form. “Come in.”
Their aunt stepped in after a short wait. “Have you seen Jack, did he sneak out?” She didn’t seem to pay any mind to the pile of pillows next to her.

Carefully, Jack tugged her hips. Karen, fearful of being caught, rolled onto her side as she spoke. “Nope, haven’t seen him for a while.” She felt his wet shaft in between her cheeks. Luckily, Stephanie didn’t notice the pillows move. Karen tensed as she felt the tip move between her cheeks. He got lucky and began parting her asshole. She moved a hand to hold him back, but she had to be subtle as their aunt watched her. Jack did not care, as he pushed farther, sliding deeper with the greatest of ease. The pain was immense, as Karen fought to hide her wince and appear normal above the sheets.

“Are you okay?” Steph questioned as she held a hand on her forehead. “You’re pretty warm and you’re sweating.”
“I’m fine, I just need to rest for a while!” Karen spoke with urgency. Jack ignored her situation, pressing more and more until he reached the end. She groaned in discomfort, distressed by the overwhelming pain of his sudden entry.

“Come on, tell me what’s wrong.”
“It’s just my belly. Something to do with the pregnancy I’m sure.”
Steph appeared resentful, but accepted the answer as she turned to leave. “Well, if you need anything let me know.”

A pain came suddenly as Jack drew back and rammed his way back into her butt. Turning back, their aunt’s confused expression turned to revolt as she lifted the blanket to inspect the movement. Jack reached forward and grabbed Karen’s heavy breast as he continued pounding his way to orgasm.
“Stop it!” Stephanie yelled, watching her niece and nephew fucking without regard. She attempted to pull them apart, but Jack had a firm hold upon his gasping sister.

Jack ignored his aunt’s complaints as he pushed in and stopped, balls deep. Karen let out a pained gasp. Jack began moaning as he pulsed in her tight backside. Stephanie continued yelling at them as she watched Jack filling his sister’s ass. He simply smiled at her, lost in the euphoria. After finishing, he crawled over Karen to retrieve his pajama pants. He fished the command rod out of the pocket. “Be quiet, Steph.” She silenced. Jack sat upon the bed, rubbing his sister’s belly.
“How did you get her to stop?” Karen wondered.
He ignored the question. “Do you still enjoy enemas, Karen?”

How does he know about that? “Uh, yeah, but I can’t do it while I’m pregnant; I read it’s dangerous. How did you…”
Jack held up a hand. “How about her?” Karen was confused. “Steph, take off your clothes. Karen, bring her to the bathroom.” Once they made sure the coast was clear, they moved into the adjacent bathroom and Jack commanded his sister the take off the shower head. “Steph, put that into your butt and let Karen fill you up. Be honest and tell us what you think about this.” He loved hearing her suffering.

“Ooh, it feels kind of nice. Keep going.” Stephanie put her hand between her legs as Karen pushed the hose as far as it would reach. She slowly turned the handle and water began flowing. “It’s cold!” Stephanie did a little dance as she covered her privates. Her expression was pained as she accepted the tepid water.

“Turn it on full blast.”
Karen looked worried as she turned the handle. The hose shook as it delivered lukewarm water into their aunt’s ass. “Ooooh, make it stop, please!” Steph begged. She stepped forward, but was tugged back again due to the hoses limited length. She was unable to remove it due to the command, but still tried to step away without success. Her belly rumbled as the water blasted into her bowels. “I can’t! Turn it off! Turn it off!”

As he commanded, Karen turned down the flow to half. Stephanie buckled forward, arms crossed upon her filling belly. The scene reminded Jack of Karen long ago. He loved seeing her belly grow as a hose snaked its way up her ass. Jack, still without pants, saw that his cock was rigid again. “You don’t like enemas, Steph?”
“No, this is too much!”
“Tell you what, you fuck me and I’ll have her stop filling you.”

His bright eyed aunt breathed quickly as her mouth was in the shape of an O. “Fine, fine, just hurry.” She placed a leg upon the edge of the bathtub, lowered her hips, and spread herself for him. Jack slipped his still moist cock into her. He could see that Karen had no idea why this was happening, as she watched silently. Jack stepped onto the command rod. “Put it on full blast again, Karen.”

She flipped the handle and Steph’s pussy squeezed him like a vice. It felt amazing as he felt her distending belly growing between them, trembling as the torrent of liquid filled her. She whimpered for a time until she seemed to have a moment of relaxation. “Cum for me, Jack. Shoot it in me. Hurry!”

He did not expect her to say that. Another orgasm overtook him as he pounded the inflating woman as she stood. He held in place as he enjoyed the feeling of her belly swelling against him. Steph was nearly in tears as she waited for flow to halt.

“Turn it off.” Karen flipped the handle and Jack held his distressed aunt in place for a moment before he stepped back. Stephanie stumbled weakly, her eyes unfocused as she heavily sat upon the edge of the tub. She put a hand on her face and the other on her grumbling belly. She was now swollen larger than his six-month pregnant sister. “Pull it out and let her empty. Help her clean up and get her to bed.” Jack was certainly sleepy now. “Steph, I want you to be honest when talking about anything sex related. Oh, and forget what happened in here.”

He dressed and strolled downstairs, seeing Ashley’s judgmental eyes as he got a glass of water. I will limit it once I have my parents back. Steph deserved it anyway. Henry stepped into the kitchen. “Everything okay up there?”

Jack’s face flushed, “Yeah, it’s fine. They just got into an argument. We are nervous about tomorrow.” His uncle was concerned as he turned away, heading to the stairs. “Steph said she was going to lay down, I’m sure she’ll be okay.”
Jack nearly gave him a command, but Henry stopped. “I suppose, I’ll let her cool off before I go up there.”
“Yeah, that’s probably for the best.”

Betty had endured Adam’s increasingly aloof behavior. Jason was always nice to her, but he had called in again tonight. This had to be the day she put her plan into action. In the office, she found the young stock boy playing on his phone. Adam stood and walked over to lock the door. She feigned surprise that Jason was missing.

“It’s been long enough for your ass to recover, I think it’s time to fill it up again.”
She was a little scared, honestly, but she knew he wouldn’t intentionally hurt her. “No more lemons, please.”
“I think you took those quite well. I also know where you live now.” He grinned. “Now I can show up on your doorstep and slip some produce into your ass while your family watches.”

She knew the family conference was tomorrow, so she decided to humor the boy for another day. I’ll have to wait for now. I can’t risk screwing that up. She narrowed her eyes at the mischievous boy. “Please, just have your fun and leave my family out of it.”
“Fine, I will play nice. Now turn around and open up!”

She was relieved that she was able to keep him complacent for a while longer. She dropped her pants and bent forward, resting upon a table. Adam lubed her up and used his fingers to prep her. He stepped around the shelves to grab something. “Same as last time. Face forward and take what I give you.” He sat something upon the floor behind her as he lubed the object and pressed it between her cheeks. The pressure increased until it slipped into her. “That was a potato.”At least I’m getting used to the insertions.

It wasn’t very big and Betty was thankful. She waited patiently, becoming accustomed to the object nestled in her butt. She heard what sounded like a cap hitting the floor. She felt the small end of something enter her and then a thick substance began filling her. The fluid made a glug as it slowly drained into her. “This is vegetable oil.” She reached back, but Adam pushed her hand away. “Nope, just take it.”

It was an odd feeling as the thick substance moved around the potato and into her bowels. The boy lifted the plastic bottle, squeezing it, forcing more into her.  It was hard to describe. She felt full and heavier. Adam pulled the nearly empty bottle away. The oil started to flow down her legs and she was unable to keep it in. Without warning, she felt something huge pressing into her lubricated backdoor. She tried to move away, but it was already moving in. A sharp pain caused her to wail, tensing as she tried to crawl over the table. He held her in place as he continued forcing the spherical object into her tender asshole. She screamed as it parted her more than anything had before and suddenly it passed the halfway point. It popped in and he stepped away, allowing her to trot away from the table.

“And that, was a grapefruit.”
Realization struck her. “You put a grapefruit in my ass?” She snapped, still recoiling from the agony. “How the fuck am I supposed to get it out?” She sneered.
“Oh calm down. It’s a smaller one and it will come out just like anything else! It should be lubed enough for you.” The boy smiled as he took out his cock. “My needs first, slut.”

Betty bit her lip as she bounced, waiting for the pain to lessen. She slapped her tits, trying to take her mind off the pain, causing her pregnant body to shake. The boy sat in the office chair and beckoned her closer. She hurried over and straddled him. She rode him fervently as he held pinched her milk laden breasts. She moved her hips, trying desperately to quicken the boy’s orgasm. The plan worked, as it took less than a minute for the boy to unload into her. Betty quickly jumped off.

“Please, just go and let me do it in here. I can clean up.”
“Nah, I think I should make you walk-“
“Please! I can barely hold it. Just go!”
“Promise me something then.”
“Yes! What?” She danced humorously as she tried to retain the large amount in her backside.
“You’re going to let me come to your place and fuck you whenever I want.”
He slapped her exposed, oily ass. “Fine, I’ll just help you out the door.”
“No, wait, okay! I will!” She whined. “Just get out!”
Adam smiled as he walked through the door. She locked It behind him and squatted over the trash can. Pushing as hard as she could, she felt the enormous fruit easing its way out, edging closer until it burst from her ass, followed by a blast of warm vegetable oil. Betty felt dirty. She felt relief when the potato finally came out. Slimy, she grabbed some towels and set to the long process of cleaning herself and the room. She couldn’t help but cry as she realized how low she had come.

Henry greeted his wife the next morning as he got ready for work. She shuffled into the bathroom as he shaved. “You were out of it last night. Must’ve been one hell of an argument.”
Stephanie grumbled. “What argument?”
“I heard a lot of screaming and Jack said you and Karen were going at it. When I came to bed you were snoring and wouldn’t move for anything!”
She shook her head as she sat on the toilet. “I don’t remember anything after the argument, but I caught those two fucking. That whole family is fucking sick.”
“Yeah, we’ll have to be honest at their meeting tonight. I know it’s going to take a long time and a lot of therapy before they can get past this.”
“I’m glad we don’t have kids.” Stephanie sputtered as she forced air from her rump. “But I know we’d be better parents. My sister means well, but she’s too passive.”
“Yeah, I hear ya. Hank is a pussy too.”
They laughed.

Be Honest


Karen followed her boyfriend down the hall and into the almost vacant classroom. She had no idea what she was getting into as he led her in and closed the door behind them. A snotty looking blonde girl sat upon the teacher’s desk, awaiting their arrival. “You didn’t mention you had a bun in her oven, Jake.” She held her hands out, shaking her head. “I thought I was your one and only!” She spoke in a patronizing manner. “Does she even know what you’re planning?”

Jake grinned, “Karen, we’re going to have a threesome.”

Karen held her breath as her heart raced. “Jake, I don’t…”
“Come on, babe, it will be fun. Candice and I go way back.”
“Sure do. I popped his cherry.” She lightly elbowed him. “It was super awkward and he sounded like a gorilla. I taught him a few things, though.”

Jake scoffed and ignored the mockery. “Karen, come on, it will be fun and she knows how to please you better than I ever can.”
Candice giggled ostentatiously. “I’ll ease it in, don’t worry.”

They joked easily, but that made Karen more nervous. If I do this then it might just drive him into her arms. If I don’t then he’ll think I’m a prude and that will drive him away too. Without Dad around I need him, even if he is a freak. Who am I to judge anyway? She reluctantly agreed.

“Sweet!” He tugged Karen closer and kissed her lips before guiding her to her knees. He unzipped his jeans and brought out his erect cock. “Lick it like a tootsie pop before I find your tonsils.” Karen did as he said. He’s acting like an ass in front of her.

Next, he pulled Candice off the desk and tried to put her in place. She shrugged out of his grasp. “I’m the one giving orders here. You couldn’t begin to handle us both without my help.” The bossy girl reached beneath her skirt and slid her panties to her ankles before stepping out of them. She put a hand between her legs as she locked her eyes with Jake’s. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, showing a sensual display as Karen continued sucking him. Candice stepped forward and held Karen’s head with both hands, pushing her deeper on his shaft.

Karen gagged as the girl pushed her head forward slowly before pulling it away in a quick motion. She repeated the process, faster this time, causing saliva to drip from his organ. She tried to tell her to stop, but that only allowed him deeper, causing her to wretch. Candice stepped back and tugged on her shoulder. Karen wiped her mouth as she stood. She allowed Candice to unzip her shorts and unbutton her blouse, casting them aside before she did the same with Karen’s underwear.

Completely nude, Karen lay upon the teacher’s desk. Candice summoned Jake to move between Karen’s open legs. He lifted them and slipped into her pussy with great ease. Candice went to the opposite end and hiked up her skirt. She lay upon the pregnant girl with her legs spread. “Tell me what you think of me.”

“What?” Karen had a complete view of the girl’s shaven privates.
“Recite the alphabet, tell me a story, I don’t care! Just put your tongue in me while you do!” Candice lowered her hips, making sure not to smother the girl completely.

Karen licked her clit, making sure she could still breathe in the claustrophobic situation. It wasn’t long before she too could feel Candice licking as Jake penetrated her. This feels fucking amazing! Her pussy gripped his shaft as the girl’s tongue traced her hood. Words could not describe the ecstasy building. Candice held her butt as she boldly licked her.

Karen did the same, gripping the two soft, pliable cheeks above her. She increased the speed, her tongue darting back and forth upon the girl’s secret button. She tried to prolong the wonderful sensation below, but orgasm came too soon. She squeezed the girl’s ass and tightened upon Jake as she gasped and shook. After a few seconds, she felt him unloading into her as well, causing intense aftershocks.

Candice lifted herself, nearly smothering Karen as she masturbated. Karen moved to find a space to breathe as she licked the girl. Candice directed her movements until she too found climax. She leaned forward as Karen held her butt, still pressing her face into the girl’s loins. “Fuuu- fuck, stop, stop.” Candice rested upon Karen’s belly. “You certainly have skill, I think I liked that.” She had a huge smile as she moved off the desk. “Just a little.” She giggled as she smoothed her skirt. “Well, it’s been fun, but I have to go now. Thanks kids.”

Candice left them to get dressed and clean up. They were about to leave when Karen spoke. “What gave you the idea to invite her?”
Jake shrugged. “I don’t know. I figured you’d like her.”
Karen smirked, grabbing the other girl’s underwear from the floor. “I do!” She kissed him before they headed into the hall.

Ashley had her fun and now she needed to confront Jack. She had pondered the past few months and all of the strange occurrences. Both of Jack’s teachers had done bad things to their students and he was present both times. If Mr. Hale was to be believed then Jack was also responsible for having sex with Principal Hyun. Any one situation was strange, but all of them together wasn’t a coincidence. His mother and sister were pregnant and he was allegedly caught having sex with the former. He also used my ass. I know he’s not telling me the full truth, but the real question is if I want to know it.

His aunt Stephanie led her upstairs to Jack’s room. Inside he looked frustrated as he read his algebra homework. He perked up when he noticed Ashley. She thanked his aunt, who left them alone with the door closed.

“Did you get it back?”
Ashley sat on the opposite end of the bed. “I did, but we have to talk first.”
He was nervous. “Fine, I just want my Mom back.”
“Don’t you care about the people’s lives you’ve ruined, Jack?”
“I do.” He contemplated, “but they weren’t on purpose.”
“Don’t lie to me. I command you to tell me the truth about anything I ask until I walk out that door! Do you care?”
“Some. I don’t want to ruin lives, but I think some people’s lives were changed for the better.”
“Did you get your mom pregnant?”
“I did.”
“And Karen?”
He agreed again.

A horny boy who has unlimited power, I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything different. “Did you command Mr. Keenan to rape Claire?” He nodded quickly. “I can’t fucking believe you! We are not your playthings!”

He stared at the floor. “I know, I’m trying to be better. I made mistakes, but I want to try to help them. My Mom comes first, though.”
Ashley feared that he would revert to his old habits if she returned the rod. “I’m keeping this for now, and I’m going to undo the mess you made.” She huffed and headed to the door.
“Ashley, wait! I can’t help it!”

She turned to him and scrunched her lips. “I know. That’s why I can’t let you have it back.”
“Please, just hear me out!”
She was halfway out the door, but she decided it wouldn’t hurt to hear what he had to say. “I’m listening.”

“I know I wasn’t being responsible, but I am going to change, I promise! Just give me a command to give the rod back to you when you say a certain phrase. That will be your insurance! I will do better this time.”
Ashley thought for a moment. “Fine.” She held the rod in front of her. “I command you to give this rod back whenever I say…” She had to figure out a phrase that she wouldn’t let slip on accident. She looked around to find some inspiration. “Controller.” She saw one of his video game controllers lying on the floor.

She handed him the rod and tried the word. His eyes blanked as he immediately returned it. She smiled and handed it back. “Okay, it’s yours, now what?”
“I figured out that the social service worker will hold a conference in a couple of days. They will have the cops, my family, our doctor, even the principal! I can use this and put an end to all of this crap!”
I knew he would manipulate people once he had the rod back, but I had no idea it would be this many! Still, I think he learned from his mistake. “You just have to be careful. Command them just enough to get back to normal, okay?”
Jack nodded. “Thank you for giving me another chance, Ashley. I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble. Want me to wipe your memory now?”
“Actually, no, I like who I am now. I don’t feel like I’m one of the crowd any more. I want to keep it that way.”
Jack nodded. “I think that’s a good idea. Let me know if you want me to remove a certain thought. Like how those guys…”

“No, no.” She gave a melancholy smile as she thought about her recent encounters. “It’s okay, I don’t want to know any more, but I don’t want to forget either. Just remember to be more responsible with that thing or you’ll end up like Joel Thomas.”
“Who is that?”
“He was the guy you got the rod from in the first place. He was doing a lot of bad things and he couldn’t unbury himself. I don’t want to see you fall so far that you can’t get back.” She put a hand on his shoulder.
Jack’s brown eyes locked with hers. His frazzled hair and boyish face reminded her that he was just young and foolish. She leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Prove to me that you’ve changed and you won’t need to use that on me.” She smirked as she exited, blushing as she headed down the stairs. She giggled to herself once she was out of the house. He turned me into a slut and caused me to lose my friends, but damn I love that idiot. We could do well together.

Stephanie knocked on the door before opening it. “Dinner is ready, Jack.”

His aunt stepped into the room. Her accented gray eyes were mystifying; her high cheekbones and glistening lips always gave Jack primal urges. She smiled broadly, dimples showing and her eyes tightening as she let out a simple giggle “What is it?” He inspected her. She was the type of woman who knew she was beautiful, but acted modestly. Tall and slender, the shirt hugged her chest and her skirt showed her formed legs.

He couldn’t resist, as he once again held the command rod. Ashley told me to be careful, but I can still do this and no one will ever know. “Steph, I command you to close the door and lock it.” His aunt did as he asked. “Take off your clothes.”

Stephanie slid off her shirt and unclasped her bra, freeing her natural breasts. They were handfuls, hanging apart as she unfastened her shorts and dropped them to her ankles. She slipped her panties down and stepped aside. A trimmed patch of hair sat above her private area. Her slim physique and flat tummy showed she had not had children.

“Come closer and suck it for a minute.” He unzipped and held it in place as she got on her knees. He didn’t even have to command her to take it all the way down. Jack knew his cock was a little larger than average, so he was impressed when she bottomed out. She made a gagging sound as she sucked him, but didn’t seem to be bothered by taking him all the way down her throat. There were a few times where he pulled back due to the overwhelming pleasure.

“Okay, stop, stop. Get on the bed and spread your legs. Let me fuck you.”

She smiled devilishly as she crawled onto the bed beside him and held just below her knees, allowing him easy access. Jack slid his pants down and went inside. Her jaw quivered as he pushed in. Jack watched her face twist into a relaxed half smile. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy it like she does. She reached up and held his head with one hand, and pinched her nipple with the other. She kept her legs in place, parted at his sides. He leaned into it, pressing as deep as he could with each stroke.

He could feel the finish coming already, but he held it back for a while longer. I have to pull out with her. I have heard her say that they never intend to have kids. Jack remembered how his mother had gotten into a full on argument with her once, saying kids completed your life. Stephanie angrily said she wanted no part in that. She said that nieces and nephews were more than enough for them. A thought crossed his mind. “Are you on birth control?”

“No, it’s okay.”
He hesitated. “How do you not have kids with Henry then?”
She spoke with her eyes closed, clinging to the sensations. “He had an operation, so he’s shooting blanks. Keep going!” She pushed her hips upward.

Jack was so close, but he didn’t want to ruin someone else’s life. He leaned forward and enjoyed the last moments before whispering, “I’m about to…” He tried to pull away, but her legs wrapped around him with surprising speed. Locked in place, he weakly tried to pull out – instead, he fell back onto her. “No, let me pull out. I don’t want to get you pregnant.” It was woefully late, as he was already filling her.

“It’s fine, I couldn’t resist.” She grinned, showing her dimples. Her dark eyes danced, her mouth turning to a slight O as she felt another pulse down below. “It feels fucking amazing. She laid there as he stepped back, she traced a finger down her chest as she watched him, standing naked from the waist down.

Jack felt bad. “Aren’t you nervous that I got you pregnant?”
She smiled with her eyes shut, still tracing her naked body with one finger. “It’s okay, what are the chances?” She lifted her legs high, shooting him a delighted look. “Want to go back in? I never got to finish.”

Jack was confused. She should care, but she’s asking for more without command! He looked at his pants, in a pile on the floor. “Are you really that horny?”

She gave an overdone nod. “I want you back in there, bad!” Holding her legs high, she gave a pouty face, “Please? I know you’re up for it.” He was indeed still erect.

He had finished twice in a row before, but it took longer, he knew. “Won’t dinner be cold; won’t Henry wonder where you are?”

“Jack! Please, please go back in! I don’t care I just need your cock!” She held her legs apart and reached her arms toward him.

He had never expected to see his aunt begging him to fuck her. This can’t all be from the command rod. She had never shown him this side of her before. She was nice to him, but sometimes she had been downright cold. He never imagined that she wanted sex so badly. He reached down to touch the command rod. “Tell me what you think of me and be honest.”

“I think you’re a spoiled little shit that has an Oedipus complex. I don’t know what your family was doing, but I’m sure it was due to some freaky repressed thoughts. Betty was always afraid of me being open about sex, but look where it got her.” His eyes narrowed as he decided to go back into her slippery pussy while she spoke. She gasped with delight before continuing, “I think you have a fucked up childhood and I’m betting you’re going to be living here forever because your mom raped you. I don’t want you here, but it’s the right thing to do.” She shrugged, “at least you’re almost an adult.”

He rammed into her forcefully. Jack was angry, but it was so wet and she was so uncaring that she enjoyed his hard thrusts. “I knew you’d try to fuck me sooner or later, but I was going to say no, as your mom should have. I guess I’m no better than my sister.” She shrugged again. He reached forward and pinched her nipples hard. She gasped again with pleasure. Her legs were upon his shoulders as he fucked her. No matter how rough he was, she continued to enjoy it. “God you have a nice cock. I can see why Betty couldn’t get enough. I mean, you did it at least a few times, right? I bet you two fucked a lot one you crossed that line.”

“Yeah…” Jack could feel a second orgasm building slowly, unsure of why he answered. “If you hate me so much then why did you let me cum in you?”
She laughed. “Because it felt nice. I haven’t had sex for a few days.” She moved her hips in time with his deep thrusts. ”Cum again for me you little shit.” Jack stewed as aunt smiled wide, lost in passion. He slammed her with all his might and she huffed, touching her clit as he pumped her. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Jack pulled out moments after she announced it. Stephanie thrust into the air, desperately trying to follow his cock. She trembled, letting out loud groans as euphoria enveloped her. She closed her legs and rolled onto her side, still reeling from the orgasm. “Fuck! Why did you take it out?”

“Because you’re a goddamned bitch!” Jack slid his pants up, covering his still-rigid cock.
“And you’re an asshole!” She sat up flimsily, showing her pearly whites in a contemptuous smile. “You just started thinking about my sister, didn’t you, you little fucker?”
His blood boiled. “No, I just realized how much of a bitch you are!”
“You still came in me.” She licked her teeth victoriously. “But, as expected, you couldn’t please me.” She sat up and started to get dressed. “You better get used to living here because you might not be able to go back to your parents again after what you did. Your little dick got us all into a situation we don’t like.”

Jack found the command rod in his pocket. “Don’t tell anyone about what we just did.” Jack was thankful he did not act too rashly. He knew he should have her forget, but he wanted to see what she would do after having such brazen sex with him. He waited for a few minutes before he followed his aunt downstairs. He saw his uncle Henry and Karen talking in the living room. He sat at the table and gathered up a selection of food.

“Could you warm this for me, please?”
Stephanie rolled her eyes. She did as he asked and sat the heated dinner in front of him. “Don’t think because I let you fuck me that you’re going to get special treatment.” She whispered.
Jack scoffed. “Don’t think that it was a one-time occurrence, bitch.” I will change, but not quite yet.

Ways to Cope


Betty cashiered her last customer and punched out after her the supervisor counted her till. Tired, she knew she still had more work to do. She found Adam waiting in the small stockroom office. It had been taxing, but she came back every couple of days. At least it is something to get my mind off Jack and Karen. The interview with their caseworker earlier this week didn’t go well, and she was becoming increasingly nervous. Jack and Karen were only in temporary care, but if she didn’t convince the worker that it was an isolated incident then they may not be returned. It’s a mess, but I have to wait another week while they finish interviewing everyone around us. She tried to put it to the back of her mind.

“Where is Jason?”
“He went home sick. Just you and me today, Betty.”
God, I can only imagine what sick shit he will want me to do. At least we have some privacy now. They figured out Mr. Hendricks schedule, and Betty changed her routine to accommodate. With him gone, the only person who would come into this office was the night manager at closing time. They had a few hours to use, but she knew this boy wouldn’t last 10 minutes.

“Well, what is the plan today?” She asked hesitantly.
“You need to have some patience!” He spoke mockingly; he used that term ever since she had said it to him. “I want you to bend over that table and take anything I put into your ass, got it?” She didn’t have much of a choice. He could get her fired, and if he was that vindictive, he could get her into even more trouble for having sex with him. He would ruin my chances to get Jack and Karen back.

She lowered her pants and spread herself. She offered him a small bottle of lube she had purchased recently. Luckily, he allowed some time for her to heal in between insertions. It had been a few weeks since he had put anything unusual into her. She turned around and tried to relax, thinking of how little control she had over her life now. I might just lose custody of my kids for good next month and I’m coping by letting a stock boy put things in my ass. I have to figure a way out of this.

She was roused from her thoughts by Adam’s fingers. At least he is kind enough to prepare my ass before he forces things inside. He spent about a minute working his fingers, opening her for the upcoming insertion. Then, she felt it, something decently sized, but not enough to cause pain. It slipped in easily. “Did you wash these things?”

“Yes, yes, before you got here.” He slapped her ass. “Face forward!”

She huffed as she waited for the next item. He held the lubricated object against her, and it felt a fair amount larger. He pressed it, moving it slightly to find entrance. She held her breath as she felt it parting her, causing a great deal of pain as her asshole opened to accept it. She moved forward, but Adam followed her, continually forcing it deeper until her ass finally sucked it in. Betty lurched forward and cried out.

She whined as he watched. She started to turn around, but he stopped her and slapped her behind. “Don’t peek. Face forward!”
She caught a glimpse of the object in his hand: a lemon. “How many more things are you going to put in me?”
“One more, just take it.”

She turned around and mentally prepared, as this one looked to be just as large as the last. She felt it slipping into her anticipating backdoor. It moved in more easily, but she felt immense pressure from the first one as it moved deeper. She clenched her eyes shut, but otherwise took it far more easily.

“There, you’re packed full. Turn around and lay back on the table.” Betty awkwardly leaned back upon the table, lifting her legs high. The small, beady-eyed boy moved into position with his pants unzipped. He looked even shorter with her long legs draped over his shoulders. He slid his cock out and entered her. She was immensely damp, but he said nothing. He moved in slowly before he started fucking her. “I feel them in your ass.” He reached under her shirt to touch her breasts.
“I’m really full now, but this feels great.”
He squinted, and with a few more pumps, he was already done. She could feel his juice filling her. She burst into laughter as he convulsed atop of her. He finished and stepped back.

“I’m sorry, it was just so fast, come back.” Betty extended her hand.
“No, you bitch. You don’t get to cum this time!” He tucked his limp shaft into his pants and grabbed her clothes from the floor. He stormed to the door and tossed them onto the ground. “Fetch.”

Betty was stunned, but when she realized he was serious, she stepped down and shuffled to the door. She bent down to grab them and heard the office door close behind her. Trying the handle, she realized that he locked her out. That little shit!She quickly put her pants on, feeling the fruit in her ass shift. It was difficult to hold them in as she walked, but she decided to head for the bathroom. She passed by numerous stockers and a few customers on her way. Hopefully they don’t notice how I’m walking.

She reached the bathroom only to find it closed for cleaning. Crap! The other one is across the store! She steadied her breathing, noticing Adam approaching with something in his hand. He directed her to a back corner by the closed deli. He wrapped his arms around her, as if hugging her. In reality he pulled the back of her pants down and pressed another lemon in between her tensed cheeks. He had lubricated it enough that it glided in easily, in spite of her unwillingness to relax. It forced the other lemons deeper and just was just barely able to fit. She jerked and panted as her heart fluttered. He rested his head against her milk-filled breasts and pushed against her pregnant belly, holding her in place after the insertion. After the pain subsided, she was more excited than she should have been, knowing that anyone might catch them.

I want to tell him to fuck me right here, but the camera is watching us. She looked up as they hugged, glad that the camera only caught their embrace and not the lewd behavior behind her. Adam stepped back and gave a Cheshire grin. “See you tomorrow, Mrs. Olsen.” He walked away uncaringly.

Betty bit her lip as she struggled with the items she retained. She noticed a male customer in a nearby aisle, so she could not dart into the men’s room. She exhaled and decided that she needed to get home. I don’t live far and that little shit is probably waiting for me at the store’s other bathroom anyway. She moved stiffly, slightly waddling toward the exit. It took incredible focus, but she finally made it to her car. She sat carefully, and found it helped her to hold the objects in more easily. I am holding four lemons in my ass, I’m a damned freak! I can make it home.

She made it to the house and found Hank in his usual place in front of television. She was unimaginably aroused and she needed to finish. She dropped her pants and unbuttoned her work shirt before she stepped in front of Hank. He looked as if he might question the situation, but Betty shushed him. “Don’t say a word.”

She unzipped his pants and fished out his growing cock. She spread her legs and lowered her excited loins onto his organ. It went in effortlessly as she was practically dripping. She pressed her enlarged belly and hefty breasts against him while pressing her hips down. She tried to draw it out, but she was too excited. It only took a minute before she gasped with ecstasy, quivering and moaning. Hank took over once she started to orgasm, he pounded her hurriedly causing her to whimper with overwhelming sensation.

He fucked her for a few minutes longer before he erupted inside of her. The feeling gave her aftershocks, driving her to kiss her husband sensually. Once he stopped, they both looked at each other for a moment. “I’m sorry.”

Hank gave a sad smile. “I’m sorry too.”

Betty was wrenched from the gentle moment by a pain in her backside as the fruit begged to escape. She painfully stood and shuffled to the bathroom. “I’ll talk when I get out!” She locked the door and began the process of birthing fruit.

She debated what to do next. I have complete control over certain people with this. She held the black metal shaft in her hand as she lay in bed, contemplating. I don’t think I want to give it up just yet. Ashley decided her next step, bounding downstairs to find her father. He sat leering over his work papers. He ignored her as she stopped in the doorway.

“Dad, I command you to give me more attention.”

He brought his head up to see her. He removed his glasses as he spoke. “Sweetie, have you finished any homework that you had?”
“Yes, Dad.”
“And you put away the dishes?”
“Did you put away your clothes?” She sighed and turned to do the chore. “Wait.” He beckoned her closer. “You can sit here for now. How was your day?”
“Good, I got an A on my history test.”
“What about that math test?”
He nodded slowly. “Come here.” He directed Ashley to sit on his knee. “I know you’re having some trouble focusing since the… incident you had with your teacher, but you can’t let that drag you down.”
“It’s not that, I just have a lot on my mind.” She gave a nervous laugh. “Finding my true friends.” I don’t have them anymore.
“Well, they are hard to find, but the truest friends will last forever.” Ashley gave a sad smile as he kissed her forehead. “Now go finish picking up and get ready for bed. I’ll be up to say goodnight.”

She put her clothes away, brushed her teeth, and changed into her pink, short-sleeved, knee-length nightgown. She didn’t know what material it was, but it was incredibly soft. She washed her face and brushed her hair before heading to bed. She placed the command rod in her nightstand drawer. Her father came shortly after and sat on her bedside. “You remind me of your mother, honey. I may not say it often, but I love you.”

“I love you too, Dad.” She held his hand, smiling.
“Mind if I lay with you for a minute?”
“Uh, sure.” He’s never this friendly, but it’s wonderful! She pulled the blanket aside and nestled beside him, resting her head upon his chest. They laid in silence for a time. I haven’t laid next to him for a long time. When mom left he would always spend time with me, but around last year we slowly grew apart. I missed this. “I love you Dad.”

He looked down to her proudly. She lifted her head, her eyes beaming. He moved her closer and planted a kiss on her lips. Her heart fluttered as he pulled her on top of him. She felt a bulge pressing against her panties as she straddled him. She pulled back, holding herself above him, uncertain of how to react. He wants to have sex with me! I didn’t mean that kind of attention!
He watched with concern as she thought. I remember that he grew distant about the time I hit puberty. He loves me! Oh god, I see how Jack fell into his predicament! I can’t do this! But, it would feel nice… and I could just make him forget after. I mean, I have to make him forget this anyway. Ashley had dreamed about this once or twice, but she knew it wouldn’t happen. She knew it had be forgotten… until now.

She lowered herself for another kiss, this one longer and more passionate. He wrapped his strong arms around her. He has been pent up since Mom left us! He reached between their legs and unzipped his pants. He moved his boxers aside and freed his shaft. He pulled her panties aside and pressed into the wet warmth. A soft moan escaped her lips as he clenched his eyes and kissed her neck.

It’s weird to do this with someone who actually loves me, she thought, but this is sooo wrong. She watched her father enrapt in pleasure as he showered her with kisses. I can’t think about it like that, I need to relax and just enjoy this. She watched his loving eyes as he held her tightly. She moved her hips with slower, complete motions. She could see a bead of sweat roll from his brow. I remember all of those hands on me in the locker room, but Dad’s touch is so much more… confident.

“I’m about to cum, get ready to jump off.”
I’m so close! “Just use my ass, finish in there.”
“Won’t it hurt?”
“It’s okay, I don’t care.” I’m such a slut.

He continued and she felt orgasm creeping closer. Just a few… more… times… She moved her hips atop of him, feeling his grip tighten. The wave hit and she tensed, clenching her eyes and as she let out a moan of delight. The pleasure halted as he lifted her slightly and quickly used his hand to direct himself into her asshole. Her panties rubbed on his cock as it forced its way in. Another moan came about, this one changed pitch halfway through. Ashley’s drawn out orgasm intensified as he caused pain in her backdoor. She could feel him squirting into her butt. I love this!

She collapsed upon him and waited. “That was fucking amazing!”
“Sweetie!” He was about to scold her for her language before he remembered their situation. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
“No. I mean, a little, but I’m kind of used to it.”
He moved his head back, questioning her without speaking.

She reached into the drawer and held the command rod. “I want you to forget all this happened. You just came in here and said goodnight.” She tucked his damp cock back into his pants. He headed to the door. “Goodnight, sweetie.”
“Goodnight, Daddy.” She stood shakily, making her way to the bathroom.

The next day she found Jake. As she waited for his friends to vacate, she contemplated how to command him. I could make him be nice and modest, but that is too easy for him, and who knows if it would truly fix him. I could just go for a quick fix and command him to jump off a bridge… But, I could never live with that. I could do what Jack did to me and force him to alienate his friends, but I know how devastating that can be. I am not truly a bad person. I need to do something that will teach him a lesson, but not cause any long-term harm. I have to think of something that will show Karen what an asshole he really is. I have to show her that a life with him is worse than a life without him; the kid won’t change things. He’s an asshole down to his core.

The boy nodded and gave a snide smile as she approached. She issued a command before he could speak. She walked away without another word. I’m sure Karen will enjoy their next encounter.



“Get away from me, asshole!” Jake had been pestering her ever since their meeting at the house. This was the first time since that no one was within earshot.
“No, if you don’t give me some of that sweet ass then I will tell your little boyfriend everything!”
“Go ahead, I will tell Karen about what you did to me too. I’m sure you’d love that, seeing as you have a kid in her belly.”
“You’re nothing but a worthless slut, Ashley. If you don’t come in here and at least give me a blowjob then I’m going to tell everyone what you let me do.”

Ashley knew it was an empty threat, but she had another idea in mind. “Fine, I’ll even let you go in my ass again if you help me out. But, this will be the last time, got it?”
That did not sound convincing, but that is a worry for later. “So, after fifth period I want you to come to meet me in the library. I’ll explain when we get there, but all you have to do is burst into the room and catch me with Mr. Hale.”
“God, you’re a slut.”

“Call me what you want, but you love it.” She directed him to the side of the lockers, which gave them minimal secrecy, but most classes were already in session. She squatted and unzipped his jeans. She glanced both directions, glad to see an empty hallway. She pulled out his cock and deepthroated it a couple of times before spitting on it. She turned around and hiked up her pleated black skirt. “Go ahead.” She held her panties aside and guided him in. The tip went in and she had to hesitate. “Just a second.” She allowed the discomfort to subside before allowing him to continue. He moaned weakly as she pushed back slowly. At about the halfway mark she had to pause again.

Without warning, Jake pushed his dick all the way in as he held her hips. Ashley slapped his arm and whined, but he had his mind set. She clenched her teeth and bared the pain as he fucked her, moving her ass back and forth. There was a sound and Ashley leaned around the corner to see two older girls approaching. “Crap, people are coming!”

“Almost there.” Jack whispered as he continued. Ashley pulled her skirt down and smoothed it in an attempt to hide what they were doing.
“Stop, they’re almost here!” She pleaded.
“Ugh, too late.”

He shot thick cream into her as the girls came around the lockers. They regarded them as they passed. Ashley let out a sigh of relief, but it was premature, as one girl turned and smiled. “Wait, are you two fucking?”
She felt her face turn bright red. “Uh, no, we’re just spending time together.” Ashley tried to stand straighter.
“Don’t lie, I can see your butt pressed against him. Get a room, you pervs.” They giggled.

Suddenly Ashley felt a familiar warm feeling entering her. He is peeing in me again. Gross! “Stop it!” She turned and whispered. He ignored her and the flow continued.
The girls still stared at them. “Yeah, Jake, stop it, you’re already caught.”
“Shut up, Candice.” He said weakly. The girls laughed again.
“Fine, I’ll stop you then.” The woman with brownish blonde hair and a dominant nose stepped closer, her beautiful brown eyes accentuated by a large amount of eyeliner. She moved her hand between Ashley’s legs. Ashley was shocked as the girl slipped her hand into her panties and placed a finger right on her clit. She smiled wickedly as she wiggled it gently. The feeling was indescribable. Ashley gripped Candice’s arm as she stroked her. Within seconds Ashley could feel climax building. She tensed, causing Jake to let out a sad whimper. He had finished during her orgasm and he slid out limply. Ashley fought to contain the liquid, and after a moment it became bearable.

Candice leaned over and kissed Jake. “See you guys around.” She rejoined her friend and they continued down the hall. “Dude,” she spoke mockingly as she held her hand in front of her friend. “smell my finger!” The nameless girl shoved her hand aside as they walked away laughing.

“What the hell?” She fixed her panties and her skirt.
“Sorry, I had to go. Just be glad you didn’t just go with the blowjob!”
“Do not do that to me again!”
“Fine, just think of it as payback for kneeing me in the junk.”
She scoffed. “Deal.” She winced as she shuffled down the hall holding her filled belly. “Get me to a bathroom.”

Ken’s final meeting was knocking on his door. “Come in!”

Her deep brown eyes had small bags beneath them. She looked weary, but that only seemed to add to her desirability. Her shoulders square and her curves defined, she was easily one of the more attractive teachers at the school. However, her fiery temperament usually kept people at a distance. She was subdued at the moment, sitting before him with a generous smile. “Hello, Mr. Hale. What may I do for you?”

The woman wore a patterned black and white blouse with matching black pants. Her strong features set his blood to boil. Ken leaned back and slipped his hand into his pocket. “Mrs. Moreno, what do you think about what has been going on recently?”

“I know that something isn’t right. Jeanette told me that you attacked that boy’s mother and suddenly she changes her story, saying that you slipped? And you come to investigate the wrongdoing by two of the most gentle teachers I know, but what have you turned up? They were both sick in the head. They both just snapped and did heinous things to those students. Thankfully, they’ll both get by with marginal sentences because they pled guilty. Frankly, I do not understand it, but I will not let you pull me into this. Mrs. Howell and Mr. Keenan weren’t angels, and I’m sure they did something to someone important to deserve what they got, but I am not going to risk my livelihood. I came by just to tell you that I am not going to say a thing on the record.”

“Well, you really have it all pegged, don’t you?” Ken inspected her for a moment. “I want you to slide your pants down and let me inside you for a while.”

Marcy’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not that kind of woman, Ken.”

Mr. Hale sat up, uncertain why the command hadn’t worked. He gripped the command rod in his pocket tightly. “I command you to take off your pants and let me fuck you!”

The woman shot up and slapped him hard. “I will not take this treatment, counselor Hale.”

Ken held his sore cheek as she stormed through the door. He had no idea why it had not worked. Curious, he stepped out the door and found a random student. He commanded the boy to fall to the ground and the boy did just that. What the hell makes her so special? He decided he shouldn’t stay to find out. Ken returned to his office and began packing.

Jack joined Karen on the couch. “I miss him so much.” She said as she watched TV. “I really hope we get to see them soon.”
“Me too. I have an idea of how to get them back, but it’s a long shot.”
“I won’t hold my breath, but I hope it works.”
Karen was five months pregnant now. Her breasts had doubled in size, and her belly swelled visibly. Her belly was far larger than their mother’s, as Karen was going to have twins according to their new doctor. Both Karen and Jack had a physical exam after the social service workers relocated them.

It wasn’t all bad at their Aunt and Uncle’s, but Jack only hoped it was temporary. I hope Ashley can get it back, and I hope she does not use it on me. Actually, maybe that would be good. Maybe she can make me forget all the trouble I’ve caused. Karen adjusted her maternity bra. Stephanie, their aunt, had been gracious enough to buy her a new wardrobe for her increasing girth. Thanks to one of his previous commands, Karen still did not care to wear clothes at home.

“Still bothering you?”
Karen looked at him to gather his meaning. “I just can’t get comfortable with all these clothes on, but those prudes insist.”
“Well, you can take them off for now if you want. They won’t be home for a few hours anyway.”
“You don’t mind?”
“Of course not, and you have nice boobs.”
She scoffed, smirking playfully as she unclasped her bra beneath her shirt. “You’re a weirdo.” She slipped her top off, exposing her hefty breasts. She lifted them momentarily and sighed with relief. She quickly slid her shorts off as well. “Much better.”

They sat quietly for a short time, but Jack couldn’t stop his wandering eyes. He soon found himself staring at his heavily pregnant sister. “Like what you see, horn dog?” She squished her breasts between her arms.

Jack looked away. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”
There was another long pause before Karen rubbed the top of her legs and sighed deeply. “Do you wanna fuck?”

Jack turned, mouth wide. “Uh, okay.” He had hoped to have sex with her again, but never guessed she’d want to without the command rod.

He hurried out of his pants and put his head between her legs. He could tell she enjoyed his licks, and a few minutes later he decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Jack pulled her lower on the sofa and readied himself between her legs. He moved, trying to hit the spot, until he finally felt her warmth. Her pussy is the best. He moved slowly, pinching her nipples lightly as she gripped the cushions. Her belly swayed as he increased the speed. Jack moved one hand lower, sneaking it in to touch her springy ass. Karen held her exposed tit as he fucked her.

“Fuck, it’s great! Fill me up, Jack!”

A tingle ran down Jack’s spine as he built to climax. They nearly finished together, but Karen beat him by a margin. They looked into each other’s eyes as he filled her. Karen squinted with each pulse. Her rosy cheeks and genuine smile looked adorable.

“God, you’re better than Daddy!”
Jack realized how wrong that sounded, but took the compliment anyway. “You’re almost as good as Mom.” He grinned.

“Oh really?” She tensed upon his sensitive cock, causing him to be overwhelmed. He gasped and withdrew. She giggled, looking magnificent with her full breasts and belly quaking with laughter. Her gentle eyes made Jack forget his troubles for a time.

Ashley knew what it meant to come back here. She turned the doorknob anyway. Ken was packing his belongings into a cardboard box upon the desk. He turned and furrowed his eyebrows before smiling. “You caught me just in time. I see you couldn’t stay away with the promise of an ass-fuck on the table.”

Ashley stepped inside and closed the door. She glanced to the camera nestled in the corner.

“It’s not recording any more. The Principal has closed the case and allowed me to finish up however I see fit.” Ken circled the desk with a smug grin. He moved behind Ashley and he reached in front of her to unbutton her shorts. She stayed motionless as he slid her pants and panties to the floor. She could hear his belt come undone. He put his strong hands under her blouse as he kissed her neck.

After a moment, she turned and went to her knees. She licked his cock thoroughly before she lay back upon a clear section of the desk. Spreading her legs, he stepped between them. The man held his organ as he searched for her backdoor. She could feel the tip enter and the pain came once the head was in. “Hold on.”
“Nope.” Ken pushed in defiantly as he held her hips. Her legs tensed as they rested on his shoulders.

“Ugh, wait.” Why can’t guys just have some fucking patience! Ashley whimpered and tried to move backwards upon the desk. It had been futile, as she could feel the man’s hips pressing against her hers. He was all the way in now, holding her closely, and she certainly felt it. This hurts worse than earlier.

Ashley moaned loudly, and on cue, Jake burst into the room. Ashley fought through the pain, and took the opportunity, launching her hand into Ken’s pocket. As soon as she felt the metal, she yelled for them to stop. Jake and Ken both looked blankly as she fished the black metal rod out of his pants. I did it!

The man still held her in place. Ashley tried to wriggle free, but failed. She paused her attempts, feeling the frozen man’s cock erupting in her ass. I made him cum just by moving. She couldn’t stifle a giggle as she laid back upon the desk, waited until his cock stopped throbbing before she offered another command. “Let go of me and step back.”

Ken moved away, still semi-flaccid, and he stood without purpose. She heard someone approaching from beyond the door. Mrs. Moreno appeared behind Jake, horrified by the scene. “Ken, what the hell are you doing? Get away from her!”

“Stop.” Ashley commanded, but the angry teacher continued her tirade, marching toward him. “Stop, Mrs. Moreno!” She’s not listening! Why doesn’t it work on her? Ashley decided to diffuse the situation. “Ken, get away from me!”

The man stumbled back as Mrs. Moreno pulled him aside, still insulting him with colorful terms. “I knew you were a sick son of a bitch!” She picked up the phone receiver from the desk. “Send security to the library office! Hurry! A student is being assaulted!”

Ashley pulled her shorts up, noticing Jake standing surprised in the doorway. “Jake, forget you ever saw this.” They would surely question him later, but they will think he is covering for me. Ashley could see the rage in Ken’s eyes. She moved away, making sure he couldn’t attack her to get the command rod back.

She acted like a distressed teen, but she was laughing on the inside as they escorted the man from the premises. I win, asshole.

Damaged Goods


Two weeks had passed since her encounter in the boy’s locker room. She had been terrified that she was pregnant, but her period came a few days after the encounter, so she was safe. She wanted nothing to do with those boys, but the three-way was quite an experience. She knew she had to be careful, though. I don’t want to catch something or get pregnant. She had decided to distance herself from Jake and his crew. I miss being fucked, though. I want someone to respect me in public and use me in private.

Ashley tried to recall how she had turned from a straight-A teacher’s pet into a straight-D pariah. She tried not to dwell anymore once she saw Jack walking by. She smiled and gave a nod as he answered in kind. She had spoken to him on and off for the past few days. I like him, he seems like a nice guy in spite of what happened to him. That reminded her of Jake, how he was everything but nice once she got past the facade. He was just using me and making fun of me in front of his crew. She sneered at the thought.

Jack raised an eyebrow. “What’s that look for?”
“Oh, nothing, just thinking of someone from before.”
“A boyfriend?”
“Uh, sort of. He was always a jerk to me and I finally came to my senses.”
“Well, I’m glad you got away from that asshole.” He laughed gently.
She beamed at the scrawny boy before her. Funny, I hadn’t really noticed him before; one of many that I ignored when I was in Claire’s group. I’m glad she’s gone. “Thanks, what are you up to?”
“I’ve got class, but I’m glad you’re doing better. Want to do something after school?”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, why don’t you meet me in the computer room after the bell and we’ll figure something out then?” He’s nothing like Jake, he’s good at heart, I know it!

She agreed and they parted ways. She knew about the scandal surrounding him, too. How his parents had been using their kids in debauched ways. How he was having sex with his pregnant mother. It was gross to her, but she couldn’t judge after what she had been through. Maybe that was the reason she was drawn to him. He’s broken, just like me. I can’t do something to fuck this up. He’s the only friend I’ve got now.

She watched the clock as the day crawled by. She found him as planned and they shared small talk, chatting for a long time. The bald guy from the school district passed by in the hall. He paused as he saw them. Jack suddenly turned white. Stumbled out of his chair, he ran through the back door into the opposite hallway, leaving his backpack behind. The counselor smiled at Ashley before continuing down the hall.

Ashley gathered Jack’s knapsack and set out to find him. She looked for a solid 20 minutes before she found him by a secluded tree outside of the school.
“What was that about?” She handed him the backpack.
“Mr. Hale… I can’t be near him. He took something from me and I’m afraid he’ll do more if I go near him.”
“He’s a teacher. He won’t hurt you.”
Jack shook his head fervently. “He’s not a good man.”
“What did he take from you?”
“Uh, it was… It was a black metal stick.”
Ashley didn’t hide her confusion. “Why is that important?”
“It… It’s not, I just… It was…” He took a deep breath. “It is special to me. And remember that bruise on my cheek? He hit me with it when I tried to get it back.”

The yellowing bruise still showed as he turned his head. The bruise looked nasty a few weeks back, but was small enough to pass as an accident. Ashley had to stop herself from touching it. “Why would he do that?”

“Ashley, I’m going to tell you something and I want you to hear me out, okay?” She agreed and urged him on. “He took a metal rod, which looks basic enough, but it has the power to control people and make them to forget things.”
“Some high school kid gave it to me before the cops picked him up.”
“Jack, I don’t believe you.” She stopped his rebuttal. “No, I believe that something happened between you two, but until you’re ready to tell me the truth then I can’t help.”

“I was skeptical at first too, but I swear it works. Please believe me!” Jack searched for what else to say, but Ashley shook her head and held up her hand.
“I’m sorry, but I have to go.” She ignored the boy’s pleas as she walked away.

At home she pondered what he had said. It is ridiculous! Why would he make up such a story? Then she tried to recall. It seemed so unbelievable, but that sneaking suspicion kept her going. Why would he lie about that? I do remember a high-school boy going to jail a few months ago. She tried to recall his name as she searched online for the story.

“A high-school senior, 18 year old Joel Thomas was arrested today, charged with statutory rape of a minor.” The article said that he was caught on camera having sex with a girl in the cafeteria. Upon questioning, the girl could not recall the ordeal. They closed the case with DNA evidence and he was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

She decided to search for the video, and sure enough, after a few minutes she found a link to a shaky 40-second phone-recorded clip. It showed the couple amidst the noisy crowd. Most of the people passed by unaware, but the phone’s camera was at just the right angle and distance to see his pants pulled down and her dress hiked up. The kids around them paid no attention and the girl spoke across the table freely. The whole situation looked normal except she was sitting on his lap with his dick in her pussy. He carefully slid her back and forth upon his lap as she chatted with a smile. She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table, allowing him slightly more access. For the remaining few seconds of the video the camera caught a perfect view of penetration before it stopped.

Ashley sat contemplating the situation. She did another search, this time on the topic of mind control. She found numerous references to works of fiction and to true events relating to government experiments. She had trouble understanding most of it, but the fact that there was a real possibility… I actually might believe Jack. She debated the situation until she fell asleep.

The following day Ashley went out of her way to track down Jack. He tried to hurry down the hall, but she cut him off. “I believe you!”
Unable to avoid her, he finally stopped. “Why the change of heart?”
“Well, I believe you to a point.” Ashley paused. “Did you use it on me? Tell me the truth or I walk away.”
Jack set his jaw as he looked directly into her eyes. “Yes.”

Ashley nodded as she looked around. “Okay, I don’t want to know details.” She turned back to Jack. “I have some rules if I help you, got it?” Jack glanced down as he nodded. “You can’t use it on me, and you can’t use it indirectly on me either. Unless I say so, that is.”
“Okay.” He agreed. “I just want to get my parents back.”
“With all that in mind, I want you to put me back like I was before. I have to figure it out exactly, but I don’t want to be the outcast anymore.”
“Fine. Being the outcast isn’t so bad, though.”
She ignored the comment. “You said he’d kill you if you got close to him, right? What about me?”
“He’ll just control you with it.”
“Okay, I’ll figure something out.”

Later, after her classes, Ashley sat in a secluded corner of the library. She watched Ken’s office, thinking of someway to catch him off guard. Two teachers and one student went in and came out after 20-30 minutes. An older, unknown woman went in. Screaming came from the office, and after a long time she emerged. Ashley built up courage and chased the woman.

“Excuse me, how do you know Mr. Hale?”
“That asshole… Sorry, that man is my ex-husband.”
“Are you okay, I heard screaming?”
“I-I don’t want to talk about it.” The older woman turned away.
“Please! He hurt me too!”
She stopped, giving Ashley a concerned look as she sized up the situation. “All right, let’s talk.”

They stepped into an empty doorway. “Look, I just want help to get something back that he took from me. I’m afraid to confront him.”
“What is it?”
Ashley struggled for words. “Please, it’s okay, I was stupid to ask…”
“No, no, it’s okay, I’ll talk to him.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah… Oh, he’s coming!”
Ashley looked over her shoulder to see him fumbling with some papers. “Lead him in here and I’ll hide, okay?”

The woman agreed, leaning into the hall to get his attention. Ashley ducked behind a bookcase and waited. “Did you take something from a young girl, Ken?”
“What the hell are you talking about, Irene?” She shook her head, unwilling to reveal more.  He set his papers upon the empty desk. “You know, maybe I should just pound your ass again.”
“P-please, no, it still hurts.”

Ashley was disgusted as the creepy old man rubbed the frightened woman’s posterior. She could see a small outline in his right pocket. She crept forward while he was distracted, carefully moving her hand higher. Just be careful… He turned abruptly, stepping away as she missed. “What the- who the hell are you?” He stared for a moment. “You’re that girl who had her ass paddled! That boy really messed you up!” The man held up the black metal rod. “Looking for this, sweetheart?”

Ashley’s heart skipped a beat. I hope to god that I was wrong.

“Irene, I want you to do only what I tell you to until we leave this room. Pull the Girl’s pants down and paddle her ass.” He chuckled as his ex-wife followed his order. Ashley quivered as the woman bent her forward and proceeded to slap her backside relentlessly. “Maybe you’ll learn to stay out of other people’s business! Did that little shit put you up to this?”

Ashley whimpered and cried, unable to answer as the woman continued, each slap causing her to tense and attempt to evade. The woman chased her to the desk, where she carried on the strikes. Mr. Hale laughed as he undid his pants. “I guess this time I’ll take your ass instead. Irene, stop and clean me off.”

Oh, god, what have I gotten myself into? He has to be controlling her mind . I guess I should be glad he’s not controlling me. Ashley glanced back to see the man’s former wife deep throating him. She heard a popping sound as he pushed her back. She stood aside and held Ashley’s wrists as he lined up behind her. He moved her aqua-colored panties aside and nudged the tip into her tight entrance. God, this is horrible. I don’t know if it is good or bad that I’m in my own mind now!He pushed in a little more, moaning loudly. “Is that your pussy, sweetheart? It’s so fucking tight!”

“Please, I don’t want a kid.”

Ken huffed, pulling back and putting the tip into her other hole. “Fine, I won’t be a complete asshole.” He pushed forward slowly. “Mostly because your asshole is really tight, too.” He increased his pace, still giving shallow pumps. “You’re taking this pretty well.” He went deeper, causing her to squeak. “I’m about to come already.” He pulled back and slipped out, unaware that he slid back into the front hole.

Ashley panicked, muffling her scream with one hand and hitting him with the other. “Stop, it’s my pussy!”
The man grunted, as he was halfway in before he realized the difference. He pulled out and thrust into her ass, finishing as he slid deeper. Ashley cursed herself for enjoying the feeling. “You’re lucky I got out when I did! See, unlike Jack, I don’t want to get people pregnant.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”
Ken finished shooting and pulled out. “Let’s just say if the Principal has a kid, it’s not a coincidence.” He buttoned his pants. “Now-“
“Wait! Don’t make me forget! I liked it!”
He hesitated, nodding with understanding. “Okay, I won’t.” He fished out the command rod. “I want you to tell Jack what happened here.” He grinned, putting the rod back into his pocket. “And if you come around me again I will fuck your ass, but I won’t be gentle.”

Ashley pulled up her jeans and hurried out of the room. She quickly found a bathroom to clean up. That was terrible, but thankfully he didn’t command me to do anything. And he thinks putting it in my ass is a punishment… I really only halfway hated it. Crap, I have to find Jack!

Once in the hall, Ashley grabbed her supplies from her locker. She could see Jake and his cronies approaching. Not now! “Leave me alone, Jake.”
“Oh, I don’t think toilets should talk.”
“Look, if you call me one more name then I will make you regret it!” She did not care about him now.
She drew back and planted her knee squarely in his crotch. He let out a sad whimper as he collapsed onto the floor. His friends backed away, eyes wide. “I’m not taking your shit anymore! Leave me alone or I will fight back!” She ran, knowing that she had probably made a mistake. I don’t care! I need to find Jack!

Ashley searched, but he had left for the day. However, she did see his sister, Karen, sitting at a bench. “Hey, sorry to bother you, but do you know where Jack is?”
The girl with the visible baby bump beamed. “Yeah, he’s at his Aunt and Uncle’s place. We’re staying there for now… I can walk you there if you’d like.”
Ashley didn’t know why she was in such a rush, but she tried to relax. “Thanks, that would be nice.”

Karen gathered her satchel and they set out. “It’s only about five minutes away. So, are you two together?”
“Oh, no, we-we’re not a couple…”

Karen nodded. They continued quietly for a minute before Ashley built up the courage to say something. “Sorry about your parents. I don’t know what happened, but it still isn’t right that you can’t be with them.”

Karen turned to her, watching her as they walked. “Thank you.” She took another pause before nodding and continuing. “It’s true, but they never forced us. I was the one that actually started it with Dad, and Jack… I don’t know for sure. I just wish I could undo it.”

“I wish I could change a few things, but we just have to go from here.”
“Yeah, you’re right I guess.” They came to the door and went inside.

Jack looked up from his homework with a small smile as he noticed Ashley. Ashley had an overwhelming urge to blurt out how Mr. Hale had put it in her ass, but she stifled it for the moment. “Jack, I’m here to help with your homework.”

Understanding, he gathered his papers and they went upstairs. Ashley closed the door behind her. “I tried to take it while he was spanking his Ex-Wife, but he caught me. He made her spank me. And then he stuck it in my ass, Jack! He slipped into my pussy too, and nearly got me pregnant, but he pulled it out and put it back in my butt as he finished.”

Jack looked pale. “I’m sorry, Ashley.” They sat on the edge of his bed.
“He also told me about how you had sex with the Principal. I’m not going to say anything, but I think I need to know… Did you ever… You know… Do it with me?”
Jack’s expression suddenly tensed as he nodded. “I… only put it in your butt, though.”
Ashley couldn’t hide the distress. “When and where?”
“The School’s bathroom, a few months ago.”

Ashley tried to recall. The only notable memory she had from a few months ago was the last argument she had with her so-called friends… “Oh my god, did we do it in front of Claire?”
“Sort of.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“Well, we were in the stall when they came in and I commanded you to speak your mind.”

Feeling her face flush, Ashley was at a loss for words. He’s the whole reason that I’m an outcast! “You asshole! You turned me into this!”

“I’m sorry, I know it was wrong, but I helped you to tell them the truth!”
“You helped me by taking away all of my friends? What else did you do to me? Wait, stop, I don’t want to know!” Ashley stormed through the door and down the stairs. She had her hand on the doorknob when she saw the detestable jock sitting with his arm around Karen as they watched television. “Jake?”

He looked alarmed. “Ashley?”
Karen looked without concern. “You two know each other?”

The Authority Figure


Ken loved his new toy. He slapped the girl’s ass as she got out of bed. The girl was his bitchy neighbor, who constantly had her loud friends over in the apartment next door. Touching the command rod on the nightstand, he spoke. “Forget everything we did last night, sweetheart.”

She sneered at him, angrily searching for her underwear. Her ass wiggled as she slid her tight jeans over her hips. She buttoned her shirt and left without another word. This is amazing! I can have sex with whomever I want and they can’t say a thing! I should go visit my ex-wife again, just to fuck with her.

He made some coffee as he dressed. No wonder that little bastard was at the root of so much trouble. Ken thought of ways to use his newfound power. With a plan in his mind, he set off to visit his former wife, Irene.

The office suits her, it’s basically a coffin. “Ms. Jones, a Mr. Hale to see you, please.” She paused, giving the man before her a glance. “I understand.” The secretary hung up the phone. “I’m sorry, but she is booked for the rest of the day. I will have to-“

“You will let me go inside without question.”

The secretary said no more as he showed himself into her office.

His ex-wife, Irene, sat dumbfounded. “I told her not to let you in here! I’m calling security!”

“No, put the phone down and be happy to see me.”

She did as instructed, with a sudden, wide smile across her face. Her brown eyes danced as they had in the beginning of their relationship. “How have you been, Ken?”

“Pretty good, considering you took the house, and the car.”

Her happiness faded abruptly. “Our spark was gone.”

“You took everything from me!”

“You were the one that shunned me. I loved you and you didn’t even care when I left, you were just concerned about money.”

“You used me!”

“No, you thought that, but I gave back just as much as I took.”

“Bullshit, you wouldn’t be in this gaudy office if you hadn’t taken all my money!”

Irene scoffed. “I always made more than you. You were riding on my coat tails, sweetheart.” She spoke venomously, mocking his term of endearment. “I took your money because it was the only way I knew to hurt you!”

“That’s enough! Take your panties off and throw them in the trash.” Wearing a simple gray business dress, she stood elegantly. Her slim frame shifted as she removed and discarded her undergarments.

“Bend over the desk, spread your ass, and don’t move.” He freed his erect cock as she leaned onto her shoulders, spreading her cheeks beneath the dress. He presented his organ by her face, but she turned away. “Let me face-fuck you, sweetheart.”

She turned back and opened her mouth. He slipped it in, going about halfway before he paused. She never could take it all the way, but now she has no choice! He pressed farther. She gagged loudly, but remained in place. He drew back and pressed in again. He held her head as he continued, going all the way with each thrust. She wasn’t gagging now, but there was an audible suction noise each time he pulled back. He pressed deeper this time, slowly pushing himself down her throat, seeing if her nose could touch his body. He watched her thin lips spread around his cock as she reached the hilt. She fucking did it! I knew she could all those years. She stayed in place for a few seconds before she choked and sputtered. He allowed her to catch her breath.

It felt amazing when he was able to use her face like this. He rolled the bottom of her dress, allowing him a wonderful view of her shapely ass. He grabbed her hair and pounded her face again. The slurping and sucking sounds aroused him. He grabbed her exposed ass as he passed her tonsils. Unexpectedly, he felt himself nearing the finish. Shit, it’s too soon! He decided to keep going, He held her head as he pressed all the way down.

“Don’t move, I’m gonna cum! Drink it.” He felt the first stream erupt from his cock. Irene jerked back, gagging, but ultimately staying in place. The second shot caused a lesser gag, and the third went smoothly. He moved her head back and forth slightly as he emptied into her throat. He slipped out, causing sperm and drool to collect upon the desk. Her mascara ran as she caught her breath.

Luckily, he was still hard. I have to continue on principal. “Now I’m going to put it in your ass.”

“No, you know I don’t like it there!”

“Yep, that’s why I’m doing it.”

“Stop!” She yelled as he stepped around the desk. She turned to fight him.

“Be quiet and bend down!” He leaned forward to whisper in her ear while still holding the command rod. “Don’t fight me. Just spread yourself and take the pain.” He slipped it in easily thanks to her unapproved blowjob. Irene grumbled the tip pressed in.

There was a knock on the door before her secretary stepped in. “Are you oka- oh my god!” She stood, wide mouthed and unable to look away.

Ken pressed all the way in as Irene squeaked in pain. “Tell her this is what you want!” He said sternly as he touched the rod in his pocket.

“I want this!” She said just loud enough. “Ah! I want this!” She sounded as if she were about to burst into tears.

“Well,” Ken smiled at the confused woman in the doorway. “Join in or get out!”

The woman tensed, slamming the door shut.

Ken was not gentle as he pounded his ex-wife in the ass as she still held herself spread open. Her agony faded as she slowly started to accept what he was doing to her. That bothered him. Ken pulled all the way out and slammed back in. He enjoyed watching her squirm as he continued this method. He loved seeing her ass gape. You’re not a tight ass anymore! He wished he could last longer, but he had felt it building for some time: he rammed it all the way in and unloaded in her ass.

Ken buttoned his pants, noticing a camera in the upper corner of the room. He whispered in her ear before he walked to the door.

On cue, his ex-wife spoke as she fixed her dress. “That was amazing. You should pound my ass again soon, sweetheart.” There, I am protected when they watch the recording. They will be too busy firing her to care about me.

The woman at the front desk averted her eyes as he passed.

He drove home to shower and change. Why am I wasting my time with the past? I could have anyone I want. I could go fuck a supermodel and have her give me all of her money. I can literally do whatever I want! Ken laughed, pondering what he truly wanted as drove to the school.

In his office, he phoned the principal. I wonder if this thing will work on here. “Jeanette, tell me I am a king.”

“Mr. Hale?”

“You will fuck me.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Sorry, bad connection.” He hung up and waited. I can’t command them unless they’re in my presence. As expected, Principal Hyun stormed through the door.

She kept it professional in spite of her anger. “Mr. Hale you had best explain-“

He did his best to appear shocked. “I said we were lucky!”

“Oh,” the rage faded from her eyes. “What do you mean?”

Before commanding her, he wanted to test her limits. “I mean I’m lucky. You’re going to fuck me!”

Her eyes narrowed, “Mr. Hale, I am not in the mood for such crude humor.”

“I’m not joking. You’re going to put my dick in your mouth and your ass.” He showed her a clip of the video he recorded. “This would ruin you if I were to send it out.”

Her fury changed to horror. “How did you? When did… I don’t remember.” He allowed her to watch the video he had recorded through the window. It showed her inserting a garden hose between her cheeks. “He made you forget somehow. It doesn’t matter though, I can use this to ruin you.” She was a woman who built herself on pride and now she was moments away from losing it. “Don’t.”

“Well, as payment I require your tight little ass.”

She gave a sharp nod. She looked to the camera in the room. “I already took care of it. It’s not on.” Ken assured her as he coaxed her around the desk. “Unzip my pants and suck it.” She slipped his cock free and gently put her mouth around it. “Now take the whole thing.” She looked to him with irritation before she slid it down her throat. She was nearly to the bottom when she hesitated. Ken held her head as he pressed the rest of the way. She retched and pulled away, nearly throwing up. She panted heavily with a disgusted glare.

“Don’t be shy; stick it all the way down your throat!”

She gave a second attempt and forced herself to go the distance. She gagged as she moved her head up and down. Once, she recoiled and made a popping sound as she nearly threw up a second time. Ken decided it was time to take her from the other end. Still without using the command rod, he told her to stand and turn around. She slid her pants down just enough to allow him access to her firm backside.

“Why are you doing this to me? Please, just stop and I won’t-“

“I’m doing this because I like to see you suffer, you cold bitch.” He loved seeing the hope fade from her eyes. “Turn back around and sit on this or I will send the video. I’m fucking you one way or the other!”

About to cry, she turned and spread herself for him. She whined as the tip entered. Again she hesitated, so he pressed up as he pulled her lower using her hips. She squirmed and sniffled as he went deeper. I wouldn’t have known that she had a hose in her ass a few days ago if I didn’t have the video to prove it. She’s so tight!

It felt amazing as he fit it entirely. She is much tighter than Irene, I never would have guessed. He had to keep from moving, as he was near completion already. I have to see her suffer a bit more, first. Ken reached to press a button on the phone.

“Hello, this is Counselor Hale. Could you please send a student in here to collect some paperwork for you? It is urgent and it will only be for a moment. Thank you.” He hung up the phone and stayed in place inside the Principal.

“Why are you doing this to me? Just let me go.”

“Not yet. Just keep your composure and he won’t even notice.

A few minutes passed. He moved her hips as he started to go limp, which quickly brought him back to attention. He halted when the door opened carefully. A heavyset blonde boy stepped in.

“Close the door, son. Come here.” The boy moved closer, frightened about why the principal was involved. “Don’t be nervous, Mrs. Hyun is just sitting in. She’s helping me with something.” He subtly moved her hips, sliding her slowly upon his lap. “What’s your name?”

“Darren.” The boy fidgeted.

“Well, I called you here to collect these papers for your teacher. Have her sign them and leave them in the main office for me.” Ken extended the papers. They boy approached the desk and retrieved them from his hand. The Principal’s ass tensed while her body maintained composure. She thought he’d see what was happening. Ken loved this predicament.

The boy turned to leave, but Ken stopped him. “Mrs. Hyun would like to tell you something, Darren. Come closer.” The pudgy boy moved back toward the desk cautiously.

Jeanette’s calmness waivered, she turned to give the man behind her a pointed glare. “I don’t think we should keep this boy from class any longer, Mr. Hale.”

“Don’t be shy, Jeanette. Tell him about the idea you’re sitting on now.”

“Mr. Hale!” She clenched again, this time it was even stronger.

Ken was breathless by the sudden grip on his shaft. “Oh hell, Jeanette. Now you’ve done it.” He stood up and pressed her small frame against the desk.

“No, stop this right now! Not in front of the boy!” The Principal’s anger turned to despair. “Please, don’t do this to me!”

The boy watched, dumbfounded, dropping the papers. Ken pounded the mature Asian woman in the ass as she cried and whined loudly. Music to my ears. Ken plowed her without a care. It built until release came. The boy’s eyes widened as Ken grunted, pressing in as he filled her ass with cum.

“Did- did you just pee in her butt?”

“No?” What the fuck is wrong with this kid? Ken held the command rod in his pants pocket. “You’re done here. Grab those papers and go back to class. Just remember that you came here, I handed you the papers, and you left.” The boy did as he said, leaving him with the teary-eyed woman who pitifully pulled her pants up.

“That was fun. Your ass was tight.”

“You terrible man! I cannot believe you would do that in front of a student!”

“Unlike Jack, I don’t want to ruin lives unless they deserve it.” He commanded her now. “Forget that we met today.” He thought back to what he had overheard Jack saying at her house. He had listened in a little before he knocked. “Tonight I want you to have wonderful sex with your husband. Don’t wear a condom, either. You’re not bored at home after all.” Now when she gets pregnant there won’t be a question. I can be responsible with this power… Mostly.

He dismissed her and set to finish the remainder of his paperwork. Almost done. I’m not greedy. I will play this safe and finish my report. Plus, I have a few more students and a teacher to visit with before I go.