Methods of Burden


Lisa watched herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. Her hair was just below her shoulders, hazel, and relatively straight; her eyes were similarly colored. She had a small nose, her lips lush and kissable. She wasn’t very skinny, slightly chubby. Her breasts were c-cups and she had a piercing in each one. She was wearing only underwear. She rinsed her mouth out and headed to bed. She laid down, turned the lamp off, and after about 15 minutes she was soundly asleep.

She woke up looking at an overcast sky; it was light all around so it had to be midday, she guessed. She lifted herself onto her elbows; she was in a grassy field. There was a forest to the north and hills in every other direction. But, more importantly, she noticed seven women standing about 30 feet away, talking. Some of them looked confused, some agitated, and some concerned. Some of them wore pajamas, one wore a nightgown, and some wore as little or less than she did. She decided it was best to join them, disregarding her lack of dress. As she approached they all turned to her.

“Another one – did you just go to sleep too?”
“Of course she did. Just like the rest of us, you idiot.”
“Be quiet, this isn’t helping at all!” They started arguing back and forth. The lady who had just spoken came over to her. “Hi, I’m Alex. We all don’t know what’s going on either.”
“I’m Lisa, were we drugged or something? Do we have any idea where this is?”

“Not a clue, we’ve been here for about 20 minutes. People keep appearing around here, just like you.” Alex turned to watch the group argue. She was very tall, with blonde hair, green eyes, and straight eyebrows. She had a small, girlish face. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. Her skin looked so soft and her breasts were a-cups with large areolas. She was shaved down below as well. She couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Alex turned back and noticed that she was being eyed by Lisa; she smiled and her face turned bright red.

Lisa blushed too, “sorry, I didn’t… I was just… sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Alex giggled. “We should go with them for now, though.”

Lisa agreed and they rejoined the group. Alex quieted them and did introductions. Carmen wore a see through nightie that emphasized her fake breasts; she had long blonde hair, a long face, and wide set eyes. Her body was lean, with a flat stomach and a firm butt. Hitomi wore a t-shirt and cloth pants. Her skin was smooth and blemish free. Her nose was her most dominant feature, though it wasn’t larger than normal. Karen had wider features, her nose slightly upturned. She wore pajama bottoms with a tank top. Her hair was almost black and her lips were big and moist. Her breasts were c-cups; they bounced as she waved. Molly was a petite girl, wearing a sweatshirt that was two sizes too big and flannel pants. She had short strawberry blonde hair and small features, save her eyes. They were deep blue and entrancing.

Amber was tall with very large, natural looking breasts and a large rear. She had a nice hourglass shape. Her face was round, with wide lips and big green eyes. Her hair grew to just above her butt. Stacy was the most dominant of the group. She seemed to be the oldest, around 30, and she had fiery red hair halfway down her back. She wore nothing; a tattoo snaked from her elbow over her shoulder and stopped just above her left breast. Her breasts almost seemed too big for her frame. She was tall and had pointed features. She had been doing most of the yelling before. She scowled as Lisa’s gaze lingered a little too long.

“Maybe we should explore a little.” Hitomi said softly.
“What would that help? We can’t really defend ourselves if someone else is out here.” Stacy pointed out.
“If someone is out here they might be able to help us. It’s worth trying!” Karen said.

Stacy sighed heavily. They started to argue about which direction. After a moment Molly pointed to a small stone building. “Look! That wasn’t there before, was it?”

“No, it wasn’t,” Carmen looked at everyone, “come on, we have to look!” Stacy protested, but Carmen already started jogging toward the structure. Everyone looked at one another and eventually followed. By the time they got there she was already inside. There was a table that had 8 small pouches with attached notes; their names written individually on each card. All of the ladies walked over and opened the cards and looked in the bags.

Lisa took hers. The card read: ‘These will make it more interesting. Use this device wisely, it’s linked with someone.’ She shook the pouch until a loop fell into her hand. It was about 4 inches around and felt very sturdy. The one she held was red. She looked around and everyone looked as confused as she was.

Stacy broke the contemplation, “Okay, give them to me and I’ll keep them safe.” She grabbed the rings from Molly, Amber, and Carmen without any qualms. She came to Karen and stopped, holding her hand out. “Come on, we should keep them together.”

“No, I’m keeping this.” Karen held the purple colored ring. She started to slide it onto her wrist, but it didn’t quite fit past her knuckles. Alex screamed and fell to the floor. She held her crotch and curled into a ball. The white ring she had held rolled across the floor. Amber stopped it and picked it up, careful to grab the edges.

After the surprise and Alex’s pain subsided, Karen held up the purple ring and put her finger through slowly. Everyone watched Alex.

“Ugh.” She gasped, “It’s inside me! I can feel your finger in there.” She squirmed a little as she watched Karen. “Please stop!”

Karen withdrew her finger. Everyone who still held a ring eyed it suspiciously, unsure of what to do with them. Stacy snatched the purple ring from Karen’s hand and ran outside. Everyone followed, but stopped just outside the doorway, uncertain. Karen sprinted across the field. They watched the pale woman sprint through the grass, her red hair trailing behind. Eventually she made it over the hill.

“Shit, now what?” Amber asked.
“We can go after her, but then she might use those on us, and we don’t know which one is which.” Hitomi said impassively.

Suddenly Molly flushed and leaned against the building. “She… she’s doing something.” She started moving her hips forward and backward. She was sweating after a moment and she took off her sweatshirt. After a minute she slid her hand down, into her pants, and started masturbating. She moaned and shook. She slid down the wall and was breathing heavily. Everyone watched the short display. She sat there for a moment before she stood up and slid her pants and panties down to her knees. They were soaked and, upon closer inspection, something white was coming out of her vagina.

“What the hell is this?” She asked, shocked.
“I don’t know, but we have to find her, she could do really bad things with these!” Carmen declared. They all agreed. Molly used her pants to clean herself and left her soiled clothes; half of the group was naked anyway.

They walked until they came over the hill where they last saw Stacy. There was a pond to the west and another building to the south. They noticed a naked man beating on the door. They decided that they should be able to overpower him as a group and headed that direction. As they approached he heard them and turned around and stood grumbling. He was a scrawny man with beady eyes and a definite erection. He ran toward them without a word and tackled Amber. She screamed as he found his way into her. He started thrusting, but it was short lived. Carmen, Alex, and Lisa pulled him off after struggle. He grunted and squirmed as they wrestled him onto his back. Carmen’s breasts came close too his face and he latched on and started suckling them. She gasped at the sensation and fell forward onto him. With his face pressed into her bosom, he finished all over himself. His whole body went limp.

“Well, that was something.” Molly sounded a little amazed.

After many questions they regained composure. They gathered their rings and opened the door. Something was blocking it. They all pushed and something gave way. A dresser had been leaning against it; it fell back and crashed onto the floor. Stacy was sitting in the corner, she looked terrified. She quickly held up the yellow ring. “Stay back!”

“What did you do to me?” Molly started toward her.
“Stop! I didn’t have a choice, he raped me!”
Molly stopped as she realized what had happened.
Stacy sobbed, “I put this down there, but it didn’t stop him, it went right through.”

They both had his seed in them. Molly kicked Stacy with her bare foot and then tried to grab the ring from her hand. They put their fingers through the opening, desperately trying to hold it. Molly moaned and stumbled, but she wouldn’t let go. Stacy finally loosened her grip and Molly fell backwards. The loop rolled around, everyone scrambled to claim it. Stacy pushed them away and quickly tucked it into the pouch she had. The door burst open and a larger man came rushing in. He saw opportunity in Molly, as she was lying on the floor, legs spread. He pushed the other girls out of his way and ran to Molly. He quickly inserted himself. Molly gasped and had an expression between disgust and delight.

Stacy screamed and ran outside. Lisa and Alex tried to pull the man off, but everyone else followed suit and ran screaming. “We’re sorry, Molly.” They gave up and ran outside. The man from before was gone and the ladies were running in different directions. Lisa and Alex headed to the pond.

Amber and Carmen were shouting as they came closer.
“These are stupid!” Carmen pointed at the white ring Amber held up.
“No, these could save us. We could use it in some way to help us. Maybe do something to them to make them hand over the other rings.”

“No, that’s just mean and stupid. We don’t even know who this one is for!” They both eyed it as the other two approached. “No, Amber, we aren’t going to figure out who’s this is!” She snatched the ring and threw it as hard as she could; it skipped along the water’s surface and then sank promptly.

Immediately Carmen’s belly started to rumble. Her eyes went wide and she screamed. “Oh my god! It’s mine! It’s filling me with water!” They stared at her. “Don’t just stand there, get it!” She started crying, holding her tummy.

The three of them ran along the edge of the pond. Alex reached the edge nearest where it landed first; she waded in. The water was only about waist high, but it was difficult to see below the surface. Lisa and Amber followed her in. They all scanned the bottom, feeling with their toes. After about four or five minutes of frantic searching, Alex reached down and raised it high. “Found it! I hope she’s okay.” They made their way back. Lisa discarded her waterlogged panties as they walked.

They didn’t see Carmen where they had left her. Amber spotted her by a lone tree nearby. She was mostly hidden from their angle. They headed to her.

As they came around Alex gasped. Carmen was lying with her back against the tree, her stomach distended immensely. “My body, how could this happen to me?” She sobbed. It looked as though she had swallowed a beach ball. Her nightie was tight around her chest. Lisa undid it and slid it off, holding her hand and rubbing her back. Carmen’s skin had stretched more than she thought possible. Lisa felt her tummy – it was springy and it sloshed with the most subtle of movement. She groaned and tried to sit higher against the tree, but instead she slid down the wet grass. She was almost lying down now.

“Oh shit!” Amber pointed. A heavily built, naked man was jogging their way. “What do we do?”
Alex’s eyes widened. “I don’t know! We can’t stop him with just the three of us.”
“He only wants one of us,” Amber glanced at Carmen. “She’s helpless, so there’s nothing we can really do.”

Lisa was disgusted. “That’s why we have to stop him from raping her.” She huffed. “Maybe you should just take one for the team.”

Amber’s eyes narrowed. “No, I am not going to do that.” She ran over to the rings that they had tossed into the grass. She held red and white. Lisa watched nervously as Amber blew into the red ring. Nothing happened. Lisa charged, Amber quickly blew into the white one. Carmen moaned and spread her legs. Lisa knocked the rings from her hands and tried to pin her down. They rolled around trying to gain dominance. But, Amber was stronger and eventually Lisa gave up. They both looked over to notice the red ring came to rest next to an ant hill. Black ants swarmed across the ring. Lisa gently grabbed it and shook them off. Amber retrieved the white ring from the grass.

It was only then did they hear Carmen yell for help. They turned to see the large man coming to a halt in front of her, he knelt down. His member was about seven inches. It took a few tries, but he soon found his way in with ease. He pressed inside. Her stomach shook with rhythm as the water sloshed back and forth; it was kind of mesmerizing. Lisa and Amber watched, helpless. After some time he lifted her upright and continued pounding. She held on and he squeezed her tight in turn. He went faster and then stopped. His testicles pushed his seed into her in pulses; it just kept going. The three girls watched in awe. Then he let her down and he laid back, motionless.

They helped Carmen to her feet and they walked in silence for a while. They saw another building to the north so they diverted that way. Maybe they could find some of the other girls there, they decided. Lisa jerked to a halt.

“I just felt something in my belly.”
“Like what?”
“It was small, I don’t know.”
“Well, we don’t have the one for you, so who knows what’s happening.”

Then she felt it again, and again, and then it was much more. “It feels like… rocks, or gravel, or something like that.” Lisa’s expression turned to shock. “Whoever has mine must have the red one. They must think I did that on purpose!”

“Or it was a chain reaction and red did it to someone else and they’re doing it to you.” Amber said, without care. It was so hard to find the owners while separated. Lisa felt another handful in her, then another. Then she felt them pour into her, her belly was expanding quickly; feeling much heavier as it did. As it grew it started to sag and it swayed with each step. It stopped when her stomach was about as big as a medicine ball. They were almost to the building when her legs gave out. Lisa toppled forward onto her stomach. She came to rest on her hard, lumpy stomach. She was using her hands and knees to stabilize, but they weren’t supporting most of her weight. She tried to stand, but it was no use at the moment. She needed to regain her strength.

“Go on and see if there is anyone in there. I’ll be fine.”
“I’ll wait here too; I don’t want to walk anymore.” Carmen knelt down, her belly bounced a little. She gathered momentum and rolled onto her back. Her belly rocked as she scooted closer to Lisa. After a few tries she gave up and laid back, breathless. Alex and Amber traded a glance and then went inside. “We’ll be right back.”

The door closed and, as if on cue, Lisa heard the sound of footsteps in the grass. Carmen sat up to see, panic showed in her eyes. Lisa pivoted, unable to stand. A man walked up, bigger than the last and more endowed. His face was expressionless as he knelt behind her. He slowly pressed in until he hit the objects in her. They moved around, but not enough to let him in. He grunted, stopped, and then tried again; after a few failed attempts he got up and went to Carmen. She wiggled and tried to back away, but he easily spread her legs and went in. Lisa was shocked to see him slide all the way in on the first attempt with a watery sound.

Carmen stayed surprisingly quiet. After a few minutes she started to moan. She wrapped her legs around him as best she could. He started thrusting so hard that her huge belly slapped against him with each thrust. He didn’t seem to mind. Lisa thought that must hurt, ramming her like that. He reached back and pulled her legs up to rest on his shoulders. Carmen squealed and hit him in the chest, but he held her arms, thrusting just as hard. He stopped suddenly, he pressed as hard as he could. Carmen had been trying to fight it, but she gave in and shook with orgasm. He grunted and went in and out quickly about four more times. She flailed and pleaded for him to stop. He ignored her as he pressed in and filled her. They both laid back onto the ground. He suddenly vanished. Lisa tried to tell Carmen, but she must have passed out, as she said nothing.

The door to the house opened. Alex and Amber came out along with Karen and Hitomi. Hitomi’s belly was distended in an odd way. It bulged out under her t-shirt, just below her breasts and went straight down and stopped at her crotch. She walked awkwardly. It looked like there was something long and straight in her. Karen had a stomach as well; her’s was the biggest yet. She was built more heavily than everyone else, so that added to the effect. Though, she didn’t seem as weighted as the rest of them. Whatever was in her must be light. She wasn’t wearing clothes anymore.

They came over to stand by the two bulging girls, lying in the grass. Hitomi looked nervous, more than when she first came out. She edged closer with small steps.

“What happened to you two?”
Lisa looked up, unable to stand. “Carmen accidentally did that to herself and someone else did this to me. It feels like someone put a bunch of gravel in me.”
“Did you do anything to the other rings?”
“No, some ants got on the red one, but that’s it. We know Carmen’s is white. Those are the only two we have.”

Hitomi went pale. “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” She looked about ready to cry. “I thought this was Stacy’s,” she took the blue ring from her pocket. “I thought I saw her move when I put my finger in earlier. I’m so sorry!” She was sobbing at this point.

Lisa was furious, she tried to hit Hitomi, but she couldn’t move very far. It was a feeble attempt as the rocks just shifted and weighed her down. After a while she gave up, out of breath. “You bitch, I didn’t even do anything to you and you ruined me!” She spat as everyone else watched. “What exactly did you put in me? I can’t even move, you bitch!”

“I-I grabbed some rocks from the dirt and put them in. I didn’t know if it was working so I kept putting handfuls in. Then I felt the thing in me press deeper so I made a little pile of rocks and ran the ring up and down over it.

“Rocks? You put god damned rocks in me?!” She had already guessed, but now she was certain. She yelled all sorts of profanity until Hitomi yelled back.

“Fine! I made a mistake, but look what happened to me!” She pulled her pants down and stepped out of them. She spread her legs a bit to show her gaping vagina. It looked as if an invisible shaft was in her, stretching her out. Her pussy was stretched about five inches wide and the phantom object looked to be about a foot or so. Lisa stopped yelling and gawked. “Yeah, I don’t see how this is physically possible, but it feels like something is in me even though it isn’t. I didn’t think anyone could stretch this much.”

Karen leaned against Amber, hugging her tightly, her large belly hanging between them. Karen started shaking. She leaned a little more and her stomach grew bigger in a sudden movement. It looked as though something was forced into her; a bulge appeared on the left side of her belly. She breathed deeply to calm herself and stood back up, the bulge smoothed with the motion. She looked around and her face flushed. “That has happened a few times recently. I think Stacy is doing something.”

“You’re right; I bet she’s using all of the rings to beat out the competition!” Amber said with enthusiasm.
“What are we competing for then?” Carmen asked, opening her eyes lazily.

“I have no idea, but maybe she knows something we don’t. Molly was with her when I saw them running away earlier.” Hitomi spoke softly, with distress in her voice. She handed the blue ring to Lisa. “Here, you can have yours.” They both nodded at each other in understanding.

They helped Lisa and Carmen to their feet and headed east, moving slowly and carefully, helping each other along. They saw another building just over the ridge and headed there. It was a simple concrete structure with a wooden door and no windows. They opened the door and found Stacy standing over Molly, who was curled up on the ground. Molly’s hands were tied behind her back. She looked very uncomfortable and had a pot belly. “Stop her.”

Stacy turned to a table that had the orange, black, and purple rings on it. She picked up the orange one and knelt over Molly. “Stop or I’ll put this on her!”

Amber started toward her. Stacy didn’t hesitate; she pulled the ring wider and slid it over Molly’s head, down to her neck. Amber squealed in agony and fell down mid stride. She rolled onto her back and held her tummy as it pressed out. Amber started breathing quickly. Stacy looked surprised and then started laughing. They all watched in horror as Stacy stretched the ring wider somehow and pulled it over Molly’s shoulders. It went down past her breasts, over her restrained arms, down to her knees, and then she tugged it past her feet; all within about 30 seconds. Molly suddenly disappeared. Amber made a bloodcurdling scream, her mid-section swelled to an unrealistic proportion. She was now twice the size of Karen and was certainly immobile. Her legs were wide open and her stomach rested on the floor between them.

Stacy got up and grabbed the purple ring. “Remember who this belongs to?” She eyed Alex. Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Carmen, still standing just outside, gasped. “Look!” She pointed at a group of about 10 men running in their direction.

“Get inside! Bar the door!” Lisa cried out.

Everyone shuffled into the building as fast as they could. Stacy stood against the table, eyeing the ladies warily. After everyone was inside Alex closed the door, noting that it had two sturdy locks. She secured the door and stepped backwards as the men started pounding on the outside. Everyone was silent, waiting. After about a minute the knocking on the door stopped.

“Why are you doing this, Stacy?” Alex asked worriedly, “can’t we just stop and try to figure a way out of here?”
Stacy scoffed, “I can’t trust anyone, I felt something crawling in me so I retaliated.”
“You grabbed the rings and ran in the first place!”
“Yeah, I was scared and I thought one might be mine!”

They continued arguing. Lisa knew now that the red ring belonged to Stacy. She scanned the room for something useful to stop her from misusing the rings. This place had a lot more objects in it than the previous buildings.  She saw a large cement post in the corner of the room; there was a green band around the base. That must be what’s in Hitomi. She saw a crumpled blanket on the floor as well. Then she spied a small box. She walked over, carefully as not to throw herself off balance, and opened it. Inside there was a note and a silver ball. The note read: use this a few times and she won’t bother you anymore. She lifted the object, it was about the size of a baseball and it weighed about 5 pounds. She pushed it through the red ring, then brought it back through; again, and again, and again, it popped through. Stacy shouted for her to stop, but she continued.

Stacy stretched the purple ring she had been holding and lunged for Hitomi. She hurriedly pulled it over her head, shoulders, and waist. She tripped the confused girl. As she pulled it past her feet she disappeared, just as Molly had. Alex’s stomach stretched outward in a sudden motion. She crumpled to the floor awkwardly, her arms barely reaching around her midsection. She wailed and everyone else stood, shocked and horrified.

Stacy lifted herself upright; her belly sagged and had dimples where the balls pushed outward. “Stop or I’ll do that again!” Lisa measured the situation and decided a few more might incapacitate her. She smirked and pushed the ball through over and over again. “Everyone stop her!” Lisa, pleaded.

Stacy grabbed at the three remaining rings on the table; she only got the green one, as the others scattered to the floor. Karen and Carmen moved to stop her. Desperate and nearly too weighted to walk, she stretched out the green ring and yanked it down over Karen in a violent motion. She pushed the large woman to the floor. The ring expanded around her enormous belly, it looked as though it may break, but it held and regained its shape as it slipped to the ground.

Alex’s stomach ballooned outward to an impossible size. Her small frame was lifted into the air as Karen now rested inside her along with Hitomi. She whimpered and cried, unable to reach the floor with her arms or legs. Lisa dropped the ball and the ring and walked quickly over to Alex; horrified, she tried to comfort her.

Shortly after, Stacy’s legs gave out and she dropped to the ground. Her stomach thudded as the balls banged on the wooden floorboards. She sat upright, her dimpled belly between her legs. “Why the hell would you keep going?”

Lisa turned to look at Stacy, her expression changed from disbelief to rage. “You evil redheaded witch! You are the one that did this to us all, you couldn’t trust us and you started this whole fucking mess! I should kill you!” She started toward Stacy. Stacy leaned back on her arms; she started to scoot away.

“Wait, I know some details, I can get us out of this mess!”

Lisa kicked Stacy, the balls moved a little, but it mainly just hurt her foot. She fell to the side and the anger left her. “Okay, okay. Fine. How then?”
“There was a note in here when I arrived. It said that the rings would now stretch. It also said that no matter how big we got or what happened, we won’t die. This is a game or something, once we finish this will stop!”

Carmen, Alex, and Amber still stood back, watching everything unfold.

“Well,” Lisa asked, “what is the goal? Are we just supposed to keep putting things inside each other for some sick game?”

“Maybe this is a dream or something.” Carmen looked confused, as did everyone else.
They debated for a while, making note of how this was normally impossible, how things seemed to magically appear and disappear, and of how it might be someone’s twisted fantasy.

They talked for a while until Carmen changed the subject. “Where can I go to the bathroom? I’ve been holding it in sooo long; I was too scared to ask.” Amber nodded as well.

Stacy pointed to the wall behind her. The toilet was a funnel that was fitted into a bucket. Carmen didn’t think it was the best container, being so small, but she had been holding it for a while and couldn’t wait. Carmen knelt down as carefully as she could with the heavy belly and did her business. She relieved herself while the others talked. She was surprised the bucket wasn’t full after she finished. She used a towel on the floor next to the bucket to wipe off. She noticed Amber was standing behind her, waiting her turn. Amber lowered herself, holding her tummy for balance. She groaned as she went. She stood up and complained she was feeling worse.

The conversation had stopped. Lisa walked heavily to the bucket and used it as well. Alex asked her to bring it over after she finished. She grabbed the bucket; it didn’t seem full at all. She held it up to Alex and held it as she relieved herself. Lisa didn’t hear the water splashing. She asked if something was wrong. Alex said no and then Amber’s discomfort finally sank in. She waited for Alex to say she was done. She lowered the bucket and removed the funnel that was firmly in place. With a jerk it popped out and there, on the end of the funnel, was the yellow ring.

Lisa glared at Stacy. Stacy held up her hands. “Sorry, I forgot it was there!”
Carmen looked puzzled for a moment until finally she pieced it together. “So, we all just peed into… Molly? And she’s in Amber?”

“Oh my god, I think I’m going to be sick. I can’t believe you all pissed in me!” Amber sat down and grabbed her belly. It had gotten bigger, but it wasn’t sudden enough to notice until now.

“Well, you pissed in yourself too!” Stacy interjected.
They all sat quietly for a moment. Lisa noticed the orange ring on the floor next to Amber. She walked over and grabbed it.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Amber spat.
“I wasn-“
“You give that to me right now, bitch, you’ve done enough to me!”
“Me? I’ve been trying to help you!”
“You just made her mad and then she did this to us all! Give it to me now!”

Amber leaned forward and slapped Lisa hard on the back of the leg and then again, right on her butt. Lisa yelped, stumbling forward. She glared at Amber as she rubbed her stinging behind.

“Fine. You want to play like that?” She walked around Amber, just out of reach. She came up behind her and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees, her stomach rested on the floor. She drew back and slapped Amber’s bare bottom with all her might. Amber started crying; she brought her hands back to defend her posterior. That caused her to roll forward, sticking her butt further into the air. She couldn’t quite cover herself at that angle. Lisa drew back and spanked her five more times; not as hard as before, but much faster. She sobbed and tried to wriggle away, but she couldn’t escape.

“You’re not the only one that got fucked over. I mean, look at me. I’m just as bad off as you and none of us know why any of this shit is happening!” She drew back and slapped Amber’s ass one last time. “I was trying to help, remember that.” Lisa pulled Amber upright and got to her feet. She grabbed the orange ring, a scream stopped her mid-motion.

Stacy had her wrist inside of the white ring. “Carmen get me all of the rings. Now.” She pulled her hand out. Carmen nodded after a pause and gathered the rings she saw on the floor. Lisa started to stop her but Stacy plunged her fist back into Carmen’s ring. Lisa stepped back and let Carmen continue. She brought them to Stacy. “Good, now stand over there with Alex; you too, Lisa.” She looked over the rings. “Wait, where is Lisa’s? I know who all of these go to and hers isn’t one of them. Mine isn’t here either!”

Lisa smiled, “I know, I hid mine on the way here; it’s at the top of the hill. You have no power over me. As for yours, I hid it somewhere too.”

“Give me my ring you wiry bitch!” Stacy snarled, “I’m going to make you regret it if you don’t!”
“You’d make me regret it if I did.”
“Check that box, Carmen.” She motioned to the small box with the weighted ball in it. Carmen held it open, lifting the ball, it was otherwise empty.

“Fine then, I just have to improvise. Carmen, take this.” Stacy held up the yellow ring. When Carmen hesitated she held out the white ring as influence. Carmen looked terrified as she walked over and took the yellow band from Stacy. “Now, put that over Alex. It will work, don’t worry about it breaking.” She carefully started sliding it over Alex, crying as she maneuvered it. The ring contorted to an amazing size as she yanked it over her gargantuan belly. Amber squealed as she grew. When she finished, Alex disappeared as the others had; now she was inside Molly, who was inside Amber. Amber yelled and laid on her back as her stomach pushed toward the roof. The ceiling was high, but she was close to touching it as she lie there. Four people were now inside of her with no way out.

Stacy started scooting over to Amber. She hopped, her butt bounced along the floor; her belly just rolled. It took her a minute, but she reached her and held the white ring over Amber’s head. Amber eyed her silently and teary eyed. Carmen started crying and pleading.

“Okay, let me explain.” Stacy explained, bringing the white ring away from her head. “I didn’t say everything earlier. To win you must be the last person left. So, I want to win and finish this whole fucking nightmare. It said the losers get out of here too, so we need to find those rings to end this, Lisa! Tell Carmen where they are or I’ll make her unbirth this cow.”

“Please no. Please!” Carmen sobbed and pleaded to Lisa. “Just tell me where they are so we can stop this! I want to be normal again.” Her belly quaked in time with the sobs.

“Fine.” Lisa walked heavily over to the spot where she had been before and pulled the blue and red rings from a small hole in the floor hidden under the box. Stacy’s face was a mix of shock and anger.

“Give them to Carmen. Now!” Lisa stood up, but didn’t offer the rings; instead she started running, as best she could, toward Stacy. “Stop her!” Carmen grabbed onto Lisa and they both tumbled to the floor with heavy thuds. Stacy began pulling the white ring over Amber, she kept saying to wait, but Stacy ignored her. By the time Lisa got to her feet Carmen’s belly popped out in a violent thrust. Her stomach was now taller than Lisa. Carmen sat back on her hands completely in shock.

Lisa walked over to Stacy, who sat looking up, a small amount of fear in her eyes. “Only one of us can remain. Are you ready to take all of that inside you?” She motioned to Carmen’s monstrous belly.

“No, but you will.“ Lisa brought the red ring over to Carmen and maneuvered it up her legs, bullied it over her stomach and up to her neck. Stacy was breathing heavily and grunting behind them. “I’m sorry Carmen; we’ll be out of this soon.” She slipped the band over her head. Stacy’s belly twisted and contorted, six girls were now in her and she was certainly immobile as her belly came to rest seven feet in front of her; it was even with her eyes. Her breasts were pushed to either side. Her tattoo was elongated too.

“What… the fuck?!” She panted, “You’re an idiot, you can’t handle everyone in you.”
Lisa grinned wickedly. “I know, but you can!” She pulled the ring down her body, to the ground.
It felt so warm.

Stacy awoke in her bed, startled and sweating. Had it been a dream? She looked down and saw her belly. It wasn’t as big as before, but it was ballooned out about three feet into the air. She rolled to her side and then stood up. She felt so bulky and could barely stand. Her tummy drooped down to her knees and it put a great strain on her back. She shuffled to the bathroom. She plopped on the toilet to do her business. Then she lifted herself using the sink as support.

Looking in the mirror she noticed her breasts had grown twice their normal size; ripened with milk, they rested on her ample belly. She had some stretch marks, but not as many as she would expect. She still looked very good overall considering her state. Her fiery red hair seemed fuller and her face seemed younger. She felt amazing in spite of being so burdened. The shock passed and she realized that they all had made it out. Stacy understood now, she was pregnant.

She noticed an envelope was resting against the corner of the mirror. She opened it up and read; “You win. You’re now a mother with seven wonderful little girls growing inside of you. They’ll be out in a week or two. They might be a little competitive, but I left the rings for you to use.” She looked around and noticed all of the rings were resting on the back of the toilet, including the red one. “I left yours as well. Just in case you feel a little empty after they’re out. It would also work if you need to put them in time out. They will be in stasis in there, so they won’t die. To get things out of you, you just turn the rings inside out. Have fun with your daughters.”

It was a lot to take in all at once, but she had to admit she did enjoy the filled feeling. She ran her hands over her breasts, down her belly, and back to her springy butt. Her skin felt softer than before. She just wanted to touch herself. She felt so happy.