Curses II


Nelik had been casting all sorts of malicious spells over the past few months; eventually he had come to the final page in the spell book – Empowered Invisibility. Nelik scoffed, “A simple mage spell does me no…” He trailed off as he continued reading. “This turns you invisible as long as you want and you can cast spells like it as well!” He laughed quietly. He wasted no time in finding another adventuring band – he landed and cast the spell on himself. He walked closer, watching them for a time. There were two male worgen and a female gnome.

“I hate gnomes.” He muttered a spell and watched as the two beasts lunged upon their companion. They quickly unlaced their armor and within moments they tore away her robes. After a brief fight one pulled her on top of him, finding his way inside of her. The other wolf skulked around until he decided to come closer and bury his snout in the gnome’s rear. He licked it a few times before he raised himself and entered the girl’s ass. He was unusually careful upon entry, but once he was past the threshold he pushed it all the way in. She wailed as he began to pound her in time with the other worgen. They ravaged the small, squealing woman as she pleaded.

Nelik watched with delight as the scene played out. He heard a sound. He whirled around just in time to see a night elf bringing a large object toward his head.

“Wake up!” Nelik slowly opened his eyes to see three robed night elf women standing before him. His head ached as he tried to focus. He was bound where he sat. He tried to speak, but if the words made no sense.

“Where did you find this book?” The elf with green hair and deep purple skin spoke with a stern tone.
Nelik paused, acting excessively groggy until they looked at one another. He started saying a phrase to cast a spell. Before he could finish, another night elf hit him in the chest hard enough to knock the wind out of him. He gasped.

She was shorter with deep blue, braided hair. “Don’t even try it, we know what tricks that book has to offer.” Her robes looked simple, but she exuded confidence. Nelik knew they were all more experienced than he was.
“O-Okay! I got it from the Violet Citadel. I found it in a pile of books, I promise!”

The green haired night elf looked to each of them, as she appeared to be their leader. She spoke in another language, glancing to him occasionally. “We have decided to let you live, but the rest of your days shall be spent in a cell in Violet Hold. Nelik’s face went pale as the leader motioned to two Kirin Tor guards who came up behind him and lead him forcefully out of the room.

Vera led them past the shack, up to the stone throne sitting on the hillside. A female dwarf watched them suspiciously as they approached. In spite of the snow on the ground the dwarf wore black pants and a white sleeveless shirt. In spite of being a dwarf her features were surprisingly soft, accented by copper hair and freckles. She looked young and gentle at a glance, but they knew better. The three ladies stopped a short distance away.

“Greetings, I am Vera Starshade along with my mother Fentra and my sister Elana.” The dwarf woman sat there expressionless. Vera continued, “We have come regarding this tome.” Her sister slid the spell-book out from her sleeve. “Our search has led us to you. We are envoys of the Kirin Tor. What can you tell us?” The dwarf said nothing. “I need answers or I will have to place you under arrest.”

Vera turned to her mother and nodded. “Very well, we must search your house.” Vera and Elana turned to leave.
“Your green hair is quite gorgeous. Along with your darker skin you look quite exotic to me. However, the other two look so bland.” The dwarf girl smiled as Vera turned, looking confused.
“Don’t toy with us; we are here on an official matter!”
“I don’t care. You come to my home asking about a book, and when I don’t jump at your demands you threaten me and offer to ransack my home in a fruitless search. You seem to be poor negotiators.”
“This is no negotiation, we will find out who wrote this book and you will help us.”
“Hm, you drive a hard bargain. What if I were to say that I wrote it?”
Vera looked to her mother again. “This book has spells that are far more advanced than a simple girl such as you could create. This is your last warning; tell us who sold it to you.”

“Arrogant girls.” She relaxed as she continued. “Many years ago my father was killed by Defias gang members. They brought my mother and I back to their cave and they did terrible things to her. The leader was fond of her; I remember the horrible screams coming from his cabin. Anyway, after a day he came to take his turn with me, but my mother begged him to use her as long as he needed and to spare me. I’ll never forget that greasy smile. ‘I love to hear you beg.’” She shifted uncomfortably upon the stone throne.

“Well, after two nights he brought her back and she begged again, but I knew I couldn’t let this cycle continue. I could only think of one way to stop his fun. I hugged my mother before I broke her neck, and in her eyes I saw she had finally been released. The leader was furious. He used me and left me black and blue the following day when they put me back in the cell. The guard must have had a soft spot for me because she let me in on her secret, there was going to be a coup in a week.”

Vera moved to speak, but the girl held up a hand. “So, I endured like a good girl until it was time. The guard had showed me a few useful spells; that night when the leader climbed onto me I whispered something and watched a bolt of shadow blast through him. The guard who had helped me became the new gang leader. With nowhere else to go I decided to stay with my savior for a few months. I gave her sex and she showed me spells until one night I saw her robbing a family. Seeing that little girl crying made me realize that she had played a foul trick on me. She was no savior; she was just as bad as the rest of them. They were all in it for themselves. I killed her and the two other Defias members with us. From that point on I stopped killing and started being more creative. I learned that his group had been mostly comprised of women he had molested and had forced into service as bandits. I felt pity at first, but I knew they were too weak to stand up to him. He was the ringleader, but they were followers. That is why most of the spells are aimed at women.”

“I tested the spells on the Defias members over many years. After most of them had been wiped out I went on to other groups and had my fun with them. I decided that I couldn’t let my powers go to waste so, I wrote a book. I left out the truly dangerous spells; I only included the spells which are mostly harmless fun!” A grin spread across her youthful face.

Vera’s mouth was wide with bewilderment, which slowly changed to anger. “Harmless fun? A town had been overrun with shadow creatures that would attack any woman they found and rape them, how is that harmless?”

“I said mostly, and I didn’t do that, did I? Any spell can be dangerous in the wrong hands.”
Fentra chimed in, “You are coming with us to Dalaran for questioning. Come peacefully or we will use force.”
“There you go with the threats again. No.”
Vera raised her hands and shot a green orb at the dwarf. There was a flash as a yellow shield appeared in front of her. “After hearing my story you still think violence is a good idea? This is your last warning.”
Elana stepped and shot another green orb. The dwarf woman moved her hand and the shield moved with it, absorbing the blast.

“Such arrogance.” The dwarf girl closed her hands and muttered a phrase.
Fentra gasped and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She shook as something was happening to her. Vera watched her mother’s wide eyes frantically darting between her and the dwarf. “What have you done to me?”
Vera turned to notice the same effect was happening to Elana. “By Elune, I am shrinking!”
The dwarvish girl laughed. “No, girl, you’re regressing. You’re getting younger!

Vera stepped back to see them both. She tried casting more spells, but the dwarf silenced her. “Stop and watch or I may just kill them.” Vera was beaten. She noticed her mother and sister slowly getting shorter. Their breasts flattened and their hips straightened, which caused the robes to slip down and expose them both. She couldn’t help but see the hair in Fentra’s private region recede, leaving it smooth and barely noticeable. Her braids had also shortened into pigtails as she began to look like a child.

Vera’s sister was going through a similar change. Her robes had fallen off to expose her adolescent appearance and her face looked more like a young, carefree girl. But, her eyes began tearing up and she started to cry as she became a baby. Two wailing babies now lay in front of her. “What did you do?!”

“Oh, that’s just the beginning. Now comes the fun part.” The girl held up her hands in a cupping motion as she spoke. Vera’s chest warmed. “Take off your robe or this will hurt.” Vera was unwilling, but knew better at this point. She slid her robe off and looked down to her breasts, which were growing. They felt heavier, growing at least twice the size they had been. It took effort to stay standing straight with such cumbersome objects attached to her.

“W-why? What is the purpose?”
“Oh, be patient.” She raised her hand and spoke a long phrase. Vera felt something happening in her stomach. The pain caused her to buckle backwards. She fell back into the snow. She rested on her elbows as she watched a yellow orb appear. It flew over her companions and drew them in; both were now inside of it as it came closer, hovering between her legs. She attempted to close them, but it was too thick. It pressed against her lower region and started to enter her slowly. It felt strange, but surprisingly it didn’t hurt. Her legs spread again as she felt herself expanding, accepting it in. She could see the orb becoming smaller at the entrance only to regain its size once it was inside her. Her belly swelled upward as more and more of the orb went inside of her. After a minute the whole thing disappeared into her. She lay there, unable to move with such an enormous belly. “What have you done to me?!”

“Didn’t you see? I think you needed to learn some humility and maybe you can teach your mother some too. Once the bubble is gone you will have two beautiful baby girls within a month.”
Vera was stunned, “A-a month? What- what did you do?!”
“Clearly I put your mother and sister inside your womb, weren’t you watching?” She smiled innocently, “Now all you have to do is remove the bubble.”
“How were you able to- what do you mean ‘remove’ it?” Her mind was hazy.
“I have more power than you know, I am something special. As for removing it: you must find the right man; his seed will cause the bubble to break and then they will connect with your body. It will be a normal, although short, pregnancy.”
“What do you mean ‘right man?’”
“I never was quite sure, you just have to keep having sex until you find one that breaks the bubble.”
“You are a monster! This is sick, why would you ever do this to someone?”
“I’ve seen a lot of sick things in my time, child. I may be a monster, but you will be a better person after all of this, I promise you.” She snorted.
“By Elune, this is crazy. How-”
“I’m done answering questions. Go away and do not return or I will do something far worse!”
Vera fought back tears as she donned her now too small robes and turned to walk away.
“One final thought,” The dwarf started, “They will not remember this.” She waived her hand in dismissal.

Vera knew she couldn’t go back to Teldrassil. Her family would not even entertain the preposterous story, they wouldn’t even see past her belly. They would write her off as a harlot and think her children products of an unscrupulous affair. She needed to find the man to break the bubble. That could take months, even years! Who would want a scorned pregnant woman? She knew Elune would guide her, but she had to take the first steps on her own. No night elf will help me at this point. She headed to Ironforge.

Out of options and tired from the days of searching, Vera found herself in the Forlorn Cavern. She knocked on a door that one of the rogue trainers had referred her to. Just being here makes my skin crawl. A grizzled, gaunt dwarf answered the door. “Ho, lass, what can I do for ya?” He smelled of sweat and ale.

“I was directed to you, I was told you have connections with certain individuals who enjoy,” she swallowed heavily, “exotic fruit.”
He took a step back to view her in full. “Aye, I know a few people who would pay for such an adventure. Come in, come in. I’m Talin.”
She walked in and sat upon a creaky wooden chair. “They must not have diseases.”
He grinned as he sat across from her. “Oh, don’t ya worry, lass, we have a priest on hand that will cure anything you might come across. Now, let’s talk money.”

She decided on a decent price instead of explaining her true motive. He allowed her to rest there while he set up prospective customers. The accommodations were dismal, but she had to suffer the wait. He came back that evening with two clients: a dwarf and a human.

She headed out promptly, finding the address he had given her. She raised her hood as she ventured into the Stonefire Tavern, looking for a ‘dwarf wearing green.’ Her gaze landed upon a drunken dwarf wearing an emerald tunic. She came closer, tapping his shoulder. He panicked for a moment until he saw her belly. He smiled wickedly as he stood and brought her out the side door. They ventured wordlessly to a nearby home. He unlocked the door and locked it again behind him. “You’re quite a handful, missy.” He stared at her belly as he undid his pants.

This is horrible; I can’t believe I have been reduced to this. My family would be sickened at the thought of offering myself to this foolish dwarf. But, I can think of no other way. I must do this and then I will have my revenge upon that evil woman! She slid her robe off, exposing her heavy breasts and swollen belly. He stumbled closer as she sat upon an old chair, spreading her legs. She watched his hungry eyes as he entered her. It took only a few seconds before she felt him erupting inside of her. This is dirty.

“Ugh, I-I am going to get my money’s worth, damnit.” He slowly began moving his hips. She didn’t mind the sensation, but he smelled foul and wheezed as he used her. She tried to enjoy him, sliding in and out of her. After a few more minutes he stepped back and pulled her arm. “Climb on top and work for your coin, missy.” He lay on the floor as she walked above him. She lowered herself carefully, guiding his manhood into her slippery loins.
“Are you sure I won’t crush you?”
“I can handle the weight, missy.”

He sighed when he was in all the way. She brought her legs down, allowing her to rest upon her knees. She started moving her hips. He squeezed her butt as she increased the pace. She was breathing heavily now, going faster still. She felt something building, but before it came to fruition she felt it jerking inside of her. He grunted as he shot more into her, gripping her tightly. She grumbled as her excitement passed.

The bubble is still there. I suppose that would have been too easy. She stood, walking over to grab her robe, the stickiness running down her legs. He got to his feet and fished out a bag of coins from his pants. “You’re quite the fuck, missy. What’s your name?”
“I’d rather not say. You know how to find me.” She took the payment and left without another word. What a strange sensation that was. She tried not to dwell as she traveled to the next patron. She cleaned herself before knocking on the door of modest house.

The human smiled slyly; he had raven black hair, his brown eyes dancing as he looked into hers. He exuded confidence and charm. “Greetings, my dear, I am Bertrand. You must be Vera.” He bowed and kissed her hand. She couldn’t suppress a smile as he led her inside. He sat close as they made small talk for a long while.

He placed his hand upon her knee and she used that opportunity to lean closer and give him a kiss on his lips. It felt awkward, as she had little experience, but he quickly took the lead and traced her tongue with his. Her body warmed as he pressed against her. He undid his tunic as she slid her robe off. She hurriedly stripped off his pants, exposing his large organ.

She did not hesitate to pull him onto her; she laid back upon the bed, guiding him into her very moist womanhood. She gasped as he plunged in entirely. He gazed upon her as he thrust in and out. She felt the strange sensation building again. She tried to suppress it as he moved slightly faster. It was difficult, and when she felt him erupting inside of her she couldn’t suppress it any longer. She moaned with delight, holding him as close as she could with her large belly. She shook in the throes of orgasm. Her head was whirling as they lie there, entangled.

That felt amazing! She thought back to her former lover in Teldrassil; he had been a callous man, loving her stiffly and without emotion. She had never understood that such pleasure may arise from mating. He was also rather tiny, which was a small factor. She giggled to herself at her own joke. She smiled as she gazed into his gorgeous eyes. His hair framed his chiseled face as he look upon her, grinning stupidly.

“That was wonderful!” Vera exclaimed.
“My word, that was!” He raised himself and then suddenly he jumped back a small distance as if stricken. He looked to her belly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hurt them did I?”
“Oh, no, not at all; I can feel that they are still protected in there.” He’s not the one either. She rubbed her tummy idly, oddly relaxed.
He smiled as he watched her. They talked as they dressed. After some time passed she finally realized that she had to find others to get her mother and sister out of her.
“I-I should go now.” She said sadly.
“Please, stay.”
She paused, “You know what I do. I can’t stop yet.”
She was confused, “I can’t explain it.”
“Sure you can. I’m here and I want you. Stay with me, I can support you.”

Tears welled up in her eyes, and against all logic, she attempted to explain her situation. His occasional puzzled expression caused her to pause, but he always urged her on. “So, I must find the right man’s seed – that is the only way to break the bubble. I wish it had been you.”
He sat, dumfounded. “I’m sorry that it wasn’t. I know that was difficult to explain to me. You should go.”
She was shocked. “But, I… I should go.” And she did. She waited outside, expecting him to burst through the door and call her back. He didn’t.

She walked the lonely streets of Ironforge, crying softly. She made her way back to Talin. Two days passed with no new clients. On the third day Talin knocked on her door. “I have a group job, if you’re interested.” She agreed sadly. “Aye, this way.” He led her to another, larger room.

Bertrand sat on the couch, smiling, along with two other night elfs. “Hopefully these two can help. This is Ahmrae and Kaldoran” She lit up, sliding her robe to the ground. They unlaced their clothes as well. She could see that they were both here for their lust, Bertrand was here for her. She was filled with confidence seeing him sitting there, watching. He loves me. This is an awkward situation, but he found a way to help rather than running. His companions came closer and she pushed one onto the bed. She crawled onto him and he entered easily. She looked at Bertrand, who nodded approvingly. She could see the bulge in his pants. She smiled as she started to move.

The other night elf, Kaldoran, was more endowed. He came to the side of the bed and presented his organ to her. She looked up to him, confused. He guided it to her lips and pressed slightly; she recoiled, but then realized he wanted her to use her mouth. She licked it cautiously at first, but he pressed it deeper. She gagged, but he continued, in and out. He held her head and pressed in as far as he could.

She gagged as he withdrew, stepping off of the bed. He walked behind her and she felt the wet tip pressing against her open hole. “What are you- wait, don’t!” He did not listen, he pressed into her ass slowly. She had never felt anything like this before. She bit her lower lip as pleasure and pain enveloped her. She breathed heavily as they found a rhythm. “Ugh, okay, just make sure you put it in the front when you are finishing.”

“Whatever you say.” He continued sliding in and out of her backside, going slightly deeper with each thrust. He pressed in fully, holding her in place as she tensed, wincing with pain. A feeling of delight quickly replaced it. They continued for a minute as she looked up to Bertrand; he sat, relaxed, with his eyes upon her. She felt the man beneath her move faster and suddenly erupt inside of her.

What if they tell my family? They could ruin me! The errant thought caught her by surprise. “Please, don’t tell anyone about me!” She pleaded to the man beneath her.
“Ugh, o-okay.” His eyes were closed, lost in the feeling.
She felt the other organ withdraw and quickly press into her vagina. It was slippery enough to allow both of them inside. She gasped at the feeling. Two of them filling me at once, this is obscene! She looked over her shoulder as the man collapsed upon her. Bertrand is enjoying this, I see. She was unable to orgasm, but enjoyed the new feeling regardless.

She dressed and they all left, and no one had broken the bubble. Weeks went by as the patrons came and went. Bertrand stopped by occasionally with a client or two, but still nothing happened. One day Talin called upon her with a serious expression. “I have someone, but he might be a little… much. He pays well, though.”
She agreed before he continued. I’m desperate. He gave her the address and she flew out. She found the inn in Ratchet and saw the man wearing a green sash. He saw her and walked toward her. Oh my gods, a tauren?!

The beast bowed slightly, “I am Yannul. Are you a friend of Talin?”
“Uh, I, uh, yes I am.”
He bowed again before leading her to a private room. The room was tiny and the bed was made of straw. He could sense her uncertainty. “My dear, I shall be gentle. I promise.”

He seems decent and he can speak Common. She tried to remain calm as his large hands slid her robe to her feet. She didn’t cover herself, standing awkwardly as he unlaced and revealed his monstrous penis. Her jaw dropped at the sight. It was nearly the size of her arm.

“Again, I shall be gentle and I will not hurt the child.” He attempted to reassure her.
She nodded as she laid her robes upon the straw bed. She laid back and he came closer, spreading her legs. He lined up and was about to enter, but she stopped him.

“It will go in more easily if I use my mouth first.” He agreed and brought his organ higher allowing her to lick it. She attempted, but it was difficult to fit more than the flared tip. She held it as she tried to get farther. After a moment she spit upon it and laid down, looking past her belly, “It’s okay, just do it, but go slowly.”

He nodded, and moved lower. She felt the gigantic penis pressing into her. She reached down and spread herself as he pressed. She yelped as the tip slipped inside. He waited, watching her face twist with discomfort. She told him to continue, accepting more of the monstrosity into her loins. She reached down and felt that it was nearly halfway in. “Keep going.”
“Are you sure? I don’t wish to hurt the child.”
I’m insatiable. “It’s okay! Keep going!” She spoke anxiously, grimacing as he pressed on. It was stop-and-go for a minute, but he kept going farther. “I want the whole thing in me. Don’t stop.” She whispered as she looked into his dark eyes. Uncertainty gave way to desire for the beast. He smiled as he pushed in to the hilt. She moaned uncharacteristically loud.

She grabbed two tufts of his fur as he drew out and back in slowly. He didn’t move far, afraid of hurting her; but, it was enough to push her over the edge. “Deeper!” She screamed with delight as he pressed all the way in. Her whole body shook; she could see that he felt it – her pussy contracted upon his oversized member. It’s so wet now! He snorted and moved faster, becoming rougher. It took only a moment longer before she felt it spurting a huge load inside her. Vera gasped, watching the beast emptying into her. I think I just saw my belly bulge upward! She worked a hand through his golden brown fur as he filled her.

She suddenly felt a pop inside of her; she knew the bubble was gone now. She looked up and smiled at the gentle tauren. He gazed into her eyes as he withdrew; he rolled onto his side and she nuzzled against his chest, lying in silence. “I can’t be with you,” she said eventually.
“I know. I hope I didn’t hurt you. I hope it was a pleasant experience. You were the only one that would have me.”
“Oh, it was. I enjoyed it very much.”
He grinned, “you are a good teacher.”
She was confused, “this was your fist time?”
He nodded.
She rubbed his fur. “You were very gentle and it was a wonderful experience, but I could never bring you back to my home.”
He nodded again, “I hope I see you in my travels Vera.” He looked sad as he gathered his clothes and left her.

Bertrand paid her a visit the following day and she explained that she had broken the bubble with the help of a tauren. He was confused at first, but accepted it shortly after.
“I am not with him, if that is a concern.” He smiled. “But, I cannot bring you to Teldrassil. I do wish, however, that I may return to you when I am in the area.”
“Of course. I only hope that you will realize that you belong here instead, but I will be patient for you.”

She left that evening and returned to the world tree. She generated many perplexed glances as she made her way to her relatives. She explained how she had been adventuring with her mother and sister. How she had been seduced by a handsome night-elf adventurer who had been killed shortly after. Fentra and Elana had also fallen. She had been gravely wounded too, but she had survived with her unborn children. They accepted this tale, or so she hoped.

She bided her time for nearly a month before two healthy children came forth. The birthing process was arduous, but she beamed when she was able to hold her mother and sister again. She knew the dwarf had been right in the end. She would be a better person after this, and hopefully her mother and sister would be too.

Vera coddled them for the first few months and she grew steadily as well. My body is meant to be traveling and adventuring. She lamented for her new-found weight, but knew her children would be healthy from her care. As more months passed she grew immensely, feeling drained from inactivity. My belly is huge; I wonder why it is growing so much… Then it fell into place: I could still get pregnant while the bubble was in me. A few more months confirmed her suspicions.

She had doubled in size, unable to stand. Her family came to her to help with the unexpected birth. It was far more painful than the last birth and it lasted hours. Eventually she felt a child entering the world. She was terrified of their expressions, a mixture of shock and disgust. Using both hands, the midwife held a furry tauren child for her so see. Suddenly pain gripped her again. She continued pushing until another child came out – a human child. She continued, pushing out two more night elf children and a obvious dwarven baby.

She now had seven children in total. That explains why I had been so huge and unable to move. I didn’t think you could have multiple children from multiple fathers… I guess it was something from that magic.
Her mind was spinning. She tried to think of how to explain this. Her family stared, disgusted. My life among the elves is over, but I can’t help but smile at those cute children. She sighed deeply, “Well, this is awkward…”

Curses I


Books were stacked all around. Random spell-books from elder Horde and Alliance spell casters, all collected here in Violet Hold. Nelik had been reading for days. He had been learning all sorts of unique spells and abilities to supplement his warlock abilities. He closed the book he had just finished and looked for another. He spied a plain unmarked book at the bottom of the stack near the corner. Something about it seemed unnecessarily plain; He slipped it out and set it on the table. On the cover, in bold black letters, it read simply: “A Deviant’s Compendium of Sexual Spells.”

He flipped to a page in the middle. “Incubus – This is a handy spell to use when you have a female adversary. It will impregnate her with a demon, which will grow quickly over a day’s span. Upon birth it may try to impregnate its mother again before setting out to spread its seed in others. The demon will try to stay hidden between breeding, as it hunts for suitable victims at night or when opportunity presents itself. It seeks only to reproduce and it will always run from a threat.” The rest detailed how to cast the spell.

How devious, he thought. He slipped the book into his satchel and headed to Nagrand to find some unsuspecting novice. He flew out and waited, overlooking from a hilltop. After some time passed and a few unsuitable subjects passed by, he found a gnome killing void spawns. He hated gnomes, this would be perfect.

He rode closer and said the proper terms while her back was turned. She turned and started to charge, but he was already running away. She gave up pursuit and when he was a good distance away he turned back and watched. She killed a few more and then grabbed her stomach. She shrugged it off and continued. When she finished she mounted up and headed to the Throne of the Elements. He watched from above as she headed into the nearby wooded area. She was moving slowly, barely able to swing her mace.

Then, suddenly mid-combat, she dropped her weapon and scrambled to remove her breastplate. Nelik flew down and killed the Talbuk before it could hurt her. He laughed, mounted up, and flew back up to watch. She was lying in her underclothes. Her stomach had started expanding already. Soon she found the composure to stand, and after gathering her armor, she started south. She rode slowly on her mechanostrider, but she hit a hole and the leg of the machine broke into several pieces. Cursing, she left the contraption and started walking. Eventually she made her way into Telaar.

As she was walking the main street she fell to her knees and he saw her belly bulge outward. Her clothes ripped as she expanded. Before she had looked awkward and heavily pregnant, now she looked almost immobile. Two guards came and pulled her inside a hovel. He couldn’t get close enough to watch in the air so he decided to drop in. After the guards had left he flew straight down and dismounted. He ran to the hovel and burst in, sealing the door with furniture expecting someone to be coming after him. Instead he heard nothing. Maybe no one had seen his dramatic entrance.

He looked to the plump gnome lying naked on the bed. The sight aroused him, as she could do nothing to cover herself, though she tried. She settled for covering her breasts as best she could. He laughed heartily as he approached. He took off his robe and other vestments. He swelled at the sight of her and she started whimpering. He thought about trying to tell her that she would be the same after this ordeal, but she wouldn’t understand a word. Instead he inserted a finger into her. It was very wet. His finger slid right in and she moaned softly. But, he noticed it was very loose, so he put another finger in, then another. It got tight with the fourth, so he knew that he would fit. He climbed onto the bed, over her, and found his way into her. It was extremely slippery and very tight. He went in slowly, as not to injure her. She squirmed and tried to fight him back, but the attempt was pathetic. He pushed, deeper and deeper, until he was fully tucked into her. Her stomach rumbled and she gasped. Her belly puffed out, forcing him to lean back, farther than he already was. She looked like she was about to burst. Nelik grabbed her small breasts around her bulging stomach and she became extremely moist. She clenched, and that was more than he could handle. He went in and out as fast as he could for a moment; then he pressed a little deeper, shooting his seed inside her.

He slid his cock out and he put his clothes back on. After a moment of watching her in silence she started crying and he noticed her belly started moving. Something inside it started moving, rather. Her vagina opened and a hand slowly reached out and grabbed her leg. Then another black hand grabbed the other leg. The creature pulled itself out. It slid easily onto the floor after a few tries. It was nearly the same size as she was, just more frail. Smiling, Nelik started to cast a spell to kill it, but before he could finish it parted her and lunged back inside. She wailed as it slid in, but it didn’t have much difficulty. That hadn’t been expected. “Hmm, how do I kill it now?” She looked confused and scared. She pleaded, but he couldn’t understand her.

There was a knock at the door followed by a shout. She shouted back. They started pushing the door; the furniture toppled and they kept pushing until they made their way in. He could kill them, but he decided that this was more trouble than he wanted. He cast fear and they ran screaming. He mounted and flew away.

After a few days he decided he should fly near Telaar to see the damage. It was nearly dark. He spied fourteen women heavy with offspring. There were occasional screams. There were some Humans, Night Elves, and even a Worgen! Half of which had been guards. They only had underclothes on. He noticed some of them were more advanced than he was. And then he noticed the same gnome was in the main building in town. He could see that a few men were standing guard with their weapons ready. They must still be hiding inside of them after they come out.

Then one of the night elf women came waddling out of a building. She held her tattered clothes to cover herself, but she stumbled and lost them. She walked to a doorway and leaned heavily against the frame. She swelled and her stomach shook. She opened her legs while still standing and a demon fell out of her, then another, then another. Her stomach was almost flat now. Two of the black creatures scurried over the bridge and the guards killed them promptly. The other one pushed the night elf to the ground and it pressed its member into her. It didn’t take long until it finished and went into an open window. She laid there for a moment until another creature came over, being chased by a guard, and wiggled itself into her womb. Her stomach distended and she screamed.

He decided to leave the scene for now. He expected that they would contain them eventually and bring in male guards to ambush the creatures as they left the wombs of their victims. But, he was immensely pleased with this brand of mischief. He decided to head to a quiet hillside and read about another spell.

He turned a few pages until he found the next spell to attempt – “Mother’s Milk.”
“It will cause any female to produce extra milk. Their breasts will swell, and they’ll have an unshakeable urge to breastfeed anyone they can find. After about an hour, if left un-suckled, they’ll be too big to walk comfortably. After two they can’t walk at all. After three hours the pressure is released on its own.”

He read a few more spells and decided he wanted to test these sooner rather than later. He closed the book and mounted his flyer. He made his way to the Dark Portal. After passing through he made his way to Duskwood. He spied a group of four just north of the town. There was a draenei female, two human females, along with a male night elf. The two human ladies were standing a distance back from what they were fighting.

Nelik cast the spell tendrils on the ground beneath the humans. Black tentacles spurted from the ground and grabbed their legs and arms and more started unlacing their armor. They called out. The night elf continued fighting the spiders that they had engaged while the draenei came over to help. Nelik cast euphoria. The draenei started slashing at the snaking tendrils, but they moved quickly. She missed five times and managed to hit one on the sixth. The tendril was thicker than she had expected though and it wrapped around the sword and started pushing it back toward her. Euphoria started to kick in. The spell would cause an orgasm when the effected person exerted themselves. She pushed against the black tentacle; she started losing the tug-of-war and fell backwards. She lied on the ground curled up, shaking and moaning in the throes of passion.

The night elf had joined the fight at this point, with an uncertainty on his face. The tendrils had started to invade the orifices of the human women. One of the girls tilted her head back, screaming out, and a tendril slid down her throat. The other one fought, but eventually she loosened her lips and one slid in her mouth as well. Their other holes weren’t as easily guarded. Their legs were spread wide and the tentacles hesitated at the entrances for a moment before snaking their way in. They were slippery, sliding in and out with ease, developing a rhythm.

The night elf started swinging wildly, failing to hit the tendrils that guarded the victims. Nelik cast untamed desire on him. He stopped, dropping his weapon; he hurriedly started to undress. His armor fell to the ground, followed by his underclothes. He had a wild look in his eyes as he walked to the recovering draenei on the ground. He pulled down her breeches and slid her underwear to the side. He entered her with ease.

Nelik cast mother’s milk on the struggling draenei. After a moment she started to orgasm again. This excited the night elf and he began going faster until he orgasmed as well. He held her tightly as he spent his seed in her. She undid her tunic and slid it over her head to expose her large breasts. She pulled his head down to her bosom and he started sucking. They had grown slightly already. Their hips started moving and soon they were in full swing again.

Nelik turned his attention to the tentacles again. He noticed that at their base there was a large bulge in the tentacles. He watched as it slowly moved upward before another one formed below it. They kept sliding in and out of the entangled women. More bulges formed as the others moved up. The bulges started moving faster. They made their way to their entrances. The first to enter was the one by their mouth. They slid down their throats one after the other. He watched their throats puff out with each swallow.

Next it started entering their backsides. Those bulges were larger, about two inches around; they began slipping into their posteriors with quick succession. Their bellies started to swell. Then they started sliding into their vaginas. One tried to fight back, but that just made them go in faster. Their stomachs stretched out more and more until the bulges stopped coming from the tentacles base.

After the last bulge pulsed into them the tentacles slowly withdrew and fell to the ground, lifeless. They started to melt into the dirt until no sign was left. The two women knelt on the dirt, still in shock. One grimaced and tried to push, but nothing came out. The tentacles had made a seal inside them; nothing would leak out until it was ready, he remembered reading earlier.

The other two were still pounding in the grass. Her bosoms had ballooned to the size of his head. He kept pulling away when she tried to get him to drink from her swollen breasts. She looked very frustrated. She pushed him off mid-motion and came to her feet. She stepped out of her pants and walked to the two girls; they were resting on their hands, knees, and bellies. She lifted their heads to each of her breasts, and after struggling; they gave up and started drinking her milk.

The night elf, still aroused, decided he would take her while standing. He moved her panties aside again; he pulled her butt toward him as far as she would allow and he slid inside part way. Judging from her shocked expression and her screaming, he must have gone in her ass. She left her hands resting on the suckling girls heads to keep them attached, but she started to move forward, away from him. He didn’t slip out; instead he followed her forward and slid in deeper. He pressed in as far as he could, holding her hips tightly. She gasped as he was shooting inside of her. After a minute he started going again. She grimaced at first, but her expression calmed as she closed her eyes and began to enjoy it. He was pumping her as fast as he could at the last. After he orgasmed a third time in her he finally stopped. He slid out and laid down on the ground. He fell asleep immediately.

One of the immobile girls passed out, the other suckled for a bit longer before throwing a bit of the milk back up. She wouldn’t suck anymore, though the draenei tried a few times to force her to. She shook her head quickly and made a biting motion, which stopped the draenei from trying anymore. The draenei panicked, she looked around frantically for someone to suckle her. The night elf was still asleep, so she started running. Her bosoms bounced in rhythm, they were a little bigger than they were before; when she had been left unsuckled by the night elf. They seemed to grow evenly, Nelik had noted. He also noticed that euphoria must have worn off; she hadn’t orgasmed for a while now.

She ran up to a few wolves and tried to get them to come to her, but they snapped at her or growled. She scared them away and ran across the river, into Elwynn Forest. Here she found a smaller wolf that she was able to coax closer. She lowered her chest and he started licking her teat. It wasn’t long until the wolf was full and went bounding off. She went further north. Her breasts were the size of large melons at this point; she had to walk now so they didn’t throw her off balance. She found a smaller brown horse grazing; he must have ventured from the Eastvale Logging Camp. She approached slowly, out of breath with her breasts hanging heavily. The horse raised its head in surprise. She patted its mane gently. After a moment she pushed his head down slowly and held up her breast with her other hand. It licked her nipple and she jerked at the sensation.

The horse didn’t continue; instead he started nuzzling the side of her head. He started to become excited as well. She didn’t notice as she tried to guide his head lower to her swollen breasts. Instead he pulled away and circled around. She turned, but he kept trying to get behind her. She realized now that he was going to mount her. She turned and started to run, but the motion of her milk laden breasts made her fall forward. They quaked as they hit the ground. They rested beneath her as she supported herself on her elbows and knees.

The horse whinnied and began to straddle her; the tip of his penis searching for a warm spot to enter, prodding her backside. After a few tries he entered, after a couple of shallow pushes he went wild. She wailed and screamed as he thrusted half way inside. Nelik was delighted as he realized that the horse was in her ass, which had been loose and wet from her last encounter. She tried to get up and move, but her breasts were too heavy. She cried as he started in and out. He started pounding relentlessly, going deeper with each stroke. It didn’t last long. The horse drew back and slammed forward, jamming the whole thing in her ass. She squealed in agony as he filled her. He started withdrawing as he injected her with more and more until it slid out limply. Her stomach had grown somewhat, engorged with his sperm.

Nelik made a motion in the air. He watched as the horse became aroused again and slid back into her for another quick release. Nelik flew to the ground and summoned his horse. He made another motion and the dreadsteed’s member began to swell. The dreadsteed walked over and forced the horse off as it was finishing. Her stomach was larger and her ass was wide and dripping. Nelik’s mount forced its way into her. The dreadsteed made the other horse look gentile in comparison. Its penis roughly double the size, slid in with ease. Her eyes went as wide as they could go, she gasped and she clenched some grass and dirt in her hands. She squinted and moved forward, but the dreadsteed drew back and jumped forward. His entire member pressed into her backside. He whinnied and her stomach visibly grew; it bulged as semen flowed in. The horse continued for a while longer and then fell out, walking away with no interest in the overflowing draenei.

Her breasts were now about four feet across; they rested, flat on the bottom, as the weight made them expand outward over the grass. She held the tops of the fleshy masses. Suddenly she shook and pleaded to Nelik. She motioned for him to sit her up. He sighed and agreed; after a struggle, he rolled her onto her back. Her swollen breasts and belly swayed, then they erupted. Milk began shooting like a fountain out of her chest. At the same time sperm flowed out of her butt; she couldn’t control herself anymore, and he watched the geyser with grand amusement. After the spectacle he took to the sky and flew over the humans from before.

He watched as hundreds of segmented larvae crawled out of the women’s lower entrances. The creatures were very large, about a foot long and around half as thick. They both still had swollen bellies, which moved and bulged as the larvae writhed inside them. One of the girls appeared to be passed out, lying on her back, as they wriggled out of her one by one. The other human was on her hands and knees. She heaved and vomited up a smaller worm. Then he saw her vagina spread as a larva squirmed out and fell to the ground. Then her anus opened as another larva came sliding out. It crawled upward, onto her butt, and made its way down her leg. They all were heading in different directions – probably looking for a secluded place to grow.

The conscious human looked up and tearfully pleaded to him. He flew down and stood next to her. Nelik rifled through his bag and found two soulshards, he set them on the ground. He reached back and, using the tip of his staff, he pushed a larva that was halfway out back into her vagina. Then, he pressed another one that was trying to get out back into her butt. He grabbed the soulshards and pressed them into each of her crevices. He twisted them a little as they popped in, so they held their place firmly. The larvae were visibly frenzied inside of her. She wept and kept saying something he didn’t understand.

“Fine, I’ll stop the torment.” He drew back and kicked her in the middle of her stomach. He felt the larvae pop inside of her. She gasped; her eyes wide and full of shock. He kicked her two more times, thinking that was enough to kill the larvae. Green goo oozed slowly from her lower regions. Her stomach still bulged, but it was liquid now, no longer moving. She was frozen in place. Eventually she reached back with a hand and felt the slime. She looked at it, horrified. Disgusted, she looked at Nelik, saying nothing now.

“My work here is done.” He smiled and got onto his wyvern. After a few minutes of flight he grinned wickedly. This book is simply wonderful, he thought; I am having so much fun!