A Small Problem


Mara accepted the invitation to the party. They were heading to the Hellfire Ramparts. She wasn’t quite skilled enough to pass through the dark portal on her own, but they assured her that the warlock in the group could summon them after they finished a quest. While waiting she opened a portal to Stormwind with her friend following, she needed mend her robe.

Her mentor was named Dougan, a Dwarven warrior. He had been helping her get to this point quickly. He never even let her out of his sight when they were in hostile areas. He killed every enemy they came across in the dungeons, which gave her time to stand back and disenchant the items they came across. It kept her out of danger, but she didn’t really have much experience in a battle.

It was great having such a high level of enchanting, although it left her with clothes that were seriously lacking. Her robe was noticeably baggy and it was the only thing she was wearing other than a pair of shoddy slippers. He told her that she shouldn’t need to buy anything new for now. She didn’t even have undergarments. The original pair was lost after she bathed in a lake one evening. It was odd, she never figured out where they went. Dougan said he hadn’t seen anyone around, it must have been an animal, she decided. The lack of clothes felt very nice in the warmer areas. At one point, though, they had traveled to Winterspring and she had to jump in the hot springs to stop shivering. Not wearing underwear always excited Dougan long after they passed through lakes.

She did have a staff, although it was more of a club because of its thickness. She hoped there would be something nice for a mage in this dungeon now that she wanted it. She tried to pay closer attention now so she should certainly learn a few things. It was nice to be with his skilled friends now, too.

After visiting the tailor she noticed Dougan standing in front of the bank checking his mail. He held up something that glinted before he suddenly disappeared. That must be the summoning process, she thought. It was her turn now. After a moment the stone streets seem to flow away in an instant. Then she saw only darkness. A shooting pain wracked her body and then quickly subsided. It was replaced with an odd sensation she couldn’t put her finger on. It no longer hurt. In fact, it was a pleasant almost relaxing feeling.

After a minute or two she saw a blurred red landscape in the distance that zoomed towards her. As the movement seemed to stop she struggled to balance herself. It was odd, she felt very unsteady now, and much heavier too. Her vision was returning to normal. Her staff helped her stabilize herself as she turned to see the group. The landscape was darker than she expected.

“Mara, wtf?” The human warlock said as he held his arms out in an over-animated gesture.

The three people in front of her looked shocked. She was very confused and started to question them until she glanced down. Her midsection had ballooned outwards. Her robe was incredibly tight now. Her skin was stretched far beyond what she thought was possible. Her breasts hadn’t changed, at least.

“What did you do to me?!”
“We didn’t do anything, we just summoned you both.”
“Well, maybe Dougan can help me, where is he?”
“He hasn’t come through yet. Maybe it-”

He stopped talking as something clanked on the rocks behind Mara. She carefully turned, using her staff as a stabilizer. Pieces of armor appeared and dropped to the ground in front of the portal. A helm, a shield, an axe, and more kept coming.

“That’s Dougan’s stuff!” The female dwarf hunter pointed at the items.

They stood in silence for a minute waiting for Dougan to appear. Some time passed and the portal closed. She rotated her enormous body back to face her party again. Her staff creaked as she put some weight onto it. As she turned she noticed her backside had grown too. She reached back and felt her large rump. It was very soft and squishy, surprisingly her skin was still quite firm. After some kneading and prodding she returned her focus to her belly. She couldn’t even see her feet now!

It was a good thing she wasn’t wearing anything tighter. With her shape now, the robe fit her well. Her stretched skin still felt smooth to the touch beneath it. Her bulging midsection felt like it had some sort of object in it, something big. It was big and very heavy. Then she came back to reality as a morbid idea struck her.

“You don’t think…”
“That he’s in…”
“You think he’s in your stomach?!” The warlock cocked his head to the side.
“How is that possible?” the hunter said.
“I’ve never heard of anything like it,” the druid shook his head in disbelief.

“Well, maybe it had something to do with the void portals around us when we summoned you both.” The warlock pointed to the void spawns in the distance. Mara hadn’t even noticed them until now.

“Yes, maybe it interrupted the summoning portal for a spell and then you two overlapped.” The druid pondered it for a while. “Odd that it would happen in this fashion. How are you still alive?”

“Excuse me, I don’t care! I am alive, so tell me how am I supposed to fix this and get him out of me!” Mara snapped. Her legs were beginning to hurt from all of the extra weight.

“Well,” the hunter said smiling, “maybe it’s like a baby. Maybe you have to just wait until he’s ready to pop out.” She laughed and the warlock joined in. “Maybe he’ll punch his way out!” His friends seemed amused now, except for the night elf. He seemed to be lost in thought. No one seemed to care about their trapped friend or how she felt.

“This isn’t a joke! How can he even breathe in there?” Mara asked in a worried tone.

The warlock turned somewhat serious. “I’ve read that when you enter a portal you are encased in a magic shield that protects you until you reach your destination. It also kind of freezes your body’s functions, yet it still keeps you aware as you pass through.” He paused for thought. “Maybe he won’t come out on his own at all. It’s all speculation at this point.” Mara was horrified at that concept.

“He could still be awake in there?!” The hunter said wide eyed, “Well, I’m glad that didn’t happen to me.” She walked over and poked Mara’s supple tummy. “Gosh, it’s so springy. I bet he’s heavy in there!”

“If he’s stuck in there then how do I get him out? I can’t stay like this forever!”

The druid focused on her again. “Don’t worry, we will find someone to alleviate your burden. Honor Hold isn’t far, we shall find someone to assist you. Oh, and I am Carius, the warlock is Horim, and the hunter is Sonni.”

“Well, what if someone comes along before you get back, I can’t defend myself in this state.” The druid contemplated for a moment and looked at the dwarf, she nodded. “Sonni, will stay with you. There shouldn’t be anyone out here at this hour. Just keep her entertained, at least. Be vigilant.” Sonni smirked as they called their mounts.

When they were out of sight Mara took two labored steps away from the oddly affectionate hunter. She stopped, breathing heavily, walking was too much for her tiny frame in this state. Sonni came closer again and put her hands on Mara’s firm belly. She massaged it gently and then slowly traced her way around Mara’s sides. She gently caressed her large posterior before grabbing it firmly. She held on as she looked up and spoke. “I bet the excess fat from your stomach went down here to make room. She squeezed tighter. “You feel good.” She grinned deviously.

She was taken aback by Sonni’s advance, and tried to unclench the dwarf’s hands from her rump. She was very strong for her size, and after a few attempts Mara gave up. Pondering her situation, she looked at Sonni again… She was very good looking for a dwarf. Most of their females looked like old crones, but her face looked young, cute in fact. Dark brown hair fell over her shoulders. Her body was very stocky by contrast, but not as much as was expected for someone so strong. She was unusually feminine for their race. Her hands felt surprisingly good as she hugged her. Sonni rested her head against Mara’s stomach. Not wanting to seem prudish and disrespectful to her defender, Mara reached down and hugged her tighter.

They embraced for a time, until Mara’s legs started shaking. “I need to lie down. He is a big guy, my legs are about to give out.”

Sonni nodded with a smile, “certainly, let me find something comfortable for you to lay on!” She released her grip and turned away to set her backpack down. The unexpected motion threw Mara off balance. Tipping forward she put more weight on her staff, it snapped. She tried to correct herself, but her legs couldn’t support her alone. She fell backwards and sat on the rocky ground with a thud. The extra fat on her bottom helped absorb most of the impact. The cloth was slick enough that she skidded and was on her back when she came to rest. A tearing sound caught her attention mid fall. She glanced down to see the robe had torn halfway open in the front, exposing her bosom.

Sonni rushed over and acted as if she was trying to help her up. It was obvious, as she pulled at the tear with one hand, that she just wanted a better view. Her robe was now torn completely. Mara attempted to use her sleeves to cover herself. With the large belly in her way they couldn’t reach down far enough. She struggled to reach but settled for crossing her arms over her chest. “What did you do that for, now I don’t have anything to cover myself with now! What if someone passes by!”

“My butterfingers, sorry,” she grinned. Mara waited, but Sonni offered no assistance. She knew they weren’t covering much, so she slipped her sleeves off for extra mobility. Sonni watched intently as Mara’s large naked body struggled to find a less revealing position. Leaning on her elbows she twisted and turned her torso, legs wide on the remnants of her torn white robe. Realizing how exposed she was, she quickly closed her legs as best she could. Leaning from side to side she grunted softly trying to roll over, only to give up after a few moments.

“I hope you’re enjoying yourself!”
“You have no idea,” the stout lady said with a devilish grin, “you’re beautiful!”
“Shut up, I look like an Elekk!”
“I’m serious, I don’t like those skinny girls with big boobs that you see everywhere, I think you look gorgeous.” There was a long pause, “may I kiss you?”

Without waiting for an answer Sonni made her way to Mara’s head and bent down. She leaned in and gently kissed her. It was awkward, having never done this sort of thing with women before. “Come on, no one is here and I just want to make you feel better.” They kissed again and again. Eventually she stopped resisting she was surprised how passionate it was. Sonni softly grabbed Mara’s breast, moaning softly. She seemed much more skilled than any man she had been with before.

Mara, excited as she was, reached between her legs to touch herself. Stretching as far as she could, she couldn’t quite reach it, she gave up again. Sonni stopped and stood up. Hurriedly, she stripped off her armor and clothes. Looking down at her legs, Sonni asked excitedly, “May I kiss it? It will feel great!”

No one had offered to do such a thing to her before. Mara contemplated for a moment. She was at this hunter’s mercy without being able to stand at the moment and she definitely couldn’t run. Magic was still an option, but this isn’t the worst thing she could imagine at this point. Against her better judgment she closed her eyes and slowly spread her legs apart.

Sonni’s gentle hands slid across her body as she walked around. She carefully slipped the shoes off of the mage’s feet, one by one. Lifting her legs she licked Mara’s right big toe and massaged both soles with her thumbs as she held them. She laid them down and stroked a path up and down the length of her legs. After spreading the large legs further apart she knelt between her thighs. Lowering her head she worked her tongue inside, lightly prodding.

Mara jerked up at the sensation. Unable to see due to her swollen belly, she laid back and closed her eyes. Sonni’s tongue came out and brushed the tender spot on top and then worked a circle around it. It felt incredible. Hands slipped around her hips as far as they could reach. Sonni’s face pressed deeper into her loins. Mara moaned softly, feeling the moist tongue explore deeper. Using her legs, her body lifted as much as she could, she started rocking her hips in response to the sensations. Mara grabbed the lower side of her stomach with one hand, the other hand held her breast. After a few minutes she was engulfed in passion, she closed her legs and cried out as she quivered. She felt pleasure like she had never imagined. Her whole body convulsed and then she went limp, drained. “That was amazing, I’ve never felt that good in my entire life!”

“Yeah, you nearly smothered me in there! I’m glad you liked it.” Sonni looked pleased, “Now it’s my turn!” Mara agreed with a grateful smile, she would be glad to return the favor as best she could. Sonni lifted herself up while leaning on her leg. She walked around and lowered her hips onto Mara’s flushed face. She leaned forward resting her head on Mara’s ripe belly while holding her breasts. In response she grabbed the dwarf’s soft, tight butt and buried her face.

She licked the soft little ball on her privates as Sonni rocked with an increasing pace. It took some time to figure out the most sensitive area, but after a few minutes she figured out the rhythm. Sonni yelled out, “oh, y-yes!” Reaching back she grabbed Mara’s shoulders as she lapped vigorously. Sonni moaned loudly and pushed her hips forward. She leaned forward and spoke breathlessly. “You’re a natural, that was perfect!” Sonni lifted herself and stepped back giggling, but it was stopped abruptly.

Mara looked up and noticed Sonni lying nude and unconscious in the dirt. She heard a sound and looked down past her girth to see an orc standing by her feet. A rogue she suspected, he laughed, eying her up and down. “What have we here, a helpless human and her lover? It was fun to watch, but I must ask: how are you carrying offspring if you’re a licker?”

She stared open-mouthed, paralyzed by fear. He shrugged, “well, it doesn’t matter.” He grabbed her ankles and dragged her slowly. Mara didn’t dare struggle. She decided to conserve her strength. It took some time, but he finally brought her to a nearby cave in the mountainside. It would be hard to see unless you knew what to look for. Her robe slid along with her, no doubt making it easier for him. He dropped her legs to the ground with a puff of dust. Her backside and ankles ached after the ordeal. “You are a big one.” He grunted. “Why where you two out here doing that, anyway?”

Without responding she leaned to the side and used the momentum she had been storing to roll onto her front. It took most of her energy, but now she rested on her hands and knees. Then she tried to stand up. With such little strength after the previous maneuver, she couldn’t quite make it. With every attempt she felt weaker, falling forward to her palms. After a few more wasted efforts, she gave up. He circled her and slapped her rear. He laughed as she tensed up and groaned in pain.

“You can barely move with that gut, did you fuck an ogre or something?”
“Please don’t kill me.” She said, nearly crying.
“Hahaha, I don’t intend to. I intend to use you for a while. But I certainly can if needed, don’t forget that.” He reached down and grabbed one of her breasts, pulling her nipple roughly.

“What about Sonni?” Mara inquired timidly. He furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ll leave her for someone else. One is enough for me and she probably couldn’t handle a real man anyway. Now, tell me, why are you plump with child?” He knelt in front of her as she began to speak. He reached out and ran a hand through her hair to calm her.

She explained her situation. He let out a guffaw after she finished. “That’s quite a tale, I admit.” He hesitated, “so there’s a dwarf in you? That means I can fuck you all I want and you can’t run away, amazing!” He stood and walked to her back. She looked over her shoulder to see him drop his trousers, falling to his knees. She glimpsed his organ before it went out of sight. It was large, very large. She whimpered. “Don’t worry, play-thing, I will not be rough. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.” He let out a slight laugh and grabbed her hips.

“Wait, stop it now,” she yelled! He let out a deep sigh. “Look, I haven’t been with a mate for a long time and after a few fucks I will help fix you, I promise.” As he spoke she felt the tip start to enter her. Closing her eyes, she nodded and leaned forward to brace herself. After a pause he carefully pushed halfway into her. “Spirits be damned, you’re so tight!” She winced at the mix of pain and pleasure.

He waited, “almost there, tell me when you’re ready for more.” After a minute she nodded meekly and he eased in the rest. He grunted when he was fully inside of her. She groaned in pain. “I don’t know if you were made this way or it was some of those magics, but you have the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked!”

“Ready to go,” he asked after some time, as he slowly started pumping. “Yes.” He sped up. He noticed that she wasn’t whining as much. He slid in and out rhythmically now. With squinted eyes she looked back and gave a forced smile. Knowing little about human emotions, he assumed that smile meant that she wanted more. He pulled out to the tip and then plunged it back in as far as it would go. Her head snapped forward and she whined audibly. He thrust into her again, this time she held her hand back onto his leg, “I can’t take anymore, please stop!”

He paused, but he was too close to stop. “No,” she yelped, as he vigorously pounded her a few more times. He let out a deep grunt and squeezed the extra fat on her hips. He pushed as deep as he could and let loose his seed. Without moving he leaned forward and cupped her breasts. The muscular hands pinched her nipples before rolling them in his fingers. Then they moved to her belly, she could still feel his penis throbbing between her legs as he released more into her. After a few minutes it slid out with a wet sound, the rogue stood up and pulled up his pants. “Amazing.”

She was upset, “my friends will find you and they’ll make you pay for this!” “No they won’t, your robe covered my tracks and no one knows about this cave.” He pondered and then tried to console her. “I know that was bad for you, but you’ll enjoy it next time. After your first time you won’t want to go without it. Now, want something to drink?” He walked over and shuffled through his satchel. He held out a water skin. “I’m Grott.”

She looked very agitated as she snatched it from him and rolled to her side. But, as Mara felt his seed dripping down her leg, she knew he was right. Orcs didn’t know how to be compassionate. He was lonely, and he did the best he could for his upbringing. At this point she realized that a little pain could help. She wanted him again already, but she couldn’t admit it just yet.