It had been a rough night. Her parents were going to jail for the foreseeable future, her boyfriend had stormed off after a stupid argument, and she was less than three months away from having a child. Karen looked down at her large belly and thick thighs. I used to be one of the fittest girls in school, now I’m a fat ass. She sat on a bench, feeling depressed about her future. I try not to let it bother me, but it’s the reason Jake won’t have sex with me anymore. I told him I’ll get thinner once the baby comes, but he doesn’t believe me. She noticed two wet spots on her shirt where milk trickled out of her nipples. I really am a cow.

Her phone showed that it was nearly midnight. I guess I should head back home now. She snuck out when her aunt and uncle weren’t paying attention earlier and going back now might get her caught, but she was so tired. How mad can they be if I went out for a walk? I do have quite a few reasons for being stressed. She began the long walk back. What am I going to do without Jake? I could have relied on my parents, but now that’s out of the question. Stephanie and Henry both hate kids, children especially, so they won’t be much help. I guess Jack can help, but he’s as lost as I am. I love him, though, and I know he’ll at least try to help me through all this. I don’t care what all those kids at school say, I’m going to keep the child and I’m going to be responsible.

She could see a shady character walking in the distance. The man in the hoodie turned down an alley and she decided to cut across the street, dodging into an opposite alleyway herself. We live in a nice neighborhood, but I am pregnant and alone. Scared, she continued, passing through to the next street. It wasn’t long until she finally came home. She used her house key and gently turned the handle. Being as quiet as she could, Karen closed the door behind her and stepped through the empty living room. She ascended the steps softly, taking her time to keep the noise down.

At the top of the stairs the bathroom door opened and Stephanie stood, wearing only her panties. Karen felt a tinge of jealousy at the older woman with such a trim body. “Hi, Steph.”
“Where the hell were you?”
“I just went on a walk. I had to think.”
“You shouldn’t be out alone so late.” Stephanie scowled, making no mention of her nudity. “Look, I know it was wrong of us to do, but you can’t let it bother you. We have to keep that secret forever.”
“What secret?”
Steph huffed. “You know, what your brother and I did. How you pumped me full of water while he fucked me.” She whispered.

Karen hadn’t forgotten, but she had pushed that to the back of her mind. I enjoyed seeing her inflate. “It’s fine, I just had a rough night. I miss my parents.”
“Oh.” She fidgeted. “Want to talk about it?”
Karen shook her head. “No, I just want to unwind.”
Steph looked into her eyes. “You… uh… want to do it again?”
Tired and weary from her day, Karen wanted to go to bed, but she could see that her aunt enjoyed the enemas as she had before. “Sure.” I kind of want to see her with a big belly again too.

They stepped into the bathroom. While Karen peed, her aunt unscrewed the showerhead, lubricated the end and jammed it up her ass. Karen finished and stood by the shower handle.

“Okay, I’m ready.” Karen eased on the flow, watching her aunt struggle as the surely cold water began filling her rump. She could see that Steph was starting to enjoy it after a few moments. The hose wiggled slightly as Karen increased the flow.
“Is that good?”
“Yeah, turn it up. It’s prefect now.” Steph put a hand on her tummy.
Karen turned the handle farther. “Tell me if it’s too much.”
“Oh god, more!” Steph gripped her belly and used the other hand to touch herself as she leaned forward.

Karen moved the handle almost to the max and watched her aunt slowly moving her hips in the air, pressing against her finger. Her belly grew, raising her hand upon it like an inflating balloon. Karen stepped behind her and put a hand on her belly and another between her legs. Steph took her lower hand away, turning back to watch Karen as she touched her. Her eyes clenched shut and she gasped as her body trembled violently with orgasm.

Shortly after her finish, Karen flipped the valve off. Steph balanced against the wall while regaining her strength. Her belly had grown nearly as large as Karen’s had by this point, almost as large as their last encounter.

“That was fucking amazing.” Steph slid the hose out of her posterior, allowing a small amount of water to leak.
“Glad you enjoyed it. I did too.”
“Remember, this is our secret and Henry can never know about this. Okay?”
“Go to bed and I’ll clean this up.”

Karen went to her room and stripped nude. She plopped into bed, too tired to think anymore tonight. She rubbed her smooth belly absent-mindedly. I will figure this out. My parents will get out to see how well I can raise my daughter. She had learned the sex at her last visit. She had nearly drifted to sleep when she felt a kick. Another came beneath her skin and she knew she would manage somehow.

“What the hell happened to you?” Jake looked surprised. He found her in their usual meeting spot by a tree a fair walk away from the school. It was a reasonably secluded picnic area for young romantics. They both enjoyed coming here to mock the usual clientele.
“I fell into a thorn bush. Hurt like a bitch.” Candice wore a thicker t-shirt to mask her scratches, but some on her arms showed past her sleeves. “What are you up to, boy toy?”
Jake grinned. “I could give you a good butt fucking, use your apple ass like it should be.”
Candice wagged her finger. “As hot as that may sound to you, you know I don’t want anything going in the exit. Besides, won’t that make your baby momma mad?”

Jake scoffed. “I don’t care.”
“Why the sudden change, I thought you were all gung ho about baking that bun with her.”
“Just stop, I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Sure you do. I’m not going to tell anyone, I’m only here to lend an ear!”
Hesitantly, Jake agreed. “It’s just… She’s so clingy and she is getting so big. I want to do stuff with her, but she’s just lazy now. I want to have fun with her, but our little encounter with you was the only thing we’ve done for the past month.”
“Looks like someone needs a bit of adventure. Maybe you should try sticking it in her ass. I mean, it’s not like she can run fast!” Candice laughed.

“Shut up. We don’t do that.”
“It sounds like you should.”
“She’s just so big.”
“So you knock her up and then you think she’s too big? You’re kind of a dick.” She met his cold stare with raised hands. “I’m just giving you shit, man.” She rolled her eyes as he turned to walk away. Candice wanted to fuck him, in spite of her sore back. I want him to take charge and plow me like a goddamned dog. “Wait!” Jake stopped. “I’ll let you fuck me, but you can’t tell your girl, deal?”

“Fuck off.” He continued walking.
She rushed to cut him off. “All right! I’ll let you have my ass, just man up and fuck me, you pussy!” He hates being called that. She could see the rage in his eyes. “Just bend me down and take it… Or are you really a pussy after all?”

Jake looked around. One couple strolled in the distance and a few kids were passing by. None of them were within fifty yards. Jake tugged her arm, pulling her behind their tree. He firmly spun her around and yanked her shorts down. He pressed her shoulders down, causing her to put her palms in the grass, keeping her exposed ass high. She heard him unzip and she watched between her legs as he whipped out his rigid cock. He pulled her small ass open and she felt him spit right on the mark. Moments later, she felt the tip sliding between her cheeks. He used one hand to line it up as he pressed in slowly.

She winced, leaning forward trying to move away from the pain. “Slow, go slow!”
“Fuck you.” He pulled her hips closer, pushing his cock deeper. “This is what you want? Want me to take it?” He made a few shallow pumps to work it in before pressing to the hilt. Unable to resist at this angle, she could only make pained, frustrated whimpers as he began pounding her. The discomfort reminded her of the frenzied dog that mounted her last night. She enjoyed being dominated, she hated to admit, and the pain was minimal. She felt her pussy getting wet with pleasure.

“Go harder.” Candice spoke as he thrust. He increased the speed, drawing back and coming out almost entirely before plunging back into her butt. The stabbing pain was almost too much, but she was dripping wet by this point and she knew that she was almost to finish.

Jake pulled back and slipped out accidentally. He drew back and pushed in again. Candice squealed with shock. He’s in the front! She couldn’t speak, instead she allowed him to continue thrusting. Soon, her orgasm was near again. She moaned, clenching upon him as he continued fucking her. His cock pulsed and she could feel his warm goo pumping into her. She stayed in place, balancing on her hands as she buckled with climax.

The hung jock slipped out and smacked her ass. “Enjoy that, bitch?”
“You came in my pussy.” She spoke, breathless as she regained her senses and slid her shorts up.
“It’s fine, I’m sure it’s fine.” She tried to assure him.
“Why the hell didn’t you say something!?”
“It was so quick!” I’m not going to say I enjoyed it too much. “I can go get the morning after pill if you’re really that nervous.”
“You better! I can’t have two fucking kids!”

They argued back and forth for a while longer before parting ways. He’s just being a worrier, what are the chances that one time will do anything? I don’t care what he wants, I’m his and I can’t do anything to stop nature. We will just have to see what happens.

“Karen! You’re the one going out with Jake, right?” A girl she knew from her human anatomy class stood before her.
“Uh, yeah.”
“You need to see this.” The girl pulled up a video on her phone. It showed a zoomed in video of Jake violently pounding Candice beside a tree. Tears came to Karen’s eyes as she watched him stop for a moment as he slipped out. He reentered and the girl’s face twisted, her lip quivering. “What are you going to do?” The girl asked as Jake tilted his head back on the video.

Karen couldn’t watch any more. She bawled as she turned and walked away as quickly as her baby bump would allow. She knew that girl would gossip about this to everyone, but she really didn’t care. She only cared that her boyfriend was fucking someone better looking in broad daylight. He had to know he would get caught.

She got home and stepped through the door to see Jake waiting on the couch. New tears formed as she yelled at him. “I don’t want you anywhere near me!” She stormed upstairs, moving awkwardly as her belly swayed with each step. Jake easily caught up to her and barged into her room before she could lock the door.

“What are you talking about?”
“I saw the video!” He gave a dramatic shrug of confusion before she continued. “I saw you fucking Candice!”

He looked away, breathing heavily. “Oh.”
“Oh? You act like you just forgot that you did that? I know we’re having troubles, but surely we can work through it. You came back over here, so that must mean something!”
“I will stay with you and I’ll raise our baby, but I can’t do that with you anymore. You’re too fucking big.”
“That? You mean fuck me doggystyle in front of a bunch of people? I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I love you! I said I would get thinner once I have this kid, I promise!”
“I just want to see other women. I will help, but that’s all I’ll do. I don’t love you.”
She was speechless. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked at her uncaring boyfriend. I know I’m lying to him by saying this kid is his, but I need him more than ever now! “Please, just try to make this work, I’ll do anything you want!” She pulled off her stretched shirt, lifting her heavy breasts, causing some milk to seep out.

Jake turned in disgust. “I’m done with you. It’s over. Find me when you have the kid and we’ll talk.”
“I won’t let you around the baby if you can’t be with me!”
Jake’s disinterest faded. “I am going to see my child. I’m going to be around.”
“No you won’t! If you can’t be with me then I’m not going to have you anywhere near my daughter!”
“I won’t give you a choice.” Jake raised a finger, but lowered it as his anger subsided. “It is our daughter and you can’t stop me from seeing her.” He closed the door, leaving Karen sitting topless upon her bed, weeping. She sat for a while, hopeless about her future. I need Jack. She moved down the hall and eased Jack’s door open. He was arguing with Ashley.

“I don’t care! He’s going to find us!” Her tone was urgent.
“We can just command him to stop!”
“I’m just scared something is going to go wrong. I came this close to losing the command rod to that creepy counselor!”
“We’ll be careful! We know he’s coming! Whoever he is, he’s just a guy.”
“He was in my room, Jack! He saw…”
“Saw what?”
Ashley coyly avoided the question. Jack persisted, and eventually she gave in. “He saw my dad and me.”
Karen couldn’t see her brother’s face, but she could imagine his confused stare. “So after all the crap you gave me for doing my mom and sister…”
“I didn’t command him to! I just wanted more attention, how could I have known it would lead to that?”
“Cause you have a pussy.”
“Jack!” There was a pause. “Well, he went in my butt.”
“You do have a nice ass.” There was an audible slap. “What, it’s true!” Jack sniggered.
“Focus, pervert! We have to be ready if that guy shows up and we have to command the social worker and the principal. Oh, and Karen too.”
“Yeah, hopefully she’s done with that dipshit now.”
“Yeah. I still can’t believe you’re the reason he did all that to me. It’s going to take a long time before I forgive you for that.” Her tone was no longer joking.
“I know, I’m sorry. How could I have known?”

Karen had no idea what they meant, but her emotions got the better of her. She shoved the door open, demanding answers. Jack and Ashley sat on the bed, wide eyed as she closed the door behind her. “You two better tell me what you’re talking about right now! What did Jake do?” Ashley stared intently at her exposed breasts.

Jack reached for the smooth metal rod on the bed. Snapping out of her trance, Ashley put a hand on his arm and he stopped. “She deserves to know.”
“We can’t. Why would she really want to know about all the sick shit he did to you?”
“It’s not fair to keep her in the dark. At least try and see what happens.”
Jack drew breath, about to argue, but instead he cast his eyes to the floor and left the command rod alone. “Fine.”
“Tell her everything, Jack. She should know. Even what you did to her.” Jack gave her a stymying look.
“Just tell me, damn it!” Karen’s heavy boobs bounced as she yelled.

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