Part V


The town had spread exponentially since their last visit. Their family swelled as well. Nearly a month had gone and Nora had two more daughters now. Krina had two daughters as well. Samara was still at home, tending to the new children. Avril and Cilia, Krina’s first children, now appeared slightly older than their teenaged mother. They joined them in town, hoping to find a mate to return with them. We need more men, Nora knew, someone that Kell won’t constantly try to mate with. A man with a smaller organ would be welcome; something that doesn’t hurt so much.

Kell had come along with the understanding not to have sex without Nora’s consent. I waited until just before we set out let him in me, hopefully that will keep him complacent until tonight. Nora was growing with child again, but now she had become used to it… mostly. Krina, however, still had trouble taking the well-endowed boy in her backside. She lamented over having her own organ, but dared not seek the Mistress for another blessing. She misses the glorious sensations of a vagina. I’m sure her cock feels good enough, though. Nora would let her friend mate with her often, but she couldn’t bare it some days after taking Kell’s massive cock.

Having many daughters allowed Kell to somewhat sate his lust. Samara was surely pregnant by now, as she had the morning sickness. Kell loved to fuck his sister almost as much as his mother. He would use Krina when needed, but he could tell that he was hurting her. Tali and Malia, Nora’s new fully developed daughters, both learned to accept their brother’s seed as well. Tali had mistakenly allowed his lubricated cock into her ass once. She couldn’t stop him once he had begun his push, and he came almost instantly. It had been cute, Nora thought. Malia will make that mistake once, and she will learn to love it or hate it.

The town seemed sparsely occupied since their last visit. They found their normal trader, Erin, still stuck at her post with the weighted belly. “Hello!” Erin called. “Have you heard of the visitors? The priors for all of the major gods are meeting at this very moment!”

Curious, they ventured to the town hall and joined the gathering. The Mistress, who represented Kinok, now sat opposite Armon, the robed observer from their last visit. Three others sat around the large oaken table. “You must understand, this is an affront to all of our lords.” One of the unknown men spoke. “Even the merciful Tulla is offended as you speed and slow time to suit your whims. We will be forced to take action if you continue this.”

The Mistress waved her to stop. “I do not care. Kinok is giving these people blessings and we are keeping it contained. We are only attempting to live our lives of decadence away from your prudish sights!”

“Pashia is no prude. She knows the benefit of love and even she is appalled by this mockery of the faith.” The woman gestured to the townsfolk around them, most of which were changed visibly – given boons by The Mistress. “Kinok has overstepped his bounds and involved humans in his games. I must only report what I see and allow my goddess to decide.” The prior stood and passed through the murmuring crowd. The two other nameless speakers followed his lead.
Armon rose, “We will not be forgiving if we find that you are continuing.” He left The Mistress alone at the table. Some time passed before she held up her hand to quiet the crowd. “I am Villa and I too was an average girl before my blessing. Kinok is not one to offer favors without a price, but they are blessings none the less! I shall be seeking recruits in defense of his name. Come to me and we shall find ways for you to assist!”

A line formed and Nora led her family to join. They waited patiently until they had their turn. Nora explained her predicament and Villa smiled warmly. “To better serve his defense I shall grant Krina children within a week, and they shall grow to adulthood within the second week.” She turned to Avril, Krina’s large breasted daughter. “I shall allow you to have multiples with every birth, and they too shall grow inside and out within two weeks.”

Next was Cilia, the small-framed girl with nervous eyes. “For you I shall grant a resilient body and the mental acuity to teach your upcoming siblings.” She was visibly relieved. “And so you aren’t bogged down by carrying children, I’m also giving you a cock.” With horror, Cilia held between her legs as a small penis grew outward. It dangled past her fingers, and once fully formed, looked to be notably larger than Krina’s. Kell’s cock was still the biggest by far, though.

“As for you, Nora, your daughters will have children at the same speed as you do. I expect you to take charge of your soon to be booming family.”

Nora bowed her head, attempting to be gracious in spite of knowing the burden The Mistress had placed upon her. We’re going to have more kids than we can manage! They thanked the curvaceous woman and left. Outside, a man approached, bowing graciously. “I am Piven, I overheard your situation and I would like to offer myself as your mate.” He paused for the offer to sink in.

“My family is large, as I have another mate and many children. However, they need the tutelage and the stability your family might offer. We came to The Mistress seeking wealth and children.” He cast his eyes aside, staring longingly. “She blessed my mate with the ability to birth an unnatural, extremely precious metal and I was given the ability to give multiple children to whomever I mated with… Except her. So, I seek another woman who will bear my children and help them grow. I am a craftsman and my mate is a healer. It would benefit both of us, I believe.” He does seem confident and wise. An entire family merging with ours would be welcome.

“I understand that this is a strange offer, so I will allow you time to-“
The man stopped with surprise. “Yes? Yes! Wonderful! I do want to make clear that our blessings will make it very burdensome for you…”
“I understand.” I must do this for my family. We need him and he needs us. I must be strong.

She put faith in him, leading the man back to their packed cottage. He met all of her daughters warmly, growing noticeably erect from beneath his loincloth. Perhaps we should embrace clothes once again. We have access to skins now, and perhaps that would limit the encounters with Kell. She noticed her son watched the man with irritation. He is no fan of the competition, but he will have to accept the change. Kell will have to mate with his daughters instead.

After deliberation, they agreed that Piven should bring his family to settle among theirs. We have more space and we are closer to water. With both women burdened and unable to travel to his dwelling, they bid him farewell and waited for his return.

Three days passed and both Nora and Krina swelled with offspring. Krina’s breasts grew astoundingly large now, keeping her immobile for the last two days of her pregnancy. She had also gained a fair amount of weight, appearing plump as the time grew closer. Nora had nearly given up hope of the man’s return when she spied a line of travelers approaching past the doorway. Piven and his mate led the procession.

Once at their home, he introduced his partner, Zuli. She appeared very pregnant, with a hefty belly and enlarged breasts. Her tired eyes and somber demeanor showed she had endured much. She appeared to be only slightly older than Nora. I knew Piven had a desire for young girls.
The man started introducing his children, but stopped after two. “You will learn them as time continues. For now, let us relax after a long journey.” Nora was disappointed that they were all female, but at least Kell would enjoy himself. Krina might have some fun too. The small house was cramped, without enough bed space for everyone. Piven agreed to stay outside with his daughters as long as Zuli found comfort. Nora agreed, knowing that at any point tonight their children would come forth. She asked when Zuli was due, forgetting about being unable to conceive.

“It’s not a child.” Zuli spat. She huffed and continued. “Every few months I pass a large chunk of ore. This ore contains a rare metal that Piven can use to create magical items.” She glanced to her husband, who held her hand. “It will come soon, so we need to set up a shop for him within the next few days.”

Nora understood. They would make plans tomorrow, but as he said, tonight they must rest.

Kell had been chosen to stay outdoors. Nora assured him that he could find someone to couple with outside. He looked past the door, agreeing. Piven’s clan wore loincloths, but left their breasts exposed. They weren’t as buxom as Nora or Krina’s children, but they would certainly grow when future children came.

Night arrived and they all found their spaces to sleep for the night. As expected, Nora began feeling the pains of birth. Piven assisted her and the children tried to ignore the sounds. Kell used the opportunity to approach one of the new girls. The sleeping girl looked up groggily to see the man with a massive shaft towering above her. She looked frightened by the size. He moved between her legs and moved her loincloth. Beneath he found an unexpected sight… A cock. “You are like Krina. Must I go into your bosom to finish?”

The girl appeared utterly confounded, not knowing about Krina’s blessed breasts. “No, you can go in my front.”

Kell didn’t mind; he was used to mating for release instead of children. Lifting her legs, he allowed a glob of saliva to fall upon his meaty rod. He rubbed it upon the tip and pressed between her cheeks. It took a couple of tries before he parted her. She squeaked and fought him as he moved deeper. “No, wait, that’s my butt!”

Kell agreed, loving the tight warmth. He pushed deeper into her taut backdoor, causing her to wail as she slapped his chest and kicked in the air. He pulled back slightly, but the sensation overtook him. Kell pressed the last few inches in without concern. He stopped in place, trying to prolong the amazing grip upon his shaft. It was in vain, however, as he felt climax building. He pulled back and slammed her a few times before shooting large streams into her ass, all the while she struggled to halt him.

Piven rushed outside, horrified by the scene. The older man marched over and pushed Kell to the ground, his thick cock popping from the woman’s ass. His daughter scampered to her feet, hiding behind him, biting her lip to bear the pain. Anger in the father’s eyes turned to concern for his daughter. Many of the girls watched with worry as they sat upright on their mats.

“He went into my butt, father! It hurt!”
Piven hugged her and turned back to the man with a still rigid cock. “Why would you do that?”
“She said I could go in her.”
“I didn’t say my butt!” The girl screeched.
Kell was confused, but he followed the livid man into the home. “Your child attacked Tamri!”

Nora’s new daughter lay upon the floor, wrapped in furs. Nora’s matted hair and partially closed eyes showed her depletion. She sighed and put a hand on her face. “I’m sorry. I should have mentioned that he has an insatiable lust and needs to have sex every few hours.”

“But, why would he go in her… butt.”
Nora’s face contorted into tired confusion as she looked to Kell.
“She is like Krina. She had a shaft.”
“She does have a slit, you idiot.” Zuli, their pregnant matron, chimed in.
Nora didn’t care for the insult, but it did give her realization. “Your daughters have both?”

Piven’s eyes narrowed. “Of course.” He looked to Krina, who lay with her breasts resting on either side of her. Sandwiched between the heavy, mounds of flesh, she watched the scene wordlessly. They had grown to reach past her hips and Nora knew they were far more taxing on her body than before.

“She only has the organ. That is why my son was confused. We didn’t know people could have both.”

The man’s eyes calmed, realizing the mistake. “Apologies, I see that I am still learning about Kinok’s blessings even now.” He turned to the meek man. “Kell, I am sorry, but I ask that you be gentle with my children. If you hurt them again I will be upset, do you understand.” Kell nodded, apologizing to the girl he had hurt. Tamri’s big dark eyes and soft, pouty lips were turned to frown, but she conceded. Tamri appeared to be the same age as Nora, but the new girl was slightly more developed. I used to be more developed before Kinok made my body younger.

“Now you have permission to fuck our daughters. Just make sure you give them children or it is just a waste of seed.” Zuli interjected. Nora thought she was joking, but her stern eyes told another story.

Krina howled, her humongous breasts shook, causing everyone to scramble to her aid. Her children were coming into the world tonight as well. Her large nipples rested parallel to her navel atop her mountainous bust. She pinched them tightly, causing milk to spray into the air. She desperately tried to reduce the pressure, but Nora knew that wouldn’t help. She watched as Krina’s nipples spread unnaturally, opening for the children’s exit.

The nipple opened wider and wider until a head pushed through the opening both kids came at once, gasping as they moved through the tiny openings. Somehow, the children moved their shoulders through, one at a time, and began pulling themselves free from their shrieking mother. The large bosoms quaked as the already teenaged children sprang forth from their matron. They slipped free and Nora’s daughters set to drying them off. There was no blood, only milk.

Krina’s breasts shrank noticeably as her children came into the world, but they still appeared vastly larger than before their trip to the town. Seeing that Krina’s cock stood erect, Nora directed Samara to relieve her. The smiling girl moved her hair aside and put her lips upon the tip of her shaft. Krina reached over her enlarged breasts and pushed the girl’s head lower. Samara reached the base and instantly sputtered. Krina moaned as she reached orgasm, holding the girl’s head in place as she shot seed down her throat.

“Thank you.” Krina huffed.
Samara coughed, raising a hand and bowing her head as she stumbled outside to recover.
Zuli laid between Krina’s new daughters, squeezing on the third bed. Nora said nothing more as everyone seemed to relax and begin to settle down for the night. Her heavy eyelids finally closed as she drifted to sleep.

The next day they planned, sending some of the children to fetch water and others to fetch building supplies and lumber. Piven’s daughters had many craftsman skills, while Nora and Krina’s had more caretaking skills. The balance worked well. Kell stumbled inside groggily. His rigid cock signaled his need for release. Nora was too drained, so she directed him to her nearest daughter. Tali groaned as she turned and bent over the foot of the bed. She spit in her hand and reached back to lubricate her entrance.

Kell maneuvered his muscular body behind her slim frame and wiggled his erection between her soft thighs. “No, not my slit, go in my ass.” The man behind her shrugged as he lifted his heavy organ and pushed it into her ass. “I don’t want to go through that pain.” The girl said after seeing Nora’s puzzlement. She is afraid to have children because she thinks they’ll be fully grown like her siblings were.

Tali gasped as her eyes opened wide. “Go slow! Slow!”
“The pain isn’t as bad as that.” Nora grinned as she watched the couple at the end of her bed. She enjoyed watching her children love one another.

Kell moved deeper as she reached back to halt him. As usual, the pleasure overcame his good sense and he pressed in farther. Tali grumbled and lifted, trying to get away from the overgrown intruder. Kell was much stronger, however, and held her hips as he railed her. Nora wasn’t sure if the girl was in pain or gripped by pleasure. Tali gasped and without warning she began convulsing in her brothers arms. She slowed and became motionless as the feeling passed. Kell, however, was doing the opposite.

Orgasm grew as he grunted. His howling sister did not distract him, luckily, and he finished shortly after she did. Tali’s belly swelled with his large amount of seed and she staggered away once he stopped shooting. She did an awkward shuffle out the doorway.

Piven sat on the opposite bed. “You let your mate use your children?”
Nora raised an eyebrow. “Yes… Well, he’s actually my son.”
Piven was shocked. “How is that possible? He is twice your age.”
The man nodded. “I see. Well, he is welcome to my daughters to keep our families joined.”
“And your daughters are welcome to mine…” She paused. “Can they get pregnant?”
“Yes, but not from each other, thankfully. I do try to limit that sort of behavior, but sometimes it happens.”

Nora decided not to mention that all of her children were thanks to her son’s seed. “You are a great man, and once I recover we shall have a child of our own.”
“Children. There will certainly be more than one.”
“I look forward to it.” I do not, but I shall accept the burden for a greater family. I know he can control himself, so at least I will have some time in between breedings.

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