“Get away from me, asshole!” Jake had been pestering her ever since their meeting at the house. This was the first time since that no one was within earshot.
“No, if you don’t give me some of that sweet ass then I will tell your little boyfriend everything!”
“Go ahead, I will tell Karen about what you did to me too. I’m sure you’d love that, seeing as you have a kid in her belly.”
“You’re nothing but a worthless slut, Ashley. If you don’t come in here and at least give me a blowjob then I’m going to tell everyone what you let me do.”

Ashley knew it was an empty threat, but she had another idea in mind. “Fine, I’ll even let you go in my ass again if you help me out. But, this will be the last time, got it?”
That did not sound convincing, but that is a worry for later. “So, after fifth period I want you to come to meet me in the library. I’ll explain when we get there, but all you have to do is burst into the room and catch me with Mr. Hale.”
“God, you’re a slut.”

“Call me what you want, but you love it.” She directed him to the side of the lockers, which gave them minimal secrecy, but most classes were already in session. She squatted and unzipped his jeans. She glanced both directions, glad to see an empty hallway. She pulled out his cock and deepthroated it a couple of times before spitting on it. She turned around and hiked up her pleated black skirt. “Go ahead.” She held her panties aside and guided him in. The tip went in and she had to hesitate. “Just a second.” She allowed the discomfort to subside before allowing him to continue. He moaned weakly as she pushed back slowly. At about the halfway mark she had to pause again.

Without warning, Jake pushed his dick all the way in as he held her hips. Ashley slapped his arm and whined, but he had his mind set. She clenched her teeth and bared the pain as he fucked her, moving her ass back and forth. There was a sound and Ashley leaned around the corner to see two older girls approaching. “Crap, people are coming!”

“Almost there.” Jack whispered as he continued. Ashley pulled her skirt down and smoothed it in an attempt to hide what they were doing.
“Stop, they’re almost here!” She pleaded.
“Ugh, too late.”

He shot thick cream into her as the girls came around the lockers. They regarded them as they passed. Ashley let out a sigh of relief, but it was premature, as one girl turned and smiled. “Wait, are you two fucking?”
She felt her face turn bright red. “Uh, no, we’re just spending time together.” Ashley tried to stand straighter.
“Don’t lie, I can see your butt pressed against him. Get a room, you pervs.” They giggled.

Suddenly Ashley felt a familiar warm feeling entering her. He is peeing in me again. Gross! “Stop it!” She turned and whispered. He ignored her and the flow continued.
The girls still stared at them. “Yeah, Jake, stop it, you’re already caught.”
“Shut up, Candice.” He said weakly. The girls laughed again.
“Fine, I’ll stop you then.” The woman with brownish blonde hair and a dominant nose stepped closer, her beautiful brown eyes accentuated by a large amount of eyeliner. She moved her hand between Ashley’s legs. Ashley was shocked as the girl slipped her hand into her panties and placed a finger right on her clit. She smiled wickedly as she wiggled it gently. The feeling was indescribable. Ashley gripped Candice’s arm as she stroked her. Within seconds Ashley could feel climax building. She tensed, causing Jake to let out a sad whimper. He had finished during her orgasm and he slid out limply. Ashley fought to contain the liquid, and after a moment it became bearable.

Candice leaned over and kissed Jake. “See you guys around.” She rejoined her friend and they continued down the hall. “Dude,” she spoke mockingly as she held her hand in front of her friend. “smell my finger!” The nameless girl shoved her hand aside as they walked away laughing.

“What the hell?” She fixed her panties and her skirt.
“Sorry, I had to go. Just be glad you didn’t just go with the blowjob!”
“Do not do that to me again!”
“Fine, just think of it as payback for kneeing me in the junk.”
She scoffed. “Deal.” She winced as she shuffled down the hall holding her filled belly. “Get me to a bathroom.”

Ken’s final meeting was knocking on his door. “Come in!”

Her deep brown eyes had small bags beneath them. She looked weary, but that only seemed to add to her desirability. Her shoulders square and her curves defined, she was easily one of the more attractive teachers at the school. However, her fiery temperament usually kept people at a distance. She was subdued at the moment, sitting before him with a generous smile. “Hello, Mr. Hale. What may I do for you?”

The woman wore a patterned black and white blouse with matching black pants. Her strong features set his blood to boil. Ken leaned back and slipped his hand into his pocket. “Mrs. Moreno, what do you think about what has been going on recently?”

“I know that something isn’t right. Jeanette told me that you attacked that boy’s mother and suddenly she changes her story, saying that you slipped? And you come to investigate the wrongdoing by two of the most gentle teachers I know, but what have you turned up? They were both sick in the head. They both just snapped and did heinous things to those students. Thankfully, they’ll both get by with marginal sentences because they pled guilty. Frankly, I do not understand it, but I will not let you pull me into this. Mrs. Howell and Mr. Keenan weren’t angels, and I’m sure they did something to someone important to deserve what they got, but I am not going to risk my livelihood. I came by just to tell you that I am not going to say a thing on the record.”

“Well, you really have it all pegged, don’t you?” Ken inspected her for a moment. “I want you to slide your pants down and let me inside you for a while.”

Marcy’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not that kind of woman, Ken.”

Mr. Hale sat up, uncertain why the command hadn’t worked. He gripped the command rod in his pocket tightly. “I command you to take off your pants and let me fuck you!”

The woman shot up and slapped him hard. “I will not take this treatment, counselor Hale.”

Ken held his sore cheek as she stormed through the door. He had no idea why it had not worked. Curious, he stepped out the door and found a random student. He commanded the boy to fall to the ground and the boy did just that. What the hell makes her so special? He decided he shouldn’t stay to find out. Ken returned to his office and began packing.

Jack joined Karen on the couch. “I miss him so much.” She said as she watched TV. “I really hope we get to see them soon.”
“Me too. I have an idea of how to get them back, but it’s a long shot.”
“I won’t hold my breath, but I hope it works.”
Karen was five months pregnant now. Her breasts had doubled in size, and her belly swelled visibly. Her belly was far larger than their mother’s, as Karen was going to have twins according to their new doctor. Both Karen and Jack had a physical exam after the social service workers relocated them.

It wasn’t all bad at their Aunt and Uncle’s, but Jack only hoped it was temporary. I hope Ashley can get it back, and I hope she does not use it on me. Actually, maybe that would be good. Maybe she can make me forget all the trouble I’ve caused. Karen adjusted her maternity bra. Stephanie, their aunt, had been gracious enough to buy her a new wardrobe for her increasing girth. Thanks to one of his previous commands, Karen still did not care to wear clothes at home.

“Still bothering you?”
Karen looked at him to gather his meaning. “I just can’t get comfortable with all these clothes on, but those prudes insist.”
“Well, you can take them off for now if you want. They won’t be home for a few hours anyway.”
“You don’t mind?”
“Of course not, and you have nice boobs.”
She scoffed, smirking playfully as she unclasped her bra beneath her shirt. “You’re a weirdo.” She slipped her top off, exposing her hefty breasts. She lifted them momentarily and sighed with relief. She quickly slid her shorts off as well. “Much better.”

They sat quietly for a short time, but Jack couldn’t stop his wandering eyes. He soon found himself staring at his heavily pregnant sister. “Like what you see, horn dog?” She squished her breasts between her arms.

Jack looked away. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”
There was another long pause before Karen rubbed the top of her legs and sighed deeply. “Do you wanna fuck?”

Jack turned, mouth wide. “Uh, okay.” He had hoped to have sex with her again, but never guessed she’d want to without the command rod.

He hurried out of his pants and put his head between her legs. He could tell she enjoyed his licks, and a few minutes later he decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Jack pulled her lower on the sofa and readied himself between her legs. He moved, trying to hit the spot, until he finally felt her warmth. Her pussy is the best. He moved slowly, pinching her nipples lightly as she gripped the cushions. Her belly swayed as he increased the speed. Jack moved one hand lower, sneaking it in to touch her springy ass. Karen held her exposed tit as he fucked her.

“Fuck, it’s great! Fill me up, Jack!”

A tingle ran down Jack’s spine as he built to climax. They nearly finished together, but Karen beat him by a margin. They looked into each other’s eyes as he filled her. Karen squinted with each pulse. Her rosy cheeks and genuine smile looked adorable.

“God, you’re better than Daddy!”
Jack realized how wrong that sounded, but took the compliment anyway. “You’re almost as good as Mom.” He grinned.

“Oh really?” She tensed upon his sensitive cock, causing him to be overwhelmed. He gasped and withdrew. She giggled, looking magnificent with her full breasts and belly quaking with laughter. Her gentle eyes made Jack forget his troubles for a time.

Ashley knew what it meant to come back here. She turned the doorknob anyway. Ken was packing his belongings into a cardboard box upon the desk. He turned and furrowed his eyebrows before smiling. “You caught me just in time. I see you couldn’t stay away with the promise of an ass-fuck on the table.”

Ashley stepped inside and closed the door. She glanced to the camera nestled in the corner.

“It’s not recording any more. The Principal has closed the case and allowed me to finish up however I see fit.” Ken circled the desk with a smug grin. He moved behind Ashley and he reached in front of her to unbutton her shorts. She stayed motionless as he slid her pants and panties to the floor. She could hear his belt come undone. He put his strong hands under her blouse as he kissed her neck.

After a moment, she turned and went to her knees. She licked his cock thoroughly before she lay back upon a clear section of the desk. Spreading her legs, he stepped between them. The man held his organ as he searched for her backdoor. She could feel the tip enter and the pain came once the head was in. “Hold on.”
“Nope.” Ken pushed in defiantly as he held her hips. Her legs tensed as they rested on his shoulders.

“Ugh, wait.” Why can’t guys just have some fucking patience! Ashley whimpered and tried to move backwards upon the desk. It had been futile, as she could feel the man’s hips pressing against her hers. He was all the way in now, holding her closely, and she certainly felt it. This hurts worse than earlier.

Ashley moaned loudly, and on cue, Jake burst into the room. Ashley fought through the pain, and took the opportunity, launching her hand into Ken’s pocket. As soon as she felt the metal, she yelled for them to stop. Jake and Ken both looked blankly as she fished the black metal rod out of his pants. I did it!

The man still held her in place. Ashley tried to wriggle free, but failed. She paused her attempts, feeling the frozen man’s cock erupting in her ass. I made him cum just by moving. She couldn’t stifle a giggle as she laid back upon the desk, waited until his cock stopped throbbing before she offered another command. “Let go of me and step back.”

Ken moved away, still semi-flaccid, and he stood without purpose. She heard someone approaching from beyond the door. Mrs. Moreno appeared behind Jake, horrified by the scene. “Ken, what the hell are you doing? Get away from her!”

“Stop.” Ashley commanded, but the angry teacher continued her tirade, marching toward him. “Stop, Mrs. Moreno!” She’s not listening! Why doesn’t it work on her? Ashley decided to diffuse the situation. “Ken, get away from me!”

The man stumbled back as Mrs. Moreno pulled him aside, still insulting him with colorful terms. “I knew you were a sick son of a bitch!” She picked up the phone receiver from the desk. “Send security to the library office! Hurry! A student is being assaulted!”

Ashley pulled her shorts up, noticing Jake standing surprised in the doorway. “Jake, forget you ever saw this.” They would surely question him later, but they will think he is covering for me. Ashley could see the rage in Ken’s eyes. She moved away, making sure he couldn’t attack her to get the command rod back.

She acted like a distressed teen, but she was laughing on the inside as they escorted the man from the premises. I win, asshole.

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  1. Peak

    Holy fuck this is brilliant. Turning into a regular novel here Vex! Keep it up! (Though I wouldn’t mind another installment of The Manor…”

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