The Authority Figure


Ken loved his new toy. He slapped the girl’s ass as she got out of bed. The girl was his bitchy neighbor, who constantly had her loud friends over in the apartment next door. Touching the command rod on the nightstand, he spoke. “Forget everything we did last night, sweetheart.”

She sneered at him, angrily searching for her underwear. Her ass wiggled as she slid her tight jeans over her hips. She buttoned her shirt and left without another word. This is amazing! I can have sex with whomever I want and they can’t say a thing! I should go visit my ex-wife again, just to fuck with her.

He made some coffee as he dressed. No wonder that little bastard was at the root of so much trouble. Ken thought of ways to use his newfound power. With a plan in his mind, he set off to visit his former wife, Irene.

The office suits her, it’s basically a coffin. “Ms. Jones, a Mr. Hale to see you, please.” She paused, giving the man before her a glance. “I understand.” The secretary hung up the phone. “I’m sorry, but she is booked for the rest of the day. I will have to-“

“You will let me go inside without question.”

The secretary said no more as he showed himself into her office.

His ex-wife, Irene, sat dumbfounded. “I told her not to let you in here! I’m calling security!”

“No, put the phone down and be happy to see me.”

She did as instructed, with a sudden, wide smile across her face. Her brown eyes danced as they had in the beginning of their relationship. “How have you been, Ken?”

“Pretty good, considering you took the house, and the car.”

Her happiness faded abruptly. “Our spark was gone.”

“You took everything from me!”

“You were the one that shunned me. I loved you and you didn’t even care when I left, you were just concerned about money.”

“You used me!”

“No, you thought that, but I gave back just as much as I took.”

“Bullshit, you wouldn’t be in this gaudy office if you hadn’t taken all my money!”

Irene scoffed. “I always made more than you. You were riding on my coat tails, sweetheart.” She spoke venomously, mocking his term of endearment. “I took your money because it was the only way I knew to hurt you!”

“That’s enough! Take your panties off and throw them in the trash.” Wearing a simple gray business dress, she stood elegantly. Her slim frame shifted as she removed and discarded her undergarments.

“Bend over the desk, spread your ass, and don’t move.” He freed his erect cock as she leaned onto her shoulders, spreading her cheeks beneath the dress. He presented his organ by her face, but she turned away. “Let me face-fuck you, sweetheart.”

She turned back and opened her mouth. He slipped it in, going about halfway before he paused. She never could take it all the way, but now she has no choice! He pressed farther. She gagged loudly, but remained in place. He drew back and pressed in again. He held her head as he continued, going all the way with each thrust. She wasn’t gagging now, but there was an audible suction noise each time he pulled back. He pressed deeper this time, slowly pushing himself down her throat, seeing if her nose could touch his body. He watched her thin lips spread around his cock as she reached the hilt. She fucking did it! I knew she could all those years. She stayed in place for a few seconds before she choked and sputtered. He allowed her to catch her breath.

It felt amazing when he was able to use her face like this. He rolled the bottom of her dress, allowing him a wonderful view of her shapely ass. He grabbed her hair and pounded her face again. The slurping and sucking sounds aroused him. He grabbed her exposed ass as he passed her tonsils. Unexpectedly, he felt himself nearing the finish. Shit, it’s too soon! He decided to keep going, He held her head as he pressed all the way down.

“Don’t move, I’m gonna cum! Drink it.” He felt the first stream erupt from his cock. Irene jerked back, gagging, but ultimately staying in place. The second shot caused a lesser gag, and the third went smoothly. He moved her head back and forth slightly as he emptied into her throat. He slipped out, causing sperm and drool to collect upon the desk. Her mascara ran as she caught her breath.

Luckily, he was still hard. I have to continue on principal. “Now I’m going to put it in your ass.”

“No, you know I don’t like it there!”

“Yep, that’s why I’m doing it.”

“Stop!” She yelled as he stepped around the desk. She turned to fight him.

“Be quiet and bend down!” He leaned forward to whisper in her ear while still holding the command rod. “Don’t fight me. Just spread yourself and take the pain.” He slipped it in easily thanks to her unapproved blowjob. Irene grumbled the tip pressed in.

There was a knock on the door before her secretary stepped in. “Are you oka- oh my god!” She stood, wide mouthed and unable to look away.

Ken pressed all the way in as Irene squeaked in pain. “Tell her this is what you want!” He said sternly as he touched the rod in his pocket.

“I want this!” She said just loud enough. “Ah! I want this!” She sounded as if she were about to burst into tears.

“Well,” Ken smiled at the confused woman in the doorway. “Join in or get out!”

The woman tensed, slamming the door shut.

Ken was not gentle as he pounded his ex-wife in the ass as she still held herself spread open. Her agony faded as she slowly started to accept what he was doing to her. That bothered him. Ken pulled all the way out and slammed back in. He enjoyed watching her squirm as he continued this method. He loved seeing her ass gape. You’re not a tight ass anymore! He wished he could last longer, but he had felt it building for some time: he rammed it all the way in and unloaded in her ass.

Ken buttoned his pants, noticing a camera in the upper corner of the room. He whispered in her ear before he walked to the door.

On cue, his ex-wife spoke as she fixed her dress. “That was amazing. You should pound my ass again soon, sweetheart.” There, I am protected when they watch the recording. They will be too busy firing her to care about me.

The woman at the front desk averted her eyes as he passed.

He drove home to shower and change. Why am I wasting my time with the past? I could have anyone I want. I could go fuck a supermodel and have her give me all of her money. I can literally do whatever I want! Ken laughed, pondering what he truly wanted as drove to the school.

In his office, he phoned the principal. I wonder if this thing will work on here. “Jeanette, tell me I am a king.”

“Mr. Hale?”

“You will fuck me.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Sorry, bad connection.” He hung up and waited. I can’t command them unless they’re in my presence. As expected, Principal Hyun stormed through the door.

She kept it professional in spite of her anger. “Mr. Hale you had best explain-“

He did his best to appear shocked. “I said we were lucky!”

“Oh,” the rage faded from her eyes. “What do you mean?”

Before commanding her, he wanted to test her limits. “I mean I’m lucky. You’re going to fuck me!”

Her eyes narrowed, “Mr. Hale, I am not in the mood for such crude humor.”

“I’m not joking. You’re going to put my dick in your mouth and your ass.” He showed her a clip of the video he recorded. “This would ruin you if I were to send it out.”

Her fury changed to horror. “How did you? When did… I don’t remember.” He allowed her to watch the video he had recorded through the window. It showed her inserting a garden hose between her cheeks. “He made you forget somehow. It doesn’t matter though, I can use this to ruin you.” She was a woman who built herself on pride and now she was moments away from losing it. “Don’t.”

“Well, as payment I require your tight little ass.”

She gave a sharp nod. She looked to the camera in the room. “I already took care of it. It’s not on.” Ken assured her as he coaxed her around the desk. “Unzip my pants and suck it.” She slipped his cock free and gently put her mouth around it. “Now take the whole thing.” She looked to him with irritation before she slid it down her throat. She was nearly to the bottom when she hesitated. Ken held her head as he pressed the rest of the way. She retched and pulled away, nearly throwing up. She panted heavily with a disgusted glare.

“Don’t be shy; stick it all the way down your throat!”

She gave a second attempt and forced herself to go the distance. She gagged as she moved her head up and down. Once, she recoiled and made a popping sound as she nearly threw up a second time. Ken decided it was time to take her from the other end. Still without using the command rod, he told her to stand and turn around. She slid her pants down just enough to allow him access to her firm backside.

“Why are you doing this to me? Please, just stop and I won’t-“

“I’m doing this because I like to see you suffer, you cold bitch.” He loved seeing the hope fade from her eyes. “Turn back around and sit on this or I will send the video. I’m fucking you one way or the other!”

About to cry, she turned and spread herself for him. She whined as the tip entered. Again she hesitated, so he pressed up as he pulled her lower using her hips. She squirmed and sniffled as he went deeper. I wouldn’t have known that she had a hose in her ass a few days ago if I didn’t have the video to prove it. She’s so tight!

It felt amazing as he fit it entirely. She is much tighter than Irene, I never would have guessed. He had to keep from moving, as he was near completion already. I have to see her suffer a bit more, first. Ken reached to press a button on the phone.

“Hello, this is Counselor Hale. Could you please send a student in here to collect some paperwork for you? It is urgent and it will only be for a moment. Thank you.” He hung up the phone and stayed in place inside the Principal.

“Why are you doing this to me? Just let me go.”

“Not yet. Just keep your composure and he won’t even notice.

A few minutes passed. He moved her hips as he started to go limp, which quickly brought him back to attention. He halted when the door opened carefully. A heavyset blonde boy stepped in.

“Close the door, son. Come here.” The boy moved closer, frightened about why the principal was involved. “Don’t be nervous, Mrs. Hyun is just sitting in. She’s helping me with something.” He subtly moved her hips, sliding her slowly upon his lap. “What’s your name?”

“Darren.” The boy fidgeted.

“Well, I called you here to collect these papers for your teacher. Have her sign them and leave them in the main office for me.” Ken extended the papers. They boy approached the desk and retrieved them from his hand. The Principal’s ass tensed while her body maintained composure. She thought he’d see what was happening. Ken loved this predicament.

The boy turned to leave, but Ken stopped him. “Mrs. Hyun would like to tell you something, Darren. Come closer.” The pudgy boy moved back toward the desk cautiously.

Jeanette’s calmness waivered, she turned to give the man behind her a pointed glare. “I don’t think we should keep this boy from class any longer, Mr. Hale.”

“Don’t be shy, Jeanette. Tell him about the idea you’re sitting on now.”

“Mr. Hale!” She clenched again, this time it was even stronger.

Ken was breathless by the sudden grip on his shaft. “Oh hell, Jeanette. Now you’ve done it.” He stood up and pressed her small frame against the desk.

“No, stop this right now! Not in front of the boy!” The Principal’s anger turned to despair. “Please, don’t do this to me!”

The boy watched, dumbfounded, dropping the papers. Ken pounded the mature Asian woman in the ass as she cried and whined loudly. Music to my ears. Ken plowed her without a care. It built until release came. The boy’s eyes widened as Ken grunted, pressing in as he filled her ass with cum.

“Did- did you just pee in her butt?”

“No?” What the fuck is wrong with this kid? Ken held the command rod in his pants pocket. “You’re done here. Grab those papers and go back to class. Just remember that you came here, I handed you the papers, and you left.” The boy did as he said, leaving him with the teary-eyed woman who pitifully pulled her pants up.

“That was fun. Your ass was tight.”

“You terrible man! I cannot believe you would do that in front of a student!”

“Unlike Jack, I don’t want to ruin lives unless they deserve it.” He commanded her now. “Forget that we met today.” He thought back to what he had overheard Jack saying at her house. He had listened in a little before he knocked. “Tonight I want you to have wonderful sex with your husband. Don’t wear a condom, either. You’re not bored at home after all.” Now when she gets pregnant there won’t be a question. I can be responsible with this power… Mostly.

He dismissed her and set to finish the remainder of his paperwork. Almost done. I’m not greedy. I will play this safe and finish my report. Plus, I have a few more students and a teacher to visit with before I go.

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