Out of His Hands


Jack wept cursing the man who took his power. What am I going to do? I can’t get it back from that psycho. He’ll kill me if I try, I know it! His bedroom door opened, drawing him away from his thoughts.

His mother entered, completely naked. Her growing baby bump and swollen breasts gave her excellent curves. She decided to be nude around the house too. “Good morning hon- Oh, what’s wrong baby?” She rushed closer to comfort him, pressing his head against her bosom as she sat upon the edge of the bed.

“I’m fine.” He sniffled, wiping away his tears. “A bully.”

“Who is it? I’ll have a talk with his parents!” She became suddenly stern.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want you to do anything about it.” She continued to try, but he insisted. “Well, at least let me help you relax.” She slid her soft hand into his boxer shorts, finding his morning wood.

“Maybe you’re right.” He rubbed her tummy. “You look good, mom.”

She beamed. “I’m almost five months along now. At least I feel better than I did at first. I’m getting pretty big, though.”

Jack traced his fingers down to her hidden area. “I know, it’s hot.” I can’t believe it’s been that long.

She bit her lower lip as he touched her button; she spread her legs to allow him greater access and stroked him in kind. It didn’t take long before she was wet and ready for more. Jack crawled out of bed and directed her to bend forward. He parted her legs and had her rest upon her elbows upon a dresser as he nudged his organ into her expectant lower reaches. He pressed upward as gave it all to her. Betty moaned as he tried to keep the rhythm.

He was able to last even longer since he had a full bladder. It wasn’t long before Betty was pushing back in time, touching herself with one of her hands. Her fingers tickled him sporadically and he could feel her orgasm. Once she was done, he had no reservations, pumping her with quick strokes until he came. Jack stepped back and pulled up his boxers. “Thanks Mom, I feel better.”

She smiled as she kissed his cheek. “It was my pleasure, honey. Let me know if that bully still pesters you, okay?”

Jack followed her into the hallway. She is so damned sexy, I can’t wait to see her when she’s about to pop. He made a pit stop in the bathroom before coming downstairs. Jack joined the rest of his family eating breakfast. Waffles and sausage sat at the center of the table.

Jack couldn’t help staring at his naked sister as she leaned back in her chair, chatting with Betty. They talked about what they would say when the kids eventually noticed that she wasn’t just gaining weight. She was quite pregnant now, just like her mother, but she had hidden it under larger clothes. However, rumors had started.

“I weigh 150 now!”

“That’s not that much, honey.”

“I was 120 before all this started. Look at all this flab!” Karen grabbed her love handles. “Not all of this is from the baby, Mom!”

“I think you look good.” Jack interjected.

She scoffed. “No, but thanks for lying.” A coy smile came and vanished. “At least my boobs are bigger.” She lifted her melons and allowed them to drop. Hank and Jack couldn’t avert their gaze as they bounced.

“Karen!” Betty snapped. “Don’t do that in front of them!”

“Mom, it’s fine, they’ve seen these things before.”

“Well your Dad might not be able to control himself.”

Hank crumpled his newspaper. “You want to lecture me? I’m not the one that has our son’s cum dripping down her leg!” He growled. “I saw it when you came back downstairs after your wake-up call!”

Betty blushed. “Well, the… the damage is already done, but you’re right.”

Hank got to his feet. “The damage is done? Well in that case I should just fuck Karen right here. Just get it out of my system, right?” He rolled Karen’s chair back and carefully pulled her legs forward. “It’s okay, honey, we’re open with this now.” Hank unbuckled his pants and drew his snake as Karen gave mild protest. “Betty is fine with it, because once you’re pregnant it’s okay to fuck whenever you’d please.”

Betty regained her fire. “Hank, you’re being a complete ass in front of the kids. Stop right now!”

Karen moaned as her father entered her. “It’s okay, Mom, just let him… let him do me.”

“Karen! He’s your father! And Jack and I are right here!” Betty snapped. Jack edged closer and touched Betty’s naked rump. She glared, slapping his hand away.

“He’s right, Mom, it’s no different than what you and Jack do.” Karen gasped with delight.

Betty griped needlessly, as Hank and Karen ignored her. They stared into each other’s eyes as he rolled the chair in time with his thrusts. They were fucking like animals as Jack and Betty watched. Karen moved her legs higher, allowing him to move closer and go deeper. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Karen whispered a little too loudly.

“You two stop right now!” Betty howled as Hank continued to slam his daughter in the chair.

“Just do it, Daddy.” Karen beamed. He sputtered and groaned as he finished. Karen wrapped her arms around his shoulders, holding him close as he filled her.

Betty rolled her eyes and started to get dressed. Both women kept clothes by the door, ready when they left the house. Betty’s nipples showed through the white t-shirt, but she was in too much of a rush to care. Jack hurried to catch her, joining her in the car.

“I can’t fucking believe him!” She hit the edge of the steering wheel, releasing some of her tension. “Just… just go back inside, Jack. I need to get to work.”

“No, wait. Why are you so upset with them?”

“They had sex in the kitchen, Jack! That is so wrong!”

“Just let them do it. What does it hurt? It’s better than fucking behind your back!”

“Jack, they only did that because I found out! They were doing it behind my back!”

“Well, it happened, so I think you should just let it go.” God I wish I had the command rod!

“No, I can’t just sit back and be okay with that man fucking my little girl!”

“Mom, she’s not a little girl! Have you seen her tits?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Go inside, now!” Jack sighed and exited. She zoomed out of the driveway, leaving him with the lovers.

Betty sped to work and went inside. She was trying in vain to hide her frustration. I have to get release; I’m going to find Jason. With about thirty minutes before her shift, she found Jason moving some boxes in the stockroom. She beckoned him to the small office. Jason stopped to wave someone over. It was the other stock boy that joined them on occasion. I finally figured out his name is Adam and he’s getting ballsier each time. I could have done without him. She led them in closing and locking the door.

“It’s kind of early; don’t you think we should wait until the end of our shifts?” Jason peered through the small window.

“I can’t wait. I need to relieve some stress. Get me excited, Adam. Lick my pussy.” She dropped her pants and sprawled on the nearby prep table. It’s still kind of sticky down there, but it shouldn’t be noticeable, and it will keep him quiet. Adam complied and she told Jason to remove his pants. She had him come closer and put his shaft into her mouth. She unbuttoned her shirt as the boy attempted to please her. He has no clue what he’s doing down there. At least it got me a little wet.

She removed Jason’s cock from her mouth. “Adam, you can go in there now.” She continued sucking as the other boy slid his pants to his ankles and prodded between her legs haphazardly. She finally used her hand to guide him.

“You’ve gotten big, Betty.” Jason rubbed her belly.

“Well, because of that you two can cum in me without worrying.” Adam nodded. He moved with wild, inconsistent strokes; this only caused her frustration to increase. She stopped sucking and rose to her elbows. “Stop for a minute, let him go in.”

Adam ignored her. He continued with more shallow strokes. “Adam, let him get in there!” She spoke sternly.

“I’m almost done.” The boy looked determined as he stared at her bouncing breasts.

Betty pushed him back, causing him to slide out and into her backdoor. She gasped and moved away. “That was my ass!”

“Just let me finish!”

“I will, just have some patience!” She scoffed. “Okay, Jason, get on the floor and I’ll get on top. Without complaint, he got into position and she straddled him. Once inside she worked him slowly deeper. She heard a rustling behind her; Betty turned to see Adam with his back turned. He’s probably going to get another potato like the first time we did it. “Whatever you’re grabbing, just make sure to wash it thoroughly. And put lube on it!” She continued grinding on the boy beneath her.

She had nearly reached orgasm when she felt Adam’s hand spreading her ass cheek. Damn it, couldn’t you have waited twenty more seconds? She kept her irritation to herself as she watched the boy beneath her; Jason had learned to hold back compared to their first encounters. Their encounters now lasted for a few minutes, and she could see the interruption bothered him as well.

Reaching behind her, Betty laid upon Jason, spreading her butt for the object. “Loosen me up with your finger first.” He prepared her for a time before readying the object. She felt it stretching her asshole as he pushed. It slipped in with mild discomfort. “Ha, I barely felt that. Now hurry up!” Betty continued to part herself as she waited for him to get into position.”

“I was going to go slow, you sure it’s okay?”

“Yes, just do it!” She rolled her eyes.

Then she felt another object pressing against her posterior. What the hell is that? It’s huge! She released her cheeks and shouted as he continued to push. “No, no, wait!” She felt the round object being forced into her ass and within seconds, it passed the halfway point. She could feel it slide the remainder of the way into her depths with ease. The pain was excruciating as she controlled her breathing and pressed her palms against the tiled floor.

Jason wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly. She opened her eyes to see him enveloped in the feeling. “It’s so fucking tight!” He moaned unexpectedly and his organ was moving inside of her. She could feel his seed pulsing into her.

Still in pain, she felt a hand open her again, followed by more entering her backdoor. Adam slipped his dick into her partially blocked ass. There was about thirty seconds of agony before he finished. I can’t fucking believe them. They both came and left me with an ass load! “What did you even put in me?”

“A potato and an orange.”

She looked over her shoulder. “Those are fucking huge! Why did you do that?”

“I thought you’d want a step up this time.”

“Ugh, get out of me.”

“Geez, sorry, I guess I should ask which produce you prefer in your butt next time.”

They froze as they heard someone knock. Mr. Hendricks called from beyond the door. “Who is in there? Why is this door locked?” They could hear him fumbling with his keys. The trio scrambled for their clothes. The lock clicked and her boss stepped into the room. His face turned bright red as he saw Betty with her shirt partially open. Adam and Jason had both hidden behind the produce shelf.

Mr Hendricks averted his gaze, holding his hand up as a blinder. “Uh, you should use a restroom to change next time.”

“Uh, yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” Holding the orange is a constant struggle.

“I thought I heard someone yelling.”

“Oh, yeah, I just stubbed my toe on the table. Oh, you can look again, I’m dressed.”

He shook his head and headed to the door. “That’s okay, sorry to burst in.” He was completely embarrassed! Maybe he’ll be nicer to me now. Once he left, the two boys revealed themselves, giggling.

“We nearly got caught!” Betty said angrily.

“But we didn’t, chill out!” Adam was annoyed with her.

“Well, I’m done with this.”

“Fine, slut, I’ll just tell people that I fucked you with fruits and vegetables in your ass. Oh, hey, how you liking those, by the way?”

“They’re still in there.” She shifted as she thought about it. “And no one will believe you.”

“I can be very convincing. Don’t test me.” He held up his phone as he opened the door. “I took pictures. Be here tomorrow after my shift.”

“Wait, I don’t even work tomorrow!”

“That’s not my problem, slut.”

Jason closed the door, but remained in the room. “Sorry, I hate that kid. I didn’t know he was going to do that.”

“It’s okay, I know you’re better than that. You’re still welcome to do this.” Grimacing, she slipped out of her pants again, still retaining the objects in her rump. “Can you please do me some more? I never got to finish.”

“Don’t you want to take those out?”

“No, no, just hurry and it won’t take long.”

Jason unzipped his pants and helped her onto the table. She sat on the edge as he glided into her pussy once again.

Betty wrapped her arms around him and spread her legs wide. She whispered into his ear, “fuck me hard and fast.”

Jason used all his might to ram her. She felt tension building and then all at once she could feel it wash over her. Gratification was amazing when it finally came. The magical sensation quickly passed, replaced with the sudden urge to expel the items she held. She saw that Jason was close once again. “Are you gonna cum?” Jason grunted. “Okay, hurry, do it.” Jason, however, wasn’t as close as she thought. He continued pounding her and she continued struggling to retain the food in her ass. “God, please hurry!” She pleaded.

Jason lasted a while longer before he came a second time. She barely gave him enough time to finish before she pushed him back and trotted to the trashcan. She squatted and pressed. It’s not coming out! She tried again, pressing as hard as she could. Suddenly the massive orange popped out, causing her to tense in pain. Once recovered, she easily passed the small potato.

Jason averted his gaze as he waited by the door. “Sorry again, but thank you, I did have fun.”

“I did too… Mostly.” She cleaned herself with paper towels and sanitized the table. They parted and she went to the bathroom to freshen up. She started her shift tired and irritable, but eventually it was over. She headed home and stumbled through the door and into the living room.

Karen’s eyes went wide as she saw Betty walking in on them. She slapped her father’s shoulder and he regarded his wife with resentment. Jack was also stunned, as he lay on the top of the sandwich. Betty shook her head and collapsed on the couch. “This is fucking ridiculous!” She said scornfully as she watched them.

Jack shrugged and continued to use his sister’s ass. Hank looked down shamefully as he also continued in the threesome.

“Try to cum together, okay?” Karen moaned.

Betty avoided thinking about the encounter as she drifted to sleep.

Jack heard yelling coming from downstairs. He raced to the steps to investigate the commotion. He stopped on the stairs, listening to his parents argue.

“Do you have any idea what it is doing to our children, Hank?”

“They’re fine, they’re mature!”

“No, they aren’t! They’re horny teenagers! You got our daughter pregnant and you got me pregnant too! You can’t keep it in your pants!”

“I never got Karen pregnant! It was some kid she slept with at school!”

“See, you turned into a slut! Who is to say whose child it is?”

“It’s not…”

“I don’t give a shit! You’re still fucking my daughter!”

“And you’re fucking my son! How the hell will you support the babies when they come if I’m not around? You can’t even support yourself on minimum wage, Betty!”

“You’ll be paying for them!”

“I’m not paying for Karen’s kid!”

“You’re sure as hell paying for this child!” She held her belly as she yelled.

“You can’t kick me out, you need me!”

“You don’t do anything now! I don’t think that would change when the child comes along!”

“I don’t do anything around here because you’re always harping!”

“I’m done with you! Get out of this house!”

“It’s my house too!”

“Get out!” Betty shrieked.

Jack came down the stairs as the argument descended into slapping and yelling as a naked, angry Betty chased her husband across the room. He deflected her blows, slamming the door. She slumped to the floor, crying.

Karen came down to see what the commotion was. “What happened?”

“I’m done with that sick bastard!”

“Dad? Why?”

“Because he got us both knocked up and he doesn’t give a shit about what this is doing to us!”

“Mom! This is Jake’s baby! And I know what I’m doing, just let us get it out of our system. What harm comes from it?”

“He’s your father, Karen!” She paused, “who is Jake?”

“He’s my boyfriend, Mom! You don’t understand.” Karen apparently forgot she was naked as she charged out the door. Jack and Betty followed her, calling for her to come back. She ignored them as she ran to Hank, who sat in the idling car with his head in his hands.

She opened the door, surprising him. “Come back inside, Daddy!”

“I-I can’t, sweetie. I have to go.”

“Fine,” she opened the back door and got in, “let’s go then.”

“Sweetie, you have to stay here. Besides, you’re naked!”

“I don’t care! Just take me away for a little while!”

“Karen, get inside and put some clothes on!” Betty hollered, wearing only a shirt, which didn’t entirely cover her supple backside.

Jack kept his distance as he watched the scene unfold. A few people peered through their windows as his family yelled at one another. Jack felt surprisingly uncomfortable as he tried to call them inside, but they carried on. Finally, he decided to intervene. “How about we go inside and Dad just stays in the basement or something?”

“He’ll just fuck her down there!” Betty said loud enough for the nearby houses to hear.

“Well, do you really want the neighbors to continue watching? Just let him back inside for now!”

Betty blanched, suddenly noticing the spectators. “Fine, fine, come back inside.” She trotted to the door, attempting to cover herself, which Jack found incredibly sexy.

“I don’t want to go around that crazy bitch!” Hank shook his head, sitting with the car door open and the car running.

“Dad, where else do you have to go? Don’t you want to keep Karen happy? Where would you go with her?”

Hank looked at his despairing daughter. “Fine, I’ll stay for now, but I can’t say it will last more than tonight.”

Thankful, Jack followed them inside after they locked the car. Betty removed her shirt and waited for them. They all exchanged harsh looks as Hank led Karen by the hand. “Come on, honey, I think I’ll just stay in your room tonight.” Karen smiled as he tugged her along.

Betty stewed as Jack rubbed her back. “Who is Jake?”

“A kid from school.”

“Is it really his?”

Jack shrugged.

“God, this is terrible regardless. Why is he doing that to her?” She sat down.

Her weighted breasts and pregnant belly caused a bulge in his pants. Jack shrugged again, lost to his desire. She’s so fucking sexy, I have to clear my head. Jack unzipped his jeans and spread her legs open.

“What are you doing? Now is not the time, Jack.”

“Mom, I love you and you can’t leave me with this distraction!” He moved his underwear aside and kissed her lower lips before he rose and pressed his rod into her.

“I know, baby.” She gave a deep sigh. “Just hurry up and finish, okay?”

Karen entered the room. “So if Dad and I fuck it’s horrible, but if you do it then it’s fine?”

“Karen! This is different.”

“Hell no it isn’t!”

Betty winced, as if she had a sharp pain in her head. “It’s different because he’s single. Having sex with your father is wrong, but doing it while you have a boyfriend is worse.”

“You make no fucking sense, mother!” Karen grabbed two bottles of water before she stomped up the stairs.

Jack continued for a minute before a knock came. Jack was stubborn, continuing as his mother said he should answer the door. “Almost done,” he grunted as he worked his way slightly deeper. The third knock came when he did. He moaned as he filled her. Betty slapped his shoulder, pointing behind him. A man peered through a small, uncovered section of the window. Jack stood and zipped up before he went to the door.

He stepped outside as the uniformed spectator stepped around the corner of their house. A second police officer joined him from the opposite side of the house. “Evening, son. What can you say you were just doing in there?” He could see Betty, naked and used, sitting behind him.

Jack panicked. “I wasn’t… I… What I do in private…”

“Look, I got a noise complaint. Where are your parents?”

“They… uh…” There was a tapping sound upstairs as he could hear the faint sound of his sister moaning.

“What is that?”

“Nothing, sir.”

“Son, I don’t think your parents would approve of… whatever this is. Can we come in to talk about this?”

“No, please, I don’t want to be in trouble!”

“Just let us come in and we can sort this out.”

If I refuse then they’ll just be back with more cops! “Okay.” He led them inside.

“Ma’am, you should put some clothes on.”

“No, I’d rather be naked. It’s my house I’ll do what I want.”

“Your house? Are you his mother?”

Betty gave a guilty look as she sat, pregnant with wetness between her thighs.

The man shook his head, disgusted. The tapping above them had increased. “Who’s up there?” Betty hung her head. The officer scoffed, as he knew what the sound was. “Check upstairs.”

Minutes later the second officer returned sneering as he spoke. “Father and daughter.”

“We’ll be outside for just a minute, son.” The policemen moved outside to discuss the situation.

Hank and Karen came downstairs, sweaty and breathless. “What is going on?” Hank demanded.

“I don’t know, maybe they’re upset that you’re fucking our daughter!”

Hank looked at her, confused and hurt. “They’re going to bring in child services.”

Jack’s heart sank in his chest as he processed what was happening. This is awful! I caused this and I can’t fix it without that damned command rod! Tears welled in his eyes as he watched one of the officers giving disgusted looks while talking on his phone. I never should have taken that fucking thing! They all sat solemnly as they waited for whatever was to come next.

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