Principal Concerns


Mrs. Hyun opened the door. Jack could see her nipples beneath the thin t-shirt. She wore sweatpants with her hair wound into a messy bun atop her head. Strong cheekbones and a modestly wide nose offset her pinched eyes and lips. I’ve never seen her outside of school; she doesn’t seem as intimidating now.

“Uh, may I help you, Mr. Olsen?”

“Invite me inside.” Mrs. Hyun smiled graciously as she coaxed him to her living room. Jack sat on the opposite side of the couch. “Answer my questions truthfully. How long will your husband and son be gone?”

Mrs. Hyun’s fake smile faded, but she nodded. “Until this evening.”

“Good, have you told anyone about what Mr. Hale did to my mother?”

“Yes, my husband, Marcy, and Frank.”

Jack knew she was referring to the Spanish teacher and the big guy that came in with her when it happened. “Okay, I want you to tell them that upon reviewing the tape it appeared that he stumbled and accidentally tore her clothes. You believe that is the truth.”

She nodded, waiting patiently for any more questions. “I came all this way… You need to do whatever I say until I walk out that door. Take off your clothes.” He marveled at her slim, muscular body. A large tattoo adorned her: a group of tiger lilies wound their way up her right side. Her modestly sized breasts gave her an athletic appearance, which reminded him of Karen. She had been in good shape too, until the enemas.

Jack put his hand on her butt. She pulled away and gave him a stricken glare. That’s actually kind of hot. He decided to play upon this idea. “I want you to be irritated by what I’m doing to you, but you let me do it anyway because you have a boring home-life.”

She huffed and rolled her eyes, placing his palm upon her firm ass. He was motionless, surprised by the sudden compliance. She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. Reaching behind her, she squeezed his hand upon her butt. “You had better get busy or I’m going to lose interest.” Maybe she had been bored at home to begin with. It’s quite a shock to see her acting like this – I expected her to be a prude. He brought his other hand behind her and kneaded her narrow bottom. She’s too tiny! I can’t grab anything. I want to make her bigger.

“Bring me to the bathroom.” At his request, she guided him down the hall and into a simple, clean restroom. He was more than dismayed to find the shower head fixed in place with no hose. Then, he thought of another idea. “Where is the garden hose?” She directed him outside and, with her assistance, he proceeded to snake the hose through a window. He turned the valve and came back inside. He offered the nozzle. “Put this up your butt so I can fill you up.”

“I will do no such thing Mr. Olsen!”

I walked outside, which undid my previous command. I guess she is a prude when it comes down to it. He commanded her to do as he said, once again pleased by her forced understanding. He watched her slip the brass nozzle out of sight. He reached behind her and twisted it carefully, starting the water flow. He listened, hearing a faint sound of water entering her. A knock on the door caused them both to gasp.

“Crap, who is that?” Jack asked Principal Hyun, who shrugged. “Okay, just put your clothes on, but don’t take the hose out.”

She dressed, leaving her sweatpants slightly lower in the back to accommodate the object buried in her ass. He directed her to sit on the couch. He quickly hid the hose beneath the cushions and guided it over the armrest. There, you’d never know it was there unless you walk around behind her. “Don’t stand up.” Another knock hurried Jack to answer.

“Mr… Olson? What are you doing here?” Mr. Hale searched behind him with his beady eyes. “Is, uh, Mrs. Hyun here?”

“Sure. Come on in, she is in the living room.” Jack hid his nervousness as he led the man to see her. Mrs. Hyun sat, smiling, with near perfect posture. Mr. Hale sat opposite of her. There was awkward silence as he tried to figure out this situation.

“Hello, Ken. You probably shouldn’t be here.”

“Mrs. Hyun, I just wanted to come by and give you my version of the story.”

“You can call me Jeanette. There is no need. I reviewed the tape and I saw that you stumbled. It was just a misunderstanding.” Jack could see small beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

Ken glanced to Jack, relieved. “Thank you, Jeanette. I think that it would be best for everyone if I report that you had nothing to do with these odd happenings. After questioning the two teachers, I believe both were just lacking control.”

You have no idea. “I agree. Jeanette has always seemed very accepting.” Jack grinned at the pained woman. Her hands clenched her thighs as she sat rigidly. “Could you please call my mom and explain what happened, Principal Hyun?”

The normally composed woman allowed a hint of surprise. “Right now? I think I should meet her in person.”

“She needs to know now, and I can’t explain it to her.”

After some urging, Jack finally got her to agree. Jack took his phone out of his pocket and sat down beside her. He visibly dropped it between them and used the opportunity to turn the hose’s nozzle. He could hear the faint rush of water beneath her. Jack casually read his mother’s number aloud before sliding the phone into his pocket.

Jeanette huffed as she waited. “Mrs. Olsen? Hello, this is principal Hyun. Yes. I just wanted to share what our findings were upon review… of the surveillance footage. It would… appear that Mr. Hale tripped and stumbled into you.” There was audible screaming coming from her phone. “I understand, but I have decided no action shall be taken. If you wish to view the inci…” Her eyes clenched  and her nostrils flared. “If you wish to view the tape then you can come in on Monday.” She moved her hand from her thigh, placing it upon her belly. Her belly is growing, that’s hot! “Thank you. Goodbye.”

She closed the phone and dropped it onto the couch. “Well, thank you both for coming over, but I should get back to… exercising.”

“Oh, but you were going to see if you could find those… recipes to bring to my mom. May I stay until you find those?”

“Oh, of course! Would you please show Mr… Ugh. Ken out, please?”

The man was certainly leery, but Mr. Hale left without a word.

Jack returned to see Jeanette’s tummy had swollen outward. She sat with her legs and arms spread as she leaned back, breathing quickly. He couldn’t hold back any longer as he unfastened his pants. She gave him a questioning glare as he knelt in front of the couch. “You need to live a little.”

“I am, but this is enough. I can’t take much more!”

“Just hold on a little longer and I’ll be done.”

She pinched her lips. “Fine, just hurry up. Grab a condom from the bedroom dresser.”

“No, I’ve never tried one of those and I’m not about to start now.”

She started to get up, but fell back onto the couch, causing her stomach to slosh. She balled her fists and bit her lip with a pained look. Attempting to move, she faltered once again, and chose to accept it. “Okay, okay, just be sure to pull out at the end; I’m not on any birth control.”

Jack agreed, and slipped her sweatpants off. He lifted her shirt and was amazed at how inflated she was. Her belly was massive upon her tiny frame. It looks like a grape that’s about to pop! The tattoo stretched upon her side. I definitely like her with some added weight.

He moved between her spread legs and inserted himself in her slippery entrance. He pressed in easily and began pounding her. She lay there, allowing him to fuck her. “This is so wrong, please keep quiet about this. No one can know.” She groaned.

“I won’t say a word, but you need to take more risks in life. It makes things more exciting. He moved her arms to rest upon his shoulders.

He didn’t care that she was in discomfort. With each pump he could feel the water in her belly waving. Lasting longer than he had expected, he decided to spice things up. He reached behind his principal and turned the nozzle, causing more water to stream into her ass. He gripped her tiny butt as she fussed and whined, her belly quivering, growing larger. She dug her fingernails into his back and closed her legs around him. Her pussy tightened upon him as she grumbled about the pain.

Jack moaned as pleasure overcame him. “It’s too much, I can’t pull out!” I don’t care if she has a kid; it’s not going to be my problem!

“No, no, please don’t!” She shrieked, slapping his shoulders.

Jack unloaded deep into her, feeling her tighten again. Suddenly she started grinding her hips upon him, pulling him closer. She convulsed in front of him, reaching an unexpected orgasm. Jeanette’s cheeks flushed and her eyes appeared tired, which made her look incredibly sexy. Jack reached below her to turn the water off. She controlled her breathing as the ecstasy passed, leaving only discomfort.

“Okay, you can take the hose out and go to the bathroom.” She jumped up and yanked the hose free, bounding to the bathroom. The door slammed shut and Jack couldn’t stifle a giggle. Water pooled on the floor where the hose fell. He dressed and sat on the couch, relaxing while she cleaned up.

He took a catnap for about a half an hour until she returned. He commanded her to clean the hose and put it back outside. Once she did, he decided he had enough time for one more quickie. He directed her into the bedroom. They removed their pants and crawled into bed. “Lay back and grab your ankles.” The slender woman held her long legs, giving him easy access to her lower openings. He tickled her lower lips, getting her in the mood once again. She looked drained, as he crawled on top. It is so tight! He slipped in and began pounding without reservation.

She whimpered as he fucked her. He had to hurry, so he paid no mind to her distress. “Let me finish in there again, okay?”

She immediately gave him a motherly look. “No! You can’t shoot in there!”

He knew she wouldn’t fight him. Jack slammed as hard as he could before he climaxed. He grinned like a fool as he held in place. Jeanette’s jaw set in place as she glared. “I said no, Jack! Once was tempting fate, but twice will surely get me pregnant!”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.” He grabbed his pants and fished the rod from his pocket. “Forget that I was here today and forget everything we did today, too.” He tried to think if that would bother any of their interactions with Mr. Hale. I’m too tired to care at this point. I can fix it later. Jack left his principal with a full pussy and a head swirling with questions. As he walked down the street, he heard someone whistle.

He turned to see Ken Hale holding his phone, finger poised above the screen. “Step into that alley and keep your hands out of your pockets. If you don’t do as I say then I’ll send this to my boss and there won’t be any way to stop what comes next.”

Jack huffed and rolled his eyes as he followed the angry old man’s orders. “What are you talking about? Send what?”

“I was watching you two that whole time. I got both of your sick encounters saved here and I can upload them with a click of this button.”

“It would take time to upload those, I could get it from you before it finishes.” Jack carefully moved his hand towards his pocket as he spoke.

“Hey, keep your hands up! I saw you holding that piece of metal. Whatever crazy shit you’re able to pull, that seems to be behind it. I’m going to collect it from you and if you try to fight then I’ll hit this button and toss the phone. There won’t be a going back after that.”

Jack stewed as the bald man slowly retrieved the command rod and stepped back. He scoffed as he inspected it. Mr. Hale put his phone away, confused by the simple metal shaft in his hands. Jack seized the opportunity, charging the unaware man. Ken swiftly struck him in the side with the baton. Jack dropped, gasping, laying helpless.

“Stop fighting me! You lost.” Ken gave a half-smile as he looked down upon the dazed boy. He looked at the rod with understanding. “Stand up and raise your left hand.” Jack slowly rose and did as he commanded. “It all makes sense! You were the one messing with their heads, causing them to do that stupid shit!” Ken reached up and pressed the boy’s arm down. “I won’t throw you under the bus, but I’m going to keep this. Go home and stay away from me no matter what, got it?” Jack nodded.

The man turned his back on the bruised boy, whistling as he strolled away. “See you around, Jack!” His laugh echoed between the buildings. Jack ran the opposite direction.

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