I’m glad Claire is gone. I heard she had a mental breakdown or something like that. Ashley ignored her former friends as she left class. I don’t need any of them. I am my own woman. At her locker, she saw the blonde boy from the bleachers. She smiled as she approached him. “Jake.”

“Shhh, that’s mean!” She knew he was a jerk, but he was the only one who had indulged her kink.
“I have a surprise for you, piss bucket.”
“Quit calling me names!”
“Fine, but if you want it again then you have to follow me.”
She nodded as she followed, leery of his intentions.
He led her through the empty gym and into the boy’s locker room. Once inside she saw two other boys who stopped their conversation and eyed her intently. “This, my boys, is the piss pot I told you about.”
Ashley slapped his shoulder. “Don’t fucking talk about me like that!”
“Calm down! If you want us to use you then you have to let us fuck you first.” He unzipped his jeans and whipped out his pulsing cock.
“We really able to do this, Jake?” The boy asked as he looked at Ashley.
“Yeah, dude, she’s fine with it.”
“Actually, could I talk to you for just a second, Jake?” She stepped around the corner and he followed with his cock out “I only agreed to do this with you!” She said in a loud whisper.
“Look, you take care of us and we’ll take care of you.” His erect organ pointed to her as he spoke. “These guys are clean and they just want to have some fun, I promise.”
Ashley didn’t believe him, but the thought of experiencing three guys at once certainly aroused her. I’m not a good girl anymore. After more pleading, she finally agreed and wrapped her fingers around his cock, guiding him back to his friends. They all moved into the showering area and began removing their clothes. All of them were physically fit and well endowed. One, however, was even bigger. She looked to the dark skinned boy. He gave her a smug grin. Once on her knees, they encircled her. She opened her mouth and began sucking on Jake’s dick. She used her hands to stimulate the other two.
After a few moments she shifted her mouth to the next one for a short time before moving to the largest one. While she sucked, Jake lifted her hips and used his cock to search between her legs. She stopped sucking, breathing with passion as he slid inside. He pounded her as she sucked and jerked the others. She gagged as he pushed her forward onto the larger boy’s member. Jake laughed as he fucked her.
“Come on, man, let us get a piece.” The sable-skinned man stood her up. He directed the other boy to lie on the tile.
Once down, he asked Ashley to climb on top. She lowered herself onto him guided him between her legs, into her damp entrance. “Don’t fucking cum in me, got it?” The boy nodded as he grimaced, overwhelmed by pleasure.
“This is Forrest’s first time!” Jake laughed. “You popped his cherry.”
Ashley stared into his eyes. They boy was nervous. She leaned down and gave him a soft kiss. She felt a hand pressing on her back before another wet cock snaked between her cheeks. It slid over twice before the boy held her cheek, guiding it to her other opening. Pain shot through her as soon as the tip parted her. “Fuck, fuck, stop for a minute.” She reached back and tried to push him away, but she could only barely touch him with her fingertips at this angle. Jake positioned himself in front of her and moved her head onto his dick.
The boy behind her waited as she lay there, motionless, biting her lower lip. After a few seconds, she allowed him to press farther. She squealed as she gagged on Jake’s cock, trying to distract herself from the increasing pain in her ass. Ashley pushed against his pelvis once the pain began overwhelming her. Reaching farther, she felt that he was slightly over halfway in. She deep throated Jake a few more times before stopping. “I don’t think I can take him. He’s too much.”
Jake chuckled. “She thinks you’re too much, Darnell. I think she’s just being a pussy. I think you can work some more meat into her.”
Ashley looked to see Darnell grinning. He pressed in and out, moving deeper with each stroke. Ashley felt him exploring her insides thoroughly. He is so much bigger than Jake! She glared over her shoulder, but didn’t stop him. It hurts, but it feels good at the same time. He shifted side to side as he pushed. Her hands clammy and sweat beading on her forehead, Ashley gasped as she felt him press against her cheeks. He’s in! I can’t believe it all fit! Suddenly the pain passed and a wave of pleasure enveloped her. She grinded her hips with all three of her holes filled. She sucked Jake like a vacuum, resisting the urge to gag as he slid past her tonsils.
So many sensations! The wonderful feelings made her mind swirl. Jake reached up and ran his fingers through her hair. He grasped her head as he moved it in and out upon his warm cock. “I’m gonna squirt!” He pressed in as deep as he could and sent his warm seed splashing down her throat. She had tried to prepare for it, but it was too much. She choked and coughed, sputtering as he withdrew it.
“Fuck, stop!” The boy beneath her pushed against the tops of her legs. She couldn’t move, sandwiched between them, as she continued coughing. “I can’t hold it!” The boy beneath her protested. Ashley drew in a deep breath and tried desperately to clear her throat. Once she did, she could feel his organ pulsing inside of her, filling her with unwanted seed.
“No! Why would you…” She coughed again, finally able to breathe normally.
“Oh fuck, I’m gonna nut too.” Darnell grunted as he pushed in as deep as he could. Ashley jerked in discomfort; she felt the enormous shaft twitch in her ass, followed by a thick jet of his cream. Each pulse caused her to lift and tense. She complained until he finally said he was finished.
“Damn! That was awesome!”
“See, I told you she was a total whore. Since you’re already in there, go ahead and piss in her.”
“You sure you want that, skanky?”
Ashley felt ashamed for what she said next. “Y-yeah, fill me up.” No turning back now.
They were elated. The boy beneath didn’t laugh. “Get me out from under her before you do it!”
“Fine.” Darnell grabbed her hips and hoisted her easily. Ashley felt like she was on a skewer as she stood, continuing to bend forward. Forrest got to his feet. Ashley could see that their shafts were starting to go limp.
Ashley bent down and grabbed her ankles.
“Ask for it again, slut.” Jake said as he watched.
“Piss in me!” She felt the warmth growing in her bowels. This time it started much farther in her guts than before. He continued filling her for a long while before he grunted, signaling his completion. Ashley could see her tummy had grown a small amount as she waited for him to withdraw. She was careful not to let any spill as he pulled his long shaft out of her.
“Dude, that was fucking dirty as hell. I love it.”
She watched from between her legs as Jake gave him a high-five. “I know, right? My turn to use this bitch.”
She struggled to hold it as he pressed into her backdoor. Once all the way in, he erupted, adding more hot fluid to her belly. She clenched her eyes and waited as it streamed in, causing her belly to gurgle and churn. He finished, pressing the last few drops out before he withdrew. God, I’m so full! I don’t know if I can handle anymore.
“You’re up, Forrest.”
“I don’t think I want to do this.”
“Come on, dude. We’re just messing around.”
“What if I catch something? This seems dangerous… And kind of weird.”
“Dude, she let you fuck her! This is your gift to her. She enjoys this shit. And we’re clean, dude! Don’t be a pussy!”
“Okay, okay, I’ll do it bro!”
God it’s irritating to hear them talk. She felt him insert the tip of his semi-rigid penis. He held it in place as he relieved himself. Ashley loved the feeling, but she knew she’d had her fill. She could see her stomach hanging as she bent forward. He didn’t take long before he exited. She stood and held her agitated stomach. I can hold it better than last time, but I have three times as much in me! I need to go!
“See you guys around.” She reached for her folded clothes.
“Nope.” Jake smirked as he snatched her folded garments. “Whores don’t wear clothes.”
The other boys laughed as they started showering behind him. Ashley jumped, trying to snatch her clothes, but he held them just out of reach. Her stomach bounced which caused her insides to quake. She pleaded with him, but he was obviously enjoying her predicament. I have to go!
“Fine, keep them, asshole!” She turned to shuffle out of the boy’s locker room. She stopped as she saw a group of boys entering the locker room. Her eyes darted to one in particular. Jack was shocked as he saw her nude with a distended belly. The rest of the kids shared his amazement. Ashley screamed as she hurried past them, bolting into the girl’s locker room. She rushed into a stall and began masturbating vigorously. I have to finish! This has to be worth something! It took only moments before she shook, thinking of Jack as she climaxed.
Euphoria passed and guilt followed. She started crying as she unburdened herself. Why did he have to see me like this? She sobbed, unable to think of how to explain this to everyone. My life is over! Everyone will know that I’m a fucking sicko! She froze and hushed her sobbing when she heard someone walking.
“Ashley? It’s Jack.”
Her heart fluttered. She struggled to hold the liquid in. Just go away! I don’t want you to see me like this! “What do you want?”
“I command you to tell me why your belly is big.”
“Three guys peed in me.”
“What? Why? What is wrong with those sick bastards?”
I can’t believe I just blurted it out like that. “They filled me up and… I-I wanted it. They did it for me.”
There was a long silence. That’s messed up. “I command you not to want that anymore.” Jack thought about Ashley’s sudden distance. “Tell me, when did you start liking it?”
“When you told me I should!”
“What do you mean?”
“A fat kid had an accident in me. I tried to tell you about it, but you said I should like it.”
I think I remember something like that. I was so irritated with her; I just wanted her to leave me alone. Jack heard her groan through the stall door. I can’t believe I caused this. “Just… just forget all of our interactions together. And don’t be upset about this.” He tried to think of any additions he should make to that command, but the gym coach came in and interrupted his thought.
She came to the stall, concerned. “Ashley, are you okay?”
“I command you to leave her alone. Tell everyone that she just has an upset stomach. I just came in to check on her.”
The woman nodded, “Hope you feel better!”

Jack followed her out of the locker room. I need to be more careful with this thing. At least I can command people to forget. He listened as the coach explained the situation to the kids in a reasonably believable manner. I wonder which guys did that to her. Oh well, at least it won’t happen again.

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