Jack entered the room timidly; he had a good idea why this man was here. “Hello, Mr. Olsen, my name is Mr. Kenneth Hale, please have a seat. I will point out that our conversation is being recorded.” He gestured to a small camera in the upper corner of the room. “Please answer honestly and this will take no time at all. So, let’s get right to it. Did you have sexual intercourse with Mrs. Howell?”

The man leaned back and steepled his fingers. “Did you know that she’s pregnant?” Jack shook his head. Mr. Hale leaned forward and laid his hands flat upon the desk. “I don’t believe you. Now is the time to tell me the truth or I can wait nine months to do a DNA test on her child.”
Jack flushed, “Okay, I did have sex with her, but she forced me to!” He put his hand in his pocket, holding the command rod. Jack wanted to tell him to forget all of this, but he had no idea where the recordings were kept and if anyone was watching them right now. He let go and waited for the next question.
“Okay, good. Was it normal for Mrs. Howell to lash out with anger?”
“No, not really.”
“So you’d say it was uncharacteristic when she hit Miss Brooks with a yard stick?” He means Ashley. He nodded. “Nothing seemed to build up to such an outburst?” He nodded again. “Now, back to the rape: Mrs. Howell said that it seemed like she had no control. She also said that she had always found you irritating until last month. Now, I don’t condone how little she thought of you, but it seems odd that she’d suddenly change her mind. Do you have any idea why she would?”
Jack kept trying to think of a way to get out of this interview, but he couldn’t concentrate. “Uh, no, I didn’t know she thought I was irritating.” He lied again. I knew she hated me, but that doesn’t help my case.
“Very well, I have one final question today: Have you had any sexual encounters with Miss Brooks?”
Jack thought about lying, but he imagined that this man knew something. “Yes, once.”
“Care to elaborate?” Jack looked confused. “Tell me more, please.”
“Well it was one time and it was at school.”
“So you were the intended recipient of that note?”
“Yeah, we broke up and she didn’t take it well.”
“I believe I have enough for today. I would like another meeting tomorrow after school and I would like your mother to attend.” The man stood and ushered him out.
Jack stopped in the doorway, holding the rod in his pocket. “Tell me, were do you keep the recordings?”
Mr. Hale went blank faced, “The second office in the library.”
Jack closed the door before walking around a few rows of bookcases. Arriving at the other office in the library, he knocked; principal Hyun greeted him, her phone in hand. “Yes, please come to the recording room.” She hung up, “Hello, Mr. Olsen.” She is nervous – she watched the whole thing. She knew I was coming.
Again, Jack refrained from dominating her mind. I’ll come back when she isn’t there. “Sorry, wrong room.” Jack left, pacing angrily as he thought about the ordeal. Why would they want my mother? I can command her to hide certain things, but who knows what he will ask. He didn’t even mention Mr. Keenan. I have to stop this somehow! He saw Ashley in the distance, watching him wordlessly. At least she’s not bothering me anymore. He had an unexpected erection. That’s what I need – I need to clear my head. He walked towards Ashley; her eyes went wide and she scurried into a crowd of kids. Why the hell would she run? Oh, I forgot I commanded her to leave me alone. Damn. He walked on, stopping when he noticed his sister talking to a couple of her jock friends. He caught the tail of their conversation as he approached.
“Come on, why’d you let yourself go?”
“Yeah, you used to be hot, now you’re just another fat chick. Jake can’t be with a fat chick!”
“I can’t help it!”
“Sure you can, lay off the sweets, tubby!” The three boys laughed. Karen slammed her locker shut, bawling as she ran away.
Jack walked up, holding the command rod in his pocket. “You all think she’s pretty. You three should get into a fight.” Jack left them as they insulted one another and started shoving. He had to rush to catch up with his sister.
“Hey, Karen.”
“Leave me alone.”
“I heard what they were saying.”
“They all think I’m a fat-ass now! And… nevermind!” She sniffled.
“Karen, talk to me, maybe I can help.”
“Come here.” She led him into an empty office. Sun shined through the windows, illuminating the otherwise dark room. “Jack, I’m pregnant!”
“Oh?” Jack tried to feign surprise.
She whimpered, about to cry. “I am going to keep it. It’s Dad’s and I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell people he did this to me – could you imagine what they would think? I might get expelled and he might go to jail!”
I didn’t think about that. Jack didn’t know how to comfort her. I’m too distracted to care. I know how to fix it, though.
Interrupted by commotion outside the room, they both stepped to the door, opening it to see the three boys in a tangle, hitting and kicking each other. Spectators had encircled them.
“Stop!” Jack yelled, gripping the metal object in his pocket. They all halted mid-motion, everyone standing blank-faced. “Uh, let’s get away from the crowd and discuss this. You three, come in here.” He noticed the other kids were still frozen in place. “The rest of you, continue doing what you were doing before seeing the fight. He motioned them into the empty room. Once inside he closed the door and directed them out of sight of the oblivious kids who passed.
“All of you apologize to her.” Karen watched forlornly, believing their apologies to be forced. “Tell me, Karen, which of these three do you like the most?”
She pointed, holding back tears. Jack looked to the other boys. “You two, get the fuck out.” He wasn’t sure how that would be taken. He turned back to the boy she chose. “Remember that you two had sex a few times. She’s pregnant with your child.”
The muscular boy with short, blonde hair nodded. His face was long with pointed features; he looked charming. “You are going to stay with her and raise this child no matter what.”
“I’m sorry for what I said, Karen.”
“It’s okay, I love you Jake.” They held hands as they smiled sadly at one another.
Jack was glad that was settled, but he was still horny. It’s nice to be able to see it whenever I want to. “Jake, have sex with Karen. Imagine that I’m not here.”
He smiled hungrily as he slid her pants down. She stepped out of them as he removed his jeans. They decided to use the teacher’s desk. Karen crawled on top and straddled him; reaching between her legs, she inserted his sizable organ, moaning as he slid in. He pressed his hips upward, slamming into her as she held herself above him. She was excited, gasping with ecstasy.
As they pounded, Jack got on the table behind his sister and unzipped his jeans. I’m not here, don’t mind me. He spit in his hand before rubbing it along his cock. He spread her ass and enjoyed the surprised look on her face. Karen held her hand up, “stop for a minute.” Jake did as she said, his hips holding her high. Jack didn’t have much trouble entering her. She groaned as he did. “Okay, uh, keep going.”
Jack nearly fell out as Jake resumed his vigorous pumping. Jesus, he’s strong! Jack wrapped his arms around his sister. It’s hard to hang on! It feels so good, though! Karen grumbled, not saying anything about the phantom pain in her ass. Jack leaned forward, putting most of his weight on Karen. This feels better. God, I’ve never been able to go this fast! Karen whimpered. Jack felt orgasm building as they sandwiched his poor sister. He gasped as he filled her ass while Jake continued fucking her.
“Please hurry, I feel sick.”
“Oh, fuck, I’m going to come!” Jake yelled.
Karen paused, wincing, “Do it!”
He grunted loudly as he finished, grabbing the sides of her ass. The motions slowed as Jake emptied his balls into his forced girlfriend.
Jack climbed off once they stopped moving. Jake helped Karen slide down before standing. Karen gripped her stomach. “My ass hurts for some reason.”
“Maybe I slipped in once or something. Did you mind it?”
“I guess it wasn’t so bad. Maybe we can do it again sometime.” She smiled playfully. They all dressed and headed out the door, going opposite directions in the crowd.
Jack felt better, but he still was nervous for their meeting tomorrow. He headed home to find his mother preparing food in the kitchen. He stepped behind her and pressed against her. He cupped her weighted breasts as she stirred a pot. Feeling boobs never gets old.
“Tomorrow you’re coming to my school to answer some questions for a counselor. During the interview I want you to agree with whatever I say. Don’t answer anything until I say so.” She agreed and Jack felt more confident.
Struggling, Jack continued with his homework until his sister came home. He followed her and whispered a command. Jack sat down and watched as Karen sat her backpack down, stripped her clothes off, and went into the living room. She put her hand on her hip as she waited for her father to acknowledge her. Hank beamed as he looked over his shoulder, watching for his wife. Betty continued cooking, ignoring them.
Jack observed as Karen put her knees on the sides of the recliner, straddling her father. He unzipped his pants and held his member rigid as she lowered herself onto him. She leaned forward and lay against him. They rocked back and forth for a time, Karen stealing glances into the kitchen, checking that her mother wasn’t watching.
She thinks the kid is that jock’s, and he thinks it’s his. Now, thanks to my command, she will keep that secret. He watched her whispering into his ear. She’s telling him about Jake. She’s saying she found a boyfriend to act as their child’s father. Man, that’s confusing. At least Karen will be cared for!
Unexpectedly, Betty came into the living room. Karen froze, entangled with Hank. He looked up to her, startled, as he held his naked daughter closely.
“What’s going on here?” Betty glared.
“She is just… tired. She wanted to sit with me.” Karen rested her head on his shoulder, trying to act casually.
“Hank, do you think that is a good idea while she is… naked?”
“It doesn’t matter, dear; she just wanted to sit with me.” His arms wrapped around her hips, just above her springy rump.
“Go to your room, Karen.” Betty demanded. Karen sulked, grappling her father tighter. Betty pulled on her shoulder, but she was not strong enough to separate them.
Hank berated her, “don’t do that to the poor girl! Leave her alone, she’s just sitting here!”
Betty reddened at his defiance. Her eyes narrowed as she watched them. Then she noticed her daughter’s hips move subtly, which caused Hank to look distressed.
Betty reached down and tickled her daughter’s butt.
Karen shot upward, giggling.
“No, don’t!” Hank’s legs spread as he grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks as he clenched them, unintentionally allowing Betty to continue tickling her. Hank gasped as he visibly reached orgasm. Squirming, Karen swatted her mother’s hand away.
Now that she was sitting up, Karen could clearly see that they were copulating. “You are fucking my daughter?” Betty was livid, more upset than Jack had ever seen her before. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you get her pregnant too?”
Humiliated, Hank struggled to find words as Karen stood back, allowing his damp cock to slide out of her. Karen was confused, “what do you mean ‘too’?”
Betty’s ferocity vanished. “I-I am pregnant too, honey.”
Karen glowered at her father. “Daddy!”
Hank tucked his tool back into his pants. He stammered, jumbling words before shrugging dramatically. Jack laughed quietly as he watched the drama unfold in the other room. Karen stormed upstairs and Betty called out, looking as if she was about to follow. Instead, she berated Hank again, shook her head in disappointment, and announced she was heading to bed.
Jack suppressed his laughter as he made his way to the couch. “I heard.”
Hank pursed his lips, looking guilty. “I’m an idiot.”
“Nah, you gave me another couple of brothers or sisters is all.” Jack was distracted by thought: actually, since they’re both mine… I guess they’d be his grandchildren. Weird. “What are you going to say when Karen’s child is born?”
“She said she has a boyfriend, so it will be easy to hide. Well, as long as you don’t mention it to anyone.” He looked, pleading with his eyes. Jack assured him that he wouldn’t say anything.
Hank was relieved. “Do you think I’m a good dad?”
“Sure, you were strict, but it worked for me.” You taught me to be smart when I was breaking the rules. Hank nodded, seemingly unconvinced as he stared at the television. That’s how he deals with his problems – retreat into TV land.
Then Jack had an epiphany. I’ve been too reckless, but I can fix this situation!
The next day, once the final class ended, he headed into the counselor’s office. His mother, who had been waiting outside, accompanied him through the door. The man closed a folder and set it aside as he stood, shaking Betty’s hand. He introduced himself as he offered them a seat.
“I just have a few questions if you don’t mind. You know about the recent teacher suspensions, correct?” Betty glanced at Jack before she agreed. “Were you aware that your son was present in both encounters? I just don’t want him to become emotionally scarred by such heinous acts.”
Jack gripped the command rod in his pocket. He spoke quietly, directing it to Mr. Hale. “Fuck my mother.” He relaxed his grip as he continued, louder. “No, what are you doing?” If that camera has audio then I’m covered. He watched as the man rushed around the desk and grabbed Betty’s wrist. He ripped her dress, and as she struggled and screamed, as he unzipped his trousers.
Jack could hear footsteps approaching. He commanded the vile man to leave her alone. Betty stumbled back, truly horrified, as she had not known that was about to happen. Mr. Hale’s eyes jumped between them, terrified as well. A burly teacher came through the door, followed by Principal Hyun. She escorted Betty and Jack outside as the other teacher scolded the confused man. Perfect. Now I just have to play it safe and everything will work out.
The following day, as Jack walked to school, he passed an alley. He noticed too late as a fist hit him in the chest. He fell backwards, rolling over his backpack. Mr. Hale stood above him, red faced with his fists balled. “You little shit. What did you do to me? How did you make me do that yesterday?”
Jack was breathless as he reached into his pocket. The bald man stepped down onto the side of his jeans, trapping his hand. He pulled Jack’s arm away and reached into his pocket. After another struggle, the man retrieved the command rod. “What’s this?”
Jack couldn’t stop himself. “It’s a command rod that forces people to do your bidding and follow your instructions.”
Mr. Hale glared with contempt. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”
His nostrils flared as he hit Jack’s arm with the metal rod. Jack screeched in agony. The bald man looked at him with sudden remorse. “Look, you just ruined my life and I have no idea how you got me to do what you did.” He looked around for witnesses. “Just make sure I don’t get in trouble and I’ll leave without ever bothering you again, got it?”

The rod clanked as it hit the pavement. He walked away in a rush, acting as if nothing had happened. Jack got to his feet; his arm ached, but he didn’t think it was broken. He gathered the command rod and continued to school. What an asshole. I could command him to jump off a bridge, but I think it would be better for everyone if he just quietly left. That shouldn’t be too hard… And I have been wanting to visit the principal for some one on one time.

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