Ripple Effect


Betty sat down on the couch next to Jack. She saw Karen sitting on Hank’s lap. Karen was slowly getting bigger with each passing week. I just notice it more since she doesn’t wear clothes at home. Her belly had grown, as well as her breasts, but she gained weight across the rest of her body too. It would’ve been difficult to discern that she was pregnant, had she not already known. Betty watched them, seeing Hank press upward ever so subtly and Karen move her hips occasionally.

Betty had overheard their conversation last week – he had gotten her pregnant. Hank knocked us both up the same night! It’s sick! But… I’m fucking Jack now, so I guess I can’t say anything. Hank doesn’t know that I overheard, so I’ll wait to see how this plays out. She is going to be ostracized at school when people start to notice.

Betty watched with disdain as Hank clenched his eyes; Karen bit the tip of her tongue, smirking devilishly. He’s filling my daughter right in front of me. I’m not an idiot. Betty rubbed her belly absentmindedly. I’m getting quite the baby bump. My boobs grew the most, though. She noticed the clock and realized it was time to head to work. She grabbed her car keys and name-tag before leaving. I’m sure they’re going to be fucking like rabbits all day. I just hope poor Jack doesn’t have to see that.

Once at work, Betty turned off her brain for the next eight hours. Many customers came and went, but she only waited for one thing… Once her shift ended, she went to the usual secluded office in the stock room to find Jason, awaiting her arrival. “Hi, Mrs. Olsen.”

“Hi, Jason: and remember, call me Betty.” She unzipped her pants and dropped them to her ankles. She bent forward and exposed her supple ass to the grinning young boy. “This time you are going in my ass and you’re going to last!” His personal best was about two minutes.

He sniffled as he lowered his pants and shuffled forward, searching for an accepting hole. Betty licked her fingers and prepped herself for a short time before she directed him in. He slid between her cheeks and pressed to the hilt. Betty enjoyed it for a moment, but that quickly faded. She felt him moving hastily, and that was her cue. She stepped forward and turned. “No, you can’t finish that fast! I need more!”

The look of despair on his face was adorable. She scanned the room for something… “Ah, this is what I need.” She opened a bag on the storage shelf and held up a small potato. He was obviously confused. “You have to fuck me with this in for old time’s sake.” She used the nearby sink to clean the produce before she lubricated it with some lotion. “Can you put it in for me?”

Jason took the potato and she leaned forward. He pressed the tip in and stopped when she held back her hand. Once the twinge of pain passed, she motioned him to continue. He pressed harder and it slowly moved in. Betty tipped too far and stumbled forward, resting on her hands, with her ass in the air. He pressed even harder and the potato popped in easily. Betty crumpled forward, screaming. Oh, fuck, that was a bad idea! It hurts so bad! She jumped up with her hand covering her backside.

Breathing deeply, she tried to calm herself. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Just give me a second.” She slowly moved her palm down, attempting to relax. “Okay, I’m good. Let’s try it.” She spun around and offered her ass again. Again, she had to smile at the awkward teenager with his mouth hanging open as he stood, pants around his ankles. She snapped her fingers and he came back to reality. He came closer and prodded her backdoor. Her heart fluttered as he pressed the spud farther into her rectum. “Keep going, it’s okay.”

The potato slid aside as his organ snaked into her. He tensed as he moved in and out. He’s about to come again! She slapped his thigh. “Don’t you fucking come ye-“

She was interrupted by the opening door – the stock boy from before entered and closed the door behind him. “I knew it!”

Betty moved upright, supporting herself with her hands placed upon her thighs. “Please, don’t tell anyone. I need this job!”

Clearly stunned by the scene, the boy’s smile looked sinister. “I don’t know; why shouldn’t I?” Their lack of response prompted him – he turned to leave. “I think I should go tell the Mr. Hendricks.”

“No, wait!” Betty cried out.

The boy turned, pleased by her response. “Why?”

He’s so young. I shouldn’t, but I can’t just stop now. The objects in her ass had her hot and bothered. Fuck it, I’m doing it, you only live once. “You want in? Come here and fuck me.” The potato inside of her no longer hurt. She merely felt full.

The boy trembled, trying to act confident as he approached. Jason started moving again, but Betty slapped his thigh harder. “Be patient, damn it!” She undid the second boy’s pants and found that he was ready to go. She stepped out of her pants and pressed backwards. She walked with Jason as he backed up, finding his way to an office chair. They plopped down together. She spread her legs and leaned backwards, grinding him deeper into her ass.

She felt the potato shift, going in even farther. She moaned and licked her lips as she pulled the second boy closer. She guided his member, gasping as he pushed into her. “Oh my god, it’s amazing!” I’ve never had the courage to do this before! I fucking love it! She moaned as both boys moved in and out. Jason reached up to squeeze her hefty breasts. He squirmed beneath her and began filling her ass even more as he sighed with delight.

The second boy stared into her eyes. Betty spread her legs wider. “It’s okay, you can finish in there.” On cue, the small boy released his seed. Betty felt orgasm building as she pushed her hips back and forth onto the still erect boys. Both of them grappled her as she shook with orgasm. “Oh my god!” She quivered and laughed nervously.

“That was unbelievable. Thank you both. The newcomer backed away and helped her to stand. They wiped off and got dressed. Before Betty put her pants on, however, she grabbed the garbage basket and used it to catch the potato as she pushed it out.

The other boy had no idea what she just did. “It was a potato.” Jason laughed, “She had it in the whole time, man!” Betty stumbled as she put her pants on. “Now remember, if you want this sort of thing to happen again then you can’t tell a soul, understand?” Both boys nodded frantically. “This is our little secret.”

Karen turned to her father once the kitchen door closed, smiling brightly. “You’re naughty.”

He breathed slowly. “You are a lot to handle!” Both of them laughed as she leaned back, lying upon him. She raised his hands, placing them on her breasts. “These are a lot to handle. Don’t these feel nice?”

“They do.” Hank thought for a moment. “I always did enjoy your mom’s when they were full of milk.”

“Daddy!” She turned to him again, her ponytail whipped. “Did you like fucking me before I came out?”


“You fucked mom while she was pregnant with me, right? Well, depending on how I was turned you were nearly fucking me too!”

“That is fucking disgusting, Karen!”

“I’m just kidding, Daddy! Don’t take it so seriously.”

“Don’t joke like that. I love you, but I only am doing this now because you’re a full grown woman.”

“I know… You do love me.” She wiggled her butt, causing him to moan quietly.

They both stared at the ceiling for a time. She contemplated telling him how she enjoyed enemas, to be completely honest about it with him, but she decided against it. He wouldn’t understand. “I’m going to go finish my homework.” She lifted off of her father’s lap. She turned and giggled, “It looks so little now!” He spanked her playfully as she walked away, moving heavily up the stairs.

It only took an hour to finish her homework. She was bored and her mind wandered to her real passion. She checked the hall and headed to the bathroom. Her mouth was dry as she anticipated the warm rush of water entering her. She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain before unscrewing the showerhead. She found the proper temperature and inserted the damp hose into her butt with minimal force. Her breaths shortened as she accepted the slow flow of water. She turned the knob and enjoyed the increased pressure. She slid a finger between her legs and started rubbing.

Her eyes shot open as she heard the door creaking. “Karen? Jack just left. Are you showering without me?”

She didn’t know what to say. “Uh, just a minute.” Before she could move, he pulled the curtain aside. Hank was naked and standing at attention. He tilted his head, looking puzzled as he slowly figured out where the shower hose went.

“Karen!” He is digusted.

She started crying. “This is why I didn’t tell you. I’m a hideous freak!”

Hank held her shoulders. “No, no, I’m sorry. I was just surprised, that’s all.”

“I can’t help it!” She bawled.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I love you and if that’s what you like then I’m okay with it, honey.” He smiled reassuringly before stepping into the shower to hug her. The shower hose rubbed against his leg. “Wow, you’re taking quite a lot.”

She sniffled as she looked up to him. She nodded before burying her face into his chest. He kissed the top of her head. They stayed like that for a moment before she reached down to hold his warm organ. She stroked it a few times before lifting her leg, propping it on the side of the tub, guiding him inside of her. He reached back to grab ahold of her pliable ass as he pressed in and out. Her belly sloshed as he pumped her. She whimpered with ecstasy and after a few forceful pumps, she quivered. She gripped him tighter as held her in place. He fucked her more vigorously now, building to climax. He grunted and squeezed her cheeks tightly as he unloaded into his chubby daughter.

He gently caressed her as he pushed every last drop of sperm into her. “How can you take so much?”

Karen just smiled, kissing him on the lips. “You should wash up and go; the rest of this isn’t something you should see. That was really fun, though!” She spoke seductively, reaching down to turn off the water flow. Hank nodded and wiped himself off as she cleaned up the shower hose. She bent down to get the showerhead and he spanked her.

Karen yelped and grabbed her full belly. “Careful, it takes a lot of focus to keep this in, you know!”

“Baby, you are so fucking arousing right now… Bend down and let me have another go.”

“Daddy, I don’t know if I can hold it that long.”

“Come on, sweetie, bend over. It won’t take long.”

Karen sighed dramatically as she put her elbows on the edge of the sink. “Fine.” Hank slid it into her wet pussy, sliding it all the way in before withdrawing completely. He repeated this a few times. “Careful, that’s making it hard to hold all of it in!”

He came out. “Okay, I’ll help!” He pressed into her other hole.

“No, wait, that’s my ass!”

“I know. I’m helping you hold it.”

“Oh god, I can’t!” Hank ignored her protests; he pressed in as far as he could and moved her hips in short, quick motions. “Daddy, hurry!” Her belly audibly growled. “This hurts so much! Hurry!”

He howled as he pounded her, ignoring her pleas. He lasted only a about a minute before he blew his second load. Karen gasped in anguish. “Hurry and finish, I have to goooo!”

“I thought you liked being full?”

“I do, but I can barely hold it after you wreck me like that!” She shoved him aside and scampered to the toilet.

Hank smiled, stepping into the shower to clean up.

“We have to tell Mom.” Karen said, as she drained.

“Why would we tell her about this?”

“Not this – about our baby.”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right.”

“You have to tell her before she notices.”

“Fine, I will, don’t worry.”

“So, where are we going to do this thing?”

“Know of a place?”

“I think we should do it under the bleachers. It’s pretty vacant this time of day.”

“Sounds good, lead the way.” Ashley took a tiny sip of water before handing the bottle to him.

“I’m good.”

“You need to stay hydrated, it’s important to me.”

“This is our third bottle, bae. I can barely hold my piss already!”

“I read that if you cum with a full bladder then it feels so much better!” Please believe me, you idiot.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last, though!”

“Don’t whine, it’s just up ahead.”

Ashley had tried to convince two guys before this one, but being direct would always chase them away. She didn’t know his name, but this one was the dumbest, most stubborn one she could find. Hopefully I can trick him into doing what I need…

They maneuvered under the bleachers and the jock used his sweatshirt as a blanket for her to lie on. Ashley knelt and slid his pants down. With some effort she was able to deep-throat him. He’s pretty big, I don’t know if he’ll fit in my ass. Once he was wet enough, she slid her shorts down to her knees and laid on her stomach. “Spit on my ass before you go in.”

He slipped the tip in easily and pressed in smoothly. Ashley balled her fists as the hung man entered her. He wasn’t rough, but he didn’t stop to check if she was okay. She gritted her teeth and bared the pain. She tensed and shrieked as he pressed in the last inch. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders as he bottomed out.

“You okay, bae?”

She groaned, “Yeah, yeah, go ahead.”

He moved back and pressed in again. He forcefully started fucking her. Ashley grimaced, but didn’t tell him to stop. He continued at the same pace, with strong, firm strokes. “Fuck, you’re big.”

He started hammering her without warning. “Do you like that?”

“Oh fuck. You about ready to cum?”

“Getting there, bae. Can I shoot it in there?” His pace increased just a little bit more.

“Yeah, go ahead.” She winced as he pressed in as far as he could go and began spurting in her butt. He stayed in place for a long while until his balls were empty. She grabbed his hips before he rolled off. “Wait. You have to pee?” She looked over her shoulder to see him nod. “Just go in my ass, it’s okay.”

“You sure? I can just go to a porta-potty.”

“It’s okay, I’ll hold it for you… bae.” Don’t you fucking chicken out now!

“I’ve been holding it for a while.”

“I don’t mind. Just let me have it!”

Ashley closed her eyes as she felt the warmth entering her. She adored the liquid rushing inside of her, the feeling of his erect cock blocking its escape. Arms wrapped around her shoulders, holding her in place. “You like this, don’t you?” He whispered in her ear. She responded with a low moan.

That’s right, don’t stop, relieve yourself… I’m your toilet. I never would have guessed that I’d be into this sort of thing. I wish Jack was doing this to me. Her tummy continued to fill as he rested atop her, pinning her in place. The boy was right, he had been holding a lot. His stream continued for nearly a minute before he stopped. He pulsed as he pushed out the remainder.

“Okay, I’m taking it out.” He slid out limply, careful not to move too quickly. “Keep it in; I don’t want any on my sweatshirt.”

“Okay, ugh, I won’t spill.” She clenched, sliding up her shorts and standing. She pressed a hand against the front of her shorts, breathing to relax herself. Her stomach swelled.

“Feeling full, bae? You took it like a champ.”

“Mmmhmm, I need to go before I spring a leak.” They stepped out from beneath the bleachers. The immediate area was vacant, but there were a few students scattered in the distance.

“Your belly is a lot bigger too.” He lifted her shirt and rubbed her tummy. Distended, it gurgled as he touched it. “Will it help you if I do this?” He moved his hand lower, pressing a finger against her clit.

“Oh, no, don’t do that…” She spoke with mock sincerity, trailing off.

“Oh, but I think you enjoyed that. I think you had been forcing me to drink water hoping that I’d do that, didn’t you? I heard you’ve wanted this for a while, haven’t you?” There was venom in his smile. “It’s okay. You just want to cum now, don’t you?”

Ashley nodded, uncaring that he had known.

He moved his finger in a small circle; she grabbed his arm and pressed against him. Within seconds, she was convulsing with orgasm. “Holy shit, holy shit, shit, shit… That was amazing, but I have to go!” She pulled his hand out of her shorts and rushed to the nearby porta-potty.

He chuckled as he watched her race away. “My name is Jake, in case you wondered! See you around!”

Jeanette was about to leave for the day when she got a call from her secretary. “A Mr. Hale is here to see you, ma’am.”

“Okay, send him in.” He’s a day early.

The door opened to reveal a bald man with a blonde goatee. His eyes were close set and his smile made her uneasy. They shook hands, “Hello, Mrs. Hyun. My name is Kenneth Hale. I’m the counselor the school board sent.” He wore a suit minus the tie; the lavender shirt suggested that he was a gentle man, but his judgmental eyes told another story. Counselor is a false title – Investigator would be more appropriate.

“Good to meet you.” That was a lie. She knew he could easily recommend her resignation if she didn’t cooperate or he felt that she had anything to do with the recent sex scandals.

“ I’m here to look into the cases involving Mrs. Howell and Mr. Keenan. Might I be able to use an office for the next week to conduct some interviews?”

“Of course.” She led him down the hall, through the library, and into a windowless office.

“This will be perfect. I’d like to set-up shop over the weekend if I may.”

“Of course. Anything I can do to help.” This will be a very long week.

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