Pulling the Strings


​The weekend came and Jack decided that his hunt for Claire would continue on Monday. I could just go to her house and command her parents to present her like an unwrapped present, but where is the fun in that? They’d just be puppets… and I already have one. He knowingly smiled at his mother. Betty was lounging on the couch with him while his father sat in the recliner. They were all watching a crime drama that Hank chose.

“Mom, could you bring me to the game store today? There’s a new one out and I really want it.”
Hank scoffed, irritated at any expenditure of money. “We can’t afford it, Jack.”
“Sorry, honey. Besides, I got a new job.” She beamed, “I get paid next week so we can get you that game then.”
Hank scoffed again, but said nothing.
“A new job?” Jack feigned surprise. He had commanded her to apply for a specific job…
“Yeah, I’m a cashier at the Shop and Go. It’s the grocery store a few blocks away.”
Jack congratulated her. I’m sure it helped that I commanded the manager to hire you, Jack thought, and that I commanded you to say that you had a year of experience from high school.

Betty grabbed her stomach and stood. Without a word, she quickly walked to the bathroom. Hank paid no attention, but Jack had noticed it a lot for the past week. Having read about it online, Jack had a strong suspicion that she was pregnant. He directed her to bring home two pregnancy tests today: one for her and one for Karen. I hope that I’m wrong.

She waited on another customer when she noticed the time. She finished that order and flicked the light off over her register. She found her manager talking with another employee. Betty waited for him to turn to her. “May I leave now?”

“Dammit, Betty, don’t leave your till until I come to cash you out.” Without complaint, she scampered back and flicked her light back on. Six more customers came through before Mr. Hendricks wandered over. “Okay, you can clock out. Remember to check your schedule to see when you work next. Nice job today.” She thanked him and did as he said. Then she found her way to the stockroom office.

Jason waited impatiently; the tall, awkward boy removed his apron and grinned foolishly. “So, how have you been?” She remembered their public encounter – how he fucked her with fruit in her ass. It was exciting… I’m such a freak.

Betty snickered in response as she slid her work pants to her knees and leaned forward. She slid her fingers down her throat before bringing them behind her and inserting them one by one into her ass. She wiggled them while Jason unzipped and presented his erection. She removed her hand and spread her cheeks, allowing him to find the mark. He edged forward and exhaled; she felt him slither into her. “No, wait, you’re in my pussy.” She whispered with urgency as she stood, but he ignored her, pressing all the way in and holding her hips.

The door opened without warning. Another stock-boy came in and eyed them suspiciously. Both of them froze, thankful that Betty’s apron hid their lewd behavior. Then she felt an unexpected sensation in her loins. She subtly tried to push him back, but he held her in place as he ejaculated, breathing heavily. Betty mumbled a curse word as she waited for the boy to finish.

The other boy eyed them suspiciously. “What are you two doing back here?”
Betty forced a smile. “He missed me, is all!” He wrapped his arms around her, pretending to hug her from behind. “I haven’t seen him in months.”
The spectator raised an eyebrow as he grabbed a box and left them without another word.

Once the door closed, Betty spun around and slapped Jason’s arm. “Why the hell would you come in me?”

“I couldn’t stop! It felt so good!” She grabbed a paper towel and wiped away the excess cum. She slid her pants back up and she left him to clean himself.

On the drive home she recalled that she needed to stop at the drug store to get something; she couldn’t remember what, but she figured she would think of it once she arrived. She walked around for a bit before she came to the family planning section. She grabbed two pregnancy tests and checked out. The cashier gave her a few odd glances, but was otherwise pleasant. I’ll keep these on hand to check in a few weeks… That damned kid! Why didn’t he just pull out? I guess it is kind of cute that he came so fast. She smiled to herself.

“Dad, I have something I need to talk to you about.”
“That doesn’t sound good.” He muted the television and turned to Jack, who sat on the couch.
“I… I met someone.” Jack paused, gathering courage. “I met someone and now they’re pregnant.”

His father’s expression was blank. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, they ju-, they took the test and it’s been long enough for it to be accurate.”
His eye twitched and his lip curled. “What the fuck is wrong with you? At your age?! What were you thinking?”

Jack bowed his head in shame as his father berated him. I had them check and then forget the results; Both Mom and Karen are pregnant. I’m not going to mention that part, now that I see how he’s reacting to this. “Dad I think you should just relax…”
“Relax? Don’t you understand what a huge fucking deal it is to raise a child?”

Hank spat continuously. Jack decided to use the command rod to end this oh so helpful advice session. “You will forget everything we spoke about in the last five minutes. Also, you had sex with mom on the night you returned.”

Jack went to the kitchen to find Betty reading a magazine. “Mom, you’re pregnant with Hank’s child. You had sex with him when he came back. We haven’t had sex before.” Before she could respond he headed upstairs. Now, what about Karen’s baby? He stopped outside her door. I could just say it was me and command them to accept it… But, that would be so much work. I could find her a boyfriend, but she only hangs around those dumb football players. Then an idea struck him. He opened the door to find Karen eating chips, mesmerized by her computer screen. Wearing no clothes, she was noticeably chubby, but still retained her sexy figure.

She turned as he entered the room. “Dad is in love with you and you two had sex a few times so far. You didn’t mind it, but now you know that you’re pregnant with his child. You have to tell him later.” Again, Jack bounded downstairs and blocked his dad’s view of TV. He planted the idea that he had been having sex with Karen since his return. Hank smiled widely.

Good, I think this will work out. He went to his room. I think I’m getting pretty good at balancing all of this! He flipped on his gaming console and got comfortable.

Jason waited in the stockroom again the following day. Betty came in, careful to be subtle until she was certain they were alone. She removed her apron and stepped around some boxes. She found a secluded spot in the corner of the room and laid on the floor. She removed her pants and spread her legs invitingly. “Come on.”

Jason quickly removed his pants and moved upon her. “I was worried you might not come back.”
“You can use either one now, I’m pregnant.” She heard an audible whimper. “It’s okay, it’s not yours. It would’ve been too soon anyway.”

He was obviously relieved. “Okay, I want to use the front again, then”
She reached down to spread her lower lips and gently guided him in. She watched him writhe atop her gracelessly. He lasted much longer this time. Betty was beginning to enjoy it just as he climaxed inside of her. She gripped his firm posterior and pulled him closer. She smiled at the adorably awkward young man.

They stood and wiped themselves off before putting their clothes back on. “Again tomorrow?”
“I don’t work the next two days.” Betty could see his disappointment. “Hold out for Wednesday?”
He nodded. He’s an energetic young man; I really enjoy pleasing him… I don’t really love him, but I like making him happy. I’m just glad I’m pregnant now so I don’t have to worry about him putting it in the wrong hole again. I don’t really mind it in the butt, but I enjoy this so much more. I’m such a bad girl! She smiled playfully as she rubbed her hand against his crotch. “You can do my ass next time if you want!” She giggled as she walked out of the room.

Monday arrived; Jack noticed Jason at his locker, who looked very pleased. “How was it?”
“It was fucking amazing. I don’t know how you got your mom to do that, but I loved it.”
“I just asked her to please you when you two are alone and that she should enjoy it too.”
“That’s awesome!” He paused, trying to build courage before his next question. “Are you the one that… uh… got her… pregnant?”
“Sick! No, no, that was my dad.” Jack hoped he was convincing.
“Oh, right, sorry. Well, here you go – totally worth it.” Jason handed him two newer video games. It pays to know someone who works at a game store.

Jack continued, finding Claire mingling with some of her friends. He had a class soon, but he couldn’t wait. He observed and approached once her friends scattered. “Hi, Claire.”
She looked surprised. Her beautiful eyes transfixed upon him. “Hi, Jack.”
“You know who I am?”
“Of course, you’re the one Ashley banged in the bathroom – well, the first one, at least.”
That took Jack off guard. “H- how did you know?”
“We saw you come out of the bathroom, you didn’t exactly hide it well.” She smirked.
Jack could kick himself. “Well, what do you think about what we did?”
“I’m glad you fucked her, but you’re not going to fuck me. I’m not a slut like she is.” Suddenly she raised an arm and waved, calling out to one of her friends passing by.
“Claire, wait.” He whispered.
Her friend came closer and Claire raised her voice. “Get away from me, creep!” She walked away with her friend. They stole a glance of him as they giggled. Jack trembled with anger. No one fucks with me like that! The bell rang and Jack stormed down the hall. I’ll get that bitch in class.

Jack’s rage cooled and turned into resentment. He couldn’t focus on the teacher as he watched Claire, who continued to ignore him. That big-nosed bitch. He debated what to do next.

Finally, a thought struck him. The final fifteen minutes of class seemed to drag on forever. Once finished, he commanded Claire to stay as the other kids headed out. Mr. Keenan adjusted his glasses as he cleared his throat. “May I inquire as to why you two are still here?”
Jack gave a conceited smirk in Claire’s direction. “Claire wants you to pound her like a drum.”
Mr. Keenan tilted his head forward with a disapproving glare. “Mr. Olsen, what in the world possessed you to say such a thing?”
“Oh, right… I command you to fuck her where she sits.” He turned to Claire again. “And I command you to slip those panties aside and let him have his way with you.”

The dusky-brown skinned man with broad shoulders came over to the girl’s desk. He unbuckled his pants and knelt beside her. She leaned back and spread her legs, moving her simple white underwear aside. He licked his finger and rubbed her as she breathed deeply. Claire bit her lip as he gently touched her. Mr. Keenan unzipped and moved his boxers aside; he maneuvered his impressive, raised organ free, shifting forward and pressing it between her legs. Jack relished the scene of such a well-endowed man with such a tiny girl. “Don’t be gentle with her.” Jack fidgeted with the command rod as he watched.

Claire grimaced, squealing as he forced his way inside. She blushed, letting out a whimper as she dug her nails into his back. He grabbed her slender hips and pressed forward until he was all the way inside. She shrieked as he pushed the last few inches in. He waited for her to calm down before he started moving again – a small amount at first, before building into full-fledged pounding. Claire whined, begging him to stop. I almost feel bad for her… almost.

The chair tapped against the floor and scooted backwards as Mr. Keenan railed her. His pace increased and he groaned as he climaxed. She cried as he slowed, looking to Jack with tears rolling down her cheeks. They stayed motionless as he emptied into her. Once finished, Mr. Keenan stood and fastened his pants. He headed back to his desk, leaving the used girl behind.

Jack smiled and leaned back. Something in his peripheral vision caught his eye. He turned to see a larger group of students peering into the classroom. Some of the kids looked disgusted, some gave him thumbs-up, and a couple were recording. Crap! Can’t we have any privacy? While he was distracted, Claire regained her senses and ran out of the classroom. The voyeurs scattered shortly after and Jack knew he couldn’t get to them all before they spread their experience. He hurried out of the classroom, thinking of what to do next.

He went to his next class, acting as if nothing had happened when principal Hyun announced that all of Mr. Keenan’s classes were cancelled; she also called for Claire and Jack to report to the principal’s office. Once there he explained his side and she excused him for the remainder of the day.

Later that night his mother got a call that gave more details. “Mr. Keenan is now under criminal investigation and your friend Claire will be transferred to a different school once she recovers.” Betty nodded somberly. “I can’t believe he would do that to such a student!”
“What about me?” Jack was nervous even though he had commanded her to believe him.
“You get a week without school or homework to recover from the emotional stress.”

Jack repeated the story that he told the principal: Mr. Keenan had ‘flipped out’ and forced himself onto Claire as punishment – and he forced Jack watch the torture. The recordings and witness accounts supported it. I don’t feel bad. He was always an asshole. As for her: I told her to keep the child if she gets pregnant.

Betty hugged him. “My poor baby.”
He couldn’t control his hands as they slid down to grasp her cushy posterior. She looked down to him, uncertainly. Jack knew he should control himself, but there wasn’t any harm in it as long as he had the command rod. “Mom, let me fuck you.”
She beamed, also knowing that she shouldn’t, but her temptation won out. She is still in love with me, even though she thinks we haven’t had sex before.
“Okay.” She said with a sultry tone as she rubbed the crotch of his jeans. She turned to go upstairs, but Jack gently tugged her wrist.
“Right here.”
Scared at first, a mischievous grin slowly spread across her face. She unzipped him and got down on her knees to suck him for a minute. It took a lot of restraint not to unload in her mouth, but he endured.

She let him slide out of her mouth as she stood.  Betty lifted her smooth cream-colored nightgown to expose her curvaceous ass. She leaned over the kitchen counter and enticed him closer. Jack pressed her hips lower and nudged himself into her expectant opening. She moaned as he humped her; the sound of skin on skin caused him to slow down. He reached to cup her silk-covered, bountiful breasts. She tightened upon him and felt his pace increase. “Fill me up, it’s okay.”

Jack knew why, but he liked hearing her talk like that. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, shoot it into me baby!”
Jack grumbled as he tried to prolong the sensation, but it only took a few more seconds before he exploded inside his mother. She squealed with delight, grinding her hips against him. She climaxed shortly after he did. Jack held her hips to stop the suddenly overwhelming movements.

Hank entered the room questioningly, “what happened?”
“Oh, uh… This jerk was tickling me!”
Betty spun around; Jack’s limp noodle hit his leg, leaving a wet spot on his pants. She playfully poked his sides, causing him to buckle, and in turn, hide himself as Hank walked closer. She laughed as he walked by, getting some water from the sink. “You two are strange.”

He left the room and Betty stuck her finger between her legs, giggling girlishly. “You put a lot in me. It doesn’t matter, though; I’m already pregnant.” She paused to gauge Jack’s reaction. “You’re going to have another little brother or sister!” She grinned. “But you can’t tell your dad about what we just did? And this was a one-time thing, okay?”

“Mom, can’t we do it a few more times before you have the baby?” He wasn’t commanding her. “Dad doesn’t have to know.”

“Fine, but we can’t let him know, promise me.”
Jack nodded. She’s scared that he’ll disown her. But, she doesn’t understand – with the command rod I have total control. He spanked his mother as they went to the living room.

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