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She could find things to occupy her time, yet Melanie felt unfulfilled since Natalie had flown back home to visit her father. She almost missed Sarah’s mischievousness too… almost. Melanie found a part-time office job since they had left. She came home to the wonderful smell of Rebecca making dinner for the two of them.
“You look cute in that dress.” Becky floated around the counter to give her a hug.
Melanie wore a low-cut, gray V-neck sheath dress. “Thank you, I was worried it might be showing too much.”
“Not at all, a lady has to reveal a little bit to keep people distracted.” Rebecca smiled warmly. “I’m just finishing, have a seat and I’ll make a plate for you.”
Becky sat a plate in front of her; it had lasagna, a side of steamed broccoli, and a piece of garlic bread. “Wow, this looks wonderful.”
Rebecca smiled. “I hope you enjoy it, I haven’t cooked homemade lasagna for a long time.”

Melanie loved it. As they ate, they shared small talk. “So, I talked with Natalie last night. She seemed… odd. It wasn’t anything bad, just like she was holding something back. I think she misses us.”
“Really? I always figured she needed to visit her dad as an escape from me. I hope I’m not too weird. I sometimes forget my boundaries around her. Let me know if I go too far around you, too.”
“Oh, you don’t go too far. You’re quite pleasant. And I owe you so much for allowing me to stay here; I’m very glad that you’re so open to me dating your daughter.”
“Of course! Whomever she loves is always welcome here. Wait, that came out wrong! I mean…”
Melanie giggled, “I know what you meant, it’s okay.”

They chewed a few bites in silence before Rebecca spoke again. “So, I’m going to be blunt and you can stop me if I’m asking too much.” Melanie nodded. “I think we should try inflating again.”
Melanie paused, looking into Rebecca’s hopeful eyes. “Natalie and I agreed that we should stop-“
“Wait, just hear me out. We just had a couple of bad experiences and I don’t think we should try that contraption again. I actually found a place where I think you’ll enjoy. Can I bring you for a ride when we finish?”
Melanie gave mild protest, but Becky insisted. “I will understand if you say no, just take a look at it, okay?” Melanie sighed, and agreed as she took another bite. I can’t fall back into that habit no matter how much I want to! Natalie and I agreed – it’s what’s best for us!

They finished and made their way to the garage. Rebecca drove as she talked openly about her former career choice. “I never minded it, there were quite a few bad memories, but being a porn-star isn’t all roses. I had a lot of good memories too; I felt empowered, and I never did anything I didn’t want to.”

Melanie smiled. “Why’d you quit?”
“Nat,” she laughed ruefully, “I got pregnant and decided I should stop when she was born; I was able to stop for a while. Then I did a few pregnant scenes just before I had her and that pulled me back in. I started feeling guilty after a while, but I kept going until one night my four year old daughter started crying when I was about to leave for a shoot. Natalie hung onto me so tight that night that I called and paid the penalties on my contract. They weren’t happy, but they rescheduled the scene, we finished the following week, and that was that. I still get royalties on a few films, so I make enough to get by.”

“So your husband, Grant, didn’t approve of your lifestyle?”
“Oh, no, he didn’t mind. He loved me at the time and he adored the girls. He left because I wanted more than he could give. When I was at work I got all the sex I wanted; when I quit I demanded more from him, but he wasn’t able to please me often enough and we grew distant. I asked to have an open relationship and that was the final straw. I always found it ironic that it was fine for me to have sex with other people when I got paid for it, but otherwise he wouldn’t allow it.”

Melanie nodded, “Yeah, it’s complicated I see.”
It took about twenty minutes before they reached their destination. “Oh, there it is, just up ahead!” Becky jumped in her seat excitedly. They pulled up to a public park that looked very scenic, but otherwise unimpressive. Becky tugged Melanie along, trotting down the pathway. Finally, Melanie gazed upon their destination; ahead there was a small stone walled pool, in the center there was a raised pedestal where Melanie could see water erupting like a geyser.

“It’s on constantly, and the nozzle is recessed in the stone, but I think this would be so much fun.”
“No, it’s too much! Plus there are people all over the place!”
“Not in this area. Look around, we’re in a private little section that has hedges on three sides. And we could come late at night when no one is around. They have some lights for night visitors. Come on, it will be like when you first started!”

“Natalie and I decided we wouldn’t.”
“I know, but please just think about it.” Becky was obviously disappointed as they walked back to the entrance. They decided to take a stroll through the rest of the park. It was large with paths winding through wooded and open areas. There was a mid-sized playground where kids were screaming with excitement. They sat on a bench as they came to the entrance. They could see the edge of the fountain just around the corner.

“Just think back at what brought you two together in the first place. You might try to ignore the urge, but I can tell you like to take a risk every so often. I’m the same way! I don’t want to get caught, of course, but I love the thrill of doing something naughty in public. Imagining the water blasting inside my ass in the cool night just tickles me pink.”

Melanie set her teeth and sighed. “I told Natalie that I am not going to do it again.”
Becky nodded sharply. “Okay. Let’s go then. I admire your resolve, even though I wish you’d give in.”
“Thank you.” They made their way to the car and headed home.

Later that evening, Melanie sat in the living room, reading a magazine when she saw Becky grab her keys and put her shoes on. “Where are you off to so late?”

She smiled, “I’m going to get my fill, honey.” She opened the door.
“Wait, I thought we agreed not to.”
“No, you said you weren’t going to. I never made any such agreement.” She smirked in a way that reminded her of Sarah.
“Wait, you shouldn’t go alone.” Melanie sat up.
“Want to come with me? You don’t have to participate; just come along for the show!”
Melanie agreed after some thought. “Just let me get some different clothes on.” She decided on the dress that Becky had complimented earlier.

The clock read 12:38 when they arrived at the park; ankle-high soft white lights illuminated the pathways. They stepped into the enclosed section with the fountain. There was a soft, deep blue glow around the water’s edge with a more brilliant shade of blue showcasing the the large pillar of water in the center.

“It’s gorgeous!” Melanie exclaimed, “I love that shade of blue.”
Becky nodded, pleased by her wonder. “I do too!” She paused, glancing back to the entrance. “It looks like we’re alone.” She dropped her sweatpants and slipped her shirt off, throwing it aside. Becky’s large breasts and small figure made a striking silhouette in the cobalt light. She stepped in and gasped, “ooh, it’s chilly!”

Melanie stared silently as her girlfriend’s mother turned and sat upon the small pedestal. Water sprayed to the sides as she situated. Becky shifted and yelped as the water parted her cheeks, discharging inside of her. She moaned awkwardly loud as her belly started growing. About thirty seconds passed – Melanie’s mouth hung with amazement as she watched Becky reach down and touch herself, causing an instant orgasm. Becky slid off of the seat, wet with a swollen belly. She stumbled out of the fountain’s pool. “Oh my god, it’s too much! It’s wonderful, but I didn’t last long.” She took heavy steps, balancing.

“You grew quite a bit!” Melanie handed her a towel she grabbed before leaving. “It looked like fun.”
Becky cooed, “It was! I can’t wait to try again when I can hold more.”

Melanie remembered the urge to push her limits, always trying to retain more water, always trying to get her belly just a little bigger. Now that was behind her. She gathered Becky’s clothes from the ground as she dried herself. Becky dressed; with her clothes fitting loosely, her belly peeked just below her shirt. Becky pulled Melanie’s hand to touch her gurgling tummy.

“Come on, don’t you miss this feeling?” The curvaceous woman grinned mischievously in the ambient blue light.
“I made a promise.”
“I’m not going to tell. Just this once – It’s not hurting anyone, it’s just so you can feel good!”
Melanie wanted to fill herself – that was no question. Like she said, it’s not hurting anyone and I think Becky can keep a secret. Melanie slid her dress to the ground. “Okay, but not a word of this to anyone!” She removed her undergarments, folding them and setting them away from the water’s spray.

Becky sat on the edge of the fountain and watched as Melanie carefully crawled upon the pedestal. Water misted her as she moved closer. Melanie breathed deeply to calm herself before turning and sitting upon the blasting water. It sprayed outward in all directions until she reached back and spread her behind; she felt the water rush into her as she moved her hands, placing them on either side to support herself. She breathed quickly, enjoying the sensations. Becky looked proud as she watched, absently patting her own swollen belly.

Melanie’s tummy expanded before her eyes; a small bump inflated until it was tight and springy. Melanie was easily able to accept the large volume, just as she had in the past. She reached forward to touch herself, but stopped. I can’t, I need to get bigger! I can go more! She gripped the sides of the pedestal and clenched her teeth as she accepted the torrent of water. She thought about her first time with Natalie watching her. That thought unexpectedly pushed her over the edge. Orgasm came without warning.

Once her shudders passed, she laughed weakly. She slid off of the fountain’s top and shrieked playfully as the lukewarm water splashed around her.
“That was amazing! I’ve never seen you this big!” Becky stood, beaming with admiration.

I overdid it. I shouldn’t have stayed on there so long, I feel sick. Melanie walked carefully, weakened by the ordeal. Becky helped to stabilize her as she made her way to a nearby bench. Melanie saw the fountain hurling water into the darkened sky. Ugh, that went into me. I took all of the water it was shooting for that whole time. She couldn’t talk. She felt dizzy.

“Think you can make it to the bathroom?” Melanie nodded sheepishly. Becky helped her up and walked her to the public restroom. The walk took some time, but they couldn’t rush. They were naked and burdened, but they didn’t see anyone in the area. “Almost there, sweetie.”

Becky led her into a stall and turned her. “Oh, you are gorgeous.”
Melanie smiled as her head tilted lazily. She looked at her girlfriend’s mother standing in front of her. Her belly was distended, sagging nearly to her knees; she looked about ready to pop. Her age was showing, but there was no denying that she was pretty. Her hefty breasts were now proportionate with her distended stomach. Her damp, coppery hair and her gorgeous brown eyes were breathtaking. Why haven’t I ever stopped to really look at her before?

A gas bubble moved and Melanie regained her urgency. She sat, her enormous belly rested heavily upon her legs. She relaxed and felt extreme relief with jolts of pain as the water flowed out of her. Becky laughed lightly and watched for a moment before moving to the next stall. They both emptied without speaking. A long time passed before they came outside. Unsteadily, they walked back to the fountain, nude in the soft lighting.

They shared the towel and dressed again. Melanie stopped mid motion and tapped Becky’s shoulder. “Look!” Melanie pointed to a surveillance camera trained directly on the fountain. “It was probably recording us the whole time!”

Becky thought for a moment before shrugging. “Nothing we can do about it now.”
“They have video of us pumping ourselves full of water. We have to do something!” Melanie pleaded.
“They probably only check it if something is wrong. I’m betting no one will even see this. Don’t worry about it.” Becky tried to calm her. “If it makes you feel better then I will look into it tomorrow, okay? I know a groundskeeper here.”

Melanie nodded, and once fully clothed, they left.

Becky entered the Public Works office. The receptionist directed her to Glenn’s office in the back. It was small, dirty, and dimly lit. Clearly, he was the black sheep of this office. The muscular man sat awkwardly behind the tiny desk, reading the newspaper. He had a thick black mustache and a pointed chin. He looked irritated, but he still welcomed her. “How may I help you, ma’am?” A large television behind him alternated between the cameras in the park.

“You might not remember me, but I was a friend of your sister’s.”
“No clue.” His eyes quickly scanned her chest before darting back to her eyes.
“Well, I used to come over and go swimming a lot. My name is Rebecca…”
“Oh, yeah, I remember you.” The look he gave implied that the memory wasn’t a good one. “What can I do for you?”
“I was wondering if you might be able to check a recording on the cameras in the park. I think someone took my purse.”
“What time?”
“I don’t remember-“
“What area?”
“Uh, it was by the entrance.”
“All right, I’ll take a look and I’ll call you.” He handed her a card to write her number.
She wrote as she spoke, “If I could watch it with you then I might be able to point it out.” I can distract him once I see how to work that thing.
Her hopes were cut short. “I’ll call.” He took her number and went back to reading the newspaper.

Stupid! Why didn’t I just leave it alone? She was about to protest, but she realized he wouldn’t budge, so she departed. At least I didn’t give him too many details to work with.

Two days later she received a phone call. “Rebecca? This is Glenn, we spoke yesterday. I searched the videos and I couldn’t find your missing purse. However, I did see something quite interesting.”
“What do you mean?” Stupid! I should have just let it go!
“I saw two women committing indecent exposure and damaging public property. I saved the recording…” He trailed off, coaxing her response.
“What do you want?”
“Meet me at the fountain at 12:45 tonight and we can talk.”

Becky took great care to sneak out without Melanie noticing. Once there, she walked nervously down the illuminated pathway. She was somewhat soothed by the sound of water splashing on the stone. She entered the niche and saw the silhouette of a man sitting on the bench. Once her eyes adjusted she could see Glenn’s judgmental eyes watching her. He can easily overpower me, but I at least I brought some protection. She felt the can of pepper spray in her pocket. She sat on the other end of the bench.

“Glad you came. I’m not going to hurt you.”
She inspected him warily. “What do you want for the tape?”
“It’s a disc, but that’s beside the point. I enjoyed the show. I wanted to ask you to do it again.” Her eyes narrowed as he held out a disc, “I’m not forcing you. I removed the video from the main computer and this is the only copy. Consider it a trade.” She reached for the case, but he pulled it away. “You first.”
She looked up to the camera. “It’s recording right now, so this disc won’t matter; if I do it again you’ll just show people that recording.” I should have checked this place out before getting Melanie involved.
“True. You will just have to take my word that I will erase that later… If you get on there, that is.” He smiled. “I would have shown the police already if I wanted to.”

She deliberated. He can blackmail me either way. If I do this then there is a chance that he’s telling the truth. To be honest the thought of doing it in front of him is kind of arousing. She breathed heavily as she rose and slid her pants to the ground. She slipped off her shirt and unclasped her bra. She slid her panties down and put everything in a pile on the bench. She could see the delight in his eyes as he watched her hungrily.

She adjusted her breasts and walked into the fountain. A light spray fell upon her as she stepped over the boundary. She took careful steps through the water before turning to look at the voyeur. Glenn absent-mindedly touched himself as he watched her. I remember him doing that when we were younger. He always loved to watch me swim. This is probably a dream come true for him. Becky smirked devilishly as she backed over the spray of water. The water parted around her posterior, tickling it. She spread her cheeks and lowered her hips, feeling the surge of water invading her. It feels delightful.

Glenn was grinning like a fool as he rubbed his pants without shame. Becky looked to see her belly slowly inflating. She let go of her ass as she leaned back, allowing herself to drink the water and air rushing beneath her. Her tummy swelled and she felt she was about to orgasm. Deciding to wait, she tried to accept as much as possible before she had to move. I’m bigger than before by quite a bit… and I can’t take anymore! She lifted herself and stumbled forward, resisting the urge to masturbate in front of him. I shouldn’t do this, but I can’t stop! I need a dick in me!

She shambled over the fountain’s edge and made her way to Glenn, who looked at her with awe. “Take your pants off!” She demanded, “I want to fuck! Hurry!”

He didn’t argue. He unfastened his pants and slid them to his ankles. Becky was wet in more ways than one as she observed his unusually large cock standing proudly; she straddled him, placing her knees beside him. Her stomach was substantial, but he didn’t seem to care as it rested between them. Some air shifted and she grunted in pain. She had to assure him it wasn’t anything he had done. Reaching beneath her belly, she guided his large member into her expectant loins.

She moved back and forth upon him, grinding him as deep as she could manage. He stopped her, “Don’t move, give me a second.” Becky began moving her hips without care. “No, stop, I’m going to shoot!” He made a miserable noise as he tried to resist the urge, but she moved faster. Once he realized there was no way to hold back, he grabbed her ass and pounded her vigorously. He is so fucking strong! It’s great! Pound me! She latched onto him and trembled as she climaxed. Screeching with elation, she pressed her hips onto him as hard as she could.

“Oh, fuck, that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had! Don’t worry, I’m fixed.” She could see his look of concern fade into pure relaxation.
“I can’t believe you let me do that. It was fucking awesome.”
Awesome – I remember he used to say that all the time when he was little. Boy, did he grow up. She slid off, allowing his slippery, semi-rigid penis to slide free. As she stood, a cramp forced her to hold her stomach. She turned and hurried to the bathroom, carefree of any possible spectators. “Be right back!” She shouted as she shuffled down the lighted pathway. Luckily, no one else was around.

Once emptied, she wound her way along the trail shakily, but still attempting to avoid any unwanted eyes. Ugh, I bet there are cameras all over this place, especially this main path. She stepped into the grass unsteadily, trying to cling to the shadows. She felt disappointment as she saw the empty bench by the fountain. Glenn had left while she was away. She put her clothes on and noticed a note on the bench: “It was awesome, but I had to go. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you – I’m married. I’ll make sure no one sees your videos or any more you make.” Becky shook her head, weak and tired, as she walked to the entrance.

She sighed heavily. Well, at least I got rid of the videos, Melanie will be happy about that.

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