Pain in the Ass


Jack opened his eyes to his mother, nudging him awake. She smiled warmly as she stood beside the bed in her black nylon nightgown. He stroked her leg, lifting her gown. He reached across his bed and held the command rod. “Fuck me quick, Mom.” He was too tired for tact. Betty raised her leg and perched on top of him. She wasn’t wearing underwear. He didn’t question as she guided him in. She grinned as she watched him. She moved her hips in quick, short strokes, causing him to finish within seconds. She stepped off of the bed and told him that breakfast was ready.

She wiggled her butt at him before she closed the door. Oh crap, I told her to ‘be in love with me’ last time. I didn’t tell her to forget – but I can’t see the harm in her loving me. Jack got dressed and went to the bathroom to get ready.

Karen limped downstairs slowly. She shuffled to the living room and plopped down on the couch. Hank sat in the opposite chair. His expression was a mixture of anger, disgust, and shock. “Put some clothes on! What’s wrong with you?”

“Dad, I’m not wearing clothes around the house any more. Mom is fine with it so you should be too.”
That comment seemed to agitate Hank even further. “Put some clothes on, I won’t tell you again.”
Hank stood, trying to intimidate Karen. “You do as I say right now or I will ground you for a week!” Betty came downstairs, hearing the raised voices. Hank’s ire turned to her. “Did you tell our daughter that she didn’t have to wear clothes?”

“It’s just around the house. I don’t see any problem letting her be independent.”
“She is naked, Betty. What will people think if they look in a window?”
“Who cares what people think?” Karen interjected.
He turned back to his daughter, making certain not to look below her neck. “This is because your mother stopped wearing bras, isn’t it?”
“That has nothing to do with it, Dad!”

Jack descended cautiously. He watched the argument for a moment before he stepped closer. “Dad, you love your daughter, let her be naked around the house.” Jack hesitated as everyone looked to him. “It’s okay, you like seeing her doing what she wants.”

His anger subsided and his voice lowered. “I guess you’re right, there’s no harm in it.”

Both Betty and Karen looked to each other, confused. “Okay, it’s settled then.” Betty turned and headed to the kitchen. “You two need to eat something and get ready for school.”
“I can’t go in today, Mom. My stomach hurts and I feel achy.”
Betty came back and looked at her, gauging her sincerity. “Okay,” She came closer and kissed Karen. “Take care of yourself, honey. Rest up so you’re better for tomorrow.”
Jack ate a waffle and finished preparing for school. They departed soon after.

Jack hurried into class, sitting next to her. He had been avoiding Ashley for the past few days. Her ass was wonderful, but I really don’t like her. I know it was mean, but I just did it to put her in her place. She looked at him with a sideways glance. He scoffed and looked away, avoiding her subtle attention. She huffed and looked elsewhere. I have bigger fish to fry… He looked to Ashley’s former friend, Claire.

Ashley was ostracized from her former clique and Claire had taken her place. Now shunned, Ashley was mostly quiet about the whole ordeal. Whenever she spoke to them it was always venomous and she showed how conceited she really was. You’ve got some mud on you, princess. Jack smiled at his thought. And now I go for the next in line.

Claire sat behind him, talking with her friend. He stole a glance. She tucked her golden brown hair behind her ear as she smiled. Her soft features and deep coffee colored eyes aroused him. Her nose was dominant, but her thin lips offset it. Her makeup was subtle and greatly enhanced her beauty. She was relaxed with a newfound confidence since her alpha-status was established. Jack blushed and turned forward to see Ashley staring fiercely. She turned away to write something and then handed it to Jack discreetly.

‘Want to go out tonight?’
Jack shook his head and crumpled the paper. I want nothing to do with you. He thought.
She passed him another scrawled note. ‘I’ll let you have my ass again if you want.’
Ashley wore a simple white tank top and aqua shorts; it showed a decent amount of her fit and tone body, but she didn’t seem perfect as she had before. The offer crossed his mind, but again he shook his head.

Ashley huffed as Mrs. Howell got their attention. So, who can show us, on the chalkboard, the chemical equation for cellular respiration? She scanned the room her eyes stopping on Jack. He made his way to the front and wrote out the answer. “This is good, except for one small detail. Anyone care to help?”

She pointed to Claire amongst the raised hands. “He messed up the molecular formula for glucose.”
“Yes, who can tell me what he has written?”
Ashley was chosen next, “Solketal.”
“Ah, close, it is actually Gluconic acid.”

Ashley turned to scowl at Jack, acting as if he had caused her incorrect answer. They continued the lesson and Jack was able to understand a great deal more now that he’d studied at home. The teacher seemed to appreciate that he had given the effort, or maybe it was just the spanking he’d given her. He noticed her glancing at him once or twice, biting her lip.

Ashley attempted to pass another note, unaware Mrs. Howell was watching.

“Excuse me, Miss Brooks; do we have something that is so important that I should interrupt my class so everyone can hear it?”
“Sorry, it’s nothing.”
“Oh, I think you should let us all decide. Bring the note to me, Ms. Brooks.”

Ashley walked sullenly to the front of the room and handed the note to the teacher. Mrs. Howell turned bright red before glaring at her student. “This is ridiculous!”
“I’m sorry.” Ashley said without sincerity.
“You write this trash in my class and you think I will just accept that you’re sorry?”
“Look, what else can I say? I was just trying to be funny.”
“Funny?” The teacher grabbed her arm, leading Ashley to her desk. “Bend over.”
“What?” Ashley was offended.
“You have to be punished young lady!” Mrs. Howell grabbed her yardstick. “Bend over!”
“Are you serious?”
Mrs. Howell pushed her down and held her in place. She lifted the wooden stick and landed a hard blow on the small girl’s backside. Ashley squealed as another swat landed. Mrs. Howell looked to Jack with a small smile as she hit her again. “Maybe now you will learn respect, Miss Brooks.” Ashley did not fight. Lines of tears rolled down her face as she wept in front of the class. With each swat she squeaked and sniffled. Her lower lip trembled as she looked to Jack, who watched impassively.

I could try to make the class forget this experience… Jack saw multiple students filming the encounter with their phones. But, it might not even work. Nah, I want to see what happens next! He smiled and slid lower in his seat.

The teacher spanked her once more and finally stepped back. “You little deviant – sit down and think about what you’ve done.” The entire class was silent as Ashley rushed awkwardly to her seat, holding the seat of her shorts. She carefully lowered herself, gasping as her tender butt pressed into the chair. She hid her face between her hands as she sniffled.

Mrs. Howell licked her lips slyly and smirked at Jack. “So, where were we?” She acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary for the remainder of the class. All of the kids were just biding time until the end so they could share the tale to their friends. Ashley stopped crying eventually and just sat, red eyed and slouching. She looked over her shoulder and Jack couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She smiled sadly before turning away.

The bell rang and the students hurried away. Holding the command rod, he tapped Ashley’s shoulder and asked, “Tell me, what did the note say?”
She turned and seemed to lack emotion as she repeated it. “I’ll let you fuck me any way you’d like. You can imagine you’re sticking it in the teacher’s ass for all I care!”

Jack commanded her to leave as he turned away and walked up to the abusive teacher. He grabbed Mrs. Howell’s shapely ass. She pulled away and slapped him. “You know you want it. I saw the way you were looking at me.” Jack smiled and grabbed her again. This time she allowed it for a short time before pulling away.

“It is wrong, I am your teacher, and you’re under-age.”
“No one needs to know. Bend over the table, you need to be punished!”
She was uncertain until he physically bent her over the desk. She watched as he brought the yardstick behind her. He spanked her and she moaned loudly. His pants were tight as he lifted her black dress and rubbed her pink cheeks. “Stand up.”

She did as he told her without the need of the command rod. Jack unbuttoned his jeans and sat against the desk. He tugged her arm, maneuvering her closer. With her help, he lifted her leg and placed it upon the table. Papers fell as she stabilized herself in front of him. He slid her panties aside and guided the tip into her unshaven lower region. She paused, “we shouldn’t be doing this, what if someone comes in?” He swatted her rear with the yardstick. She moaned and moved closer, allowing him deeper.

She was breathing quickly as she moved her hips. Her broad smile and sexy eyes excited him even more. She stopped, “go in my ass so I don’t get pregnant.”

He whacked her ass with the wooden stick again; “you’re going to take it however I want to give it to you.” Her breasts were pressing her soft white sweater against his face. She leaned back, looking into his eyes as he spanked her again; she shook and moaned. Her pace increased and he felt her tighten. Just then, he heard the door open. He saw Principal Hyun standing in the doorway. Her horrified expression sent him over the edge. Jack closed his eyes and emptied into his teacher while the principal watched.

“Mary! What are you doing?!” Mrs. Howell looked exhausted as she turned to the angry Asian woman observing their fornication. Mrs. Hyun said something in Korean before she closed the door behind her. “I can’t believe you’d sink to this, Mary!” Her heels clacked as she walked closer, wagging her finger. “You strike a student and molest another one? Put your clothes back on, think of your husband!” There was a noise outside of the room. Jack saw a couple of kids pressed against the door’s window. They dressed and followed the principal back to her office as the three kids watched them without word.

Mrs. Howell looked uncharacteristically nervous as she sat next to Jack. Principal Hyun sat on the opposite side of the desk; she sighed deeply. “I am shocked that you would do such a thing. How am I supposed to proceed from here?”

“I don’t know what came over me, Jeanette. I’m sorry.”
“Sorry?” She was livid. “This is statutory rape! There were witnesses. Besides that, people recorded you blatantly assaulting a female student!” She paused before turning to Jack. “I called your mother, Mr. Olsen. Please know that we will deal with Mrs. Howell in the harshest way possible.”
Jack felt bad as his teacher started bawling.

Holding the rod, he commanded: “No, Jeanette, you will suspend her for the spanking only. Don’t worry about the witnesses that saw us doing it. You can tell my mom what we did, but tell everybody else that it was a hoax. Deny anyone who talks about it.” Mrs. Hyun nodded blankly while his teacher still cried into her hands.

They waited for Betty to arrive and the principal explained the ordeal to her. Once they finished they exited. Ashley and her father entered behind them. Outside, Jack commanded his mother to wait for him in the car as he found the three boys who had witnessed his fling. He commanded them to remember that they had made up the encounter because they didn’t like Mrs. Howell. He also pulled one of them aside and commanded him to feel very guilty about the lie. Jack knew that particular boy couldn’t keep a secret. No one will take them seriously after he confesses.

He walked to the car and joined his Mother. “I can’t believe she’d force you to do that with her!”
“I made her do it, Mom.”
Betty clenched her jaw. “What?” She is offended.
“Mom, I love you, but I need more.”
“I-I can’t believe you would say that!” Her lip quivered as she thought of what to say next.

I can’t let her be upset like this. He held the rod; “You need to understand that I need to have sex often. Don’t get upset when you know I’m doing it with someone.”
Betty nodded, suddenly accepting the thought, “was she good?”
“Not really.”

She didn’t feel a shred of guilt for her teacher’s suspension. Mrs. Howell showed remorse now, but at the time Ashley knew she had enjoyed what she had done. Her father agreed with the Principal that they would keep quiet and in return, they would get a sizable amount of money.

The next day the kids whispered when she walked by. They look at me like I’m damaged goods. She tried to ignore them as she walked down the hall. She caught a glimpse of Jack in the distance; wearing a black shirt and jeans; he walked with purpose. She hurried towards him. Coming up behind him, she tapped his shoulder. He turned, eyeing her suspiciously. “Hey, Jack.” She waved. I hope I didn’t look as foolish as I think I did. He pursed his lips before looking behind him.

There was an awkward silence. Finally, she decided to speak: “Hey, Ashley, how are you after that whole ordeal yesterday?” She said in a low voice, mocking him. “Your hair looks pretty today – just saying.” She grinned, pleased with her humor.
“Sorry,” he turned back to her finally, giving her his full attention, “how are you?”
“Fine. You know, I got in trouble trying to get your attention yesterday!” She whispered the last part. “Want to… go to the bathroom quick?”
“Ashley, I didn’t get you in trouble.”
“I was trying to help you out…”
“No, I’m not interested. Sorry.”
Her eye twitched subtly. “You’re sorry? I’m offering to let you fuck my ass again and you’re turning me down?”
“I’m sorry, Ashley, I don’t want to. I’m going to be late for class.” He turned and walked away.

Ashley couldn’t believe him. She took a few steps after him, but he dodged into the class room. Damn, now there is no way for me to entice him out here. She reached down, touching herself subtly. I want it so much! Ugh! She saw a younger, heavy-set boy walking quickly in her direction. He was averted his eyes and moved closer to the wall, trying to keep his distance as he passed. I’m so fucking horny… He’ll do.

He stopped, uncertain if she was talking to him.
“What’s your name?”
“Uhh, I’m Darren.”
“I’m Ashley. Want to go into the bathroom with me?” He couldn’t speak. “Come with me, I’ll show you.” She led him into the women’s bathroom, checking beneath the stalls. “All clear.” She directed him into a stall and unfastened his pants. She sat him down and knelt in front of the pudgy boy with blonde hair. He could only whimper as she traced her tongue along his rigid, smooth cock. He squirmed as she took his modest organ all the way in her mouth. After a few times up and down, she opened, letting it smack against his belly.

Ashley turned as she rose, licking a finger and pressing it into her exposed backdoor. At least ‘someone’ seems excited that I didn’t wear underwear with this skirt. She fingered herself briefly before sitting upon the anxious boy. She used her hand to guide him, “it’s okay, Darren, let me just get you in here and it’ll feel sooo good.” She sighed and bit her lower lip as she felt him hit the mark. She moved her hand and pressed down until it was entirely in her ass.

He moaned and grunted, but she ignored him. Before she could reach down to play with herself, she was halted, feeling premature ejaculation. “Aww, you didn’t!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know happened. It felt weird!” He gasped.
“You just came! This is your first time, isn’t it?” She looked over her shoulder to see him nod. “It’s okay, just keep going.”
“No, wait, I have to pee!”
Ashley looked to him with agitation. “Fine, just hurry up.” She turned forward and waited for him to push her off. I love how he feels in my ass – I don’t want to move!

Unexpectedly, she felt a warm sensation growing inside of her. Her head snapped around to see Darren’s eyes closed and his mouth open slightly. “You’re peeing in me! Stop! Stop it now!” She slapped his leg.

His relief changed to uncertainty. “You told me too! I can’t stop in the middle!“
“No, no, I meant in the – ew, ew, EW!” She waved her hands in the air frantically, feeling the warm liquid flowing deeper into her bowels. She held her full belly as he kept filling her. Discomfort changed to irritation, “are you almost done? I can’t take any more!”
“I can’t help it; I was coming to pee before you stopped me!”
“Yuck, just hurry!”

Footsteps silenced her complaints. Heels tapped against the floor and the adjacent stall opened. Ashley lifted her feet out of the woman’s view. She mouthed the words ‘hurry up’ to Darren. He finally stopped; she turned and he slipped out limply. She gasped as she tried to hold it in. She waved her hand wildly, directing him to move. Darren reached down, slid his pants up, and buttoned them leisurely. He’s so fucking slooow! The toilet next to them flushed and the woman opened the door. They froze as they waited for her to leave.

The clicking footsteps ceased. “Who is in there?” Ashley recognized the voice as her Spanish teacher, Mrs. Moreno. Shit! She saw our feet. “I know two of you are in there!” Ashley opened the door and nudged Darren out. She stumbled behind him. I can’t hold this much longer.

“Darren, I’m surprised to find you misbehaving like this! What were you doing in there?”
“Sh-she made me!” He trembled as he pointed.
Ashley raised an eyebrow and sighed. “Yes, I did.”

“You both march directly to the principal’s office!” The raven-haired Latina woman’s nose flared.
“Wait, can I please go to the bathroom?” Ashley whined.
“No, you should’ve done that instead of fornicating! March!” She snapped her finger.

Ashley whimpered as she followed the chubby boy down the hallways. Mrs. Moreno followed them and entered the principal’s office first, making them wait. Minutes later Mrs. Moreno ushered them in before she returned to her class. The Asian woman clenched her jaw as sat across the desk. Ashley stumbled, falling into the chair and making a pained expression. Mrs. Hyun looked mildly concerned. She thinks my ass still hurts from yesterday!

Ashley spoke first. “I know what we did was wrong, but I just wanted to try it after being abused yesterday! My dad said that I have to keep quiet… and it just feels like everyone ignores me!” Her plan worked, the Principal looked nervous.

“I’m so sorry, Ashley.” She looked to Darren, “what about you?”
“I… I accidentally… I don’t know.”
“Well, I can call your parents and bring them in… or we can just agree that this will never happen again.”
Darren nodded eagerly. “Please don’t tell my parents.”
“Okay, but you can’t tell them either, okay?” He agreed and Ashley abided. “However next time your parents will be involved! You two may go now.” Good, a win-win for all of us. I bet Darren will crack, but I bet his parents will just stop me from seeing him. Oh no, whatever will I do? A smug smile spread across Ashley’s lips.

They both exited and Ashley’s grumbling tummy reminded her what she carried; she walked hastily to the restroom, ignoring everyone along her way. It felt euphoric, when she was finally able to empty herself. She didn’t care if anyone heard.

She missed most of her current class so she decided to head to the next one. She stopped by Mrs. Howell’s class and waited. They had found a substitute teacher for now, she noticed. She stood back and scanned the exiting group for Jack. Once she spotted him, she dashed closer.

He edged past the door, waiting for the line to move. Jack had one more class before the day was over, but this was the last one he shared with Claire. He moved to cut her off when Ashley pushed in front of him instead. “Hey, Jack.”

“Ashley, stop bothering me!”
“I just went through a horrible experience! Don’t ignore me!”
Jack held his command rod. “Don’t bother me!” He hesitated, thinking what to say. “Whatever bad experience you had – you loved it and you want more! Now get away from me!” He spoke with anger now.

Ashley left him alone finally. He tried to spot Claire, but his opportunity had passed. He grumbled. Ugh! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for Mom tonight.

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