A Lesson Learned


​Jack’s father had returned from his business trip late that evening. Jack awoke, overhearing their argument; Hank was upset with Betty because she had lost her job and had been falling deeper into debt. She had tried to explain that she couldn’t control her temptation to buy things and wanted to enjoy life for once. That comment didn’t go over well. She had also gained weight, as he had pointed out. Jack knew all of this was entirely his doing.

Jack didn’t care. It had been a little over a month since he had received the command rod and he had been having a wonderful time. He had been having more sex than he had ever expected. Actually, I think I’m going to pay Karen a visit. He crept away from the stairs, heading to her room. He opened the door quietly. Karen sat, transfixed upon her computer, naked except for her headphones. She had gained a small about of weight, but she still looked incredibly sexy. Her freckled face had rounded ever so slightly, giving her a more caring appearance. Her butt was squishier and her boobs were handfuls now.

She didn’t hear him as he came behind her. He moved her headphone aside, “go fill up with water and be quiet about it.” He whispered. She walked quietly down the hallway, pausing at the closed bathroom door. Crap, mom must have hidden in there! Instead of knocking, Karen continued downstairs. Jack trailed her through the backdoor, into the backyard. His eyes danced as he watched his sister casually remove the sprayer on the hose, spit on the end, and slip it between her cheeks. She turned the valve and he could hear water flowing inside of her. She gasped softly.

Jack grinned. “How does that feel?” She didn’t respond. He gripped the command rod, “Tell me how it feels.”
“It’s cold!”
He stepped closer and opened the valve more. “What about now?”
She was breathing heavily, holding her stomach as it grew slightly. “My belly hurts, it’s cramping.”
“No it doesn’t. Imagine that you like it for now.”
The anguished expression on her faced quickly turned euphoric. She closed her eyes and moaned as she put her hands on her thighs. She leaned forward and reveled in the sensation. “Keep putting more in me, please.”

Jack happily obliged, spinning the valve even more. He could see the hose vibrating as it blasted water into her. He belly grew larger as he watched. She accepted it with pleasure for a long while. He decided to stop the flow once her belly sagged to her knees. He commanded her to remove the hose, but keep the water in. She did as he told, looking heavily pregnant as she reached back to remove the hose before waddling forward. Jack unbuttoned his shorts and slid them around his ankles. He leaned her forward and tapped her inner thighs so she’d spread her legs. “Go lower, let me fuck you.”

She leaned down, placing her hands upon the grass, giving him an amazing view of her ass. Her stomach weighed her down as she spread for him. He held her hips as he poked against her soft skin, searching for an opening. Once he felt warmth he pressed in; it slipped in easily, making a wet sound as he went all the way in. “It’s in my ass. It feels like I have to poop!” She scoffed, half irritated.

“Keep the water in, remember.” As soon as he said that, he could feel her tense, pulling his cock slightly deeper. He loved the feeling, pressing in and out quickly. After a few more pumps, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He held her hips, pressing her chubby backside flat against him. His organ moved in her ass, filling her even more.

“You can come now.” He had learned to let her enjoy it as well; if he didn’t then she’d start to get clingy later.
“Oh thank god!” She stood, slamming back against him, reaching back to hold his hips. She grunted, her stomach swaying with the motion, rocking them back and forth. She gasped as she moaned, slowing to a stop. They both waited in place for a time before he pulled out carefully, it made a popping noise as he slipped free.

A sound of a door startled them. They turned to see their father standing on the back porch. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness before he started in their direction. “Who’s there?”
Jack pushed her away as he yanked his shorts up. “Run!” Jack whispered as he held the tip of the command rod protruding from his pocket. Karen moved unusually fast with her full belly. She bounded out of view beyond the bushes.

Luckily, Hank hadn’t noticed her as he came closer. “Jack? What are you doing out here? Why was the hose on?”
“I was… I uh, I was just spraying some water around.”
“Tell me the truth.” Hank’s attention turned to the ground. He sighed as he reached down and grabbed the command rod. Jack raised a hand, but immediately thought better of trying to grab it. Hank didn’t realize the power he held as he scowled. “Tell me the truth, Jack.” He asked again with more emphasis.

Jack felt sudden compulsion. “I just gave Karen an enema before I did her in the ass.”

Hank scoffed, “I don’t find that funny, Jack. Tell me what were you doing out here?”
“Karen.” Jack felt his face flush, hoping his dad would give up commanding him.
“Get your ass inside right now!” Hank spat, pointing toward the house with the metal rod in his hand.
Jack felt his muscles tug momentarily before he started walking to the door. Hank followed him inside.

Karen bounded down the jogging trail. I haven’t been jogging for quite some time. Her belly rumbled, and cramping nearly caused her to stumble. Ugh, I remember why. She relished the pain as her belly rocked back and forth. Her legs were getting unbearably sore. I just have to toughen up and keep going! She continued through the wooded route. I’m glad I finally got the courage to go outside without clothes, but I’m huge. Her breasts flopped freely, but it didn’t bother her. Another cramp interrupted her stride. I can’t explain why I like doing this to myself, but I love feeling so full!

It must’ve been quite late, as she had only seen one person on the trail; he had been staring with his mouth open until he was out of sight. The entire path looped through the park and crossed a street before it circled back to the entrance near their house. She had only made it to the park when her legs felt like limp noodles. “It’s… too much. I need to rest.” She said aloud, seeing no one in sight. She stepped heavily to a nearby bench, flopping backwards onto the cold metal bench; it was shockingly cold against her bare skin. She squeaked and tensed as she leaned back, holding her belly.

She rubbed her tummy, trying to ease out some of the cramping, but it was becoming more and more difficult to retain the water inside of her. She lifted her breasts and wiped some sweat away. She groaned as she waited, wondering how much farther her legs would carry her. After a few minutes she stood, ready to push on. I have to keep going! I can do this!

Jack continued to argue with his father, exchanging some foul terms. “I’m sick of this shit. Go to bed right now and we’ll finish this tomorrow.” Jack wanted to yank the command rod from his dad’s hand, he wanted to continue berating him for leaving them for so long, he wanted to hit him; instead he turned and stomped angrily upstairs. He laid in bed and within ten minutes he was asleep.

He awoke, bolting from his bed in the darkness. He stumbled out of his room and down the hallway. Gotta pee, gotta pee! He went to the bathroom before he groggily made his way back down the hall. He noticed a beam of light coming from under Karen’s door. “Karen!” He gasped as he quietly navigated down the stairs. The clock on the oven said 3:40. He snatched the command rod sitting on the counter before he left.

He searched the area by the hose. Where would she have gone? I told her to run, but she couldn’t have gone far holding all of that water, right? Jack walked, looking for any movement in the shadows. Maybe she’s on the running path she used to take! Ugh, I wonder how long that is. I have to find her, though.

Jack began jogging; after about two minutes, he realized he was woefully out of shape. He opted to walk quickly instead of jogging. God, I hope I can find her. The path led him across a desolate street and weaved through a wooded area before dumping him into a large empty park. Nothing. He continued, going into the woods again. Then, he heard something; it grew louder as he approached. Crying! “Karen? Is that you?”

“I’m over here.” She whimpered, sitting in the grass beside the trail.
“My god, tell me what happened.”
“I tried, but I can’t run anymore. It hurts so badly and I can’t let it out. Please help me.”
“It’s okay,” Jack gripped the idol. “Go empty out over there, behind that bush.”
Karen wiped tears away from her weary brown eyes. “Okay.” She turned and crawled away, giving him an amazing view of her chubby rump. Her belly pressed the grass down as she moved.

His pants tightened and he knew he couldn’t resist. “Actually, wait just a minute. Let me fuck you first.”
She groaned dramatically, “hurry! Please!” She stopped and put her head down, presenting complete access. He unbuttoned and slipped it into her pussy, pressing in and out slowly as he held her hips. She grunted as he increased the pace. “Hurry, Jack.” He came out and aimed for her other hole. She shrieked as he pushed it into her ass. “Stop, I can barely hold it!” He pounded her, rising above her and putting his weight into it. She cried as he went faster. She tensed as much as she could, but it was nothing like before. Still, it felt amazing.

“Stop, Jack, stop!” She put a hand back, trying to slow him down, but he ignored her plea. He pressed in without warning and added more to her. He finished his orgasm as she bawled. “Get it out! Hurry!”
I can’t believe she was able to keep it in this long. “Okay,” he stepped back, “let it go!”

Jack was oddly mesmerized by the water fountain that erupted from his sister’s ass. It came out with such force that it dampened the entire bush. The sound it made was comedic gold. Jack laughed as he turned away, putting his shorts back on. He sat on the bench as he waited for his sister to finish. She used some leaves from a nearby tree to clean herself for the time being. “I can’t stand, Jack.” She laid in the grass. “I’m so drained.”
Jack laughed. “Fine, I think I can carry you the rest of the way. They weren’t far from home. He draped his naked sister over his shoulder and they walked together.

“How long did you run?”
“I made… uh, four laps.”
“Dude, that’s impressive.”
She smiled weakly. “Please don’t tell Dad what I did. I loved the feeling at first, but then it was too much.”
“I’m not going to tell him, I swear.” Jack thought about telling her to forget, but he wanted to see how this played out. When they got home, they moved quietly up the stairs and into the bathroom. Jack helped her shower and then brought her to bed.

“Just tell mom you’re sick today.”
“Okay, do you think they heard us come in?”
“Nah, Dad is a pretty heavy sleeper and I’m sure Mom is pissed at him so she wouldn’t wake him up to investigate.”
Karen nodded weakly, putting her arms up for a hug. Jack came lower and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her bare breasts pressing against his chest.
“I love you, little brother. Sorry to be so messed up.”
“It’s okay, I’m sorry for… I’m just sorry for doing this to you.”
“I did this to myself.”

He said goodnight and went back to his room. Ugh, almost 5:30 – school is going to suck tomorrow. He laid down and quickly drifted to sleep.

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