The Learning Experience


​The kids hushed as their teacher entered the room. Mrs. Howell wore a violet dress shirt and a knee length black skirt. She looked motherly with her wide smile and gentle eyes; her coppery hair fell just below her shoulders. Her bust line was slightly larger than average, but her apple-shaped posterior was noticeably her best feature as she walked to her desk, preparing for the class to begin.

Gathering her papers, she strolled to the front of the class, looking to Jack as she began speaking. “Who can tell me what Glycolysis produces?” Hands shot up around the room. She scanned for a moment before her gaze fell upon Jack once more. “Mr. Olsen, care to try?” The hands around him lowered and their eyes turned to him.

“Uh, is it… I don’t know.” He was flushed with embarrassment.
“You did study your papers I sent to you, right?” He nodded. “Well, then can you tell me what we have been studying since you’ve been gone?” He sat in sullen silence. She turned her gaze to the rest of the class. “Anyone care to help, Mr. Olsen?”

“We’ve been studying cells and the answer to the first question is pyruvate.” The girl sitting next to him spoke; Ashley sat perfectly straight as she smiled smugly. Mrs. Howell praised her and continued the topic. Ashley turned to give Jack a conceited grin. Her sandy-colored hair was smooth and straight, held back by a pink headband; it matched her pink blouse, which fit snugly, showing her slender physique. Her tight white shorts showcased her lightly tanned legs.

Jack despised her; she was an obvious teacher’s pet and she had just humiliated him. The teacher droned on as he thought; she instructed the class to open their textbooks to a certain page before she continued. Jack whispered loudly to get Ashley’s attention. She turned, annoyed as she shushed him.

“Mr. Olsen, is there something you’d like to share?” The teacher said, irritated.
“No, sorry Mrs. Howell.”
She carried on and Jack wanted nothing more than to cause them both to do nasty things to one another in front of everyone, but he cooled off. He knew that he shouldn’t use the command rod on everybody in the class – that might be a disaster if he messed up something; instead, he listened patiently for the rest of the class. I’ll have my fun with Ashley later. The bell rang and the other students left while Jack waited.

Once they were alone, Jack cleared his throat. Mrs. Howell took notice. “Don’t you have another class to get to Mr. Olsen?”
Jack arose and walked leisurely to her desk. “I do, but instead I want to give you some special attention.”
She was becoming agitated, “Mr. Olsen, I don’t like kids who think the rules don’t apply to them…”
He stopped her. “Imagine this time with me is a fantasy of yours. You won’t like it now, but later you will.” He stepped closer, holding the command rod. “Stand up and remove your panties.”

She stood and did as he asked. He told her to lift her skirt as he reached for the sturdy wooden yardstick she had resting at the side of her desk. He bent her over her and raised the straightedge, bringing it down upon her exposed bottom with modest force. She yelped in pain, standing upright. He pressed her back down upon the table before swatting her again.

“Stop, it hurts!” She attempted to cover her red cheeks.
He pushed her hands away. “No.” He swatted her harder as she stood, complaining and holding her butt in a way that aroused him beyond imagine. “Bend over!” He enjoyed giving her what she deserved. “If you fight it then it will just hurt more. He struck her bottom again, watching her apple ass ripple with the force of his strikes. He spanked her two more times before he sat the stick down on the side of her desk.

She sobbed quietly as she gripped the edge of the desk with white knuckles. Jack undid his pants and pressed himself against her sore backside. He fumbled for a moment before he felt warmth and wetness; he pressed in and she sobbed louder. He slid in and out with full motion, spanking her occasionally. He was rough as he pounded her. Feeling it building, he leaned forward and whispered, “I’m about to fill you up.”

“No, please!” She begged, looking back teary-eyed.
“This is putting you in your place.” He let go and shot into her. He didn’t linger; breathing heavily, he stepped back and put his pants back on. “Good girl,” he held the rod, “You can stand and put your panties on. Remember, this didn’t happen, this was only a fantasy.”

He heard her sniffling as he walked out of the classroom, whistling.

He made it to his next class late, but he knew that teacher didn’t really care. He tried to understand the topic, but he was obviously behind everyone else. He picked up what little he could before the bell rang. He went to another class and the sense of confusion remained. He was very frustrated by the end, realizing he would have to find a way to catch up in those classes.

Feeling upset, he went to the cafeteria. He got lunch and sat down amongst some kids he knew. They welcomed him back, glad that he had survived his struggle against whatever virus he had. When he finished, he brought his tray to the trash. He turned to see the older boy who had been working at the grocery store. There was an awkward silence.
“Uh, tell your mom that… Tell her Jason works tonight, okay?”

Jack scoffed and walked away. Knowing he had some time to spare, he found his locker and put away his books. His next class was a computer science class, so he knew he would have no trouble there. He stopped to observe the girls in the gym as he passed. Ashley was practicing volleyball with her class. Nefarious thoughts ran through his mind as he watched her crouch in the tight shorts. She looked in his direction and caught him staring. She made a disgusted gesture as he continued to watch. A short time later, the bell rang. She trotted over to him as the rest of her group went to change.

“What’s your problem, pervert.”
“Come with me.”
Her sour expression relaxed as she followed. He led her to one of the girl’s bathrooms, and once he knew it was clear, into a stall.
He grabbed her small breast before she slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me sicko!”
“You’re going to stand there and let me do whatever I want!”

Her anger subsided, but he could tell she didn’t like her command. He groped her for a moment before he pulled her shirt up and slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles. He worked his hands all over her, feeling her soft, youthful skin. He unclasped her cotton sports bra and hung it upon the door’s hook.

He moved his pants down and sat upon the closed toilet, his excitement easily visible. “Sit on it.”
She spun around and lowered her hips slowly. He felt it slip past her opening and go between her closed legs. Her skin is so warm and soft! “On second thought, suck it for a minute.”

She arose, turned, and opened her mouth to accommodate him. She sucked vigorously for a few moments before the sensation overwhelmed him. He unexpectedly began shooting into her mouth as she continued sucking. She swallowed it all and continued. He jerked back and forth before he could manage to tell her to stop. She knelt, frozen in place, while looking up to him with mild disgust. She has spirit, I’ll give her that.

He moved her head back, gazing upon her big, blue eyes as his organ slid from between her soft, pouty lips. He removed her headband, allowing her blonde hair to hang forward, framing her prefect face. She still had an edge to her expression, but Jack knew he was in full control.

“Man, you’re good. I need you to sit on it.” He was still erect.
She lifted herself and turned, descending slowly as he guided it inside of her. He moved it forward and felt sudden warmth as she lowered her hips. He had never experienced such a sensation. “Holy shit, why is it so tight?”
“It’s my ass.” She whispered with irritation.
“I’m… It’s in your butt?”
“Wow. Move up and down for me…” He moaned, “This is for making me look like an idiot earlier.”

She brought her hips up and down as she leaned forward. The feeling was amazing. He knew it would be a few minutes before he could cum again, but it still felt wonderful. His concentration was broken when he heard footsteps.

“Where did that bitch go?”
“I think she ditched us again.”
“God, we’re just her toys, I guess. She’s so uptight.”
“Yeah, I think she has something up her butt.”
The girls giggled as they went into separate stalls, one chose the stall next to theirs. Ashley continued to grind as her friends passed. Jack could feel it building again, but he had to keep quiet.
“Hey, who’s in there?” The girl knocked lightly on the side of their stall.

Jack panicked and whispered in her ear. Ashley responded. “Hi.”
There was a silence.
“We didn’t mean it.” Another silence before a toilet flushed.
Jack whispered again, discomforted by pleasure. “Tell them what you think about them.”
“I think you should quit being cowards and quit talking behind my back! I think you both should just get out.”
Another flush before they washed their hands in silence. She heard them walk to her stall. “Ashley, come on. Can’t we work this-”
“No! I’m done with you both; I have plenty of friends who are better than you two sluts!” Jack appreciated the humor as he watched her petite frame bent forward, moving her small butt up and down on his dick.
“You’re the slut!” They spoke angrily from the other side of the thin divider.” You constantly belittle us and we just take it. You’re right; we should tell you this to your face. We’ll make sure you regret this!”
“You’re nothing without me. I’m the one that you all come to every day because you need direction like lost little puppies!” She sat up; he felt her tighten even more upon him. He gasped as he instantly orgasmed, trying to hold her in place as she moved her hips.
“Fine! Come on Claire!” They both stormed out.

The feeling was wonderful, but it quickly overwhelmed him as she continued grinding her hips against him.
“Stop!” He whispered a little too loudly. The girls had left, but he worried they might hear him from the hall. “Just finish already!” Still sitting in his lap, she reached forward and rubbed between her spread legs intensely. She moaned loudly and began to shake, tensing again upon his cock, which was still buried in her ass. He let out a sad whimper. She stood, allowing his limp penis to gently slide out.

“Get dressed and get back to class, slut.” She reached for her bra on the door handle. “Leave that, You shouldn’t wear those anymore.” They both dressed in tight space and they both went their separate ways. For the rest of the day he couldn’t help but think back to how tight she had been. He hated her, and after hearing her argue with her so-called friends, he knew she was a bad person. However, he kept coming back to how wonderful that had felt.

Then a thought crossed his mind – he had forgotten to tell her to forget their encounter.
“Uh-oh. Oh well, maybe it taught her a lesson.”

He’s so gross! Ashley thought, as she attempted to listen to the teacher. My butt is so sore! I can’t believe I let him do that to me! She had never had sex before, but she was no stranger to masturbation. I guess I did enjoy it even though it hurt. She giggled to herself, unable to focus on the man speaking at the head of the room. He told me what to do and I just couldn’t say no. I liked that! Hearing Claire and Jen right next to me while he put it in my butt… And then I could feel him shooting in me, I just couldn’t stop! When he finally told me to finish the feeling was fucking amazing! She felt her face redden as she said a curse-word in her mind. She was glad no one was watching her at the moment.

Once the bell rang, she searched the halls for Jack. She lingered by his locker, hoping he’d come by. Where is he? I hope I didn’t scare him away. She waited for a half an hour before she finally gave up and left. Maybe he’s just playing with me, but I want him to control me again. I need him to control me. She walked despairingly down the sidewalk, searching through the faces, hoping to see him again.

Jack hurried out of class once the final bell sounded. He weaved through children, heading to his locker, but he stopped to talk to two of his best friends: Chris and Jessie.

“Hey, Jack, glad to see you back!” Chris smiled.
“Yeah, I had it bad. How have you been?”
“Dude, you missed the sex-ed class!” Jessie broke in, “it was funny watching a sub trying to keep us focused.”
“I know all about it, I didn’t miss much.” Jack lied. “I’ve seen so many things on the internet.”
“Well, I learned a couple of things to try with the ladies!”
“You did not!” Chris said with disbelief. “It was all ‘penis’ this and ‘vagina’ that. I learned more about fallopian tubes than I ever wanted to.” They laughed.
“Yeah, it was a stiff topic.” They laughed again.
“I always thought you had to pee into the girl to get her pregnant, turns out that white stuff that comes out is what does it.”
“Yeah, I always thought I had to stop when that came out. I thought it meant I was doing too much!” Jessie grinned.

The topic changed and they bantered some time longer before Jack headed home. He walked and thought about what they had said; I shot that stuff into mom, Karen, the teacher, and even Ashley! I guess it probably was okay because it went in her butt. I hope I didn’t get the rest pregnant! He went inside to see Karen sitting lazily on the couch. He had noticed she hadn’t been as active the past week or so. He headed upstairs and read up on the symptoms of pregnancy. It would be too soon to tell for certain, but he couldn’t do anything about it now. Oh well, if it is true then I have the command rod to fix this. Somehow.  He was horny again and mom would still be at work. He walked downstairs and commanded his sister to go to her room.

Karen stood mindlessly and walked ahead of him. He followed her and closed the door behind them. He lowered his pants and brought out his cock. “Lick it like a lollipop.” She curved her tongue around it, undisturbed by the slight odor. Once she had moistened it an acceptable amount he made another command.

“Drop your shorts and underwear, bend over, and then grab your ankles.” She slid her bottoms to the ground and leaned forward, displaying her springy backside to him. He spread her cheeks and spit on her exposed hole. He poked his way in, easily moving his whole penis inside of her.

“You’re not nearly as tight as she was!”
Karen made no response as she stayed in place.
“I know. Go to the bathroom and fill your ass with some water!”
She immediately stood upright. He slid out as she stepped away, leaving her shorts behind. He followed her into the bathroom and watched as she removed the showerhead and inserted the hose in between her cheeks. He watched as she turned on a low flow of water. The pained look on her face amused him. He stepped closer and pressed the lever higher. The hose shook as it blasted water inside of her. Karen stood, staring at the floor, without trying to resist. She waited patiently as her belly grew outward.

Well, since the damage is probably done… Jack couldn’t wait. He commanded her to place her leg on the edge of the bathtub. He moved closer and adjusted her to his height. He slid into her wet opening and pounded her as she filled. He could feel the water jetting into her belly as he pressed in and out. It wasn’t as tight as Ashley, but it was far more slippery. Jack couldn’t last and shot his sperm into his sister. By then her belly ballooned outward and she looked pregnant. Jack flipped the lever and watched her for a moment. She looks cute with that belly. “Well, get used to it, Karen; you’re going to have a baby in there soon enough!” He rubbed her stomach and kissed her on the lips. “Now clean up and empty yourself. Forget everything that happened since I got home.”

He slapped her ass before he left.

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