Shopping Spree


Jack had been living the easy life for the past weeks. He knew he should be careful with his commands, but it seemed so easy just to say “forget everything that just happened.” He had no need for porn now, as he used his mother and sister whenever he pleased, which was very often. He had been skipping school, but knew that he couldn’t brainwash everyone. His mother awoke him, crabby as usual in the morning. He grabbed the small command rod from the side of his bed. “Mom,” he stopped her, “come here and let me fuck you.”

She looked slightly irritated as she slid her pajama bottoms and panties down before lying beside him. He rolled onto her and prodded for a moment before finding his way in. She looked distant, watching him as he moved upon her. He already had morning wood, so he didn’t last long, filling her warm crevice. He laid there for a time until he was completely finished. He got dressed and asked her to forget about their encounter.

He jumped up and made his way down the hall to the bathroom. The closed door meant Karen was hogging it. He knocked loudly, “hurry up, I have to pee!”
“Wait your turn!”
Betty walked by without saying a word.

Jack knew he should wait, but now he didn’t have to. Once his mom was down the stairs he spoke with confidence. “Go to your room!” Within moments the lock clicked and his fully naked sister emerged. She had been applying makeup – she looks so sexy! He showed her some photos last night of what he thought would look better. Her breasts distracted him as she pushed past. He watched her supple rump moving with each step as she headed back to her room.

He went in and did his business. A knock came, “Jack, let me get my clothes out of there!”
He held the rod, “Go get- Actually, be comfortable being naked around the house. Just wait your turn.”

Without any further protest he finished getting ready for school. He opened the door to see Karen standing creepily at the door. He slid past her and headed downstairs. He had a toaster strudel as he watched television. His mom joined him as they waited for Karen. The steps creaked as Karen entered the room holding a stack of clothes. She sat nude on the couch, starting to dress.

“Karen, what are you doing?” Betty exclaimed. “Put your clothes on and take off all that makeup!”
“I am putting on clothes, mom!”
“Well not down here, your brother is right there!”
“I’m okay with being nude, it’s natural!”
Their mother was livid, “well, what’s natural about all that slutty makeup then?”
“I saw it online, I think it looks nice. Quit being such a bitch!”
“What did you just call me?!”

Jack held the rod yet again, “Mom, just be supportive.” The anger suddenly left her eyes as she contemplated what to say next. “Fine, I’m sorry. It’s just a big change to see my little girl growing up.”
Karen scoffed, ignoring her as she continued to dress.
Betty stood, “Okay, it’s time to go to school.”
“Mom, I don’t want to go to school today.” She huffed and before she could continue he held the command rod. “One more day off for us, okay?” He had commanded Betty to call the school, saying he had been very ill for the past week and a half. It had been thirteen days since he had been given the command rod. He had commanded Karen to tell anyone at school who asked about him that he was in bed and coughing constantly.

Betty agreed and hurried Karen along. “Say, Jack, do you want to come with me to run some errands since you’re not going to school?”
“Don’t you have to go to work?”
“Not today.”
“Oh.” He shook his head, but he thought about it for a moment. “Sure, I’ll come with you.” He rushed upstairs and changed before joining them in the car. They drove to the school and Karen rushed inside, avoiding her family as much as she could.

Betty parked and started to get out. “What are you going in for, mom?”
“They told me on the phone they have a paper for us to sign. You’re coming in too.”
Suddenly nervous, Jack decided to see what they had called them in for. They didn’t have to wait long before the principal beckoned them into her office. “Hi, Jack. How are you feeling?”
“Uh, better, why?”
“Well, Jack, it had been brought to my attention that you have been avoiding school. Are you aware of this, Mrs. Olsen?”
Betty agreed, “Yes, I was aware. I called every day saying he was sick.”

The principal nodded slowly. “Well, I am disappointed that you would allow your son to skip school for so many days. In light of this I would ask you both to sign this letter of suspension. We cannot teach someone who is not here, so this will last for one week as punishment. During this time I expect Jack to complete all of his missed assignments as well as the additional work for the coming week.”
Jack’s eyes were wide with fright. “You can’t do that. I was sick!” He held the command rod in his pocket. “I was sick for two weeks and now I’m getting better. I’ll be back tomorrow and you’ll make sure I’m not doing any make-up work. Be nice to me, Principal Hyun.“

She fixed her glasses as she thought. “Well, I suppose I was hasty. I’ll have a talk with your teachers and we will see you tomorrow.” She crumpled the suspension form and threw it into the waste bin.

Jack relaxed as they drove into town. He knew that encounter with his principal was a near miss, but he had fixed it; he wondered what the other teachers would say.
“We need to stop and get me some new clothes. I think I’m gaining weight.” Betty patted her belly as she turned the wheel.

Jack inspected his mother. She was fit with an hourglass figure. She wore tight, unbuttoned jeans and her long-sleeved shirt was stretched over her c-cup breasts. Her face was long with a pointed nose and strong cheekbones. She turned to see Jack staring. Her green eyes dancing as a smile spread across her face. “What? What are you looking at, honey?”

“Just you, you’re pretty.” She blushed.
They went into the department store; Jack was bored instantly. He played on his phone for a time until Betty had found a few clothes to try. His eye caught a white, knee-length, dress adorned with a blue flower pattern. “Try that one on.”
“Honey, that is $90 and I wouldn’t wear it enough. It is pretty, though.”
“Please, I just want to see you in it.”

She hesitated before adding it to her pile. She spent about 10 minutes hidden in the changing room before she came out in the dress he had chosen. “It’s a size too small.” She looked down upon her breasts, showing visible clevage through the V-neck opening of the dress.

“I think it looks nice on you, you should get it.”
“I can’t afford it, honey.”
He commanded this time, “You should get it. Keep it on.” She gathered up the other clothes she had tried on. He noticed a few bras in the stack. “Put those back, you don’t need to wear those anymore.”
“No, I need those to keep these puppies in check.” She cupped her left breast playfully.
Again he commanded, and again she complied. She put the bras in the dressing room and reached back, attempting to undo the one she was wearing. “Jack, could you unhook me?” Jack grinned as he fumbled to unclasp her taught bra straps. After a few failed attempts he finally undid the last hook. She slid the shoulder straps on her dress and bra down. She pulled the bra free, setting it upon the others. Her exquisite breasts sat perfectly as she pulled the dress back into place.

Betty lied to the cashier, saying her other clothes were torn, so she wanted to wear the dress outside. The girl accepted the answer, struggling to pull her gaze away from Betty’s bust. Her cleavage had been lessened slightly since she had shed her bra, but nipples were visible through the white cotton. They paid and left.

The next stop was a mid-scale grocery store. Betty got a cart and they headed to the produce section. A devilish smile appeared on Jack’s face. “Grab one of those cucumbers and put it into yourself.” He commanded. “And don’t be grossed out.”

Betty quickly snatched a mid-sized cucumber from the top of the pile. She put it in her mouth, moistening it, before she brought it lower. He watched as she moved her panties aside and spread her legs; she slid the vegetable in, moaning. She strained to fit it entirely, but once she had it all in she moved her panties back into place to hold it in place. Jack looked around, noticing one spectator. The man looked young, maybe a few years older than Jack. He wore a blue shirt and black pants – a store employee. He watched Betty with wide-eyed wonder as he held a package of tangerines.

Jack commanded his mother again. “… and don’t get caught.” She walked casually to the boy. As she spoke his eyes jumped to the tangerines he held. He nodded nervously as he took one out and set the bag upon the shelf. Betty took the lone tangerine, licking it suggestively. Using her other hand to lift her dress, she moved the rear portion of her panties and inserted it easily into her backdoor. She looked around before whispering something else into his ear. She rubbed the bulge in his pants as another customer passed by. She covertly unzipped him, pulling his erection free. She spit in her hand and used it to lubricate his member before she turned around and leaned forward slightly.

The boy closed his eyes and opened his mouth silently as he pressed forward. An old woman approached, oblivious to the fornication happening nearby. She inspected the prices of salad mix as Betty edged the boy ahead. To the undiscerned eye it would appear they were both inspecting the nearby celery. The woman moved her cart closer, regarding them momentarily.

“I don’t know, these look old to me.” Betty spoke indifferently. “What do you think?”
The boy was caught off guard. “It… Uh, it, they just look darker. They’re in good quality.” Betty pushed back carefully, taking him balls deep. He twitched suddenly, groaning. Betty giggled as she picked up a bunch of celery, feigning disinterest as the boy filled her ass. The old lady moved on, paying no mind to his subtle orgasm.

Once the old woman was looking elsewhere Betty stepped forward, allowing the stock-boy to slip out. She fixed her panties and dress as she walked away. The boy fixed his pants and watched sadly as she left him to his work. She rejoined with Jack and they moved to another aisle. Jack picked out some junk food that he knew his mother would never buy him.

Betty got what she had written on her list as well as what Jack had demanded. They strolled into the baked goods section. Jack noticed a dark room behind the empty counter where the cakes were held. He held the command staff and ushered her through the doors marked “employees only.” Jack explored the semi-dark room for a moment before he told his mother to remove her dress. Betty laid upon a large wooden table in the center of the room, awaiting her son’s next command.

“I want you to enjoy this.” Jack removed his pants and grabbed two large tubes of decorating icing. He squeezed them both over each of her nipples; one was chocolate and one was strawberry. He licked each nipple, gently lapping up the sweet topping. Jack enjoyed hearing his mother moaning; he put some more icing in a line from each nipple down to her lower region. He spent the next few minutes licking her, slowly tracing his way along her body. Once all of the frosting was gone he slid out the damp cucumber and had her take a bite before he threw it into the garbage; he used his tongue to explore between her legs. After a moment he arose and laid upon the table beside her. With a few words she turned and sat on top of him. She reached down and slid his erection into her wet pussy.

It felt amazing and he came almost instantly. His grip slacked and the command rod went rolling onto the floor. Betty continued moving her hips as he shuddered, overwhelmed with pleasure. “Stop, it’s too much!”
She giggled, “No, I can’t. I’m about too.” After a time he finally started enjoying it again. She continued, increasing her pace. He reached over and grabbed one of the icing tubes he had set upon the table. His mother continued grinding upon him as he brought it behind her. He pulled her cheek open and guided the tip into her ass. She gasped as he squeezed it, forcing pink icing into her butt. He used both hands to get every bit he could into his mom. She quivered as he removed it; he loved watching her face twisting with excitement, knowing she actually enjoyed it.

Jack quickly reached for another tube while his mother was in the throes of orgasm. He inserted it and squeezed. She made a suddenly pained expression as she tightened upon him. He dropped the tube, freeing his hands to hold her hips in place as he pumped her. Betty attempted to wriggle free, but stopped when she realized that Jack was nearly finished. She grimaced as he continued fervently until he orgasmed once more, pumping his mother with additional filling.

She stared into his eyes. “I love you, Jack.”
Just then they both turned to the noise just outside the door. Betty jumped off and pulled Jack under the table along with her dress. The lights came on as a man and a woman walked in. “Aw, what a mess!” Jack could see the collapsed icing tubes he had dropped. The woman picked them up as well as the command rod; luckily she didn’t see them under the table. “What is this for?”
“I dunno, maybe a piece to the mixer?”
She walked to the opposite side of the room. “No, it doesn’t seem to fit.”
“Just leave it on the table for Cesar.”
“Okay, grab the pans.” She walked to the table and paused. “Tell me, what do you think?”
The man hesitated. “I think you’re gorgeous.”
“I was asking which spatula we needed, but… Want to go out to dinner later?” He must have nodded. “What’s the catch? You’re not married are you?” She said, half-jokingly.
“Nope. I was just too shy to say anything to you.”
“Aww, that’s cute. Just be honest and nice to me and we’ll see how it goes!” Jack heard a thud as she put the metal shaft upon the table. They made their way to an adjoining room.

He looked over to see Betty beaming. “That is adorable!” She whispered, dressed once again.
They crawled out from beneath the table and fixed their clothes. He grabbed the rod and slid it into his pocket. They exited the room as casually as they could. They grabbed their cart and checked out. Jack remembered that his mother still had the tangerine in her behind as well as the icing. As they headed for the door Jack told her to go to the bathroom and he’d bring the cart out.

Once everything had been stowed, Jack sat and waited until Betty opened the door smiling. “That poor janitor will be so confused. The frosting went down, but the tangerine is still there. You know, it kind of hurt, but I kind of liked it, too.” Jack didn’t know how to reply. They drove a distance before he directed her to stop at a video-game store. His mother planted a kiss on his cheek before they went inside. Jack enjoyed today. Tomorrow, however, he had to go back to school. He smiled, thinking of what fun he could have.

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