Time Away


Natalie fumbled for her phone, finding it buried beneath the clothes she had been travelling in. Melanie greeted her exuberantly. Natalie was drained, but she greatly enjoyed hearing her voice after the long flight. Natalie sat in her underwear as they talked about the weather and the details of her travel. “So, how’s Rebecca treating you?”

Melanie scoffed at the question, “she is being very nice to me; nicer than my mother was, that’s for sure.”
Natalie didn’t doubt that, “You two haven’t… You know.”
There was a short pause. “Oh, no, she has been very kind, but she is keeping her distance.”
“Good, I can’t wait to get back to you.” Natalie had wanted her to come. Although she knew Melanie was too embarrassed to return home.
“You enjoy yourself. This is just some time apart so you don’t get sick of me! You’ll be back in two weeks and then we’ll do something to celebrate!”
Natalie smiled, “Okay, I’ll look forward to it.”
“Good. If I would’ve come then I would have been sneaking into your room every night! I don’t think your dad or step-mother would care for that.”
Melanie was right; her dad was not half as open-minded as her Rebecca was. That was the reason her parents had split-up. Natalie was planning to tell them about her new girlfriend this visit and bring her later in the year. She wasn’t sure if she’d tell him the truth about her belly when they had first met, though. Look, dad, I love someone who enjoys being filled with water… Yeah, she’s nice. The thought of his reaction caused her discomfort.
“Well, I’ll let you settle in. Call me when you wake up, okay? Love you.”

Natalie agreed as she hung up. She finished unpacking before finding her father. She was glad her step-mother, Barbara, had already gone to bed. Sarah was floating around, but she didn’t last much longer. Natalie and Grant chatted in front of the television for a while before she opted to head back to her room to shower before bed.

She looked into the mirror; she had gained weight since she had started doing high-volume enemas, but she still felt comfortable around her lover. She was only slightly chubby now, but she knew she couldn’t let herself get any bigger. It should be easier since we aren’t filling now; the enemas had felt nice, though… But, Melanie told me not to! She pushed the thought out of her mind and stepped into the shower.

The warm water felt wonderful after the long day of travel. Then her mind searched for other ways to unwind. She touched herself, using a finger to replicate Melanie’s soft caress. She attempted, but it was nothing similar. Frustrated, she looked up to the shower head. She recalled that night they had led Melanie down here and forced that hose into her, filling her even more than she already had been. It looked so much cleaner than the rest of the bathroom even now, but she doubted her father would notice. He is so oblivious.

An errant thought gripped her: it had been months since either of them had been filled. Melanie hadn’t wanted to do it since their last time using Rebecca’s homemade enema contraption. She had said it wasn’t good for their health and they should be happy with each other, not with that. Natalie had accepted it for the time, but there were moments where she almost slipped back into her old habits. Like now, without a chaperone… she decided to embrace her fetish. No one has to know.

Natalie unscrewed the shower head, slowing the flow and making sure the water wasn’t too hot. She licked her finger before using them to open her backdoor, wiggling around to open it wider. She used some saliva to lubricate the hose and then she lowered it behind her; she put her leg up, on the seat in the shower. Her heart raced as she pressed it inside, the water flowing in steadily. She breathed more heavily, relishing the feeling. I need more! She used her free hand to press the handle, increasing the flow of the water. It streamed inside of her, inflating her belly slowly.

She brought her leg down, bending forward and resting her elbow on the chair. She let go of the hose and it stayed in place, buried in her bowels. She looked down to see her belly had grown to look like the first few months of pregnancy. She grinned. I want to look like she did that night. I have to hold out until my belly is huge! She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the cramps and increasing fullness. She wanted desperately to touch herself, but her mind was set. She had to wait or she wouldn’t want to keep going. She suffered for some time longer until she opened her eyes to see a hanging, weighted belly.

She was not nearly as big as Melanie had been, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She shot her hand between her legs and rubbed herself furiously, climaxing instantly. As she quivered she slapped the handle, stopping the water-flow. She gasped as she slid the hose out in a rush. She let it hang as she stepped out and moved to the toilet. Her mind danced as she began emptying herself. This is horrible, why did I do this to myself?  She thought. I do it because I enjoy it – at least up until this point. I can’t deny myself, this is who I am. I’m a freak. She sighed, watching her belly deflate, feeling the water pour out. She wondered what Melanie would think of her if she saw her doing this again.

The next couple of days were spent around the house, lounging with Sarah. Grant and Barbara were kind to them, but they were a very boring, prosaic couple. Natalie knew Sarah had been sneaking out at night. How else could she be so relaxed here? Once she felt recovered she decided it was her turn to venture out on her own. She did some light shopping to keep up appearances and, once it was late enough, she decided to revisit the fountain where it all began.

She drove to the park and walked along the pathway. She wore a simple dress she had bought, just like Melanie had been wearing when they first met. She was nervous, but also excited. She saw two teenage guys sitting on the bench, watching a girl sitting in the fountain.  Natalie knew where she was sitting: she was inflating, just as she had intended to do. One of the teenagers noticed Natalie and quickly composed himself, moving his hand away from his crotch. He tapped his friend’s arm. He slid upright and watched her. He was visibly irritated. Natalie had no choice but to approach now.

The girl’s face was contorted in displeasure as the large burst of water ended. She opened her eyes and her face immediately reddened with embarrassment. Her red hair was damp on the ends and the bottom of her skirt rested in a small puddle beneath her. Her belly looked firm and round as she sat, frozen in place. This must be her first time here. Natalie looked to the agitated boy on the bench. “What are you doing here?”

The boy looked stricken. “Just keep walking, bitch.”
The other boy nudged him. “She’s gonna get us in trouble, Steve.”
The angry boy inspected her, ignoring his friend. Suddenly realization struck him, “Holy shit, you’re the girl from the videos!”
The girl sitting on the fountain whimpered as the cycle started again.

“I think you have me confused for someone else.” Natalie felt her cheeks flush as she took a step back.
“No,” he grabbed his friend’s arm excitedly, “It’s her – she’s the one from the second video!”
“Dude, you’re right!”
“Can we please see you balloon for us?”
“That’s why you’re here, right? You know, to fill up with water.” He pointed to the girl in agony sitting upon the spout. “She’s doing this for him. I will do anything you want if you do it for me!” Natalie hesitated, but the boy insisted. “Megan, she’s going to join you!”
They watched her face as the last, largest burst in the cycle finished, “No, Steve, I’m done!” She rolled off, getting more of her dress wet as she stood shakily. She bent down and used a wet wipe to meticulously scrub the nozzle she had just used. At least they are keeping it clean. “Take me home, Billy!” She stepped heavily out of the fountain area, looking damp, angry, and appearing noticeably pregnant.

“Come on, this is the girl from the video. She’s going to do it for us. Stay for a little longer?” He whined.
“No, you don’t have a bunch of water about to come shooting out of you!” Her belly gurgled as if responding. “I can’t believe you talked me into this!”
He looked to her with pleading eyes, but she was not interested. “Fine, you stay here then you asshole. I’m done!”
“Bae, come on!” She stumbled, finally gaining a good rhythm as she walked down the pathway. Billy looked to Natalie, “She’s too stubborn to let it out here.”
“You two shouldn’t pressure girls into doing this sort of thing.”
“She wanted to. She saw that video with us and she wanted to be like you! Please do it for us.”

Natalie wasn’t sure how to take that. She couldn’t believe that girls wanted to emulate her doing this. But, she also felt guilty because she actually felt flattered. She didn’t want to continue this trend, but all three of them knew why she was there. No need to be shy now. “Fine, I’ll do it, but you two have to watch for people to come.” They grinned as she stepped in and lifted her dress, lowering herself onto the fountain nozzle. It slipped in easily. She adjusted herself and got comfortable, waiting. The boys lifted their phones and began recording. “Stop, no vide-oh!” The first pulse came and it felt wonderful. Air mixed with water, making her belly puff out slightly.

The boys didn’t listen, their phones still trained upon her. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. What are the chances that Melanie will find this? She closed her eyes and relished the sensation as the second and third flow filled her in succession. Her privates tingled in anticipation for the final blast. She reached over her bulging belly to touch herself. Then the big finish came, inflating her with a torrent of air and water. She nearly finished herself, but she brought her hand back. I can wait for the next round. Maybe I can hold out for two more! She opened her eyes, trying to hold back by distracting herself. Billy and Steve were touching themselves again. But, she noticed they had been joined by a few more spectators.

Kacey waved, smiling warmly. “Glad to see you’re back!” Two other girls and another boy were watching her now. She watched them chatting for a minute before she felt the bursts start. Quite the crowd; I guess those two didn’t notice this huge group approaching… Or they knew they were coming. Ugh, I don’t care about them; I just want to enjoy this. She kept her hand away, trying desperately not to cum from the bigger blast that finished the cycle. Her midsection swelled, looking extremely pregnant. She was greedy, wanting to be filled more. I want to be as big as I was the last time we were here! She was very wet now, and it wasn’t from the fountain.

She watched the group, taking photos and recording video of her inflation process. Kacey walked closer. She stepped in and slid down her sweatpants. She lubed and loosened her backdoor before lowering herself onto a nozzle beside her. She held Natalie’s hand as the next cycle began. “Let’s give them a show, Nat!”

Natalie could tell she enjoyed doing this. “How many people know about this?” The second shot came.
“This place is pretty popular since you left. We have a group that comes here. When Steve told me you were here we had to move our gathering up a few days.” The third pulse came followed by the final blast. Natalie leaned backward, pained, while Kacey’s expression twisted with pleasure.

Her belly was massive now. One more cycle and she’d be where she was before. It was difficult to hold back from finishing, but she had to retain her status. Kacey giggled as she sat back. Natalie knew that she was their resident pro. “Don’t the police watch this area?”

“They tried to stop us for a while; they brought a few of us in for public indecency, but eventually gave up once they caught me doing it.”
Natalie was confused, “How did you get them to stop?”
“Oh, easy,” she began whispering, “I’m the police chief’s lover.” She smirked, regaining her normal tone. “I told him I’d really love him if I could continue to do this once a week. So, he worked out a deal with the two cops patrolling here so they would conveniently avoid this area around ten. We have to clean up when we finish and avoid passersby, is all. And it’s funny – he told me that he enjoys watching the videos we make and I’d bet some of the other cops do too.”

The cycle started again. Natalie was afraid. “It sounds like there are lots of people who watch this. Aren’t you afraid someone who isn’t in the loop will figure out where this is or will stumble upon you?” The second shot came.
“Maybe, but that just adds to the fun! Who cares what they think? Plus other people try it sometimes too. Sometimes they like it.”

Natalie turned to see the small group watching and recording them. Her belly gurgled as the third pulse came. This is so wrong. I can’t believe half of the town is letting this go on! Her belly swelled as the last explosion shot into her bowels. She didn’t spill a drop and her focus now turned to orgasm. She reached down, taking only a moment to shudder with delight.

“Someone is coming!” She heard someone shout in a hushed manner. Kacey and Natalie both covered themselves as much as they could. Natalie wondered if she’d be able to stand on her own at this point. She found irony in that thought, remembering Melanie’s predicament on this very spout so long ago.

The man walked quickly, followed by a girl. Her heart sank as they came closer. “Natalie?” Her father’s face went from confusion to anger. “What are you doing out here?” He looked to the other kids that were watching her; then his gaze fell upon her belly. Sarah stood behind him, grinning.

“Uhh, Dad, I can explain.”
He walked to the railing, looking at the nozzles. “What the hell are you doing?” His tone implied that it was a rhetorical question. He looked to the group again. “Turn those off right now!” She watched the kids put their phones away, except for Steve; instead he hid his, but she could tell it was still filming. Grant was oblivious as his ire returned to Natalie. Without warning the first pulse came. The water shot up a few feet away from the girls in the fountain area. Grant stepped back, surprised.

“Dad, I know it sounds crazy, but I slipped and then Kacey tried to help and she slipped too.”
“That’s a lie, Daddy.” Sarah used her best innocent voice. “I knew she’d be back down here again. She’s sitting there on purpose!” The second squirt came. Embarrassment easily surpassed Natalie’s discomfort. Sarah grinned and her father scowled.
“Sarah did it too.” Natalie pointed, trying to spread the blame.
“I did not! She is just trying to take the focus away from her, Daddy.”
“Natalie, get up now, I’m bringing you home!” Her father snapped as the third pulse shot into her. He stepped past the railing and grabbed her arms, but she was heavier than he realized.

“Wait, dad, I’ll get up on my own, just step baaack.“ The final eruption of water and air filled her to her limit. Grant stepped back, wide eyed as he watched the stream of water shooting into the air beside them. A fine mist dampened their clothes. Natalie’s belly rumbled; she just wanted the humiliation to be over.

Meanwhile Kacey moaned loudly. She was unable to hold back, and at this inopportune time she reached down to touch herself. Grant and Sarah’s eyes were stuck on Kacey as she rubbed herself vigorously. Her belly shook and orgasm came within seconds. She laid back, breathing heavily and clenching her legs.

Kacey rolled off of the nozzle. She fumbled in her pocket before bringing out a small translucent blue butt-plug; she hurriedly inserted it with a pained moan. She hefted herself upright using the railing before sliding her damp sweatpants back up. She placed a hand on her distended tummy. “I’m barely able to hold this in, so you’re on your own, Nat.” She slowly passed beyond the railing as the other kids watched with quiet murmurs.

“Help me with your sister!” Grant growled to Sarah. They both came over and pulled the burdened girl off of the nozzle. They sat her on the ground and she rolled over; her massive belly touched the ground as she used her hands and knees to arise with their continued help. A quick blast of water coated them, causing her to stumble to the railing. Her wet dress clung to her skin, giving the audience a wonderful show. They giggled and Grant did not appreciate that one bit. “Get out of here now or I’ll call the cops!”

“Sure, you call the cops and tell them that your little girl likes to sit on a fountain and fill up like a balloon!” Steve laughed, his friends joining in. Kacey punched his shoulder, giving him a stern glare. Grant was red-faced as he tugged on Natalie’s arm. Natalie followed, walking slowly down the pathway out of the park.

Natalie’s insides hurt and she was afraid that a misstep might cause her to relieve herself in her father’s presence. That was one last embarrassment she hoped to avoid. Her father and sister helped her back to the car without saying a word. She knew he was livid, but he wasn’t a man to cause more trouble in public.

“Natalie, this is not okay. I never ever want to hear of you doing this again, understand?”
“Yes, dad.”
“I mean it. I don’t know what gave you this idea, but it’s dangerous and you could catch a disease. But, as far as I’m concerned this shouldn’t be mentioned to your mother or Barbara, okay?”
“Sarah, that means you too. I don’t know if you did that before, but if you did then the same goes for you.” Sarah nodded complacently. Their father paused, “Okay, we’ll get you in the backdoor and Sarah can help you the rest of the way. I’ll tell Barbara that you were just shopping late.”

The rest of the ride was spent in agony as her insides gurgled. Her belly shook as Natalie made note of every slight bump they hit before they finally made it home. Once inside her father went upstairs and Sarah helped her sister to the basement.

“So, that’s one way to open up to dad, right?” Sarah sniggered.
“You bitch.”
“Little ole me?” She batted her eyelashes.
“I can’t believe you’d bring him there. That’s low even for you.”
“Didn’t you say that you were done doing that, or is that something you just told Melanie to get her off your back?”
“I meant it, I just… slipped.”
“Uh-huh, just slipped and fell right onto that nozzle. Are you going to tell her what happened or should I?”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Sis, I think you should know me well enough by now to know that I will.”

Sarah wasn’t bluffing, she knew. “Fine, I’ll tell her tomorrow, I promise.” Sarah nodded as she helped her with the last few steps to the bathroom. “Just… I’ll tell dad that you never did it before if you tell him this was a one-time thing. Please? I’ll owe you.”
“Hmmm, we’ll see.”
“Please, I’m begging.”
“Fine.”  She closed the door, leaving Natalie to expel the large amount of water she had been holding for the past twenty minutes. Less than flattering sounds were heard as she emptied herself, reflecting on the ordeal she had just endured.

Maybe Sarah actually cares about Melanie. Natalie felt a twinge of guilt. It pained her to think of how Melanie would react to hearing about this ordeal. She only hoped that she would be forgiven for having a relapse. She watched her belly deflate slowly, and in spite of the discomfort and cramps, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop this kinky lifestyle so easily. She did truly care about Melanie, though.

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