The cement slab was scalding in the afternoon sun. Sweat dripped from her brow as she hefted herself, taking heavy steps as she waddled up the ramp. Her belly sagged, nearly hitting the ground as she shuffled to her destination. She had been riding with her extra mass for three hours. The silver silos glinted in the sunlight, standing around 18 feet tall. A tan, greasy looking man stood next to one. He watched her struggle, but made no offer to help. “Number?”

“My name is-“

He stepped forward, pointing assertively. “I don’t give a shit, I only want your number. Don’t waste my time.”

“I’m number 12.”

“Right, this is your tank right here. Get over here and I’ll hook you up.” She moved closer and turned, resting on metal railing that ran along the platform’s edge. Her sweaty, over inflated breasts stuck to her belly as she leaned forward. The man moved her elastic thong, allowing a gentle breeze to cool her lower region. Over her shoulder she watched him remove a coiled hose from the silo. He brought it behind her, lowering it farther than she could see. She felt something cold slide into her backside and then he flipped a lever behind him; it was a strange sensation as the water flowed out of her and into the tank. “Should take about ten minutes; I’ll be back in a couple to check on you..” He walked down the path to the next silo, ducking out of sight.

She was burning up, but the lessening load made her feel much better. I wish my life was different, but I didn’t have much of a choice. She reminisced, remembering the enemies her father had accrued after her mother had passed. She could still recall that night they had sent a group to their place. “We’re here to end you.” The man in the suit looked like he was a viper waiting to strike. Her father had pleaded to wait, saying he would do anything. That’s when their true intentions showed through. He looked at me and said “I could use her.”

Her father had initially said no, but she knew there was no other way. They wrote a sloppy contract making her a “courier” for the next ten years. She had heard of couriers who transported large volumes of water from city to city. But, she never questioned how. If only I had known.

They took her to a black-market hospital after that. She could barely recall the surgery. They told her they had installed a receptacle in her stomach and two smaller containers in her breasts. They ran a tube to both and put a valve in her rectum; which allowed them to fill her with large quantities of water, keeping it clean and out of her digestive system. They also had given her something in an IV which would allow her skin to expand and contract in large amounts. They turned me into an animal.

The man approached once again, startling her from her thoughts. “You’re almost empty, probably another minute.” She looked down to see her breasts had returned to their modest proportions. Her stomach had a ways to go, still looking like she was pregnant with twins. He rubbed her butt as he watched her deflate. She knew better than to resist. He could very easily make this experience worse for her and she’d be back here within the month. He moved his hand along her back and down to her breasts. He cupped them beneath her dangling, oversized elastic bra and rubbed her nipples.

Her stomach was nearly flat and she could feel the bags shrinking inside of her. She had returned to her original, unattractive self. “I think I’m empty.”

He waited for the machine to make a high pitched hum, signaling there was no more before he stepped back and flipped the lever. He removed the hose, allowing her to stand; her large elastic bottoms fell to the concrete. “You’ll need those, you have a return load. Follow me, 12.”

She was confused; she couldn’t imagine why this storage area would have anything to ship back to Oasis. He brought her past some other tanks, a couple were being used. Eventually he came to a large white silo that stood separate from the rest. He led her to a drainage valve on the bottom and he attached the modestly clean hose to the fitting. He motioned for her to spin. “What is in this tank?”

He bent her forward, allowing her to rest on the railing again as he inserted the hose. “See that city down there? That is Easthaven; this set of water silos stores just enough water to keep that small city supplied for a very short amount of time. We rely on shipments from outside sources or all of those people will die.”

He flipped the lever. The hose jerked and shook, “and this, my dear, is the city’s sewage tank. We decided to send something back with you!” She felt a torrent of chunky liquid flow inside of her. She tried to remove the hose, but he held her hands as it swelled inside her belly. This is disgusting! I’m being filled with shit from thousands of people! She watched her belly expanding; her breasts had already swollen to DD-cups. The filling process always did go faster. With tears in her eyes she pleaded for him to stop, but he ignored her.

She stopped struggling, knowing the damage was already done. He released her and touched the top of her massive belly as he spoke. “You see, those greedy fuckers you work for decided to cut our water supply in half this month. So, this is our response.” He slapped her full, springy belly. “You tell them we found someone else.” He finally flipped the switch, stopping the flow. Her belly rested upon the warm cement and her breasts sagged to the sides. She was larger than she had ever been before. Both her knees were bent as she held the railing, straddling her stomach. It didn’t hurt as much as she had expected, but she felt sick; a large object bounced inside of her as she shifted her weight. He helped her back into her elastic undergarments, which now fit snugly.

“12 is ready for pickup,” he called over the radio.

The truck backed up to the ramp and the driver assisted the other man in supporting her as she walked. Once they arrived she turned and wiggled into the truck bed. They both struggled to push her belly up before closing the tail-gate. The truck bed was lined with a soft, slippery coating that allowed her some small comfort. She laid there, immobile, as the truck rumbled and lurched forward. She cringed every time she felt something bump around inside her. She even felt chunks in her breasts. She cried softly as the hours passed. I can’t believe this is happening.

The truck finally slowed and made a few turns through security gates before coming to a halt. The sun hung low in the sky at this point. They had arrived at Oasis; a criminally run water distribution center. Rows of metal silos were the focal point of the complex. They stopped by the receiving office.

She listened as the driver walked to the back and opened the squeaky tail-gate. He hopped up and stepped over her massive stomach, getting into the proper angle to push her to the edge. He strained, but finally managed to shove her far enough. He hopped down and helped her the rest of the way. She groaned as she tried to stand, using the driver for support. Her belly occasionally drug upon the ground as they skirted along the wall. They walked to the main office. The driver let her go and darted back to his truck. The office door opened as the truck took off.

“Help me.” The over-inflated girl croaked.

“What happened?” The guard asked as he took her arm, calling on the radio for assistance. She didn’t try to explain at first. It took only a few minutes before a guard and a man in a suit came upon the scene.

The man in the suit looked irritated. “What is going on?”

“I don’t know, someone dropped her off here.”

“Why the hell wouldn’t they bring her to a water tank then? She is over-filled too.” He pulled her elastic bra lower and inspected her tattooed number. “Do we have a 12 on the incoming records?”

“Sir, the people from outpost seventeen said they found someone else.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Sir, they were… upset that you cut their water supply. They said they had a new supplier and then they did this to me.” She sniffled.

“Oh well, empty her and we’ll figure out what to do next.” The man in the suit turned to leave.

“Wait, it’s not water!” He hesitated as she continued. “They filled me with… with shit!” Their expressions were a mixture of confusion and disgust. The man contemplated what to do next. “Please, just empty me!”

“Okay, bring her to the latrines. Be careful with her and make sure you sanitize her after.”

“Yes sir.” The guards hefted her around the building, down a small hill, and laid her down next to a trench. It smelled foul. “Lady, you’re fuckin’ huge.” He rolled up his sleeves and knelt behind her. He licked his fingers and she felt him prodding her asshole, searching for the valve. “Damn it, where is it?”

“It should be about two inches inside and to the right.” The other guard watched, resting a hand upon her posterior. She tried not to think about the man exploring her ass as she straddled her enormous midsection.

Without warning she felt something move and a torrent of shit erupted. The men lunged away, avoiding most of the spray. They laughed as they watched the fountain. She wept with embarrassment, feeling her breasts and belly deflating. She soon rested her entire weight upon her hands and knees again. She pressed her belly to get the rest out. She was thankful when it was over.

“Wow, that was something you don’t see every day!”

“Yep, now we gotta clean her out.”

They helped her to stand, marching her up the hill to a special tank beside the main office. It was bright red. She took the usual stance: resting upon the railing. The guard with the rolled sleeves took the hose and pressed it into her. Something feels different. “Man, we gotta tell Dan about this.” The guards flipped the lever as they walked away and the cleaning fluid began to fill her. Why does it feel like… It’s going into my ass! The valve must be broken!

She grunted in pain as the large volume of liquid filled her. “Wait, it’s not going into the containers!” She tried to yell over the hum of the pump, but the men were already too far. She turned to flip the lever, which would certainly get her in trouble, but she had no choice. She took a step and slipped against the lever, yanking it to the highest setting. She continued to the ground, hitting her growing stomach on part of the machine.

She screamed in agony as she lay there. The machine pumped cleaner at its highest speed into her bowels. She felt the liquid churning in her as she lay helplessly growing. An eternity passed before the the men came running. The loud hum stopped as they yanked the lever down. They looked down upon her, horrified. “Holy shit, what happened lady?”

“The valve broke. It’s all in my ass.”

“You took all that is in your ass?”

She noticed her belly looked like she was pregnant with triplets. “Take the hose out, please!”

“Uh, we can’t let it out here.”

She begged, but they didn’t listen. She finally agreed to hold it in until they went back down the hill. She stood and they slid the hose out slowly. She held two fingers in her posterior as she waddled down from the platform. They started down the hill and she made a misstep. Her fingers slid in a little bit and she couldn’t hold it any longer. A spray of liquid shot out, followed by another, as she tried to stop it. “Please, I can’t stop iiiit!” She whined, finally removing her hand as she trotted down the hill, water squirting with each step.

The guards kept their distance as she turned to stand over the trench, emptying herself once again. She grimaced as her stomach tensed, a flow of water blasting behind her.

“That sounds fucking disgusting.”

“Well, guess I’ll go call the doc. You clean her up and bring her to the office.”

Night had fallen. They gave her a blanket while she waited for the doctor to arrive. He inspected her and returned to the office. Outside, she could hear shouting. The man in the suit stormed out; he looked to the guards in turn. “She’s not worth fixing, get rid of her.” She protested, but the man did not care. The guards put her in the truck’s cab and drove away from Oasis. They drove to a remote area before they stopped and pulled her out of the vehicle. They pushed her to her knees.

“We’re supposed to kill you, but we have another idea if you’re interested.”

She turned to her captors, confused. “I don’t want to die. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“That’s true, but sometimes you just get caught in a bad situation. Help us and we’ll help you.” She agreed and he continued. “We noticed how much water you could hold without the bags and that is perfect for what we need. We are going to bring that whole damned complex down.”

She was scared, “I don’t know if I can help with that. They’ll kill my dad.”

“Not if we do this right. They manipulated your dad – he used to work for the boss! They’ve done it so many times. They put someone in an impossible situation and use their daughters as forced mules. There are hundreds of other girls just like you, being used as fuckin’ water tanks. Don’t you want to help them?”

She nodded bashfully. This is bigger than me; I have to help those girls. I will help however I can.

“Good, we have a doctor just over that hill. My name is Gene.” He helped her back into the truck’s cab. “And that’s Lenny.”

She smiled, for the first time in a long while. “I’m Corina.”

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