Man of the House


It was sunny with a mild breeze as Jack walked leisurely. He was out of school with no homework; he had plenty of free time now. As he rounded a corner he noticed two police cars with their lights flashing and doors open. One cop was scanning the area while talking into the police radio. Jack didn’t want to get involved so he diverted into an alley. As he walked he heard some rustling; an older boy ran out from around the side of a garage. He stumbled and fell. Standing back up he started sprinting again, but he looked back at the stunned boy and stopped mid-stride. Jack recognized him as one of the kids from the high-school. He hurried back to Jack, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small black rod; he held it out to Jack.

“Take it, kid. I fucked it up; maybe you can do better than I did. It can control someone’s mind; just say what you want them to do or to forget something.” He reached down and stuffed it in Jack’s pocket, “But, make sure to think about what you say first.” He ran.

“Wait,” Jack yelled, but the boy paid no mind as he ran out of sight. He walked to the street and saw the boy on the ground, held down by a policeman. Jack didn’t stay around to watch; he made his way home.

He set his backpack on the floor. His sister, Karen, watched television. He walked past and sat at the kitchen table. He thought about what the man had said. This had been the plot of so many shows he’d seen; the moral being that you should be careful what you wish for. Yet, it could have so many possibilities – if it does actually work. If not, then he’ll just sound stupid. Maybe I should try it on Karen first. I need to get her back for telling mom that I snuck out last Saturday. What should I do though? He’d start slowly; he walked back into the front room and looked at his sister, lying on the couch in a T-shirt and jeans. Her hazelnut eyes fixed upon the TV. “What are you grinning about?” she glanced at him before returning her attention to television. “Creep.”

He held onto the object in his pocket, “turn off the TV and take out the trash for me.” She looked confused for a moment before standing up and doing as he said. He watched her take the garbage outside and sit back down in front of the TV; she turned it on again and laid back down as if nothing happened. It worked! He could have her do anything, but what? She looked up after a minute, “what are you staring at?”

“Nothing,” he turned and went back into the kitchen. Jack tried to think of something to do to his sister to punish her for getting him in trouble before. “Karen,” he raised his voice so she could hear him, “make me a sandwich.” She came in and opened the fridge; she reached in and found lunch meat and condiments. As she reached towards the back her pants slid down slightly to reveal the top of her panties. An idea struck him. She placed the items on the counter and began to work.

He frequented many unusual websites in his free time, and he had seen so many things that a boy his age shouldn’t have. Better test it first, though. He held the rod as he spoke, “After you make that I want you put a carrot in your pussy.” She completed the sandwich and put the plate in front of him. As she put everything away she reached into a bag of baby carrots and pulled one out. She unbuttoned her pants, sliding them down to her knees. Her expression looked slightly irritated as she pushed it in. Pulling her pants back up, she walked back to the front room and plopped down on the couch again.

He wolfed down his lunch and decided he’d have some fun with his sister. This is the perfect time; Mom is at work until around eight and Dad was overseas for a month. I need to think of what to do though. He went to his room and searched through his Hentai picture collection. After a few minutes he had an idea, having developed a new fetish recently. Jack came to the front room and spied his sister rubbing her crotch subtly – she’s such a slut, he thought. She noticed him and jerked her hand away, trying to hide what she had been doing. He reached into his pocket and held the object again. “Take that carrot out of your pussy, eat it.”

She turned off the television and stood, reaching down her pants. She removed the moist carrot, eating it in two bites, making a disgusted face as she swallowed.

Jack laughed to himself, “Go take a shower!” She complied wordlessly. Jack hurried up the steps behind her. “Leave the door unlocked.”

She threw him a sickened glance, “I’m going to get a shower, perv; wait your turn.” She slammed the door and he heard the lock click. He hadn’t been holding the rod when he said the last command. He grabbed it in his pocket and repeated the order in a raised tone. The lock clicked again. He waited until he heard water running before nudging the door open and closing it behind him. Jack slowly slid the shower curtain to the side, exposing his sister. Standing wet and naked, she used her arms to cover herself somewhat. She screamed, “Get out you creep!”

“Imagine that I’m not in the room.” Jack grinned, “Also, forget everything that happens in here until you walk into the hallway.” He reached in and pressed the plunger down on the shower faucet, diverting the water flow. He unscrewed the shower head and set it aside. He put some lotion on the hose and handed it to her. “Stick this in your butt.” She did as he asked, sliding it in slowly. He pulled the plunger up and watched her face twist as a torrent of water filled her. He turned the water off after about ten seconds. “Take the hose out and don’t let any water out.” She reached back and eased the hose out carefully. “Clean this up, sicko!” He laughed. She used some baby wipes on the hose. He left her and headed downstairs to watch TV.

Karen walked barefoot on the hardwood floor in the hall. Wearing only panties and a T-shirt, she headed to her room. She found a fresh pair of jeans, pulling them to her waist she tried to button them; yet no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t manage. How could she have put on so much weight? She walked to the mirror and stood sideways. Her belly was much bigger than she could imagine, about the size of a basketball; it really dominated her smaller frame. If she didn’t know any better she might think she was pregnant – but, being a virgin, that wasn’t a possibility. It must be all the crap I’ve been eating recently. It just snuck up on me. I need to go for a jog!

She slid out of her jeans and put on some sweatpants. Even wearing loose clothing didn’t fully conceal her tummy. Hopefully no one she know will see me. She ran downstairs and drank a cup of water before heading out the front door. Her stomach was gurgling and cramping, but it wasn’t enough to make her stop. She started jogging; the rhythm sent her belly swaying from side to side. It was odd, feeling like a lot of water was sloshing inside of her, yet she still felt really thirsty. Her insides cramped more and more as she ran, but she knew it was the only way to cut down on her ungainly stomach. Karen jogged for about 20 minutes before she decided she couldn’t continue. She decided to walk back home, since her stomach was aching. It must be gas, but I can’t seem to let any out. By the time she walked through the door at home she felt better. It had lessened from a strong ache to a mild pressure in her mid-section. She thought a trip to the bathroom would make her feel better.

She came downstairs to watch some television, hoping the discomfort would pass. She noticed Jack was staring at her. “What are you looking at, perv?” She glared.

“You’re getting kind of fat, sis.”
She averted her eyes. “Well, it’s probably just gas.”
They watched until the end of the show. Karen was sweating.
“Go upstairs and go to the bathroom.”
She did as he said. Why is he following me?

Karen closed the bathroom door behind her. She walked to her room slowly. Is my belly bigger? Even her sweatpants were tight now. She glanced to the mirror. Oh my god, I look super preggo! She decided to do some sit-ups. After eighteen she couldn’t continue. Ugh, my insides hurt! Her belly gurgled she ran to the bathroom again.

Karen burst in and ran to the shower. She grabbed the hose and stuck it in her butt. She turned the handle and Jack watched his sister’s belly grow even larger. “You’re huge!” He laughed as Karen ignored him, staring at the floor as she filled herself. A door closed downstairs. Mom is home early! Jack closed the door and headed downstairs. His mother met him halfway. She smiled at him with her wide, soft lips. “Uh, hi mom, what are you doing here so early?”

“It was a slow day so I decided to come home early and get some chores done.”

“Oh, okay.” He stood in her way and faked a smile.

“I need to go change, you booger.” She pushed him aside, opening the bathroom door.

“Stop! Go downstairs.”

Without a word she stopped, turned, and walked past him again. He followed her down to the living room. She started removing her work clothes and piled them upon the floor. She unclasped her bra and slid her panties down. She scanned the room until she noticed him watching her. “Jack, I’m changing!” She covered her breasts and turned away from him. ”Get out of here!”

He stood in shock of seeing his mother naked before him. She can barely cover those big boobs! This is the only chance I will ever have to do this. “Mom – Betty, imagine that I am dad.” He stuttered, “F-fuck me.” Suddenly she didn’t try to cover herself any longer. She turned and allowed him to gaze upon her soft, supple body. She grinned and came closer, rubbing his pants.

She spoke in a low, sultry tone. “Hi there, sexy, what do we have here?” She went to her knees, sliding his pants off. His member sprang out, and she licked the tip before putting it all the way into her mouth. He wasn’t large, but it was enough to hit the back of her throat. She gagged at first, but ignored it and continued. The sensation overwhelmed him. “Oh shit, I- Oh!” She grabbed his butt and he put his hands on her head, guiding it faster until he could last no more, finishing in her mouth. She gagged as it shot down her throat and when he allowed her to pull back she coughed and sputtered. She had swallowed it all.

She regained her composure and wiped away tears. “I’m not finished with you, yet.” She led him to the dining room and told him to lay on the carpet. She straddled him and lowered herself upon his shaft, guiding him in easily into her damp opening. She moaned and whispered into his ear, “Oh, fuck, it feels so good!”

Jack instantly felt his face flush; he had never seen this side of his mother. He looked into her greenish-blue eyes as she started moving her hips. “Grab my butt.” He reached back and held her silky-smooth posterior as she worked her hips, causing many unique sensations. “Oh, that feels good. Suck my nipples, baby.” He licked her erect nipples gently, trying to keep them in his mouth without using his hands. He sucked on one of her breasts, causing her to accelerate her movements. “Oh shit, that’s it. You’re going to make me cum!” She moved even faster, squeezing his organ inside her. He felt the sensation building and just as he was about to finish again she lifted and he slid out.

“What the fuck, mom?!” Karen stood, horrified, in the doorway. Her belly was obvious now – she looked very pregnant. Their mother tried to cover herself with her shirt, but it accomplished nothing as she stayed in place with Jack underneath her. He was frozen with fright.

“I can’t believe you cheated on dad!”

Betty looked confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Mom, you’re having sex with your own son!”
Jack reached for the command rod in his pants pocket as they continued. “What are you talking about? And- Oh my god what happened to you?” Betty stood and pointed to her daughter’s belly. “Are you pregnant?”

Karen burst into tears. “No! I am not, it’s just gas. I’m not that fat!” She whined.

Jack was finally able to get the command rod from his pocket. “Karen, sit down for a minute and imagine that mom is exercising. Mom, Karen isn’t pregnant, don’t worry about it. Forget that she’s here.” Betty looked down and smiled. She reached down and put him back inside of her, moving up and down again. The command rod rolled out of his hand as they continued.

“You can really do those squats fast, mom!”

Betty looked at Karen, suddenly aware of her presence again, terrified. “I uh- well, I’m just playing around!” She moved her shirt lower to cover as much exposed skin as she could. Jack moved beneath her, enjoying the moment. He reached up to touch her breasts, but she grabbed his wrists and pinned him on the ground. “Yeah, just playing around is all.”

“It doesn’t look like it. I think you do that every day. You make it look easy.” Karen spoke casually.

She moved her hips marginally and that was all he needed. Jack grunted as he pressed in. Betty glared as she felt him finishing inside of her.

Karen broke the tension. “Ugh, my belly hurts sooo much!” She moved upstairs clumsily.

As soon as she was out of sight Betty jumped up. “Hank, you weren’t supposed to come in me! What if I have another baby? We can’t afford it now!” She spoke in an agitated whisper as she rubbed a finger along her soiled vagina.

Jack commanded her to forget that he had cum inside of her. He wasn’t totally sure how that would get her pregnant, but he didn’t really care. ”I want you to make me some lunch and forget that I did that to you.” He sat and watched television as she prepared some food for him. When she returned she removed the rest of her clothes. Again she looked at Jack sitting on the couch, watching her with his mouth open.

“Hey, baby, you’re home early. How was your trip?”

He realized that she still thought he was his dad. “Uh, fine.”

“Good. Karen packed on a lot of weight while you were gone. She is retaining water or something. I think we might need to bring her to see a doctor.”

“I don’t think… actually I think I should go take a look.”

She nodded, grabbing the same clothes and putting them on again. They both walked upstairs.

He opened the door to Karen’s Room. She was straining to do a sit-up, wearing only her bra and panties, coated in sweat. “What are you- get out of here!”

I have to act like dad. “I just want to take a look at you. Mo- Your mother is concerned.”

She looked confused and irritated, “I said I’m fine! Get out of here!”

“Honey, we just want to help you. We-“

“Betty, just let me talk with her.” His mom nodded and went downstairs. Jack came closer, stealing a glance of his sister’s cleavage as he stood above her. Her swollen belly rested on her legs. She sat, leaning back on her arms, breathing heavily.

“What are you doing, creep?”

“Why are you sweating so much?”

“It’s hot in here!” She said defensively.

He held the rod, “Just act like I’m not here… and take off your clothes, you don’t need them.”

She gave an exasperated sigh as she unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. She laid back and raised her hips, sliding her panties down. She laid flat and put her arms above her. She lay there, cooling off, staring at the ceiling. Jack’s pants were tight again; he unbuttoned them and took them off. Karen paid no mind as he touched himself.

I can do whatever I want! She’ll never know. He lowered himself, prodding between her legs; she attempted to close them, but he held them open as he found his way inside. It’s amazing! She’s so much tighter than mom was. He lifted her legs as high as he could, pressing them against her large belly. She groaned as her stomach rumbled. She wrapped her legs around him, not realizing Jack was between them. He lasted longer than he expected, and after a few minutes he shot his load into his swollen sister. She rested her hands upon her belly as he opened her legs, with effort, and moved away.

“That is so much better than the internet.” Jack thought for a minute as he dressed. I guess I should try to fix this now. I don’t want to hurt her with all that water in there. “I want you to forget all of the stuff I told you today… Go back to how you acted this morning. Go to the bathroom and release the water once I close this door.” He walked out and she immediately followed. Naked and sweating, she bound past him, holding her enormous belly. She tried to cover herself as she slammed the bathroom door shut and went about her business.

Jack went downstairs, seeing his mom sitting on the couch. He held the rod again, “I’m not dad, I’m your son. Forget everything that happened since you got home.”

A look of confusion lasted a moment before she began smiling, “Hey Jack. Do you mind vacuuming in here?”

He smiled, “I’m too tired, I think you should do all the chores you wanted me to do instead.” He watched her start to clean as he sat down. This control stick is amazing, who wouldn’t want this?

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