He knew he would never rest well, knowing his life could be ruined at any moment. Mike knocked on the door. Aaron greeted him suspiciously. “I know I said I would leave you alone, but it is bothering me and I just want answers.” Aaron nodded and invited him into the living room.

Laura sat nursing two children; Emma breastfed one as well, while another was sleeping soundly in his crib. They made no attempt to cover themselves as he entered. Laura and Aaron both look drained from caring for the children. Emma was beaming at the suckling child she held.

“Is this a good time?” It was the day before Thanksgiving.
“Sure – as good as any. Have a seat.”
“I figured out who Carl was – he was your husband that passed away a few years ago.”
Laura looked up, nodding. Aaron interrupted, “Mind if we talk in the other room, Mike?”
Laura stopped them. “No, it’s okay. I’m trying to understand it too.” She paused to gather her thoughts. “My husband died in a terrible car accident.” She shook her head, “I was devastated, I felt so alone during that time. My kids were grieving and I didn’t really have any other friends to talk to openly, so I decided to try to do something to take my mind off of the whole thing. I went to a special singles club every few nights. I was trying to connect with someone as I had connected with Carl. I didn’t find much there other than people looking only for sex. I went along with it, but it never fulfilled me as it should.”

She breathed deeply before continuing. “Carl and I had enjoyed playing out unique fantasies. Carl loved the mental satisfaction as much as the physical satisfaction. I tried to find someone who felt the same way, but I never could find someone that truly loved me at that place. I… got pregnant twice during those two years, but both of the fathers didn’t stay. When I told them they both went back to their normal lives, regretful of the life we had created. I had no other choice, so I put them up for adoption. During this time I became even more depressed, but I had a small shred of hope. When Aaron and Emma decided they couldn’t live at home anymore I couldn’t blame them, but I was still upset. I lashed out as they left, and that was one of the worst mistakes of my life.” Emma nodded sadly as she continued. “After secretly having two children that I had to send away and having my other two children move away I couldn’t cope anymore. That’s when I created Carl.”

Aaron started to interrupt, but Laura held up her hand. “I have been setting up all of these strange scenarios on the holidays and I didn’t even know it. Aaron explained that I had been doing things without even recalling what I had just done. I thought I was sleeping a lot more in the days leading to these holidays, but I guess Carl had been trying to show my kids this lifestyle too. One night I seduced Aaron, feeling persuaded by Carl. I guess in hindsight it was a subconscious test to see if he’d leave like the others had.”

Mike processed for a moment, “I see. You didn’t list the father’s names for those children.”
“I’m not going to tell you their names. They supported me in other ways; that is all I will say about them.”
Mike scoffed, looking to Emma. “After what has happened to you so far, why are you going along with this?”
Emma smiled sadly, “I don’t have another choice. This is my family and they will help me.”
“Who is the father?”
Emma was caught off guard. “It… It’s Aaron.”
“So he got you pregnant, your mother too, and you aren’t the least bit upset? Just think, she’s the one that convinced you to put that doll in yourself to begin with.”
“I… forgive them. I love my brother.”
“You’re being manipulated! Don’t you know that incest will cause your kid to be messed up? It’s a miracle that these four don’t have problems. Well, maybe they will later in life.”
Emma looked to Aaron nervously. “You’re just saying that, they’ll be fine.”
Aaron started to say something, but Mike continued. “That’s why it’s illegal for closely related families to have incest. They will have a higher risk for unseen defects at different stages of life. And if this goes on for another generation then it will be even worse. I could have you all arrested!”

Aaron broke in, “Don’t judge us for being with the people we love! We still have those photos!”
Mike nodded, “That is why I am here. I don’t like having those photos floating around. I could have you arrested, but I won’t. I have an idea to make us both happy.”
“Go on.”
“I want you to delete those photos, all of them, in front of me. I know there might be copies you’re not telling me about, but if I believe you then I will ignore what you are doing and no one will be the wiser.”
“So, you want us to give up our only bartering chip and trust that you won’t turn us in? Definitely no.”
“I have an idea.” Laura chimed, “How about you give us children and then we’ll delete the photos. You say we shouldn’t have children together, so help us instead. Then we both can go fully on trust.”
“No! You could just say I raped you and then they could do a DNA test to figure out that I am the father.”
“Well, you could do the same with my children to figure out that Aaron is their father. We’re in this together, that would just be a final option to let us rest easily. I don’t want to hurt you, Mike, I just want children. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, go home and think about it.”

The next evening came and Aaron ushered Mike inside. Aaron took his seat at the head of the table, pointing Mike to the empty seat at the far end. Laura and Emma greeted him and Maggie watched hesitantly. Aaron said a prayer and they ate. They spoke of small things and Mike spoke occasionally, patiently avoiding the main topic until afterward.  Once they finished he leaned back, looking to each of them before talking to Laura. “Well, I’ve thought about it and my answer is no. I won’t turn you in if you get rid of the photo, though.”

“Well, I don’t think you understand, Mike. While you may think that photo isn’t very incriminating, it shows enough where a court would believe my daughter over you. She could say you had been following her for nearly a year. You finally caught up with her and tried to have your way, but a partygoer took a photo and you ran away. You could bring up that we have incestuous children, but that is beside the point. That would get me in jail, but my kids would still be free because I orchestrated this whole thing. This would bring us both down, but I sincerely don’t want that. I want to be with my children and I want more – you can help me with that.”

“Look you-“ Mike stopped himself. She is right, I could do that, but they would believe a scared, pregnant girl over a questionable cop. He knew if they investigated him they would find other ‘red flags.’ I want to burn them so badly, but I know when to walk away and Laura wasn’t bad for an older woman. He sighed, defeated. “Fine, you win. How do we do this?”

Laura stood and came closer; she wore a black halter-top dress that came down to her knees. She scooted his chair back and guided his hand under her dress, placing it on her springy butt. She wasn’t wearing underwear. She smiled as she lifted her leg and her dress, straddling him. She reached down and unzipped his jeans as she sat upon him. Reaching in, she found him and brought it out, erect and ready. She rubbed it along her damp opening before sliding it in. A soft moan escaped from her lips.

I must say, I do enjoy this. She is using me entirely for sex, so I get to cheat with a free pass. He closed his eyes and leaned back, moving her hips at a steady pace. She squeezed – she is tighter than Emma! They continued, ignoring the spectators, who watched with uncertainty. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”
“Yeah, squirt it into me, baby!”
He held her firmly in place as he filled her. She quivered, causing him to jerk each time she tensed upon him. She smiled and stood, walking to a nearby drawer to draw a covered syringe. She took the cap off and pressed it into her right butt cheek.
“What is that?” Mike asked, still breathless.
“Just something to help me along.” His confused look led her to continue, “It’s a fertility drug.”
“Ah, where did you get that?”
“I… It is from one of my former lovers. He supplies me with samples from pharmaceutical companies when I ask for them.”
“That is all sorts of illegal, but clever, I suppose.” He paused, “How long does it take after childbirth to get pregnant again, anyway?”
“I don’t know, but we will keep trying until it happens. I’ll work around your schedule.”
“Hah, sure.” Aaron, Emma, and Maggie all sat watching their exchange. He could tell they had many judgments swirling in their heads about this encounter. “Well, thanks for the food and the dessert, but now I want to see my end fulfilled. Delete those photos.”
Aaron set his teeth as he withdrew his phone. He held it up and removed the incriminating photos.
“I’m guessing there are copies somewhere, but we both have a lot to lose if those ever come out. I suggest you delete them so they never ‘accidentally’ turn up.” Mike headed to the door. “The other guy was a realtor, wasn’t he?” Laura nodded. “That explains this place, then.” I really hope they don’t try to burn me.

Laura showed Mike out and checked on the kids in the adjacent room. Maggie waited until she came back. “What the fuck was that?”
“Good question.” Aaron glared at Laura.
“We need him to keep our secret and I certainly don’t want our children to be at a higher risk. I’m just using him, I promise.”
Aaron looked stricken, “You don’t need him. He was probably exaggerating the risk.”
“I don’t want to take that chance. I will only use him to get pregnant again and then I will be yours, Aaron.” Aaron nodded rigidly.
Maggie scoffed. “Don’t you have enough kids?”
“I only want two or three more, and then I will stop.”
“Jesus, I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” Maggie smirked. Laura rolled her eyes.

“So, what are we doing this holiday?” Emma asked sheepishly.
“Well, I was thinking…” Aaron started.
“I’m planning this one.” Maggie finished.
They argued for a moment before Emma broke in, “guys, why don’t we do both of your ideas? Let’s hear them.” Laura agreed.

“Okay, fine. My plan…” Nervousness crept into Maggie’s voice. “Maybe we use some of the leftovers… And we put them up each other’s ass. Let your opponent choose the food to use.”
Aaron became suddenly interested. “That’s a pretty messed up idea. I like it.”
“What’s your idea?”
“Well, actually I want to run with your idea. Let’s see how long you can hold the items in.”
“Oh, you’re involved in this game too.” Emma grinned devilishly.
“Come on, baby. You’ve got to play or we won’t let you plan future scenarios.” Laura cocked her head half seriously.
Aaron sighed. “Okay, okay.”
Maggie smiled, “So, nothing outlandish and have a reasonable amount. Also, how about each time someone loses then they choose something for everyone else.”
“I like it.” Laura gave a mischievous smile. “And the winner gets to pick what happens next month.”

They agreed. Laura chose first, “I say Emma gets… a gravy enema.”
“Fine.” Aaron brought out a new enema hose that had a bulb in the middle to squeeze. Emma slid her pants down to expose her fattened bottom. Laura took the hose, licked one end, and inserted it into her daughter. Laura placed the other end into the large, half-empty bowl of turkey gravy. She squeezed and released, again and again. She could feel the thick, creamy substance being pushed into Emma. She continued pumping until the bowl was empty. She pumped a few extra times trying to get the last few drops, but it only pumped air. She guessed there was about a quart and a half of gravy in Emma now.

“Ugh, it feels so gross.” Emma held her pregnant belly. She slid her pants up and sat down. “Aaron, I pick cranberry sauce for you.”
He protested as Laura finished cleaning the hose. “Don’t be that way or you won’t be able to have any more of us.” Laura grinned, setting the and-pump aside. “You don’t need this, I guess.”
“Come on, there isn’t even very much.” He angrily removed his pants and bent over in front of his sister. She licked her finger, inserting it and working it around. He jumped forward and pulled his pants up.

“No, I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t.”
“Pussy.” Maggie scoffed at him from across the table.
They all laughed, but Laura stopped them. “It’s okay, at least you tried, baby. So, I guess you get to pick something for all of us and then chose something for Maggie or me.”
“Mom, he didn’t even get close!” Maggie chimed.
“We made the rules. Let’s be fair.”
Aaron smiled, “Okay, I guess I’ll say carrots for everyone.”
Laura picked up the bowl of glazed carrots. She grabbed three and passed the bowl, using her other hand to lift her dress. She inserted all of the slippery, finger-length carrots into her butt. She wiped her hands and watched as Maggie and did the same. Emma slid her pants off completely, wearing only her blue panties. She slid them down and put the remaining three carrots in gently. Emma grimaced as she sat down, leaning her head against the back of the chair, straining to hold it in.
“Now, I say Maggie gets a sweet potato!” Aaron shushed her and chose an uncooked sweet potato which was about 2.5 inches wide and 8 inches long.
“Hey, that isn’t on the table and that is fucking huge! I am not putting that up my ass, you ass!”
“You said leftovers, and this was not cooked, but it is still a leftover.”
“Well, maybe if we cut it…”
“Nope, the whole thing; I saw all the shit that you took on April Fool’s Day. You can do this, and I will ease it in, I promise.”
“Come on, sis, and then you can pick the last item for mom.”
“Well, if I say no then I can do that anyway!”
“True, but then you can’t pick for next month.”

She shook her head and huffed. She took her pants off, kneeling upon the floor and hiking her ass into the air. Aaron cleaned the object and brought it over. He used some lotion as lubricant he pressed his fingers into her, spreading her wider and wider. He pressed the carrots back in as needed, turning them to mush inside her. She tensed and jerked as he stretched her. “Come on, stop fucking around and just do it!”

He held the sweet potato firmly, pressing it into his sister ass. She rested on her elbow and used a hand to rub her pussy as he pushed. It went in about halfway before she pulled forward, grunting in frustration. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! Take it out!”
He slid it out. “Come on, it’s okay; you’re up to the thickest spot.”
After a moment she directed him to try again. He lubed it up and pressed it in to the same point. She rubbed herself vigorously as he pressed it deeper until finally it slid in the rest of the way, barely peeking out. She wailed as she orgasmed, falling forward and to her side, quivering uncontrollably. Aaron held it in with his finger as she tried to crawl away, he matched her movements. She reached back and slapped his hand. “Stop, stop, take it out!”
“You sure?”
“Yes! Fuck!” He removed his finger and she pushed the potato out carefully, straining for the widest part. Once it popped out she laid there for a moment, the moist sweet potato on the floor between her legs.

“So?” Laura asked happily. “I win?”
Emma huffed, “I’m still holding on.”
“I get to choose two things for you and you have to keep them in.” Maggie said as she lay on her side, her pants around her ankles. “I pick bread stuffing for you and a raw sweet potato for you both.”
Emma grimaced, “I’m out, I can’t take that damned potato when I’m this full.” Aaron nodded and chose another sweet potato that was half the size for his mother.
“No, that is a fucking joke! Use one like the one you used on me.”
“There aren’t any more that size.” Aaron looked to his mom.
“It’s okay; I’ll use the one she had.”
Laura raised her dress and placed a leg upon a chair. “I’ll take it like this. Use the potato first.” She held her cheeks apart as she stood. Aaron prepared Laura’s backside before attempting to insert the warm, wet sweet potato. Once she was ready he pressed it in slowly. She buried a finger into her clitoris as he slid the widest part into her ass. She moaned loudly as the whole thing went in. She stepped off the chair and danced around in pain, continuing to press her pierced clit. “Ugh, someone suck my tit!” They all looked at each other. Laura unlaced her dress with her free hand, exposing her milk laden breasts. “Please!”

Emma came closer and Laura pressed her head into her breast. Emma sucked hard as her mother stood there, moaning. After a few moments Laura stepped back, leaving milk running down her daughter’s chin. She gently pushed the potato out into her hand. “God that was hard to hold in without cumming.”
“Why’d you take it out? You didn’t even put the stuffing in?” Emma asked.
“That wasn’t my attempt.” She looked to Aaron. “Put the stuffing in now.” She bent over the table, spreading her cheeks once again, showing her gaping backdoor.

Maggie stood, using paper towels to wipe herself clean before pulling her pants up. “Wait, you have to hold it in to win.”
“I know, and I will.”
“She was just preparing for it. Come on, this is pretty impressive, let her try.” Emma gave her sister an urging glance.
“Fine.” They sat and watched as Aaron took three handfuls of turkey stuffing and pressed them into his mother. She closed her eyes and looked determined as he finished packing it in.
“Ready for the potato?”
“Do it. Go slowly, though.”

He raised the large, used vegetable. He pressed it in, having to press very hard to get to the biggest part. Laura tensed and jumped up, holding herself off the table with one hand and rubbing herself with the other. “Keep going!” She yelled. He forced it deeper until it was all the way inside. She yelped and rubbed vigorously. She was unable to curb the pain; she stopped rubbing herself and she stepped away from the table, reaching back to hold the object in. She walked around the room in agony, using her hand to hold it in place.

Her children watched in disbelief. Tears welled in her eyes as she pressed it slightly more. Then, she removed her hands, holding them up. “There, it’s all in.”
“Jesus!” Aaron was stunned.
“How the hell can you do that?” Maggie said, eyes wide.
“Many years of practice.” She paused, “So, I win?”
“Yes, you win.” Emma giggled and nodded, still retaining her enema.
“Oh thank god.” She reached down and pressed against her vagina. Immediately she started shaking with orgasm. She motioned for Emma to bring her the small trashcan in the corner. She grabbed it and held it up to her backside. There was a thud as the potato hit the bottom. She hurried to the bathroom.

“I love this family.” Maggie said half-jokingly to her brother.
“I have to admit, this is fucked up, but it’s also awesome.” Aaron smiled, putting a hand on Maggie’s shoulder.
Emma sighed and forced a smile. “It’s interesting.”
“You know, that was kind of hot. Want to help me with this?” He rubbed the bulge in his pants, looking to Maggie.
“Hell no. My ass hurts and you’re the dick that did that.”
He grinned, “It was just part of the game!” He looked to Emma, “How about you? It won’t take me long.”
“Right here?” She looked to her sister.
“Come on, please?”
She would have to learn to accept this, she knew. This is her life, now. I need to be comfortable around my family. “Fine.” He slid their pants down and she sat upon the table. He spread her legs and entered her. She still held the carrots and gravy in her butt. He took only a few seconds before he came. Maggie watched, her head resting in her hand. Her expression was blank, lost in thought. This is my life, Emma realized, this is my family.

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