Fighters Part III


“Tonight’s match-up is between two ladies of renown.” A woman in a blue silk qipao with gold embroidery stepped out. She wore two spiked arm bands and had her hair up in two opposing buns, covered by white cloth. The fresh faced girl smiled and bowed her head gently. “From the Street Fighter series: this long-legged beauty is the unmistakable Chun-Li!” She held up her hand showing a peace symbol.

“Her opponent is a princess from Edenia.” A woman wearing a mask stepped forward. Her breasts were pressed into a laced, open-faced halter top and she wore a thong which was covered by a low-hanging loincloth – all of which were a light blue. Her brown eyes danced as she smiled beneath the mask. She bowed her head graciously, her raven hair falling past her shoulders. “Here we have the lovely, deadly fighter from Mortal Kombat, princess Kitana!”

The girls raised their fists and moved closer. Chun-Li kicked high and Kitana ducked quickly, kicking her leg out from under her. Chun-Li rolled backwards and jumped to her feet again. Kitana followed, punching her repeatedly. Chun-Li jumped backwards and Kitana followed; she raised her leg and began kicking furiously. Two struck Kitana, but she moved back and threw a steel fan; it grazed her opponents legging, leaving a small line of blood.
“Ugh, it shows what a poor fighter you are if you have to rely on weapons!”
“It merely shows that I do what it takes to win.” Kitana threw two more fans. Chun-Li dodged them both and jumped closer, kicking the princess in the chest. Kitana stumbled backwards as Chun-Li pummeled her, eventually knocking her down.

“Chun-Li wins round one!” A masked man came and moved her leggings down, slowly administering a thick glycerin enema. The single dose of the substance caused her immediate distress. She fixed her clothes and stood, fists clenched. Kitana lunged at her, easily outmaneuvering her and striking her repeatedly in the stomach until she fell, holding her midsection.

“Kitana!” The man came forth and gave her a syringe full of the substance. She accepted it graciously. They fought again, Chun-Li attempting to kick her opponent in the mid-region, but being easily diverted. She was slightly slower due to her predicament. She tried every simple move she could think of to no avail. Kitana grabbed her leg as she kicked and lifted it higher, sending her sprawling on her back. Chun-Li laid there in discomfort as Kitana smiled beneath her mask.

“Kitana’s second victory!” She received three glycerin enemas in rapid succession. She closed her eyes as the last one went in, but her expression didn’t change. She slid her undergarments back into place and stepped forward. She moved more carefully, in spite of her calm demeanor.

They began again. Chun-Li delivered an open-palmed strike to Kitana’s midsection, causing her to double over in pain. Chun-Li followed with another two strong kicks to each side of her belly, followed by another strike, forcing her opponents arms into her belly. This was what finally brought her down. The announcement came; Chun-Li received another three syringes full of the thick, gooey substance. She felt like it might come out at any moment: barely able to focus on anything other than that horrible feeling. She arose and refocused her mind.
“You look as if you are struggling, human.”
“I don’t know where you are from, but humans are known to be resilient.”
“You have no idea how resilient I am. We’re not fighting in the streets, this is a battle that only one of us will walk away from.”

Kitana opened two steel fans and swiped at her. One cut her stomach and the other hit her arm; neither wound was severe, but they left a trail of blood. Kitana kicked her in the leg and Chun-Li knelt in pain, feeling some of the substance coming out.

“Kitana wins round five!” The man filled her with four more loads of glycerin. He also gave Chun-Li another to replace what had leaked. Kitana tore her mask off and stood, visibly agitated. “One more time and we will finish this disgraceful event.” Her nipples stood rigidly beneath her costume.

“How do you hold it in so easily?”
“I have been training my whole life to use my body effectively.”
“I guess having stuff pumped into my butt wasn’t part of my Interpol training. Your father must be proud.”
“Don’t you talk about my father, you little bitch!” Kitana quickly threw an open fan toward her. Chun-Li narrowly avoided it.
“Touchy subject, I see. Guess he didn’t train you well enough.”
The princess growled and leapt forward, hitting Chun-Li in her breast; she fell back, grabbing her chest as she knelt. Kitana drew back to kick her, but Chun-Li saw the opportunity and delivered a strong upward kick directly to her crotch. Kitana yelped and dropped to the ground, writhing in pain with her hands between her legs. She gasped as she lay there, trying to recover. Somehow she still retained the glycerin.

“Round six goes to Chun-Li!” She received her enemas and rose, standing woodenly. She couldn’t move much at all.
“This is it.”
“You will learn respect.” Kitana’s eyes were alight with anger.

Kitana moved closer carefully; both of them acclimating to their full backsides. Kitana drew her fans and lashed out repeatedly. Chun-Li stepped back with each slash, barely able to avoid them. She did a backward summersault, and even though it felt uncomfortable, she thought she could hold it in. It is now or never, Chun-Li thought. She flipped into the air, hanging upside down, defying gravity; spinning with her legs outstretched, she moved closer to her opponent, ready to deal damage. But, this caused immense pressure on her belly and she couldn’t hold it. All the glycerin she had been retaining shot out violently, collecting in her underwear before splashing outward as she spun. She hit Kitana two times before returning upright, but it wouldn’t help her at this point. She buckled in pain as the torrent continued to exit her.

“Kitana wins!” Chun-Li stood, defeated and humiliated, feeling the slime running down her thighs. Kitana leaned closer and kissed her unwary opponent on the lips. Chun-Li’s eyes bugged out as her whole body began to inflate. She swelled mainly in her middle region, but her arms and legs puffed out as well. She looked like a stretching balloon. After a moment she stopped growing, her body impossibly large and rounded with her arms and legs outstretched. Her breasts had grown and rounded as well.
“Hmm,” Kitana raised an eyebrow. “I guess we can’t kill each other. Oh well, you’ll just have to stay like that, then.” She walked away, laughing devilishly.

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