Women’s Equality Day


It had been months since she’d been abused by her mother and her so-called friend. Vanessa was pregnant; her stomach had grown out to a notable bump. She had gained weight, feeling tired and unmotivated. Her butt had become springy and her breasts swollen. She had frequent mood swings now, but she lived by herself and recently took time away from work. That had been a hard conversation with her boss, but he didn’t ask many questions, he just assumed that she had a one night stand that ended in a child. It was kind of true, she guessed. Money wasn’t a problem now, but she regretted ever having it. She mostly watched television and only went out to buy food or clothes. She had completely changed her wardrobe now, nothing from before fit anymore.

Her phone vibrated. “Come to the house, Laura is here for you to use. Don’t play nice.” She was hesitant, but she already knew what this captor was capable of and she wanted revenge. She locked up and headed to the place she hoped to never see again. She went inside warily. Laura was lying on her back in the middle of the floor wearing nothing except a blindfold and pair of vinyl shorts. Her stomach was huge, as were her breasts; they rested on either side, laden with milk. Her arms were handcuffed to the leg of the sofa. Vanessa hoped she would never get that large, she looked like a whale.

Laura lifted her head. “Who is there?”
“You bitch; I’m going to have triplets because of you.”
“Vanessa? I didn’t have a… choice, he made me! He was pumping me full of fertility drugs too.”
“I don’t care; you did this to me, not him!”
She saw an unmarked envelope on the table. Inside it read: ‘Vanessa, don’t injure her, but she’s yours to make feel all of the pain she’s caused you and her daughters. Some implements are available in the kitchen.’ Vanessa dropped the note and went to find what the note mentioned. She found a box filled with random items. She brought it out and placed it near Laura. Vanessa unfastened the vinyl shorts and slid them off. Her vagina was moist already. She lifted the couch slightly to free the handcuffs and rolled the burdened woman onto her stomach.

There was a plug in her backside; Vanessa pulled it out. “No, don’t!” Laura squirmed as something started to come out. Golf balls shot onto the floor. Laura couldn’t hold them without the plug.
“You had five in there?”
“No,” she panted, “he put six in there. The last one won’t come out!”
“Well, that’s too bad.” Vanessa rolled the remarkably clean balls away and reached into the box and brought out a baseball. She also grabbed a bottle of lube, which she used on the ball and her victim’s ass. Laura squirmed as she prepared her for the object and without warning she brought it up and pressed it in as hard as she could. The ball disappeared into Laura’s asshole with a pop. She bucked and squealed, but she was unable to push the ball back out. Laura eventually calmed down as the pain subsided. Vanessa rubbed her gently and she orgasmed after a minute. She attempted to push the ball out, but it was fruitless. Vanessa rubbed her all over, attempting to calm her. Laura gave up after a few tries.

Vanessa looked to the box again; she searched for a moment before pulling out a small deflated ball and the attached handheld pump. She used the lubricant on Laura’s womanhood, using a few fingers to stretch her.
“No, I can’t take any more! Get the ball out of my ass, please!”
Using more lube, she worked the ball carefully Into Laura’s vagina. Her victim struggled. Vanessa slapped her inner thigh hard. “Stop fighting me right now or I will make this worse, you shit!” Laura whimpered, but didn’t struggle.

Once the ball was fully inside she began to pump slowly. Laura groaned as it grew in her, each pump causing her to shake from side to side. Vanessa made sure to prolong this torment, each time drawing the plunger in and out slowly. She pumped about 14 times and then yanked on the pump, leaving the ball inside.

“Oh my god, get it out!”
“Good luck with that, you whore. You look pretty damn full now. Think of this as practice for popping out all those fucking kids.” Laura started to cry as she tried in vain to push the objects out of her. “I didn’t even want god damned kids. You ruined my body and left me to have a bunch of obnoxious, snot nosed bastard children! You deserve this!” Vanessa fumed.
“I didn’t want to, he made me!” She was sobbing now.
“Who the fuck is he? You better fucking tell me or I’ll ram more things into you!”
“He-he just sends me texts!”
“Who the fuck did this to you, then?”
“He made me blindfold myself before he came.”

Vanessa breathed deeply. She left Laura to look through the rooms, searching for some sort of clue. Laura was bawling, but she didn’t care. Upstairs she found a closet that contained Laura’s clothes and found her phone in the pocket. She skimmed the messages: most were between her and her children. The texts from her son, Aaron, were kind of creepy, but nothing important. She searched the other pockets and found another phone. She opened the first sent message: “Come to the house, Laura is here for you to use. Don’t play nice.” Her heart skipped a beat.

She continued reading. Texts had been sent to Maggie, Emma, Aaron, and her. She could only imagine the horrible things that had been happening to them over the year. She noticed none had been sent to Laura. She must be helping him more than Vanessa knew. She put the phone in her pocket and went back downstairs. Laura laid there, the balls still hidden in her orifices. “You fucking bitch, you were working with him all along!”
“No, I wasn’t!” She whimpered.
“Don’t lie to me, I found the phone!”
“What phone? I don’t know what you’re walking about!”
Vanessa removed her blindfold and held up the phone. “This one, you whore!”
“I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about; it’s not mine, I swear!”
Vanessa clenched her teeth and threw the phone onto the floor; she looked into the box. She brought out a mini can of soda, showing it to Laura. “Tell me the truth!”
Laura rolled into the fetal position as much as she could. “I don’t know!” She continued sobbing.
Vanessa breathed deeply and spread her cheeks as she lied there. She used a generous amount of lubrication and pressed the can against her fairly loose hole. Once she got it started it went in easily. She had to force the final part in, as it pushed against the baseball. Laura didn’t move much as she pressed it in, she simply wailed in grief.

“Tell me or I will just keep putting things into you, you whore! Eventually it will hit the babies and I bet that won’t be good for them, will it?”
She looked at Vanessa, tears streaming down her face. “Please don’t do that! I promise you, I don’t know w-whose phone that is, he must have put it there. I just know that a man has been doing this! I promise!”

Vanessa knew this was going nowhere. She didn’t believe her, but she didn’t want to hurt the children. She decided to help her remove the objects. Using her fingers, she spread Laura, trying to coax the ball out of her pussy. Her victim moaned and groaned each time she pushed. Vanessa tried spreading her butt instead, trying to open it enough for the can to move through. It took a moment of maneuvering until the can slid out and rolled on the floor. She set it aside and attempted to guide the baseball to the opening. She could feel it was pressed in farther due to the inflated ball in her vagina. After a fruitless attempt she put a few more fingers in and finally her thumb. Laura whined as her knuckles broke the threshold. Vanessa moved her hand carefully, feeling the slippery ball move as she tried to grab it.

“No, stop! It’s pushing them deeper! Please, please stop!”
“I have to get it out, just bear with me!”
Her hand was in up to her wrist. Vanessa slid her fingertips around the ball and pulled slowly. She felt the inflated ball in her vagina pressing upon the top of her hand. She used her knuckles to slide the baseball past it. She cautiously began to extract it, but just before it was halfway through Laura moved and it popped back in. She yelped and jerked away.

“Try pushing now.” Vanessa used two fingers to spread her asshole.
Laura cried as she pushed. Vanessa could see the ball moving forward, trying to move past her fingers, which held the hole apart. She pushed again and the wet baseball made a thump upon the floor. Laura panted heavily as she bawled.
“Good job, now the bigger one should come right out!”
Vanessa allowed her some time to recover. Her breasts and belly shook as she wept quietly. Vanessa felt bad, but then she remembered that this whole situation wouldn’t be happening if it hadn’t been for Laura. “Toughen up. I’m going to push a bunch of little bastards out of me because of you! I should just leave that one in there, you bitch!” Vanessa started to stand; Laura screamed, “Please don’t leave me, help me get this out, I’m begging you!”

Vanessa lowered herself again, wondering if she actually could coax it out. “Fine.” She pressed her fingers into her moist loins. She felt the ball, but couldn’t get her fingers around it. She brought her fingers to the edges and used both hands to spread Laura. She pulled as much as she could and ignored Laura’s whimpering. “Push!” The ball was visible, moving closer and closer. Then, suddenly, it came through and hit Vanessa’s belly. Laura bucked and wailed, grabbing her crotch. There was a large gooey spot in the center of Vanessa’s shirt now.

She went to the bathroom to wash it off. Removing her soiled shirt, she looked into the mirror. She had fallen so far; she used to be fit and muscular, now she was huge. She tried to focus on scrubbing her shirt, knowing her body would never be the same after the children. All of this happened because of that fucked up family! She left her shirt to dry.

She came back out to see her victim still lying there, too weak to move. A man knelt over her, holding her hand, looking horrified. He gave Vanessa a venomous look. “What the fuck did you do to her?”
“Who are you?”
“I’m her son!”
“Sh-she is the one doing this! I found her phone – it proves it!”
He rushed toward her and grabbed her before she could react. She tried to fight, but she wasn’t strong enough. He walked her into the bathroom and shut the door. “I know. I figured it out a few months ago. She doesn’t realize it, though.” He sat her on the closed toilet.
“She has a dissociative identity disorder.” He paused, realizing she didn’t know what that meant. “A split personality. I read about it online. Every month Carl comes out.”
Vanessa’s mind swirled. “Carl?”
That’s what she calls herself when she’s like that. It’s our dad’s name. He was killed in a car accident; mom was depressed for a year straight because of it. Then, for some reason, she started getting better. We didn’t question why she would go out some evenings and not come back until the next day. So, about two more years passed; then mom started getting into arguments with Emma. My sister and I both moved out eventually and things seemed to be going okay, we talked about once a week. Then out of the blue my mom showed up on Valentine’s Day.

“What did she do to you?”
“S-she used me to get her pregnant.” He lowered his head, sighing. “I accepted it after a while and eventually I moved back home.”
“She raped you and you moved back in with her to raise bastard children?”
Aaron slapped her. “She isn’t well. I have to help her. Laura needs to play out sexual fantasies. Carl organizes them for her. I figured out the truth and I decided to help just before Easter.“

“How the fuck did forcing your sister to shove eggs up my ass and having me hop around town help her? How did allowing me to get raped and have bastard children help her?” She was trembling with anger.
“She was watching then. She needs these unique situations or she will snap. I had to step in to stop you on April Fool’s Day even though I knew that might not be the best for her.”
“Snap?! Best for her?! What the fuck is wrong with you? She should be in an asylum!”
“You’re one to talk. You enjoy torturing people. Just look what you did to her!”
“Fuck you; I’m not your mother!”
He slapped her again. “I didn’t see you returning the money.”
“You sick motherfucker!”
He slapped her harder this time. “You enjoy tormenting people. You like to see people suffer – time for payback.” He lifted her and nudged her into the living room. She struggled. “Stop fighting or I will start punching you in the stomach.” She stopped, giving a dangerous glare. “See, you do want those kids. Just accept what we do and everything will be alright.” He helped her remove her pants.

Laura’s eyes opened as she lied there. “Hi, baby.” It was barely louder than a whisper.
“I love you, mom.” Aaron moved Vanessa into the room and brought her down to her hands and knees. “Now, Vanessa, I’m just going to put two things in you and then you will be even, okay? You can pick if you’d like. We can help you if you help us. He will do something terrible if we don’t do this.”

She started to protest, but she knew it was pointless. Vanessa looked to Laura, lying broken, but still smiling. This was just her sick, twisted way of coping. She had lost the man who loved her and embraced her fetishes; this was her mind’s way to get release. Aaron knew all of this and loved her anyway. Vanessa knew they would help her; all she had to do was play along and endure their torture. She needed their support, there was no alternative. She sighed sadly, “Just pick something.”

Aaron grabbed the inflatable ball that she had used on Laura earlier. He let the air out and used some lube on her butt. She tried to relax, “Prepare me a little first.” He put a finger in and worked it around, followed by a second digit. “Put more in, I don’t want it to get stuck in there.” Shortly he had all of his fingers in her. He spent a few minutes loosening her, pressing in and out. She waited complacently. He slid the deflated ball into her ass. He began pumping; she felt the pressure growing as he inflated it quickly. She lost track after the 18th pump. “Stop, please!” He pulled the tube out, leaving the obstruction in her. She whimpered, unable to do anything about it.

She looked back to see him holding a small aluminum baseball bat. “No way, I can’t take that!”
“This will help loosen you so that can come out. It won’t be so bad.”
She sighed. “Fuck. Just do it.” He pressed the larger end into her, turning it slowly. Gasping, she felt a pop. It slid in and pressed the ball deeper. She clenched her eyes and balled her fists upon the floor. “Fuck, it hurts so much!”
“Now you know how she feels.” He sped up, pounding her ass with the bat. She was crying, just wishing it would end soon. Then there was a sharp pain as she felt the ball inside her break. She jumped forward, crumpling onto the floor bawling. She felt hollow, unable to think straight. He knelt next to her, rubbing her back. Tears blurred her vision. She truly felt broken.
Aaron look mortified, “I am so sorry, that wasn’t meant to happen!”
“Oh fuck, that hurt so much.” She mumbled. He rubbed her shoulder, trying to comfort her. After a couple of minutes her crying tapered.
“You all right? That was a cheap ball, I’m sorry.”
“Well it’s not meant to be rammed into someone.”
“Well, next time I can get a metal ball and a ramrod and pack your ass like a cannon.”
She smiled, in spite of everything. She knew it made no sense, but she kind of liked him. She noticed the bulge in his pants; irrationally, she reached out and rubbed it. She turned over and pulled his belt. There was a moment of uncertainty as he looked into her eyes. He unzipped his pants and moved himself closer. They lay side by side as he entered her. Her ass was incredibly sore, but she tried to ignore it as he slid into her moist vagina. He held her close as he pressed in and out. Her baby bump nestled between them. She tightened around his cock, which caused him to pulse inside of her. She watched his face as she felt the warmth shooting inside.

She hugged him tightly, looking over his shoulder to see Laura, still lying as she had been, watching them with a tired smile. They were crazy, but her life was changing and there was no turning back now. Vanessa closed her eyes and focused on the strong man enveloping her. He could support her and she needed that now more than ever. For a fleeting moment she felt loved and she didn’t want to think about anything else.

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