Emma approached the house, unsure of the torment that was in store. The text didn’t make any threats, it just told her to come here and meet her brother. She had been a mess of emotions since she learned she was carrying his child. He had been surprisingly calm when she told him. He must really love me. He had been the one to tell their mother, and he said that Laura had offered for her to move back home with them. I can’t do that. Mom is a bad person… And why would she want me back now? That would be a bad idea. She wiped a tear away. Emma had considered getting rid of her incestuous child at first, but she had decided that the risk was worth it. Aaron and I will be good parents; I don’t care what anyone thinks! I’m not going to take the easy way out like Mom did – I’ll take the risks.


She went inside to find Laura and Aaron sitting on the couch, coddling four babies. She stopped in the doorway, stunned. “What is this?”

Aaron laid the baby he had been holding down in the crib next to them. He stood and walked closer. “Emma, honey, these are mom’s children… These are our children.”

It took a moment to grasp what he meant. She didn’t even know Laura was pregnant. “Your children?” She didn’t understand.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but Mom and I had these babies – just like you and I will have one in a few more months.”

She felt sick. It was so much to take in, but it started to fit together now. Her belly had been larger the last time she saw her. Why didn’t Maggie tell me? “I thought we had something special!” She didn’t know why that detail bothered her more than anything else at the moment.

“We do! I love you both and we can be a family!“

Oh my god! Sick! She ran to the bathroom and threw up. He came in and held her hair up while he rubbed her back. “I can’t believe you’d fuck Mom! And you didn’t even tell me she was going to have your kids!”

“Mom showed me that it doesn’t matter who you love, just that you support them. I really do love you, Emma. I know this is a really fucked up situation, but it’s true.”


They argued as she finished and washed up. She stormed out of the room to find Laura standing, holding one of the babies. She held it out to Emma. Emma sneered and backed away. Laura gave her a stern look. “I know you didn’t approve of my lifestyle, but they are part of the family now. These are your brothers and sisters. This is Jonah.” She held him out carefully. “Please hold him.”


Emma’s anger suddenly faded. She reluctantly nodded and took him into her arms. He is adorable. It’s really not his fault he was born into this mess. “Listen… I-I didn’t mind the lifestyle as much as the abortion you had when you were sleeping with that man. I don’t think I can ever get past it.”

Laura was visibly confused. “I never had an abortion. God, no! I said I got rid of them, I meant I gave them up for adoption! I couldn’t support them and they wouldn’t either, I didn’t have a choice.”

Emma was awash with emotions. “They?”

“There were two, those men wouldn’t help me, so I decided to have the babies in private and set them up for adoption. They wanted me to keep it secret.”

“How did you hide that you were pregnant from us for all that time?”

“I was depressed then and sat around most of the days. It wasn’t hard to keep it hidden; Maggie thought I was just gaining weight.” She looked down at Jonah with a warm smile. “I loved all of my children and I would never get an abortion no matter what.”

My god, I had been mad at her for all this time for the wrong reason. Emma couldn’t find words, she simply started bawling. Laura came closer and hugged her. Aaron rubbed her shoulder uncertainly. Tears ran down her cheeks. “I-I’m so sorry, Mom! I am so sorry that I moved away and caused all of this. I got dad killed and turned our family into a fucking mess!”


Laura hushed and comforted her. “No, baby, it was an accident and its okay. This family will be strong and we all love each other so much! This is an unusual situation, but we will work together to raise these children! I need your help with everything, though… Come back home, Emma.”

I have to accept it: I have no friends and no hope of raising a child while working at a department store – this is the only way. She wiped the tears from her eyes. “Okay… Mom.” They hugged after a long moment.


After the embrace she carefully picked up another baby. “They’re adorable.” Emma was beaming, “Wait, is she my sister or my niece?”

Laura looked to Aaron hesitantly, “Uh, actually, she is both. I know it’s weird, but they all are healthy.”

“Hmm.” Emma was still mildly disturbed by this situation, but she knew there was no way to change it now. Who else could I be with that would understand this situation and still love my baby? At least I know I have support here. She looked to Aaron and smiled warmly.


Hours slipped by as they spent time with the children. Emma breastfeed Jonah as Laura fed the rest; afterward their mother fell asleep. Aaron led Emma to an adjoining room. “She is still drained after having them.” He paused, “This is for you.” He lifted a box and set it upon the table, an envelope that said her name sat on top. She opened it: ‘Happy Halloween! Have Aaron help you into your costume.’


The box harbored a long, violet-colored satin dress; it had a low-cut neckline fringed with black lace, and a black strip down the front. She inspected it and noticed beneath it there were crotchless vinyl shorts. She sat the dress back into the box carefully.

“This is gorgeous,” she looked to Aaron, building up courage. “I know this is going to be hard to hear, but Mom is helping that guy. He is using her or she is using us…”

Aaron nodded slowly.

“Look, last month a guy came around asking questions and… Mom was never kidnapped and neither was Maggie! This whole time he has just been manipulating us with Mom’s help.”

“I have to tell you something too. There is no man, it’s only Mom doing this.”

Emma stumbled back, leaning against the wall. “W-what?”

He nodded and explained her split personality. “Her mind is crafting these strange scenarios because Dad used to do these things to her; when he died she could only find temporary fixes. That’s when she started going out all night – she was looking for someone to play out these fantasies with. I figured out that she had a baby just before I moved out. I think the two guys just gave her money and left her shortly before then, and then when we left it sent her over the edge.”

Emma felt sick. “I moved out in December… just before Christmas. God, I had no idea it would do that to her. I fucked her up so much!” Emma cried. “I killed Dad, I left Mom when she needed me, and now I am going to bring a baby into this shit!”

Aaron hugged her. “The car accident wasn’t your fault, and Mom is getting better. She needed children to feel whole again. Now that she has them I am going to try and stop this whole thing. I just need some more time and I need your help.” Emma nodded, tears running down her cheeks. “We will be here for you no matter what, Emma – we are family.”


It took some convincing, but eventually she put the dress on. She didn’t care. I need to be punished for all I’ve done. He led her to the bathroom and he brought out the enema tools from under the sink; he also grabbed a filled bucket from inside the shower and sat it on the floor, watching her expression. “This part isn’t for mom, is it?”

Aaron smiled, “I think she has some good ideas and she likes enemas too. But, no, this part is for me.”

“I guess I really do love you.” She kissed him and bent down, leaning on the counter.

“I love you too, Emma. Thank you for doing this.”

“At least it’s on my own terms now. I hated that part the most – having no control.”

“You were always in control; you just wanted to go along with it.” He smiled mischievously.


He is right. He filled her, one syringe at a time. He gave her four before he inserted a butt-plug. She made pained noises, but otherwise didn’t protest. Her pregnant belly was much more pronounced now that the water filled her. He handed her a pointed witch’s hat he had set aside. Her dress fit snugly as she followed him to the living room. Laura was awake again, watching the children sleeping. She smiled as she looked to them, “Going out?”

Aaron nodded, “Yeah, he’s having us go to a Halloween party. I still have to get ready.” He walked Emma to the couch and went upstairs.

He sat outside the inconspicuous blue house, waiting. It all started there, Mike recalled. That was a very odd night to say the least. Emma waddled to her car, looking larger than before. He followed her a few miles out of town to a large house which already had many costumed partygoers dotting the lawn. He watched her mingle with a group outside for a few minutes before entering. He pulled closer, parking nearby. He read a book for about half an hour until darkness fell. He donned the mask he had brought just in case such a situation arose.


He walked inside casually, acting as one of the group. He spotted Emma talking to a man in a masquerade mask in the corner of the main room. Mike tried to act inconspicuous as he watched them. After a few minutes they walked past him, out the front door. He followed subtly into the nearby woods. They talked as they walked down the narrow wooded pathway. He couldn’t understand what they were saying until the man shouted abruptly, “No way!” The masked man turned and spotted Mike as he left her. “Dude, you better leave this crazy bitch alone.” He slurred as he stormed away, leaving him with the crying woman in the wooded path.


“I don’t need you! I don’t need anybody!” Emma stumbled, clearly intoxicated as well. “Except you, I think I need you.”

Mike walked closer, “I think you’ve had one too many.”

“Don’t you tell me what I already know. In fact I have one too many up my butt right now. My brother gave me enemas before I left.” She paused, her head bobbing to the sides. “That’s some sick shit, right?” Mike was at a loss for words. She continued, “I mean, you can’t just play with your sister’s ass like that; that’s just not the Christian thing to do!”


“Uh, wha-why are you doing this? Is he forcing you?”

“Nah, he’s a sweet guy deep down. My mom is too. It’s that other guy!”

“What other guy?”

“I don’t like him because he makes us do stuff like this!” She pointed to her belly. “I’m pregnant, you know? My brother knocked me up!”

“Good god, let me help you.”

“Nope, I can’t tell you secrets. Shhh.” She was over-animated as she came closer. “Not until we…” She rubbed his crotch, leaning in to whisper, “fuck.” She giggled.

Mike backed against a tree. He had no idea he would find himself in this predicament. She is young and gorgeous, despite her belly, but I have to stop her. “I have a girlfriend.”

“So? It doesn’t matter, no one has to know!” She slid his mask off and looked confused. “You look familiar. Oh, hi Mike!” She grinned, “I still want to fuck you!”

He was aroused, but this was wrong and he knew it. “I don’t think you know what you want.”

She lifted her dress. “He plugged my butt, but the front is open! You can even shoot it inside me and no one will know!” She reached down his pants and explored for a moment. “It’s not like I can get pregnant!” She giggled. He gently protested, but made no real move to stop her. She hurriedly unfastened his belt and slid his pants down. Before he could react she lifted her leg and pushed against his exposed, erect penis.


“No, stop now!” He pushed her back slightly and she stumbled, grabbing his hands to slow her backward decent as she fell. It took effort to stop himself from landing on her fully as she pulled him down. He rested just above her. She quickly reached down and slid his organ into her damp lower region. It went in smoothly.

“See, doesn’t that feel so nice?” She tensed upon him, causing him to press deeper.

He wanted to stop, but he didn’t. He began thrusting in and out, as she grabbed his shoulders. She is so tight! I shouldn’t be doing this, but who will ever know? This is only a one-time thing anyway. They continued for a time until he heard some rustling behind him. He turned to see the masked man from before with his phone held up, taking pictures. Mike rolled over and pulled his pants up, carefully zipping past his erection.


“Before you panic too much you need to understand that this is just our insurance.” The man spoke calmly, “I swear I will not show these to anyone as long as you stop following us.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he lied.

“Don’t bullshit me, Mike.”

Emma sat up, smoothing her ruffled dress. “Leave us alone, we don’t want any more trouble.”

Mike sighed. “You just played me, didn’t you?” He scrutinized the masked man for a moment. “You’re her brother, aren’t you?” He recognized him now. “You two don’t have to keep doing this for that guy.”

“It’s not that simple. Leave us alone or I will send the photo to the newspaper. Imagine how they’d run with the story: a police officer having sex with a pregnant woman that he followed into the woods. We’re not hurting anyone, just leave us alone.”

“He’s hurting you and you’re too stupid to let me help.”

“There is no he!” Emma scoffed, explaining how their mother had a split personality. She gave the short version with just enough details to sate his curiosity. “Now you know about us, please leave. This is…” She hesitated. “This is our choice and it’s none of your business. We’re all consenting adults.”

He nodded slowly, “Okay,“ he got up and left them.

“Think he’ll leave us alone?” Aaron wondered aloud.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t think he’ll turn us in either.” It’s our choice. I can’t believe I said that to him. I guess it’s true, but I never thought I’d accept this crazy shit. The things I do for love.

Aaron unzipped his pants and knelt between her legs. “Since he left you without finishing…”

She gave a tired smile, “I suppose.” This will be my life now. I know it is wrong on so many levels, but I know I can be honest with him. Honestly that is what I have always wanted. She slid his mask off and watched him as he moved atop her. He was smiling the sweetest smile as he went in and out. She still had the water sloshing around inside of her too, but she had gotten used to it. To be fair I kind of enjoy a little bit of pain mixed with the pleasure. “Dad used to give me enemas as punishment, but I think we both knew that I grew to like them.” I guess I’m the real sicko now.

“That explains why you can hold them so well.”

“I think he did it to Maggie too, but she didn’t like them like I started to.”

“You always did try to please him.” She fought back tears.

“Now I have to please you.”

He nodded as he continued thrusting into her. “You have to share, though.”

“But I don’t want to!”

“I truly love you both and you will always be my little sister. Please understand.”

“Okay,” she wiped her eyes. “Okay, I do – just no one else except mom.”

“I promise.” His pace increased until he pressed in, unloading into her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. He is so amazing, I love him.

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