Family Matter


The holidays had past and the days were becoming warmer now. Natalie watched the snow melt as she thought of Melanie. She knew it was an odd love, but it was more trust than she’d ever felt with another person before. She still practiced her fetish in private from time to time and wished for Melanie beside her. She hadn’t heard from Melanie since their ordeal. It had been too good to be true. She sighed and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Her mother and sister were watching television – an obnoxious action film. “Nat, what have you been up to?”
“Just reading.”
Her mother came into the kitchen as she searched for something to eat. “Are you okay, you haven’t been the same since you went to your father’s – is something bothering you?”
“Yes Rebecca.” Her mother hated to be called by her full name.
“I just want to know why you’re acting so strange. I’ve noticed the long showers and being in your room all hours of the day. You’re very moody too.”
“Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it’s because you’re watching my every move and questioning everything I do!”
“Nat, be honest, did your father do something to you?”
“What? No! He didn’t do anything like that. You’re such a bitch!” Natalie huffed and searched the cupboards, trying to ignore her mother.
“Nat, just talk to me, I can help you.”

Before the conversation was drawn out further, the doorbell rang. ‘Rebecca’ went to answer the door. Natalie sat a jar of peanut butter on the counter. Before she could continue she heard her mom call for her. Still agitated, Natalie walked heavily to the door. Melanie stood in the doorway, bundled up. Her cheeks were rosy and she wore a tiny smirk. Her mother turned and asked, “do you know a Melanie from down south?”

Natalie’s eyes danced with delight. “Melanie! How have you been?” She trotted over and hugged her. Her mother was completely confused. “Come in! Take your coat off. This is my mother Rebecca.”
“Hi, call me Becky.”
“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard good things about you.” An obvious lie, but nobody corrected it. After a few minutes Melanie followed Natalie up to her room and they sat on her bed.
Natalie kissed her. “What happened? Is everything okay down there? How come you haven’t called me back?”

Melanie sighed heavily. “I can’t go home. There were too many people who knew what I did there. I kept having creeps following me and I had one guy break in to my house. I knew I had to get away after that. The videos spread, they closed down the fountain and most people knew why. I came up here to see what this place is like. Maybe I can start over here.”

“That really sucks, but I think you should move up here.” She paused, “I still have the video bookmarked.” She realized how callous that must be. “Sorry, I miss you.” They kissed again, this time there was a hint of passion. A knock on the door interrupted them. Her mother came in, “I made you both peanut butter and jelly, I figured I’d finish them since you two ran up here.” Natalie nodded and took the plate. Her mother was so nosy.

The two girls came down the stairs and went to the door. “Where are you going?” Becky asked.
“I’m going to show her around town. She might be moving up here soon.” They put on their coats.
“Okay, just don’t stay out too late.” After they left Becky tried to get up quietly. Sarah didn’t seem to notice, still watching t.v. She used the opportunity to venture upstairs again. She had overheard the mention of a bookmarked video through the door earlier and she had to see what Natalie was hiding. She had required both kids not to use a password in case of emergencies – and cases like this.

She opened the browser and looked at the bookmarks. Some odd things, but nothing too bad until she noticed one called ‘Fountain Clip.’ She clicked it and watched. Her mouth dropped as she watched her daughter and that other girl being visibly inflated using a public fountain. She certainly didn’t expect anything like this. She was even more shocked to see a related video that looked familiar.

She clicked the link and watched a shorter video – it didn’t show her face, but Becky recognized Natalie’s body and their bathroom. The clip showed her using a hose to inflate her belly. She closed the browser and went to the bathroom. She looked under the counter and found the hose she had used pushed to the back. That is why she had been taking such long showers; it all clicked now! Sick! She held it, thinking. I wonder what that even feels like. A mischievous thought danced through her mind. Maybe I should try this; they won’t be home for a while.

They came back a few minutes later, cautious and quiet. Natalie led the way, avoiding the living room where her mother and sister sat. They crept up the stairs and came to the bathroom. “Someone’s in there.” Natalie heard the water running, but it sounded very faint. She opened the door quietly and peeked in. She saw someone on their hands and knees next to the shower with a hose running into her behind. Natalie looked back quickly and carefully closed the door. “Damn it, Sarah is using my stuff again.”
“Is that a common thing?” Melanie raised an eyebrow.
“She’s done it a couple of times. But, tonight I’ll have some fun with her. Follow me.” They walked slowly to the next door in the hall. She opened the door to a tiny utility closet. Natalie reached up and turned a handle. “This controls the water pressure. Go listen at the door and give me a signal when you hear the water start again. They giggled before she crept to the door.

Becky liked the gentle feeling of water flowing into her. She had a few enemas before, but this was more than she was used to. She had enjoyed anal sex in the past, but never thought of an enema this way. The feeling was quite unique. She leaned forward to rest her shoulders on the towel and brought one hand back to pleasure herself. She began rubbing and she closed her eyes, breathing heavily. Unexpectedly, the water flow stopped. Confused and irritated, she carefully stood up and pushed the handle in the shower higher. Nothing happened. She pressed the handle higher still until the water slowly flowed again. She was so aroused; she didn’t question why the pressure had dropped. Resuming her pose on the towel she began rubbing herself again.

She slid a finger inside and within seconds she began climaxing, quivering with delight. Suddenly, the hose jerked to life and she felt the water surge into her. The pressure causing immediate cramps, she collapsed forward, still climaxing. She moaned loudly, unable to contain the wave of euphoria washing over her. She couldn’t move as more water quickly filled her. Discomfort followed as she felt her tummy expanding. She couldn’t stand; she just laid there, attempting to reach the hose behind her. Her strength had left her, though, and she lazily contorted in agony.

The door flew open. “Mom? What are you doing here?” Becky couldn’t respond, she tried to speak, but she couldn’t think about anything except the torrent entering her. Natalie walked to the shower and turned off the water. Melanie was standing in the doorway, shocked and unable to turn away. Natalie walked to Becky, unsure how to help. “My god!”
“I-I’m. I-I’m sorry to do this in here; it just was something to try. I’m so sorry.” Becky started to cry. “Just let me clean up. P-please, just go.” She rolled to her side, showing her firm, bulging belly. Melanie couldn’t help but notice how soft and smooth her skin looked for being in her mid-thirties. They walked over and helped her to stand.

“I’m going to take the hose out. Just hold it in until you make it to the toilet, okay?” Becky nodded. Natalie grabbed the hose and pulled it carefully. Becky held her breath and braced against the wall as it slid out. She jumped when it exited and moved to the toilet as quickly as she was able. Natalie and Melanie went into the hall and closed the door.

“Well.” Melanie raised her eyebrows.
“Well, I don’t think we’ll be doing that tonight.”
“I should go; I don’t want to have that conversation when she comes out.”
“Please don’t leave, I’ll talk to her and you can stay with me tonight.”
Melanie began to protest, but Natalie reassured her. After a long debate she finally agreed. She went outside to get her overnight bag.

There was a gentle knock at the door. Natalie came in, followed by her mother. Becky’s hair was wet from showering; she was small, but she was buxom. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her night shirt. Melanie tried to ignore her erect nipples.
Becky looked to the ground. “Melanie, I’m sorry you had to see that. Can we keep this whole ordeal between us?”

Melanie felt slight relief.. “Of course. I won’t say a word. I know how fast things spread.”
“Nat told me about how you two met. I… experimented with different things too, and I know how much it means to find someone who accepts you and all of your… kinks.” Melanie was a little nervous that she was so accepting. However, their situation was very unique.

“I see how much Nat loves you and now I see why she’s been so unsatisfied since she’s come home. You can stay here tonight.” She smiled, “goodnight you two.” She nodded and closed the door.
Natalie was a bright shade of red. She looked the part of a bashful girl. “Sorry, my mom is very direct. I hope it doesn’t scare you away. I want you to stay with me.”
“This is a very odd situation,” Melanie couldn’t help but grin, “But, okay, I will. Did you really tell her everything?”
“Most of it. She used to be in adult films, so she’s open to this kind of thing.”
“Oh.” Now Melanie understood why she didn’t shy away from the topic.
“Just try to be open with her. That’s what I do.”

They washed up and lay in bed; it was awkward at first, but eventually they started cuddling. They talked about random small topics and what they’d been doing for the past few months. After a few hours they both fell asleep.

Morning came and they made their way downstairs. Becky was cooking breakfast. They ate with Sarah and made small talk until the obvious question was asked. “Melanie, you’re up here because of what happened with that fountain, right? Why did you have someone record it and post it on the internet if you didn’t want anyone to see it?”
Melanie was taken off guard; she looked to Natalie, “Mom! We didn’t do it by choice.”
“I’m sorry, I thought you all went out there together.”
“We did, but we were blackmailed.” She scowled at Sarah, who smirked. “We all made bad choices, but Melanie’s life shouldn’t have been ruined because of it.”
“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”
Becky noticed Sarah’s mischievous glance. “Did you blackmail them, Sarah?”
“Kind of, it was fun though. Until that jerk double crossed me.”
“So that’s why they recorded you, isn’t it?”
“Totally worth it.”
Becky scowled. “Sarah! You don’t force people to do something against their will!”
“They loved it.”
Natalie broke in, “we didn’t love it; we just wanted it to stop!”
“Not at first, I could tell you two were enjoying being full in public.”
“Well, it wasn’t fun when we got to the fountain, though.”
“Yeah, that was a little too far, but I had kind of good intentions. I just took it too far.”
Natalie sighed. “I did kind of enjoy walking down the sidewalk feeling the water sloshing inside of me.”
Sarah nodded approval. “It’s different. I didn’t like it at first, but the feeling kind of grows on you. Filling up too fast isn’t nice, though.”
“It’s unpleasant, but you want to see how far you can go; so, you don’t mind it much, at least until after you finish.”

There was a short silence. Becky looked to the three girls. “Do you guys want to do it again?” They all looked to each other questioningly. “I know it’s messed up, but we all enjoy it and I think it’s something that we should do together.”
Natalie eyed her suspiciously. “Really?”
“We all like it and it’s not something that should be done alone anyway. We don’t have to hide who we are here, let’s just enjoy it together. We can trust each other not to pass judgment.”
Sarah’s grin widened. “Sure, I’m in, why not?”
Melanie nodded, “Okay, if Natalie will.”
Natalie blushed then nodded and looked down. “This is really weird.” She glanced to Melanie, “Okay, I guess.”

It was awkward the first days, but they eventually became comfortable with their hobby around one another. The following month was spent practicing and expanding their limits. Every few nights they would fill themselves up and then try to hold it while doing common things around the house. They ate dinner like that a few times, watched television, even walked on the treadmill. It turned into a sort of game. They all tried to last the longest. Usually Becky won, but Melanie usually held the most.

The grass became lush and the snow melted. They sat down for dinner as usual, Becky wore a huge grin. “It’s done.” She looked to Melanie, who nodded approvingly.
“What are you talking about?” Natalie’s eyes darted between them.

“Nat, Melanie and I have been working on something for the past month and I think we’re ready to show you two today.”
Sarah cocked her head, just as confused. They ate and Becky handed out simple bikinis to everyone. They all changed in the kitchen and Becky led them into the sunlight. They walked across the backyard, coming to a sturdy wooden patio table and four matching chairs; they sat on a raised platform in the grass.

Becky noted the cautious looks from her daughters. “I know the table is nothing new, but have a seat.” The chairs had their names painted in different colors upon the seat. Natalie noticed a hose leading from the raised platform and leading up the chair’s leg. There was a nozzle peeking between the chair’s slats.
“Interesting,” Sarah grinned.

Becky smiled. “You can guess where those go. I cleaned and lubed them all before you came out.”
Natalie moved her bikini bottom aside and sat upon the nozzle. It was held firmly in place and didn’t budge at all as she sat upon it. The rest of them sat as well. The table had a large grey button in the center, she noticed. “So, the button is connected to the hoses beneath us. When it is pressed one, two, or three of the four hoses will shoot water out. It’s a game of roulette. One person will always get a pass, and it’s random each time. The time is also random; it could go for one second or five”

Sarah didn’t hesitate; she smacked the button and gasped. The sound of the water was audible as it flowed into her. She grimaced until it finished. The rest of them laughed; she was not amused. Sarah smacked the button again and Natalie saw her go rigid as she was filled a second time. Melanie closed her eyes and leaned back. “Oh, that’s nice.”
“This is fucking rigged.” Sarah scowled.
“No, you’re just having bad luck. Just try it again.”
Sarah dropped her fist onto the button. Her expression showed that water into her bowels a third time. Becky and Natalie felt it too.

“I’m done, this is fucking stupid.”
“No, wait, one more,” Becky paused, “please?”
“Last time.” She hit the button. This time Natalie got it. The water pushed into her for a few seconds. She leaned back and giggled, but it was over too quickly.
Becky grinned. “How about the first one to 8 wins?”
“Fine.” Sarah slapped the button again. Melanie gasped and Sarah leaned forward, resting on her elbows. “That’s 4.”
Melanie reached out and pressed it, this time. Natalie felt the water give one quick pulse inside of her. Sarah and Melanie felt it too. “You’re behind, mom.”
“I know, this is nice, though.” She pressed the button and Sarah got it again as well as Melanie. Sarah rested her face in her hands. “Keep going, almost there.”
Natalie laughed. “Can’t take it, sis?”
“Fuck you!” She said it, jokingly.

There was a noise. They all turned their heads to see their neighbor, walking along the wooden fence. He was carrying a box. He opened the fence’s gate and walked closer. “How are you ladies doing today?”

“Good,” Becky sat straighter. “just enjoying the weather.”
He sat the box upon the table without seeing the button. Natalie felt water shoot into her; she watched Becky force a smile and Melanie squirm. Sarah sniggered. “Here are some of our kid’s clothes if you wanted to look through them for Natalie or Sarah.”

Water continued to flow. “Thank you, we’ll go through them later.”
He looked to Melanie. “Hi there, I’m Russel.” He shook her hand.
“Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m just visiting.”
“Oh, what brings you this way?”
The water stream continued. “I-I met these two when they were visiting their dad and I wanted to see where they lived.” Melanie put her hands on her stomach; she rubbed as the flow continued. Becky gave a nervous smile. Natalie leaned back and waited, unable to chime in.
“I see,” he nodded. “Well, I should go finish packing for my trip.“
Sarah stopped him. “Where are you headed to?”
“Oh, I’m going to New York for a week to a researcher’s convention!” He continued to explain the details. Sarah smiled wide and listened. Natalie knew Russel was a talker; she could do nothing but wait and accept the flow of water. At least it wasn’t as powerful as the fountain had been.

Her belly had grown noticeably, as had Melanie’s and Becky’s. Russel didn’t seem to notice as he droned on. Sarah made sure to entice him to continue. A short time passed and Becky finally broke in, “Well, have a great time, we should get inside; it’s starting to get dark.”
Russel smiled, “Oh, sorry to talk your ears off. I’ll see you all in a week, have a good night!”
Becky forced another smile. “It’s okay, have fun! Thanks again.”
When he finally walked out of sight Natalie pushed the box off of the button. “Jesus, he just kept going!”
“I know, he doesn’t know when to quit.” Becky sighed and started to get up.
Sarah grabbed her arm and she halted. “We’re not done, that counted as one!”
“You can’t be serious.” Natalie pointed to her belly, which now looked notably pregnant. It was resting slightly upon her legs. Melanie and Becky both looked similarly full.
“I am serious, we are going to finish or I’m not doing this again.”

Natalie sighed dramatically and pressed the button, Becky grimaced. “What are we up to so far?”
“You’re in first with seven; Melanie and I are at six each and mom is last with five.”
Melanie pressed the button this time. Her face showed her discomfort as her belly rumbled and Becky gasped.
Sarah slapped the button before they could recover. “Oooh! There we go.” Natalie felt it as well.
Sarah pressed it again. Becky put her head in her hands, looking frazzled. “Why me again?”
“Sucks doesn’t it?” Sarah grinned and pressed it again. Becky groaned and Natalie jerked as she felt a surge.
“One more!” Natalie hit the button and felt her final dose. “I win!” Becky looked like she was about to cry and Melanie leaned back again, massaging her stomach. Natalie’s belly grumbled; she rested her hands upon it. “Fuck you Sarah.”
She smiled slightly. “Good game you fat cow.”
“You bitch.”
Becky didn’t say a word; normally she would chime in to break up the argument. She just stood slowly and walked toward the house. The rest of them followed after they vented, carrying their bellies, trying not to be thrown off balance by newly acquired water weight.

The next morning they gathered by the television one by one. Becky arrived last and broke the silence. “I’m sorry.”
Melanie looked up “Sorry?”
“Yes, I shouldn’t have put that thing together.”
“I helped build it too, and I liked it. I mean, the neighbor kind of messed it up, but it was still a good idea.”
Natalie nodded, “I think we should try it again in a few days.”
“How about Friday?” Sarah asked with limited expression.

The day came and they all cleaned the apparatus, put their bikinis on, and sat upon their nozzles. Once they were settled Becky leaned forward and spoke. “So, I think I changed it enough to give a higher volume for a shorter length of time. Plus, I changed it to shut off after five seconds just in case Russel has anymore boxes for us.” She smiled at the girls.

Sarah slapped the button without warning. Natalie felt a rumble as air entered her backside followed by a rush of water. She gasped and braced herself upon the table until it finished. Sarah grinned wickedly. “Feeling a little full, sis?” She hit the button again, causing another rush to enter her sister’s bowels. Natalie closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, waiting for the sensation to subside. Sarah pressed the button again and stared into Natalie’s eyes. She held her stare as a third blast filled her. She panted after it finished. “Still want to continue, big sis?”

Natalie scowled and pressed the button in defiance. This one also was directed to her. She whimpered, gazing down to notice her belly was swollen with added water weight. She was a little larger than she had been at the end of their last game. Sarah grinned and the other two looked uncertain. “Why is it only doing it to me?”

Sarah gave mock sympathy, “I can’t believe it would do that. Let’s try it again to check.” She pressed the button firmly. Air and water roiled as it flowed into Natalie again. She tensed, waiting for the end of the cycle. “Golly, you’re right! This must be broken” Sarah held up her phone, which had already been dialing, “Hi, Russel, it’s Sarah. Mind coming to our backyard for a moment? Thanks!” She slid her phone back into her bikini bottom, reveling in their confusion. She pressed the button in the center of the table again and watched Natalie squirm.

Natalie couldn’t get up in time; she noticed their neighbor coming around the corner, grinning widely. “Hi, what can I do for you lovely young ladies today?”

Sarah smiled back, “I was just wondering if you knew anything about cars. Mom said her car is making a weird sound from the back end and we couldn’t figure it out.” She subtly pressed the button again as she spoke. Natalie felt another jet. She winced as she tried to mask the discomfort. Russel was quick to give answers to her vague description. Sarah told him just enough to string him along, pressing the button when he wouldn’t notice. After five or six times Natalie’s belly was noticeable, but luckily Russel had his back turned, facing her sister.

Sarah gave her a quick glance before sneaking her hand over to press the button again. Melanie and Becky attempted to halt the conversation at a few points, but Sarah asked other questions and feigned ignorance. Russel was oblivious to Sarah’s true motives. Finally, after a few more doses, she nodded and she said something about the brakes, as if she finally understood all he had said. He nodded and offered to take a look at it. Sarah agreed, but said to wait until tomorrow. He took a few steps back before turning to say goodbye. His eyes went wide at the sight of Natalie’s humongous belly, which appeared to be heavily pregnant.

“Uh, are you okay?” He looked to Becky and then back to Natalie. Sweat rolled down Natalie’s forehead as she nodded. Sarah pressed the button one more time as she propelled herself upward, using the distraction to slip off of her nozzle.

She walked over and touched his arm, leading him away. “She is retaining some water, is all. She is kind of self-conscious about it. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it when you first came over.” He looked back at her and nervously waved to them. “Is that normal?” Sarah said more, but Natalie couldn’t focus anymore. Once they were out of sight her Mom and Melanie got up and helped her stand. They walked her slowly inside; her belly swaying as she waddled in. She was used to the high volume, so it didn’t bother her as much as she had thought it would. She felt drained as she entered the bathroom.

The next day Natalie walked slowly downstairs, still feeling weak. She sat down for breakfast. Rebecca and Melanie watched uncertainly. Sarah smiled, “So, did you get your fill?”

“You know, I’m not even upset with you. I kind of liked that.” Natalie grinned widely.
Sarah’s smile faded, “You would, you whore.”
“Sarah, do not talk to your sister like that!”
She nodded, “Sorry, I-I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Rebecca looked to each of them. “I think we need stop for a while.”
Melanie agreed, “Yeah, I think this might have gone a bit too far this time.”

Natalie was too tired protest. But, she knew that such a unique fetish wouldn’t just disappear. It would only be a matter of time before one of them wanted it again. There was no turning back at this point.

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