Fighters II


“This battle will be between two of the world’s most deadly women!” The first girl strolled into the arena wearing a tight, purple leather cat-suit. She had a blonde ponytail, blue eyes, and the open-front suit gave an amazing view of her cleavage. She smirked wickedly as she placed a hand on her hip. “From Ireland and the Tekken series, we have the renowned assassin Nina Williams!”

A girl with a bright red outfit that was split in the front, giving very little coverage to her large breasts, bounced out into the arena. Her breasts jiggled as she skipped along. Her long legs were breathtaking and she wore a thong, partially obscured by her sash. Her long brown ponytail swayed as well. She smiled and held up her hands energetically. “And this gorgeous ninja is from The King of Fighters series. Please welcome Mai Shiranui!” She bent down and shifted her weight side to side, moving her body provocatively.

“It will be a best out of seven match and the winner of each round will be given enemas. Fight!”

Nina charged and tried for a high kick. Mai easily dodged to the side and hit her hard in the thigh. Mai flipped backward and dove in again quickly, striking her twice in rapid succession. She took Nina’s arm as she tried to strike and spun her around, punching her in the back two more times. Nina stumbled and Mai kicked her in the back of the knee. Nina dropped and made no move to get up.

“Round one goes to Mai!” A woman wearing a Japanese fox mask came out. She moved Mai’s sash and thong aside and pressed the syringe into Mai’s backdoor. She emptied it quickly and then withdrew it, filled it with a small amount of air, and filled her with that. Mai gasped and stepped forward, holding her hand across her butt as the girl scurried away. Mai looked slightly nervous as she leaned forward, allowing her breasts to hang lower.

By now Nina stood again, watching her opponent quietly. “You look like you’re having some trouble keeping that in, slut.”
“You should not insult me; I will beat you like your sister always does!”
Nina glared, “well, you both enjoy having something in your ass!” She smiled.
“Shut-up, you have no right to judge me! I am a Shiranui and my family should be respected!”
“You’re fast, but I’m just getting warmed up.”

Mai yelled and rushed forward; she moved slower this time, allowing herself to be open to more strikes. Nina hit her hard in the side at one point, causing her to leap backwards to gain distance. Mai threw two fans, the second one hitting Nina and cutting the shoulder of the cat-suit.

“Where the hell did you hide those?”
Mai giggled, “A girl has to have her secrets!”

Nina ran and jumped, kicking at Mai. She was still too quick; Mai knocked the assassin from the air and used a steel fan to cut at her suit. It opened up enough to expose the girl’s flat belly. Her breasts nearly bounced out. Nina looked into Mai’s eyes as she stood with the fan just above her exposed skin.

“Mai wins round two!” The same woman came out again and filled the victor with two syringes and another half of a tube of air. Mai gripped her rumbling belly as the woman left. “Oh my, it’s too much!”

Nina stood, opening her ruined suit up and pulling the tatters down around her hips. Her breasts bounced as she moved into the ready stance. “Quit whining, you stupid girl.”

Mai bared her teeth, “You’re full of insults, aren’t you? I can still beat you like this easily!” She moved in for a quick attack, but faltered due to her burden. She stumbled and barely avoided a strong kick to the legs. She jumped into the air and struck downward, but Nina saw it coming and hit her squarely in the stomach. Mai crumpled to the ground, moaning in agony.

“Nina wins!” She slid her suit down as the woman came in with two syringes. Nina turned and held up her hands. “Wait, why two? I just won my first match.”
The fox mask moved as she spoke. “Sorry, this time they add up for whoever wins each round.” The woman spun her around with more force than she expected and pressed each does into her. Then she injected her with a full syringe of air. Nina, now naked and with a visible belly, grasped her stomach, groaning.

“You’re the one whining now, idiot!”
“Oh, I can still kick your ass!”
“Kissing it is more likely!”
Nina scooted forward awkwardly. Mai moved slowly as well. Both were hesitant to strike. They struck with light blows, barely bothering each other. Nina grabbed her arms and attempted to pull Mai down, but the Mai proved stronger. Mai blasted the naked assassin with a small ball of fire. Nina stumbled backwards and toppled to the ground, landing flat on her belly. A small spurt of clear water erupted from her backside. She rolled over, holding her butt and looking horrified.

“Mai wins this round!” The fox came out with a bucket and an enema syringe. After three tubes of water and two tubes of air she retreated. Her knees shook as she stood, barely able to balance herself. Nina walked closer and inspected the bulging belly that dominated the girl’s body. Mai waited uneasily. Nina smiled as she came closer; she quickly moved a portion of the girl’s outfit aside and licked her nipple. Mai moaned and sent a small amount trickling down her leg. She whimpered as the loudspeaker announced her loss.

Nina bent down and allowed the girl in the kitsune mask to fill her. Four water enemas and three air enemas. Nina had trouble standing now. They eyed each other, stepping forward slowly. They were hesitant to strike. Nina took a step and then slumped to the ground. She rested upon her knees, whimpering. Mai stepped close, holding her belly she struck at Nina. Nina leaned to the side and put her hand up, pressing it against Mai’s privates. Mai’s belly caused her to struggle to stay upright, but she managed. Her belly also obscured her opponent. She raised a hand as if to strike, but instead she stayed in place and allowed the violation to continue. She moaned as Nina rubbed her gently. “Like that, whore?”

Mai could only moan louder. After a moment she reached down and held Nina’s hand in place. She tilted her head back as she leaned slightly forward. She gasped and breathed heavily, allowing some water to trickle down her leg. “Nina wins!”

The girl came out and leaned Nina forward as Mai stumbled backward. She filled Nina with five water enemas and four air filled enemas. It was a chore to fit them into her. Her belly had swollen large enough to look heavily pregnant. Nina huffed, resting upon her hands and knees as the girl walked away. She removed her mask as she stood by the exit. She had short, almost shoulder-length black hair. She gave a wry grin. “Anna!” She turned and left the arena. “That bitch!”

Mai walked closer and pushed Nina with all the force she could manage. Nina easily toppled and rested upon her back. Mai came down carefully upon her hands and knees, her breasts and belly dangling. She came closer to her immobile opponent. She lowered her head and used her tongue to trace Nina’s clitoris. Nina shrieked and kicked the air.

Mai raised her head. “You want to play this game? I’ll sink to your level if I have to!” She stabbed her tongue deeply into Nina’s moist loins. Nina struggled and attempted to scoot away, but she was fully immobilized. She screamed in agony and delight. She couldn’t control herself, moaning faster and faster. Mai could sense that there was no turning back – she rose up and rolled back. Nina cursed her as the ruined orgasm washed over her. Her legs shook and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. There was a fountain of water spurting from her backside. She lay there, deflating.

Mai stood with effort, raising her hand high as the speaker announced her victory. She jumped slightly, causing her breasts and belly to shake. She looked drained as she smiled, holding her grumbling stomach. She looked at Nina, lying naked in a puddle. “Andy! I hope you enjoyed the show!”

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