Fighters Part I


The speaker crackled, “Welcome to the Game Girl Arena! The next five events shall be hosted in a similar fashion; two girls shall fight in a best-of-seven match and whomever reaches four victories shall advance. The twist, however, is that the winner of the round shall be given an increasing number of enemas after each fight, which they must hold in – this should even the odds a little. There will be four regular matches as well as a final battle between the winning ladies.”

“Tonight’s matchup will be between two ladies who are known for their curves!” An olive-skinned woman with jet black hair entered the arena; she wore a bright green leotard with matching thigh-high boots. “From Killer Instinct, the enigmatic Black Orchid!” She raised her electrified batons into the air and nodded her head.

The next contender entered the arena: a buxom blonde with blue eyes wearing a stars and stripes bikini. She held out her arms, walking with swagger. “This beautiful Texan from the Dead or Alive series: Tina Armstrong!” She raised her arms and flexed with a smile, causing her breasts to move provocatively.

Orchid laughed, “This should be quick.” She cartwheeled closer and reached out with her batons to strike. Tina stepped back and then followed with two quick strikes to her sides followed by a hard strike to her chest. Orchid stumbled backwards in pain. She turned upside down and kicked out with her legs, propelling herself forward with her arms. She spun, kicking Tina twice before she crumpled to the ground. Tina jumped back up just in time for Orchid to land a strike with her baton. She pummeled Tina into submission with her quick strikes. The bikini top caught on the baton after one strike and broke apart, exposing Tina’s bountiful breasts. She gasped and covered herself, kneeling low.

“Round one goes to Black Orchid!” A masked man ran out from a side door, carrying an enema syringe. He came up behind Orchid and, moving her leotard aside, quickly inserted the tip of the syringe. She shot him a harsh look as he administered the enema. Once the tube was empty he ran back to the door. She clenched her teeth and walked back to where she started.

Tina stood, still holding her breasts. She blushed as she released them, allowing them to hang freely.
“Hon, you look like you’re having some trouble holding that in.”
“It is nothing; this is just part of the mission.”
“I don’t know what you’re talkin about, but I’m gonna beat you bare handed!”

Both girls leapt forward. Tina kicked Orchid in the leg and felt a baton strike her shoulder. She stepped back and jumped forward again, grappling Orchid and throwing her to the ground. Tina continued to pummel her opponent, kicking her as she tried to stand.

“Tina!” The announcer called out. The masked man came forth, slid her bikini bottom aside, and emptied a syringe into her; she grunted as he finished and left her. “Golly, that’s a weird feelin. Suppose it’ll be worth it when I win, though!”

They readied themselves and lunged again. Orchid dodged behind Tina and struck her square in the rump with a strong kick. Tina fell forward, catching herself with her hands; her butt raised high into the air. Orchid landed another swift slap upon her rump. Tina fell to her knees. Orchid held her hips as she continued paddling the girl’s patriotic bikini bottom. Tina couldn’t get away; Orchid matched her movements as she spanked her. Her butt rippled with each slap and her boobs bounced forward, dangling beneath her. “Stop, stop!” She whimpered.

“Orchid wins this round!” Two masked men ran to her this time. She bowed her head, leaned forward, and allowed them to give her enemas. She cursed under her breath as the second one started. Once they finished she stood up and raised her batons. “All for the mission – fight me, spy!”
“Darlin, I’m no spy.” Tina giggled and pointed to her head. “You seem a little crazy to me!”

Orchid struck at Tina, but she was able to lean back and grab her assailant’s arm. She pulled her forward and twisted her arm behind her. Orchid’s weapons fell to the ground. She kicked Tina repeatedly until Tina dropped and hit Orchid in the thigh. She fell and Tina sat upon her, grappling her until she submitted.

“2-2” The two men came out and gave Tina a double dose. She held her stomach as it went in. Orchid didn’t let them finish before she kicked her hard in the midsection. Tina let some leak out, the men noticed. They ran away as a horn sounded. “Orchid will receive a penalty loss for an early start… and the judges say Tina receives a penalty loss for leaking.”
“Early start?” Orchid asked angrily.

The doors opened and four men came out – three to each fighter, all carrying an enema syringe. “I barely let any out, please no!” Tina pleaded to the men. They lined up and emptied them into their respective ladies, ignoring them. Tina crumpled to the ground on her hands and knees, breathing heavily, after the second one. The last one caused her to wail in agony. “Oh my god! It’s too full!” She carefully lifted herself after a moment. She rose to a angled position, exposing herself fully to the cameras trained upon them. It took some effort to stand fully, but she was able. Her belly was larger, sloshing with each subtle movement.

Black Orchid kept her face rigid, saying nothing as they filled her. She fixed her leotard and stood tall. She glanced to her batons; she shrugged and left them, unwilling to bend down. She looked frazzled and angry and her belly stretched the leotard tightly upon her slim frame. She raised her fists slowly.

Tina nodded and moved closer. Orchid mustered her strength and called her fire cat to attack. Tina landed a brutal kick to the groin before bracing herself as the beast pounced upon her. She screamed as it attacked, knocking her over and dashing away. She couldn’t stand, feeling all kinds of pain in its wake.
Orchid had fallen as well; she had her hands between her legs, whimpering.

“Final round!” Four men came out and gave them their doses. Both ladies screamed as they were filled even more. Orchid had tears in her eyes and Tina’s looked glazed over by the fourth syringe. Orchid’s clothes were stretched nearly past the limit and Tina’s belly obscured her bikini bottoms. Both were not handling their new water weight well. To make matters worse, a man behind each of them inserted a rubber hand pump. They both smiled at each other as they gave them five squeezes rapidly, filling their victims with air. Both girls sobbed quietly as the men ran out of the arena again. It took them quite some time as they attempted to stand. Breathing heavily and sweating, both girls stood and readied themselves clumsily.

Orchid took one step, holding her belly, clenching her teeth. She reached up and unzipped her suit slowly. She yanked open her top and showed her beautiful, voluptuous breasts and swollen belly. “What do you think of these tits?” Tina stared, open-mouthed and stunned by how perfect they were. She couldn’t think straight. “I-uh, I th-think they’re perfect.”

Orchid stomped her foot, causing them to shake, “these have killed people! Why aren’t they bothering you?”
“H-hon, you’ve got some nice boobs, but I see these jugs every day.” Tina rubbed her hands along her own breasts. ”I’m kind of used to seeing them.” She leaned forward slightly and shook them side to side provocatively. Her belly shook as well. Tina moved closer, but her newfound weight threw her off-balance. She grabbed onto Orchid and they both toppled, their bellies pressing together, skin on skin. Orchid howled as Tina’s weight pressed down upon her. She struggled fruitlessly, “Get off, get off, I can’t-“ Tina watched her opponents face as she winced, hearing the water overflowing out of her suit and onto the ground. Tina was barely able to keep her butt tight, but she somehow managed; she straddled the girl as her belly shrank beneath her.

“Tina wins!” Tina stood carefully after the shock of the moment passed. “Woo, now I’ve gotta shot at the big time!” She slapped her stomach, causing it to rumble. Her face showed how much she regretted that action. “Ugh, I need to visit the ladies’ room!”

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